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Rappel sur les liens de l'ancien dictateur du Panama Manuel Noriega avec le Mossad et la CIA. Autre exemple révélateur du soutien sioniste et américain aux dictateurs anti-révolutionnaires et de l'entraînement des Contras après la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Manuel "Old Pineapple Face" Noriega

The Legendary Mossad Agent Who Was Second Fiddle to Panama's Dictator

Former Panama dictator's secret ties to Israel

PANAMA And Manuel Noriega’s Secret Ties To Mossad

Missing the Real Noriega Story


Manuel Noriega et le militarisme américain

Manuel Noriega, military dictator ousted by U.S. in Panama, dies at 83

Noriega était notoirement proche de l'agent du Mossad et trafiquant d'armes Michael Harari.

Mike "Mr Sixty-Percent" Harari (MOSSAD)

Mike Harari, 'The Zionist James Bond,' Dies at 87  Former high-ranking Mossad officer founded the assassination unit and commanded the retaliation against Black September terrorists. Ya’alon: He belonged to rare breed.  

The U.S. and Panama; An Israeli in Panama: Whose Broker? As American investigators try to piece together the business and political affairs of Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega, one of the most intriguing figures remains an Israeli who some say was a key adviser to the former Panamanian strongman.  The shadowy role of Mike Harari, a 62-year-old retired agent of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, stirred speculation and debate well before the United States invasion began.

La main du néoconservateur juif Elliott Abrams est bien visible dans l'affaire Noriega.

Elliott "the snake" Abrams
(surnommé ainsi par le patron de la CIA William Casey)

Abrams a été inculpé pour le scandale IRAN-CONTRA, un scandale majeur de l'ère Reagan dans lequel la main d'Israël est encore une fois bien visible.

Borders and Bridges: A History of U.S.-Latin American Relations (Highlights: Noriega and Abrams)

The Invasion of Panama By Noam Chomsky. European elite, less than 10% of the population. That changed in 1968, when Omar Torrijos, a populist general, led a coup that allowed the black and mestizo [mixed-race] poor to obtain at least a share of the power under his military dictatorship. In 1981, Torrijos was killed in a plane crash. By 1983, the effective ruler was Manuel Noriega, a criminal who had been a cohort of Torrijos and US intelligence.  The US government knew that Noriega was involved in drug trafficking since at least 1972, when the Nixon administration considered assassinating him. But he stayed on the CIA payroll. In 1983, a US Senate committee concluded that Panama was a major center for the laundering of drug funds and drug trafficking.  The US government continued to value Noriega’s services. In May 1986, the Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency praised Noriega for his "vigorous anti-drug trafficking policy." A year later, the Director "welcomed our close association" with Noriega, while Attorney-General Edwin Meese stopped a US Justice Department investigation of Noriega’s criminal activities. In August 1987, a Senate resolution condemning Noriega was opposed by Elliott Abrams, the State Department official in charge of US policy in Central America and Panama. 

[Source - PDF] Senior officials ignored Fiers' opinion. On September 20, North informed Poindexter via e-mail that "Noriega wants to meet me in London" and that both Elliott Abrams and Secretary of State George Shultz support the initiative. Two days later, Poindexter authorized the North/Noriega meeting.

[Source - PDF] On February 10, 1986, Owen ("TC") wrote North (this time as "BG," for "Blood and Guts") regarding a plane being used to carry "humanitarian aid" to the contras that was previously used to transport drugs. The plane belongs to the Miami-based company Vortex, which is run by Michael Palmer, one of the largest marijuana traffickers in the United States. Despite Palmer's long history of drug smuggling, which would soon lead to a Michigan indictment on drug charges, Palmer receives over $300,000.00 from the Nicaraguan Humanitarian Aid Office (NHAO) -- an office overseen by Oliver North, Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs Elliott Abrams, and CIA officer Alan Fiers -- to ferry supplies to the contras.

Elliott Abrams 12 0 From Iran-Contra to Bush's democracy czar.

Let's Remember Elliott Abrams Is an Apologist for Torture and Decapitation

Israel and the Iran-Contra Scandal: How Neocons Messed Up the Mideast

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Robert Parry: 1980 CIA-Neocon-Israeli Treachery Re Carter/Reagan Election & the Prolonging of Iran Hostage Captivity

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The Iran affair - and Reagan's close ties with Israel

The Iran-Contra affair, 1986 - Noam Chomsky A brief account of the US selling arms to Iran via Israel in order to fund far-right paramilitary contras in Nicaragua.

2011: New report suggests Israel linked to Irangate scandal New revelations published on 25th anniversary of Iran-Contra affair say Israel played secondary part in the scandal which rocked DC in 1986. 'Washing the transaction through Israel wouldn't make it legal,' President Reagan was told

The Truth About Israel, Iran and 1980s U.S. Arms Deals Recently declassified Pentagon documents reveal a strange, not to say illicit, 1980s operation called 'Tipped Kettle,' in which weapons stolen by Israel from the PLO in Lebanon were transferred to the Contras and to anti-American elements in Iran.

Robert Parry: Bush-41’s October Surprise Denials

Robert Parry: Second Thoughts on October Surprise (...) But the key to understanding the October Surprise case was that it appeared to be a prequel to the Iran-Contra scandal, part of the same storyline beginning with the 1980 crisis over 52 American hostages held in Iran, continuing through their release immediately after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 1981, then followed by mysterious U.S. government approval of secret arms shipments to Iran via Israel in 1981, and ultimately morphing into the Iran-Contra Affair of more arms-for-hostage deals with Iran until that scandal exploded in 1986.

David Kimche dies; Israeli spy involved in Iran-contra scandal

Robert Parry: Spy Takes US/Israeli Secrets to Grave

64 Years Later, CIA Details Long-Hidden Role in Iran Coup

Does Trump Want to Redo 1953 CIA Coup in Iran?

US quietly publishes papers on 1953 Iran coup. Documents outline US-backed 1953 coup in Iran and the toppling of Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh, which were once expunged from its official history.

Iranophobia aimed at diverting attention from Israel

Plus de détails dans l'extrait qui suit, tiré de Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press d'Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

Excerpt from Chapter 12: "The CIA, Drugs and Central America" (highlighted on googlebooks)

Manuel Noriega 

On June 12, 1986, Seymour Hersh published a front-page story in the New York Times exposing General Manuel Noriega’s twenty-year association with the Colombian drug cartels. The exposé appeared just as Noriega was in Washington to receive a medal of honor from the Inter-American Defense Board. The article alleged that Noriega was involved in money laundering, arms dealing and political assassinations, including the torture and murder by decapitation of his liberal opponent, Dr. Hugo Spadafora. The article, based on sources in the Defense Intelligence Agency, also accused Noriega of selling US technology to the Cubans and Eastern Bloc nations. 

Hersh quoted from a 1985 House Foreign Affairs Committee report that called Panama “a drug and chemical transshipment point and money laundering center of drug money.” That same investigation of Noriega prompted the NSC’s Admiral John Poindexter to travel to Panama and have a session with Noriega, during which Poindexter claims he told the squat general to “cut it out.” But it wasn’t long before Elliott Abrams, assistant secretary of state, had bailed out Noriega by intervening in a policy debate within the Reagan administration to insist that only after the Sandinistas had been dealt with should any serious sanctions against Noriega be considered. Noriega was a vital component in the CIA’s war against Nicaragua. At the request of the Reagan administration he had contributed more than $100,000 to Contras operating in Costa Rica, and in 1985 he had provided “an ordnance expert” for a North-planned operation that blew up a Sandinista military depot in Managua. 

After the unflattering attention sparked by Hersh’s article, Noriega called Oliver North seeking counsel in cleaning up his image. North agreed to meet with a Noriega emissary on August 23, 1986, and minuted the encounter in a computermessage to John Poindexter, later unearthed by the National Security Archive:
You will recall that over the years Manuel Noriega and I have developed a fairly good relationship. It was Noriega who told me Panama would be willing to accept [Ferdinand] Marcos [the exiled former president of the Philippines].… Last night Noriega called and asked if I would meet w[ith] a man he trusts – a respected Cuban American – the president of a college in Florida. He flew in this morning and he outlined Noriega’s proposal: In exchange for a promise from us to ‘help clean up his [Noriega’s] image’ and a commitment to lift our ban on FMS [foreign military sales], he would undertake to ‘take care of the Sandinista leadership for us. I told the messenger that such actions were forbidden by US law and he countered that Noriega had numerous assets in place in Nicaragua that could accomplish many things that would be essential [to a] Contra Victory. Interesting. My sense is that this is a potentially very useful avenue, but one which would have to be very carefully handled. A meeting with Noriega could not be held on his turf – the potential for recording this information is too great … you will recall that he was head of Intelligence for the PDF [Panamanian Defense Forces] before becoming CG [commanding general]. My last meeting with Noriega was in a boat on the Potomac … Noriega travels frequently in Europe at this time of year and a meeting could be arranged to coincide with one of my other trips. My sense is that this offer is sincere, that Noriega does indeed have the capabilities preferred and that the cost could be born by Project Democracy (the figure of $1M was mentioned) … The proposal seems sound to me and I believe we could make the appropriate arrangements for reasonable OPSEC [operational security] and deniability. Beg advice. 

Within minutes Poindexter had responded to North’s suggestion that this murderous thug and drug smuggler be retained at a cost of $1 million to help in the Contra War. “I wonder what he means about helping him clean up his act,” the admiral wrote. “If he is really serious about that we should be willing to do that for nearly nothing. If on the other hand he just wants us indebted to him, so that he can blackmail us to lay off, then I am not interested. If he really has access inside, it could be very helpful, but we cannot (repeat not) be involved in any conspiracy or assassination. More sabotage would be another story. I have nothing against him other than his illegal activities. It would be useful for you to talk to him directly to find out exactly what he has in mind with regard to cleaning up his act.” 

North cleared the meeting with Secretary of State George Shultz and Shultz’s sidekick Abrams and then proceeded to London, where he hunkered down in a hotel with Noriega and reviewed plans to wreak mayhem on the Sandinistas, all in contravention of the express will of Congress. They reviewed plans for bombings of the Managua airport, attacks on phone lines and power plants and the destruction of an oil refinery. Noriega also pledged to create training camps for the Contras and the Afghan mujahedin, no doubt with advanced courses in accountancy, international banking practices and the covert movement of drugs and money. 

In exchange North agreed to sign Noriega up with a New York PR firm. In his book Panama: The Whole Story, Kevin Buckley quotes an American source who observed North and Noriega together. “To North, Noriega was a spymaster, an operator, a man who made things happen. To North, Noriega was like Brando, up the river in Apocalypse Now. No rules. Noriega thought North was a pipsqueak.” 

If North revered Noriega, North’s patron William Casey, director of the CIA, had a coldly pragmatic appreciation of the usefulness of the Panamanian. Casey saw Panama as the key to US operations throughout Latin America, not only against Nicaragua but also Cuba. The relationship between Casey and Noriega was described by the latter’s right-hand man, José Blandón, to documentary filmmakers Leslie and Andrew Cockburn: “The US had information that Noriega was involved in the drug trade for at least eight years. Yes, they knew about that. But for the White House, the Reagan administration, the Contras were so important that the drugs took second place. There was a very special relationship between Casey and Noriega. At least $3 million in support came from Casey. Whenever there would be an investigation of Noriega, Casey would stop it.” 

Actually the US had known about Noriega’s drug trafficking since at least the late 1960s, and there was a history across nearly three decades of US military and intelligence agencies shielding Noriega from criminal investigation. He had been recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1959 and began working for the CIA in 1967. When the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs attempted to indict Noriega in 1971 for drug trafficking, the CIA intervened to protect their man in Panama. The BNDD continued to brood on ways to get rid of Noriega, including a procedure chastely described as “total and complete immobilization.” But in the end the drug agency was overruled and ordered to work with the drug smuggler. Throughout the 1980s Noriega’s star continued to rise. In 1976, for example, the CIA paid Noriega $100,000 for his work on behalf of the Agency. The director of the CIA at the time was George Bush. By 1985, at the height of the Contra War, Noriega’s paycheck from the CIA had soared to $200,000 a year. 

On October 5, 1986, a few weeks after the meeting in London, the bold plans explored by North and Noriega came crashing down in the wake of the similarly abrupt descent of a plane ferrying arms from Ilopango air base in El Salvador to Contra camps inside Nicaragua. As Eugene Hasenfus, a veteran of the CIA’s Air America operation in Laos, was kicking the supplies out of the back of a C-123K, a Sandinista gunner scored a direct hit and only Hasenfus managed to parachute down and into the world’s headlines, offering incontrovertible proof of the Reagan administration’s illegal shipments. Among the phone numbers in Hasenfus’s notebook was that of George Bush’s office. 

In rapid order, Noriega’s fervent supporters inside the Reagan administration lost favor. Then William Casey died. Noriega’s star plummeted. He became a liability to George Bush, and it was not long before Noriega had been indicted as a drug smuggler, then became the target of an American invasion of Panama on December 20, 1989. Absurdly titled Operation Just Cause, the mission succeeded in killing plenty of Panamanian civilians but not Noriega, who found sanctuary in the house of the Papal Nuncio. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Noriega surrendered and in a Miami courtroom in 1990 learned what it was to fall from grace. The veteran of the CIA’s payroll and a thousand forgiven drug shipments went down on a 45-year prison sentence, which as of 1998 he is serving in the state of Florida. His amusing memoir, America’s Prisoner, detailing his career and relationship with the CIA, was not widely reviewed in the US press. 

The greatest irony of all is that under the US-installed successor to Noriega, Guillermo Endara, Panama became the province of the Calí cartel, which rushed in after the Medellín cartel was evicted along with Noriega. By the early 1990s, Panama’s role in the Latin American drug trade and its transmission routes to the US had become more crucial than ever.

Lire aussi le chapitre 10 de l'excellent ouvrage des journalistes d'investigation d'Andrew et Leslie Cockburn, sur les opérations secrètes conjointes des USA et Israël.

À ne pas manquer: l'entrevue de Leslie et Andrrew Cockburn pour C-SPAN

Comme le montraient il y a plus de 25 ans déjà Andrew et Leslie Cockburn, Israël est économiquement dépendant de ses contrats d'industrie militaire, en particulier envers le Pentagone, en raison de la part très importante que représente l'ensemble de ces contrats dans les revenus de l'État israélien. Paradoxalement, cette dépendance économique de l'État israélien vis-à-vis ces contrats militaires avec le Pentagone est presque toujours entendue et défendue comme un "gage de l'indépendance et de l'autosuffisance économique d'Israël"!

Bien entendu la collaboration entre Israel et les États-Unis s'étend bien au-delà des contrats militaires... Ells s'étend aussi, notamment, jusqu'aux plus hauts échelons des services secrets (Mossad et CIA) et se cache ainsi derrière de nombreuses opérations secrètes des États-Unis à travers le monde: que ce soit contre les communistes (comme dans l'entraînement par le Mossad des soldats Moudjahidines anti-soviets en Afghanistan avec l'argent de la CIA) ; la vente d'armes et l'entraînement par le Mossad des commandos "antiterroristes" de Medellin en Colombie ; l'entraînement des Contras (contrarrevolucion) au Honduras et d'autres troupes d'élite au Guatemala ; le rôle des États-Unis dans le développement nucléaire militaire israélien ; la coopération nucléaire entre Israël et l'Afrique du Sud, les opérations de subversion contre Nasser en Égypte et Hussein en Irak, etc.

Dual Loyalty By Victor Mallet REVIEWS OF TWO BOOKS: The Samson Option: Israel, America and the Bomb by Seymour Hersh, and Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the US-Israeli Covert Relationship by Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn
A Special Relationship By David Schoenbaum. Review of DANGEROUS LIAISON The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship. By Andrew Cockburn and Leslie Cockburn.
In Bed With the Israelis? DANGEROUS LIAISON: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, By Andrew and Leslie Cockburn September 01, 1991 | Dan Raviv | Raviv, a CBS News correspondent based in London, is co-author of "Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel's Intelligence" (Houghton Mifflin.)


Le fait est qu'historiquement, surtout depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale, des individus anti-juifs endoctrinés à l'anti-communisme ont été utilisés dans des opérations internationales visant à détruire des mouvements révolutionnaires de libération nationale (ex: Contras -contrarevolucion- et réseaux stay-behind reliés au "nazi" Reinhard Gehlen) ! Ils ignoraient qu'ils étaient en fait entraînés par le Mossad, exactement comme les moudjahidines utilisés contre l'Union soviétique! Dans leur esprit, ces anti-juifs anti-communistes croyaient combattre la subversion juive mondiale, alors qu'en réalité, ils étaient leurs idiots utiles! Combien de conspirationnistes et d'antijuifs militants ont fini par travailler pour des gouvernements capitalistes corrompus et antisociaux au services des ploutocraties à cause de leur endoctrinement anti-communiste? Croyant combattre la toute-puissance juive en allant combattre une révolution communiste dans le tiers-monde, ces pauvres ignoraient tout simplement qu'on se servait d'eux, qu'on les manipulait pour détruire un authentique mouvement de libération nationale!
Les identitaires semblent toujours à la recherche d'une éventuelle taupe soviétique ou à blâmer les communistes pour tout.. exactement comme faisait le numéro 2 de la CIA James Jesus Angleton (qui créa la fausse piste soviétique-cubaine de l'assassinat de JFK). C'est que, même si les identitaires et les conspirationnistes prétendent ne plus croire au clivage gauche-droite, la plupart du temps ils croient qu'être à droite c'est être un "vrai dissident", et passent leur temps à reprocher essentiellement aux juifs d'être derrière le complot communiste, même si la réalité actuelle n'a rien à voir avec cet anachronisme (il n'y a plus de pouvoir communiste aujourd'hui!). Les moudjahidines étaient entraînés par le Mossad avec l'argent de l'oncle Sam pour attaquer l'Union soviétique, de même de nombreux anticommunistes incluant des antijuifs convaincus ont été utilisés dans des commandos contre-révolutionnaires (contrarevolucion) et les réseaux stay-behind (liés au "nazi" Reinhard Gehlen) à l'ère de la guerre froide. Car le sionisme s'arrange pour faire faire son sale travail par des groupes non-juifs, afin que les juifs eux-mêmes puissent garder les mains propres et projeter une image de gauche.

 Pour comprendre l'appui d'Israël et de la Maison Blanche aux dictateurs d'amérique du Sud et d'Amérique centrale:

From the Nov 4, 1979 edition of Granma, official newspaper voice of Castro's government:
"The Zionist movement, created by the Jewish big bourgeoisie at the end of the 19th century, was born with a decidedly counterrevolutionary purpose. From the founding of the World Zionist Organization in 1897 to the present, Zionism, as ideology and political practice, has opposed the world revolutionary process.
Zionism is counterrevolutionary in a global sense in that it acts the world over against the three major forces of revolution: the socialist community, the working class movement in capitalist countries and the movement for national liberation.
Zionist counterrevolution began by making inroads in the European working class movement. In the early years, when the growth of monopoly capitalism and the expansion of reactionary tendencies that accompanied the establishment of the imperialist phase of capitalism demanded the unity and solidarity of the proletariat, the Zionists focused on dividing the working class.
They propagated the thesis that all non-Jews were, and would always be, anti-Semites; asserted that the only possibility for the Jewish masses’ well-being and justice was to emigrate to the “promised land”; and defended class collaboration, thus diverting the Jewish proletariat away from the struggle for their real emancipation and dividing and weakening the working class movement. It’s not fortuitous that in czarist police archives one finds documents calling for support for the Zionist movement as a way of stemming the tide of proletarian revolution.
Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, wrote at the time in his diary:“All our youth; all those who are from 20 to 30 years old, will abandon their obscure socialist tendencies and come over to me.”
However, the efforts of Zionist counter-revolution could not hold back the wheels of history. The victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia ushered in a period of transition from capitalism to socialism on a world scale. The first victory of the proletariat, the premise of future victories, was a heavy blow to Zionism.
Most of the money that filled Zionist coffers came from Russia, where czarism had humiliated and oppressed the Jews for centuries. Russia provided a million immigrants for the Zionist colonization of Palestine. When the Russian Revolution liquidated the exploitation of man by man, it also destroyed the basis for Zionism in the Soviet Union.
Leninist policy on the national question toppled all Zionist myths that the Jews could not be fully incorporated, with equal rights, into society and destroyed all the racist claims on the inevitability of anti-Semitism. The Zionists never did, and never will, forgive the Soviet state and its Leninist Party, not so much for cutting off the money flow from Russia and for the loss of workers for the colonization effort, but because the Bolsheviks implemented a correct policy that incorporated the talents and efforts of the Soviet Jews into the tasks of building a new society and thus demonstrated the class origins of discrimination and anti-Semitism, breaking with the past and providing a genuine solution to the Jewish problem, a solution which was not and could never be a massive exodus to Palestine.
Zionist counterrevolution took on an anti-Soviet thrust. Before October 1917 the Zionists collaborated with Kerensky. Later they supported all the attempts at counter-revolution and enthusiastically participated in the different white “governments” set up in different parts of the country during the Civil War [in Russia]. They were active in all the moves against the Soviet Union from abroad, and their powerful propaganda machine spread a spate of lies about the first workers’ and peasants’ state in the world.
Not even the Soviet victory over German fascism, which saved so many Jewish lives, made the Zionists change their anti-Soviet stand.
With the outbreak of the cold war the Zionists collaborated in all the subversive and diversionary activities against the USSR and other socialist countries. The secret services of the Zionist state of Israel coordinated their spy activities with the CIA. Zionist agents played an active role in the counter-revolutionary attempts in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
Today Zionism seconds the hypocritical anti-Soviet campaign on presumed violations of the human rights of Jews in the Soviet Union and does all it can to put pressure on Soviet citizens of Jewish origin so they will leave their true homeland and go to Israel. This effort by Zionist counter-revolution can only lead to new failures. And to complete the picture there is the Zionist counter-revolutionary action against the national liberation movements.
Soon after World War I, Zionist settlers penetrated into Palestinian territory, acting as the spearhead of British imperialist interests in opposition to the Arab peoples’ hopes for independence. Their role was clearly spelled out by the prominent Zionist leader Max Nordau in a statement to the British authorities:
“We know what you want from us: that we defend the Suez Canal.We must defend your route to India which passes through the Middle East.We are ready to take on that difficult task. But you must allow us to become powerful enough to carry out that task.”
And, as a matter of fact, the Zionists became a power and succeeded in establishing their own state in 1948: the Zionist state of Israel. Now their task is to defend oil routes, protect all the interests of U.S. imperialism and block the advance of the Arab revolution.
Backed by tremendous amounts of imperialist economic and military aid, the Zionists are constantly acting against national liberation movements.
At one time it was their mission to penetrate African and Asian independence movements, guarantee that the newly independent states followed paths acceptable to imperialism, that they not stray from the confines of neo-colonialism. Israel offered courses, advisers, all sorts of aid.
But the ploy wasn’t very successful. Israel’s increasing role as imperialism’s policeman in the Middle East, its racism and avowed expansionism made the young African and Asian nations see the dangers of Israeli “aid,” the treachery of Israeli foreign policy.
Nevertheless, the Zionist state took up a new role in the struggle of world reaction against progress. It went beyond the geographical confines of the Middle East, established friendly ties with all reactionary regimes and began to supply arms, equipment and advisers to those who were trying to suppress national liberation struggles.
The Israeli armaments industry specialized in designing and producing all sorts of weapons for urban and rural anti-guerrilla warfare.
The South African racist regime, the dictatorships of Guatemala and El Salvador, and the fascist Pinochet are among the best clients of the Israeli armaments industry.
Israeli arms sales in 1978 were estimated at $400 million.
One of their best clients was the Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza.
Zionist counter-revolution was present in Somoza’s Nicaragua in the form of Galil guns and Pull-push planes, but they couldn’t stop the victory of the Sandinista revolutionaries.
This is a symbol of our times: neither the machinations of Zionist counterrevolution, nor Israeli arms, can hold back the victorious march of the peoples of the world."

Israël. Des colonies et des armes pour le Myanmar Au même titre que Donald Trump, Benyamin Netanyahou a tweeté: «Nous construisons et nous continuerons à construire.» Ainsi, après avoir «révélé» la construction – évidemment planifiée depuis longtemps...

Le rôle d’Israël dans la « guerre sale » au Guatemala Les procédures pénales contre l’ancien dictateur Rios Montt mettent en lumière le rôle joué par Israël dans les crimes commis contre les Mayas au Guatemala.

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Swiss Newspaper reveals: Secret military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel

Le grand bluff de Ronald Reagan ARTE

Des questions que l’on ne pose plus sur la fabrication d’un ennemi

It's a tight-knit circle: the original "Dirty Trickster" and pioneer of the Southern Strategy, Lee Atwater, teamed up with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to get George Bush Sr elected in 1988, despite suspicions of his involvement in the Iran-Contra Scandal. Atwater had become a senior partner at the political consulting firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly the day after the 1984 presidential election, founded by future Trump campaign manager deeply involved in Russian collusion, Paul Manafort, and the other infamous dirty trickster, and regular guest on Alex Jones, Roger Stone.

With Trump as groupie, Fox News should be called The First Network - U.S. News -

Murdoch has a long-standing relationship with the CIA, since he was introduced to Reagan by Trump's mentor, the ubiquitous Roy Cohn. Murdoch provided media backing for the CIA coup against the Whitlam government of Australia in 1975, which involved Ted Shackley's Secret Team of JFK assassins and Air America involved in the Nugan Hand Bank which was central to the Iran-Contra Operation

The CIA and Rupert Murdoch: An Australian Coup (Documentary Clip) - YouTube

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Guatemala-Israël : d’« excellentes relations » A en croire Jimmy Morales, au demeurant de confession évangélique, ce sont les « conceptions chrétiennes » des Guatémaltèques qui imposeraient l’alliance avec Israël.

Israel, Guatemala and Apartheid

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Jared Kushner rejoint la liste des juifs intimement liés aux grands scandales présidentiels américains contemporains (incluant Elliott Abrams sous Ronald Reagan)

RAPPEL: Vendeurs de guerre | Un laboratoire de guerre à ciel ouvert (v.f. de "The Lab", Yotam Feldman, 2013), film documentaire sur l'industrie militaire israélienne, révèle entre autre l'hypocrisie de l'Occident qui s'en prend de plus en plus vertement à Israël pour ses violations incessantes des droits de l'homme, mais continue à acheter les armes israéliennes garanties "testées sur les Palestiniens".

Du mythe de l'appui inconditionnel des juifs pour le communisme 

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de C-Span2, l'ex-agent du Mossad Victor Ostrovsky lève le voile sur l'influence du Mossad dans la politique étatsunienne 

En Israël, la pègre juive dite "russe" favorise le sionisme le plus extrémiste, représenté par Avigdor Li(e)berman, leader du daech judaïque ("Jewish ISIL")

Un des journalistes juifs du Watergate, Carl Bernstein, accuse les "néocons juifs" d'être derrière la guerre en Irak

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de MSNBC, discussion sur les néocons responsables de la guerre en Irak pour Israël, leur délirante théorie du complot irakien et leur guerre de cent ans contre le monde arabo-musulman

Découvrez le conspirationniste anti-islam débile choisi pour être conseiller en affaires étrangères du candidat présidentiel bushiste Ted Cruz. Il est l'inspirateur du projet de Trump de déporter les musulmans: non, ce n'est pas Boris Le Lay, c'est le néocon membre du PNAC Frank J. Gaffney Jr. L'équipe de Cruz rassemble aussi d'autres néoconservateurs comme Elliott Abrams et Michael Ledeen. Cruz croit en plusieurs théories du complot, particulièrement celles impliquant George Soros.

Le mouvement juif Néo-conservateur : du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Elliott Abrams, Dual Loyalist and Neocon Extraordinaire