mercredi 11 août 2010

À lire
Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence - (intro-pdf), by Eliott Horowitz (Princeton Press)

'The New Babylon - Those Who Reign Supreme : A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religous and Economic Origins of the New World Order. Inside the Rothschild Empire - The New Pharisees', by Michael Collins Piper (2009) (Ses autres livres) (Chapter Two, "The Jewish Utopia: The New World Order", version française)

The High Priests of War: The Secret History of How America's Neo-Conservative Trotskyites Came to Power and Orchestrated the War Against Iraq as the First Step in Their Drive for Global Empire, par Michael Collins Piper

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy - (extrait traduit en fr.), by M. C. Piper (Ses autres livres)

The Judas Goats -- The Enemy Within: The Shocking Story of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement, by M.C. Piper

THE POWER BEHIND SARAH PALIN, by M.C. Piper (American Free Press)

The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in the United States, by M. C. Piper

Jewish Media Control, by M.C. Piper

Revenge of the Neanderthal, by The Barnes Review (edited by M.C. Piper)

The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection, by Justin Raimondo (TÉLÉCHARGER DOWNLOAD VIA SCRIBD-DOWNLOAD.COM)

La France LICRAtisée, par Anne Kling

Sarkozy, Israël et les juifs, par Paul-Éric Blanrue

La France juive, par E. Drumont

Israel's Sacred Terrorism, by Livia Rokach

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel, by Israel Shahak And Norton Mezvinsky

The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, Michael A Hoffman II and Moshe Leieberman

The Zionist Plan for the MiddleEast (translated by Israel Shahak), based on A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by O. Yinon

Israel and the Bomb, by Avner Cohen

The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson

The Zionist New World Order, by Terry Tremaine

Inside the Bilderberg Group, by "The Spotlight" (now "American Free Press")

The Jews of Prime Time, by Edmond Connelly

The Money and the Power, by Roger Morris

The Octopus, par Elizabeth Dilling

The Judeo-Russian Mafia, by M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D

Capitalism and the Jews, by Jerry Z. Muller

America's 60 Families, by F. Lundberg

Populism vs Plutocracy, by Willis A. Carto

L'argent, par Emil Zola

Gold and Work, by Ezra Pound

Les Rothschild, par J. Peron

The Rich And The Super Rich, by Ferdinand Lundberg

Les Juifs, maîtres du monde, par L. de Poncins

The Jews and Modern Capitalism, by Werner Sombart

Waters Flowing Eastward, by Paquita de Shishmareff ("L. Fry")

The Open Conspiracy, by Terry M. Boardman

The Zionist Connection part I, part II, by Alfred Lilienthal

À bas la haine!, par A. Arcand

FREE E-BOOKS, by David Irving

The Sudeten German Tragedy, by Austin J. App

The Forced War, by David L. Hoggan

The Myth of the Six Million, by David L. Hoggan

L'industrie de l'Holocauste, par Norman Finkelstein

La mystification du XXe siècle, par Arthur R. Butz

L'Holocauste au scanner, par Jurgen Graf

The Jewish War of Survival, by Arnold Leese

Discours de Des Moines devant l'America First Committee (après l'attaque de Pearl Harbor), par Charles Lindbergh.

La révolution européenne, par Francis Delaisi (1942)

Who Financed Hitler? James and Suzanne Pool

Russia and the Jews: Jewish Communism and Soljenitsyn, by The Barnes Review 2008, editor Udo Walendy

Russophobia in action. Jewish Good Fortune, Russian Tears: Representatives of Russian society demand from the Procurator General of the Russian Federation the suppression of illegal propagation of Jewish national and religious extremism.

Histoire juive, religion juive, par Israël Shahak

L'Azyme de Sion, par le Général M. Tlass

Jewish Ritual Murder, by Arnold Leese

Judaism's Strange Gods, by Michael A. Hoffman

Jesus in the Talmud - (pdf), by Peter Schäfer (Princeton Press)

The Popes Against the Jews, by

Voltaire antijuif, par H. Labroue

You Gentiles, Maurice Samuel

Jews Must Live, by Samuel Roth

Jews, God, and History, by Max I. Dimont

La question juive, par Karl Marx

Judaism Discovered, Michael A Hoffman II

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944 – 1947 by Thomas Goodrich, free PDF