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Les dessous de l'empire Rothschild, les nouveaux pharisiens. Entrevue avec Michael Collins Piper

'The New Babylon - Those Who Reign Supreme : A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religous and Economic Origins of the New World Order. Inside the Rothschild Empire - The New Pharisees', by Michael Collins Piper (2009)



Michael Collins Piper—author of such best-sellers as Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The Golem, The Judas Goats, Target: Traficant, Dirty Secrets—was interviewed by AFP Podcast on his latest book, The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme, which details the historical, religious and economic origins of the New World Order.

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(Issue # 14, April 14, 2010)

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The New Babylon -- Thesis:
(...) The Rothchilds family are the "Kings of Kings" -- if only by virtue of their immense wealth. And they are beyond doubt, the royal family of Jewry. It is thus no coincidence that on Jan 2, 2009, Moses J. Pava, a Jewish professor of business ethics, admitted candidly in the Jewish newspaper, Forward, that "Our Jewish communities which once honored rabbis and scholars, now almost exclusively honor those with the biggest bank accounts". And those with the biggest bank accounts are the Rothschilds.

Although, in the pages of The New Babylon, we will focus on the Rothschild Dynasty, we must say at the outset that if there were not even a single Rothschild still living today, the name 'Rothschild' would still symbolize a particular force, a phenomenon that arises far beyond one family.

But to understand the concept of what is commonly referred to as "The New World Order" -- the idea of a "one world" or "global" government -- we must aknowledge these critical factors:

* THAT the origins of this grand scheme, The New World Order, do (beyond any question) lie in the ancient teachings of the Jewish Talmud.

* THAT ultimately, the New World Order is the intended realization of the Talmudic dream of what has been called "The Jewish Utopia", that is a global Jewish Imperium, rule of the planet by the Jewish elite.

* THAT the rise of the Zionist movement (dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state -- that is the State of Israel -- as a geographic and political entity has been integral to the plans of a New World Order, the philosophical foundation of the Jewish Imperium.

* THAT the rise of International Jewish Finance and the consequent emergence of the Rothschild Dynasty as the foremost influence in that realm are central to the program for advancing the New World Order.

* THAT the consolidation of Rothschild power over the British Empire laid the foundation for the framework of the New World Order.

* THAT the United States today -- as a result of Rothschild influence within -- is now the virtual engine of Rothschild power that the United States constitutes 'The New Babylon' in the Jewish world view, the force to be utilized for achieving the New World Order.

In The New Babylon we will explore all of this, and much more. We will examine in detail the key players -- The New Pharisees -- acting as satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty most importantly on American shores, acting to advance the Jewish Utopia. (...)

Table of Contents:


America--The 'New Babylon'.......21


John McCain: American Disciple of the Rothschild Empire.........29

Intertwined Realities--Jews, Israel,. Money and Power:
Taboo Topics ni Our Modern World................37

Chapter One:

The Talmud and the Origins of the New World Order...........57

Chapter Two:

The Jewish Utopia: The New World Order...........77

Chapter Three:

Zionism is Judaism: The Foundation for Global Jewish Imperium.........87

Chapter Four:

The Rise of the International Jewish Money Power.........107

Chapter Five:

The Reign of the House of Rothschild
The Framework for a Global Jewish Imperium............119

Chapter Six:

The City of London:
The Jewel of Rothschild's Imperial Crown...........145

Chapter Seven:

America: First a Colony, Then the Engine of Power.........157

Chapter Eight:

Yes, the Jews Do Control the Media..............177

Chapter Nine:

The "New Establishment" -- Jewish..........187

Chapter Ten:

The Bronfman Case
The "Royal Family" of American Jewry..........193

Chapter Eleven:

The "Dukes and Duchesses" of the Rothschilds' American Court
The Thirty Most Powerful Jewish Families..........193

Chapter Twelve:

The "Lords and Ladies" of the American Jewish Aristocracy
The Third Tier of the Rothschilds' Court Families...........221

Chapter Thirteen:

The Jewish Tacticians..........243

Chapter Fourteen:

Jewish Power in American
The "Greatest Trimuph"............247


Will the House of David Reign Supreme?


Domination: A Review of Michael Collins Piper's The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme, by Fr. Raphael Johnson

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EU trade chief apologizes for blaming Jews for blocking Mideast peace European Jewish Congress demands retraction of Karel De Gucht's remarks in which he warned not to underestimate the Jewish lobby in Washington.

Rothschild Influence Deep Within GOP 
American Free Press
By Michael Collins Piper  
Call it the “War Party,” the “New World Order” or the “Zionist Elite.” However you describe this element—with multiple ties to the Rothschild banking octopus and its predatory tentacles on American shores—its influence reaches the inner circles of key Republican presidential hopefuls who promise to save the republic from Obama’s legacy in 2016.
A reviewof those “advising” these GOP contenders indicates the same old faces are at work ensuring globalist powers will be directing the foreign policy agenda of whomever represents the GOP in the next presidential election.
Those from whom the GOP contenders are—as The Washington Post of April 6 put it—“soaking up guidance” are a disturbing lot.
War-happy internationalist Sen. John McCain (RAriz.)—whose wife’s $150 million beer fortune is owed to the patronage of the Jewish crime syndicate’s Bronfman family, longtime intimates of the Rothschild dynasty—bragged to the Post of the 2016 GOP hopefuls that “They all call, all the time” asking for advice from the failed former presidential candidate. However, McCain—who in 2008 actually raised campaign money in the London home of Lord Jacob Rothschild—was quick to assure the Post that “First, I tell them to touch base with Henry Kissinger—of course.”
That any future president would “of course” first touch base with Kissinger—long a top schemer among the New World Order elite—is of obvious concern to anyone who values national sovereignty.
But others with whom the Republican contenders are mingling are equally of concern. Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.)—the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate—huddles with his longtime associate, former Education Secretary William Bennett, a founding director of the hardline, pro-Israel, neoconservative “think tank,” Empower America, which once employed Ryan as a speechwriter, helping advance Ryan’s career in official Washington.
A protege of the ex-Trotskyite “godfather” of the neoconservatives, the late Irving Kristol—father of notorious modern-day neoconservative power broker William Kristol—Bennett and his Empower America co-founder, ex-Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.), remain influential in shaping Ryan’s worldview.
Today, Weber is a member of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the New York affiliate of the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is often referred to as the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild dynasty.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio—whose foreign policy rhetoric becomes more bellicose and more fervently internationalist as 2016 approaches, has—according to The Washington Post—“become friendly” with Israeli-born Yuval Levin who has elsewhere been glowingly described as “probably the most influential conservative intellectual of the Obama era.”
Also turning to Levin for direction is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. But Jindal has his own antecedents that explain, at least in part, the longtime infatuation with Jindal by the Zionist-dominated media, which was promoting his presidential ambitions long before he came on the national stage.
Like ex-President Bill Clinton—who also received inordinate media attention from the earliest years of his own career—Jindal is a former Rhodes Scholar.
He had been trained at Oxford in England in the ideology of the late Cecil Rhodes, the African diamond magnate (financed by the Rothschilds) whose scholarships were established to indoctrinate bright young Americans in the concept that the United States should be reunited with the Rothschild-controlled British empire.
Jindal has been hailed for his sharp critiques of the federal government and his advocacy of rejuvenating state sovereignty in what is hailed as the spirit of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.
But what many patriots simply don’t know is that New World Order advocates—such as the influential Clarence K. Streit, author of the infamous globalist tract, Union Now With Britain—openly proffered that the 10th Amendment actually provided the very mechanism for dismantling the American national union so the United States could be reunited with “the Mother Country.”
Thus, those enthused by Jindal’s seeming support for states rights might well keep in mind that (in light of Jindal’s Rhodes Scholarship background) another agenda might well be at work behind the rhetoric that seems to reflect traditional Americanism.
Oh yes, Jindal also relies on neoconservative titan William Kristol for advice on foreign policy.
For his part, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose 2012 presidential bid ended in fiasco, has kept his name in the offing by making a pilgrimage to Israel to huddle with no less than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Several years ago the pandering Perry said he relied on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, published by pro-Israel billionaire Rupert Murdoch, a longtime media front man for the Rothschild family, and what Perry called “the Jewish press” for his foreign policy direction.
Popular among conservatives as a union buster, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker burnishes his foreign policy expertise by relying upon counsel from Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, whose costly Middle East wars on behalf of Israel (carried out under the direction of the neoconservatives who dominated policy under Bush) still torment America. In the same realm, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—whose wife is an executive with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, a preeminent force in the Rothschild sphere of influence—has actually drafted Victoria C. Gardner Coates, a former aide to ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (a primary architect of the disastrous Bush-erawars), as his national security advisor. A tea party favorite, Cruz—the son of a Christian Zionist minister—is particularly strident in his advocacy for a pro-war/pro-Israel agenda.
Perhaps most unexpected of all is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s link to the Rothschild dynasty via his advisor, retired diplomat and CFR member Richard R. Burt who—prior to government service—was actually the national security correspondent for no less than The New York Times, the premier media voice of the Zionist establishment. Burt actually launched his career as assistant director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISI), a globally-influential London-based think tank with deep Rothschild connections.
CFR member Lynn Forester de Rothschild—wife of Lord Evelyn de Rothschild—is associated with IISI, as are—among others: Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, a director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons; Fleur deVilliers, a consultant to the Rothschild-controlled DeBeers diamond cartel (founded by Cecil Rhodes) and Thomas Seaman who chaired the investment committee of the Rhodes Trust, which sponsors the globalist-oriented Rhodes Scholarships.
Add to this—as this newspaper has previously reported—that Paul includes billionaire Peter Thiel, chair of the American steering committee for the Rothschild-financed Bilderberg meetings, as another advisor and one finds the plutocratic linkage comes full circle in Paul’s burgeoning presidential campaign.
—— Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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