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The New Babylon: extraits

'The New Babylon - Those Who Reign Supreme : A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religous and Economic Origins of the New World Order. Inside the Rothschild Empire - The New Pharisees', by Michael Collins Piper (2009) (Se procurer ce livre ou ses autres livres et ebooks, en vente ou gratuits)

About the cover: This 1926 classic work by German artist George Grosz (1893-1959) — entitled “Eclipse of Sun” — portrayed the corruption of the Weimer Republic which was described by writer Ian Baruma as being under the sway of “autocratic media moguls, disaffected generals, dim-witted elites, fundamentalist reactionaries and ultra-nationalist schemers.” This painting — and Baruma’s assessment of Weimar — quite accurately reflect the rampant corruption of the New World Order elite, the New Pharisees, who operate in the sphere of the Rothschild Empire today. We do take issue, though, with the term “ultra-nationalist schemers” since, of course, the global Jewish aristocracy are anything but nationalists and are, instead, very much internationalists, working to achieve the age-old Talmudic dream of The Jewish utopia. These warmongers, these kings of finance, plutocratic predators all, should and must be stopped in their tracks and dealt with like the parasites that they are. This book, The New Babylon, recounts their sordid history.

A lot of people today talk about the New World Order but most of those folks are afraid to confront its real history and origins head on.

Although there has been much written about the New World Order -- and even about the role that the Rothschild Empire plays in its strange history -- this is the first book ever to document -- from the beginning -- the truth about this pernicious worldwide geographical phenomenon which is growing in strength day by day...
In THE NEW BABYLON, veteran author Michael Collins Piper explains in no uncertain terms the long-suppressed origins of the New World Order. Here are the facts -- not the myths and misinformation (and deliberate misinformation)--about this geopolitical phenomenon rooted in the worldwide financial empire of the Rothschild family.
Examining the New World Order's religious and philosophical roots in the Jewish book of laws known as the Talmud, a product of ancient Babylon, Piper explores the manner in which followers of the Talmud rose to titanic heights in the arena of finance, culminating in the establishment of the Rothschild Empire as the premiere force in the affairs of our planet. Today, with the Rothschild power network firmly entrenched in American soil, the United States today has emerged as "The New Babylon" from which these modern-day Pharisees are working to set in place a global hegemon: The New World Order.
Relying upon many rare works (some never before published in the English language) Piper has assembled a panoramic overview of the sordid history of intrigue and destruction that paved the way for spiraling wealth and power now in the hands of a select few.
Americans and peoples everywhere need the information in this book to understand why, increasingly, they are seeing their liberties curtailed, their national economies wrecked and drained, and endless imperial wars of aggression are being perpetrated.
Only when the full nature of the New World Order is understood and confronted will it be possible for this evil agenda to be brought to a halt. THE NEW BABYLON is a virtual guidebook to the path toward mankind's survival -- a "must" read for those who can handle the truth.

Au grand stratège de la résistance et du
combat global contre le Nouvel Ordre Mondial:

François Genoud

Peu de gens connaissent le nom "François Genoud", pourtant, pendant plus de soixante ans ce banquier suisse, éditeur et penseur géopolitique - décrit comme "l'homme le plus mystérieux de l'Europe" - a été l'éminent stratège - bien qu'il soit resté à l'arrière-scène - travaillant pour la coopération mondiale entre les nationalistes à travers la planète, résolus à déloger les efforts incessants de l'empire Rothschild en vue d'établir un Nouvel Ordre Mondial impérial, le vieux rêve alimenté par les enseignements infernaux du Talmud de Babylone.
Dans les derniers jours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et après, Genoud a joué un rôle instrumental dans l'évasion de réfugiés anti-communistes européens dont le seul crime était de s'être portés à la défense de leur pays face aux forces communistes et judaïques ivres de vengeance qui étaient en train d'envahir le continent.
Il y a peut-être des milliers de personnes vivant sur la planète aujourd'hui qui doivent leur existence au fait que Genoud a sauvé leurs ancêtres d'actes de torture certains et d'exécutions, infligés par la justice du vainqueur.
Dès 1936, le jeune Genoud a forgé ce qui est devenu une amitié durable et des relations de travail avec le Grand Mufti de Jérusalem, le chef spirituel des musulmans de Palestine, lesquels - avec leurs frères chrétiens - ont finalement subi la grande catastrophe de 1948 connue sous le nom de "Nakba", le vol de leur terre natale, chassés à la pointe d'un fil de leurs terres ancestrales et voués à l'exil, plusieurs d'entre eux dans des bidonvilles dépotoirs à ciel ouvert - les soi-disant "camps de réfugiés" - dans lequel nombre de leurs descendants continuent de languir.
En 1958, Genoud a fondé la "Banque Commerciale Arabe" à Genève à partir de laquelle il a géré les finances des forces nationalistes dans le monde arabe qui étaient en quête d'indépendance vis-à-vis des entreprises impériales dominées par l'empire Rothschild. Parmi ses autres démarches, Genoud a joué un rôle majeur dans la facilitation de l'accession à l'Indépendance de la République arabe d'Algérie.
Dans les années qui suivirent, Genoud - un partisan dévoué de la cause palestinienne - a travaillé avec les fondateurs chrétiens de la célèbre Organisation de Libération de la Palestine, Georges Habache et Dr. Waddi Haddad, qui ont tendrement surnommé leur collègue suisse "Sheik François." Inutile de le dire, Genoud a été un des principaux mécènes de l'OLP. De concert avec d'autres amis dévoués - comme le nationaliste américain Willis Carto et l'ancien général allemand Otto Remer - Genoud a également cherché à faire avancer la cause d'arrimer l'histoire - en particulier celle qui entoure les événements de la Seconde guerre mondiale - en accord avec les faits. Et avec un autre associé de longue date, l'avocat français reconnu pour son franc parler Jacques Vergès, le dynamique Genoud a continué à demeurer une force mondiale dans la lutte contre l'impérialisme sioniste jusqu'à la fin de sa carrière remarquable.

Quel homme ce Sheik François!

To the Grand Strategist
of Global Resistance and Combat
Against the New World Order

Few know the name “Francois Genoud,” yet, for some sixty years this Swiss banker, publisher and geopolitical thinker — once described as “the most mysterious man in Europe” — was the preeminent — albeit behind-the-scenes — strategist working for global cooperation between nationalists across the planet who sought to dislodge the Rothschild Empire’s relentless drive for an imperial New World Order, the ancient dream energized by the Hellish teachings of the Babylonian Talmud.
In the closing days of World War II and afterward, Genoud played an instrumental role in the escape of anti-communist European refugees whose sole crime was to stand in defense of their nations in the face of vengeance crazed Communist and Judaist forces that were over-running the continent.
There are perhaps thousands of people living across the planet today who owe their very existence to the fact that Genoud rescued their forebears from certain torture and execution meted out by Victor’s Justice.
As far back as 1936, the young Genoud forged what became a lifelong friendship and working relationship with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the spiritual leader of the Muslims of Palestine who — along with their Christian brothers — ultimately suffered the great catastrophe of 1948 known as the Nakba, the theft of their native land, driven from their ancestral homes at gunpoint into exile, many of them into squalid open cesspools — so-called “refugee camps” — in which so many of their descendants still languish.
In 1958 Genoud founded the Banque Commerciale Arabe in Geneva from which he managed the finances of nationalist forces in the Arab world that were seeking independence from Rothschild Empire-dominated imperial enterprises. Among other efforts, Genoud played a major role in facilitating the rise of the independent Arab Republic of Algeria.
In the years that followed, Genoud — a devoted supporter of the Palestinian cause — worked with the Christian founders of the famed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Habash and Dr.Waddi Haddad, who fondly dubbed his Swiss colleague “Sheik Francois.” And, needless to say, Genoud was a major patron of the Palestine Liberation Organization. In dedicated concert with other friends — such as American nationalist Willis Carto and former German General Otto Remer — Genoud also sought to advance the cause of bringing history — particularly that surrounding the events ofWorldWar II — into accord with the facts. And with another longtime associate, outspoken French attorney Jacques Verges, the dynamic Genoud continued to remain a force in combating global Zionist imperialism until the end of his remarkable career.
What a man—Sheik Francois!


The Rothschild Empire:
The Modern-Day Pharisees
and the Historical, Religious
and Economic Origins of
The NewWorld Order

[The Jews] saw the people living in security, quiet and unsuspecting, lacking nothing in all the earth—and possessing wealth. Rise [said the Jews] and let us go against them, for we have seen the land, behold, it is a fertile land.
Do not be slow to possess the land, for they are an un-suspecting people. The land is broad, yea, and god has given it into our hands, where there is no lack of anything on earth.

— Judges 18:7-18:10

Though Jews have learned to look, talk and dress like other Americans, they are not fully assimilated either in their own minds or in the eyes of their neighbors. . . .
To make matters worse, Jews often, secretly or not so secretly, conceive themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to their neighbors. . . . Indeed, Jews are extremely successful outsiders who sometimes have the temerity to rub it in.

—Professor Benjamin Ginsberg, a Jewish-American,
writing in The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State

Perhaps it is possible to separate Jewish interests from Israeli interests, but the trick is yet to be turned. What touches Israel touches global Jewry, and vice versa. Purists and theoreticians may argue about the separation of church and state, Jews and Israelis, Judaism and Zionism, but in the real world the connection is hard, fast, and seemingly indivisible.

— Jewish-American author, Gerald Krefetz
in Jews & Money: The Myths & the Reality

I t must be recognized, as it rarely is in histories of the Jews, that [the] expressed resentments and indictments against the Jews were not entirely fictitious libels or maliciously revived and activated stereotypes simply disseminated by paranoid hate merchants from the grab bag of the anti-Semitic pre-modern past.There was just enough empirical truth in these negative, overblown, and over-generated images to give them persuasive force.

— Dr. Norman Cantor
The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews

When we speak of the Jewish religion, we only think of the Bible, of the religion of Moses; that is an illusion; the Jews of the Middle Ages were Talmudists; they have not all ceased to be so. Even today the Talmud takes precedence in authority over the Bible. The Archives Israelites recognizes the absolute authority of the Talmud over the Bible and the Univers Israelite says, “During 2,000 years the Talmud has been and still is an object of veneration for the Israelites of whom it is the religious code.”

— Viscount Leon de Poncins
The Secret Powers Behind Revolution

Meyer Rothschild was a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions.

—S. J. Cohen
The Exemplary Life of the Immortal Banker
Mr. Meyer Amschel Rothschild


While there is much discussion today about a concept known as “The New World Order,” the pathetic fact remains that most of those doing the talking about the New World Order refuse — and adamantly so — to address its real origins, its real nature.
Over the years there has been quite a bit of material published that points in the direction of what the New World Order constitutes and it is the purpose of this volume to assimilate and assemble that material which correctly describes the New World Order and the philosophy upon which it is founded.
There is an extraordinary amount of mis-information and deliberate dis-information about the New World Order that is floating about today, much of it on the ever-increasingly-influential Internet.
Unfortunately, much of this thoroughly fallacious material is being promulgated by self-styled “patriots” who ignore or suppress the uncomfortable, cold, hard truth that the origins of the New World Order are found in the series of Jewish religious commentaries known as the Talmud, an often vile occult work that is the basis of Jewish religious thinking today, just as it was when it first emerged during the Jewish “captivity” in Babylon.

World conquest is the ultimate aim. Our America, the blood of its young people and our national treasure, are being used to advance that agenda through imperial wars that have ushered in an era in which mankind could face a nuclear Holocaust.
Our purpose here is to delineate the philosophical foundations of the New World Order as it is being instituted, as those who desire a New World Order would have it set in place.
The origins of the New World Order are indubitably clear and the forces that are bringing this New World Order into being are readily apparent. Its proponents have very real faces and names. These modern-day Pharisees are not hidden behind obscure, impossible-to-pinpoint entities such as “The Illuminati” or a “German death cult” as some would have us believe.
The New World Order forces have coalesced around the international empire of the Rothschild Dynasty whose tentacles now reach into the highest levels of the American system. The New World Order is real and this is what it is all about. I am personally indebted to all those who came before me in exploring this troublesome topic in no uncertain terms. I hope I have done their work justice in mine.
--Michael Collins Piper

Voici notre thèse...

Pour comprendre ce qui se passe dans notre monde d'aujourd'hui il faut d'abord que nous reconnaissions qu'il y a un problème. Plusieurs ne le reconnaissent pas. Localiser la source du problème devient alors un problème en soi, puisque les médias et le milieu universitaire (où nous allons chercher notre savoir) sont contrôlés par les forces qui constituent le problème. De plus, nous sommes confrontés à la triste réalité que même les bonnes personnes qui tentent d'attirer l'attention sur le problème n'ont pas compris et ne voient pas l'image d'ensemble. Bien que plusieurs ont appris à connaître ce qu'on appelle "Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial" et à comprendre que des forces prédatrices financières s'affairent à l'établir, un nombre encore plus restreint comprend les enseignements bizarres et mystique qui sous-tendent le fondement philosophique du Nouvel Ordre Mondial.

Et tandis qu'il y a ceux qui reconnaissent que la famille bancaire Rothschild joue un rôle clé dans la marche vers un Nouvel Ordre Mondial, il circule encore beaucoup de mauvaise information - voire meme de désinformation délibérée - au sujet de cette dynastie. Nombreux sont ceux qui insistent que les Rothschild sont "seulement une partie" du problème et que "les Rothschild ne représentent pas tous les juifs", et ceux qui affirment "les Rothschild ne sont même pas vrais Juifs." Mais nous y reviendrons plus loin.

La vérité est que d'une encyclopédie complète pourrait être assemblée sur la dynastie des Rothschild et son impact sur le cours de l'histoire, sa manipulation de presque tous les pays sur la planète, son exploitation parasitaire de la finance et l'industrie, son influence pernicieuse sur les médias, le monde universitaire et les autres moyens de façonner l'opinion publique, et ce depuis plus de 200 ans.

Le but de ce volume n'est pas de livrer une autre histoire de Rothschild. Il y a eu de nombreux livres sur ce sujet, décrivant de nombreuses intrigues de la dynastie, ses interactions avec la royauté européenne et l'aristocratie, des histoires extraordinaires de l'immense richesse de cette famille et ses palais élégants et remarquables collections d'art et de littérature, sa portée mondiale extraordinaires .

La famille Rothschild sont les "rois des rois" - si ce n'est qu'en vertu de leur immense richesse. Et ils sont, sans aucun doute, la famille royale de la communauté juive. Ce n'est donc pas par hasard si le 2 janvier 2009, Moses L. Pava, un professeur juif d'éthique des affaires, a admis candidement dans le journal juif "Forward" que: "Nos communautés juives qui autrefois honoraient les rabbins et les érudits, honorent désormais presque exclusivement ceux avec le plus gros compte en banque." Et ceux qui ont le plus gros compte en banque sont les Rothschild.

Bien que, dans les pages de The New Babylon, nous nous concentrerons sur la dynastie Rothschild, nous devons dire d'emblée que s'il n'y avait plus un seul Rothschild vivant de nos jours, le nom "Rothschild" symboliserait encore une force particulière, un phénomène qui va bien au-delà d'une famille.

Mais pour comprendre le concept communément appelé "Nouvel Ordre Mondial" - l'idée d'un gouvernement «mondial» ou «global» - nous devons reconnaître ces facteurs essentiels:

• Que les origines de ce grand projet, le Nouvel Ordre Mondial, se trouvent (sans l'ombre d'un doute) dans les anciens enseignements juifs du Talmud;
• Que, ultimement, le Nouvel Ordre Mondial est la réalisation programmée du rêve talmudique qu'on a appelé "L'utopie juive", c'est-à-dire un Imperium juif mondial, la gouvernance de la planète par l'élite juive;
• Que la montée du mouvement sioniste dédié à la création d'un État juif - l'État d'Israël - comme entité géographique et politique fait partie intégrante du plan pour un Nouvel Ordre Mondial, qui constitue le fondement philosophique de l'Imperium juif;
• Que la montée de la finance juive internationale et, par voie de conséquence, l'émergence de la dynastie Rothschild comme influence primordiale dans ce domaine sont au coeur du programme menant vers un Nouvel Ordre Mondial;
• Que la consolidation du pouvoir des Rothschild exercé sur l'Empire britannique a posé les fondements structurels du Nouvel Ordre Mondial;
• Que les États-Unis d'aujourd'hui - en raison de l'influence des Rothschild à l'intérieur du pays - sont désormais virtuellement le moteur du pouvoir des Rothschild, que les États-Unis constituent "La Nouvelle Babylone" dans la vision du monde juif, c'est-à-dire la force à utiliser pour la réalisation du Nouvel Ordre Mondial.

Dans The New Babylon, nous allons explorer tout cela, et bien plus. Nous examinerons en détail les principaux acteurs - les nouveaux pharisiens - agissant comme des satellites de la dynastie Rothschild, tout spécialement en sol américain, dans le but de faire avancer L'utopie juive.

Maintenant, nous voulons souligner que nous ne suggérons pas que «les Rothschild» ou «les Juifs» ou «les sionistes» contrôlent complètement les mécanismes du pouvoir dans le monde actuel. Toutefois, leur niveau d'influence est tel qu'ils peuvent, en un sens, être considérés comme le pivot sur lequel repose la balance du pouvoir contemporain: Chaque jour, ils travaillent sans relâche pour s'assurer que, à la fin, ils atteignent le pouvoir absolu.

Il y a encore des forces, même à des niveaux élevés, qui résistent à l'Utopie juive. Cependant, il y a beaucoup de puissances non-juives qui en sont venues à accepter l'influence juive comme une réalité à considérer. Ces éléments ont donc cédé et laissent leur propre soif de pouvoir les guider en vue d'une coopération avec le Nouvel Ordre Mondial, espérant, présumons-nous, pouvoir récupérer quelques miettes une fois que L'utopie juive aura été mise en place.

Mais ils se trompent, car ils ne parviennent pas à comprendre les intentions philosophiques du Nouvel Ordre Mondial si clairement décrites dans les enseignements juifs. En vérité, le vieux rêve juif d'un Nouvel Ordre Mondial - énoncé dans le Talmud et se retrouvant même avant lui dans l'Ancien Testament - demeure, en définitive, la force motrice derrière la montée de l'Empire Rothschild. En ce sens, et sans parler à la légère, on se bute à nouveau à la sempiternelle question: "Lequel est venu en premier? La poule ou l'oeuf?"

Allons-y donc et affrontons ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial et ce qu'il représente. Et vainquons-le avec la connaissance que nous avons rassemblée ici devant nous...


To understand what it is happening in our world today requires one to recognize there is a problem in the first place. Many do not. However, to pinpoint the source of the problem becomes a problem itself, since the media and academia (from which we seek knowledge) are controlled by those forces that are the problem. In addition, we are confronted with the sad fact that even many good people who are attempting to direct attention to the problem do not understand the big picture. Although many have come to know of what is called “The New World Order” and understand that predatory financial forces are working to bring it into being, far fewer numbers understand the bizarre and mystical teachings that underlie the philosophical foundation for the New World Order.
And while there are those who do recognize that the Rothschild banking family are key players in the drive for a New World Order, there is still much misinformation — and deliberate disinformation — surrounding this dynasty. There are many who insist the Rothschilds are “only part” of the problem and that “the Rothschilds don’t represent all Jews,” and those who say “the Rothschilds aren’t even real Jews.” But more about that later.
The truth is that an entire encyclopedia could be assembled on the Rothschild Dynasty and its impact on the course of history, of its manipulation of virtually every nation on the planet, of its parasitic exploitation of finance and industry, of its pernicious influence over the media, academia and other means of shaping public opinion for more than 200 years.
The purpose of this volume is not to bring forth yet another history of the Rothschilds. There have been many books on that topic, outlining many of that dynasty’s intrigues, its interplay with European royalty and aristocracy, amazing tales of the vast wealth of this family and its elegant palaces and remarkable collections of art and literature, of its extraordinary global reach.
The Rothschild family are the “Kings of Kings” — if only by virtue of their immense wealth. And they are, beyond doubt, the royal family of Jewry. It is thus no coincidence that on Jan. 2, 2009, Moses L. Pava, a Jewish professor of business ethics, admitted candidly in the Jewish newspaper, Forward, that: “Our Jewish communities which once honored rabbis and scholars, now almost exclusively honor those with the biggest bank accounts.” And those with the biggest bank accounts are the Rothschilds.
Although, in the pages of The New Babylon, we will focus on the Rothschild Dynasty, we must say at the outset that if there were not even a single Rothschild still living today, the name “Rothschild” would still symbolize a particular force, a phenomenon that reaches far beyond one family.
But to understand the concept of what is commonly referred to as “The NewWorld Order” — the idea of a “one world” or “global” government — we must acknowledge these critical factors:
• THAT the origins of this grand scheme, the New World Order, do (beyond any question) lie in the ancient teachings of the Jewish Talmud;
• THAT, ultimately, the New World Order is an intended realization of the Talmudic dream of what has been called “The Jewish Utopia,” that is, a global Jewish Imperium, rule of the planet by the Jewish elite;
• THAT the rise of the Zionist movement dedicated to the creation of a Jewish state — that is, the State of Israel — as a geographic and political entity has been integral to the plan for a NewWorld Order, the philosophical foundation of the Jewish Imperium;
• THAT the rise of International Jewish Finance and the consequent emergence of the Rothschild Dynasty as the foremost influence in that realm are central to the program for advancing the NewWorld Order;
• THAT the consolidation of Rothschild power over the British Empire laid the foundation for the framework of the NewWorld Order;
• THAT the United States today — as a result of Rothschild influence within — is now the virtual engine of Rothschild power, that the United States constitutes “The New Babylon” in the Jewish world view, the force to be utilized for achieving the NewWorld Order.
In The New Babylon we will explore all of this,and much more.We will examine in detail the key players — the New Pharisees — acting as satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty, most importantly on American shores, acting to advance The Jewish Utopia.
Now we want to emphasize that we do not suggest that “the Rothschilds” or “the Jews” or “the Zionists” are in complete control of the mechanism of power in our world today. However, their level of influence is so substantial that they can, in a sense, be referred to as the fulcrum upon which the balance of modern power rests: Every day they are working relentlessly to make certain that, in the end, they do achieve absolute power.
There are still forces, even at high levels, resisting The Jewish Utopia. However, there are many non-Jewish powers that have come to accept the Jewish influence as a reality that must be dealt with. These elements have thus surrendered and allow their own desire for power to dictate their cooperation with the NewWorld Order, hoping, we presume, to be granted a few crumbs when The Jewish Utopia comes into being.
But they are fooling themselves, for they fail to understand the philosophical intentions of the New World Order so clearly outlined in Jewish teachings. In truth, the age-old Jewish dream of a New World Order — set forth in the Talmud and even found in the Old Testament before it — was, in a definitive sense, the driving force behind the rise of the Rothschild Empire. In that sense, and not lightly, we might recall the age-old question: “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”
Let us now move forward and confront the New World Order and what it constitutes. And let us defeat it with the knowledge that we have before us ....

This is a rendition of Robert Fleaux’s 1851 painting, “Assault on the Jewish Quarter of Venice,” commemorating a 15th century uprising by Venetian citizens against Jewish merchants and money lenders who had come to predominate in the commercial and public affairs of that Italian city-state. Similar events took place throughout Europe as citizens discovered their respective economies had fallen into the hands of an increasingly powerful inter-connecting Jewish elite. Ultimately, toward the end of the 18th Century and in the early years of the 19th Century, the Rothschild Empire took hold and established itself as the primary force within the International Jewish Money Power and became the engine driving the financial and political network that we know today as the impending New World Order.

America -- The "New Babylon" ....................................................................................

John McCain: American Disciple of the Rothschild Empire .............................................

Intertwined Realities -- Jews, Israel, Money And Power
Taboo Topics in Our Modern World.............................................................................

Chapter One:
The Talmud and the Origins of the New World Order....................................................

Chapter Two:
The Jewish Utopia: The New World Order....................................................................

Chapter Three:
Zionism is Judaism:
The Foundation for a Global Jewish Imperium................................................................

Chapter Four:
The Rise of the International Jewish Money Power.........................................................

Chapter Five:
The Reign of the House of Rothschild:
The Framework for a Global Jewish Imperium................................................................

Chapter Six:
The City of London:
The Jewel of Rothschild's Imperial Crown.......................................................................

Chapter Seven:
America: First a Colony, Then the Engine of Power........................................................

Chapter Eight:
Yes, The Jews Do Control the Media............................................................................

Chapter Nine:
The "New Establishment" -- Jewish................................................................................

Chapter Ten:
The Bronfman Gang:
The "Royal Family" of American Jewry...........................................................................

Chapter Eleven:
The "Duke and Duchesses" of the Rothschild's American Court
The Thirty Most Powerful Jewish Families......................................................................

Chapter Twelve:
The "Lords and Ladies" of the American Jewish Aristocracy
The Third Tier of the Rothschilds' Court Families............................................................

Chapter Thirteen:
The Jewish Tacticians....................................................................................................

Chapter Fourteen:
Jewish Power in America:
The "Greatest Triumph".................................................................................................

Will the House of David Reign Supreme.........................................................................


Other Books of Interest:
The Works of Michael Collins Piper..............................................................................

A Letter From the Author..........................................................................................

Although the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in A.D. 70 by the Romans led by the great general, Titus, was a pivotal event in Jewish history (shown above), the Jewish people quickly regrouped and in the centuries that followed they expanded their influence throughout the world. The fact remains, however, that going back several hundred years, the Jews had—even under alleged “captivity”—risen to great power in Babylon. It was in Babylon that the Jewish philosophy of world conquest was hammered out in the collective series of teachings and debates known as the Talmud which remains the driving force for the New World Order to this day.


America — The “New Babylon”

Television evangelist Tim LaHaye’s widely promoted and best-selling “Left Behind” popular series of books describes “the New Babylon” as a glittering metropolis built over the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq — known in ancient times as Mesopotamia.
In LaHaye’s rendition of future events, the New Babylon becomes the seat of global power — of media, of commerce, of government, of the base of a one-world religion — reigned over by the Anti-Christ: the capital of the New World Order. In the end, God destroys the New Babylon and Christ’s Kingdom reigns on Earth.
Although — in the judgment of traditional Christian theologians — LaHaye’s theological foundations are dubious at best, LaHaye’s contextual assessment of the New Babylon as the center of a New World Order is on target. But that’s as far as LaHaye’s accuracy or reliability is concerned.
While LaHaye and his ilk would have us believe that the rulers of the New Babylon are the enemies of the Jewish people, in fact, the truth is very much the opposite. And while the old Babylon of history was located in what is now the Arab world, in the pages of this volume we will discover that the New Babylon is somewhere else entirely and is already in place.
The rulers of this very real New Babylon are the forces of International Jewish Finance, a tightly-knit elite operating in the sphere of influence of the Rothschild Dynasty. They are the elements that are working to bring the New World Order — Jewish global rule — into place.
It is no accident that LaHaye’s twisted world view receives such widespread publicity in the Jewish-dominated mass print and broadcast media, for LaHaye — like a host of other so-called “Christian” leaders (John Hagee and Pat Robertson among them) — worships at the altar of the State of Israel and effectively holds up the Jewish people as the Messiah. These so-called “leaders” are Judas Goats, shepherding their flock to the slaughter.
Now this point must always be kept in mind: Babylon is very much central to not only Jewish history but is central to Jewish theological teachings. To understand all of this, we must divert into the distant past.
The division of religion and philosophy at Britain’s University of Cumbria provides us this historical overview of the history of the Jewish sojourn in Babylon:
The history of the Babylonian Jews begins with the Babylonian Exile that began in the final decades of the 6th century [before Christ]. In 588-7 [B.C.] Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, besieged the walls of Jerusalem, laid waste to the city and ordered the deportation of a large portion of the Jewish population to Babylon. In Babylon the Jewish deportees fared reasonably well. They retained their freedom and were allowed to pursue and develop their professions. Since they had brought with them their sacred scriptures they were able to retain their distinctive religious identity rather than experience assimilation with the surrounding population.
With the fall of the Babylonian empire to the Persian King Cyrus in 538 [B.C.] the Jews were allowed to return to Palestine. While the thousands of Jews who returned to Palestine came back to a region utterly devastated by war, those who remained in Babylon continued to fare well under their new Persian rulers.
The Jews participated fully in the business life of the Persian empire, on occasion attained high political office and, although probably without a temple as the focal point of religious life, avoided the temptation to abandon traditional Jewish belief.
Difficulties emerged in the second decade of the second century of the common era when the Jews rose in Babylon in rebellion against the Roman empire.
Following this rebellion a more serious one led by Simeon Ben Kochba broke out in 132 [AD] as a consequence of the decision made by Emperor Hadrian [117-138 AD] to build a temple to Capitoline Jupiter on the site of the ruins of the second temple.
When the rebellion inspired by Ben Kochba was crushed by the Romans in 135 [AD] many Jews fled to Babylon thus revitalizing the Jewish community there.

In fact, as the record shows, it was in Babylon that the foundation of Judaism — as we know it today — emerged. The University of Cumbria gives us a capsule summary of Babylonian Judaism:
Babylonian Judaism adheres to the basic tenets of the Jewish faith: belief in one creator God; belief that Israel is God's chosen people from whom the Messiah, or anointed one of God, will come to unite the Jewish people in the land of Israel; and the authority of the Torah. From the Babylonian community came the Babylonian Talmud. This is a commentary on the Mishnah (a collection of rabbinic laws compiled in about 200 [AD] by Rabbi Judah).
The Babylonian Talmud was edited at the end of the 5th century. Talmudic material consists of two components: Halakhah, which is concerned with legal and ritual matters, and Aggadah, which is concerned with theological and ethical matters.
Traditional Jews are required to observe the Halakhah of the Babylonian Talmud.
The fact that the Babylonian Talmud is central to the Jewish religion and has continued to guide its philosophy through these many centuries is a critical point that simply cannot be denied. One of the great modern-day Jewish historians and philosophers who has written extensively on this point was Max Dimont. Born in Finland, Dimont came to the United States in 1930 and later served in American intelligence in Europe. In 1962 his book Jews, God & History was released to great acclaim and popular success, described by The Los Angeles Times as "unquestionably the best popular history of the Jews written in the English language."
Dimont’s stunning work provides a provocative and candid study of the Jewish people, their history, their faith, their attitude toward “the Other” — that is, those whom the Jews refer to as the Gentiles or as “the Goyim” — a term which, in the context by which Jews understand it, simply means “cattle.” In other words, non-Jews—all non-Jews of all races, creeds and colors — are no more than beasts, animals, lesser beings.
Dimont’s Jews, God & History remains a standard, highly regarded testament of Jewish triumph across the ages and over what are regarded as the dead civilizations of Goyim Past, so to speak, and the decaying civilizations of Goyim Present. It ponders the ultimate Jewish domination of earth and its peoples. Writing of the Jewish exile in Babylon, Dimont noted:
Many Jewish history books draw a picture of sorrow and desolation when writing of the Jewish captivity in Babylon. Fortunately, this is an inaccurate picture. In the Sixth Century BC, Babylonia was ruled by a series of enlightened kings who treated their captives with tolerance.
Those Jews who “wept by the rivers of Babylon” were but a handful of zealots; the rest of the Jews fell in love with the country, prospered, and became cultured.
Babylonian trade routes took the Jews to every corner of the known world, making them men of commerce and international trade. In the libraries of Babylon, the Jews found a world treasure of manuscripts.They acquired a love for books and a taste for learning. They acquired manners, grace and refinement.
The unknown poet who in Psalm 137 sang, “If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember Thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth,” may have expressed a sentiment current at the beginning of the exile, but certainly not a sentiment prevalent 50 years later. By then, both words and tune had changed.
When the sled of Jewish history made a complete turnabout, heading back to Jerusalem, few Babylonian Jews were on it.

Then, of course, when Cyrus offered the Jews the right to return to Jerusalem, noted Dimont, “it created mixed emotions and loyalties.” Dimont said the Jews asked: “Why go back to Jerusalem where only desolation, poverty, and unremitting hard labor stared one in the face?”
This situation, said Dimont, could be likened to the situation of American Jews when confronted with the establishment of the modern-day state of Israel in 1948. “Like the American Jew today,” wrote Dimont, “the Babylonian Jew said, ‘I’m a good Babylonian [American]. Why should I go?’” In fact, as Dimont pointed out:
The Jews had not only prospered in Babylonian exile and become refined, they had also multiplied. Whereas at the beginning of the exile, there had been hardly 125,000 Jews in the entire world, there were 150,000 Jews in Babylonia itself. About one-fourth of them decided to take advantage of [the Persian ruler’s] edict and return to Jerusalem.
After their liberation, the Jewish stay in Babylon, Dimont noted, was entirely “voluntary.” The Jewish intellectuals who stayed on, he said, “created the first Jewish cultural Diaspora capital” in Babylon and from there they began to influence Jewish life in distant Jerusalem.
In his later work, The Indestructible Jews, Max Dimont described the flourishing Jewish existence in Babylon:
Babylonian trade routes guided the venturesome Jews throughout the then-known world, transforming them from ‘parochial men,’ into cosmopolitan citizens. Their commercial trading posts became centers for thriving Jewish communities. In the libraries of Babylon, intellectual Jews found a new world of new ideas. Within five decades, exiled Jews bobbed to the top surface of Babylonian society, in business enterprises, in the scholastic world, in court circles. They became leaders in commerce, men of learning, advisors to kings, but they remained Jews.
In fact, as we shall see,the Jewish status in Babylon reflects precisely the Jewish role in America (and in much of theWest) today.
In 1937, muckraker Ferdinand Lundberg (who was not Jewish, by the way, despite his name) created a stir with his book America’s Sixty Families, the first comprehensive look at the rising accumulation of vast wealth and influence by a small group of Americans — many intermarried families or otherwise connected through business relationships — who had come to dominate the American republic. Lundberg wrote:

The United States is owned and dominated today by a hierarchy of its sixty richest families, buttressed by no more than ninety families of lesser wealth. Outside this plutocratic circle there are perhaps three hundred and fifty other families, less defined in development and in wealth, but accounting for most of the incomes of $100,000 or more that do not accrue to members of the inner circle. These families are the living center of the modern industrial oligarchy which dominates the United States, functioning discreetly under a de jure democratic form of government behind which a de facto government, absolutist and plutocratic in its lineaments, has gradually taken form since the Civil War.
This de facto government is actually the government of the United States — informal, invisible, shadowy. It is the government of money in a dollar democracy. Under their acquisitive fingers, and in their possession, the sixty families hold the richest nation ever fashioned in the workshop of history . . .
The outstanding American proprietors of today tower historically over the proud aristocracy that surrounded Louis XIV, Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, and the Emperor Franz Joseph, and wield vastly greater power.

At the time Lundberg was writing, there was a solid core of substantial Jewish wealth among the “Sixty Families” listed. Times did change, however, and Jewish wealth and influence rose exponentially, but still largely remained a topic that was very much unspoken, then as today.
Some 30 years after the release of America’s Sixty Families, Lundberg returned with a sequel. This new volume, The Rich and the Super-Rich, was an overview of the then-current state of affairs in the largely secret world of the super-rich on American shores.
In The Rich and the Super-Rich, Lundberg made the rather interesting assessment of the situation in the America of the mid-1960s:
Most Americans — citizens of the wealthiest, most powerful and most ideal-swathed country in the world — by a very wide margin own nothing more than their household goods, a few glittering gadgets such as automobiles and television sets (usually purchased on the installment plan, many at second hand) and the clothes on their backs. A horde if not a majority of Americans live in shacks, cabins, hovels, shanties, hand-me-down Victorian eye sores, rickety tenements and flaky apartment buildings. . . .At the same time, a relative handful of Americans are extravagantly endowed, like princes in the Arabian Nights tales.

Now, today, in the 21st Century, today’s elite: Princes they are — but not Arabian. The American media talks about the wealth of the Arab sheiks but the accumulated wealth of the American Jewish community — and the political influence that comes with it — dwarfs that of those Arabian princes.
While it is — to a certain extent — freely admitted there is a powerful “Israeli lobby” in Washington — sometimes even referred to by less cautious persons as the “Jewish lobby” — the public image of this lobby is that of one devoted exclusively to the interests of the state of Israel. Jewish newspapers freely discuss the issue of the influence of the Jewish community and its impact on U.S. foreign policy, but even so-called “mainstream” newspapers and magazines themselves do occasionally delve into the subject.
What few Americans are aware of, however — something the Jewish community would prefer to be kept under wraps — is the growing financial, cultural and social clout of the American Jewish community. While there are poor Jews, the truth is that American Jews are emerging as contenders for the title of "the American elite,” bar none.
American Jews are indeed the modern-day equivalents of the princes in the tales of the Arabian Nights. And while they may not constitute a majority, per se, of the super-rich on the famous “Forbes 400,” their combined wealth certainly rivals (or most likely, surpasses) that of the non-Jewish elite.
This Jewish elite operates in the direct sphere of the Rothschild Dynasty, the financial colossus — first based in Frankfurt,which then expanded its influence into Britain and across Europe and then around the globe.
While the British Empire first rose as the mechanism for Rothschild’s imperial reach, the United States — as history evolved — has now emerged as the central engine of Rothschild power. And Rothschild power was the culmination of the generic rise of International Jewish Finance. The Rothschild Dynasty arose from this Jewish financial network to reign supreme.
It is no mistake, no frivolous choice of terms, that in Jews, God and History, Max Dimont referred directly to the United States, in an entire chapter by that title, as “The New Babylon.” He said, in explanation of this, that “the center of Jewish intellectual life shifted from the Old World to the New, just as the center of Jewish intellectual life in Biblical days had shifted from Palestine to Babylonia after the fall of Judah. . . .” Of this, Dimont asked:
Do we have here a superficial resemblance to past events or a genuine repetition of history? In the Sixth Century BC the Babylonians destroyed the Palestinian center of Judaism just as in the 20th Century AD Hitler destroyed the European center of Judaism. But the idea of Judaism did not die with either destruction.
When history presented the Jews of Babylon with a passport to return to a reconstituted Palestine, they declined the invitation, just as American Jews declined a similar invitation to return to a reconstituted Israel. By this refusal, the Babylonian Jews created the Diaspora. By their refusal, the American Jews perpetuated the Diaspora. In Babylonia, Diaspora Judaism slowly gained intellectual ascendancy over Palestinian Judaism.
In the 20th Century history placed the scepter of Diaspora Judaism in the willing hands of the American Jews.
Dimont asked whether American Jewry could “produce a series of intellectual giants capable of hammering out the ideas needed for Diaspora’s survival”? It is quite possible, he asserted, that the United States could play the role of Babylon for the Judaism of the 21st Century. “Are we perhaps already beginning to see the emergence of a new Judaism on American soil,” asked Dimont,“just as a new Judaism emerged on Babylonian soil . . . ?” Dimont asked: “Will it be the historic role of American Jewry to usher in . . . the universalist phase [of Judaism]?”
The existence of a Diaspora, then, has been the one essential condition for the survival of the Jews beyond the normal lifespan of a civilization. Had they not been exiled, had they remained in Palestine, they probably would be no more of a cultural force in the world today than the remnants of the Karaites [a sect of Jews who rejected the Talmud as the underlying foundation of Judaism].
Today, as once before, we have both an independent State of Israel and the Diaspora. But, as in the past, the State of Israel today is a citadel of Judaism, a haven of refuge, the center of Jewish nationalism where dwell only two million of the world’s twelve million Jews. The Diaspora, although it has shifted its center through the ages with the rise and fall of civilizations, still remains the universal soul of Judaism.
In other words, the state of Israel is not “the universal soul”of the Jewish people. The Jewish people have no borders. The world belongs to the Jews. As the words of a popular song asserted: “The years will come. The years will go. Kingdoms rise and fall. The time has come to take control. The world belongs to us.” And that is the philosophy behind the New World Order.
And so, while, in an earlier work, The New Jerusalem, we raised the question as to whether the United States had emerged as “The New Jerusalem”—with the spiritual capital of Judaism remaining in that city in Palestine—the historical, religious and economic facts we will explore in retrospect in this new volume suggest the United States can more correctly be described, in all critical respects, as “The New Babylon.”

Thomas Jefferson:
Judaism a "depraved religion"
Although the beloved author of the Declaration of Independence,Thomas Jefferson, was a firm advocate for religious liberty in America for Jews and all people, what has been carefully censored from the history books is the absolute fact that Jefferson clearly considered the Jewish religion to be quite abominable. Writing to John Adams on Oct. 13, 1813, the widely-read intellectual commented on the Talmud and other Jewish teachings:“What a wretched depravity of sentiment and manners must have prevailed before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit! It is impossible to collect from these writings a consistent series of moral doctrine." Describing himself as “a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus,” Jefferson wrote toWilliam Short (on Oct. 31, 1819) that he considered Jesus “the greatest of all the reformers of the depraved religion of his own country,” adding in a subsequent letter to Short (Aug. 4, 1820) that while Christ preached “philanthropy and universal charity and benevolence,” the Jews followed teachings that instilled in them “the most antisocial spirit towards other nations.” Jefferson wrote that Jesus—as a “reformer of the superstitions of a nation,”was in an“ever dangerous”position by opposing “the priests of the superstition”—the Pharisees—whom he described as “a blood thirsty race . . . cruel and remorseless as the Being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel.” Were he alive today, Jefferson would fight against the NewWorld Order: the dream of a global Jewish imperium.
The pilgrimage of Sen. John McCain and his good Jewish friend Sen. Joe Lieberman (both left) to the London headquarters of Lord Jacob Rothschild (right) symbolized the reach of the Rothschild Empire onto American shores. These two American elected officials are among the foremost proponents of the New World Order today.

Those Who Reign Supreme:
John McCain—Just One of Many
American Disciples of the Rothschild Empire
Some cynics say that Sen. John McCain’s visit to London in the spring of 2008 to attend a fundraiser for his presidential candidacy hosted by Lord Jacob Rothschild of the international banking empire may have been quite simply a case of McCain going directly to Rothschild for his marching orders rather than having them transmitted through one of the many Rothschild retainers who make it their duty to tell politicians worldwide what to do and when and how to do it.
As if to underscore his allegiances, prior to paying court to Rothschild, McCain made a visit to Israel, the Middle East state that counts the Rothschild family as among its chief patrons, to the point that an earlier Rothschild, Edmond, of the Paris-based arm of the international banking family, is honored on Israel’s currency today.
Perhaps not surprisingly, McCain was accompanied to the Rothschild gala (and to Israel) by his good Jewish friend and fellow devotee of Israel, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.), who endorsed McCain and was often being mentioned as either a vice-presidential running mate for McCain or as a likely secretary of state in a McCain administration.
Although McCain’s sponsor, Lord Rothschild (as a citizen of Britain) was not permitted by American law to make campaign contributions directly to McCain, Rothschild was permitted, however, to host a big-ticket fundraising reception for McCain attended by Americans in London in the Rothschild sphere of influence who were willing to pay a minimum of $1,000 per person for the privilege of mixing it up with the American candidate who was then clearly the Rothschild family’s favorite for the GOP nomination.
That the Rothschild empire would support McCain should come as no surprise to those familiar with McCain’s record.
First of all, McCain has been a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Although, on Oct, 30, 1993, The Washington Post described the CFR as “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States,” saying that they are “the people who, for more than half a century, have managed our international affairs and our military-industrial complex,” what the Post did not say was that the CFR is actually only a New York-based division of the grandly-named Royal Institute of International Affairs, which has functioned as the foreign policy-making arm of the Rothschild Dynasty, long the prime mover, behind the scenes, of Britain’s imperial ventures, the real force behind the so-called “British” Empire.
So those who prefer to talk about the CFR as being the driving force behind the New World Order — but who avoid mentioning the Rothschild connection — are being disingenuous, at best.
In addition, of course, McCain’s own backstage connections in his home state of Arizona are equally intriguing and point even further to the reasons why the Rothschilds are enamored with McCain.
As American Free Press — first and singularly in the media — pointed out, McCain’s late father-in-law, Jim Hensley, was a top figure in the organized crime network surrounding one Kemper Marley who acted as front man in Arizona for the Bronfman family — key players in a powerful Jewish crime syndicate that is often popularly (though inaccurately) referred to as “the Mafia”—who used Marley to control both major parties in that state.
The Bronfman family have long been allied with the Rothschilds as among the leading billionaire patrons of Israel and the global Zionist movement, so much so that Edgar Bronfman, head of the dynasty, was, for many years, chief of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), which is now lorded over by his son Matthew, who is chairman of the WJC’s governing board. (Later in this volume, we will explore the Bronfman family in some detail.)
In 2000, when McCain first ran for president, Edgar Bronfman was a contributor to his campaign. And at the time McCain included among his closest advisors the ubiquitous voice for Jewish interests, William Kristol of the stridently pro-Israel neo-conservative journal, The Weekly Standard, whose owner, media baron Rupert Murdoch, rose to wealth and power through the sponsorship of the Rothschild and Bronfman families.
And Kristol, it should be noted, has attended the secretive Bilderberg meetings that are sponsored annually by the Rothschild family in partnership with their American henchmen, the Rockefeller family. (For a complete history of Bilderberg from the one journalist who has traveled the globe for 30 years following their activities, see Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary.)
So the McCain-Bronfman-Rothschild connection is intimate on multiple levels and explains much about McCain’s long-standing tendency to be a feverish advocate for Israeli (and Jewish) interests.
McCain has said that he is “driven” by “Wilsonian principles,” — the internationalist philosophy that U.S. military might should be used to enforce what ultimately is indeed the NewWorld Order.
And the record shows that McCain has long been part of an elite group promoting U.S. military action in defense of Israel. According to the Aug. 2, 1996 issue of the London-based Jewish Chronicle, McCain was a member of the self-styled Commission on America’s National Interest that issued a report rating Israel as a “blue chip” interest for the United States worth “spending serious treasure and serious blood on,” — a conclusion many might question. The report ranked Israel’s survival “on a par with preventing nuclear, biological and nuclear attacks on the U.S. as a vital American interest.” The Chronicle summarized the report, quoting the group, with the headline: “Americans ‘should go to war to defend Israel.’”
In 2006, for his enthusiastic efforts on Israel’s behalf, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) gave McCain its “distinguished service award” named in memory of the late Sen.Henry M. Jackson (D-Wash.), another“ Goy” who — like McCain — shamelessly worked ‘round-the-clock on behalf of Jewish and Israeli interests while serving in Congress.
To be hailed by JINSA, however, is a dubious honor, inasmuch as several people associated with JINSA including its founder Stephen Bryen, and Bryen’s close friend, Richard Perle (another regular attendee at the meetings of the aforementioned Bilderberg group) as well as Pau Wolfowitz (briefly, most recently, president of the World Bank) have all been investigated by the FBI in past years on suspicion of espionage on behalf of Israel.
In the spring of 2008, McCain received the formal public endorsement of the unrivaled royal family of international Zionism — the Rothschilds. Later, as if to emphasize the point, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, the American-born wife of Evelyn de Rothschild — another of the London-based Rothschilds — quit her post on the Democratic Party’s national policy committee (from which she had been a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential ambitions) and endorsed McCain over Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
Ironically, though, in this same context, it should be noted that the aforementioned longtime McCain supporter (and Rothschild satellite) Edgar Bronfman declined to support McCain after the Republican presidential nominee picked controversial Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Although Mrs. Palin was a fervent supporter of Israel, Bronfman found the woman distasteful and chose to support Barack Obama instead.
But the fact is that Obama himself — despite rumors suggesting that he was less than friendly to Israel — has a history of his own of having been operating under the tutelage of powerful Jewish interests with ties to Israel and the Jewish organized crime syndicate: namely, the Chicago-based Crown and Pritzker families (more about whom later in these pages).
So the bottom line remains that, in the 2008 presidential election, the Rothschild Dynasty and the New Pharisees had effective control over both of the presidential candidates of the major parties in the United States.
In any case, it should be said that there is absolutely no question that the Rothschilds constitute the “Royal Family of International Jewry.” Israeli writer Amos Elon in his book, Founder: A Portrait of the First Rothschild and His Time, published in 1996, reported the story of a certain Jew who, when asked why Jews were so proud when they had no princes and no part in any government, replied: “We are not princes, yet we govern them.”
Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, an eminent modern-day Jewish religious arbiter and popularly-published spokesman for Jewish concerns, has written: “To this day, the Rothschilds remain the aristocrats of Jewish life . . .‘the’ symbols of wealth.” (Amazingly, for the record of accuracy, Telushkin nonetheless asserted that the Rothschilds are no longer the richest family among the Jews — an assertion which reality, as outlined in the pages of The New Babylon, suggests otherwise.)
And that the Rothschild heritage has always been devoted to the principles of their Jewish faith is a point that must not be forgotten. It is integral to understanding the entirety of the role that the Rothschild family and their satellites in the international banking world have played in shaping the course of global affairs: their singular pursuit of a New World Order.
In our opening pages, we cited one of Rothschild family founder Meyer’s earliest biographers — an admiring one at that — as saying that “Rothschild was a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions.” And that pivotal fact is worth citing once again.
Famed Jewish historian Chaim Bermant noted that Meyer Amschel, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, was educated in a rabbinical school and that he “cherished every Jewish tradition.” His wife, Gittel, was the classic Jewish matriarch of legend, as all accounts of the Rothschild family attest.
Of the Rothschilds, Israeli historian Amos Elon, in his own biography of the Rothschild’s founding father, wrote: “Unlike other assimilated Jews, they emphasized, even flaunted, their ethnicity and religion.”
The Rothschilds were indeed very religious Jews — very religious. Amschel in Frankfurt (Meyer’s son) retained his “old Hebrew customs and habits” and it was said that he was regarded as “the most religious Jew in Frankfurt,” and even had a synagogue in his own house. The Rothschilds did not trust converts from Judaism to Christianity. “It is a bad thing,” said James Rothschild, “when one has to deal with an apostate.”
According to Niall Ferguson’s recent (Rothschild family-assisted) study of the Rothschild family, the Rothschilds were particularly tenacious in their religiosity: “Any weakening of Jewish unity struck [the Rothschilds] as self defeating in a hostile world.”
The Rothschilds were known to have persecuted a member of their own family, Hannah, who married a Gentile and converted to Christianity. Niall Ferguson noted that Hannah had “crossed one of the few barriers which remained between the Rothschilds and the European social elite, and perhaps the only one which the Rothschilds themselves wished to preserve.” So there is no question that the Rothschilds did maintain a Talmudic and Judeo-centric attitude, despite their common intercourse with the Christian crowned heads and noble families of Europe.
And this is noteworthy, inasmuch as other Jewish banking families in England did intermarry on a wide-ranging basis with scores of members of England’s aristocratic families. (To put it bluntly: The Jews got the titles and the prestige and the English aristocrats got the Jewish money!)
Niall Ferguson noted there had been an era when the Rothschilds had “a mythic, talismanic status in the eyes of other Jews; not only the Jews of the Kings, but also the ‘Kings of the Jews’ — at once exalted by their wealth and yet mindful of their own lowly origin.”
As early as 1835 and 1836, even the little Niles (Ohio) Weekly Register in the new American nation, commented that“The Rothschilds are the wonders of modern banking . . . .” and added, pointedly:
We see the descendants of Judah after persecution of 2,000 years peering above kings, rising higher than emperors, and holding a whole continent in the hollow of their hands.
The Rothschilds govern a Christian world. Not a cabinet moves without their advice. They stretch their hand with equal ease, from St. Petersburg to Vienna, from Vienna to Paris, from Paris to London, from London to Washington.
Baron Rothschild . . . is the true King of Judah, the prince of the captivity, the Messiah so long looked for by this extraordinary people. He holds the keys of peace or war, blessing or cursing . . .
They are the brokers and counselors of the kings of Europe and of the republican chiefs of America. What more can they desire?
The recognition that this family emerged to have such immense power was quite well summarized by Thomas Duncombe, a member of the British parliament, who said in the late 1870s, that
There is . . . a secret influence behind the throne, whose form is never seen, whose name is never breathed, who has access to all the secrets of State. . . . Closely connected with this invisible, this incorporeal person, stands a most solid and substantial form, a new, and formidable power, till these days unknown in Europe; master of unbounded wealth, he boasts that he is the arbiter of peace and war, and that the credit of nations depends upon his nod; his correspondents are innumerable; his couriers outrun those of sovereign princes and absolute sovereigns; ministers of state are in his pay. Paramount in the cabinets of continental Europe, he aspires to the domination of our own . . .That such secret influences do exist are a matter of notoriety . . . I believe their object to be as impure as the means by which their power has been acquired, and denounce them and their agents . . .
One of the great crusaders against the Rothschild Empire in the 19th Century was an eloquent Frenchman, Edouard Drumont. One of his famed works was The Jews Against France. Speaking of the phenomenon of Jewish power, he wrote:
Thanks to their genius as conspirators and traffickers, they have reconstituted a Money Power which is formidable, not only on account of the innate power which money possesses, but also because the Jews have diminished or destroyed the other Powers so that theirs alone remains standing; because they have modeled, shaped, a society in which money is the true master of everything. This Money Power, like all powers, looks after its own interests, it goes in the direction which seems the most profitable.
The recognition that the Rothschilds were very much an “international” family, in more ways than one, came to be a part of the lore surrounding this immense empire of money. John Reeves wrote The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers of Nations, published in 1887 and asserted quite directly: “The Rothschilds belong to no one nationality. They are cosmopolitan . . . They belong to no party. They were ready to grow rich at the expense of friend and foe alike.”
The famed German nobleman and widely-traveled author Prince Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von Pückler-Muskau compared Rothschild with the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan, he said, was a ruler of all believers, while Rothschild was “the creditor of all rulers.”
German economist Freidrich List said Rothschild was “the pride of Israel, the mighty lender and master of all the coined and uncoined silver and gold in the old world, before whose money box Kings and Emperors humbly bow.” In short, as Rothschild biographer Niall Ferguson noted — Rothschild was “The King of Kings.” It might be added, though, that most people (at least in the West) would consider Jesus Christ the King of Kings.
In 1830 the aforementioned Niles (Ohio) Weekly Register spoke of the Rothschild family as being those who would reclaim the Holy Land for the Jewish people, foreshadowing the fact that — indeed — the Rothschilds would emerge as the chief patrons of the Zionist movement that led to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948:
[The Rothschilds] are wealthy beyond desire, perhaps even avarice; and so situated, it is quite reasonable to suppose that they may seek something else to gratify their ambition . . .
If secured in the possession [of Palestine], which may be brought about by money, they might instantly, as it were, gather a large nation together, soon to become capable of defending itself and having a wonderful influence over the commerce and condi
tion of the East — rendering Judah again the place of deposit of a large portion of the wealth of the “ancient world.”
To the Sultan [of the Ottoman Empire], the country [Palestine] is of no great value, but in the hands of the Jews, directed by such men as the Rothschilds, what might it not become, and in a short period of time?

That the Rothschilds were perceived in an almost mystical fashion is very clear, inasmuch as there were those who predicted (quite accurately) that not only Palestine but all of Europe would fall into the hands of the Rothschild Empire.
In October 1840, the French journal, Univers said: “On David’s throne, once it is restored, there will sit that financial dynasty which all Europe recognizes and to which all Europe submits.”
French socialist Charles Fourier said, “The restoration of the Hebrews [to Palestine] would be a splendid coronation for the gentlemen of the House of Rothschild. Like Esra and Serubabel, they can lead the Hebrews back to Jerusalem and once again erect the throne of David and Solomon in order to call into being a Rothschild dynasty.”
Interestingly, in the early years of its flowering, the British-Jewish “Cousinhood” — as so dubbed by Chaim Bermant — was, according to Bermant, anti-Zionist “almost to a man,” opposing the establishment of a Jewish state. In particular — and this is of special note — the Rothschilds were especially fervent in opposition to Zionism, more so perhaps than other members of those interlocking families.
Lionel Rothschild was one of the few exceptions among the Rothschilds opposing Zionism, and in 1915, upon the death of his father, he became head of the family — he was thus “The” Rothschild — and assuming his position in the House of Lords, his support for Zionism gave an immense boost to the Zionist cause. It was Lionel to whom the famed Balfour Declaration was addressed. However, it was Baron Edmond de Rothschild (of France) who was known by the Jews of Palestine as “the Known Benefactor” for his generous patronage of Zionism and with the conversion of this Jewish dynasty to support for Zionism, the state of Israel ultimately came into being.
Thus, the power of International Jewish Finance — dominated by the Rothschild Dynasty — adopted Zionism as a formal part of the drive for a Jewish Utopia. The foundation for the rise of the New World Order was set in place. And world history was set on an all new — and perilous — course.

Although this elderly Jewish peasant (left) and bloated plutocrat Nathan Rothschild (right) lived quite different lives, both were disciples of the Talmud which guided the Rothschild Empire in its assembly of power from which the entire global Jewish community received vast benefit. Jews worldwide, it is said, considered Rothschild not only the “King of the Jews” but also the “King of Kings.” The angry anti-Jewish caricature below parodied Jewish emancipation in Europe, suggesting that Jews expected their new-found liberties to allow them to profit even further at the expense of the Christians. In truth, Jewish wealth and power did expand exponentially.


Intertwined Realities —
Jews, Israel, Money & Power:
Taboo Topics in our Modern World

Writing, as he was, from a German perspective in 1879, at a time when Germany was consolidating as a nation, Wilhelm Marr — who loudly dared to challenge Jewish financial power (and who is often credited with coining the term “anti-Semitism”) — predicted Jewish finance would reign supreme in his native land, but at great cost.
Yes, Jewry shall raise Germany to a world power and make it the new Palestine of Europe. It won’t come about by violent revolution but by the voice of the people itself, as soon as German society has reached that highest level of social bankruptcy and perplexity toward which we are rushing headlong.
Don’t blame Jewry for this . . . Our Germanic element has shown itself culturally and historically powerless, incapable of achievement, before alien domination.
This is a fact, a raw, pitiless fact.
Marr charged that the Jewish-controlled media in Germany impacted upon all aspects of society: “State, church, Catholicism, Protestantism, credo, and dogma must bow before the Jewish Areopagus, the daily press,” he said. (And it is indeed interesting that even then — as Marr noted — there was a growing concern with Jewish influence over “the daily press.”)
And just as Marr predicted, there did indeed arise a state of bankruptcy and decay within Germany in the years following World War I, and Jewry did rise to a preeminent position in Germany, more so than ever before.
However, of course, there was, in 1933, a popular revolution in Germany, through the ballot box, that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist GermanWorkers Party and this resulted in the diminution of Jewish influence in Germany where the Jewish powers had reigned supreme. Germany was no longer, as Marr had said, “the new Palestine.”
In truth, of course,we now see the situation in America today being akin to the situation in Germany prior to the German Revolution of 1933. America’s economy is in a shambles, with Wall Street pirates — many of them, even perhaps most of them, Jewish — having brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy, even as an American president — GeorgeW. Bush — decimated the nation’s treasure (and the blood of its youth) in pursuit of wars demanded by the Jewish lobby. Yet, the Jewish power interests — all acting in the sphere of influence of the Rothschild Empire — do continue to hold sway over the course of American affairs.

Professor Norman Cantor — a respected Jewish scholar — encapsulated the immense power of the Jews in America today. In his controversial book, The Sacred Chain, widely criticized for its candor, Cantor wrote:
Jews in the four decades after 1940 came home in American society to suburban comfort, to penetration of academia and the privileged bastions of the learned professions, to corporate business, to politics and government and controlling levels of the media. Jews were over-represented in the learned professions by a factor of five or six.
In 1994 Jews were only three percent of the American population but their impact was equivalent to an ethnic group comprising twenty percent of the population.
Nothing in Jewish history equaled this degree of Jewish accession to power, wealth and prominence.
Not in Muslim Spain, not in early 20th century Germany, not in Israel itself, because there were no comparable levels of wealth and power on a world-class scale in that small country to attain.
Cantor concluded: “The Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the titans of bygone eras, they have been superseded by the Jew as flawless achiever . . . .”
As such, it has become an open secret in our world today that there is a 300 pound gorilla in the room — the role of the Organized Jewish Community — generally, though not always correctly, known as “the Zionist movement” — that is a preeminent power in our modern society, not only in the United States but in most of theWest and elsewhere across the planet.
The Jewish Power Interests have achieved a premier position in the United States today and now (and not necessarily as a consequence, perhaps in spite of, Jewish influence) the United States stands as virtually the most powerful nation on the face of the earth, perhaps rivaled only — in all reality — by Israel itself. So it is that the American Jewish community has become the unrivaled elite in the United States today. We may call them “the new elite.” They are those who reign supreme.
It must always be borne in mind, however, that the foremost influence within the Jewish community has been, for several hundred years, the European based Rothschild Empire. This dynasty has extended its tentacles onto American soil, to the extent that, today, there are wealthy and powerful Jewish families and financial interests operating in the sphere of the Rothschilds who are substantial in and of themselves. However, ultimately, the roots of this Jewish power network in America goes back to the Rothschild family of Europe which had established itself as the premier banking concern directing global affairs through their influence in such nations as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and, of course, England.
In our modern era and in times preceding us, many people sometimes described as “anti-Semites” have been heard to use the term “the Jews” in discussing various aspects of American and international affairs, both relating to domestic matters and to the conduct of the various foreign policies of the nation states. However, it would be incorrect to say that the use of the term “the Jews” refers, in fact, to all people of the Jewish faith.
In fact, many of those persons who use the term “the Jews” often use that term in reference to the conduct, or perhaps we should say “misconduct,” of the state of Israel or those Jews inAmerica and elsewhere who lend their support to Israel.
Yet, there is another aspect in regard to the use of that term“the Jews” that is also perhaps even more preeminent. And again the use of the term does not refer to all Jewish people, whether in Israel or elsewhere.
No, instead, the use of that term “the Jews” in a loose and perhaps general sense, in this regard, actually refers to the International Money Power. And this International Money Power, which has a definitive Jewish aspect to its nature, stems from the intrigues and machinations of a global banking dynasty, the Rothschild Empire, whose tentacles span the globe.
In turn, we find that — through the ages — there was a long-standing Jewish dream for the establishment of a global order — a new imperium — a New World Order, if you will. And at the top of that New World Order pyramid we find the name Rothschild. The House of Rothschild and its empire are the foundation for that New World Order.
There were many Jewish bankers and Jewish usurers in those many years that preceded the rise of the Rothschild Empire at the end of the 18th Century, but it was not until the rise of the Rothschild dynasty that this International Money Power emerged as the force that it did evolve to be.
There were Jewish bankers and usurers, active in many places throughout Western Civilization and reaching into the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America — but it was not until the rise of the Rothschild dynasty that this power achieved a unity it had never seen before.
And, in fact, it might be said — quite correctly — that the rise of the Rothschilds set in place a “royal family” of international Jewry, indeed a royal family of international finance.
And in the years, decades, centuries that followed, the Rothschild fortune, popularly known in Europe as “The Fortune,” did become a central force in the international conduct of monetary policy and, as a consequence, in the conduct of the international policies of the various nation states, the various royal families and even indeed the various “democracies” that were in place and which evolved during that time frame in which the Rothschild Empire remained a constant, ever-present force operating, not just behind the scenes, but quite overtly in its influence upon the governments and peoples, not only in the “civilized” world, but, ultimately, throughout the entire world as the British Empire — in particular — reached across the globe with, in many respects, the British Foreign Office a virtual arm of the Rothschild dynasty.
Likewise in other European nations — rivals to Britain — they began to extend their reach onto other continents. The various branches of the Rothschild family in Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Naples, along with satellite influences in Hong Kong, Shanghai, even in Australia, began to flex their power.
Thus, in this respect, the term “the Jews” has often been applied to the International Money Power and this International Money Power, for a combination of reasons — religious, philosophical, economic, all combined together in a geopolitical force — did indeed lay the groundwork for what is popularly known today as “The NewWorld Order.”
This New World Order — which revolves around the operations of the Rothschild Empire as it has instituted itself as a predatory force within the affairs of the nations, most especially today the United States — has, in fact, been intertwined with long-standing Jewish philosophy going back to the days of the Babylonian Talmud which is the guiding force behind Jewish religious thinking today. So in this respect we do have before us a New Babylon.
Ultimately it is not a coincidence that the charge of “anti-Semitism” is leveled at individuals and institutions that have dared to raise criticisms of the role of the International Money Power in world affairs, even those that have not specifically referenced its Jewish influences and antecedents. This has been a common phenomenon over the centuries.
In more recent times those who have dared, for example, to criticize the privately-owned and controlled money monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System — which, in fact, as we shall see, was a creation of Rothschild-connected international banking forces operating on American soil — have, at the very least, been “suspected” of anti-Semitism or perceived to be “potential” anti-Semites, by daring even to raise the issue of the propriety of the existence of this system. Any discussion of the International Money Power, any discussion of what is referred to as “the NewWorld Order,” is considered “anti-Semitism” or potential “anti-Semitism” precisely because any discussion of or research into these topics, if carried out to its ultimate conclusion, would point in the direction of the Rothschild family, the princes of the Jewish world elite.
In 1777, Maria Theresa, the Empress of Austria, said, “I know of no more troublesome pest to the State than that nation which brings people to a state of poverty by fraud, usury and financial contracts, and which carries out all kinds of evil practices which an honorable man would abominate.”
The nature of this plutocratic edifice, its predatory structure, was pinpointed in a provocative and detailed report issued by the German government in 1940, a study which focused on the Rothschild (and before that, primarily Jewish) financial stranglehold over the British Empire. Entitled How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State,” the study asserted:
By plutocracy one understands a form of government in which the election of its members rest upon their possessing wealth. The word plutocracy is derived from the Greek roots = riches and kratein = to rule. Plutocracy therefore means: the rule of moneypower, or more freely expressed: the government of Jewish gold.
The historical example of a state ruled by riches and possession is Carthage, in which the Jewish element was also represented. It was governed by the rich merchants, who were represented by a kind of “lower house” named “the Council of the Three Hundred” and a “upper house” named “the Council of the Thirty”. The people were barred from exercising any influence on the government.
For Jewry plutocracy is the most suitable form of government. Through plutocracy the immense Jewish capitalism, without respect to the number of Jews represented, of necessity procures a governing, political position, for a plutocratic state, as history teaches us, a small Jewish clique can dictate to a great state, if it is in possession of the necessary amount of capital.
The recognition of this plutocracy, in many respects, came to be what many critics referred to as “the Jewish Problem,” resulting in the rise of anti- Jewish feelings that even many Jewish writers themselves, in turn, likewise referred to as “the Jewish Problem.” And it is a problem that remains to this day — as even Jewish writers have repeatedly acknowledged.
Pope Clement VIII (who reigned from 1592 to 1605) said, in no uncertain
terms, “All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially farmers [and] working class people. . . .”
In regard to this plutocratic domination, the words of German Jewish industrialist and political figure Walter Rathenau (1867-1922) will be recalled. Writing in 1909 in Vienna’s Neue Freie Presse, Rathenau said: “Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, guide the economic destinies of the continent and seek their successors among their followers.”
Although apologists have claimed that in this provocative statement Rathenau did not suggest that those 300 were Jews or that they ruled over the heads of the national governments, nonetheless he did say what he said. Theodore Fritsch, the German writer who was well known for his criticisms of Jewish power and who was the author of the best-selling work, Handbook of the Jewish Question, reflected upon Rathenau’s remarks. Fritsch noted in his 1922 essay, "The Desperate Act of a Desperate People” (which, in fact, was written upon the assassination of Rathenau) that Rathenau’s words were “a remarkable avowal” that had not been fully understand in all of its consequences. Fritsch assessed the matter:
From the consequences in which it was said, it was clear that [Rathenau] was not talking about ruling princes and statesmen but rather a power group standing outside government which possesses the means to enforce its will upon the world, including the governments. Furthermore, since he spoke of the naming of successors, it is obvious that there is a firmly structured organization operating according to definite principles and a division of offices and systematically pursuing its goals.
This, said Fritsch,“substantiates nothing less than the fact that a closed society, a shadow government or a super government, has existed for a long time and that it directs economic and political events over the heads of nations and governments.”
What was the source of this shadow government, asked Fritsch? He provided the answer: “Jewish high finance and its paid lackeys, allied and spread throughout the entire world.”
Fritsch pointed out that many people failed to draw proper conclusions from the facts put forth by Rathenau. Reflecting upon the destructive tragedy ofWorld War I, Fritsch said:
If the 300 men of the secret world government directed the destiny of the world, what was [that] world war all about? Would the 300 have been unable to prevent it? Since they did not prevent [the war] they must have wanted it. If the 300 money powers made world policy for decades, they therefore also made the world war. Perhaps [they did so] in order finally to erect their mastery in the open and to drive out the princes.
“It is time,” wrote Fritsch, “that the nations finally recognize this and bring the guilty to account.” He noted that the works of Henry Ford, published in The International Jew, delivered “exhaustive proof” as to how the Jewish financial interests set the first world war in motion. Of the Jewish plutocrats, Fritsch wrote that “He who boasts even secretly that he directs the destiny of the world ought now to possess the courage and decency to take the responsibility for the political events of the world.”
Ironically, Fritsch died in 1933, just at the time when his native land of Germany began working to dismantle the power of the Rothschild Empire on European soil, even as the groundwork was in place for the rise of the Zionist state in the years that followed World War II, not long afterward.
In fact, the plutocratic elite — the Jewish aristocracy in the whirl of the Rothschild dynasty — in fact, the Rothschilds most especially — made the rise of political Zionism possible. Zionism was an outgrowth of the global Imperialism that arose in the swath of expanding plutocratic wealth and power across the planet.
The late Palestinian-American philosopher Edward Said noted the synchronicity between Zionism and Imperialism, writing that: “When we talk about Zionism and Imperialism, we are talking about a family of ideas, belonging to the same dynasty, springing out of the same seed.” Said referred to the Zionist-Imperialist construct (in the context of the Zionist occupation of Palestine) as “a whole system of confinement, dispossession, exploitation and oppression that still holds us down and denies us our inalienable rights as human beings,” and yet the truth is that Zionist occupation of Palestine is only but a microcosm, to speak, reflecting the Zionist occupation of the entire globe — the establishment of the Jewish Power Elite as the would-be arbiters of the course of world affairs, bar none.
But there are those who attempt to draw distinctions between the Rothschilds and “the average Jew,” between the Zionist movement and “the average Jew.” A popular and well-meaning refrain, often heard as an almost ritualistic chant among a certain segment of Americans who style themselves as “patriots” is that “The average American Jew is just as much a victim of the Rothschild Empire as every other American.” The “patriots” will add further that “The average American Jew is not part of the problem. If the average American Jew was made aware of the intrigues of the Rothschilds, he would become as outraged as every other American who does understand the nature of the problem.”
In a similar vein, we often hear these same patriots assert that “Not all Jews support Zionism.” They add that “Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism.” These patriots hasten to point out that there are groups of Jews, such as the Neturei Karta, who actively oppose Zionism. However, referring to the Neturei Karta, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin — a widely-read publicist for what is very much recognized as “the” Jewish point of view in our modern times — has said this:
Anti-Zionists often point to the Neturei Karta as proof that one can oppose Israel’s right to exist without being anti-Semitic. However, pointing to the Neturei Karta to prove anything about Jewish life is pointless.
This tiny group is as un-representative of Jewish views as the snake-handling sects of West Virginia — which pass around poisonous snakes during church services — are of Christianity.
Nor indeed do the Neturei Karta accept the anti-Zionist contention that the Jews are only a religion, and not a people. Furthermore, they do believe in the right of the Jews to the land of Israel and trust that someday God will send the Messiah — dressed no doubt in the distinctive garb of the Neturei Karta — to restore all the Jews there.

And there are many American Jews who are not members of Neturei Karta who’ve been outspoken critics of Israel and active opponents of Zionism including several longtime friends of this author: 1) the esteemed Dr. Alfred Lilienthal (who died at age 94 on Oct. 6, 2008); 2) the late Haviv Schieber, one of the founding fathers of Israel and part of the Jabotinsky movement that spawned the neo-conservative network in America today; 3) the late Jack Bernstein, author of the widely-heralded work, The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel; and 4) Mark Lane, the pioneering critic of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and an unswerving advocate for civil liberties for all.
Likewise there are other American Jews who are critics of Israel, but not necessarily anti-Zionist per se. All of that having been said, however, it is true that, in the bigger picture, most American Jews — the overwhelming majority of American Jews — have allowed themselves to be herded like sheep into the camp of Zionism and support Israel, right or wrong.
Two modern day Jewish writers who have obsessed on the subject of “anti-Semitism” are Dennis Praeger and his colleague, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin. Their book, Why the Jews? The Reason for Anti-Semitism (republished in 2003) has said, among other things, that the Jewish claim that they are chosen by God “to achieve the mission of bringing the world to God and His moral law” has been a major cause of anti-Semitism.
In addition, they have said that the raison d’etre of Judaism has been to change the world for the better and that this attempt to change the world, “to challenge the gods, religious or secular, of the societies around them, and to make moral demands on others (even when not done expressly in the name of Judaism) has constantly been a source of tension.”
And it is interesting to note that Praeger and Telushkin acknowledge that many of these “moral demands” made upon others by Jews have not always been done “expressly in the name of Judaism.”
(One might conclude from this that the two are suggesting that Jews have used “front” groups to pursue their agenda: groups and spokesmen that are not Jewish per se but which are advocating a Jewish agenda. The suggestion that Jews have made “moral demands” on others recalls, in a fashion, German politician Adolf Stoecker’s reference, on one occasion to Jewish “pretensions of importance.” He also reminded people of what he called the “degree of intolerance [toward non-Jews] that will soon be unbearable” that has been a constant phenomenon, particularly in Jewish writings.)
Praeger and Telushkin also claim that there has been “profound envy and hostility among many non-Jews” because of the fact that, as the two authors proclaim, “the Jews have led higher-quality lives than their non-Jewish neighbors in almost every society where they have lived.”
(The two Jewish publicists do not seem to be cognizant of the fact that much of the criticism of the Jewish people has emerged from the fact that the Jews have been perceived by others to have exploited non-Jews and that this exploitation has allowed Jews to live “higher-quality lives.”)
Another reason for anti-Semitism, they say, is because others objected to the way the Jews “lived by their all-encompassing set of laws” and because “the Jews also asserted their own national identity.” According to Praeger and Telushkin, this assertion of identity was threatening to the nationalism of others. They add further that “the implication of illegitimacy to everyone else’s gods by the Jews has also caused anti-Semitism.”
This is interesting in that the average Christian, especially in America, would generally believe that the Jewish God is also the Christian God, although, implicitly, the two Jewish writers are admitting otherwise — a point that may confound many who simply do not understand that the Christian God is most definitely NOT the Jewish God, misunderstandings, misinformation — and Jewish-sponsored dis-information — notwithstanding.
The Jews, you see, want Christians to believe that they share the God of Israel with the Jews when, in the actual Jewish view, nothing could be further from the truth. And, in fact, the Jewish view, at least in this respect, is quite accurate for, as informed Christians know — and as we’ve said — the Christian God is NOT and NEVER has been the Jewish God
It is interesting to note that the authors also say that the Jew is both a member of the Jewish people and the Jewish religion “and this has been so since the beginning of Jewish history.” To deny that nationhood is a component of Judaism, they write, is “as untenable as to deny that God orTorah are components of Judaism.” Praeger and Telushkin assert that “this is particularly evident today, since Jewish nationhood is the one component of Judaism with which both religious and committed secular Jews identify.”
The authors do not comment on frequent assertions, appearing in Jewish publications, that Jews are genetically or otherwise intellectually superior to non-Jews. Preeminent examples are the much-heralded April 2007 article “Jewish Genius” by Charles Murray in Commentary, the voice of the American Jewish Committee, a similar Commentary essay, entitled “Chosenness and Its Enemies,” published in December of 2008, and the no holds- barred October 16, 2005 article (published in New York magazine) entitled “Are Jews Smarter?” which featured a quotation from Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League who remarked, "If it's a genetic condition, it's not for us to embrace or reject. It is what it is, and that's the way the genetic cookie crumbles."
The author of that last article added that she detected “a note of pride” in Foxman’s voice in reflecting upon purported Jewish intellectual superiority to all others, this coming from one — Foxman — who proclaims his mission to fight theories of racial supremacism!)
In these pages we shall see that many preeminent Jewish writers forthrightly express Jewish solidarity, Jewish exclusivity, Jewish chosen-ness and even Jewish superiority and Jewish supremacy.
George Bernard Shaw once said that it was no coincidence that the Nazis — in promoting what was described (although not necessarily correctly) as a theme of “racial superiority” — were echoing the Jewish doctrine of a “chosen” people. In that same vein, in 1971, Religion in Life, a liberal Methodist journal, said “It is not surprising that Hitler retaliated against the chosen race by decreeing that it was not the Jewish, but the Aryan race, that was chosen.”
This assertion of Judaism and Jewish identity as outlined by these Jewish writers — who do reflect the modern-day Jewish outlook toward the world — runs counter to the grand theme of well-wishers who hoped to bring the Jewish people into the community of nations and to assimilate them into each of the nations in which they lived as a people.
Count Stanislaus de Clermont-Tonnerre expressed this humanitarian outlook (that the Jews — as a group — reject) when he said in 1789 in the French national assembly — during the debate over the question of whether to grant Jews equal rights — that “the Jews should be denied everything as a nation, but granted everything as individuals. . . .There cannot be one nation within another nation.”
The aforementioned respected Jewish advocates, Praeger and Telushkin complain that such an attitude toward the Jews was essentially this: “To be equal to non-Jews, the Jews would have to abandon their Jewish national identity; that was the price of emancipation.” And so it is that the Jews reject assimilation and continue to insist they are “God’s Chosen People” standing above all others.
Praeger and Telushkin addressed the question as to how American Jews would react if war broke out between the modern state of Israel and the United States. They make the extraordinary assertion that it is a “fact” that “democracies do not go to war against one another,” and that the only way in which the U.S. and Israel could find themselves at war with one another would be if either country “abandoned its democratic and other moral principles.” This, in itself, is interesting inasmuch as there are those who (rightly) question whether or not the two countries do indeed follow “democratic and other moral principles.”
However, in any event, Praeger and Telushkin say that if Israel and the United States did find themselves at war, an individual — whether Jew, Christian or atheist — “would be obligated to follow the dictates of his moral values which are (or should be) higher than all governments. Loyalty to any country should never mean supporting the country’s policies when they are morally wrong.”
In a sense, then, it is possible — by their judgment (representing the mainstream of Jewish thinking today) — that American Jews could oppose the United States if they believed that U.S. policies toward Israel under some particular circumstance could be “morally wrong.”
While polls taken within the American Jewish community suggest there are those who find problems with many of Israel’s actions — domestically and internationally — many of these same people will admit, when pushed to the wall, that they would find it difficult to take up arms against Israel if Israel were perceived to be a threat in some way to the United States.
Now, of course, the average response from the organized Jewish community in the United States is to say that there would “never” be any instance where Israel would stand in opposition to the United States because, after all, despite the occasional differences between the United States and Israel — or so they say — Israel and the United States are steadfast friends. “Israel and the United States are one,” they are often heard to proclaim — perhaps a little too enthusiastically, as if they don’t really even believe that themselves.
All of this is a broad assumption, of course, as if to suggest that under no circumstances could the United States and Israel ever have a serious disagreement that could injure the much-touted “special relationship”between the two presumed “allies.”
So taken together then, this presents a problem when discussing the integrally and intricately related question of the Rothschild Empire and the International Money Power and the manner in which they are so entwined with the state of Israel and the global Zionist movement, which, in itself, in all modern-day reality, goes far beyond the state of Israel.
Zionism, as we understood it, on a general basis, in its first official incarnation at the turn of the 19th Century, was supposed to be a drive to establish a Jewish homeland, but it has reached far beyond that. And today, no matter how much one might protest, the fact remains that the interests of the state of Israel are linked to the cultural, political, financial, religious and philosophical — indeed emotional — concerns and interests of the world Jewish community. They are virtually inseparable.
And when the Rothschild family did commit itself to the Zionist movement and the state of Israel that emerged in Palestine, that was a major geopolitical development on the world stage. Prior to that time there were (as we noted earlier) many powerful Jewish families — including key members of the Rothschild family — who were, in fact, hardly supportive, indeed actually opposed to, the concept of establishing a Jewish state — anywhere.
But with the evolution of the Rothschild Empire moving in support of a Jewish state, this marked a critical juncture and one that has not showed any signs of diminishing. So no matter how much we would hope (or pretend) that the Jewish people, in the United States, for example, in particular, would ever be willing to support any move by the United States to withdraw its support for Israel or even make any movement to curtail Israel’s ventures in the Middle East, even in the name of preserving Israel in the face of danger, we have to recognize that the American Jewish community as a whole, through the egis of their leadership, have bound themselves in a most strident fashion to the furtherance of the interests of Israel.
Furthermore, we must consider the fact that Israel, thanks largely to the patronage of the United States, through the annual infusion of untold billions of dollars from the United States, not to mention other untold billions provided to Israel by Germany in reparations payments for “the Holocaust,” has emerged in and of itself as a super-power on the global stage.
Standing alone, Israel is one of the world’s nuclear powers, putting Israel in an undisputed position of being not only a central force in the Middle East but around the planet. Israel’s nuclear missiles are not just aimed at Cairo and Baghdad and Tehran and Tripoli and Riyadh. Israel also has missiles aimed at Moscow and Rome and Berlin and Paris.
So we have Israel — a creation originally of Rothschild Empire patronage — acting as a preeminent geopolitical and military force in the world arena. And inasmuch as the lobby for Israel has become a potent force in the United States entirely separate from the general Jewish agenda on domestic issues, the fact remains that Israel is itself an extension, yet another tentacle, of the Rothschild family and their International Money Power.
This is truly amazing when we realize that Israel is an entirely artificial creation, an entirely concocted artificial state which has no historic foundation, despite many myths to the contrary. (For an exploration of this little understood subject, see John Tiffany’s powerful exposition — “Ancient Israel: Myth vs. Reality — in the May/June 2007 issue of The Barnes Review.)
In a modern context, however, the establishment of Israel in 1948 — and the intrigues surrounding it — go back to the Balfour Declaration and, as we shall see, that involved the effort by the British to get the United States involved in the war in the Old World that became known as World War I.
The Balfour Declaration — dated November 2, 1917 — written by British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Britain’s Lord Rothschild asserted a “declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations” and that the British government viewed “with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.”
In fact, the Balfour Declaration was the consequence of international intrigue that was designed specifically for the purpose of bringing the United States into the war in Europe between Britain and Germany. The intent was to utilize powerful Jewish interests in the United States in pressuring President Woodrow Wilson to provide American blood and treasure to the British war effort. In return for their assistance on behalf of Britain, the Jewish warmongers were promised Britain’s assistance in the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.
Lest anyone believe this is some extraordinary conspiracy theory, please note that in 1936, in a then-confidential memo (long ago made public) to the British Commission on Palestine, James Malcolm, a central figure in the circumstances surrounding the issuance of the Balfour Declaration, stated flatly that the first object in the series of events orchestrating the declaration “was to enlist the very considerable and necessary influence of the Jews, and especially of the Zionist or Nationalist Jews, to help us bring America into the War at the most critical period of the hostilities.”
Writing in Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine, Samuel Landman — who at the period of the negotiations leading to the Balfour Declaration, was secretary to the Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann (and who later served as secretary of the World Zionist Organization) — confirmed Malcolm’s assessment of the circumstances saying:
The only way (which proved so to be) to induce the American President to come into the war was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectedly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.
So what does all of this mean? To put it bluntly, simply: the Jews got the United States involved in World War I. The subsequent events that led to WorldWar II — certainly — and later U.S. involvement in the Middle East can be summarized likewise. In short, Jewish power led to the loss of 53,000 American lives in World War I and 292,131 more in World War II — wars fought largely — if not solely — for Jewish interests.
That having been said,we are not here to propound the thesis that all Jews are in sync with the demands of the International Money Power, nor are all Jews inclined to support the demands of the Jewish lobby in the United States (whether in terms of its agenda, either domestically or internationally), nor are even all Jews in Israel a part of the problem.
But, needless to say, the sorry fact remains that there are a substantial number of powerful Jewish organizations that do have a major impact on shaping the mindset of “the Jews” and here, in reference to the Jews we are referring to the Jews as a people, and not just the International Money Power which is in the grip of the Rothschild Empire, the royal family of international Jewry. These organizations have influential chapters operating all across America and the West. They include not only the ADL and the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee — not to mention the infamous American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — but many others. Their impact on the thinking of the greater number of Jewish people is tremendous in scope and depth.
And this is not to suggest that all of these organizations are necessarily in lock-step agreement with one another. They are not. There are differences of opinion on a variety of issues. However, in the bigger picture, they are concerned with the needs and desires of the Jewish community as a whole. At the same time, though, they would not have their power and influence if it were not for the fact that they are, when all is said and done, an integral part of the international power network of the Rothschild dynasty inasmuch as it exists as the primary financial force governing and directing not only the worldwide Jewish community, but, through its influence in the various nation states, the very policies of those countries. And today, most especially, sad to say from an American perspective, the United States of America.
The United States of America is, indeed, the primary military and financial
bulwark of The New World Order — the Jewish dream of a global Imperium. That is the sad but simple truth.
For many years so many American patriots were obsessed with the idea that the United Nations was somehow going to be — and still may be (they think) — the mechanism by which a New World Order would be instituted, but as we have noted, the United Nations has been sidelined. This is a point that cannot be overemphasized. This is a point that has been reflected upon elsewhere. This author’s books, The High Priests ofWar, The Golem and The Judas Goats have reflected in some detail on this matter.
But the fact remains that the United States stands as the foremost mechanism for the creation of a New World Order. This uncomfortable reality is one that cannot be denied, one that presents a sorry situation American patriots must now reckon with. And, in that regard, it is also a fact that is well known by people around the globe who understand (more so than most Americans) that the American government is held captive by the mass media and those who control that media: the International Money Power.
Those nations around the globe and those leaders therein who have stood up to the International Money Power have been targeted for destruction. Saddam Hussein of Iraq was among the most notable of recent years. But it cannot be denied — though there will be those who will be uncomfortable with this assertion — that Adolf Hitler himself was, in fact, the first major figure of modern times targeted for destruction precisely because of the policies that he sought to institute — economic and social policies that were designed to diminish the role of international Jewish finance in controlling and directing the course of Germany’s — and Europe’s — future.
There could be much more written here about the situation in Germany before the rise of Hitler, but suffice it to say, once again, the reason Hitler was targeted for destruction was that Hitler was asserting German national sovereignty in the face of the Jewish plutocracy and what is referred to today as the New World Order.
In this respect, then, in our modern day we likewise often find reference in the major broadcast and print media to people and institutions who have been cast in the role of demons and villains, ranging from outspoken American nationalist figures such as Willis Carto and David Duke (the latter whom the media constantly reminds us is a “former leader of the Ku Klux Klan”) — to persons such as Black Muslim leader Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam and a host of additional figures — a handful of politicians, academics, commentators and others — who are openly and regularly defamed as “anti-Semites” for daring to criticize Israel or question the Jewish agenda in any way, shape or form, no matter how justifiably.
However, there is an interesting twist on this, for there are many figures both in the United States and elsewhere who are not necessarily cast as “anti- Semites” per se but who are attacked by the mass media — which is, in fact, substantially in the hands of Jewish families and financial interests — as being “anti-American” — even called “communists” or denounced as being in the sway of Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
We refer specifically, in the first place here, to Venezuela’s hard-driving strongman, Hugo Chavez, an unabashed nationalist. He has been a primary target of the mass media in the United States.
Another target is Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The American media has raised questions about Putin, suggesting he is a throwback to Czarism or Stalinism or a horrible modern-day combination thereof. Seldom, though, in the mass circulation media — at least initially — did we hear it hinted outright that either Chavez or Putin might be anti-Jewish or — as the term is most commonly rendered — “anti-Semitic.” But they were reviled as great villains.
However, note this: in small circulation journals of great influence that circulate in Jewish circles, as well as in politically-oriented (ostensibly “secular”) journals such as Rupert Murdoch’s pro-Israel Weekly Standard, we did indeed find accusations of anti-Semitism leveled at Chavez and Putin.
It wasn’t until relatively recently that The Washington Post featured a prominently-placed commentary by Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, in which Foxman specifically addressed what he called Chavez’s “anti-Semitism.”
However, such rumblings about Chavez and Putin (and many others) in the Jewish press had been regular and long-standing.
The point is that the manner in which the mass media addressed this issue — or otherwise not addressed this issue — has been interesting.
For popular consumption, people such as nationalist leaders of the stripe of Chavez and Putin (and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) have been cast by the mass media as “anti-American” villains, but we were not told the real reason why they were being cast so: The reason being that all of these leaders and their countries do stand in opposition to Jewish power and influence, in opposition to the Jewish Utopia, that is, The New World Order.
And we would be remiss in not mentioning Malaysia’s outspoken longtime former prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who has been a foremost critic of attempts by international predators to dictate the policies of his own republic. Dr. Mahathir has likewise come under fire as an “anti- Semite” for daring to stand up to Zionist Imperialism.
In fact, Dr. Mahathir represents the thinking of many people — big names and people not so well known alike.
(And I am proud to say that I have had the pleasure of spending time with Dr. Mahathir who is, as I have said repeatedly, both a gentle man and a gentleman. My book, The Golem, detailing Israel’s drive for nuclear supremacy, is dedicated in part to this genuine leader in the cause of world peace.)
The case of another powerful Southeast Asian statesman — Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines — also comes to mind.
And here I can bring some first-hand information that will come as a shock to those who prefer to worship the myth that Jews are no more influential politically and financially than other groups on our planet today.
In the late 1980s, the weekly populist newspaper for which I was a correspondent, The Spotlight, featured a series of disturbing articles detailing how the international plutocratic interests — working through the Reagan administration and the CIA (and Israel’s Mossad) — were working to dislodge Marcos as ruler of the Philippines. The reason was that Marcos was refusing to knuckle under to the plutocratic elite, refusing to allow his national policies to be dictated by the powers-that-be. In addition, Marcos was in control of a massive gold treasure that these interests wanted for themselves.
In fact, as The Spotlight reported, Marcos’ vast personal wealth was as a consequence of his having procured a substantial portion of a gold hoard accumulated by the Japanese duringWorldWar II, as the Japanese looted the Asian nations that they conquered. In short, Marcos’wealth did not come — contrary to reports by the “mainstream” media — from embezzling money from his nation’s treasury or from U.S. foreign aid to the Philippines.
As it was, Ferdinand Marcos became aware of the truthful reportage by The Spotlight and its chief correspondent, Andrew St. George, and later invited St. George to visit with him at the Marcos family home in exile in Hawaii. Not only did St. George have the pleasure of spending time with the Marcos family at their villa in Honolulu, but our publisher, Willis Carto, and I myself — on other occasions — did likewise.
In fact, I spent an entire very memorable day at the Marcos home, mostly in the company of Imelda, who is quite the charmer and who was justly known as “the most beautiful woman in Asia.” And although the president was quite busy, he took time off to stop by for a few minutes and said, quite pointedly, “Thank you for all of the good work that The Spotlight is doing. We have appreciated it very much.”
And it was for good reason that Imelda told me — in utmost candor but quite casually and with some reflection — that “As long as we were in good standing with the Jewish people in New York, everything went well for us. But when they turned against us, everything fell apart.”
This is exactly what she said to me that day in April of 1987 as we sat on her veranda overlooking the Pacific sharing a box of chocolates.
And I can tell you that although I certainly knew of the immense power of international Jewry, her comment sent chills down my spine.
I kid you not.
Here was one of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the face of the planet telling me in no uncertain terms that it was — well — the Jews, who had brought about the demise of the Marcos regime.
When Imelda referred to “the Jewish people in New York,” she didn’t mean the rabbis in the diamond district, or the furriers on Fifth Avenue, or the Orthodox butchers in Brooklyn or the pawnbrokers in Harlem. No, she meant the international banking houses of the Rothschild Empire.
And it should be pointed out — in light of the ongoing financial scandal that is creating such havoc in the American system — that The Spotlight specifically named Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the now-infamous figure behind the AIG insurance giant, as one of the key behind-the-scenes players in the conspiracy to destroy the Marcos family.
And it likewise is no coincidence that Zionist hard-liner Paul Wolfowitz, who later rose to fame as one of the “neo-conservatives” in the George W. Bush administration, pushing for the war against Iraq, was also one of those acting in concert against Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.
One final note about Mrs. Marcos and her famous “shoe collection.” Contrary to the lies of the Zionist-controlled media, the fact is that most of the many thousands of shoes held in her famous closets at Malacanang Palace in Manila had actually been gifts to her from the Philippine shoe industry. She told me this herself. It seems that virtually every time one of the shoe companies brought out a new line, they would send the First Lady samples in every color. Many of the shoes didn’t even fit!
But it would have been unseemly, of course, for the First Lady of the republic to be discovered dumping the shoes in the palace trash, so consequently they were put away — only to be discovered when the palace was over-run after the CIA- and Mossad-directed coup d’etat that forced the Marcos family into exile and made into a sensational cause celebre by the worldwide media, which used those very shoes as “evidence” that somehow the Marcos’s had embezzled millions — maybe billions — from their nation’s treasury, when nothing, as we have seen, could be further from the truth.
And just for the record, the day I visited Imelda she laughingly pointed out to me that she was wearing a $10 pair of sandals she had purchased at a chain discount store.
So although Imelda’s now-legendary shoe collection was well known to every man, woman and child who opened a newspaper or a magazine everywhere across the globe and was the subject of countless comic monologues on television and caricatured in cartoons for weeks on end, hundreds of millions of people all over the world knew absolutely nothing about the gold that was the real source of their wealth.
Thus, utilizing lies and disinformation, the American media made villains of the Marcos family just as they have made villains of so many others who have stood up to the Jewish elite, in one form or another, for the past century. It is a fact of political life that cannot be denied, any more than one can deny the preeminent role of Jewish influence in the mass media today.
So press manipulation of public perception in the United States of foreign leaders is craftily calculated and represents a very real agenda which is, in fact, the agenda of international Zionism as it is intertwined with the International Money Power: the Rothschild Empire and its global tentacles, that power bloc which we can, in fact, correctly refer to — as it has been referred to throughout the centuries — as “the Jews.”

The great American poet Ezra Pound — an unswerving critic of the Jewish plutocrats, indeed all plutocrats — foreshadowed the rise of nationalist leaders such as Ferdinand Marcos, Vladimir Putin,Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Dr. Mahathir Mohamad when he wrote: Parts of the world prefer local control, of their own money power and credit. It may be deplorable (in the eyes of Wall Street and Washington) that such aspirations toward personal and national liberty still persist, but so it is.
Some people, some nations, prefer their own administration, to that of Baruch and . . . the Sassoons, and the problem is: how many more millions of British, Russians, and Americans of both the northern and southern American continents, plus Zulus, Basutos, Hottentots, etc. and the lower, so-called lower races, phantom governments, Maccabees and their sequelae, are expected to die in the attempt to crush out European and Japanese independence?
Why should all men under 40 be expected to die or be maimed in support of flagrant injustice, monopoly and a dirty attempt to strangle and starve out 30 nations?
Pound had it right. The concept of the global plutocracy and the preeminent role of the International Jewish Money Power is something that does indeed affect the course of global affairs.
These are uncomfortable matters of discussion, in particular for the average American,who has been conditioned by the mass media to be wary of examining matters relating to the Jewish people in other than the most positive fashion. The image of “the terrors of Adolf Hitler” has been the subject of nightmares for many Americans who have been repeatedly advised of the sufferings of the Jewish people, but these Americans are unaware of many of the events which led to the rise of Hitler and the circumstances which resulted in the uprooting of Jewish people during WorldWar II.
And it should be emphasized that there were millions upon millions throughout Europe — people of many nations and cultures — who rallied behind Hitler’s policies regarding the Jewish Money Power. And even Jewish historian, Saul Friedlander, in his two-volume work on the Holocaust, has noted the little-known fact that many leaders and members of the anti-Nazi resistance movements in various nations actually endorsed Hitler’s policies toward the Jewish money power, despite the fact they still opposed German troops occupying their homelands — an amazing fact indeed.
But all of this is just a preliminary (albeit necessarily lengthy) introductory commentary on an explosive topic that must be fully understood. All of this has been put forth to acknowledge the “controversial” nature of this subject about which so much has been written and yet still remains so esoteric and mysterious, thanks in part to the often foolish and outlandish themes about the New World Order that emanate from “big names” and “big mouths” in the alternative media, on Internet radio, and in a raft of silly videos and other works that fail to address the big picture.
Thus, we begin our study of the facts — not the myths — about the Rothschild Empire and what the New World Order really does constitute, the widespread falsehoods and misinformation notwithstanding . . .

A modern day Israeli postage stamp honoring the Spanish-born rabbi, Moses ben Maimon, who is remembered both as "Maimonides" and as "Rambam". During the 12th Century (the Middle Ages) Maimonides essentially "popularized" the Talmud and amde its philosophical teachings accessible to the broad Jewish civilization . He was among several philosophers who helped institutionnalize the Talmud as the driving force behind worldwide Jewish thinking. No serious student of the New World Order can dispute the fact that the Talmud and other pivotal jewish writings put forth is precisely the concept that is being brought into being today as a consequence of global Jewish power in the hands of the Rothschild empire.

While the Rothschild empire initially opposed establishing a Jewish state, once they recognized the benefit of a strategically-placed Jewish state in Palestine as a base for global machinations, they became Zionis's greatest patrons. As such, Edmond Rothschild is hailed as "the Father of Israel" and honored on Israeli currency today.

The Talmud and the Origins of
The New World Order

Although the Jewish holy teachings known as the Talmud -- about which we will learn much in the pages that follow -- are the primary source for what we know today as the New World Order, the truth is that teachings from the Old Testament demonstrate, from the beginning, a constant Jewish theme that the world belonged to the Jews and that all others on the planet were at the mercy and whim of Jewish interests.

Two citations from Deuteronomy illustrate this all too clearly:

When the LORD, your God, brings you into the land which you are about to enter to possess, and removes many nations before you...

and when the LORD, your God, gives them over to you and you defeat them, you shall put them under the ban. Make no covenant with them and do not be gracious to them...

But this is how you must deal with them: Tear down their altars, smash their sacred pillars, chop down their sacred poles, and destroy their idols by fire.

For you are a people holy to the LORD, your God; the LORD, your God, has chosen you from all the peoples on the face of the earth to be a people specially his own...

You shall consume all the peoples which the LORD, your God, is giving over to you...

The LORD, your God, will give them over to you and throw them into utter panic until they are destroyed.

He will deliver their kings into your power, that you may make their names perish from under the heavens. No one will be able to stand up against you, till you have destroyed them.

Chapter 7

When you go forth to battle against your enemies, first offer it terms of peace

It shall be, if it make you answer of peace, and open to you, then it shall be, that all the people who are found therein shall become tributary to you, and shall serve you.

If it will make no peace with you, but will make war against you, then you shall besiege it:

and when Yahweh your God delivers it into your hand, you shall strike every male of it with the edge of the sword:

but the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil of it, shall you take for a prey to yourself; and you shall eat the spoil of your enemies, which Yahweh your God has given you.

Thus shall you do to all the cities which are very far off from you, which are not of the cities of these nations.

But of the cities of these peoples, that Yahweh your God gives you for an inheritance, you shall save alive nothing that breathes, but you shall utterly destroy them.
Chapter 20

Chilling words indeed for any non-Jew. Yet this is what the Jews of ancient times and of today consider the word of their God. And so it was for good reason that Martin Luther himself recognized the venal nature of so many Jewish attitudes toward 'the Other'. He wrote:

The sun has never shone on such a bloodthirsty and vindictive people, who cherish the idea of murdering and strangling the heathen. No other men under the sun are more greedy than they have been, and always will be, as one can see from their accursed usury. They console themselves that when their Messiah comes he will collect all the gold and silver in the world and divide it among them...

How the Jews love the book of Esther, which is so suitable to their bloodthirsty, revengeful, murderous appetite and hope... My advice is that one burn down their synagogues. What will not burn one will cover the Earth, so that nothing can be seen...

One should destroy all prayer books and copies of the Talmud in which they learn such Godlessness, lies, curses and blasphemies. Young Jews and Jewesses should be given flail, hoe, axe, spade, distaff, and spindle so that they can earn their bread by the sweat of their noses."

Jewish writer Samuel Roth's provocative work, Jews Must Live, published in 1934, candidly addressed the theme of Jewish notions of "chosenness" and "superiority" which had been consistently instilled into the thinking of the Jewish people throughout history.

Beginning with the Lord God of Israel himself, it was the successive leaders of Israel who one by one foregathered and guided the tragic career of the Jews - tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighbouring nations who have suffered them.

But we must have been a pretty horrible people to start with. Our major vice of old, as of today, is parasitism.

We are a people of vultures living on the labor and the good nature of the rest of the world.

But, despite our faults, we would never done so much damage to the world if it had not been for our genius for evil leadership.

Granted our parasitism. But Parasitism is a virtue as well as an evil. Certain germ-parasites are essential to the steady flow of blood through the arteries of an organic body. Certain social parasites, by the same dispensation, are important to the functioning of the blood of the body politic.

The shame of Israel comes not of our being the bankers and the old clothes-men of the world. It comes, rather, of the stupendous hypocrisy and cruelty imposed on us by our fatal leadership, and by us on the rest of the world.

Roth described the nature of the Jewish religious teachings that were brought to him in his earliest years:

What the goyim [non-Jews] had was only a temporary possession which 'the stupid law of the gentiles was attempting to make permanent. Were not they, the Jews, God's chosen? Did not God mean in the very beginning that all the good things of the world should belong to His favorites?

It was the Jew's business to remember this at all times. Especially in his dealings with the goyim, It was practically a moral obligation on the part of every conscientious Jew to fool and cheat the goy wherever and whenever possible.
The impression that this arrangement made on me at that time was the world had been created by God for the habitation and prosperity of Israel. The rest of creation--cows, horses, nettles, oak trees, dung and goyim-were placed there for our, the

Jews', convenience or inconvenience, depending on God's good humor for the time being.

We despised the goy and we hated his religion. The goy, according to the stories crooned into the ears of the children, wantonly worshiped an unsightly creature called the yoisel -- and a dozen names too foul for repetition. The yoisel had once been a human being and a)ew. But one day he had gone out of his mind, and in that pitiably bewildered state, had announced that he was the Lord God Himself.

To prove it, he offered to fly over the populace like an angel. With the help of a page blasphemously torn out of Holy Writ, and placed under his sweating arm the yoisel did fly over the multitudes of Jews in the crowded streets of Jerusalem. So impressive a spectacle did he create that even the most pious among the Jews were moved in his direction. But Rabbi Shammai, angered at the foul impudence of this demented creature, and fearful of a possible religious crisis on earth, tore out two leaves from the pages of Holy Writ, and placing them one under each arm flew even higher than the yoisel with only one page of Holy Writ for motor power. He flew over the yoisel himself and urinated over him. Instantly the power of the yoisel‘s bit of Holy Writ was nullified and the yoisel fell to the ground amidst the jeers and taunts of the true believers in the streets of Jerusalem.

Roth described that tale as "an extrordinary caricature of the founder of the opposing religion." And of course, the yoisel in that tale was Jesus Christ.

The hateful philosophy of the Jewish Talmud -- which, as we shall see, is the primary foundation of Judaism today and certainly a virtual guidebook for the Jewish goal of global Imperium -- is something that few "goyim" know about. But they should.

Dr. Auguste Rohling, a professor at the University of Prague in the late 19th Century was a student of Hebrew and assembled a translation of the Talmud. This is what Rohling described as the basis of the Talmud:

1. The soul of the Jew is part of God Himself; the souls of the other peoples come from the Devil and resemble those of brutes;
2. Domination over other peoples is the right of Jews alone;
3. Awaiting the coming of the Messiah, the Jews live in a continual state of war with other peoples;
4. When the victory of the Jews is won, other peoples will accept the Jewish religion; however the Christians will not be given this privilege, but will be exterminated because they belong to the Devil.
5. The Jew is the substance of God; a Gentile who strikes him deserves death;
6. Non-Jews are created to serve Jews
7. A Jew is forbidden to show mercy to his enemies;
8. A Jew may be a hypocrite to a non-Jew;
9. To despoil a non-Jew is permitted;
10. If anyone returns to a Christian something he has lost, God will not pardon him;
11. God has ordained that the Jew shall take usury from the non-Jew in order to injure him;
12. The best of the non-Jews should be exterminated; the honest life of a Gentile should be the object of hate;
13. If a Jew can deceive a Gentile by pretending to be a non-Jew, he is permitted to do so.

In 1975, Russian writer Valery Skurlatov, in his work, Zionism and Apartheid, noted the Babylonian origins of the Talmud and its thesis -- one held central to Jewish thinking to this day -- of God's Chosen People:

The thesis about God's choosing the Jews set forth in the biblical Pentateuch (the Torah) was developped in detail during the center of Jewish activity as tradesmen and middlemen moved from Palestine to Mesopotamia [Babylon] and Europe.

In the Diaspora [the scattering of the Jews], the ancient Jewish elite had to maintain strict discipline among "their own".

This is why the Talmud, in the first half of the first milenium, and the Shulchan Arukh, in the 14th Century, the official codes of the Diaspora period, emphasized the Jews' "exclusivity," their innate superiority over the Goyim, their right to world supremacy.

The life of the Jewish community has, for many centuries, been regulated strictly and uncompromisingly by these prescriptions of Talmudic Judaism which demand that each Orthodox Jew shuold, quite simply, get rich at the expense of the Goyim, and taught him to show personal initiative in business and always to be conscious of his "elevated status" compared with the Goyim.

Skurlatov, quite notably, pointed out that Zionists and Judaists sought to mislead non-Jewish opinion throughout the world by over-emphasizing ostensible differences and attempt to present Zionism as a purely political and entirely modern doctrine diifferent from classical Judaism. "In fact", he noted, "both Judaism and Zionism have the same socio-economic class basis and thus a common purpose -- world domination."

Judaism, he pointed out, "contains in coded form the strategy, universal in class-oriented societies, of the 'chosen people'. Only 'their own' are initiated into this secret strategy." Zionism, he said, "proclaims the most suitable tactics for a given period."

Jewish writer and apologist Bernard Lazare referred to the Talmud as "the creator of the Jewish nation and the mold of the Jewish soul."

And it has been noted that with the vast majority of modern-day Orthodox Jews, the Talmud has almost entirely supplanted the Old Testament which many Christians still believe to be "the holy book" of Jews and Christians alike.

French analyst Gabriel Malglaive, whose book Jewish or French? -- published in 1942 -- reflected upon the role of the Jewish religion adnd Talmudism and its impact upon society. Malglaive wrote: "The Jewish religion has done more than transpose its ideal. It has made of a mystical religion a doctrine of material and physical domination."

Famed Jewish author Herman Wouk wrote [in The Talmud: Heart's Blood of the Jewish Faith]:

The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion.

Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe -- whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists -- we follow the Talmud.

It is our common law.
In recorded history there was one segment of the Jewish people who rose against the Talmud. They were the Karaites. The late Elizabeth Dilling, one of the great American critics of Talmudism, described the story of the Karaites in her classic work, The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today.

The Karaites arose in the 8th century in Babylonia under Anan to plague the Pharisee top element by scorning the Talmud and holding up the [Old Testament] as supreme autority.

A molten stream of hatred, therefore, was turned on them. With true Talmudic "brotherhood" and "tolerance", Anan was expelled from Babylonia, and founded the Karaite sect in Jerusalem.

Later, when the few remaining Karaites were favored by the Czar of Russia, although classified as "untouchables" by Talmudists, the latter offered to join the Karaites to get immunity from Czarist displeasure -- but the Karaites turned them down as hypocrites.

Mrs. Dilling pointed out that the Karaites shared with Christians "the supreme curses" of the Talmudists. It is no coincidence that the "glory" of Babylon is referenced in the Talmud, Mrs. Dilling noted. What the Cross meant to Christianity she wrote, "Babylon the Great" meant to what she called "the cult of Talmudism" -- that is, Judaism -- as we know it today.

The Jewish Publication Society of America, one of the most highly regarded Jewish lietrary institutions, pulished in 1946 a volume entitled The Pharisees: The Sociological Background of Their Faith, written by one Louis Finkelstein. In that volume, it is stated in no uncertain terms that "Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes of name, inevitable adaptation of customs, and ajustments of Law, the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives unaltered."

According to Jewish historian Max Dimont (cited in our preface), writing in Jews, God and History, as a consequence of the so-called "Diaspora" -- that is the scattering of the Jews across the world -- the Jews fought to avoid assimilation and absorption into alien cultures: "The Jews met this challenge with the creation of a religious-legal code -- the Talmud -- which served as a unifying force and a spiritual rallying point.

Thus arose from Babylon, he said, "the Talmudic Age... [in which] the Talmud almost invisibly ruled the Jews for close to 1,5000 years". The Talmud, which arose from that "capital" in Babylon, said Dimont, in Jews, God and History, "was the instrument for Jewish survival and exerciced a decisive influence in directing the course of Jewish history for 1,500 years." Talmudism accomplished three things:

"It changed the nature of Jehovah. It changed the nature of the Jew, it changed the Jewish idea of government. The Bible had to create the nationalist Jew; the Talmud gave birth to the universally adaptable Jew, providing him an invisible framework for the governance of man."

Those are remarkable words indeed: "an invisible framework for the governance of man." Not a "visible" framework -- instead, an "invisible" framework, one operating behind the scenes. And not a framework for the governance of the Jews, but instead a framework for the governance of "man" -- an invisible framework at that, one not only for the study or understanding of "the Other", the Goyim, the non-Jews!

Dimont said that what the Talmud of Babylon did was to "[amend] or [reinterpret] the Mosaic law in the same way Americans are amending or reinterpreting the Constitution in order to cope with new problesm. Instead of squeezing new challenges into the pattern of the past, the Jews fashioned new patterns to fit new circumstances."

The Pharisees, noted Dimont, were the great "defenders" of these new interpretations which we know today as the Talmud.

The Talmud, Dimont said, "had the function of cementing the Jews into a unified religious body and a cohesive civic community". He noted:

While [the Talmud] coursed through Jewish history, it had to provide new religious interpretations to fit changing coditions of life, and new, expandig frameworks for government as old empires crumbled and yound states arose.

As the Jewish world expanded, the framework of Talmudic thinking and activity had to expand to be on hand at the right time and with the right solutions to ensure the survival of Jewish ideals.

We might note that this is similar to the manner in which, during the mid-20th Century, Jewish Trotskyism -- the Communist Internationale -- a modern manifestation of Talmudism -- adapted itself to the point that today in the earliest period of the 21st Century, we have seen the Trotskyites transmogrify into "conservatives", in this case, to be specific, the so-called "neoconservatives."

Dimont also noted that even in the first days of their exile in Babylon, the Jews held high government posts in Babylon:

During all these centuries, the Talmudic concept of government underwent a change parallel to that of the changing concept of Jehova. The prophets changed Jehovah from a Jewish God to a universal God. The Talmudists changed the Jewish concept of government for Jews exclusively to ideas applicable to the universal governance of man.

The prophets conceived of Judaism as containing specific commandments for the Jews and general principles for people at large. The Talmudists designed laws which permitted the Jew to continue not only as a Jew, but as a univerasl man.

To the Talmudists, the Jews in all lands symbolized mankind's split into nationalities. Laws had to be formulated for the particular needs of each national entity, and laws had to be formulated to enable all nations to live together in a united nation of man.

The Talmud's universal concepts of government became the flesh put on Isaiah's dreams of the brotherhood of man.

It is interesting to note that Dimont pointed out that "as long as strong unified empires existed, the Talmud could work on a universal scale." He said, though, that as the empires of the world began to collapse, the universal influence of the Talmud went by the wayside. In essence, Talmudism thrived under Empire and Imperialism -- and so it does today.

Maimonides, the name by which Rabbi Moses ben Maimon -- who lived from 1135 to 1204 -- is popularily remembered is the Jewish philosopher who provided what Dimont recalled as "the more complete but simplified, modernized, abridged and indexed Talmud which any literate man could use as a reference book." This volume by Maimonides was known as the Mishneh Torah -- the "Second Torah."

However, later, a Spanish-born Jew, Joseph Caro -- who lived from 1488 to 1575 -- and who later settled in Palestine, where he established a religious training center, wrote what he called Shulchan Aruch (which translates to "The Prepared Table"). This was as Dimont put it, yet another "everyman's edition of the Talmud... a pocket table which would have the final word on everything." This codification of the Talmud is what essentially remains the "popular" version of the Talmud today -- still very much a guidebook (and insight into) the Jewish philosophy behind the drive for world dominion.

Max Dimont's other major work, The Indestructible Jew, published in 1971 (and also cited in our previous chapter) is a candid exposition of the concept of Jewish supremacy. In that volume, he asserted:

Jewish history consists of a unique series of events -- accidental or purposive -- which have had the practical effect of preserving the Jews as Jews in an "Exile" to fulfill their avowed mission of ushering in a brotherhood of man.

Whether this mission was initiated by God or retroactively attributed to God by Jews themselves, it in no way alters our thesis of a Jewish manifest destiny.

We contend that this exile is not a punishment for sins but a key factor in Jewish survival. Instead of having doomed the Jews to extinction, it funneled them into freedom.

Dimont's assertion that the Jews continued to survive despite the destruction of our societies in which they lived is quite remarkable.

"After the flow of a civilization has reached its high point, we see it slowly ebb and ultimately sink into the depths of historical oblivion. And we see the Jews in that civilization go down with it. But whereas each sunken civilizatrion remains submerged, the Jews emerge time and again from seeming doom, riding the crest of a new civilization rolling in where the old one once flowed.

We see the Jews make their first appearance in history in the Babylonian world around 2000 BC. When the Babylonian state disappears, the Jews make their entry in the Persian Empire. As the Persian world disintegratedm they announce their debut in the Hellenic drawing room. When Rome "conquers" the world, they settle in Western Europe, helping the Romans carry the banners of business entreprise into barbaric Gaul. When the star of Islam rises, the Jews rise with it to a golden age of intellectual creativity. When feudalism settles over Europe they open shop as its bankers and scholars. And when the modern age struts in, we find them sitting on the architectural staff, shaping it."

Although the average Christian, particularily in American, would assume that the Jews as "the people of the Good Book" would believe that their destiny is in the hands of God, Max Dimont has another approach; or rather, he raises some interesting questions.

Referring to the events as he outlined them, noted above, Dimont asks "who drafted such a blueprint?" For the course of Jewish history and involvement in the various great civilizations -- none of which, incidentally, the Jews themselves created but in which they often played destructive roles.

In response to his own question as to "who" drafted such a blueprint, Dimont responds with a question of his own: "God? Or the Jews themselves?" A cynic might think that Dimont was actually placing the Jews ahead of God Himself!

Dimont seems to take issue with the idea that the Jews, as a people, had evolved over time. There are many today who respond to criticisms of the Jewish book of Laws, the Talmud -- which is central to Judaism today as it has been since the days when the Talmud emerged during the days of the Jewish exile in Babylon -- by claiming that the Talmud no longer represents the jewish people or their thinking, that Jewish thinking has evolved, that unpleasant things in the Talmud about Christ and Christians, for example, don't really represent the mindset of the Jews.

However, Dimont wrote: "The Jews today are still of the same 'culture' and the same people as the Jews of yesteryear. They represent a continuum of ideas that extends unbroken four thousand years back into history, back to Abraham."

Dimont's thesis is that "Jewish history consists of an onslaught of ideas that toppled empires and ushered in a new world of thought."

Now note that the average person when confronted with the history of World War II and that series of events generally described as "the Holocaust" would say that World War II was a great calamity for the Jews, for the standard teaching about this era -- much of it generated by Jewish writers aimed at popular audiences (which are obviously largely non-Jewish) -- does indeed insist that World War II was an extraordinary tragedy for the Jews.

However, Jewish philosopher Max Dimont has an interesting twist on all of this. He wrote: "The cycle of Europe's streak of luck had come to an end and the WASP no longer ruled the world." He raised the question as to whether World War II was, in fact, a Pyrrhic victory for the West, suggesting in seemingly hopeful prose, that Western civilization's days were on the wane, that Western civilization's days were numbered.

Yet in contrast, for the Jews, Dimont hailed World War II as a "momentous turning-point." As a consequence of World War II, wrote Dimont, "the Jews now have Diaspora outposts in every continent, in strategic positions, for acting out the third act of their manifest destiny.

Nowhere is Dimont's judeo-centric (and even Judeo-supremacist) outlook more patently clear than in his chapter on "The Zionist Revolution" which Dimont says is integral to the whole Jewish scheme for the establishment of a New World Order based upon Jewish principles.

Talking of the birth of Israel as a nation-state in 1948, Dimont wrote:

"She was the only country born in the aftermath of World War II which, without enslaving other nations, without exploiting a segment of her own population, or without tying her fate to an outside power, succeeded in securing a standard of life, liberty, and law on a par with that of the most advanced Western nation.

How was all of this achieved in such a short time, in less than the lifespan of one generation?

How could this small country, ravaged, denuded, and despoiled for two thousand years by Romans, Byzantines, Sassanids, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Turks, and Englishmen, have hoisted herself from serfom to independence, from beggary to affluence, from cultural poverty to intellectual eminence in five short decades.. ?

Where did the capital come from to pay for the industrial plants, for the high standard of living, for her cultural activities?"

Dimont goes on at some lenght in this grandiose manner of expression, never recognizing the fact that this country -- Israel -- which was born in the aftermath of World War II did, in fact, enslave other nations in assuming its statehood. We refer, of course, to the Christian Palestinians and the Muslim Palestinians. We refer also, to the German people whose future as a nation-state seems (at least at this point) to be forever inter-connected with the state of Israel due to the fact that the German people have been oppressed, they have been enslaved, through the massive bilions of dollars in annual "reparations" that are extracted from the German people and paid to Israel.

Dimont says that the Jewish people of Israel did not exploit a segment of their own population.

That is not true.

History shows otherwise.

We find that Jewish terror bunds carried out acts of terror against fellow Jews in the course of the effort to establish the Jewish state in Palestine.

In addition, we should not fail to note that, after the establishment of the state of Israel, Jewish terrorists sent out by the government of Israel into Arab nations committed crimes of terrorism agsinst those Jewish populations in order to frighten those people and convince them (falsely) that they were being subjected to those attacks by their Arabs governors in order to force them into leaving those countries and take up residence in occupied Palestine, by then known as "Israel".

So, yes, the Jews did exploits segments of their own people.

And, then, of course, Dimont says that Israel did not tie her fate to an outside power. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We've already referenced Jewish reliance upon German reparation payments. But it goes much further than that. The state of Israel relied very heavily in those early days upon both the nation of France and the nation of Red China in the development of her arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction which has been, from the beginning, the cornerstone of Israel's entire geopolitical and national defense strategy, the foundation of its grand design for expansion of its influence -- even indeed its very borders -- in the region and, generally, across the planet.

And now, of course, there is the famed "special relationship" between the United States and Israel which has become central to the course of world affairs and, as we know, this special relationship comes as a direct consequence of the rise of Zionist Jewish influence in America, in conjunction, likewise, with the upward spiral of the International Money Power and the stranglehold on the mass media in America.

Israel receives untold billions of dollars from the United States in direct grants and loans, the details of which are staggering.

So in light of all this, we must, frankly scoff at Dimont's question as to where did the capital come that paid for the state of Israel's massive internal development, this "bloom in the desert", as it is so often called. How many trillions of dollars in U.S. capital cultivated that bloom?

Yet, Dimont's audacy, his hypocrisy -- call it "chutzpah," if you will -- reflects, in fact, the very attitude that has always dictated the Jewish attitude toward the rest of the world: those whom they refer to as "the Other", "the Gentiles," "the Goyim" -- the non-humans, the cattle, the instruments of Satan.

In fact, Israel has only achieved affluence through beggary, making it certainly the wealthiest panhandler on the face of the planet.

If only the homeless beggars on the streets of Washington D.C. -- the American capital from which flows the trillions of dollars in American tax dollars to the coffers of Israel -- could do so well. If only the 5,000 homeless American war veterans living on the streets of Washington could do so well.

The amazing truth about Israel -- as a state, as an entity, as an economic being -- is that, as Dr Norman Cantor has written in his 1994 book, The Sacred Chain (published by HarperCollins):

"The fact is that the Jewish economy in Israel from the first decade of the century to today has never been a viable one. The Jews in Zion have never been able to support themselves. The balance sheet has always been negative. They have survived only by covering their deficits with foreign aid -- Jewish charity lavishly allotted from abroad, and from -- since around 1970 -- extensive American governmental aid

[Israel] is a country where every inch of its ancient soil is revered, and archeological discoveries are greeted with national celebration, but which treats its fragile ecology with a recklessness that astouds an American or a Canadian. It has no pollution controls on its automobile emissions and spews raw sewage into the Mediterranean, fouling its own beaches.

The worst thing about Israel in the 1980s and early 1990s was that is allowed itself to become thoroughly dependent on American government aid for both military and civilian purposes...

When it is factored in that Jewish charitable sources abroad provide annually a similar sum, Israel has to be recognized as a severely debtor nation, a colonial country, unable to provide for itself, greedily and recklessly used to living off other peoples' money.

[Israel] has become intoxicated, not like many of their distressed forefathers with mystical religion, but with military glamor and triumphalist images, a dangerous and self-destructive mindset in a sober and competitive world at the end of the 20th Century."

Amazingly, Dimont -- the Jewish philosopher -- suggested that "ideologically" Communist China could be a "fertile civilization" for the world Jewish agenda, for Jews living in "the Diaspora" (that is, outside of the state of Israel). The reason, he said, was that the Chinese were, in Dimont's words, "even more Judaized than were the Puritans of colonial America."

Dimont said that "Although the Chinese may not make obeisance to a Jewish heritage, though they may not know a Jew from a Christian, their ideology is more "Jewish in origin" than that of Western civilization," adding:

According to the metahistorians, new civilizations are sparked by a combination of a new world religion, a new concept of nature, and a new outlook of man. In China today, the influences of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism are being replaced by new religions, scientific, and psychological thought. Just as the Bible is the motivating ideology behind the world's one billion Christians, so Das Kapital is the motivating ideology behind the world's one billion Chinese. China's "religion" is the economic doctrine of a Jew, Karl Marx. Her science is the theoretical physics of a Jew, Albert Einstein. Her psychology is that of a Jew, Sigmund Freud.

Dimont's trumpeting of the communist state of China in the 1960s as being, for all intents and purposes, reflective of Jewish culture at its best, at its height, is eye-opening and revealing.

Dimont said that "according to precedent ... Diaspora centers seem to spring to life in civilizations that are in their spring, summer or autumn phases, not in their winter phases." He said that "Judaism may be performing a function in the development of both a universal religion and a universal diaspora for a new world citizen."

"If the space age should make the antional state obsolete," asserted Dimont, "we can foresee the formation of a new, more meaningful aggregates for which the Diaspora has already established a pattern."

Dimont went on to say that " it is still the fashion to denigrate Judaism because it is the creed of but 12 million souls" but he countered that history judges "not by quantity but by quality."

Great ideas, he said, are usually help in contempt at first, implicitly saying, of course, that Judaiasm is one of those "great ideas."

Yet, on the other hand, Dimont claimed:

"All the great religions that once conquered worlds are crumbling today. The Sword of Constantine and the Scimitar of Mohammed have passed to Marx. Today the 200 million Slavs of Russia profess this new faith; Red China has converted to the cycle as Charlemagne did to the cross; the dark millions of Africa are acquiring it. Hundreds of millions of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are wavering between their ancient faiths and this current creed."

Evidently, he perceived Judaism as the Great Idea -- once held in contempt -- that would ultimately conquer the world in the wake of those other great religions that were crumbling as he bragged of the impending Jewish zenith. "The pendulum" said Dimont, "was now swinging from empty science to prophetic humanism because Marxism is an economic creed, not a spiritual gospel."

The rest of the planet was now falling into place, adopting (he hoped) the Jewish ideals. All peoples were struggling with their own failings and were inevitably going to become ready to be guided by the global Jewish Imperium which Dimont assured his readers was a fait accompli.

Behold the pagans of Africa, catapulted from their stoen age into the 20th Century Atomic Age, bewildered by their loss of tribe and faith. Behold India's half a billion souls in search of a religion that wil neither drown them in mythology or smother them with materialism. Behold the Chinese, a spiritually sensitive people, suddenly bereft of a religion. Behold Russians, taugh atheism for half a century, yet still seeking a religion that will satisfy their spiritual urge. And behold the Christian world itself, proclaiming "God is Dead", but groping for new values.

Are the people of the world today as ready to embrace Judaism as the pagans of the Roman Empire were ready to accept Christianity? Can Judaism step into the crucial breach at this juncture of materialist wealth and disintegrating spirit? Can this tiny amorphous ethnic group known as Jews achieve what all the great "isms" have been unable to achieve?

Does rationalism, Communism, Nazism or racism hold greater promise than the ethics of Judaism? Has not the Old Testament shown itself superior to the philosophies of Plato, Hegel or Kant? Do we feel safer with the finger of the scientist or the finger of God on the trigger of the hydrogen bomb?

Will it be the destiny of the Jews in the third act to proselytize the universal aspect of their faith to a Diasporized world sick unto its scientific soul, ready, perhaps, at last, to accept their prophetic message? Is it possible that Christianity, Mohammendanism, Communism have been but stepping stones to make it easier for Diaporized man to cross over into a universal Jusaism?

Just as Christianity is a Jewish religious stepping-stone for a spiritual brotherhood, so Marxism may be a Jewish secular stepping-stone for a social brotherhood.

"At the end of the first act", claimed Dimont, "Jesus proclaimed a religious brotherhood of man in Heaven. At the end of the second act, Marx proclaimed an economic brotherhood for man on Earth. what will be proclaimed at the end of the third act?" asked Dimont.

Will the Christian Jesus reappear as promised by the Gospels, or will a Jewish messiah as promised by the prophecies? What is both predictions are fulfilled? Will it be two different messiahs or one and the same messiah? It is said that man selects a hero to save him but that God selects a people to save mankind. The Christians selected Jesus as their hero to save them. Did God select the Jews to save man?

In the third act, man himself will be faced with an existentialist choice: Should he choose Christian paradise in Heaven, with the avenging Jesus returning to end mankind with a judgment day, or should he choose the Jewish paradise on Earth brought about by a messianic concept of brotherhood?

Amazing -- to put it mildly.

So what then is the function of the state of Israel itself, according to Dimont? "In the end, the motivating force behind Zionism as the existence of messianism, the mystique of the prophets."

Dimont cited Israel's founding father, David Ben-Gurion, who said "My concept of the messianic idea is not a metaphysical but a social-cultural one... I believe in our moral and intellectual superiority, in our capacity to serve as a model for the redemption of the human race... the glory of the Divine Presence is within us, in our hearts and not outside us."

According to Dimont, the Christians are unable to fulfill the task assigned to man by God and slought the job back to God via Jesus. In Judaism, man is willing to work to achieve God's mission, even if the work at times seems hopeless and absurd.

Again -- Amazing.

But also quite revealing.

"Without Israel [existing as a state]," Dimont said, "the Diaspora [the worldwide scattering of the Jewish people] has no meaning and the world may have no hope. Perhaps Isaiah is right after all. Could it be that "out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem?"

In other words, Israel will be the place of the law, the center of Jewish rule of the entire planet.

Dimont said that the Jewish people will survive "as long as the Jews stick to the ethics of the Torah and the ideology of the prophets." As such, the Jews "will remain indestructible."

When all men embrace this Jewish ideology, Dimont said, they will symbolically become "Jewish":

"There will then be only man. The inner mission is over. It is time to wend our way back to the world theater where the last act of our manifest destiny is about to be enacted.

The doors, however, lead to an empty stage which begins to fill with people. There is no curtain. We aer no longer spectators. We are actors in a living theater."
Dimont raises the question: "Is there a manifest destiy in Jewish history? Are the Jews the victims of the victors of history? Have their tragic sufferings been punishments for their sins, or the secret means of their survival when other cultures and religions have been buried in the sands of time?"

To ultimately understand what Dimont is relating to us regarding the Jewish world view, it is appropriate to explore Dimont's examination of Adolf Hitler's relationship with the German people, and, for that matter, with millions of people throughout Europe, Asia, Africa -- and even America - who believed, to put is bluntly, that "Hitler was right."

Listen to what Dimont has written. He asked the question: "Wherein did Hitler's hold on the German people lie?" According to Dimont:

All of [Hitler's] ideas, his anti-Semitic tirades, his community of blood theory, his Aryan superiority myth, his concept of history as a sexual orgy -- all were but secondary elaborations of racist pornogaphy scribbled on the walls of Europe's pissoirs for decades before his arrival.

Hitler's genius stemmed not from the originality of his ideas, but from his uncanny ability to transform forbidden fantasies of sadism and murder into acceptable forms of statesmanship.

... He surrounded himself with a coterie of drug addicts like Goering, pederasts like Roehm, fetishists, and murderers like Heydrich, Frank and Himmler who, under the cloak of legality, substituted a code of degeneracy for Decalogue and gospel.

Although Dimont's hysterical assessment is quite extraordinary, packed with lies and defamation of the most vile sort, fiercely refuted and repudiated by what British historian David Irving has quite correctly referred to as "Real History" -- by what American historian Harry Elmer Barnes described as"Bringing history Into Accord With the Facts," Dimont's distinctly Jewish point of view demonstrates that the Jewish philosophy holds that those who support the Jewish agenda are "good" and of God and that those who oppose it are "evil" and of the Devil. He added:

Did Germany, like Faust, perceive the cloven hoof of the Devil when he laid his hand upon her? Did she willingly follow this mendicant of death into a war with the world? History has already rendered its verdict. She did.

However, Jesus Christ had a different point of view. To the leaders of the Jews of His time, Christ said: "Ye are of your father, the Devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar, and the father of it. O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh."

Voltaire -- the great French freethinker of the Enlightenment - although considered an "atheist," very much shared Christ's concerns and in his frequent writings on the Jewish Problem -- also known as "the Jewish Question" -- he reflected a point of view that, in its own fashion acknowledges the very Jewish mindset set forth by Max Dimont so many centuries later. Voltaire wrote:

The Jews are nothing but an ignorant and barbaric people, which have for a long time combined the most loathsome avarice with the most abominable superstition and inextinguishable hated of all peoples by whom they are tolerated, and through whom they are enriched.

The Jews are a horror to all people by whom they were admitted... at al times Jews have disfigured the truth by absurd fables. The Jews are the greatest scoundrels who ever besmirched this earth. The small Jewish nation dares to show an irreconciliable hatred toward other people's possession.

And while Max Dimont bragged of the "indestructible" nature of the Jew and of how they survived the decay and collapse and destruction of other religions and civilizations, Charles Newdigate, a forthright member of the British House of Commons, said in 1858 that he had gleaned the nature of the Jewish role in history, based precisely on the Talmud of which Dimont later wrote so glowingly. Newdigate spoke on the Talmud's "tendencies" which were of an immoral anti-social and anti-national character." He said.

"The Jews have directly and indirectly brought about agitations and revolutions. They have caused ruin and misery to their fellow creatures by the most wicked and cunning devices. The cause of the odium against them lies in the character of Judaism itself which affords its votaries no point of centralization based on morality."

And while much has been written about the vile anti-Christian and anti-Christ ravings within the Talmud, it is often forgotten that the Talmud, as it emerged in Babylon, that has indeed been the foundation - as Max Dimont (among many others) has attested -- for the long term Jewish world view, one which foresees ultimate Jewish triumph, the institution of what we know today as the New World Order.

Within the vast work known as the Talmud it is clear that non-Jews are to be kept from knowing the philosophy of this extraordinary work:

To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the goy knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly.

A Jew should and must make a false oath when the goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.

It is likewise clear why the Talmud is to be hidden from the non-Jews, for one directive (similar to many others within Judaism) states flatly that"The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts..."

Elsewhere in the Talmud it is said that "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

Those who dare to challenge the Jews will be destroyed: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces." (This perhaps explains the doctrine of preemptive war formally adopted as policy by the Jewish-dominated administration of George W. Bush in pursuing war against Iraq and in its drive for war against Iran - a war that still remains in the offing.)

And for the record, as we pursue our inquiry into the Jewish dream of a planet under Jewish domination, we must note that the Talmud tells the Jewish people that "When the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2,800 slaves," and that "All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scrupules."

The Talmud declares that the non-Jews will be vanquished when the Jews reign supreme upon the Earth.

As soon as the King Messiah will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns and weeds will grow in the Pope's palace. Then He will start a merciless war on non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews: "I am the King Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the silver and the gold from the goyim."

Yes, the Talmud is the source of what we call the New World Order. And in the pages that follow we will learn much more about this evil scheme as it has been candidly put forth in Jewish writings.

This cartoon illustrates the crowned heads of Europe -- the ostensible rulers of the day -- bowing before Lionel Rothschild on his throne of mortgages, loans and cash. In fact, this was the reality of the day, the effective fruition of the age-old Jewish dream of a New World Order -- a Jewish Utopia -- in which all other peoples of the planet would bow down and worship the Jewish people, the new rulers of the Earth. For good reason, indeed, Rothschild was known as the "king of kings."



L'Utopie Juive:
Le Nouvel Ordre Mondial

par Michael Collins Piper

En 1932, Michael Higger, Ph.D., a assemblé un livre remarquable intitulé 'The Jewish Utopia', qu'il dédia à l'Université hébraïque de Jérusalem, décrit par lui comme [le] "symbole de l'utopie juive". L'ouvrage de Higger est un document remarquable que le regretté Robert H. Williams, un écrivain nationaliste américain des années 1950 et 1960, décrivait comme une somme de la philosophie derrière ce que Williams a appelé "l'Ultime Ordre Mondial" - qui n'est autre que le Nouvel Ordre Mondial. 
Ce qui est remarquable à propos de ce livre de Higger est que la copie que Robert H. Williams a découvert le premier pour ensuite le populariser auprès les nationalistes américains, a été trouvée dans la collection Abraham I. Schechter d'ouvrages hébraïques et judaïques de la bibliothèque de l'Université du Texas, offerte par la Kallah des rabbins du Texas. Donc le livre de Higger n'était pas un simple "document de réflexion" d'un auteur isolé. L'organisation rabbinique du Texas tenait l'œuvre en si haute estime qu'elle en a offert une copie à la bibliothèque de l'université de l'État.
Le livre du Dr Higger était une compilation de ses propres études de ce que Williams a décrit comme "la somme totale des prophéties, des enseignements et des plans et des interprétations des plus éminents rabbins et des chefs tribaux sur une période de près de 2500 ans", depuis l'époque de la loi orale et du début du Talmud de Babylone, dans lequel on retrouve ce que Williams a décrit comme un "double standard entre Juifs et non-Juifs et son interprétation nationaliste, militariste de la Torah" (la Torah étant, bien sûr, les cinq premières livres de l'Ancien Testament - les "cinq livres de Moïse", le Pentateuque).

Les livres parlaient de "justes" et de "non-justes." En fin de compte, selon l'interprétation de Higger de la tradition juive, "le 'non-juste' périra". Higger écrit:

Pour comprendre la conception rabbinique d'un monde idéal, il nous est utile d'imaginer une main balayant d'une terre à l'autre, de pays en pays, de l'Océan Indien jusqu'au pôle Nord, marquant «juste» ou «méchant» sur le front de chacun des 16 cents millions d'habitants de notre globe terrestre.
Nous devrions alors être sur la bonne voie pour résoudre les grands problèmes qui pèsent sur les épaules de l'humanité souffrante. Car l'humanité doit être divisée en deux groupes -- et seulement deux -- distincts et indiscutables, à savoir, les justes et les méchants. Les justes posséderont tout ce que le monde merveilleux de Dieu a à offrir; les méchants ne posséderont rien.
Dans l'avenir, les paroles d'Isaïe, dans la langue des rabbins, seront accomplies: "Voici, mes serviteurs mangeront, mais vous aurez faim. Voici, mes serviteurs boiront, mais vous aurez soif; Voici, mes serviteurs se réjouiront, mais vous aurez honte. "
C'est la force de la prophétie de Malachie, lorsqu'il a dit, "Alors vous discerner à nouveau entre le juste et le méchant, Entre celui qui sert Dieu et celui qui ne le sert pas."

Et il est clair, à travers les écrits de Higger (basés sur son analyse des oeuvres de grands rabbins et chefs spirituels juifs) que les "justes" sont les Juifs et ceux qui choisissent de suivre les Juifs et de devenir leurs serviteurs, et que les "méchants" seront ceux qui sont perçus par les Juifs comme des entraves à leurs intérêts!

Higger cite les mots du Talmud: "C'est un patrimoine pour nous [les Juifs], pas pour eux [c'est-à-dire tous les autres -- tout autre être humain sur la face de toute la planète]."

Higger poursuit en soulignant que sous ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial (qu'il appelle "l'Utopie juive"): "Tous les trésors et les ressources naturelles du monde finiront entre les mains des justes" Ceci, dit-il, serait conforme, avec la prophétie d'Isaïe: «Dans son gain et son salaire doit être la sainteté du Seigneur, il ne doit pas être chéri, ni étalé au grand jour, car son gain sera pour ceux qui se tiennent face au Seigneur, pour manger à leur faim et pour des vêtements majestueux. "

Mais ce n'est pas tout. Les Juifs et leurs mercenaires posséderaient encore plus de richesses d'après l'Utopie juive. Higger a noté que: "De même, les trésors d'or, d'argent, de pierres précieuses, de perles et de navires de grande valeur qui ont été perdus dans les mers et les océans au cours des siècles émergeront et seront remis aux justes..." Higger ajoute:

Dans l'ère présente, les riches méchants ou ordinaire jouissent de nombreux conforts de la vie, tandis que les justes sont pauvres et manquent les joies de la vie. Mais à l'époque idéale, le Seigneur va ouvrir tous les trésors aux justes et les injustes souffrirons. Dieu, le Créateur du monde ... ne sera heureux, pour ainsi dire, que dans l'ère à venir, quand le monde sera régi par les actes et actions des justes.

Voici l'étonnant résumé de tout cela qui nous est présenté par Higger:

En général, les peuples du monde seront divisés en deux groupes principaux: les israélites et les non-israélites. Les premiers seront justes, ils vivront en conformité avec la volonté d'un Dieu universel, ils auront soif de connaissance et de volonté jusqu'au martyre afin de répandre des vérités éthiques au monde. Tous les autres peuples, d'autre part, seront connus pour leurs pratiques détestables: idolâtrie et actes similaires de méchanceté. Ils seront détruits et disparaîtront de la terre avant l'avènement de l'ère idéal.

En bref, il s'agit effectivement d'une discussion sur l'extermination massive de ceux qui s'opposent à l'Utopie juive - le Nouvel Ordre Mondial. Il continue:

Toutes ces nations injustes connaîtront leur jugement avant d'être punis et condamnés. La peine sévère de leur damnation sera prononcée seulement après qu'ils aient eu droit à un procès équitable qu'il soit apparu évident que leur existence empêcherait l'avènement de l'ère idéale.
Ainsi, lors de la venue du Messie, où toutes les nations justes rendront hommage au juste leader idéal et lui offriront des présents, les nations impies et corrompues, en réalisant l'approche de leur malheur, apporteront des présent similaires au Messie. Leurs dons et leur prétendue reconnaissance de la nouvelle ère sera rejetée du revers de la main, car les nations vraiment méchantes, comme les individus vraiment méchants doivent disparaître de la terre avant qu'une société humaine idéale de nations justes puisse être établie.

Et si l'on considère le fait que le concept juif du Messie est souvent définit de telle façon que le peuple juif serait lui-même «le Messie», ce que Higger a décrit est riche de conséquences.

Qu'est-ce de l'Armageddon? C'est de ces choses dont sont faites les légendes. Armageddon, dans la tradition juive, c'est la bataille finale dans laquelle les Juifs établiront une fois pour toutes leur domination absolue sur terre. Selon l'analyse de Higger de l'enseignement juif portant sur cette question:

Ainsi, Israël et les autres nations justes combattent les forces combinées des nations méchantes, injustes sous la direction de Gog et Magog.
Réunis pour une attaque contre les nations justes en Palestine, près de Jérusalem, les injustes subiront une défaite écrasante et Sion restera dès lors le centre du royaume de Dieu.
La défaite des injustes marquera l'anéantissement de la puissance des méchants qui s'opposent au Royaume de Dieu, à l'établissement de la nouvelle ère idéale.

Notez l'utilisation du terme "nouvelle ère idéale".

Ce n'est pas un hasard si la terminologie reflète et rappelle le terme "Nouvel Ordre Mondial" car c'est précisément ce en quoi consiste l'Utopie juive - cette "nouvelle ère idéale".

Cette lutte ne sera pas seulement une lutte d'Israël contre ses "nations ennemies", elle sera le point culminant de la lutte entre les «justes» et «injustes». C'est ce que disent les sages juifs.

Qui sont les "méchants"? Higger a expliqué que «la méchanceté» est «un obstacle au Royaume de Dieu». Il a dit qu' "aucune définition exacte" ne peut être formulée, mais que des passages rabbiniques traitant du sujet nous donnent une idée générale de la signification de "méchant" et de la "méchanceté" du moins en ce qui concerne l'Utopie juive. Et notez qu'il précise que ces termes sont définis par rapport à l'Utopie juive. Higger affirme:

Tout d'abord, aucune démarcation ne sera tracée entre les mauvais Juifs et les mauvais non-Juifs.
Il n'y aura pas de place pour les injustes, qu'ils soient juifs ou non-juifs, dans le royaume de Dieu. Chacun d'entre eux aura disparu avant l'avènement de l'ère idéale sur cette terre. Les Israélites impies seront punis à égalité avec les méchants des autres nations. Tous les justes, d'autre part, qu'ils soient Hébreux ou Gentils, partageront le bonheur et l'abondance de l'époque idéale.

Contrairement à ce que le Chrétien Américain moyen pense de tout cela, ou à ce qu'il perçoit dans le cadre de sa foi chrétienne, qui attend avec impatience un royaume universel de Dieu au Ciel, le paradis visé dans l'Utopie juive décrivant une "nouvelle ère idéale" -- le Nouvel Ordre Mondial -- est "un paradis universel de l'humanité ... établis dans ce monde », sans aucune référence à un monde futur quel qu'il soit.

Qui va gouverner ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial? Selon l'évaluation de Higger de la tradition juive: "Il sera un descendant de la Maison de David."

Higger nous informe que la tradition talmudique annonce qu '"un descendant de la Maison de David apparaîtra comme le leader de la 'nouvelle ère idéale' seulement après que le monde entier ait souffert, pendant une période ininterrompue de neuf mois, à partir d'un gouvernement méchant, corrompu comme le méchant historique et traditionnel Edom. "

(Note: Aujourd'hui, il existe une organisation juive internationale formellement établie, Dynastie Davidique, qui travaille ouvertement à retracer et réunir tous les descendants de la Maison de David. Ce n'est pas une "théorie du complot". C'est un fait. Sachant ce que le Talmud enseigne sur qui doit gouverner le monde, nous pouvons peut-être comprendre la motivation de ce groupe.)

Et, comme Higger le proclame, le monde entier "prendra peu à peu conscience que la divinité est identique à la justice", et que Dieu "est attaché à Israël et qu'Israël est la nation juste idéale".

Selon ces enseignements rabbiniques qui sont au fondement du rêve juif immémorial d'un Nouvel Ordre Mondial, les peuples de la terre proclameront ensuite aux dirigeants juifs: "Nous irons avec vous, car nous avons appris que Dieu est avec vous. "

C'est ainsi que, comme les rabbins proclament: "Le peuple d'Israël conquerra spirituellement les peuples de la terre, de sorte qu'Israël sera élevé au-dessus de toutes les nations dans la louange, dans la renommée et dans la gloire."

Notez le concept de "conquête" -- comme dans une bataille. Notez le concept d'Israël élevé au-dessus tous les autres - comme dans la suprématie et la supériorité. La violence et le racisme envers les non-Juifs: aussi simple que cela.

Ce n'est pas un hasard si beaucoup d'autres écrivains juifs et philosophes conséquents ont dit qu'il y aurait éventuellement une religion mondiale et, en fait, nous avons vu des efforts être déployés en vue d'infiltrer toutes les religions du monde, de les rapprocher les unes des autres, et cela, comme le rapporte Higger, fait partie de la prophétie: "Les nations s'uniront d'abord dans le but d'appeler le nom du Seigneur à le servir."

En d'autres termes, il y aurait un gouvernement mondial et une religion mondiale, et comme Higger et d'autres l'ont noté, la religion internationale serait le judaïsme. Ce serait la «conquête spirituelle» du monde.

Qu'en est-il d'or? Qu'en est-il la richesse? Selon Higger , bien que l'or ait joué un rôle dans la conquête par les justes, à qui il a été donné par Dieu, dans la nouvelle ère idéale "l'or sera d'une importance secondaire dans le nouvel ordre social et économique. Mais la ville de Jérusalem possèdera la plus grande partie de l'or et de pierres précieuses du monde ... La dépréciation de l'importance de l'or et des autres matériaux précieux n'impliquent pas nécessairement l'introduction d'un système de propriété commune des avoirs. "

En d'autres termes, les Juifs auront le contrôle de tout cela étant donné que les Juifs - via la ville de Jérusalem - contrôleront l'or, il ne sera plus vraiment d'aucune conséquence dans le Nouvel Ordre Mondial dirigé par les Juifs.

Higger ajoute:

L'importance secondaire accordée à l'or dans le nouvel ordre social aura deux raisons principales:
1) La répartition égale de la propriété privée et d'autres nécessités de la vie dépréciera automatiquement l'importance de l'or et autres objets de luxe;
2) Les gens seront formés et éduqués à la différence entre les valeurs réelles, spirituelles et les valeurs matérielles.

En effet, ce sera le pouvoir juif, assis à Jérusalem, dirigé par un descendant de la Maison de David, dénommé "le Saint" - qui divisera toute la propriété du monde.

Qui va obtenir cette propriété? La réponse, telle que définie par l'autorité rabbinique: "Les justes posséderont toutes les richesses, les trésors et les gains industriels et autres ressources du monde Les injustes ne posséderont rien".

Les nations injustes "n'auront aucune part dans l'époque idéale." Leur règne sera détruit et effacé avant l'avènement du Nouvel Ordre mondial. La «méchanceté» de ces pays consistera principalement à avoir accumulé de l'argent appartenant "au peuple" et d'avoir opprimé et volé "les pauvres".

Bien que Higger n'insiste pas sur ce point, ceux qui sont familiers avec la tradition, la logique et le raisonnement talmudique, le «peuple» et les «pauvres» sont les Juifs. Le Talmud enseigne que seuls les juifs sont l'humanité et tous les autres sont des animaux, ainsi, bien sûr, seuls les Juifs peuvent être le «peuple». Les «pauvres» sont - bien sûr - les Juifs qui se sont toujours présentés comme des victimes et des opprimés - comme des "pauvres Juifs persécutés."

Un autre groupe de nations "méchantes" subira le même sort que le premier: «Leur iniquité sera caractérisée par leurs gouvernements corrompus et par leur oppression d'Israël."

En d'autres termes, tout gouvernement qui se dresse contre les Juifs sera donc considéré méchant et injuste s'il ose défier l'agenda juif global: le Nouvel Ordre Mondial. (...)

This cartoon illustrates the crowned heads of Europe -- the ostensible rulers of the day -- bowing before Lionel Rothschild on his throne of mortgages, loans and cash. In fact, this was the reality of the day, the effective fruition of the age-old Jewish dream of a New World Order -- a Jewish Utopia -- in which all other peoples of the planet would bow down and worship the Jewish people, the new rulers of the Earth. For good reason, indeed, Rothschild was known as the "king of kings."

The Jewish Utopia:
The New World Order

In 1932, Michael Rigger, Ph.D., assembled a remarkable book entitled The Jewish Utopia, which he dedicated to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which he described as [the] "symbol of the Jewish Utopia." Rigger's volume is a remarkable document which the late Robert H. Williams, an American nationalist writer of the 1950s and 1960s, described as a compendium of the philosophy behind what Williams called "the Ultimate World Order" -- that is, the New World Order.
What is remarkable about Higger's book is that the copy that Robert H. Williams first discovered and then popularized among American nationalists was found at the Abraham I. Schechter Collection of Hebraica and Judaica of the Texas University Library, donated by the Kallah of Texas Rabbis. So Higger's book was no mere "think piece" by one isolated writer. The organization of rabbis in Texas thought so highly of the work that they donated that copy to the state university's library.
Dr. Higger's book was a compilation of Higger's study of what Williams described as "the sum total of the prophecies, teachings and plans and interpretations of the foremost Jewish rabbis and tribal leaders over a period of some 2,500 years," since the time of the oral law and the beginning of the Babylonian Talmud, in which could be found what Williams described as a "double standard for Jews and non-Jews and its nationalistic, militaristic interpretation of the Torah" (the Torah, of course, being the first five books of the Old Testament -- the so-called "Five Books of Moses").
The books talked of "the righteous" and "the non-righteous." In the end, according to Higger's interpretation of Jewish tradition, the "non-righteous" shall perish." Higger wrote:

To understand the rabbinic conception of an ideal world, it will help us if we imagine a hand passing from land to land, from country to country, from the Indian Ocean to the North Pole, marking "righteous" or "wicked" on the forehead of each one of the 16 hundred million inhabitants of our earthly globe.
We should then be on the right road toward solving the major problems that burden so heavily the shoulders of suffering humanity. For mankind should be divided into two-and only two-distinct and unmistakable groups, namely, righteous and wicked. To the righteous would belong all that which God's wonderful world is offering; to the wicked would belong nothing.
In the future, the words of Isaiah, in the language of the rabbis, will be fulfilled: "Behold, My servants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry. Behold, My servants shall drink, but ye shall be thirsty; Behold, My servants shall rejoice, but ye shall be ashamed."
This is the force of the prophecy of Malachi, when he said, "Then shall ye again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not."

This quaint cartoon with a double-edged meaning, appeared in the British satirical journal Puck (circa 1880). A Jewish peddler carrying his wares of poetry, music, statesmanship, science, literature, patriotism -- and promissory notes -- thumbs his nose at German chancellor Bismarck (with scepter) and American hotel keepers Henry Hilton (left) and Austin Corbin (right), who had barred Jews from their hotels, telling his gentile tormenters: "I have thriven on this sort of thing for 18 centuries--Go on, gentlemen, persecution helps de pizness [i.e. business]."

And it is clear, throughout Higger's writings (based on his analysis of the works of the great rabbis and Jewish spiritual leaders) that the "righteous" shall be the Jews and those who choose to align themselves as servants of the Jews and the "wicked" will be those who are perceived by the Jews to be standing in opposition to their interests!
Higger cites the words of the Talmud: "It is a heritage for us [the Jews], not for them [that is, everyone else-every other human being on the face of the entire planet]."
Higger goes on to point out that under this New World Order (what he calls "The Jewish Utopia"): "All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come in possession of the righteous." This, he said, would be in keeping, with thy prophecy of Isaiah: "In her gain and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord; it shall be not treasured nor laid out, for her gain shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat their fill and for stately clothing."
But that wasn't all. The Jews and their hirelings would have even more riches under the Jewish Utopia. Higger noted that: "Similarly, the treasures of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls and valuable vessels that have been lost in the seas and oceans in the course of centuries will be raised up and turned over to the righteous ..." Higger added:

In the present era the wicked or ordinary rich, have many comforts in life, while the righteous are poor, missing the joys of life. But in the ideal era, the Lord will open up all the treasures for the upright and the unrighteous will suffer. God, the Creator of the world ... will be happy, so to speak, only in the era to come when the world will be governed by the doings and actions of the upright.

Here is the amazing summary of it all by Higger:

In general, the peoples of the world will be divided into two main groups: the Israelitic and the non-Israelitic. The former will be righteous; they will live in accordance with the wishes of one universal God, they will be thirsty for knowledge and willing to the point of martyrdom to spread ethical truths to the world. All the other peoples, on the other hand, will be known for their detestable practices: idolatry and similar acts of wickedness. They will be destroyed and will disappear from earth before the ushering in of the ideal era.

In short, this is effectively discussion of massive extermination of those who stand up to the Jewish Utopia -- the New World Order. It continues:

All of these unrighteous nations shall be called to judgment before they are punished and doomed. The severe sentence of their doom will be pronounced upon them only after they have been given a fair trial when it will become evident that their existence would hinder the advent of the ideal era.
Thus, at the coming of the Messiah, when all righteous nations will pay homage to the ideal righteous leader and offer gifts to him, the wicked and corrupt nations, by realizing the approach of their doom, will bring similar presents to the Messiah. Their gifts and pretended acknowledgment of the new era will be blunted rejected, for the really wicked nations, like the really wicked individuals must disappear from the earth before an ideal human society of righteous nations can be established.

And when one considers the fact that the Jewish concept of the Messiah is often reckoned to be that the Jewish people themselves are "the Messiah," what Higger has described takes on even more consequence.
What of Armageddon? This is stuff of which legends are made. Armageddon, in Jewish tradition, is the final battle in which the Jews will once and for all establish their absolute rule over the earth. According to Higger's analysis of the Jewish teachings in this regard:

Hence, Israel and the other righteous nations shall combat the combined forces ofthe wicked, unrighteous nations under the leadership of Gog and Magog.
Assembled for an attack on the righteous nations in Palestine near Jerusalem, the unrighteous will suffer a crushing defeat and Zion will thenceforth remain the center of the kingdom of God.
The defeat of the unrighteous will mark the annihilation of the power of the wicked who oppose the Kingdom of God, an establishment of the new ideal era.

Note the use of the term "new ideal era."
It is no coincidence that the terminology is reflective and reminiscent of the term "New World Order" for that is precisely what the Jewish Utopia -- this "new ideal era" -- happens to be.
This struggle will not just be a struggle of Israel against her "national enemies" but the climax of the struggle between the "righteous" and "unrighteous." So say the Jewish sages.
Who are the "wicked"? Higger explained that "wickedness" is "an obstruction to the Kingdom of God." He said that "no exact definition" can be formulated, but that there were rabbinic passages dealing with the subject giving a general idea of the meaning of "wicked" and "wickedness" so far as a Jewish Utopia was concerned. And note that he does specify that these terms are defined in terms of a Jewish Utopia. Higger asserted:

First, no line will be drawn between bad Jews and bad non-Jews. There will be no room for the unrighteous whether Jewish or non-Jewish in the Kingdom of God. All of them will have disappeared before the advent of the ideal era on this earth. Unrighteous Israelites will be punished equally with the wicked of other nations. All the righteous, on the other hand, whether Hebrew or Gentile, will share equally in the happiness and abundance of the ideal era.

In contrast to what the average American Christian would think about all of this, or perceive in the context of his Christian faith, which looks forward to a universal kingdom of God in Heaven, the paradise referred to throughout The Jewish Utopia describing the "new ideal era" -- the New World Order -- is "a universal paradise of mankind ... established in this world," with no reference to the future world whatever.
Who will rule this New World Order? According to Higger's assessment of the Jewish tradition: "He will be a descendant of the House of David."
Higger advises us that Talmudic tradition says that "a descendant of the House of David will appear as the head of the 'ideal era' only after the whole world will have suffered, for a continuous period of nine months, from a wicked, corrupt government like the historically traditionally wicked Edom."
(Note: Today there is a formally organized international Jewish organization, Davidic Dynasty, openly working to track down and reunite all of the descendants of the House of David. This is no "conspiracy theory." It is fact. Knowing what the Talmud teaches about who shall rule the globe, we can perhaps understand the motivation of this group.)

Another image from the British journal Puck (circa 1880). A bloated, arrogant Jewish "swell" is shown strutting on Broadway in New York surrounded by scenes of anti-Jewish events in European history, including the banishment of the Jews from France and Spain and restrictions against corruption and predatory Jewish financial practices that were instituted in other civilized societies. The outline under the image reads: "They Are the People. The Downtrodden One. `They Have Always Persecuted Us' But We Get There All the Same!"
And, Higger proclaimed, the whole world will "gradually come to the realization that Godliness is identical with righteousness," and that God "cleaves to Israel and that Israel is the ideal righteous nation."
According to these rabbinic teachings which are the foundation for the age-old Jewish dream of the establishment of the New World Order, the peoples of the earth will then proclaim to the Jewish rulers: "We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you."
So it is that, as the rabbis proclaim: "The people of Israel will conquer spiritually the peoples of the earth, so that Israel will be made high above all nations in praise, in name and in glory."
Note the concept of "conquer" -- as in battle. Note the concept of Israel raised above all others -- as in supremacy and superiority. Violence and racism toward the non-Jews: as simple as that.
It is no coincidence that many other Jewish writers and philosophers of consequence have said that there will eventually be global religion and, in fact, we have seen efforts to infiltrate all of the religions of the world, to move them closer to one another, and this, Higger related, has been part of the prophecy: "The nations would first unite for the purpose of calling upon the name of the Lord to serve him."
In other words, there would be a world government and one global religion, and as Higger and others have noted, that international religion would be Judaism. That would be the "spiritual conquest" of the world.
What about gold? What about wealth? According to Higger, although gold played a part in the conquest by the righteous, to whom it was given by God, in the new ideal era "gold will be of secondary importance in the new social and economic order. But the City of Jerusalem will possess most of the gold and precious stones of the world ... The depreciation of the importance of gold and its like does not necessarily imply the introduction of a system of common ownership of property."
In other words, the Jews will have control of it all and since the Jews -- via the City of Jerusalem -- will be in control of the gold, it really will not be of any consequence in the New World Order in which the Jews rule .
Higger further added:

The secondary importance given to gold in the new social order will be for two main reasons:
1) The equal distribution of private property and other necessities oflife will automatically depreciate the importance of gold and other luxuries;
2) The people will be trained and educated to differentiate between real, spiritual values and material values.

Indeed, it will be the Jewish power, seated in Jerusalem, headed by a descendant of the House of David-referred to as "the Holy One" -- who will divide up the property of the world.
Who will get this property? The answer, as defined by rabbinic authority: "To the righteous will belong all the wealth, treasures and industrial gains and other resources of the world. To the unrighteous will belong nothing."
The unrighteous nations "will not share in the ideal era." Their rule will be destroyed and disappear before the ushering in of the New World Order. The "wickedness" of these nations will consist mainly in accumulating money belonging to "the people" and of oppressing and robbing "the poor."
Although Higger does not state this emphatically, those familiar with Talmudic tradition, logic and reasoning, the "people" and the "poor" are the Jews: The Talmud teaches that only Jews are humanity and all others are animals, thus, of course, only Jews can be "people." The "poor" are -- of course -- the Jews who have forever painted themselves as the victims and the oppressed -- as in "the poor, persecuted Jews."

Another group of the "wicked" nations will suffer the same fate as the first: "Their unrighteousness will be characterized by their corrupt governments and by their oppressions of Israel."

In other words, any government that stands against the Jews will thus be considered to be wicked and unrighteous if it dares to challenge the Jewish global agenda: the New World Order.

In the end, ultimately, according to Higger, the motto of this overarching Jewish demand for a Utopia of their vision and dream will be this -- and note it carefully: "Righteous Unite! Better Destruction of the World Than a Wicked World." That's right: the Jewish philosophy is that the world is better off destroyed unless, of course, the "righteous" -- that is, the Jews and those who worship them -- prevail over the "wicked," that is, the non-Jews who dare to challenge Jewish power.

It is frightening indeed, particularily since the Jewish Power Elite in the United States are a preeminent power over the the American system: its treasury, its military, its nuclear arsenal. Then factor in the ugly reality that even "tiny Israel" is said to be one of the globe's five great nuclear powers.

And in relation to Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal, bear ni mind the critical fact that Israel's own geopolitical strategy, the foundation of its national defense structure, has been -- from the onset -- based on its pursuit, ultimately successful, of a nuclear arsenal.

In the book, The Golem: Israel's Nuclear Hell Bomb and the Road to Global Armageddon, we emphasized that Israel's reliance on its nuclear arsenal is based on what has been described as "The Samson Option."

Under the Samson Option the Israelis are esentially willing, if necessary, to "blow up the world" -- including themselves -- if they have to do so in order todestroy the Arab neighbors they hate so much. As Samson of the Bible, after being captured by the Philistines, brought down Dagon's Temple and killed himself along with his ennemies, Israel is willing to do likewise.

And the fact is that there have been two known recent public expositions of this horrific world view by two Jewish writers of substance.

In one instance, Jewish-American Professor David Perimutter of Louisiana State University, writing in The Los Angeles Times on April 7, 2002 wrote as follows:

What [is Israel] to do? I have other dreams as well — apocalyptic ones. I think: Israel has been building nuclear weapons for 30 years. The Jews understand what passive and powerless acceptance of doom has meant for them in the past and they have ensured against it. Masada was not an example to follow— it hurt the Romans not a whit, but Samson in Gaza? With an H-bomb?

What would serve the Jew-hating world better in repayment for thousands of years of massacres but a nuclear winter? Or invite all those tut-tutting European statesmen and peace activists to join us in the ovens?

For the first time in history, a people facing extermination while the world either cackles or looks away . . . have the power to destroy the world. The ultimate justice?

And one of Israel's leading geopolitical and military "thinkers", Dr. Martin van Crevald ofHebrew University in Jerusalem has echoed these ugly and murderous sentiments. He wrote:

We [Israelis] possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force. Our armed forces are not the 30th strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capacity to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under.

So the Goyim -- the "wicked" -- have been warned.

And make no mistake about it -- as Michael Higger's assessment of Talmudic philosophy makes clear: the accumulation of the wealth of the planet has been in the drive for a Jewish Utopia -- the New World Order.

In fact, as we can glean from The Jews and Modern Capitalism -- the monumental 1914 work by German historian Werner Sombart - the concept of money and itspower is central to the Talmud.

Sombart was a professor at the University of Breslau in Germany. His study has been alternately widely praised and widely damned by Jews and non-Jews alike. It has been much discussed. But there are few who will say that Sombart's analysis is not profound.

Sombart said that "turn to the pages of the Talmud and you'll find that money lending was no mere dilettante business with the Jews. They made an art of it; they probably invented (they certainly utilized) a highly-organized machinery of lending ... When we recall the period in which the Talmud came into being, 200 BC to 500 AD and compare wehat it contins in the field of economics with all the econmic ideas and conceptions that the ancient and medieval worlds have handed downs to us, it seems nothing short of marvelous."

He said, not tongue in cheek, that some of the rabbis cited inthe Talmud spoke "as they though mastered Ricardo and Marx, or to say the least, had been brokers on the stock exchange for severa years, or counseling many an important money-lending case."

Sombart pointed out that he Jewish exiles in Babylon, not long after arriving there, were able to send gold and silver to Jerusalem and that there were many rich men among the Jews -- some of them very rich -- and including among them the Talmudic rabbis.

"The constant wanderings of the Jews," Sombart wrote, "necessitated their having wealth in a form easily portable." When the Jews were thrown into the street, he said, "money was their sole companion." As a consequence, then "[The Jews] learned to love [money], seeing that by its aid alone they could subdue the mighty ones of the earth. Money became the means whereby they -- and through them all mankind -- might wield power without themselves being strong."

Sombart referred to "the Jewish genius" which made possible the particular influence of the Jews on economic life and for modern culture as a whole."

Speaking of the Talmud, Sombart wrote: "The Talmud was the most precious possession of the Jew; it was the breath of his nostrils, it was his very soul. The Talmud became a family history fo generation, after generation, with which each was familiar." The Talmud, he said, "protected the Jews against all outside influences and kept alive their inner strenght," and, interestingly, he noted, among professing Jews, the wealthiest among them were often Talmudic scholars.

"Was the knowledge of the Talmud a highway to honor, riches and favor?" he asked. "The most learned Talmudists," he said, "were also the cleverest financiers, medical men, jewelers, merchants." (Indeed, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, as we have seen, was himself a devoted Tamludic scholar.)

Babylonian Jewry, Sombart noted, waas the new center of Jewish life under the era of the Talmud was "the legal and constitutional foundation for Jewish communal life in Babylon." The Talmud, Sombart asserted, quite correctly -- and as all Jewish mainstream sources have asserted -- had become "the chief depository of Jewish religious thinking." Sombart asserted that "the Jewish religion has the same leading ideas as capitalism." He said that he saw the same spirit in the one as in the other.

Both [the Jewish religion and capitalism] are based no the idea of contract, and contract ispart and parcel of the underlying ideas of Judaism, with the corollary that whoever carries out the contract receives reward and whoever breaks it receives punishment.

In other words, the legal and ethical assumption that the good prosper and the evil suffer punishment was, in all ages, a concept of the Jewish religion.

Of the concept of prosperity on earth, Sombart said, "Look through Jewish literature or especially through the holy writ in the Talmud, and you will find, it is true, a few passages wherein poverty is lauded as something higher and nobler than riches. But on the other hand you will come across hnudreds of passages in which riches are called the blessing of the Lord. And only their mususe or their danger is warned against.

(We might note that there are those who point out that the Talmud cautions against financial abuses by Jews against other Jews but that financial abuses against the Goyim -- the non-Jews -- are quite good and proper.)

So the fact is that the Jewish Utopia -- the New World Order -- has always been founded on the drive by the Jewish Power Elite to accumulate the vast wealth of the planet for themselves.

Germany's outspoken critic of Jewish Power, Wilhelm Marr, said that he was convinced that he had spoken aloud what millions of Jews secretly thought: "To Semitism belongs World Mastery." And to the Jews, he urged:

Be open and truthful with your thoughts. You certainly have the power to do it. We shall not compain any longer, but let us put an end to the hypocrisy between [Jews and Jews]...

Perhaps your realistic views of the world and life are correct. Perhaps destiny intends us to be your helots. We are well on the way to that end. Perhaps the spirit that brought you into the West and that high and low worship today is the only true one...

The "Twilight of the Gods" has begun for us. You are the masters, we the slaves. What is there left to say?

A voice in the wilderness has been sounded and has only confirmeed the facts, incontrovertible facts. Let us then reconcile ourselves to the inevitable since we are unable to alter it.

Let us pray that Marr was wrong. We must work to alter "the inevitable." By confronting the truth about the New World Order, we can prevail.

At left, a French edition of the controversial Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Below right, a Portugese language edition. Although famed as a so-called “forgery,” there is a wealth of other veryreal Jewish philosophical literature which demonstrates that the thesis of the Protocols does represent long-standing Jewish religious and geopolitical thinking.
Below left, Jewish icon Asher Ginsberg (known as Ahad Ha’am), the likely author of the
Protocols and certainly an advocate of the philosophy found within its pages.


Zionism is Judaism:
The Foundation for a Global Jewish Imperium

The word aliyah—which is Hebrew for “to go live in Israel”—literally means“to go up.” According to Rabbi JosephTelushkin (the aforementioned much-touted publicist for the Jewish agenda) this concept of aliyah implies, therefore, “the moral and spiritual superiority of living in Israel.” However, moving away from Israel, says Telushkin “inspires a far more loaded term in Hebrew than the English word ‘emigrate,’ namely, the word yerida, which means quite the opposite of aliyah. It means ‘to descend.’”

In short, passage to Israel is good, righteous, upright. Abandoning Israel is bad—descending, perhaps to Hell?

As we learned in the preceding chapter, the ancient Jewish teachings, summarized by Dr. Michael Higger as pointing toward “The Jewish Utopia,” do indeed preach the supremacy of the Jewish people and their ultimate triumph in gaining control of the world and its riches.

But the concept of political Zionism—which emerged as a formal, almost “official,” movement in the late 19th Century—is distinct, in a sense, from Judaism generally in that Zionism was (and is) focused on the actual establishment of a Jewish State. However, as we shall see, contrary to what many would like to believe, Zionism is very much a centerpiece of Judaism.

In 1948 a Jewish state was established on historic Arab territory in Palestine.The circumstances of that event (what led to it and what followed) are beyond the scope of this volume, but for those who wish to pursue the entire ugly history, The Zionist Connection, by the late Dr. Alfred Lilienthal, the American Jewish critic of Zionism, is probably the most comprehensive study to be found.

What we intend to address here is the little-understood nature of the strategy of Zionism vis-a-vis the global Jewish agenda as set forth in the Talmud. In fact, Zionism is inextricably linked to this agenda and is the foundation for a worldwide Jewish Imperium.

First of all, what is Zionism? The term “Zionism” was coined by one Nathan Birnbaum in 1886 and was adopted at the First Zionist Congress held in Basle, Switzerland in 1897. As one writer commented,
To the non-Jews, Zionism is presented as the ideal of all Jews to return to their beloved fatherland, Palestine, and the rebuilding of a Jewish state there.
That such an explanation has been possible is striking proof of the world’s ignorance of Jewish national aims and organization.

A close study of Jewish literature, both Zionist and non-Zionist, reveals that Zionism is a movement to attain the Jewish messianic ideal of world domination. It must be understood that there is a profound difference between the Christian and Jewish conceptions of the Messiah.

On the one hand, it is that of the son of God taking flesh and coming to Earth to redeem the whole of humanity and to show the way to the real Kingdom of God. On the other, it is that of an individualwho will be a world ruler and will lead the Jewish people, as a specifically chosen nation, to spiritual and material domination.
No doubt weary of waiting for the Messiah, in more recent times the Jews have tended to identify the Messiahship with the Jewish Nation itself and not to any particular individual.

For the moment,however,we must make a critical digression, to explore the much-discussed relationship between Nazi Germany and the Zionist movement.This has been the subject of so much misinformation and deliberate disinformation, much of it spread by well-meaning folks who don’t understand the “big picture.”

While there are those who have correctly pointed out that—during the early years of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler—the German government actually collaborated with elements of the Zionist movement in Germany and elsewhere, this point has been largely misunderstood and misconstrued.

Some more naive and excitable folks have declared this to be proof that “Hitler was a Zionist”and that the entire purpose of the creation of the Third Reich was setting in place the Holocaust so that a Zionist state could emerge from the ashes of the dead.This is quite a lively thesis, but one which essentially relies on a lot of imagination coupled with a fantastic and fanciful dependence upon a wide variety of forces and events—not necessarily connected—falling into place in order to achieve the final goal: a Zionist state.

While the National Socialist regime in Germany did initially form some loose collaborative efforts with Zionists in Europe and Palestine, seeing this as an ideal way to convince and persuade Jews to leave Europe, these ties generally disintegrated as the Germans recognized, during wartime, that collaboration with the anti-Zionist Arabs in North Africa and the Middle East was far more productive for German goals. So while there is truth that the Germans did collaborate with the Zionists, the matter has been largely overstated by persons who are unwilling or simply incapable of looking at the much-larger—and far more important—geopolitical picture.

Let it also be said that many of those who have adopted the stance that “Hitler was a Zionist” often tend to be individuals—however well-meaning they may be—who use that term to “prove” that they aren’t “anti-Semitic,” as if to say “Well, even though I’m a critic of Israel, I’m not ‘like Hitler’ since, after all, it was Hitler who helped bring about the state of Israel.”

Those who tout this line fail to understand that the Jewish Power Elite and the Zionist movement scoff at this stance and consider anyone who even flirts with this theory to be just as bad as those others who are outright, open critics of Israel, Zionism and the Jewish agenda.

The most responsible studies of German-Zionist collaboration can be found in the work of Lenni Brenner, an Orthodox Jewish-born American Marxist, whose Zionism in the Age of the Dictators and his later volume, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis, correctly put the matter in context.This has not stopped sensationalists from twisting the truth.

There is also the legend that “The Jewish bankers” or “The Zionist bankers” (used often interchangeably) financed Hitler. Not true.

James Pool, in his authoritative work, Who Financed Hitler? demonstrates quite the contrary.

In one instance a Jewish financier in Germany did give money to the Nazi Party—prior to the rise to power of Adolf Hitler—but those funds were designed to help Hitler’s intra-party opposition, to stop Hitler. But despite this fact, some “patriots” still say that “The Jews backed Hitler.”

Many of those who worship at the altar of this nonsense cite a flagrantly-fraudulent document of shadowy origins entitled Hitler’s Secret Bankers, ostensibly written by one “Sidney Warburg,” one of those “Jewish bankers.” But this document, as we’ve said, is a fraud.

The late Dr.Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler has promoted this theory, based in part on theWarburg travesty and has given further institutionalization to this mythology—the truth be damned.

American banks and corporations did work with the Hitler regime, usually a continuation of previous financial arrangements going back decades, but this was not part of any grand conspiracy to bring Hitler to power. The claim that the Bush family was integral to the rise of Hitler is another myth.

Kevin Phillips—no admirer of the Bush dynasty—examines the actual circumstances surrounding the Bush-Hitler scenario in his book, American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush and puts the facts in proper perspective.

Another nonsensical claim—that Hitler and most of the top Nazis were actually Jews or part Jewish—has its primary origin in a virtually impenetrable and quite bizarre work entitled Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel.

Sadly, in the age of the Internet, this volume, which most of those who quote it have never actually read, has been widely touted, even by a handful of otherwise responsible souls who want to believe, it appears, that Hitler was part of “the Jewish conspiracy.”

A talented American writer, Martin Kerr, has written an authoritative study,“The Myth of Hitler’s Jewish Grandfather,” which can be found on the Internet, which examines all of the theories and meanderings on this topic and lays the theory to rest. But, again, that doesn’t stop the sensationalists from saying “it must be true: Hitler was a Jew and a Zionist.”

While all of this has been a distinct digression, it’s been a necessary one, precisely because there is so much misinformation and deliberate disinformation regarding the relationship between Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and the Zionist and Jewish agenda that has littered the Internet and published works throughout the last half century.
So, unfortunately, in order to bring history into accord with the facts, it is critical to address the nonsense.

For the record, let us return to our course of analysis—the issue of Zionism and Judaism (vis-a-vis what we know today as the New World Order). And we shall note this: the truth is that, over the years, there have been many people—admittedly anti-Jewish—who saw some wisdom in Zionism generally.

That is, they saw the departure of Jews from their lands and the concentration of the Jewish population in a state all the Jews own (although not necessarily in Arab Palestine) as a means of finally resolving the age-old conflict between the Jews and all others.

In 1922, Theodore Fritsch, a well known German anti-Jewish writer, actually acknowledged his admiration for Zionist ideology:
We still consider the Zionists as the most honest of Jews, because they admit that . . . there be no amalgamation with the non-Jewish people, that the diverse races moreover mutually disturb each other in their development and culture. We therefore demand together with the Zionists“a clean separation” and the settlement of a Jews-only dominion. . . .

In a similar vein, in 1921, French author Georges Batault wrote in The Jewish Problem:
If the reconstituted Jewish people wishes to rank itself as a nation among the nations,then it is the duty and the interest of each one to help it to do so. If it contemplates, on the contrary, organizing itself internationally in order to ruin and dominate the nations, then it is the duty of the latter to rise up and forbid it.

However, Batault recognized that, ultimately, Jewish teachings taught that the Jews would come to rule the earth in its entirety:
As for the final result of the Messianic revolution, it will always be the same; God will overthrow the kings and will cause Israel and its king to triumph; the nations will be converted to Judaism, and will obey the law or else they will be destroyed and the Jews will be the masters of the world.

In France, during World War II, there was widespread opposition to Jewish influence, not only in the Vichy Regime in Southern France, an independent regime which collaborated with Nazi Germany, but likewise even in the German occupied area of Northern France.

(Note this interesting aside: Many people today, especially un-learned Americans, perceive Vichy France to be the “bad guys” who were “anti-Semitic” and German Occupied France to be the“good guys”who“hated the Nazis and opposed their anti-Semitic point of view” but the truth is that opposition to Jewish power and influence was widespread throughout all of France, the legends of WorldWar II notwithstanding.)

In any event, one writer who spoke about these concerns among the French was Gabriel Malglaive, whose book Jewish or French? published in 1942, discussed measures taken in Vichy France designed to curtail Jewish power. He said there were four principal aims underlying these measures:
1.Resolutely to separate the Jews from the government . . . .That was the first task and relatively the simplest, because it envisaged only a small number. . . ;
2.To combat their intellectual influence,support and extensionof their intrusion into the state; to separate them, to this end, from the liberal professions, from teaching, from the press, etc;
3.To eliminate their “economic and financial” supremacy, their preponderance in all branches of industry, commerce, the stock market and the banks, that is, to de-Judaize this realm which had been theirs. To act in such a manner that they would no longer retain the power of money, the most fearful one, for if they had kept it, they would have, in practice, conserved all the others;
4.To eliminate, finally, their occult power by keeping them away from corporations, by purifying . . . the press and agencies through which they established a cunning ropaganda and [their] de facto censorship . . . .

In the end, he wrote, that what he and so many others considered “the Jewish Problem” would have to be given what he called a “Jewish Solution.” Ironically, Malglaive said, in the future the great powers of the world, even including the Jewish people,would be forced to recognize “the existence of the Jewish nation” and therefore assign a territory which would be turned over to the Jewish nation.

This, of course, is, in fact, what we today know of as “Zionism.” The result would be, said Malglaive, that from then on,“all of the Jews of the world will possess legally, officially, the Jewish nationality which their hearts have always secretly chosen.”The issue, he concluded, was “whether wishing to settle the problem humanely we want to cease being provoked by the Jews, or whether, continuing to apply half-measures,we resign ourselves to a partial and thus poor settlement of this Question.”

Now in this regard, consider the fact that a Russian-born Jewish philosopher, Jacob Klatzkin—considered to be among the most“radical”of all of the Zionist writers and publicists in denying the possibility of Jewish existence outside any Jewish state—still put forth the proposition that the Jewish people as a whole did not even necessarily exclude those who formally rejected Jewish religious teachings. Klatzkin wrote:
Judaism rests on an objective basis.To be a Jew means the existence of neither a religious nor an ethical creed.We are neither a denomination nor a school of thought, but members of one family, bearers of a common history.Denying the Jewish spiritual teachings does not place one outside of the community, and accepting it does not make one a Jew. In short, to be a part of the nation, one need not believe in the Jewish religion or the Jewish spiritual outlook.

So while many modern-day folks are often heard to say that “Well, those secular and atheist Jews who run modern-day Israel are not like the good, religious Jews of the Bible,” the fact is that even a hard-line Zionist such as Klatzkin still considered those “non-religious” Jews to be an integral part of the Jewish people and vital to the cause of Zionism.

And another of the great Zionist thinkers, Abraham Isaac Kook, who died in 1935, wrote:
Jewish secular nationalism is a form of self delusion: the spirit of Israel is so closely linked to the spirit of God that a Jewish nationalist, no matter how secularist his intention may be, must, despite himself, affirm the divine.An individual can sever the tie that binds him to the eternal, but the House of Israel as a whole can not.

In his paper,“Zionism, Jews and Judaism,” Father Joseph L. Ryan—who taught at St. Joseph’s University in Beirut and served as dean and academic vice president at Al-Hikma University in Baghdad—concluded:
First, Zionist writers overwhelmingly concur that Jews form one distinct people.

Second, many of these spokesmen agree on the national character of Jews.

Some of them [say] Jews are a nation; and should be one. Both of these groups agree that Jews will be a nation.

Third, most Zionist writers agree that religion has played an important role in Jewish life.

While some insist that this role must continue, at least for Jewry if not for all individuals, others deny this.

Palestinian-born philosopher and respected scholar Edward Said said: "Zionism and imperialism draw on each other, each in its own way”and that Zionism was indeed a part of the rise of modern Imperialism.

And, as we shall see repeatedly in the pages of this volume, modern Imperialism is “the NewWorld Order” which, in turn, arises from the Jewish teachings of the BabylonianTalmud,and which Imperialism, likewise, can be traced to the rise of the International Money Power as institutionalized in the House of Rothschild. Zionism is but another part of the equation.The historical timeline demonstrates all of this most conclusively.

In the monumental series of articles remembered collectively as “The International Jew”as published in American industrialist Henry Ford’s newspaper, The Dearborn Independent and then republished in a four-volume set of books (since republished many times here and around the globe), the subject of “anti-Semitism”was addressed as follows:
[It is not] anti-Semitism to say that the suspicion is abroad in every capital of civilization and the certainty is held by a number of important men that there is active in the world a plan to control the world, not by territorial acquisition, not by military acquisition, nor by governmental subjection, not even by economic control in the scientific sense, but by control of the machinery of commerce and exchange.

It is not anti-Semitism to say that, nor to present the evidence which supports that, nor to bring the proof of that. Those who could best disprove it, if it were not true, are the international Jews themselves. But they have not disproved it.

Those who could best prove it [to be false] would be those Jews whose ideals include the whole of humanity on an equality and not the good of one race only, but they have not proved it.

Some day a prophetic Jew may arise who will see that the promises bestowed upon the ancient people are not to be fulfilled by Rothschild methods, and that the promise that all the nations were to be blessed through Israel is not to be fulfilled by making them economic vassals of Israel;and when that time comes,we may hope for a redirection of Jewish energy into channels that will drain the present sources of the Jewish Question.

In the meantime,it is not anti-Semitism. It may even found to be a world service to the Jew, to throw light on what purpose motivates certain higher circles.

Theodore Herzl—the father of modern Zionism—wrote quite memorably in his famed and pivotal work, The Jewish State: “We are a people—one people. . . .When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of a revolutionary party; when we rise, there arises also our terrible power of the purse.”

Henry Ford’s series of articles on issues relating to Jewish power in the United States candidly addressed the question of what Ford called “the Historic Basis of Jewish Imperialism.” Ford warned:
Another preconception to be guarded against is that every Jew one meets has secret knowledge of this program. That is not the case.With the general idea of the ultimate triumph of Israel every Jew who has retained contact with his people is familiar, but with the special plans which for centuries have existed in formulated form for the attainment of that triumph, the average Jew is no more familiar than anyone else.

Still, with even these preconceptions guarded against, there is no escape from the conclusion that if such a program of Jewish world imperialism exists today, it must exist with the cognizance and active support of certain individuals, and that these groups of individuals must have somewhere an official head.

Is there a Sanhedrin today? Ford’s commentary cited the Jewish Encyclopedia which said: “The Sanhedrin,which was entirely aristocratic in character, probably assumed its own authority, since it was composed of the most influential families of the nobility and priesthood.” Ford commented:
The Sanhedrin exercised authority not only over the Jews of Palestine, but wherever they were scattered throughout the world. As a senate exercising political authority, it ceased with the downfall of the Jewish state in the year 70, but there are indications of its existence as an advisory body down to the Fourth Century.

Writing of the well-known solidarity amongst the Jews and addressing the question,“Are Jews a Nation?,” Ford asserted:
If there were no other evidence, the very evidence which many Jewish writers cite, namely, the instant siding of the Jews one with another upon any and every occasion,would constitute evidence of racial and national solidarity.

Whenever these articles [in Ford’s newspaper] have touched the International Jewish Financier, hundreds of Jews in the lower walks of life have protested.

Touch a Rothschild, and the revolutionary Jew from the ghetto utters his protest, and accepts the remark as a personal affront to himself. Touch a regular, old-line Jewish politician who is using a government exclusively for the benefit of his fellow Jews, as against the best interests of the nation, the Socialist and the anti-government Jew comes out in his defense.

Most of these Jews, it may be said, have lost the vital touch with the teachings and ceremonials of their religion, but they indicate what their real religion is by their national solidarity.

As early as 1879 the great German writer,Adolf Stoecker, noted this:
People who pour scathing criticism on the church, personalities and affairs are outraged to the extreme when others allow themselves as to cast so much as a scrutinizing glance at Jewry.

They themselves fall upon every non-Jewish activity with hatred and scorn. But if we softly speak a word of truth about their doings, they play the insulted innocent, the victim of intolerance, the martyrs of world history.

Ford knew that, for those unfamiliar with Jewish teachings, discussion of Jewish influence was controversial.When confronted with such questions as “Does Jewry know what it is doing? Has it a foreign policy with regard to Gentiles? Has it a department which is executing that foreign policy? Has this Jewish State—if it exists—a head? Has it a Council of State? And if any of these things is so, who is aware of it?” Ford said that for the average Gentile, the impulsive answer would be “no” for, he said, that since Gentileshad never been trained in secrets or in “invisible unity,” such things as this could not be, if for the only reason the average Gentile had never been
exposed to any such evidence of the existence of a hidden world.

However, Ford asserted, that, nonetheless,“if there is no deliberate combination of Jews in the world, then the control which they have achieved and the uniformity of the policies which they follow must be the simple result, not of deliberate decisions, but of a similar nature in all of them working out the same way.”

Reflecting upon Jewish power and influence in the United States, Ford added: “When you see how closely the Jews are united by various organizations in the United States, and when you see how with practiced hand they bring those organizations to bear, as if with tried confidence in their pressure, it is at least not inconceivable that what can be done with a country can be done, or has been done, between all the countries where Jews live.”

It was indeed Henry Ford who—in the 1920s—popularized the nowinfamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the English language in the United States, but at the time Ford began writing about this controversial work, it had already been the subject of frenzied debate in England and elsewhere in Europe since the turn of the century.

The Protocols, of course, are the much-talked about document (bandied about even in the mass media today) which outlined, essentially, a Jewish scheme for world domination—a NewWorld Order, precisely of the nature that Michael Higger later outlined in his study of “The Jewish Utopia.”

And to understand the nature of the Protocols is vital to our search for the truth.

The relationship between the Protocols and the concept of Zionism is a little-understood topic that even many of those who fancy themselves to be in tune with the intricacies of “The Jewish Problem” do not understand.

However,here in these pages,we will cut through the confusion and dissect precisely what the Protocols represent vis-a-vis Zionism, the Jewish agenda and the NewWorld Order.

French nationalist, Viscount Leon de Poncins, writing in The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, aptly summarized the nature of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:
1) There is and has been for centuries a secret political and international organization of the Jews;
2) The spirit of this organization appears to be a traditional and an eternal hatred of Christianity and a titanic ambition to dominate the world;
3) The aim pursued throughout the ages is the destruction of national states and the substitution in their place of an international Jewish domination;
4) The method, employed at first to weaken and then destroy the existing political bodies, consists of innoculating in them destructive political ideas.These ideas are summed up in the revolutionary principles of [the French Revolution of 1789]. Jewry
remains sheltered from these corrosive ideas: “We preach liberalism to the Gentiles, but on the other hand we maintain absolute discipline in our nation.”

At the time when Henry Ford began addressing the controversy surrounding the Protocols, this much-debated document had only been the subject of discussion for just slightly more than two decades.

Ford made note of an interesting aspect of the debate over the authenticity of the now-legendary Protocols. Ford specifically addressed the point that much of the criticism of the Protocols from Jewish sources stemmed from the fact that the Protocols had come out of Russia; that is, the Jewish critics sought to dismiss the Protocols as Russian anti-Jewish propaganda.

Ford countered this, saying,“That is hardly true. It came by way of Russia [emphasis added].” Ford pointed out that the Protocols “were incorporated in a Russian book published about 1905 by a professor [Sergei Nilus] who attempted to interpret the Protocols by events then going forth.”

As a consequence, noted Ford, this gave the Protocols what he called “a Russian tinge” that had been “useful” to Jewish propagandists, particularly in the United States and England, because those same propagandists, he noted, had been successful, he said, “in establishing in Anglo-Saxon mentalities a certain atmosphere of thought surrounding the idea of Russia and Russians.”

One of the biggest“humbugs” that he perceived to have been foisted on the world (particularly Americans) by Jewish propagandists,was in relationship to what Ford called negative attitudes toward “the temper and genius of the truly Russian people.” So,he concluded, the emphasis on the so-called “Russian” origins of the Protocols was an attempt to discredit the Protocols by linking them to the Russian people.

Ford noted that “the internal evidence makes it clear that the Protocols were not written by a Russian, nor originally in the Russian language, nor under the influence of the Russian conditions, but they found their way to Russia and were first published there.”

Perhaps most notably, Ford pointed out, was that wherever Jewish power was able to suppress the Protocols, they were indeed suppressed.

American contrarian, poet and essayist Ezra Pound assessed the famous Protocols in a rather unique fashion:
If or when one mentions the protocols alleged to be of the Elders of Zion,one is frequently met with the reply:Oh,but they are a forgery. Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity.The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever.

And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols.Alleged, if you like, to have been translated from the Russian, from a manuscript to be consulted in the British Museum, where some such document may or may not exist . . .Their interest lies in the type of mind, or the state of mind of their author.That was their interest for the psychologist the day they first appeared.And for the historian two decades later, when the program contained in them has so crushingly gone into effect up to a point, or down to a squalor.

For the historical record in regard to the Protocols, it should be noted here that the late Ralph Grandinetti, an American nationalist (who was a friend of this author) spent several years researching in the archives of the Library of Congress for documentation surrounding the history of and the debate over the Protocols in the early years of the 20th Century.

Grandinetti uncovered English-language articles published in a Londonbased Jewish journal in the early 1920s which stated flatly that what we know today as the Protocols were, in fact, documents reflecting a particular point of view put forth by a Jewish faction at one of the World Zionist Congresses held prior to the turn of the 20th Century.

So the truth is that—at least according to a respected and authoritative Jewish source—while the Protocols may not have been the grand document representing“all” of “the Jews,” it did, in fact, reflect the philosophy of an element of “the Jews.”And as we shall see, that element of the Jewish leadership came to predominate when the international Jewish community was orienting itself toward a global program for the Jewish people as a whole.

And even today there are debates and conflicts within the Jewish community and even within the framework of the International Money Power, as reflected by debates in the United States between various Jewish factions.

So the idea that the Protocols were simply a “forgery”—concocted by Russian elements (either at the direction of or with the encouragement of the Czar of Russia)—is a very clever cover story. Or, one might say, it is even a fraud and forgery as the Protocols themselves have been described,

although, obviously (at least in the case of the Protocols) not correctly.

Thus, it is impossible to separate Zionism and Judaism and the Jewish Utopia—the NewWorld Order. Likewise,the record shows that Freemasonry —long linked to the intrigues of the infamous Illuminati which took command of Freemasonry—has been a force in the drive for the Jewish Utopia.

In 1929 the Reverend E. Cahill, a professor of church history and social science at Milltown Park, Dublin, wrote Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement wherein he concluded that much of the external trappings of Freemasonry, such as its ritual, terminology and legends are of Jewish origin; that the philosophy (or religion) of esoteric Freemasonry, that is, of the inner circles and controlling power,was identical with the Jewish Kabala, an occult and mystic philosophy of a certain segment of the Jews, said to be that part of the Mosaic law handed down by tradition and consigned to writing by the Jewish prophets and others.

Cahill also concluded, based on his extensive study, that a certain group of Jews, one of immense power and wealth, were leading Freemasons and that a somewhat larger group of influential Jews pursued the same goals as the Freemasons and use similar means and were at least in close alliance with the Freemasons.

Even the Jewish Encyclopedia on its section on Freemasonry noted that “The technical language, rites and symbolism of Masonry are full of Jewish ideas and terms.. . . In the Scottish Rite,the dates of all the official documents are given according to the Hebrew month in the Jewish era and use is made of the older forms of the Jewish alphabet.”

The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, noted that Kabalistic Jews were around what he called “the cradle of Freemasonry” as evidenced by certainrites still in existence conclusively demonstrated.

French writer Gougenot de Mousseaux, noting the close and intertwining of Freemasonry with certain elements of Judaism, pointed out:
The real chiefs of this immense association of Freemasonry, the few within the innermost circles of initiation who must not be confounded with the nominal leaders or figureheads, are mostly Jews and live in close and intimate alliance with the militant members of Judaism,those,namely,who are the leaders of the Kabalistic section.

This elite of the Masonic association, these real chiefs, who are known to so few even of the initiated, and who even these few know only under assumed names, carry on their activities in secret dependence (which they find very lucrative for themselves) upon the Kabalistic Jews.

Another French writer, M. Doinel, a former member of the council of the infamous Freemasonic Grand Orient Lodge of Paris, said:
How often have I heard the Freemasons lament the dominance of the Jews. . . . Ever since the [French] Revolution, the Jews have taken possession of the Masonic lodges more and more completely and their dominance is now unquestioned.

The Kabala rules as mistress in the inner lodges and the Jewish spirit dominates the lower grades . . .

In the mind of Satan, the synagogue has an all-important part to play. . . .The great enemy counts on the Jews to govern Masonry as it counts on Masonry to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.

In short, Freemasonry—from virtually the beginning—has been an integral part of the Jewish plan for a New World Order.


par Michael Collins Piper, avec Willis Carto
Le véritable père de ce que nous appelons le Nouvel Ordre Mondial serait un sioniste juif né en Russie Asher Ginsberg - mieux connu sous le nom "Ahad Ha'am" (qui signifie "Un homme du peuple") - estimait que les juifs avaient besoin de se réunir pour créer des colonies agricoles en Palestine qui, comme le Dr Norman Cantor les décrivit, "servirait de fondement en Terre Sainte pour l'établissement d'un centre culturel de langue hébraïque pour le monde juif - un centre culturel d'élite pour les Juifs du monde entier."

Juif orthodoxe, instruit dans les études rabbiniques, Ginsberg dit que les Juifs étaient une «super nation», dont le «génie éthique doit garantir leur droit à la domination du monde." Il a dit, "la terre d'Israël doit englober tous les pays de la terre afin d'améliorer le monde à travers le Royaume de Dieu."

Un écrivain lucide de Russie, Vladimir Begun, dans son livre Invasion Without Arms (1977), comparait Ginsberg aux fascistes des années 1930 et 1940. Se référant à un article de 1898 écrit par Ginsberg intitulé "Nietzchéisme et judaïsme", dans lequel Ginsberg exprimait ce qu'on pourrait appeler son "chauvinisme judéo-sioniste", Begun écrit:

Il n'est pas difficile pour le lecteur d'arriver à la conclusion logique: dans la mesure où il y a une «super nation», alors comme [le Surhomme de Nietzsche] il lui faut marcher vers son objectif sur les cadavres des autres. Il ne doit pas avoir aucune considération envers quiconque ou quoi que ce soit afin de parvenir à la domination "des Élus" sur "les païens."

Nous pouvons retracer les maillons d'une seule et même chaîne, dans la Torah --- le fondement idéologique des "théoriciens" sionistes --- dans les agressions au Moyen-Orient et dans la corruption (ouverte) des esprits en Israël et (secrète) dans d'autres pays.
De l'avis de l'écrivain juif Moshe Menuhin, la philosophie sioniste de Ginsberg était "un sionisme spirituel --- une aspiration à l'accomplissement du judaïsme et non pas du sionisme politique" --- qui est, la réunification de la totalité du peuple juif en un seul État, isolé du reste de la planète, se déployant seulement au sein de son propre peuple.

Ginsberg s'opposa au sionisme tel que conceptualisé par le principal dirigeant sioniste Theodor Herzl, qui postulait que le sionisme était de nature économique et devait être orienté vers la création d'un état politique et géographique. De l'avis de Menuhin, Ginsberg considérait les Juifs comme "une sorte unique de nation, un corps homogène en dehors des autres nations" et que "un centre spirituel juif en Palestine" serait "une lumière pour la diaspora" (les Juifs dispersés autour de la Terre) et permettrait éventuellement au peuple juif de devenir "une lumière pour les nations."

Ce soi-disant "sionisme spirituel" de Ginsberg était donc synonyme du judaïsme classique, prophétique, qui ne diffère nullement de l'enseignement du Talmud qui a guidé le judaïsme à travers les siècles.

En bref, la théorie communément répandue avancé par beaucoup de gens aujourd'hui que "le sionisme n'est pas le judaïsme et le judaïsme n'est pas le sionisme» est incorrecte, tout simplement faux.

Les vastes recherches de Pacquitta DeShishmareff, une femme d'origine américaine mariée dans l'aristocratie russe, confirme le rôle central de Ginsberg dans la formulation de ce que nous appelons aujourd'hui Les protocoles des sages de Sion et la montée de l'influence de ceux-ci en tant qu'ouvrage philosophique sous-jacent à la nature du mouvement sioniste. Son travail de pionnier, Waters Flowing Eastwards (écrit sous le pseudonyme "L. Fry") reste le premier et le dernier mot sur l'histoire des Protocoles.

Nous apprenons que, en 1889, Ginsberg a formé un petit groupe connu sous le nom des Fils de Moïse et que c'était devant ce groupe que Ginsberg a introduit pour la première fois les Protocoles. Bien qu'il ait pu en effet emprunter à des œuvres géopolitiques déjà publiées --- ce qui donna lieu à l'argument maintes fois répété voulant que les protocoles sont un faux qui aurait été conçu à partir d'autres sources --- ce que nous appelons les Protocoles ont été produits par Ginsberg, reflétant son agenda mondial juif.

Pendant les années qui suivirent, des traductions en hébreu des protocoles ont été distribuées au sein du mouvement sioniste par Ginsberg et ses partisans, désormais regroupés sous l'appellation des Fils de Sion (ou "B'nai Zion").

Et en 1897, lorsque le Congrès sioniste se réunit en Suisse, le sionisme a émergé comme un mouvement officiel, les Protocoles ont été effectivement intégrés à l'agenda sioniste (c-à-d juif).

Alors que le monde non-juif a perçu le sionisme comme étant strictement consacré à la création d'un État juif, le "sionisme secret" de Ginzberg était reconnu, au sein de l'élite juive, comme le véritable agenda, un agenda international, camouflé sous un programme strictement nationaliste axé sur un seul état juif en Palestine.

Donc, l'écrivain juif Bernard Lazare ne se trompait pas dans son célèbre livre L'antisémitisme (1894), lorsqu'il parlait candidement de "conquête économique" juive, bien qu'il précisait qu'avec la domination économique des Juifs est venue la "domination spirituelle" aussi. Il avait compris la distinction.

Dès 1924, le nationaliste polonais Roman Dmowski reconnu ces distinctions, qui restent encore un mystère pour plusieurs --- en particulier pour certains "patriotes" américains --- qui tentent de faire une distinction entre le sionisme et le judaïsme et qui ont tendance à croire que certaines sectes "Juives antisionistes" se tiennent debout dans l'opposition au Nouvel Ordre Mondial.

Bien que, comme nous l'avons déjà mentionné, il y ait des juifs antisionistes qui -- pour diverses raisons --- s'opposent au sionisme, il y a aussi ces Juifs antisionistes qui sont en fait les défenseurs de la création de l'Utopie Juive, ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial dont on parle tant.


In fact, the historical record shows that the real father of what we know as the New World Order was a Russian-born Jew, Asher Ginsberg -- best known as "Ahad Ha'am" (which means "One of the People") -- held the view that Jews needed to come together to make agricultural settlements in Palestine which, as Dr. Norman Cantor described them, would "serve as a foundation in the Holy Land for a Hebrew-speaking cultural center for world Jewry -- an elite cultural center for world Jewry."

An Orthodox Jew, educated in rabbinical studies, Ginsberg said Jews were a "super nation" whose "ethnic genius must guarantee their right to world domination." He said, "the Land of Israel must encompass all the countries of the earth in order to improve the world through God's Kingdom."

A perceptive Russian writer, Vladimir Begun, in 1977, in a his book, Invasion Without Arms, compared Ginsberg with the fascists of the 1930s and 1940s. Referring to an 1898 article by Ginsberg entitled "Nietzcheanism and Judaism," in which Ginsberg expressed what we might call Ginsberg's "Judeo-Zionist chauvinist" outlook, Begun said:
It is not difficult for the reader to reach the logical conclusion: insofar as there is a "super nation" then like [Nietzsche's Superman] it must march toward its goal over the corpses of others. It must show no consideration toward anyone or anything in order to achieve the domination of "the chosen" over "the heathen."
One can trace the links of a single chain, the Torah-the ideological basis of the Zionist "theoreticians" -aggression in the Middle East-and the corruption of minds in Israel (openly) and in other countries (secretly).

In the view of Jewish writer Moshe Menuhin, Ginsberg's Zionist philosophy was "a spiritual Zionism -- an aspiration for the fulfillment of Judaism and not political Zionism" -- that is, the gathering of the entirety of the Jewish people in a single state, isolated from the rest of the planet, thriving only among their own people therein.

Ginsberg took issue with what he considered preeminent Zionist leader Theodore Herzl's concept that Zionism was economic in nature and should be directed toward the establishment of a political and geographic state.

In the view of Menuhin, Ginsberg regarded the Jews as "a unique sort of nation, a homogeneous body apart from the other nations" and that "a Jewish spiritual center in Palestine" would become "a light to the Diaspora" (the scattered Jews around the Earth) and eventually enable the Jewish people to become "a light to the nations."

This so-called "spiritual Zionism" of Ginsberg was thus synonymous with classical, prophetic Judaism, no different from the teachings of the Talmud that guided Judaism down through the centuries.

Thus, the commonly-held theory advanced by many people today that "Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism" is wrong-simply wrong. Zionism, in short, is but one political extension of Judaism.

The work of the late Pacquitta DeShishmaraff, an American-born woman married into the Russian aristocracy, confirms Ginsberg's central role in formulating the Protocols. DeShishmaraff's seminal study, Waters Flowing Eastward (written under the pen name "L. Fry") underscores the critical point that Zionism, in reality, is far more than a “nationalist” movement; rather, Zionism is internationalist to the core and indisputably stands as the framework for a worldwide Jewish imperium: the New World Order.

From DeShishmaraff, we learn that, in 1889, Ginsberg formulated a small group known as the Sons of Moses and it was before this group that Ginsberg first introduced the Protocols. While he may have indeed borrowed from previously published geopolitical works--lending to the oft-stated claim that the Protocols were forgeries" that were lifted from other volumes--what we do know as the Protocols were Ginsberg's product, reflecting his global Jewish agenda. During the years that followed, Hebrew-language translations of the Protocols were circulated within the Zionist movement by Ginsberg and his followers, now banded together as the Sons of Zion (or "B'nai Zion").

And in 1897, when the Zionist Congress met in Switzerland, Zionism emerged as an official movement, the Protocols were effectively incorporated into the Zionist (that is, Jewish) agenda.

While the non-Jewish world perceived Zionism to be strictly devoted to the establishment of a Jewish state, Ginsberg's so-called "secret Zionism" was very much recognized, within elite Jewish circles, as the real agenda, an international agenda, in effect masked in a strictly nationalist agenda focused on a single Jewish state in Palestine.

So it was no mistake when Jewish writer Bernard Lazare, writing in his famous 1894 book, Anti-Semitism, candidly spoke of Jewish "economic conquest" but said that along with economic domination by the Jews came “spiritual domination" as well. He understood the distinctions.

As early as 1924, Polish nationalist Roman Dmowski recognized these nuances, which still remain a mystery to many—particularly certain American “patriots.” That oft-heard refrain—almost a ritualistic mantra—from those patriots that“Zionism is not Judaism and Judaism is not Zionism” fails to recognize that, in fact, the anti-Zionist Jewish sects that do (at least for now) reject the political state of Israel still remain dedicated to the Talmud and hold that, ultimately, there will be a global Jewish Utopia, the institution of a world state in which the Jews will remain supreme. And that is hardly something that any patriot anywhere should welcome.

In a series of articles entitled “The Jews and the War” which were later republished in 1947 in the work, The Politics and Reconstruction of the Polish State, the aforementioned Polish nationalist Roman Dmowski wrote:

Lately a current aiming at reconciling all modern aims with the Biblical tradition of “the Chosen People,” has begun to dominate. It recognized the aim of controlling Palestine, not for the purpose of gathering all Jews there and thus freeing other countries from them,but in order to build there the spiritual center of the Jews and to create the operational basis for action throughout the world. Palestine was never the fatherland of the Jews, because they never had a fatherland, but they made Jerusalem their spiritual center; recovering this center along with controlling Palestine,with its non-Jewish population, is a necessary goal of this new current.

Yet, at the same time [this new current] bid them not to forget that they are supposed to “possess the earth,” that therefore they must be everywhere, and everywhere gain positions and organizing their influences. Thus understood, all previously contradictory Jewish aims fell into line and could agree in [this ultimate] task of Jewish policy.With such an understanding of the task, all Jewish forces, acting in all countries in whatever capacity could be employed for the common aim.

Ironically, of course, a Jewish family fight erupted—the conflict, for example, between Herzl and Ginsberg — and as Dmowski pointed out, “only the dispute over priority, over leadership of various groups within Judaism remained.” This dispute, he noted, involved even the question of Palestine.
In fact, the concept of a national home idea for the Jews, critics of Zionism have said,was that Jewish leaders felt the need for greater control over their lesser brethren and that this was the purpose of setting up Zionist groups around the globe that clamored for the founding of a Jewish state.

In fact, this was the basis of Asher Ginsberg’s plan for world domination and yet, ironically, there are many Jewish anti-Zionists as well as non-Jewish anti-Zionists who consider Ginsberg as a spiritual leader of the Jewish people to be admired. In fact, Ginsberg is the 20th Century’s progenitor of what we today call the NewWorld Order, the program of Jewish Imperialism.

S. P. Chajes, a figure in B’nai B’rith, wrote in The Jewish National Almanac, that “Our [Jewish] imperialism is the only one which can with impunity defy the centuries, the only [one] which has not to fear defeat, which without wandering from its path [moves] invincibly toward its goal with slow but firm tread.” And that goal is the New World Order.

There is thus absolutely no question that the ultimate Jewish aim is indeed world domination. Even the eminent German Jew Alfred Nossig, an influential Zionist theoretician who was among those Zionists who collaborated with the Hitler regime—and who was later murdered by a Jewish faction that resented his dealings with the National Socialists—wrote in his book Integrales Judentum:

The Jewish community is more than a people in the modern political meaning of the word. It is the trustee of an historical world mission, I would even say cosmic mission . . .

That mission forms the unconscious kernel of our being, the common substance of our soul.The primordial conception of our ancestors was to found not a tribe but a world order destined to guide humanity in its development . . .

We are emerging from a long dark night full of terror. Before us extends a gigantic landscape, the surface of the globe; it is our way. Dark thunder clouds are still hanging over our heads.

Hundreds among us still die every day for our fidelity to the community, but already the time of recognition and of the brotherhood of peoples is approaching.Already on the horizon flames the dawn of Our Day.

Leon Simon, in Studies in Jewish Nationalism, echoed Nossig—and many other Jewish philosophers—when he wrote:” The Messianic Age means for the Jew not merely the establishment of peace on earth and good will to men, but the universal recognition of the Jew and his God.”

Similarly, the London Jewish World of February 9/16, 1883 said:

The dispersion of the Jews has rendered them a cosmopolitan people.They are the only cosmopolitan people, and in this capacity must act, and are acting, as the solvent of national and racial differences. The great Ideal of Judaism is not that Jews shall be allowed to flock together one day in some hole-and-corner fashion [as a separate people];but that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations—a Greater Judaism, in fact—all the separate races and religions shall disappear.

And outside strictly Jewish and Zionist circles, there were those who came to understand the full nature of Zionism as it stood in opposition to the independence of peoples worldwide. In particular, in Russia—where Zionism and Jewish Bolshevism held sway for so long—a variety of writers (even during the closing years of Soviet era) addressed this topic.

In 1969,Yuri Ivanov, a Russian, published in the Soviet Union a book entitled Beware: Zionism! Essays on the Ideology, Organization, and Practice of Zionism. It sold as many as 270,000 copies. He wrote:

Outwardly, Zionist ideology apparently consists of the doctrine of the creation of a “Jewish State.” Therefore, with only superficial knowledge, we might think that the Zionist way of looking at things touchingly helpless and naively religious . . . .

However, the Zionist leaders always considered the creation of a “Jewish State” not a goal but a means whereby which to realize other far broader aims: the restoration of control over the Jewish masses; the utmost enrichment in the name of authority and parasitic prosperity; the defense and strengthening of imperialism.

The idea of a “Jewish State,” wrote Ivanov, was only a means of achieving capitalist aims and the Zionist aim was never to concentrate either all or most of the world’s Jews in this state: “The idea was the formation of a ‘center’ through which it would be possible to influence the ‘periphery.’”And this, of course, is precisely what “anti-Zionist” Asher Ginsberg candidly admitted in his writings.

In 1971, another Russian writer,Yevgeny Yevseev—in his work Fascism Under the Blue Star: The Truth About Contemporary Zionism, Its Ideology and Practice: The System of Organizations of the Jewish Haute-Bourgeoisie—pointed out that:

By the Zionist logic, the Jewish population of Israel is not a nation but “part of one” since the Jews of the whole world constitute one nation from now on and forever. The Zionists contend that this nation, scattered all over the world, wanders from place to place. . . .The Zionists can still take advantage of such things as the blood relationship between the immigrants in Israel and the Jews remaining in their actual homelands and insist world Jewry is one.

Yevseev did say, however, that in time, this would cease to exist as Jews assimilated into the native populations of the various countries.Yet, we can say in retrospect, that this does not seem to have happened, the wishes and dreams of good people of all faiths notwithstanding. But Yevseev did note that Zionism did, in fact,“[absorb] Judaism as a component part.” He said:

[Judaism and Zionism] reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to a simple and handy division into two countries, and two nations, Jews and Goyim (the non-Jews). Goyim are the enemy and the Jewish clergy and the Israeli Zionist regime, in effect, put the non-Jews outside the law and create a state of interrupted enmity between Jews and all other peoples, justifying a religion of misanthropy and hatred toward people of other religions to serve the global strategy of Imperialism.

The aforementioned Polish nationalist Roman Dmowski reflected upon the influence that Jewish wealth had upon the rest of society. He wrote:

Jews amassed great wealth and assumed a significant role in the social and political life of countries. In addition, the amassing of wealth quickly increased [the Jewish] role as a result of the material dependence upon them by wide circles of European societies. Thereafter arose a period in which, stronger-than-ever-before, there ruled the aim of rendering the social hierarchy—a hierarchy exclusively of property in which . . . those who disposed of money had at their service numerous ranks of people working for them.

This explains those legions of defenders of Judaism and those fighters for [Jewish] interests which arose in the 19th Century . . . .

To these were added secret international organizations, in which Jews always had their defenders and in which, at a certain time, according to all data, they [Jews] held executive positions.

[All of this] was facilitated by the fact that they did not really belong to any nation and lived among all of them; they were created, as if by design, for the main role in all international undertakings.

During this time frame, though—despite the fact that the Jewish people were living within all nations and adopting the customs of the nations in which they lived—there still remained what Dmowski called a “uniformity of instincts and racial consistency” that allowed the Jews to preserve a close knit bond among themselves. And it was, Dmowski pointed out,“not only among Jews who were [assimilating] and often depriving themselves of religious beliefs and Jews of the ancient type, the so-called ‘Orthodox,’ but also among Jews of all countries.”

So it was that the rise of the International Jewish Money Power, already well in place, came at a time when the Zionist (that is, Jewish) ideology of global conquest, a world imperium—The Jewish Utopia—was reaching its zenith in Jewish philosophical circles.

Thus,we now move forward—with the ideological underpinnings of the NewWorld Order examined—to begin our study of the rise of Jewish finance and the evolution of the Rothschild Dynasty as the foremost force within that economic power, the primary engine by which the New World Order is now being implemented.

Shown above, a period caricature of Jewish plutocrats at the London Stock Exchange receiving news that would impact upon their financial manipulations. Jewish financial power was on the rise throughout all of the capitals of Europe during the 19th Century, but London became, in many respects, “the capital of Jewish capital.” Although there were many independent and significantly wealthy Jewish financial wheeler-dealers operating in Britain and elsewhere, the rise of the House of Rothschild in Britain (and across Europe) ultimately brought these other money barons into the Rothschild sphere of influence. The rise of the International Jewish Money Power led to increasingly open discussion—at all levels—regarding this remarkable phenomenon and its impact on world affairs.

The Rise of the International Jewish Money Power

It is absolutely impossible to discuss the New World Order without addressing the incredible totality of wealth (and consequently political power) that the Jewish people have assembled. Beginning with Jewish banking families in Britain and on the European continent, Jewish wealth reached an extraordinary level. And as we shall see, the rise of the Rothschild Dynasty was its final culmination, leading ultimately to the political and economic state of affairs that has made the construction of the mechanism for a New World Order possible.

Although it is politically incorrect to quote Adolf Hitler—perhaps history’s most infamous critic of the Jews—in the context of any discussion whatsoever, Hitler—writing in Mein Kampf—assessed the nature of Jewish financial power and its consequences. So precisely because Hitler is such a controversial figure (one whose role in global affairs continues to reverberate today), it is important to consider what he had to say:

Jews first enter communities as importers and exporters. They then become middlemen for internal production. They tend to monopolize trade and finance. They become bankers to the monarchy. They lure monarchs into extravagances in order to make them dependent on Jewish money lenders. They seek popularity by a show of philanthropy and political liberalism. They promote the development of joint stock companies, stock speculation and trade unions. By control of the press they create turmoil. Both international finance and international communism are Jewish tricks to weaken the national spirit.

Lest anyone dismiss this as “Nazi propaganda” note the similar nature of what Leon Poliakov, the famed Jewish historian, once wrote:

With the start of modern history, Jews found that a reverence for money [was] a source of all life. Increasingly, each action in the Jews’ daily life was subject to the payment of a tax. He must pay to come and go, pay for the right to pray with his co-religionists, pay to marry, pay for the birth of his child, even pay for taking a corpse to the cemetery.

Without money, Jewry was inevitably doomed to extinction. Thus, the rabbis henceforth viewed financial oppressions, for example, the moratorium on repayment of debts to Jews . . . as on a par with massacres and expulsions,seeing in them a divine curse, a merited punishment from on high.

Shown above, an 1889 French campaign poster for Adolphe-Leon Willette, a French painter and lithographer who ran as an openly “anti-Semitic” candidate in a local election in Paris. His poster declared, among other things, that “the Jews are a different race, hostile to ours . . . Judaism is the enemy.” French Christian workers, artisans and others are shown triumphing over and beheading the Jewish Money Power, represented by a crowned cow. At their feet is found the Talmud, long recognized as the driving force behind Jewish intrigues in Europe and worldwide.

As early as September 27, 1712, London’s Spectator wrote of the Jews:

They are so disseminated throughout all the trading parts of the world that they have become the Instruments by which the most distant Nations converse with one another and by which mankind are knit together in a general correspondence.

In The Jews and Modern Capitalism, Werner Sombart wrote that exclusion from public life was of benefit to not only the economic position of the Jews but also their political situation:

It freed the Jews from political partisanship. Their attitude toward the state and the particular government of the day was wholly unprejudiced. Thanks to this, their capacity to become the standard bearers of the international capitalistic system was superior to that of other people, for they supplied the different states with money, and national conflicts were among the chief sources from which Jews derived their profit. Moreover, the political colorlessness of their position made it possible for them to serve successive dynasties or governments in countries which, like France,were subjected to many political changes. The history of the Rothschilds illustrates this point.

In his provocatively titled 1982 book, Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality, published by Ticknor and Fields, American Jewish author Gerald Krefetz said forthrightly:

The acquisition of money [by Jews] has become a reflexive action instinctive as blinking when a hand menaces the eye and as sure a response as the flight of an antelope on the Serengeti plain. For the Jew, money does not represent security, for he seems constitutionally insecure,nor is it a form of camouflage, [for] Jews often choose to stand aside and stand out.

For the Jew, money is safety, a tool of survival. Over the years, the manipulation, the earning, creation, and saving of money has been raised to a fine art—the result of defensive social conduct which has passed from generation to generation.

Describing the Jews as “a wonderful example” for the new science of ethology—which Krefetz noted is the biological study of paradigms, patterns and gestures as a clue to understanding character, in other words, the study of animal behavior—Krefetz said, in candor, that “Any review of the social evolution of Jews in recent times must concentrate on the mightiest defense mechanism—the acquisition of money—since it is so central to their existence and survival.”

Referring to Werner Sombart’s aforementioned The Jews and Modern Capitalism, Krefetz noted that Sombart had concluded that Judaism was a religion favorable to capitalistic development: “Not only was Judaism a stimulant to economic growth,in some areas, Jews were originators of neccesary first steps, indeed, they made capitalism possible. He credited Jews with a significant role in international trade.” Sombart said that the Jews were “the first to place on the world’s markets the staples of modern commerce.”

Jewish traders specialized in luxury items such as precious stones and bullion and were especially pivotal in the colonization of Latin America.

Sombart also noted some of the economic institutions that Jews had been instrumental in creating, including stock exchanges, negotiable instruments, public bonds and bank notes.In addition, Jews were active in promoting free trade, advertising and competition. These were all factors new in the world of what has come to be called “capitalism.”

Sombart traced Jewish traditions in these realms of capitalism back to the Pentateuch and the Talmud (and other Jewish religious sources) which featured commentaries on interest, usury, commercial law, legal transactions and property. Sombart asserted that this “Jewish genius” for capitalism transpired from the Jewish “contract with God”—a bilateral covenant.

In exploring the history of “Jews and Money” in his book by that title, Gerald Krefetz acknowledges with candor that “Historically, Jews have shown remarkable talent for manipulating money. Over the years this proclivity has led them to the world of banking and finance and nowhere have they so brilliantly exercised their financial talents as in America. Free enterprise and political emancipation allowed them to exercise and sharpen these skills—skills that have been evolving for a thousand years.”

For most of those thousand years, Krefetz noted, Jews were not bankers in the modern sense. They were, he wrote, “money lenders more akin to pawn brokers and foreign exchange dealers.” Krefetz described the evolution of the the Jews into the modern day kings of finance leading to the rise of the Rothschild Empire as the foremost force among them:

At first they lent money when no one else could or would, because either of a lack of liquid funds or injunctions [by the church] against [Christians] lending money at interest.

Later, when money became more plentiful and Christian prohibitions were ignored by some, lending became popular and Jewish money lenders were left with only poor clients. By then Jews were restricted from almost every livelihood that had any appeal to Gentiles. The injunctions were enforced by either deportation or by restriction to ghettoes.

A few Jews who became rich and powerful as adjuncts or administrators for rulers—the Court Jews—were precursors to modern financiers. Their jobs included raising revenues by tax farming, negotiating loans, and supplying the military as one-man quartermaster corps.

Modern banking started in the 19th Century with the rise of the House of Rothschild. They were not the only important Jewish bankers in Europe: indeed a surprising number of continental banks were founded by Jews.

The old Court Jew had primarily raised money for local rulers to cover his expenses, his personal diplomacy and his extravagances. The new bankers floated state loans to finance emerging industries and railroads.

Prior to the modern Jewish banks in the Rothschild sphere, there was also a considerable Jewish presence in the world of money. The Economic History of the Jews noted:

Medieval princes used the commercial and financial services of individual Jews.However, as an institution,the Court Jew is a feature of the Absolutist State, especially in Central Europe, from the end of the 16th Century onward.

Trying as far as possible to extend his power over the whole of his territory, the ruler set up a centralized administration as part of his court, which at the same time became the power center, presenting a lavish display of luxury. Economically, a Jew could be of great service to such a ruler.

In Poland many landed estates were administered by Jews and a large part of the trade in agricultural products was in their hands.

This, combined with the emergence of early Jewish capitalist commercial activity by Sephardim in the Netherlands, with their connections with Levantine trade through Jews in the Ottoman Empire, made the Jew in central Europe particularly suited to be an agent for provisioning armies with grain, timber and cattle, as well as a supplier of diamonds and other goods for conspicuous consumption.

As tax collecting and enlargement of the scope of taxation often lagged considerably behind the growing expenditure of court, army and bureaucracy, this type of regime developed an almost chronic financial deficit.

Here the Jews with their organizational skill and their far-reaching connections could help, through the frequent supply of commercial credit or ready cash, as also through the supply of food stuffs, cloth, and weapons for the army, the most important instrument of the prince’s power.

All of this laid the groundwork for the rise of banking families such as, most notably, the Rothschilds:

In all their varied activities, the Court Jews played a remarkable part in the development of international credit facilities, especially in the central European states, and to some degree in northern Europe also, from the mid-17th to the late 18th Centuries.

Generally, they were agents who arranged transfers of credit rather than possessors of vast capital in their own right; through their far-reaching commercial relationships and their organizing skill, they were able to provide funds more swiftly than most Christian bankers.

Because of their specialization in the money business, they were able to furnish the silver for the mints more easily, and could more easily act as army purveyors, once more because of their ability to organize and their network of family relationships.With their entrepreneurial spirit, they contributed in part to the process of industrialization within the frame of mercantilist policies.

There is no doubt that they were instrumental in the growth of the modern absolute state, and at the end of the era there emerged a group of several important Jewish private bankers who exemplify the transition to modern methods of economy and government, primarily the Rothschilds, the Goldsmids, the Oppenheimers, and the Seligmans.

The authors added, almost as an afterthought, “However, it should not be forgotten that the courts had their Christian bankers, entrepreneurs and army agents, too, who also played a part in this development.” How kind of these Judeo-centric authors, writing for a Judeo-centric publishing house, to give credit to the Christians!

Great Britain’s emergence—as the preeminent center of Jewish finance—is vital for us to consider. During the early years of World War II, Germany’s news agency,World-Service, assessed this little-known history.

Jewry’s rise to power in England took place in three sharply defined stages, which are separated by intervals of about 100 years.

Under Cromwell’s rule and during the first half of the Revolution period, under Charles II, the Jews, after having been banned from England for a period of more than 350 years, again swarmed into England.

Cromwell’s rule is characterized by an outspoken British imperial policy. With regard to his financial as well as his political policy Cromwell depended upon the Jews to be the backbone of his colonial expansion. Jewish agents carried on economic and political espionage for Cromwell, availing themselves of the Jewish business houses in foreign countries.

In Cromwell’s time, exactly as 100 and 200 years later, a small ruling Jewish clique was formed, at whose head one Jew appeared as the backbone of the new colonial economic policy. In Cromwell’s time it was the enormously rich Sephardic Jew Antony Fernandez Carvajal who occupied this position.

A hundred years later the second stage of the Jew’s rise to power in England commences. The Jewish clique in England was then led by the exceedingly rich Sephardic Jew, Sampson Gideon, who also greatly influenced the English cabinet ministers. At that time the influence of the Jews on finance-capital in England was already so great, that without exaggeration one may say, that English Jews were controlling the English money market.

Under the leading of Sampson Gideon the Jews sought to break down the barrier-erected by the time-approved laws against the influx of foreign Jews. The English nation, aroused to anger, strenuously opposed this Jewish effort. The Jews therefore could accomplish nothing by constitutional means, but already their power was so great, and by working from behind the scenes the influential English Jews saw to it, that these time-approved laws were evaded and set at nought.

Again, a hundred years later, in the 19th Century, we encountered the last and most decisive period, during which the Jews attempted their emancipation. Jewish personalities such as Rothschild, Montefiore, Bernal, Montagu, Ricardo and Disraeli at the beginning of theVictorian age, fought for and gained equal rights for Jewry within English law.

Once the Jews had been received at court and had been granted citizenship, the English nobility no longer felt degraded by intermarriage with Jews. Uninterrupted, the penetration and disintegration of the English nobility by Jewry now continued. Uninterrupted, the Jewish invasion of the ruling class, whose national opposition was broken down,was now continued on a broad basis.After Jewry had in this way succeeded in worming its way into the nobility, it could from this strong position carry on its campaign against the English nation.

It now began the third stage of its conquest of England. In a period of about 100 years it had accomplished this. In the reign of Queen Victoria the last resistance of the English nation was broken down. Judah had conquered England. Jewish-English Plutocracy was stabilized by the Jews and by sections of the ruling class,which was connected with it by ties of blood, and which was to be still further extended in the 20th Century. Jewish interest and the interest of the Jewish-English aristocracy were now identical.

Through this plutocratic system of government Jewish and British Imperialism were firmly welded together.The strong hands by which the Jews had bound the English nobility to themselves were those of blood relationship and finance-capital. Jewish gold now became the undeniable ruler of England. Jewish unscrupulousness and aggressiveness, shady Jewish avarice and greed from now on become the characteristics and the stamp of the ruling classes, now to be counted in with the Jews.

These were the cornerstones that were used in building up the British Empire in its present form.These are the foundations upon which it rests.

While the Rothschild family held sway through their banks in London, Paris, Frankfurt,Vienna and Naples,there were also such big names in Jewish finance as Bleichroder in Berlin, Warburg in Hamburg, Oppenheim in Cologne and Speyer in Frankfurt who were also emerging as powerful lords of money who worked in conjunction with one another and with the Rothschilds, competing often to be sure, but all tied together by their Jewish heritage and traditions. There were also the Hambros of London, the Sassoons of Bombay and the Guinzberg house in St. Petersburg.

Although these banking empires were equivalent to what are called “merchant banks” or “investment banks” today, there was also a significant Jewish role in setting up so-called “commercial” banks (more akin to the “average” bank with which the average commoner would deal for financial services) such as the Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank—two of Germany’s “Big Three,” Credit Mobilier and the Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas in France, along with Banca Commerciale Italiana and Credito Italiano in Italy, and Creditanstalt-Bankverein and Banque de Bruxelles, among others.

In the United States, there were Jewish bankers rising: Haim Solomon of Revolutionary War fame (although there are those who dispute the claim that Solomon was “The Jewish Patriot Who Financed the American Revolution”) and Isaac Moses who—along with Alexander Hamilton—founded the Bank of NewYork in 1784.

Krefetz cited such Jewish banking houses that rose in America from the period of 1840 onward: Bache, Goldman, Sachs, J.W. Seligman, Kuhn Loeb, Ladenburg, Thalmann, Lazard Freres, Lehman Brothers, Speyer, and Wertheim. And Krefetz notes that these American-based Jewish banking houses had a tendency to intermarry and often acted in concert and thus projected “an image of concentrated power.”

And needless to say, in the midst of this, the Rothschilds were indeed already operating on American soil through their American agent, August Belmont, who worked with many of these other Jewish capitalist forces.

What is interesting is that Krefetz suggested that these Jewish banks were unable to compete with what he calls “Protestant” banks among which Morgan, Drexel, Gould, Fiske, Harriman and Hill were the most prominent. But, as we shall see later in these pages, many of these elements were, in fact, under the sway of Rothschild and other Jewish influence.

For the record, Krefetz added, that, in his opinion, there is no real evidence of an international conspiracy of Jewish bankers, but that“some Jews in banking have conspired.”

The money game, he said,“holds a fascination for Jews that some might say is equivalent to sex to the French, food to the Chinese, and power to the politician. And since the Diaspora [the scattering of Jewish communities], their financial concerns have always had an international flavor.”

As early as 1879, the anti-Jewish German essayistWilhelm Marr said candidly that Jewish Money Power had assembled a predominant influence, in Germany in particular, but he recognized that this money power was international in scope. Marr described his own writings as “less a polemic against Jewry than confirmation of a cultural and historical fact.” He said that any intemperate language he may have used “must be understood as no more than a cry of pain from one of the oppressed.”

By the “oppressed,” Marr was referring to the rest of the many Europeans and peoples worldwide who were, as one English writer put it, some years later, “under the heel of the Jew,”—referring, indeed, to the Jewish Money Power.

Pointing out that many people had written unpleasant things about Jews and the organized Jewish community, Marr noted that, nonetheless, “our self conceit still keeps us from the open and honest admission that Israel has become a world power of the very first rank.”

He emphasized that there was no religious prejudice in his writings. He was, he noted, simply enabling his readers to peer into what he called “the mirror” of cultural and historical facts. He advised readers of his pessimistic works to not blame him if that mirror showed those readers to be slaves.

“Without a shred of irony,” he wrote,“I publicly proclaim the world-historical triumph of Jewry, the news of a lost battle, the victory of the enemy without a single excuse for the stricken army.” He referred to his stark (and dark) conclusions as nothing more than “candor.”

Marr noted that “throughout history the Jews have been hated by all peoples without exception.” He emphasized that much of this hatred and enmity did not come as a consequence of the Jewish religion and its teachings (particularly its disdain for non-Jews)—although he acknowledged this did play some part—but rather, Marr said, the Jewish people had been able to adapt themselves to what Marr called the “idolatry of other peoples.”

Of the historical conflict between Rome and Jerusalem, Marr noted that “When one people subjugates another, one of two situations usually [occurs]: either the conquerer merges into the culture of the conquered and loses its special nature or the conquerer succeeds in impressing his special nature on the conquered.” Marr cited the Mongols who conquered China under Genghis Khan and then became Chinese. He wrote:

As imposing as these two possible phenomena might be, they lose significance when confronted by the cultural history of Jewry, for in this case a wholly new force enters.A completely Semitic race has been torn loose from its homeland in Palestine, led into captivity, and finally scattered.

As far as the Babylonian captivity is concerned,it seems that the Babylonians soon wearied of their Jewish captives, for they were let loose again. The bulk of the Jews returned to Palestine, but the bankers and the wealthy stayed in Babylon, despite the angry thundering of the ancient Jewish prophets.

In some respects, Marr showed great sympathy toward the Jewish situation. He pointed out that “the Jews let themselves be used by the great ones of the land so that they [could] conduct their money transactions at the cost of the common people.” Marr added: “Highly gifted, highly talented in this direction, the Jews dominated the wholesale trade and the retail trade in the Middle Ages. They soon outstripped those who earned their bread by the sweat of their brow.”

What was interesting, said Marr, were the dynamics of the situation. Although the common people saw that because of religious differences the Jews did not share the ethical considerations of the non-Jews, the Jews, so long as they made money, tolerated anything: “Oppressed from above according to official policy, the Jews could carry on below with impunity. The people,” however, he said,“were not permitted to grumble about their exploitation by the powerful and their agents—the Jews.”

As a consequence of this, Marr pointed out,there was an introduction of religion into the equation by those who were angry at being exploited by the Jews and those for whom the Jews acted as agents.And so there were occasional pogroms. However, amazingly, the Jews did not demand their own emancipation since they feared that it might interfere with their money dealings. Although the Jews “were ridiculed by the educated, mishandled by the mob, persecuted by the zealots of the medieval church,” the Jews nonetheless “conquered the world with [their] Jewish spirit,” Marr said.

Another German critic of Jewish financial power, Adolf Stoecker, was not content with simply pinpointing the problems. He put forth a number of solutions that he hoped would be utilized:

The social maladies that Jewry brought with it must be cured by wise legislation. It will not be easy to place Jewish capital under the necessary limitations.
Only organic legislation can achieve this.Abolition of the mortgage system in real estate . . . a change in the credit system that frees the businessman from the arbitrary power of big capital; change in the stock market system; . . . limitation of the appointment of Jewish judges to their proportion of the total population.

Addressing the International Money Power of the Rothschild Empire, in particular,Henry Ford, the great industrialist, said Rothschild power as it was once known, “had been so broadened by the entry of other banking families into governmental finance, that it must now be known not by the name of one family of Jews, but by the name of the race.” Thus, Ford said, this combine was now being called “International Jewish Finance.” He wrote:

Much of the veil of secrecy which contributed so greatly to the Rothschild power has been stripped away; war finance has been labeled for all time as“blood money”; and the mysterious magic surrounding large transactions between governments and individuals, by which individual controllers of large wealth remain the real rulers of people, has been largely stripped away and the plain facts disclosed. The Rothschild method still holds good, however, in that Jewish institutions are affiliated with their racial institutions in all foreign countries.

Thus, having reviewed the rise of the Jews as the kings of global finance, we will now dissect the history of the greatest of all names in the International Jewish Money Power: the House of Rothschild, indisputably the preeminent force in the drive for a New World Order . . .

Meyer Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild Empire, is shown—simian-like—lording over the planet with his hungry vultures about to be unleashed on the bankrupt peoples of the earth. At bottom is the original Rothschild family home in Frankfurt, Germany from which Rothschild launched his infamous predatory dynasty.

The Reign of the House of Rothschild:
The Framework for a Global Jewish Imperium

The great American iconoclast, the poet Ezra Pound,was, as we’ve noted previously, very much concerned with the power of International Jewish Finance and its treacherous and devastating policy of usury, the tactics that brought governments and peoples—economies across the planet—under the sway of the Jewish elite.

Pound emphasized that it was foolish for people to preach anti-Semitism without specifically addressing—and seeking to curtail—the financial construct through which the Jews had risen to reign supreme.Writing in Gold and Work, published in 1944, he put it bluntly: “It is, of course, useless to indulge in anti-Semitism, leaving intact the Hebraic monetary system which is their most tremendous instrument of usury.”

In fact, in the end, after centuries, it was the House of Rothschild that had come to dominate this global “Hebraic monetary system” of which Pound was writing and lecturing about so fearlessly and relentlessly.

The Economic History of the Jews, by Jewish writers Salo W. Baron, Arcadius Kahan and others (issued by Schocken Books, a Jewish--oriented publisher, in 1975), summarized the early history of the Rothschild family during the time frame in which they emerged as the predominant Jewish banking empire. Although family founder Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) had been in business as a money lender as far back as 1763, it was in the early 1800s that the Rothschild empire—now in the hands of his five sons—consolidated its position as the preeminent force in International Jewish Finance. Here is the capsule assessment of the rise of the Rothschilds in Schocken’s Economic History of the Jews:

Jewish banking begins in the 19th Century with the rise of the House of Rothschild in Frankfurt, a city which became the new banking center of Europe as a result of the political upheaval caused by the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

The founder of the house, which became the symbol of the 19th Century type of merchant banking, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, started as a banker to the Elector of Hesse-Kassel. His sons rose to prominence as major European bankers: Amschel Meyer in Frankfurt, Salomon Meyer in Vienna, Karl Meyer in Naples, James Meyer in Paris, and Nathan Meyer in London.

After the death of Abraham Goldsmid and Francis Baring in 1810, Nathan Rothschild became the dominant figure in the London money market. The majority of the English financial dealings with the continent went through the Rothschilds’ offices.

After the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the Rothschilds extended their business into most European states, specializing in the liquidation of inflated paper currencies and in the foundation of floating public debts.

In 1818 they made loans to European governments, beginning with Prussia, and following with issues to England, Austria, Naples, Russia and other states, partly in collaboration with Baring, Reid, Irving & Company.

Between 1815 and 1828 the total capital of the Rothschilds rose from 3,332,000 to 118,400,000 francs.

Chaim Bermant’s monumental study, The Cousinhood: A Vivid Account of the English-Jewish Aristocracy—an aristocracy whom he referred to as “the Cohens, Rothschilds, Goldsmids, Montefiores, Samuels and Sassoons”—and which was published in 1971 by MacMillan, noted that the founder of the Rothschild dynasty, Meyer (sometimes rendered as “Maier” and as “Mayer”) Rothschild,was trained as a rabbi and that Meyer “cherished every Jewish tradition.” His wife, Guttele, was the classic Jewish matriarch of legend, as all accounts of the Rothschild family attest.

And as we noted at the outset—and which bears repeating—an early admiring Rothschild biographer, said of Rothschild that he was “a zealous believer in the Talmud and chose it alone as the guiding principle of all his actions. Likewise, Chaim Bermant was quick to assert that the interplay between Jewish religious, social, academic—and economic—life was a longstanding aspect of the Jewish life that so enveloped the Rothschild family and other great Jewish banking families, indeed all Jews.

And this is important to recognize in considering the role that the Talmudic religious philosophy, going back to the glory days of Jewish life in Babylon, played in shaping the rise of the House of Rothschild and its role in advancing what we now call the NewWorld Order. Bermant wrote:

A synagogue is neither a temple nor a Jewish church. It evolved as an institution in Babylon, in the marketplace, where Jews, having assembled for trade, were encouraged to remain for prayer. In the ghettoes of Europe it was the meeting point of the community where they could gather to pray, chant, study, talk, pass the time of day, mourn the sad times, celebrate the glad ones.

Of the“Cousinhood”—the elite Jewish families based in Britain but with tentacles all across the globe—Bermant wrote that “The Cousinhood were not merely a cluster of relatives. In many ways they functioned as an organic unit and while their own rights [as Jews] were not yet wholly assured, they threw in their wealth and influence on behalf of persecuted co-religionists in other parts of the world. Wherever Jews were oppressed, emissaries hurried to England, to the Rothschilds, to Montefiore, to the Cousinhood.” These elite Jews were those who reigned supreme.

Ironically, in his personal physical appearance, Nathan Rothschild—leader of the British branch of the House of Rothschild—was hardly the image of a global titan. An American traveler in Britain in 1835 said Rothschild was “a very common looking person, with heavy features, flabby pendant lips and projected fish eye. His figure, which was stout, awkward and ungainly,was enveloped in the loose folds of an ample surtout.”

However, the American added,“there was something commanding in his air and manner, and the deferential respect which seems voluntarily rendered him showed that he was no ordinary person.‘Who is that?’ was the natural question.‘The King of the Jews,’was the reply.”

This ungainly King of the Jews and his family proceeded in the century that followed to accumulate a mighty empire that was unrivaled then as it remains unrivaled today.

In 1878, Major Osman Bey wrote “an historical and ethnical essay” entitled The Conquest of the World By the Jews.The work examined how what he called “the Principle of Material Interests” enslaved the people of the world by financial oppression. He described this “Principle of Material Interests” as a “secret power” that the Jewish people, as a united force, discovered. He focused on the concept of Jewish solidarity, suggesting that if one attacked a Jew in one place, all of the Jews of the five continents arose as one man against the attacker. This concept of Jewish solidarity was at the foundation of his writings in this realm.

He said that the petty medieval usurers had changed into modern bankers or stock-brokers. “ThoseWandering Jews of long ago,” he said, “have become crafty speculators and the old clothes men and peddlers have opened elegant warehouses and industrial halls.” However, he added a critical point that must be understood:

There was a time still lacking the crown of the edifice; that is, the embodiment of the mode of principle and a concrete and tangible power, which is inborn in every human enterprise; for, as the ecclesiastical or raw military rule ultimately incorporated into a pope or an emperor, thus the Jewish money supremacy must necessarily induce the formation of a dynasty, which derived its origin and its permanent justification from the Principle of Material Interests.

Osman was referring, of course, to the Rothschild Empire.

It was Rothschild, he said,who rose“more by the force of circumstances than by the consequences of his own exertions, to the high and powerful position of a visible head of the Jewish supremacy.” Osman noted:

All the Jews bowed down before this new ruler and do so bow down ever since his rule has been recognized from one end of the world to the other.

As the king of finances, Rothschild commands the rolling masses of the Jewish capital as completely as the German or Russian emperor commands the moveable masses of his armies.

The power of this “self-constituted ruler of all the Jews,” Osman said, was “not to be calculated by the thousands of millions which he can call his own, but by that far greater, and really fabulous, mass of gold, the circulation whereof is dependent upon the orders issued by his cabinet.”

Osman was clear to note that the “rolling masses of the Jewish capital” were international in scope:

Each Jewish millionaire who carries on financial operations in Paris,Vienna, Berlin or in the United States [and note his 1878 reference to the United States—Ed.] is insofar a lieutenant general of Rothschild as it were, always governing his actions by the indications of that financial barometer.

He noted that the wealth of three branches of the Rothschild family were estimated at about 3,000 millions of dollars and he pointed out that “this is pretty nearly the amount which the French government was at some trouble to raise for [a] war indemnity.” So, he concluded,“one family is as wealthy as a whole nation.” He added: “When one reflects that this immense wealth is the fruit of the labor of millions of unfortunates, one might doubt one’s sanity.” Osman summarized it all:

So long as the world existed, such an unnatural state of things has never before been known. The head of the Rothschild family is therefore a potentate, a ruler within the full meaning of the word, and his subjects are the millions of human beings who incessantly labor to support his power and his splendor.

The Rothschilds possess a dozen of castles, truly royal residences, situated in the most magnificent and cultured countries. There these rulers unfold a gorgeous splendor and receive the adulations of the magnates of this earth, not excluding emperors and kings, and yet the head of the Rothschild family places little value in being called a king. His Jewish majesty is evidently content with being a king and enjoying the power which immense riches procure for him. But in all other respects Rothschild plays literally the role of a ruler and does not neglect the duties which his royal dignity imposes upon him.

It is he who represents the Jewish people with splendor as other rulers represent the power of their respective nations. The Jewish ruler, for instance, never shrinks from taking part in all subscriptions which fashion or report has invested with a certain importance [that is, the Jews insert their money and influence in highly public—one might say “flashy”—ways in order to make their presence and names well known and “respected”—Ed.].

Rothschild always takes care when visiting a particular locality to leave a memento of his presence, either by founding some philanthropic institution or by a princely donation.

Besides this, the Rothschilds, as the visible head of the Jewish nationality, have in recent times made it their duty to lay the cornerstone whenever some benevolent institution, devoted exclusively to the Jews, is to be erected. The power of this Jewish autocrat is so immeasurable and unlimited that it far outshines the power of all other kings and emperors.

When, but a few years ago, two great empires—France and Prussia—carried on a bloody war, each country putting forth many hundreds of thousands of soldiers, it was nevertheless necessary to call in a third potentate to establish quiet in Europe.

This third potentate was called Rothschild—that “King by the Grace of God”—whose signature was indispensible for the definite conclusion of [the war].

Although some modern-day writers, largely Rothschild publicists, have tried to diminish the role of the Rothschild influence on American soil, Osman wrote that in the United States,“their power in the United States is well known and felt.”

It was stated on good authority, he pointed out, that the demonetizing of the American silver dollar in 1873 was achieved by an agent of the Rothschilds named Earnest Seagel who went to Washington for that purpose and who was believed “by corrupt means” to have effected that change as so desired by the Rothschild Empire. “So cleverly was the matter done,” he noted, “that it was some time before the change was generally known.”

Osman noted, too, that the Rothschild forces “longed also for a monopoly of the liberal arts and sciences which are open only to the higher ranks of society. Knowing well that they could acquire honor, regard and political power only by those means, they engaged in literature, medicine and public education and flooded the professions of law and journalism.

“Jewish newspaper writers form in every state,” he added, “a closely connected and all powerful combination composed of minds as clever and industrious as they are unscrupulous and that having in a certain way appropriated a right of intervention in all [form of] affairs in order to levy tribute on the credulity of the public.

“This combination,” he said, “having such means at its disposal, far more powerful than church or feudal state is in possession of a vast and terrible power in the hands of which we are nothing but abject slaves.”

Of the Jewish power plays in the political arena, he wrote:

There are two fundamental principles: that the Jews as an organized group have endeavored to concentrate their influence, scattered as it is all over the world at any given moment, at the point to be conquered in the most effective manner in order to suppress all local opposition tendencies. They endeavor at all times to derive advantage from the disunion of others.

In order to achieve that, they place their money power at the disposal [of both parties which may be in dispute with one another] while they take care, at the same time, to have representatives in every part.

Thanks to this policy, the Jews are always on hand to turn every party victory to their advantage.

Such a distribution of power is like a good hand of cards, wherein all four colors are represented so that some points are always sure, no matter which color is turned up.

As an example, he noted:

For instance, we see in France: Imperialistic, Republican, even Socialistic Jews. If Imperialism gains a day, [Jewish finance] would be there to represent the Jewish interest.

If, on the other hand, the Republic or even the Commune chances to be victorious [Jewish Socialists are] at hand to change into the trump color, as it were, of the Jewish hand of cards.

“In short,” he said, “the Jews preserve their prestige independently of all changes of government and approach their ultimate object—the conquest of the world—an approach, more and more as time goes by their ultimate object—no matter how circumstances may change. They have discovered the secret of winning with all parties and losing with none.”

The Rothschilds and their satellites likewise played this game on the international stage.“All nations,” he wrote, “are manipulated as necessary as part of this grand international game.”

Osman wrote of how the Jewish money power was able to manipulate the press.He said there were three classes of journals: journals in the pay of the Jews; journals bearing the banner of a specific nationality or ideology, but, in fact, being fronts for Jewish interests; and thirdly, journals openly bearing the Jewish banner.

The first class, those in the pay of the Jews, were those that had been essentially bought off.The second class of journals were those he described as the proverbial“wolves in sheep’s clothing”—pretending to represent the interests of other groups but, in fact, were “serving an excellent purpose under their mask by effecting changes in public opinion since their readers rarely perceived that the articles appearing in them . . . [lead the public to believe] that these papers reflect the drift of public opinion in [the country in which they are published] and yet they mirror only the reflection of the Jewish devil who tries to lead us astray at his pleasure and bewitches us with the doctrines and sophisms of the modern school.”

(In the United States today, of course, we find the journals of what we might call “Kosher Liberals” and “Kosher Conservatives” who—while angrily disagreeing on all other issues—still nonetheless fall into place in endorsing Jewish interests and the concerns of the state of Israel.)

Then,of course,Osman noted there were those journals that were openly proclaiming themselves as reflecting the interests of the Jewish community and geared toward the Jews themselves, designed, wrote Osman,“to lead Israel [the Jewish people] in its aggressive movement upon the wealth of the heathens”—that is, the non-Jews of the planet.

“This press utters the war cry,” he said,“and directs and leads the Jews onward. Without these journals, the Jewish movement would not form a whole and its activity would necessarily lack inner force.”

Osman described all of this as evidence of “the existence of a secret but fearful power.” This combination,he said,“forms an appalling battery, to fight against which appears next to impossible.”

Referring to independent journals outside the Rothschild (and Jewish) sphere of influence, Osman said,“The Jews have ready at all times a bullet shower of scoff and calumny vomited forth from the lying mouths of hundreds of journalists: every person who does not allow himself to be plundered by the Jews is a ‘reactionary’ and if he takes a cowhide in his hand [for self defense against Jewish attacks] he is a ‘barbarian.’”

Osman concluded—so long ago in 1878—that the conquest of the world by the Jews was henceforth what he called“a fixed fact that could not be disputed.”

What assisted in the conquest of the world was usury, what he described as a “pernicious habit of issuing bonds, not just the issuance of bonds by nations, but municipalities which thereby mortgaged the wealth of nations and communities all over the world.”The interest on those bonds “went on continuously by day as well as by night” he noted. “Its course sweeps like a tornado over fair fields, destroying everything in its path.”

What Osman called“the secret power of accumulative interest”enslaved mankind, he said, and became the “primary weapon” by the Jewish interests for setting in place what we today call a New World Order. The only answer was for nations and individuals to keep out of debt and he said that this would break the back of the International Money Power as soon as all debts were liquidated on a basis that was both just and equitable.

The irony of it all, Osman said,was that while people considered themselves “free” and boasted of high culture within their natures, no one yet dared to rise against those who had effected their conquest of the world only by means of cheating and usury:

The only way to restore social equilibrium is to take hold of the tree by the root and direct the attacks against the cause of this cosmopolitan and fundamental evil. That way and only then could true statesmen succeed in freeing mankind from the greatest plague from which it ever suffered.

And the source of that plague was indeed the global construct of International Jewish Finance dominated by the Rothschild Dynasty.

In 1913 Professor Roland G. Usher, writing in his book Pan-Germanism, reflected on the worldwide tentacles of the Rothschilds:

Russia,Turkey, Egypt, India, China, Japan and South America are probably owned, so far as any vast nation can be owned, in London or Paris. Payment of interest on these vast sums is secured by the public revenues of these countries, and, in the case of the weaker nations, by the actual delivery of the perception into the hands of the agents of the English and French bankers.

And, of course, those “English and French bankers” were the Rothschilds. Usher added that:

In addition, a very large share, if not the major part, of the stocks and industrial securities of the world are owned by those two nations and the policies of many of the world’s enterprises dictated by their financial heads.

In short, he was saying that the financial heads of England and France—that is, the Rothschilds and those in their sphere of influence—were, in fact, those who controlled the substantial portion of the stocks and industrial securities of the planet itself.

“The world itself, in fact, pays them tribute,” wrote Usher. “It actually rises in the morning to earn its living by utilizing their capital and occupies its days in making the money to pay them interest, which is to make them still wealthier.”

The vast growth of the Rothschild Empire was extraordinary. The Annual Encyclopedia of 1868 noted that Jacob Rothschild in Paris, launched by his father, Maier Rothschild with a capital of $200,000, died in 1868 with a fortune which was, by that time, worth over $300,000,000 in American dollars [at that time]. His yearly income alone was about $40,000,000.

Writing in 1913 in his book, The Romance of the Rothschilds, Ignatius Balla pointed out that, at that time, there was no fortune inAmerica at all that equaled one year’s income of that of Jacob Rothschild. In 1913, according to Balla, the Rothschild fortune was worth over $2,000,000,000.

Then, of course, we have to consider that the various branches of the Rothschild Empire in the great cities of Europe found a way to maintain their influence through the intermarriage of their progeny with other members of their own extended family. For example, Jacob Rothschild married the daughter of his brother, Baron Salomon Rothschild of Vienna.

The further institutionalization of the Rothschild Empire involved the intermarriage of Rothschild family members with members of other Jewish banking dynasties such as the Montefiores of England and the Sassoons who, in particular, built their own gigantic fortune in Asia. Originally opium traders from Baghdad, the Sassoons later entered into banking, and they had extraordinary influence in China, Japan and throughout the entire Orient—even including Australia.

The international loans to the nations of the world by the Rothschild dynasty were a live factor then—when American author E. C. Knuth was writing in the early 1940s—as they are today. Knuth described the oft-documented intrigues of the Rothschilds saying that “one of the most effective devices employed by the House of Rothschild through the years to destroy their competitors and to discipline recalcitrant statesmen has been that of artificially creating an over-extended inflation by extended speculation, then to cash in and let others hold the bag.” This trick,he said,was worked by the Rothschilds at intervals throughout the years.

The Rothschilds had a global grip: Belgium, Egypt, Portugal, among many,many other nations. In Chile, the Rothschilds controlled nitrates. Brazil was so weighted down with loans from the Rothschilds that one writer said that this Latin colossus might have been described as “a Rothschild state.”

Rothschild influence extended into Asia through their ties with the Sassoon family, into Australia through the Montefiores, and into South Africa through Rothschild control over diamonds and gold, an influence extended through Cecil Rhodes and through the Oppenheimer family which dominated the diamond industry.

Reaching into the modern day, the Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, the Bronfmans of the Americas, and the late Armand Hammer whose intrigues reached into the Soviet Union, were known by insiders as “The Billionaire Gang of Four” and they were the patrons responsible for the international media empire of Australian-born Rupert Murdoch who is part Jewish (through at least one line of descent) on his mother’s side.

Later, prior to the collapse of the Soviet regime, following the years after the death of Josef Stalin—who was working to break Jewish influence inside Russia—these Rothschild influences saw fit to begin maneuvering to maintain a grip inside Russia as it veered toward its ultimate collapse.

Although one might be inclined to think of the Rothschild Empire as being one primarily concerned with finance, the truth is that their billions were invested in many industries.

The Rothschilds controlled mercury, through gathering up mercury mines in Spain and through their manipulation of political affairs in Spain. Likewise in the realm of nickel, which is used for hardening steel and for which there was no known substitute.

The Rothschilds gained control of nickel resources in Canada, New Caledonia and Norway. The Rothschilds’ nickel interests also ensured that they were also major players in arms manufacturing because of the fact that the famed Krupp firm of Germany was inter-connected through its representatives with the French Rothschild concern, Le Nickel.

The copper industry was also a source of Rothschild wealth: they held shares in the Rio Tinto mines in Spain, which also produced sulphur. Likewise with lead and oil. Although one associates the name “Rockefeller” with oil, in the Caucasian region, site of the famed Baku oil reserves, the Rothschilds held control of vast oil deposits.

It should be noted that as part of the Rothschild interest in oil, this led to hostility by the Rothschilds toward the Czars of Russia who were the only European royals who consistently resisted the intrigues of the Rothschilds. And thus it is no coincidence that Rothschild interests ultimately played the pivotal role in financing the Jewish-led Bolshevik Revolution that destroyed the House of Romanov.

Although it is well known that the Rothschilds controlled the diamond industry in South Africa, they were likewise preeminent in South Africa’s lucrative gold-mining enterprises.

All gold bullion passed through the hands of three Jewish firms which controlled the price of gold: Mocatta and Goldsmid, Samuel Montagu & Company, and, of course, N. M. Rothschild and Sons.

It was President Henrik Krueger of South Africa who said, famously,“If it were possible to eject the Jew monopolists from this country, neck and crop, without incurring war with Great Britain, then the problem of everlasting peace would be solved.”

(Ironically, Krueger is memorialized on the famous South African gold coin known as the Kruegerrand.)

English writer Arnold Leese said that there was a definite moral to the events surrounding the history of the Rothschild dynasty.He said it was this:

Only a minority of men and women in any community of any race and of any rank and of any religion are strong enough to stand absolutely the influence exercised upon them by those who wield money power which becomes without much effort the real ruler of “democratic” governments. When that Money Power is wielded by Jews it follows that democracy is condemned by its very nature to rule by alien Jews of the country which adopts it.

Leese said that “The influence of money is generally exerted in a far more subtle manner than that of raw bribery. Even good men and women, if they are not also strong, find it difficult to resist favors given under circumstances which make refusal difficult. . . .” He described some of the means by which this subtle form of bribery is accomplished:

Tips as to the likely future fluctuations in stocks and shares, introductions to influential people afforded by the rich to the needy, residential accommodations supplied at a cost considerably below that which is usual for such accommodation, early news to politicians, etc.

Leese pointed out that “Under such influences people who could not be bribed by any direct means find themselves placed sooner or later in circumstances where it is no longer possible for them to refuse some sort of return of the favors, a return which perhaps the official position of the individual concerned affords them the opportunity to make.”

Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley, writing in Tragedy and Hope, referred to the influence of the Jewish banking houses in Europe. He noted that often times the Rothschilds and other Jewish banks collaborated with non-Jewish interests and that they “frequently cooperated together even when their groups as a whole were in competition.”

In France, during the 19th Century, Quigley noted, “a largely Jewish group” that was allied with Protestant banking interests, such as those exercised by the Mirabaud group.

(It is interesting, here, as a digression, to point out that this distinguished Georgetown University professor—who was, by former President Bill Clinton’s own public acknowledgement, an admired intellectual mentor to Clinton—would, in his premier work, actually distinguish between “Jewish” and “Protestant” banking interests. The average American has been assured that it is quite politically incorrect and absolutely beyond the pale, thoroughly unacceptable, to broach the matter of one’s religion outside the direct discussion of religion itself. That is, to specify someone’s religious persuasion, is—at its worst—bigotry. At the least, it is impolite and improper.

So despite that which has been pawned off on the average American, in an attempt to scare him away from discussing Jewish power and influence, the fact that Dr. Quigley dares to casually and candidly refer to Jewish banking interests should be instructive to those average Americans.

However, according to Dr. Quigley, the Mirabaud and Rothschild interests “together dominated the whole financial system, being richer and more powerful than all other private banks combined.”

In 1902, English liberal, J.A. Hobson, in his famous Imperialism: A Study noted the power of the Rothschild dynasty in its stark political context:

Does anyone seriously suppose that a great war could be undertaken by any European state, or a great state loan subscribed, if the House of Rothschild and its connections set their face against it? Every great political act, involving a new flow of capital, or a large fluctuation in the values of existing investments, must receive the sanction and the practical aid of this little group of financial kings. . . . Finance manipulates the patriotic forces which politicians, soldiers, philanthropists, and traders generate. . .The financial interest has those qualities of concentration and clear-sighted calculation which are needed to set Imperialism to work.

An ambitious statesman, a frontier soldier, an over-zealous missionary, a pushing trader, may suggest or even initiate a step of imperial expansion,may assist in educating patriotic public opinion to the urgent need of some fresh advance, but the final determination rests with the financial power.

The direct influence exercised by great financial houses in “high politics” is supported by the control which they exercise over the body of public opinion through the Press, which, in every “civilized” country is becoming more and more their obedient instrument. . . .

In 1911, Werner Sombart, writing in his famous, previously-cited work, The Jews and Modern Capitalism, said: “The name Rothschild meant more than the firm which bears the name.” He referred to all of the Jews who were involved in international finance and pointed out that: “For only with their help were the Rothschilds able to achieve that position of supreme power; indeed, one can justly say the sole mastery of the bond market—which we see them possessing for half a century.” He added:

It is certainly no exaggeration that one used to be able to say that . . . a finance minister, who alienated this world house and refused to cooperate with it, more or less had to shut his office up. . . [Not] only in quantitative terms but also in qualitative terms, the modern bourse [stock exchange] is Rothschildian (and thus Jewish).

There was an infamous novel entitled L’argent, written by Emil Zola. In that novel there was a character—one Gundermann—who was a Jewish banker (modeled, of course, after no less than the French Rothschild). Gundermann was described by Zola:

The banker king, the master of the bourse and of the world . . .the man who knew [all] secrets, who made at his beck and call the markets rise and fall as God makes the thunder . . . the king of gold . . . Gundermann was the true master, the all-powerful king, feared and obeyed by Paris and the world . . .One could already see that in Paris that Gundermann reigned on a more solid and more respected throne than the emperor.

Another character in Zola’s book, one Saccard—an anti-Semite—was forced to seek Gundermann’s help, and, at the same time, foresaw “the final conquest of all the peoples by the Jews.” Saccard referred to the Jews as:

That accursed race which no longer has its own country, no longer has its own prince, which lives parasitically in the home of nations, feigning to obey the law, but in reality only obeying its god of theft, of blood, of anger . . . fulfilling everywhere its mission of ferocious conquest, to lie in wait for its prey, to suck the blood out of everyone [and] grow fat on the life of others.

Sensitive folks, politically aware and politically correct, were no doubt shocked to read these remarks about Jewish people and Jewish financial interests coming from the pen of Emile Zola, for, of course, he was best known (and is remembered today) for his defense of the French Jew, Alfred Dreyfuss, accused—falsely, it is said—of treason.

And then, there was French financier Paul Eugene Bontoux, who referred to “La Banque Juive”—that is, “The Jewish Bank”—which he said was “not content with the billions which had come into its coffers for fifty years . . . not content with the monopoly which it exercises on nine-tenths, at least, of all Europe’s financial affairs.”

Bontoux knew whereof he spoke. He had been head of the Union General bank and blamed “Jewish finance and its ally, governmental Freemasonry” for the collapse of the firm. And needless to say, the Rothschilds were at the center of the Union General affair.

In his famous 1899 book, The Jews Against France, the great essayist Edouard Drumont wrote:“The God Rothschild is the real master of France. Neither emperor nor czar nor king nor sultan nor president of the republic . . . he has none of the responsibilities of power and all of the advantages; he disposes over all the governmental forces all the resources of France for his private purposes.”

Even Britain’s Labor Leader newspaper denounced the Rothschilds as “the bloodsucking screw [which] has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between states which ought never to have quarreled.Wherever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumors of wars circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity, you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games, somewhere near the region of the disturbance.”

Ezra Pound, writing in Gold and Work, published in 1944, declared: “War is the highest form of sabotage, the most atrocious form of sabotage. Usurers provoke wars to impose monopolies in their own interests so they can get the world by the throat. Usurers provoke wars to create debts, so that they can extort the interest and rake in the profits resulting from changes in the values of monetary units.”

British liberal writer J.A.Hobson referred to the BoerWar as having been “engineered by a small group of international financiers, chiefly German in origin and Jewish in race.” He said they were “prepared to fasten on any . . .spot on the globe . . . taking their gains not out of the genuine fruits and industry, even the industry of others, but out of the construction, promotion, and financial manipulations of companies.”

While it has been remarked that Hobson avoided “an anti-Semitic line” of argument in advancing a socialist-oriented argument against capitalism, his critics contended that Hobson laid the groundwork for much of the thinking among many who were considered “anti-Semitic.”

In regard to anti-Semitism, Meyer Karl Rothschild himself said in 1875, in a conversation with Otto von Bismarck, “As for anti-Semitic feeling, the Jews themselves are to blame and the present agitation must be ascribed to their arrogance and vanity and unspeakable insolence.”

Upon the death of Lord Nathan Rothschild in 1915, the Western Morning News of Britain said:

The death of Lord Rothschild is an event that not even the war can overshadow. This prince of financiers and friend of King Edward probably knew more of the inner history of European wars and diplomacy in general than the greatest statesmen we have ever had. Every great stroke of policy by the nation in the last half century has been preceded by the brief but all-significant announcement: “Lord Rothschild visited the prime minister yesterday.” It was one of the signs which those behind the scenes looked when big decisions were pending.

It is one of the great myths of history that the European Rothschilds were not touched by the rise and expansion of National Socialist Germany. Rothschild property was confiscated in Austria and France and in Germany. Many Rothschilds left German-occupied Europe, obviously able to do so. Yet, many American “patriot” writers and Internet commentators continue to promote the falsehood that “Hitler never touched the Rothschilds.” Not true. But a lot of these “patriots” don’t mind ignoring the facts.

As early as 1841, Alexandre Weill, wrote an essay entitled “Rothschild and the Finances of Europe.” He said:

There is but one power in Europe and that is Rothschild. His satellites are a dozen other banking firms; his soldiers, squires, all respectable men of business and merchants, and his sword is speculation. Rothschild is a consequence that was bound to appear; and, if it had not been Rothschild, it would have been someone else. He is, however, by no means an accidental consequence, but a primary consequence, called into existence by the principles which have guided the European states since 1815. Rothschild had need of the states to become a Rothschild, while the states on their side required Rothschild. Now, however, he no longer needs the State, but the State still has want of him.

Freidrich von Scherb, a German author, in his History of the House of Rothschild, published in 1893, wrote:“The House of Rothschild has arisen from the quarrels between states, has become great and mighty from wars [and] the misfortune of states and peoples has been its fortune.”

Even the great figures of Europe were entangled with the Rothschilds—including, not incidentally, the Grand Duke Metternich whose name today is synonymous with international intrigue and power politics.

Metternich was interwoven with the Rothschild Empire, using their private courier service for his personal correspondence and putting his finances in the hands of Salomon Rothschild. In regard to this, modern-day Rothschild-supported biographer Niall Ferguson wrote: “The evidence that the Rothschilds established a network of private financial relationships with key public figures in restoration Europe is compelling.” However, Ferguson explained, as if to dismiss it:

Yet, the conspiracy theorists of this and later periods misunderstood the role of such relationships when they portrayed them as the key to Rothschild power. The image of the Rothschilds at the center of a web of “corruption”would become a current one in the years after 1830.

However, it was not, in reality, the bribes, the loans and other favors they bestowed on men like Metternich which made them the dominant force in international finance after 1815. No, it was the sheer scale—and sophistication—of their operations.

Although aristocrats and business leaders eagerly accepted invitations to Rothschild galas, known for what Niall Ferguson described as their “sheer extravagance,” it could not be said that the Rothschild brothers were liked. For example, Nathan Rothschild was, he said, “found by many to be coarse to the point of downright rudeness in manner.”

The fact that the Rothschilds were so powerful caused many to comment on their brute force. Ludwig Borne said, “Rothschild is the high priest of fear, the [god] on whose altar liberty, patriotism, and honor and all civic virtues are sacrificed.” A Jewish convert to Christianity, Borne wrote:

Would it not be a good thing for the world if the crowns were placed on [the Rothschilds’] heads, instead of lying at their feet as they do now? . . . Although the Rothschilds do not yet occupy thrones, they are, at all events, asked their advice as to the choice of the ruler when the throne falls vacant.

Would it not be a great blessing for the world if all the kings were dismissed and the Rothschild family put on their thrones? Think of the advantages. The new dynasty would never contract a loan, as it would know better than anybody how dear such things are, and on this account alone the burden on their subjects would be alleviated by several millions a year.

Heinrich Heine, the poet and journalist—also a Jewish convert to Christianity—maintained a relationship with the Rothschild family. He said what he called “the Rothschild system” was revolutionary in and of itself.

The system, he said, possessed “the moral force or power which religion has lost, it can act as a surrogate for religion—indeed, it is a new religion—and when the old religion finally goes under it will provide substitutes for its practical blessings. “Strangely enough,” Heine added,“it is once again the Jews who invented this new religion . . . .”

Heine said: “No one does more to further the revolution than the Rothschilds themselves . . . And, though it may sound even more strange, these Rothschilds, the bankers of kings, these princely pursestring-holders, whose existence might be placed in the gravest danger by the collapse of the European state system, nevertheless carry in their minds the consciousness of their revolutionary mission.”

What of this revolutionary mission? Heine described Rothschild as “one of the greatest revolutionaries”—to have founded modern democracy. Along with Robespierre and Richelieu, Heine said that Rothschild was among “terroristic names” that signified “the gradual annihilation of the old aristocracy.” They were, he said,“Europe’s three most fearful levellers.” Heine wrote:

Richelieu destroyed the sovereignty of the feudal nobility and subjected it to that royal despotism that either relegated it to court service or let it rot in bumpkin-like inactivity in the provinces.

Robespierre decapitated this subjugated and idle nobility but the land remained and its new master, the new landowner, became another aristocrat just like his predecessor whose pretensions he continued under another name.

Then came Rothschild [who] destroyed the predominance of land, by raising the system of state bonds to supreme power, thereby mobilizing property and income and at the same time endowing money with the previous privileges of the land.

Here thereby [came] a new aristocracy, it is true, but this, resting as it does on the most unreliable of elements, on money, can never play as enduringly regressive a role as the former aristocracy which was rooted in the land, in the earth itself.

For money is more fluid than water, more elusive than the air, and one can gladly forgive the impertinences of the new nobility in consideration of its ephemerality. In the twinkling of an eye, it will dissolve and evaporate.

Heine concluded—all too correctly: “Money is the God of our Time, and Rothschild is his Prophet.”

Prince Albert and Queen Victoria—like Metternich before them—relied on the Rothschilds’ private courier service as their own postal service. Niall Ferguson said that this meant that the Rothschilds were able to provide a “unique” news service to the European elite. Major political events and confidential information could be relayed well ahead of information passing through official channels.

What this meant, also, although Ferguson didn’t say it, was that the Rothschilds were thus privy to all “secret” communications from the British royals and any other European power brokers who permitted the Rothschilds to be the official—although officially unofficial—channels through which they communicated.

Nathan Rothschild’s famous early news about the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo (the defeat of Napoleon) was just one example of the proficiency of their private courier service—and that is the stuff of legend.All of this permitted the Rothschilds to be well versed in world affairs.

James Rothschild said in 1834,“As far as I’m concerned, Russia can go to the Devil and we can do quite happily without them.” He told his brother, “Don’t give [the Russian Czar] another opportunity to embarrass you.” The Rothschilds apparently felt that they were not being accorded the respect due “the bankers of kings.”

“Do you ever think,” James asked his brother,“that we will ever be on friendly terms with Russia?” In friendly Rothschild biographer Niall Ferguson’s assessment: “He evidently felt not.”

In regard to the Rothschild contretemps with Russia under the Czar, Ferguson commented that “it [is] hard to find a better illustration of the limits of Rothschild financial power.” Thus, although Ferguson doesn’t say this, it should be no surprise, of course, that the Rothschilds and their agents played such a major part in destroying the House of Romanov in Russia.

Although, as we’ve noted, it is certainly politically incorrect to quote Adolf Hitler, it is nonetheless appropriate to do so, particularly when examining the fact that the nations of Germany and Russia, which were hurled against one another in two world wars, were, in fact, two nations in which Jewish influence reigned supreme (at least during the period between those two world wars).

In a speech on April 13, 1923 Hitler said that Jewry “hated above all others the two states, Germany and Russia, that until 1914 foiled the realization of its goal: world domination.” In these two countries, said Hitler, the Jews were denied what he asserted had already fallen to Jewish hands in the Western democracies:

They were not yet the sole rulers in intellectual and economic life. Neither were the parliaments yet the exclusive instruments of Jewish capital and will. The German man and the genuine Russian had maintained a certain distance from the Jew. [Emphasis in the original]

“There still lived in both people the healthy instinct of scorn for the Jews. And it was still possible that in these monarchies there could arise once again a Frederick the Great or a William I, who might send democracy and parliamentary chicanery to the devil.

Thus, the Jews became revolutionaries! The republic was supposed to lead them to enrichment and power.They disguised this objective [with this rhetoric]: “Down with the monarchies! Empowerment of “the sovereign people”!

Hitler added: “Thus Germany and Russia had to be brought down in order that the old prophecy be fulfilled. Thus the whole world was turned upside down. Thus the lies and propaganda were brutally employed against the state with the last remaining idealists—Germany! [Emphasis in the original] And thus Judah won the world war [i.e.World War I]!

“Or will you maintain,” he asked,“that the French, English or American ‘people’ won the war? All of us,” he concluded, “victors and vanquished, are the defeated. One stands over all others: the world stock market, which has become lord of the nations,” he said. [Emphasis in the original]

Thomas Raikes, an English diarist of note, observed that the Rothschilds had become what he called “the metallic sovereigns of Europe” and that: “They have obtained the control over the European exchanges which no party before could accomplish and they now seem to hold the strings of the public purse. No Sovereign without their assistance now could raise a loan.”

Friendly Rothschild biographer Niall Ferguson said that if there was indeed a single “secret” of Rothschild success, it was the system of cooperation between the five brothers’ houses of finance, when taken together, the largest bank in the world, while still they spread their influence, individually, through five major financial centers spread across Europe.This multinational system was governed by contractual agreements that were periodically revised and which, according to Ferguson, was effectively “the constitution of a financial federation.”

According to Ferguson,“The rate of growth and size of their capital in the period before 1850 were unprecedented in banking history.” In 1818, the grand total of combined Rothschild capital (among the five houses) was 500,000 pounds. By 1828, it was 4,330,333 pounds—14 times the size of their nearest longtime close competitor, Barings. Ferguson said that “the sheer scale of the Rothschild’s resources can hardly be over emphasized.”

So while Ferguson, a financial writer, is comfortable throwing around such gigantic figures,the actual numbers today—so many years later—are so staggering they would craze the mind of the average person to even begin to consider the depth and breadth of the Rothschilds’ accumulated wealth.

In that period, it appears that James Rothschild was apparently the richest man in France, whereas Amschel, Salomon and Karl were ahead of their continental rivals; thus, together—between the brothers—according to Ferguson,“the Rothschilds were the richest family in the world.”

And this was before 1840. Imagine the accumulation of interest that has piled upon interest since that time.

Ferguson noted that,“by the mid-1830s each of the five Rothschild houses had secured itself as a preeminent force in the public finances of its respective base country.”

Although the Rothschilds were identified, in a national sense, with each of the countries in which they held sway, Ferguson noted, “such national identifications did not greatly matter if peace prevailed in Europe.” However, “when the interests of the great powers clashed, as they periodically did, it was less and less easy for the Rothschilds to remain neutral.”

He added, though, that “there were few regions of the world in which the European powers had no interests, and no regions in which their interests coincided perfectly.” In four areas—Iberia, America, the Low Countries, and the Near East—the Rothschilds faced the challenge of coming up with policies that were in the collective interest of the five houses of the five brothers and their respective heirs, even when “the national interests of their local governments” were in conflict, noted Ferguson.

So the Rothschilds were indeed “international”—with no loyalty to any nation but Judah of whom they were the princes.

The aforementioned Niall Ferguson, has candidly written of how “international tension” could be “beneficial to the Rothschilds.” He noted that:

The Rothschilds had consistently used their financial power to promote peace throughout the 1830s, but when the great powers had been completely restrained in their foreign policies . . . the stream of new loan business had begun to dry up.

In contrast, when they embarked on policies of re-armament, as they did from 1840 onwards, this was not necessarily detrimental to Rothschild interests.

The Rothschilds entered into a partnership with the Bank of the United States in roughly 1837. As a consequence they found themselves, according to Ferguson, on the receiving end of large quantities of American state bonds, from not only New York but also newer states such as Indiana, Alabama, Missouri and Michigan, as well as shares in a number of new banks and even a canal company. And in a forthcoming chapter we will explore the little-known role of the Rothschild family in American affairs in much further detail. We will confirm, beyond any question, that the claim that the Rothschilds played very little—if any role—in the United States is simply not true. In fact, they—and their satellites—rule America today. It is the primary enterprise in the drive for a New World Order.

So today do the Rothschilds have a modern equivalent?

Their friendly biographer Ferguson says “no.”

Ferguson proclaims that “not even the Saudi royal family has a comparable share of the world’s resources in its possession today.Nor can even the richest businessmen in the world claim without qualification to be as rich in relative terms as Nathan Rothschild was when he died at the height of his fortune.” Not even Bill Gates, apparently, is as wealthy as Rothschild.

Georgetown University’s Professor Carroll Quigley referred to the names of the banking families: Baring, Lazard, Erlanger,Warburg, Schroeder, Seligman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, Fould, and, in his turn of phrase, “above all” the Rothschilds and the Morgans. Quigley wrote:

Even after these banking families became fully involved in domestic industry, by the emergence of financial capitalism, they remained different from ordinary bankers in distinctive ways.

1) They were cosmopolitan and international;

2) They were close to governments and were particularly concerned with questions of government debts, including foreign government debts, even in areas which seemed at first glance, poor risks, like Egypt, Persia, Ottoman Turkey, Imperial China, and Latin America;

3) Their interests were almost exclusively in bonds and very rarely in goods, since they admired liquidity, and regarded commitments in commodities or even in real estate as the first step toward bankruptcy;

4) They were, accordingly, fanatical devotees of deflation (which they called “sound money” from its close associations with high interest rates and high value of money) and of the gold standard, which in their eyes symbolized and ensured these values;

5) They were almost equally devoted to secrecy and the secret use of financial influence in political life.

These bankers came to be called “international bankers,” and were more particularly known as “merchant bankers” in England, “private bankers” in France, and “investment bankers” in the U.S.

In all countries they carried on various kinds of banking and exchange activities, but everywhere they were sharply distinguishable from other, more obvious, kinds of banks such as savings banks or commercial banks.

“The influence of financial capitalism and of the international bankers who created it,” Quigley said,“was exercised both on business and on governments, but could have done neither if it had not been able to persuade both these to accept two axioms of its own ideology.” Of these two axioms of the ideology of the International Money Power, Quigley wrote:

Both of these were based on the assumption that politicians were too weak and too subject to temporary popular pressures to be trusted with control of the money system; accordingly the sanctity of all values and the soundness of money must be protected in two ways: by basing the value of money on gold and by allowing bankers to control the supply of money. To do this, it was necessary to conceal or even to mislead, both governments and people, about the nature of money and its methods of operation.

In a little-known work, A World Problem, first published in Poland and then in the United States in English in 1920, Stephanie Laudyn referred to International Jewish Finance as “a nation of traders and speculators” who held “a deep and exalated faith in their royal mission, which is to make them lords over all the nations.”

The profound force of Laudyn’s elegant writing is so pertinent it must be memorialized here for the historical record, particularly since in the 88 years that have passed since Laudyn first put these thoughts in print, the power of the Rothschild Empire has expanded beyond comprehension. Laudyn declared:

The gold they garner so greedily is but a palpable means to the attainment of their fantastic aspirations. Concealed under its cover is the burning desire to subject the world and to wrest the moral dominion over humanity. They follow it out logically and are conscious of every step they take.

Have they not made an enormous headway in this regard? Have they not reached a high round of the huge ladder which is to lead them to the aggression they have dreamt of in the clouded regions of their historic soul? Have they not taken control of the world’s press today? Do they not infuse their spirit into the thought and the moral atmosphere of the time? . . .

This ancient race, which had given birth to priests and prophets and had ever been imbued with a sad mysticism and high aspirations, is not ignorant of the vanities of commercial pursuits—gold and money. Their ambitions reach higher, indefinitely higher.

In ancient times, Jews themselves held in scorn the Phoenicians—the first traders in the world—because they gave themselves up to commerce, and—today? Have not the blackest annals been associated with Jewish traders? Does not their golden calf stand in threatening posture, stretching forth his black wings of shame, the one, usury, the other—white slavery?

Terrible indeed! Will there be enough clear water in the Euphrates to wash out the blood stains from their pitiless and greedcrazy hands? Can the rust be taken off their soul by some regenerating strength. . . .
They never tilled the soil they occupied, nor shed their blood in its defense.The spiritual, cultural, and intellectual progress of the people among which they lived was no part of their care and labor. On the contrary, they only bartered and traded, enhancing even mankind’s highest ideals for gold, in order to increase capital and upbuild the autocracy of the Jews. Although scattered over the entire world, they formed, nevertheless, a united body of middlemen who manipulated the products of other nations. . . .

Through long centuries a new worldly Nameless power has gradually been arising, and its roots are striking into every crevice of human effort and today, it rules the enterprise of every nation.

However mysterious, this power is real, merciless in its action and detrimental to the welfare and the ideals of any people in whose midst it develops. Herder, in his work on The Ideals of the History of Mankind, brands the Jews as a “nation of parasites and middlemen,” depraving the world by their usury.

Even Kant condemned their practices, and Bismarck spoke with horror of the rural population’s misery, which was exploited most unmercifully by the Jews. Voltaire, Goethe, Schiller all branded them as destroyers. Martin Luther, Schopenhaur and Napoleon warned the people against them.

While the altars of force and abuse have fallen and the gods of tyranny and slavery are lying in the dust, Israel has arisen, and with an added power, dominates the affairs of the world. It leads a servile army of anarchism, and its influence reaches even the leaders of the world’s greatest democracies.

The upper classes in the nations—the diplomats, the learned, the writers, the legislators, the people of thought and reflection—protect the Jews and submit to the hypnotism of the Jewish spirit.

But the plain people—the very life and brawn of the nation—the masses that cannot argue, but feel upon their backs the burdensome iniquities [and] arise more and more in despondent revolt.They undertake their own retribution . . . .

That the intrigues of the Rothschild Empire have contributed immensely to the rising global phenomenon of anti-Semitism is undoubted. Famed French writer Edouard Drumont, author of La France Juive, one of the foremost 19th Century analyses of Jewish financial power, said satirically that he was going to write a book entitled The Victory of the Jews, recalling an earlier work by another writer on the French Revolution entitled The Victory of the Jacobins. Drumont said:

We are dealing here with nothing less than a conquest, by a tiny but cohesive minority. . . .This is the characteristic of this conquest: a whole people is working for another, a people who appropriates, by a vast system of financial exploitation, the benefits of others' labor.The immense Jewish fortunes, the castles, the mansions, are not the fruit of real labor, or any production. They are the tribute taken by a dominant race from an enslaved one.

It is certain that the Rothschild family, which in its French branch alone is worth three billion francs, did not have this money when they came to France. This family has made no great inventions, discovered no mines, plowed no earth.

They have simply taken three billion from the French without giving anything in return.

Some of their businesses,whose stocks are worthless today, and which can only have been launched by fraud, are pure and simple swindles. This enormous embezzlement of the money accumulated by the workers is accomplished without anyone's lifting a finger to stop it. . . .

Today, thanks to the Jews, money, which the Christian world in the past attached little importance to, has now become all-powerful.

The power of capital,concentrated in the hand of a few, governs the economic lives of whole populations, enslaves the workers, and feeds upon evil gains acquired without work....

Now, since almost all the newspapers and all the organs of publicity in France belong to Jews, either directly or indirectly, it is not surprising that they carefully hid from us the significance and extent of the immense antisemitic movement which is beginning to rise up all over.

In any case it has seemed useful to me to describe the successive phases of the Jewish conquest and to show how, bit by bit, because of the Jews, the old France is falling apart, how this highprincipled happy and loving people has become hate-filled, goldmad and is gradually being starved to death. Everyone has the premonition that the end is near. . . .

What no one is talking about is the part played by the Jewish element in the death agony of this generous nation, the role in the destruction of France of the introduction of this foreign body into an organism which up to now was in perfect health.

But France was not the only nation falling into the hands of the Rothschild Dynasty. The tentacles of these “Kings of Kings” reached worldwide. And the key to understanding the growth of Rothschild power is to recognize the particular role of the Rothschild family in nurturing the British Empire. In fact, Rothschild dominance in Britain—the British royal family notwithstanding—is something which has been long recognized.

As recently as June 2008, Iranian television broadcast a documentary series entitled Armageddon Secret featuring Iranian scholars who asserted that the Jews were striving for global rule by destroying all other nations on the planet. An Iranian university professor in the documentary, Ali-Reza Karimi, charged that Israel’s goal is to “take over the world and hold its central position” and that “the Jews aspire to rule the world. They encourage destruction and ruin, and we can witness such actions around us.”

Karimi asserted the Jews not only believe in the promise to rule from the Nile to the Euphrates, but also that “God gave them the entire world.” The documentary cited the Rothschild family directing what was described as a “secret political cult” which “over hundreds of years distributed a secret network throughout the world.”

The documentary noted that the Rothschild family “implanted in the minds of the Jewish wealthy the idea that Palestine is the Promised Land,” noting that “The British government, controlled by the Zionist empire headed by the Rothschild family,was committed to realize the Zionist goal.”

Should anyone dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory by Muslim fanatics,” note that in 1896 American populist leader Mary Ellen Lease said frankly: "Redemption money and interest-bearing bonds are the curse of civilization. We are paying tribute to the Rothschilds of England, who are but the agentof the Jews." She was not the only voice making such charges.

Another influential American populist,William “Coin” Harvey wrote a then-popular work, A Tale of Two Nations, the story of a wealthy London banker, Baron Rothe—a thinly veiled character based on Rothschild—who engineered a plot to grab control of the American economic system.

In our forthcoming chapter we will examine the historic role of Jewish finance and the rise of the Rothschild Empire as the primary force in guiding the fortunes of what is called the “British” Empire, but which some wags refer to as the “Yiddish” Empire.Whatever the case, the record shows that a “Rothschild” empire is what Britain truly is.

This World War II-era illustration pinpointed the role of the Rothschild-controlled British Empire dominating the peoples of the planet.

Right, Winston Churchill, long in the pay of Jewish interests: a Rothschild gunman.

“John Bull”—symbol of Britain—is shown (correctly) on the leash of Jewish plutocrats.

The “City of London”
The Jewel of Rothschild’s Imperial Crown

In 1944, an American engineer, E. C. Knuth of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, published an intriguing volume, now largely forgotten, entitled The Empire of “The City”: The World Super State. Knuth wrote of what he called“the five ideologies of space and power.” They were as follows:

1.) The “OneWorld” Ideology;
2) The Pan-Slavic Ideology;
3) “Asia for the Asiatics”;
4) Pan-Germanism; and
5) Pan-American Isolationism.

That “One World” ideology of which Knuth wrote was, according to Knuth, what he described as “the secret ideology of international finance” which was working to establish world rule by “a closely knit and well-disciplined group of special privilege.” Knuth noted that most Americans were unaware of this, but most Europeans, in contrast, had a fair conception of its existence and workings.

Knuth’s concept of Pan-Americanism—an ideology he said was “America for the Americans”—was expressed in the famed Monroe Doctrine.This was, he pointed out correctly, the established foreign policy of the United States from 1823 to its abandonment by the adherence by the United States to the ideology of world rule by international finance. He said that the United States had indeed abandoned its own traditions to align its policy with that secret ideology of international finance, the purpose of which, ultimately, was to crush the Pan-Slavic Ideology (of Russia), of “Asia for the Asiatics” (the Japanese ideology) and, of course, Pan-Germanism.

And, in fact, in World War I we saw the United States move against Germany and in World War II we saw the war against Germany again (and this time Japan). Yet, despite the previous temporary alliance by the United States with Russia in World War II, we saw the emergence of the Cold War.

Now, in our modern day,we see a new Russia—under Vladimir Putin—which moved to break the chains of international Jewish oligarchs, now facing the enmity of that secret ideology of international finance which is firmly in control of the United States. Yet, at the same time, as Knuth pointed out, there has been this interlocking power between the British Empire—the so-called “Empire of ‘The City’” with the United States now, however, many years after Knuth wrote, being a major base of operations (at least militarily, in any case) of the secret ideology of international finance.

In fact, when Knuth was writing—even before the end of World War II—he predicted a conflict between the secret ideology of international finance and the ideology of Russia.He pointed out that this impending possible duel to the death would come as a consequence of those whom he referred to as “such subjugated peoples as [each force] could wheedle or compel to joinits forces.” Such a duel, he said, seemed inevitable in view of the deep animosities and explosive economic pressures that were already existing at the time he was writing.

Knuth pointed out that the American partners of the international money forces surrounding “The City of London” who had entered into the “new secret ideology” were renouncing and abandoning the long-standing established isolationism of “America for the Americans.”

At the same time, of course, there were those in the United States who recognized the dangers of this new ideology. The Rev. Henry Van Dyke—a well-known name in his era—said, so eloquently and so appropriately (particularly in our modern era of American ventures in “globalism”):

If Americans do not thirst for garrison duty in the tropics, they must be bought or compelled to serve. To wilfully increase our need of military force by an immense and unnecessary extension of our frontier of danger is to bind a heavy burden and lay it on the unconscious backs of future generations of toiling men.If we go in among them,we must fight when they blow the trumpet.

We should say, up front, that the term “The City of London” does not refer to the geographic city of London, the capital of England. Rather, as the better informed know, the term “The City of London” refers to a specific section of the British capital city (that is, a particular part of town) wherein the major national and international banking houses are located.

The “City” was—and today still is—an area of some 677 acres which, although part of metropolitan London, is not even under the jurisdiction of the official police department of the actual geographic city of London. Instead, it had its own private police force of some 2,000 men. Here, of course, is the headquarters of the Bank of England which, like the Federal Reserve System in the United States, is, despite its name, a privately-owned institution. In England, the Bank of England is not even subject to regulation by the British parliament (!) and has always been therefore, for all intents and purposes, a sovereign world power on its own.

Within “The City” are also located the stock exchange and other institutions of global scope—all, of course, under the domination, if not the direct control, of the Rothschild Empire. And this “City” is, in fact, the public face of the heart of the Rothschild Dynasty, if not worldwide, at least certainly inasmuch as it is the center of what we commonly referred to as “The British Empire,” for the truth is that the “British” Empire was no more than the geographic base of the International Money Power: the Rothschild Empire.

The Money Power—the “Sixth Great Power of Europe” as they once called it—was indeed the power of the Rothschild family or, as the Rothschild’s assembly of power was known: “The Fortune.”

The public face of “The Fortune” was “The City” and Knuth said that it was probably “the most arbitrary and most absolute form of government in the world.” He pointed out that so many people living under the control of the British Empire—some 80% of whom were “colored people”—were “the voiceless subjects” of the international financial oligarchy of “The City.”

And, pointedly, he noted, “The City” used the allegory of the British “Crown”—the royal family—as its symbol of power, but, in fact, the financial oligarchy had then—as it still does today—its headquarters in the ancient financial center of London: that is, “The City.”

American industrialist Andrew Carnegie (born in Scotland) once pointed out in reflecting upon the power of“The City”(with which his own operations were connected) that, as a consequence of its power, “six or seven men can plunge the nation into war” or “commit it to entangling alliances without consulting parliament at all.”

Carnegie said that this was “the most pernicious palpable effect flowing from the monarchical theory” since these power brokers carried out these policies “in the king’s name,” but, he said, although the king was still a real monarch,“in reality [he was] only a convenient puppet to be used by the cabinet to suit their own ends.”

The amazing words of Andrew Carnegie were echoed years later, in some respects, by the German information agency, World-Service, which pointed out that the “English” government hardly represented the interests of the average Englishman:

The English government is only the British facade for the Jew in the background. The English statesmen are the well-paid dummies of the Jewish-English finance-capitalism.

The British Empire is the highest capitalistic concern which exists. It is an enormous corporation, whose principal shareholders are Jews.The aim of this company is the exploitation of the people who live within the British Empire and in the states under British hegemony, and the ever-increasing accumulation of untold wealth, which only benefits, and is enjoyed by, the ruling Jewish-English plutocratic clique.

In England we therefore find on the one hand excessive riches and on the other hand dire poverty and destitution of millions of the English people. The Jewish-English capitalism, the Jewish-English plutocracy is not satisfied with merely exploiting the inhabitants of the colonies in the most shameless way; in its insatiable greed it in no way shows a sense of responsibility towards its own nation.Because the British government is only the deputy of Jewish-English finance-capital, therefore British interests are the interests of the English ruling classes to-day in England are identical; but neither of them in any way is identical with the interest of the English nation.On the contrary: their interest is directly against those of the English nation.

Great Britain, the richest country in the world, presents a picture of the greatest and most powerful poverty in the midst of enormous wealth. A state—whose government tests every matter from the standpoint of “Is it advantageous for finance, or not?”—has therefore brought a sixth of its population so low that they live in hovels unfit for human habitation.

[In] England,13 million people, that means a quarter of the total population, suffer from malnutrition. Before the outbreak of the present war England had 2 million unemployed. At present there are still one million unemployed.

Tens of thousands of people yearly migrate from the country to the towns, there to eke out a meager proletarian life or go under. Yearly thousands of acres of farmland are withdrawn from cultivation. Yearly increasing numbers of cotton mills close down and throw their workers on the streets.

All this happens because it is in the interest of finance, for the enormous profits of the Jewish-English plutocratic clique are only to a limited degree the results of the productive powers of the English worker.

The profits result principally from the sweat of the poorly paid natives of the Far East; they result from the continual stream of imported Argentine meat and foreign foodstuffs, while every English farmer must battle to save his farm from bankruptcy. While British workers from the shoe and leather factories are walking the streets of Northampton and Leicester in search of employment, millions of pairs of shoes are being imported from overseas.

While in Yorkshire and Lancaster the factories are being closed down, millions of yards of cotton goods and material are being imported from the Far East and the enormous shortage of material for export is made up by the creation of similar industries in the colonies and by the rigorous exploitation of natives in the Far East, to the detriment of the mother-industry and thereby to the detriment of the English nation, which becomes more and more improvised and is more and more thrown into unemployment.

While the farmer is faced with absolute ruin, millions of tons of foreign meat, vegetables,and fruit are thrown on the English market and all this only because the Jewish-English plutocratic clique receives bigger profits. In this way international “robber”economics is carried out at the expense of the English nation.

This is the curse of plutocracy. In this Jewish-English plutocratic swamp all manner of corruption naturally flourishes.

It was the late Cecil Rhodes who dreamed of a planet ruled by Britain, with the former American colonies reunited as an integral part of that empire: in many respects, quite parallel to the concept of a Jewish Utopia.

While Rhodes talked of Anglo-Saxon domination of the globe, he was referring to the power elite of the British Empire but we do know well now that the British Empire was hardly in the hands of the Anglo-Saxon people of England. Rather, it was held firmly in the grip of the Rothschild Empire.

And Cecil Rhodes himself was, in reality, only a very highly influential and well-paid asset and agent of the Rothschild interests.

While Rhodes is recalled today as the eminence grise of the British imperial dream, British historian Niall Ferguson’s book The House of Rothschild: The World’s Banker 1849-1999 provides the reader with the specific data that demonstrates, beyond any question, that, as Ferguson put it, the Rothschilds had “a substantial financial hold over Rhodes,” who was indubitably a creature of their making.

The late Dr. Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University, in his mammoth Tragedy & Hope, and more directly, in his subsequent work, The Anglo-American Establishment, focused on Rhodes’ ties to Britain’s non-Jewish elite, but he ignored the Rothshild dynasty’s dominance over Rhodes.

Ferguson’s book delineates the Rothschild predominance in the world of Cecil Rhodes and that elite, perhaps suggesting that the use of the term “Anglo” is not strictly accurate from an ethnic sense of the word, not only because the Rothschilds were Jewish by faith and culture, but also because their influence was international in scope.

In regard to the “British” elite, it should be noted again, at this juncture, that—in fact—many of the ancient aristocratic families of Britain had increasingly begun to mix with members of the Jewish banking elite. As English writer Hillaire Belloc noted:

Marriages began to take place, wholesale, between what had once been the aristocratic territorial families of this country and the Jewish commercial fortunes. After two generations of this, with the opening of the twentieth century those of the great territorial English families in which there was no Jewish blood were the exception. In nearly all of them was the strain more or less marked, in some of them so strong that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish and the members of the family were taken for Jews whenever they traveled to countries where the gentry had not yet [intermarried with Jews].

But matters went much deeper than familial relationships.

Jewish—and, of course, most especially Rothschild Empire influence—was well-entrenched even in the great global corporate institutions that were synonymous with the “British” Empire, quite notably even the famed British East India Company.

American author L. B.Woolfolk, in his classic (but today little-known) work, The Great Red Dragon, published in 1890, described the fall of the East India Company into the hands of International Jewish Finance:

In 1764, the British East India Company was the grandest and richest corporation in the world.

It was the only corporation which ruled a territorial empire. It was enriched by traffic, by the extension of its trade through the conquest of the trading stations of its Continental rivals and by the wholesale plunder of India.

It had been from the first the best investment of capital to be found in the British Islands. Its stock was eagerly taken by all who had the means.

The mercantile class took as much stock as they could afford; but, as we know, merchants usually have little more capital than they need for their regular business.

The British Landed Aristocracy had large incomes from their estates; and being under a necessity of seeking the best investments, in order to portion their younger children, they made large investments in the East India Company.

But the great Capitalists of that age were the Jews. They were the money holders.

They subscribed largely to the stock;and as, in each generation, the stock of the Aristocracy was sold to portion younger children, the Jews—always economical, always full of money, and always in search of the best investments— bought the stock thrown upon the market.

Thus it came to pass that the greater part of the stock of the East India Company, and of the other companies afterwards organized out of the dividends of that great company, fell into the hands of the Jews. The Jews became the great Money Kings of the world.

In any case, as E.C. Knuth pointed out, this grand dream of what we now refer to as the NewWorld Order had one problem: its advocates failed to see that there were going to be gigantic wars of the future stemming from what he called“the opposition of powerful races who would decline to recognize a fantastic doctrine of the racial superiority of the Anglo-Saxon [people] and of its preordained destiny to rule all the races of the earth.”

In fact, this doctrine was an integral part of the “secret ideology of international finance.” But, if truth be told, this secret ideology—masked in some ways by Rhodes’s dream of Anglo-Saxon rule—was, of course, the age-old Talmudic dream of a global imperium.

In this instance, the agenda of achieving The Jewish Utopia was hiding behind the image of Anglo-Saxon England which, by the time of the 20th Century, was an integral (perhaps the central) mechanism by which the Rothschild Empire (as the royal house of the ruling Jewish elite) was working through the City of London to establish its New World Order. Of these operations, the late Vincent Cartwright Vickers—a former governor of the Bank of England and a major arms manufacturer in whose company the Rothschilds held a major share—wrote:

Financiers took upon themselves perhaps not the responsibility but certainly the power of controlling the markets of the world and therefore the numerous relationships between one nation and another involving international friendships or mistrusts.

Loans to foreign countries are organized and arranged by The City of London with no thought whatsoever of [those] nations’ welfare but solely in order to increase indebtedness upon which The City thrives and grows rich.

This national—and mainly international—dictatorship of money which plays off one country against another and which, through ownership of a large portion of the press, converts the advertisement of its own private opinion into a semblance of general public opinion, cannot for much longer be permitted to render democratic government a mere nickname.

Today we see through a glass darkly, for there is so much which “it would not be in the public interest to divulge.”

E. C. Knuth pointed out that the power of the financial oligarchy lay in what he called its “ageless and self-perpetuating nature, its long-range planning and prescience, its facility to outwait and break the patience of its opponents, those who,” as Knuth put it, “have attempted to curb this monstrosity,” that is, those populist and nationalist politicians who saw the dangers of the International Money Power.

Those critics of this powerful force, Knuth noted, had all been defeated because they had been obliged by those who supported their efforts “to show action and results in too short a span of years.”

Those real patriots who opposed the International Money Power had been “outwitted and out-waited, deluged with irritants and difficulties, eventually obliged to temporize and retreat.”

Those in the United States and Britain who dared to take on international finance, said Knuth, often came to what he called “a disgraceful end.”

Quite in contrast, those who had served well the forces of big money had profited immensely.

The Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, Knuth reminds us, was, in effect, a sovereign world power not subject to regulation or control, in the slightest degree, by the British parliament.

This institution—in the hands of the Rothschild Empire—acted, according to Knuth, as “the great balance wheel of the credit of the world, able to expand or contract credit at will,” subject only to the orders of “The City”—in short, the Rothschild dynasty.

Knuth was not the first writer to recognize the Rothschild grip on Britain. Of the special relationship which existed between the International Money Power of the Rothschild dynasty and the British Empire, Major Osman Bey, writing in 1878 in The Conquest of the World by the Jews, (cited earlier) described it as a consequence of mutual concessions:

A sort of friendly understanding has been arrived at on the basis of common interest between these two commercial powers, by virtue of which the British Empire lends its political influence and material assistance to Judaism while the latter places its financial influence at the disposal of England and supports British commerce. The English and the Jews both derive advantage from this tacit understanding, the former since it enables them to make use of the immense Jewish capital in disposing of their articles of commerce by means of Jewish middle men.

The American critic of Jewish finance, Ezra Pound, writing in Gold and Work, published in 1944, put it succinctly: “After the assassination of President Lincoln, no serious measures against the usurocracy were attempted until the formation of the Berlin-Rome Axis.”

(In the following chapter we will examine Lincoln’s conflict with the Rothschild Empire as it made its advances on American soil.)

It is thus no accident that in 1940, the German government, as part of itsWorld-Service publicity division, candidly put forth the proposition, in no uncertain terms, that it was precisely because of the Jewish domination of Britain, through the plutocratic forces of the Rothschild Empire, that the English people were hurled into war against National Socialist Germany, which, as Ezra Pound said, had attempted “serious measures” against the International Money Power.World-Service wrote:

In the plutocratic system of government in England we find the real reason for England having today declared war against National-Socialist, anti-Jewish Germany.

The English government did not declare war against Germany in the interest of the English people, nor to eventually protect British subjects from possible German acts of aggression, but she declared war solely in the interest of the Jews who control England and in the interest of Jewish-English finance-capital which was looking for the first opportunity to break lose, both of which are the acknowledged enemies of every form of national Socialism.

England cannot wage any war in the interest of the English nation, for the English government cannot be considered the representative of its own people, nor does it possess the confidence of the nation.

On the contrary, it merely fulfills the task of protecting the immense wealth, which is in the hands of the small circle: the Jewish-English ruling class; it further guarantees the small Jewish-English clique shall increase its enormous capital unhindered.

To-day the Jews, as well as the English press, wish to make us believe, that the Jewish-English alliance only came into being during the present war, and that it finds its natural cause in the Jewish persecution in Germany and that, the anti-Jewish laws of the Third Reich, forcibly drove the Jews to side with England in this war. This, as we have seen, is not true.

The Jewish-English alliance originated solely and simply through the inseparable bond between Jewish Imperialism and British Imperialism, and in the fact that Jewish finance-capital is identical with British finance-capital.

It has its origin solely and simply in the blood-ties between the Jews and the English nobility and the fact that the Jews succeeded in turning England into a plutocratic state.

The Jews did not come into the war as allies of England because Germany had persecuted them, but England declared war against Germany because the English government is the blind obedient servant of Jewish commands,exactly as England is the sworn enemy of all anti-Jewish states and, according to its plutocratic structure, of necessity must be.

The English government declared war against Germany because it is a Jew-controlled government and as such represents the Sword of Judah against anti-Judaism and against any form of National Socialism.

The English government declared war against Germany because Englishmen are not the rulers of England, but because Jewish finance-capital rules and because England is a plutocratic state.

Although there have been many books written on the topic of international finance generally over the years, there has been little public understanding or recognition of the bigger picture.

However, as E. C. Knuth noted, going through those many volumes that have touched on these subjects, there are to be found what he called “amazing nuggets of information” coming to light which, put together,“unfold the stunning history and the legal structure of a sovereign world state.” This world state, of course, is governed by “The City” of London which, Knuth said,“operates as a super government of the world and no incident occurs in any part of the world without its participation in some form.”

“The grand plan of this ‘one world’ order decrees that it is necessary,” wrote Knuth, “to limit the political and territorial expansion of Russia promptly and peremptorily.”

And that, of course, is what Knuth was writing in the closing days of WorldWar II, while the United States and Britain were still allied with Russia, but it was soon after the war that the so-called ColdWar emerged and now, in the opening years of the 21st Century a “Second ColdWar”—a “New Cold War”—is being constructed against Russia in its new incarnation as a nationalist state which has challenged the international Jewish money interests.

Today, the great colossus known as Russia—free of the grip of Communism and Capitalism, two heads of the same dragon—stands in the way of the New World Order.

Even as this is written, in 2009,we see agitation for confrontation with Russia arising in the Rothschild-connected spheres of influence in the West, particularly in the United States, with the Zionist “neo-conservatives” effectively banging the drum for war against Russia. (This author’s works, The Golem and The Judas Goats, explore this phenomenon in some detail.)

Knuth asked, sarcastically, whether it was in the public interest to expose the grand plan of what he called the “one world camarilla” (that is, a conspiratorial group) when they were so close to achieving their goal of establishing a global imperium. How many more lives would have to be sacrificed, he asked, for the creation of “the great dream . . . of a world ruled by a benevolent despotic intelligentsia and so to create ‘peace for all eternity.’”?

Knuth reflected on the control of the mass media by this internationalist power elite, raising these questions:

How has it been possible to erect this Internationalistic structure of misrepresentation and deception in our midst and to protect it from exposure for nearly [then] half a century?Why have not our professors of history, our college presidents and educators or our crusading newspapers exposed this monstrosity?

He said that there were “some evident and very practical reasons” for the fact that those responsible for informing and educating the public had not done so in regard to the International Money Power, and one of the primary reasons, was that “our newspapers are absolutely dependent for their existence on the advertising of great business interests” and, he added, a bit cynically, that “the principal function of college presidents is to collect the funds upon which the existence of their institutions depends, to be on the right terms with the right people.”

Those who have made attempts to expose the Rothschild Empire and the NewWorld Order and its Talmudic origins—or even simply portions of the big story—have met with little success for, as Knuth acknowledged, works of this type have received little recognition and “because they are considered ‘controversial’ [are] treated with the contempt of silence.”

Quite in contrast,pointed out Knuth, note the massive,multi-million dollar circulations of what Knuth described as “the highly acclaimed and widely publicized products of the proponents of Internationalism; with the complete domination of the radio [and now, today, television] by Internationalist propagandists. . . .”

So the influence of the Rothschild Empire had captured imperial Britain—long ago—infiltrating its aristocratic families and financial institutions and Rothschild influence reached worldwide.

In the meantime, across the Atlantic, the Rothschild Dynasty was already moving forward to capture control of the New World and ensure that the new United States was firmly in its grip.

In the chapters which follow we will begin our examination of the role of the Rothschild Empire in American affairs, culminating—ultimately—in the emergence of the United States in the 20th Century as the engine of Imperial Power in the hands of the Rothschild Dynasty.

August Belmont, Jacob Schiff, Joseph Seligman and Paul Warburg (left to right) were among the foremost figures representing the interests of the Rothschild Dynasty and International Jewish Finance on American soil, although there were many non-Jewish Americans who were Rothschild partners and front men in various aspects of U.S. finance and industry, the Rockefeller family being the most notable example.

Harry Truman on Jewish Power . . . Although President Harry Truman is hailed as the American president who recognized the new-born State of Israel in 1948, the Jewish world reeled in horror on July 11, 2003 when The Washington Post published excerpts from Truman’s unpublished private diary in which Truman reflected quite candidly on Jewish attitudes and Jewish power. One entry on July 21, 1947 was particularly harsh and read as follows: “The Jews have no sense of proportion,nor do they have any judgment on world affairs.The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns,Poles,Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as [postwar] Displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power—physical, financial or political—neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog. ”
Remember: these were not the ravings of Adolf Hitler nor of some anti-Semitic right-wing street agitator. These words were not penned by a “Jew-baiting conspiracy theorist” or by a “Muslim terrorist.” They were not the mutterings of a bitter misanthrope.They were the private musings of a beloved American president, the down-to-earth “Man from Independence,” none other than “Give ‘Em Hell Harry.” Was he wrong?

The Rothschilds and America:
First a Colony, Then the Engine of Imperial Power

Ezra Pound, writing in Gold andWork, published in 1944, reflected on the role of International Jewish Finance—the Rothschild Empire—in dictating the economic affairs of the nations of the planet. An early and vocal critic of the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve System on American soil (more about which later), Pound commented on the loss of liberty that so many had suffered as a consequence of the rise of plutocratic capitalism and its usurious domination of global money:

No one is such a fool as to let someone else have the run of his own private bank account;yet nations,individuals,industrialists, and businessmen have all been quite prepared—almost eager—to leave the control of their national currencies, and of international money, in the hands of the most stinking dregs of humanity.

The American author E. C. Knuth (writing in the closing days of World War II) recognized that the American system had now become part of the Rothschild web. Assessing the fashion in which the global money power had—during the 20th Century—been intertwined with the American system, he concluded—with dismay—that what had occurred was that the United States had become “a subject of the laws of England.”

In short, the United States had fallen into the hands of the Rothschild Dynasty—the primary force behind the “British” Empire.

And despite the fact that during the closing decades of the 19th Century—and then in the earliest years of the 20th Century—the matters of money and finance, gold and silver, the issues of debt,war and imperialism, were subjects of common discussion in American political affairs, Americans, however, remained largely ignorant of the existence of the Rothschild Empire.

While there was—as we noted in the previous chapter—some recognition of the role of the Rothschild Dynasty and their predatory practices of international finance capitalism, Knuth wrote:

To a large extent,most of theAmerican public knew little of the Rothschilds, at any given time in history. The Rothschilds were generally considered in a class of myth or legend.

However, he said, and this is certainly an understatement: “It should be quite obvious that the gigantic fortune of this family is still a very formidable factor in the affairs of the world.” And that fortune has grown since. In fact, as we shall see, as we explore further, the rise of Rothschild influence in the United States was not a 20th Century phenomenon as many tend to believe. Rather, Rothschild intrigues on American soil reached back well into the early years of the 19th Century.

The Economic History of the Jews, by Salo W. Baron, Arcadius Kahan and others (published by Schocken Books in 1975), summarized the early rise of International Jewish Finance in the United States:

It was not until the middle of the 19th Century, however, with the arrival in America of the large German Jewish immigration, that Jewish banking houses on the European model came to exist in the United States . . . .

All of these firms functioned essentially as investment bankers—the more established field of commercial banking offered relatively few opportunities to the German Jewish immigrant—a capacity in which they helped to finance large numbers of American utilities and corporations whose rapid growth throughout the latter half of the 19th Century created an insatiable demand for capital.

To raise such funds, these Jewish houses not only utilized their widespread European connections, particularly in France, England, and Germany, but created a chain of interlocking associations and directorates among themselves which enabled them quickly to mobilize sums many times larger than their individual holdings and
to compete successfully with Gentile firms several times their size.

Not only was it common for the children and relatives of a given firm to marry each other, but marital alliances frequently occurred as well among different Jewish banking families, as was the case with the Kuhns, the Loebs, the Schiffs, and the Warburgs.

Frequently, too, the children of such families married into families of large German Jewish companies in a variety of other fields and the latter would then proceed to raise capital through the banking houses which they had joined.

Socially, the result of such commercial and kinship ties was the creation of a German Jewish banking and business aristocracy based in New York City, whose descendants continued for over a century to play a dominant role in the financial, cultural, and political life of the American Jewish community, and to a lesser extent, of the nation at large.

The contribution of such Jewish banking houses to the process of capital formation in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th Century was considerable by any standard.

Students of American history are familiar—or should be—with the historic battles of President Andrew Jackson and other American nationalists with the intrigues of the financial interests who were determined to set up a “central bank” on American shores.

And although, during this time—in the first decades of the 19th Century—the Rothschilds themselves were not formally ensconced in the United States (although they were certainly, by this point, the preeminent finance force in Europe), there were American bankers and their political allies—notably Alexander Hamilton (who was perhaps,although it is not certain, of partial Jewish descent) who were effectively advancing the interests of the Rothschild Dynasty insofar as the Rothschilds sought to expand their tentacles into the financial affairs of the new republic.

While the First Bank of the United States (established in 1791) and then the subsequent Second Bank of the United States (established in 1816) were ostensibly “American” institutions, history shows that critics of the bank were frequently heard to express their concerns that “British” bankers—in particular—were meddling in American affairs through their investments in—and dealings with—these financial institutions.

So although an eminent non-Jewish American such as Nicholas Biddle—founder of one of the “Great American Families”—served as president of the Second Bank of the United States,he was, for all intents and purposes, acting as an agent of the foreign—that is,“British” (actually, that is, Rothschild)—financial interests operating behind the scenes. And it has likewise been noted by Eustace Mullins, writing in his pivotal work, The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, that another Rothschild—James of Paris—was a key figure profiting from the machinations of the Second Bank of the United States. In short, the Rothschild presence in America was a very real phenomenon, even in those earliest years of our history.

In regard to the rise of Rothschild influence on American soil, we are indebted to the late Arnold Spencer Leese, a self-trained, independent-minded English historian and advocate of English nationalism—a veterinarian, a self-dubbed “camel doctor” by training (in fact, it is said, one of the best known authorities on the health of camels)—who produced one of the most forthright monographs on the intrigues of the Rothschilds. It was entitled Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds and published in 1940.

The assessment by Leese of Rothschild influence in the United States, contrary to many “standard” works, confirms that the Rothschilds were, in fact, long influential in American affairs. Leese noted that as far as our recorded history is concerned, the Rothschilds sent an agent by the name of Schoenberg to New York in 1837, but Schoenberg changed his name to August Belmont and put himself forth as a disciple of the Christian faith, although he—like the Rothschilds—was a Jew. Belmont cut his teeth in finance in the Frankfurt and Naples branches of the House of Rothschild. In that regard, American historian Stephen Birmingham, writing in his famous society chronicle,Our Crowd:The Great Jewish Families of New York:

The first thing New York society noticed about August Belmont was that he had lots of money. It was Rothschild money, to be sure, but he used it lavishly.

As a financier with the funds of the world’s largest private bank at his fingertips, he was immediately important not only to American companies but to the United States government which was always running out of cash and whose credit needed constant infusions from bankers.

When there was a great panic in 1837, Rothschild agent Belmont negotiated large loans from the Rothschilds on behalf of the U.S. debtor banks.“ In other words” according to Birmingham, “he was able, thanks to the hugeness of the Rothschild reservoir of capital, to start out in America operating his own Federal Reserve System.” (And this long before the official establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913!) (*)
(*) During this period that there was extensive emigration by Roman Catholics into the United States—particularly from Ireland—and the truth is that well-settled Jewish interests saw this as a danger. In fact, one of the leading bigots inAmerica leading the fight against immigration into the United States—particularly Irish Catholic immigration—was a prominent Jewish American, Lewis Charles Levin. Although history often tells us that the “Know Nothing” movement—the Native American Party—was “led by Protestants” and “aimed at Catholics and Jews,” the truth is that Levin—a Jew—was not only one of the party’s founders but also an editor of its national organ and one of the first Know Nothing members elected to Congress! In fact, Levin was the first Jew elected to the U.S. Congress.Yet, Jewish literature today never mentions Levin’s preeminent role in the anti-Catholic agitation of America’s early years. Born in 1808 in Charleston, South Carolina, which—as students of the Jewishcontrolled slave trade know—was the Jewish population center of the United States for many years, long before NewYork City emerged as such, Levin later moved north, as an attorney, to Philadelphia where he published and edited the Philadelphia Daily Sun. In 1844 he was elected to Congress from Pennsylvania on the American (“Know Nothing”ticket) and held that post for three terms until defeated for re-election in 1850. Levin died ten years later. The fact that Levin was one of the pioneering anti-Catholic agitators on American soil is interesting, to say the least, since history books have been careful to “edit” the record as far as Levin’s role in the Know Nothing movement is concerned. Levin’s career has been consigned to the Orwellian “Memory Hole.” Instead we always hear how both “the Protestants” and “the Catholics” have been so hostile to “the poor Jewish immigrants fleeing persecution.”

And after establishing himself in the United States as the premier Rothschild agent—although there would be many more other Rothschild assets in place as time went by—he ended up, through the influence of Salomon Rothschild, being appointed by the American government to serve from 1844 to 1850 to be the Austrian consul general in New York City!

Three years later this German Jew and Rothschild agent was appointed American Ambassador to the Netherlands. In 1860 this Rothschild agent became chairman of the Democratic National Committee.And he took as his bride the daughter of famed Commodore Matthew Perry who “opened up” Japan to the West, which, in fact, as modern-day Japanese nationalists note, was an early manifestation of “American” imperialism, but, as we know all too well, it was, in reality, no more than Rothschild imperialism, part of the drive for a NewWorld Order as first outlined in the Talmud.

During the time that Belmont was consolidating the Rothschild Empire’s place on American soil, the Rothschilds were establishing offices throughout the American South for the purpose of wool purchases that were then shipped on to France and marketed. Likewise, the Rothschild family were buying up tobacco harvests. Rothschild-controlled ships carried enormous cargoes between the United States and France.

And, not surprisingly, Rothschild interests were deeply involved in the behind-the-scenes intrigues in finance and politics that led to the American Civil War. America’s famed poet Ezra Pound noted:

Nations are shoved into wars in order to destroy themselves, to break up their structure, to destroy their social order, to destroy their populations. And no more flaming and flagrant case appears in history than our own American CivilWar, said to be an Occidental record for size of armies employed and only surpassed by the more recent triumphs of [the Rothschild Empire:] the wars of 1914 and the present one [World War II].

Arnold Leese wrote that the Rothschilds were then in conflict with Napoleon III of France who had designs on the Americas—as did the Rothschilds. Napoleon III had dreams of expanding his power by seizing control of Mexico and portions of the southern United States and he wanted Britain to join him by compelling the North to abandon its blockade of the Southern ports. However, the Confederate States, seeking to assuage Napoleon,offered him some territory, specifically Louisiana and Texas. It was a very real possibility that the British and the French were about to intervene in the American CivilWar on behalf of the Confederacy.

However, Czar Alexander of Russia —who had consistently stood against the efforts of the Rothschilds to interfere in the affairs of the Russian Empire—sent his fleet across the Atlantic and put it at President Lincoln’s disposal in the event Rothschild intrigues were able to push the British and the French forces into the war on behalf of the Confederacy. And this is not something that the Rothschilds would forget.

Ultimately what did the Rothschilds want? Long-time Rothschild ally Benjamin Disraeli, later prime minister of England, wrote of the future of the United States after the Civil War. It would, he said, be an America “of armies, of diplomacy, of rival states and maneuvering cabinets, of frequent turbulence and probably of frequent wars.” In short, as Arnold Leese said, “The Rothschilds wished to reproduce in America the chaotic conditions in Europe whereby they ruled all states. A united America would be too powerful for them. It must be split and now was the time to do it.”

However, Napoleon of France would not work with them. What were the Rothschilds to do? Their response was to support both the North and the South and work to prevent an outright win by either side and so force apart the two regions, with the possibility that the British Empire—controlled by the Rothschilds—could annex the Northern states to Canada, a British dominion. In practice this meant helping the weak South rather than the more powerful North and that is precisely what the British did.

In spite of much English sentiment in favor of the North,which opposed slavery, the Rothschild-directed British government followed polices supporting the South. The British recognized the Confederacy and allowed Southern ships to be built, manned and serviced in British ports, although, ironically, in New York, the Rothschild agent, August Belmont, ostensibly supported the Northern cause. But this, of course,was all part of the Rothschild purpose of putting the North in full aggression against the South in order to force the divisive war that did indeed come about.

However, it should be noted that Lionel Rothschild felt the North would win and exerted his influence on financiers in England and France in support of the North. So, as Leese said, the Rothschild Empire ultimately had material interests on both sides.

The evidence is also very clear that August Belmont was closely collaborating with Judah Benjamin, the Jewish attorney general, then secretary of war and then, finally, secretary of state for the Confederacy. Belmont’s wife, a Gentile, was the niece of John Slidell, one of Benjamin’s law partners. Slidell’s own daughter married Baron Frederick Emil d’Erlanger, head of a major Jewish banking firm in Paris, whose father, Baron Rafael d’Erlanger of Frankfurt, had been a confidential representative of the Rothschilds!

Meanwhile, President Abraham Lincoln had his own intentions vis-a-vis the International Money Power and sought to introduce state loans to free the American people from the Rothschild Empire. It was, of course, no surprise that Belmont had strongly opposed Lincoln’s nomination and election as president in 1860. Lincoln circumvented the Rothschild’s intrigues during the Civil War by financing the war on state credit, thereby working to avoid dependence upon the Jewish banking houses under the thumb of the Rothschild Empire.

It is thus no coincidence that when John Wilkes Booth’s conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln was taking place that there was also an attempt on the life of Secretary of State William Seward who, in fact, had extended the invitation to the Czar of Russia, Alexander II, to send his fleet to come to the United States in an effort to stop the Rothschild’s effort to partition the United States. In 1881 the Czar himself was assassinated.

In 2004 author Charles Higham (who is otherwise a fervent promoter of Jewish concerns) published his book, Murdering Mr. Lincoln,which actually outlines in some detail the role of the Rothschild interests (and those of allied secret societies in the Rothschild sphere of influence) in the assassination of President Lincoln—a point that almost officially, it seems, goes unmentioned by the vast number of “mainstream” writers who have devoted millions of words to the murder of the 16th president.

(And, considering the fact that President James Garfield, who came to office in 1881, was likewise assassinated, it is probably no coincidence that Garfield was an outspoken critic of the International Money Power and its American assets seeking to control American credit.)

In those years following the Civil War, Belmont and other Rothschild agents supplied the United States with 3.2 million ounces of gold in exchange for bonds carrying four percent interest and at a price far below the then-current market price of such securities. However, this proved unpopular within the United States for the reason that the relief to the nation’s finances was of only ten months duration and the nation’s economy became far worse. But the United States floated a loan selling its bonds to the American public and brought relief to the citizenry.

Belmont himself became the boss of the famed Tammany Society—popularly known as Tammany Hall—which ran the political machine in the city of New York which emerged, of course, as the seat of Rothschild finance in America. Arnold Leese described Tammany Hall as “a sort of Gentile front for the Jewish Kehillah”—that is, the Jewish secret government.

Although Belmont died in 1890, his sons Perry and August carried on for the interests of the Rothschild Empire. August’s son, Morgan, and then Morgan’s son, John Mason, carried on for the Rothschilds until his death.

August Belmont was aligned with J. P. Morgan who, according to author Stephen Birmingham, joined with the Rothschilds in “an axis of financial power,” that even the great Seligman banking house had difficulty contending with. Ultimately, though, the Seligmans joined with the Rothschilds in what was described by Birmingham as “the most powerful combination in the history of banking . . . The Seligman-Belmont-Morgan-Rothschild alliance was so successful that [within a decade] there were complaints on Wall Street that ‘London [and] Germany-based bankers’ had a monopoly on the sale of United States bonds in Europe—which they virtually did.”

The Seligman family, it will be recalled,were at the center of the first and still famous scandal surrounding “anti-Semitism in America” involving a family member having been barred from the Grand Union Hotel due to his Jewish background. However, interestingly, according to Birmingham, rather than extinguishing anti-Semitism, the incident actually kindled it.

The Seligmans were once said to be the richest Jewish family in America and for good reason they were thus known as “The American Rothschilds.” However, there were other great Jewish banking families emerging during this period—all satellites of the Rothschild Dynasty.

According to Stephen Birmingham, writing in Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of NewYork: “If Joseph Seligman had virtually invented international banking in America, it was Jacob Schiff who took the invention, refined it, and made it an art . . .” In his heyday, Schiff “would tower above every financial figure in Wall Street.”

Schiff—who in 1875 married a daughter of one of the founders of the Kuhn-Loeb banking house—soon assumed control of the powerful empire. Schiff’s marriage made him part of an elite that was not only economically intertwined, but maritally intertwined as well. As one wag commented, referring to the Warburg banking family—another of the “Our Crowd” group of Jewish banking families: “The Warburgs weren’t anybody until they married into the Schiffs, and Schiff wasn’t anybody until he married into the Loebs.”

Today, this combine includes the family of former Vice President Al Gore whose daughter, Karenna,married Drew Schiff, a scion of the Schiff family. So although, at the 2000 Democratic National Convention which nominated him for president, Gore declared, “I’m my own man,” the fact of his relationship with the Schiff clan—and thus to the Rothschild Empire—suggests otherwise.

By 1881,noted Birmingham, “American finance had entered the great Age of Schiff.” However, the Schiff family, on its own, had far-reaching connections into previous generations linking them with the Rothschilds. According to Birmingham:

In the 18th Century, the Schiffs and Rothschilds shared a double house . . . until one of the Schiffs, already prosperous enough to move to London, sold the balance of the house to the first rich Rothschild. If pressed, Schiffs usually admitted that, though not so collectively wealthy as the Rothschilds, theirs was the more august family.The Rothschilds were known only as big money bankers.

The Schiff family tree contained not only successful bankers but distinguished scholars and members of the rabbinate. There was, for instance, the seventeenth-century Meir ben Jacob Schiff, composer of notable commentaries on the Talmud, and David Tevele Schiff,who in the late 18th century became chief rabbi of the Great Synagogue of England.

The Schiffs can also demonstrate that they are a much older family than the upstart Rothschilds. The Schiff pedigree, carefully worked out in the Jewish Encyclopedia, shows the longest continuous record of any Jewish family in exi s tence, with Schiffs in Frankfurt going back to the fourteenth century.

Jacob Schiff actually traced his ancestry even further back than that—to the 10th Century BC no less—and to none other than . . . King Solomon and, thence, to David and Bathsheba, where he chose to stop tracing. Jacob Schiff took his descent from the King of Israel seriously. . . .

American industrialist Henry Ford, for his part, noted that Schiff—in his early years—had actually passed his apprenticeship in the office of his father who was an agent of the Rothschilds. As Ford noted, Schiff became “one of the principal channels through which German-Jewish capital flowed into American undertakings, and his agency in these matters gave him a place in many important departments of American business, especially railroads, banks, insurance companies, and telegraph companies.”

Writing in Truth magazine on Dec. 16, 1912, George R. Conroy revealed that the Rothschild-Schiff connection extended into the 20th century:

Mr. Schiff is head of the great private banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which represents the Rothschild interests on this side of the Atlantic. He has been described as a financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great impersonal power known as Standard Oil [which, of course, was publicly identified with the Rockefeller family].He was hand-in-glove with the Harrimans, the Goulds and the Rockefellers in all their railroad enterprises and has become the dominant power in the railroad and financial world of America.

Actually, in 1912, there was a Senate committee, known as the Pujo Committee, after its chairman, which investigated the monetary trusts of the time. The committee disclosed that Kuhn, Loeb—despite its alliance with J. P. Morgan—had been primarily allied with the Rockefeller-controlled National City Bank.However, Jacob Schiff had still likewise long been a director of this Rockefeller entity, and that therefore Schiff was involved in bothmajor financial blocs operating on American soil which were thus not so “independent” as the public might otherwise have thought. There were indeed “Jewish” interests involved in both influences.

According to Stephen Birmingham, the Pujo Committee discovered Jacob Schiff was steering both of the major financial interests: “The Morgan-Baker-First National Bank group and the Rockefeller-Stillman-National City Bank group formed the inner circle.The powers were steel and oil,each with its massive bank. Contrary to what everyone had supposed, there was no ‘rivalry’ revealed between these [factions]. Kuhn, Loeb, the committee decided, somewhat vaguely, was ‘qualifiedly allied only with the inner group.’ While some people wondered what [that] meant, others, particularly some members of the press took it to mean that Jacob Schiff had an inside track to both of the leading powers of Wall Street [and] even [Schiff] admitted that he did.”

So the old legend, among many American “patriot” writers that there was a “struggle” between the Rockefellers and the Jewish banking elite, falls flat. The Rockefellers, for all intents and purposes, were hardly more than well-paid henchmen, satellites, of the Rothschild Empire!

As far as the Rockefeller family is concerned, it should be noted that there is no solid information in the public arena indicating that they are of Jewish extraction, although there has been much speculation for over a century. Contrary to widespread perception, the often-touted “proof” that “the Rockefellers are Jewish” is not proof at all.

The rumor about the Rockefellers being Jewish largely stems from the fact that the aforementioned Stephen Birmingham—in his 1971 Harper & Row book, The Grandees, a profile of the history of America’s Sephardic Jewish elite (descended from Spanish and Portugese Jewish families)—mentioned that the name “Rockefeller” can be found in a rare 1960 genealogical study, Americans of Jewish Descent by Malcolm H. Stern.

While some jumped on that information and began circulating the story that this was “proof” that “the Rockefellers are Jewish,” a careful reading of the entire book demonstrates that—as far as is documented in that book—the Rockefellers who do have Jewish blood stem from the line of Godfrey Rockefeller who married one Helen Gratz, who was Jewish. Their childrenb and heirs were raised in the Episcopal Church and have had little—if anything—to do with Jewish or Israeli affairs.

Godfrey Rockefeller, in fact,was from a separate line of the Rockefeller family, descended from one of the brothers of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and was a second cousin to the famed Rockefeller brothers—Nelson, David, Laurence, and John D. III. Thus, the famous story about the Rockefellers being Jewish—at least this one so often cited—is based on a misreading of what actually appeared in Birmingham’s much-cited book.

It is no great pleasure to sink the popular myth that “the Rockefellers are Jewish” that has been circulated by many well-meaning people, but the facts about the origin of this rumor speak for themselves. This, of course, is not to suggest that there is not any Jewish blood in the veins of the Rockefeller family (going back generations), but any charges to that effect should be based on facts, not misinterpretation of a passing reference in a book.

Yet, in spite of these facts—which can be found by referring to Birmingham’s book, from which the most recent version of the rumor that “The Rockefellers Are Jewish” emerged—few people actually check out the book themselves and prefer, instead, to pass on the legend.

But there have been many eminent American families who are not Jewish (so far as is known) who have become intertwined with the New Pharisees of the Rothschild Empire on American shores.

Considering,as mentioned earlier,that formerVice PresidentAl Gore’s own family had long close ties to Armand Hammer, the American Jewish industrialist known for his dealings with the Bolshevik elite—and who was the son of a founding father of the Communist Party USA—it is fitting that Gore’s in-laws, the Schiff family (and their associates, the Rothschilds), played a major part in financing the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. Initially, according to Prof. Albert S. Lindemann,writing in Esau’s Tears:

A most tenacious enemy of Czarist Russia was Jacob H.Schiff [who] played a crucial role not only in denying the Russians the bonds they sought in the international market to finance the [Russo-Japanese war] but also even more decisively in providing financial support for Japan, which then so humiliatingly defeated Russia . . . Schiff delighted in the way that he and other Jews had been able to contribute to the humbling of the great Russian Empire. He boasted that after its humiliation in the Russo-Japanese war, Russia had come to understand that “international Jewry is a power after all.”

Later—in concert with the Rothschilds and other Jewish banking interests—Schiff personally bankrolled the Bolshevik takeover of Christian Russia and the murder of millions of Christians, funding Leon Trotsky and the other butchers who seized power and established themselves in the Kremlin.

The full story of the Schiff role in this tragedy that helped set the stage for World War II, Korea,Vietnam and all the other crises that arose from the so-called “Cold War” is known only to a handful, but it is part of the legend of the Rothschild Empire and its role in manipulating global affairs. In the end, although the Schiff Dynasty has been a major force on its own, the fact is that they have been part of the Rothschild Empire.

At this juncture—having considered the role of the Rothschild Empire’s intrigue in America—it is vital to recognize the Rothschild role in the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the United States.

While there has been much written on the Federal Reserve and the reality of what it constitutes—a privately-owned and privately-controlled money monopoly in the hands of banking institutions—the fact that the Rothschild family was, ultimately, the primary force behind the establishment of the system on American soil, is not something that is fully understood.

For example, because there were no people named “Rothschild” at the famous meeting off the coast of Georgia at Jekyll Island where the framework for the Federal Reserve was established, there are those who would divorce the Rothschild family altogether from the circumstances. However, the fine hand of Rothschild was indeed on the scene, represented by Paul Warburg of the Kuhn, Loeb Company which, as we’ve noted,was under the control of longtime Rothschild associate Jacob Schiff.

Scion of another great German Jewish banking family, Warburg was the principal architect of the Federal Reserve System, brought into being in 1913, which consolidated control over the American monetary system by the Rothschild Empire and International Jewish Finance.

Henry Ford’s discussion of what he called “the Jewish Idea of a Central Bank for America” addressed the Federal Reserve. Ford wrote:

What the people of the United States do not understand and never have understood is that while the Federal Reserve Act was governmental, the whole Federal Reserve System is private. It is an officially-created private banking system.

Examine the first 1000 people you meet on the street, and 999 of them will tell you that the Federal Reserve System is a device whereby the United States government went into the banking business for the benefit of the people. They have an idea that like the Post Office and the Custom House the Federal Reserve is part of the government’s official machinery. . . .

Take up the standard encyclopedias and while you will find no misstatements of fact in them, you will find no statement that the Federal Reserve System is a private banking system; the impression carried away by the lay reader is that it is a part of the Government.

The Federal Reserve System is a system of private banks, the creation of a banking aristocracy within an already existing system of aristocracy, whereby a great proportion of banking independence was lost,and whereby it was made possible for speculative financiers to centralize great sums of money for their own purposes, beneficial [to the people of the United States] or not.

Discussing the matter of the Federal Reserve’s interlocking ties with what Ford referred to as “the Economic Plans of International Jews,” Ford asserted, quite correctly: “The strength of Jewish Money is in its internationalism.

It stretches a chain of banks and centers of financial control across the world and plays them on the side of the game that favors Judah.”

Ford said that single Jewish banking houses in any given country would be no menace.As mere bankers in their own countries they would not, Ford said, occasion alarm. Ford noted that in conventional commercial banking, the Jews had not predominated and that traditional deposit banks were hardly a part of the Jewish financial network.

“The Rothschilds,”said Ford,“were never bankers in a proper sense; they were money lenders to nations whose representatives they had corrupted to seek the loans. They did business precisely on the plain of the money lender on the side street who seduces the rich man’s son to borrow a large sum, knowing that the father will pay. That is scarcely banking. Brains of that sort may ‘get’ money but will not ‘make’ money.”

Thus, said Ford, it was necessary to look at the international scope of Jewish banking power. This system, he said, did not require that a Jewish banking house be the most important financial power in any particular country. It was not the wealth and importance of any single such banking house, but, instead, he said, the wealth and importance of the world chain of the various Jewish banking houses that gave the strength to the International Money Power.

For example, Ford cited the aforementioned Paul Warburg of the Kuhn, Loeb & Company who was a prime mover behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in the United States. Warburg’s enterprise was far from being the most powerful bank in the United States, but because of its international connections—which were, as Ford said, “all Jewish”—it took on a new aspect in terms of its impact on American life.

The record shows that it was indeed the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 that set in place the framework for further expansion of Rothschild control over American finance and industry.

Americans, of course, had little understanding of all of this. American author E. C.Knuth noted that in 1945 in his work, The Empire of “The City” that Senator Edward Hall Moore of Oklahoma had made public the fact that “the British government” owned vast holdings in 80 of the largest American industrial corporations, including General Motors and Standard Oil of Indiana. That Standard should be among them might come as a surprise to those naive Americans who have long believed that the Rockefeller family, which appeared to dominate Standard Oil,were somehow a“royal” family in American terms, when, in fact, the Rothschild influence extended even here into the ranks of such a famous “American” corporation.

In fact, the Rockefeller empire, in more respects than many ever realized, has always effectively been a subsidiary of the Rothschild Empire, wealthy and powerful on its own to be sure, but a Rothschild subsidiary nonetheless. And as we shall see later in these pages, many institutions traditionally perceived to be in the “Rockefeller” sphere of influence are now, today, falling firmly into the hands of agents of the Rothschild Empire.

Knuth put it correctly: “The American public was blindly led to the slaughter then like so many sheep being driven up the ramp at the abattoir, with endless years of ruin and fear to follow for the millions.” He referred to the fact that “the smart money of Europe” had, in fact, ruthlessly engineered the Great Crash of the stock market in 1929 and through that process had gained absolute power over the American economy.

But the American people did have some nationalist leaders who stood up in opposition. For example, James J. Hill, the great American railroad builder, warned of increasing national debt, of the dangers of the nation falling into the hands of the usurers:

I need not remind you that public credit, though vast, is not inexhaustable. . . . Of all of resources, this one should be guarded with most jealous care; first, because we can never know in advance where exhaustion begins.

The earth and its products tell us plainly about what we may expect of them in the future, but credit is apparently unlimited at one moment and in collapse at the next.

The only safe rule is to place no burdens upon it that may be avoided; to save it for days of dire need.

Hill issued a warning to his fellow Americans: “Search history and see what has been the fate of every nation that has abused its credit. . . It will profit us nothing to conserve what we have remaining of the great national resources that were the dower of this continent unless we preserve the national credit as more precious than them all. When it shall be exhausted, the heart of the nation will cease to beat.”

During the years preceding World War II—and in the early days of the war that followed—there were others who did speak out.However, most of those nationalist leaders were ultimately forced out of office or otherwise silenced. As Knuth put it: “the lot of the transgressor against the plans of the ‘one-worlders’ [had] been a hard and unhappy one since then.”

With the new international system that was imposed after WorldWar II through theWorld Bank and the International Monetary Fund—all projects of the International Money Power of the Rothschild Empire—Knuth said, the United States had been “tricked into a position of boundless peril and foreign nations [would] continue to take advantage of its fallacious position by shameless and insolent demands for huge subsidies in the guise of loans, actually little more than blackmail of American power politicians certain to lose their voice in world politics [as did] Woodrow Wilson after WorldWar I unless they continue to give.”

Of course, in his writings, Knuth pointed out that the American system, ostensibly independent as a consequence of the American Revolution, was, in fact, dominated from afar since so many American fortunes were intertwined with those of the Rothschilds and their confreres in the International Money Power swirling around “The City” of London. Knuth said:

Men of millions [in the United States] sway the destiny and the life or death of their fellow citizens with an organization which is subversive to the spirit and the letter of the Constitution of the United States, an organization of which not one in one thousand of their fellow citizens has ever heard.

The purpose of these men is completely interwoven with the dependence of their own invariably great fortunes on the operations of “The City,” citadel of international finance. Not only do these men collectively exert a planned influence of immense weight in utter secrecy, but they operate with the support of the immense funds provided by Cecil Rhodes and Andrew Carnegie.

And as we have noted, Rhodes was an instrument of the Rothschild Empire from his very entree into the world of global finance and industry. And the same can be said for Carnegie, titanic figure though he was.

The “organization” to which Knuth specifically referred, in this particular instance, was the so-called Pilgrim Society which promoted British-American fellowship. The Pilgrim Society was founded in London in 1902 four months after the death of Cecil Rhodes and, of course, as noted, the Rhodes concept was to return the United States to the direct and open control of the British Empire. And there were many Americans of wealth and influence who were active in this organization.

The New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (which interlocked closely with the Pilgrim Society) was, as we’ve pointed out before, nothing more than an American off-shoot, a junior cousin, so to speak, of the Londonbased Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), itself the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild Empire which used the RIIA as its base of operations for directing the official foreign ventures of the “British” Empire. And the RIIA was based in “The City” of London.

Pointing out that “British” [read Jewish, read Rothschild] capital had played a major part in instigating the Great Crash of 1929 and noting that the extended inflation that brought on the crash could have been controlled and halted at any point in its rise by what Knuth referred to as that “great balance wheel of the world’s credit” dominated by the Rothschilds, Knuth described the consequences:

That the immense crash and loss of American securities served not only to damage and cripple Britain’s then-greatest competitor but also to discipline a recalcitrant and unfriendly administration seems beyond question. That billions of dollars in foreign gold was moved out of the United States in the election year of 1932 to bring further discredit to the Hoover administration and thus to influence that election is also beyond question.

Likewise that a similar massive amount in foreign gold, totaling $1,139,672,000,was moved into the United States in 1935 in order to influence [the forthcoming 1936] election and recreate “confidence” and to prepare the American investor for a further milking in 1937 also seemed beyond question.

In summary, the fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, IS beyond question.

In sum, as one of the Rothschild henchmen, Viscount Reginald Esher said, “The Rothschilds’ position, vis-a-vis the world’s affairs, the affairs of countries worldwide, is indispensible to them all, not responsible to any.”

Looking at all of this from an American perspective, examining the way in which the International Money Power affected the course of world affairs, Knuth said of the Americans:

Many people realize that this mystifying situation, in which an alleged democratic and self-governing nation, is actually controlled against the will of its people in its foreign affairs is a clear indication that there must be a very powerful and well-financed secret organization which plans and directs American foreign affairs, and, for lack of a more specific identification, this suspected secret organization is popularly referred to as “the International Financiers.”

But, of course, as Knuth made it abundantly clear, these “International Financiers” were, in fact, the members of the Rothschild family and their carefully-placed agents throughout Europe and elsewhere and, indeed, on American soil.And as Rothschild influence rose across the planet,there were growing numbers of patriots who recognized the dangers that their nations faced in the hands of these predatory plutocratic vultures.

Georgetown University’s Professor Carroll Quigley wrote in Tragedy and Hope of what he considered the desirability of the international financial interests to dominate American political life. He said candidly:

The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been how to make the two [parties in Congress] more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps,of the right, and the other of the left, is a foolish idea except only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.

Quigley said that the policies of the international elite that he considered“ vital and necessary for America”were no longer a subject of significant disagreement, but that they were “disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method.” He wrote glowingly of internationalist policies and says that “these things any national American party hoping to win a presidential election must accept.”

However, he added, “either party in office becomes, in time, corrupt, tired, un-enterprising, and vigorless.Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary,by the other party, which will be none of these things but which will still pursue with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

Clearly, with the rise of the Rothschild Empire as a major power in American affairs, elected officials in the United States soon became largely nothing more than tools of these predatory interests. Democrats and Republicans alike fell into place, advocating policies that advanced the agenda of the global elite—pushing further the goal of a NewWorld Order.

The advent of the rise of Adolf Hitler in Europe, challenging the Rothschilds and International Jewish Finance, set the stage for what became World War II, and in the United States there emerged Franklin Delano Roosevelt who worked relentlessly to bring the United States into war against Germany. Suffice it to say,FDR’s role in that tragedy has been the subject of numerous formidable works by such eminent revisionist historians as Harry Elmer Barnes, Charles Beard, Charles Callan Tansill and others.

No honest student of that era can help but conclude that World War II was a war America need not and should not have fought.And that it was a war that did not bring “good” to the planet or to America. Instead, it laid the groundwork for future wars and set in place a post-war framework upon which the drive for a New World Order was advanced to a greater degree than ever before.

As far as the Roosevelt family is concerned, there has been widely published information suggesting that the Roosevelt family did have Jewish forebears, that the original family name was “Rossocampo,” a name borne by Sephardic Jews who were among those expelled from Spain in 1620. The name, it is said, was ultimately changed as various family branches settled elsewhere in Europe. But there is no firm evidence proving this oft-cited story to be absolute fact.

We do know that descendants of the Dutch-based members of the family — evidently named Rosenvelt — emigrated to the United States and ultimately the name evolved into the name“Roosevelt”that we know today. And there are those who say that the Rosenvelts were originally Jewish, whether of Sephardic origin of not.

In the meantime,we do know that within several generations, there was intermarriage by the Roosevelts with others who were most definitely not Jewish and by the time Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt—cousins later to become husband and wife—were wealthy young members of the American elite they were not known to be engaged in Jewish religious practices.

During the Roosevelt era, a Roosevelt family genealogical chart, which was circulated both in Europe and the United States, charged that another Jewish family strain—namely that of the “Samuels” line—was introduced into the ensuing Roosevelt bloodline.

However exciting this information may have been at the time to FDR’s critics, the provenance of this information is murky at best. However much many may have wanted to believe it, the name “Samuels” is often a Jewish name, but we do not know for a fact that they were Jewish.

Yet, for perhaps a more immediate source of data in regard to possible Jewish heritage in the Roosevelt family — according to a Jewish source — we may turn to the February 5, 1982 issue of The London Jewish Chronicle which featured an article entitled “FDR ‘had Jewish great-grandmother.’” The article, by Leon Hadar, read as follows:

The late American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a Jewish great-grandmother, it was stated last week by Mr. Philip Slomovitz, the editor of The Detroit Jewish News, who released a letter sent to him 45 years ago by the late Rabbi Dr. Steven Wise, a former chairman of the World Jewish Congress.

In his letter, RabbiWise described a luncheon his wife had with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, the late president’s wife (and a distant cousin of his) who said: “Often cousin Alice and I say that the brains in the Roosevelt family come from our Jewish great-grandmother,” whose name was Esther Levy.

The letter added that Mrs. Roosevelt had told [Mrs.Wise] that “whenever mention is made of our Jewish great-grandmother by cousin Alice or myself, Franklin’s mother gets very angry and says, “You know that is not so. Why do you say it?” According to Rabbi Wise, Mrs. Roosevelt also told his wife,“You must make no use of this. I think it is best to let the matter lie down now.”

In a separate letter to Mr. Slomovitz, Franklin Roosevelt, the hundredth anniversary of whose birth is being celebrated this year, wrote that his ancestors “may have been Jews, Catholics or Protestants.”Rabbi Wise, who was very close to President Roosevelt, marked his letter to Mr. Slomovitz “strictly private and confidential.”

Ironically, it should be pointed out that both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were known to make private anti-Jewish utterances even though they were perhaps of Jewish extraction. Despite this, both became icons in the Jewish world view. However, this phenomenon has seemed to fade during the last years of the 20th century and the opening years of the 21st as aggressive Jewish writers are now contending that FDR — despite his bloody worldwide war against Hitler — “didn’t do enough to stop the Holocaust.”

In any case, it should be noted for the record that this author does recall reading, many years ago, in American Heritage magazine that a researcher had found information demonstrating that FDR’s maternal forebears in the Delano family were of Jewish origin, an interesting detail considering that FDR’s mother herself was known to make anti-Jewish remarks.

So whether FDR was Jewish (or part Jewish) is largely irrelevant in the bigger picture.The fact remains that many,many American non-Jewish politicians were—or now are—advocates for the Jewish agenda, furthering the push for a NewWorld Order, the Jewish Utopia.

The bottom line is this: During the 20th Century the United States of America emerged as the foremost mechanism of control in the hands of the Rothschild Empire. American blood and treasure became the means whereby which the NewWorld Order moved fastforward.

Jewish control of the mass media—and virtually all forms of education and communication—expanded exponentially and this brought further political control of American affairs into the hands of the Rothschilds and the modern-day Jewish dynasties operating in their sphere of influence.

In the chapters that follow,we will examine the nature of Jewish power in America, reviewing its parameters, and unveiling the names and the intrigues of the New Pharisees who are advancing the Rothschild agenda: the establishment of a global Jewish Imperium.

Above: This 19th Century caricature of “the Monopoly News Delivery”—suggesting the control of the American press by an elite few—remains even more representative of the situation in the American media today, with a handful of Jewish families and financial interests in the Rothschild sphere of influence in control of the major media outlets, their influence supplemented by an extraordinary number of Jewish editors and journalists in place in the broadcast and publishing industries. Further, a wide range of Jewish-controlled “think tanks” and pressure groups add further power to the Rothschild Empire’s media stranglehold.

The anti-Jewish image (left)—“Such a Bisiness”—mocking Jewish business acumen, could rightly be applied to the modern-day media industry as well as to the corruption-ridden predatory intrigues of Jewish elements on Wall Street who have brought America’s once-great economy to the brink of destruction.

Yes, the Jews Do Control the Media:
Rothschild’s Mechanism for Political Domination

Ultimately, we cannot talk about the course of modern affairs, domestic or internationally, without recognizing the preeminent role of the modern-day (Rothschild-influenced) media in dictating public policy and in determining the selection of American presidents and popularly-elected politicians at all levels.And to accurately address that question of media power, correctly and accurately, we have to recognize the fact that there is substantial Jewish control of the mass media, particularly in America.This is a critical fact that cannot be denied.

Writing in 1993 in Tribes, Jewish author Joel Kotkin asserted that although, in his position, Jews were“not in control of the media and the arts, as some anti-Semites suggest” the fact was that:

Jews clearly possess a disproportionate influence in movies, publishing, advertising and theater. In the media, according to one survey in the 1970s, one quarter of the leading figures were Jewish, more than ten times their percentage in the general population.

Jewish writer Dr. Norman Cantor, writing in The Sacred Chain, put it thus, regarding Jewish media influence in the United States:

As in Berlin and Vienna before Hitler, the Jewish role in publishing was an important one. By 1950 Jewish families owned two of the three most influential newspapers in the United States, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Furthermore, both families were directly involved in the daily operation of the papers and in setting their editorial policies.

J. J. Goldberg—yet another Jewish writer—in his 1996 book, Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment, acknowledged:

It is true that Jews are represented in the media business in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population. Studies have shown that while Jews make up little more than 5 percent of the working press nationwide—hardly more than their share of the population—they make up one fourth or more of the writers, editors, and producers in America’s “elite media,” including network news divisions, the top newsweeklies and the four leading daily papers (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal).

In the fast-evolving world of media megacorporations, Jews are even more numerous. In an October 1994 Vanity Fair feature profiling the kingpins of the new media elite, titled “The New Establishment,” just under half of the two dozen entrepreneurs profiled were Jews.

In the view of the magazine’s editors, these are America’s true power elite,“men and women from the entertainment, communications and computer industries, whose ambitions and influence have made America the one true superpower of the Information Age.”

And in a few key sectors of the media, notably among Hollywood studio executives, Jews are so numerically dominant that calling these businesses Jewish-controlled is little more than a statistical observation.

“If there is Jewish power, it’s the power of the word, the power of Jewish columnists and Jewish opinion makers,” says Eugene Fisher, director of Catholic-Jewish relations at the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, and one of the Jewish community’s staunchest defenders in religious Christian circles. “The Jewish community is a very literate community, and it has a lot to say.And if you can shape opinion, you can shape events.”

Goldberg adds further:

The combined weight of so many Jews in one of America’s most lucrative and important industries gives the Jews of Hollywood a great deal of political power. . . .

But the same could be said, to a much greater degree, of other industries with significant concentrations of Jews:Wall Street, New York real estate, or the garment industry.

In each of those industries, Jews make up a significant bloc—an important minority on Wall Street, near majorities in clothing and commercial real estate—and have translated their clout into a visible presence on the political scene.

Jewish writer Steven Silbiger, writing in 2000 in his book, The Jewish Phenomenon, which is a virtual catalogue of Jewish clout, said:

The Jewish influence is just as pronounced in television as it is in the movies. On the TV news desk, Jews have been very visible in front of the camera. As journalists, their personal religious and cultural beliefs are not made an issue in their reporting, but their power is significant because they influence how we as Americans view the world and shape our opinions. . . . Even more influential than reporters are the television news producers, since they decide which stories will go on air, in which order and how long they will run.A disproportionate number of these are Jewish as well. . . .

At one point in the 1980s, the executive producers of all three evening news shows were Jewish.

Furthermore, as Jewish Power [by J. J. Goldberg, cited elsewhere—Ed.] points out, while Jews make up “5% of the working press nationwide—hardly more than their share of the population—they make up one-fourth of the writers, editors and producers in America’s ‘elite media,’ including network news divisions, the top newsweeklies and the four leading papers.”

The remarkably high percentage of Jewish people in television has lasted for generations, perhaps because it is a relatively small and close-knit community.

In a poll of TV’s creative leaders, 59 percent said they were raised in the Jewish faith, while 38 percent [of that group] still identified themselves as Jews.

In his work, The Sacred Chain, Jewish writer Dr. Norman Kantor has also noted the predominance of Jewish influence in the lucrative world of professional sports.Although Cantor doesn’t enunciate the point per se, the fact is that Jewish control of the sports arena relates directly to Jewish media power, inasmuch as sports broadcasting has become an integral part of the mass media, leading in great part—due to the American obsession with sports— to Americans being misdirected and thereby unable to focus on the real issues that face them:

Jewish billionaires in the 1990s demonstrated that they had arrived at the pinnacle of social prowess and cultural importance by buying professional sports teams, hitherto the proud preserve of WASP and Irish magnates. By 1993 the New York football Giants—the most honored name in professional sports—two other National Football League teams, and two of the major league baseball franchises were in Jewish hands.

One of these Jewish owners carried so much weight with the other owners that he engineered the firing of the baseball commissioner and took over as acting commissioner, representing the owners before a congressional committee.

In the 1930s American Jews had thought they were doing well when they produced a couple of boxing champions.

The Jews did not have to show their sweaty bodies anymore; they owned the teams.

Jewish writer Charles Silberman, writing in 1985 in A Certain People, enunciated his own assessment of Jewish media power, particularly in journalism and news management in both print and broadcast media:

All told, the once-scruffy vocation [of journalism] has become an intellectually exciting, reasonably well-paid, prestigious profession in which Jews play an increasingly important role.

In 1982, for example, Jews made up a little less than 6 percent of the national press corps as a whole but 25 to 30 percent of the “media elite”—those working for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal; for Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report; and for the news divisions of CBS, NBC, ABC, and the Public Broadcasting System and its leading stations. (A 1971 study put the number of Jews in the media elite at 25 percent.) When one looks at the key decision-making positions, the Jewish role appears to be even larger.

Jews are equally influential, if less well known, in the management of television news. It is the network correspondents, of course, who have become household names, among them Jews . . .

The greatest concentration of Jews, however, is at the producer level—and it is the producers who decide which stories will go on the air, and how long, and in what order they will run.

In 1982, before a shift in assignments, the executive producers of all three evening newscasts were Jewish, as were the executive producers of CBS’s 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20.

And Jews are almost equally prominent at the “senior producer” and “broadcast producer” levels as well as in senior management.

And yet another Jewish writer, Barry Rubin,writing in Assimilation and Its Discontents, noted just one example of how Jewish-oriented “news” and “information” is constantly being featured in the mainstream press:

[The October 18, 1992 reviews section of The Washington Post] is full of books by or about Jews: on sports and the American Jewish experience; a biography of Bill Graham, a Holocaust survivor and leading rock & roll impresario; the story of an upper-class New York family infected by antisemitism; a South African woman’s group portrait of her set of Jewish friends; a Jewish couple’s volume on foreign investments in America, analyzing problems of multiple loyalties and foreign influence parallel issues in assimilation; and a Jewish author’s book on politics in higher education, discussing multiculturalism in terms drawn from the integration of Jews into American society.

All of this is not to mention the amazing array of Jewish (usually virulently pro-Israel) editors and writers contributing to a vast array of “independent” journals of various political stripes—ranging from the “conservative” Weekly Standard to the ostensibly “liberal” New Republic—along with a wide range of other publications in between, all of which fall into line as far as promoting the global demands of the Rothschild Empire and its drive for a New World Order. Likewise with the Internet, such influence hardly needs mentioning.The truth of Jewish media influence cannot be denied.

To republish a list of so many names and publications would belabor the point, but the fact remains that those journalists and publications that seek to challenge the International Jewish Money Power and attempt to throw roadblocks in the path of the intended Jewish Utopia are marginalized and forced to seek independent means to challenge this looming disaster.

Fortunately, there are publications such as American Free Press (americanfreepress. net) and The Barnes Review (barnesreview.com), along with independent Internet-based broadcasting outlets such as Republic Broadcasting (found at republicbroadcasting.org)—along with a host of other resources—but they are dwarfed (sadly) in influence alongside the media cacaphony directed from the highest ranks of the Rothschild Empire.

What is amazing to recognize in considering this tremendous Jewish influence on the media is the fact this is not just a 20th Century phenomenon, not something that came with the rise of the big national (and now international) broadcast companies or the big weekly newsmagazines.

As we have seen repeatedly in these pages, the fact is, as recorded history shows, Jewish influence in the mass media in the nations of the West has been a major factor behind criticisms of “the Jews” and those who did rise up in criticism of Jewish power over the media were singularly pointing in the direction of the International Money Power as personified by the Rothschild Empire in Europe in all of the great capitals.

So the problem of the media has been longstanding. The Washington-based American Free Press has candidly asserted that “The Media Is The Enemy.” It is a problem that cannot be addressed without acknowledging the substantial Jewish influence upon that media.

And as we continue in our examination of the influence of the Rothschild Empire on American shores,we will see that this power expands far beyond just the media itself. In so many ways, America truly has become the engine of the Rothschild Empire and its drive for a Jewish Imperium—The Jewish Utopia—the New World Order.

This grand celebration in 19th Century New York of the pivotal Jewish holiday of Purim commemorates the Old Testament’s Book of Esther which hails the genocide of 75,000 Persians—ancestors of today’s Iranians (who are again a target of the Jewish Utopia). No other Jewish holiday—all of which celebrate the defeat and destruction of non-Jews—better exemplifies the dream of the New World Order than does Purim. Non-Jews know little of the horrific teachings underlying Judaism.

The “New Establishment”—JEWISH

If you think that the United States is run by a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) elite—as some still insist—think again. The reality is very much otherwise, according to an old-line American magazine that did, indeed, once rank as a voice of the so-called“WASP” establishment.

Vanity Fair—the stylish monthly now owned by the billionaire Zionist Newhouse family—publishes an annual list of the 100 most powerful people in America, what Vanity Fair calls “the New Establishment.”

What this amazing list (as published for the year 2007) revealed is a reality that many will find hard to accept: America’s“New Establishment”is overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish figures or those who are on the payroll of or dependent upon Jewish families and financial interests that bankroll the powerful Israeli lobby in America. That conclusion—however “offensive” or “controversial” in the eyes of some people—is inescapable.

Vanity Fair’s 2007 list goes from 1-100, but there are actually 108 names on the entire list, with eight instances where there are two names listed (sometimes one or both names being Jewish, in other cases not).

So on that basis, although there are 62 individuals out of the total 108 listed who are Jewish (meaning that 57% of those listed are Jewish), the actual total of Jewish names actually occupy 62% of the power positions based on the list on a 1-100 basis.

And because there are at least four individuals who may be Jewish, according to some sources (not necessarily reliable, it should be noted),we could extrapolate and say the possible grand total of Jewish names on the list is actually 66—out of 108—meaning that 61% of those on the list are Jewish, occupying 65% of the power slots (on the basis of 1-100).

There are also rumors about Jewish ancestry on the part of at least one of the individuals appearing on the list, but because there is no proof one way or the other,we have not listed that individual as being Jewish.And this means, of course, that if that person is of Jewish descent that the percentage of Jewish names and influence (vis-a-vis that list) would thus increase.

In any event, considering the solid information that is available—rumors and allegations notwithstanding—no matter how one calculates there is absolutely no question that the most powerful members of “the New Establishment”—as perceived by Vanity Fair—are Jewish.

And it should be noted that Vanity Fair’s assessment of who constitutes “the New Establishment” is one critics would be hard-pressed to dispute. This magazine has never been accused of promoting “conspiracy theories” or “anti-Jewish hatemongering” in any way, shape or form. In fact, the magazine is very much considered to be “in” and a “must” read among people who want to be fashionable!

The fact that a Jewish-owned publication has published the names of these Jewish power brokers (without specifically citing their ethnic and religious heritage) is interesting, especially since Israel’s prestigious newspaper, The Jerusalem Post, on Oct. 11, 2007, heralded publication of the list, saying in a headline that “Jewish power dominates [at the] Vanity Fair [list].“ The reporter for the Post, Nathan Burstein, noted:

It’s a list of “the world’s most powerful people,” 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of billions. It’s an exclusive, insular club, one whose influence stretches around the globe but is concentrated strategically in the highest corridors of power. More than half its members, at least by one count, are Jewish.

It’s a list, in other words, that would have made earlier generations of Jews jump out of their skins, calling attention, as it does, to their disproportionate influence in finance and the media.

Making matters worse, in the eyes of many,would no doubt be the identity of the group behind the list—not a pack of fringe anti-Semites but one of the most mainstream,glamorous publications on the newsstands. The list would seem to conform to all the traditional stereotypes about areas of Jewish over-representation.

Although the “mainstream”media in the United States failed to note the Jewish prominance on the list— which can correctly be called predominance, since Jewish people are said to be less than even 3% of the American population—the news about the list was widely commented upon in American Jewish community publications.

Joseph Aaron, editor of The Chicago Jewish News, said that his readers should “feel very, very good about” the news that their co-religionists are so powerful in America. In the Vanity Fair list, reproduced here and annotated with factual details regarding those names on the list, the Jewish names appear in italics. And although it is possible that there are other Jewish names on the list, there is no solid research available confirming it.

Also, note, for example, that media baron Rupert Murdoch—who appears at number one on the list—is listed here as being Jewish even though he “officially” is not.

This bears a word of explanation. It is often said that Murdoch traces his Jewish roots through his mother, whose maiden name was Green. Those who say that Murdoch is Jewish cite her family name as“proof”of her Jewish antecedents since the name Green is often Jewish. However, this author’s own source on the matter of Murdoch’s Jewish ancestry—an international businessmen who previously had close ties to Murdoch—has advised that Murdoch’s Jewish ancestry does come from his mother’s side, but that the Jewish blood is not from the Green name itself (as so many believe).

No matter. Whatever his ethnic antecedents, Murdoch has been a frontline supporter of Israel and the global Zionist cause,no surprise considering the fact that his primary financial backers in his rise to power were the powerful Rothschild, Bronfman and Oppenheimer families whom are all very definitely Jewish.(An account of the rise of Murdoch and his media intrigues appears in this author’s earlier work, The Judas Goats.)

Since the release of the list, several Internet sources have alleged that several other names on the list (that are not indicated here as being Jewish) are Jewish; however, our research does not indicate that this is so.The bottom line is that the preponderance of the names are indisputably Jewish, whether the disputed names are or are not.

Also significant is that the roughly 45-50% of the names on the list that are not definitely known to be Jewish or that are clearly non-Jewish are the names of individuals who are directly beholden to Jewish families and financial interests for their own power and privilege. Rupert Murdoch is perhaps the most prominent among this group.

Secondly, in this realm, is Warren Buffett—listed at No. 6. Although not Jewish, he has long been in partnership with the Rothschild Empire and is a primary force in the powerful Washington Post-Newsweek media combine. While the Post is best known as the fiefdom of the American-based Jewish Meyer-Graham family, the evidence indicates that primary behindthe-scenes investors bankrolling the influential Post empire have always operated in the sphere of Rothschild-connected banking interests operating on American soil. The Meyer/Grahams, themselves, are related to the San Francisco-based billionaire Jewish heirs of the Levi Strauss clothing kingdom, which, in turn, is a major force in global advertising revenues.

Seventeen of those listed are either actors, entertainers and television and news media personalities who—while now wealthy as a consequence of their fame—owe their fame (and wealth) to the patronage of the owners of the mass media which made these 17 figures household names: for example, individuals such as Fox News agitator Bill O’Reilly and Steven Colbert, among others.

Three listed—Pinault, listed at 29, and Gagosian and Pigosi—listed at 84 and 86—are figures in the art world, which is known to be dominated by Jewish interests.

Eight others, such as Bernard Arnault (listed at 8), Giorgio Armani (listed at 37), Miuccia Prada (at 44), Karl Lagerfeld (at 52), Martha Stewart (at 54), Oscar de la Renta (at 53) Diego Della Valle (at 63) and Donatella Versace (at 81) are figures in the fashion and perfume industries—both of which are totally dependent on garment manufacturing (dominated almost exclusively by Jewish families and financial interests) and on department store distribution and the advertising industry, both of which are likewise dominated by the same elements.

Two of those listed—Bill Clinton and his former vice president Al Gore—are only politicians—note the clarification “only”—both of whom were installed in their positions of power through the patronage of Zionist financial interests. Note, by the way, that Gore’s daughter, Karenna, has married the great-great grandson of Jewish plutocrat Jacob Schiff, a satellite of the powerful Rothschild family. Informed students of history know that Schiff was instrumental in financing the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Several others are officers of media giants dominated by Jewish financial interests, acting as well-paid “fronts” for the controllers behind the scenes.

For example, Richard Parsons,an African-American, is listed at 18th place,but he is no more than a front man at Time-Warner.

And as those who know the history of Time-Warner are well aware, that media empire has been dominated since at least the late 1960s, by elements linked to the organized crime syndicate of Jewish gangster, Meyer Lansky (who worked closely with Israel’s Mossad) and to the Lansky-connected liquor empire of Sam Bronfman,longtime chief of theWorld Jewish Congress (WJC),and his son,Edgar Bronfman,who recently retired as head of the WJC. It has been widely asserted that the idea that Jewish families and financial interests were very powerful was “an old wives’ tale,” a “ridiculous anti-Semitic canard with no basis in reality,” said to be the product of a “discredited czarist forgery.”However, the new Vanity Fair assessment suggests otherwise
and reinforces the theme of this author’s earlier work, The New Jerusalem, which had already documented in detail what Vanity Fair has now confirmed:“Zionist power in America.”

In the list from Vanity Fair that follows, those known to be of Jewish extraction are listed in italics.The names of three individuals whose origins are unknown—but who have been said to be Jewish by some sources on the Internet that adopted this list for their use—are in boldface.Those who are definitely not known to be Jewish or of Jewish extraction are in regular type.

The descriptions of the individuals did not originally appear in the Vanity Fair list, but are, instead, annotations by this author, Michael Collins Piper.The list of the individuals follows.

1. Rupert Murdoch, billionaire global media baron financed by the Rothschild, Bronfman and Oppenheimer empires. (The controversy surrounding Murdoch’s apparent Jewish roots was examined earlier.)
2. Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of the worldwide Apple computer conglomerate.
3. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google, the Internet giant.
4. Stephen Schwarzman and Pete Peterson, founders of the Blackstone Group, a financial investment giant, representing shadowy cliques of plutocratic predators.
5. Warren Buffett, a longtime U.S. satellite of the European Rothschild family and one of the owners of the Washington Post publishing group.
6. Bill Clinton, former president of the United States.
7. Steven Spielberg, Hollywood producer and director, perhaps the most powerful man in the movie industry.
8. Bernard Arnault, French industrialist whose growing empire produces such luxury label items as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Dom Perignon, among others.
9. Michael Bloomberg, billionaire New York mayor and possible presidential candidate who made his fortune in the financial news information industry.
10. Bill and Melinda Gates, the husband-and-wife team who are the rulers of the Microsoft computer colossus.
11. Carlos Slim Helú, Fortune magazine says this Mexican billionaire of Lebanese descent is the world’s richest man,controlling 200 companies that account for 7% of Mexico’s gross domestic product.
12. H. Lee Scott, president and chief executive ofWal-Mart. (Note:some Internet versions of this list have suggested Scott is Jewish, but we have not found definitive proof of this, so we err on the side of caution by NOT listing him as Jewish.)
13. Ralph Lauren, fashion industry tycoon.
14. OprahWinfrey, widely promoted television personality.
15. Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg (husband and wife). Diller is a Hollywood figure who is now a major player in the television home shopping business. His wife is a major fashion designer.
16. David Geffen, Hollywood business partner of aforementioned Steven Spielberg and a major movie industry figure in his own right.
17. Howard Stringer, chief executive of the Sony corporation.
18. Richard Parsons, African-American front man was chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors for the Zionist rulers of the Time-Warner media empire. (Recently stepped down.)
19. Al Gore, former vice president of the United States and father-in-law of an heir to the Schiff international banking fortune that financed the Bolshevik Revolution.
20. Larry Ellison, chief executive officer of Oracle, the database software giant known for his patronage of Israeli causes.
21. Herb Allen, head of the influential privately owned investment house of Allen & Co; he convenes an annual conclave of elite industrialists at Sun Valley, Idaho.
22. Jeff Bewkes, recently became CEO at theTime-Warner media empire (which has long been under the influence of the Bronfman family and other Zionist elements).
23. Jeff Bezos, the founder of the Amazon.com book and video Internet powerhouse.
24. Peter Chernin, runs Fox News for Rupert Murdoch and Murdoch’s behind-the-scenes sponsors.
25. Leslie Moonves, head of CBS, the fiefdom of the Sarnoff family.
26. Jerry Bruckheimer, Hollywood producer— major films and weekly television.
27. George Clooney, film star and supporter of liberal causes.
28. Bono, rock star and global poverty activist.
29. François Pinault, luxury brands king/art collector
30. Roman Abramovich, Russian oilman and financial wheeler dealer.
31. Ronald Perelman, billionaire cigar monopoly kingpin and head of the Revlon cosmetics giant.
32. Tom Hanks, actor/producer
33. Jacob Rothschild, global banking tycoon of the famed Zionist family and major behind-the-scenes influence in the United States through such associates as non-JewishWarren Buffett.
34. Robert DeNiro, actor/producer whose mother is Jewish.
35. Howard Schultz, founder of the Starbucks coffee shop chain.
36. Robert Iger, head of theWalt Disney media conglomerate.
37. Giorgio Armani, fashion designer and clothing tycoon.
38. Jeffrey Katzenberg, partner of aforementioned Spielberg and Geffen.
39. Ronald Lauder and Leonard Lauder, rulers of the Estee Lauder cosmetics empire; major figures in theWorld Jewish Congress.
40. George Lucas, Hollywood producer (best known for the Star Wars films and marketing gimmickry empire).
41. Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein, major Hollywood producers.
42. Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols (husband and wife). Sawyer is a television “news”figure; Nichols, an influential Hollywood producer-director.
43. Bruce Wasserstein, chief of the powerful Zionist investment house of Lazard and owner of NewYork magazine.
44. Miuccia Prada, famed fashion icon and handbag designer.
45. Steven Cohen, hedge fund manager at SAC Capital Advisers.
46.Tom Cruise, actor/producer. (It has been rumored Cruise has some Jewish blood but we do not include him here.)
47. Jay-Z, rapper/entrepreneur
48. Ron Meyer, chief of Universal Studios, now under Bronfman family
empire control.
49. Frank Gehry, architect.
50. Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor-turned-governor of California, closely associated with Rothschild family associateWarren Buffett (see above).
51. Henry Kravis, leveraged buy-out king at Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts; his wife is a major player in the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York-based adjunct of the Rothschild family’s London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs.
52. Karl Lagerfeld, head of the Chanel perfume empire.
53. Oscar and Annette de la Renta, fashion designers.
54. Martha Stewart, popular television personality and home products tycoon.
55. Mickey Drexler, chief of the J. Crew fashion company.
56. Michael Moritz, financier previously associated with Google and former journalist who was San Francisco bureau chief for Bronfman-controlled Time magazine. Holds an interest in Pay Pal and in Yahoo.
57. Brian Roberts, heads Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company and second-largest Internet provider.
58. Roger Ailes, runs Fox News channel for Murdoch and associates.
59. Vivi Nevo, Israeli-born international investment tycoon who holds large stakes in Time-Warner, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft. (One of his principal associates is Israeli arms dealer, Arnon Milchan, a major backer of Israel’s secret nuclear weapons development program.)
60. Mick Jagger, rock star.
61. Jeff Skoll, film producer.
62.Vinod Khosla, Indian-born,American-based major investor in “green” technologies such as solar, clean coal, fuel cells and cellulosic ethanol.
63. Diego Della Valle, major figure in the luxury accessories fashion industry, notably the Tod’s shoe company.
64. Stacey Snider, co-chief of DreamWorks, the Spielberg-Geffen-Katzenberg combine in Hollywood.
65. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, major Hollywood producers.
66. John Lasseter, Disney-Pixar studios.
67. George Soros, infamous international wheeler-dealer.
68. Philippe Dauman,runsViacom media giant for Zionist mogul Sumner Redstone (who also controls CBS).
69. John Malone, runs Liberty Media (Discovery Channel, USA network etc); formerly associated with Jerrold Electronics, founded by Milton Shapp, a devout Zionist who served two terms as governor of Pennsylvania.
70. Sumner Redstone, owner of the Viacom/CBS media giant.
71. Paul Allen, head of Vulcan investment house and co-founder, with Bill Gates (see above) of the Microsoft empire.
72. Eddie Lampert, money manager for major figures in the global elite; member of the secret Skull & Bones fraternity at Yale.
73. Leon Black, major investor with controlling influence atTelemundo, Spanish-language broadcasting, Harrah’s casino empire, and Realogy, which controls real-estate companies such as Coldwell Banker and Century 21.
74. Jann Wenner, owner of Rolling Stone magazine
75. Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan Working Title Films, London. (Note: some Internet versions of this list have suggested Bevan is Jewish, so we err on the side of caution by NOT listing him as Jewish.)
76. Jerry Weintraub, Hollywood producer.
77. Donatella Versace, fashion empire head.
78. Thomas L. Friedman, NewYork Times columnist.
79. Tim Russert, NBC news commentator (now deceased).
80. Charlie Rose, PBS television news commentator and talk show host.
81. Joel Silver, Hollywood film producer.
82. Frank Rich, NewYork Times commentator/ author
83. Jonathan Ive, designer of the iPod, iMac and Iphone. (Note: some have suggested Ive is Jewish, but we have not found definitive proof of this, so we err on the side of caution by NOT listing him as Jewish.)
84. Larry Gagosian, owner of art galleries in NewYork, London and Los Angeles,closely associated with Zionist billionaires such as David Geffen and
S. I. Newhouse Jr., etc.
85. Charles Saatchi, owner of the famed Saatchi Gallery and longtime major figure in the public relations industry.
86. Jean Pigozzi, art collector and longtime close associate of the Rothschild family.
87. Stephen Colbert, television-based political satirist/host.
88. Bill O’Reilly, Fox television conservative talk show host.
89. Jon Stewart, TV personality and pundit.
90. Steve Bing, film producer.
91. Eli Broad, billionaire investor and patron of Zionist causes.
92. Michael Milken, Wall Street predator, ex-convict, and devoted supporter of Israel.
93. Arthur Sulzberger Jr., owner of the NewYork Times media empire.
94. Ron Burkle, supermarket and media magnate (including Motor Trend and Soap Opera Digest).
95. Scott Rudin, Hollywood producer
96. Jimmy Buffett, singer and musician, branching into investments.
97. Steven Rattner, private equity and hedge fund investor, former reporter for The NewYork Times.
98. Arianna Huffington, writer and television personality.
99. Doug Morris, runs Universal Music for its owners, the Zionist Bronfman family and its wide-ranging empire.
100. Jimmy Iovine, head of Interscope Records and closely associated with aforementioned Zionist music tycoon David Geffen. (Note: multiple Internet sources suggest Iovine is Jewish. However, there is an Italian crime network, the Iovine family. Because of the ambiguities here we have again chosen to err on the side of caution and not include Iovine as Jewish. The fact remains, though, that he is closely associated with Jewish tycoon David Geffen and, of course, it is possible Iovine is of partial Jewish extraction.)

For the record: a version of this list as originally annotated by the author, Michael Collins Piper, has been published in various places on the Internet, but versions of that list have included a number of errors.

This version, as appearing in these pages, should be considered the author’s definitive work on this topic.

Any errors here are mine and mine alone.

And it should also be noted that a subsequent version of the Vanity Fair list of“the New Establishment”—for the year 2008—was notably different in tone. Some “new” names were added—including at least one rich Muslim Arab—and others were removed.

It was apparent that Vanity Fair was clearly trying to take away the “sting” after the preponderance of definitively Jewish names appearing on the 2007 list (described above) was noted by critics of Jewish power—perhaps too often—on the Internet.

But the Vanity Fair list is—in the end—by no means absolute proof of Jewish power operating in the sphere of the Rothschild family. Rather, the totality of all of the other firm evidence of Jewish money and influence that comes from a wide variety of sources—most of them Jewish—confirms precisely the basic conclusions that could be drawn from the“fun”list compiled by the stylish monthly magazine.

America truly has emerged as the New Babylon and is the vehicle by which the dream of a Jewish Utopia—the New World Order—is being utilized to accomplish the fulfillment of that Talmudic agenda by our modern-day Pharisees.

In the pages that follow we will explore—in depth—the names and the faces and the incredible wealth and power of the satellites of the Rothschild Empire who are operating in America today, dictating the course of this nation’s future and the very path of world affairs itself.

Chicago’s famed mobster Al Capone (above) was nothing more than a front man for the Jewish crime syndicate which included the late Sam Bronfman (left) founder of the World Jewish Congress, and Bronfman’s son, Edgar (right), who is now head of the Bronfman family which is a key American cog in the global Rothschild Empire.

The Bronfman Gang:
The Royal Family of American Jewry—
“Godfathers” to Al Capone and John McCain

Once described as “the Rothschilds of the New World,” the family Bronfman—although officially based in Canada—certainly constitutes the proverbial “royal family” of the American Jewish establishment, inasmuch as the family’s influence is solidly entrenched in the United States, reaching from NewYork to Hollywood and everything in between. Proteges—directly and indirectly—of the Bronfman syndicate have included multiple powerful and well-known personages ranging from Al Capone to U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Although best known for their control of the Seagram liquor empire, this legendary—and quite sinister—family controls much,much more.

In some respects they personify “the ultimate Jewish success story.” They represent virtually everything that is truly bad—in the classic sense—about Jewish power and influence in America. And while they may not technically be the wealthiest Jewish family in America, per se—there are others that are much,much richer—the Bronfmans have a certain level of clout and prominence that few other families can claim. After all, of course, Edgar Bronfman—reigning patriarch of the family—was the longtime head of the World Jewish Congress.And that’s a title with clout.

As far back as 1978, Bronfman family biographer Peter Newman, writing in The Bronfman Dynasty, estimated that the aggregate assets held by the various branches of the family totaled some $7 billion. He cited Fortune magazine which declared—at the time—“The Bronfman fortune rivals that of all but a small number of North American families, including some that gathered their strength in the 19th century when taxes had no more impact on wealth than poor boxes.”

Since then, of course, the Bronfmans have increasingly compounded their wealth and their influence has grown proportionally.

Originally,we have been told, the Bronfman clan came as immigrants to Canada under the sponsorship—like many others—of the various Jewish charities under the thumb of Europe’s Rothschild family, the great financial house that has ruled from behind the scenes for generations.

However, the Bronfman empire as we know it today was founded by buccaneering, sharp-nosed businessman Sam Bronfman who—with his brothers—made millions in the liquor business—and many millions more by shipping their liquor into the United States where it was illegally consumed during Prohibition. Thus, the family forged early links with the U.S. crime syndicate headed jointly by Russian-born, New York-based Jew, Meyer Lansky, and his Italian partners, Charles “Lucky” Luciano and Frank Costello.

In fact—and this is probably a dirty little secret better left unmentioned—there is hardly a border town in the northern regions of the United States—from Maine to Washington state—where one could not find tidy family fortunes accumulated by locals (not always Jewish, but many who are) who were part of the Bronfman-Lansky liquor smuggling network.

And in the big cities, a “connection” with the Lansky-Bronfman network was a “must” for anyone who wanted to succeed. The truth is that even Chicago’s Italian-American crime prince,Al Capone, owed his rise to power to his Bronfman connection—another little-known fact that has been largely suppressed by the media in the United States.

Despite all the hoopla over Capone’s purported “rule” over Chicago, at no time ever did Capone control more than one-fourth of the rackets in the Windy City. And what’s more, as famed independent crime writer Hank Messick has pointed out in his classic study, Secret File (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1969), Capone—powerful though he was—never held a title higher than “capo” (or “captain”)—head of a crew of ten men—in the ranks of the formally organized Italian-American “Mafia” crime network in Chicago.

Another point often forgotten in the legend of “the Mafia” is that Capone,in fact,was only permitted to become a formal member of the Mafia after Italian-American crime bosses in Chicago relaxed Mafia membership rules to permit certain selected non-Sicilians such as Capone (who was born in Naples on mainland Italy) to join

If fact, the truth is that Capone was ultimately answering to much bigger, more secretive bosses behind the scenes,who were based“back east”—part of the “elite” group surrounding the aforementioned infamous New York-based Jewish crime chief Meyer Lansky (who ultimately switched his operations to Miami and, for a brief period—many years later—to Israel).

It was the Lansky group—including Lansky’s Jewish partner Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and his Italian-born partners, Costello and Luciano—that sent Capone (a distant Luciano cousin) to Chicago in the first place.

In their notable Lansky biography, Meyer Lansky: Mogul of the Mob (Paddington Press, 1979), written in cooperation with Lansky, Israeli writers Dennis Eisenberg, Uri Dan and Eli Landau fill in some of the missing elements left out by Capone’s biographers.

Lansky himself told his Israeli biographers that “It was Bugsy Siegel who knew him well when Capone lived and worked on the Lower East side . . . [He was a] close enough friend of Capone’s to hide him out with one of his aunts”when Capone got in trouble on a murder charge.”

To get him out of the line of law enforcement fire, Lansky sent Capone to Chicago to act as a tough in the gang of JohnnyTorrio, a NewYorker who had“gone west”and was moving to unseat his own uncle, old-time gangster “Big Jim” Colosimo, as boss of the Italian-American Mafia in Chicago.

Essentially, Torrio had been Lansky’s Chicago pointman and Capone quickly moved up the ranks and became Torrio’s right-hand man.

Organized crime writer Messick noted that Capone’s positioning “delighted” the Lansky crowd “because Capone was very much their man. Although Capone eventually became his own master in Chicago, running
scores of rackets . . . his loyalty to his New York friends was so firm that Lansky and [Luciano] knew they could always count on him.”

And it is worth pointing out that Capone’s immediate“boss” in Chicago, Torrio,was also the Chicago contact for the liquor interests of the Canadianbased Bronfman liquor empire which was shipping its legally produced products over the border for illegal consumption by Prohibition-era American drinkers. Sam Bronfman and his family worked closely with the Lansky syndicate from the beginning. Therefore, the Torrio-Capone link brought the connection full circle.

Meanwhile, Chicago’s ruling boss, Colosimo, was doing nothing to endear himself to either Bronfman or Lansky and Siegel whom he was known to refer to as “dirty Jews.”

Colosimo proclaimed that he couldn’t understand why Luciano dealt so closely with Lansky and Siegel, saying “I sometimes have a suspicion that he must have some Jewish blood in his veins,” a suspicion that—in light of Luciano’s subsequent fate, as we shall see—is highly unlikely.

In addition, Colosimo asserted there was “no future in bootlegging” and showed little interest in patronizing the Bronfman liquor supply. Colosimo wanted to focus on drugs, prostitution and loan-sharking. His boycott of Bronfman was cutting into the Lansky syndicate’s profits.

Needless to say,when the time was ripe, Lansky (viaTorrio and Capone) moved against Colosimo who was gunned down by a NewYork Jewish gangster sent in to do the job.The biggest wreath at Colosimo’s lavish funeral featured a card that read: “From the sorrowing Jew boys of New York.” Soon enough, the Bronfman liquor came flowing into Chicago, courtesy of Lansky’s henchman Torrio and his right-hand man, Capone, soon to emerge as the media’s favorite “Mafia” figure.

So when we look at the forces behind even the most notorious Italian-American gangster of the 20th century,we find his roots buried deep within the Bronfman (and Zionist) camp.And that is news in itself.

As noted, the current head of the Bronfman family is Edgar Bronfman who—aside from his extensive international business dealings—also served as the longtime president of theWorld Jewish Congress, from which position he exerted considerable political clout.

Bronfman, of course, was the key player in the recent (and ongoing) effort to extort billions of dollars from Swiss banks for their alleged involvement in laundering of “Jewish gold” said to be stolen by the Nazis, and for having confiscated the wealth of certain Jewish persons from Europe who hid their vast wealth in Swiss banks prior to World War II.

The question as to how this vast wealth was actually accumulated has never been explained by the media, although the involvement of the Bronfman family in the controversy may provide a key to it in part.

It is known that the Bronfmans achieved much of their own initial wealth prior to World War II in the illegal liquor trade, in concert with American crime syndicate figure Meyer Lansky whose operations ranged far and wide,well beyond American shores.

It is also known that Lansky was one of the prime movers, for the crime syndicate, behind the use of Swiss bank accounts for the laundering of criminal proceeds.Thus, it is certain that some of those who were taken into custody by the Third Reich and whose bank accounts were confiscated were actually agents of the Lansky-Bronfman syndicate and thus engaged in illegal activity.The “persecuted” Jews—in these cases—were common criminals.

Bronfman’s son, Edgar Jr., is perhaps as equally powerful as his father, although from another venue. The younger Bronfman assumed control of Universal Studios and all of the related entertainment subsidiaries now under the control of the Bronfman empire.A major player in Hollywood and in the music and film production area, Edgar Jr. reportedly bungled a major family investment when he entered the family into partnership with the French-based Vivendi corporation, but no members of the Bronfman family have been seen panhandling on the streets of New York, Beverly Hills or Montreal as of this writing.

Edgar’s lesser-known son, Matthew, is highly active in Jewish affairs and serves as chairman of the program committee and chairman of the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life Committee.In 2007 he was elected as chairman of the governing board of theWorld Jewish Congress, long headed by his father and he is also chairman of theWorld Jewish Congress Budget and Finance Commission and is also a member of its steering committee.

He is the head of a NewYork-based investment company,BHB Holdings, and likewise is a controlling shareholder of one of Israel’s largest banks, Israel Discount Bank and a controlling shareholder in SuperSal, the largest supermarket chain in Israel.Another of his enterprises is control of the IKEA franchise in Israel, where he also has substantial real estate holdings, aside from those he maintains in the United States.

Among other things, Mathew Bronfman was chairman and CEO of Candle Acquisitions Company, a specialty candle manufacturer, and chairman of Sterling Cellular Holdings, a cellular telephone firm.In his early years he was involved in other Bronfman holdings. He was also employed at the Goldman Sachs international banking firm, demonstrating, again, the interlock among the global Jewish forces in the Rothschild Empire.

The Seagrams company is regularly among the largest political contributors to both of the major American political parties. This is interesting in itself for when, during the 1996 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton was attacking his GOP opponent Bob Dole for accepting contributions from the tobacco industry, the fact that both major parties were taking sizable contributions from the alcohol industry—in particular the Bronfman empire—seems to have gone largely unmentioned.

As distinguished an “American” institution as Du Pont, for example, fell under Bronfman control. In 1981, Du Pont, then the seventh largest corporation in the United States,was targeted for takeover by the Bronfman family.

Actually, at that point, the Bronfmans already owned 20 percent of Du Pont—a substantial holding in itself, for in the corporate world, even as little as 3 percent ownership of a corporation’s stock gives the owner effective control of a corporation.

Although the traditional American name of “Du Pont” continued to appear on the corporate papers and on Du Pont products sold to American consumers, the real power behind the scenes was the Bronfman empire.

In truth, the Du Pont family—although still quite wealthy, having accumulated their financial resources over several generations—had little influence within the corporation that bore the family name. Ultimately, the Bronfmans officially divested their holdings in Du Pont, but used their resources to expand their wealth and tentacles elsewhere.

Today the Bronfmans are very much a recognized part of not only the plutocratic establishment in the United States, but throughout the world.

Among other Bronfman holdings over the years were such traditionally “American” companies as: Campbell Soup, Schlitz Brewing, Colgate-Palmolive, Kellogg, Nabisco, Norton Simon, Quaker Oats, Paramount Pictures and Warrington Products (maker of Kodiak boots and Hush Puppies shoes.)

In addition, the Bronfmans also had an interest in the Ernest W. Hahn Company (which then operated 27 regional shopping centers in California and had plans for another 29); and theTrizec Corp., one of the biggest property development companies in North America.

The Bronfmans also hold considerable assets in some “unexpected” and “out of the way” places. For example, the Bronfman controlled Cadillac Fairview corporation—which develops commercial rental properties—developed a shopping center in Hickory, North Carolina and (in 1978) was in the process of setting up two others.Another Bronfman enterprise is the Shannon Mall in Atlanta and the Galleria in Westchester, New York.

In addition, a Bronfman subsidiary held options on a shopping center development in Mississippi and for yet another in Connecticut. Bronfman companies also controlled industrial parks in and near Los Angeles, office towers in Denver and in San Francisco, and housing developments in Nevada, California and Florida. The Bronfmans also bought control of the share capital of Houston-based General Homes Consolidated Cos. Inc., building houses and developing land with operations reaching as far as Mississippi and Alabama.

For many years the family—although this was not well known—controlled vast tracts of land in the outer reaches of the Virginia suburbs surrounding Washington, D.C., lucrative land that the family, in recent years, has been relinquishing at great profit.

And as a reminder: the various United States holdings of the Bronfman family listed here do not constitute anything resembling a complete overview of their portfolio.And none of this covers the Bronfman holdings in Canada alone, for example, and elsewhere.

All of this financial clout, taken together, also constitutes significant political power in the various states and locales where the Bronfman influence has taken root.

Of particular interest in that regard is the hidden influence of the Bronfman family in the state of Arizona—an outpost viewed in the minds of most Americans as somehow a paradise of cowboys, cactus and wide-open spaces, a conservative stronghold seemingly independent of the corruption and intrigue found in the big cities like New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. In fact,Arizona ranks alongside the great crime capitals.This dubious distinction can be traced directly to the influence in Arizona of the Bronfman family.

Bronfman family influence in Arizona is so strong that it can be rightly said that the Bronfmans are no less than the “godfathers” behind the political career of America’s best known “reformer”—Arizona Senator John McCain. Here’s the story:

In 1976 a crusading Phoenix reporter, Don Bolles, was murdered by a car-bomb after writing a series of stories exposing the organized crime connections of a wide-ranging number of well-known figures in Arizona who were closely associated with a character named Jim Hensley.

Five years later“Honest John”McCain arrived in Arizona as the new husband of Hensley’s daughter, Cindy. “From the moment McCain landed in Phoenix,” according to Charles Lewis of the Center for Public Integrity,“ the Hensleys were key sponsors of his political career.” But the fact is, the people behind the Hensley fortune are even more interesting and controversial.

While it is well-known McCain’s father-in-law was the owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorships in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation—the mainstream media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain’s rise to power.The Hensley fortune is no more than a regional offshoot of the vast bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty who, in turn, were major players—as noted before—in the crime syndicate ruled by Meyer Lansky and his partners, both in the United States and abroad.

McCain’s father-in-law got his start as a top henchman of one Kemper Marley who, for some forty years until his death in 1990 at age 84,was the undisputed behind-the-scenes political boss of Arizona. But Marley was much more than a machine politician. In fact, he was also the Lansky crime syndicate’s top man in Arizona, the protege of Lansky lieutenant, Phoenix gambler Gus Greenbaum, who, in 1941, set up a national wire for bookmakers. After Lansky ordered a hit on his own longtime partner,“Bugsy” Siegel, who was stealing money from the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas — which was financed in part by loans from an Arizona bank chaired by Marley — Greenbaum turned operations of the wire over to Marley while Greenbaum took Siegel’s place in tending to Lansky’s interests in Las Vegas.

In 1948 Greenbaum was murdered in a mob“hit” that set off a series of gang wars in Phoenix,but Marley survived and prospered as did Jim Hensley, who sponsored McCain’s rise to power.

During this time Marley was building up a liquor distribution monopoly in Arizona.According to Marley’s longtime public relations man, Al Lizanitz, it was the Bronfman family that set Marley up in the liquor business. McCain’s father-in-law was the top lieutenant for Kemper Marley, the Lansky syndicate’s chief Arizona operative who acted, in turn, as the front man for the Bronfman family—key players in the Lansky syndicate.

During Prohibition, the Canadian-based Bronfmans supplied—and thus controlled—the “spigot” of liquor funneled to Lansky syndicate functionaries in the United States, including Al Capone in Chicago. After Prohibition, Lansky-Bronfman associates such as Marley got control of a substantial portion of liquor (and beer) distribution across the country. Marley’s longtime public relations man,Al Lizanitz, revealed that it was, in fact, the Bronfmans who set Marley up in the alcohol business in the first place.

In 1948, 52 of Marley’s employees (including Jim Hensley, the manager of Marley’s company) were prosecuted for federal liquor violations. Hensley got a six-month suspended sentence and his brother Eugene went to prison for a year.

In 1953 Hensley and (this time) Marley were prosecuted by federal prosecutors for falsifying liquor records, but young attorney William Rehnquist acted as their “mouthpiece” (as mob attorneys are known) and the two got off scot-free. Rehnquist later became chief justice of the Supreme Court and presided over the “fix” that made GeorgeW. Bush president in a rightly disputed election.

Arizona insiders say Hensley “took the fall” for Marley in 1948 and Marley paid back Hensley by setting him up in his own beer distribution business. Although, during the 2008 presidential campaign, Newsweek implied Hensley’s company was a “mom and pop” operation that became a big success, the real story goes to the heart of the history of organized crime at the highest levels.

McCain’s father-in-law also dabbled in dog racing and expanded his fortune by selling his track to an individual connected to the Buffalo-based Jacobs family, key Prohibition-era cogs in the Lansky network as distributors of Bronfman liquor.

Expanding over the years, buying up race tracks and developing food and drink concessions at sports stadiums, Jacobs enterprises were described as being probably the biggest quasi-legitimate cover for organized crime’s money-laundering in the United States.

In 1976, Hensley’s mentor—Marley (at the height of his power)—was the key suspect behind the aforementioned contract murder of journalist Don Bolles who was investigating the mob in Arizona, but Marley was never prosecuted.

While John McCain himself cannot be held personally responsible for the sins of his late father-in-law—whose fortune was passed on to his daughter, Cindy McCain, John’s wife—the fact is that “reformer” McCain owes his political and financial fortunes to the good graces of the biggest names in organized crime. Perhaps it is no wonder that, today, the Las Vegas gambling industry is among McCain’s primary financial benefactors.

This overview is really just the tip of the iceberg but it does say much about McCain and the political milieu that spawned him, particularly in light of McCain’s front-line position as one of Israel’s leading U.S. supporters.

Ironically, though, as noted earlier, in the 2008 presidential campaign, McCain was endorsed by an American member of the Rothschild family and had a fundraiser held on his behalf by the Rothschilds in London, Edgar Bronfman chose to publicly endorse Barack Obama over McCain, evidently “turned off” by McCain’s Christian fanatic running mate, Sarah Palin.

And this, too, should be noted for the historical record regarding the Bronfman family: In light of this author’s own rather widely-distributed work on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the book, Final Judgment—which contends that Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, played a major role alongside the CIA in the assassination of President Kennedy, precisely because of JFK’s obstinate opposition to Israel’s drive to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction—that the fingerprints of Sam Bronfman are found all over the JFK assassination conspiracy. Not only was Bronfman’s longtime henchman, Louis Bloomfield, chairman of the Mossad-sponsored Permindex corporation (which included among its directors no less than New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw, who was indicted by former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for involvement in the JFK assassination), but new evidence indicates that Dallas mob figure Jack Ruby was actually on the Bronfman payroll.

In addition, while another Bronfman associate in Dallas, oilman Jack Crichton, hovered around Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow after the JFK assassination, another Bronfman functionary—“super lawyer” John McCloy—served on the Warren Commission. McCloy was a director—and Crichton served as vice president—of the Empire Trust, a financial combine controlled in part by the Bronfman family.

And although Sam Bronfman is best known for his Seagrams liquor empire, what many JFK researchers who point their fingers at the “Texas oil barons” have failed to note is that Sam Bronfman was a Texas oil baron himself, having purchased Texas Pacific Oil in 1963. As far back as 1949, Allen Dulles, later the CIA director fired by JFK and also a Warren Commission member, served as an attorney involved in the private ventures of Bronfman’s daughter Phyllis.

For those interested in the entire story, they should refer to Final Judgment, which is now in its 768-page sixth edition, thoroughly documented. The bottom line is that the JFK assassination is unquestionably, beyond any doubt, the one pivotal event that helped bring covert Jewish influence to all-new heights in the American power structure.

The Bronfmans,by any measure,do constitute the“first family”—indeed we say “the royal family”—of the American Jewish and Zionist establishments, but certainly secondary to the “Kings of Kings”: The Rothschilds.

In many respects, though, it might be said that, in terms of old-fashioned gutter-level organized crime—as opposed to the “high level” operations of the Rothschild Empire—the Bronfmans are certainly the Royal Family of the Jewish Crime Syndicate, by virtue of their newfound respectability, having risen to wealth and glamour from their early years as partners of the “nonrespectable" Meyer Lansky.

And revolving, as satellites, around the Bronfman dynasty are a wideranging array of other powerful families which—in turn—have their own satellite families and financial interests. They constitute the New Pharisees working to bring the Talmudic dream of the NewWorld Order into being.

In the chapters which follow we will meet the biggest names and families among the New Pharisees whose vast fortunes bankroll and corrupt American politicians (and those worldwide) who do the bidding of the Rothschild Empire in their drive for a Jewish Utopia.

While they fancy themselves to be aristocrats, noblemen and ladies, modern-day knights, princes and princesses all, the truth is that many of them are—as David Ben-Gurion, the founding father of Israel, frankly described many Holocaust survivors—“hard, evil and selfish people.” So let us meet these would-be global rulers.


The Truth About Anti-Semitism . . .

This 19th Century caricature of Jewish plutocrats outside the “Monopoly Building” demonstrates that opposition to Jews often comes as a consequence of public recognition of their history of seeking absolute power. Even famed historian Albert Lindemann in Esau’s Tears candidly asserted:

The tendency to dismiss anti-Semitism as a bizarre hallucination, a fantasy of diseased minds, is undoubtedly justified in some instances but has also often been overdone and has thus hindered understanding, for Jews have been disliked for many reasons by a very wide variety of normal people, many of whom were neither emotionally unstable nor intellectually unsophisticated, and a few of whom were . . . of great ability (Wagner, Barres, or T. S. Eliot, for example). It is far too easy, indeed, too reassuring, to describe anti-Semites as mentally deranged or morally flawed in all regards. The extent to which anti-Semitism was“normal” requires . . . a more serious and open-minded investigation. . . . Not all hostility to Jews, individually or collectively, has been based on fantastic or chimerical visions of them, or on projections unrelated to any palpable reality.

The “Dukes and Duchesses”
of Rothschild’s American Court:
The Thirty Most Powerful Jewish Families

What follows—in alphabetical order—is our estimation of the 30 most powerful individuals (all of them Jewish but one and virtually all U.S. based) who constitute—along with the Bronfman family—the highest level of those operating as key forces on behalf of the Rothschild Empire. They truly constitute the New Pharisees.

SHELDON ADELSON, although advanced in age, has recently risen to the fore as one of the great leaders of Jewish wealth. Boston-born, he is now a major figure in the Jewish-dominated casino industry in Las Vegas. Although he originally was engaged in the computer trade show industry, he purchased, with partners, the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas in 1988 and now has expanded his holdings to Macao in the People’s Republic of China, a gambling city that had been a Portugese colony until the end of 1999. He is also developing a casino in Singapore. Said to be the third richest person in the United States,worth as much as $26.5 billion, he is a devoted friend of Israel and in 2006 he established a newspaper in Israel, from which he later divested. However, he has since set up a new daily publication in Israel—a free newspaper—entitled HaYom. Reflecting his immense interest in Israel, he also made an unsuccessful attempt to buy a controlling interest in Israel’s prominent Maariv newspaper. Likewise,Adelson is another major financier behind Birthright Israel which provides for young persons of the Jewish faith to travel to occupied Palestine.Adelson’s political inclinations are also reflected by the fact that he has funded a group called Freedom’s Watch which supports the hard-line neo-conservative stands pursued by the corrupt administration of GeorgeW. Bush.

ISRAEL HOWARD “IZZY” ASPER, who died in 2003,was the founder of CanWest Global Communications Corporation,which is now in the hands of his children, Leonard, Gail, and David. Born to a Jewish family in Manitoba, Canada, Asper was involved in the Liberal Party and was known—despite the party’s name—for his “conservative” leanings, which are probably reflective of the fact that Asper, a hard-line Zionist, was an admirer of famed “Jewish Nazi” Vladimir Jabotinsky whose philosophy guides the thinking of the Likud Party in Israel (and the like-minded“rival” party, Kadima).Although initially an attorney by profession,Asper went into the media business in 1975 when he assumed ownership of CKND Television inWinnepeg, but within the next 25 years,Asper’s CanWest took control of the daily National Post, as well as more than 60 other Canadian newspapers, along with the Global Television Network.This committed Zionist family extended their influence into the United States when they purchased control of the famed New Republic magazine from Martin Peretz, another hard-line Zionist known for his particularly and unusually close longtime personal relationship with formerVice President Al Gore (who was a student of Peretz when Peretz taught at Harvard). Gore, as we’ve noted in these pages, is now related to the powerful Schiff banking family (a key cog in the Rothschild Empire) through the marriage of Gore’s daughter, Karenna, to an heir to the Schiff fortune.

SAMUEL BELZBERG, the founder of another wealthy Jewish business empire based in Canada, operating alongside the better-known (and more influential) Bronfman family (who were described in considerable detail in the preceding chapter), established and is the chairman and chief executive officer of First City Financial Corporation, Ltd., a full-service financial institution, and he is now president of the Gilbralt Capital Corporation, a private investment company. One of his daughters, Lisa, is married to Matthew Bronfman, son of Edgar Bronfman, and she is reputed to have been a sometime mistress of former President Bill Clinton. Another daughter,Wendy, is married to media entrepreneur Strauss Zelnick. Sam Belzberg has been one of the primary funders of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which has emerged as a major player in worldwide Jewish propaganda and intelligence operations under the guise of “fighting hate.”

ELI BROAD (pronounced as in “road,” incidentally), born in Detroit and now living in Los Angeles,was chief executive officer of Sun America, a real estate empire,and he is ranked as the 42nd richest person in America, worth $5.8 billion. He and his wife Edith,who are strong supporters of Israel, have plowed much of their wealth into educational institutions and are, as a consequence, major figures in directing the course of American education. They are also major players in the world of art, which, institutionally, has long been controlled by Jewish interests.

WARREN BUFFETT, said by Forbes to have been the richest person in the world as of March 5, 2008—worth a staggering $62 billion—is not Jewish, but he is one of the Rothschild Empire’s chief (and obviously wellpaid) henchmen. He is a particularly good friend of London’s Lord Jacob Rothschild.He is a perfect “front” for the Rothschilds, with his Nebraska heritage, his homespun style, and his identification with Berkshire Hathaway shirts, known for its colorful advertising, featuring male models (often celebrities) wearing eyepatches and Berkshire Hathaway shirts. Although Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is identified with its shirts, the company is now a massive holding company for a vast array of assets under the control of this major figure in the American and global stock markets, representing Rothschild interests. And although many people identify the powerful Washington Post newspaper as the family fiefdom of the Meyer-Graham dynasty in Washington, the fact is that Buffett (along with other financial institutions with Rothschild connections) has a substantial interest in the Washington Post Company,publisher of the Washington Post and also (until late 2010) publisher of Newsweek magazine and owner, in addition, of multiple newspaper and broadcasting interests acrossAmerica.Parenthetically, it should be noted that the Meyer family publishing empire was established by Eugene Meyer, World War I-era war profiteer who later was appointed chairman of the board of governors of the Rothschild-controlled Federal Reserve System and later—appropriately—head of theWorld Bank. His purchase of the Washington Post at firesale prices in 1933 was almost an afterthought, although a critical one at that, one which firmly ensconced Rothschild influence in official Washington. Meyer was a relative, incidentally, of the Haas family (heirs to the gigantic San Francisco-based Levi-Strauss garment manufacturing empire) and of the grand rabbi of France.(For more on the Meyer-Graham story, see The New Jerusalem by this author, Michael Collins Piper.) In any case,Warren Buffett also holds 7 percent of the Coca-Cola Company, quite a lucrative investment in itself.And what many likewise do not know is that Coca-Cola (despite its identification as a soda manufacturer) has also been deeply engaged in wide-ranging international political intrigue of the highest (and lowest) order, as documented in the hard-to-find work, The ColaWars, by J. C. Louis and Harvey Z.Yazijian. So there’s even more to the “American” tradition of “Coke” than many realize—and Rothschild asset Warren Buffett is in the midst of it all. Buffett is now transferring many of his assets to the foundation of Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates who many believe is of Jewish heritage but who does not acknowledge it.

RONALD BURKLE.This Los Angeles-based Jewish operator, worth more than $3.5 billion, is a close friend of Bill Clinton (whom he has helped enrich) and, despite his young age (born in 1952), he is one of the primary investors in the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries. He is a board member of Occidental Petroleum which was the oil concern of the late Armand Hammer, the son of a prominent Jewish figure in the Jewish-dominated Communist Party in the United States in the early years of the 20th Century. Hammer later emerged as a preeminent figure in promotion of Soviet interests in the United States, even during the ColdWar. (Hammer was also a close friend of the family of former Vice President Al Gore whose daughter, Karenna, as we’ve noted, is married into the family of Jacob Schiff, the New York-based satellite of the Rothschild Empire, who financed the Bolshevik Revolution.) Burkle has also been chairman of the board and a controlling shareholder in Alliance Entertainment, Golden State Food, Dominics, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s and Food4Less. He’s also a member of the board of Yahoo, the Internet empire.

LESTER CROWN, the primary heir to Chicago-based Jewish financier Henry Crown, who died in 1990, is in charge of the family’s enterprises which were based on the fortune of the General Dynamics arms manufacturing company, of which Henry Crown assumed control in 1959. The Crown family now controls Maytag, Hilton Hotels, Alltel, Aspen Skiiing Company, and New York’s Rockefeller Center—yes, even that jewel in the Rockefeller crown. (For more on the truth about who really runs the Rockefeller empire, see MAURICE GREENBERG.) Crown also controls the Chicago Bulls basketball team and has a stake in the New York Yankees baseball team.A major benefactor of the American Jewish community in general, Crown also serves on the board of governors of Tel Aviv University and is a member of the American Committee of the [Israel-based] Weizmann Institute of Science. He has also been a director of TransWorld Airlines and Continental Illinois Bank. In the 1950s the Crown family had a controlling interest in New York’s Empire State Building. A daughter, Susan Crown, is chair of the Shoah Foundation, a Holocaust industry enterprise. The family is altogether worth more than $4 billion and they are especially influential in Israel because they have funded Israel’s nuclear weapons development program. Lester Crown has also chaired the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, an offshoot of the NewYork-based Council on Foreign Relations, the official American affiliate of the Rothschild Empire’s London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs.The Crown family—along with another Chicago based Jewish family, the Pritzkers (See NICHOLAS J.PRITZKER)—are among those described as part of the “inner circle” of the Chicago-based politician, Barack Obama, chosen as U.S. president in the election of 2008.The Crowns and the Pritzkers are key figures in what author Gus Russo candidly described in his book Supermob as a national Jewish crime syndicate.

LARRY ELLISON, in the year 2000,was the richest man in the world. By 2005, with a net worth of $18.4 billion, he was only the ninth richest man in the world.Although his name is not well known,he is nonetheless a major world player as the founder and chief executive of a major software company known as the Oracle Corporation.What is interesting is that prior to his rise to power, Ellison worked in the 1970s for the AMPEX Corporation and during that time frame,one of his projects was a database for the Central Intelligence Agency which he named Oracle. It should be noted that, according to Forbes, Ellison was worth $26 billion in 2007, up rather substantially from his net worth of 2005. Known for a flamboyant lifestyle, Ellison owns the fifth largest yacht in the world, many exotic cars and many private planes, including fighter jets! It is interesting to note that this former operative involved in CIA database operations, at one point following the September 11 terrorist tragedy, offered to donate software to the U.S. government that would build and maintain a national identification database from which national identification cards would be released, a mechanism for Rothschild Empire monitoring and control of the American population.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN, whose name is little known to the American public, is one of the richest men inAmerica,and despite the fact that he is now only in his mid-50s, he is very influential in the Rothschild sphere of influence. His company, initially called J. Epstein & Company, later called Financial Trust Company, handles the financial affairs of Jewish billionaires. The New York Times reported on July 1, 2008 that Epstein’s business is “something of a mystery. He says he manages money for billionaires, but the only client he is willing to discuss is Leslie H.Wexner, the founder of Limited Brands. . . .As Mr. Epstein explains it, he provides a specialized form of superelite financial advice. He counsels people on everything from taxes and trusts to prenuptial agreements and paternity suits, and even provides interior decorating tips for private jets. Industry sources say he charges flat annual fees ranging from $25 million to more than $100 million.” Evidently one of young Epstein’s roles in the Rothschild Empire is—like other rising names in Jewish financial circles—to govern institutions long associated with the Rockefeller family name. Epstein is a member of the board of Rockefeller University and he has also been a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller,and of the Council on Foreign Relations, widely-known as a “Rockefeller” institution, but which, as we’ve noted repeatedly, is actually an offshoot of the London-based Rothschild entity known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

A primary interest of Epstein’s seems to be the realm of science. In that regard, Epstein has been a benefactor of a number of high profile scientists, many of whom are themselves Jewish. Epstein’s money has gone toward research in physics, research in South Africa and India, and experimentation in microbiology in Bangladesh. One of Epstein’s close friends is Ghislaine Maxwell, herself the daughter of the late corrupt Czech-born Jewish intriguer who came to world prominence under the name “Robert Maxwell” in Britain where he was a major media power, during which time he was engaged in the world of high-level espionage for both Israel’s Mossad and the Soviet KGB. Epstein has also been a close friend, in recent years, of former President Bill Clinton.This seems appropriate, in some respects: Epstein recently pled guilty in Florida state criminal court for inappropriate behavior with several young women. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Among Epstein’s attorneys in his imbroglio were famed Jewish advocate Alan Dershowitz, one of the most outspoken Judeo-supremacists today, and Kenneth Starr,who bears the distinction of having been the chief tormentor of Epstein’s friend, Bill Clinton. Despite this setback Epstein remains powerful and will soon return to the center of the global Jewish elite.

STEPHEN FEINBERG. Described by Israel’s Ha’aretz as “a New York Jew with a golden touch,” Feinberg controls the New York-based holding company Cerberus Global Investments,which, in 2006,purchased the Israeli government’s interest in Bank Leumi, the second largest bank in Israel. The Israeli newspaper said that proceeds from Feinberg’s purchase will go toward “paying off Israel’s high national debt.” In fact, Epstein’s Cerberus venture is quite substantial. The Oct. 3, 2005 issue of Business Week described Cerberus as being “bigger” than even such well known business giants as McDonald’s, 3M, Coca-Cola and Cisco Systems and noting that Cerberus controls some 226 Burger King restaurants, the National andAlamo car rental chains, building products maker Formica Corp.and the old Warner Hollywood Studios (which, incidentally, has been passed back and forth between various Jewish interests—primarily elements of outright organized crime—for several generations). Another major player in Feinberg’s operations is New York-based Jewish financier Michael Steinhardt (See MICHAEL STEINHARDT). And what is of particular interest is that two powerful American political figures are closely associated with Feinberg’s operations: former Vice President Dan Quayle and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Quayle is Feinberg’s front man, serving as chairman of the board of Cerberus,and,according to Ha’aretz,Feinberg is a“shy wunderkind” who “makes himself scarce around photographers and sends underlings like Cerberus chair Dan Quayle to sign his deals.” As far as Rumsfeld is concerned, what should disturb Americans is that Rumsfeld (while serving as defense secretary) was an investor in Epstein’s Cerberus as far back as 2001—well before the American invasion of Iraq (of which Rumsfeld was a foremost advocate), after which time Cerberus profited from setting up military base camps in Iraq.

MAURICE GREENBERG. Although the famed name “Rockefeller” has come to represent, in America (and worldwide), since the late 19th Century, vast wealth and influence, the fact is that, as the generations of the Rockefellers have passed onward,the family’s wealth has substantially diminished as it has been distributed among the younger generations. In addition, what is not generally known is that a New York-based Jewish billionaire, Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg, has essentially emerged as the real prime mover behind the remnants of the Rockefeller Empire in a variety of spheres, along with his son Jeffrey Greenberg, former chairman and CEO of the Marsh & McClennan Company, and his other son, Evan G. Greenberg, president and CEO of Ace Limited.These firms, together with their father’s company, American International Group (once said to be the world’s largest insurance and financial services corporation), in fact,control a major portion of the insurance industry.

What is interesting is that Greenberg, Sr.,who serves as an honorary director and as vice chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)—long viewed as the primary Rockefeller-sponsored foreign policy arm—is, in fact, the prime power within the CFR today, although, of course, David Rockefeller, now well advanced in years, still remains a nominal figurehead at the CFR. In addition, Greenberg is also active in theTrilateral Commission, another foreign policy pressure bloc, founded by David Rockefeller. Greenberg is a longtime close associate of former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger whose rise to prominence came at the patronage of David Rockefeller and the circles surrounding the CFR which, as noted earlier, is no more than a New York-based “junior cousin” of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild Empire, through which the Rothschild Dynasty issued directives to the British Foreign Office for the advancement of Rothschild interests across the globe.

The relationship between Greenberg and Kissinger was so close, in fact, that, at one point, Kissinger was chairman of AIG’s international advisory board. Not surprisingly, this immensely powerful Jewish prince, Greenberg, was a past chairman, deputy chairman and director of the Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork, and, accordingly,he has also been involved at high levels in several institutions founded by the Rockefeller family including the Asia Society, Rockefeller University, and the Museum of Modern Art. Greenberg is currently chairman of C.V. Starr & Company and it is interesting to note that Greenberg was forced to resign from his post as chairman and CEO of AIG as a consequence of criminal charges filed against him by no less than then-New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer. Later, of course, Spitzer was elected governor of New York largely on the basis of his reputation as a “giant killer,” but, of course, in the spring of 2008 he was “watergated” out of office, after which even the prestigious Jewish newspaper, Forward, commented that— despite his Jewish heritage—Spitzer had never really identified himself with Jewish concerns and was considered distant by the Jewish community at large, perhaps explaining, in part,why this powerful Jewish public figure was ceremonially “executed.” In any case, while Spitzer fell, Greenberg remains one of the most powerful Jews on the face of the planet, perhaps, in some ways,one to be described as the Rothschild Empire’s chief administrator of the American circles and spheres of influence surrounding the remnants of the Rockefeller family’s operations. In the fall of 2008—just prior to the U.S. presidential election—Greenberg’s intrigues once came into public scrutiny. His longtime fiefdom,AIG,was central to the gigantic (largely Jewish-connected) financial scandals that shattered the American economy, threatening to bring collapse to yet another Western outpost—the United States—recalling Jewish philosopher and historian Max Dimont’s provocative suggestion that the Jewish people have a history of surviving the collapse of civilizations and that they will ultimately come to reign supreme over the planet. In this respect, then, some might wonder if the collapse ofWall Street—under Jewish domination— is not then part of the final chapter, a deliberate scheme to, in some way, further the aim of establishing The Jewish Utopia.

THE HAAS FAMILY are the heirs to the Levi-Strauss garment fortune and cumulatively the members of the family are certainly among the wealthiest in the United States.They are also related to the Meyer family who are primary figures in the Washington Post Company along with non-Jewish Rothschild family front man,Warren Buffett. (See WARREN BUFFETT.) The Haas family are relatively low-key but quite powerful as a result of their combined wealth which dwarfs that of so many other non-Jewish Americans.

HENRY R.KRAVIS and GEORGE R.ROBERTS. Kravis, the son of a Jewish oil engineer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and his cousin, Roberts, teamed up with Jerome Kohlberg, Jr. in New York City to set up Kohlberg, Kravis & Roberts and Company from which they became internationally known for their involvement in leveraged buyouts. They were known as “the kings of the junk bonds.” Kohlberg left the firm but Kravis and Roberts continue to be primary figures in the institution.They were known for their leveraged buyout of the RJR Nabisco Company which became the subject of a book and film, Barbarians at the Gate. Among the companies that Kravis has been ssociated with over the years, buying and selling them, are: First Data Inc., Toys R Us, Duracell Batteries, Safeway, Beatrice Foods, Playtex,Texaco, and HCA Inc., the health care provider. Kravis’ wife, Marie-Josee,was a Canadian columnist and television personality, who, along with her husband, has been active in the “neo-conservative” (that is, hard-line Zionist) Hudson Institute in the United States and known for their involvement in Republican Party affairs. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kravis are active members of the Council on Foreign Relations and have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group, which meets annually, sponsored by the Rothschild Empire and its satellites in the Rockefeller family. Kravis himself is a vice chairman of Rockefeller University, placing him among that group of Jews who have supplanted the Rockefellers within numerous institutions initially sponsored by that family.

RONALD LAUDER is said to be worth $3 billion. He and his brother, Leonard, are the heirs to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune.Lauder has long been connected to Republican Party affairs, having served during the Reagan administration as a deputy assistant secretary of defense for European and NATO policy at the Pentagon. Later, President Reagan appointed Lauder as U.S.Ambassador toAustria.At one point, he made a failed bid to become mayor of NewYork City, only to lose to no less than a leading voice for the Jewish interests, non-Jewish Rudy Giuliani, in the GOP mayoral primary. Particularly involved in Jewish intrigues, Lauder runs the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation that focuses on Jewish affairs in Eastern and Central Europe.He also has investments in the Eastern European media and in Israeli television. He is involved in multiple Jewish organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Theological Seminary and in 2007 he was elected president of theWorld Jewish Congress. It is also worth noting that Lauder’s daughter, Jane, is married to KevinWarsh, a member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System.

S. I.NEWHOUSE and his brother DONALD NEWHOUSE are the heirs to the publishing fortune established by their late father. As of 2007, Forbes ranked Newhouse and his brother to be the 37th richest Americans, with their wealth estimated to be as much as $8 billion. Their late father Sam Newhouse had long-standing ties to organized crime.The Newhouse media holdings are so expansive that they bear listing:



• The Birmingham News
• The Mobile Press
• The Mobile Press Register
• The Mobile Register


• The New Orleans Times-Picayune


• The Ann Arbor News
• The Flint Times
• The Grand Rapids Press
• The Kalamazoo Gazette
• The Saginaw News
• The Times (Bay City)


• The Mississippi Press (Pascagoula)
• The Mississippi Press Register (Pascagoula)

New Jersey

• The Jersey Journal (Jersey City)
• The Star-Ledger (Newark)
• The Times (Trenton)

New York

• The Herald-American (Syracuse)

• The Plain-Dealer (Cleveland)

• The Oregonian

• The Patriot-News (Harrisburg)
• The Juniata Sentinel
• The Perry County Times
• The Duncannon Record
• The News-Sun (Perry County)


• American City Business Journals
(28 local weekly business newspapers)
• Parade magazine (the famous Sunday supplement)
• Allure • The New Yorker
• Architectural Digest • Conde Nast Traveler
• Bon Apetit • Mademoiselle
• Bride’s • Vanity Fair
• Details • Vogue
• Glamour • Gentlemen’s Quarterly
• Gourmet

RONALD PERELMAN. Probably best known as the head of the Revlon cosmetics empire, Perelman was actually said, at one point, to be the richest man in America.As of 2007, however, Forbes magazine demoted him to the status of being only the 28th richest American (and the 87th richest person in the world),worth somewhere in the range of $9 billion. His primary front operation is MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings (no relation, apparently, to the aforementioned Forbes publishing company).This, of course, sounds like a very staid old-line White Anglo Saxon Protestant investment firm but it is anything but that. Perelman is a very devout Jew with tendencies in the Orthodox realm and is a strong supporter of numerous Jewish charities. He spends three hours every Jewish sabbath in prayer and even keeps a kosher home. One of his favorite charities is the Chabad Lubavich group,one of the more hard-line Jewish sects.What is remarkable about Perelman is the wide range of his investments. He came from a relatively well-to-do family in the first place. His father’s family controlled the American Paper Products corporation and later bought Belmont IronWorks, a manufacturer of structural steel, a corporation in which Perelman learned the business of business. He later majored in business and received a master’s degree in business from the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School. Businessman that he is,Perelman has branched out into many fields.He has purchased television stations and entertainment companies such as Genesis Entertainment.He has also purchased major amounts of stock in the famous Sunbeam corporation, although that company later filed for bankruptcy. He was also a major owner of Consolidated Cigars, a holding company which owns numerous cigar brands. Perelman is also said to have made between $600 million and $1.2 billion by diving into the savings and loan crisis and buying a number of insolvent operations and then restructuring them for his own profit. Among other things, Perelman is the owner of the Marvel Entertainment Group which produces comic books and all of the inter-related marketing gimmicks stemming from them. He has also purchased the companies, Skybox International and the Fleer Corporation which are in the baseball card business, as well as the Italian sticker manufacturer, the Panini group, which produces sports-related items. And while one does not normally think about this, the fact is the comic book industry provides a major outlet for political propagandizing. So Perelman, in his own fashion, is a major force in the Rothschild sphere of influence.

NICHOLAS J. PRITZKER is today the head of the Chicago-based Pritzker family fortune (long tied to Jewish organized crime) and is chairman of his family’s Hyatt Development Corporation, the hotel chain. The family also controls the Trans-Union Credit Bureau (a major source of “inside” data on millions of people for use by the Rothschild Empire) and Caribbean Cruise Lines. Their fortune is tremendous and, although the subject of nasty legal disputes among the family, remains one of the powerful fortunes in the global Jewish elite.The Pritzkers—along with the aforementioned Crown family of Chicago (See LESTER CROWN)—are among those described as being part of the “inner circle” of newly-elected U.S. President Barack Obama.

SUMNER REDSTONE, born in Boston,was the son of Michael Redstein, owner of the Northeast Theater Corporation, which later became National Amusements.Although Redstone initially practiced law and worked for the U.S. Department of Justice in San Francisco, he opted to go into his father’s company,where he began making investments in such film production companies and studios as Columbia Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Orion Pictures, and Paramount Pictures. Ultimately Redstone assumed control of Viacom International, which had been a spin-off of CBS. Later, through Viacom, Redstone actually assumed control of the aforementioned film companies, and today Viacom is one of the largest media companies on the face of the earth.Among its holdings are Blockbuster Entertainment and now CBS itself,which Redstone acquired in 2000. Redstone is said to be the 86th richest person in the world and worth $9 billion.

SAMUEL REICHMANN, a Jewish immigrant from Hungary, was the founder of another legendary Canadian-based Jewish fortune which has been particularly influential in North American affairs. Based in Montreal, home base of the Bronfman family (see previous chapter for more on that family). Reichmann’s heirs include his sons Paul, Ralph, Albert, Louis and Edward (who emigrated to Israel and who is now deceased) and daughter Eva.The primary source of Reichmann wealth was construction and property development. They were responsible for the construction of First Canadian Place, which was Canada’s tallest building and their holdings reached abroad, including NewYork and Tokyo and at one point they were the biggest developers in the world.Although their Olympia &York empire ultimately went into bankruptcy, the Reichmanns are very wealthy and remain influential in global affairs.They are known for their immense devotion to their Orthodox Jewish heritage, so much so that even in the midst of their development of buildings and other real estate projects, construction would stop on the Jewish holy days.They have been associated in international partnerships with such Jewish wheeler-dealers as George Soros and Laurence Tisch, among others (See GEORGE SOROS and LAURENCETISCH).

HAIM SABAN, worth more than $3 billion, is an Egyptian-born Jew whose family emigrated to Israel in 1956—and who now resides in Beverly Hills and Israel—was said by Forbes to be the 102nd richest person in America. Starting out as a television producer, Saban partnered with Rothschild front-man Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and sold Fox Family Worldwide to the Walt Disney Company. The sale of this network, since renamed the ABC Family Channel,was the largest transaction in history between a company and an individual and Saban made a profit of $1.6 billion as a result. He is currently a leader of the investment group which took control of Univision, the largest Spanish-language media company in the United States making this Egyptian-born dual U.S.-Israeli citizen a primary figure in directing the course of the increasingly important Spanish-language media in the United States and thus having major political clout over the Spanish-speaking population which Jewish groups and their spokesmen have often indicated could prove a threat to Jewish interests (primarily because of their historic ties to the Roman Catholic faith). Saban funds the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington,D.C. Saban once admitted candidly to the NewYork Times: “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.”

SASSOON FAMILY. Another of the Babylonian Jewish families, and later intermarried with the Rothschilds, an early leader of the Sassoon dynasty was the banker for the provincial governor of Baghdad and later his son went on to Bombay, India.At that time the Sassoons branched out to Burma, Malaya and East Asia. It is said that in each branch of the Sassoon banking houses,which intertwined with the opium trade, there was maintained a rabbi.The Sassoons also extended into China with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai and it should be noted that the Chinese nationalist figure, Chang Kai Shek was married to the daughter of T.V. Soong who was an official of a Sassoon family bank.The Sassoons are a critical extension of the Rothschild Empire throughout Asia.

WALTER SHORENSTEIN might be referred to as“The Jewish King of San Francisco.” A real estate tycoon said to be worth about $1 billion, Shorenstein was the largest operator of commercial real estate in San Francisco for many years and is believed to control about 25% of the city’s downtown, where real estate prices have skyrocketed. Today, in his 80s, Shorenstein’s empire is now being run by his son Douglas. Shorenstein has been well known nationally in the sense that he has been a major financial donor to the Democratic Party, although, obviously grass-roots Democrats in America’s small towns and rural communities have never heard of this Jewish maven. A major propaganda initiative by Shorenstein to influence public affairs is the funding of an outfit (named after his deceased daughter) called the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University’s John F.Kennedy School of Government. So Shorenstein has long been a major player in a major city where Jewish money has long been supreme. It is no accident that Roy Bullock—the Anti-Defamation League’s longtime chief undercover operative, targeting American dissidents who challenged Israeli influence and Jewish power—operated out of San Francisco. (For a study of the ADL and a personal account by author Michael Collins Piper of his own encounters with Bullock, see The Judas Goats.)

GEORGE SOROS, the Hungarian born stock speculator and predator, in recent years, has put himself forth as a “liberal” figure in American political affairs. Ranked by Forbes as the 80th richest person in the entire world, worth an estimated $8.5 billion, he has served on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York outpost of the Rothschild Empire. His international money rackets have rightly led him to be attacked by many influential nationalists around the world, in particular, then-Malaysian Prime Minister Dr.Mahathir Mohamad.Nationalists in Thailand called Soros“an economic war criminal who siphoned the blood from the people.” One major Soros project has been to “spread democracy” in Eastern Europe and he has also attempted to interfere in the political affairs of Russia during the time when Russia’s nationalist premier Vladimir Putin was challenging the intrigues of the Rothschild Empire and its tentacles among the Jewish oligarchs in Russia (many of whom hold dual Russian-Israeli citizenship). Soros has been a “critic of Israel” and has expressed concerns about “anti- Semitism,” acknowledging that worldwide concerns about Jewish power stem from disenchantment with Israel’s treatment of Christian and Muslim Palestinian Arabs. He has openly acknowledged that U.S. support for Israel has contributed to the rise of anti-Semitism and that individuals such as himself who are involved in the global financial community have been the subject of “anti-Semitic” rhetoric. By virtue of his substantial funding for a number of “liberal” organizations that challenged George W. Bush’s administration, Soros has effectively sought to co-opt those institutions and individuals in an effort to redirect attention away from Jewish intrigues by playing the role of “Jewish critic” of “the neo-conservatives.”

MICHAEL H.STEINHARDT, born in Brooklyn,emerged as one of the first prominent figures in the hedge fund financial business. Steinhardt has admitted that he launched his early career with funding from his father, Sol Frank “Red” Steinhardt,who was the number one“fence”of stolen jewelry in New York City, closely associated with Jewish crime syndicate chief Meyer Lansky. Steinhardt said that his father would give him envelopes stuffed with $10,000 in cash—something that the average working middle-class American has never seen. Steinhardt has even implied that his own education at the prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania may have also been funded by his father’s organized crime activities. In any event, Steinhardt is now an immensely wealthy man who is known for his devotion to Jewish causes, perhaps best exemplified by his funding of the hard-line pro-Israel daily, The New York Sun, which is “neoconservative” in its outlook.This scion of crime is also a board member of the Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies, which he has actively funded. This is the project of Clifford May, an ex-journalist-turned-profes- sional propagandist for the global Jewish agenda. Steinhardt is also past chairman of the so-called “centrist” Democratic Leadership Council. He has also chaired his own Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life and also Taglit Birthright Israel, which funds travel to Israel by young Jewish Americans. Today Steinhardt is chairman of WisdomTree Investments which manages some $5 billion and was said to be growing by some 10 percent a month.

ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER, JR. Born in 1951, Sulzberger is the publisher of the New York Times and chairman of The New York Times Company, heir to the Sulzberger family which made the Times the foremost daily newspaper in America.Traditionally liberal, the Times is likewise the premier voice—perhaps in the world—for the interests of Jews in general and of the Rothschild Empire and its global concerns. To say more about the influence of this newspaper empire and its family would belabor matters.

LAURENCE TISCH AND PRESTON TISCH, the founders of the modern dynasty,were part owners of the Loew’s Entertainment Corporation. Preston was actually postmaster general of the United States from 1986 to 1988.The Tisch brothers were also key figures in the CBS entertainment empire and their heirs remain prominent players in global Jewish affairs.

SANFORD I.WEILL is not a household name but he is one of the major Jewish financiers. At one point he served as chairman and CEO of City Group, Inc. which are American satellites of the Rothschild-controlled banking institutions in “The City” of London. (See elsewhere in these pages for a detailed analysis of “The City.”) Those American banking groups with the preface “City” in their names were always extensions of Rothschild banks in London.Weill rose to power in the mid-1960s and 1970s when he merged his own firm with other firms to establish Shearson-Loeb-Rhodes, a modern incarnation of the old German-Jewish (so-called “Our Crowd”) New Yorkbased Loeb banking enterprise (not to be confused, incidentally, with Kuhn- Loeb, another of the “Our Crowd” network). In the early 1980s,Weill sold Shearson-Loeb-Rhodes to American Express but in 1993 he reacquired his old company, now known as Shearson-Lehman (and Lehman, of course,was the name of yet another New York-based “Our Crowd” banking institution in the sphere of the Rothschild Empire). In 1997 he assumed control of Salomon Inc., the parent company of the famed Jewish banking Salomon Brothers firm.Weill called his new company Shearson-Lehman-TheTravelers Group which then merged with CitiCorp, which is how Weill came to assume management of that concern.Weill, said to be worth $1.9 billion,was also named a“Class A”director of the Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork City. He is, beyond question, a key administrator of the Rothschild Empire.

SAMUEL ZELL, said to be worth $6 billion and the 52nd richest American began his rise to influence in real estate. At one point, his company Equity Residential was the largest owner of apartments in the United States; a related company was the largest owner of office space in the nation. He also was a major player in the mobile home industry, through his corporation, Manufactured Home Communities.This son of Jewish immigrants from Poland has also moved into media and he is now a key player in Anixter International which is the world’s largest distributor of communications products and electronic wire and cable.What is most notable is that, in 2007,Zell grabbed control of theTribune Company, publisher of such august American newspapers as the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and New York’s Newsday. He also owns the Chicago Cubs baseball team (which is owned by the Tribune Company). The foul-mouthed Zell has been described by the distinguished Jewish weekly, Forward, as a “committed Zionist” and he has made many multimillion dollar donations to Israeli academic institutions and has been funding the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress which is considered to be “right wing.”Not surprisingly, Zell has also been a financial backer of the hardline right wing American Jewish Committee and he has been known for a tendency toward making political donations to Republican Party interests. However, like all Jewish power brokers, he is open to making donations to the Democratic Party as well. Recently it was announced that Zell was taking the Tribune Company into bankruptcy,having devastated thatAmerican institution. His employees apparently will face the loss of much of their pension funds.

KHEDORI ZILKHA was, for many years, the modern-day patriarch of this family of Jews who trace their origins back to Babylon.They were among the Jewish princes who reigned in Babylon and remained there after the end of their exile there. Zilkha was described by the Judeo-centric New York Sun newspaper (owned in part by Jewish crime syndicate heir, Michael Steinhardt—See MICHAEL STEINHARDT) as being “a towering figure who bestrode the financial landscape of the Middle East,Europe,America and Asia and became an important player in international banking.” Yet, how many Americans have ever heard of the Zilkha family? The dynasty is ruled today by Ezra Zilkha who said,“My family were proud members of the Jewish community that Nebuchadnezzar established. When the Babylonian captivity ended and many Jews returned to Jerusalem,my ancestors stayed behind. I am always conscious of history.My sensibilities are rooted in antiquity.” This family are among those most powerful and wealthy forces within the Rothschild Empire, loyal to their Talmudic roots and the Talmud’s dream of worldwide Jewish domination. The New York Sun has even described Ezra Zilkha himself as “a living legend.”

MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN. This character, a key figure in the Jewish power network, has risen to supreme influence by virtue of his position as a former president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. That alone makes him a significant power, not only within the “Zionist” movement, but within the entire Jewish community in the United States and, consequently, in the whole world. However, he has extended his role and influence through his involvement in the mass media inAmerica.Zuckerman,of course, is best known as the publisher of US News & World Report, one of the venerable and once-traditionally conservative voices in the American press, long considered the “conservative alternative” to the liberal Time and Newsweek, although many honest media critics would raise the question as to how truly “liberal” Time and Newsweek really ever were. In any case, under Zuckerman’s influence, US News & World Report, particularly in the commentaries by Zuckerman that appear in its pages, has become a hardline voice for Israel and its international aims. Zuckerman began as a builder and real estate operator in Boston in early partnership with elements circling in the sphere of the Bronfman family of Canada and it was through this that he accumulated his initial fortune. Today Zuckerman controls such otherAmerican institutions as the New York Daily News and he did, until recently,own the Atlantic. Zuckerman has been ranked as the 188th wealthiest American. He has been active in the “NewYork office” of the Rothschild Empire’s Royal Institute of International Affairs known as the Council on Foreign Relations and in the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.True to the tradition of the Rothschild Empire, Zuckerman has helped seed other Jewish fortunes, most notably that of his special protege, Daniel Snyder, best known as owner of the Washington Redskins football team. Snyder is a remarkable case study. Backed by Zuckerman and through his Snyder Communications, a small family enterprise, young Snyder set up “boiler room” operations all over the United States gathering the names of Spanish-surnamed Americans (legal and illegal), compiling lists of those names, and then marketing calling cards, longdistance programs, mortgages, car loans and credit card offers to them.This was probably the first-ever such name-gathering operation of its kind, vis-avis the burgeoning Latino population in the U.S. and it not only enriched Snyder (making him a billionaire!) and the Rothschild Empire but also set in place a special degree of influence over this demographic entity which is increasingly powerful by virtue of its numbers.This is not something widely known, not even to the Latinos, but something they do need to know. So these are the “Dukes and Duchesses”—the highest ranks—of the Rothschild Court. Let us now examine the“third”tier—the“lords and ladies” who are part of the Rothschild dynasty’s royal court.

A Distinguished Hall of Fame
In 2008, the government of Israel formally instituted a Hall of Shame—a virtual “Enemies List”—which included American author Michael Collins Piper. Here is a Hall of Fame of notable Americans and others (past and present) accused of being “anti-Semitic” or insufficiently supportive of Israel. And this is just a handful!
• President Richard Nixon • President John F. Kennedy
• President Jimmy Carter • President George H.W. Bush
• President Gerald Ford • President Harry Truman
• Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.)• Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-Ark.)
• Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill.) • Sen. Jim Abourezk (D-S.D.)
• Sen. Adlai Stevenson (D-Ill.) • Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.)
• Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska.) • Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.)
• Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) • Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif.)
• Rep. Ed Zshau (R-Calif.) • Rep. Mary Rose Oakar (D-Ohio)
• Rep. Mervin Dymally (D-Calif.) • Rep. Gus Savage (D-Ill.)
• Rep. John R. Rarick (D-La.) • Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas)
• Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) • Rep. Earl Hilliard (D-Ala.)
• UN Ambassador Bill Scranton • UN Ambassador Andrew Young
• Governor John B. Connally (D-Texas) • Defense Secretary James Forrestal
• Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger • Secretary of State James Baker
• General George Patton • General George C. Marshall
• General George Stratemeyer • General Albert Wedemeyer
• Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh • General Robert Wood
• General George V. Strong (Chief of Military Intelligence – 1942-45)
• Major General George Van Horn Moseley (U.S. Army Asst Chief of Staff)
• Colonel Sherman Miles (Chief of Military Intelligence)
• General George Brown (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)
• Admiral Thomas Moorer (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff)
• Gen. Pedro Del Valle (U.S. Marines) • W. A. Carto • Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
• Walt Disney • Thomas Edison • Henry Ford • Carl Jung • Truman Capote
• H. L. Mencken • Theodore Dreiser • Lord Byron • Nathaniel Hawthorne
• Ernest Hemingway • Thomas Carlyle • Henry James • F. Scott Fitzgerald
• Henry Adams • T. S. Eliot • George Eliot • Washington Irving • Jack Kerouac
• Gore Vidal • Percy Shelley • Rudyard Kipling • C. Northcote Parkinson
• H. G. Wells • D. H. Lawrence • Franz Liszt • James Russell Lowell
• Somerset Maugham • Henry Miller • Eugene O’Neill • Sir Walter Scott
• Ezra Pound • George Sand • George Bernard Shaw • Johannes Brahms
• Richard Wagner •William Faulkner • Robert Louis Stevenson • George Orwell

The “Lords and Ladies”
of the American Jewish Aristocracy:
The Third Tier of the Rothschild Court Families

The information that follows is based largely on profiles of roughly 180 specifically named (and many of them inter-connected) Jewish families that appeared in a “special tribute issue” (dated 1997-1998,Vol. 21, No. 10) of the NewYork-based Avenue magazine—a“society” journal with little circulation outside the realm of those who thrive on reading about the fashions and foibles of the power elite.

That special issue, titled “Portraits of Family Achievement in the American Jewish Community,” highlighted the names and ventures of American Jewish families, focusing on those who have been active in the Jewish community and its multiple philanthropic and political enterprises. Now, please note that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of Jewish community organizations and other entities, both local and national. Although there are a handful of Jewish groups such as the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith that frequently appear in the mainstream media, largely in the context of “political”news, there are many more such entities that are rarely ever mentioned except in Jewish community newspapers which, of course, are not “everyday” reading for the average American.

And as far as the term “philanthropic”—as used here—is concerned, the term is used quite loosely, for many—if not most—of the Jewish families are largely philanthropic only toward specifically Jewish charities, although there are exceptions.

The Avenue list—as rendered here—does not reference many of the multiple charities, both here in the United States (both Jewish and non-Jewish in orientation) and in Israel, that the named families have funded to much acclaim. Only where one particular family is closely associated with a particular “cause” have we included that information.

Note, too, that most of the named families seem—based on the Avenue report—to have established one closely held family foundation or another,utilizing those foundations to support a variety of causes.Most—but not all—of those causes are Jewish in nature and, quite often, connected to the state of Israel and various agencies and institutions in that country.And a few of the names—it might be noted—have already been referenced, in fact, in the summary list in the previous chapter.

Thus, needless to say–with perhaps only a handful of exceptions—the names listed here constitute the “wealthiest of the wealthy” (and therefore most powerful) among the American Jewish elite, but this is not to suggest that the names that appear here do indeed constitute a formal list of “the richest Jews in America.” Far from it! In fact, there are many other quite well-to-do enterprisers, so to speak, of Jewish origin who do not make the headlines.There are many wealthy Jewish crime figures, for example, who prefer a low profile and do not seek to publicize themselves or their donations to Jewish philanthropies.And, in that regard, it’s unlikely that Avenue magazine would be prepared to laud the “accomplishments” of a Jewish crime figure. So the Avenue list is incomplete in that regard.

Now, in regard to the list, note that you will not find Henry Kissinger, for example, on the list. Certainly wealthy and powerful, Kissinger’s wealth and power has always come as a result of his having moved in the sphere of wealthy and powerful people. Kissinger is a political figure and, as such, is nothing more than a well-paid functionary of the Rothschild Dynasty. Kissinger’s fame and “accomplishments” are a creation of the Jewishcontrolled media, in many respects, but unlike many who do appear on the Avenue list, he is not one of the media’s owners, per se.And that may be just enough of a distinction for Kissinger not to be included.Although Kissinger serves on many corporate boards—including media entities—he has always been more of a public figure (who happens to be Jewish) who acts as a facilitator for the powers behind the scenes rather than a genuine “mover and shaker” on his own.Without the patronage of powerful sponsors, Kissinger would be nothing more than just another colorful Jewish academic. In addition, for the reader’s consideration, there’s another factor that might be noted: Henry Kissinger’s rise to fame came in the immediate sphere of the Rockefeller family which has always essentially been operating as a satellite of the Rothschild Empire, despite occasionally having independent interests of its own at stake.

And in all fairness to the numerous American Jewish millionaires—and perhaps billionaires—who have not been honored by Avenue’s list of “family achievement,”and who are not necessarily involved in criminal misdeeds, it should be noted that many of those achievers have accumulated a great deal of wealth but have not sought public acclaim, recognition in society magazines or honors from their own Jewish community.

So, there are certainly many more Jewish fortunes that have gone unmentioned in the list compiled by Avenue. But the list that Avenue did compile is extensive indeed and certainly as far as being a record of the major players—finance-wise—in Jewish “high society” the Avenue list is a valuable record. (This author, frankly, has never seen anything so complete.) It is probably safe to say that although Jewish names make up a considerable portion of the annual Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest families in America, a secondary list of what one might call “the Forbes 800”—that is, a list of the next group of 400 wealthy families following the initial 400— would undoubtedly include virtually all of the names that appear on the Avenue list summarized here. In short, although there is a great deal of Jewish wealth accumulated at the very top, there is an even greater accumulation in the much wider “middle ground” of wealthy American families. All of this having been said, let us review the “lords and ladies” of the Jewish aristocracy—the “third tier” (so to speak) of the Rothschild Court:

ABESS. Miami, Florida. Control the City National Bank of Florida. Members include Leonard Abess and Allan Abess, Jr.

ALTHEIM. New York City. Philip and Barbara Altheim control Forest Electric, a subsidiary of EMCOR and the largest electric construction company in the world. Sons and daughters include Marc, Jill and Gary.

ANNENBERG. Philadelphia. Long headed by the lateWalter Annenberg, who served as US Ambassador to England, appointed by Richard Nixon. Triangle Publications empire. Published TV Guide and Philadelphia Inquirer.

ARISON. Miami. Israeli-born Theodore“Ted”Arison founded the Carnival Cruise Lines.Ted’s son Micky now controls the family empire which includes the cruise line, hotels, resorts and Miami Heat basketball team. Ted Arison returned to Israel.

ARNOW-WEILER. Boston. Russian-born Jack Weiler partnered with Benjamin Swig in commercial development, grabbing more than seven million square feet. Daughter Joan and husband Robert Arnow and their son David now rule the empire.They have a son, Noah.

BARNETT. Fort Worth, Texas. Operated Hilton Hotels in Israel. Louis Barnett and his wife Madlyn (nee Brachman.See BRACHMAN) have son Eliot who is involved in shopping center development. Family also involved in real estate, pharmaceuticals and oil. Family funds Barnett Institute of Biotechnology at Northeastern University.

BELFER. New York. Refugees from Poland, Arthur and Rochelle Belfer founded the family now headed by Robert Belfer and daughters Selma Ruben and Anita Saltz. Arthur Belfer was involved in oil and natural gas which later evolved into the infamous Enron corporation. [For more on Enron’s “Jewish Connection” see The New Jerusalem by Michael Collins Piper.] Son Robert was on Enron executive committee but escaped media attention.

BELZ. Memphis. Belz Enterprises and the Peabody Hotel (Memphis) Group are part of the family’s holdings established by Philip Belz who dabbled in real estate and management.His son Jack Belz and wife Marilyn maintain the family’s affairs.Their daughter Jan, married to Andrew Groveman, is coming into her own, active in Soviet Jewish emigration.

BELZBERG. Canada-New York-Israel. Sam Belzberg heads Gibralter Capital corporation.Wife: Frances. Daughter Wendy (an editor at the influential Jewish newspaper, Forward, is married to Strauss Zelnick, head of BMG Records. Daughter Lisa is married to Matthew Bronfman (See BRONFMAN). The family are original financial backers of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Their former rabbi, Marvin Heir, left Canada to go to Los Angeles where Heir set up the Center.

BENARD-CUTLER. Boston. Along with his partners—Sheldon Adelson, Irwin Chafetz and Dr. Jordan Shapiro—Ted Benard-Cutler runs the Interface Group, developer of Comdex, a global trade show for computers and communications industries. Comdex was sold to the Japanese Softbank Corporation in 1995. Benard-Cutler and Chafetz now are heading GWV International which sets up tour packages for New England. Benard-Cutler and his wife Joan have sons Joel and Robert and daughter Ellen Colmas.

BERNHEIM. New York. Stockbroker Leonard Bernheim was outshone socially by his wife Elinor Kridel Bernheim who was active in New York Jewish affairs as are their sons Charles and Leonard.

BINSWANGER. Philadelphia. Isidore Binswanger was founder of Maimonides College, the first rabbinical college on American shores. Son Frank established a giant international real estate company with 20 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.Also active in Japan and elsewhere in Asia and Europe. Frank Jr. and John Binswanger are active in the family company. Son Robert heads the graduate school of education at Dartmouth.

BLACK. New York. Leon Black is a former managing director of Drexel Burnham Lambert and now president of Apollo Advisors LP and its affiliate Lion Advisor, LP.Wife Debra is prominent in Jewish affairs.

BLAUSTEIN. Baltimore. Louis Blaustein started off as a kerosene peddler, branching out to found American Oil Company (AMOCO). Son and heir Jacob was once called “the titular head of the American Jewish community” and was a major player in the early years of the United Nations. Sisters Fanny Thalheimer and Ruth Rosenberg. Other family members include David Hirschhorn, Barbara Hirschhorn, Mary Jane Blaustein, Arthur Roswell, Elizabeth Roswell, Jeanne Blaustein Borko, Susan Blaustein Berlow.

BLOCK. New York.Alexander Block founded Block Drugs that came to manufacture Polident, Nytol and Sensodyne. His son Leonard, grandson Thomas, and granddaughter Peggy Danziger (wife of Richard Danziger) are active in the family’s corporation.

BLOOMBERG. New York. Elected mayor of New York City in 2001, Michael Bloomberg started out at Salomon Brothers and went on to establish a multimedia empire providing stories to newspapers and a 24-hour direct satellite television network.

BLUMENTHAL.Charlotte,North Carolina.Herman Blumenthal heads the Radiator Speciality Company than produces some 4,000 automotive products. With wife Anita, has three sons Alan, Philip and Samuel who are active in family’s corporate and “philanthropic” affairs.

BRACHMAN. Fort Worth. Family founder Leon Brachman launched chemical manufacturing business and branched out to set up Computerized Business Systems, designing programs for small businesses. Son Marshall is associated with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington. DaughterWendy lives in Israel. Family member Madlyn married into Barnett family of Ft.Worth (See BARNETT).

BRAMAN. Miami. Norman Braman started off in Philadelphia where he established the Keystone Discount Stores (38 locations). He and wife Irma retired to Miami where he operates a chain of automobile dealerships.A former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles team.

BROAD. Los Angeles. Eli Broad founded SunAmerica, Inc., a financial services firm.A co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and well known as a collector of contemporary art.

BUTTENWIESER. NewYork.The late Benjamin Buttenwieser was a partner in the Kuhn-Loeb banking empire and served as assistant U.S. high commissioner in Germany followingWorldWar II. His wife, Helen,was a member of the Lehman Brothers banking family.Their son Lawrence is a partner at the New York law firm of Rosenman & Colin. Son Peter was a high school principal in Philadelphia and is connected to the activities of the (non-Jewish) Ford and Danforth foundations. Son Paul is a psychiatrist and novelist in Belmont, Massachusetts.

CARDIN.The wealth of Israeli-born Shoshana Cardin’s late husband, real estate tycoon Jerome Cardin, made it possible for her to rise in the Jewish community as the first female president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and as chair of the United Israel Appeal. Daughter Nina is one of the first women admitted as a Conservative rabbi. Son Sandy runs the Schusterman Foundation in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

CARTER.Victor Carter is said to have “specialized in the turnaround of ailing companies” but is best known for heading the United Way, City of Hope and Israel Bonds.His wife Andrea has been involved in—of all things—the Country Music Commission.

CHANIN. NewYork. Irwin and Henry Chanin, brothers,were major real estate developers in early 20th century New York. Irwin’s son, Marcy, and wife Leona Feifer Chanin (senior vice president of the American Jewish Congress) have children: two of whom are attorneys, James Chanin of Oakland California and Ann Glazer of Los Angeles.Another daughter, Nancy Sneider, resides in Boca Raton, Florida. Irwin’s son, Paul Chanin, is based in Aspen, Colorado, where the family foundation operates. He runs the famous Pinon’s restaurant as a sideline.

COHEN. New Orleans. Rosalie Cohen, daughter of Universal Furniture founder Leon Palter, is a major player in the powerful Jewish community in the Crescent City.

CONE.A large Southern Jewish family (descended from 13 original children of Herman Cone) which gained its wealth through the Cone Mills, the largest manufacturer of denim in the world.

CORWIN. Los Angeles. Bruce C. Corwin is president of the Metropolitan Theatres Corporation which owns movie theaters and popcorn concessions. Funders of “conservative” Pepperdine University in Malibu.

CROWN. Chicago. The late Henry Crown was closely connected to organized crime in Chicago and built up a major real estate empire based in the Material Service Corp. a building supply firm. In 1959 the family gained control of major defense contractor General Dynamics. The Crown family were major players in helping finance Israel’s secret nuclear arms development program. Son Lester now heads the family. Son Dan operates Crown theaters.

CUMMINGS. Chicago. Nathan Cummings founded the food production conglomerate best known for“Sara Lee”products. His three children and ten grandchildren are maintaining the family foundation.

DAVIDSON. Detroit.William Davidson took over his uncle’s windshield business which evolved into Guardian Industries, the fifth largest glass manufacturer in the world. Owner of the Detroit Pistons team. The Davidson-funded William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan’s School of Business Administration has been interfering in the newly developing economies of Eastern Europe.

DEUTSCH. Santa Monica. Carl Deutsch operates the family’s real estate and management services.

DURST. NewYork. Joseph Durst and his three sons, Seymour, David and Royal, and grandchildren Douglas, Robert, Jonathan and Joshua have developed large areas of Third Avenue and New York’s West Side.

EISNER. Los Angeles. Michael Eisner engineered the merger between Capital Cities, owner of ABC and other properties. Took over Walt Disney Company in 1984.The grandson of the co-founder of the American Safety Razor Co.

EPPLER. Cleveland-Palm Beach. German-born Heinz Eppler took over Miller-Whol and expanded the company to 420 women’s apparel stores sold in 1984 to Petrie Stores Corporation. Son David is based in Washington,D.C.

EVERETT. Described as “successful private investors,” Henry and Edith Everett are active in a variety of Jewish philanthropies. Son David is also active in Jewish affairs.

FEINBERG. Chicago. Rueben Feinberg is president of Jefferson State Bank in Chicago.

FELDBERG. Boston. Sumner and Stanley Feinberg, cousins, founded the T.J. Maxx stores (than 500 outlets), Hit or Miss stores (with 500 outlets) and the Chadwick’s catalog operation.

FELDMAN. Dallas. The late Jacob “Jake” Feldman founded Commercial Metals, a major NewYork stock exchange company. His son and heir Robert has been active in the Dallas Jewish community.

FEUERSTEIN. Westport, Connecticut-Newport Beach, California-Los Angeles-New York City. Heirs of Aaron Feurstein of the Malden Mills textile empire which produced Polartec fabric from the recycling of plastic bottles. Aaron’s brother, Moses, was a leading figure in U.S. Orthodox Judaism. Moses’s son, Morty, leads the Orthodox community in Vancouver, Canada.

FISHER. New York. Founded by Zachary and Lawrence Fisher, this is a major NewYork real estate development family.

MAX FISHER. Detroit. A major oil industrialist and top-level player in Republican Party affairs, Max Fisher maintained long-standing business ties to Israel and to Israeli intelligence. Once described by the National Police Gazette (December 1974) as one of the powerful “mystery men” who told Michigan-based Republican politician Gerald Ford (later U.S. president) “what to do and when to do it.” (In Final Judgment, this author’s study of the JFK assassination conspiracy,we outlined the Ford-Fisher connection— and Fisher’s ties to Israeli intelligence—in light of Ford’s role on theWarren Commission which ostensibly“investigated”the JFK assassination,but which effectively functioned as a cover-up of the long-secret Israeli link to the president’s murder.)

FRIEDMAN. Mill Valley, California. Eleanor Friedman—one of several heirs to the Levi Strauss billions—and her husband, Jonathan Cohen, are founders of the New Israel Fund, which is considered one of the “liberal” foundations advancing left-wing causes in Israel, including women’s rights, religious pluralism and better relations with native Palestinian Christians and Muslims.

GERBER. Chicago. Max Gerber established the Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Company which is now controlled by daughter Harriet Gerber Lewis and her children,Alan and Ila.

GIDWITZ. Chicago. Gerald Gidwitz chairs Helene Curtis, the personal care products company. His son Ronald is president of the firm, which was acquired by Unilever in 1996. The family also owns Continental Materials
Corporation, producers of heating and cooling equipment.ç

GODCHAUX. New Orleans. Heirs to Godchaux Sugar, once Louisiana’s largest sugar producer, and to the famous Godchaux’s department store of New Orleans. Family members are spread throughout the United States.

GOLD. Los Angeles. Stanley Gold heads Shamrock Holdings, a diversified investment company associated with the Disney heirs.A major investor in Koor Industries, Israel’s largest industrial company.Gold has son Charles and daughter Jennifer.

GOLDSMITH. New York. Several children of stock broker Horace Goldsmith’s wife Grace—James,William and Thomas Slaughter—control the foundation established with Goldsmith’s largess. Richard and Robert Menschel—both Goldman Sachs bankers who are cousins—are also involved in the family’s enterprises.

GOLDENBERG. Philadelphia. Heirs to confectionery and candy bar fortune which produces the Goldenberg Peanut Chew—the firm’s only product. Family members include Carl and Ed and David.

GOTTSTEIN. Alaska. Barney Gottstein. Heads Anchorage-based Carr Gottstein Foods, the largest Alaska-based company, involved in supermarkets, wholesale groceries and real estate. Served as national vice president of the Israeli lobby group,AIPAC, and on the Democratic National Committee. Son Robert has been working closely with pro-Israel Christian evangelist Pat Robertson in promoting Jewish causes.

GRASS. Scranton, Pennsylvania. Alex Grass took the Thrift Discount Center of small Keystone City state big time and established more than 2,700 Rite Aid Pharmacies in 23 states, with subsidiaries including Auto Palace auto parts, Concord Custom Cleaners, Encore Books and Sera-Tec Biologicals. Served as chairman of Israel’s Hebrew University. Children include sons Martin and Roger.

ALAN GREENBERG. New York. Alan “Ace” Greenberg chaired Bear Stearns and has been active in numerous Jewish causes.

MAURICE GREENBERG. New York. Known as “Hank” Greenberg, this insurance baron took over American International (AIG) and has been active in the Far East. Plays a prominent role in the influential Council on Foreign Relations. Children include Jeffrey, Evan, Lawrence “Scott,” and daughter Cathleen.

GRUSS. NewYork. Joseph Gruss was active in oil and gas exploration in Texas, Oklahoma andWyoming and founded Gruss & Company, involved in oil and gas mergers and acquisitions. Daughter Evelyn’s husband, Kenneth Lipper, an attorney, is an investment banker and former New York City deputy mayor for finance. His son Martin is involved in horse racing.

GUMENICK. Miami. Nathan Gumenick built and owned 10,000 apartments and 500 houses in Miami, the first high-rise apartment developer in the Jewish retirement mecca. He was among the major supporters of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in its developmental period.Son Jerome is active in the Jewish community in Richmond,Virginia.

HAAS.The combined members of this immensely wealthy family are the heirs to the Levi-Strauss garment fortune.Altogether the combined wealth of the various members of the family places them beyond any question in the highest ranks of the nation’s wealthiest families.

HALPERN. Sam Halpern and his brother Arie—Polish-born immigrants who came to America—have been heavily involved in construction of resort hotels in Israel.Evidently the Halperns accumulated their wealth in the black market in the Soviet Union and later in the construction industry in the United States.

HASSENFELD.NewYork-Rhode Island. Heirs to the Hasbro toy manufacturing empire, producers of Mr. Potato Head and GI Joe and the world’s largest toy company. Family members include Alan and Harold.

HASTEN. Indianapolis, Indiana. Hart and Mark Hasten developed a chain of 1,500 convalescent centers and have been involved in banking and real estate, including the family holding company, Hasten Bancshares, Inc. Hart is close to the Likud bloc in Israel.

HECHINGER/ENGLAND.Washington,D.C. Spawned from the Hechinger hardware store chain in the nation’s capital region, John Hechinger and Ross Hechinger. Richard England married into the Hechinger family. His son Richard has served on the executive committee of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

GOTTESFELD HELLER. Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, widow of investor Joseph Heller, claims her fame by virtue of not only her husband’s largess, which she distributes to Jewish causes, but also as a result of having written a widely touted memoir of her years as a Ukraine-born“Holocaust survivor.”

HEYMAN. New York-Connecticut. Sam Heyman and his wife Ronnie (both graduates ofYale and Harvard) won their riches through Sam’s involvement with the GAF Corporation, a major building materials and chemicals manufacturing company. In 1991 Sam spun off the chemicals division which is now a publicly-traded corporation known as International Specialty Products. Mrs. Heyman (nee Feuerstein, See FEUERSTEIN) was a law school classmate of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

HOCHBERG.NewYork and Chicago. Heirs of Joseph Hochberg who ran Children’s Bargaintown USA. Son Larry is chairman of Sportmart, a sporting goods chain.

HOFFMAN. Dallas,Texas.Edmund Hoffman made his fortune as the leading (Dallas-based) Coca-Cola bottler and distributor in Southwest Texas. Son Richard is a well-known physician in Colorado. Son Robert was one of the founders of the National Lampoon humor magazine.

JESSELSON. New York. Michael, Daniel and Benjamin are the heirs of Ludwig Jesselson, who had risen to become CEO of the Philipp Brothers firm, one of the world’s largest markets of more than 150 raw materials including steel, crude oil, chemicals and cement.The firm was later acquired by Salomon Brothers, Inc., the international banking house.

KAPLAN. New York. Stanley Kaplan is the “educational” wizard who spawned the popular SAT-training courses that high school students use to study for the college entrance examinations. Stanley says he is particularly concerned with grooming “leaders” in the Black and Hispanic communities, which means—to grassroots Black and Hispanic leaders—grooming Black and Hispanic figures who will do the bidding of America’s Jewish elite.

KEKST. NewYork. Gershon Kekst is the head of the corporate and financial communications firm,Kekst and Company. His son is David,and his wife is Carol.

KLINGENSTEIN. New York. Heirs of Dr. Percy Klingenstein who was chief of surgery of the Third General Hospital of the United States Army, include Frederick Klingenstein, an investment banker, and John Klingenstein.

KRAFT. Boston. An owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft made his fortune as founder of International Forest Products, one of the largest privately held paper and packaging companies in the country.

KRAVIS.Tulsa.The family fortune was spawned by Raymond Kravis, an oil and gas consultant who included Joseph P.Kennedy and the Rockefeller-controlled Chase Bank among his clients.His sons Henry and George teamed up with their cousin, George Roberts, and brought international fame and fortune to their firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company in the leveraged buyout racket of the 1980s.They acquired some 36 companies including RJR Nabisco.The Kohlberg-Kravis team were closely identified with Republican politics during the era.

KRIPKE. Omaha.Talk about good connections! Myer Kripke was a rabbi in Omaha, Nebraska whose wife, Dorothy, wrote children’s books.The wife of legendary (non-Jewish) Omaha-based billionaire investor Warren Buffet liked Mrs. Kripke’s books, and the two women became friends.As a result, the Kripkes were invited to become“modest investors” in Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company and made a great big bundle. Son Paul is a philosophy professor at Yale.

LAUDER. New York. Leonard and Ronald Lauder are the heirs to the Estee Lauder cosmetics fortune. Ronald also served as U.S. ambassador to Austria and as president of the Jewish National Fund and made a bid for mayor of NewYork on the Republican ticket in 1989.

THOMAS H. LEE. Boston. A leveraged buyout operator, Thomas H. Lee, made a mint when he sold his Snapple soft drink company to Quaker Oats. Now, like all Jewish boys made good, he’s a philanthropist.

LEHMAN. Skokie, Illinois. Not to be confused with the German-Jewish “Our Crowd” international banking family of New York, this Lehman family—headed by Kenneth Lehman—made their money through a family business, Fel-Pro Incorporated, an automotive supply manufacturer.To his credit, Lehman is no slave driver. His company offers vast benefits to its employees and all manner of financial gifts and scholarships.

LENDER. Connecticut. Marvin and Murray Lender are frozen bagel tycoons who sold their enterprise and devote their wealth to Jewish causes.

LEVENTHAL & SIDMAN. Boston. Partners in Beacon Properties, the largest real estate investment trust in the United States, Edwin Sidman and Alan Leventhal took their company public in 1994 and have expanded their interests on a national scale. Leventhal has been closely associated with the political endeavors of Bill Clinton.

LEVIN. New York. Gerald Levin, who rose to become CEO of the Bronfman family-controlled TimeWarner empire, started out as a lieutenant of Lewis Strauss, the Jewish chief of the Atomic Energy Commission. Although there’s nothing in the public record to suggest such, it’s a good bet that Levin and Strauss had a hand in “helping” Israel achieve atomic weapons.Today Levin is a member of the Rothschild-controlled Council on Foreign Relations.A major media figure indeed.

LEVINSON. New York. Morris Levinson’s widow, Barbara, has become a leading Jewish community figure through the distribution of the largess of Morris’s wealth accumulated as a food and cosmetics conglomerate that merged with Nabisco. Morris was also a founder of the Center for Democratic Studies which has been described as “the first ‘think’ tank.” Son Adam is based in Tallahassee, Florida but active in Jewish affairs nationwide. Son Joshua is a professor at Hebrew University. Daughter Judy is married to one John Oppenheimer.

LEVY. Dallas, Texas. Irving, Milton and Lester Levy—brothers—control the NCH Corp., which produces and distributes maintenance products to hotels, government agencies and industrial corporations.Their four sons are also in the family business.

LEON LEVY. New York. A leader of America’s Sephardic Jewish elite (commemorated by Stephen Birmingham in his book, The Grandees), Leon Levy made a fortune as CEO of Urban Substructures, Inc.which was involved in the construction and engineering of many leading properties in New York City. Levy also served as chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Children include Mark, Mimi, Judy and Janet. His wife Elsi is a professional musician.

LIPPERT. New York.Albert and Felice Lippert made their millions helping millions of people lose weight.Teaming up with Jean Nidetch, a stout Jewish homemaker who had set up dieting support groups, they formed Weight Watchers International and sold the thriving enterprise to Heinz foods in 1978. Sons Keith and Randy.

LIST.NewYork.Albert List made a success in distributing appliances and then branched out and grabbed control of Hudson Coal Company, assembling a conglomerate that included the RKO theater chain.

LOEB. New York. The late Carl Morris Loeb made his millions with American Metal Co.and later went on to found Loeb Rhoades (which is now Shearon Lehman/American Express). Carl’s son John married the daughter of Arthur Lehman of the Lehman Brothers banking house.John Loeb has two sons Arthur and John Jr. (who was a U.S. ambassador to Denmark) and his daughter Ann was married to Edgar Bronfman and produced Edgar Bronfman, Jr. as a son.This intermarriage of Jewish family fortunes illustrates the manner in which the Jewish elite have kept their wealth “in the tribe,”so to speak. Incidentally, this Loeb family is not to be confused with the Loeb family of the Rothschild-allied Kuhn Loeb banking empire—another substantial Jewish fortune altogether.

LOWENBERG. San Francisco. Holocaust survivor William Lowenberg, head of the Lowenberg Corporation, is a major real estate developer in San Francisco, a major outpost of Jewish wealth in America. His son David carries in the family name and involvement in Jewish affairs.

MACK. New York. H. Bert Mack started out in demolition and was responsible for major operations at the sites where the United Nations, the NewYorkWorld’s Fair and theTriboro Bridge were built.The Mack Company is now a major real estate developer. Sons include Earl, Bill, David and Fred.

MANDEL. Cleveland. Morton, Jack and Joseph Mandel launched Premier Industrial Corporation which is today a major player in the production of electronic products.They merged Premier with Farnell Electronics, a British firm, to form Premier Farnell PLC.

MARCUS. Dallas. This is the family of the famed Nieman-Marcus Department Store.Although the company was sold in 1969, Stanley Marcus remained on the board for several years. He also served as chairman of the American Retail Federation.

BERNARD MARCUS. Atlanta. The Home Depot home supply empire—the largest in the country—is the brainchild of Bernard Marcus whose children, Fred, Morris and Suzanne are the heirs to the fortune.

MERKIN. New York. Hermann Merkin set up the Merkin & Co. investment banking firm that includes his son Sol and his son in-law Andrew Mendes. Daughter Daphne was a NewYork Times columnist.

MEYERHOFF. Baltimore. Construction and shopping center tycoon Harvey Meyerhoff was first chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. and also chairman of the United Way. His son Joseph Meyerhoff II is a major Baltimore figure as are his daughter Terry Rubenstein and Zoh Hieronimus, a radio talk show host of some repute.

MEYERSON. Dallas. Mort Meyerson’s claim to fame is his association with Ross Perot, said to be his “right hand man” serving as president of Electronic Data Systems and then as CEO of Perot Systems Corporation.

MILKEN.New York-Los Angeles. The infamous Milken brothers—Michael and Lowell—came to prominence in the financial scandals in the 1980s but they nonetheless remain major figures in the worldwide Jewish community and respected among “conservatives”who admire Milken-style piracy.

MILLSTEIN. New York. Ira Millstein is a partner in the influential New York law firm ofWeil Gotshal & Menges and has taught at theYale School of Management and the New York University School of Law. He has served on numerous government commissions and on the National Association of Corporate Directors.

MILSTEIN. New York. The Circle Floor Company, founded by Morris Milstein, laid the floors in Rockefeller Center and the United Nations, but Morris’s sons Seymour and Paul developed the family firm, Milstein Properties, into a major real estate enterprise, owning hotels, offices and apartments.They also controlled the international United Brands empire for a period and in 1986 bought the Emigrant Savings Bank. Family members Howard and Edward control Douglas Elliman, a building management and brokerage concern, and the Liberty Cable Television Company.

MUSHER. New York. Sidney Musher was a pharmaceuticals executive who was a major player in opening the American market for Israeli products. His sons David and Daniel are doctors.

NAGEL. Los Angeles.The Nagel Construction Company funds the affairs of Jack and Gitta Nagal—both Holocaust survivors. Their children include Ronnie, David, Careena—based in Los Angeles. Daughter Esther lives in Englewood, New Jersey.

NASH. New York.With his partner, Leon Levy (See LEON LEVY), Jack Nash was a founder of the hotly successful private money fund, Odyssey Partners. His son-in-law is investor George Rohr. Jack’s wife, Helen, is the sophisticated author of kosher cookbooks.

NASHER. Dallas. Another of the elite Jewish rulers of Texas, Raymond Nasher was a major mall developer, including the famous NorthPark, among his success stories.

OFFIT. New York.A former manager at Salomon Brothers, Morris Offit went on to launch his own investment bank, Offitbank, and his own investment advisory firm, Offit Associates.

PEARLE. Dallas. Dr. Stanley Pearle, an optometrist, made his fortune in the famous Pearle Vision Centers, the world’s largest eyeglass dealers.

PECK. New York. Stephen and Judith Peck are Jewish socialites of high order. He chaired the board of famed Mt. Sinai Hospital and she chaired the board of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation.Daughter-in-law, Stephanie Rein, and their son, Emmanuel, are big names in NewYork Jewish affairs.

PERELMAN. New York. Born in Philadelphia, the heir to Belmont Industries,a metal fabricating enterprise that become a holding company for several other businesses in the region, Ronald Perelman now controls more than 44 companies through the MacAndrew & Forbes empire. Among his best known holdings are Revlon, the cosmetics giant, the Coleman Co. (which makes camping equipment), California Federal Bank, and Consolidated Cigar (which produces multiple cigar brands). His son Steven is involved in the family’s business affairs.

POLK. Chicago. Sam and Sol Polk created the Polk Brothers department stores which were a major force in the Chicago metropolitan area until they closed up in 1992, but the family remains wealthy. Family members include Howard Polk, a stockbroker, Roberta Lewis and Bruce Bachmann, a real estate executive.

PRITZKER. Chicago. Hyatt hotels, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Continental and Braniff Airlines, McCall’s magazine, and the Ticketmaster entertainment octopus have all been part of the Pritzker family’s gigantic fortune.The family founder Nicholas was an immigrant from Kiev who established a law firm that he used to launch his climb to wealth and power. His sons Harry, Jack and Abraham and the latter’s sons, Jay, Robert and Donald, have been the “big”names in the family.Their Marmon Group“specializes in buying and restructuring troubled companies.”

RATNER. Cleveland-New York. The Ratner family’s Cleveland-based Buckeye Material Company evolved into Forest City Enterprises (now Forest City Ratner Companies), which is a major real estate developer in their hometown and in New York.They were involved in the 42nd Street redevelopment. Family members include Charles, James, Ronald,Albert, Leonard and Max, who was the founder of the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce. Mark Ratner is a professor of chemistry at Northwestern University.

REDSTONE. New York. Born “Rothstein,”Sumner Redstone took over his father’s movie theater chain and expanded it to nearly 900 affiliates. In 1987 he orchestrated the leveraged buyout of Viacom, Inc., which is one of the major global media enterprises, controlling Paramount Studios, Blockbuster Video,Simon & Schuster,Nickelodeon and MTV. His daughter Shari Redstone is increasingly involved in her father’s empire.

RESNICK. New York. Jack and Pearl Resnick and their son Burton have made a vast fortune in NewYork real estate, dealing in office property purchase and renovation.Daughter Marilyn is married to Stanley Katz and active in Jewish affairs both in the U.S. and Israel.

RIFKIND. New York.A well-known attorney and a partner in the influential and most elite firm of Paul,Weiss, Rifkind Wharton & Garrison, Simon Rifkind was an“advisor”to General Dwight Eisenhower on issues such as the disposition of uprooted Holocaust survivors and was a major player in lobbying on behalf of the formation of Israel. His son Robert, a partner in the equally elite law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, was president of the American Jewish Committee.

ROSE. NewYork. Born in Jerusalem, David Rose came to NewYork and set up a wide-ranging and powerful real estate firm,Rose Associates, that has built, owned and/or managed properties in New York as well as Washington, D.C., Boston, Florida and Connecticut. His sons Frederick, Daniel and Elihu and grandchildren Adam and Jonathan are now in charge of the Rose empire’s affairs.

ROSENWALD. Chicago-New Orleans. Julius Rosenwald made his fortune by seizing control of Sears & Roebuck, the catalog giant. His son Lessing, however, upset many in the American Jewish community by being a major supporter of anti-Zionist causes. Daughter Edith, who was a major supporter of “civil rights” causes in the South, operating out of a fabulous mansion in New Orleans modeled after“Tara”in GoneWith theWind,married into the Stern family. Her family ran the WDSU media empire in New Orleans and were close personal friends of Clay Shaw, prosecuted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, for involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (See Final Judgment by this author, Michael Collins Piper, for further details about the strange role of the Stern family in the affairs surrounding Shaw and accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald).The family is quite large and remains active in real estate and cable television.

RUDIN. New York. Jack and Lewis Rudin and their children, including sonsWilliam and Eric, are the rulers of Rudin Management which operates NewYork-based office and residential buildings.

SAFRA. NewYork-Monte Carlo.Although Syrian-born Jew Edmond Safra died several years in Monte Carlo in a mysterious fire (with allegations of involvement by Russian Jewish organized crime in his death), there is no mystery about the fact that his global banking empire, based in the Republic New York Corp. and the Swiss-based Trade Development (which merged with American Express) were quite powerful in the shadowy world of international finance.The family empire is now controlled by his brothers Joseph and Moise and their heirs.

SAUL. New York. Joseph Saul founded the Brooks Fashion chain which he sold at great profit in 1984. He is now churning his profits into many Jewish causes, Israeli interests in particular.

SAUNDERS. Boston.The Saunders Real Estate Corp. of Donald Saunders owns the Park Plaza hotel in Boston, together with a host of other commercial properties in the Bay State. His daughters Lisa and Pamela are seen as heirs to the fortune. Saunders is married to actress Liv Ullman.

SCHEUER. NewYork.A gas and coal company and NewYork real estate provided the foundation for this family’s wealth. One family member, James, served in Congress.Walter is an investment manager and documentary producer. Steven is a media critic.Amy is a psychotherapist. Richard has chaired the board of governors of Hebrew Union College and finances archeological digs in Palestine.

SCHOTTENSTEIN. Columbus, Ohio.This retail and real estate empire is known for Schottenstein Stores Corporation,Value City Department Stores, Value City Furniture and American Eagle Outfitters. Jay Schottenstein is now head of the family’s empire.

SCHUSTERMAN. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Charles Schusterman heads Samson Investment Company, the largest independent gas producer, headquartered in Oklahoma. Daughter Stacy is involved in the family business. Son Jay lives in Colorado. Son Hal lives in Israel.

SELIG. Atlanta. Heir to Ben Massell, a real estate developer, S. Stephen Selig is a major Atlanta developer in his own right, through Selig Enterprises. His daughter is Mindy Selig Shoulberg, a major player in the city’s Jewish community.

SILVERSTEIN. New York. The son of a real estate broker who rose to become a major high-rise office building developer, Larry Silverstein is probably best known today as the Jewish operator who gained control of the leases of the World Trade Center shortly before the 9-11 tragedy, a subject that has been covered in some detail by journalists writing in American Free Press, the national populist newsweekly based in Washington, D.C. Rumors connecting Silverstein to both the CIA and organized crime activities have circulated for some time.

SIMON. Indianapolis. One of the five biggest shopping mall empires in the country—the second largest, in fact—is the basis of the fortune of brothers Melvin and Howard Simon who developed 62 malls and 55 shopping centers. In 1996 their holdings grew even larger when they merged with the (non-Jewish) DeBartolo Realty Corp.Mel co-owns the Pacers basketball team and has produced“trash” films such as Porky’s. His son David,who had been an investment banker at CS First Boston and Wasserstein, Perella, is now assuming a role in the family business which includes the famous Mall of America in Minneapolis, at one time certainly the largest mall in America.

SKIRBALL. Los Angeles. Jack Skirball was a rabbi, a real estate developer and a film producer—three professions of interest to all good Jewish boys, it seems. His wealthy family remains active in Jewish affairs in California.

SLIFKA. New York. The Halcyon/Alan B. Slifka Management Company provides this family the money they need to remain active in Jewish affairs in NewYork.

CHARLES E. SMITH.Washington,D.C. Don’t be fooled by the name. He’s Jewish and he was one of the biggest real estate developers in the Washington, D.C. area. Robert Smith and brother-in-law Robert Kogod now run the empire which includes the Crystal City apartment complex in Arlington,Virginia, and Skyline City in Virginia.

RICHARD SMITH. Boston. Based in New England, the General Cinema movie chain expanded to take control of Neiman-Marcus (the Dallas-based department store) along with Harcourt Brace Publishing (now Harcourt General). General Cinema is now known as GC Cos. Robert Smith, son of Richard, has taken over the family’s affairs.The family is described as “very low profile.”

SONNABEND. Boston. Robert, Paul and Stephanie Sonnabend are the principals in the Sonesta International Hotels Corporation.They have some 19 properties, including even in Cairo, Egypt.

SPERTUS. Chicago. Brothers Herman and Maurice, founded a picture frame manufacturing company—through Metalcraft Corporation (later Intercraft Industries Corporation)—and made the family fortune.

SPIELBERG. Los Angeles. Everyone knows Stephen Spielberg, the movie legend responsible for a wide array of films, including the Schindler’s List Holocaust extravaganza. His primary company is Dreamworks SKG. Amblin Entertainment is another part of the Spielberg empire.

MARY ANN STEIN. Indianapolis. Mary Ann Stein, heir to bankers and businessmen, is active in liberal causes to the point that she became president of the New Israel Fund, an organization devoted to promoting “liberalism” in Israeli society, a cause that inflames hard-line Zionists, especially considering the New Israel Fund’s friendly gestures toward native CHristian and Muslim Palestinians. (See also FRIEDMAN.)

SAM STEIN. Jacksonville, Florida.Sam Stein started the Steinmart Store in Mississippi and his son Jay developed a chain of 150 stores specializing in “upscale off-price merchandise” in 21 states. Jay’s wife Cynthia is an art teacher active in Jewish affairs in Jacksonville.

STEINBERG. NewYork. Saul Steinberg made a fortune through Leasco, a computer leasing firm, and then went big time with Reliance Insurance, which he purchased in 1968. His brother Robert and brother-in-law Bruce Sokoloff were heavily involved in family affairs. His daughter Laura is married to Jonathan Tisch of the powerful Tisch media empire (See TISCH.) His son Jonathan is owner of Financial Data which publishes Individual Investor magazine.

STEINHARDT. New York. The hedge-fund manager/tycoon Michael Steinhardt has a “passion,” it is said, for “Jewish continuity.”Even though he is “an avowed atheist”according to Avenue, Steinhardt is“yet one ofAmerica’s biggest supporters of Jewish and Israel causes.” He is a financier behind Forward, the influential NewYork-based Jewish weekly.

STERN & LINDENBAUM.NewYork. Heir to the Hartz Mountain (pet supplies) fortune, Leonard Stern owns the “liberal”Village Voice newspaper and is engaged in a variety of real estate ventures. His son Emanuel operates the SoHo Grand Hotel and is married into the influential Peck family (See PECK).The wealth of Leonard’s stepmother, Ghity Amiel Lindenbaum, also contributes to the family fortune.

STONE. Cleveland. Irving, Morris and Harry Stone were heirs to the American Greetings (card) Corporation.The cartoon figure “Ziggy” is one of their contributions to popular culture.

STONEMAN. Boston. Samuel Stoneman was vice chairman of the board of General Cinema Corporation. His daughters are Jane Stein and Elizabeth Deknatel.They run the family’s foundation.

AARON STRAUS. Baltimore.The family fortune was based on the nationwide Reliable Stores Corporation. They are major contributors to “good” causes in the Baltimore region.

NATHAN & OSCAR STRAUS. New York. Heirs to the R. H. Macy and Abraham & Straus department store fortunes. Oscar Straus II and Oscar Straus III are key family figures today.

STRAUSS. Dallas. Former Democratic Party National Chairman and U.S. Ambassador to Russia,Robert Strauss is a high-powered lawyer with the firm of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld.The son of Charles, a merchant, Robert Strauss was a key player in the rise of Lyndon Johnson to the presidency. His brother Ted’s wife Annette formerly served as mayor of Dallas.

STRELITZ. Norfolk,Virginia.The Haynes home furnishing chain, based in Virginia, is the source of this family’s wealth. E. J. Strelitz is CEO. SWIG. San Francisco. This family owns the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and other Fairmonts across the country.The Plaza Hotel is one of their crown jewels. Benjamin Swig and his son Melvin opened up the first shopping mall in the United States. Ben was partnered with JackWeiler (See ARNOW-WEILER) in the commercial real estate business. Ben’s brother Richard, and Ben’s sons Kent, Robert and Steven, are involved in family foundation activities along with an in-law, Richard Dinner.

SYMS. NewYork. Sy Syms, head of the Syms Corp., a chain of 40 stores selling designer labels at discount prices, has brought his son Robert and daughter Marcy into the business. Marcy has been a vice president of the American Jewish Congress.The family has also branched out into real estate.

TAUBER. Detroit. Joel Tauber made a fortune in manufacturing: Key Fasteners, Key Plastics (automotive parts) Keywell Corporation (scrap metal) and Complex Tooling & Molding (computer parts). Son Brian is involved in the family business. Daughter Ellen Horing is a money manager in NewYork. Daughter, Julie McMahon,works with disadvantaged children.

TAUBMAN. New York. Developer of major shopping malls nationwide, Taubman had early business dealings with Max Fisher of Detroit (See MAX FISHER) and has been closely associated with LeslieWexner (See WEXNER) of The Limited stores.Taubman was involved in the purchase and sale of the Irvine Ranch in Southern California.Taubman bought the Sotheby’s auction house and ended up being sentenced to a year in jail for price fixing.Vanity Fair reported in late 2002 that Taubman was a popular figure among his fellow inmates. SonsWilliam and Robert are big players in the family empire.

TISCH. New York. Leading supporters of Israel, best known today for their control of the CBS broadcasting empire, Lawrence and Preston Tisch were among the most powerful Jews in America, although Lawrence recently died. Loews, CAN Financial, Lorillard and Bulova are all part of the Tisch empire. Lawrence had sons James, Daniel, Tom and Andrew, the latter involved in the executive committee of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Preston, who owns the Giants team, served as postmaster general of the United States. His son Steve is a film maker and his son Jonathan is the president of Loew’s hotels.

TISHMAN. New York.This construction family includes David, Norman, Paul, Louis and Alex. Numerous family members are highly active in Jewish affairs. Nina Tishman Alexander and her husband Richard Alexander and Bruce Diker, another family heir, are among the family members engaged in a variety of causes.

WASSERMAN. Los Angeles. The late Lou Wasserman, longtime head of MCA, the entertainment conglomerate, was—along with his partner, Jules Stein, a sponsor of the rise to fame (in films and in politics) of Ronald Reagan. He has been called the “king” of Hollywood.

WEILL. NewYork.As chairman and CEO of the Travelers Group, Sanford Weill is one of America’s wealthiest Jewish tycoons. His son Marc is ensconced at Travelers. His daughter Jessica Bibliowicz runs Smith Barney Mutual Funds.

WEINBERG. Baltimore-Hawaii. Harry Weinberg started off in the transit business in Baltimore and then branched out to Hawaii where he became a major player in the real estate business during the 1950s when air tourism to the islands boomed.

WEINER. New York. Chairman and CEO of Republic National Bank of NewYork and Republic NewYork Corporation—founded by Edmond Safra (See SAFRA)—WalterWeiner was a founding partner of Kronish, Lieb,Weiner & Hellman. His sons are John and Tom.

WEXNER. NewYork-Columbus, Ohio. LeslieWexner seems to own it all: The Limited, Express, Lerners,Victoria’s Secret, Henry Bendel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath and BodyWorks, and Lane Bryant.He is particularly concerned with educating future Jewish leaders.

WINIK. New York. Elaine Winik was the first female president of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation and chair of the United Jewish Appeal. Her daughter Penny Goldsmith is a major figure in AIPAC and in the ADL. The Winik fortune was made in the production of handbags.

WINTER. Milwaukee. Elmer Winter started Manpower, the temporary employment agency that has 1,000 offices in some 32 countries. He’s also been active in expanding business between the United States and Israel and served as national director of the American Jewish Committee.

WOLFENSOHN. New York. Born in Australia and trained as a merchant banker in London, James Wolfensohn became an executive partner at Salomon Brothers in NewYork. In 1995 he was appointed head of the World Bank—truly a one-man Jewish powerhouse.

WOLFSON. Miami. The Wolfson-Meyer Theater Company became Wometco and in 1984 was acquired by Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Company after having established itself as a pioneer in motion picture and television broadcasting in the 1920s.The investment firmsWolfson Initiative Corporation and the Novecentro Corporation are part of the family empire. Family members include Louis III and Mitchell.The best-knownWolfson was the infamous Louis who became entangled in an unpleasant scandal involving former U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas who was taking money from theWolfson family foundation.

ZABAN.Atlanta. Based on a janitorial supply firm, Mandle Zaban and his brother Sam and his son Erwin established Zep Manufacturing that ultimately evolved into National Service Industries, now ruled by Erwin who has been a director of the Anti-Defamation League.

ZALE.Texas. Morris Zale established one of the world’s largest jewelry chains, but the company was sold in 1987. Heirs David, Marjory, Stanley and Janet are active in Jewish affairs.The two sons still work in the jewelry business. (The jewelry business has always been particularly “Jewish.”)

ZARROW.Tulsa, Oklahoma. Henry and Jack Zarrow produce oil rigging parts and supplies through the Sooner Pipe and Supply Corporation.

ZILKHA.Truly a “global” Jewish family, the Zilkhas are heirs to the international Banque Zilkha which had been the largest privately-owned commercial bank in—yes—the Arab world. After the founding of Israel, the Baghdad-based French-speaking family moved west. Family chief Ezra has son Elias and daughters Donna Zilkha Krisel and Bettina-Louise. Major players in the small Sephardic Jewish elite in America and active in Israel.They have also branched out into arms manufacturing.

ZIMMERMAN. Boston-Atlanta-Palm Beach. Harriet Zimmerman, daughter of a Boston shoemaking tycoon, was vice president of AIPAC and bragged that“the biggest donor to Israel in the world is the U.S.Congress.”Son Robert operates in Connecticut. Daughter Claire Marx is active in Jewish affairs.

So there we have it—a grand overview of what are undoubtedly the most powerful Jewish families in America. By no means, as we have said, is the list complete.There are many other names that could be added to the list, usually “lesser fry” (so to speak) in some of the smaller cities and locales around the country. In addition, there are an increasing number of powerful and wealthy foreign Jewish families—from Israel, Iran, Russia and elsewhere—establishing their positions on American shores.

Although it would be convenient, as a colorful literary device, to be able to say that there are “200” or “300” or “400” particular families—in the style of some fanciful and contrived conspiracy-minded works or even in the style of Forbes and Fortune magazine, this would betray reality.

What we have assembled here for the reader, in easy-to-read format, based on a thoroughly “respectable” and sympathetic source, is a useful and revealing accounting of the vast array of wealth and power assembled in relatively few hands, a few families whose faces and names are largely unknown to the American (or world) public as a whole.

But rest assured that they are powerful and that persons behind the scenes (and those in political office) know very well who these elite power brokers are.They are able to make American presidents and politicians, and they are able to break them.They are truly Those Who Reign Supreme in America—or at least do everything in their considerable power to do so.

On a parting note that may horrify some sensitive readers, it’s probably no coincidence that Dr. Miriam Rothschild of the British branch of the family was an entomologist of international standing and it just so happens that fleas—and other parasites—were her specialty. In fact, she wrote a book entitled Fleas, Flukes and Cuckoos which the Rothschild Empire managed to turn into an unlikely bestseller.And it’s also probably no coincidence that David Rockefeller, the fading American front man for the Rothschild Empire, is also quite fascinated with—and is a relentless collector of—beetles,another parasite. (Although in fairness to beetles, most of them are non-parasitic!)

These Rothschilds and Rockefellers are truly parasites of a certain “human”order and swarming around them have been these powerful fellow parasites who want to consume the world.

But they can be stopped.

William F. Buckley Jr.—Jewish?

Although the late William F. Buckley, Jr. was widely recognized as a devout “Irish Catholic,” his Roman Catholic antecedents were not, as widely believed, from his Scotch-Irish father’s side, but, instead from his mother’s side. Although Buckley’s mother was born to a Catholic family in New Orleans named Steiner (a German name which is sometimes Jewish) the late Chicago Tribune columnist WalterTrohan privately told intimates that he had been advised that there was Jewish blood in Buckley’s mother’s family, but that they converted to Catholicism, as did many New Orleans Jewish families during the 18th and 19th centuries. In any case, Buckley was a disciple of Zionism.

How the Jews Targeted Martin Luther King

In 2007 The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) rushed out a retrospective “case study” on “the dangers of domestic spying by federal law enforcement.” The study focused on the FBI’s now-widely known (but then quite secret) surveillance in the 1960s of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., and described this as “an ignominious chapter in America’s past.”

While the ACLU report did demonstrate the dangers of the FBI being used for politically-motivated domestic surveillance of American citizens, the report failed to mention one particularly interesting item: the fact that much of the “ignominious” FBI surveillance of King and others was actually being carried out on behalf of the FBI by the powerful Jewish agency known as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith.

The fact the ADL was targeting King surprised many, particularly since King has often been praised by the ADL, particularly in its publications aimed at Black audiences. The first public revelation that the ADL had been spying on King came in the April 28, 1993 issue of The San FranciscoWeekly-—a liberal “alternative” journal-—which reported:
During the civil rights movement, when many Jews were taking the lead in fighting against racism, the ADL was spying on Martin Luther King and passing on the information to J. Edgar Hoover, a former ADL employee said.
“It was common and casually accepted knowledge," said Henry Schwarzschild, who worked in the publications department of the ADL between 1962 and 1964.
“They thought King was sort of a loose cannon," said Schwarzschild. "He was a Baptist preacher and nobody could be quite sure what he would do next. The ADL was very anxious about having an unguided missile out there."
It turns out that the ADL was also engaged in heavy-duty spying on other Black civil rights leaders, not just King.The 1995 release of previously classified FBI documents relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Warren Commission investigation which followed uncovered otherADL intrigue against famed Black comic and political activist Dick Gregory who had, as a sideline, become involved as an independent investigator into the JFK assassination.


The Jewish Tacticians:
An Overview of Key Top-Level
Political Operatives of the Rothschild Empire

While there are literally hundreds—if not thousands—of Judeocentric political organizations operating in the United States and worldwide, the U.S.-based political organizations tend to be the most influential. They act not only to control Jewish community affairs, but many of them act, in addition, to control all of America’s affairs, through manipulating public opinion, pressuring newspapers, magazines and other media to toe the Jewish propaganda line, threatening and bullying those who oppose Jewish influence, and, of course, lobbying for Israel.

There have been several full-length books published over the years outlining the history (and sometimes the intrigues) of these organizations, and it would be beyond the scope of this volume to explore all of those various entities. But in this chapter we present an overview of some of the key Jewish tacticians operating on American soil.

The summary list that follows is by no means comprehensive, but it is representative and focuses on those particular leaders—some would call them “thugs”—who function as publicists and political opinion makers for the Jewish community, and thereby impacting on public affairs as a whole.

ABRAHAM FOXMAN, born in Poland,and who came to the United States in 1950, is certainly one of the most powerful Jews on the face of the planet by virtue of his position as chairman and national director of the Anti- Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith. Although he holds a law degree, Foxman also attended the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. However, most of his career has been spent in the affairs of the ADL, which he first signed on with in 1965 in its international affairs division. However, Foxman has ruled the ADL roost as its national director since 1987 and is a familiar figure in the mass media in America.To say more about Foxman’s activities would belabor the point.The ADL not only acts as a propaganda agency for the state of Israel but also engages in extensive illegal domestic spying on persons considered “suspect.” The ADL is a known conduit for Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad. See The Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper for a broad-ranging review of the ADL’s criminal record.

MARVIN HIER and ABRAHAM COOPER.These two rabbis are two peas in a pod. Hier is the self-styled “dean” of the Los Angeles-based Jewish propaganda operation known as the SimonWiesenthal Center and Cooper is his “associate dean.” Hier was called “the most influential rabbi in America” by Newsweek magazine in 2007, which said that Hier “is one phone call away from almost every world leader, journalist and Hollywood studio head.” Hier won two Academy Awards for his involvement in the production of two “Holocaust” related documentaries. The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which masquerades as a “human rights” organization is well funded by Jewish money kings such as the Belzberg family (See SAMUEL BELZBERG) and has become quite influential. Cooper is a ubiquitous figure whose editorials are constantly being published coast to coast in the United States and worldwide. (Cooper once called this author, Michael Collins Piper, “anti-American” for daring to criticize U.S. support for Israel. For his own part, this author refers to Cooper, quite correctly, as a “hookworm.”) These two well-paid rabbis, Hier and Cooper, are major players in the global Jewish network.

MALCOLM HOENLEIN, longtime executive vice chairman of the powerful Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, has been associated, naturally, with many of the most influential Zionist operations. He has also been a major figure inside the ranks of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the Rothschild Empire’s London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs. His corporate affiliations include, not surprisingly, Bank Leumi USA, a division of the Israeli-based banking enterprise.

MORTON KLEIN, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, by virtue of holding that post, is one of the most powerful Jewish figures in the world. Born in a displaced persons camp in Germany after World War II, Klein, an economist by profession, is integrally tied to all significant Jewish and Zionist operations in the United States and has been hailed by multiple Jewish sources as—not surprisingly—one of the foremost voices for the global Zionist cause.To elaborate would belabor the point.

JACQUES TORCZYNER, born in Belgium, came to the United States in 1940 where he became active in the Zionist Organization of America, of which he served five consecutive terms as president. He has also been chairman of the American section of theWorld Jewish Congress. He was among the “Americans” who—in 1945—attended a special meeting called by Israel’s Founding Father, David Ben-Gurion, which organized support for Jewish terror groups in Palestine.

In 1990, Andrew St. George—chief diplomatic correspondent for the Washington, D.C.-based Spotlight newspaper—was quietly advised that there had been a high-level meeting in New York among some top financial patrons and organizational leaders of the global Zionist movement. The meeting was held at the New York apartment of Edgar Bronfman, head of the World Jewish Congress.

The meeting was devoted to planning for an energetic assault on the purported “rise of anti-Semitism in America.” In attendance with Bronfman were such Jewish money kings as Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky as well as Wall Street financier (and later US Ambassador to France) Felix Rohatyn, and Jacques Torczyner (then ZOA President), among others.

St. George’s source told him that during that meeting, the aforementioned Torczyner said, in words to this effect:“It’s time that we put a stop to Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby [the publisher of The Spotlight]. We’ve been too patient in dealing with this man. He needs to be killed.” Torczyner said specifically that Carto and his associates at Liberty Lobby were “not bourgeois”—that is, not simple folk without influence—and that they should be “hunted and shot like quail.”

Evidently Torczyner’s candor caused a stir with at least some of those Jewish power barons saying,“We can’t use the kind of tactics on our enemies that the Nazis used on us,” (or words to that effect).

It was Felix Rohatyn who told St. George about this meeting. Having been an international correspondent for Time-Life, St. George knew quite a host of colorful and influential people over the years, from Cuban dictator Fidel Castro to gangster Frank Costello to many others, including Rohatyn. In any event, St. George took the story to Carto and Mark Lane, Liberty Lobby’s audacious and no-nonsense anti-Zionist Jewish attorney, who then wrote a letter to Torczyner essentially saying:“We know what you said and we take your threats seriously.You have been warned.”

Needless to say, Lane’s letter had its intended effect and as the record demonstrates, Liberty Lobby continued to wage war against Zionism until it was driven into bankruptcy and then out of business in 2001 after a long, drawn-out eight year campaign of legal harassment in courtrooms from California to Washington, DC and on to Switzerland, a series of circumstances which demonstrated, conclusively, that Zionist elements were behind the affair.

Fortunately, in the wake of the destruction of Liberty Lobby,Willis Carto and his associates—including this author, Michael Collins Piper—regrouped and established American Free Press, based in Washington, D.C. Suffice it to say that Jacques Torczyner represents the most vile, violent and hateful elements of the Rothschild Empire.

Again, this list of Jewish tacticians, operating as the “legmen” for the Rothschild Empire and the New Pharisees in their drive for global rule, is hardly comprehensive. These criminals have many operatives working for them in virtually every town and city across America and have done much to bring America—and the world—to the perilous state in which we are today.They are front-line tacticians for the New World Order.

This 1898 French caricature of a crowned Alphonse de Rothschild—of the French branch of the Rothschild family—as a greedy predator grasping the globe in his talon-like clutches, accurately portrays the way in which Europe’s Rothschild banking dynasty expanded its imperial hegemony. In America today, Rothschild influence—while paramount—is largely hidden, with some “respected” families and financial institutions—not all of them Jewish—acting as Rothschild “fronts.” Americans (and others) who dare to challenge the Rothschild empire (and the Zionist cause) are subjected to dirty tricks, economic boycott, harassment, persecution—even criminal prosecution. In fact, there is growing recognition of the spiraling Jewish presence in the social, economic and political life in America and worldwide with the United States generally recognized as the real locus of Jewish might. Unless the Jewish people join the community of man, they may face real trouble.

Jewish Power in America:
The “Greatest” Triumph

British writer Geoffrey Wheatcroft, in his 1996 work, The Controversy of Zion, said that in terms of Jewish power and influence,“inAmerica the triumph is greatest of all.” He noted that at little more than 2.5 percent of the American population, the Jews “enjoy astonishingly disproportionate success in all the fields where they have been allowed to exert themselves.”

As we noted earlier, Jewish professor Dr.Norman Cantor,writing in The Sacred Chain,was even more candid—even profound—in his assessment:

Nothing in Jewish history equaled this degree of Jewish accession to power,wealth and prominence. Not in Muslim Spain, not in early 20th century Germany, not in Israel itself, because there were no comparable levels of wealth and power on a world-class scale in that small country to attain.

Cantor concluded:“The Morgans, the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the titans of bygone eras, they have been superseded by the Jew as flawless achiever . . . .”

Likewise, Jewish author Charles Silberman writing in A Certain People answered the question as to who dominated the American elite:

According to a study of the ethnic and racial backgrounds of people listed in the 1974-75 edition of Who’sWho in America, Jews were two and a half times more likely to be included than members of the population at large.

Relative to population, moreover, there were more than twice as many Jews as there were people of English heritage, the group that once dominated the American elite.

The change over the preceding half century was striking: in 1924-25, people of English descent were nearly two and half times as likely to be listed as American Jews. . . .

In a 1971-72 analysis of a much smaller group of leaders in some eight fields of endeavor, the sociologists Richard D. Alba and Gwen Moore found an even greater concentration.

Of the 545 people studied, 11.3 percent were Jews—four times their proportion in the population as a whole. . . .

The phenomenon is not limited to the United States. Jews make up about one percent of the population of Great Britain, but 6 to 10 percent of the British elite; in Australia, where Jews are 0.5 percent of the population, they constitute 5 percent of the elite. . . .

The Jewish representation among successful entrepreneurs is considerably higher than among corporate chief executives: some 23 percent of the people on the Forbes 1984 list of the four hundred richestAmericans were Jews. . . .The precise proportion varies somewhat from year to year.

In 1982, the first year the Forbes 400 was published, 105 of the group,or 26 percent,were Jews.The number dropped to 98 (25 percent) in 1983, when a stock market boom catapulted a number of newcomers onto the list, and 93 (23 percent) in 1984.

Jewish writer Edward S. Shapiro, writing in A Time for Healing: American Jewry SinceWorldWar II, further demonstrated the high-level status of Jews within “the American elite.”

On the basis of income and education, Jews by the 1980s were in the upper strata of American society and had moved into positions of political, economic and social power.

Beginning in the 1960s, Jews had headed some of the most important branches of the federal government, including the Federal Reserve System and the labor, commerce, state, and treasury departments. . . .

The social system was sufficiently open to enable Jews to become an important part of the American elite.

According to the analysis of the American Leadership Study’s data by sociologists Richard D. Alba and Gwen Moore, Jews comprised over 11 percent of the American elite. . . .

Washington, D.C.was a special case.The postwar expansion of the federal government resulted in an increase in metropolitan Washington’s Jewish population from less than twenty thousand in 1945 to one hundred sixty-five thousand four decades later.

This same Jewish author also noted that roughly one quarter of the richest Americans were Jewish:

Beginning in the early 1980s, Forbes magazine published an annual compilation of the four hundred richest Americans. Strictly based on their percentage of the general population, there should have been about twelve Jews on this list. Instead, there were over one hundred. Jews, who constituted less than 3 percent of the American people, made up over one-quarter of the richest Americans.They were over represented by a factor of nine. By contrast, ethnic groups that greatly outnumbered Jews—Italians, Hispanics, blacks, and eastern Europeans—had few representatives on the list.The higher the category of assets listed by Forbes, the greater the percentage of Jews. Over 30 percent of American billionaires were Jewish. The same phenomenon was also found in Canada, where the three most prominent business families were all Jewish—the Belzbergs of Vancouver, the Bronfmans of Montreal, and the Reichmanns of Toronto.

It was possible that Forbes even underestimated the number of America’s super-rich Jews, since many of them had become wealthy in real estate, the most difficult of fields to gauge assets and the easiest in which to hide wealth.

An even more impressive list appeared in the [July 22] 1986 issue of FinancialWorld. It numbered the one hundredWall Street executives—investment bankers, money managers, arbitrageurs, buyout specialists, speculators, commodities traders, and brokers—who had earned at least $3 million in 1985.

The list began with Ivan Boesky, who supposedly made $100 million. . . . Boesky’s earnings were dwarfed by the $500 million Michael Milken earned in a following year. . . . Milken and Boesky were Jewish,as were half of the people mentioned by the Financial World. Wall Street’s Jewish heavy hitters included George Soros ($93.5 million), Asher Edelman ($25 million), Morton Davis ($25 million), and Michael Steinhardt ($20 million).

The aforementioned Jewish writer, Charles Silberman in A Certain People, noted that Jews were “better off” than “most other” groups:

. . . If the stereotype of Jews as uniformly wealthy is wide of the mark, they are nonetheless better off on average than members of most other ethnic and religious groups. In 1984, for example, fewer than one American Jewish family in six had an income of less than 20,000, compared to one in two among non-Hispanic whites. At the other end of the income pyramid, 41 percent of Jewish households had incomes of $50,000 or more—four times the proportion among non-Hispanic Whites.

One reason for this differential is that Jews are better educated than other Americans.Three Jewish men in five are college graduates—nearly three times the proportion among non-Hispanic whites; one in three have graduate or professional degrees—three and a half times the proportion in the population at large.

Much the same disparities exist among Jewish and non-Jewish women: the former are twice as likely as the latter to have college degrees and four times as likely to have graduate or professional degrees. Today, moreover, college attendance is almost universal among young Jews.

A 1980 national survey of male and female high school students found that 83 percent of the Jewish students planned to go to college and fully half expected to go on to graduate or professional schools; among white non-Jewish students, half were planning on college and fewer than one-fifth expected to go to graduate or professional schools.

The difference is qualitative as well as quantitative. Jews not only receive more schooling, they get a better education. . . .

Since the 1950s or 1960s, when Ivy League institutions shifted to meritocratic admissions policies, Jews have made up about a third of the undergraduate student population and about the same in law and medicine.

American Jewish author Lenni Brenner writing in Jews in America Today also emphasized Jewish status as being “the richest ethnic grouping:”

If [the Jews] are 2.54 percent of the population, they take in approximately 5 percent of the national income. Jews are almost 7 percent of the country’s middle and upper classes, taken together.

In 1972,almost 900,000 Jewish families out of two million were middle and upper class, while only 13.5 million out of 53 million American families were so classified.According to [Gerald Krefetz, writing in Jews and Money], 43 percent of all Jews earned $16,000 plus, in contrast to only 25.5 percent of all Americans.

And while only a little under 5 percent of the Jewish population is in millionaire families, Jews constituted a fluctuating 23-26 percent of the 400 richest Americans between 1982 and 1985, and perhaps more of the taxpaying millionaire population, which was estimated at 574,342 in 1980.

There is no doubt that, on average,American Jewry is the richest ethnic or religious grouping in the country. According to the June 1984 American Demographics, the average annual Jewish household income is $23,300, compared to $21,700 for Episcopalians. Presbyterians received $20,500, religiously unaffiliated took in $17,600, Catholics made $17,400, Methodists $17,000, Lutherans averaged $16,300. White fundamentalists and Southern Baptists earned a piddling $14,000 plus. Statistics show that Jews have been earning more than Episcopalians and Presbyterians, the archetypicalWASPS, since the late 1960s . . .

“No longer a pariah elite,” wrote Brenner, the modern American Jewish rich are the full partners of their Christian equivalents. Jewish author Steven Silbiger in his book, The Jewish Phenomenon, which was essentially a work bragging of Jewish success, noted:

A 1993 survey of subscribers of The Exponent, the Philadelphia weekly Jewish newspaper, gave a clear picture of Jewish wealth and also of Jewish spending. Such surveys are decidedly unscientific,but the results show that Jews are [fiscally] conservative, yet they spend for things that they value:
• 26.1 percent owned a second home;
• 34.7 percent had traveled outside the United States in the past
twelve months;
• 49.2 percent had dined out ten or more times in the last thirty
• 21 percent belonged to a health club.

In The Jewish Phenomenon Silbiger let the cat out of the bag regarding the fact that Jews can essentially “make or break” a book’s publishing success, since, as he pointed out:

Jews are the cornerstone of hardcover book sales,“accounting for between 50 and 75 percent of non-institutional hardcover sales in the United States.” Even 25 percent would represent an amazingly disproportionate share of total sales. Hardbacks are the more expensive editions that precede the cheaper paperbacks and provide publishers with their greatest margins. Jewish-American buyers, then, are extremely important to the publishing industry.

In that same work, Silbiger cited hard figures demonstrating that while, on the national average, 19% of those polled had bought a hardcover book in the previous 12 months, an astounding 70% of Jews polled had done so. In terms of 1-5 books purchased, the national average was 13% in contrast to 39% for Jewish bookbuyers. In terms of 10 or more books purchased, the figures were equally striking. The national average was 3% in contrast to 17% for Jewish bookbuyers.

And so some would say that this only demonstrates Jewish literacy, others might contend that, in contrast, it only reflects the fact that Jews—on the whole—have more disposable income (to buy books) than do non-Jews.

Underscoring that point,we should review Silbiger’s chart regarding the amount of securities and investments owned, contrasting the national average with those of Jewish investors:

And in many other realms, we also find that the Jews have run far ahead of the average American. The aforementioned Jewish author, Edward S. Shapiro, writing in A Time for Healing: American Jewry Since World War II noted that Jews reign supreme as far as being “the best educated”:

In the postwar era,America’s Jews became the best educated of any major American ethnic or religious group. By the mid-1970s, according to Father Andrew M. Greeley’s study Ethnicity, Denomination, and Inequality (1976), Jews averaged fourteen years of education.This was a half year more than Episcopalians, the American religious group with the highest social standing.

While less than one-half of Americans went on to college, more than 80 percent of Jews did so, and, as indicated by the statistics from Harvard, Princeton and Yale, Jews were more likely to attend elite institutions. In 1971, for example, Jews made up 17 percent of the students at private universities.

In 1982, Jewish author Gerald Krefetz, writing in Jews and Money, noted the large representation of Jews in the fields of medicine and the law:

. . . In the United States there are approximately 30,000 Jewish physicians, nearly fourteen percent of all physicians in private practice. Of the five hundred thousand attorneys, it is estimated that over twenty percent of them are Jews, nearly ten times the representation that might be expected.

In 1939 it was estimated that over half the attorneys practicing in NewYork City were Jews. By now the proportion is even greater: perhaps three out of five lawyers are Jews.

The last survey of the NewYork City bar found sixty percent of the city’s 25,000 attorneys to be Jewish, eighteen percent Catholic and eighteen percent Protestant. Most of the Jewish lawyers—roughly 70% of them—are from Eastern European heritages . . . .

Jewish writer Steven Silbiger in The Jewish Phenomenon adds further to the data regarding Jews in medicine and the law:

The American Medical Association estimates that there are now 684,000 doctors in the United States. Jewish physicians total about 100,000, or 15 percent. Like lawyers, this number is seven times higher than the Jews’ share of the general population. Nine percent of 1988 medical school applications came from Jews.

Today 15 percent of the 740,000 lawyers in the United States are Jewish. Jewish representation is seven times greater than in the general population. In elite legal circles, the concentration is even more striking. Forty percent of partners in the leading law firms in New York and Washington are Jewish. Jews hold two of the nine seats (22 percent) on the Supreme Court.

Jewish writer Lenni Brenner, in Jews in America Today, set forth the facts surrounding Jewish predominance in American academia:

At least 20 percent of the faculty at America’s leading universities are Jews, with over 25 percent in the prestige medical schools, 38 percent for similar law schools, rising even higher at Harvard, where half the law faculty is Jewish.Today Jews are 20 percent of the nation’s doctors and lawyers.

Jewish writer Edward S. Shapiro in A Time for Healing: American Jewry SinceWorldWar II elaborated on this point:

In 1940, only 2 percent of America’s professors were Jews. By the 1970s they were 10 percent.The postwar Jewish presence in academia was notable not only for its high proportion but also for its distinctive profile.

Jewish academicians congregated in the most intellectually demanding fields—fields that emphasized abstract and theoretical reasoning—and at the most prestigious institutions.

They were over-represented in anthropology, economics, history, mathematics, physics and sociology, and under-represented in agriculture, education,home economics, journalism, library science, nursing, and physical education.

Electrical engineering, the most theoretical branch of engineering, had a greater proportion of Jews than mechanical, civil or chemical engineering.

Medicine was a high-status profession, and Jews were disproportionately represented in biochemistry, bacteriology, physiology, psychology, and other academic fields allied to medicine. By every possible criterion, Everett Carl Ladd, Jr. and Seymour Martin Lipset wrote in 1975, Jewish academicians had “far surpassed their Gentile colleagues.”

At this time, Jews were one-fifth of the faculty at elite universities and one-quarter of the faculty of the Ivy League.They constituted an even higher proportion of Ivy League professors under the age of thirty-five and of faculty at the elite medical and law schools. In 1968,38% of the faculty at America’s elite law schools were Jews.

Jewish writer Charles Silberman added:

Whatever the precise proportion (and one person’s elite is another’s coterie) there can be no doubt that Jews play a large role in American intellectual life.

In 1975, for example, Jews constituted 10 percent of all faculty members but 20 percent of those teaching at elite universities; nearly half of the Jewish professors—compared to 24 percent of Episcopal and 17 percent of Catholic professors—were teaching at the top-ranked institutions.

Jewish professors are also far more likely to publish articles in scholarly journals than their non-Jewish peers; thus Jews make up 24 percent of the academic elite—those who have published twenty or more articles.

And the previously much-cited Steven Silbiger asserted:

The wave of Jewish college academics is a relatively recent one. In 1940, only 2 percent of American professors were Jewish. By 1970 the number had increased fivefold, to 10 percent. Restrictive quotas from the first half of the century had ended, and a new generation of Jews was being educated in larger numbers.

By the ‘90s, Jews made up 35 percent of professors at elite schools—and a Jew has now served as president of nearly every elite institution, including Harvard,Yale, Penn, Columbia, Princeton, MIT and the University of Chicago.

Now all of this taken together can beviewed as a tribute to Jewish hard work. But then again, we have noted how Jews, in their own writings and journals,have openly asserted Jewish intellectual superiority based—so they say—on the status of Jews being “God’s Chosen People” above all others.

There are those who will say (and quite correctly) that much of this “phenomenon” (as described by the aforementioned Steven Silbiger) can instead be attributed to the fact—as so many Jews and non-Jews have noted—that “the Jews stick together and help one another get ahead.”

That’s a good thing—or is it? The fact that “the Jews stick together” has led to a disproportionate Jewish role in the conduct of American—and world—affairs. And it is precisely this phenomenon that we have seen throughout recorded history: going back to the days of Babylon when the Talmud codified the Jewish philosophy and way of life, setting forth the program for ultimate Jewish rule over the planet, laying the foundation for The Jewish Utopia—the NewWorld Order.

In the United States today, we are witness to the Rothschild Dynasty’s overwhelming force.What has been the most powerful nation on the planet is in the grip of this evil dynasty, acting as the mechanism by which the NewWorld Order is being brought from a dream to reality.

The record and the facts speak for themselves.

The question that remains is whether Americans of today should adjust to the realities thatWilhelm Marr urged his German countrymen of the 19th Century to face in no uncertain terms. He told his people:

I implore you. Do not berate the Jews.You elect the alien masters to your parliaments.You make them legislators and judges. You make them the dictators of the state finance system.You deliver up your press to them because flashy frivolity is more to your taste than moral seriousness.

What do you expect after all of this?

The Jewish race prospers mightily on the basis of its talent. You were beaten and you have deserved this a thousand times over.

Don’t complain about how Jews bring down prices in business or how they grab up the overproduction of big business swindlers and sell at rock-bottom prices and make money and invest it usuriously.

Isn’t that all according to the dogma of the abstract individualism that you have enthusiastically accepted from Jewry?

You can no longer impede the great mission of Semitism. Jewish Caesarism is only a question of time.

Of this, I am certain.

Only after this Caesarism has reached its apex will we perhaps be helped by that “unknown God” to whom altars were built in Imperial Rome.

We must once more admit it, so let’s face it squarely: We are the vanquished. We are the subjugated.

The proud and bold visage of this Arab warrior reflects the forward-looking attitude of so many good people all across the planet who are prepared to do battle against the forces working for a global Jewish Imperium.Today, in Palestine, the beleaguered Christians and Muslims are in the forefront of the battle, but in the years ahead many more peoples will join in the struggle for mankind’s survival.

Will the House of David Reign Supreme?

This book has been a long and difficult and painful journey, encompassing an overview of uncomfortable facts that point toward the reality of what the NewWorld Order constitutes.

As we have seen,much of what many have long believed the New World Order to be is anything but the truth.

We have examined the facts and the myths and now arrive at the juncture where we must ponder what path those who oppose the New World Order must take in the future.

Those working to advance the NewWorld Order—the New Pharisees—have always known where they were coming from and where they were (and are) going.The agenda of the New Pharisees has never wavered.

Their goal is to reinstitute the Throne of David and establish Jewish world rule—the Jewish Utopia.

The Rothschild Dynasty has hijacked the American republic and the United States has now been established as the New Babylon with the New World Order forces relentlessly pushing their agenda at a faster pace than ever before. Ultimate victory, they perceive, is within their reach, but only if they are able to destroy the opposition and to continue to divide and conquer those who dare to challenge their agenda.

As such, the blood and treasure of the American people are being hurled into global conflicts designed to bring the NewWorld Order into being. The wars on behalf of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East are really only the beginning. Many more wars of conquest lie ahead.Those nations that challenge the NewWorld Order will be targeted.

And lest there be any doubt that the Rothschild Empire and the New Pharisees now view the United States as the preeminent force in their drive for a global imperium, it is vital to consider this point:

Propagandists for the Jewish agenda now openly charge that critics of Israel (and of U.S. favoritism for Israel) are not only anti-Semitic and anti-Israel but also anti-Christian and anti-American, that anti-Israel sentiments are actually the underlying foundation of anti-Americanism and, in turn, anti-Americanism is inextricably indivisible from anti-Israel,anti-Semitic and even anti-Christian sentiments. Such extraordinary assertions are being nurtured at the highest levels of the Jewish-controlled mass media and are being inserted into the discourse of public debate in America.

In a certain sense, there is some truth to the theme that “anti-Americanism” is a form of opposition to Israel. Many people around the world concerned about the new imperialism pursued by the United States on Israel’s behalf recognize that this policy is not “Americanism” but, in fact, the product of the Rothschild Dynasty and the historic Jewish agenda.

However, as usual, the theoreticians of the Jewish Utopia always show great capacity to twist reality in order to make it fit their peculiar world view.Actually, people worldwide are not particularly “anti-American” (in the sense that they have any problem with the American people).

So because people from all walks of life from around the globe often have a better understanding than Americans of who really rules America, they actually have a certain sympathy for Americans for having allowed themselves to be manipulated so relentlessly by a powerful minority. So there’s very little “anti-Americanism” in the general sense of the term.

In fact, most people worldwide have no trouble with the principles of democracy, liberty and freedom—however loosely defined.The idea that the rest of the planet (with the exception of Israel) is “anti-American” is a dangerous myth propagated in order to turn Americans against anyone around the globe who dares to question Jewish power in America.

Thus, the concept of “anti-Americanism” is a Jewish invention. It was in the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks and in the period leading up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003,that the Jewish-controlled media began hyping“anti-Americanism,” to stoke up the so-called “war on terrorism” of which, it was said, the campaign to destroy Iraq was a vital component.

The media began advising Americans that “The whole world is against us”—or, as it was generally rendered in the media: “The whole world is against us good Americans and our good friend Israel.” The theme that “anti-Americanism”had run rampant was instilled inAmericans for the purpose of making them “anti” everyone who refused to support the wars the Jewish lobby demanded thatAmericans fight. In a sense,support for the Iraq war (in particular) became the measuring stick by which to determine who was in sync with the more broad-ranging global Jewish agenda and who wasn’t.

In any case, as noted,“anti-Americanism” is being equated with opposition not only to Israel and Jewish interests but even to Christianity itself—an extraordinary theme indeed.

Now although it is no doubt quite difficult for the average American to understand such a broad-ranging historical and geopolitical contention with obviously immense global ramifications, this is precisely what one of the Jewish elite’s most highly regarded“intellectuals”contended in an audacious essay published in the January 2005 issue of Commentary magazine, the journal of the American Jewish Committee.

In his Commentary essay, “Americanism—and Its Enemies,” Yale Professor David Gelernter said that “Americanism” itself—at least as defined by Gelernter and his confreres—is no more than a modern-day evolution of old-line Zionist thought, going back to the Old Testament itself. America, he contended, is essentially the new Israel—a virtual adjunct of the State of Israel.

That Gelernter’s proposition was published in Commentary—long-edited by neo-conservative “ex-Trotskyite” Norman Podhoretz and which is now under the direction of John Podhoretz, his son—means a great deal. Known as one of the foremost media influences directing U.S. foreign policy in the Bush administration,Commentary is certainly one of the leading—and hardline—voices of the Jewish power elite, not only in America, but worldwide.

In addition, although Gelernter is a computer specialist, his views on political affairs are regularly published with great fanfare in the pages of all of the elite magazines and newspapers in America, ranging from The Washington Post to The NewYork Times to TheWeekly Standard, the “neoconservative” journal of Rothschild Empire media baron Rupert Murdoch.

To understand what Gelernter asserts is to understand the mindset of those promoting a NewWorld Order, to recognize that America is now perceived as the force for achieving that Jewish Imperium.

Asserting that what he called“American Zionism”goes back, in American terms, to the days of the Puritan and Pilgrim founding fathers, Gelernter noted that “Puritans spoke of themselves as God’s new chosen people, living in God’s new promised land—in short, as God’s new Israel.”

Gelernter added that “Many thinkers have noted that Americanism is inspired by or close to or intertwined with Puritanism,” noting that “one of the most impressive scholars to say so recently is Samuel Huntington, in his formidable [2004] book on American identity,Who AreWe?” (*) Gelernter says that the Puritanism of Huntington’s chosen type is the real foundation of America and that which has driven American thinking from the earliest days of our history. It’s all Jewish—according to Gelernter:

Puritanism did not merely inspire or influence Americanism, it turned into Americanism. . . . You cannot really understand the Pilgrims, or Puritans in general, unless you know the Hebrew Bible and classical Jewish history; knowing Judaism itself also helps . . .

Early exponents of Americanism tended to define even their own Christianity [emphasis Gelernter’s] in ways that make it sound like Judaism.

(*) An old hand at the Rothschild’s New York outpost, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR),Huntington was also author of The Crisis of Democracy—published in 1975 by the Trilateral Commission, a CFR-allied NewWorld Order power group— which suggested there was too much democracy in America and that it needed to be suppressed. In the eyes of the elite,“democracy” is a right granted only to those in their favor. It was Huntington who popularized the now-infamous term “Clash of Civilizations” in a 1993 article in the CFR’s journal, Foreign Affairs, and in a 1996 book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. However, the term“clash of civilizations”was first used in 1956—in a small circulation academic publication, The Middle East Journal—by Jewish theoretician and hard-line anti- Arab and anti-Muslim propagandist, Bernard Lewis and later in his 1964 book, The Middle East and theWest. Lewis revived his “clash”theme for high-level circles in an article,“The Roots of Muslim Rage,” in the Sept. 1990 Atlantic Monthly, then owned by Jewish billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman, for several years the president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, the official alliance of the key American Jewish power groups. In 2004, Huntington— in his book, Who Are We? (cited by Gelernter)—publicly proclaimed America’s “Anglo” roots and urged blocking certain groups—Muslims and Hispanic Catholics—from coming into the United States, this in the name of “fighting terrorism and anti- Semitism,” since the Jews have historically believed that Catholics and Muslims are suspicious of Jewish power and not easily controlled.

And it is probably worth pointing out that Gelernter notes that Puritanism underwent transition, so much so that many Puritan congregations became Unitarian. And the irony is that there are many Christians—including fundamentalist supporters of Israel—who don’t even consider Unitarians to be Christians. (Another question for others to debate.)

In any case, Gelernter is hinting that (at least in the Zionist view) the modern-day form of “Puritanism” underlying “Americanism” is actually anything but Christian.And this, of course, again,would surprise many Christian supporters of Israel who proclaim that America is a Christian nation doing its part in helping fulfill God’s so-called promises to the Jewish people.

Gelernter’s assessment of the Bible,as he reads it, is thatAmericans, in particular, have “a divine mission to all mankind” and that three conclusions can be reached:“Every human being everywhere is entitled to freedom, equality, and democracy.” Here Gelernter began to spin his particular theme that Zionism is integral to and inseparable from what he says is “Americanism”:

To sum up Americanism’s creed as far as freedom, equality, and democracy for all is to state only half the case.The other half deals with a promised land, a chosen people, and a universal, divinely ordained mission.This part of Americanism is the American version of biblical Zionism: in short,American Zionism.

Purporting that “Americanism” (as he defines it) is “American Zionism”—that America is a Zionist“promised land”as one with the state of Israel and traditional Zionism itself, Gelernter suggests that both Israel and America are Jewish states, declaring:

Classical Israel’s (and classical Zionism’s) contribution to Americanism is incalculable.Nomodern historian or thinker I am aware of . . .has done justice to this extraordinary fact. . .Unless we do grasp it, we can never fully understand Americanism—or anti-Americanism.

In short, Gelernter was avowing that“anti-Americanism”is opposition to the Zionist theology that he contends played such a considerable role as the “mortar” that “cemented the foundations of American democracy.” Gelernter applied all of this to his view of the internationalist bent in American foreign policy that began to emerge in its most grandiose sense, in particular, during the administration of Woodrow Wilson (at which time, we must recall, the Rothschild Empire cemented its power inAmerica with the institution of the Federal Reserve monopoly on the American economy and political system).

In his 2007 work, pretentiously entitled Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion—essentially a book-length exposition of his essay in Commentary—Gelernter wrote:

America’s participation in World War I was her attempt to act like the new chosen people, to set forth on a chivalrous quest to perfect the world; to spread liberty, equality, and democracy to all mankind. . . .

No president spoke the language of the Bible, divine mission, and American Zionism more consistently thanWoodrowWilson . . .[and] Americanism inspired his agonized, epochal decision to take America into the war. . .

In time he came to believe that America, grown to be a great power,must fight to bring Americanism to the world. . . .And some of Wilson’s critics made a point of singling out the Old Testament component ofWilson’s beliefs as especially obnoxious.

Those who read Gelernter’s assessment ofWilson’s internationalism and Wilson’s version of “Americanism” cannot help but be reminded—as they should be—of the grand scheme of a Jewish Utopia as outlined earlier in these pages. So by Gelernter’s estimation, let it be said, America is now charged with the responsibility of establishing a NewWorld Order.

According to Gelernter, subsequent presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman waged wars on behalf of Americanism. And, he said, Ronald Reagan affirmed this “Americanism” when he spoke of a “shining city upon a hill” citing the Bible’s book of Matthew in the same spirit as Puritan father JohnWinthrop.

It was Reagan, claimed Gelernter in Commentary, whose “use of these words connected modern America to the humane Christian vision—the Puritan vision—the vision (ultimately) of the Hebrew Bible and the Jewish people—that created this nation.”Now, Gelernter says,“That Americanism is the successor of Puritanism is crucial to [understanding] anti-Americanism.”

According to the Judeo-centric slant that Gelernter put forth, modernday European opposition to the global designs of pro-Israel neo-conservatives was no more than a manifestation of a longstanding point of view:

In the 18th century anti-Americans were conservative, monarchist and anti-Puritans. . . . In the 19th century, European elites became increasingly hostile to Christianity—which inevitably entailed hostility to America.

Thus with a grand flourish,Gelernter proclaimed . . .

In modern times, anti-Americanism is closely associated with anti-Christianism and anti-Semitism. [Gelernter’s emphasis}

And while many American Christians might be delighted by Gelernter’s discussion of Christianity as it applies to his version of “Americanism” it should be pointed out to those Christians that, in his book Americanism: The Fourth Great Western Religion, Gelernter stated flatly that “You can believe in Americanism without believing in God—so long as you believe in man.” So Gelernter’s definition of “Christianity” (which most Christians affirm is a belief in God) is not what Christians might mistakenly believe Gelernter is talking about when discussing Christianity and “Americanism.”

In short, Gelernter’s version of “Americanism” is not Christianity at all. Rather it is a modern-day expression of the age-old Babylonian Talmudic dream of a Jewish Utopia: global rule of all people by the Jews. But in today’s context, the Jews will use America and“Americanism” to advance their agenda. Gelernter’s theory is fully in line with Jewish philosopher Max Dimont’s suggestion (reviewed in our opening pages) that America was truly the new locus of Jewish power, that America was indeed the New Babylon.

In his book, Gelernter candidly expressed the contention that the United States (base of what he has called “American Zionism”) is now charged with an imperial (even God-given) duty to remake the world, that “Americanism” is “the Creed,” of this global agenda, that this “Fourth Great Western Religion” is the driving force behind—and which must establish—a new planet-wide regime: in short, the New World Order:

We are the one and only biggest boy [in the world today]. If there is to be justice in the world, America must create it. . . .We must pursue justice, help the suffering, and overthrow tyrants. We must spread the Creed.

All of this reflects the mindset of those who are now dictating American policy in the name of a grand scheme of advancing their global agenda. What it represents is nothing more than the NewWorld Order that genuine American patriots warned about for generations, a scheme that is genuine “anti-Americanism” in its most basic definition.

The end result, in the grand scheme, is the establishment of a global empire—ruled from America, which is now the new foundation—the New Babylon—for the Jewish Utopia: the NewWorld Order.

While the “real” Jerusalem in the occupied land of Palestine may function as the spiritual capital of international Zionism, America will provide the money and the arms and the young men and women who will fight and die to make the world safe for Jewish wealth and supremacy, all in the name of “Americanism” which is now the great Jewish mask.

Thus, in the end, the thesis we’ve explored—that the Rothschild Empire and the New Pharisees have laid claim to America as their new base of power—is not some horrific and hate-filled “anti-Jewish conspiracy theory.”

In fact, as we have seen, according to the Jewish world view, America is the very foundation for Global Zionism in the 21st century.

That conclusion is inescapable.

The facts pointing to that conclusion are before us—all too visible.

Ultimately the only real question that remains is what Americans—and others worldwide—intend to do about it . . .

In 1940 the German news agency,World Service, accurately assessed the state of affairs in the British Empire and, in retrospect, the German commentary prophetically reflected what is the state of affairs in America today. Substitute “American” for the word “English” in the paragraphs that follow and ponder the shocking parallels in modern American reality . . .

The statesmen of the English plutocracy are therefore no more than the deputies and the trustees of the ruling class consisting of Jews and a strongly Judaized aristocracy, who are in possession of the enormous wealth of the British Empire.

They are furthermore, nothing else but the general directors of an immense high-finance concern, with only one object in view, that of increasing the wealth of this concern within the shortest time-limit and to . . . as great an extent as possible.

Therefore the English statesmen are either themselves big capitalists, greatly interested in numerous industrial undertakings, or they are bought by Jewish-English finance-capitalism and must blindly obey the dictates of the Jewish-English plutocratic clique.

In that same tragic period, American iconoclast Ezra Pound described the ongoing war in Europe as a “war on youth—on a generation” which he said was the natural result of the “age of the chief war pimps.”

Pound energetically denounced the idea that American boys should soon be marching off to war to advance the Jewish Capitalist agenda:

I do not want my compatriots from the ages of 20 to 40 to go get slaughtered to keep up the Sassoon and other British Jew rackets in Singapore and in Shanghai.That is not my idea of American patriotism. . .The men who wintered at Valley Forge did not suffer those months of intense cold and hunger . . . in the hope that . . . the union of the colonies would one day be able to stir up wars between other countries in order to sell them munitions.

The grafters would rather throw you into a ten years war and kill off five or ten million young men than even let the discussion of monetary reform flower on the front pages of American papers.

Pound told his fellowAmericans they needed to understand the enemy:

Don’t die like a beast. If you are dead set to be sunk in the mid-Atlantic or Pacific or scorched in the desert, at least know why it is done to you.To die not knowing why is to die like an animal . . .

To die like a human being you have at least got to know why it is done to you.

In 1899, the German Social Reform Party passed resolutions reflecting upon the power of the Rothschild Empire,putting forth the proposition that “the Jewish Question ought to be permitted to become a world question . . solved in common with other nations . . .The ‘true’ peace conference will be the one in which the peoples of the globe occupy themselves with the position of the Hebrews.” Until then, the reformers said, it would have to be the affair of every individual nation to deal with the Money Power on its own.

Adolf Stoecker, the great German voice for nationalism, offered a solution to the problem. The solution lay in the hands of the Jewish people:

Israel must give up the desire to be master. . . . It must renounce the presumption that Judaism will be the religion of the future since it is so completely of the past. And may foolish Christians no longer strengthen the nation in its darkness. When Israel has recognized this, it will properly give up its so-called mission. . . .

In short, it’s all up to the Jews.Will they repudiate their claim of being God’s Chosen People and finally join the community of mankind? Will they abandon the drive for The Jewish Utopia or will the Jews risk the inevitable fight—and devastating defeat—that “The Other” will inflict upon them? The choice is theirs.

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Dear Reader:
When I first become aware in my early years of the nature of the American political process, I mistakenly believed that it was a matter of "Democrat vs. Republican" and then later evolved to thinking that it was really a matter of "liberal vs. conservative."
Eventually, I came to realize that those old labels never meant anything at all: that the power of money was what truly dictated political life in America and around the globe.
However, it took many years for me to realize that the real battle is actually between Good and Evil and ultimately I came to realize that those who are in command of The Money Power on our planet today -- those who are pushing for a New World Order (a global plantation under their control) -- represent that Evil.
This volume, THE NEW BABYLON, is my modest effort, founded on the work of many others, to assemble the evidence demonstrating just that.
I cannot convey how much I appreciate the kind words and expressions of encouragement that I continue to receive from my readers.
Best Wishes and God Bless You!



There’s no doubt about it — Michael Collins Piper is one of the Israeli lobby’s primary targets today . .
Once described as “The American Voltaire,” Michael Collins Piper is truly the author the Israeli lobby loves to hate. Repeatedly attacked by propagandists for Israel, Piper is undaunted, despite the fact that his life was threatened by Irv Rubin, violent leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League. Once, after discovering a wiretap on his telephone, Piper noted wryly, “The Vatican didn’t put that wiretap there.”
In the style of his combative, colorful great-great grandfather, famed bridge builder “Colonel” John Piper — surrogate father and early business partner of industrial giant Andrew Carnegie — the outspoken author relishes any opportunity to confront his many critics, although generally they refuse to debate him.
Like his ancestor, Piper is a bridge builder in his own way: In recent years, he has lectured around the globe in places as diverse as Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; Moscow, Russia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan; Tehran, Iran and across Canada. Police-state-minded advocates of war and imperialism have been disturbed at Piper’s energetic efforts to forge links of understanding among peoples of all creeds and colors.
A lover of dogs, cats and all animals and an unapologetic old-style American progressive in the LaFollette-Wheeler tradition, Piper rejects the labels of “liberal” and “conservative” as being archaic, artificial and divisive, manipulate media buzzwords designed to suppress popular dissent and free inquiry. On one occasion Piper was offered a lucrative assignment in a covert intelligence operation in Africa, but turned it down, preferring his independence — a position in keeping with his ethnic heritage: another of Piper’s great-great grandfathers was a full-blooded American Indian.
Sourcing much of his writing from his library of some 10,000 volumes — including many rare works — Piper is a regular contributor to American Free Press, theWashingtonbased national weekly, and the historical journal, The Barnes Review. One media critic hailed Piper as one of the top 25 best writers on the Internet. In 2006 Piper began hosting a nightly radio commentary on the Republic Broadcasting Network at republicbroadcasting. org on the Internet.
Throughout his career, Piper has led the way on several major stories. In 1987, he was the first to expose the Justice Department frame-up of Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer that led to Dwyer’s shocking public suicide. Piper was also the first to expose San Francisco-based Roy Bullock as an operative for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a conduit for Israel’s Mossad, involved in illegal spying on American citizens. This was seven years before The New York Times confirmed Bullock’s ADL link. The ADL will never forgive Piper for his pivotal front-line role in unmasking Bullock.
Piper was the only journalist to dare to assert that the Oklahoma City bombing was a Mossad “false flag” operation aimed at implicating Saddam Hussein — a scheme derailed by U.S. investigators who rejected Israel’s machinations, opting instead for another “lone nut” cover-up. Piper’s pioneering work on Israel’s role in 9-11 has been echoed by truth seekers and damned by defenders of Israel for its accuracy.
Piper can be contacted by e-mail at piperm2@lycos.com or by writing: Michael Collins Piper, P.O. Box 15728, Washington, D.C. 20003 or call 1-202-544-5977.