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Arthur Topham et la lutte de B'Nai Brith Canada contre la haine

En entrevue avec Carolyn Yeager, une femme à découvrir.

Arthur Topham (webmestre de est en procès depuis plusieurs années avec B'nai Brith Canada qui exigeait qu'il retire du matériel de son site. C'est le meilleur exemple de procès intenté à un antisioniste canadien. La plainte du BN'ai Brith l'accuse de viser les juifs et les habitants de l'État d'Israel. S'il perd sa cause c'est très grave pour nous car ça va établir un précédent par lequel on pourra même plus critiquer Israel sans être automatiquement condamné par la justice!


The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Arthur Topham March 29, 2010
ATMugCarolyn Yeager
Arthur Topham Carolyn Yeager
Carolyn Yeager interviews Arthur Topham, a Canadian publisher & editor fighting a legal battle against B’nai Brith Canada, which filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2007. Topics include:
• How the CHRC and Section 13 came into being
• Harry Abrams and the power of B’nai Brith Canada
• Importance of the Marc Lemire case in saving fundamental freedoms
• Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as a blueprint
… and more

About Arthur Topham
Arthur Topham is the publisher and editor of Canada’s alternative news network,, founded in 1998. Since November of 2007, he has been involved in a legal battle with B’nai Brith Canada, which filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission under the controversial Section 13 legislation contained in the Canadian Human Rights Act alleging that he and his website were contriving to promote hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel. The case has been ongoing now for over two years and is currently being processes by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.
Arthur Topham’s website is located at; extensive documentation related to his fight for freedom of speech in Canada can be found here.

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The Heretics’ Hour: Debut show!

March 1, 2010
Elie WieselElie Wiesel: Survivor or Imposter?
Carolyn Yeager discusses:
  • Israel’s new law criminalizing the showing of sadness or mourning on Israel’s Independence Day, which is the Palestinians’ “Nabka.”
  • Ernst Zündel’s recent release from a seven year incarceration, in Canada and Germany, for nothing more than exercising free speech
  • Carlo Mattogno’s exposé of Elie Wiesel as an imposter, including the publication of concentration camp documents that reveal he stole his Holocaust survivor identity from another camp inmate.
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February 28, 2010
The Voice of Reason Broadcast Network is pleased to announce a new program, The Heretics’ Hour, hosted by Carolyn Yeager. The show starts Monday, March 1, 2009 and will run weekly Monday 9 to 10 PM, Eastern U.S. time.
Carolyn Yeager will bring you news, commentary and guest interviews dealing with Holocaust revisionism, World War Two history, free speech issues, and more.
About Carolyn Yeager
Carolyn Yeager has become known for her revisionist writings. She has been working with a partner to translate and write commentary for Ein Anderer Hitler, the memoir of Hermann Giesler. This work has been published in continuing installments in The Barnes Review (TBR) since November 2008. She has also written a booklet titled “Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour,” to be published by TBR in March 2010.
Carolyn has done an in-depth study of the testimony and writings of holocaust survivor Irene Zisblatt, inspired by the original exposé of Zisblatt by Eric Hunt; it appeared on the revisionist blog Inconvenient History during January 2010, along with two follow-up articles.
She is a fan of Internet radio and has appeared as a guest several times on the Mike Piper Report, on the Republic Broadcasting Network, and also on The Sunic Journal here on VoR.

The Heretics’ Hour with Carolyn Yeager
Join Carolyn every Monday night from 9-10 PM Eastern U.S. time
on Voice of Reason Broadcasting Network
Discussion centers around the taboo topics of holocaust and World War II revisionism.
All Heretics’ Hour programs are permanently archived here.

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Latest Writings

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The Fifth Diamond—A Special Jewel in Holo Horror Stories
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