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Et le Canada sera récompensé: le chouchou sera visité en premier, avant Obama, pour bien montrer c'est qui le bon chouchou à son maî-maître.

Netanyahu to Meet Harper Before Obama

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to make a stopover in Ottawa to meet with Prime Minister Harper before heading to Washington.(...)
Of key concern are tensions between Jerusalem and Washington over how to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Obama administration insists sanctions will succeed, while Netanyahu last week said sanctions are "not working."(...)
The Prime Minister's early March visit follows a high-profile Middle East tour by key Harper cabinet ministers in late January. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty met with top Israeli financial, trade and defense officials during the tour.
The upcoming Ottawa visit by Netanyahu is widely seen as a public show of thanks for the strong support Harper's government has shown for the Jewish state during a time when the US - long Israel's strongest ally - is increasingly seen in Jerusalem as unreliable.
Baird in particular spoke positively of Netanyahu's leadership and Israel's position vis-a-vis negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, going so far as to tell officials in Ramallah that their unilateral bid for statehood at the United Nations was "profoundly wrong."
He also spoke enthusiastically of his support for Israel at the recent Herzliya conference, saying, "Canada does not stand behind Israel; Canada stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel."
Baird told Israeli reporters during his visit, “whether it is rockets raining down on Israeli schools, or the constant barrage of rhetorical demonization, double standards and delegitimization, Israel is under attack.”

Harper takes cautious tone over Israeli stance on Iran
Israel's Netanyahu warns against 'trap' of talks; wants all options on table

Netanyahu in Canada: Iran a Grave Threat

Canada grovels before mighty Israel

VIDEO - Israel and US clash over Iran attack

Israel to U.S.: Disagreement over attack on nuclear sites serves Iranian interests
US aide tells Israel sanctions on Iran need time

VIDEO - Iran - Derniers préparatifs avant de futures frappes Israéliennes (Ils préparent déjà la couverture médiatique de la FUTURE guerre d'Israël contre l'Iran et le Hezbollah!)

U.S., Britain urge Israel not to attack Iran

Dennis Ross to Haaretz: Sanctions against Iran are working (Même le juif sioniste Ross, autrefois responsable du Moyen-Orient pour l'admin Obama, est d'accord pour dire qu'on a pas besoin de partir en guerre.)

Israel ‘Will Make Own Decision’ on Attacking Iran

‘If Israel bombs Iran, Arab states will support Tehran’

U.S. assessment: Israel strike on Iran would be ‘highly complex’

Israel as Collateral Damage (in a War With Iran) Chossudovksy believes Iran would ultimately lose a war with the US, despite inflicting massive damage on civilians and US military installations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as destroying Israel as a major Middle East power.
Citizenship and Immigration MP Kenney halts funding to Palestine House

Canada Is Israeli Occupied Territory: Canada Competes With The US For Being The Biggest Israel Butt Kissers! 

Netanyahu in Canada: Iran a Grave Threat

Canada sanctions Syria, McCain calls for air strikes: John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister, closes embassy, says "Assad must go"; McCain says US should lead int'l strikes.

Baird praised by Jewish groups and Israel

Baird receives Wiesenthal Center’s Award of Valour
Appetizers on the Eve of the AIPAC Orgy

Will Bibi Break Obama?

Netanyahu expected to press Obama to threaten Iran with military action

Netanyahu faces a tough decision should Obama not give him a green light on Iran

VIDEO - Obama “hasn’t given an inch” to Israel on Lieberman’s “red line”

'Obama facing massive pressure from Israel's supporters'
New York Times reports that Netanyahu's visit to Washington sees campaign being mounted by Israel's US supporters with public pressure being put on president over his stance on Iran

U.S. Talking Tougher About Iran as Netanyahu Visit Approaches

Israel delivers ultimatum to Barack Obama on Iran's nuclear plans

Israeli officials disappointed with Obama meeting

I don't trust Obama Op-ed: We can't count on US president to protect Israel at the expense of his personal interests

Republican candidates addressing AIPAC’s policy conference focused their addresses on what they said were the Obama administration’s failures to head off a nuclear Iran.

Obama: ‘Premature’ strike on Iran would have consequences for U.S.

Netanyahu in AIPAC speech: Israel cannot afford to wait much longer on Iran

Israeli spies warn against military strike on Iran'

By conjuring the Holocaust, Netanyahu brought Israel closer to war with Iran

Debunking Anti-Iran Propaganda: The Myth of the "New Holocaust"

Stand Up Barack


The wars against
Iraq and Afghanistan
are disasters. Can
you imagine Iran?

If the Obama administration genuinely wanted to prevent a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities that could potentially lead to WWIII, it would implement three measures:
First, all economic sanctions levied against Iran under Obama’s 2012 National Defense Authorization Act would be withdrawn. As Rep. Ron Paul (RTexas) correctly said on Dec. 21, 2009: “Sanctions are not diplomacy.
They are a precursor to war.”
Second, U.S. officials would, without delay, schedule face-to-face meetings with their Iranian counterparts.
After all, during the Cold War when the Soviet Union possessed thousands of nuclear warheads, previous administrations still sat down at the table with them. Iran doesn’t have a single nuke. Why will not Obama speak with them?
Or, as Paul remarked during an Aug. 11, 2011 GOP debate: “At least our leaders and Reagan talked to the Soviets.What is so terribly bad about that? Countries you put sanctions on, you are more likely to fight them.” Truer words could not be spoken.
Third, on Feb. 20 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former chief of staff, Naftali Bennett, stated that an Israeli military strike is “imminent.” If Obama wanted to avoid a catastrophic unilateral attack by Israel, he could send a clear and definitive message by signing an executive order that would immediately cut off all financial aid to Israel. Without such funding, not only would Netanyahu’s murderous military receive no further blood money, but every other nation around the globe could see the White House’s intent: The United States will no longer be Israel’s patsy.
Didn’t American voters elect Barack Obama so that the policies of the Bush-Cheney regime would no longer be implemented?
Not once has Obama publicly denounced Israel’s “imminent” plans towage a preemptive strike. Rather, the only element Obama and Netanyahu officials seem to be haggling over is the timeframe. Even this point is crucial because last year, the U.S.-NATO led invasion against Muammar Qadaffi’s Libya occurred on March 19—the Jewish festival of Purim. President George W. Bush’s “shock and awe” attack on Iraq in 2003 also began on Purim.
Although some maintain hope Obama will keep the U.S. out of yet another military entanglement, his track record suggests otherwise. During a Feb. 22 interview, Gregg Kalina, author of a soon-to-be-released book on NASA’s Apollo Program, told this writer: “Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize on Oct. 9, 2009, but nothing he’s done since becoming president has shown he deserved such an award. He renewed the [USA] Patriot Act, kept [the prison at] Gitmo open, authorized U.S. involvement in the Libyan invasion and initially escalated troops in Afghanistan. He renewed President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping policy. And no other president has used drone attacks more frequently than him. The number of innocent Afghan people killed by these drones is appalling. On top of that, after one of our military’s droneswas downed in Iran, Obama had the audacity to demand its return.”
Kalina continued: “It’s peculiar that the U.S. is currently sending decommissioned naval ships into the Persian Gulf. It’s the same technique that started past wars. . . . It sounds like we’re sending those ships through the Strait of Hormuz to spark a conflict.” If false-flag attacks such as those on the USS Liberty and 9-11 are any indicator, Kalina feels, this country is the victim of manipulation.
“Through AIPAC and the central bankers, we’re doing whatever Israel tells us to do,” he said. “U.S. military might is being used as a big stick to wipe out countries in the Middle East that Israel wants wiped out. It’s their domino theory: Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, with Iran and Syria next.”
Neo-conservatives and other like-minded Israeli lackeys argue, “What about Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s threat to wipe Israel off the map?”
This statement is especially pertinent because, as has been reported in this newspaper, Ahmadinejad’s words were deliberately misrepresented. What Ahmadinejad actually said, properly translated, was, “This regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”
In this light, why doesn’t Obama hold a press conference and correct the record once and for all? As soon as this inflammatory rhetoric has been defanged, Israel’s role as a “hapless victim”—not tomention any allusions to the “holocaust”—will be erased.
Likewise, why doesn’t Obama or White House spokesman Jay Carney issue a press release asking one simple question: How many nations has Iran invaded in the past 60 years, and howmany preemptive attacks has Israel engaged in? Regrettably, Obama and his Cabinet remain silent on these points, thereby allowing the Israeli propagandamachine to keep brainwashing unwitting citizens.
For his part, Kalina feels the American public is being conned with smoke and mirrors.
“Supposedly, Obama is fighting with Netanyahu, but I think it’s all a show, a fake, a 100 percent snowjob,” he said. “Obama puffs his chest out, but then in the backroom he and Netanyahu laugh about it. Then Obama acquiesces.
That’s theway this game is played. Everybody knows Israel is running the whole thing.”
Taking one step further, Kalina added: “Look at the cronies who brought Obama up. He was burped and raised by all the Jews in Chicago. They’re the ones who put himin power. This guy had no credentials. Who was backing him?”
Indeed, other than a no-show stint in politics and a brief tenure in academia, Obama has never held a real job in his entire life. He’s never run a business, he’s never been in the military, he’s never had executive experience, and he’s never met a payroll.
Kalina interjected: “How can we explain Obama’s meteoric rise against Hillary Clinton in 2008 when the odds against him winning were 200-1? Does anyone really think a black man with absolutely no experience is going to change a banking system and war machine that has been intact for decades? It’s absurd. Plus, if Obama ever did try to defy the powers that be, they’d simply pull out the 1963 Zapruder film.”
Pursuing this line of reasoning even further, Kalina noted, “Gen. Smedley Butler warned the world about Wall Street bankers that profit from war.” But still, four of Obama’s top 10 donors in 2008 were JPMorganChase, Citigroup, GE, with the No. 1 contributor being Goldman Sachs.
On Feb. 23, Arab news agency Al Jazeera reported: “Obama won the presidency thanks in no small part to the investment firm Goldman Sachs—his biggest backer of the 2008 campaign. Despite tough talk about reining in the excesses of bankers, Obama’s government is pepperedwith former finance industry executives or figures close to Wall Street.”
Regardless of his charade of antagonism against these high-level financiers—the 1 percenters—Obama persists in collecting huge sums of money from the country’s top bankers. Nothing in life is free, and if Obama keeps pocketing Wall Street money, it’s naïve to believe he won’t also be forced to do its bidding.

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Le juge Napolitano vient de perdre son émission sur les ondes de Fox News.

• Popular talk show host pink-slipped for openly discussing taboo subjects
By Pat Shannan
Was a popular television talk show host and former New Jersey judge kicked off Fox News because he went too far in disclosing facts about FBI setups and warmongering intrigues on the part of the U.S. establishment—key issues that AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been covering since its founding in 2001?
In recent days, former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano had been drifting dangerously close to the exit doors by providing the American people with simply too much truth. The first week of February he was abruptly canceled from the airwaves due to low ratings, Fox executives claimed.
Napolitano repeatedly opened his show with the question, “Can the federal government take credit for solving a plot of its own creation?”
Focusing on FBI claims that since 9-11 it has foiled multiple alleged terrorist plots to kill Americans, Napolitano pointed out that while there were some 20 such incidents, three were interrupted by private citizens who observed suspicious activity. But the remaining 17 that were “solved” by the feds all had a common and reprehensible thread: They were planned, plotted, controlled and carried out by the federal government itself.
Not unlike the 1993 first attack on the World Trade Center, the FBI had agents or informants befriend young Muslim men by luring them into  cooperation with encouragement about being “like-minded” and anti-American. Then, of course, they were arrested before any damage could be done—followed by great hoopla the next day.
Napolitano also tackled Israel’s prime role in promoting a United States war against Iran, and this may have been the final straw for those signing his paycheck. The judge’s final guest and source of information was Michael Scheuer, the former chief of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden-watching unit.
While Scheuer accepts the U.S. government claim that bin Laden was the architect of 9-11, a point many researchers reject, he is a courageous critic of Israel and its U.S. lobby and, as Napolitano’s guest, pointed out that a war against Iran benefits Israel and Saudi Arabia but not the United States.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano examines the concept the government hates and fears the most: Freedom.
The United States of America was born out of a bloody revolt against tyranny. Yet almost from its inception, the government here has suppressed liberty.
In his sixth book on the Constitution and human freedom, Napolitano asks: Where does freedom come from? How can government in America exercise power that the people have not given to it? What forces have collaborated to destroy personal freedom?
In this back-to-basics on freedom, Napolitano addresses hard questions: Do we still have a Constitution? What are the limits to government in a free society? Why does the government attack, rather than defend, our rights? If our rights are inalienable, how can the government take them away? Do we really own any private property?
The judge gives a sweeping treatment of rights and all the philosophical, religious and ideological principles that underscore the concept of human freedom.
Hardcover, 283 pages, #361. Was $27. NOW JUST $22.95 WITH THE 15% DISCOUNT. Add $4 S&H inside the U.S. Order from AFP, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20003. Call toll free at 1-888-699-6397 to charge. Order here.
Pat Shannan is a contributing editor of American Free Press. He is also the author of several videos and books including One in a Million: An IRS Travesty, I Rode With Tupper and Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie. All are available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS. Call 1-888-699-6397 toll free to charge.

That could mean pressing into service the top tier of American firepower — warplanes, warships, special operations forces and possibly airborne infantry — with unpredictable outcomes in one of the world's most volatile regions.

"Israel can commence a war with Iran, but it may well take U.S. involvement to conclude it," says Karim Sadjadpour, a Middle East specialist at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.(...)

Kristol instructs “American friends of Israel” to persuade Obama “to stand arm in arm” with Israel on Iran

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L'ancien responsable de l'Unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA estime que l'Islam radical est une menace imaginaire

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Al Qaida et les sionistes abondent dans le même sens: il faut "intervenir" en Syrie et juger Assad pour crimes contre l'humanité.

À noter: comme Saddam Hussein et Kadhafi, Assad fait la guerre à Al Qaida et aux terroristes musulmans fanatiques du même genre.

Joe Lieberman and Al-Qaeda, United on Syria (and other wars of ‘Muslim liberation’)

In a post entitled “Washington and Al-Qaeda, United on Syria,”’s John Glaser observes that “influential members of Congress” and al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri are both advocating the arming of the Syrian opposition. Continues Glaser:
Oddly enough, this is not the first time in recent memory that the leadership in the U.S. has explicitly advocated merging U.S. policy with al-Qaeda’s goals. From early on in the NATO mission to aid the Libyan rebels and oust Muammar Gadhafi, it was known that many of those so-called “freedom fighters” had ties to al-Qaeda. In fact, U.S. intelligence found that al-Qaeda fighters had swarmed to Libya and tried to “drum up extremist activities.” After Gadhafi was killed, an al-Qaeda flag was raised in the center the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. Following that, al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) publicly called themselves the “main beneficiaries” of the instability caused by the NATO war, noting specifically their receipt of weapons.
Aside from all of the terror and abuse the newly empowered National Transitional Council has brought the people of Libya in the form of murder, theft, torture and thuggery, they and their varied militias have also been imposing a harsh brand of militant Islam on Libyans, as opposed to the democratic paradise Obama predicted.
I’m not suggesting a conspiracy theory, just plain stupidity. As I’ve explored elsewhere, while I’m no stranger to Imperial Grand Strategy, I think the system operates in a way such that backward policies are carried out even when many elites recognize they’re against the “national interest.” The real question is how nobody is calling them out on it. Joe Lieberman has just recently called the Syrian rebels “brave freedom fighters” almost synchronous with Ayman al-Zawahiri. How is this not headline news?
Of course, Libya (2011) was not the first time that Lieberman et al. were united with al-Qaeda on foreign policy goals. Bosnia (1992-95) and Kosovo (1997-98) are two of the more obvious instances of this alliance on the wars of “Muslim liberation” that William Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz celebrated last year in The Weekly Standard. One doesn’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” either to realize that almost everything al-Qaeda says or does seems to coincide with Israeli interests. Remember those “dancing Israelis” and Netanyahu’s admission that 9/11 was “very good.”

Lieberman: US should arm Syrian opposition

VIDEO - RT: ‘US backs Al-Qaeda to mutually destroy Syria’

VIDEO - Le chef d’Al-Qaida soutient la rébellion en Syrie

Israel doesn’t fear regime change in Syria

L’Armée syrienne libre, représentant légitime du peuple syrien?

Israel’s Favourite Arab Proposes ‘A Kosovo Model for Syria’

US debates arming Syrian opposition as “defense strategy”

Zionists Use al Qaeda to Attack Syria

Foreign Policy: Israel partisans (and a few token turncoat Arabs) consider Syria next steps

The Israel Lobby’s Role in Pushing for Regime Change in Syria

VIDEO - Israël annonce avoir des contacts avec l’opposition syrienne

Le rapport de la Ligue Arabe donne des preuves de l’implication de la CIA, du MI6 et du Mossad derrière les violences en Syrie

Mossad vs Assad? 'CIA death squads behind Syria bloodbath'

Et comme c'est arrivé à Hussein et Kadhafi, les accusations de "massacrer son propre peuple". C'est le scénario de la Libye qui est repris intégralement... "On a des images... il massacre son propre peuple, ce tyran, ce dictateur immonde! les révoltes sont légitimes (même si on les fomente et même si on les arme)"

'Images show Assad cruelty'   US releases satellite images showing 'horrible kinds of weaponry' used against Syrian people

Lizzie Phelan: Western Media Fabricated Mass Killings of Syrian Peaceful Demonstrators

Al-Qaeda infiltrating Syrian opposition, U.S. officials say il y a des nonos qui disent que al qaida existent pas: ils font juste répéter ce que les médias alternatifs racontent. Il y a des gens qui font des attaques et se réclament d'al qaida, al qaida existe et c'est pas des agents sionistes, la question c'est qui est-ce qui manipule ces musulmans terroristes.

VIDEO - US, Israel conspiracies will fail in Syria'

Europe blindly following Israeli interest on Syria

Friendly advice: France, UK to command ousting of Assad?

Officiers turcs arrêtés : le Mossad de plein pied dans l’insurrection en Syrie.

C'était l'objectif de ces révoltes du "printemps arabe" fomentées par les sévices secrets sionistes: justifier le sentiment d'insécurité permanente d'Israel, justifier qu'il se "défende...Le sionisme c'est la guerre. Sans guerre, Israël ne peut survivre.

40 agents secrets turcs entraînés par le Mossad capturés en Syrie

Arming Al-Qaeda: US to pump weapons into Syria warzone? 

Syrian Rebels Captured With Israeli Weapons

State Department quietly warning region on Syrian WMDs

With Friends Like ‘Friends of Syria’…

Israel Partisans Prefigure ‘Arab Spring’ at 2009 FPI Forum on ‘Democracy Promotion’

VIDEO - CIA / Mossad Snipers in Syria and the Arab States

VIDEO - US, Israel plot to topple al-Assad Govt'

Asma Al-Assad, Diana of the Middle East: Syria's First Lady on Gaza

Syrian opposition wish to “be friends” with Israel

MK Herzog: Syrian rebels want peace with Israel

VIDEO - Syria – The CIA and NATO Exposed

VIDEO - Imperialists and their Islamists in Syria: Interview with Aijaz Ahmad

Syria: coup engineers used the same sniper tactic to incite Venezuelans in 2002

Qatar goes public on its arming of “peaceful” Syrian uprising

Lieberman says ‘Israel ready to provide aid to wounded Syrians’

Canada sanctions Syria, McCain calls for air strikes: John Baird, Canada's Foreign Minister, closes embassy, says "Assad must go"; McCain says US should lead int'l strikes.

McCain calls for airstrike on Syria Statement is as much a critique of President Barack Obama as a rallying call for an international military campaign, accusing the president of being too soft on Assad.

McCain Calls for Bombing Syria 'We Should Have Learned From Libya'

Selon BHL : "il faut, maintenant, une intervention en Syrie"

In Syria, al Jazeera’s Credibility Implodes

Canada bans all dealings with Syrian central bank, closes Syria embassy

Israel’s No.1 asset [John McCain] in the Senate calls for airstrikes against Syria

Israel mulls ‘charity concert’ for Syrian insurgents

JINSA: Strengthening Israel by promoting Syrian ‘Chalabi’
By Maidhc Ó Cathail
The Passionate Attachment
February 20, 2012
On February 17, subscribers to the mailing list of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) received a message entitled “Want to Know What’s Going On in Syria?” inviting them to a special conference call briefing from Farid Ghadry, co-founder of The Reform Party of Syria. The invitation from the hawkish Israel lobby think tank — whose half-accurate motto is “Securing America, Strengthening Israel” — to the February 22 briefing reads:

In October of 2001, Mr. Ghadry, along with several Syrian-Americans, formed the Reform Party of Syria. A constitution was written and a constructive and comprehensive program has been put in place to bring regime change to Syria. Today, the party is enjoying the tacit support from many organizations and people in the U.S. administration and think tanks in Washington.
Mr. Ghadry and the other co-founders of RPS are hoping to return to Syria one day to rebuild the country on the basis of principles of real economic and political reforms that will usher democracy, prosperity, freedom of expression, and human rights in addition to lasting peace with open borders with all of Syria’s neighboring countries.
Not mentioned but well-understood by the men from JINSA is that the well-connected Syrian “reformer” has been groomed to facilitate that unlikely democratic utopia by leading Iraq war architect Richard Perle, a prominent member of JINSA’s advisory board until a few weeks ago. But as the Prince of Darkness’s biographer wrote in a 2007 Los Angeles Times article:
Unfortunately for Perle, Ghadry is seen in many quarters as a front man for Israel. Not only is he a dues-paying member of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful Israeli lobby in Washington, but a recent column on his Web site, titled “Why I Admire Israel,” seems to play right into the hands of those who believe the Bush administration’s obsession with regime change in the Middle East is really all about protecting Israel. Did Perle, the savviest of Washington power players, believe that Ghadry’s tub-thumping for Tel Aviv would make him more popular in Syria?
“No,” Perle replied. “I don’t. But he’s his own man. I don’t always understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.”
So, in his quest for idealistic dissidents to do in the Middle East what the Walesas and Havels achieved in Eastern Europe, Perle and his acolytes have tapped the discredited Ahmad Chalabi for Iraq, the suspect Amir Abbas Fakhravar for Iran and the allegiance-challenged Fahrid Ghadry for Syria. They’re just not making heroes like they used to.
Perhaps Farid Ghadry’s pro-Israel image problem is why there appears to be no mention of his conference call briefing on the JINSA website. There is, however, one rather revealing reference to Perle’s Syrian Chalabi. In its Events & Programs section, under “New York Cabinet Meetings 2009, 2010 & 2011,” there is the following brief entry:
“The Role of Syria in the Middle East: Friend of Iran, Host to Hamas, and Patron of Hizbullah” – Farid Ghadry, President, Reform Party of Syria
To put all this into the broader context of the supposedly Israel-threatening “Arab Spring” — which the LA Times reference to Perle’s “quest for idealistic dissidents to do in the Middle East what the Walesas and Havels achieved in Eastern Europe” seems to prefigure — a seminal event, which I have previously written about, was held almost five years ago that brought together Israel partisans concerned with “rolling back Syria” among other regional rivals and their native collaborators:
Under the direction of Natan Sharansky, the former Israeli minister who resigned his cabinet seat in 2005 in protest over Ariel Sharon’s Gaza disengagement plan, the [Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies] held a “Democracy and Security” conference in Prague in 2007. It brought together Israeli officials; their American neoconservative sympathizers with their favourite Middle Eastern dissidents in tow — most notably, Richard Perle’s Israel-admiring Syrian protégé Farid Ghadry; and the newly-installed Eastern European democrats swept to power in the wake of a wave of neocon-backed “color revolutions,” the latter group presumably serving to inspire the Arab and Iranian participants to emulate them.
So, if you want to know what’s going on in JINSA’s road to regime change in Damascus, please RSVP to or call 202-667-3900, Ext. 224.
Maidhc Ó Cathail has written extensively on Israel’s push for regime change in Syria.

Is there a difference between Bahrain and Syria?

Mohamed Omar, a Swedish freelance writer, has written an interesting piece on the difference between the “Arab Spring” unrest in two very different countries:
The opposition in Bahrain is a genuine popular movement against an unpopular US and Zionist backed tyrant while the opposition in Syria can be divided in to two main parts. A genuine part which is peaceful, against foreign interference and for democratic reforms and a not so genuine part which is militant, dominated by not so democratic Wahhabi fanatics and Muslim Brotherhood activists, funded and armed by foreign powers, including the Saudi and Qatari Wahhabi dictatorships. This part of the opposition is completely opposed to dialogue and democratic reforms.
Some elements within this disingenuous opposition, which does not seem to have the welfare of the Syrian people as its first priority, are reaching out to the Zionist enemy. Yitzhak Herzog, an alternate on Israel’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee who has previously held ministerial posts, has said the Syrian opposition wants to be friends with Israel.
Zionist media has been working around the clock to demonize the Syrian government while at the same time ignoring the Bahraini uprising and the Saudi crackdown and invasion. It is quite clear which of the two, Assad and Al-Khalifah, the Zionists prefer.
But is it so clear? While the Israel lobby has not surprisingly led the push for regime change in Damascus, they haven’t exactly ignored the opposition in Bahrain either. Fikra Forum, which describes itself as an “online community that aims to generate ideas to support Arab democrats in their struggle with authoritarians and extremists,” features articles sympathetic to the Bahraini opposition, such as “How Saudi Arabia Thwarted Uprisings in Yemen and Bahrain,” “Bahraini Reform and the Saudi Veto,” and “Invading Bahrain is an Old Saudi Objective.” The forum is closely associated with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think tank created by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee “to do AIPAC’s work but appear independent.” One could say that Fikra Forum was created by the Washington Institute to do WINEP’s work but appear independent. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, WINEP’s work appears to involve supporting unrest not only in countries hostile to Israel, but throughout the Middle East.

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(...) Parmi elles figurent les organisations américaines National Democratic Institute (NDI), International Republican Institute (IRI) et Freedom House, ainsi qu'une allemande, la fondation Konrad Adenauer.

US ‘used NGOs to create chaos in Egypt’: minister

An Egyptian minister seen as the driving force behind impending trials of democracy activists, including 19 Americans, told investigators that Washington funded their groups to create a state of prolonged chaos in Egypt, official media reported Monday.

International cooperation minister Fayza Abul Naga, believed to be the instigator of a judicial probe into foreign-funded civil society groups, made the accusation in testimony to the investigating judges in October.

Abul Naga, one of the few remaining ministers from president Hosni Mubarak’s era, added that the United States and Israel wanted to hijack Egypt’s uprising that toppled Mubarak a year ago to serve the interests of Washington and the Jewish state.

“The United States and Israel could not create a state of chaos and work to maintain it in Egypt directly, so they used direct funding to organisations, especially American, as a means of implementing these goals,” the official MENA news agency quoted her as saying, in the first public disclosure of the claims.

The impending trials of 44 activists, including 19 Americans, have deepened a rift between the traditional allies, with the State Department hinting that the crackdown could jeopardise American aid to Egypt.

Abul Naga said “the January 25 uprising came as a surprise to the United States, and it slipped from its control when it transformed into a people’s revolution.”

“That was when the United States decided to use all its resources and instruments to contain the situation and push it in a direction that promotes American and also Israeli interests,” the agency quoted her as saying.

MENA reported that a judicial investigation into the funding of several civil society groups found that the United States had diverted aid promised for infrastructure to the NGOs.

Cairo prosecutors backed by police in December stormed the offices of the US-funded International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House as part of a probe into the NGO’s alleged illegal foreign funding.

They were among 17 offices of local and international NGOs raided.

The crackdown was part of a wider campaign by Egypt’s military rulers to silence dissent after months of criticism of its human rights record, analysts said.

The ruling generals, who took charge of the country after an uprising forced president Hosni Mubarak to resign a year ago, traditionally had close ties with the United States, the Egyptian military’s most generous foreign benefactor.

The aid workers are accused of “setting up branches of international organisations in Egypt without a license from the Egyptian government” and of “receiving illegal foreign funding.”


NGOs in Egypt: Promoting Democracy or Destabilization?

Levin and McCain: Egypt’s military aid really is in jeopardy 

Egypt state media accuses U.S. of spreading anarchy

Lest We Forget: Israel honors 9 Egyptian spies

The Regime Change, Inc. sandstorm mistakenly dubbed the ‘Arab Spring’

The Dirty History of Pro-Democracy Groups in U.S.

Report: Israeli’s Egyptian spy network exposed 

Egypt Says It Will Lift Travel Ban, Allowing American Defendants to Leave

WaPo: NED “pro-democracy” training key to Egyptian uprising’s success Admits the Washington Post:

Nonprofit, pro-democracy groups have trained thousands of young Egyptians in political activism and organizing, an education that played a key part in the success of last year’s uprising.


VIDEO - ‘US and Israel interested in turbulent Egypt’  

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) (C) talks during a news conference with other U.S. senators during their visit to Egypt, in Cairo February 20, 2012. (Reuters / Asmaa Waguih)

Uncle NED Quote of the Day 

 Dismissing claims that “democracy assistance NGOs” are engaged in regime change, NED’s Democracy Digest cites “independent analyst” Thomas Carothers, vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

“The same activities have been carried out in Belarus for at least 12 years and haven’t produced very much,” he told AFP. “This idea that there is some kind of sinister technology that very quietly, the US or certain European actors go into countries and prepare them for revolution, is colorful and sounds like a good spy movie.”
Just because they haven’t succeeded in bringing down Lukashenko yet, the Egyptians must be fantasists!

What do the Israel lobby, human rights, and democracy promotion have in common?
Good question. Perhaps we need to ask the well-connected Committee to Protect Journalists. Here’s the very revealing bio (emphasis added) of one of their staff members:
Mohamed Abdel Dayem
Before joining CPJ in December 2008, Mohamed Abdel Dayem was a research analyst at the Save Darfur Coalition, where he was responsible for researching and producing all of the coalition’s written materials. Abdel Dayem was also involved in increasing the coalition’s outreach and coordination with activists, governments, and the media in the Middle East and Muslim world at large. In late 2006 and early 2007, Abdel Dayem worked at the National Endowment for Democracy, where he managed the Endowment’s Iraq portfolio. Prior to that, he spent nearly five years at Human Rights Watch, conducting research and media outreach on countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Abdel Dayem has also worked at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. He has also been a consultant to a variety of NGOs, including the International Center for Transitional Justice, the Open Society Institute’s Iraq Revenue Watch, the Fund for Global Human Rights, and the InternationalCenter for Journalists, among others. A graduate of the University of Central Florida, where he majored in political science and anthropology, Abdel Dayem also has an M.A. from the School of Advanced International Studies at the JohnsHopkins University, where he specialized in international law, conflict management and international economics. Aside from English, Abdel Dayem is fluent in Arabic and German. He has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East.
Read Mohamed Abdel Dayem’s blog.

Egypt appoints new judges to hear trial of 43 democracy workers including 16 Americans

Israel’s Grand Design: Leaders Crave Area from Egypt to Iraq

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L'actuel président du National Endowment for Democracy, le marionnettiste du "printemps arabe", serait un ancien de l'ADL

'A CLEAN BREAK': un document incontournable du gvt israélien pour comprendre le projet du Grand Israël et les agressions impérialistes au Moyen-Orient

La main des services secrets sionistes et occidentaux derrière les affrontements entre chrétiens et musulmans en Égypte

mercredi 8 février 2012



Israël: l'option d'une attaque contre l'Iran se précise - "Pour éviter une nouvelle Shoah"

Les Israéliens débattent surtout de la nécessité d'informer l'allié américain avant de frapper les sites nucléaires.

La guerre que se livrent en secret Israël et l'Iran a connu lundi un nouvel épisode. Benyamin Nétanyahou a accusé Téhéran d'avoir manigancé deux attentatsvisant des voitures des ambassades de l'État hébreu à New Delhi et en Géorgie, qui ont fait un blessé. «L'Iran, qui est derrière ces attaques, est le plus grand propagateur du terrorisme dans le monde», a lancé le premier ministre.
Ces déclarations illustrent l'extrême tension actuelle entre les deux pays. La probabilité de frappes militaires contre l'Iran n'est plus mise en doute par grand' monde en Israël. L'inconnue porte plutôt sur le calendrier, la grande question étant de savoir si l'État hébreu peut se permettre d'attaquer seul les installations nucléaires iraniennes, sans le feu vert au moins tacite de Barack Obama.
En attendant, les deux pays fourbissent leurs armes. Téhéran affirme que le Mossad, l'agence de renseignements israélienne, serait à l'origine de l'assassinat en deux ans, sur le territoire iranien, de cinq savants atomistes et d'un général responsable du programme de développement de missiles à longue portée. L'État hébreu est également montré du doigt pour une campagne de sabotage informatique, qui aurait permis de mettre hors service des centaines de centrifugeuses utilisées pour enrichir l'uranium. Selon des experts étrangers, le Mossad, en attaquant sur plusieurs fronts, aurait permis de retarder de plusieurs années le programme nucléaire iranien.

Éviter une «nouvelle Shoah»

Mais tous les responsables israéliens admettent qu'il ne s'agit que d'une tactique de «retardement». Autrement dit, malgré tous les «incidents» et des sanctions internationales de plus en plus dures, les Iraniens devraient produire leurs premières bombes atomiques d'ici à un an environ. Selon les médias,Benyamin Netanyahou et Ehoud Barak, son ministre de la Défense, estiment, dans ces conditions, qu'Israël doit attaquer pour éviter une «nouvelle Shoah».
Cette position ne fait pas l'unanimité. Pour lancer une attaque, le chef du gouvernement doit obtenir le soutien de la majorité des 14 membres du cabinet de sécurité, ce qui n'est pas acquis pour le moment. Autre condition: l'appui sans réserve du chef d'état-major, le général Benny Gantz. Or, dans ce cas aussi, il ne semble pas que le premier ministre soit totalement sûr de son fait. Seule certitude: le précédent patron de l'armée, le général Gaby Ashkenazi, était hostile à une offensive qu'Israël mènerait seul.
Les commentateurs sont également très partagés. Les «modérés» redoutent une crise avec le grand allié américain si l'État hébreu décide d'agir sans en informer au préalable Washington. De plus, les responsables militaires prévoient qu'en cas d'attaque contre l'Iran, Israël doive s'attendre à devenir la cible de milliers de roquettes et de missiles tirés à la fois par les islamistes palestiniens du Hamas, à partir de la bande de Gaza au sud, et par le Hezbollah libanais, voire la Syrie de Bachar el-Assad au nord.
Pour tenter de calmer le jeu et éviter de paniquer l'opinion publique, Benyamin Nétanyahou a ordonné la semaine dernière à ses ministres et aux généraux de faire silence dans les rangs à propos de l'Iran. Sa consigne a été respectée. Mais ce mutisme officiel ne rend les préparatifs guerriers que plus crédibles.
Le Figaro - 14/02/12
Résumons : Le Mossad assassine 5 savants iraniens, c'est normal. L'Iran attaque, selon Israël, deux ambassades, fait 1 seul blessé, c'est un Etat terroriste qui veut organiser une "shoah". Il faut sans doute être israélien pour trouver cela logique...(via rivarol blog)


Un dirigeant sioniste français veut "vitrifier" l'Iran


[Mercredi 29/02/2012 18:26]
Parmi tous les dangers qui guettent Israél et parmi tous les ennemis qui œuvrent à sa destruction ou en rêvent, l’Iran est certainement le péril le plus menaçant. Sa volonté désormais avérée même pour les sceptiques d’acquérir le nucléaire militaire, impose à Israël et à ce qui reste éventuellement du monde civilisé, une action défensive et préventive. Certains théoriciens voudraient nous faire croire que l’équilibre de la terreur permet d’éviter toute confrontation. C’était peut être le cas d’une certaine façon entre l’Occident et le bloc soviétique où l’équilibre créé par des armes de destruction massive était dissuasif pour les deux parties. Cette logique n’est pas applicable pour un pays musulman où n’existe aucune rationalité et où l’esprit d’analyse est embué par une religion-idéologie de conquête et de guerre. Les musulmans peuvent trouver dans l’islam la volonté de devenir tous des martyrs et de déclencher une destruction catastrophique qui sera une « guerre sainte ». Ils peuvent estimer, et d’ailleurs ils en sont persuadés, que la mort de centaines de milliers de « shahid » pour prix de la destruction d’Israël reste une opération viable. Une fois disparu le rempart que représente Israël pour la défense d’un occident émasculé et inconscient, l’invasion de l’islam pourra régler le sort de l’Europe anciennement judéo-chrétienne.
Il est évident et les impuissances occidentales le répètent à longueur de discours, qu’il faut empêcher l’accession de l’Iran à la capacité nucléaire militaire. Ils le répètent mais ne feront rien comme ils n’ont rien fait de réel jusqu’à maintenant. L’Europe qui est née à Munich n’est pas morte à Auschwitz. Elle perdure et son histoire est parsemée de compromissions et de renoncements.
Daladier a laissé son empreinte et les métastases du quai d’Orsay ont rongé ce qui restait de sain à l’Elysée.
Les sanctions…
Les sanctions économiques ont eu l’effet d’une piqûre de moustique sur un missile blindé et n’ont même pas ralenti la progression iranienne. Seul un virus venu à point nommé et le taux de mortalité curieusement élevé parmi les ingénieurs iraniens ont permis de ralentir la marche vers l’apocalypse islamique.
L’Europe continuera à pondre des déclarations creuses, inutiles et surtout inefficaces, Obama continuera de tout faire pour freiner Israël et permettre ce qui pourrait être son véritable dessein de doter l’Islam d’une puissance nucléaire.
Le peuple juif, dans sa partie consciente, sait le tribut payé pour ne pas avoir cru de suite aux menaces à son encontre. Ne pas avoir cru aux discours tenus à Berlin a causé au peuple d’Israël un holocauste et au monde un cataclysme sanglante et effroyable.
Ne pas croire aux imprécations de l’Adolf de Téhéran ne pas écouter la traduction de ses discours, ignorer ses promesses et ses menaces, oublier les foules en délire dans les rues iraniennes vociférant contre Israël et l’Occident, risque de nous mener au désastre.
La presse ne cesse de décrire les difficultés que représenterait une attaque aérienne israélienne pour détruire l’infrastructure nucléaire iranienne. Un nombre impressionnant d’avions de chasse et de bombardiers, le ravitaillement en vol, les bombes capables de percer les bunkers enfouis au plus profond, les radars et la défense anti-aérienne, les réactions des alliés iraniens dans la région ! Tout cela sans oublier les dizaines et centaines de milliers de missiles, roquettes et obus aux mains des terroristes du Hezbollah, du Hamas et de l’OLP. Tout cela sans discourir sur la cinquième colonne et ces arabes qui se jucheront sur les toits pour espérer voir pleuvoir les obus sur Israël.
Supposons qu’Israël ait assez de cerveaux, assez de volonté et d’expérience militaire pour pouvoir accomplir une attaque indispensable. Toutes ces théories et ces exposés des difficultés inhérentes à la destruction du potentiel létal iranien, ne font que refroidir les ardeurs et servir les intérêts des défenseurs de l’Iran et de ces pacifistes toujours prêts à être vaincus.
L’arme nucléaire…
Il existe pourtant un autre langage que nous pourrions utiliser. Imaginons un instant qu’Israël soit doté de l’arme nucléaire !
Il est évident que l’utilisation d’une bombe atomique serait parfaitement concevable en cas de danger mortel planant sur Israël.
Imaginons encore une déclaration de source « autorisée » affirmant que, si Israël disposait de l’arme nucléaire, il l’utiliserait contre l’Iran. Mieux encore, il l’utilisera contre l’Iran.
Apres tout, vitrifier l’Iran serait dans la lignée de la destruction justifiée de Hambourg et Dresde aux mains des nazis, de la destruction d’Hiroshima et Nagasaki aux mains des alliés japonais du Reich.
Gageons qu’une telle « fuite » aurait des effets bénéfiques immédiats.
« Mein Kampf » et le Coran…
Tout d’abord le rat de Téhéran irait se terrer dans le puits le plus profond emportant avec lui son livre de chevet « Mein Kampf » avec le Coran et la photo de Khomeiny à Neauphle-le Château.
Les puissances occidentales, après avoir condamné Israël et tenté de lui lier les mains, commenceront vraiment à agir pour éliminer le péril atomique iranien de manière concrète. Non pas pour le salut d’Israël mais pour éviter un embrasement qui leur fait peur. Il est même probable que les avions israéliens se verraient ouvrir certaines bases plus rapprochées de la cible et qui lui restent fermées pour le moment à condition d’oublier toute option nucléaire. L’Onu et ses Ban ki Moon voteront des résolutions déclarant que l’usage de la bombe atomique sera condamné. Autant les déclarations belliqueuses et antisémites d’Ahmedindjad (ou d’un Mahmoud Abbas) ne provoquèrent quasi aucune réaction car il est « concevable » de vouloir détruire le peuple juif quand on est arabe ou musulman, autant cette petite phrase israélienne suscitera un tollé général. Et pourtant, la vitrification de l’Iran doit être prise en compte et si nécessaire pour notre existence, doit être effectuée.
L’Occident a toujours eu à choisir entre un arabe fanatique et barbare et un bon juif civilisé et sage. Le choix était évident pour gagner la tranquillité d’esprit : calmer le barbare. Mais si le choix sera entre ce même barbare et un Juif furieux, déchainé et capable de prouesses technologiques, on peut estimer que les chancelleries choisiront de calmer le plus dangereusement efficace.
Si seulement l’Etat d’Israël avait une bombe atomique…et des dirigeants capables d’exploiter son existence !
Bien sûr, la meute des loups hurlera.
Et le silence se fera quand le Lion de Juda rugira.
Jacques Kupfer.

Le juif Jacques Kupfer veut vitrifier l’Iran

C’est ce qu’on apprend dans cet article paru dans Novopress:

11/03/2012 –
Dans un récent article, “Vitrifier l’Iran” paru dans Israël7, Jacques Kupfer, co-président du Likoud mondial et membre de l’exécutif de l’Organisation sioniste mondiale, énonce ce qui lui parait une évidence : “L’Adolf de Téhéran” (comprendre Ahmadinedjad) est en train de se doter de l’arme nucléaire. Selon Kupfer, les sanctions économiques ont eu “l’effet d’une piqûre de moustique sur un missile blindé“, et si “un virus venu à point nommé et le taux de mortalité curieusement élevé parmi les ingénieurs iraniens ont permis de ralentir la marche vers l’apocalypse islamique“, il ne saurait être question d’en rester là. Mais, toujours selon l’auteur, un bombardement classique par l’aviation israélienne des infrastructures nucléaires iraniennes n’est en rien la solution finale au danger mortel que représenterait le nucléaire iranien.
C’est donc tout naturellement que le co-président du Likoud mondial propose l’utilisation massive de l’arme atomique contre la République islamique. ” Après tout, précise Kupfer, vitrifier l’Iran serait dans la lignée de la destruction justifiée de Hambourg et Dresde aux mains des nazis, de la destruction d’Hiroshima et Nagasaki aux mains des alliés japonais du Reich.”
Dans cet article “Vitrifier l’Iran” le co-président du Likoud mondial fait un “rêve” : “Si seulement l’Etat d’Israël avait la bombe atomique…“. Gageons que pour la quatrième puissance nucléaire du monde, ce rêve est déjà réalité.

Notre ami de Novopress oublie certains points de l’article qui valent leur pesant de zyklon B. En parlant de la politique d’équilibre de la terreur le juif Kupfer explique que: «Cette logique n’est pas applicable pour un pays musulman où n’existe aucune rationalité et où l’esprit d’analyse est embué par une religion-idéologie de conquête et de guerre. Les musulmans peuvent trouver dans l’islam la volonté de devenir tous des martyrs et de déclencher une destruction catastrophique qui sera une « guerre sainte ». Ils peuvent estimer, et d’ailleurs ils en sont persuadés, que la mort de centaines de milliers de « shahid » pour prix de la destruction d’Israël reste une opération viable. Une fois disparu le rempart que représente Israël pour la défense d’un occident émasculé et inconscient, l’invasion de l’islam pourra régler le sort de l’Europe anciennement judéo-chrétienne». Sympas le Jacques! Le salut de la race blanche décandente passe par le sionisme, ben voyons! rappelons que la colonisation de la Palestine est allé de paire avec la colonisation de l’Europe. (…)
«L’Europe qui est née à Munich n’est pas morte à Auschwitz. Elle perdure et son histoire est parsemée de compromissions et de renoncements». Monsieur est trop bon!

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Israel Can’t Go It Alone on Iran Nuke Threat - Using Holocaust Guilt to Pressure World Into War

Dual US and Israeli journalist and Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg uses the tried and true justification for the US to go to war on behalf of world Jewry: the persecution of Jews by the Nazi regime.


‘To Never Forget’

"A photograph of the Auschwitz flyover hangs today in offices across the Israeli defense establishment. In the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, the photos I saw were signed by General Eliezer Shkedi, who was the air force commander at the time. The inscription on these photos read, “To remember. To never forget. To rely on no one but ourselves.”

This past weekend, Eshel was appointed commander of the Israeli air force. It will fall to him to plan and execute the attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu order him to do so. Senior U.S. officials think that Netanyahu is preparing to launch such an attack in the coming months.

Netanyahu has never kept hidden his feelings about Iran. This is what he told me three years ago: “You don’t want a messianic apocalyptic cult controlling atomic bombs. When the wide-eyed believer gets hold of the reins of power and the weapons of mass death, then the entire world should start worrying.”

Iran represents the definitive, post-Nazi Jewish nightmare: a regime that openly argues for the destruction of Israel and is seeking nuclear weapons. The Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said just last week, “The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor that should be removed and will be removed, God willing.” The regime seems bent on building weapons that could actually bring about the obliteration of Israel and its six million Jews."

By conjuring the Holocaust, Netanyahu brought Israel closer to war with Iran
Netanyahu compared Iran to Nazi Germany, its nuclear facilities to death camps, and his current trip to the White House to a desperate plea to former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt by the U.S. Jewish community to bomb Auschwitz. (...) It was the same reason former Prime Minister Menachem Begin used to bomb the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981: preventing the possibility that Jewish children would face the peril of another Holocaust. Now it’s the turn of his successor, Netanyahu, to remove the danger hovering over the heads of Jewish children. (...) The Holocaust talk has but one meaning: they force Israel to go to war and strike the Iranians. The justifications against an attack, weighty as those may be, turn to fumes when put up against the Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz, and Treblinka. No calculus of missiles falling on Tel Aviv, rising oil prices and economic crisis can hold water when compared to genocide.

Why Israel must strike Op-ed: Main Shoah lesson is that active anti-Semites must be stopped when they're small

Un pas de plus vers la guerre entre Israël et l'Iran

Un pas de plus vers la guerre, et encore le prétexte de la Shoah, alors que l'Iran ne menace absolument pas Israël... la situation est inverse, en réalité.

Lu dans Le Nouvel Observateur :

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Le discours pugnace prononcé par Benjamin Netanyahu devant le lobby pro-israélien Aipac à Washington a convaincu l'opinion publique israélienne qu'une guerre avec l'Iran est désormais plus qu'une hypothèse.

Le Premier ministre israélien a notamment fait référence à l'Holocauste, citant une lettre de 1944 par laquelle les Etats-Unis rejetaient une demande de responsables juifs de bombarder le camp de concentration d'Auschwitz. Le message était clair: Israël ne peut compter que sur lui-même pour se défendre.

"En tant que Premier ministre d'Israël, je ne laisserai jamais mon peuple vivre sous la menace de l'anéantissement", a dit Benjamin Netanyahu à l'Aipac après son entretien avec Barack Obama à la Maison blanche.

"Nous avons donné du temps à la diplomatie, nous avons laissé du temps aux sanctions. Nous ne pouvons plus attendre davantage", a-t-il dit.

Ce discours n'est pas passé inaperçu en Israël, où analystes, commentateurs et anciens responsables militaires ont noté le durcissement de ton de Benjamin Netanyahu à l'égard de l'Iran, que l'Etat juif accuse de chercher à se doter de la bombe atomique.

"Le pistolet n'est pas seulement chargé, son cran de sécurité a été enlevé", a déclaré à Radio Israël Uzi Dayan, ancien général et conseiller à la sécurité nationale.

Israël a maintes fois répété qu'il ne laisserait pas Téhéran se doter de l'arme nucléaire et cherché à convaincre Washington d'accroître la pression sur l'Iran pour qu'il renonce à son programme.

Pour les experts israéliens, les sanctions économiques imposées par les Etats-Unis et l'Union européenne ne seront efficaces que si elles sont couplées à une menace sérieuse de frappe militaire.


Certains Israéliens ont longtemps pensé que les déclarations va-t-en guerre de leurs dirigeants, qui se sont dits prêts par le passé à bombarder l'Iran avec ou sans l'aide des Américains, étaient une menace en l'air.

Aujourd'hui, les mêmes estiment que Benjamin Netanyahu est allé trop loin dans la surenchère verbale pour rester les bras croisés si Téhéran ne renonce pas clairement à ses ambitions.

"Netanyahu a renvoyé l'image d'un homme qui a pris sa décision", écrit l'éditorialiste David Horovitz sur son site internet, TimesOfIsrael.

Barack Obama a appelé Israël à laisser les sanctions porter leurs fruits et s'il a redit pendant son entretien avec Benjamin Netanyahu que toutes les options étaient sur la table, les mots choisis par les deux hommes traduisent une nette différence d'approche qui pourrait avoir de lourdes conséquences sur le calendrier.

Le président américain a ainsi parlé d'empêcher l'Iran d'"obtenir" la bombe atomique; le Premier ministre israélien de l'empêcher de la "développer".

Cela signifie qu'Israël n'entend pas permettre à Téhéran de se doter des équipements nécessaires à l'assemblage d'une bombe, expliquent des officiels israéliens. En d'autres termes, Tsahal pourrait juger nécessaire de frapper militairement l'Iran beaucoup plus tôt que l'armée américaine.

"Nous voulons que l'Iran soit privé de la capacité à développer une bombe, pas seulement qu'il renonce à son programme nucléaire", dit un responsable sécuritaire sous le sceau de l'anonymat.


L'approche israélienne est fidèle à la "doctrine Begin", du nom de l'ancien Premier ministre Menachem Begin, qui avait fait bombarder en Irak la centrale nucléaire d'Osirak en 1981 sur la seule suspicion qu'elle pourrait un jour servir à produire du plutonium pour des têtes nucléaires.

Ce raid aérien avait été présenté comme une démonstration qu'Israël "ne permettrait en aucune circonstance à un ennemi de développer des armes de destruction massive menaçant le peuple israélien".

Le discours de Benjamin Netanyahu devant l'Aipac est, à ce jour, le témoignage le plus explicite de son adhésion à cette doctrine de frappe préventive.

Reste néanmoins au Premier ministre israélien à convaincre son opinion publique du bien-fondé d'une guerre. Un sondage a montré la semaine dernière que moins d'un Israélien sur cinq est favorable à ce que Tsahal bombarde l'Iran seule.

"L'Israël d'aujourd'hui ne souscrit pas (à la doctrine Begin)", souligne Uri Dromi, ancien porte-parole de feu le Premier ministre Yitzhak Rabin, qui compare l'escalade verbale entre Israéliens et Iraniens à l'atmosphère qui avait précédé le début de la Première Guerre mondiale.

"Il (Netanyahu) nous prépare à la guerre mais je ne suis pas sûr qu'on y soit prêts. Ce n'est pas un calcul, c'est un pari", dit-il.

Beaucoup d'Israéliens doutent que leur pays soit préparé aux conséquences d'une guerre, qui se traduirait très certainement par des représailles de l'Iran et, peut-être, de ses alliés du Hezbollah au Liban.

Cela ne tient donc pas du hasard si, quelques heures après le discours de Benjamin Netanyahu à Washington, le ministre de la Défense civile, Matan Vilnai, a envoyé ce message par sms: "Israël a la capacité opérationnelle d'intercepter des missiles d'où qu'ils viennent. Aujourd'hui, chaque citoyen sait qu'il a la responsabilité de se préparer à faire face à une situation d'urgence."

Voyez encore, le cas de Elie Wiesel qui a convaincu Bush de faire péter l'Irak et Saddam Hussein:

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate who persuaded Bush to invade Iraq
From a Voice of America review of George W. Bush’s book Decision Points:
Another person who had a deep impact on his war decision was holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Elie Wiesel.
“There was passion in his 74-year-old eyes when he compared Saddam Hussein’s brutality to the Nazi genocide,” the former president remembered.
“Mr. President,” Wiesel said, “You have a moral obligation to act against evil,” Bush wrote.

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Sur ce blog:

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