mardi 2 mai 2017

Israël accuse l'UNESCO de négationnisme, plus précisément de "fausse histoire", pour avoir reconnu que d'autres religions que le judaïsme sont également reliées à Jérusalem

'Sweden acting systematically against Israel'
Sweden’s foreign minister lauds UNESCO resolution 
Israel reprimands Swedish envoy over ‘nasty propaganda’ at UNESCO

Israeli FM Rebukes Swedish Ambassador over UNESCO Vote

Israel reprimands Swedish ambassador over UNESCO vote‏

UNESCO : La France s’est abstenue sur le dernier vote sur Jérusalem

Résolution de l'Unesco sur Jérusalem: Israël réduit encore sa contribution à l'ONU

Naftali Bennett UNESCO vote denying Israeli ties to Jerusalem 'meaningless,' says minister

Israeli minister calls to shut UNESCO’s Jerusalem office after contentious vote

Pour les Palestiniens, le vote à l’UNESCO est une « victoire du droit international »

Netanyahu Slashes $1 Million from UN Contribution over UNESCO Resolution

Après le vote de l’UNESCO, Israël réduit encore d’1 M $ son versement à l’ONU

UN Declares Hebron Shrine ‘Palestinian’ Heritage Site

L'UNESCO rejette la souveraineté d'Israël sur Jérusalem

Palestinians: UNESCO vote proves Israel’s Jerusalem narrative false

Haley calls UNESCO Hebron motion ‘an affront to history,’ says US to review ties

Haley: UNESCO resolution an 'affront to history' U.S. Ambassador to the UN says the United States is reviewing ties with UNESCO following latest anti-Israel resolution.

Israel punishes the UN Following UNESCO resolution on Hevron, Netanyahu cuts an additional $1 million from the membership funds that Israel pays to the UN.

Boomerang: UNESCO eradicates Jewish history Arutz Sheva Staff , Yesterday, 2:59 PM

Israel slams UNESCO decision on Hebron In response to vote declaring the Cave of the Patriarchs a Palestinian World Heritage Site, Netanyahu cuts $1 million from Israel's fees to the UN.

Vote de l'Unesco sur Hébron: Israël réduit encore sa contribution à l'ONU

The Cave of Patriarchs, Hebron. UNESCO rules Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian

UNESCO declares Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian World Heritage Site‏

Nikki Haley: UNESCO vote on Hebron tragic, an affront to history

L'Unesco reconnaît la vieille ville d'Hébron en tant que site "d'une valeur universelle exceptionnelle"

Israel’s Ambassador to the UNESCO Carmel Shama HaCohen listens during a past hearing at UNESCO Israel: ‘Shame on’ Germany for comparing Palestinians to Holocaust victims

Trump connects Europe's Soviet and Nazi past with global war on terror

Netanyahu : le vote de l’Unesco sur Hébron est une "décision délirante"

Israeli leaders rage: Decision is anti-Semitic

Le Hamas salue l’UNESCO, qui critique les activités israéliennes à Jérusalem

Hébron au patrimoine mondial : Israël dénonce un « moment déshonorant » pour l’Unesco

Israel reacts with disgust and disdain to UNESCO Hebron decision

Unesco sur Hébron : les Palestiniens saluent un « énorme effondrement pour Israël »

Netanyahu cuts $1 million more from UN budget following UNESCO Hebron vote

Unesco: adoption d'une résolution contestée par Israël sur le statut de Jérusalem

Hotovely rejette la résolution “absurde” de l’UNESCO, et la qualifie d’“histoire fausse”

Netanyahu: ‘Absurd’ UNESCO vote heralds ‘change’ in world support

L’UNESCO adopte – encore – une résolution ignorant la relation entre judaïsme et Jérusalem

UNESCO disavows Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem in 22-10 vote

US official raps ‘biased’ UNESCO vote on Jerusalem

Foreign Affairs Israel condemns UNESCO vote

Israel’s 50th anniversary As UNESCO rejects Israel's sovereignty in J'lm, what future does the capital face?

Six Day War Israeli and Jewish officials slam UNESCO for passing 'antisemitic' resolution

Palestinians applaud UNESCO vote denying Israeli claims to Jerusalem

On Independence Day, UNESCO okays resolution denying Israeli claims to Jerusalem

UNESCO resolution passes calling to reject Israeli sovereignty over all Jerusalem‏

Israel scrambles to prevent EU-Arab consensus resolution at UNESCO

Israel may lose Europe in Jerusalem sovereignty battle at UNESCO

Israel blames Germany for EU support of UNESCO anti-Israel resolution

Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley Calls on UN to Oppose Anti-Israel UNESCO Vote

Ahead of UNESCO vote on Hebron, Israel bars fact-finding mission from city

Israel bars UNESCO from Hebron citing politicization The Palestinian Authority asks UNESCO to fast-track request to list Hebron's Old city as a World Heritage Site, claiming the site is endangered.

Avant un vote de l’UNESCO sur Hébron, Israël en interdit l’entrée à une mission d’enquête

Holocaust survivors urge Polish FM: Stop UNESCO Hebron vote‏

L’ambassadrice américaine à l’ONU met en garde l’UNESCO : « Les...

L’UNESCO a voté en faveur d’une motion condamnant Israël pour sa politique dans la Vieille Ville de Jérusalem

UNESCO again condemns Israel’s presence in Jerusalem’s Old City

UNESCO condemns Jewish presence in Old City of Jerusalem UN organization declares Israel 'occupying power' of Old City, denies Israeli sovereignty.

Analysis: German FM fishes for antisemitic vote in row with Israel
Netanyahu's snub of the German FM was a pathetic political game - and it paid off
Netanyahu: German FM's meeting with leftist NGOs was 'insensitive'
Pourquoi Netanyahu a-t-il snobé le ministre allemand des Affaires étrangères ?
Why Netanyahu gave Germany’s FM the Silence treatment

Does Netanyahu's new leftist litmus test waste diplomatic capital?
PM: ‘Insensitive’ of German FM to meet leftist NGOs near Holocaust Remembrance Day
Netanyahu’s war on NGOs puts Israel in bad company
Netanyahu critique le "manque de sensibilité" de Gabriel
Coup de froid entre Netanyahou et le ministre allemand des affaires...
After meeting German FM, B’Tselem calls on world to punish Israel
Netanyahou boycotte un ministre allemand souhaitant rencontrer des ONG critiques de la colonisation
Netanyahu: We won’t meet diplomats who meet with Breaking the Silence
Netanyahu’s war on whistleblowers damns the IDF and the occupation

Netanyahu Is Harming Israel. Unlike the prime minister, the rights groups he seeks to silence are fulfilling Zionism's precepts heroically 

Israel Germany Israeli NGOs after German FM meeting: We don’t take orders from Netanyahu

Will German president defy Netanyahu, meet Breaking the Silence?

What was Netanyahu’s real reason for snubbing German FM?

German FM in Hot Water over Equating Social Democrat, Jewish Holocaust Victims

Une commission américaine sur la liberté religieuse accusée d’être trop tendre avec Israël

UN Shakeup? Danon: US likely to support Israel’s seat on UN Security Council

Senators demand UN stop anti-Israel bias

All 100 US senators to UN: End ‘unacceptable’ anti-Israel bias
100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN ‘bias’ against Israel
The (UN) Bully in the Park
Israel cannot legally expel UN from Jerusalem site, Foreign Ministry to tell government

Replace the UN

Minnesota GOP Party Facebook Post Calls Keith Ellison 'Head Muslim Goat Humper'

Le Canada en guerre et le lobby militaire en action. Jamais assez! Toujours plus!

'Israel is not the United Nations' punching bag anymore'

'Efforts to repeal UNSC motion against Israeli settlements in the works'

Israel to debate ousting UN from Jerusalem headquarters

The UN’s Obsession against Israel

Senator: Time to end the UN's anti-Israel bias

Pimping for ‘Israel’ Remains Undiminished Since UN Report Branded It an Apartheid State

How a Changing American Liberalism Is Pulling American Jews away From Israel

Could Rahm Emanuel’s Magic Touch Propel Democrats To Take Back Congress?

Rahm Emanuel Lectures Liberals - YouTube

In Western Europe, Israel went from darling to divisive in 50 years

Israel tortures, EU ignores stop #LAWTRAIN Sign the petition!

EU-Israel relations: Trojan horses, snakes, ladders and boycotts

"Why Isn’t MSM Reporting Richard Falk’s Hatred Of America, Israel and Jews May Be Behind His Israel-Apartheid Claims?"

The Jewish Left’s Anti-Semitism Problem

Le blues des diplomates européens en Palestine (Sylvain Cypel)

US Senator Ted Cruz Calls for Recognition of Jerusalem as Eternal, Undivided Capital of Israel [video]

Danon to UN: End contacts with inciting PA organizations. Israel's UN Ambassador welcomes UN decision to stop supporting a PA center named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.

Des milliers d'Israéliens manifestent pour la solution à deux Etats

Netanyahu says he won't meet foreign leaders who meet NGOs critical of Israeli army

UN warns of 'walking into another Gaza crisis'‏

The lobby: AIPAC in a polarized America

The UN warns electricity cuts endanger lives in Gaza

Britain joins US in opposing UN health body’s resolution singling out Israel

Bennett 'We will not divide the land with our enemies'. Education Minister slams report US asked Israel to transfer parts of Area C to Area B and give them to the PA.

Higher education in Israel set to become more segregated

Le Parlement tchèque appelle à des sanctions contre l’UNESCO, trop partiale envers Israël

Making Trump an Endless War President

Syrie : Israël contre les accords d’Astana

Will Trump and Netanyahu continue to misread Iran?

U.S. Ambassador Advises Israeli Officials: Trump’s Serious About Peace, Work With Him

Bennett– ‘It’s obvious now that all Trump’s campaign promises on Israel were just to get elected’

How Donald Trump, one-time darling of the Israeli right, reinvigorated Mahmoud Abbas

Sheldon Adelson ‘Furious’ at Tillerson Over Delay in U.S. Embassy Move

Maison Blanche : Trump soutiendra au Moyen Orient “l’auto-détermination” palestinienne

White House: Trump to push Palestinian ‘self-determination’ on Mideast trip

After Four Months, Trump Understands There's No Other Solution Than Two States

White House: Trump to push Palestinian ‘self-determination’ on Mideast trip

Ambush alert: Netanyahu fears Trump's cooking something big

Netanyahu Trump Starting off on the Wrong Foot? Harsh exchange between Trump and Netanyahu teams days ahead of key visit

After four months, Trump also understands there's no solution other than two states

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Trump tower Who are the advisers that will join Netanyahu in his talks with Trump?

Trump considering how moving embassy to Jerusalem would affect peace process

After Four Months, Trump Also Understands There’s No Solution Other Than Two States

Waking from the Trumpian dream of Israel’s right wing

Senior member of Trump team said to tell Israelis: Western Wall is not your territory

How Donald Trump, darling of the Israeli right, reinvigorated Mahmoud Abbas

'People expected too much from Trump - I never did'. Internal Security Minister says he's not surprised by President Trump's apparent backpedaling on embassy move, push for negotiations.

Liberman reconnaît un différend avec Washington sur le transfert de l’ambassade

Bennett: We must tell Trump Palestinian state ‘ain’t going to happen’

Israeli intelligence minister urges Trump to recognize Golan sovereignty

Right-Wing Israeli Ministers Heap Praise On Trump At Jerusalem Post Conference

Israeli Intelligence Minister: Trump Should Recognize Golan Heights As Indivisible Part of Israel

Uneasy Palestinians pleasantly surprised by Trump, adviser says

Netanyahu says Lauder peace push is his biggest challenge

Diplomats in Israel call for strike aimed at disrupting Trump’s visit

Palestinians on Trump–‘He’s not Obama. He’s tough, he calculates and is willing to change his positions’

When Trump wanted to hold the Miss Universe Pageant at Masada. What's the story behind US President Donald Trump's special connection to ancient fortress?

The Irony of Trump’s Trip to Masada and the Hard Road to Peace

Netanyahu seeking to speak at Masada alongside Trump

On Israel Visit, Trump Will Deliver Speech at Masada, Ancient Site of Jewish Resistance

Trump’s peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians–embarking on a fool’s errand

Trump Abbas Netanyahu Abbas: I’m ready to meet Netanyahu under auspices of Trump

Abbas has decided to sign peace deal with Israel

Haim Saban Hosts Clinton ‘Thank You’ Dinner

Lauder, pro-Abbas, et Adelson, belliqueux, se disputeraient l’influence sur Trump au sujet du Moyen Orient

Pro-Abbas Lauder, hawkish Adelson said battling to influence Trump on Mideast
Lauder: Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are one in the same

Netanyahu’s Circle: Ron Lauder Prepped Abbas for Trump Meet

Democrats Are Out of Step with Their Base on Israel-Palestine

52 congressmen urge US to list Israel on Jerusalem-born citizens' passports

Replace the UN

Minnesota GOP Party Facebook Post Calls Keith Ellison 'Head Muslim Goat Humper'

Le Canada en guerre et le lobby militaire en action. Jamais assez! Toujours plus!

'Israel is not the United Nations' punching bag anymore'

'Efforts to repeal UNSC motion against Israeli settlements in the works'

Israel to debate ousting UN from Jerusalem headquarters

Israel’s Admission of Racism

Netanyahu's latest quest for control of Israel's media

Netanyahu accused CNN, NYT of being 'fake news.' So we fact-checked his fact-check

Netanyahu Attacks US Media As ‘Fake News’

Erdoğan to Palestinian PM: 'protect Jerusalem against attempts of judaization'‏

Erdogan lashes ‘racist’ Israel, calls for Muslims to flood Temple Mount

Erdogan fustige Israël, un pays “raciste”, et appelle les musulmans à affluer au mont du Temple

Jerusalem is holy to Jews, not Muslims

Israël : la langue arabe reléguée au second plan selon un projet de loi

Court Orders Facebook To Remove 'Hate Postings'

After charging Israel with war crimes, medical journal Lancet devotes entire issue to Israeli health care

Rivlin reinvites British royal family to Israel after reported cancellation

Video of Barghouti eating hasn’t taken a bite out of his popularity

Israel–Germany row spotlights Breaking the Silence. The left-wing organization collects testimonies from ex-soldiers on alleged Palestinian mistreatment; with most accounts unverified, Israeli gov. believes BTS is out to defame IDF.

PM tosses Hamas policy paper on Israel into trash. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas has not changed its stance, despite Hamas recently publishing a softer stance in a policy document last week.

Livni: Rhetoric from religious camp ‘worrying’

Les proches de la famille Dawabsha poursuivent Israël et demandent des millions

Israel: Doctors refusing to force treatment on Palestinian hunger strikers must find their own replacement

Former prisoner’s book tour includes call to world to ‘stand with’ 1600 Palestinians on hunger strike

The New York Times’ Prejudice against Imprisoned Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti


Bennett– ‘We should tell the truth: There will be no Palestinian state’

Israel takes steps to define itself as a Jewish state and demote the status of the Arabic language


WATCH Netanyahu Slams CNN, NYT Coverage of Hamas Charter, Calling It 'Fake News'

Turkey’s Erdogan Starts New Temple Mount, Jerusalem Blood Libel

Coca Cola Donates to ‘Fascist’ Israeli Group

Coca-Cola Israel Donated to Group That Called Human-rights Activists 'Moles'

PM suggests police will recommend to indict him to avoid admitting failure

Free Speech in Canada Suppressed and Negated

Israël expulse un reporter du principal journal hollandais

Knesset Delegation in Rome Thwarts PA Anti-Israel Proposal

Senator on intelligence committee lets slip that diaspora Jews are spies for Israel

Palestinians and settlers tried to make peace on their own, and then this happened

An insider's view of how Rabin almost made peace – with Syria

A video shows Israeli soldiers standing idly by while settlers throw stones at Palestinians

Israelis attacked activists in the West Bank. So the Israeli army bars the activists - Israel News -

Des colons jettent des pierres sur des Palestiniens sous les yeux de soldats de Tsahal (VIDEO)

Netanyahu calls for expediting controversial Jewish state bill

Israel's Proposed Law to Wipe Out the Rule of Law

Why Israel's nation-state bill is not worse than useless, it’s harmful

Calling Israeli justice minister's 'Jewish values' bluff

This Israeli minister wrote one of the worst Facebook posts in the history of Zionism

Palestinians shift strategy, playing national security card with Trump

Israeli OpEd– ‘Should the Israelites Drive Out the Palestinians From the Promised Land?’

Economic Dimensions Militarized Palestine

Israel must apologize for ‘Nakba,’ says top PA negotiator

Netanyahu’s War on Press Freedom

Trump called Netanyahu, but White House and Israel kept mum

'Nobody has more respect for Israeli intel than me. Their spy THANKED me!'

Former Mossad chief: ‘We need to punish the Americans’

Former Israeli spymasters rip into Trump, say Israel must reassess intel sharing

Pour un ex-chef du Mossad, il faut punir Trump pour la fuite de renseignements

Even Trump Admits It: The Western Wall Is Occupied Territory

Nikki Haley Says Western Wall Belongs To Israel — No Matter What U.S. Policy Says

US officials said to be pressuring Trump not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

US Consulate’s political counselor named as official who told Israelis: Western Wall is not yours

Trump’s National Security Advisor Refuses To Say Western Wall Is In Israel

Min. Of Jewstice Shaked: Netanyahu must tell Trump there is ‘no chance for a Palestinian state’

Trump Team To Israel: ‘Wailing Wall Not Your Territory, Belongs To West Bank’

White House: Western Wall comments ‘unauthorized,’ do not represent Trump’s stance

These are the voices whispering in Trump’s ear about Israel and how to make the 'ultimate deal'

Lauder Promoting Abbas as Respectable Moderate Fraught with Danger

Ronald Lauder vs. Sheldon Adelson: Which Jewish billionaire has Trump’s ear on Israel?

We Israeli women call on Trump: Help end our endless wars



So why is President Trump not visiting Masada?

Will Trump's Jewish supporters finally give up?

Divisive Israeli MK snaps shameless selfie with Trump Oren Hazan sees golden opportunity on the red carpet.

Israeli Op-Ed– ‘Trump–A weakened president on an impossible mission’

Analysis Why Trump's Western Wall Visit Is Actually Bad News for the Israeli Right

Rex Tillerson says Western Wall is ‘part of Jerusalem,’ avoids mention of Israeli sovereignty

Thank you, America

Fuming Netanyahu orders ministers to attend Trump's reception after most refuse

Angry Netanyahu Orders Ministers To Attend Welcome For Trump

Netanyahu orders reluctant Israeli ministers to greet Trump at airport

Rabbis for Peace urge Trump to abandon ‘land for peace’ slogan

Trump plans to shower Israel with love, but it might be a honey trap for Netanyahu - Israel News -

Trump may want a deal, but Israeli Jews are not interested

Exclusive Trump Tells Israelis: Arab Leaders Ready to Take Steps Toward Israel if Peace Process Gains Pace

Goodwill gestures to Palestinians came at Trump’s request, says PMO

Ignoring Israel, Trump misses chance to push for peace where it counts

Here are five things you should know about the new US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

Damnation sous l’éloge assourdissant : pourquoi Netanyahu n’est pas impressionné par Trump

Growing Number Of Israelis Unsure Trump Supports Their Country: Poll

White House: Trump Won’t Move Embassy To Jerusalem For Now

Why it's convenient for Netanyahu to play dumb about Trump's plans for Israel

Report: White House furious with Bennett, refer to him as a ‘marked man’ after he said PM needs to make Trump understand embassy must be moved.

The Jerusalem obsession

It’s Final: Trump Will Not Move Embassy

Religious Right Taunts Trump: Are You Too Weak And Afraid To Move U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem?

WHAT DEAL will President Donald Trump try to push when he gets to Israel later this month? Trump in the Middle East US source: Trump will ask Netanyahu to curb West Bank settlement activity


The pro-Israel right is starting to feel unease with Trump


Why Is White House ‘Shutting Out’ Jewish Groups — Even As Crisis Mounts

Republican Jewish Donors Wavering in Their Support of Trump and are now dreaming of a President Pence

Jewish Mystics Hope Trump’s Israel Visit Might ‘Raise The Temple’

An American president in the service of BDS ‏

Sara Netanyahu and Melania Trump agree: ‘Media hate us but people love us’

The explosive history of the Jerusalem hotel hosting Trump - Israel News -

Trump’s Plan Finally Becomes Clear. “War is Good for Business”

The US Is Waging A 'Massive Shadow War' In Afríca

NATO Allies FREAKING OUT About Trump

Does George W. Bush Have Afterthoughts?

Afghanistan: U.S. Poised to Extend a War it Can't Win

Neoconservatives, Machiavelli and The Prince

Poll: Americans Believe South Korea and Israel ‘Most Likely’ Allies To Embroil US in War

Pyongyang slams ‘Israel’ as ‘disturber of peace armed with illegal nukes under US patronage’

Trump Official Took $500k From Turkey and Biased US Policy For Them

Trump gives billions in weapons to a state he said masterminded 9/11

Donald Trump et l’islam, un discours à double tranchant (Valérie de Graffenried)

Trump Ingratiates Himself With Saudi Extremists, and U.S. Muslims Are Abandoned

How Key Trump Negotiator Kept Kosher In Saudi Arabia

Warmth and scale of Trump-Saudi embrace could spell trouble for Netanyahu


Saudi proposal to Israel could be the stuff of Trump’s dream deal in Mideast

How Jared Kushner Sealed The $110 Billion Saudi Arms Deal

As Trump leaves Saudis for Israel and Palestinians, Kushner moves center stage - U.S. News -

Trump Heads to Saudi Arabia - Target Iran and Iraq?

Jared Kushner Is Architect Of Trump’s Daring Mideast Push — And It Could Backfire On Him Badly

Jared Kushner, Charged With Making ‘Ultimate Deal,’ Has Ties In Israel

Jared Kushner: Lord Of War

Galant : “il est temps d’assassiner Assad”

'Time to eliminate Assad'

Israeli minister calls for assassination of Syria's Assad

«Le temps est venu d'assassiner Assad», déclare un ministre israélien

Israeli minister: ‘The time has come’ to murder Bashar Assad

Syria: Trump’s Tomahawks, Double Standards – Using Chemical and Radioactive Weapons for Profit?

Syria’s alleged crematorium ‘invokes worst nightmares of Nazi atrocities,’ ADL chief says

German neo-Nazi party builds alliance with Assad and Hezbollah

Donald Trump and Theresa May – Partners in Planning Armageddon?

Zionist Ya’alon Admits Tacit Nazi-ISIS Alliance

New Holocaust Claims Against Assad Are Based On Old, Debunked Propaganda

Polls In The Gutter, Trump Tries Bombing Syria Again

U.S. strikes pro-Assad militia in Syria

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: ‘Syria’s crematoriums echo the Holocaust*(tm) — President Trump, bomb them now’

Trump Bómbs Syrían Troóps AGAIN

Pro-war leftism exposed: Democracy Now runs interference for imperialism in Syria

Trump appelle tous les pays à "isoler" l'Iran

Warfare State at War with Trump as he Plans Warfare Against Iran

John Kerry et les anti-sionistes de JStreet sont les plus grands opposants aux sanctions contre l'Iran nucléaire

The UN’s Obsession against Israel

Senator: Time to end the UN's anti-Israel bias

Pimping for ‘Israel’ Remains Undiminished Since UN Report Branded It an Apartheid State

How a Changing American Liberalism Is Pulling American Jews away From Israel

Could Rahm Emanuel’s Magic Touch Propel Democrats To Take Back Congress?

Rahm Emanuel Lectures Liberals - YouTube

In Western Europe, Israel went from darling to divisive in 50 years

[Pascal Boniface] Du manichéisme en géopolitique

Israel as a regional, maritime superpower?‏

'Israel one of two nations that prefer Trump to Obama'

Israel and Russia the only two countries who prefer Trump over Obama

White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria « Tout le monde occidental arme les terroristes en Syrie »

Emmanuel Macron confirme le soutien de la France à l'opposition syrienne et élude la question Assad — RT en français

Israel Waging War on Syria

Rami Khouri: Syria's Proxy War is Culmination of Last Century of Failed Arab State-Building

US Accuses Syría Of Doing What The US Does

US says it appears Syria planning another chemical weapons attack

Video: Israeli Air Strikes in Support of Al Qaeda Forces in South Western Syria

IS DETERRENCE working? Smoke rises last year on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights during fighting Will the situation on the Golan suck Israel into the Syrian Civil War?

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks during an interview with RIA Novosti and Sputnik, April 2017. Is Europe warming to Assad?

Guerre en Syrie : Israël, un acteur discret mais efficace - Le Point

Linda Sarsour calls for 'jihad' against American government

Palestinian-American activist says standing up to Trump like a ‘jihad’

U.S. says opposes unrestrained settlement construction after Israel advances plans in Jerusalem - Israel News -

Lost in translation: The Israeli-U.S. Jewish anti-occupation alliance is broken. Can it be fixed? - Opinion - Israel News |

PLO official slams US envoy Haley for leading anti-Palestinian ‘crusade’

Anti-Apartheid Activist Has Great Respect For US Protest Movements

Former anti-Semitism envoys warn of 'terrible loss' of post under Trump | The Times of Israel

Trump Wanders Outside of Bulletproof Glass After Speech In Poland, Looks Like a Sad, Lost, Old Man

By sidestepping Jewish victims of Holocaust, Trump helps Polish government rewrite history - Europe -

ADL blasts Republican congressman’s gas chamber video: Politicizing Auschwitz is disrespectful and wrong - U.S. News -

Auschwitz : la vidéo d'un élu dans une chambre à gaz déclenche une polémique

Congressman removes his Auschwitz video and apologizes

Ben Cardin demande à Trump de nommer un envoyé contre l’antisémitisme

In Warsaw, Trump Is First U.S. President in Decades Not to Visit Ghetto Uprising Monument

Embraced by Far-Right Gov't in Poland, Trump Claims Future of Western Civilization is at Stake

How Trump Threw A Bone To Poland’s Anti-Semitic Populists

Former anti-Semitism envoy warns of European governments trying to distort Holocaust history - U.S. News -

‘Trump’s Sidestepping of Jewish Victims of Holocaust Helps Polish Government Rewrite History’

Modi in Israel: Lovefest with Israel signals India's final rejection of the Raj - Opinion - Israel News |

Why India's Narendra Modi can afford to ignore the Palestinians - Middle East News -

India's Modi meets Israeli boy who survived terror attack on Mumbai Jewish center - Israel News -

Modi visit shows Israel can improve foreign ties even without a peace process

Modi's visit sparks talk of 'Zionist-Hindu' conspiracy in Pakistan

Pakistan, India, Israel, and the Bomb

Netanyahu, Modi Frolic in the Sun, Sand and Fresh Water

‘Hindu-Zionist Conspiracy’? Some In Pakistan Think So

Israel - India: With Modi in Israel, talk about a 'Zionist-Hindu' conspiracy is spiking in Pakistan - Israel News |

Here’s why Israel and India’s leaders couldn’t get enough of each other

Israel-India relations were born in Oslo ‏

Modi's Israel Trip Continues India's Rightward Drift

Irked by Snub on Israel Visit, Palestinians Call on India's Modi to Be More Like Gandhi

India’s Narendra Modi Trumpets Israel Ties After Historic Visit

Indian PM Modi Was Once Banned from Entering U.S., Today He Meets Trump at White House

UN Declares Hebron Shrine ‘Palestinian’ Heritage Site

L'UNESCO rejette la souveraineté d'Israël sur Jérusalem

Palestinians: UNESCO vote proves Israel’s Jerusalem narrative false

Haley calls UNESCO Hebron motion ‘an affront to history,’ says US to review ties

Haley: UNESCO resolution an 'affront to history' U.S. Ambassador to the UN says the United States is reviewing ties with UNESCO following latest anti-Israel resolution.

Israel punishes the UN Following UNESCO resolution on Hevron, Netanyahu cuts an additional $1 million from the membership funds that Israel pays to the UN.

Boomerang: UNESCO eradicates Jewish history Arutz Sheva Staff , Yesterday, 2:59 PM

Israel slams UNESCO decision on Hebron In response to vote declaring the Cave of the Patriarchs a Palestinian World Heritage Site, Netanyahu cuts $1 million from Israel's fees to the UN.

Vote de l'Unesco sur Hébron: Israël réduit encore sa contribution à l'ONU

The Cave of Patriarchs, Hebron. UNESCO rules Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian

UNESCO declares Cave of the Patriarchs as Palestinian World Heritage Site‏

Nikki Haley: UNESCO vote on Hebron tragic, an affront to history

L'Unesco reconnaît la vieille ville d'Hébron en tant que site "d'une valeur universelle exceptionnelle"

Israel’s Ambassador to the UNESCO Carmel Shama HaCohen listens during a past hearing at UNESCO Israel: ‘Shame on’ Germany for comparing Palestinians to Holocaust victims

Trump connects Europe's Soviet and Nazi past with global war on terror

Netanyahu : le vote de l’Unesco sur Hébron est une "décision délirante"

Israeli leaders rage: Decision is anti-Semitic

Le Hamas salue l’UNESCO, qui critique les activités israéliennes à Jérusalem

Hébron au patrimoine mondial : Israël dénonce un « moment déshonorant » pour l’Unesco

Israel reacts with disgust and disdain to UNESCO Hebron decision

Unesco sur Hébron : les Palestiniens saluent un « énorme effondrement pour Israël »

Netanyahu cuts $1 million more from UN budget following UNESCO Hebron vote

ANC decides South Africa should downgrade ties with Israel

Why Israel’s Rules To Muzzle Professors Will Only Make Things Worse

The Israeli Right Is Terrified of Peace — And Their Jerusalem Bill Proves It

Samaria Summer camp: firearm training for children The Yakir settlement in Samaria runs a summer camp where children who finished in fourth and fifth grade were trained with a M16 rifle.

Why Israel Has a Law that Gives Police the Power to Block Certain Websites From Israelis

i24NEWS - Israeli border guards instructed to block entry of BDS activists

Activists ask Israel's High Court to outlaw far-right Jewish gang - Israel News -

Confused By Israeli Capitulation To The Ultra-Orthodox? You Must Not Understand Coalition Politics.

How Israeli parents are fighting Jewish missionizing in secular schools - Israel News -

Non à l’instrumentalisation de la lutte contre l’antisémitisme - comm n°50272669

« Israël/Palestine » - 3 questions à Jean-Paul Chagnollaud | Le Club de Mediapart

'Don’t make aliya, Israel makes Jews non-Jewish'

Mahmoud Abbas’s Particular Anti-Zionist Holocaust Denial

Meet Donald Trump's lawyer: A Messianic Jew who loves Jesus and hates BDS - U.S. News -

AIPAC Stays Silent On Trump’s Opposition To Israel Missile Defense Aid Boost

How Trump's election victory gave new life to Netanyahu's hawkish rhetoric on Iran - Israel News -

Trump and Netanyahu’s last refuge is in their kooky cult of conspiracies - Israel News -

Netanyahu Privately Admits He Has Doubts About Trump’s Peace Push

The Curious Obsession Behind Trump’s Praise For His Granddaughter’s ‘Smart Genes’

Antisémitisme : L’ADL présente une pétition au Département d’Etat au sujet du poste à pourvoir

ADL sorts out alt-lite from alt-right The ADL engages in an alt-right/alt-lite "purity" test.

Jewish GOP Senate Candidate Slams ADL For Far Right ‘Witchhunt’

‘Alt-Lite’ Furious With ADL Over ‘Hate Speech’ List

Josh Mandel Condemns ADL, Backs Cernovich And Alt-Right – The Forward

Jewish Ohio Senate candidate condemns ADL, backs figures on ‘alt-lite’ list

White House: Zero tolerance for terrorism, we applaud Israel

B’nai B’rith slams State Dept. for saying ‘lack of hope’ drives terrorism

Dermer: Israel wants US to cut funding to Palestinians over terrorism

Christian pro-Israel group lobbies to cut funding to Palestinians

Controversial Pro-Israel Pastor John Hagee Basks In Return To Spotlight

‘Christian Zionism’ Grabs Spotlight As Mike Pence Addresses CUFI

Christian Zionists still uncertain about Trump — but know they’re glad Obama is out

Netanyahu: Evangelical Christians are Israel’s best friends

Netanyahu : Les chrétiens évangéliques sont les meilleurs amis d’Israël

Netanyahu in hot mic tirade: EU treatment of Israel is 'crazy'‏

In hot mic comments, Netanyahu says Europe will ‘shrivel and disappear’ if it doesn’t change course vis a vis Israel

Netanyahu Caught On Hot Mike Calling European Union ‘Crazy’

Se croyant à huis-clos, Netanyahu fustige la « folle » politique européenne sur Israël

The Lost Liberalism of Netanyahu’s Israel

Un candidat au conseil de New York compare les propriétaires juifs aux Allemands qui ont favorisé les nazis

City Council candidate ‘cares about’ Jews, compares them to Germans who enabled the Nazis

The Jewish Subtext Behind Linda Sarsour and CNN's Jake Tapper's Twitter Battle

Why Adelson is pouring millions into an Israeli university in the West Bank - Israel News -

Most influencial Jews Who are the JPost's 50 most influential Jews in 2017? Help us choose

How elite billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and Peter Thiel are restricting press freedom in America - U.S. News -

Adelson's Testimony Reportedly Contradicts Netanyahu's Defense in Media Affair

Adelson a ‘dit à la police que lui et Netanyahu ont discuté de Mozes’

Israel Netanyahu in trouble? These are the latest developments

Key suspect in Israeli submarine scandal in talks to turn state witness

Soupçons de corruption en Israël: l'Allemagne reporte un contrat pour 3 sous-marins

Poll: Israelis don’t believe Netanyahu on submarine scandal

Key suspect in submarine fraud probe turns state’s witness

The vibe at Netanyahu's bureau this week: Desperation

Suspect in submarine fraud probe could turn state’s witness

Netanyahu rencontre l’ex-ambassadeur mexicain à l’UNESCO renvoyé pour n’avoir pas voté une résolution anti-israélienne

Hébron déclaré site palestinien protégé par l'Unesco (Jean-Paul Chagnollaud)

Israel: UNESCO is a full partner in Palestinian incitement

Israel arrests a UN official in Gaza…again

Hungarian prime minister acknowledges his country’s ‘sin’ of abandoning its Jews to the Nazis

Hungarian PM to Netanyahu: We Cooperated With Nazis Instead of Protecting Jews, Won't Happen Again

Hungarian PM: Collaboration with Nazis was mistake, sin‏

On Netanyahu’s orders: Israel's Foreign Ministry retracts criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and slams George Soros - Israel News -

PM makes historic visit to Hungary Foreign Affairs

In visiting Hungary, critics say, Netanyahu puts realpolitik ahead of ties with local Jews

Hungary, Israel seek closer ties as Orban campaign unnerves Jews

With Netanyahu set to arrive, swastika-daubed Soros posters still in Budapest

Netanyahu et Orban réfutent les critiques d’antisémitisme visant la Hongrie

Netanyahu et Orban : deux extrême-droites complices

Decrying ‘betrayal,’ Hungary Jews say Netanyahu ignoring them

Dénonçant une ‘trahison’, les Juifs hongrois déclarent que Netanyahu les ignore

Why Bibi Is Aligning Israel With An Anti-Semitic Populist Who Demonizes George Soros?

Soros and Hungarian anti-Semites: Almost one and the same ‏

Orban Admits Hungary Wartime ‘Crimes’ Against Jews In Meeting With Netanyahu

In meeting with Netanyahu, Hungary’s PM acknowledges ‘sin’ of WWll

When right-wing anti-Semites call, the Jewish state answers - Israel News -

Viktor Orban, le Premier ministre hongrois s’excuse….

Did the Shooters Get Help From Inside? The Taboo That Was Broken on Temple Mount

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for “Intifada” Against Israel

10-Year-Old Israeli Settler Children Subjected To ‘Weapons Training’

Jewish Terrorist Elor Azariya is going home

Israeli police shoot imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque after prayer

Minister says Israel is the “owner’ of al-Aqsa compound

Israel to demolish European-funded homes in occupied Jerusalem

Jewish media mogul exercises ‘world domination through animation’

Israeli MK–‘Gentiles will bow down before the Jews’

Israël espionne-t-il votre téléphone intelligent ?

Les terribles expérimentations du jeune Etat israélien (Serge Dumont)

Gaza on Verge of Collapse as Israel Sends 2.2M People "Back to Middle Ages" in Electricity Crisis

US Jew released from Cuba immigrates to Israel‏

Le journal Haaretz déclare la guerre au sionisme et à l'état juif

Hasbara reaches settlement with UOIT student association

How They Do It– ‘There was no massacre at Deir Yassin’

Deux mosquées attaquées dans le nord d'Israël, des renforts déployés

Breaking: Israeli Arrests United Nations Official in Gaza…Again

Former Defense Minister Ya’alon–‘If there is a war, the Jewish state will annihilate Lebanon’s infrastructure and completely destroy the entire country’

Israeli crime syndicate killed police informant under supervisors' noses - Israel News -

Gaza Crisis, Global Silence

Israeli Soldier Who Killed Palestinian Given House Arrest

Israel’s Crimes against Humanity: ‘Gaza Will be Unlivable Next Year, Not 2020 as the UN Says’

While Attacks in Israel Make Headlines, Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Ignored

A Billionaire Pair’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Jewish Values

Israël: un projet de loi vise à compliquer le partage de Jérusalem

Doing nothing to prevent the occupation: The armchair leftist - Life and Culture -

'They Piled Bodies and Burned Them'

Over Half of Israel’s Jews Would Prefer Lesser Role for Religion in State ~ Poll

Radicals trap Beit Shemesh family over kids' 'immodest' clothes

Israel in Palestine as “Dysfunctional Judaism”

How They Do It– ‘Judaism Is Not a Murderous Religion’…The Israeli Group That Stands Up to Jewish Terrorism

US poll: 65% believe anti-Semitism a serious problem in country

Israël espionne-t-il votre téléphone intelligent ?

The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism

'Violent history' of 'Zio': How Chicago's Dyke March adopted an anti-Semitic slur dear to white supremacists - U.S. News -

Chicago SlutWalk Bans ‘Zionist Symbols’ — Just Like Dyke March

Director Ken Loach boycotts Israel but still shows his films there

Ken Loach calls for an Israel boycott, but perhaps not for his films

Unmasking BDS: A new method to fight the movement has emerged, and it's working

UK – Opposing Zionism is not racism, rules Scottish court

The Man Who Predicted Michael Jackson’s Death Releases Doc Criticizing Roger Waters’ BDS Involvement

After Calling to Boycott Israel, Roger Waters' N.Y. Concert May Be Cancelled Wish You Weren’t Here

Roger Waters in concert Roger Waters NY concert a violation of anti-BDS law, says lawmaker A local lawmaker has filed a petition that would prevent the concert from taking place.

Un concert de Roger Waters prévu dans l’État de New York viole-t-il la loi anti-BDS ?

L’ADL accuse Jewish Voice for Peace de “radicalisme anti-israélien”

Boycott Israel, Go to Jail?

The Price for Criticizing Israel

Criminalizing Critics of Israel: Congress Considers Sweeping Bills to Fine and Jail Backers of BDS

Senators Behind Anti-BDS Bill Say It Won’t Infringe On Free Speech

20 Years In Prison For Supporting BDS: U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel

Forget BDS. It’s anti-normalization you should be talking about.

BDS movement's celebrity-obsessed tactics won’t end the Israeli occupation - Opinion - Israel News |

From our partner: Radiohead renews Israel love affair with marathon concert

Radiohead – Building a bridge over troubled Waters Influential UK rock band overcomes BDS pressure to produce a memorable night in Tel Aviv

Before Radiohead conquered the world, it was already Israel’s darling

Radiohead devrait se joindre au boycott culturel d’Israël – pourquoi ne veulent-ils pas me rencontrer pour en discuter ?

R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe supports Radiohead's decision to perform in Israel

R.E.M. frontman stands with Radiohead against BDS Rocker supports fellow musicians in opposing anti-Israel campaign by Pink Floyd's Roger Waters.

B’nai Brith criticizes agency for funding what it calls pro-terrorist exhibit

Would Roger Waters Long Island Gig Violate Anti-BDS Law?

Lawmaker: Roger Waters performance may violate anti-BDS law

Roger Waters in concert Forthcoming film shines light on alleged antisemitism of Roger Waters Musicians claim ex-Pink Floyd front man ‘has been anti-Jewish for more than 25 years’.

Roger Waters compares Israel to Nazi Germany in Facebook Q/A Pink Floyd frontman: Israelis live under 24/7 propaganda.

Roger Waters concert on Long Island violates anti-BDS law, lawmaker says

Sharansky salue les propos de Macron sur l’anti-sionisme, nouvel antisémitisme

Emmanuel Macron : «Nous ne céderons rien à l'antisionisme, forme réinventée de l'antisémitisme»

Macron: Anti-Zionism is a new form of anti-Semitism‏

Macron Warns Anti-Zionism is New Anti-Semitism as Netanyahu Praises French Heroes in Holocaust

Pourquoi les propos de Macron sur l’anti-sionisme et l’invitation de Netanyahou relèvent de l’indécence

Antisionisme = antisémitisme ? Une erreur historique, une faute politique (Dominique Vidal)

Netanyahu Told Macron He's Skeptical About Trump's Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts

Les archives palestiniennes pillées et cachées par Israël : révélations

How Gaza’s electricity crisis could spell trouble for Israel

Post-nihilism, a template for where we are heading

À Gaza, Israël fait des expérimentations sur des humains en situation de stress et de privations

Israeli Rabbi Asks West Bank Settlers to Poison Palestinian Water

Un Israélien déclaré coupable de l'incendie d'un haut lieu chrétien

Providing the tools to answer Israel’s BDS foes‏

UK Judge Rules: Illegal to Ban Palestine's BDS Movement

Israel’s Wrongheaded Retreat on BDS

'Great patriots of the Jewish nation': Netanyahu praises Adelsons at West Bank university ceremony - Israel News -

Sheldon Adelson Is ‘Disappointed And Angry’ At Netanyahu

Dear American Jews: Boycott Netanyahu - Israel News -

Stop building in settlements outside blocs, ex-Netanyahu security aide says

Army says Palestinian olive grove torched by West Bank settlers

(Yet Another) Senior Israeli Rabbi Calls for the Mass Execution of Palestinians

How they do it–Rabbi of Judaic terrorists instructs them to engage in religious violence, but don’t get caught

Jewish World 'Reform Jews, stay in America and don't interfere here' Haim Lev , 12:58 PM

'Reform introduces Gentiles into the people of Israel' Mordechai Sones , 6:08 PM

Israeli lawmakers who vote for conversion bill not welcome in Chicago, Jewish federation head says | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Defend Israel's anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence - Opinion - Israel News |

Le BDS se félicite de la perte d’un appel d’offre néerlandais par Egged

Gaza Israeli lawmaker urges Spain to stop funds for BDS NGOs

Palestinians Are Seeking Justice in Jerusalem – Not an Abusive Life-long Mate

Left-wing NGO petitions High Court to halt Western Wall Tunnel excavations

How the occupation helped the Palestinians - Opinion - Israel News |

Carte de résidence contre stérilisation forcée en Israël | L'Humanité

Quand Israël impose la contraception à ses Éthiopiennes - Le Point

Documentaire. Les périls du messianisme juif

Non à l’instrumentalisation de la lutte contre l’antisémitisme

Israeli cops to question billionaire James Packer over gifts to Netanyahu - Israel News -

Pop icon Mariah Carey in Israel to promote Dead Sea products‏

Why Mariah Carey is being grilled about an Israeli corruption scandal

God’s Chosen Thieves– Lakewood rabbi and family members arrested in million-dollar welfare fraud

Rabbi, several others arrested in public benefits fraud case‏

New Jersey rabbi, wife arrested for fraud in raids on haredi Orthodox community

In Lakewood, Sometimes Corruption And Greed Get In The Way Of The Torah

Madoff Sons’ Estates Pay $23M To Settle With Ponzi Trustee

Jewish tech mogul-lawmaker could be Colorado's first openly gay governor

Mossad Goes Hollywood in Video Launching Startup Fund

Mossad Sets Up $2M Fund For New High-Tech Spook Tools

Le Mossad investit dans la haute-technologie

Le 4ème personnage de l’État roule pour Israël

On Carl Bernstein’s Revealing Freudian Slip

How To Smuggle US Nuclear Triggers to Israel: New DHS files raise questions about Arnon Milchan’s US visa

La robe de la ministre israélienne de la Culture provoque la polémique sur les marches de Cannes

A #Cannes,Miri Regev,ministre de la culture d'Israël a porté une robe symbolisant l'annexion de Jérusalem. Voici ce qu'elle aurait du porter...

Memes of Minister's 'Jerusalem Dress' at Cannes Are the Best Thing on Israeli Internet

Le Parlement européen appelle Israël à cesser la colonisation

Israel Lobby Pays the Political Piper

The Open Secret of Foreign Lobbying

Israel aims new Nakba-style weapon at Arab citizens

Jewish Nazi state – a curious national home

Antisémitisme et antisionisme, amis ou ennemis ?

Settler hit by stone throwers shoots Palestinian dead in West Bank

Religion out, nationalism in: Will Hamas' charter divide the movement?

Challenging Racism isn’t Anti-Semitic

Settler shoots Palestinian dead as rioters attack car Settler opens fire on crowd of Palestinian rioters, killing one and wounding a news photographer after his passing vehicle is pelted with rocks and surrounded by angry mob.

Teen accused of JCC bomb threats has attempted suicide 5 times in jail, his attorney says


Israel tortures, EU ignores stop #LAWTRAIN Sign the petition!

Israeli Palestinian conflict Palestinian shot dead by Israeli after car hit by stone throwers

Mossadist philosopher and murderer Bernard Henry Levy gets pied in Serbia

Censorship outrage! Left Forum bans anti-Zionism, 9/11 truth – Muslim perspective not welcome, false flags are taboo

70% of new settlement construction is outside blocs, group claims

How They Do It– ‘Stop calling it ‘Jewish’ terrorism’

Israeli settler passes out candy to celebrate killing of Palestinian

« Les pratiques israéliennes à l’égard du peuple palestinien et la question de l’apartheid » traduction française – BDS France

Afrique du Sud : le vice-président en grève de la faim pour soutenir les prisonniers palestiniens en Israël

Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Resolution of Support for Prisoners’ Strike Joins Growing Labor Solidarity for Palestinian Freedom

Defying leaders, Norway trade unionists endorse Israel boycott

Facebook US court dismisses new tactic to sue Facebook for terrorism

Settler kills Palestinian protester

UKIP candidate: The Israelis are Nazis in mentality Anti-Semitism watchdog unearths British nationalist politician's tweets justifying Holocaust, comparing Israel to Nazis.

1800 Palestinian on hunger strike: The battle for freedom and dignity

Can Europe Stop the Far Right if It Doesn't Stop Neoliberal Austerity?

Six days of war, 50 years of occupation: Israel still occupies Palestinian land 50 years after its six-day war | The Economist

Jewish Supremacy is a divine cure to gentile supremacy

Jewish Misdirection in the Work of Michel Chossudovsky avec référence à Michael Collins Piper.

DENMARK – Foreign Minister Set to Announce $8 Million in Grants to Pro-BDS Palestinian NGOs

Youth holds stone as Palestinians clash with IDF in the West Bank Palestinian factions call for 'Day of Rage' during Trump visit

Shades of 1956 Suez Disaster and the Greater Israel Project: Israel Schemes to Annex The Occupied Territories with US Support

Taking from Israelis, giving to the settlers

Why religious Zionism is growing darker

It’s Been 50 Years – End the Occupation!

Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as ‘childish’ ‘contrarian’ and ‘antagonistic’ by the yellowbellied New York Times

Spitting, harassment a matter of course in Beit Shemesh neighborhood

Adding fuel to Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike ‏

Facebook Bans Blogger Ari Fuld

Why a ‘nationality law’ is unnecessary ‏

Nationality Bill’s only purpose: Showing Arabs who’s boss‏

Israel Tutors Its Children in Fear and Loathing of Palestinians

Rabbi Sacks, Why Are You Cheerleading for anti-Palestinian Provocateurs?

It's the most successful Israel boycott ever. And it may yet yield results

Escalating hunger strike, Barghouti said to stop drinking water

Préface pour la traduction française du texte “Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid”

Israel Begins to Confiscate 20% of Asylum-Seekers' Incomes

Corbyn's New Labour Manifesto Fires Up Base, Angers UK Elites

La radicalisation de l’Occident

Jews Split Over Hungary’s Government Campaign Against George Soros

Olmert perd ses privilèges en prison après la découverte de documents classifiés

Former chief rabbi of Israel convicted of corruption

Cybersécurité : accord entre Hydro-Québec et Israel Electric

Convoqué par la police pour « provocation contre Israël »

Why Do People Call Arson ‘Jewish Lightning’ — And Is It Anti-Semitic?

Colère du député Meyer Habib : « Jamais un Juif ne sera un colon à...

Le député français Meyer Habib accuse le Quai d’Orsay de « biais antisioniste »

US Senator Ted Cruz Calls for Recognition of Jerusalem as Eternal, Undivided Capital of Israel [video]

Danon to UN: End contacts with inciting PA organizations. Israel's UN Ambassador welcomes UN decision to stop supporting a PA center named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.

Des milliers d'Israéliens manifestent pour la solution à deux Etats

Netanyahu says he won't meet foreign leaders who meet NGOs critical of Israeli army

UN warns of 'walking into another Gaza crisis'‏

The lobby: AIPAC in a polarized America

The UN warns electricity cuts endanger lives in Gaza

Britain joins US in opposing UN health body’s resolution singling out Israel

Donald Trump Israel The Trump impeachment campaign will hurt American Jewry

Was Rosenstein The One Who Launched Obstruction Of Justice Inquiry Into Trump?

Oliver Stone Tells Colbert Israel Had More Influence than Russia on 2016 Election

CBS censure Oliver Stone qui accuse Israël d'avoir interféré dans la campagne US - Egalite et Réconciliation

Oliver Stone’s Israel remarks CENSORED by Stephen Colbert’s Late Show

Oliver Stone: “Israel Had Far More Involvement In The 2016 Elections in the US Than Russia.”

Tillerson retreats from pledge to fill anti-Semitism envoy post

Alex Jones is Donald Trump's favorite conspiracy theorist -

Why Has Israel’s Right Wing Turned On Trump Envoy Jason Greenblatt?

Jewish Defense League Now In Partnership with… The Soldiers Of Odin

Right-Wing Jews Join White Supremacists At Anti-Sharia Law Rallies

Le rôle d’Israël dans l’attaque contre le Qatar

Les USA menacent de remplacer le corps des droits de l'homme de l'ONU...

UN agency that issued ‘apartheid’ Israel report now alleges torture, killings

US threatens to replace UN human rights body over anti-Israel stance

L’ONU met en garde contre un “effondrement” total à Gaza

UN Economic and Social Council released scathing report on Israel‏

Warren Buffett is trying to raise $200 million in Israel Bonds

The Most Dangerous Deal in the World. Trump is attempting to avoid nuclear war by “solving” The Israeli–Palestinian conflict “.

US: Israel’s plans for new settlement homes won’t ‘help advance’ peace

USA : les nouvelles constructions dans les implantations “n’aideront pas à faire avancer” la paix

Nétanyahou appelle l'ONU à démanteler l'agence d'aide aux réfugiés palestiniens | Moyen-Orient

Meet the only Jew in the U.S. to lead a pro-Trump armed militia - U.S. News -

Netanyahu urges UN refugee agency for Palestinians be shut

NIKKI HALEY Nikki Haley embroiled in IDF, UNIFIL dispute about Hezbollah threat

Top Israel and UN officers spar in front of Nikki Haley – report

UN envoy says electricity cuts endanger lives in Gaza

Haley slams UN human rights report for ‘singling out Israel’

Haley dénonce un rapport de l’ONU qui “pointe du doigt” Israël

Danon blasts 'one-sided' UNHRC report Ben Ariel , 1:06 AM

Nikki Haley Haley threatens US pullout from UNHRC over int'l court suit on Israel

Haley: UNHRC report 'reeks of anti-Israel bias' U.S. envoy to the UN criticizes latest anti-Israel UNHRC report.

Israeli PM Calls for Dismantling of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

Au cœur de la lutte US pour amender la réputation mondiale d’Israël

US man charged with threats to JCCs pleads guilty - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

Settler rabbi who praised attacks on Arabs indicted for incitement

Regev quitte une cérémonie pour protester contre la lecture d’un poème palestinien

In Israel, democracy dies in daylight - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel denies Palestinian Authority has stopped paying terrorists’ families, contradicting Tillerson

Israeli leaders say Palestinian prisoners just need bread, water – and a bullet to the head

Palestine and the Unfinished Six Day War: Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel and New Zealand restore ties after spat over UN resolution

New Zealand denies apologizing to Israel over controversial UN motion

New Zealand says it stands behind anti-settlement UN motion

Un responsable de l’UE ayant tenu des propos antisémites jugés à Bruxelles

Why did Netanyahu kick ministers off his trip to Liberia at the last minute? - Israel News -

Netanyahu demanded settlers be allowed to remain in Palestine after future peace deal, document reveals - Israel News -

Michael Steinhardt thinks American Jews need to stop focusing on religion...ISRAEL is the solution!

Inside the US fight to fix Israel’s global standing | Israel | Al Jazeera

U.S. Jews Fighting the Occupation on the Ground: 'Necessary' or 'Arrogant'?

Senior Israeli politicians celebrate book that says Arabs should be incarcerated in camps - Israel News -

Plans for first new settlement in 25 years approved | The Times of Israel

The settlers’ goal is not the settlements | +972 Magazine

Israel’s Mass Incarceration of Palestinians | IMEU

Une agression planifiée depuis longtemps par Israël

The real revelation hidden inside Netanyahu's plan to leave settlers in Palestine - Israel News -

After 50 years of occupation, one state in Palestine is the only solution | The National

Un code d’éthique du ministre de l’Éducation israélien interdirait aux professeurs d’exprimer des opinions politiques

Israel may ban political opinions in college classrooms — and professors are furious

Israel Slams European TV Channel For Dropping Anti-Semitism Documentary

Conseil des États refuse de criminaliser la lutte pour les droits humains en Israël / Palestine

The occupation is a symptom, not source, of Israel’s racist system | +972 Magazine

Major Chilean Universities Heed BDS Call, Cancel Events Sponsored by Israeli Embassy

Sears, Walmart pull ‘Free Palestine’ clothing from sites | The Times of Israel

Israël : pourquoi les Etats doivent interdire les produits des colonies

Surge in Support for Boycott of Israeli LGBT Film Festival Shows Growing Respect for Palestinian Picket Line

Anti-occupation LGBTQ activists block Tel Aviv pride parade | +972 Magazine

Who's in favor of a massacre in Gaza? - Opinion - Israel News |

Unlikely alliance: Why Israel’s secular Labor Party woos the ultra-Orthodox - Israel News -

Liberman at ToI event: Israel is coordinating settlement building with the US Israël n’est pas une démocratie

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish leftists in Israel who aren't afraid to admit it - Israel News -

Super-conservative PragerU aims to arm pro-Israel students for their campus ‘wastelands’

WATCH: While the world has changed in the past 50 years, so much has stayed the same for Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

THIS is the HORRIBLE Thing Gal Gadot Wrote About Palestinians?The Jewish Press | Elder of Ziyon | 20 Sivan 5777 – June 14, 2017 |

Jewish World Rabbi Shmuley Boteach to co-author book with Pamela Anderson Mordechai Sones , 3:40 PM

De grandes universités chiliennes se tournent vers l’appel BDS, annulent des évènements parrainés par l’ambassade israélienne

In her drawing, Mrah portrays how long queues at checkpoints makes it difficult for her to move around in the West Bank.

Ban all Israeli settlement goods, Amnesty demands | The Electronic Intifada

No Apartheid in Our Name: LGBT Jewish Groups Block "Celebrate Israel" Parade

Wave of Boycotts Hits Israeli LGBT Film Festival as International Artists Heed Palestinian Call to Respect Picket Line

Al Jazeera Israel: If They Try to Shut Us Down We’ll Petition High Court of Justice

Help Us Tell Radiohead: “You Don’t Belong” in Apartheid Israel

HP printers across NYC expose HP’s complicity in Israeli apartheid

L’enquête sur les cadeaux des Netanyahu se poursuivra jusqu’à l’automne (média)

On occupation: The difference between protest and boycott - Opinion - Israel News |

Israeli Companies Profit From Technology Perfected Over 50 Years of Occupation

Why We Should Boycott Gay Pride in Tel Aviv

The wonder of imperial feminism | Middle East | Al Jazeera

Palestine. Plus d’un siècle de dépossession. Histoire abrégée de la colonisation, du nettoyage ethnique et de l’apartheid

Marking 50 years of rule, Rivlin calls on world to recognize Golan as Israel

Reportage Arte censuré : version sous-titrée FR disponible !

Israel Reduces Power Supply to Gaza, Intensifying Humanitarian Crisis

Terrorism in the Middle East will end once Western support for it dries up

UK – More than 200 candidates sign Israel pledge to oppose BDS

Netanyahu furious at IDF instruction materials calling Irgun, Lehi ‘terrorist organizations’, demands documents be removed

How Israeli schools help sabotage peace prospects

Netanyahu Demands Abolition Of UN Agency For Palestinian Refugees

UN chief stands by UNRWA - Israel National News

NGO to Israeli High Court: Block state from public biometric campaign

UN Security Council Israel doing little to promote own bid for Security Council seat

UN human rights chief: Israel, Palestinians fail to probe war crimes

UN head backs Palestinian aid agency after Netanyahu urges shutdown

UN to Israel: Punish 'the settlers' for their 'illegal actions' David Rosenberg , Sunday, 10:57 PM

Pursuing normalization for West Bank settlers‏

Hamas warns: Israel's 'disastrous' new power cut would spark an explosion in Gaza - Israel News -

Qatari FM insists Hamas ‘a legitimate resistance movement’

Qatar, accused of supporting terrorism, hires ex-US attorney general - Middle East - Jerusalem Post

Hamas 'legitimate resistance movement,' not terror group

L’expansionnisme israélien et la crise politique dans le Golfe persique

Settler leader: Netanyahu says building not limited to blocs

Annexing Israel to the settlements - Opinion - Israel News |

Lieberman: Israel plans most settlement homes since 1992‏

Liberman : les constructions dans les implantations au plus haut depuis 1992

Liberman: Settlement building at highest level since 1992

West Bank water theft drains Israelis and Palestinians dry

70% of Israelis don’t view Israeli control of Judea and Samaria as ‘occupation.’

ADL blasts top Likud officials for attending launch of anti-Arab book

Publication of Pro-Terrorist Ad in The Forward Raises Eyebrows in Jewish Media World

Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues

The plot against Israel - Israel News -

Netanyahu seeks to limit left-wing groups’ access to High Court — report

Israeli cabinet decides to reduce Gaza electricity supply in agreement with Abbas' request - Israel News -

Is Israel's president an anti-Semite? - Opinion - Israel News |

Gaza power cuts boost tension with Israel - Israel News -

Israeli Chief Rabbis Endorse Ethnic Cleansing, Palestinian Servitude

‘Nuke Israel’ Message Stuck To Door Of Colorado Chabad Center

As an American Jew, I celebrated Israel's 1967 victory. Now I'm protesting the occupation - Six-Day War – 50 years -

Bennett booed, called a ‘Nazi’ at left-wing confab

Left-winger gives Bennett Nazi salute at Haaretz conference Gary Willig , Yesterday, 8:43 PM

Naftali Bennett VIDEO: Bennett encounters Nazi insults at pro-peace summit Photos emerged of a woman performing a 'Heil Hitler' salute. Another woman was filmed calling Bennett a "Nazi" at the event.

Israel's Bennett cites U.S. example to defend his professors' ethics code, omits crucial difference - Israel News -

Explained: Israeli education minister's plan to bar professors from voicing their views - Israel News -

Israeli university heads blast new ethical code as 'dictates' undermining academic freedom - Israel News -

Nationalist activists arrested in Jerusalem Orly Harari , Yesterday, 9:37 AM

The creeping fascism of Israel’s right-wingers - Opinion - Israel News |

Digital rights groups fight back against biometrics A digital rights group fights Israel’s biometric database law, set to go into effect on July 3; an NGO pushes to prevent the system from being implemented.

Minister Regev to shun music awards over performance of Palestinian poet's song

Kansas passes anti-BDS bill

It's offensive to say we American Jews are "parachuting in" to anti-occupation protests - Opinion - Israel News |

‘Antifa’s Most Prominent Jew’ Booted From Twitter

Thom Yorke, this is why you should boycott Israel - Opinion - Israel News |

Roger Waters The battle against BDS proponent Roger Waters Antisemitism think tank launches website, petition, campaign against Israel boycott-backing rocker.

La Guerre des Six Jours : un tournant historique dans le discours négationniste

Guerre des 6 jours : que s’est-il réellement passé en juin 1967 ?

Une "tuile" pour le CRIF : un char BDS à la fête de Grenoble !

L'ONU défend son agence d'aide aux Palestiniens après les critiques d'Israël

Le journaliste Jean-Paul Ney : « Le BDS était le sigle d’une unité de...

« En France, l'atlantisme et le sionisme sont les deux mamelles des néocons »
Bennett 'We will not divide the land with our enemies'. Education Minister slams report US asked Israel to transfer parts of Area C to Area B and give them to the PA.

Higher education in Israel set to become more segregated

Le Parlement tchèque appelle à des sanctions contre l’UNESCO, trop partiale envers Israël

BDS activists in Berlin. Israel's anti-BDS "Start-up" Ministry

Estonia blasts BDS, calls Israel 'a friend and partner'

Nouvelle provocation d’Oran Hazan avec une photo du Dôme du Rocher

Mass Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli jails ends after visitation deal

Jerusalem: Capital of Jewish deceit

Bennett Protests New Concessions Transferring More Land to the Palestinian Authority, Calling it a Security Risk

For the Israeli right, only 100% obedience will do

At Last: Foreign Ministry Completes Worldwide Distribution of ‘The Legality of Settlement’

The Israeli lawmaker heralding genocide against Palestinians


Dartmouth Professor Backs Out As Dean Amid BDS Controversy

Israël condamne un écrivain palestinien, Ahmad Qatamish, à la détention administrative

The World’s Irrational Hatred Of Israel

Palestinian hunger-strikers' health deteriorating after 38 days, say prisoners

Revue du dernier livre de l’historien israélien Ilan Pappé « Ten Myths about Israel »

Punched, dismantled, unbowed: How Diaspora Jews are unsettling the occupation

Bribing Palestinians and censoring textbooks: An inside look at the Israeli occupation's early years - Six-Day War – 50 years

Wave of cancellations hits Tel Aviv LGBT film festival due to BDS pressure

Jewish-American protester hurt by Israeli cops: I'm proud to be Jewish, but occupation is not Judaism

Inside The Israel Palestine Crisis

Des échauffourées contre Linda Sarsour, soutien du BDS, lors d’un rassemblement

How Israel Jails Palestinians Because They Fit the 'Terrorist Profile'

Israeli Chief Rabbi Likens 'Immodest' Women to Animals, Has a Tip for Devout Soldiers

Des étudiants exhortent à la fin des échanges policiers entre les USA et Israël

Top PLO official to 'Post': Kushner cannot broker peace with Israel

Trump Blasts Hezbollah as it Ousts al-Qaeda

Trump used Netanyahu to sell Mexican president on border wall

In leaked transcript of White House call, Trump lauds Israel’s wall

Trump cited Netanyahu in wall conversation with Mexican president

Trump to Mexican president: Netanyahu told me the wall works

LEAKED: Trump BEGGED Mexican President To Stop Talking About The Wall

New Graffiti on West Bank Barrier Pokes Fun at Trump's Love of Walls

Leaked transcript of Trump's phone call with Netanyahu during Temple Mount crisis - as if - Israel News -

US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to Palestinians‏

Netanyahu to Guterres: UN in Charge of Peace But allows Palestinian Hatred to Flourish

US threatens to cut UN funding over settlement ‘blacklist’ – report

'UN money is paving the way for the next murder'---- Families of Israelis murdered by terrorists slam UN, demand UN Sec.-Gen. cut funding for groups which provide legal aid to terrorists.

Groups express concern AS UNRWA boosts funding to Palestinians

Netanyahu pummels media, accuses ‘fake news industry’ of trying to topple him

'Fake News is at its peak' Inside Israel

Netanyahu assails Israel's 'fake news industry' to thousands of supporters

Netanyahu Faces Arrest Charges If He Sets Foot in Spain

Zionist Union leaders to Guterres: Fight antisemitism at UN

Netanyahu: We will never abandon West Bank settlements to radical Islam

In West Bank, Netanyahu Vows to Never Remove Settlements: 'We're Here to Stay'

Netanyahu vows he will never evacuate another settlement

No more settlements will be evacuated, Netanyahu vows

After Palestinians Petition, Israel Says It Will Remove Settlers From Hebron House

Netanyahu Is Abandoning American Jews — Because He Can

Guerres impérialistes: Israël danger permanent pour le monde…

Les terroristes du Mossad frappent en Suède - France-Irak Actualité

Family of Palestinian 'assassinated by Mossad': 'We’re not safe even in Sweden' - Palestinians -

EU demands Israel rebuild illegal Palestinian school structures

Israel revokes citizenship of hundreds of Negev Bedouin, leaving them stateless - Israel News -

Death of Gazan boy puts spotlight on polluted water

Former Chief Rabbi may become former rabbi 'Currently examining denial of various rabbinical qualifications given him by Chief Rabbinate of Israel.'

Israel's Minister of Religious Indoctrination

Francfort veut interdire ses salles municipales au BDS

Jerusalem stakeout reveals 'new generation' of radical Jewish settlers - Israel News -

Israel will not evacuate more settlements, Netanyahu pledges

Fake history: Netanyahu boasts about 'ancient Jerusalem coin' - turns out to be kids' souvenir - Israel News -

Israel Destroys Palestinian School Day Before Classes Begin

La police interdit des manuels palestiniens dans une école du mont du Temple

Le Canada renouvelle son soutien financier aux réfugiés palestiniens

In Israel-centric remarks, Kushner faults Palestinian leaders for inciting violence at ‘Temple Mount’

Trump's foreign policy chaos is putting Israel at risk, but U.S. Jews are in denial - Opinion - Israel News |

Right-wing Jewish leader bemoans loss of 'strong Israel supporter'

Meet Steve Adler, Austin’s Mellow Mayor — Who’s Getting Feisty Under Trump

Erekat critique le « silence » de Washington sur la « colonisation »

Donald Trump drove apart this Jewish couple. They should have listened to their rabbi.

Hysterical Israel advocates demand Tillerson resign

Israel designed 9/11 to spread Islamophobia (Video)

America’s Militarized Police Made in Israel?

L'industrie du processus de paix fait perdurer le conflit israélo-palestinien (Ben White)

Le nouveau plan “de paix” de Netanyahu est directement inspiré de l’apartheid d’Afrique du Sud (Ali Abunimah)

PM expresses public support for death penalty to terrorists

Ruling on Hebron shooter's appeal shows the Israeli army hasn't lost its morals - Israel News -

Military court upholds conviction, 18-month sentence for Hebron shooter

Is Elor Azaria Israel’s OJ Simpson?

As Azaria case roils politicians, IDF ethicist slams soft sentence

Elor Azaria is no hero, and he knows it‏

Ben White: "Rights group Amnesty International has said Azaria's sentence does 'not reflect the gravity of the offence'."

Netanyahu calls for pardoning Elor Azariya

Netanyahu joins mob that sees judges as traitors

Netanyahu Will Not Need to Resign if Indicted, Justice Minister Says

Police corruption unit interrogates Sara Netanyahu

Enquêtes de corruption sur Netanyahu : Manifestation devant le domicile du Procureur général

Israel Police tells court: Netanyahu suspected of bribery and fraud

Netanyahu Suspected of Bribery and Fraud Is Top News in Israel - but Not for One Paper

Netanyahu's top aide turning state's witness leaves almost no doubt: The PM will be indicted

La pression judiciaire augmente sur Netanyahu

Police: PM is suspected in bribery, fraud and breach of trust

Who is Ari Harow, the man who could bring down Benjamin Netanyahu? - Israel News -

Un ex-collaborateur de Netanyahu accepte de témoigner contre lui

Netanyahu says corruption probe is a ‘witch hunt’

The Migrants None Dares To Talk About: Why more Israelis are moving to the US

New York Sen. Gillibrand Won’t Support Anti-BDS Bill Without Changes

Author of anti-Israel UN report is mixed up in antisemitic FB groups

'Racist, homophobe, bully, fascist': Sons of Israeli leaders trade barbs on Facebook - Israel News -

Bibi’s in-law tells Arab press that Netanyahu opposes a Palestinian state and that all his noises of ‘wanting peace’ are just ‘insincere maneuvers’

Haim Saban, wife fund construction of Druze Soldiers Heritage Center in northern Israel

Palestinian boy seriously wounded by Israeli army gunfire near separation barrier - Israel News -

With Jerusalem poised to explode, Israeli far-right - and Adelson - pour on fresh fuel - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel's exporting its ultra-nationalist, religious right, and Diaspora kids are the target - Opinion - Israel News |

Israeli forces install iron gate at an entrance of Bethlehem-area town

Furieux face à l’expansion palestinienne, les habitants d’implantations veulent remanier les priorités d’Israël

Israeli Court Approves Sale of Three Strategic East Jerusalem Buildings to Right-wing Jewish Group

Poll: 70% of Israelis support death penalty for Palestinian terrorists 70% of Israeli Jews Back Death Penalty for Terrorists, Poll Says

American Jews shouldn't fear the Palestinian flag - Opinion - Israel News |

As Israeli settlers flood Al Aqsa to intimidate and incite against Palestinians, let's remember the words of Israeli politicians

Uncritical Jewish identification with oppressive Israeli policies fuels anti-Semitism -- Klug

Dominique de Villepin : «Lever la voix face au massacre perpétré à Gaza»

Les Indiens insensibles à la bombe puante made in Israël

Singing ‘hit, hit Zionists,’ thousands rally against Israel in Istanbul

If Israel's occupation doesn't end, anti-Semitism worldwide will rise to sinister heights - Opinion - Israel News |

Palestinian Flag Jewish Summer Camp apologizes after flying Palestinian flag. The camp raised the flag as a gesture of "friendship and acceptance" for a visiting delegation.


---Israel + Palestine in the Gilded Age [FULL]---Shiri Eisner: On Israeli Homo-nationalism---Justification for Killing Babies---Israel's War on Africans 5---Attacks on Jewish allies---Smearing Africans as violent---Refugees organize in vain-Kicking out all the Africans---Zionism's Anti-African Front---26.1.17 Refugees protesting against deportation-Blaming Rape on Race---

Shielding Israel from Popular Outrage

Réponse à l'antisioniste Shlomo Sand

Israel’s anti-BDS blacklists - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News |

North Carolina governor signs anti-BDS legislation

70 organisations, associations, partis et syndicats demandent à la société AXA de se conformer au droit international et de rompre avec la politique coloniale et d’apartheid israélienne

Pascal Boniface: Crise des Portiques, Al Aqsa: "Ce conflit a été relégué à l'arrière-plan de l'actualité par la guerre en #Syrie, #Irak (...) mais rien n'est réglé"

Le front anti-Israël en Afrique se fissure : le Cap-Vert annonce...

Vos sionistes, Bergoglio !

L'étendue de l'Apartheid israélien

Israël a tué 7 étudiants palestiniens jusqu'à présent cette année

Commentaire de Charles Enderlin responsable (retraité depuis peu) de France2 à Jérusalem

En Israël la droite religieuse et messianique est au gouvernement Et ne commet pas d'attentats contre le pouvoir. Elle est au pouvoir
L'assassin de Rabin, Yigal Amir était seul. Les rabbins qui l'ont influencé ont pignon sur rue et n'ont jamais été inquiétés
je refuse de comparer le conflit à l'affaire algérienne. 1 Il n'y a pas de De Gaulle
2: Il n'y a pas d'organisation secrète agissant contre l'état. Pas de commandos commettant des attentats et attaquent le chef de l'état
3: L'assassinat de Rabin n'était pas le fait d'un commando mais l'acte d'un seul influencé par les rabbins messianiques qui sont au pouvoir

Un élu ultra-nationaliste slovaque inculpé pour "extrémisme"

Bus seats mistaken for burqas by anti-Arab group

Divorcing music from anti-Semitism, Israeli soprano takes on taboo at Wagner fest

Amalgame Antisionisme-Antisémitisme : les « Justes » musulmans oubliés

Un groupe juif irlandais défend un journaliste viré pour «...

Irish Jewish leaders defend columnist fired for anti-Semitic references

Sunday Times Fires Anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denying Columnist

Le Sunday Times retire un article antisémite ciblant une animatrice juive de la BBC

Sunday Times columnist fired for column containing anti-Semitic references

Sunday Times pulls anti-Semitic article targeting female BBC hosts

Irish writer says he deserved to be fired for anti-Semitic column

Controversial British activist says top Jewish group tried to shut down her one-woman show

A Tel-Aviv, Gérard Depardieu: "J’aime beaucoup Israël, les Français qui font leur alya, je les envie !" - Le Monde Juif

Israel had no 'expulsion policy' against the Palestinians in 1948 - Books -

CIA Analysis of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War — Central Intelligence Agency

Watch: Leftists call Canadian JDL activists 'Nazis': 'We have indigenous people, Jews, blacks, whites demonstrating for free speech - and then a bunch of whites come, call us racist.' C'est parce que les mouvements antiacistes sont surtout pilotés par des blancs, de même le mouvement antisioniste est rempli de blancs éduqués.

Why the U.K.'s neo-Nazis Are Posing With Israeli Flags

Does ‘Death Wish’ Show How Jews Benefit From White Supremacist Fantasies?

The Mossad operative who formed the Jewish underground in North Africa - Israel News -

Georges Corm, historien et économiste, pour La nouvelle question d’Orient, paru le 30 mars dernier aux éditions La Découverte.

Entretien avec Henry Laurens sur le troisième affrontement israélo-arabe

Fascism, Neoliberalism, Endless Wars: Where in Fact Is Fascism?

Corbyn under fire for implying UK wars are inviting terrorism

Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour's Corbyn to Terrorism

Scahill and Greenwald: What if All Victims of War Received the Media Attention of Manchester Victims?

Corbyn: War on Terror is not Working - We Need a New Solution

What Impact Will the Manchester Bombing Have on Israel-Palestine Peace Process?

BIGGEST LIAR: Alex Jones Says “Liberal Trendies” To Blame For Manchester Attack VOYEZ: ALEX JONES DIT EXACTEMENT LA MÊME CHOSE QUE LE FOU JOE LIBERMAN (voir nouvelle suivante). SORAL ET ZEMMOUR DIRAIENT AUSSI LA MÊME CHOSE BIEN SÛR: "C'EST LA FÔTE AU POLITIQUEMENT CORRECT". (Aux Usa, on appelle les politiquement corrects "liberals", prononcer lib-rulz.)

Liberman slams Europe’s 'PC' behavior for impeding war on terror

Here... Comes... CORBYN!

Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour's Corbyn to Terrorism

Theodore Shoebat: Victims Of Manchester Bombing Were Pro-Sodomite ‘Sluts’ And ‘Whores’

Le leader antisioniste de la gauche britannique Jeremy Corbyn est-il visé derrière l'attentat de Manchester ?

(Frédéric Encel, propagandiste sioniste ex-membre du Bétar fan de Jabotinski) « Nous sommes frappés par Daech pour ce que nous sommes et pas pour ce que nous faisons. » (Vidéo)

Photos de la conférence avec Philippe Val et Frédéric Encel

La France vote ‘pour’ une résolution de l’OMS critiquant Israël

"Haine de l’État juif" à l’ONU : la France de Macron vote une...

Le lobby israélien contraint au retrait d’un deuxième candidat aux élections législatives françaises

Pujadas éjecté : la victoire du Crif

Les horreurs de la colonisation. A quand un TPI pour juger les crimes contre l’humanité?

Finkielkraut a (presque) tout compris de l'anticomplotisme de Nabe - YouTube

« Monsieur le président, il n’appartient pas à l’Elysée de choisir les journalistes »

«Avec papa Emmanuel pour les riches c’est déjà Noël?» Attac contre l'IFI de Macron

Selon L’Obs, le PS préparait un coup d’Etat de cas de victoire de Le Pen

Crif et lobby sioniste : un candidat En Marche retiré en Seine-Maritime pour antisionisme !

Le vote Front national des périurbains n’est pas un geste de «petits Blancs» (Jade Lindgaard)

Les horreurs de la colonisation : un peu d'Histoire s'il-vous-plaît

Édouard Philippe — Wikipédia

Edouard Philippe, un Bilderberg à Matignon?

Alain Soral , bientôt à l'UPR ?

Réponse à Zemmour

Quand le Wall Street Journal rencontre les Juifs qui votent Le Pen



L’appel au vote pour Marine Le Pen encore tabou pour les «néo-réacs»

Comment le Front national est devenu «normal»

Officials had secret plan to ‘protect the Republic’ after Le Pen victory

Infamous Neo-Nazi Hacker Sought To Flip French Election

Macron vs. Le Pen: France's bitter presidential run-off race (part 1) - France 24

Julien Salingue : « Avec Macron, c’est du ni Palestine, ni Palestine »

French President Macron’s New Cabinet Is Split On Israel

French President Emmanuel Macron’s party withdraws 2nd candidate who supported BDS

French President’s Party Withdraws 2nd Candidate Who Supported BDS

Macron unveils diverse cabinet featuring critics, advocates of Israel

JDL partners with Soldiers of Odin on ‘ad hoc’ basis

Israël-Palestine, une histoire française (1967-2017) (Alain Gresh et Hélène Aldeguer)

Pdf-Libgen Online Library: Israel and the Clash of Civilizations by Jonathan Cook Très conseillé

Paul Gottfried, the Jewish Godfather of the 'Alt-Right' – Tablet Magazine

What Made Trump Hire Religious Right Lawyer Jay Sekulow?

Trump Judicial Nominee Promoted Work Of Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists in Blog Posts

Which Jewish Journalist Is Getting Accolades From A Top Internet Nazi?

The Jewish provocateur caught in the turf war as the 'alt-right' battles the 'alt-light' - U.S. News -

Readers of Brite-Bart, Fox Nation, InfoWars, etc., tickled as punch over London van-attack on Arabs leaving Mosque

Bannon's War: Frontline Documentary - YouTube

18 Israeli Fighter Jets Landed in Saudi Arabia to Prevent Coup

Israeli Fighter Jets Deployed in S. Arabia to Prevent Coup

Trump Slow to Condemn Terror Attacks When Muslims Are the Victims

Trump Says Qátár Supports Terrór -- Then Sells Them Weápóns

John McCain and Paul Ryan Hold 'Good Meeting' With Veteran Ukrainian Nazi Demagogue Andriy Parubiy

Israel’s Quiet Campaign to Gain a Foothold in Southern Syria

Israel attacks Syrian tanks in response to wayward projectiles

L’objectif d’Israël, des États-Unis et de l’Arabie saoudite est de liquider la cause palestinienne

Top spy chiefs talk about Trump's intel leak, Israel's security challenges in the region

Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to Iran and Saudi Arabia

Pour Emmanuel Macron, il n'y a pas de successeur légitime à Bachar el-Assad

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War

Netanyahu rejects WSJ report revealing that Israel gives financial aid to Syrian rebels

Israel reportedly providing direct aid, funding to Syrian rebels

Complot ? israhelll soupçonné de financer les rebelles du Golan !

Netanyahu : Israël n’aide pas financièrement les rebelles syriens

“Israel’s Secret Engagement”: UN Raises Alarm over “Contacts” Between Israeli Forces and Syrian Terrorists including ISIS-Daesh

UN sees spike in Israeli army meetings with Syrian rebels, warns of escalation |

How They Do It– ‘A Righteous Israel must bomb Assad’s crematoria’

Two Killed in Israeli Airstrikes on Syrian Army in Golan Heights, Local Reports Say

Kushner And Greenblatt Head To Israel In New Peace Push

He speaks! Top White House aide Kushner gives rare remarks

Ahead of Jared Kushner’s visit, Netanyahu struggles to enact West Bank compromises for peace

Jared Kushner speaks — and the internet is obsessed

Rencontre "productive" entre le gendre de Trump et Netanyahu à Jérusalem

Kushner's arrival ups the ante in Trump's opening peace bid

Kushner Should Tell Trump: Drop the ‘Ultimate Deal’ Idea

Jared and Ivanka do their own thing as observant Jews. And that’s normal.

Sheldon Adelson donated $5 million to Trump's inauguration, documents reveal - U.S. News -

Leave the Jews Out of the Trump Debate

Trump’s Jewish advisors butting heads over Israel ‏

Trump Administration Pressuring Israel to Move Ahead With Peace Deal, Senior Israeli Minister Says

'Trump advisers don't understand Israel's fear of Palestinian state'

Trump administration pressuring Israel to move ahead with peace deal

Donald Trump Jr. Takes To Twitter Over Israel Terror Attack

Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

La suppression par le département d’Etat du contrôleur de l’antisémitisme crée le malaise

State Department Will Leave Anti-Semitism Monitoring Office Unstaffed

Haim Saban backs US bill on slashing funds to Palestinian Authority

How to Fight Islamic Terrorism Effectively? Learn From Israel

Jewish groups spar over Trump National Security Advisor McMaster’s Israel record

The 'alt-right' plot against McMaster, spurred by its Jewish fellow travelers - Opinion - Israel News |

Zionist Organization of America demands Trump fire National Security advisor McMasters over his ‘negative’ view on Israel

Trump calls McMaster ‘pro-Israel’ as national security adviser comes under fire from far right

Trump Defends McMaster, Calls Him ‘Pro-Israel’ After Far-Right Attacks

Far-right affiliates of Steve Bannon attack National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster for being 'controlled by Jews' and 'hostile to Israel'

Trump defends 'pro-Israel' national security head under fire

Former Pentagon Official: Israeli Right, Bannon Allies Trying To Oust McMaster

McMaster solidifies power at NSC, supports Iran deal and sees Israel as an ‘occupier’

Trump Begs Mexican President To Pay For The Wall In Embarrassing Transcript

Trump To Mexican Pres: Wall Is 'Least Important Thing We Are Talking About'

Paul Ryan Releases Bizarre Music Video Ad To Push For Border Wall

Le Département d’Etat estime qu’Israël est un « facteur de violence » | Arrêt sur Info

Sen. Charles Schumer joins sponsors of bill cutting payments to Palestinian Authority

BDS Embraced By Democratic Socialists — Including Jewish Members

Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Think Boycotting Israel Should Be Illegal

Senator Warren Comes Out Against anti-BDS Bill

Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Against Senate Anti-BDS Bill

At town hall, Sen. Warren says Israel Anti-Boycott Act ‘violates our basic constitution’

Democratic Socialists of America Endorse BDS, Threatening a Bernie Sanders–DNC coalition

US Democratic leader: Party’s support for Israel not waning

Video: Israel Complains Assad Is Winning in Syria

Trump Exposed Netanyahu as the Peace Rejectionist

Trump: I Won’t Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Before Giving Peace ‘A Shot’

Sheldon Adelson group changes how it’s selling Israel on campus

What Dennis Ross Gets Wrong About the ‘Israel Lobby’ – The Forward

Has the Israel Lobby Destroyed Americans’ First Amendment Rights?

U.S. ambassador’s adviser ran 'dark money' nonprofit that donated $1m to right-wing Israeli group - Israel News -

Schumer to Tillerson: Don’t return trove of Jewish artifacts to Iraq

Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi fired for exposing warmongers and ethnic cleansers

Ex CIA Officer Phil Giraldi– ‘How I Got Fired… Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences’

Trump to UN chief: Netanyahu more difficult than Abbas

Growing frustration in Likud with Trump administration

Bernie Sanders meets with prominent Palestinian activist targeted by Israel and Abbas

American Ambassador Falsely Claims Israel Occupies Only 2% Of West Bank

US Ambassador Friedman: Israel 'only occupying 2% of the West Bank'

Settlers hail US ambassador for saying settlements part of Israel

US Jewish leaders slam UN rights chief over West Bank blacklist

Israel spies opportunity as U.S. gives Cyber Command major upgrade - U.S. News -

L’ONU prend une première mesure en vue de mettre fin à l’impunité d’Israël Une liste fournie par l’ONU des sociétés qui ont des relations économiques avec les colonies illégales d’Israël donnerait une impulsion au mouvement mondial pour les droits des Palestiniens. Reste à […]

Netanyahu: Reconciliation with the Palestinians risks ‘our existence’

Palestinians React to Opening of First US Military Base in Israel

Linda Sarsour at racial justice march: 'It is not my job to educate Jewish people that Palestinians deserve dignity' - U.S. News -

How They Do It–Sheldon Adelson group changes how it’s selling Israel on campus

By backing ‘Greater Jerusalem’ bill, is PM leaning toward annexing settlements?

From 'The Jerusalem Post' to the top post in the prime minister's office

In Israel's eyes, no Palestinian struggle is legitimate - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel's nation-state bill needs borders - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu hopes children do not go into politics 'It's a very tough life,' explains Netanyahu in Fox News interview, while admitting that 'maybe one' of his children will nevertheless choose to become a politican.

Des centaines de Juifs noirs refusent le service militaire et accusent Israël de racisme institutionnel – Pour la Palestine

Paroles juives contre le racisme (UJFP)

Israeli army combating a new kind of cyber threat - Israel News -

Mark Zuckerberg's Carefully Curated Jewish Conscience Is Shallow and Evasive

When Interpol clashes with the 'Bibi doctrine'

“Herzl Is Modern Day Moses”, Proclaims Netanyahu at Zionist Celebration

Israel must not let Arab states hijack UNESCO ‏

Why I Found a London Play Framing Jews as a KKK-style Lynch Mob Strangely Touching

Conférence : Israël, une radicalisation décomplexée

Le Mossad responsable du génocide du Sud Soudan pour le pillage des ressources naturelles ?

Solidarité avec David Sheen (déclaration et pétition de soutien) | Agence Media Palestine

David Sheen accusé de diffamation | Front Line Defenders

Britain's pro-Palestinian left hasn't solved its Jew-baiting problem - Opinion - Israel News |

Why Are Corbyn’s Labour and the Trump Administration Such Fertile Ground for anti-Semites?

University Of Cape Town Considers Israel Boycott

Berkeley Blocks Pro-Israel Talk By Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz to sue UC Berkeley if pro-Israel speakers barred

Pro-BDS Activists to Launch Campaign Against Companies Operating in West Bank Settlements Announcement comes one day after it was revealed that the UN has been compiling a blacklist of Israeli and international firms operating in the West Bank, due to go public in the coming months

U.S. Legislators, AIPAC Push anti-BDS Bill After UN Letter Warns Companies Against Operating in Settlements (By Amir Tibon)

Documentary wishes Roger Waters weren’t here

Tony Blair calls Roger Waters anti-Israel views ‘ludicrous’

Updated: Waters takes aim at B'Nai B'rith Canada CEO at second Toronto show

B’nai Brith Canada réclame le boycott des spectacles de Roger Waters -Pink Floyd- (vidéos)

Jewish groups protest Roger Waters' Toronto concerts

Faut-il boycotter Roger Waters? | Le Journal de Montréal

Why Roger Waters is Guilty of Antisemitism

We talked to Roger Waters about BDS, Trump, Israel, Lebanon and Palestine

Roger Waters Targeted In Smear Campaign Over Palestine Advocacy

Roger Waters criticizes Michael Mostyn - YouTube

Roger Waters dans la mire de B'nai Brith

Distinguished Israeli Doctor Supports BDS– IMEMC News

Bavaria's Green Party: BDS same as Nazi 'Don’t buy from Jews' slogan

Facebook et Israël annoncent officiellement leur collaboration pour censurer les contenus des réseaux sociaux

Top secret materials German spy case closes after mystery Mossad agent fails to show for trial

Analysis Three Dirty Secrets of Israeli Banks' Foreign Operations

At solidarity rally, Netanyahu accuses left and media of trying to overthrow him

Netanyahu Tells Thousands: Media, the Left Mobilizing Against My Family to Commit a Coup

Right-wing U.S. group gave Netanyahu ex-chief of staff huge 'consulting fee' - Israel News -

Supreme Court: Netanyahu must reveal when he talked to mogul Adelson

Ari Harow aurait reçu de l’argent d’un groupe lié au milliardaire Lauder

Ex-Netanyahu aide received money from group tied to billionaire Lauder — report

The corruption scandals plaguing Benjamin Netanyahu and his family, explained

JPost Poll: 67% say Netanyahu should suspend himself if charged

Netanyahu's Billionaire Backer May Help Bring Him Down

'When they target Bibi, they target us': An evening with Netanyahu supporters - Israel News -

Under investigation, will Netanyahu turn Left or Right to save himself?

Netanyahu slams ‘fake news’ at Tel Aviv rally, calls investigations a ‘witch hunt’

Like a mafia movie: Ministers swore allegiance to boss Netanyahu while his wife called out 'traitors' - Israel News -

L’opposition dénonce Netanyahu, décrit en dictateur corrompu qui s’accroche au pouvoir

Will Ayelet Shaked Be Netanyahu’s Heiress?

By clinging to his seat, Netanyahu may be securing a plea bargain - Israel News -

Netanyahu must reveal timing of calls with Adelson, top court rules

In the twilight of his reign, Netanyahu is the star of a tragedy told many times before - Israel News -

The beginning of the end of King Bibi?

Ari Harow, the man who could bring down the prime minister

Ari Harow’s parents say his woes part of plot to topple PM

Ari Harow said to tell friends he is no traitor to PM

Harow ‘incriminates’ Netanyahu in corruption case, TV report claims

Netanyahu investigations have reached the point of no return‏

AG to announce indictment against Sara Netanyahu over alleged misuse of state funds

As prime minister, Netanyahu cannot hide behind a 'presumption of innocence' - Opinion - Israel News |

Sara Netanyahu Attorney General expected to indict Sara Netanyahu

Israeli Supreme Court: Netanyahu Must Hand Over Log Of Calls With Adelson

Netanyahu in the Dock? Bribery, Fraud and Breach of Trust

Only 27% of Israelis believe PM innocent of charges 2/3 of Israelis say PM must resign if indicted; just 27% believe he is innocent. How do the revelations affect Likud's electoral prospects?

Netanyahu’s wife seen close to being charged in expense affairs

Netanyahu's corruption isn't the problem, it's his ideology - Opinion - Israel News |

Suspicions Against Netanyahu Reach Critical Mass Members of the coalition who care about the rule of law must demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu step down

Poll: 66% of Israelis say Netanyahu should quit if indicted

Netanyahu Will Go But The Occupation Will Stay: Netanyahu’s Looming Fall Is No Cause for Celebration

Hate On The Far Left Is Just As Dangerous As Hate On The Far Right

A Plea To The Left: Stop Defending Anti-Semitism

How the Israeli right delegitimizes critics, and how the left should respond - Opinion - Israel News |

'People close to Azariya torpedoed his pardon' Leading activist in campaign to free Elor Azariya says deal to pardon soldier was close but ultimately shelved in a fight over credit.

Azaria greeted by supporters as he begins prison sentence‏

'I am proud of my son' Elor Azariya's parents speak about their painful feelings following their son's entry into military prison this morning.

Bureau chief to Haaretz: Netanyahu is colluding with Arab autocrats

Israeli army buying local cannons to sidestep international ban on cluster bombs

Israel, The Cluster-Bomb Nation

Gaza faces ‘increasingly dire situation,’ UN rights commissioner says

L’approche « apolitique » de la crise de l’eau en Palestine (Muna Dajani)

Gaza Power Watch: How Many Hours of Electricity Did Gaza Get Yesterday

880 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel in July 2017

Death penalty in Israel will bring occupation to the center of world attention - Opinion - Israel News |

The new right-wingers are self-hating Israelis - Opinion - Israel News |

The Israelis who take rebuilding the Third Temple very seriously - Israel News -

The Israelis who cultivate connections to Europe's fascists - Opinion - Israel News |

'Growing radicalism' of French Jewry puts non-Orthodox denominations on back foot - Europe -

Israel forces raid Catholic scouts camp

Don't be fooled by its Israeli Jewish gentrification - Jaffa largely remains an occupied military zone - Israel News - Israel News |

Germany: Referendum on 'legality of Israel' Authorities in Bremen ban pro-Iranian organization from conducting public referendum on whether Israel is illegal state.

Screenshot from the German website German city bans vote on 'Israel is illegal'

NGO says Israel banning Gazans from traveling with laptops

« Ils font chier, nettoyez Gaza » déclare un porte-parole pour la nouvelle campagne de l’UE

Israel says it plans to close Al Jazeera’s offices

Faire taire les journalistes palestiniens

Une communauté juive de Washington critique Roger Waters en vidéo

No, the Anti-BDS Bill Doesn’t Threaten Free Speech. But What It Does Might Be Worse



Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt seeks to ban 'deeply antisemitic' BDS

Evangelical Leader Calls to Picket Roger Waters’ Nashville Concert

‘The Palestine Exception’: War on BDS is now a war on American democracy

We Asked Two College Kids to Debate BDS. Here’s What Happened – The Forward

I Fought for Israel's Independence. I Admit: I Too Am a 'Palestinian Terrorist'

Activist threatens court action over ‘Product of Israel’ wine labelling

'Boycott is not the answer,' Jewish group says ahead of Waters gigs in DC

Anti-Israel protest Major German university students say BDS continues Nazi boycott

JCRC of Greater Washington produces video against Roger Waters. DC Jewish umbrella organization slams former Pink Floyd star's anti-Semitic obsession with Israel and BDS.

GB : une ex-militante du Labour affirme qu’une association juive a essayé de faire annuler son spectacle

Beitar Jerusalem wins anti-racism award for reducing anti-Arab chants

Israël: prix anti-raciste pour un club de football connu pour le racisme de ses fans

FRANCE – The Eiffel Tower ‘Secured’ By Israeli ex IDF Soldiers Since 2006 (WHY?!?!?!)

Controversial play on Gaza returning to London stage

UK – Fury at London Theatre Production of Israel’s Notorious Killing of American Rachel Corrie in 2003

Democratic Mega-donor Saban Backs Bill to Slash Funding to Palestinians Over Terrorist Payments

Nikki Haley tells UN: States supporting Hamas should face consequences

Haley seeks UN resolution to punish states backing Hamas

Tillerson hints: We may replace UNHRC

Former UN envoy draws parallel between Gaza strip and a concentration camp

Israel furious as UN set to host ’50 years of Israeli occupation’ event

Jewish millennials increasingly putting Zionism second and America first

Israel’s Dirty Little Secret – How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

Pourquoi tant d’acharnement à l’égard de George Soros ?

Quand l’étincelle juive d’un milliardaire américain devient un flambeau de Yom HaAtsmaout

Exclusive: How Netanyahu planned to target Barack Obama in 2015 election ad - Israel News -

Benjamin Netanyahu/BBC Fake news? PM in spat with BBC over report about Jerusalem stabbing

A massive donation and a Sheldon Adelson medical school: Israeli West Bank university to double in size - Israel News -

A hubbub in Adelson’s casino - Opinion - Israel News |

Sheldon Adelson questioned by police in Netanyahu corruption investigation | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Bolivia’s leader calls rival Chile the ‘Israel of South America’

Un haut-responsable de l’AP accuse Israël d’incitations et de glorification du terrorisme

US Interrogates Prisoners at UAE Torture Sites in Yemen

Foreign Affairs Hezbollah outposts under the guise of an agriculture NGO' Gary Willig , Yesterday, 8:55 PM

700.000 colons juifs vivent maintenant dans les territoires palestiniens occupés

Israeli settlement building has risen, official data shows

Israël lance la construction d'une nouvelle colonie

Germany: Israel's Treatment of NGOs With Foreign Funding Is Like Russia and China

Americans disproportionately leading the charge in settling the West Bank - Israel News -

Abbas: Netanyahu is racist for calling jailed Palestinians 'terrorists'

PM draws fire for offensive archived Likud ads Archived campaign propaganda is found in the Likud headquarters that offensively defamed Netanyahu's adversaries in the 2015 elections, and the response soon comes.

Raw sewage seeps out of Gaza as electricity supplies dwindle

Deux heures d’électricité par jour pour Gaza: Inimaginable ! (Ziad Medoukh)

Israel's plague of darkness for Gazans is an act of terrorism - Opinion - Israel News |

Shin Bet tracked ‘Hilltop Youth’ members charged with price-tag attacks

Alleged Jewish extremist to be held without charge despite court freeing him

Only Israelis, not Palestinians, are entitled to mourn their dead - Opinion - Israel News |

Does the Israeli playwright who celebrates Palestinian prisoners support terrorism? - Israel News -

Palestinian Authority blocks access to news sites linked to Abbas rivals

How is Israel spending our money?

Daech et le Hamas revendiquent la même attaque à Jérusalem !

Knesset Committee Hears Israel Must Adjust Policy to Comply with US Jews’ Politics

The left is saving Israel - Opinion - Israel News |

Un ‘Code de Déontologie’ israélien pour étouffer officiellement la Liberté Académique – les Palestiniens exhortent à intensifier le BDS

'Arrogant'? 'Necessary'? The big debate about American Jews' role in anti-occupation protests - Opinion - Israel News |

Hundreds turn out for anti-Israel march in London

Israël commence à réduire les livraisons d'électricité à Gaza

Des médecins israéliens auraient testé des Yéménites pour le “sang de négro”

Jewish scholars say Dartmouth prof who signed pro-BDS statement was treated unfairly

Security chiefs ask settler rabbis to ‘calm’ hilltop youth

Arab-Free Theocracy: Veteran Settler Offers Rare Glimpse into Religious-Zionist Vision for Israel - Israel News -

Every Good Jew Hates Arabs | The Ugly Truth

What About Jewish Terrorists? | The Ugly Truth

3 Jewish teens detained for vandalizing World War I cemetery in Beersheba

Can Hasidic Village Survive Vote Fraud Scandal?

Puppet of History: Panama’s Manuel Noriega

Firebrand anti-leftist group, which slams foreign funding of Israeli NGOs, received over $1M from U.S. donors - Israel News -

Op-ed Why the government is afraid of academia

Im Tirtzu: Those affected by NGO bill denigrate Israel, defend terrorists - Israel News -

BDS activists launch tirade against MK, Holocaust survivor One protestor, wearing a t-shirt with the words "Boycott Israel," accused the Israeli MK representative of apartheid.

Rabbi Calls for Poisoning of Palestinian Water Supply

A California College’s Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories

Anti-Zionist mob throws stones at police, calls soldiers Nazis Haredi Community ‏

Palestinians ask UNESCO to ‘protect’ Tomb of Patriarchs from Israel

The movement that saw Israeli settlements as redemption for Jews and the world - Israel News -

Einstein letters on relativity, God and moving to Israel fetch $210K in Jerusalem auction - Israel News - Auction house sells eight letters for nearly five times more than presale estimate; Uri Geller buys letter about a U.S. physicist possibly moving to Israel

Jewish group slams US stadiums for failing to boycott Roger Waters

Breaking the Silence spokesman questioned over 'beating an Arab' Arutz Sheva Staff , Yesterday, 12:12 PM

‘Israeli Spring’: Ehud Barak Says Time Is Ripe for Broad Front to Topple Netanyahu Government

Jewish Students Are Suing San Francisco State University for ‘Anti-semitism’

Un ‘Code de Déontologie’ israélien pour étouffer officiellement la Liberté Académique - les Palestiniens exhortent à intensifier le BDS

Enquête policière sur un responsable de ‘Breaking the silence’

ZOA: Don't give Roger Waters a platform Zionist Organization of America calls on concert facilities not to give a platform to anti-Israel activist Roger Waters.

Tel Aviv Women Don Red Cloaks To Promote ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

'The Handmaid’s Tale': A cautionary story for women in Israel - Opinion - Israel News |

Settlers pout, and Netanyahu promises to build them new homes - Israel News -

Le Monde à l’épreuve de la méthode de son « Décodex »

French President Snubs Neocons In Suprising Foreign Policy Reversal

John King: Fox And Friends Is State TV For Trump

Lawmakers urge (DEMAND) Trump to appoint White House Jewish liaison

Israel launches preemptive strike in psychological war with Hezbollah - Israel News -

GAZA : face à l’étranglement de toute une population, la France et l’Europe doivent agir d’urgence (AFPS)

Israel's right-wing neophytes have discovered postmodernism - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu critiqué pour ses incitations à la haine dans une biographie de Rabin

Mexican journalists, activists targeted with Israeli spyware — report
Mexico Uses Israeli Spyware to Target Lawyers, Journalists and Activists

A New American Peace Proposal Could Be Very Bad for Israel

Jewish Employees Get Lowest Salaries In Trump Administration - Sorta

Jared Kushner Keeps These People On Speed-Dial – The Forward

Israel-Palestine: Does Jared Kushner have the Chops to Negotiate Peace in a 50 Year Conflict?

Tillerson Said To Be Frustrated By Kushner Bigfooting On Foreign Policy

ADL, religious leaders call on Rex Tillerson to appoint envoy to combat anti-Semitism

Tillerson urged to appoint special envoy on anti-Semitism‏

L’AP accuse Nikki Haley d’être raciste et « anti-palestinienne »

Israelis who hate American Jews - Opinion - Israel News |

Why U.S. Jewish liberals won’t be manning the anti-occupation barricades anytime soon - Opinion - Israel News |

U.S. Jewry shocks Israelis by resisting traditional sado-maso routine - Opinion - Israel News |

U.S. rabbis just got a close-up look at occupation in the West Bank

After UN hosts 2-day anti-Israel event, Israel’s envoy says it colludes with terror supporters

UN forum on Palestinians is anti-Israel, World Jewish Congress protests

Le chef de l’ONU prend ses distances par rapport au sommet palestinien pour les ’50 ans d’occupation’

Israel abuzz over whether Sheldon Adelson is ditching Netanyahu for a new favorite - Israel News -

Rich uncles, poor Bibi
The Conflict in Syria Was Always Israel’s War

Israeli-syllabus School Set Up in Syrian Area Controlled by Terrorist Armed Groups

Israel struck Syrian and Hezbollah arms convoys nearly 100 times in five years

If Israel did strike Syrian arms facility, it may have shot itself in the foot - Israel News -

Syrian Army: Israeli Attack a Desperate Attempt to Boost ISIS Morale

'Israel strikes chemical arms plant in Syria

Israel’s Message to Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, US: We Are Players in Syria

Trump, Putin and the ceasefire they brokered are the real targets of Israel’s alleged strike in Syria

How Trump’s Mideast Policy Endangers Israel vis a vis Russia’s Moves on Hezbollah in Syria

Defense Ministry unveils weapons of the future Ministry presents a number of developments, soon to become operational in the IDF, including state-of-the-art drones, unmanned armored vehicles and intel-gathering submarines.

Steve Bannon Loves Israel And The Jews — Really

Gorka : les Juifs américains libéraux sont “fondamentalement anti-Israël”

Truth About Gorka, Liberal Jews and Israel

Are Jews white and is Richard Spencer a white supremacist? Wikipedia debates - U.S. News -

Europe’s Far-Right Proves It’s Possible To Be Pro-Israel And Anti-Semitic

These Jewish Trump Supporters Aren’t Backing Down — Despite Growing Opposition

Pro-Trump Jews keep the faith despite Charlottesville controversy - U.S. News -

To All My Jewish Friends Who Supported Trump Because He’s ‘pro-Israel’–Newsflash–He’s Not

Meet Mort Zuckerman, The Pro-Israel Mogul Who Just Sold The Daily News

Knesset members outraged at UN funding legal aid for terrorists

DC court dismisses case alleging wealthy US Jews support Israeli war crimes

Billion-dollar lawsuit against Israel donors dismissed-- Arab lawsuit targeted donors to Jewish state, including billionaire casino magnate, GOP donor Sheldon Adelson.

The fake news of Trump and Netanyahu’s war on the media - Israel News -

Netanyahu shamelessly vilifies the left as the crowd chants 'King Bibi' - Israel News -

Who’s afraid of Ayelet Shaked? Meet the secular Jewish nationalist who could be Israel’s prime minister - Israel News -

Time to Tell the Truth: Zionism Contradicts Human Rights

When Gideon Levy fell in love with Ayelet Shaked - Opinion - Israel News |

Zionism Contradicts Human Rights and Universal Justice: Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Speaks the Truth

Why I prefer Ayelet Shaked - Israel News |

Netanyahu: Illegal Settlements Here To Stay 'Forever'

PM: Infiltrators have no right to live in Israel

Le président de la Croix-Rouge condamne les implantations, qualifiées de « défi humanitaire »

Largest settlement expansion in East Jerusalem set for approval

Israel's Jewish-Only Right of Return Displaces Palestinians for 2nd Time

Israeli Right-wing Party Wants to Pay Palestinians to Leave Israel

En faisant une "exception pour la Palestine" à la liberté d'expression, ceux qui veulent interdire la campagne BDS déclarent la guerre à la démocratie US

‘African Nations Willing to Absorb Infiltrators from Israel’

Is “Jewish Supremacy” a Form of Racism? The Zionist Exception

Watch PM Netanyahu Explain How Palestinian Authority Programs Children To Be Terrorists

Netanyahu bars Al Jazeera's Israel chief from government press seminar on freedom of speech

Self-hatred: It’s not just for self-haters!

Jerusalem municipal leaders say they ‘regret’ voting for anti-Reform chief rabbi

How They Do It– In the attempt at remaking his image to the American people, Netanyahu to feature on Fox News entertainment show

Chief rabbi rage: A toxic clash of religion and politics

Israeli Man Indicted for Making Death Threats Against Reform Movement Leaders

Trump retweets praise from a pro-Israel account | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Netanyahu’s high-risk pressure on 'pressure cooker' Trump to confront Iran - Opinion - Israel News |

Trump Targets Hezbollah, and ISIS May Benefit

Has the Israeli taboo on criticizing Trump finally been lifted?

Stephen Walt Is Walking Back his Israel Lobby Theory Beyond Recognition

Like Israeli leftists, Trump-tortured American liberals will learn to live with rage - U.S. News -

Israel bemoans emerging Arab victory in UNESCO leadership vote

After U.S., Netanyahu Orders Diplomats: Prepare for Israel's Departure From UNESCO

Retrait américain de l’Unesco : Israël salue le début d’une « nouvelle ère »

US announces withdrawal from UNESCO, cites ‘anti-Israel bias’

«Préjugés anti-israéliens» : les Etats-Unis annoncent officiellement leur retrait de l'UNESCO

Pour la Présidence de l’UNESCO, on a le choix entre une juive ou un antisémite !

Après les Etats-Unis, Israël annonce se retirer de l’Unesco

Double coup de tonnerre à l'UNESCO : le candidat du Qatar mène, États-Unis et Israël s'en vont - Egalite et Réconciliation

Israel Joins U.S. In Dumping UNESCO Over ‘Bias’

UN chief will work with US despite UNESCO pullout

After UNESCO bombshell, US envoy Haley warns UN of more trouble ahead

Top 6 'anti-Israel' UNESCO moments

Les Etats-Unis se retirent de l’UNESCO

US and Israel Show UNESCO their Anti-Palestinian Bias

Russia: Israel following ‘bad example’ of US in UNESCO pullout

Jewish candidate elected as UNESCO head, defeats 'antisemitic' Qatari diplomat

Anti-blackness and the core logic of Zionism

Jewish candidate faces off with 'antisemitic' Qatari diplomat in race for UNESCO head

Des leaders juifs américains disent que le favori qatari à la présidence de l’UNESCO a promu l’antisémitisme

'UN is becoming a pro-BDS, anti-Israel lobby' Internal Security Minister praises US decision to withdraw from UNESCO, says UN turning into 'anti-Israel' platform.

Israel plans to follow US in exiting UNESCO

US Jewish leaders say UNESCO’s Qatari frontrunner promoted anti-Semitism

Israel ‘to prepare’ for UNESCO withdrawal alongside US, says Netanyahu

U.S. Plans To Withdraw From ‘Anti-Israel’ UNESCO

US to withdraw from UNESCO by 2019 over anti-Israel bias, State Department says

Israel to join US in quitting UNESCO Netanyahu announces Israel also withdrawing from UN body after US plans exit following series of anti-Israel UNESCO resolutions.

UNESCO US withdraws from UNESCO, citing 'anti-Israel bias'

Les États-Unis se retirent de l'UNESCO

Israeli officials from the Left and Right praise US departure from UNESCO

Les ministres du Likud critiquent Netanyahu pour les constructions limitées dans les implantations

Did Israel ask Germany to resize submarine for nuclear missiles? Report: Israel asked Germany to lengthen submarines, causing Germany to think Israel planned on using them for nuclear missiles.

The biggest threat to Israel (and no, it's not the occupation, war or intifada) - Opinion - Israel News |

The sure-fire way to ensure American Jews disconnect further from Israel - Opinion - Israel News |

Indoctri(nation) - What Average Israelis Think of Arabs

Suspected Al Jazeera undercover reporter volunteered as an intern at The Israel Project - U.S. News -

The real scandal surrounding Al Jazeera’s exposé of 'senior Israeli diplomat' - Israel News -

Al Jazeera: Infiltration de journalistes d’investigation dans des organisations pro-israéliennes

Al Jazeera admits to planting undercover reporter in U.S. pro-Israel organizations - U.S. News -

Al Jazeera planted undercover reporter in US pro-Israel groups

Israel cancels ban on racist answers in civics exam - Israel News - A Silenced Israeli Critic

Canada Park, a popular picnicking spot for Israelis, created upon the rubble of Palestinian homes

‘I will make half of you disabled and let the other half push wheelchairs’ — Israeli commander to Palestinians

Arab MK Hanin Zoabi compares Israel to Germany in the 1930s, says Israel should grant right of return to Arabs - but not Jews.

On ne dit plus 'judéo-ceci-cela' mais 'ceci-cela-sioniste' (Marc Crapez)

Why is U.S. Congress bent on exorcising an imaginary BDS demon? - U.S. News -

ACLU sues over Kansas anti-BDS law Lawsuit claims Kansas teacher was denied teaching contract for refusing to agree not to boycott Israel; teacher is reportedly claiming Kansas law violates her free speech rights.

In America, the Right to Boycott Israel Is Under Threat. This Is Why That's Cause for Concern

Sockpuppet nation: How fake commenters and other online ploys skew what you read

As battle rages in UK Labour Party, Moshe Machover expelled after asserting ‘Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism’

Australian Lawmaker Attacks National Broadcaster Over ‘Anti-Israel Bias’

Labour Expels Jewish Anti-Zionist for 'Anti-Semitism'

Ken loach donates Israel screening profits to BDS Israelis unwittingly donate to boycott movement after director to BDS’ UK branch Ken Loach bestows proceeds from screenings of his latest film 'I, Daniel Blake' upon group.

Antisémitisme : l’aveuglement révélateur des responsables politiques français

B’nai Brith successfully pressures TDSB to revise definition of “Islamophobia” On nous dit que les juifs veulent utiliser les musulmans contre les chrétiens et les Occidentaux, on dit que les juifs combattent l'islamophobie et le racisme, mais regardez: B'Nai Brith rejette la définition et le concept même d'islamophobie! Ils voient de l'antisémitisme partout et de l'islamophobie nulle part... Si ça c'est pas être biaisé...

La lente dérive droitière de la LICRA (CCFIF)

Pourquoi l’extrême droite allemande ne fait pas peur à Netanyahu (Philippe Pernot)

Left-wing NGO to American Jews: Israel is not your birthright

Jewish Voice For Peace Tells Teens Not To Go On Birthright

UC Irvine Anti-Israel Group Punished For Disrupting Pro-Israel Event

As US Anti-Semitism Flourishes, ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ Calls to Boycott ‘Birthright’ Visits to Israel

USA : Un groupe pro-palestinien d’une université sanctionné pour avoir perturbé un événement israélien

California Israel boycott activists sanctioned for disrupting pro-Israel event

California university puts Students for Justice in Palestine on probation

Major Canadian union joins BDS to boycott Israel---- Unifor National, Canada's largest private union, states that it will support BDS until 'Israel implements a permanent ban on further settlement construction' in the territories.

BDS Canada's largest private sector union adopts BDS resolution

Canada's largest private-sector union, Unifor, adopts BDS motion

Jewish candidate for Illinois governor drops running mate over BDS

BDS : un candidat juif au poste de gouverneur de l’Illinois se sépare de son suppléant

Taxée de « gauchiste », une enseignante démissionne mais invite les parents à discuter

Are Palestinians 'Lost Jews' Too?

With 4 Hours of Power a Day, Watch What Happens on the Streets of Gaza at Night

Now Israel has its own version of the ‘alt-right’

If America's Civil War were today, Netanyahu's Israel would side with the South - Opinion - Israel News |

Under Trump, Orthodox Jews' profile has never been so high, and their moral standing so low - Opinion - Israel News |

Trump invites Orthodox, but not Jewish groups who snubbed him, to High Holidays conference call

Senate candidate Roy Moore this year suggested 9/11 might have been punishment for US turning away from God - CNNPolitics

Reagan Documents Shed Light on U.S. ‘Meddling’

« L’Étreinte du Serpent » : colonialisme et destruction Dans cette œuvre cinématographique qui a récolté une reconnaissance internationale unanime, le cinéaste colombien Ciro Guerra expose de manière saisissante ce que le phénomène de colonisation et le processus de domination […]

De la colonisation à l’esclavage économique

Canada and the Military Coup in Honduras: A Conversation with Tyler Shipley

CIA Whistleblower: Harvard Picks Torture Apologists Over Chelsea Manning

Jimmy Carter: les USA sont plus «une oligarchie qu'une démocratie» - Sputnik France

Jimmy Carter Brands US ‘Oligarchy’ and Urges Trump to Sign North Korea Peace Treaty

(AP) -- Former President Jimmy Carter offered a damning indictment of U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs Tuesday, saying money in politics makes the nation more like an "oligarchy than a democracy" and casting President Donald Trump as a disappointment on the world stage.

VIDEO - FLASHBACK:Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an "Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery" - YouTube

Washington menace de détruire la Corée du Nord

En Syrie, le plus grand fiasco de la CIA ? Alors qu’il n’est plus tabou de critiquer le rôle trouble des puissances moyen-orientales dans le renforcement des réseaux djihadistes au Moyen-Orient, la coresponsabilité de leurs partenaires de l’OTAN ne peut […]

Why Syria hasn't retaliated to the alleged Israeli strike

'If Assad wants to survive, he needs to keep Iran out of Syria'

Moscow rejects Israeli request for buffer zone in Syria

Trump to weigh more aggressive US strategy on Iran‏

Trump envisagerait une approche plus coercitive vis-à-vis de l’Iran

Trump considering more hawkish approach to Iran — report

Defense officials disagree with PM over canceling Iran deal -- report | The Times of Israel

Netanyahu at odds with Israeli military and intelligence brass over whether to push Trump to scrap Iran nuclear deal - Israel News -

Mossad chief said pushing to ‘act now’ to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb

‘Netanyahu to present Trump with specific plan to nix or fix Iran nuke deal’

Obama-complex fuels Trump and Netanyahu’s fight against Iran nuclear deal - U.S. News -

America’s envoy says UN ‘Israel bashing’ becoming more balanced

UN List of Companies Linked to Illegal Settlements in Occupied Palestine, to be Published Despite Israeli, US Pressure

UN rights head accuses Israel of ‘serious violations’ of international law

Deputy Foreign Minister: 'The UN is playing with fire' Tzipi Hotovely warns UN's attempts to harm Israel will boomerang,' cause organization to lose funding.

Israel Campaigns Against Palestine Joining UN Tourism Body

‘Greedy Jewish Landlords’ Candidate Loses Manhattan Primary

Milchan and Netanyahu: Close friends in high places ‏

Police chief confirms Hollywood mogul gave ‘significant’ testimony in PM probes

Why are right-wing journalists defending corruption? ‏

Ayelet Shaked chosen as Israel's 'most influential woman'

Israeli minister Shaked takes after Mussolini - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel Justice Minister Shaked: Zionism (i.e. Judaism) contradicts human rights

Why Mexico's Jews are embracing Netanyahu, even though he endorsed Trump's wall - Israel News -

Israeli company to build US-Mexico border wall prototype‏

Pro-Judea and Samaria lobby created in Mexican parliament‏

Right-wing Israeli lawmaker’s plan to coerce Palestinian departure is nothing but a fantasy - Opinion - Israel News |

Why Stripping Non-Jews Of Their Israeli Citizenship Threatens Zionism

How Israeli Culture Killed The Mensch – The Forward

Israel Plans Expansion of Largest Settlement in East Jerusalem

In first, Israel will penalize Amnesty International for anti-settlements campaign - Israel News -

Israel to Remove Palestinian Village’s Sole Water Pipe

Jewish groups: Fire German official who called pro-Israelis ‘traitors’

The left has an Israel problem. Does that mean colleges have an anti-Semitism problem?

Netanyahu depicted as Hitler in Argentina posters ahead of key visit One of the posters shows Netanyahu in an SS uniform with the words: “Get out Zionists from Palestine. Get out Netanyahu."

Argentine: déferlements antisémites contre la visite de Netanyahou

Ahead of Netanyahu visit, signs in Argentina depict him as Hitler

Des posters dépeignent Netanyahu sous les traits de Hitler en amont de sa visite en Argentine

Le sommet historique Israël-Afrique annulé après des menaces de boycott

Landmark Israel-Africa summit canceled following boycott threats

How Israel Weaponizes Archeology

Church leaders condemn Israel for ‘systematically’ undermining Christianity

Did Israel make a refugees-for-arms deal with Uganda? - Israel News -

Israel's Hollywood envoys explain how TV hits help boost national image

Israeli envoys in Hollywood hope to change its image via magic of television

With Ariel Sharon gone, Israel reveals the truth about the 1982 Lebanon War - Israel News -

High Court rejects petition for more oversight of Israel’s nuclear agency

Subjecting Israel’s nuclear program to the rule of law - Opinion - Israel News |

US Anti-BDS Legislation Punishes Solidarity with Palestine

"The Occupation of the American Mind": Documentary Looks at Israel's PR War in the United States

Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters: BDS is One of "Most Admirable" Displays of Resistance in the World

Roger Waters Criticizes Senate Bill Criminalizing BDS and Radiohead's Recent Concert in Tel Aviv
Will BDS supporters refrain from buying the iPhone X?

Des hommes d’affaires de Chicago lèvent des fonds pour envoyer des Palestiniens dans une université israélienne

NDP leadership hopeful Niki Ashton gets A+ from pro-Palestinian groups

Facing a Major Attack on Academic Freedom in Canada

Coca-Cola, Teva on UN blacklist of settlement-friendly firms — report

Devastating UK survey finds half of Britons agree with anti-Israel statements

Ben-Gurion invented the Israeli right - Opinion - Israel News |

Syrian Deputy PM to UN: 'Israel supports groups fighting regime'

At UN, Syrian FM accuses Israel of backing ‘terror gangs’

Hezbollah NOT A Terrorist Group For For H.R. McMaster

Trump’s National Security Advisor McMaster is an enemy of the State of Israel

After Pushing Democrats Left, Bernie Sanders Takes on Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders Calls Out 'International Oligarchy'

Bernie Sanders says would consider cutting U.S. military aid to Israel

Bernie Sanders calls for rethink on US aid to Israel, Iran policy

Bernie Sanders: US ‘complicit’ in Israel’s 'occupation' of the Palestinians

Bernie: Reduce Aid To Israel To End The Occupation

Bernie Sanders: U.S. ‘Complicit’ In Israeli Occupation

Bernie Sanders, Jewish Senate colleagues blast Netanyahu for blocking equality among Israeli Jews

At The U.N., Netanyahu Emerges As Trump’s Biggest Fan

The UN, Trump and Netanyahu: When Did Democracy, Justice and Equality Just Disappear?

Why Trump’s UN speech thrilled Netanyahu — for the moment, anyway

Trump delights Netanyahu with belligerent and nationalist right-wing UN speech - U.S. News -

Netanyahu at UN: An unleashed Iran will become the next North Korea

Netanyahu's UN speech not only aimed at the average Israeli, but those mulling whether to indict him - Israel News -

‘PM to settler leaders: US told Israel not to be a pig on settlement building’

Netanyahu dit avoir convaincu la Maison Blanche que les “blocs d’implantation” n’existent pas

Netanyahu: 'Israel is a rising global power'

Marking 50 years of settlements, PM vows they will never be uprooted

VIDEO : « Le démantèlement de l’apartheid israélien est le chemin vers la paix » par Richard Falk
UN envoy: Israel continuing to build 'settlements'

UN sent warning letter to 150 companies for doing business in Israeli settlements - Israel News -

150 companies said to get letters from UN threatening to add them to blacklist

Haine d’Israël : l’ambassadeur de l’UE boycotte la cérémonie du 50e...

Israel on UN list of states punishing human rights activism‏

Israel's Message to U.S. Jews: You're Not Welcome if You're Against the Occupation

The strange case of Dr. Bibi and Mr. Netanyahu

How Netanyahu’s Son Became the Poster Boy for White Supremacists

This year for Rosh Hashanah, I'm divorcing Netanyahu's Israel. Settlements included - Opinion - Israel News |

Bibi Isn’t The Only Reason American Jews Are Losing Their Israeli Connection

Netanyahu Refuses to Talk to Us. But We American Jews Won't Be Silenced

The time when Israeli intel, CIA caught mega-arms boat and changed history

The Israeli right will bring about justice for the Palestinians - Opinion - Israel News |

Israël: polémique autour du jubilé de la colonisation | Brèves | Agence de presse associative

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IDF chief shaves 4 months off Hebron shooter’s 1.5-year sentence

Attacks on Jewish allies

Blaming Rape on Race

Zionism's Anti-African Front

No chance of change from inside Israel

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(26.1.17) Refugees protesting against deportation

Tel Aviv: Heaven for Gays? Hell for Africans

Israel + Palestine in the Gilded Age [FULL]

Inside Israel's Race Wars [FULL] David Sheen

Racism in Dimona, present-day Israel - YouTube

Kicking out all the Africans

Smearing Africans as violent

Israel Jails Hundreds of African Asylum Seekers Without Trial Every Year

“L’homme qui a nettoyé notre maison pendant deux ans et demi était le terroriste” | The Times of Israël

Why some Israeli mothers raise their sons as cowards - Israel News -

Interpol handcuffs PM’s hope of ending automatic anti-Israel majority

Interpol votes to admit 'State of Palestine' as new member state

In blow to Israel, Interpol admits Palestine as full member. 75 of 133 voting member states back Ramallah's membership bid in secret ballot, despite vociferous Israeli and US objections


Roger Waters in concert 'Wish You Weren't Here': Training the lens on Roger Waters Celebrity journalist and filmmaker Ian Halperin's latest film unabashedly labels singer an antisemite.

Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg defends targeted ads in face of ‘Jew hater’ controversy

Facebook s'excuse pour avoir fait de l'argent avec l'antisémitisme

Anti-Pope Bergolio’s Security Managed By… Israel (sigh)

Sheldon Adelson Has ‘Top Business Mind,’ His Own Papers ‘Report’

Rosh Hashanah as the battle of Netanyahu vs. Soros - Opinion - Israel News |

Meet the senator who scored a prominent spot on JPost 50 Most Influential Jews list

After fresh scandal, UK Labour party adopts new rules to fight antisemitism

UK Jewish Labour Movement: Kick out members questioning Holocaust

La police de Londres s’inspire d’Israël pour lutter contre le terrorisme

How They Do It – Gentile Nationalism Is Good, Should Be Encouraged (Against Muslims)

Netanyahu won't denounce German far-right

Why Israel won't condemn the shocking success of Germany's far-right extremists - Israel News -

Ivan Rioufol: Les vraies menaces pour la société française émanent de l’islam radical et de l’extrême gauche | Europe Israël news

VIDEO : Kelly Betesh, l’égérie juive du Front National – LDJ

Jewish Voice for Peace urges young Jews to boycott Birthright

Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches necessity/permissibility of Jewish soldiers raping Gentile women in wartime

Islamophobia gives haters common cause - with some Jews among them

Boris LeLay s'abonne à la chaine Netanyahou

34 House Dems condemn Israeli charges against Issa Amro — follower of civil rights movement and Gandhi

Amid ‘crisis of faith’ over Western Wall prayer, AIPAC leaders meet Netanyahu

AIPAC leaders warn Netanyahu of ‘crisis of faith’ among US Jews with freeze on Western Wall agreement

How Israel went from 'contaminated' by colonialism to India's strategic ally

Under Trump, settlements are no longer the center of attention

Israël observe avec inquiétude l'Iran étendre son influence militaire en Syrie et au Liban

Where’s $100K Linda Sarsour Promised For Vandalized Jewish Cemetery?

Linda Sarsour, qui défend les dotations pour les cimetières, fustige les « sionistes de droite »

Linda Sarsour Calls For Anti-Trump ‘Jihad’ — And Faces Swift Backlash

ACLU 'stands with' anti-Israel Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour David Rosenberg , 3:07 PM

State Department: US may have ‘upgraded’ ties with Palestinians

Sheldon Adelson paid a secret visit to an army base while in Israel - Israel News -

Isreal Detaining and Abusing Palestinian Children With US Tax Dollars

American Jews, lay off Linda Sarsour - Sarsour is a flawed figure. She shouldn’t be leading a discussion on anti-Semitism. But the political pile-on she's enduring - branding her as Jewish Public Enemy #1 - is hysterical and vicious, and we Jews shouldn’t be participating in it.

ZOA Boss Calls Young Jewish Activist A ‘Mindless Idiot’ On Twitter

Historic US bill would outlaw Israel aid used to abuse children

ZOA chief Morton Klein–‘This was never Palestinian land’

Israel’s Money Machine: Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity

Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson publicly breaks with Stephen Bannon

The link between Benjamin Netanyahu and extreme libertarian Ayn Rand - In his self-promoting book 'The Israeli Tiger,' the prime minister proved himself to be under the spell of the 'Fountainhead' writer.

Netanyahu's unforgivable scuffle with liberal American Jews - Israel News -

Leader of the Left says 'the Left forgot what it means to be Jews' 'Zionist Union' Chair will concede top spot to Yair Lapid if polls predict more seats for Lapid party. 'Everything begins with our Torah.'

Gabbay: The Left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish

Israel's Right to Steal Palestinian Land

Israel to move checkpoint deeper into West Bank, cutting off Palestinian access to spring

Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Standing by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians With Stones

Israeli settlers fight for the 'right of return' to the West Bank - Israel News -

'Infiltrators will have to leave Israel - or go to jail'

Room for Jews in Palestine

Is integrating Israel*Palestine possible?

Israël détruit un village bédouin pour la 119e fois

Jewish radical to be charged for incitement

Benzi Gopstein may be indicted for incitement Lehava leader Gopstein, who allegedly praised Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein, faces possible indictment over inciting violence toward Arabs, racism, terrorism, pending hearing.

Lured into a pro-Kahane hostel: What happened to these young U.S. Jews after Birthright - Israel News -

Lured by Liberman, Tempted by Bennett

Fake Passports, Europe Links: Hamas Reveals New Details in 'Mossad Drone Assassination'

When Jerusalem needs to talk to Riyadh: This Saudi newspaper is Israel's backchannel to the Arab world - Israel News -

Defining Zionism

Israel denies entry to European officials under new anti-boycott law

Israel bars pro-boycott European group from visiting

Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the ‘New York Times’

Breaking the Silence banned from meeting students

'There is no moral occupation': Why I refuse to serve

Dean Issacharoff : le ministère classe l’affaire, Breaking the Silence s’indigne

‘Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag’ — Israeli official warns Europe

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel: How Effective Is It?

Spanish court suspends anti-Israel boycott in Seville

Should we give another hearing to early Zionism’s fascism-friendly ideologue? It's time to reconsider the legacy of Abba Ahimeir, the early Zionist ideologue (and Haaretz columnist) who admired Italian fascism and Sinn Fein, called Britain 'the enemy' and insisted on the Jewish right to a maximalist version of Greater Israel

Israeli Prime Minister After Six-Day War: ‘We’ll Deprive Gaza of Water, and the Arabs Will Leave’

The Hollywood Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring

‘Did Hollywood Bigwigs Help Israel Buy Arms in the 1970s and ’80s?’

Israeli Spy Arnon Milchon once used friendship with Jewish actor Richard Dreyfuss in the attempted recruitment of an American nuclear scientist to help Israel

Lest We Forget– Hollywood producer gave Israel sketches of centrifuges for Dimona nuclear reactor

Lest We Forget–Hollywood producer was an Israeli nuclear agent

Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan reveals past as secret agent for Israel

Meet movie mogul Arnon Milchan, Israel’s unofficial ambassador to Hollywood

The Jewish American Spy who Foreshadowed the Israeli-engineered terrorist attacks on 9/11 in His Movie ‘Medusa Touch’

Fears of Israeli Spying Underlie Reluctance on Visa Waiver Program, Hollywood mogul Arnon Milchan cited as an example

Hollywood Producer Opens Up About Past as Israeli Operative

Milchan aide said to testify Netanyahus demanded cigars, champagne

Netanyahu corruption case reaches new phase: Police ready to charge PM with bribery

PM presents photos showing 'friendship' with Milchans‏

Netanyahu à nouveau entendu pour corruption présumée – médias

Netanyahu’s defense in corruption probe includes pics with Milchan

Police seek to enlist Netanyahu confidant as state witness — report

Netanyahu proclaims his innocence after another interrogation

Police seek to enlist Netanyahu confidant as state witness in submarine affair

Police question Netanyahu in graft probe for the sixth time

Slammed by PM, controversial police media adviser steps down

Billionaire Steinmetz allowed to leave Israel despite corruption probe‏

Amazon a fait la promo d'un livre scandaleux sur Les Rothschild. - Israelvalley

Israel Lobby Is Slowly Being Dragged into the Light

«Lobby juif» et «migration juive» : un ancien courrier du prince Charles fait polémique — RT en français

UK – King Charles And The Jewish Lobby

Prince Charles decried White House’s failure to take on ‘Jewish lobby’ over Israel

Rabin's murderer Yigal Amir seeks retrial Yigal Amir, the Israeli who assassinated Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin more than 22 years ago, is seeking retrial with the help of an unknown Swiss company.

Yitzhak Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir to request retrial

Retrial for former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassin? Wife of Yigal Amir says a team will handle the process of requesting a retrial, no info will be provided to Israeli media.

Was Ruth Bader Ginsburg Snubbed For ‘Jewish Nobel’ — And Was Bibi Behind It?

British Labour Punishes Member for anti-Semitism, Reinstates anti-Zionist

Déclaration Balfour : la Grande-Bretagne a rompu sa faible promesse envers les Palestiniens

Michael Collins Piper - The Mossad Link to the Martin Luther King Assassination - YouTube

Michael Collins Piper - Zionist Subversion of America

Israel denies it agreed to settlement slowdown during talks

WATCH – How Israel Helped India in All The Wars of India

Arriving for ‘groundbreaking’ trip, Modi vows strong ties

Who Is Narendra Modi? The First-ever Sitting Indian Prime Minister to Visit Israel

Why India's Modi Can Afford to Ignore the Palestinians

Modi Israel Modi visits without once publicly saying ‘Palestinians’

Hyper-nationalism and arms deals: A new chapter in Israel-India ties

Inde-Israël. Convergence de deux ethnonationalismes

Erekat: US told Netanyahu to curb Israeli settlement building

Top UN official warns Gaza electricity crisis will haunt Israel

Netanyahu Cuts $1 Million from UN and Moves it to Hebron

Israel to cut $1 million from UN to build museum in Hebron - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

Israël craint que le statut de patrimoine mondial en péril n’entrave sa prise de contrôle sur Hébron | Agence Media Palestine

Israel to complete east Jerusalem center after controversial UNESCO vote

Israel furious as UNESCO rebuffs its claim to Hebron | The Electronic Intifada

Israel Turns UNESCO Meeting into ‘Politicized Circus’. Resolution Naming Israel an “Occupying Power”

L'Unesco inscrit Hébron au Patrimoine mondial et suscite la colère d'Israël - France 24

Why Israel Doesn't Want UNESCO to Recognize Hebron

La fureur d’Israël face à la rebuffade de l’UNESCO vis-à-vis de ses prétentions sur Hebron

L'Unesco inscrit la vieille ville d'Hébron, en Cisjordanie, sur la liste du patrimoine mondial en péril

UNESCO Declares Tomb of the Jewish Patriarchs a “Palestinian World Heritage Site”

Washington revoit ses liens avec l’UNESCO après le vote sur Hébron

UNESCO resolution on Hebron isn't anti-Semitic at all - Opinion - Israel News |

UNESCO’S Hebron vote just the opening Palestinian salvo against Israel - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

Haley : la résolution de l'UNESCO sur Hevron est un "affront à...

PM Netanyahu Dons Yarmulke to Quote Genesis for UNESCO’s Benefit

US Amb. Haley: UNESCO decision 'an affront to history'‏

Resolutions and condemnations: The history of UNESCO against Israel

Hebron Heritage Dispute Palestinians welcome UNESCO decision on Hebron’s Old City

L'Unesco inscrit Hébron au patrimoine mondial

Un envoyé arabe aurait présenté ses excuses à Israël pour la décision de l’UNESCO

Comment: UNESCO reflects not the nations’ antisemitism, but our own self-hatred

BATTLE FOR HEBRON: Israel Pushes Back Against UNESCO Approving New Homes

Pourquoi l’Union européenne finance-t-elle les tortionnaires israéliens ? | Agence Media Palestine

AIPAC is feeling the heat to address Israel's 'Ayatollah' Judaism - Opinion - Israel News |

'1984' in Israel and Palestine - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel and Rwanda: Paul Kagame and Benjamin Netanyahu, Partners in Persecution

Solidarité:L'Afrique du Sud veut rétrograder son ambassade en Israël

Ethiopian Jews Appeal to High Court Against Refusal of the Rabbinical Council to Register Them As Jews

How Britain brought waterboarding to Palestine

US Envoy Meets With Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and Gaza Residents (Separately)

Netanyahou demande à l'Irlande pourquoi elle supporte des ONG qui...

'Ireland is friend to both Israel and the Palestinians'

Rivlin meets with Irish FM who was rebuked by Netanyahu

Netanyahu réprimande le chef de la diplomatie irlandaise en visite pour son soutien aux Palestiniens

Bill would force High Court rulings to favor Israel’s Jewish character over democracy - Israel News -

Gaza electricity crisis: 'It is the worst I can remember – but we expect it to get worse'

Leftist lawmaker behind Israeli bars once again | The Electronic Intifada

Palestinian teen loses eye to sponge-tipped bullet shot by Israeli police - Israel News -

Un militant palestinien des droits de l'Homme jugé par un tribunal israélien - L'Express

‘Kill Palestinians to get closer to God,’ Israeli rabbi says

Want To Shoot A Palestinian? Israel offers tourists the chance to be soldiers

European Parliament, Strasbourg Israelis thank EU lawmakers' protest of event with terrorists’ relatives

Satan’s Chosen Thieves: Israel involved in grand theft of ancient Middle Eastern artefacts

Spanish judges void 2 municipal BDS motions, calling them racist

Défendre la liberté académique à l’Université d’État de San Francisco

La justice espagnole invalide 2 motions municipales de BDS, les considérant racistes

Jewish mother and BDS activist: Code Pink’s Ariel Gold vs. Israel’s travel ban - Israel News -

‘LA Times’ calls BDS a ‘classic tool of peaceful political expression’ – Mondoweiss

« Pourquoi, quand on critique la politique d’Israël, est-on accusé d'antisémitisme ? »

Evangelical leader calls for protest against Roger Waters Head of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations calls for protest against Roger Waters concert in Miami due to his anti-Israel positions.

Jewish group slams Roger Waters as anti-Semitic

Why Radiohead is more important than Roger Waters

Un groupe juif américain qualifie l’attitude pro-BDS de Roger Waters d’ « antisémite »

Judea Declares War against Roger Waters

Yorke defends Radiohead's Tel Aviv concert Thom Yorke defends Radiohead's decision to play in TA after being lambasted by BDS advocate Ken Loach; Yorke: 'Music, art and academia is about crossing borders not building them.'

4 juil.Today Ken Loach says of Radiohead: "If they go to Tel Aviv, they may never live it down."

Radiohead Singer: We oppose Trump and play in the US Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke responds to BDS pressure by saying that performing in Israel does not mean endorsing Netanyahu government.

Why TRNSMT fans were waving Palestine flags during Radiohead's set - Daily Record

Radiohead defends Israel gig after criticism from director Ken Loach

8 juil.This is how @radiohead's @thomyorke responded to Palestinian flags at their gig last night. What's to bet Bibi comes to their Telaviv gig?

9 juil.Thom Yorke swore at Glasgow fans waving Palestinian flags and calling on #Radiohead to #CancelTelAviv. Incredible arrogance and hypocrisy

Radiohead: Music is About Crossing Borders, Not Building Them

Did Radiohead’s Thom Yorke swear at fans waving Palestinian flags? | The Electronic Intifada

Radiohead défend son concert en Israël après les critiques de Ken Loach

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke: ‘We don’t endorse Netanyahu any more than Trump, but we still play in America’

Join us in telling Radiohead not to entertain apartheid Israel | BDS Movement

Radiohead Frontman Releases Statement Condemning BDS

Palestinian protestors disrupt Radiohead concert Pro-Palestinian demonstrators wave flags and protest signs during performance in Scotland; Frontman Thom Yorke responds with the middle finger.

Radiohead frontman appears to curse pro-Palestinian protesters at show

Radiohead’s Yorke gives BDS supporters the finger during Glasgow concert

WATCH Radiohead's Thom Yorke Appears to Flip Off pro-Palestinian Protesters

Le leader de Radiohead rejette les manifestants pro-palestiniens lors d’un concert

Liberals Still Slow To Recognize Anti-Semitism On The Left

The Far Left’s Toxic Mix Of Anti-Semitism And Misogyny Must Be Stopped

Jewish congressman defends having Bannon headline fundraiser

Trump tweets anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorist website boasting about his accomplishments - U.S. News -

Trump Campaign To Stop Paying Trump Jr.’s Legal Bills

Sebastian Gorka’s New Gig: Giving Speeches To Right-Wing Think Tank

Who is Jayda Fransen - the anti-Muslim, 'Britain First' extremist who Trump retweeted? - Europe -

Ann Coulter Claims Bogus Anti-Muslim Video Trump Shared ‘Not A Discredited Video’

U.S. Jewish leaders blast Trump for retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda - U.S. News -

Sanders: Who Cares If It's Not A Real Video Trump Tweeted!

Trump retweets videos condemned as 'anti-Muslim propaganda'

Jewish Democrats raise money using Trump’s Charlottesville remarks. Jewish Republicans call foul.

Center For Security Policy: Americans ‘Should Be Happy’ Trump Retweeted Anti-Muslim Propaganda

Zionism and anti-Semitism: Joseph Massad on the sordid historical alliance (Moderate Rebels Ep. 9)

Are Muslims the 'new Jews' for today's far right? Trump's tweets boosted that claim - Opinion - Israel News |

Trump Takes Post-9/11 Islamophobia to New Lows

Israel Will Get ‘More Understanding’ from Trump’s Negotiators Because They’re All Observant Jews, Sharansky Says

LIVE: Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay on Trump's Plans to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Fault Lines Season 1, Episode 16: The Relationship Between Trump and Netanyahu

Why Is Sheldon Adelson’s Jewish Fraternity AEPI Expanding To Israel?

Jewish Democrats Targeted By Adelson Can Sue, Court Rules

Ten U.S. Democratic senators urge Netanyahu: Do not demolish Palestinian village of Sussia

Bernie Sanders, Dianne Feinstein lead senators’ push urging Israel not to demolish Palestinian villages

Jewish groups urge Israel not to deport African refugees | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Zionists Have Never Been Fond Of American Jews

At anti-Semitism panel, Linda Sarsour asks, 'I am the biggest problem of the Jewish community?' - U.S. News -

Linda Sarsour highlights her anti-Zionism at anti-Semitism event University panel discussion on anti-Semitism dominated by anti-Israel rhetoric, attacks on 'Jewish media', criticism of Jewish community.

Linda Sarsour Asks ‘Am I The Biggest Threat?’ — As Pro-Israel Protesters Jeer Outside

Sarsour Anti-Semitism Panel At New School Incenses Jewish Professors, Students

Sarsour likely TIME’s person of the year Op-ed: She hates Trump. What more can you ask when you are part of Old Media?

Draft-dodger Tzipi Hotovely comes out as an anti-Semite Israel/Palestine Yossi Gurvitz on November 25, 2017

The 'sin' of U.S. Jews, according to Israel's deputy foreign minister: liberalism - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel’s top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews — ‘having quite convenient lives’

Tzipi Hotovely’s Thanksgiving gift to American Jews - Israel News -

Israel's Top Diplomat Endorsed an Old Slur against U.S. Jews: 'You Don't Serve'. Her 'Apology' Was a Further Insult - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu invité à Bruxelles sur fond de tensions UE-Israël

UN security council votes on resolution 2334 UN resolution against Israeli settlements at center of Flynn guilty plea

Haine de l’Etat juif à l’ONU : la France de Macron vote en faveur de...

151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem

L’ONU célèbre la journée de la Palestine avec une série de résolutions anti-Israël

Israel, Google, YouTube to censor Palestinian videos of conflict

Israel to Coordinate with Google, YouTube, to Censor Palestinian Videos of Conflict

Le Mossad impliqué dans l'attentat du Sinaï

Former Israeli Minister Ya’alon brags about killing the most Palestinians

Settler suspected of causing death by negligence After resorting to shooting one of the Palestinians assailing him and a group of children he was escorting on a trip, settler is under investigation for causing death by negligence.

Israel’s Insidious Plan To Collect Student Data Was Bad News For Jews

The ultra-Orthodox Clown Show Dictating Israel's Jewish Character

Israel Plans to Block Arabs from Living in 1,000 Neighbourhoods

Group claims it was excluded from Ontario anti-racism committee

Argentine TV host fired over ‘Jews control the media’ tweet

Erasing history: Delusional campus jewish group depicts indigenous people united for Israel

Forget pinkwashing, it’s brownwashing time: self-Orientalizing on the US campus

'Israel has become the most disunifying force in the Jewish community' - Israel News -

Netanyahu signs petition calling for amnesty for Elor Azariya PM joins petitioners calling on President Rivlin to reconsider refusal to pardon soldier convicted for shooting wounded terrorist.

How Orthodox groups are taking over Birthright, and using it to target young U.S. Jews - Israel News -

Quand Chirac a traité Netanyahu de menteur en face à face (raconté par l'ex-ambassadeur d'Israël) - YouTube

The Dark Inevitability of Zionism – Consortiumnews

Rabbi calls for ‘finishing off’ wounded Palestinians

We U.S. Jews Promised to Protect Darfur's Genocide Survivors. Now Israel's Expelling Them, and We Don't Care

Bennett cancels event over 'pro-terrorist activity' Civil rights seminar that was to include Edu. Ministry's and Asso. for Civil Rights' cooperation canceled after bereaved parents write to Min. Bennett 'asso. protects terrorists.'

Opinion How Jews on the left and the right are empowering BDS

Anti-Israel protest German university town under fire for boycott activity against Israel

BDS : Une chaîne allemande retire son parrainage au concert de Roger Waters | The Times of Israël

Canadian Filmmaker Exposes Roger Waters' Anti-Semitic Side - YouTube

Montreal Premiere of 'Wish You Weren’t Here' Sold Out; Tickets Selling Fast in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver

Wish You Weren't Here - Official Canadian Trailer - YouTube

Calls to boycott Roger Waters due to anti-Semitism | Music | DW | 27.11.2017

Roger Waters broadcasts cancelled in Germany over support for Israel boycott | Music | The Guardian

L'anti-israélien Roger Waters a dû annuler un concert en Allemagne suite à la protestation d'une femme juive - ©Israel24.News

Roger Waters is Coming to Canada to Spread Lies About Israel. This Is Our Counter Protest.

A Brief History of How Roger Waters Made 'The Wall' Anti-Israel – The Forward

Des médias allemands abandonnent les concerts de Roger Waters, accusé d’antisémitisme
FILE PHOTO: British rock star Roger Waters walks along the Israeli barrier in Bethlehem German major public broadcasters won't air Roger Waters' concerts Five state television and radio affiliates of the national ARD network have pulled out of broadcasting the concerts due to antisemitism allegations.

Roger Waters German TV pulls plug on Roger Waters concert due to antisemitism

Roger Waters Loses German TV Sponsorship Over BDS Support

Roger Waters had a gig in Germany. A Jewish woman’s protest led the sponsor to drop out.

Waters Roger Waters to serenade Bethlehem Palestinians for Christmas


Roger Waters Confronts the Occupation of the Canadian Mind


Soros rebukes ‘bad’ Hungary PM Orban for creating ‘mafia regime’

Dutch Jews say former prime minister peddles anti-Semitism

Why a children’s book has Zionists losing their minds

L’idéologie sioniste : un racisme envers les juifs qui en cache d’autres

Des universitaires s’indignent de "la banalisation de l’antisémitisme à l’Université"

Ne pas invoquer l’antisémitisme en vain. Le journaliste et activiste belge Michel Collon a fait condamner un internaute suisse qui […]

Palestinian UC Berkeley Professor Apologizes for Retweeting anti-Semitic Cartoons 'My issue is with Zionism, not with Judaism or Jews,' the professor says in apology, the Jewish News of Northern California reports

Moderate Rebels - YouTube - YouTube

"Si vous voulez un hacking de précision, il vous faut un hacker israélien !" : pourquoi Israël est devenu le pays spécialiste de la guerre électronique |

The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel

Quebec Politician Promotes Antisemitic Tropes in Documentary

CHRC, Alberta Government Sponsor Anti-Israel Propaganda Event

«Antiracistes» - 4 questions à Michel Wieviorka

#Quebec4Palestine Trailer - YouTube

#Quebec4Palestine (as seen on SKY) - YouTube
Israel’s ‘Obsession’ with Christian/Islamic Conflict

Anti-BDS crusader Kenneth Marcus named to top civil rights post in Trump administration US Politics Jesse Rubin on October 30, 2017

Trump’s Endless War On The Media Masks Smears As ‘Survey’

Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?

Washington s’oppose à un projet de loi controversé sur les implantations

Trump, Netanyahu kiss on West Bank wall mural. Mural believed to be work of Australian graffiti artist Lushsux; with face covered, man saying he's Lushsux hopes painting would draw attention to Palestinians' plight.

Trump administration concerned about bill that would add West Bank settlements to Jerusalem

‘One step further into the annexation of the West Bank’: Israeli cabinet to vote on annexing West Bank settlements into Jerusalem

PM said to ask Trump to allow Jonathan Pollard to immigrate to Israel

Report: Netanyahu asks Trump to release Jonathan Pollard. Israeli PM reportedly asks US President to allow Jonathan Pollard to move to Israel, but not to remove all parole restrictions.

Will Netanyahu risk exposing one of Israel’s secrets?

How They Do It–This Powerful Adelson-funded Israel Lobby Could Soon Rival AIPAC’s Influence in Washington

Criticism Of Israel’s Arms Trade With Myanmar Is Not Exaggerated

Over 300 rabbis urge Israel not to sell arms to Myanmar amid persecution of Rohingya Muslims

The Israeli Right Versus Global Judaism

'UNHCR Rapporteur abuses his position to attack Israel' Israeli Ambassador the UN Danny Danon slams Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur for calling for sanctions against Israel.

Poll: Overwhelming majority of Israelis oppose 'Immunity Law' A new poll found that an overwhelming number of Israelis oppose a bill barring criminal investigations against a sitting prime minister.

Netanyahu forcefully expels African refugees to third country

Unit 8200 hits the road in America

US refuses entry to Israel Aerospace Industries CEO. The US refused entry to Israel Aerospace Industries CEO Yossi Weiss over espionage concerns.

Accusation: les étudiants israéliens en Belgique sont des agents du Mossad

McGill U investigating charges that pro-Israel students barred from student union board

The BDS campaign to stop Jews from serving on McGill student...

Hello Big Brother: How The Israelis Are Arming the World With Sophisticated Cyber-weapons

Israël-Palestine: tirer le signal d'alarme ! (Dominique Vidal)

The “Product of Israel” Made in the Occupied West Bank Controversy

U.S. Airport Security Is Becoming a Bit More Israeli Today – Here’s What You Need to Know

Texas Town Pulls BDS Clause From Hurricane Relief Application

Texas city drops Israel boycott ban for individuals but says businesses must still reject BDS to get hurricane aid

University of Winnipeg students beat back BDS motion

Dutch government ‘obsessed’ with Israel, Simon Wiesenthal Center says

Houston suburb cancels 'no Israel boycott' hurricane aid requirement

UC Berkeley chancellor condemns anti-Dershowitz cartoon’s ‘anti-Semitic imagery’

16 million Communist Indian farmers join boycott Israel movement

Hurricane Israel – Criminalizing BDS Only Augments Its Impact

Israel secretly using U.S. law firm to fight BDS activists in Europe, North America - Israel News -

How BDS became an issue in the Montreal election

Watchdog explores correlation between academic BDS and campus antisemitism

Canada : des étudiants pro-israéliens auraient été exclus de l’association étudiante de McGill

FRANCE – Paris breaks silence on Israel’s detention of French citizen Salah Hamouri

FRANCE – The War on Freedom of Speech: Antifa “Left” Silences Anti-war Intellectuals


Philippe Vall: Pascal Boniface a "semé une petite graine scandaleuse qui a fini par germer"

Comment ils le font - conseiller israélien derrière la campagne politique antisémite en Autriche

How They Do It– Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment


Israel Using Chicago Law Firm to Combat BDS

Did McGill Student Board Bar Pro-Israel Students?

Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, Angela Davis, Roger Waters, Brian Eno appellent à la libération de Salah Hamouri ! Devant l’absence d’actes nets de notre pays, pour faire libérer notre concitoyen, arbitrairement détenu depuis deux mois dans les geoles israéliennes, s’est constitué un « Comité de soutien » qui […]

US Jews have disproportionate influence over politics, says ex-British pol with close Trump ties

Nigel Farage: US Jews have disproportionate influence Europe

Nick Cave urged to cancel Tel Aviv shows by Roger Waters, Angela Davis, Thurston Moore

Roger Waters talks BDS support at IJV-organized event

'Wish you weren’t here': Is Roger Waters a peace activist or an anti-Semite? - Life & Culture -

Political Persecution of Norman Finkelstein

Alan Dershowitz: Yes, that cartoon of me was anti-Semitic

Britain's broken its promises to the Palestinians from Balfour onwards. Now it must make amends - Opinion - Israel News |

Why Jeremy Corbyn’s cozy at an Iranian Revolution rally, but not a Balfour dinner - Opinion - Israel News |

Un siècle plus tard, la déclaration Balfour divise toujours Israéliens et Palestiniens

Lord Balfour's modern-day descendants have a dramatic declaration of their own

Centenaire de la déclaration Balfour : Corbyn refuse de diner avec Netanyahu

Corbyn to skip Balfour centennial dinner with Netanyahu

Jeremy Corbyn Labour's Jeremy Corbyn refuses to attend Balfour Celebration dinner

The Balfour Declaration Promised Lebanon and Jordan to the Jews Too

Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel

The politics behind the drafting of the Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration WZO finally responds to Lord Balfour

The Palestinian plan to protest the Balfour Declaration's 100th anniversary

The Balfour Declaration's deep anti-Semitism and racism - and why it still matters

Time to party or protest? Balfour Declaration centenary is a divisive occasion

La déclaration de Balfour ou le sionisme au cœur du projet impérialiste occidental

Grant F. Smith on ANC Israel's power is slipping, forget changing MSM just replace them

Israel's cyber authority braces for foreign involvement in elections - Israel News -

Israel cracks down on largest telecom firm Bezeq; CEO, two Netanyahu allies arrested - Israel News -

Israeli Communications Ministry director general interrogated in Bezeq fraud case - Israel News -

Israel's largest telecom firm Bezeq embroiled in corruption case; CEO, two Netanyahu allies arrested - Israel News -

Netanyahu's new start-up nation: Israel, the Anti-Jewish State - Israel News -

Netanyahu, the man who wasn't investigated - Israel News -

Weapon Corruption Scandal Threatens Netanyahu's Administration

Special Report: Netanyahu didn't disclose 'full list' of conflicts of interest

Lapid says submarine scandal worst graft case in Israeli history

Synchronicity: 13 ways in which the new Trump and Netanyahu messes are eerily similar - Israel News -

PM says corruption insinuations are a left-wing plot against him

Netanyahu Failed to Reveal Full List of Conflict of Interest and Hid Ties With Moguls Netanyahu filed false conflict of interest declarations with the State Comptroller regarding his connections to Arnon Milchan and Shaul Elovitch; PM: 'Another attempt to create a storm out of nothing'

Submarine graft scandal is warning shot to Pentagon over military deals with Israel - Israel News -

Netanyahu’s attorney one of 6 arrested in German sub corruption probe

Israel's submarine scandal: Netanyahu confidant David Shimron revealed as suspect detained in graft probe - Israel News -

Israeli submarine scandal: Police detain six suspects for questioning, including Netanyahu associates - Israel News -

Israel's Submarine Scandal: 'Suspicions grow stronger' as Netanyahu lawyer remains in custody - Israel News -

Israël espionne-t-il votre smartphone ? Au Mexique, des journalistes d’investigation et des défenseurs des droits de l’homme ont été les cibles de tentatives sophistiquées de pirater leurs smartphones, a révélé voici quelques jours une enquête menée […]

The Israel Lobby and Its Disproportionate Influence over the US Congress. Israel, An Undeclared Nuclear Weapons State

Israël retient la moitié des Gazaouis qui cherchent à quitter la bande de Gaza pour se faire soigner, d'après l'OMS

More Gazans now allowed to travel abroad via Israel, but there’s a catch

Israel Confiscates EU Aid From Palestinian Bedouin Community

“Love for Israel” Senate Bill S720: Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights

EU funds firm supplying Israel with banned cluster weapons

L’Union européenne finance une firme qui fournit à Israël des armes à sous-munitions prohibées
Israel must end practice of detention without trial - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News |

Colonisation : la justice israélienne «dépasse toutes les limites» selon le patriarche de Jérusalem

Israel Is Arresting Palestinians At Highest Rate in Years

L'Eglise orthodoxe de Jérusalem dénonce une décision de la justice israélienne en faveur des colons

Israel to Build Underground Wall Along Border with Gaza

ONU : Gaza subit “une situation de plus en plus dure” | The Times of Israël

Chief rabbi says Halamish terrorist should have been killed | The Times of Israel

Israël s’est fait un nouvel ami en Afrique, le maréchal Haftar, qu’il aide en secret

Témoignages sur le massacre censuré de Deir Yassin : « ils ont empilé les corps et les ont brûlés »

Who will fight the racist right? Don't look to the hard left - World News -

In Israel, hooliganism always comes from the right - Opinion - Israel News |

Un homme mis en examen pour avoir appelé à un “Holocauste des Arabes”

From Yemenites to Palestinians - Opinion - Israel News |

Le scénario de la fin d'Israël, selon des analystes sionistes

Israel won't release 'blacklist' of BDS activists barred entry to country - Israel News -

Roger Waters : "Nous vivons en 1984" - Egalite et Réconciliation
Lincoln Center ignored BDS calls and put on Israeli-gov’t-sponsored show, but it will surely think twice next time

Israel Withholds Secret List of BDS Supporters

Israel revokes credentials of Al Jazeera reporter

Israel to Revoke Press Card of Al Jazeera Correspondent Calling Himself ‘Active Partner in Palestinian Resistance’

I talked to the ‘anti-Semitic’ Swiss hotel owner. It’s more complicated than you think.

Two Israeli Jews Arrested For Operating World’s Largest DDoS-For-Hire Operation
Restraining orders for strikers at Dimona reactor... Atomic Energy Commission head asks for emergency regulations to allow issuing orders forcing striking researchers to return to work in an effort to avoid damage to state interests.

Pour en finir (vraiment) avec l'antisémitisme

George Soros Invests in Occupied Territories (Others, That Is)

'But Sir, It’s an American Ship' 'Never Mind, Hit Her! When Israel Attacked USS Liberty

Israel says its criticism of Hungary’s anti-George Soros campaign is not a defense of the man

Hungarian government denies ending anti-Soros campaign early

Israel backs Hungary against financier Soros Israel says call by its Hungarian envoy to end billboard campaign against George Soros was not meant to ‘delegitimize’ criticism of the Hungarian-American billionaire.

In Netanyahu’s world, Soros’ politics justify throwing him to Hungary’s anti-Semitic dogs - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu accused of supporting antisemites over Soros campaign

Hongrie : l'ambassadeur d'Israël demande la fin de la campagne anti-Soros | The Times of Israël

Israël soutient la Hongrie contre George Soros

Hungary denies prematurely ending anti-Soros campaign JTA , 7:22 PM

On Netanyahu’s orders: Israel's Foreign Ministry retracts criticism of anti-Semitism in Hungary and strongly attacks Soros - Israel News -

Israel urges Hungary: Nix anti-Soros campaign with anti-Semitic overtones

Israel clarifies stance on anti-Soros campaign Foreign Affairs

Israel Sides With anti-Semites

In Netanyahu’s world, George Soros’ politics justify throwing him to Hungary’s anti-Semitic dogs

Why Netanyahu hates George Soros so much - Israel News -

Attacking Soros: Israel’s Unholy Covenant With Europe’s anti-Semitic Ultra-right

George Soros says Hungarian government campaign against him like Nazi propaganda

The 'Laughing Jew': The Nazi backstory of Hungary's anti-Soros poster campaign - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu's government is dragging us to war ‏

US billionaires could destroy the Israel Lobby, but they won’t

California is talking secession. In an ever-more Trumpian Israel, the Left Coast should do the same - Opinion - Israel News |

In America, Self-declared Nazis Can Get State Aid. Israel Boycotters Increasingly Can't

Texas town says it banned aid to BDS backers due to ‘confusion’ over law

In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott

ACLU slams Houston suburb for withholding hurricane relief to anyone boycotting Israel - U.S. News -

Anti-BDS Laws Hit Unintended Targets — Sparking Free Speech Debate

State anti-BDS laws are hitting unintended targets and nobody’s happy

Author of Texas anti-BDS bill calls aid incident 'misunderstanding' - U.S. News -

Attorney general calls PM immunity bill 'absurd' ‏

Bill banning PM probes frozen

Netanyahu sowing seeds of police delegitimization Op-ed: PM’s attacks on police chief are planned: A moment before witnesses revisit fraud investigation unit, it’s time to convince public that the investigation is illegitimate.

USA et ISRAËL : deux États surpuissants en perdition

The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco

Israel has no intention of quitting UNESCO, so why threaten? ‏

Scolding UNESCO, GOP lawmakers introduce resolution on Jewish ties to Jerusalem

Israel’s planned withdrawal from UNESCO unlikely to improve anything
Netanyahu : “Nous n’avons pas de grands espoirs pour l’UNESCO”

n°51248295Trump joue double jeu avec Israel et Unesco

The US Withdraws from UNESCO, Due to “Continuing anti-Israel Bias at UNESCO”

US quits UNESCO over ‘anti-Israel bias’ and Israel follows suit

Conservatives offer resolution condemning UNESCO Israel treatment

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay Will a Jewish head of UNESCO change its anti-Israel bias?

Avec le retrait de l’UNESCO Trump fait passer « Israël d'abord » - AURDIP

Israeli envoy: UNESCO's Jewish leader not enough for Israel‏

ailed to consult or inform Israel of UNESCO exit

Congress resolution defends Israel, condemns UNESCO Ted Cruz introduces resolution affirming connection between Jewish people and Jerusalem, praises Trump for withdrawing from UNESCO.

12 oct.Les États Unis se retirent de l'Unesco. Ils en étaient déjà sortis sous Reagan et y étaient revenus sous Bush junior.!Trump pire que tout

12 oct.Le retrait de l UNESCO est surtout un message de Trump a ses électeurs hostiles aux organisations internationales et au système multilatéral

Retrait de l'UNESCO : Trump plus unilatéraliste que Bush

Des universitaires de l’UNESCO critiquent le préjugé anti-Israël de l’agence et réclament une nouvelle approche

UNESCO scholars slam agency's anti-Israel bias, plead for rethink

Naftali Bennett - C'est une guerre du bien contre le mal et Israël prévaudra

Naftali Bennett – This Is A War Of Good vs. Evil And Israel Will Prevail

Norman Finkelstein : le Hezbollah est l'honneur du monde arabe - YouTube

Israël : 15 arrestations après une campagne contre les couples juifs-arabes

15 extrémistes juifs arrêtés pour avoir menacé des Arabes

Lehava leader arrested on charges of intimidation Benzi Gopstein detained for questioning along with 14 others in overnight raid, suspected of threatening Arab men dating Jewish women.

Leader of extreme right-wing organization arrested for threatening Arabs

Lehava leader released to house arrest 'A baseless arrest designed only to placate the Reform movement.' Anti-assimilation activist freed to house arrest.

15 Jewish extremists arrested for threatening Arabs

Israel arrests Palestinian because Facebook translated 'good morning' to 'attack them'

Former Israeli soldier Elor Azaria (C), who was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 18 months Azaria Controversy Liberman calls on president to pardon jailed Hebron shooter immediately

Reluctant to credit me for exposing @AdamMilstein, Kampeas refers vaguely to “pro-Palestine activists”

So why is Israel so dirty, noisy, loud, neglected and messy? - Israel News -

Leader of Jewish extremist group arrested on suspicion of threatening Arabs - Israel News -

Shhh, It’s A Secret! (AIPAC May Have Written Your Rabbi’s Sermon.)

Israel-basher, biased historian cannot head Center for Jewish History Morton A. Klein, ZOA President

British élites regret Israel's very existence Giulio Meotti

Normandie. Des députés français bloqués à l'aéroport en Israël

Les étudiants en médecine de la plus grande université du Chili votent de façon écrasante pour BDS

In unprecedented move, eight European countries to demand compensation from Israel for West Bank demolitions - Israel News -

8 European countries demand Israel pay for West Bank structures it destroyed

Susan Rice calls ‘BS’ on AIPAC — but she pandered to the lobby when she was in power

Ex-IDF soldier Elor Azaria is flanked by family and supporters as he arrives to begin his sentence at the military prison in Tzrifin, on August 9, 2017. (Flash90)

Israel finds a welcome audience with Christian journalists

Breaking their silence

Breaking up West Bank families: An unseen Israeli policy - Haaretz Com - Haaretz - Israel News |

Israeli settlers filmed stealing olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinian farmers

WATCH – Jewish Settlers try to hit Palestinian woman with a car

'Ideology of ethnic cleansing': Tel Aviv schools refuse to commemorate slain minister accused of rape, racism

Report: UN promotes anti-Semitic, pro-terror groups Human rights NGO issues stinging report showing how UN gives accreditation to anti-Semitic groups and groups which support terror attacks.

Palestinian Women Are Harassed, Beaten And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories.

London rejects Palestinian anti-Israel ad campaign... Palestinian delegation in London fails to launch campaign claiming the Balfour Declaration brought about disaster for the Palestinian people in the form of the Jewish state.

Jewish Settlers Filmed Stealing Olive Harvest of West Bank Palestinian Farmers (VIDEO)

Genocide in the Torah – The existential threat of Amalek

Israel Plans 2,615 New Settlement Housing Units; Get Busy Paying Your Taxes, Americans!

Netanyahu declares war on Israel's police and will stop at nothing to smear them - Israel News -

Houston Suburb Won’t Give Hurricane Relief to Anyone Who Boycotts Israel

Val-de-Marne : le boycott de produits israéliens renvoie Ivry devant la justice - Le Parisien

‘Next Time, We Won’t Spare Lebanon’– Christian Media Hears Doomsday Warning From Senior Israeli Minister

Christian anti-BDS envoy mulling Congress run

Attentat AMIA : Netanyahu insiste sur le rôle des Gardiens de la révolution

US Ragequits UN Agency Because They Told The Truth

Breaking up West Bank families: An unseen Israeli policy - Haaretz Com - Haaretz - Israel News |

Israel advances 1,292 settlement homes, hundreds more planned

The Israeli 'left' is gaslighting U.S. Jews into support for Trump on Jerusalem

Jérusalem : l'ONU condamne à une large majorité la décision américaine

Trump’s ‘Lord Balfour moment’ is formal recognition the US was never an honest broker

UN Members Show Spine in Rebuffing Trump

BHL - Trump, Jérusalem et les juifs | Tribune Juive

The problem with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement ‏

Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN

Rush Limbaugh Gets Super Excited About How Tough Nikki Haley Is

Allan Nairn: By Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, Trump Drops “Pretense of Neutrality”

The Jerusalem UN Vote and the US-Israel Link

US Intimidating UN Member States, “Al Capone Style”

PM applauds US for ‘pushing back’ against UN moves on Israel

L’ONU examine une résolution rejetant la décision de Trump sur Jérusalem

Jewish historian Robert Dallek for Newsweek– ‘Donald Trump should be removed and replaced with Mike Pence’

Trump's Jerusalem Decision Only Exists To Stoke His Horrible Voter Base

La Palestine, Jérusalem et les Juifs (UJFP)

L'an prochain à Jérusalem ? Le Moment Meurice - YouTube

TV ISRAELIENNE : “La France a activement œuvré contre Israël à l’ONU”

The Draft UN Security Council Resolution on Jerusalem

Why Netanyahu Is Upset About UN Security Council Resolution 2334: The Total Illegality of Israel’s Settlements

Bethléem manifeste contre la reconnaissance par Washington de Jérusalem comme capitale d’Israël (vidéo)

Trump hints he'll cut funding to countries that support UN Jerusalem vote

UN Sponsored Report on Israel’s Responsibility for Apartheid in Relation to the Palestinian People

In rare move, Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members who oppose Jerusalem recognition

Trump, Take Note: These Are the Top 10 Countries Receiving U.S. Aid – and How They Voted on Jerusalem

Netanyahu embraces Trump as his number one role model - Israel News -

UN votes against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

UN Vote 128 states vote in favor of resolution slamming Trump's Jerusalem policy

Trump threatens to slash aid to countries backing UN Jerusalem vote

UN votes to reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

UN General Assembly passes resolution rejecting recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Trump warns over UN, but he likely can’t stop feeding the hand that bites

Intimidation – Jérusalem : à l’ONU, les menaces de « cour de récré » de Washington | Le Libre Penseur

In Rare Move, Trump Threatens to Cut Aid to UN Members Who Vote for Jerusalem Resolution

At UN, nations defy Trump and pass Jerusalem resolution with large majority

Netanyahu slams UN as 'house of lies' ahead of Thursday's vote against Trump's Jerusalem recognition

Full text of UN resolution rejecting Jerusalem recognition

Delusional Self-Interest in Trump’s Jerusalem Move

At Vote on Jerusalem, Haley Threatens UN: U.S. Expects Return on Its Investment Trump Threatens UN

UN Security Council Isolates the US on Jerusalem

Israel says number of countries that didn’t support UN vote ‘hugely significant’

Netanyahu spurns UN as ‘house of lies’ ahead of Jerusalem vote

PM calls UN 'House of Lies,' preemptively rejects vote on Jerusalem

UN declares US Jerusalem decision 'null, void' Approved with an overwhelming majority of 128-9, the UN General assembly passes resolution declaring US' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 'null and void.'

‘Shame on U(N):’ Right and Left come out against Jerusalem decision

Why Israel’s massive defeat at the UN isn’t quite as bad as it looks

Despite threats, Trump team undecided on how to punish countries for UN vote

Almost all major recipients of US aid ignored White House threat on UN vote

Jérusalem: nouvelle bronca attendue à l'ONU contre Trump

Jérusalem: Trump met en garde les pays contre le vote d'une résolution à l'ONU

Defying Trump, U.N. General Assembly Condemns U.S. Decree on Jerusalem

Rashid Khalidi: U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Means It Cannot Be a Peace Broker

Statut de Jérusalem : Israéliens et Palestiniens satisfaits du résultat du vote à l’ONU

UN Defies Trump Threats on Jerusalem Vote

Jérusalem: un ministre palestinien dénonce les "menaces" américaines à l'ONU

Jake Tapper blasts human rights violators who criticized Israel at UN

Al Qods : les Yankees condamnés à l’ONU malgré les menaces de Trump/Haley !

The UN vote is mild rebuke for Israel but a stinging slap in the face for Trump - U.S. News -

Israël-Palestine: "Les Américains sont marginalisés", déclare Macron

In Christmas Message Aimed at Trump, Abbas Says Palestinians Will Never Accept Any Peace Plan From U.S.

Trump’s Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran – and Israel Should Be Concerned

Bernard-Henri Lévy– ‘Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration was a cheap political move and not rooted in genuine love for the Jewish people’

Vote sur Jérusalem : un "revers cinglant" pour Washington, selon l'ambassadeur palestinien à l'ONU

176 Nations at UN call for Palestinian Statehood

Obama’s right-hand man on how and why Trump messed up on Jerusalem - U.S. News -

Jérusalem capitale d'Israël : l'ONU condamne à une large majorité la décision américaine

Netanyahu takes pride in Israel's warming diplomatic ties, but UN vote teaches a lesson in humility - Israel News -

Despite failing, UN Jerusalem bid paints Israel, US as alone against the world US tells Israel to pause construction in Jerusalem

Haley warns US ‘taking names’ of UN opponents of Trump's Jerusalem move

Discours de Nikki Haley, ambassadrice des Etats-Unis à l’ONU, avant le vote

'I wonder why Israel even stays in the UN' Nikki Haley slams UN 'hostility towards Israel', rips General Assembly vote against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Israel to withdraw from UNESCO, following US Following the US' example, Israel decides to leave the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization over its anti-Israel bias and lack of concrete plans to reform

The Year The Religious Right Moved Into The White House

Israel to formally announce intent to leave UNESCO

Enfin : Israël quitte l'UNESCO

Israel to formally announce withdrawal from UNESCO

Israël remettra sa démission à l'Unesco avant la fin de l'année

Israel joins US in announcing withdrawal from UNESCO

Stalled by Christmas: Israel’s withdrawal from UNESCO runs into holiday obstacle

Israël pourrait manquer la date butoir pour se retirer de l’UNESCO

Following in U.S.' footsteps, Israel announces exit from UNESCO

Israel to leave UNESCO Netanyahu instructs UNESCO ambassador to hand in letter announcing Israel's intention to withdraw from UN’s cultural body.

The world against us How to counter anti-Israel propaganda.

US and Israel versus the World on Jerusalem

US State Dept rejects US envoy proposal to stop calling West Bank occupied

Fake news and divided Jews: Reliving the crazy first year of President Donald Trump - U.S. News -

The case for US government sanctions on Israel

Fatah’s Twitter compares Trump to Hitler, US to ISIS

Ambassador Friedman: Stop using word 'occupation'. US ambassador to Israel reportedly calls on State Department to stop calling Judea and Samaria occupied.

David Friedman Word Warfare US Ambassador Friedman tells State Dept. to stop using word 'occupation'

Jérusalem: l'ONU dénonce la mort d'un Palestinien handicapé tué par des soldats israéliens

Netanyahu’s new coalition whip is no fan of progressive U.S. Jews - U.S. News -

Everything wrong with Israel's government, reflected in Netanyahu's new right-hand man - Israel News -

Israel should sweat as politics invades American business - Israel News -

Bennett, Shaked ‘counter-revolution against High Court activism' unveiled

Settler teen who attacked activist rabbi at knifepoint gets community service - Israel News -

Israel: ‘No Wrongdoing’ in IDF murder of Double Amputee Palestinian man in Gaza

McCollum’s bill on Palestinian children’s rights: Now is the time to act

The Shin Bet's former chief is worried - Opinion - Israel News |

Poll: 41% of Israelis back boycotting Wadi Ara New poll conducted at behest of Yisrael Beytenu ahead of Sunday's party convention shows slender majority opposed to Lieberman's call to boycott the Israeli Arab area.

Israeli journalist calls for raping Palestinian minor female prisoner

Lest We Forget–Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi

Lest We Forget–IDF rabbi say rape of Gentile women by IDF is permitted in any Jewish war as a ‘moral booster’

Israel extends 16-year-old Palestinian girl's detention because she could 'pose a danger' - Israel News -

A Light Amongst the Nations– Israeli Policeman Accused of Urinating on Face of Handcuffed Palestinian

How They Do It– Israel claims there is ‘no basis’ to the charge that paraplegic Gaza protester was shot by IDF sniper

Stereo-typical Obnoxious Jew and MK member harasses Palestinians visiting imprisoned relatives

Un député israélien monte à bord du bus du CICR et insulte les mères de prisonniers

Israeli right wing hates corruption, loves the occupation - Opinion - Israel News |

Should Netanyahu have to quit if police recommend to indict him?

Kulanu, Likud MKs to participate in right-wing Jerusalem anti-corruption protest‏

Probed for corruption, Netanyahu’s coalition whip quits post

Bitan steps down as coalition chairman Likud MK asks PM Netanyahu to relieve him of his role, saying corruption investigation against him 'makes makes it difficult for me to do my job'; he will remain an MK.

Netanyahu's right-hand man resigns as coalition whip amid probe

When you’re Benjamin Netanyahu, lying is okay ‏

Netanyahu reacts to likelihood that police will recommend corruption charges: ‘So what?’

Netanyahu calls on National-Religious rabbis for support

Coalition chairman: Netanyahu can't serve as prime minister if indicted

Un milliardaire australien affirme avoir offert des cadeaux à Netanyahu, à la demande de ce dernier

Netanyahu calls corruption investigations involving him a 'witch hunt'

Netanyahu’s ex-chief of staff sexually abused colleague in 'sick and disturbed' manner, testimony alleges - Israel News -

Father of Palestinian girl slapping Israeli soldier in viral video: She was upset because relative was shot in head - Israel News -

Palestinian girl in viral video arrested for making the occupation look bad - Israel News -

That Palestinian Girl’s Viral Video? The Real Scandal Is That Israeli Troops Were There At All

Affaire Madoff : l’administrateur récupère les 3/4 des 17,5 milliards de dollars perdus

Bernard Madoff swindled $17.5 billion from investors. His trustee has recovered three-quarters of it.

73 Percent of Money Stolen in Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Recovered Payouts of $584 million will be made in the new year, and trustees expect to recover all the stolen money

Israeli tycoon moves closer to losing his business empire as banks seek wind-up order against Eurocom - Business -

Jewish Billionaire commits $20 million of his own money towards Trump’s impeachment

Israeli Diamond Tycoon With Ties to Democratic Republic of Congo Slapped With U.S. Sanctions

US sanctions Israeli mining mogul Gertler over Congo deals

US sanctions Israeli billionaire over corrupt Congo ties

Twitter war over Israel's hummus 'cultural genocide' - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

‘We should exact a price’ from Ahed Tamimi ‘in the dark,’ Israeli journalist says

Pétition : libérez Ahed Tamimi

Hellenism is alive and well – in the Diaspora!

'Terrorists deserve the guillotine'


We Had A ‘P Is For Palestine’ Party For Kids, And The JDL Showed Up

Jewish Defense League Member Indicted For Assault Outside AIPAC Convention

Un membre canadien de la LDJ inculpé pour agression sur un enseignant arabe

JDL Member Indicted For Assault On Arab Teacher Outside AIPAC Convention

Hey, Jewish Establishment: BDS Is Not Jews’ Biggest Threat — Occupation Is

Pop star Lorde considering canceling Israel concert New Zealand pop star may cancel concert in Tel Aviv following criticism from pro-Palestinian Arab fans.

Lorde Mulls Dropping Israel Show After BDS Pressure: 'Thank You for Educating Me'

Lorde thanks pro-Palestinian fans who are urging her to cancel Israel concert

Lorde performs in Britain Analysis: A major BDS win in a sea of losses Lorde’s cancellation has created a lot of noise - more so than the dozens of acts who show up every year.

Lorde performs in Britain Is Lorde canceling Israel concert? Singer responds to critics on Twitter that she's 'considering all options' but local organizers say the show will go on.

Lorde mulls cancelation of Israeli performance‏

Lorde’s Canceled Israel Concert Reveals The Hypocrisy Of BDS

Lorde should have contributed to ‘spirit of hope and peace’ – ambassador

Israeli promoter: ‘Naive’ to think Lorde could withstand boycott pressure Production company Naranjah asks fans for forgiveness, says it's not angry at pop star for caving

After Lorde nixes Israel gig, envoy to N. Zealand asks to meet with her "By succumbing to the hateful agenda of the few who support BDS you encourage animosity in the region," Israeli ambassador writes on Facebook.

Boycottage : Lorde annule son concert en Israël

New Zealand pop star Lorde cancels Tel Aviv gig due to BDS pressure

Lorde Cancels Tel Aviv Concert: ‘Right Decision At This Time’

Israeli envoy asks to meet Lorde over cancelled show‏

Lorde knows she's not the first: Eight other musicians who cancelled their Israel gigs

Thank You, Lorde, For Standing Up For Palestinian Human Rights

After Backlash Lorde May Cancel Concert In Israel, But Not Concerts In Russia

When the Fear of Muslims Leads Jews to Whitewash the Far Right

Have some Jewish groups gone too far by trying to silence their opponents?

Israel's Jewish religious fanaticism is infiltrating America - Opinion - Israel News |

"Begin and the Beasts" by Amnon Kapeliouk, New Statesman 25 June, 1982. - YouTube

‘The Siege’ gets US premiere at last, in blow to ‘Israeli propaganda machine’ US Politics

How They Do It– ‘Is Israel a racist state?’

'BDS is anti-Semitic and racist' Robert Stuart, a member of parliament from Australia, denounces BDS movement, says it is anti-Semitic and blatantly racist.

Israel to clamp down on foreign funding of NGOs

Israel to probe human rights groups' foreign funding PM Netanyahu announces intent to form Knesset c'tee to investigate 'organizations that operate against' IDF soldiers; 'Our soldiers keep us safe, we'll keep them safe,' PM says.

Chomsky clarifie sa position sur le boycott culturel d’Israël

Kim Jong-un: Israël n’existe pas pour qu’on lui attribue une capitale…

«Gâteux mentalement dérangé» : la Corée du Nord vitupère Donald Trump pour sa décision sur Jérusalem

Trump's 'Criminal' Jerusalem Move Could Backfire

Fox and Friends Think the Pope Hates America For Warning Against Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Donald Trump prêche-t-il la guerre sainte ?

Schumer–‘I advised Trump to recognize ‘united’ Jerusalem’

Swedish state TV ties Trump’s Jerusalem recognition to ‘incredibly strong Jewish lobby’

La TV sudéoise associe la reconnaissance de Jérusalem par Trump au « lobby juif »

Ultra-Orthodox Politicians in Israel Greet Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement With Unexpected Skepticism

Former US ambassador slams 'heavy breathing' over Jerusalem Dan Shapiro says critics of Jerusalem decision overreacting. 'This isn't the second coming of Harry Truman recognizing Israel.'

Why Trump’s Jerusalem Gambit Will Only Hurt Israel

“Settlers in the White House”: Palestinians Denounce Trump Jerusalem Order and Protest in Day of Rage

Trump Makes Israel Great Again - #NewWorldNextWeek

‘Move of US Embassy would proceed without recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem’

Despite Euphoria, Trump to Delay Israel Embassy Move for at Least 6 Months

Trump’s announcement: A big deal not likely to actually change much

Evangelicals were the true driving force behind Trump's Jerusalem announcement - Israel News -

Watch: 'Evangelicals have crazy ideas about Israel' MSNBC host Chris Matthews tears into evangelical Christians for backing Jerusalem recognition, embassy move.

Trump’s Jerusalem Move Is A Ploy To Protect Jared Kushner

Prague EU’s anti-Israel stance on Jerusalem is ‘cowardice,’ Czech president says

Israel bars 22 Palestinian researchers from EU event with anti-Occupation group - Israel News -

Trump’s “Jerusalem Promise” to AIPAC: Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move

These BDS-Supporting British Jewish Students Are Changing Their Community

Jérusalem: la décision américaine "non conforme" aux résolutions de l'ONU, affirment des pays européens

Trump’s announcement: A big deal that may not actually change much

L’envoyée française en Israël : la décision de Trump « donne un argument aux extrémistes »

Trump's Jerusalem Syndrome: Whose End of Days Messiah does he think he is? - Opinion - Israel News |

Site Considered for US Embassy in Jerusalem Is Stolen Palestinian Private Property

How Trump fooled everyone with his Jerusalem declaration

Christian Zionists in America

Israeli minister sees Trump ‘hint’ at Jerusalem partition with Palestinians

9 out of 11 former US envoys to Israel oppose Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

Trump déclare la guerre aux Palestiniens (ensemble)

Jerusalem for dummies: Why the world doesn’t recognize it as Israel’s capital - Israel News -

Jerusalem declaration: Once again, Trump favors words over action ‏

U.S. Jewish Groups Divided in Reactions to Trump's Jerusalem Announcement

Elliott Abrams : Bravo Trump, for standing up to Palestinian blackmail | Opinion

Western leaders worried over Trump declaration Concerned it could lead to violence that would further destabilize the region, dismantle peace prospects, Western leaders object to US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Evangelicals Led Drive To Get Jerusalem As Capital — Not AIPAC

The Biggest Loser in Trump’s High-stakes Jerusalem Embassy Decision–Netanyahu

Netanyahu quiet on U.S. Embassy move in speech, focuses on Iranian threat US, Israel gird for backlash as Trump Jerusalem move roundly condemned

Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Move Was Long in the Works

[Pascal Boniface] Transfert de l'ambassade américaine à Jérusalem : une décision catastrophique - YouTube

Israeli right hails 'historic' trump decision, left predicts regional chaos

In generational shift, millennial evangelicals not as supportive of Israel - U.S. News -

Pour le Front national, Trump est "maladroit" au sujet de Jérusalem

Jérusalem : à l’évidence, c’est le Crif qui importe le conflit israélo-palestinien en France et attise les tensions !

Macron déplore la décision de Trump sur Jérusalem, le CRIF lui enjoint de s'y conformer

Crif et Consistoire appellent Macron à reconnaître Jérusalem, capitale d’Israël

Le CRIF ne représente pas les Juifs de France. Il nous mène à la catastrophe. (UJFP)

Anti-trump... Vous êtes des antisémites !

US special counsel examines Trump-Israel relations - YouTube

Trump to Abbas–‘Specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem’ will be decided in direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, leaving open the possibility of dividing the city

Israeli support for Trump surges after Jerusalem recognition

Des centaines de Juifs libéraux s’opposent publiquement à la reconnaissance de Jérusalem par Trump

Christians and Jews now compare Trump to Persian King Cyrus – will he build the Third Temple? - Israel News -

Who really pushed Trump on Jerusalem: The Christians or the Jews? - Opinion - Israel News |

Tillerson Says U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Unlikely During Trump’s Current Term

Palestine's Vatican envoy: President Trump, you poisoned the peace process - and our Christmas - Opinion - Israel News |

Austrian far-right leader sympathetic to Israel on Jerusalem recognition

La Bible selon «Bibi» : comment Netanyahou justifie la politique israélienne par l'Ancien testament | Brèves | Agence de presse associative

Trump's and Netanyahu's pedagogy of oppression: A lesson on the nature of facts and fact-creation -- Puppet Masters --

Why is Israel legitimizing anti-Semitism? Op-ed: How could a minister and deputy Knesset speaker attend a conference distorting memory of Holocaust and giving Poland’s far-right racists a Jewish-Israeli seal of approval?

Steve Bannon: Trump’s Jerusalem Move Was A Gift To The Religious Right

Steve Bannon's best Jewish friend: Morton Klein's rise to prominence in the Trump era - U.S. News -

How a Jewish Right-winger With Ties to Bannon and Gorka Managed to Cozy Up to the White House

Hitler’s Hindus: The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists - Opinion - Israel News |

How They Do It– ‘This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen at a Conference on anti-Semitism, Jews being lectured on the suffering of others’

Netanyahu agrees to exclude settlements from economic deal with European Union - Israel News -

Un Israélien condamné à 4 ans de prison pour un incendie sur un haut lieu chrétien

Former IDF General and Key Israeli Labor Party Figure: We Were Too Good in 1967, Palestinians Deserved Occupation Amiram Levin, a figure who has been considered left-leaning, tells Israeli newspaper Maariv's weekend edition that 'if they violate agreements, then next time we'll throw them over the Jordan River'

‘Leftist’ Israeli general–a ‘good Jew’–threatens to ‘tear the Palestinians apart’ and ‘toss them across the Jordan’

La plupart des israéliens sont favorables au génocide des palestiniens (Abby Martin)

‘Hellenists, go back to Greece’

Palestinians Stand Up to Israel, Will the World?

David SHEEN Interviewed by Radio Free Georgia - YouTube

Israel’s Persecution Of Breaking The Silence Exposes Deep Corruption

Corbyn ne soutient pas le BDS, mais il boycotterait les implantations

Labour head Corbyn ‘doesn’t support BDS,’ but would boycott settlements

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: Birth of the Israeli Bomb. The World’s Fifth Nuclear Power

Google Hiring 10,000 Reviewers to Censor YouTube Content

L'Europe et les arabes s'unissent contre Israël au conseil de sécurité de l'ONU

The UN and Israel The UN helped create Israel but has attempted numerous times to destroy it as well.

Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US

L’israël responsable de la mort de centaines de migrants | Le Libre Penseur

How a kids’ book on Palestine ensnared this Manhattan store in a political crossfire

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Being Investigated For Political Patronage System

Police to open corruption investigation into UN Ambassador Danon

Grilled Bitan with a side of toasted police bill

Mobster arrested, Tel Aviv city official grilled in coalition whip graft case

List of Jewish American mobsters - Wikipedia

Is It Anti-Semitic For Non-Jews To Associate Jews With Money?

Boston Globe cartoon of Sheldon Adelson uses anti-Semitic images, Jewish leaders say

Toronto conspiracy theory radio show cancelled after anti-Semitic rant

ADL’s Greenblatt Reviewed A Book On Anti-Semitism That He Doesn’t Seem To Have Read

Netanyahu grilled by police for seventh time in graft probe

Police to recommend Netanyahu stand trial in both graft cases — report

Australian billionaire says he gave gifts to Netanyahu at PM’s request

VIDEO - Netanyahu's New Normal [FULL] by David SheenEXTRAITS:-Media on Trump and on Netanyahu -Bezalel Smotrich and his Decision Plan -Israel's War on Africans 6 -What Israelis feel for Barack Obama -Netanyahu makes Nazi comparisonsSOURCES SUR LA CONDAMNATION PAR LE SANHÉDRIN D'OBAMA, LE PAPE, ETC.

Sanhedrin Taking the Pope and Obama To Court!! You Won’t Believe Their Added Addendum—“Third Temple” | Christian News The Sanhedrin English BIN EXCLUSIVE: Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Pope Francis, Obama - Israel News Indictment: Israel vs. Pope Francis, Obama, and basically everyone else (PDF inside) : conspiracy

Israeli police target ultra-Orthodox protesters with weapon developed against Palestinians, and it stinks

Trump Administration ‘Fed Up’ with Israel’s refusal to engage in peace discussions with Palestinians

US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in DC

Palestiniens : le bureau de l’OLP à Washington restera ouvert

Hotovely apologizes over 'American Jews' comments 'I salute every American Jew who joined the IDF, or who fought during World War II.I didn't mean to offend anyone, and I apologize.'

Netanyahu owns Hotovely’s arrogant, hypocritical anti-Semitic attack on U.S. Jews - Israel News -

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Slams U.S. Jewry: ‘They Never Send Their Children to Fight for Their Country’

Why Is Israel’s Top Diplomat Attacking American Jews?

Under-fire deputy minister sorry for offending US Jews, but doesn’t retract

How the ICC going after US for war crimes impacts on Israel

Editorial d’Haaretz : » Israël agit comme une organisation criminelle qui fonctionne selon ses propres lois «

German judge compares Israel to state sponsors of terror Iran, North Korea

India reportedly scrapping half-billion dollar arms deal with Israel

La “peur” des Israéliens et l’inversion des rôles dans la propagande de l’occupant. Ce n’est pas nouveau, mais Samah Jabr, psychiatre et psychothérapeute à Jérusalem, en tournée pour la présentation du film “Derrière les fronts”, ne supporte plus les questions tendant à justifier […]

Editorial d’Haaretz : "Le droit d'Israël à voler la terre palestinienne"

Commanders reprimanded over killing of Palestinian in apparent misunderstanding

Palestinian torture survivors hunt ghosts of their past

Three Jewish extremists indicted for throwing rocks at Palestinians

David Sheen, Israel - Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform - YouTube

Israeli "law center" Shurat HaDin admits Mossad ties | The Electronic Intifada

Lebanese actor arrested for 'spying' for Israel‏

State Comptroller Yosef Shapira Right-wing NGO using Israeli state funds to fight gov't in High Court

Lapid jure de « descendre dans la rue » si Netanyahu est inculpé et ne démissionne pas

Netanyahu vs. the Police and Media: Gag and Rule

Explained: How Israel is trying to break Breaking the Silence – and how it could backfire -

To whitewash occupation, Netanyahu crew casts Breaking the Silence whistle-blower as bogeyman - Opinion - Israel News |

Alleged victim of Breaking the Silence official confirms soldiers beat him

New School criticized for hosting panel on anti-Semitism featuring Linda Sarsour, anti-Israel activists

PresidentRuvi refused to pardon the killer-soldier Elor Azaria, and social media filled w curses against him. @IL_police started investigation over the picture below (because in the #JewishState calling someone an Arab=inciting against him)

Israeli president accused of treason after refusing to pardon Hebron shooter Azaria - Israel News -

Police: Charge Netanyahu's Pick for National Security Adviser With Bribery

Israel wants a führer, not a president - Opinion - Israel News |

To whitewash occupation, Netanyahu crew casts Breaking the Silence whistle-blower as bogeyman - Opinion - Israel News |

Explained: How Israel is trying to break Breaking the Silence – and how it could backfire -

The political campaign to break Breaking the Silence ‏

Première étape franchie pour un projet de loi qui exposerait les partisans du BDS à des poursuites judiciaires

Roger Waters accuse Nick Cave de « désinvolture arrogante » après ses concerts en Israël

Roger Waters and Brian Eno Rip Into Nick Cave Over Israel

Roger Waters responds to Aussie singer: Boycott of Israel ‘isn’t about music – it’s about human rights’

How a BDS panel was canceled - then reinstated - at religion scholars' annual meeting - U.S. News -

When you get money from pro-BDS bodies, you become part of BDS‏

Anti-fascist and anti-Israel; Jewish antifa talks views on Israel and Jews

Leading Israeli rabbi–‘The root and core of the Jewish state is the Torah’

Jewish Human Trafficker convicted of luring teenage girls into prostitution by promising drugs and alcohol sues Canadian gov Over Non-Kosher Prison Meals

B’nai Brith CEO maintains Waters making ‘anti-Israel statement’ at shows

Des affiches anti-déclaration Balfour interdites dans le métro de Londres

How anti-Zionists fueled a far-right victory

Neo-Nazi Quits Movement After Revealing He’s both Jewish and Gay

Israeli adviser behind anti-Semitic political campaign in Austria | The Times of Israel

Le Parquet national financier assimile Nicolas Sarkozy à un « délinquant chevronné »

Selon Manuel Valls, critiquer ses accointances avec l'extrême-droite israélienne serait de l'antisémitisme

Scandale des fausses pages Facebook racistes : la gauche autrichienne s'effondre à 7 jours du vote — RT en français

Deux enquêtes pour « trahison » au sein du ministères des Armées - L'Essor

Quand le contribuable français finance à l'insu de son plein gré Tsahal | Le Club de Mediapart

56 Years After Paris Massacre, State Racism Lives On In France

Ivan Rioufol: L'envolée de l'antisémitisme est le résultat de l'aveuglement des professionnels de l'antiracisme

Quebec MNA Amir Khadir scolded for ‘Israel lobby’ comment

Kennedy and Dimona: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy – Fleischer's Newsletter

‘Oswald killed JFK, Case closed’ says Israeli reporter whose father knew the accused assassin

When Conspiracies Meet: Donald Trump and the JFK Files

Did Israel assassinate JFK? – Daily Pakistan

How Bronfman Sisters Bankrolled Secretive Guru — And Sparked Family Feud

Parks Authority is fudging geological dates to spare ultra-Orthodox


Vidéo de la conférence de Michel Warschawski "“Israël, une radicalisation décomplexée”

Fliers found at Cornell read ‘Just say no to Jewish lies’

Des élus de la République accusés d’antisémitisme

Israel Police Compared To Nazis For Writing Numbers On Hands Of Hasidic Draft Protesters

How They Do It–Israeli adviser behind anti-Semitic political campaign in Austria

7 oct.Qualifié de judéo-bolchéviste à 16 ans, et d'islamo-gauchiste à 96 ans, Edgar Morin, un homme libre

7 oct.Judith Waintraub évoque " Le vide sidéral de la pensée d Edgar MORIN .A votre avis qui est le plus grand intellectuel?

18 oct.Je parle de mépris de classe sociale on me répond antisemite .Critiquer BHL c’est donc automatiquement être antisémite !!

Acclaimed Canadian author explores dark side of pioneers’ Zionist utopia

Israel uncovers bribery scheme in security agency 'on enormous scale'

L’actuel Lord Balfour estime qu’Israël ne respecte pas la déclaration de 1917

Current Lord Balfour says Israel failing to live up to 1917 declaration

JDL Extremists Join Protest Against Jewish History Center

Balfour at 100: A legacy of racism and propaganda

Balfour Declaration's Legacy Is Toxic for Both Israelis and Palestinians

Anti-Balfour Declaration posters banned from London underground, buses

Balfour Declaration's legacy is toxic for both Israelis and Palestinians - Opinion - Israel News |

Des affiches anti-déclaration Balfour interdites dans le métro de Londres

Arabs demand apology for 'crime' of Balfour Declaration. Palestinian Arab groups say Britain must correct the mistake of the Balfour Declaration by supporting a Palestinian state.

Le centenaire de la déclaration Balfour

Nuclear betrayer Vanunu will not be jailed for violations Inside Israel

Mordéchai Vanunu condamné pour des contacts avec des étrangers

Vanunu condamné à du service communautaire pour avoir parlé à des étrangers

Israeli nuclear secret-leaker sentenced for contact with foreigners

Un citoyen néerlandais poursuit en justice des commandants israéliens pour l’attaque de la maison de sa famille pendant la guerre de 2014 contre Gaza | Agence Media Palestine

Rassemblement pro-palestinien à New York : « Les sionistes nazis aident l’EI et ont tué JFK ; Al-Baghdadi est un Israélien ; les États-Unis sont le terroriste n° 1 »

A Tel Aviv, Breaking the Silence témoigne du terrible quotidien de l'occupation - Moyen-Orient - RFI

Israël: des palestiniens vandalisent un vignoble de Cabernet-Sauvignon

130 Juifs de la diaspora s’interposent entre l’armée israélienne et un village troglodyte palestinien

Comment Israël permet à de jeunes diplômés français de devenir des as de la cybersécurité ou de l’IA - L'Usine Campus

Notes d’un finaliste sur l’annulation du recrutement à la chaire Edouard Saïd de l’université d’État de Californie à Fresno

Les législateurs en Espagne donnent leur aval au droit de boycotter Israël Au cours des dernières années, Israël et ses substituts ont redoublé d’efforts pour diaboliser et mettre hors la loi le militantisme de solidarité avec la Palestine, particulièrement en tentant de brouiller […]

Dogged by claims of extremism, biggest Palestinian expo in Europe opens in London - Europe -

Chief rabbi dismisses split with US Jews over Western Wall deal as ‘fake news’

Israel's anti-constitutional revolution - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News |

L’industrie du processus de paix permet de faire durer le conflit israélo-palestinien (Ben White)

Young, Black and Latino Americans Don’t Like Israel

Gaza As ‘Prison Territory’: Construction of New High Tech Surveillance Wall to Separate Gaza from Israel

La torture des enfants palestiniens par Israël est « institutionnelle »

18 years for terrorist who burned Israeli child. Military court sentences terrorist who threw firebomb at car in which 11 year old girl was badly injured. Child still requires medical mask.

La Cour suprême a statué contre la démolition des maisons des meurtriers d’Abu Khdeir

High Court rejects petition to demolish homes of Abu Khdeir killers‏ High Court rejects petition to demolish homes of Abu Khdeir killers

Israeli court rejects request to demolish home of Jewish terrorist

The occupation is a political matter, not a legal one - Opinion - Israel News |

In Israel's religious wars, women are fair game - Opinion - Israel News |

Israël en guerre ouverte contre les Nations Unies L’ambassadrice des États-Unis aux Nations Unies, Nikki Haley, semble défendre une seule et unique cause : Israël. Quand Haley parle d’Israël, sa langue n’est pas seulement émotive ni adaptée aux […]

Netanyahu to millions of Jews: We don’t really want you

Ex-Israeli NSA chief: Foundation of civilization is under attack

Questioning of Breaking the Silence spokesman meant to silence Israeli army whistleblowers - Israel News -

Why the Jewish Right Is Foolish to Celebrate the Empty Palestinian History 'Book'

New generation of Hilltop Youth: Less ideology, more anti-state activity

GB : un évènement pro-palestinien va-t-il être annulé pour son soutien au Hamas ?

Labour MP Defends 'Burn Neoliberalism Not People' Retweet

Palestinian goes to the beach for the first time in decades, gets $200 fine from Israeli fashion police - Israel News -

Un couple de militants juifs se marie en douce sur le mont du Temple

D'éminents experts juridiques confirment que le palmarès d'Israël sur le plan de la torture rend illégal le financement par l'UE du projet « LAW TRAIN »

Ben-Zion Gopstein Jewish extremists accused of targeting, beating Palestinians in Jerusalem

Is Jay-Z ‘Going Anti-Semitic’ On New Record?

Suspect In Jewish Art Bus Arson Caught On Video

When tribalism spins out of control

Has the religious minority taken over Israel?

Chicago Dyke March defends ban on Jewish Pride flags: It's 'anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic' - U.S. News -

Al-Quds Day rally takes place in Toronto

Victoire BDS aux Pays-Bas: une société de transport israélienne perd un contrat de 190 millions d’euros Le mois dernier, Egged Bus Systems (EBS), une filiale d’Egged Israel Transport Cooperative Society, le plus gros opérateur de transport public d’Israël, a loupé une proposition de contrat de gestion […]

British Protesters Disrupt Radiohead Concert To Protest Israel Gig

UK – Radiohead greeted with shouts of ‘free Palestine’ at Glastonbury set amid Israel controversy

British protesters disrupt Radiohead concert over upcoming Tel Aviv concert

Jewish Trump Appointee Called Mark Zuckerberg A ‘Self-Hating Jew’

Sheldon Adelson Quizzed Again In Corruption Case Against Netanyahu Sheldon Adelson questioned for second time in corruption case against Netanyahu

Sheldon Adelson and wife Miriam to speak to Israel Police as part of Netanyahu graft case - Israel News -

Benjamin Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson Sheldon and Miriam Adelson to testify in Netanyahu probe

Security Flaw In Israeli Propaganda App Exposed User Data

Clinton, Pollard, Lewinsky, Tripp, and the Zionist Spider Web | Aryan Skynet Référence à Michael Collins Piper

Le Département d’Etat défend le rapport controversé sur le terrorisme palestinien

State Department defends controversial terrorism report

ZOA Calls For Rex Tillerson’s Resignation

Philip Weiss: The Role of Jewish Democrats in Bill That Could Imprison Israel Boycotters for 20 Years

Le Sanhédrin demande à Poutine et Trump le 3eme Temple

Linda Sarsour Praises Palestinian Resistance, Fails to Mention West Bank Attack

Philip Weiss : rôle des démocrates juifs dans un projet de loi qui pourrait emprisonner les boycotteurs anti-Israël durant 20 ans

Pour Benjamin Netanyahu, les chrétiens évangéliques sont les meilleurs amis d’Israël

Netanyahu, the European Union's border cop - Opinion - Israel News |

Netanyahu’s message to the world: Accept Israel as it is, occupier and settler - Israel News -

“Greater Israel” in the Making? Israel to Control Mediterranean From Beirut to Gaza?

Can Israel survive the end of the Pax Americana? - Opinion - Israel News |

What Does Sheldon Adelson’s Tiff With Bibi Mean For Trump?

Report: Netanyahu discussed settlement exchange plan with US

Did Adelson Just Dump Netanyahu? Unprecedented Front Page Speaks Volumes

Sheldon Adelson Paper Rips ‘Feeble’ Netanyahu As Rift Widens

Jewish Home to Netanyahu: Stop capitulating

Débat à la Knesset sur le projet de loi sur ‘l’Etat juif’ : L’opposition met en garde contre un « apartheid » tandis que les débats débutent

'Opposing nation-state bill means you think Zionism is racism'

Netanyahu to promote Jewish nation-state bill in rare committee appearance

Netanyahu advances Greater Jerusalem Bill. Netanyahu pushes to advance bill seeking to establish greater Jerusalem metropolitan area; many believe bill meant to make up for perceived capitulation over Temple Mount crisis.

Israeli minister says state laws are already democratic, but not Jewish enough - Israel News -

Rabid dog Jewish supremacist lawmaker in Israel says he wants to ‘execute’ the relatives of Palestinians who killed police officers

Rightwing Activists to Conduct Funeral for National Pride outside Netanyahu Residence

The Extremist Zionist Media Campaign Has Gone Too Far

Al-Aqsa : sous des prétextes sécuritaires, Israël poursuit son nettoyage ethnique de la Palestine

Temple Mount crisis: Jerusalem unifies the Muslims through struggle - Palestinians -

Every Israeli should read the Palestinian assailant’s last will and testament - Opinion - Israel News |

Israel Flouts International Law While Targeting Its Defenders

A Jérusalem, « la guerre de religion » sert de couverture au colonialisme

In 2014, UN schools offered precious shelter for Gaza's civilians. Then Israel bombed them - Opinion - Israel News |

Some 120 settlers invade Machpelah House in Hebron

Gideon Levy: Israelis Shut Out Palestinian Calls for Freedom

Vidéo: un soldat israélien frappe un homme palestinien en train de prier

Le tourisme de la mort en plein boom en Israël (vidéo)

If you can't say Israeli settlers are civilians too, you're propping up apologists for terror - Opinion - Israel News |

Bennett accuses Arab MKs of involvement in anti-Semitic ‘Blood Libel’

Netanyahu veut expulser Al-Jazeera d’Israël

Netanyahu eyeing way to shut down Al Jazeera in Israel

CHA-CHING!!! Likud surges to record high in new poll as Israeli left plummets

Le royaume antisémite de Jordanie en croisade contre les Juifs

A l'ONU, le criminel Danon cherche à justifier les crimes sionistes à Jérusalem occupée

Israel’s Deliberate Trajectory Towards an Escalating Conflict

UK Banks Profit from Israeli Crimes against Palestinians

Nassau county executive attempts to sever stadium contract with Waters

Peace and equality or the destruction of Israel? What lies behind the BDS ‏

Bipartisan Bill Criminalizes Support For BDS

ADL slams pro-BDS Jewish group’s 'anti-Semitic' new video campaign - U.S. News -

Des artistes palestiniens demandent à Thom Yorke de Radiohead : « Pouvez-vous nous entendre ? » – BDS France

Knesset Likud bill seeks to open door to anti-BDS lawsuits

BDS Activists Blocked From Flight To Israel

U.S. BDS-supporters blocked from travelling to Israel angered by policy - U.S. News -


Un pilote italien atterrit à l’aéroport de Tel-Aviv et annonce : « Bienvenue en Palestine »

EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Jewish Charity Illegally Loaned $500K To CEO, Regulators Say

Are Non-Jews Human?

How They Do It– ‘The Canaanites weren’t annihilated, they just ‘moved’ to Lebanon’

How Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination Left Amos Gitai Searching For The Right Words

How They Do It–The story behind a staged coexistence picture–Israeli and Palestinian boys embracing in famous image were actually two Jewish friends from Jerusalem

A century before Herzl: The gentile who preached Zionism ahead of his time - Europe -

Documents Show Truman Demanded Israel Withdraw from Areas Taken During the War of Independence

US Jewish Leaders Warn Imams Preaching Anti-Semitic Hate in American Mosques (video)

Australie : la figure de proue de la lutte contre l’islamophobie, victime d’un cyber-harcèlement, démissionne

« Defend Europe » : une opération de com’ en toc (Ensemble FDG)

Emmanuelle Ménard, radicale-voltairienne tendance fusion des droites (Loup Espargilière)

“Contre le système bancaire”, il étale ses excréments sur des distributeurs de billets | Valeurs actuelles

Pour le PM Hongrois, « l’UE cherche à islamiser l’Europe… »

Le Vel d’Hiv et la faute d’Emmanuel Macron

La lettre de l'historien israélien Shlomo Sand à Emmanuel Macron - Le blog de algerie-infos

« Bibi », le copain de Macron, réclame le recours à la peine de mort contre les Palestiniens

Netanyahu pressed Obama to use nuclear weapons against Iran

Christian Zionists See Signs Of The Messiah In Big Israel Anniversaries

Between Sarsour’s Israel-hate and GOP Christian supremacists, the political space for U.S. Jews is shrinking - Opinion - Israel News |

Adelson has hijacked the Israeli-American community for his hard-right agenda - U.S. News -

Report: American Jewish Federations Loaded with Cash

US Celebrities Raise Record $53.8 million to support the Israeli Army at a fundraiser …

Les stars d’Hollywood collectent pour Tsahal –
The American Jews Who Are Driving US Laws Against Palestinians, BDS, etc.

Divorcing the Diaspora: How Netanyahu is finally writing off U.S. Jews - Israel News -

Nikki Haley: Unless UN rights council reforms, US is out

United States Blackmails and ‘Starves’ UNESCO

UN rapporteur urges sanctions on Israel for driving Palestinians ‘back to the dark ages’

Netherlands must oppose anti-Israel efforts at UN, Dutch parliament says

Times of Israel website hacked by Turkish group

Nigel Farage condemned over ‘Jewish lobby’ comment

The Right Has A New Palestinian Strategy: Just Declare ‘Victory’

Netanyahu's War on Africans

Israeli MK Glick: ‘We Dream of Jerusalem Extending All the Way to Damascus’

Israel's explanation for arms sale to Myanmar: Both sides 'committing war crimes'

Israël : Lieberman veut la grâce d'un soldat ayant achevé un Palestinien

Air Canada ends contract with Israeli arms firm

Jewish groups dispute claims of BDS victories at Air Canada and York University

University of Ottawa students reject BDS motion

It's time for Israel to shut down the Jewish National Fund - Israel News -

Hillel accused of censoring left-wing activists at UWaterloo

Des militants d’extrême-droite portent plainte contre le retrait d’une affiche pro-Kahane

Nick Cave subit les foudres du BDS avant ses concerts à Tel Aviv

Rocker Nick Cave faces BDS heat ahead of Tel Aviv concerts

Poll: Most Israelis think the world is against them

‘Anti-Semitic’ vote suspended by Students’ Society of McGill University judicial board

Diffamation : Un professeur suisse condamné pour avoir traité Michel Collon d’ « antisémite » Il y a deux ans, un internaute suisse se cachant sous le pseudo « Alex Ecrable » me calomniait en me traitant d’ « antisémite » sur facebook. Ce professeur ( !) voulait décourager le […]

«Edward Saïd» - 3 questions à Dominique Eddé

Le président du CRIF exige une loi contre l’antisionisme : l’historien Dominique Vidal lui répond

Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it ‘sniffs of Nazism’

In praise of intermarriage: Why are Israeli Jews so afraid of relationships with Arabs? - Opinion - Israel News |

Q/A with Charles Bronfman on Birthright and the Best Prize of All

Bronfman E.L. Rothschild L.P. Has $759,000 Stake in Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:LLY)

Birthright operator promotes free extended Israel stay for volunteering with extremist rabbi in the settlements - Israel News -

Birthright's policy to meet only 'good' pro-Zionist Arabs was offensive and dishonest from the start - Opinion - Israel News |

Birthright Slammed For Scrapping Interaction With Arabs

68% of Israelis Want Jewish (Bloody) Rituals at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Right-Wing Israeli Lawmaker Compares Non-Orthodox Jews To Dogs

Women of the Wall says haredi Israeli lawmaker compared them to dogs

Rabbinical court rules divorce was not legal because of rape complaint

Anti-Israel activist declared one of the 'Women of the Year'

The real danger posed by populist leaders like Trump and Netanyahu, and how to fight it -

Arthur Finkelstein, the man who saved Netanyahu’s career - and forever changed Israeli politics - Israel News -

Understanding the enigma of Arthur Finkelstein, unseen power broker -

Netanyahu Asks Supreme Court for Rehearing Over Divulging Phone Records With Adelson

Trump Fighting UN Blacklist of Companies Doing Business in Settlements

Europe must not buy what Israel is selling to combat terror - Opinion - Israel News |

Europe adopts Israel-style security measures as terror becomes the new normal - Europe -

Danon: UN Human Rights chief 'world’s most senior BDS activist'.... Israeli UN Ambassador slams UN blacklist of companies working in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, and Golan Heights.

Danon Slams UNHRC Progress on Blacklist Against Israel as ‘Expression of Modern Anti-Semitism’

US trying to thwart UN blacklist of settlement-friendly firms

US opposes UN ‘blacklist’ of companies that do business in Israeli settlements

Israel Demolishes Bedouin Village to Build Jewish-Only Town

Roger Waters de Pink Floyd : «Nous vivons dans 1984» d’Orwell - YouTube

Power couple led the community in business and social causes

Barry Sherman ranks high both in wealth and philanthropy

Netanyahu autorise les membres de la Knesset à entrer dans la mosquée al-Aqsa Bennett dismisses 'anti-religionization' campaign

Israel releases last Jewish extremist being detained without trial - Israel News -

Catalonia BDS branch says Europe ‘responsible’ for Barcelona attacks

Jews Feel Safer In Israel Than In America… Cause They Can Kill Gentiles There…

Depuis leurs cellules, les jeunes pro-implantations appellent à la défiance face aux ordonnances administratives

Im Tirzu, Israeli movement ‘with fascist elements,’ to meet at Jerusalem center with links to Reform movement

Racists and rapists: How Israel deals (or doesn't) with its own 'Confederates' - Israel News -

En invitant Netanyahu, les dirigeants africains célèbreront le racisme, le colonialisme et l’apartheid

IDF soldiers attacked by Israeli youths who ‘mistook them for Arabs’

Masked men burst into his home, shot him and fled': Mossad accused of assassinating Palestinian man in Sweden

No, The Bible Doesn’t Command We “Stand With Israel”

Opposition leader warns of fascist trends in Israeli politics

CAN HE keep his grip? Labor Party and Zionist Union head Isaac Herzog speaks to the Conference of Presidents... 'Israel is becoming a fascist state, US can't save the day'

Israeli Politics Is Becoming Fascistic, Israeli Opposition Leader Warns

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Énumération des principaux "ennemis d'Israël" (défense de rire):
  • Black Lives Matter: Hillary supports the Black Lives Matter moment (BLM). In its official demands document the Black Lives Matter moment supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement.
  • Max Blumenthal, son of Hillary Clinton buddy Sid Blumenthal often makes “blood libel accusations against Israel. His latest book Goliath includes chapters comparing Israel to the Nazis, such as “The Concentration Camp,” or “The Night of Broken Glass,” and others which are just slanderous, like “How to Kill Goyim and Influence People,” all of them reminiscent of the anti-Semitic blood libels popular in medieval Europe. Max’s writings were emailed to Hillary by his father. She sent them around to the State Department to read.
  • Center For American Progress (CAP) In lead up to the last election Politico published a piece about how CAP was fighting to change the Democratic Party to the Anti-Israel party. Stories by CAP bloggers had appeared in the vehemently anti-Israel fringe publication The Electronic Intifada. CAP bloggers have also accused American Jews of a dual loyalty, calling them “Israel-Firsters” The Simon Wiesenthal Center went beyond calling CAP anti-Israel, they called them anti-Semitic.
  • Laurie Cumbo– A NY City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo justified the black-on-Jew “knockout game” attacks in Brooklyn because, they were worried “they would be pushed out by their Jewish landlords or by Jewish families looking to purchase homes.” She made it clear that Jewish real-estate speculators are a prime enemy in her anti-gentrification outlook.
  • Media Matters For America: Uses anti-Semitic rhetoric including the canard that American Jews have a dual loyalty (they use the term Israel-Firsters). They’ve also claimed “evil Zionist lobby” controls both the media and the U.S. foreign policy.
  • The Democratic Party’s number two person is Keith Ellison; A supporter of Lewis Farrakhan and the Muslim Brotherhood with a track record of being both anti-Israel and Antisemitism,
  • Al Sharpton: Led two anti-Semitic pogroms in NYC, Crown Heights and Freddy’s Fashion Mart. According to the sworn testimony of Efraim Lipkind, a former Hasidic resident of Crown Heights:“Then we had a famous man, Al Sharpton, who came down, and he said Tuesday night, kill the Jews, two times. I heard him, and he started to lead a charge across the street to Utica. —“ That was probably the nicest thing Sharpton has said about Jews. But the MSM treats him as someone who deserves respect.
  • The Mainstream Media ignores antisemitism and treats the Holocaust as a political tool. Along with giving platforms to anti-Semites such as Al Sharpton or Pat Buchanan, the MSM quick to criticize to (justly) criticize Sean Spicer for his recent ignorant comments about the Holocaust which he apologized for profusely and many times. But the MSM was only using the Holocaust as a political weapon, ignoring that in September the Washington Post ran two different opinion pieces inappropriately comparing then-candidate Trump to Hitler, they also ignored innapropriate holocaust refreences by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, the Huffington Post, Comedian Louis C.K, and Rachel Maddow. Or when Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown compared Republican governors John Kasich, Scott Walker and Chris Christie to the Nazis. They were also silent when Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) compared conservative bloggers (like me) to Hitler. The MSM recently celebrated the anti-Trump “Day Without Woman” march but ignored the fact that it was run by anti-Semites & anti-Israel advocates.
  • Richard Falk former professor at Princeton, and former UN Special Rapporteur to the Palestinians, Falk believes “that the Holocaust is a massive fraud on the rest of us, with their lavish, self-financed Holocaust Museums all over America and the world. The Holocaust myth is instrumental to maintaining American support of Israel, which leads to worldwide terrorism.” Or that he claims, “Jewish people… have decided to bring down human civilization (like Sampson) ” More recently he published a paper for the UN falsely claiming that Israel practices apartheid. The report was rebuked by the UN Secretary General and U.S. Ambassador to the UN Niki .
And it’s just here in America. Antisemitism is state-sponsored in Europe:
  • The European Union: the European Union’s recent decision to label Jewish goods from Judea, Samaria (the West Bank) and the Golan Heights is a perfect example of the anti-Semitic double standard. As explained by former Israel Ambassador the US Michael Oren, There are more than 200 territorial disputes in the world, but Europe does not label products as made in Chinese-occupied Tibet or Turkish-occupied Cyprus. The Palestinian Authority has twice — in 2000 and 2008 — rejected Israeli offers of statehood in Gaza, East Jerusalem, and almost all of the West Bank. Instead, Palestinian leaders have ordered or encouraged terrorist attacks that have killed more than 1,500 Israelis and maimed many thousands more.
  • In January 2016, France and Italy marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day by hosting the President of Iran, a country that holds a cartoon competition featuring works trivializing or denying the Holocaust, and threatens to destroy the Jewish state.
  • The number of antisemitic incidents in the UK rose by more than a third to record levels in 2016, according to data released by the Community Security Trust. Last September the NY Times reported that many British Jews believe the rising Antisemitism is connected to strident anti-Israel politics with which leader of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbin sympathizes. A year into Mr. Corbyn’s tenure, there is no trust and precious little dialogue between the Labour leader and Britain’s Jews. The country’s chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, has spoken of Labour’s “severe” problem of anti-Semitism” Corbin as worked closely with Holocaust deniers, praised anti-Semitic extremists and described Hamas and Hezbollah as his friends.
  • 100 British Labour MPs have denounced their own party for failing to significantly discipline a prominent antisemitic member former mayor of London Ken Livingstone, who had falsely claimed that Adolf Hitler was a Zionist and that the Zionist movement collaborated with the Nazis. Livingstone had been a top ally of Labour’s radical leader Jeremy Corbyn, who appointed him to oversee a key defense policy review. In a decision that drew condemnation from Britain’s Jewish organizations and its chief rabbi, the party committee opted merely to suspend Livingstone from holding office for one year.
  • The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has excluded Israeli companies, such as Africa Israel Investments and Danya Cebus, from its Global Pension Fund, a fund that invests the national wealth in foreign stocks and bonds, and which holds more than one percent of all global stocks. The Norwegian trade union EL & IT, which represents workers from the energy and telecommunications sectors, has boycotted the Histadrut, Israel’s national labor union.
  • Recently the Swedish Parliament blasted a deal between Volvo, the country’s most important car maker, and the Israeli bus companies. Volvo provides, in fact, some buses which keep the Israelis alive in Judea and Samaria. Jewish schoolchildren in these areas have to use armored buses to avoid being shot and murdered by Palestinian terrorists. But according to the chairman of Sweden’s parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, Kenneth G. Forslund, their right to life, granted by Volvo’s buses, is “a violation of international law”. Swedish dockworkers sponsored a week-long boycott of Israeli ships and goods.
  • Even though ISIS claimed responsibility, Sweden’s minister of Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström blamed the November 13, 2015 massacres in Paris on Israel, claiming that “to counter the radicalization we have to go back to the situation in the Middle East where the Palestinians see that there is no future for them and must accept a desperate situation and resort to violence”.

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