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Arnaque à la Shoah de plus de 57 millions de dollars

VIDEO - FLASHBACK 2010 : Arnaque à la Shoah plus de 42 millions de dollars détournés

VIDEO - FLASHBACK 2010: Holocauste: Escroquerie et fausses victimes des Nazis

Un employé de la conférence de restitution aux victimes de l'Holocauste (Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany) a été inculpé en 2013 pour une fraude de plus de 57 millions de dollars.

A moi l'argent de la shoah: le FBI élargit son enquête sur des fraudes à la Holocaust Claim Conference

A moi l'argent de la shoah! (suite)

Semon Domnitser Gets 8 Years for $57M Holocaust Claims Conference Fraud 
Closes Book on Case That Sparked Leadership Crisis
Semen Domnister, the former Claims Conference employee who was found guilty of leading a $57 million fraud scheme at the Holocaust restitution organization, was sentenced to eight years in prison.
Domnister, 55, was sentenced Monday in Manhattan federal court.
He was also ordered to forfeit $59,230 and pay restitution in the amount of $57.3 million.(...)

Fraudster Sentenced in $57M Holocaust Reparations Scam
21:50 06/11/2013
Tags: fraud, Holocaust, US Attorney’s Office, United States
WASHINGTON, November 5 (RIA Novosti) – A former administrator at a New York non-profit that distributes reparation payments to survivors of the Holocaust has been sentenced to eight years in prison for running a $57 million scam that recruited Russian immigrants to pose as victims of the Nazis, the US Attorney’s Office said in a statement.(...)

Read As PDF  - Published reports indicate that he was also ordered to forfeit $59,230 and pay restitution in the amount of $57.3 million.
Since 2010, a total of 31 individuals have been charged with participating in the scheme to defraud the Article 2 Fund and Hardship Fund programs, which Domnister directed, according to the JTA.
Twenty-eight defendants pleaded guilty and three—Domnister, Luba Kramrish, and Oksana Romalis—were convicted in May after trial. Kramrishwas sentenced on September 20 to 37 months in prison, and Romalis is scheduled to be sentenced on November 26.
The fraud was discovered in 2009 and dated back to 1993. It involved falsifying applications to the Hardship Fund, an account established by the German government to provide one-time payments of approximately $3,360 to those who fled the Nazis as they moved east through Germany,
and the Article 2 Fund, through which the German government gives pension payments of approximately $411 per month to needy Nazi victims who spent significant time in a concentration camp, in a Jewish ghetto in hiding or living under a false identity to avoid the Nazis, as reported by the JTA.
As reported by The Jewish Voice in May of 2013, Claims Conference chairman Julius Berman expressed his appreciation to the U.S. Attorney’sOffice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their successful prosecutorial efforts. “Those who perpetrated this unthinkable fraud enriched themselves by abusing the historic effort to obtain a small measure of justice for Holocaust victims,” he said at the time.
In a May statement, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara emphasized,“We said we would not stop until we brought to justice those who committed these unthinkable crimes and today our objective was accomplished.”
According to the FBI and government prosecutors, the $57 million fraud scheme was masterminded by Russian-speaking Claims Conference employees and assisted by a network of runners and recruiters who submitted thousands of Holocaust restitution claims on behalf of people throughout North America who were not legally entitled to the funds.
“The web of conspirators—both former employees and many outsiders—used their knowledge of the organization’s work,” noted Berman, “in order to fabricate and approve false stories of suffering during the Holocaust for monetary gain.”
Greg Schneider, the Claims Conference’s executive vice president, said, “To have it all come to closure is extraordinarily important.
We’re obviously very happy that justice has been served, but focus on the needs of Holocaust survivors has always been our main priority.”
In the spring of 2012, 65-year-old Zlata Blavatnik was convicted of defrauding the Claims Conference out of $550,000. Blavatnik had pled guilty to the charge that she had “produced falsified documents for myself” and “helped others in the same office” to make fraudulent “reparation” payments.
According to the FBI, in exchange for kickbacks, the crooked employees – who were responsible for processing and approving truly legitimate applications, purposely approved close to 5,000 fraudulent applications, resulting in disbursements to applicants who did not legally qualify for the programs. At the time of Blavatnik’s conviction,Bharara thanked the Claims Conference for “their outstanding, ongoing assistance in identifying the participants in this scheme.”
Some of the schemers recruited other individuals to provide identification documents, such as passports and birth certificates, which were then falsely altered and submitted to corrupt inside contactsat the Claims Conference, who proceeded to process those applications.
When the applicants received their compensation checks, they held on to aportion of the money and passed the remainder back up the chain.
The Article 2 Fund makes monthly payments of approximately $400 to survivors of Nazi persecution who earn less than $16,000 per year, and either lived in hiding or under a false identity for a minimum of 18 months; lived in a Jewish ghetto for 18 months; or were forcibly confined for six months in a concentration camp or a forced labor camp.

Holocaust Claims Conference worker and ringleader Semen Domnister and dozens others falsified applications for German funds
Semen Domnitser, the former Claims Conference employee who was charged with leading a $57 million fraud scheme at the Holocaust restitution organization, was found guilty.(...) 

La Shoah : Pompe à finance et religion planétaire

Der Spiegel: "In a recent interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau, Noach Flug, chairman of the Organisation of Holocaust Survivors in Israel, said that the roughly €60 billion ($88 billion) compensation that Germany has paid thus far "stand in no relation" to the crimes of World War II. He said that with the payments, "Germany has built a nice house. But now there are a few holes in the roof that need to be repaired, so that it doesn't collapse.""

Auschwitz memorial ceremony financed by 'King of Fun'
Stewart Rahr, a self-made billionaire with a reputation for fun and generosity, put up $600,000 to fly half the Knesset and other dignitaries to the death camp

La Suisse abaisse l’âge de la majorité shoatique: À 10 ans devant un film pour les 16 ans et plus

VIDEO - Manuel Valls : "La Shoah est un sanctuaire"

VIDEO - Manuel Valls : "la Shoah, l'extermination des juifs, le génocide doivent être sacralisés, sacrés"

U.S. Holocaust museum gets $25 million gift, largest in its history

Misha Defonseca, "rescapée de la Shoah" : un mensonge à 22,5 millions de dollars

American author to lose $22.5m for fake Holocaust memoir

Fraudulent Holocaust memoirist must return $22.5 million to publisher

Le drame oublié des bombes alliées sur la France de 1940 à 1945

Could there be anything more twisted than these Holocaust fantasists? How more and more people are making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimeMême les croyants en la sainte shoah en ont marre de ces menteurs de la shoah et du shoah business!
Richard Heremann: Companies who helped Nazis should pay for their sins
Si on les laisse faire, ils vont continuer de jouer les victimes et de faire payer les "nazis" pendant des siècles et des siècles! Éventuellement, ils vont nous faire payer le fait de ne pas être assez enthousiaste dans la traque aux nazis: refuser de continuer à traquer les nazis et les "collabos" 70 ans après la 2e guerre ça pourrait être vu comme une forme de "collaboration avec les nazis".

Fort douteux... Vidéo: les « juifs pour Jésus » envoient ce dernier dans les chambres à gaz…


Why is Jesus in Auschwitz?
Video aims to convert Jews to Christianity by portraying Christ as a Holocaust victim. 

"Dans cent ans peut-être aussi encore?"

By Lila Sarick
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Pinchas Gutter, a Toronto Holocaust survivor, sits at the front of the classroom answering students’ questions in an easy give-and-take discussion.
An unremarkable scene, except that Gutter isn’t really there. The students are conversing with a life-size, three-dimensional hologram. The real Gutter has pre-recorded answers to about 1,000 questions, and sophisticated voice recognition software and camera work give the compelling illusion that he is carrying on an interactive conversation.  
It’s a brilliant solution, conceived in the labs of the University of Southern California’s Shoah foundation, to the troubling question of how to preserve and re-create conversations about the Holocaust in the future.  
“We want to achieve the sense of intimacy and directness between the students and the survivors, so they’ve had the questions that are pressing on them answered,” explains Stephen Smith, executive director of the USC Shoah foundation. “We want to try and meet those young people of the future where they are.”  
The bar that the USC researchers set was high. The images had to look three-dimensional, without the aid of special glasses or gimmicks. And the conversation had to feel as natural and logical as possible, Smith told a conference on Holocaust Survivor Testimony in a Digital Age, sponsored by March of the Living Canada in Toronto last week.  
The project, called New Dimensions in Testimony, is still in its infancy, but it is already startlingly realistic. Preliminary testing has been projected on a television screen, and at first, viewers think Gutter is speaking to them via Skype. But even when they realize the image isn’t “live,” they still forget. Smith has seen a mother thank the hologram of Pinchas profusely for sharing his story with her two daughters at a Holocaust museum.   

He’s also seen a roomful of skeptical academics applaud the hologram of Pinchas, forgetting that he isn’t present.  “It’s not about the 3D technology, it’s about the dialogue,” Smith said.  
In fact, based on initial testing, Gutter will return to the USC lab next month to record more answers to questions that had not been predicted, including a response to the people who thank him so emotionally. Responses will also be taped in Hebrew and Polish.  
Gutter, 83, who is the first person to test-drive the new technology says it has been a gruelling experience.  
On three occasions, he travelled to the Los Angeles foundation, where he sat in a dome lit by 6,000 LED lights, surrounded by 52 cameras. The lights were so blinding he had to wear protective glasses when he wasn’t being filmed. He had to wear the same clothes and sit in the same position to maintain the continuity of the project.  “I spent five days sitting in that sphere. I lost track of how many questions were asked,” he said. “I had no idea of what the questions were because it had to be spontaneous. It was both emotionally and physically draining.”  
Drafting the more than 900 questions was also a challenge. Researchers had to start with the lowest level of knowledge about the Holocaust, and one day, staff brought in their own children to ask questions, Gutter said.   
Answers had to be recorded for questions that were off-topic and that were hypothetical. In testing, the software has picked out the best answer for about 90 per cent of the questions that have been asked.  
Smith chose his first “guinea pig” to try out the new technology carefully. He needed someone who “was eloquent, who had stamina and who had a good relationship and trust with me. Because it was a research environment there were equipment breakdowns. We didn’t know how well it would go,” he said.  
The two men met many years ago, when Smith was designing a Holocaust museum in Cape Town and interviewed Gutter, who was then living in South Africa. Smith has since made a documentary about Gutter’s first return trip to Poland and the two men clearly have a close relationship.  
“I agreed to be involved with this because of my friendship with [Smith],” Gutter told the conference. “I felt there was a value in what it was trying to achieve.”  The project will go live next year in the Illinois Holocaust Museum, and eventually will be in other educational centres in North America and Europe. “We don’t want to rush it. The Holocaust survivors are there and doing their thing,” Smith said in an interview.  
The project hopes to record 10 survivors, five women and five women, who will reflect the diversity of the Holocaust experience. It’s an expensive undertaking, costing about $2 million initially and then $500,000 for each additional survivor who will be filmed.  
But for Gutter the project “is worth every penny.”  
“If this helps advance the knowledge of the Shoah in the future and it doesn’t just become an academic exercise, it is very meaningful.”

La Shoah bientôt enseignée dès la maternelle en Israël

Israel to start Holocaust education in kindergarten New program will be first time authorities have provided mandatory Shoah studies to every age group.
C'est sérieux! En Israël, les tout-petits se feront servir leur ration quotidienne de Shoah dès la maternelle.

Les intellectuels allemands ont marre du "gourdin de l'Holocauste"!

American-Jewish billionaires keeping Holocaust memory alive  Steven Spielberg, Ronald Lauder and Haim Saban join organization of memorial ceremonies marking 70th anniversary of Auschwitz-Birkenau liberation.

The Trauma Competition  Does Canada’s new human rights museum lavish disproportionate attention on the Holocaust as compared to other genocides? And if so, is that a justifiable choice?  Does Canada’s new human rights museum lavish disproportionate attention on the Holocaust as compared to other genocides? And if so, is that a justifiable choice?
La leçon est que oui, la souffrance juive mérite une place à part et donc les non-juifs ont tous tort de dire qu'ils ont souffert autant, car ce serait faire de la "compétition victimaire". Il y a juste aucune compétition possible avec l'Holocauste, un événement absolument unique, magique, l'an zéro d'une nouvelle ère, l'Axe central du Cosmos...


Violence in Iraq before the Farhud
Lawyers make case for giving Iraqi Jews Holocaust benefits
Advocates claim that Nazi Germany was behind the Farhud, a pogrom against Iraq's Jews, which took place on Shavuot eve in 1941.

By | May 31, 2014 | 4:58 AM11
Violence in Iraq before the Farhud. Photo by Etniel Margalit Collection

When the pogrom against Iraq’s Jews known as the Farhud erupted on Shavuot eve in 1941, Hela Saref Kargola was 16 years old. She lived with her family in central Basra, a city in southern Iraq.
“We were at home,” recalled Kargola, who died in 2012. “When we heard the mob screaming outside, we went out onto the terrace. We saw many Arabs crowding at Jewish homes, carrying dozens of household objects and furniture in their arms. They emptied the Jews’ homes and took whatever they could carry,” she recalled.
“Yesterday’s neighbors became today’s enemies. Police officers supposed to keep order took off their uniforms and joined in the killing,” she added. Her descriptions are horrific. “Pregnant women were taken off buses, their abdomens were cut open and the fetuses removed. Elderly people were beaten to death in the streets. Entire homes were looted to their foundations.”
According to statistics at Yad Vashem, 179 Jews were killed, more than 2,000 wounded, and 50,000 were victims of theft during the Farhud (an ancient word meaning imposing brutal terror on the subjects of a regime). “Terrible acts of cruelty were carried out during the pogrom. Babies, elderly people and women were murdered and their limbs hacked to pieces. Women were raped. Synagogues were damaged and Torah scrolls desecrated,” according to a brief paper in Hebrew about the Farhud at Yad Vashem’s website.
“Why? Why? How did it happen that people who had been guests in Jewish homes a day or two before, who had worked with them and admired them, suddenly turned into monsters? How did they change in such an awful way?” Kargola asked.
A legal struggle that Farhud victims are waging against Israel provides a possible explanation of the motives. Based on the professional opinion of historians, the plaintiffs claim that Nazi Germany was behind it. Accordingly, they are demanding that the government recognize the victims of the Farhud as victims of the Nazis, granting them compensation and benefits according to the Disabled Victims of Nazi Persecution Law.
Their claims, which were denied, are now being clarified by an appeals committee. “If we do not convince them, we will appeal to the District Court and even to the Supreme Court,” say attorneys David Yadid, Doron Atzmon and Sivan Batsri, experts in the rights of Holocaust survivors and victims of Nazi persecution, who brought the lawsuit.
How much were the Nazis involved in Iraq?
A look at the professional opinion written by the historians recruited by the parties provides a fascinating glimpse into the historical debate about Nazi Germany’s influence in Iraq and the suffering that the Nazis caused to Jews living in Arab countries, far from occupied Europe.
The historical material includes minutes of a German military discussion, the Nazi foreign ministry's correspondance, British army intelligence reports and the report of the investigative committee established in Iraq after the pogrom. The Iraqi prime minister, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani; the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini; Adolf Hitler and his book Mein Kampf; the Nazi radio station that broadcast from Berlin and had reception in Iraq; and the fascist youth movement that mirrored Germany’s Hitler Youth all play major roles in the material.
The plaintiffs claim that the riots against the Jews in Iraq were “a direct result of incitement and deliberate, organized German-Nazi propaganda whose purpose was to make the Jews hateful to the Arab inhabitants of Iraq and motivate them to strike at the Jews.” Attorneys Yadid and Batsri are convinced that “the Germans were directly linked to the people who fueled, instigated and organized the riots, supported them and directed them.” They add: “The broad scope of the riots... and other historical sources prove that there was a directing hand behind the riots — the hand of Nazi Germany.” They see Iraq as a satellite and a vassal state of Nazi Germany.
But on the other side of the barricade is the Holocaust Survivors Rights Authority at the Finance Ministry, whose officials claim that Nazi involvement in Iraq was marginal, meaning the case of Iraqi Jewry is not like that of other Jews subject to Nazi rule. The Authority says that the riots were caused by other factors, such as traditional hatred of Jews, a fight against supporters of the British and support for the Palestinian national struggle.
“Germany did not go out of its way to infiltrate Iraqi territory and establish a physical or ideological foothold there,” writes Dr. Yaacov Toby of the University of Haifa in his professional opinion. “Berlin’s affairs were directed toward the European continent, not elsewhere.” He added, “There was no expectation, and certainly no order, from the German government to the Iraqi government to carry out any government activity inside Iraq, and certainly not one of violent incidents or killing of Jews.”
The historical documents in archives in Israel and abroad were collected for the plaintiffs by Professor Yitzchak Kerem, an expert on Spanish and Oriental Jewry. In his professional opinion, he wrote, “The deciding factor in the outbreak of the Farhud was Nazi incitement against Iraq’s Jews, which was carried out by the Nazi regime through the representatives and agents it appointed.”
He draws a firm conclusion. “The Farhud must be seen as an integral part of the Holocaust that the Nazi regime brought on our people.” He calls the Farhud “the Kristallnacht of Iraqi Jewry.”
Historian Dr. Nissim Kazaz, an expert on Iraqi Jewry whose father was killed in the riots, claims that the pogrom was “indisputably” the result of “ongoing anti-Jewish incitement by the emissaries of Nazi Germany and the Arab leaders who joined with them.” He said, “The participants in the pogrom were organizations, military people and police officers steeped in Nazi ideology beside the rioters, whom had been incited by Nazi Germany’s lackeys in Iraq.” He also believes that the victims of the Farhud should be regarded as “inseparable from the victims and those affected by the Holocaust of European Jewry.”
To understand the Nazis’ influence in Iraq, we must return to 1932, the year the British mandate ended there. Dr. Fritz Grobba, an Orientalist and German diplomat stationed in Iraq as Germany’s ambassador, established the Nazi hold there. Before that, he had served in the German consulate in Jerusalem and fought on the Palestine front during World War I. Among other activities, he acquired the newspaper Al-Alam Al-Arabi, in which he published an Arabic translation of Mein Kampf and other essays containing anti-Semitic propaganda. He sent Iraqi officers and intellectuals on trips to Germany as guests of the Nazi party.
He also gave financial support to nationalist youth groups in Iraq and provided them with Nazi propaganda materials. A delegation from the Al-Fatwa nationalist youth movement even visited Germany in May 1938, attended the Nazi party conference in Nuremberg and returned to Iraq armed with anti-Jewish messages.
“They made an effort to emulate and adopt the extremely anti-Semitic slogans and tendencies of the Hitler Youth,” wrote Professor Michael Eppel, former head of the Department of Middle Eastern History at the University of Haifa. This youth movement later participated in the pogrom, together with other groups. “The influence of Nazi Germany was the deciding factor in directing anger on the street toward physical attack, a pogrom against the Jews,” he wrote. “The Iraqi politicians who encouraged it and handed out weapons to the worked-up crowd were among Germany’s strongest supporters, and they were very strongly influenced by the spirit of facscism and Nazism.”
Dr. Toby disagrees. “Of the many factors that created the hostile atmosphere toward the Jews inside Iraq, the German one is at the bottom of the list. It was marginal, perhaps almost negligible, in comparison with other factors,” he wrote, adding, “The mere existence of propaganda is not enough... to base a conclusion about a link, expectation or intent by the Germans to carry out an act against the Jews inside Iraq.”
Another figure at the center of the claim is the Iraqi prime minister at the time, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, who seized power in a coup in 1941 and established a pro-Nazi government that lasted for two months – the pogrom took place immediately upon the fall of this government.
Professor Kerem collected testimonies proving that al-Gaylani’s government had been funded by the Nazis. In a telegram sent on May 21, 1941 from Baghdad, Dr. Grobba, Germany’s ambassador in Iraq, writes that he transferred tens of thousands of gold ingots to al-Gaylani. Alongside that, he gives an update about al-Gaylani’s request for 80,000 more gold ingots and mentions the agreement that was about to be signed between Germany and Iraq, as part of which the Nazis would grant a loan of one million gold ingots to their allies in Baghdad.
Money and propaganda were not the only things the Nazis provided to Baghdad. They also sent weapons to Iraq in an attempt to help the Iraqis fight against a common enemy — the British. Professor Kerem found evidence of that in the archives of Germany’s Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry. He says that in the minutes of a meeting of the supreme German command from May 7, 1941, it is written that “Hitler decided to assist Iraq in every possible way, including sending arms, ammunition, money and military aid.”
Dr. Toby interprets this differently. “The Iraqis were courting the Germans enthusiastically and begging for their political, financial and military assistance. Throughout most of the period under discussion, Germany responded with indifference. It was only toward the end that they agreed to send limited assistance, which contributed nothing to the administration in Baghdad,” he wrote.
Indeed, the German attempt to help the Iraqis fight the British failed On May 29, 1941, after the British reached the gates of Baghdad, al-Gaylani fled from Iraq. The Jews thought that the danger had passed, and on the morning of the Shavuot festival, June 1, 1941, they emerged wearing their holiday clothing to welcome the pro-British ruler, who had returned to Iraq. But Iraqi troops set upon them, and within hours Jews were being attacked all over the city and in other places as well.
“Farhud, ya ummat Muhammad!” (Farhud, O nation of Mohammed!) was the cry of the mob when the signal was given to murder and rob the Jews,” Hela Kargola later said. “Thousands, regardless of gender, age or status, took part in the celebration of slaughter and theft.”
Were the Nazis behind the pogrom, or was it a spontaneous outbreak of frustrated Iraqis? Researchers differ. In the heat of the dispute, an embarrassing situation has been created in which the state is being asked to defend the strongly pro-Nazi Dr. Grobba. In his professional opinion, Dr. Toby wrote that Grobba “was not of the sort of people who were sworn Nazis,” but rather “a professional diplomat who evidently stayed in office when the Nazis came to power, not because of strong faith in Nazi ideology.”
Dr. Kazaz, the plaintiffs’ expert, was irritated to read these assertions. “The truth is that Dr. Grobba was a professional diplomat serving his country and his homeland. And let us say that he was ‘not of the sort of people who were sworn Nazis,’ by Dr. Toby’s definition. The question still remains: what kind of Nazi does Dr. Toby think he was? And even if we work on the assumption that he was not a sworn Nazi, he still remains in the category of a Nazi.”


1-Quiconque n'est pas sioniste est antisémite.
2-L'antisémitisme, la mère des crimes contre l'humanité, nous menace tous, c'est pourquoi la lutte contre l'antisémitisme est la plus haute priorité.
3-L'antisémitisme n'est sûrement pas une "théorie du complot", puisque les théories du complot sont délirantes et alimentent l'antisémitisme le plus abject et mortifère.
4-L'antisémitisme, le complot contre les juifs est une guerre contre Dieu.
5-Satan, le Mal en personne est l'antisémite, le nazi.
6-La Shoah est d'actualité même après plus de 70 ans, car elle risque à tout moment de se produire à nouveau.

London Times refuses to run Elie Wiesel ad ed note from Trevor: If one were not awake to the deceptive, always warlike nature of Judaism, one might assume that someone who is a professional “holocaust survivor” would want peace, but Elie the Weaze can be seen relentlessly promoting all the Zionist wars of aggression. The fact that the London Times has rejected his blatantly pro-genocide commercial advertisement against the Palestinians signals what is repeatedly stated at The Ugly Truth, that the usurping Jewish entity is taking note that people are waking up, it is changing its tune, and it is opting for a massive PR makeover to remove some of the overtness of its war against Gentile-dom.

Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza

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Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l'Occident en guerre en Syrie pour lsraël; l'AIPAC confirme timidement son rôle de fauteur de guerres la veille de Roch Hachana, dit le "Jour du Jugement"; les groupes juifs craignent d'être associés à de tels efforts et soutiennent que c'est un devoir moral pour eux de prendre la parole, vu qu'ils s'y connaissent tellement en gazage; leur agent John Kerry (Cohn) dit qu'Assad est comme Hitler et Hussein; une victoire de "l'axe Téhéran-Damas-Hezbollah" gênerait fortement lsraël

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