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Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de MSNBC, discussion sur les néocons responsables de la guerre en Irak pour Israël, leur délirante théorie du complot irakien et leur guerre de cent ans contre le monde arabo-musulman

Matthews: Why were the people in the administration like [Paul] Wolfowitz and the others talking about going into Iraq from the very beginning, when they got into the White Wouse long before there was a 9-11, long before they start talking about WMDs. (...) It seemed like there was a deeper reason. I don’t get it. It seemed like the WMDs was a cover story.

Corn: I can explain that. For years, Paul Wolfowitz and other members of the neocon movement had talked about getting rid of Iraq and that there would be democracy throughout the region, that it would help Israel and they came to believe actually a very bizarre conspiracy theory that al Qaeda didn’t matter, that actually Saddam Hussein was behind all the acts of violence, the 1993 WTC Bombings, the Bombing of the USS Cole in 1999, and they came into the White House with that perspective, so when people like Richard Clark, the Counter-terrorism advisor, said "listen, we've got to do something with al Qaeda", Wolfowitz said "Bin Laden doesn't matter". They want it all focussed on Iraq. Up until 9-11, and they saw that as their opportunity to then pounce, even though Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11.

Matthews: The reason I go back to that is there’s a consistent pattern: the people who wanted that war in the worst ways, neocons so called, Wolfowitz, certainly Cheney.. it’s the same crowd of people that want us to overthrow Bashar Assad, .. it’s the same group of people that don’t want to negotiate at all with the Iranians, don’t want any kind of rapprochement with the Iranians, they want to fight that war. They’re willing to go in there and bomb. They have a consistent impulsive desire to make war on Arab and Islamic states in a neverending campaign, almost like an Orwellian campaign they will never outlive, that’s why I have a problem with that thinking. (…) we’ve got to get to the bottom of it. Why did they take us to Iraq, because that’s the same reason they want to take us into Damascus and why they want to have permanent war with Iran.
The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity (Mondoweiss) The best thing about this political moment in the U.S. (if not for the good people of Iraq) is that the rise of ISIS and the Republican candidates’ embrace of the Iraq war is posing that deep and permanent question to the American public, Why did we invade Iraq? Last night Chris Matthews asked that question again and David Corn said it was about the neoconservative desire to protect Israel. Both men deserve kudos for courage.

The Jeb Bush Adviser Who Should Scare You 
Paul Wolfowitz not only championed the Iraq War—he obsessively promoted a bizarre conspiracy theory.
—By David Corn | Wed May 13, 2015 6:05 AM EDT
Last week, Jeb Bush, the all-but-announced GOP presidential candidate, stirred up a fuss when he privately told a group of Manhattan financiers that his top adviser on US-Israeli policy is George W. Bush. Given that Jeb has tried mightily to distance himself from his brother, whose administration used false assertions to launch the still highly unpopular Iraq War, this touting of W.—even at a behind-closed-doors session of Republican donors—seemed odd. But perhaps more noteworthy is that Jeb Bush has embraced much of his brother's White House foreign policy team. In February, his campaign released a list of 21 foreign policy advisers; 17 of them served in the George W. Bush administration. And one name stood out: Paul Wolfowitz, a top policy architect of the Iraq War—for the prospect of Wolfowitz whispering into Jeb's ear ought to scare the bejeezus out of anyone who yearns for a rational national security policy.
Wolfowitz, who was deputy defense secretary under George W. Bush, was a prominent neocon cheerleader for the invasion of Iraq. He was also the top conspiracy theorist in the Bush-Cheney crowd. As Michael Isikoff and I reported in our our 2006 book, Hubris: The Inside Story of Spin, Scandal, and the Selling of the Iraq War, Wolfowitz, prior to the Iraq War, was a champion of a bizarre theory promoted by an eccentric academic named Laurie Mylroie: Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, not Islamic extremists such as Al Qaeda, was responsible for most of the world's anti-United States terrorism.
For years, Mylroie, who had been an assistant professor of political science at Harvard University, had promoted the notion that Saddam was the real terrorist threat to the United States, and law enforcement and intelligence officials had dismissed her thesis, which was based on assorted elaborate conspiracies that apparently only she could divine. After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, she developed a complicated hypothesis that the mastermind of that attack, an Islamic radical who went by the name of Ramzi Yousef and who had spent time in Afghan training camps affiliated with Al Qaeda, was actually an Iraqi intelligence agent who had somehow stolen Yousef's identity. Actually, according to Mylroie the Iraqi agent had stolen the identity of a deceased Pakistani and then taken on the name Ramzi Yousef.  In any event, this would mean that Saddam, not Islamic extremists, was behind this act of war.
Mylroie made the rounds of the then-small world of counterterrorism studies. FBI investigators, federal prosecutors, and the CIA considered her theory and tossed it aside. She had no compelling evidence. (One CIA analyst noted, "Not only was it not true, we proved the opposite"—that Saddam was not connected to the 1993 bombing.) But Mylroie pressed on, and neocons, who had long been diehard supporters of Israel who yearned to drum up support for US military action against Iraq, flocked to her ideas.
Wolfowitz was one of her fiercest advocates. At one point during the Clinton years, when Wolfowitz was serving as the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, he met with Martin Indyk, who was overseeing Iraq policy for the National Security Council, and asked why the Clinton administration had not accepted Mylroie's view. Indyk told him that the CIA and FBI had settled this issue. But Wolfowitz was not persuaded. "He was convinced that we were purposely refusing to see the link for policy reasons," Indyk told Isikoff and me for our book.
Mylroie continued to peddle her conspiracy idea. After the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, she insisted that Iraq was also behind this event. She sent memos to the lawyers for Timothy McVeigh, who was eventually convicted of mounting this attack, claiming that McVeigh's co-conspirator, Terry Nichols, had been in league with Ramzi Yousef, the supposed Iraqi agent. As for Al Qaeda's bombings of two US embassies in Africa in 1998 and its 2000 bombing of the USS Cole off the Yemen coast, Mylroie contended that these attacks were actually the handiwork of Saddam. "Everything, everything, everything was connected to Saddam," Daniel Pipes, a former Mylroie collaborator, said. "She became monomaniacal on the subject." At the core of this was a fundamental and important policy implication: the US government needed to worry more about Saddam than radical Islamic fundamentalists.
In 2000, Mylroie published a book on the 1993 World Trade Center bombing called Study of Revenge: Saddam Hussein's Unfinished War Against America. Wolfowitz had helped her with the manuscript, and in the acknowledgements Mylroie noted that his wife, Clare, had "fundamentally shaped this book." The book featured a blurb from him:
Laurie Mylroie's provocative and disturbing book argues powerfully that the shadowy mastermind of the 1993 bombing of New York's World Trade Center, Ramzi Yousef, was in fact an agent of Iraqi intelligence. If so, what would that tell us about the extent of Saddam Hussein's ambitions? How would it change our view of Iraq's continuing efforts to retrain weapons of mass destruction and to acquire new ones? How would it affect our judgments...and the need for a fundamentally new policy? These are questions that urgently need to be answered.
This was quite an endorsement. Wolfowitz, who had been a top Pentagon official for the first President Bush, was a leading member of the Republican defense establishment, and he was giving his seal of approval to what was essentially the Da Vinci Code of terrorism. Other leading neocons praised her work, including former CIA director R. James Woolsey and ex-Pentagon official Richard Perle.
After George W. Bush entered the White House, Wolfowitz, now the No. 2 official in the Defense Department, pushed Mylroie's theory. At one point before Sept. 11, 2001, he asked the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency to have his analysts review her book. (The analysts did and found nothing to confirm her suppositions.) Wolfowitz also pressed the CIA to reassess its negative evaluation of Mylroie's theory. Officials who worked with Wolfowitz later noted that he could cite specific pages from Mylroie's book. To some, he seemed practically obsessed with it.
This had serious consequences. In an April 2001 interagency meeting on terrorism, Richard Clarke, the White House counterterrorism adviser, noted that a US priority ought to be targeting Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan. Yet Wolfowitz, Clarke recounted in his memoir, pooh-poohed this concern with "one man, bin Laden" and said the government should focus on "Iraqi terrorism."
Not surprisingly, days after 9/11, Mylroie was publicly suggesting that that it was "extremely unlikely" and "next to impossible" that bin Laden had pulled off this assault "unassisted by a state." She meant Iraq. And her views influenced the Bush-Cheney administration's immediate reaction to 9/11. The day after the attack, Bush asked Clarke to search for evidence that Saddam was behind the attack. At a Cabinet meeting on Sept. 15, Wolfowitz contended there was a 10 to 50 percent chance that Saddam had helped orchestrate the 9/11 plot, and he proposed attacking Iraq, observing that a war there might be easier than one in Afghanistan. In subsequent memos, Wolfowitz pushed the same point. He also dispatched Woolsey to London to find evidence to prove Mylroie's theory. (He came back empty-handed.)
Ultimately, Bush did not take Wolfowitz's advice to start with a war on Iraq. He attacked Afghanistan. But as soon as the Taliban regime in Kabul fell, Bush asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to draw up war plans for Iraq. And Wolfowitz never ceased promoting Mylroie's Saddam-did-it theory. During a March 17, 2002, lunch with the British ambassador, Wolfowitz insisted that Saddam was tied to the first World Trade Center attack. Meanwhile, Mylroie became a television pundit, claiming that the CIA was covering up the Saddam connection to 9/11.
Throughout this period, Wolfowitz was also promoting a similar theory within the administration: that lead 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta had met in Prague with an Iraqi intelligence official. CIA and FBI officials had concluded that this, too, did not occur. (After the Iraq invasion, Wolfowitz would order WMD hunters in Iraq to search for evidence of the Atta meeting in Prague; nothing would be found.) And at the Pentagon, Wolfowitz oversaw an effort managed by Doug Feith, the undersecretary of defense for policy, to cherry-pick intelligence to link Iraq to 9/11. (This attempt yielded no proof.) Wolfowitz also was a prime advocate for Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi exile leader whose Iraqi National Congress before the war was peddling bad information on Saddam's supposed weapons of mass destruction.
Wolfowitz's record in office is littered with profound errors. After General Eric Shinseki, the Army chief of staff, testified before Congress weeks prior to the invasion of Iraq that it would take "several hundred thousand soldiers" to occupy Iraq, Wolfowitz said this estimate was "wildly off the mark." He discounted the possibility of sectarian violence in Iraq following the invasion, insisted that Iraq's oil revenues would finance post-war reconstruction, and declared that he was "reasonably certain that they will greet us as liberators." None of these claims were based on serious Pentagon, State Department, or CIA assessments. And none turned out to be true.
Wolfowitz and all his senior-level colleagues in the Bush-Cheney administration got Iraq wrong. They each were guilty of wishful thinking and arrogantly believed they knew better than area experts in various government agencies. But within this crew, as a ferocious advocate of a wacky and paranoid conspiracy theory, Wolfowitz went further in denying reality. And for that, his judgment ought to be questioned. After all, his passionate embrace of Mylroie's unproven and screwy thesis caused him to miscalculate one of the most serious threats to the United States. He could have been run out of the public sphere for this. Yet Wolfowitz was awarded the Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush and named president of the World Bank (where he went on to have a scandalous tenure). And now Wolfowitz is advising yet another Bush who may end up in the White House. One can only imagine what dark global conspiracies he's pitching these days.


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Jeb Has Fallen Into the Trap. It's Not About What You Know Now, It's About Who You Are
Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, in his 2003 interview with Sam Tanenhaus in Vanity Fair just weeks after the U.S. invasion, succinctly set forth the administration's rationale for war against Saddam: "There have always been three fundamental concerns. One is weapons of mass destruction, the second is support for terrorism, the third is the criminal treatment of the Iraqi people. Actually I guess you could say there's a fourth overriding one which is the connection between the first two..." The subsequent 911 Commission Report documented the administration's extensive focus on Saddam Hussein in the wake of the 9/11 attack, including the determination to use the attack as a pretext to bring down the Iraqi dictator.  Immediately after the publication of the Wolfowitz interview, the Pentagon and Conservative commentators objected to emphasis in the Vanity Fair article that the administration had settled on WMD as the sole or primary rationale for the invasion. A Pentagon official asserted, correctly, that in the Vanity Fair interview Wolfowitz "made clear that there were multiple reasons for the use of military forces against Iraq." Writing a few weeks later, Bill Kristol, conservative doyen and editor of The Weekly Standard, disputed the notion that the war had been sold to the American public on false pretenses, explicitly focusing on the conflation of chemical and nuclear weapons under the single acronym WMD. "No one doubts that Saddam's regime had weapons of mass destruction, used weapons of mass destruction, and had an ongoing program to develop more such weapons."

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On Monday, Jeb Bush posted a column on Medium touting the need for ramped-up cybersecurity efforts. "Given the reliance of the United States government and the private sector on the internet, it is disturbing we remain vulnerable to its disruption and misuse," he wrote. The piece was mostly devoid of specific ways to fix those vulnerabilities, but what Bush did propose raises some privacy concerns. The former Florida governor cited Estonia, a tiny Baltic nation that's a world leader in cybersecurity efforts, as a model to emulate.
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Enter the Bush Doctrine The four pillars of the president's strategy for winning World War IV. By [ULTRA-ZIONIST NEOCON JEW] Norman Podhoretz Updated Sept. 2, 2004 (Editor's note: This is excerpted from Mr. Podhoretz's article, "World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win," which appears in the September issue of Commentary.) Voir la version française (et résumée) de Réseau Voltaire.
Podhoretz sur les Troisième et Quatrième guerres mondiales: "For these reasons, I agree with one of our leading contemporary students of military strategy, Eliot A. Cohen, who thinks that what is generally called the "Cold War" (a term, incidentally, coined by Soviet propagandists) should be given a new name. "The Cold War," Mr. Cohen writes, was actually "World War III, which reminds us that not all global conflicts entail the movement of multimillion-man armies, or conventional front lines on a map." I also agree that the nature of the conflict in which we are now engaged can only be fully appreciated if we look upon it as World War IV. To justify giving it this name--rather than, say, the "war on terrorism"--Mr. Cohen lists "some key features" that it shares with World War III:  that it is, in fact, global; that it will involve a mixture of violent and nonviolent efforts; that it will require mobilization of skill, expertise and resources, if not of vast numbers of soldiers; that it may go on for a long time; and that it has ideological roots.  There is one more feature that World War IV shares with World War III and that Mr. Cohen does not mention: Both were declared through the enunciation of a presidential doctrine."

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(..)In his 20 minute appeal, Obama repeatedly weaved two themes known to strike a chord among progressives: the Iraq war, and the role of big money in Washington’s decision making process.  When put together it sounded something like this: Criticism of the deal, he said, comes “partly from the $20 million that’s being spent lobbying against the bill,” and “partly from the same columnists and former administration officials that were responsible for us getting into the Iraq war.“  The wording, though chosen carefully as not to conflate the two groups, treaded into a highly sensitive area for some in the Jewish community.  The mention of $20 million is a clear reference to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which is leading the lobbying efforts against the Iran deal and has raised, through a sister organization, this sum in order to fight for disapproving the agreement.  Tying AIPAC and those who pushed for military intervention in Iraq in the same argument, could be read as accepting the notion that the American Jewish community was behind the Iraq war. It is a notion the organized pro-Israel community has been trying to fight off for over a decade.  The idea that Jews laid the groundwork for the Iraq war stems, in part, from the fact that several national security and defense advisers in the Bush administration were Jewish neo-conservatives who supported the war. The organized Jewish community, however, did not call on the Bush administration to launch a military offensive against Iraq.  The reference was not lost on Jewish officials who are attuned to this sensitivity.  “Canard,” tweeted William Daroff of the Jewish Federations of North America as Obama spoke on the conference call.  And while Obama may have had no intention of giving credence to it, the pronounced equation he made between those supporting the Iraq war and those opposing the Iran deal, is likely to make many in the community feel uneasy.  As is the reference to “billionaires” bankrolling the political effort to defeat the agreement in Congress.  “You’ve got a whole bunch of folks who are big check writers to political campaigns, running TV ads, and billionaires who happily finance SuperPACs and they are putting the squeeze on members of Congress,” Obama said.  Again, Obama made no direct reference to any individual involved in funding the drive against the Iran deal, but it is clear that most of the money raised by pro-Israel groups for this campaign has come from Jewish donorsAnd the Republican Jewish Coalition was quick to issue a statement condemning Obama for “demonizing” opponents of the deal and reminding Jewish leaders that when George H. W. Bush complained in 1991 about the power of lobbyists, he was criticized by Jewish groups for what was seen as a negative reference to the political power of Jewish Americans. (...)

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Netanyahu's masterclass in how to lose friends and alienate your allies The prime minister’s years in power have been disastrous for Israel’s standing in the Western world – which isn’t dumb, as he seems to think.
Netanyahu Cabinet Members Reject Two-state Solution; Call for Annexation of Occupied Territories
Netanyahu seen as ineffectual, paranoid by longtime former ally In a savage interview, former FM Liberman charges that the prime minister lacks the will to stop Iran, indulges Hamas, appeases extremists, and is obsessed with his own survival.

Washington and 'The Jerusalem Post' Regarding the US Secretary of Treasury being booed at the JPOST conference

Shaked dives into foreign policy, pushes for alliance with Kurds

Meet the Real Israeli Defense Force: the US Congress

VIDEO - Dahlia Wasfi conference (2010) "Israel's Influence on the U.S" Excellente source, très fiable, qui a pas peur de pointer du doigt la reponsabilité centrale d'Israel dans la guerre en Irak.

Le milliardaire juif tenant les cordons de la bourse du Parti républicain américain: Sheldon Adelson

USA: le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson accusé de liens avec le crime organisé

Lawsuit against Sheldon Adelson to be heard in U.S.

Netanyahu’s right hand man Sheldon Adelson facing allegations of links to Chinese organized crime

Beheading plot raised during Adelson court testimony Casino magnate defends his multibillion-dollar empire from accusations of bribery, organized crime links

Sheldon Adelson faces new scrutiny as documents challenge his testimony Casino magnate’s trial remarks raised more questions than they answered about Las Vegas Sands’ connection with an alleged organised crime leader in China.

Could Sheldon Adelson Empire Be Toppled by Lawsuit?

Watch: Jon Stewart takes aim at Sheldon Adelson for his influence in Republican politics

Let’s wage a guerrilla war on ‘Adelson primary’ and the Super PAC Machine

Battle of the billionaires: Adelson vs. Saban

VIDEO - NBC profiles Sheldon Adelson in its series 'Meet the Money' Adelson is so powerful he has his own season in American politics known as the Adelson primary, where Republican presidential hopefuls make 'the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to vie for the blessing of his Republican-Jewish coalition.'

Op-Ed: Courting Adelson is not Jewish outreach

Republican candidates jockeying for position in Sheldon Adelson Primary

Republican Contenders Reach Out to Sheldon Adelson, Palms Up

At Jewish Republican confab, Sheldon Adelson looms large

'Sheldon Primary' Won't Win Jewish Votes

Report: Jeb Bush loses 'Adelson primary' over James Baker's J-Street speech In a message to Bush, the casino magnet reportedly said that the move by the foreign policy adviser cost the would-be presidential candidate 'a lot of money.'

'Jeb Bush's ties to Baker may cost him shot at Adelson's megabucks'

Christie, Cruz to mingle with Adelson at New York gala

Rubio shaping up as Adelson's presidential favorite

Billionaire Casino Magnate Sheldon Aldelson's Israeli Paper Is Obsessed With Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio takes lead in Sheldon Adelson primary Sources say the billionaire casino mogul is close to throwing his millions behind the hawkish Florida senator.

U.S. might make do with lip service on Palestinians GOP Senator Marco Rubio’s amendments to Congressional review of Iran deal seen through prism of his reported endorsement by Sheldon Adelson.

At Republican Jewish confab, Cruz pledges to repair Israel relations Four-day long gathering at Las Vegas resort owned by Sheldon Adelson draws more 700 activists from across the country.

Cruz to Vegas high-rollers: bet on me to back Israel and stop Iran deal Presidential candidate Cruz, others speak at ‘Adelson Primary’ in Vegas

Jeb Bush, James Baker, and the Pro-Israel Mega-Donors by Stephen Sniegoski

Sheldon Adelson To Host Secret Anti-BDS Summit for Jewish Donors

Adelson to host secret anti-BDS fundraiser, strategy summit Conference reportedly being organized by top Jewish donors, including Hollywood entertainment mogul Haim Saban.

Sheldon Adelson hosting private meeting to stem BDS tide on campuses

Adelson hosts secretive Elders of Zion event to counter anti-Zionism

Adelson Tabloid Slams Obama for Listening to ‘Court Jews’ in Questioning Israel’s Credibility

Will Sheldon Adelson's Push To Fund Anti-BDS Campaign Backfire on Campus?

Forget BDS, Sheldon, these are the real threats facing Israel If Sheldon Adelson and his friends think they’re about to save Israel from the boycott threat, they’re even more out of touch than we suspected.

So Many Billionaires, So Many Choices in 2016
Les 50 Juifs les plus influents au monde selon le Jérusalem Post
JPOST-Most influential media titans
JPOST-Most influential Jews in finance, economics and business
Who the Jewish Billionaires Are Backing for 2016

The real connection between Netanyahu and Adelson's Israel Hayom I filed a Freedom of Information Law request on February 11, four months ago. Today the answer arrived. I nearly fell off my chair.
Adelson’s Anti-BDS Event Links Money To Action
No Holds Barred: Miriam and Sheldon Adelson's fight against BDS
Haim Saban Threatens Orange and Companies Boycotting Israel with Retribution
Israel Hints at Legal Measures Against Boycott, Divest and Sanctions (BDS) Movement
The Wrong and Right Way to Beat BDS "Even progressive Jewish leaders will tell you taht BDS can no longer be dismissed as a boogeyman of the paranoid"

Jeb Bush declares presidential bid: I will stand with ‘brave, democratic’ State of Israel

Jeb Bush’s Jewish team includes brother’s backers, staffers
Jeb Bush Unveils ‘Jewish Leadership Committee’; Members Include Eric Cantor, Michael Mukasey
Mukasey = juge du 11 septembre et du WTC-1993!

Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren: Obama abandoned Israel
Ex-envoy Michael Oren: Obama abandoned ‘2 core principles’ of U.S.-Israel alliance
Former Ambassador: Obama Incapable of Empathizing with Israel Former Israeli envoy to Washington, MK Michael Oren, explains why Obama is gambling on Israel's future - and why there is still hope.

Refusing to acknowledge that Jerusalem is in Israel has drained Obama of power
Congressmen call on Obama to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital after US court ruling

Michael Oren: American Jewish journalists lead media’s anti-Israeli assault In new book, former envoy Michael Oren claims antagonism towards Benjamin Netanyahu akin to historic hatred of Jews.

Crime Boss Adelson, Romney To Host ‘Dance To The Jews’ Tune’ Contest


HORREUR ! Selon Netanyahou, les Zeursombres n’étaient qu’une forme de boycott… Bibi compare BDS aux nazis
Netanyahu: « les attaques contre les juifs ont toujours été précédées par les opérations comme BDS »Coca-Cola Palestine CEO Urges Boycott of Israel - Les Etats-Unis vont pouvoir lutter plus efficacement contre BDS en Europe
Orange CEO received death threats over Israel boycott controversy
Orange CEO says life threatened after ‘boycott’ donnybrook Stephane Richard files complaint with Paris court over death threats and leak of his personal information
Israeli group threatens to sue Coca-Cola over Palestinian partner Israel Law Center says it’ll pursue legal action if soda giant doesn’t sever ties with BDS-supporting Zahi KhouriAnti-Boycott laws are a really bad idea

David Grossman: Culture minister turning Israel into a militant, fundamentalist sect Prominent author says Miri Regev does not understand her job, favors Jewishness and Israeliness over freedom of expression.

Gentiles and Humanitarians say, G-d is a liar! by Ultra Zionist Jew Tuvia Brodie

Netanyahu Says it's Anti-Semitism to Accuse Israel of War Crimes or Violating Human Rights

The permanent Israeli mission at the UN was accused, on Saturday, of misleading envoys of permanent missions of other member states in New York
Israel defends Gaza conflict as 'moral war' Report comes days before release of findings of investigation by UN Human Rights Council into possible war crimes by Israel and Hamas
Israel refuses entry to UN special investigator Wibisono
Netanyahu: UN inquiry commission’s report on 2014 Gaza war is ‘waste of time’
Jerusalem Post Editorial: Israeli war ethics
Academic body censures university for retracting job over anti-Israel tweets
Les médecins israéliens « contre le gavage des prisonniers grévistes de la faim »
Shaked, Liberman continue controversy over doctors to force-feed hunger-striking prisoners
Israel confronts former soldiers on tell-all missionWhen Ariel Sharon became settlers’ arch-rivalIsrael’s Behaviour Will Bankrupt It over Time

AU NOM DU TEMPLE (Charles Enderlin, France2)

RABIN, THE LAST DAY (Amos Gitai, 2015)

Screening of film about Rabin assassin under Israeli gov’t scrutiny
Biopic on PM Rabin’s killer stirs controversy c'était un extrémiste juif.

Confirmed: Israel spied on America’s nuclear negotiations with Iran

Alan Dershowitz on Iran Deal: 'America's On Its Knees'

Netanyahu refuses U.S. request to disavow Michael Oren's claims Obama abandoned Israel

Oren criticism of Obama ‘absolutely false,’ Washington says State Department spokesman says lawmaker’s account of time as envoy to US doesn’t reflect what actually happened

Why Michael Oren's Blame Game on Israel Is So Wrongheaded Godwin's Law - Netanyahu likens BDS to Nazi Germany

Israel's Foreign Ministry Report Says Attacks on Palestinian Children and Civilians Were "Legitimate"

Palestinians set to file first ICC complaint against Israel Congress Condemns Academic Boycott of Israel

Jewish settlers – the armed vanguard of judaism

Justice minister said gearing up to sue Israel boycotters


Israel’s mockery of foreign war correspondents backfires
Livni dodges war crimes arrest in London

Israel complains to UN: Report on Palestinian children biased, kept secret from Israel Israel was asked only at the last moment to respond to a draft of the report and was written with pro-Palestinian organizations that had what he said was a clear anti-Israeli agenda.

Ambassador vs. Ambassador: How Michael Oren betrayed Dan Shapiro The former Israeli envoy to the U.S. stunned and angered Shapiro with his charge that the Obama White House 'deliberately' damaged U.S. - Israel relations.

Dictatorship is in the air, and Israel's 'center-left' is still apologizing Now you have to say yes or no – democracy or the coming dictatorship? – and act accordingly. There is no third option. Whoever remains silent supports that second choice.

Netanyahu's genius: Israel's culture of the Feelgood Bully He knows the most basic secret of Israelis and their unique culture, the character trait which unites a shocking number of us.

Israel's culture war is beyond left and right Deputy Knesset Speaker Hazan, for one, does not necessarily represent the right, but rather a vulgar current in Israeli society.

Michael Oren, the problem isn't U.S. critique of Israeli policies – it's Israeli policies JStreet president questions whether 'no daylight' and 'no surprises,' the two principles Oren says hold the U.S.-Israel relationship together, really mean what the former ambassador thinks they mean.

EU drive to label West Bank settlement exports unlikely to harm Israel, experts say Wondering how much and what exactly West Bank settlements export to Europe? Here are the answers.

Jewish author Avi Lipkin: “Churches in America have been infiltrated by Muslim spies”

Latent academic boycott is spreading, Israeli professors tell Knesset 'The world has a problem with academic institutes beyond the Green Line. We don’t feel boycotted, but there’s no doubt we feel a rumbling in the ground.'

Obama a volontairement « fuité » les détails d'une mission israélienne en Iran
Obama à Israël : je sais comment traiter les gens qui s'opposent à moi.
Obama invites Netanyahu to bring wish list to White House

Israeli interior minister's wife tweets racist joke about Obama, causing furor Judy Nir Mozes Shalom quickly deleted her tweet comparing U.S. president to 'weak black coffee,' but not before raising a flurry of Twitter derision.
Wife of Interior Minister Shalom sparks uproar with ‘racist’ Obama tweet
Israeli interior minister’s wife tweets racist joke about Obama

Oren: Obama's outreach to Muslim world could be rooted in father abandonment issues In latest attack on U.S. president, former Israeli envoy to U.S. takes Obama to task for 'boycotting' Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher memorial in Paris.
Oren: Obama may reach out to Islam because 2 Muslim father figures abandoned him In third op-ed in a week, ex-envoy and new MK says history could judge president’s policy on Islam as naive, detached from reality
Michael Oren: New book meant to enlist American Jews to fight Iran deal Former envoy to U.S. says non-Orthodox and intermarried Jews in Obama administration 'have a hard time understanding the Israeli character.'

Text of UN Gaza commission’s press release summarizing its findings
UN report warrants probe, not self-righteousness
Israel responds to Gaza war report: UNHRC has ‘singular obsession with Israel’
Israel slams ‘politically motivated’ and ‘morally flawed’ UN Gaza report
Analysis: The UNHRC Gaza report - Tragedy or farce?
UN’s softer Gaza accusations may end up more damaging for Israel Report lacks the unfiltered biases of the Goldstone report from the 2008-2009 war, and thus will be harder to criticize. Jerusalem should have seen it coming
Netanyahu on UN Gaza report: Israel is not guilty of war crimes

Netanyahu walks out of his own cabinet meeting

Netanyahu: Israel rejects international "dictates"

Netanyahu: Anti-Israel bias a ‘rape of the truth’ Prime minister says Palestinians walk away from talks, and then encourage sanctions because there are no talks

Netanyahou a montré dimanche son scepticisme vis-à-vis de la nouvelle proposition de paix défendue par Fabius

Netanyahu says France's 1967 borders plan would endanger Israel

War crimes suspect Shaul Mofaz evades arrest at UK parliament
Israël craint l’arrestation de Mofaz à Londres
New evidence from 1967 war reveals Israeli atrocities
États-Unis: Les rabbins à Barack Obama « Jérusalem fait partie intégrante de la terre d'Israël »

Poll finds massive drop in Israelis’ approval of Obama

Herzog to French FM: Israel, world will pay for mistake in Iran talks

Obama a volontairement « fuité » les détails d'une mission israélienne en Iran
Obama à Israël : je sais comment traiter les gens qui s'opposent à moi.
Obama invites Netanyahu to bring wish list to White House

Le Washington Post encourage Israël à voler davantage de terres syriennes

Israel denies treating injured al-Qaeda fighters, locals say otherwise
Is BDS replacing Iran as Israel’s blackmail card?

Ted Cruz's dad: 'Six million Jews were massacred' because religion cowed to government Rafael Cruz warned a gathering of the Palm Beach County Tea Party that 'in the northeast, the Jews are Democrats first and Jews second.'

Today I Saw a Weeping Palestinian Man Holding a Plastic Bag of Meat: It Was His Son

Israel’s Response to Everything: Collective Punishment

Dire que « l'occupation encourage le terrorisme, » est-ce justifier le terrorisme ?

Netanyahu unloads: The Iran deal is worse than North Korea
Israel Prepares for US Congressional Battle Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Israeli-Firster Tom Cotton: “Iran should face economic devastation and military destruction….”

No Holds Barred: Will Samantha Power be the first American UN ambassador to abandon Israel?

A racist country with too much influence over US — Israel’s new image among Democrats
Clinton 'alarmed' over calls for Israel boycott, urges bi-partisan action In a letter to Israeli-American businessman and donor Haim Saban, Democratic presidential front-runner seeks advice on how to counter the attempts to 'delegitimize Israel.'

Following Scathing Report, Israel Considering Leaving UN Human Rights Council

Le Pentagone : la Russie et Daesh déclarés comme les plus grandes menaces pour les Etats-Unis
L’Etat islamique prend pied en Russie, nouvel épisode d’une marche vers la guerre USA contre Russie.

Israel to temporarily close southern Highway 12 amid Sinai tensions
Netanyahu: Israel now faces double threat from Iran and ISIS
Israel giving Egyptian army free hand in Sinai, official says On voit que l'Égypte d'Al-Sissi et Israël avancent main dans la main...
Israeli army says Hamas helping Islamic State in Sinai (Prétexte pour envahir le Sinaï!)
L’Etat islamique menace la bande de Gaza (Cette nouvelle contredit radicalement les déclarations d'Israel dans la nouvelle précédente, comme quoi le Hamas aiderait l'EI dans le Sinai.)
Tsahal : "le Hamas a aidé ISIS dans ses attentats dans le Sinaï"
L'EI revendique des tirs de roquettes sur Israël (Là c'est même pu la même version, c'est pas le Hamas qui a aidé ISIS, c'est ISIS qui a revendiqué les roquettes... Et si ISIS est une créature des américains et des sionistes, ça se peut très bien qu'ils fassent leur possible pour faire mal paraître les Palestiniens.)
ISIS in Sinai is a serious threat to Israel
Time to re-invade Sinai?

Now Jordan Announces Plans To Invade Syria

Accord historique entre le Vatican et les Palestiniens 26/06/2015
Israël « regrette » l’accord du Vatican avec « l’Etat de Palestine » (Il me semble qu'ils ne protestent pas fort comme ils font d'habitude)

IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Iran Strike
Le NYT prédit l’échec de l’accord iranien
WATCH: New ad urges Schumer 'to stand firm' against Iran for Israel's sake Influential Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) has being doing a delicate balancing act when it comes to the nuclear talks with Iran — giving President Barack Obama room to negotiate but also joining Republicans in pushing for a Congressional 'backstop.'

Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran”
Clinton ‘suggests to donors she’s better for Israel than Obama’ Democratic presidential candidate said to assure potential Jewish backers she’ll be able to mend ties with Jerusalem
Report: Soros, Saban give total of $3 million to Clinton campaign
Soros, Spielberg among Clinton super PAC top donors
Did Clinton refuse to meet then-envoy Michael Oren? Bill's old college roommate wrote Hillary Clinton in 2009, asking if her staff were stopping her meeting the new Israeli ambassador to Washington.
Israel losing Democrats, ‘can’t claim bipartisan US support,’ top pollster warns

In Photos: Israel Imposes Ramadan Restrictions at Bethlehem Checkpoint

Rejecting Israeli Narrative, Freedom Flotilla Campaigners Say Tasers Were Part Of Violent Assault On Ship At least nine people from Sweden, Norway, and Canada remain in Israeli custody.

Netanyahu blasts UNHRC for endorsing Gaza war crimes report
UNHRC backs Israel-bashing Gaza report, with full European support EU nations lament lack of Hamas criticism but approve motion anyway; only US votes against resolution which Jerusalem calls an ‘anti-Israeli manifesto’
UN Declares Highest Humanitarian Emergency Level in Yemen
Netanyahu vs. UN: Israel Threatens to Exit the UNHRC After Damning Gaza Report

The settlements are not part of Israel The U.S. administration’s sharp message that protection of Israel from boycott doesn’t apply to the settlements should come as no surprise.
U.S. rebuking Israel? State Dept. says it has no objection to BDS aimed at occupation

Ariel Sharon’s son: My father would have responded to Gaza rocket fire with full force

Begin proposes bare-bones ‘Jewish State bill’

Israel seeks help of West to stop its officials from being arrested

BBC hands airwaves over to Israel’s minister for war

The Washington Post whitewashes the violence of Israel’s occupation

Roy Isacowitz, chroniqueur du quotidien de gauche Haaretz: « Ciblez-moi avec votre boycott, svp »
Haaretz Editor Urges Boycott, Collective Punishment of Israelis

Boycott-hit Orange may dump Israeli partner by mid-2017
A bigger threat than BDS: anti-normalization By seeking to police all interactions between Israeli Jews and Palestinians, the movement prevents any progress in advancing coexistence and achieving peace.
Intimidations et manœuvres sionistes pour contrer le mouvement BDS
'We will never join a boycott against Israel,' says Canadian railway giant

Uruguay: Israeli embassy worker suspected in planting fake bomb

Netanyahu’s 100 Year War against ‘militant’ Islam as the death blow to Western Civilization

De nouvelles révélations sur la guerre de 1967 mettent en évidence les atrocités israéliennes
Five Facts that the Israeli Government Would Prefer you did not Know

One year on, class of Palestinian teen burnt alive graduates without him

Israeli Spiritual Leader Calls for Jews to Return to Israel due imminent arrival of their moshiach (anti-Christ)

Washington has Found the Solution: “Let’s Divide Iraq as We Did in Yugoslavia!”

The Yinon Plan and the Role of the ISIS

Daesh menace de renverser le Hamas

Yaalon Admits Commissioning Al-Nusra Terrorists to Guard ’Israel’
Inside Israel’s Secret War in Syria
La Syrie d'Assad en passe d'être un "Etat croupion", juge Israël
Israël reconnaît officiellement soutenir les "rebelles" en Syrie
Israeli official: Syria is dying, the funeral will be declared in due time

WATCH: Graham tells Goldberg, Iranian regime are 'religious Nazis' Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, in an explosive interview with Jeffery Goldberg at the 2015 Aspen Ideas Festival, accused Obama of 'sitting down and talking with people [Iran] who are nuts as if they were not nuts.'

Did Michael Oren Concoct Haiti Earthquake 'Kick in Chest'?
Michael Oren wanted Obama to credit Israeli rescuers in Haiti — before they arrived

Trump's real mistake? Not running in Israel. And we've got just the party for him If only he would consider running with Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud. He would be perfect. He'd fit right in. It's not just the comb-over and the billions. It's the racism.

Orange rompt avec l’israélien Partner
Telecom giant Orange to end Israel presence within 2 years Company, which denies it is boycotting Israeli brand licensee for political reasons, to pay 90 million euros to sever ties to Israel’s Partner

Claims Conference Ombudsman Says He Was Dumped Over Critical Report

U.S. State Department: We won’t protect Israeli settlements against boycott Congressional efforts to extend anti-BDS fight to occupied territories show pro-Israel lobby the perils of biting off more than one can chew.

Israël: la gauche, les arabes et Lieberman veulent empêcher Netanyahu de se représenter !

UN Human Rights Council to condemn Israel over Operation Protective Edge, but not demand sanctions The Palestinian draft resolution will not include demands for any concrete steps against Israel, but it also does not address suspected crimes committed by Hamas.

Obama administration will ignore ‘Israel-controlled territories’ in anti-BDS law

Opposition joins Netanyahu in lobbying against anti-Israel resolution in UNHRC

Three US churches consider BDS measures against Israel in upcoming vote
US church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians  Delegates call on United Church of Christ's financial arms to sell off stock in any company profiting from 'human rights violations arising from the occupation'; economic impact on Israel expected to be negligible.
As UN vents on Gaza, Jews and Christians festively argue Israel’s case Outside UN Human Rights Council debate in Geneva, demonstrators from across Europe commiserate about an irreparably biased organization
US church votes to divest from companies operating in West Bank United Church of Christ urges boycott of Ahava Dead Sea products, SodaStream; two more churches weigh similar resolutions.
To Our Friends in the United Church of Christ We write to thank you as Jews, Muslims, Protestants, atheists and others; as mothers and fathers, daughters and sons; and as people united in our belief in justice and liberation for all peoples.
We thank you for your historic and moral vote to divest from the Israeli occupation. Your vote is a profound act of solidarity with Palestinians who have suffered decades of occupation, dispossession, and discrimination.
Heeding “His Call,” United Church of Christ Divests from Israel
Israeli Foreign Ministry slams US church boycott as ‘immoral’ Spokesperson says United Church of Christ move to divest from companies operating in West Bank is ‘demonization’ of Israel
United Church of Christ votes to divest from companies with ties to Israeli settlements Delegates called on the denomination's financial arms to sell off stock in firms profiting from human rights violations.

BDS is driving a wedge between Diaspora Jews

Israeli forces detain 40 Palestinian activists in West Bank

Spanish legislator on Gaza flotilla to sue Israel at ICC

State Department backs away from anti-BDS law’s language Legislation’s ‘conflation’ of Israel, Israeli-controlled territories ‘runs counter to longstanding US policy,’ says spokesman, indicating measure will not apply to settlements

How Israel Weaponized Water

Flottille vers Gaza : Israël expulse l'ex-président tunisien Marzouki
Israel deports former Tunisian president to France

As tensions escalate, anti-Arab graffiti with swastikas found in Jerusalem neighborhood


Israël érige un nouveau mur

Israël conditionne son aide aux rebelles syriens (ministre)
Secret d’Etat : la France soutient Al-Qaïda en Syrie.

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Iranian terror [MEK] groups under U.S. direction
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US not interested in dealing with Iran as a sovereign power

Netanyahu outraged at world powers’ concessions to Iran
Ya'alon: Israel sees Iran as main problem in region, US views it as part of solution

Obama's 'malice' is scapegoat for Bibi's failures  There’s a good reason why the prime minister refused to distance himself from Michael Oren’s views: He agrees with them.

Michael Oren's contempt for U.S. Jews  Far from the genuine respect you would expect from a former Israeli ambassador, Oren seems to view America's Jews as unreliable and quick to criticize the Jewish state.

After Palestinians Submit Formal Complaint with ICC, US Backers of Israel Lash Out with Threats

Gaza : Israël boycotte le débat sur l’enquête de l’ONU
UN report details Israel's genocidal war crimes against Palestine during 2014 summer assault
‘UN resolution on Palestinian state is dangerous – even if US plans to veto it’
'Netanyahu says in closed-door meeting that Israel may sever ties with UNHRC'

BDS the new enemy, by Uri Avnery (Ha'aretz)

Jewish think-tank: Anti-Israel activity on U.S. campuses is over-hyped

Stop the Knesset's avalanche of racism

International flotilla sets sail with Canadians on board to break Israel's economic siege on Gaza
SA reverend aboard ship attempting to break Israeli blockade on Gaza
Gaza Freedom Flotilla Mission Live Interview On Ship - Martin Lejeune
One boat from Gaza-bound flotilla expected to reach coastline in next two days
Israël demande à la France de cesser de financer les ONG sur la flottille !
Lapid slams 'despicable' Gaza flotilla as 'gang of terror supporters'

Ya'alon: There is no humanitarian distress in Gaza Ya'alon's words, coming a year after Operation Protective Edge, when according to United Nations figures almost 1,500 Palestinian civilians were killed, including 500 children, and hundreds of thousands lost their homes, contradict a series of international reports on the situation in Gaza. For example, a report published by the World Bank a month ago presented a harsh picture of the economic situation in Gaza and asserted that unemployment in the Strip is the highest in the world.

Don’t be fooled: “media watchdogs” are Israeli propaganda tools

Israël clôture sa frontière avec la Jordanie

Largest “State User” of Explosive Weapons against Civilians, And the Winner is… Israel

"On a oublié comment Israël s’est constitué : par la terreur et le nettoyage ethnique"

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Threat to World Peace

Netanyahu sends implicit threat to Iran ahead of nuclear deadline 'Israel will always defend itself, and its air force will play a major role,' prime minister says in comments at pilots' graduation ceremony.
Bibi Says Iran Nuclear Deal Getting Even Worse
Netanyahu Warns: West Conceding Too Much to Iran Prime Minister issues last-minute warning to the West as deadline to nuclear talks looms in less than a week.
Obama's Congress trick  Analysis: Those relying on Iran deal being thwarted by US Congress are in for a disappointment, unless final agreement is much worse than draft proposed in Lausanne – and in such a case, American president himself may be unwilling to approve it.
Ils sont stressés à mort parce que l'accord avec l'Iran va passer si le Congrès est incapable de le bloquer.

The Daily 202: Marco Rubio is playing to win The Sheldon Adelson Primary

Lawmakers to AG: Adelson ties preclude Netanyahu from deciding on gas deal Billionaire Sheldon Adelson had advised Netanyahu to to streamline regulations in Israel’s gas industry.
EXCLUSIVE: Adelson encouraged Netanyahu to streamline Israel's gas regulations At height of 2014 Gaza war, casino tycoon sent message on behalf of the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative - of which Noble Energy is a member; PM denies 'promoting Adelson's interests in any way.'
'Israel in danger of turning into an oligarchy with government backing,' Meretz chief says   “The decision on the gas compromise needs to be made in the Knesset, not the government,” Gal-On said

Michael Oren: Criticism of Obama had to be made  Former Israeli envoy to Washington and current Knesset legislator accuses US president of adopting Arab narrative that Jews are in Israel because of the Holocaust; 'The Cairo speech was twice as long as Obama's inauguration speech. This is an indication of the importance he gives the Muslim world,' he says.
Former Obama aide says Oren book 'a caricature filled with distortions'
A Book, a Joke, a Graduation Gift: One Week in Israeli Xenophobia
Michael Oren's baseless anti-Obama articles  Op-ed: Israel's former ambassador to US presents the two countries as identical twins with an equal standing, which work in agreement and share all their secrets; any change in this intimate relationship is seen as an abandonment and betrayal. That is far from the truth, of course.
Michael Oren vs. The New York Times

Israeli War Crimes? Who, Us?? – To Hell With Them All!
Cour pénale internationale : Israël bientôt accusé de crimes de guerre et de crimes contre l'humanité ?

Israeli PM rejects international ‘diktats’ on Palestinian-Israeli conflict

No apologies for fighting ‘sabotage’    Forging alliances  Education Minister Naftali Bennett sees a clear connection tying the UN report on the last conflict with Gaza to the Dreyfus Affair, and BDS to the Amalekites’ efforts to dehumanize the Israelites. Israel lobby hijacks trade bill to derail boycott movement: Analyst

How the right-wing already won Israel's culture war New Culture Minister Miri Regev spent 25 years in the Israeli army before becoming a politician, so it's no surprise she was happy to go to war with the local artistic community.
Israel's government is silencing criticism by choking its wallet The most effective way to silence voices that the government doesn’t want heard is to strike at the sources of funding.

Israël : Liberman appelle Netanyahu à traiter Abbas en ennemi de guerre

Singer Thurston Moore says support for BDS led to cancellation of Israel gig  Two months after nixing Tel Aviv concert, former Sonic Youth frontman issues statement saying it was a choice of 'non-violent activism'.
Despite the odds, BDS is working
In op-eds, church leaders say BDS is moral response to Netanyahu’s rejection of Palestinian statehood

No freedom of expression for Israeli anthropologists?  Op-ed: Is it illegitimate for Israeli academics to believe that Gaza's problems stem from Hamas' jihadist ideology? Should they be threatened with a boycott if they fail to adopt 'the right stance'?

Israeli on Gaza flotilla says saboteurs damaged boat Dror Feiler tells Arabic radio station ‘dark forces’ trying to stop ships; Arab MK defends decision to join flotilla
Gaza-bound flotilla claims ship was sabotaged
Swedish boat sets sail in bid to break Gaza blockadeLapid: Flotilla actvisits are terror supporters  While the Gaza flotilla approaches Israel's shores, Lapid issues a fiery statement decrying it as 'heinous' and provocative.
The 'Marianne' sets sail for Gaza from Greece with MK Basel Ghattas on board

Israeli settlements profit from Palestinian children  Palestinian children are working under exploitative conditions on Israeli settlements, ensuring handsome profits for the settlers. As Mel Frykberg reports from the West Bank, the children are too afraid to speak out.

Israel shoots four boys enjoying evening walk in Gaza

WhatsApp messages show Israeli soldiers knew they were about to kill a child

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin calls for removal of Israeli flag

Rand Paul Joins Politically Correct Leftists, Demands Confederate Flag Come Down, Flies Israeli Flag On His Campaign Website

Le Washington Post encourage Israël à voler davantage de terres syriennes

Israel denies treating injured al-Qaeda fighters, locals say otherwise
Is BDS replacing Iran as Israel’s blackmail card?

Why Jeb Bush Wants the United States to Be More Like Estonia
On Monday, Jeb Bush posted a column on Medium touting the need for ramped-up cybersecurity efforts. "Given the reliance of the United States government and the private sector on the internet, it is disturbing we remain vulnerable to its disruption and misuse," he wrote. The piece was mostly devoid of specific ways to fix those vulnerabilities, but what Bush did propose raises some privacy concerns. The former Florida governor cited Estonia, a tiny Baltic nation that's a world leader in cybersecurity efforts, as a model to emulate.
C'est là-bas que Bollyn et sa famille sont planqués, et ils ont même pas à se cacher...
États-Unis: Les rabbins à Barack Obama « Jérusalem fait partie intégrante de la terre d'Israël »

Poll finds massive drop in Israelis’ approval of Obama

Washington calls on UN to ignore ‘biased’ Gaza war report

Head of UN Gaza probe tells Haaretz: Main message is Israel can’t drop one-ton bomb on a neighborhood Jurist Mary McGowan Davis tells Haaretz that committee members wanted to convey that Israel must reexamine its policy of using military might, says report would have looked 'very different' if Israel had cooperated.
UN report blasts Gaza war tactics Israel has defended

Zoabi removed from meeting during verbal fight on Gaza flotilla House Committee meets to discuss impending flotilla to be joined by MK Ghattas; Israel Beiteinu MK calls for legislation on conduct of Arab peers.
Freedom Flotilla: Open letter from Member of Knesset Dr. Basel Ghattas to Netanyahu #Gaza
Netanyahu préoccupé par la « Flottille de la liberté3 »
Israël se prépare pour interdire la flottille vers Gaza
Shin Bet detains activist to glean intel on flotilla  The Israeli woman, a left-wing activist, was held at Ben-Gurion Airport upon returning from a vacation in Greece and later questioned about Gaza flotilla activists.

MORE ZIOLIES TO HIDE THE TRUTH ABOUT BDS New York Councilor Petitions to Ban Roger Waters from US. Long Island councilman Bruce Blakeman says notorious anti-Israel musician’s actions would be a hate crime in the US.

War crimes suspect Shaul Mofaz evades arrest at UK parliament New evidence from 1967 war reveals Israeli atrocities

Want to make sure Israel doesn't become a Jewish-fascist state? Take a tip from Turkey People who wish to live in a secular-democratic-liberal Israel must go beyond tribal lines, or else slide into the abyss of a religious dictatorship.

Ted Cruz's dad: 'Six million Jews were massacred' because religion cowed to government Rafael Cruz warned a gathering of the Palm Beach County Tea Party that 'in the northeast, the Jews are Democrats first and Jews second.'

BDS websites see 33% increase in traffic over past year MDR!

Latest Netanyahu cartoon says west is allowing ISIS to build ‘atomic bombs’ aimed at US and Christianity
Why is Israel concocting ties between Hamas and ISIS?

Anti-Iran Propaganda Ad Seen On Cable TV, Funded By Adelson, Kaplan
Iran Defense Minister warns of ‘Israel’s WMDs’ threat to world
Netanyahu unloads: The Iran deal is worse than North Korea
Israel Prepares for US Congressional Battle Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Israeli-Firster Tom Cotton: “Iran should face economic devastation and military destruction….”
Netanyahu prepares to fight world over Iran deal
Mutual mistrust makes clash on Iran even riskier     Any nuclear deal would have created friction, but with duos such as Sharon/Bush or Rabin/Clinton – and unlike with Netanyahu/Obama - the fallout could be contained.
WATCH: Chris Christie accuses Obama of 'giving Iran a nuclear weapon' 'Obama is giving Iran a nuclear weapon. The largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world is moving towards a nuclear weapon with the permission of the United States. It is outrageous.'

Released Clinton e-mail reignites question whether Obama reneged on Bush settlement commitments  Issue was thrust into into the headlines in 2009 because of the Obama administration's demand for a complete settlement freeze.
Clinton: Rice Backed Obama Over Israel on Settlements ZION DONATES MILLIONS TO HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN

Clinton issues missives against Israel boycott movement
Clinton 'alarmed' over calls for Israel boycott, urges bi-partisan action In a letter to Israeli-American businessman and donor Haim Saban, Democratic presidential front-runner seeks advice on how to counter the attempts to 'delegitimize Israel.'

No Holds Barred: Will Samantha Power be the first American UN ambassador to abandon Israel?

Chris Christie: Blame Rand Paul For Next Terror Attack

State report: Boycott could cost Israel NIS 40 billion per year
Finance Ministry sees West Bank boycott costing economy NIS 2 billion

Report: Netanyahu asked UK to vote in favor of UN Gaza resolution accusing Israel of war crimes “Both the Israelis and the Brits will deny this,” the UK source told the Jewish Chronicle. “It sounds bonkers. But it’s true.”

A racist country with too much influence over US — Israel’s new image among Democrats

VIDEO - Entretien avec Israël Shamir Du Yemen à l'Ukraine: la bataille de Russie

ICC Judge: Dick Cheney will eventually be tried as a war criminal
Secret Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD in Iraq

Canada intensifies air campaign in Iraq « The Guardian » vire conspirationniste : « Daesh financé par les États-Unis »

Leaked Documents Reveal Israel Attempt to Transfer Weapons to Syrian ‘Rebels’

U.S. Jewish leaders eye Iran talks warily, ready to attack ‘bad deal’ But J Street poll finds grass roots optimistic about accord.
Republicans turn to Hillary Clinton in bid to sink Iran deal: Report

Clinton se bat contre le mouvement de boycott d’Israël
Lindsey Graham Calls Code Pink Founder “Radical Islam’s Best Hope”
Comment BDS est devenu la manière politiquement correcte de délégitimer Israël
Israeli Teachers Union denies supporting West Bank settlements boycott
Le boycott d’Israël pourrait coûter 40 milliards de shekels par an

Israeli Facebook users launch ‘Death to Arabs’ campaign
Et même après ces incitations au meurtre sur facebook, ce juif israélien n'aura pas le moindre problème avec la justice. Garanti!

Israeli professor: IDF killed one of its own soldiers to prevent Gaza capture

Video: Palestinian stone-thrower killed by Israeli officer was fleeing when shot Officer investigated under caution; video obtained by B'Tselem handed over to Military Police.
For you, Palestinian kid killed by IDF was just a statistic Abu Yasser has buried three of his brothers. His tragedy is heartbreaking; ours is that we are slowly losing our humanity.

Israel Proposes Law Allowing Execution of Palestinian Prisoners
Netanyahu buries death penalty bill despite likely majority in ministerial committee

Incendie d’une église en Israël : des suspects juifs arrêtés
Israël : des suspects juifs arrêtés pour l'incendie de l'Eglise de la multiplication des pains
Israel police arrests 3 Jewish youth suspected of arson at Galilee church
Arrestations suite à l’incendie de l’Eglise de la Multiplication Plusieurs personnes soupçonnées dans l’incendie de l’église, le 18 juin, au bord du lac de Tibériade ont été interpellées

The chilling film about Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's killer goes beyond the fear If you hoped to find out why a married mother of four fell in love with Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassin, the film 'Beyond the Fear' will not leave you any wiser. But the controversial documentary about Amir, his wife and son, has other lessons.

Why is religion awakening in secular Israel, India and Algeria?
Prof. Walzer’s new book analyzes one of the fateful questions of our generation: why young democracies constitute fertile ground for the rise of extreme religion.

AUDIO - Maria Poumier: Solve 9/11 by busting Israel for Argentine false flags | Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio (June 6, 2014)

Why Hillary Clinton is moving left on every issue except Israel
Clinton to Donor: In Next War, I Will Let Israel Kill 200,000, Not Just 2,000, Gazans
Hillary joins the chorus against BDS: On Israel, she aligns herself with the right, and people like Sheldon Adelson No middle ground for Clinton -- she's come out in support of Israel's most right-wing policies toward Palestinians
Can Hillary Clinton Please Both Pro-Israel Megadonors and Democratic Grassroots?

Obama administration will not enforce anti-BDS law on West Bank settlements
Q-A Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: BDS aims to destroy Israel
VIDEO - Divestment movement against Israel gains steam
Leader of Christian Zionists tapped to head Adelson’s campus anti-BDS group
10 years later, how BDS became the politically correct way to delegitimize Israel Blurring the lines between opposing occupation and opposing Israel, the boycott and sanctions effort continues to make inroads, all the way to the 2016 US presidential elections

L'ONU et Israël : deux poids, deux mesures ? par Gilles William Goldnadel

Mike Huckabee: “There’s Really No Such Thing As A Palestinian”

US Isolated as UN Resolution Condemns Israel War on Gaza
UN says Israeli blockade of Gaza blocks reconstruction efforts
Israël va "collaborer" à minima avec la CPI

“Blame it on Gaza” say UK Politicians

Pope Francis to be Tried by Sanhedrin

Radical jewish group breaks into Christian conference in Jerusalem
C'est la gang de terroristes appelée Lehava, qui a déjà mis le feu à une école mixte (pour enfants arabes et juifs).
Palestinian Christians sceptical as Israeli police 'investigate' church attack

Israel imposes media blackout on story of mother fighting for her child
Israel proposes law allowing execution of Palestinian prisoners
Israeli colonel killed Palestinian teen as he ran away
Israel bans Palestinian TV channel for Arab citizens
Israel Slaps Travel Ban on Palestinian Former Mayor
Israel accused of racism over case of Ethiopian Jew missing in Gaza
Israeli minister proposes building island off Gaza coast so Israel can ‘disengage’ while maintaining siege The BBC’s Shameful Film: “Children of the Gaza War”. Coverup of Israel’s Orchestrated Massacre
BBC documentary translates Gaza children saying 'Jews' as saying 'Israelis' In one such case a Gazan child says that the ‘yahud’ (Arabic for Jews) are massacring Palestinians, but the subtitles read 'Israel is massacring us.'

Following Scathing Report, Israel Considering Leaving UN Human Rights Council

Jewish extremist linked to US bomber acquitted amid UK prosecution “shambles”

PLO ambassador endorses Protocols of the Elders of Zion Palestinian envoy says Jews plotting world domination At Chile conference, Imad Nabil Jadaa cites notorious anti-Semitic ‘Protocols’ forgery as ostensible proof of century-old Jewish perfidy

Arab-killing never hurt an Israeli cop’s record

How Israel's media shows us only half the picture in Gaza

The trick to getting away with everything in the Israeli army

Secret Lieberman, Likud deal to grant right-wing veto power over judicial appointments

In Israel, it's the Jewish mufti who decides whether a citizen belongs

UNESCO set to condemn Israel for ‘endangering’ Jerusalem’s Old City

Vatican refuses to let Israel see details of agreement with Palestinians
Pope Francis to be Tried by Sanhedrin A re-established and self declared Israeli Sanhedrin, the religious High Court composed of 71 sages, has declared that it is putting Pope Francis on trial unless he retracts his statement that the Jews have no right to the land of Israel or to Jerusalem.
Today I Saw a Weeping Palestinian Man Holding a Plastic Bag of Meat: It Was His Son

Israel’s Response to Everything: Collective Punishment

Dire que « l'occupation encourage le terrorisme, » est-ce justifier le terrorisme ?

Deputy minister to Arab MKs: Return your citizenship  Netanyahu accuses Arab Joint List of hypocrisy during Knesset debate on controversial citizenship law; Zionist Union MKs leave session to avoid taking part of the vote.
Deputy minister: I’ll seek to revoke extremist Arab MKs’ citizenship

Israeli Jews Ban Christian Prayer in Jerusalem, Calling it “Pagan Ceremony”.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei–Sectarian and tribal wars are there to protect Israel

Countering the Neo-Cold Warriors
US Neoconservatives: Seeking War to the End of the World

Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack


Iran’s Jewish community leader calls Netanyahu ‘narcissistic, delusional’

OBAMA BAD FOR THE JEWS – How Could We Have Known: The Jews Who Voted For Obama

Israel losing strategic value to US imperialism: Activist

Europe Has Had Enough of Benjamin Netanyahu

Education Minister Bennett fires ‘leftist’ curriculum chief Internal shuffle is standard with new ministers, but Nir Michaeli’s job was always on line because of his political views.

ICC decision on the Gaza flotilla raid is just the start of Israel’s troubles

L’affaire Orange Sur l’intimidation et les tentatives anti-BDS (Middel East Monitor)
Fighting hardcore BDS will take more than effective PR
University campuses are the battlefield for Jewish future, Sharansky and Cotler agree Sharansky est un refuznik, juif sioniste anti-communiste qui s'est exilé de l'URSS avant de devenir porte-parole néocon anti-Russie. - Des militants BDS qui avouent boycotter les commerces juifs et pas seulement israeliens - Désinformation anti-Israël : L'Express de Servan-Schreiber à Christophe Barbier - Estrosi (pro-Israël) en Tunisie: « notre ennemi commun, le terrorisme »

Londres lève son embargo controversé sur la vente d'armes à Israël. Cet embargo avait été instauré par un démocrate pro-palestinien

VIDEO - Naomi Wolf - Jewish Lobby in the US

Poll: Most Israelis opposed Gaza pullout, support return
Majority of Israelis say they opposed Gaza withdrawal, contrary to polling at the time

Netanyahu is a War Criminal: Sign the Petition to the British Parliament. “Netanyahu to be Arrested when he arrives in London”
Un mandat d'arrêt contre Netanyahu: 30 mille signataires d’une pétition britannique
Jimmy Carter Blames Netanyahu for 'Zero Chance' of Two-State Solution

When Israeli Politicians Forget They Hold Public Office  Both Justice Minister Shaked and Culture and Sports Minister Regev were embarrassed themselves this week on Facebook, when they reacted to the High Court ruling on the anti-Infiltration Law.

Netanyahu appoints Likud hardliner Danny Danon as UN envoy
L’opposition critique la nomination de Danon aux Nations unies Envoyer un ministre de droite à New York revient à « abandonner Israël au milieu d’une bataille », a affirmé Livni

Tous les Israéliens sont coupables d’avoir brûlé une maison palestinienne
Palestinian officials: Jewish extremists have committed 375 'price tag' attacks in 2015
Arson Suspect in Galilee Church Torching Charged With Sedition  Rishon Letzion court adds new charge against Moshe Orbach, who allegedly set fire to the Church of the Loaves and Fishes.
‘Administrative revenge’ — settlers are believed responsible for arson targeting family on outskirts of Duma
Jewish terrorists and the dilemma of administrative detention
How Hilltop youth plan hate-crime attacks, evade capture Two weeks after fatal arson strike on Palestinian home, former member of Jewish far-right settler group details how raids are organized
Jewish nationalism and ‘the settlements’
Jewish Terror Slow-Growing “Cancer” in Israel. “Acute Deficiency of Leadership”. Former Shin Bet Head
Zionists Finally Admitting Wave of Hatred That’s Consuming Israel
Israel’s Arrogance Will Be Its Comeuppance  The Jewish State has always been somewhat condescending toward Diaspora Jewry, but its recent retreat into itself has become a destructive, dangerous solipsism.
Un abri de bédouins incendié en Cisjordanie: une ONG accuse des extrémistes israéliens

Organ-harvesting allegations still posted on UN Web site

Israeli company cuts off water supplies to Palestinians in West Bank

Palestiniens chrétiens contre Palestiniens musulmans Israël, diviser pour mieux régner

Hunger Striker Mohammed Allan Falls Unconscious In Test For Israeli Force-Feeding Law The controversial law has elicited harsh criticism from Israeli doctors.

COVER STORY: Is religious extremism a threat in Canada?

United Church strengthens call to end Israeli occupation

No room for anti-Israel commentary in Canadian politics

Corbyn critiqué pour ses liens avec des antisémites et des extrémistes Blair prévient que son élection à la tête du parti travailliste britannique conduira à « l’anéantissement » du parti
Labour MP asked to prove he’s not ‘enemy of UK Jewish community
Israeli Concern That Jeremy Corbyn As Labour Leader Would Reinstate UK Law on Universal Jurisdiction
Jeremy Corbyn defends banned vicar who suggested Israel was behind 9/11
British Jewish MP blasts would-be Labor Party head
UK Labour frontrunner invited radical Israeli-Muslim cleric to Parliament for tea
‘New Yorker’ says anti-Zionism is ‘firmly rooted’ in British left, and it’s anti-Semitic
Fourest et la presse israélienne : même combat contre le pro-palestinien Corbyn
Israel Up in Arms over the “Corbyn Threat”

Iceland's capital votes to boycott all Israeli products

ISRAEL ON THE EDGE OF THE ABYSS – MUST READ YNET – Analysis: Israel is willing to do anything to thwart the nuclear deal, including publicly threatening Iranian scientists, interfering with the internal affairs of the US, and dividing US Jews; meanwhile, Netanyahu’s mistaken 2002 assessment of Iraq is coming back to haunt him in his battle against Tehran.

Diaspora jews unconvinced over Israel’s desire for peace

Malheureusement, Danny Danon est le vrai visage d’Israël sous Netanyahu  Difficile d’imaginer une nomination plus myope, embarrassante et néfaste que celle qui transforme le faucon du Likud en émissaire à l’ONU. Un mauvais choix pour le Premier ministre mais aussi pour Israël dans son ensemble
Danny Danon appointment shows what Netanyahu thinks of UN
Israel's New UN Envoy Is the Wrong Man in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time  Israel’s ambassador to the UN has to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on an almost daily basis - but the opinions Danny Danon brings with him are a red flag for many of Israel's allies.

Antisémitisme : Israël exige des sanctions contre un haut responsable de l’ONU

Amnesty defends senior official’s anti-Israel tweets

Probe into fatal stabbing at gay parade calls for dismissal of 3 senior cops

It's Time to Admit It. Israeli Policy Is What It Is: Apartheid  I used to be one of those people who took issue with the label of apartheid as applied to Israel. Not anymore.

'Israeli bombing of Syria aimed at rallying US Jews against Iran nuclear deal'

RAPPEL: Les intérêts Rothschild derrière Donald Trump

Newly released documents show US attempts to halt Israeli nuclear weapons program  Gov't papers dating from 1969-72 reveal American discussions about how to convince Israel to abandon pursuit of atomic weapons and to sign the non-proliferation treaty.
Comment Nixon voulait freiner les ambitions nucléaires israéliennes
Nixon-era documents show US sought to curb Israeli nuke ambitions Declassified 1969 Kissinger memo outlines concerns about Israel’s program, shows US tried to persuade Jerusalem to sign NPT
US documents reveal: US demanded from Israel not to deploy nuclear weapons

Israel Asks Egypt: Stop Move to Monitor Our Nuclear Facilities  Netanyahu's advisers went to Cairo three weeks ago to discuss matter with Egypt Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who heads effort to lobby internationally against Israel's nuclear program.

Will Netanyahu be Arrested When he Arrives in London? Cameron “Says No”, War Criminals have “Complete Immunity”
U.K. Petition to Arrest Netanyahu for ‘War Crimes’ Reaches Nearly 80,000 Signatures

Israel se vengerait-il de la reconnaissance de la Palestine par le Vatican?

Shin Bet issues 10 restraining orders to far-right activists  Orders exclude the extremists from West Bank outposts from which Shin Bet claims the activists carried out attacks; attorney Ben-Gvir states: 'there are no indictments and no due process by which they can receive answers and defend themselves'.
IDF Issues Administrative Orders Against Some 10 Jewish Extremists  Some settlers ordered to leave West Bank, others placed under nighttime curfew.
Hold Israel, the Israelis and American Zionists Responsible for Terrorism
Des extrémistes juifs présumés interdits d’entrée en Cisjordanie et à Jérusalem Après l’incendie criminel, les services de sécurité ont délivré des ordonnances d’interdiction administrative à 10 extrémistes

JDL to picket Sherman-hosted Jewish fundraiser for Trudeau

Canadian parliament candidate steps down after Israel 'ethnic cleansing' remark

A visit to the grave of mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein

Israel Strikes Syria in Response to Rocket Fire in the North

Israël s’en prend à une représentante du SG des Nations-Unies
Israel Is Mocking the United Nations Why Israel appointed one of its notoriously most-undiplomatic politicians to be one of its top diplomats.

EU, UN ‘concerned’ by Israeli demolitions of illegal Palestinian structures in West Bank
Démolitions en Cisjordanie: Onu et ONG dénoncent un record de Palestiniens déplacés

Rand Paul Introduces Bill to “Defend Israel by Defunding Palestinian Foreign Aid”
Le seul problème qu'a Alex Jones avec Rand Paul c'est qu'il le trouve "pas assez concerné par la frontière mexicaine"... Quel con.

Huckabee in Jerusalem says West Bank not occupied

Fabius réitère la mobilisation de Paris pour la reconnaissance de la "Palestine"

US must take action on Israeli settler violence

‘There is no Jewish terror’: Conspiracy theory spreads among Israelis that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing

Tsahal : Il ne fait pas de doute que l’attaque de Duma est un acte de ‘terrorisme juif’ Un militaire de haut rang a rejeté les spéculations selon lesquelles l’incendie criminel de juillet ait pu avoir été commis par des Palestiniens

Ya'alon: Detention without trial of far-right activists prevented series of attacks on Arabs

Ya’alon: Tough measures necessary for Jewish terror suspects
UN official blames Israeli settlement activity for Duma deaths
Aux racines de l’extrémisme juif en Israël, une affaire de famille

Israeli settler to Palestinian farmers: “You will all be our slaves if you’re worthy”

Settlers, Palestinians clash near Yitzhar settlement in West Bank

Palestinian Christians scuffle with Israeli police over divisive wall
Palestinian Christians clash with Israeli police over separation wall

Haaretz op-ed declares 'It is time to admit it - Israeli policy is what it is: Apartheid'

Gideon Levy is the One-trick Pony of Israeli Journalism Opposition leader Isaac Herzog responds to criticism levelled against him by Haaretz's Gideon Levy, arguing that making peace also means fighting terror - not just accepting the Palestinian narrative hook, line and sinker.

The Shameful Jewish Silence on Trump’s Anti-immigration Incitement A century ago, it was the ‘Hebrew hordes’ of Eastern Europe who were portrayed by nativist agitators as inherently criminal.

Rupert Murdoch tweets support for Bloomberg 2016 candidacy

David Bromwich, The Neoconservative Empire Returns

L’armée russe commence à s’engager en Syrie

Is U.S. Taxpayer Money Subsidizing Jewish Terrorism Against Arabs?

Far-right extremists backed by 'new Sanhedrin' rabbis  Following the administrative detentions of right wing radicals, the new Sanhedrin issued a statement of support of the radical right wing for 'risking their lives for the holiness of the nation and the Land.'
Far-right rabbinical group pens letter calling Jewish terror suspects ‘praiseworthy’

US lawmaker wants Israel military aid halted over Palestinian deaths
Congresswoman Asks For Investigation Into Israeli Shooting Of Two Palestinian Teens

Settlers take EU to court for funding illegal Palestinian building

Israeli forces demolish 3-story building in East Jerusalem
Israel issues demolition order for mosque in East Jerusalem

Palestine, “Dying of Thirst”. The Drought is Deliberately Inflicted by Israel Think California's Drought Is Bad? Try Palestine

BDS impact on American college campuses is exaggerated, study finds
BDS gains campus cred in US, but pro-Israel efforts improving — report As the new academic year gets underway, Israel on Campus Coalition says ‘disheartening media reports’ have been exaggerated

Dem congresswoman: Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian youth ‘unacceptable’

Israel’s “Thug Diplomat” at the UN. A Cruel Joke on the International Community

Official probe urged in US of radical Jewish Israeli NGO

Donald Trump and the Danger of Scapegoating
The McCains’ Connections to Organized Gangsters; Trump Speaks Truth About McCain, by Jeff Gates

God is on Israel’s side, but not the United States, says Israel’s new U.N. ambassador
Purge of Jeremy Corbyn Voters Unmasks Britain’s Labour Party

Un soldat israélien frappé par plusieurs femmes palestiniennes qui protègent un enfant | VIDEO
Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child

Settlers furious after teens appear in movie about Rabin murder  Parents angry to learn their children appear as extras in new Amos Gitai movie 'Rabin, the Last Day' and demand to edit them out; movie production: All extras signed consent forms of their own free will.
In 'Moderate' Jewish Settlement, Signs of Extremism Rear Their Ugly Head  Two young men from Ma'aleh Adumim were recently detained as part of a crackdown on suspected Jewish terrorists. But residents are convinced: if bad apples have grown in their midst, it is not because of what they get fed here.
Can Israel's 'Ku Klux Klan' be stopped? Former directors of Israel’s internal security service discuss how the country must respond to the murders of Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsha and Jerusalem teen Shira Banki.
Le Sanhédrin jugera bientôt le Pape François
En Israël, la rentrée dans les écoles chrétiennes en péril

Family ‘proud’ of soldier’s restraint in West Bank scuffle Father says tussle with Palestinian women, children who stopped his son arresting a boy could have ‘ended very differently’
Images of IDF thug trying to arrest Palestinian boy with broken arm go viral (VIDEO)
Israeli minister says IDF should have fired on unarmed Palestinian protesters for humiliating a soldier
An Interview with Ahed Tamimi: Behind the defiance Une jeune fille palestinienne d'un courage impresionnant.

"Jewish extremists" are Israel's own sons
Un mois après Duma, toujours pas de jury pour combattre les terroristes juifs Le ministre de la Défense affirme qu’emprisonner les suspects sans procès a évité une future vague d’attaques graves contre les Arabes.
Month after fatal firebombing, jury is out on fight against Jewish terror Op-ed: Defense minister claims jailing suspects without trial has prevented a further wave of grave attacks on Arabs. Dare we believe him?
National-religious rabbis issue letter of support for administrative detainees

15% of West Bank Settlers Are American
Israel to Remove Jordan Valley Settlers Farming Private Palestinian Land  Haaretz exposé prompted High Court petition over allocation of land to settlers.

Israeli War Crimes: ‘In An Endless War on Terror, We Are All Doomed to Become Palestinians’ Review of Jeff Halper's Book

Clinton confidant: Netanyahu driven by desperate need to please father In declassified email, Clinton seems to agree with Sid Blumenthal that Mavi Marmara was ‘Bibi’s Entebbe in reverse,’ in which he tried to emerge from slain brother’s shadow

Israel Asks Egypt: Stop Move to Monitor Our Nuclear Facilities  Netanyahu's advisers went to Cairo three weeks ago to discuss matter with Egypt Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, who heads effort to lobby internationally against Israel's nuclear program.

Israel’s Culture Minister says Unarmed Palestinian Protesters “Should have Been Shot”

VIDEO - Israeli soldiers hitting Muslim Palestinian women!

Jewish High Court Demands Pope Francis Apologise for Recognising Palestinian State

Education in Israel Is Based on Separation  Between Jews and Arabs, rich and poor, center and periphery, and between outstanding students and slow learners.
Dispute with Israel govt keeps Palestinian Christian schools shut
Dueling claims of racism, discrimination after kindergarten boycotted Government says children kept home as parents protested enrollment of Ethiopians, but city and Chabad group says refusal to open religious preschool sparked outcry

VIDEO - Response to Max Blumenthal remarks about Alison Weir

Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told that ‘non-Jews are evil’ in worksheet produced by London school Sympathique, n'est-ce pas?

Defense Ministry Didn’t Know FBI Probing Israeli Arms Dealers

Des failles et défaillances dans la théorie de la guerre des civilisations

VIDEO - Techniques de manipulations d’Arno Klarsfeld et complicité journalistique, par Scady "C'est toujours la fôte à l'extrême-gauche amie des terroristes et du Hezbollah!" dixit le sioniste.

Goldnadel : gauche de l’esbroufe n’amasse plus mousse Tous les problèmes des juifs et de la France viennent de la gauche selon ce sioniste juif débile et fervent partisan du conflit des civilisations.

La nouvelle peste brune Qu'ils soient Pieds-noirs, judéo-sionistes, immigrés italiens, polonais ou d'Europe centrale ou simplement identitaires français : ils ont tous quelque chose de commun. Ils ont en effet les mêmes rêves plein les têtes ainsi que les mêmes obsessions. Et désormais le même plan maléfique : semer les germes de la guerre en France. Et tous y trouvent leur compte. Pour les Pieds noirs et affilés, ils y gagnent, du moins espèrent-ils, une revanche sur ces «  maudits Arabes » qui ont tété leur haine depuis leur berceau, autant dire qu'ils l'ont suçotée des mamelles de leurs mères.

Major US industrial union votes in favor of BDS movement

VIDEO - Christians harrassed by Israel
Archbishop Hanna Attends Protest over Settlement Plans for Church Compound
Israël : appel à la grève dans les écoles chrétiennes à la veille de la rentrée

Luxembourg chain pulls Israeli produce  Largest supermarket chain in the European country caves in to pro-Palestinian protests and pressure
Luxemburg: une chaîne de boutiques annonce son boycott des produits sionistes

Le parti communiste israélien favorable au boycott

Lessons from Veolia: Supporting the occupation is bad for business
Israël puissance maléfique pour un prof de l'Université Catholique flamande
Switzerland ‘regrets’ cartoon of doves defecating on Netanyahu

Petition to End Gaza Blockade Signed by Over 500,000 in One Day

Le BDS gagne du terrain aux Etats-Unis, mais les soutiens à Israël réagissent Alors que la nouvelle année académique va commencer, la Coalition Israël des Campus déclare que des « informations médiatiques démoralisantes » ont été exagérées.

Israel is “Targeting Christian-Palestinian Communities in the West Bank”. Confiscating Lives, One Hectare at a Time

UNRWA: Facebook page with racist posts isn’t ours

Israelis Are but a Walking Shadow at This Year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe Because of the high costs and political tensions, there have never been more than one or two Israeli productions at Edinburgh over the past two decades

University of Illinos Officers: Reinstate Prof. Who Lost Job Offer Over anti-Israel Tweets

La LDJ en train d’attaquer les Palestiniens à Hébron (Vidéo)

Jonathan Pollard: A “False Flag” Superstar

How Israel excludes those 'not Jewish enough': Meet the 'second-class' Jews whose plight is sparking an uprising against Israel's supreme religious authority.

Moroccan Singer Cancels Participation in Festival to Avoid ‘Dirtying’ Passport With Israeli Stamp

Bar Refaeli cancels Istanbul gig due to anti-Israel pressure

Amid Matisyahu Storm, Israeli Filmmaker Rejected From Oslo Festival

Fabienne Haloui membre du Front de Gauche diffuse une affiche d'un magasin interdisant les produits d'Israel

Matisyahu ousted from Spanish festival for not endorsing Palestinian state  C'est ça qui doit arriver de plus en plus si on veut gagner. Les sacrer dehors tant qu'ils ont des idées antisociales, comme on envoie chez le directeur les élèves turbulents qui perturbent la classe.
Victoire BDS en Espagne: un artiste juif non-Israélien est désinvité d'un festival !

"Sharon est sorti de Gaza en 2005 pour sauver les implantations de Cisjordanie"
Ariel Sharon designed Gaza disengagement to save West Bank settlements

Netanyahu arrest up for debate as UK petition hits target
Netanyahu Visit: Britain Prepares Major Security Operation in Face of Protests

Israeli Terrorists, Born in the U.S.A.

Mother of baby killed in Duma attack is clinically dead

Masked Israeli youth attack Palestinian in Hebron  IDF soldier detains Palestinian who is wanted for questioning by police, but before the cops could get there, a group of settlers arrived on the scene and attacked him. 

The Doctrine of ‘Superior People’: The Bond between Israel and World Zionism by James Petras

Why Murdoch Pushes for War Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild  Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy.

De l'aide pour Harper en provenance d'Israël

Crise des migrants : La gauche allemande dénonce le rôle des Etats-Unis
Le Canada rattrapé par la crise des migrants, argument de campagne
Des hommes politiques allemands accusent l'Occident d'être la principale cause de la crise des réfugiés
VIDEO - SKADY: Photo Aylan Kurdi, manipulation par l'émotion !
Holocaust survivor: We owe it to mankind to allow Syrian refugees into Europe
VIDEO - Déferlante migratoire : Kadhafi avait tout annoncé !
En pleine crise migratoire, l'UE relance sa politique anti-juive
Operation ‘Syrian Refugee Crisis’ Accomplished–France to begin Syria reconnaissance flights, mulls air strikes
VIDEO - Moualek: L'immigration Syrienne est une nouvelle arme de guerre
The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the “Do Something” Lie
VIDEO - Un enfant Syrien : "Stoppez la guerre, nous n'aurons plus besoin de venir en Europe"

Netanyahu refuse qu'Israël soit "submergé" par des migrants syriens et africains
Poll shows few Israelis willing to take in Syrian refugees
Benjamin Netanyahu rejects calls for Israel to take in more refugees – and pledges to build 18-mile border fence instead
Israel Initiates Construction of “Security Fence” along the Occupied Palestine-Jordan Border
Fox “news” Andrea Tantaros: “Taking Islamic Refugees Would Be Suicide”
Limbaugh: European Refugee Crisis Is A “Massive Invasion” Of Muslims

La bande de Gaza pourrait devenir inhabitable d'ici à 2020 !

The Iran Deal and the End of the Israel Lobby
Former Mossad chief slams Netanyahu: 'The problem is Iran, not President Obama'
Ex-Mossad Chief Dagan: Israel Must End Criticism - Problem Is Iran, Not Obama  Meir Dagan tells International Institute of Counterterrorism that Israel has made a 'strategic decision' to adopt a policy against U.S.
Michele Bachmann est « extrêmement excitée » par l’Accord avec l’Iran parce qu’il provoquera le jugement de Dieu sur le monde comme prédit dans Zacharie 12:3.
Dick Cheney : L’accord sur le nucléaire iranien est une "folie" Les nazis ont mis 7 ans pour tuer 6 millions de Juifs, mais il faudra seulement « un jour » à un Iran nucléaire pour parvenir au même résultat, a déclaré l’ancien vice-président de George W Bush.

Over 100,000 Brits Want Netanyahu Arrested. He is Scheduled to Arrive in London on September 9

Netanyahu: Israel determined to be ‘world power’
Likud aims to build ties with conservative parties abroad

Est-ce-qu'Amnistie Internationale a perdu la tête ? Par Norman Finkelstein
Shooting Children Becomes Israeli Policy

Israeli Crimes against Humanity: Palestinian Mother Dies from Israeli Settler Inflicted Immolation
Palestinians in Duma are angry that no one has been charged for murders, after 38 days
Israel Clamping Down on Jewish Terror - but Not Tightly Enough  Israeli security services have cracked other cases involving arson attacks by Jewish extremists, but those who set fire to a home in Duma, killing a baby and his parents, are apparently still at large.
Deux extrémistes juifs inculpés pour l’incendie d’une tente de Bédouins
Amos Gitaï rouvre « la plaie » de l’assassinat de Rabin Les colons sont vraiment pas contents de ce film! CAr on voit bien les liens du tireur de Rabin avec le mouvement des colons et les rabbins extrémistes qui l'ont poussé à l'acte.
Rabin film won't end conspiracies theories but it does highlight hate campaign, filmmaker says

Israël menace de détruire 13.000 structures palestiniennes en Cisjordanie

Rivlin: Labeling of settlement products an ‘obstacle’ to peace
Who's Behind Website Targeting Pro-BDS Activists?
SodaStream chief says boycotters are anti-semitic

Israël : grève des écoles arabes en solidarité avec les chrétiens
Arab state school students join Christian schools’ strike
With Schools Starved of Funds, Christians Question Their Future in Israel
Les Palestiniens suivent la presse israélienne, car plus fiable que les médias palestiniens Et Israel n'y est pour rien si le système d'éducation palestinien est si délabré?

Luxembourg : le lobby israélien fait plier un supermarché qui boycottait l’État sioniste

German museum’s 'Jew against Zionism' talk sparks outrage

French Jews advised to avoid use of the term Zionism
French voters compare Zionism to ‘Nazism, Jihadism,’ poll shows

France backs labeling settlement goods, but not boycotting Israel C'est déjà plus que ce qu'Israel est disposé à tolérer...

Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Obama on Mt. Zion

Pointing Finger at Americans for Settler Violence Shirks Israeli Responsibility  Despicable criminals are only a fraction of Jewish-American immigrants to Israel, most of whom are law-abiding citizens.
'The Gatekeepers' Director: Netanyahu Is the Greatest Danger to Israel  Film director and producer Dror Moreh says the prime minister is doing everything he can to undermine Israeli democracy. 
Bibi's Plan for Next Elections: Israel's Own Republican Party  Though he's occupied with Iran, the U.S. Congress and the gas deal, the prime minister is also thinking about the next elections – and a large right-center bloc he would lead to victory.
The Man of the Year Is King Bibi's Nemesis, President Reuven Rivlin  Rivlin has turned out to be the people’s president, a seeker of peace and an impregnable wall against the forces that threaten to destroy Israel’s democracy. 
Netanyahu rebuffs UK chief rabbi’s concern over settlements Ephraim Mirvis says settlement expansion troubles Israel supporters in the UK; ‘settlements are not the issue,’ PM responds.
Le déni de réalité n'est jamais un choix avisé, Bibi!
Netanyahu « La haine d'Israël mènera l'Europe à sa perte. Nous sommes les gardiens de la civilisation. »
‘We will prevail against militant Islam,’ Netanyahu vows in 9/11 tribute

Labeling settlement products gets further push as European Parliament backs move
Netanyahu compare l'étiquetage des produits des colonies à l'époque nazie
PM: EU vote to label Israel settlement products echoes Nazi era

L'AFP publie un article sur un terroriste qui voulait faire un attentat le 11 septembre...mais aucun média français n'en veux. Devinez pourquoi?
Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism
Le djihadiste australien était un troll juif américain

Israel critic heads UK Labour   Jeremy Corbyn was elected head of the Labour Party with more than 60% of the vote, in light of friendly relations with Hamas and Hezbollah.
Corbyn may say he’s not anti-Semitic, but associating with the people he does is its own crime

Israël déclare illégaux les groupes musulmans qui manifestent au sujet des lieux saints de Jérusalem

VIDEO - CAIR Surveys Islamophobia at Tea Party Capitol Hill Rally Hosted by Ted Cruz and Donald Trump: "Is Obama a Muslim?" "What would you say to muslims?"

Israel adds voice to concerns over Russia's role in Syria

Pourquoi l'Occident à cessé officieusement sa chasse à Assad depuis juin 2015

For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1 Good!
Les "portes ouvertes" de l'Europe - La "forteresse Europe" est prise de court par les réactions de ses rues face à l'image d'un enfant mort, et semble être obligée d'accepter d'accueillir des centaines de milliers de "réfugiés" venant du Moyen Orient. L'Etat Islamique avait promis "d'inonder" l'Europe de réfugiés (et d'islamistes), c'est donc chose faite, et avec le sourire "bisounours" en plus !
Juste pour vous montrer que le discours de la "dissidence" est absolument identique à celui des juifs intégristes de! Ya pas un iota de différence... Mis à part le fait que la dissidence se croit "antisioniste", alors qu'elle est carrément manipulée et par les juifs sionistes en plus de ça!
Israel Keeps Making, Not Taking, More Refugees

U.S. State Department Official Definition of 'Anti-Semitism' - (Wow.)

Protest against Israeli PM’s brother at NY City College

Netanyahu Says Will Fast-track Legislation on Minimum Sentences for Stone-throwing
Netanyahu to convene emergency meeting on harsher punishment for stone-throwing

Israel Is Destroying Its Own Freedom  If there is a symbol of the reality of Israeli rule in the occupied territories it is the photograph from Nabi Saleh.

Netanyahu: EU plan to label settlement goods ‘unjust’

Bayit Yehudi MK proposes bill to keep boycotters from entering Israel

Israeli gov’t used my image for propaganda purposes without my consent

Jimmy Carter gets cancer for hating Israel!

Meet the Hasidic woman who manages risk for the NSA

L'AFP publie un article sur un terroriste qui voulait faire un attentat le 11 septembre...mais aucun média français n'en veux. Devinez pourquoi?

Israel's 'Jewish Majority' Obsession  What can we say about the Jewish majority if it's a majority for fascism, racism and hatred of Arabs and foreigners?

Torah Sage Predicted Almost 100 Years Ago a Third World War Before Redemption
Comme si l'ancien testament concernait l'histoire récente et actuelle... Faut vraiment être taré pour gober ça. Il y a des gens pas seulement tarés mais dangereux qui font tout pour que ça arrive! Si leur prophétie se réalise pas tout seul, ils vont la concrétiser pour se donner raison.


Netanyahu to visit Russia over Putin’s Syria support

Des fanatiques israéliens poussent à la prise d’assaut et à la profanation de la sainte mosquée d’al-Aqsa
Les policiers israéliens sont entrés dans la mosquée al-Aqsa, troisième lieu de l'islam, et ont provoqué des dégâts.
Israel Desecrates Islam’s Third Holiest Site for the Third Day
Raw Footage: Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa Mosque
Jewish snipers inside Al-Aqsa mosque on third day of clashes

Video: Why is Israel attacking Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque?
Saudi king urges Obama to stop ‘Israeli attacks’ on Temple Mount
Mont du Temple : la France exprime sa « vive préoccupation »
Des milliers de Jordaniens manifestent contre les "violations" israéliennes à Al-Aqsa
L’archevêque Hanna: Nous sommes tous unis face aux agressions israéliennes
Palestinian Journalists Say They Were Beaten by Israel Police During Jerusalem Clashes

Which Comes First: Messiah or the Temple?
La destruction de la mosquée al-aqsa à Jérusalem est le but ultime de groupes israéliens
Les Etats-Unis fustigent la critique de l’ONU « unilatérale » sur le mont du Temple
Jerusalem's mayor warns Palestinians in holy site clashes: 'if they use violence we will hunt them'
Israeli forces attack Palestinian women at Aqsa mosque
Gaza water shortage catastrophic: ‘We can’t drink, cook or wash with it’
Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds Mais on parle juste des esclaves de Daech
US Calls on Israel to Maintain Ban on Jewish Temple Mount Prayer

Rabbinate: Boycott ‘dangerous’ pro-Israel Christian event

Wipe Out the Jewish Terrorist Nest? Nah, We Can’t Reveal Our Sources

Netanyahu Escalates War on Palestine. Israel’s War on Self-Defence “Terrorism” and Stone Throwing

Israel’s Convoluted Legal System: “Administrative Detention” and Israel’s “Moral Imperative”

Israel’s Collapse Imminent Due To Lack Of Diversity According To “Jews For Social Justice”

No Room for Dissent in Israel's Schools  Right-wing ideas permeate Israeli schools, and an educator who disagrees risks a witch-hunt.

Est-ce qu’Amnistie Internationale a perdu la tête ? Quatrième partie. Par Norman Finkelstein

Israel Rejects Compensation For Burnt Historic Christian Church

Just How Deeply Split Is Jewish Public on Iran Deal?
NY Times’ Friedman gives Netanyahu a ‘Grade C’ for his part in Iran nuclear deal

Arab Bid to Monitor Israel's Nuclear Sites Rejected at UN Atomic Agency  In big win for Israel, 61 countries vote against resolution led by Egypt, which also called on Israel to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty.
IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities
Echec de l'appel à inspecter le nucléaire israélien

Declassified CIA Report: Israeli Offensive in Six-Day War Surprised US

Israel troubled by potential conflict with Russians in Syria
"Israel is Europe’s last Bulwark against Islam"
Ex-Stasi Jewish Activist Tasked with Eradicating “Xenophobia” on Facebook in Germany
Jews Call On President Obama To Take In Syrian Refugees
La vague de réfugiés, quelle est la vraie cible, par Israël Adam Shamir (Incluant des citations de Marx qui surprennent! "un certain Karl Marx, en arriva à la déduction révolutionnaire suivante : la foi de Mammon, cette “religion des Juifs pour les jours de semaine” - ce sont ses propres mots - est devenue la véritable religion des élites américaines. Marx cite, en l’approuvant, un certain colonel Hamilton : “Mammon est l’idole des Yankees, ils ne l’adorent pas simplement en paroles, mais aussi de toutes les forces de leur corps et de leur âme. A leurs yeux, la terre n’est qu’une immense bourse des valeurs et ils sont persuadés que leur unique mission sur la Terre est de devenir plus riche que leur voisin.” Marx conclut : “Là où la domination effective de la mentalité juive sur le monde chrétien a achevé son expansion, totale et éclatante, c’est en Amérique du Nord.”  La mentalité juive victorieuse, pour Marx, est basée sur l’”appât du gain et l’égoïsme, son credo, c’est les affaires ; son dieu : l’Argent.” [2] "

Les candidats Républicains contre Obama et pour Israël
GOP candidates united in disdain for Obama, support for Israel

Bernie Sanders: Trump's reaction to Obama 'non-American Muslim' question 'a disgrace'
Trump: ‘We’re Gonna Be Looking Into’ How We Can Get Rid of All the Muslims
‘Concern-Trolls’ Trump about “Them Mooooz-Lums”….

Israel calls Iceland capital's boycott 'pure hatred'
European Jews mull legal action after Icelandic capital boycotts Israel

'Israel, the Cancer' causes stir   Italian documentary comparing IDF soldiers to Nazis, screened in municipality-sponsored museum in town of Recanati; mayor apologizes.

GOP pundit attacks candidates for pandering to ‘f—ing Jews’
Ann Coulter Gets A Friendly Platform After Her ‘F***ing Jews’ Debate Tweets
How Ann Coulter Made It Kosher To Hate Jews
Barring apology, right-wing Zionists demand Fox News fire Ann Coulter for 'f---ing Jews' tweet

A-G approves police use of Ruger rifle against rock throwers in Jerusalem
Netanyahu: Israel Expanding Its 'War on Stone-throwing' Beyond Jerusalem  Two days after Israeli killed in car crash caused by stone-throwers, PM reiterates Israel's new policy in cracking down on suspects.

Nuclear Whistle-blower Vanunu Is Israel's Edward Snowden  Vanunu acted out of the same motive as America's whistle-blower, but was decades ahead of his time.

Israel's Chief Rabbinate blasts 'spiritually dangerous' Christian event in Jerusalem

VIDEO - Eric Zemmour et Eric Naulleau s’affrontent sur l’invasion migratoire

FLASHBACK: Finkielkraut: son plaidoyer pour la France C'est l'autre versant du même discours de propagande qui dit qu' Israel est le seul état qui résiste activement par son identité à l'irrésistible dissolution des frontières imposée par le mondialisme: "Quelles sont donc les motivations de cette gauche fétide pour qu’elle manifeste sa hargne, automatiquement et à tous propos, contre l’Etat du peuple juif ?  La première des raisons est, que ce pays aux mœurs occidentales est, à coup sûr, par excellence celui où la religion a droit de cité. Un pays, et donc un peuple attaché depuis plusieurs millénaires à son culte malgré les diverses oppressions subies de par le monde.  Véritable défi pour les gauchistes prônant l’abolition de toutes les croyances !  Le second argument est que l’Etat du peuple juif représente aussi la défense et la mise en valeur de la culture juive. Action qui contre, de fait, le multiculturalisme, ce mélange de cultures si cher à ces gauchistes !  L’Etat hébreu c’est également un état nation avec ses emblèmes, son drapeau, son hymne et sa mémoire du passé évoquant et exigeant la défense des frontières honnies par les gauchistes !  Si l’on ajoute à tout cela l’amour de cette patrie par la quasi-totalité du peuple juif, que ses composantes soient israéliennes ou diasporiques, cela transforme cette nation en pays à abattre !" (L'antisémitisme a dorénavant un nom: Palestine!

VIDEO - Corbyn on Iraq Iran Libya Afghan Wars & Austerity Snippets 2012

Assad : L’Occident pleure d’un œil sur le sort des réfugiés et les vise avec une arme de l’autre
Will Germany’s refugee embrace come at Jews’ expense?
Germany's welcome of Syrian refugees is being seen as a corrective for its Nazi past. But, ironically, Jews may pay the price.
Le nain politique Robert Ménard, les réfugiés syriens, et la civilisation française...

Trump: 'Not my job' to defend Obama from Muslim jibe

Has Canada’s love affair with Israel reached its climax?

Hagee on “God’s” foreign Policy

A marriage of Jingoism and Fascism: Has Netanyahu Found His Preferred Choice For ‘President’?

Jewish publication may drop Coulter over ‘F-ing Jews’ tweet  Coulter defended her ” f—ing Jews” tweet saying “It’s not about Jewish people; it’s about Republican panderers.”
Is Ann Coulter an anti-Semite?  The conservative columnist's infamous tweets marked a newsworthy nuance: Republican support for Israel is not about Jewish voters, but American interests.
C'est une désinformatrice néoconne qui dit n'importe quoi (ex: elle croit que le Canada a combattu au Vietnam!) alors les juifs vont lui pardonner, étant donné qu'elle est du bord des extrémistes sionistes. C'est juste les juifs de gauche qui sont fâchés contre elle.
Ann Coulter’s Faux Pas: Calling Attention to Jewish Influence
McDonald est idiot s'il croit que c'est un faux-pas. À mon avis c'est fait un peu exprès pour qu'on croit que les juifs sont de gauche et surtout pas comme elle, dans le camp des néocons! Il s'agit maintenant de faire passer les agents de la droite sioniste, comme Trump et les propagandistes néocons, comme des gens qui n'ont rien à voir avec les juifs, alors que c'est exactement l'inverse qui est exact. Des propagandistes néocons comme Coulter doivent maintenant tenir des propos anti-juifs pour pas qu'une investigation journalistique puisse remonter jusqu'aux juifs néocons qui les soutiennent. (Ce que Piper a déjà fait même si personne le lit.) Ça contribue à brouiller les pistes. Les gens vont croire que les juifs sont contre les droitistes à la Trump, Coulter, etc. Alors que ces gens sont en fait des chèvres de Judas de la pire espèce, militant de la guerre contre l'Islam, etc.
Coulter openly confronts Jewish supremacy in the West Le crétin fini John Friend tombe dans le paneau de Coulter et de Trump! Profondément et absolument crétin! Ou bien agent de désinfo??

Netanyahu: Campaign in Congress Against Iran Deal Didn't Harm Israel-U.S. Ties  After White House announces that Obama and Netanyahu will meet for first time in two years, PM responds to criticism: 'I think I know how to navigate Israel's diplomatic relations.'
California city commissioner fired for proposing Israel divestment

Le Congrès Juif Européen menace la capitale de l’Islande qui approuve le boycott des produits israëliens
'There are no Israeli products in Iceland'
Reykjavik, qui boycotte Israël, sur la liste noire du centre Wiesenthal
Reykjavik drops boycott of Israeli products, adopts boycott of settlement goods

"Israël" protège les colons juifs terroristes
Court upholds administrative detention for Kahane’s grandson

Israeli discourse plagued by hatred

Video of Palestinian police beating man goes viral

How relevant is the Old Testament in understanding Jewish behavior in the Middle East and beyond

Le changement de "climat" pourrait entraîner un deuxième Holocauste

Christian Schools On Strike in Israel Over 'Discrimination'

Blame America? No, Blame Neocons! By Ron Paul  September 22, 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to receive 2015 AEI Irving Kristol Award
Netanyahu to receive conservative think tank’s award on day he meets Obama

VIDEO - Mark Glenn on Press TV’s The Debate–Islam-bashing big business in US
Frank Gaffney Defends Ben Carson's Islamophobia

Complotisme : les inquiétantes amitiés de Jeremy Corbyn‏ Une collaboratrice de Conspiracy Watch s'en prend à Corbyn, à coups d'approximations et d'accusations de culpabilité par association... Ça vole pas haut!
British Army would use “Whatever Means Possible” should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister. British General
Caroline Fourest à nouveau épinglée par @rrêt sur images
Corbyn et ses "amis intégristes" : Fourest ou l'art du raccourci
GB : Une baronne anti-israël envisagerait de rejoindre les Travaillistes

Est-ce qu’Amnistie Internationale a perdu la tête ? Sixième partie. par Norman Finkelstein

Israël: la police autorisée à tirer sur les enfants lanceurs de pierres

'Zionist regime's insult of al-Aksa foremost problem for Muslims,' Khamenei says

HA'ARETZ - Time to Exorcise the Racism From Judaism's Roots  Words meant to comfort us when Jews were weak and victimized have become tools of vengeance now that we have power and weapons. 

Pays du goulag levant (ex-USA): Combattre « l’exceptionnalisme » enseigné à la jeunesse dans les écoles (Oliver Stone)
Debunking the Myth of American Exceptionalism
Religious Fanaticism is a Western Tradition

Washington soutient et finance Daesh. Moscou soutient la Syrie contre Daesh

Un nouvel article publié sur le "Times of Israël" : l'axe Poutine-Iran-complotistes

Y a-t-il des djihadistes parmi les migrants ?
HA'ARETZ-The 'Secret Islamist Plot' to Take Over Europe  Satire: A Muslim living in the West lays the groundwork for fellow jihadists to arrive from Syria disguised as refugees. 
Canal+ de plus en plus à droite, avec Robert Ménard comme invité...
Pour les réfugiés syriens en Italie, Israël reste l’ennemi n°1
INFOWARS-ALEX JONES DIFFUSE LA BULLSHIT ANTI-ISLAM DE LA JUIVE ULTRA SIONISTE PAMELA GELLER QUI DIT: "Clockmeister Ahmed Mohamed’s sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up" The scam continues - Réfugiés et migrants : manipulations sur la Toile Ya des juifs qui s'inquiètent de voir combien les résueax sociaux sont stupides et relayent n'importe quelle pseudonouvelle, souvent fabriquée...
VIDEO - Onfray : "Nous devrions cesser de bombarder les populations musulmane" De temps en temps il en sort une bonne comme celle-là.
Up to 50% of unaccompanied migrant children go missing within 48 hours of arriving in Europe
How Dangerous is Nuclear Israel: A Short Independent Film Report

The Western Media Is Dying and Here’s Why
NY Times readers protest anti-Putin editorial
John McCain, en réponse aux frappes aériennes de la Russie en Syrie, déclare sur Fox News et lors d'un discours: "Poutine est bien mieux de rester en dehors de notre chemin"!
Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’
Obama: Putin in Syria 'a recipe for disaster'
VIDEO - Syrie : la dissi-danse a les mains pleines de sang ! (Moualek VS Assad)
Syrie: Duel Aérien entre des Sukhoi SU-30 SM russes et des F-15 israéliens Pas certain de cette source car personne d'autre en parle.

Republicans, AIPAC weigh support for bill ‘fixing’ Iran deal Maintenant qu'ils ont compris qu'ils peuvent pas l'empêcher, ils veulent le "corriger".
The military option is back on the table
Netanyahu in N.Y.: Daniel in the Lion’s Den or World’s Greatest Nudnik?
Nucléaire iranien : comment le roi des casinos veut contrer Obama Par Vincent Jauvert. Pour faire capoter l'accord historique signé avec l'Iran, le milliardaire américain Sheldon Adelson a plusieurs armes : des dollars et un lobbying intense et très organisé.
Olmert to Al Jazeera: Iran is a ‘done deal,’ Israel mustn’t fight with Obama
Netanyahu’s real message was to Israel’s Jews: “Talk peace but prepare for doomsday”

Obama Pulled John Kerry and Samantha Power From Netanyahu UN Speech

Connections Between Sukkot and the War of Gog and Magog
Le Sanhédrin passe un jugement contre le Pape François et Barack Obama sur le Mont Sion.  Par Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz – Le 10 septembre 2015

Netanyahu attacked by right-wing flank for ‘not doing enough’ against terror

Israel’s New Police Chief Emerges from Shadowy World

Israel Escalates ‘Water-Apartheid’ As Illegal Settlers Contaminate Palestinian Water

Israel kidnapped 562 Palestinians in September: Prisoners’ advocacy group

Olmert blasts Netanyahu's foreign policy, warns of risk of apartheid in Israel

'Bon Jovi stands with Israeli settlers who burn Palestinian babies,' Roger Waters says
Roger Waters to Jon Bon Jovi: “You stand shoulder to shoulder with the settler who burned the baby”
Etats Unis: Les boycotteurs du BDS se plaignent d'être victimes de boycott en vu « d'entraver leur action »
Marginalizing the Momentum of the BDS Movement
Les socialistes du Conseil de Paris refusent de condamner le mouvement antisémite BDS
UK – Government acts to stop local councils boycotting Israel - Georges Soros, face moderne d'Amalek, oeuvre à la destruction d'Israël
Gilad Atzmon blâme à tort George Soros pour le projet du Grand Israel...

Why Should Jews Celebrate a Torah That Calls for Genocide and Homophobia?

AIPAC’s Democrat Problems Go Beyond Obama  AIPAC and leading Democrats are pushing an explicitly pro-settlement bill through Congress.
After the Iran Deal, Vitriol Reigns as U.S. Jews Struggle to Move Forward  At Jewish federations coast to coast, donors threatened to pull funding if group didn’t take the right public position.
‘TheTedCroos’ at Judaic-Values Voter Summit: ‘Vows to introduce Ayatollah to “72 virgins” if he’s elected President’Ça veut dire menaces de mort.
Everyone’s kicking AIPAC now that it’s down Hourra!
Israel will feel US rage after Netanyahu leaves Washington  Analysis: White House officials already working on plan for day after Congress speech; Israel, which has asked for another $317 million for defense, may find out America far less generous than before.

Israeli ministry plows ahead with ‘world Jewry’ project, even as funding and future remain uncertain
Avec Nathan Sharansky, le juif refuznik néocon...

Boehner’s Successor Will Be pro-Israel, but Netanyahu Should Worry Nonetheless  Surprise resignation of Speaker could harm GOP’s 2016 electoral chances and strengthen Tea Party types less attached to Israel.
Now Boehner can tell us what really happened with Netanyahu’s speech (...) Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer’s agreement to keep secret Boehner’s invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress — at the speaker’s request.  Boehner and Dermer have confirmed that the ambassador, who had consulted with Netanyahu, agreed to keep the secret, from the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and pro-Israel groups, including AIPAC. Boehner has said he asked for secrecy to keep Obama from nixing the speech.(...)  Dermer’s “yes” meant Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader in the House, had to enter the trenches in the effort to push back Boehner’s effort to kill the deal — which was ultimately successful.  Going forward, his “yes” means Democrats on Capitol Hill are no longer so eager to return calls from the Israeli embassy. It means there’s discussion on the Hill about whether the “Israel is GOP territory” tag will die when Netanyahu leaves office, or outlast him.

In a Moment of Euphoria, Netanyahu Made a Very Revealing Slipup
Thus spake the minister of defense, and his remarks have not yet been “seared into the consciousness”: “We know who burned the Dawabsheh family, but we cannot prosecute them because of the sensitivity of the sources.” That’s our Bogie, who was never considered the most guided and accurate weapon in the arsenal, and who even as a dairyman on the kibbutz would entertain the cows to increase their milk yield. Did you get that? It takes great effort to build an intelligence source, so it would be a pity to blow his cover. His immunity also gives the murderers immunity. Bogie knows, and that should suffice. That’s why we included him in “the list of the most unforgettable quotes”; we shall not forget.

Netanyahu : « Israël doit devenir une puissance mondiale »
Netanyahu: Israel Must Become a World Power
Netanyahu : Israël est « une puissance mondiale » en cybersécurité

Why Are Millions of Pounds Sent to Israel by British Charities, Tax-Free?

Israel’s Left Is Finally Bringing Its Racism out of the Closet
Why Israelis can burn Palestinians alive and get away with it
Jewish settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque with police protection
Israel-tied fundamentalist churches may exploit Mina against Islam

Video - Palestinian woman shot, left to bleed by Israeli soldiers
Video: ‘IDF saying woman had a knife, trying to justify unjustifiable action’

Ministers toughen measures against stone-throwers Cabinet approves use of .22 Ruger sniper rifles against rioters who endanger Israelis, a minimum four-year prison sentence
HA'ARETZ-Israel Is a Stone's Throw Away From Becoming the Roman Empire  On Jewish holidays, we're used-to identifying as the resourceful downtrodden that manage to bring an empire to its knees. This year, as our gazillion-dollar army takes on masked Palestinian teens, we find our role reversed.
Analysis: Should Palestinian parents pay for minors’ rock-throwing?

HA'ARETZ-Justifying War Crimes in the Name of Judaism In contemporary Israel, the idea of the universal mission of the Jewish people has morphed into something else – and all in the name of the Jews’ supposed moral supremacy.
VIDEO - Documentary on Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion

Israelis to Iceland: Please boycott our country
'EU must ban all products from Israel'

Rabin in 1976 interview: Settlements are a cancer
En 1976, Rabin avait comparé les implantations au ‘cancer’, mettait en garde contre l' 'Apartheid'
In 1976 interview, Rabin likens settler ideologues to ‘cancer,’ warns of ‘apartheid’
Polémique : l’islamisme radical découle-t-il de la guerre des Six jours ? La réponse [du sioniste] Michel Hazanavicius aux propos de Philippe Lioret qui accuse Israël d’être à la source de l’islamisme radical.(Vidéo complète de l'entretien de Léa Salamé avec Philippe Lioret)

The Israeli Occupation of America: How Israel Gained Control of American Foreign Policy and Public Opinion
BY HESHAM TILLAWI (...)Secret letters and secret meetings between Kennedy and Ben-Gurion give a clear picture of the difficulty Kennedy faced in negotiating with the Israeli Prime Minister who stated many times that nothing will save Israel but nuclear power. According to author Michael Collins Piper in his book Final Judgment Ben Gurion wrote Kennedy saying: “Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger.”

Outcry as anti-Semitic 9/11 doubter joins Greek government
Official quits amid anti-Semitism allegations

Pope praises Iran deal to United Nations

Corbyn's conspiracy theory: 9/11 attacks were 'manipulated' to make it look like Osama Bin Laden was responsible, says Labour leader

US support for Syria rebels illegal, Putin says ahead of Obama meeting
Des conspis à L’Express : des rebelles formés par les Américains ont donné des armes à Al-Qaïda

Le président égyptien A-Sissi, appelle les pays arabes modérés à une normalisation des relations avec Israël

L’entité sioniste au-dessus de l’AIEA !

Hey, What Ever Happened to the 'Existential Threat' of Iran?   I’ll leave out the speed with which the dreaded threat of Iranian weaponry has disappeared from Israel’s political agenda and been replaced by the supposedly equally deadly threat of teenagers throwing stones. Gotta love it.
À voir qu'ils parlent même pu de la menace iranienne mais juste des petits lanceurs de roches palestiniens, c'est à se demander si la menac iranienne était vraiment plus importante que des petits enfants lanceurs de roches...

Ted Cruz Slams Outgoing John Boehner Over ‘Early Reports’ That He ‘Cut a Deal’ With Nancy Pelosi Before Resigning

Eric Cantor [orthodox zionist jew] almost became first Jewish Speaker of the House, Boehner aide reveals

Boehner's Resignation Raises Concern Among U.S. Jews  Jewish notables praise speaker of the House's unwavering support of Israel, while criticizing the Tea Party politics that contributed to his departure. 

Bible in hand, Trump woos evangelical Christians
Trump, Carson have Republican Jewish establishment worried

Op-Ed: Ann Coulter is not an anti-SemiteThe well-known commentator and provocateur should be judged by her pro-Israel record, not one angry tweet, a nationally syndicated talk show host writes.
Qu'est-ce que je disais... C'est exactement ce que je disais. Les juifs reconnaissent son positionnement sioniste (qui est gros comme un éléphant au milieu du salon), donc ils vont lui pardonner!

Erekat: New Israeli measures against stone-throwers ‘dehumanize whole nation’

Pro-Palestinian minister speaks in NY state despite death threats

Hotovely : L’étiquetage des produits de Cisjordanie par l’UE est une ‘ligne rouge’
Israel will never hand over parts of the West Bank, says Deputy FM Hotovely

Journalistes de l'AFP agressés par des soldats israéliens en Cisjordanie

Rescapé d’une tentative d’assassinat de l’armée israélienne, le journaliste J.M. Bourget remporte une grande victoire judiciaire

VIDEO - Discours de Thomas Werlet du Parti Solidaire sur la Palestine

The Dehumanization of the “Arab”: The Media Repeats Small Lies to Make “One Big Lie”
Fête de l'Aid, barbarie musulmane du mouton sacrifié pour être mangé? Comparez avec la barbarie occidentale qui sacrifie des humains...

Blood Moon Prophecy’ Casts Shadow on Christian Embassy Sukkot Celebration  Some evangelical Israel supporters believe Monday’s lunar eclipse portends ‘End of Days.’

France to Probe Assad Regime for Crimes Against Humanity
La Russie est de retour au Proche Orient
Robert Parry on Obama’s “crude and deceptive propaganda”
La Russie met en garde contre la désinformation occidentale à propos du raid aérien sur la Syrie
Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?
Obama Accuses Russia of Going After America’s “Good Guy Terrorists”
VIDEO - CNN says USA in coalition with the Islamic State
US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists
Putin 'worried' by Israeli strikes in Syria  Russian leader expresses concern over artillery strikes on Assad's forces despite security agreement reached with Netanyahu.
Russian air strikes targeted CIA-backed rebels in Syria: Senator McCain
Sen. John McCain: Putin Doing Assad's 'Dirty Work' With Airstrikes
Putin Hints Russia Will ‘Clip Israel’s Wings’ Over Syrian Skies
Netanyahu warns he will not allow use of Syria as Iran base to threaten Israel
Russia in Syria: Doom for Greater Israel
Is Israel Preparing For A Ground Invasion Of Syria?
Syria Is the New Israel: The World Is Bored With Israel-Palestine

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US seeking to undo Iran’s 1979 Revolution

Haim Saban Leaves Pro-Israel Coalition Over Sheldon Adelson's Right-Wing Push
Billionaire Haim Saban Quits His anti-BDS Initiative With Adelson  Though he gave no reason for pull out, Jewish activists say Saban didn't like Adelson's push to the right in initiative meant to counter anti-Israel efforts at U.S. campuses.
Saban said to quit anti-BDS campus initiative he launched with Adelson Entertainment mogul reportedly opposed ‘right-wing tilt’; introducing alliance in June, the pair had made light of their political differences

Jeb Bush’s Jewish team includes brother’s backers, staffers

Obama ‘refused to oppose Palestinian UN statehood bid’ In latest sign of Washington-Jerusalem rift, White House said to have declined repeated request to come out publicly against unilateral PA move
Report: Senior Democrat failed to obtain Obama commitment to veto Palestinian state at UN

British PM David Cameron: “Non-Violent Extremists” Including “9/11 Truthers” and “Conspiracy Theorists” are Just as Dangerous as ISIL Terrorists

Corbyn chahuté pour ne pas avoir dit « Israël » dans un événement pro-israélien A l’issue d’un discours sur la reprise du processus de paix, le leader de l’opposition a été interrompu par un homme criant « Dites le mot Israël »
Corbyn speech confirmed worst concerns, Labor MK says
Siege of Gaza must end, Jeremy Corbyn tells Labour Friends of Israel

Israel a ouvert le feu plus de 700 fois sur Gaza depuis le cessez-le feu d’août 2014

Palestine flag raised at UN headquarters for first time

Israel seeks to legalize controversial settler outpost State asserts Adei Ad doesn’t lie on Palestinian land; defense minister dismisses notion of West Bank construction freeze

Israël : un gouvernement d'assassins patentés

Look Who's Going to Be Israel's Police Chief  A Shin Bet agent from one of the most radical settlements in the West Bank, that's who.

«Les terroristes se sentent libres» : Israël affronte l’extrémisme juif sur fond de heurts à Al-Aqsa

Israel Advocacy Groups Muzzling Dissent on U.S. Campuses, Claim New Reports  Responding to anti-Israel campus activities 'is also free speech,' says ADL in refuting the studies issued by two groups critical of Israel.

French cancer group said behind ‘Palestine’ map Distributed to schools in Paris, map labels Israel as Palestine; Wiesenthal Center urges Paris mayor to intervene

Student Leader in California Blasted for ‘Blatantly Antisemitic’ Remarks, Holocaust Denial - Mont du Temple : Fabius opposé à la liberté de culte pour les Juifs
En fait c'est qu'il y a le Dome du Rocher musulman (Al-Aqsa) et aucun "Temple juif" à cet endroit que les juifs appellent "Mont du Temple"... Les juifs ne font que semer le trouble quand ils vont sur le Dome du Rocher, ils vont pas là juste pour "prier" mais pour appeler à la destruction du Dome du Rocher afin de pouvoir rebâtir le Temple! - Complot juif mondial ? - Révisionnisme: Larousse révise l'histoire dédiée aux enfants en faisant disparaître Israël « Les Hébreux vivaient en Palestine' » Juste dire ou écrire le mot Palestine dans un libre d'histoire pour eux c'est du négationnisme.

How to Get Away With anti-Semitism: A 'Pro-Israel' Free Pass for Ann Coulter  If you're hardline enough, pro-Netanyahu enough, anti-Muslim enough, pro-Trump enough, and therefore 'pro-Israel' enough, can you also reap the spotlight with a gut-punch of anti-Semitism now and then?

ADL’s Abe Foxman joins Israeli security think tank Former anti-defamation champion joins Institute for National Security Studies to help tackle anti-Semitism, anti-Israel action

British PM Cameron slams Russia for 'backing the butcher Assad'
Middle East would be more stable if Saddam, Gaddafi still in power: Trump Faire dire la vérité par un imbécile redneck... Bonne stratégie pour la discréditer.
« Que vos avions sortent immédiatement de Syrie » responsables russes aux Américains
Surprise, Surprise: Israel ‘thwarts first known ISIS plot inside Jewish state’
Syrie : La Russie prend-t-elle pour cible l’opposition syrienne, en faveur du régime de Bachar el-Assad ?
Tensions entre Israël et la Russie à propos de la Syrie
Israël met en garde la Russie : « Ne testez pas notre armée ! »
L'Otan appelle la Russie à "cesser ses attaques contre l'opposition syrienne”
Israel's crocodile tears as Putin outmaneuvers and neutralizes Netanyahu in brilliant strategic move
As Russia begins bombing campaign, Israel claims to uncover 'first suspected ISIS cell'
Pourquoi Israël craint-il la présence militaire russe, en Syrie ?  Adieu le projet de création du Grand Israël et du Grand Moyen Orient si la Russie décide de faire le grand ménage en Syrie et Moyen Orient avec tous ses alliés : l'Iran,  l'Irak, la Chine et Cie !
Courrier International: Vu d’Israël. Poutine seul maître du jeu en Syrie
Rubio calls Russia's Putin a 'gangster and a thug'; wants new sanctions on Moscow
New York Times Moving into High Spin Denigrating Vladimir Putin on Syria

VIDEO - Not The Nukes: What Israel fears most about economically robust Iran

Trump, Israel, and the Jewish vote  Analysis: Even though his daughter converted to Judaism and he keeps calling Netanyahu his friend, Jewish Americans will probably keep supporting Democratic candidates.
C'est pas le vote juif qui est important ici!!! Ils parlent de vote juif pour nous faire croire que Trump n'a pas l'appui des sionistes. C'est la puissance du lobby israélien et non le vote juif qui a vraiment une influence dans l'élection du président américain. C'est pas le vote juif qui pourrait faire élire Trump, c'est la puissance du lobby israélien. Quand Bush Jr a été élu, il a eu à peu près 0% du vote juif; les juifs avaient tous voté pour Al Gore! Il a fallu que Bush Jr. vole l'élection pour que ses maîtres (Israel) puissent le mettre au pouvoir. Les juifs américains ont été grandement surpris par l'élection truquée de Bush Jr. Le lobby israélien n'a pas besoin du vote juif, qui est insignifiant aux USA de toute façon, sauf dans quelques États (NY, etc.).

KING BIBI is ‘the leader of the Jewish world,’ says top aide
Benjamin Netanyahu: A Prime Minister Detached From Reality  This week's series of terror attacks is another warning written on the wall: A third intifada is on the way.
Netanyahu: Israel Will Expedite Demolition of Terrorists' Homes  Day after two Israelis stabbed to death in Jerusalem's Old City, prime minister orders measures to curb terrorism; meanwhile, violence resumes in East Jerusalem. 
Netanyahu : « Pas de limites » dans la lutte contre les terroristes palestiniens Le Premier ministre réitère son engagement en faveur du « combat à mort de la terreur palestinienne » annoncé à son retour de New York
Netanyahu ordonne d’accélérer les démolitions des maisons des palestiniens

‘Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs’
Good Jews Roam Through Jerusalem Attacking Palestinians, Screaming “Death To Arabs!”
VIDEO - Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed
Far-right Activists Chant 'Death to Arabs,' Assault Passersby in Jerusalem After Terror Attack  Several violent incidents reported as hundreds march through capital, block traffic. 
'Let the People of Israel Enter the Gates and Kill Arabs'  Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.
The Right-wing Loonies Bully Me, and So Does Facebook  I got suspended from the site for criticizing ‘armed pagans.’ Too bad they didn’t suspend all the people who wished for my murder.

Le Bureau de presse du gouvernement met en garde la BBC à propos d’un titre

Roger Waters (pro-BDS) à Bon Jovi : «Vous êtes solidaires avec le colon qui a brûlé le bébé»

Why BDS should target Saudi Arabia, not Israel  Op-ed: It's time to give Saudi Arabian authorities an ultimatum: Either you cease exporting religious extremism or you will be served the fare of boycott, divestment and sanctions served to Israel.
C'est ce qu'on entend tout le temps du côté de la "Dissidence": les méchants sont identifiés vaguement comme étant les "sionistes" mais les seuls qui sont identifiés clairement et reçoivent le blâme concrètement c'est pas Israël c'est l'Arabie Saoudite et le Qatar! Comme si les "Sionistes" c'étaient les Arabes!

WATCH: Trump, Carson Will 'Have Blood on Their Hands' if Gunman Targets Mosque, Says Jebreal  'In the realm of possibility in a country that is very armed that somebody that will be carrying weapon will go to a mosque tomorrow or after tomorrow and would start shooting people and then these people would have blood on their hands.'

Israeli Cinema Is Finally Tackling Rabin's Assassination, 20 Years Later  The release of Amos Gitai's 'Rabin, the Last Day' and Erez Laufer's 'Rabin in His Own Words' highlights the contrasting approaches to the former prime minister's death taken by features and documentaries.
PM Rabin killing "written on wall", filmmaker Gitai says

Former British MP George Galloway expresses support for third intifada

En Israël, les écoles chrétiennes veulent une égalité de traitement avec les écoles juives

VIDEO - Thomas Guénolé dresse le portrait d'Alain Finkielkraut #ONPC À NE PAS MANQUER! (Émission complète On n'est pas couché)
L'Oraison funèbre d'une France encore vivante.

Aux Temps Bénis du nationalisme Arabe Ce papier est publié à l’occasion de la commémoration du 45e anniversaire du décès de Gamal Abdel Nasser, chef historique du nationalisme arabe contemporain.

VIDEO - Nouveau désordre mondial?

VIDEO - Hassan Nasrallah : Israël veut démolir la Mosquée al-Aqsa pour construire "le Temple"


Rupert Murdoch: Propaganda Recruit for Reagan, by Robert Parry

FLASHBACK: The world was right about Iraq– though Israel got its ‘Clean Break’, June 14, 2014
Enter the Bush Doctrine The four pillars of the president's strategy for winning World War IV. By [ULTRA-ZIONIST NEOCON JEW] Norman Podhoretz Updated Sept. 2, 2004 (Editor's note: This is excerpted from Mr. Podhoretz's article, "World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win," which appears in the September issue of Commentary.) Voir la version française (et résumée) de Réseau Voltaire.
Podhoretz sur les Troisième et Quatrième guerres mondiales: "For these reasons, I agree with one of our leading contemporary students of military strategy, Eliot A. Cohen, who thinks that what is generally called the "Cold War" (a term, incidentally, coined by Soviet propagandists) should be given a new name. "The Cold War," Mr. Cohen writes, was actually "World War III, which reminds us that not all global conflicts entail the movement of multimillion-man armies, or conventional front lines on a map." I also agree that the nature of the conflict in which we are now engaged can only be fully appreciated if we look upon it as World War IV. To justify giving it this name--rather than, say, the "war on terrorism"--Mr. Cohen lists "some key features" that it shares with World War III:  that it is, in fact, global; that it will involve a mixture of violent and nonviolent efforts; that it will require mobilization of skill, expertise and resources, if not of vast numbers of soldiers; that it may go on for a long time; and that it has ideological roots.  There is one more feature that World War IV shares with World War III and that Mr. Cohen does not mention: Both were declared through the enunciation of a presidential doctrine."

Israeli Op-ed–‘Putin is part of the problem, not the solution’
Russia, Assad Forces Launch First Joint Military Operation in Syria
Brzezinski: Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn’t stop attacking U.S. assets
Poutine à l'ONU, par Jacques Sapir
Watch Madman McCain lie about what is going on in Syria
Israel, America, and the West checkmated by Putin in Syria
VIDEO - Marco Rubio Would Risk War With Russia In Order To Enforce Safe Zone In Syria
VIDEO - Comment on Marco Rubio Would Risk War With Russia Over Syria
(ZOG of ) The West Fears Russia’s Success in Syria – Not Its Failure
Why Netanyahu stays quiet on Russian policy  Netanyahu tells CNN Israel does not support Russian policies, but stays silent to avoid unnecessary conflicts; Bibi, Putin share 'mutual respect'.
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Israel, America, and the West checkmated by Putin in Syria
Dankof to Press TV–Kerry slams Russia to distract attention from US failure in Syria
Seize the Chaos  Israel, the Neocons, and their Bloody, Blundering 'Art' of War
Attali craint une Troisième Guerre mondiale, par Michel Collon

L'antisémitisme des migrants inquiète les Juifs Allemands

UN chief condemns recent killings of Palestinians, without mention of Israeli terror victims

Arab-Israeli TV journalist goes back on air after being hit by stun grenade

VIDEO - FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu
Donald Trump, Big In Israel, Endorses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Why Won't Trump Stand Up to His Anti-Semitic Fans?

Sanders campaign apologizes to pro-Palestine activists threatened with arrest
New foundation will counter BDS by promoting Israeli high-tech

Temple Mount is the issue, not terror
A Jérusalem, la « guerre de religion » masque un colonialisme pur et dur

«Israël se diabolise lui-même chaque jour», par Shlomo Sand

Howard Stern Blasts Roger Waters Over Israel Boycott

Mossad Takes Pride in One of Its Worst Debacles  61 years after the revelation of the Lavon Affair, the original ‘false flag’ operation, Israel’s spooks believe it was more bad luck than embarrassment, if it was embarrassing at all.

Zionist Settlers Kill Palestinian Woman after trying to Remove Her Hijab

IAC, Campus Maccabees Confirm Saban Bowed Out of Adelson Partnerships The billionaires had collaborated on two pro-Israel groups despite other partisan differences.

Hassidic Rabbi: War of Gog and Magog Already Began in Syria
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US terrified of Russian moves in Syria
Al-Qaïda est-il devenu "fréquentable" pour l’Occident?

Netanyahu offered vague terms for West Bank withdrawal, former US peace negotiator says
Netanyahu Says West Bank Settlement Construction Could Harm post-Iran Deal Talks With U.S.  During cabinet session, prime minister rejects demand to announce new West Bank construction in order not to disrupt negotiations on upgrading IDF capabilities. 
Dennis Ross: Netanyahu agreed to West Bank pullout in 2010

Susan Rice: Bibi Did Everything But Use The N-Word To Describe Obama
Does Susan Rice think Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist?
Dennis Ross: Susan Rice sees Israel 'more of a problem' than partner

Lone Palestinian Terrorists, Settler Vengeance Worrying Israeli Security Authorities  The fear is that unlike in previous times of tension, right-wing extremists may carry out vengeance attacks, like the deadly arson which killed three members of the Dawabsheh family. 

Donald Trump gets priestly blessing from Jew for Jesus

Bethlehem youngsters defy Israeli army after teen death

Israël: "Ce n'est plus une guerre contre Israël, mais une guerre antisémite contre les juifs"

Shas rabbi: Jewish 'provocation' on Temple Mount behind latest violence
Leading Shas Rabbi: Jewish ‘Provocation’ on Temple Mount Behind Latest Violence

Avraham Burg on 'The Coming Days'  Former senior politician is releasing a new book which calls on Israel to analyze its collective past to improve its future. Il a écrit "The Holocaust is Over - We Must Rise From Its Ashes""L'obsession anti-israélienne du Figaro": colon, colonisation, extrémistes juifs, Cisjordanie, "des termes pour stigmatiser Israël".

More than 48 Palestinian children injured in week of violence

VIDEO - Zemmour : "Le fleuve de gauche est revenu dans son lit libéral" Maudit que j'ai hâte qu'il se taise à jamais... "Toujours la fôte à la gôche..." Soral est zemmourien ; les soraliens seront incapables d'identifier l'ennemi.

Palestinian delegation to US decries Howard Stern’s ‘racism’

Patrick Klugman : Fin de partie? Les sionistes sont fâchés que Klugman ait refusé de signer le projet de loi anti-BDS

Le Pen fustige la « soumission » à l’Union européenne? Son bras droit est un serviteur d’Israël

Shot Palestinian woman stripped naked by settler

“Hating Arabs is not racism, it’s values” -Eden Levi, Israeli soldier.
« Sortir les couteaux contre les Arabes »: la LDJ relaie un appel au meurtre
New York Subway Must Run ‘Muslims Are Coming!’ Ad
Controversy Over Photo of Muslim Prayer Group At Wakulla Beach
French Jews Need To Stand Up for Muslims Right Now
VIDEO - Complément d'enquête « Je n’aime pas les Arabes » : merci à É. Zemmour et toute la racaille islamophobe politico-médiatique !
Musulmans de France : la ratonnade permanente.
Jews only: Arabs facing discrimination in Israeli property market
Redneck rants about ‘Them Moooz-Lums’ and learning Ay-Rabic (sic) numerals

RAPPEL: Le livre "Les nouveaux désinformateurs" de Guillaume Weill-Raynal publié en 2007 analyse la stratégie de désinformation et de conditionnement idéologique réactionnaire en France à laquelle a participé Charlie-Hebdo.

Il y a 15 ans éclatait l'affaire al Durah en France et Pallywood... But what really happened? Our video below is as relevant today as it was when we first posted it in 2008. It chronicles the beginning of “Pallywood” – Palestinian efforts to stage false footage for broadcast in the mainstream news.
Il y a encore ces négationnistes juifs qui croient que la tuerie d'Al-Dura est un fake conçu par les médias contrôlés par les pro-palestiniens.
Goldnadel : misère ordinaire de la gauche antiraciste Toujours la fôte à la gôche...
Marine Le Pen prête à expulser les frontistes qui soutiendraient le boycott contre Israël
VIDEO - L'extrême-droite alliée des sionistes (vidéo Geert Wilders speech) (lien corrigé)

Bernard-Henri Lévy : « La France doit aider militairement les Kurdes pour sauver les Chrétiens d’Orient»
Pour Soral et les identitaires, c'est juste les chrétiens d'orient qui sont importants, les autres peuvent crever.

Netanyahu veut une enquête pour « incitation » contre Zoabi
Netanyahu's Own Camp Is Turning Against Him  As unrest intensifies, the prime minister is in the unenviable position of facing the wrath of an impatient international community, an anxious constituency, and members of his party and his coalition.
Alarmed European Jews Want Netanyahu Replaced with a Leader for Peace

Obama’s ex-pastor: Israel is apartheid state, ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’

L'envoyé de l’UE : je ne comprends pas pourquoi Israël fait tout ce tapage autour de l’étiquetage
EU envoy: I don’t get why Israel makes such a fuss about labeling

Safed chief rabbi: Destroy enemy to deter attacks
Safed Rabbi: Terrorists Must Not Be Allowed to Survive Attacks

Palestinians will never have a state and will be ruled by Israel — says Israeli minister

Israeli Intelligence Using Fake Facebook Accounts to Spy on Protesters

Both BDS and Israel supporters feel victimized on U.S. campuses

Israeli Soldiers Surround Palestinian Woman At Bus Station, Then Open Fire (VIDEO)

Settler aggression escalates with army support in al-Khalil (Hebron)
Israeli settlers carry out attacks in East Jerusalem, West Bank
Les Arabes en grève contre « les tentatives d’écarter les Musulmans du mont du Temple »
La France juge la situation en Israël « extrêmement dangereuse »
Le monde pense que tous les politiciens sont pareils, mais je suis convaincu que le FN ou les Républicains (ex-UMP) ne diraient pas ça.

Ad Hoc Israeli Facebook Campaign Battles Hatred of Arabs  But it’s not nearly as popular as the racist posting that spurred the group on.
US Anti-Islam Rallies 'Fizzle' Nationwide
Why Does Everybody Sound So Anti-Semitic All of A Sudden?

VIDEO - Un ancien soldat israélien parle des crimes dont il a été témoin.

VIDEO - Israeli soldiers VS children

When Obama turned his back   Op-ed: The president could have put pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to stop the circle of violence but he chose not to do that.
State Department forced to retract statement suggesting Israel incites violence
U.S. ‘excessive force’ comment touches nerve in Israel

Following attacks by Palestinian teens on Israelis, #IsraelKillsTheKids trending on Twitter
Israel Will Not Return the Bodies of Palestinians Trafic d'organes?
Court Extends Detention of Jewish Teen Who Attacked Arabs  Suspect’s attorney says teenager suffers from psychiatric problems. 
Settlers injure 4 Palestinians with rocks, set fire to land in Nablus

Washington: European anti-Israel sentiment crossed the line into anti-Semitism LOL


VIDEO - Why Is Jerusalem Always On Edge?

The epic photo that’s thrilling Palestine supporters worldwide

Families given 72 hours to evacuate homes before punitive demolitions
Israël a arrêté 800 Palestiniens depuis début octobre, selon un responable palestinien
Stephen Lendman: “1300 Palestinians Shot Already This Month By Fascist Racist Israel”

We Warned You,’ Say Israeli Arab Leaders at Large Rally
Sakhnin’s mayor, Mazen Ghnaim, who is also the acting head of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, said at the rally: “We warned ahead of time and we said ‘stop the extremists,’ but no one listened. The Palestinian people went out to protect its rights and for independence and liberation from the occupation.
Israel's Sleeping Beauties Have Awoken From Their Deathly Silence  Israelis didn't know about the Palestinians' suffering beyond the dark mountains a half an hour away. For the most part, they didn’t want to know.
This isn't an intifada, this is what binational Israel looks like

'An Israeli Sniper Shot Me'  A 13-year-old boy from a refugee camp next to Bethlehem was killed by an IDF soldier for no apparent reason. The army's response: 'It was a mistake.'

Israeli Settlers: Are They ‘Civilians’ or Legitimate Military Targets?

Jewish Journalists: Bar Jews from Temple Mount Prominent mainstream media journalists blame Temple activist Yehuda Glick for the latest terror spate.
Reconciliation Demands the Temple Mount Be Closed to Jews  Prayer is not what's in the mind of extremist rabbis who encourage their flock to visit the Temple Mount.
Netanyahu flip-flops on Jewish-only Temple Mount ban  PM's adoption of security panel's advice draws criticism from right-wing; says directive applies to Jews and Arabs alike.
Russia holds Israel responsible for Jerusalem tension

Rubio: Would Risk WW3 To Enforce No-Fly Zone In Syria
Guerre contre Daech : l’Iran entre dans la danse tandis que la France en sort
VIDEO - Russia achieved in two weeks in Syria what US could not in two years

Scottish Party Passes Motion for Boycott of Israel, Removal of Hamas From List of Terror Groups

‘France advancing plan to deploy international observers at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount’
Israel says will not accept international presence in east Jerusalem
Israel and U.S. Cooperating Against French Bid for Int’l Presence on Temple Mount
Jerusalem furious at French bid for observers on Temple Mount
Israel seeks to thwart French initiative on Temple Mount  Security Council proposal condemning Israeli actions requires consensus of all 15 members; Israel says proposal rewards Palestinian terror
Mont du Temple : la France poignarde les victimes israéliennes à l’ONU

Netanyahu Rebukes BBC Journalist: ‘Are We Living on the Same Planet?’ (VIDEO)
Israel’s Friday Bloodbath. Washington absolves Israel of Blame

Rabbis: Killing Palestinian resistance fighters ‘a religious duty’
Hate-Mongering Israeli Rabbis Call Killing Palestinians “a Religious Duty”
LEST WE FORGET: Paul Eisen: Judaism is NOT religion of peace
Lest We Forget–Judaism is NOT a ‘religion of peace’
Yair Lapid's Shoot-to-kill Policy
 Makes for a Sorry Ethics Code  If fear has addled the former finance minister to the point where he can’t maintain human decency, he should remove himself from the public arena. 
Zionist Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa, Attack Villages near Hebron
Knowing What Will Happen to Their Families Doesn't Deter Palestinian Attackers  Three Jabal Mukkaber residents knew their homes and families' lives would be destroyed, yet they still went on a killing spree in Jerusalem last Tuesday.
VIDEO - Israeli police kick and beat journalist
Selected Articles: Ethnic Cleansing and Zionist Supremacy in Israel
Dermer: Linking settlements to terror wave ‘very foolish’ Ambassador takes dig at Kerry statements but emphasizes renewed US-Israel partnership following Iran deal acrimony.
Il faudrait surtout pas faire ce lien... trop pertinent! trop juste!

L’ost-racisme juif, par Lotfi Hadjiat (sur l'islamophobie)

Lauryn Hill appears in video equating treatment of US blacks and Palestinians

Le Bloc identitaire et son choc des civilisations

Israël connaît le terrorisme, pas le « PADAMALGAM » Article de merde... On voit que les médias alternatifs sont pire encore que les grands médias, car ils relaient le discours de l'ultra droite sioniste, qui est encore trop extrême pour les médias de masse! L'article félicite les israéliens d'appeler "terroristes" les Palestiniens qui tuent des Israéliens, alors qu'en France on appelle à clamer les esprits en mettant en garde contre toute forme d'amalgame...

Israeli Towns Move to Ban Arab Workers From Schools  Some local authorities are trying to remove all Arab workers, while others are targeting cleaning and maintentance workers.

Krauthammer: Obama's remarks on Israel are 'shameful'
Justice Minister Shaked: U.S. Criticism 'Unacceptable' and 'Distorts Reality'  In opening session of Israeli expat conference, Ambassador Dermer says Israel and U.S. formulating 'common policy' against 'continuing dangers' from Iran.
Dennis Ross: Obama Doesn’t Understand Israeli Concerns Former peace negotiator Dennis Ross and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz criticize U.S. as lacking a Middle East policy.
Bernie Sanders is not good for the Jews Du point de vue sioniste, cela s'entend...

Anti-Arab Fox ‘News’ bigot exposed as fraud

VIDEO - Beck: America Was ‘Established For The Establishment Of Israel’ Un vrai débile profond.

UK – Government consulted Jewish security group to draw up anti-extremism strategy
Ex-BBC chairman Lord Grade attacks corporation over Israel coverage

Settlers forcibly evict Palestinian families from Silwan homes
Israël: un mur de béton isole un quartier palestinien à Jérusalem-Est
Israel’s system of segregated roads: where your number plate dictates which road you can drive on
Israel’s Leaders Are Fulfilling Their Zionist Ideology  I disagree with my friend on a lot of things, but we agree that whether a Palestinian is a collaborator or an ISIS member, most Israelis will stick to their dogma.

Are UN Workers Stoking Hatred of Israelis?
Not just BDS: Why it's hard to bring singers to Israel
VIDEO - Vidéo facebook pour la campagne BDS (avec Naomi Klein, Roger Waters, etc.)

Hypothesis: Cappuccino Israelis will be radicalized against apartheid
Israeli brutalities caught on camera
Israel, its media coverage, and the anatomy of a pathological society

VIDEO - Israël : Un soldat tué, 11 blessés, 5 dans un état grave. Un Érythréen tué par erreur car noir. (version plus longue)
Police start probe into lynch   'The security officer yelled terrorist, and we didn’t think twice. If he was a terrorist - people would be thanking me,' says participant in mob.
Israeli bus station attack: IDF soldier killed, police mistakenly shoot dead foreigner

Otherwise Occupied Every Palestinian Understands the Despair That Drives a Person to Stab Israelis Those who choose to launch knife attacks are concentrating on the most brutal symbols of the occupation: soldiers and 
Why Israel's Unwritten 'Shoot to Kill' Policy Is So Dangerous  Since September this year, death has been the fate of most knife-wielding Palestinians. Is this the result of 'excessive force', and what are the consequences for Israel itself?
When Israelis Kill Innocents for the Crime of Looking Arab
VIDEO - Le lobby israélien mobilise ses troupes en France: Bernard-Henri Lévy menace les Européens On croirait entendre Bibi juste avant les attentats de Paris de janvier 2015...
Israël accuse Paris de vouloir "récompenser le terrorisme". À quand des casques bleus en Palestine ?
Selon France 2, il n'y a pas d'antisémitisme en France' C'est ainsi que les juifs de rapportent le propos du journaliste, pourtant le reportage ne nie pas la hausse des incidents antisémites en France au cours des dernières années... On voit le niveau d'honnêteté intellectuelle de ces gens...

Israel’s “Blood Diamonds”: When a Diamond is Forever . . . on Your Conscience

Pro-Israel Harper faces drubbing as Canada heads toward vote
Pro-Israel Canadian PM defeated in elections
Ce samedi des membres du betar (munis de gants et de casques) ont tenté de perturber le rassemblement de soutien à la résistance palestinienne.

VIDEO - Une Israélienne parle: "de toute façon, là où vivent les Palestiniens c'est chez nous!"
VIDEO - Extremists zionists of settlers encourage israeli occupation forces to arrest & Assault of a disabled palestinian child at the Occupied City of Hebron 23/10/2015
VIDEO - Scène de violence gratuite contre un cuisinier palestinien
VIDEO - Jewish extremist attacks Israeli activist with knife

L'ex-Premier ministre israélien Ehud Barak poursuivi en justice aux Etats-Unis

Israel Minister Ayelet Shaked Wants To Imprison Young Palestinian Children

« Il n’y aura jamais d’Etat palestinien » disent-ils. Si ça n’est pas une provocation !

The Subhumans Among Us  The Palestinian body has become fair game. The prisons are full of them. Their release is our downfall. 

The lynching and the cover-up

Most religious Zionists want Arabs out of Israel, study finds

Israel's Government, Army and Police Must Calm Down This Wild West Atmosphere  The fear of terror attacks is difficult enough for civilians to cope with; it must not be exacerbated by the horror of unrestrained shooting.

VIDEO - Guénolé, du concret: "La France doit reconnaître l'Etat palestinien !"

Pro-Israel Americans demand $80m aid cuts for Palestine

Pro-Palestinian New Yorker’s Dwarf Pro-Israeli Gathering

Israël dénonce le vote "honteux" de l'Unesco sur les lieux saints musulmans à Jérusalem

Les mistaravim où comment les soldats israéliens infiltrent les Palestiniens

Number of Israelis visiting mental health clinics goes up by 100%

J. K. Rowling tops list of UK artists opposing Israel boycott
Harry Potter’s author J.K. Rowling & Other Brits Write Open Letter Opposing Cultural Boycott Of Israel

Femmes palestiniennes empêchant les forces israéliennes d'entrer dans la Mosquée Al-Aqsa

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters rips Howard Stern after Israel comments

800,000 Refugees Returning to Syria Thanks to Russia
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US has no right to choose Syrian president
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Refugee crisis is the end result of West-instigated wars in the Middle East
“Russian Warships Shut Down Israeli Air Force Access to Syria”
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Failed US strategies in the Middle East

Yaalon: Israel’s disputes over Iran nuclear deal are over Échec retentissant pour le lobby juif international va-t-en-guerre. Enfin des bonnes nouvelles...

What you don’t know about Marco Rubio The GOP presidential candidate's main patron is a Jewish billionaire, he's hawkish on Israel and he has belonged to Mormon and Baptist churches despite being Catholic.

Rendez-nous Jimmy Carter !
Bring Back Jimmy Carter!

Donald Trump Offers To Personally Help Wounded Vet in Iowa (10-27-15)Il faut lui reconnaître son talent: savoir comment devenir populaire...
Trump: ‘Obama hates Israel, Jewish state safe with me’ Il va mettre une belle uenelle à tous ses fans qui croient que l'élection de Trump changera quelque chose dans le bon sens...

Donald Trump Says the U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraqis’ Oil After Destroying Their Country Le monde (surtout les libertariens) se pâme devant Trump qui dit que ç'aurait été mieux de ne pas tuer Saddam et Kadhafi, mais ils ignorent la quantité phénoménale de conneries qu'il vomit dans ses discours publics et dans les médias!
Donald Trump, Ben Carson Owe Success to Backlash Against Corruption Trump et Carson ont compris que leur stratégie doit être de récupérer cette écoeurantite aigue des électeurs américains vis-à-vis la corruption et le duopole du bipartisme Démocrate-Républicain.
Why Does Ben Carson Keep Talking About the Nazis?

How GOP bogeyman Sidney Blumenthal advised Clinton on Israel

Ross: US must move from distance to detente with Israel

‘America First Not Israel’: Detroit billboard urges US to restrict influence of Jewish Lobby EN RAPPEL. J'ADORE.

Are American Donors Helping To Fuel Jerusalem Tensions With Settler Push?
Struggling Israel supporter laments hardhearted Israelis and ‘hegemony of big donors’

VIDEO - (JOKE) Netanyahu Announces his US Presidential Bid  C'est une proposition d'Ann Coulter.

OBAMA: Israel must end its 50-year occupation
Netanyahu Will Meet With Obama From a Position of Weakness  Israel may learn the hard way that without a deep ideological pact with the U.S., it will not have a viable strategic alliance either.

VIDEO - Rappel: U.S. lawmakers forced to pledge of allegiance to Israel

Netanyahu Traps Israel in a World of False Images  The prime minister is actually saying this: The right didn't incite to Rabin’s murder, although he was murdered, and you in the left are inciting to my murder, even though you won't murder me.

Bibi Nation: Everyone Can Stop Fighting Over Israel's Soul, Netanyahu Has Won  Israel is now Bibi nation, wholly synonymous with Netanyahu: Bibi is Israel. Israel is Bibi.

Collective Punishment: Arabs in Israel Face the Sack Because They're Arabs  Israel's local authorities are scandalously adopting the fearmongering and racism of parents demanding they prevent Arab workers from working in their children's schools.

An Organized Barbarity Called 'Demolishing Terrorists’ Homes'  Insisting on due process in cases of demolition of terrorists' houses obscures the fact that this practice has across-the-board support.

Israeli Military Prohibits Male Palestinian Youths From Hebron's Jewish Settlement  Directive doesn't apply to area's residents, IDF says; Palestinians call for mass demonstration and prayers – including in Cave of the Patriarchs – in protest of 'Israel's policies of execution.'

VIDEO - Why Do Palestinian Children Throw Stones At The Israeli Forces?

Interdiction des couteaux en Israël!

Thirteen Year Old Terrorist Charged With Attempted Murder  An Israeli court charged 13-year-old Ahmed Mansara with attempted murder on Friday; Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Mansara had been executed by Israel.

Palestinian baby dies (killed) from Israeli tear gas in West Bank home

ADL slams British MP for accusing Israel of fabricating terror attacks

ADL chief: Western media's pursuit of equivalence warps Israel reporting

Rabbi of Western Wall denounces UNESCO over holy sites vote

Les Palestiniens accusent Israël de « nettoyage ethnique » devant la CPI

How the Middle East Conflict Is Warping Judaism

Max Igan Assaulted and Beaten After Delivering Pro Palestinian Speech

Rabbi Arik Ascherman: What I Wish for the Settler Who Attacked Me With a Knife  In the moment my attacker nearly became my murderer, did he wonder why he was on a hilltop in the Occupied Territories, driven to violence because the Israeli army was protecting Palestinian farmers? 
Le rabbin Arik Ascherman attaqué au couteau par un colon sioniste parce qu’il aide les Palestiniens !

Temple Mount Extremists Making Inroads in Both Knesset and Israeli Government  Netanyahu is appalled at the possibility that Temple Mount activists will become part of the governing faction, but their agenda is already voiced by some ministers.
Jewish activists emboldened in struggle over volatile Temple Mount
How the Temple Mount Obsession Could Destroy Judaism

How the Rabin Assassination Exposed Two Israels  While one Israel lost a leader, the other spawned his killer.
How Yitzhak Rabin's Assassin Succeeded in Changing History
'Yigal Amir was willing to die in order to kill Rabin,' assassin's brother says

Un parlementaire anglais accusé d’antisémitisme pour avoir évoqué “l’argent juif” des Conservateurs

USA: une stagiaire de l'ambassade de France écartée après des propos antisémites

No takers as NY theater offers refunds for Waters Wiesenthal Center wants New Yorkers to give anti-Israel activist ‘the reception he deserves: an empty hall’, but nobody has asked for money back

FRANCE BANS BDS (because it is “anti-semitic”)
BDS calls for culinary boycott of Israel
Rowling appeases readers   British author tweets that she identified with the 'untold injustice and brutality' suffered by the Palestinian people.
J.K. Rowling: I understand appeal of BDS

Définition du révisionnisme 2.0 "Nier le lien du peuple juif avec la terre d’Israël"

VIDEO - L’islamophobe Philippe de Villiers fait pleurer une auditrice musulmane sur RMC
fdesouche: Philippe de Villiers : «La France va-t-elle devenir une République islamique ?» (MàJ)
"Philippe de Villiers se trompe quand il estime que la France va devenir une République islamique"
Les larmes d’une auditrice face à Philippe de Villiers: "Vous êtes un imposteur"
Pas besoin d'avoir une intuition fulgurante pour comprendre très vite qu'on peut pas faire confiance à ce type et que rien de bon ne peut venir de son camp droitiste! Car dès qu'ils disent une vérité c'est toujours pour nous passer une arnaque!

Bernie Sanders hugs Muslim student, vows to fight racism as Jew
Is a Progressive -Libertarian Movement Possible in the USA?

Ménard: "Je n'ai rien contre le kebab, mais ce n'est pas la France" (Bien sûr, Bob, moi non plus je n'ai rien contre le burger, le spaghetti, la pizza, mais ce n'est pas la France.)

This is Netanyahu’s horror: “An open unleashing of raw racism that has always been a part of Israeli society”
Netanyahu: “We Will Forever Live By The Sword”, Indefinitely Control All Palestinian Territory
Netanyahu: ‘We need to control all of the territory for the foreseeable future’
PM rebukes deputy FM for dreaming of Israeli flag on Temple Mount Netanyahu clarifies yet again that status quo at religious site remains; Hotovely says she was expressing private opinion.
Zealots and Fools Should Not Oversee Jerusalem Holy Sites  Only objective secularists can safeguard the holiness attributed to these sites, to preserve the holiness of humankind, and prevent bloodshed. 
The Innocent Settlers in Netanyahu’s Warped Mind  Actually, that group is the strongest, cruelest, most important, most determined and most dangerous power controlling the occupied territories. 

Esplanade : Netanyahu rappelle son gouvernement à l'ordre après des propos incendiaires
Netanyahu blasts Israeli media for downplaying journalist’s ‘incitement’ against him

Netanyahou envisage de retirer aux arabes de Jérusalem-Est le confortable statut de résident
The Danger of Revoking East Jerusalem Residency  Revocation of residency poses a dual threat not just to the residents of the East Jerusalem neighborhoods but to all citizens of the state.

The Real Blackout Throughout Israel Can't Be Blamed on Israel Electric  While parts of Israel suffered a two-day blackout, Gazans have been living with minimal electricity for years.

The disgrace of Jewish extremism C'est un juif qui parle évidemment. De notre point de vue non-juif c'est pas une disgrâce, c'est juste la conséquence logique de leurs croyances débiles, attardées, barbares, dépassées depuis des millénaires...

Women’s Liberation: Violence and Palestinian Women in the Third Intifada  Women make good terrorists: They don’t conform to Israel’s traditional security profiles, arouse less suspicion, and their actions can attract more international media attention. 

Netanyahu Marks Rabin Murder With Nightmare Prophecy Israel's Future Still, I have to force myself to remember that nothing is forever. Even Netanyahu.
Rivlin vows he’ll never free Rabin’s killer On 20th anniversary of assassination, president warns against ‘destructive potential of political violence’
Twenty years on, what would have happened had Rabin lived?

Over 300 British academics pledge boycott of Israel Days after J. K. Rowling and 150 authors call for dialogue with Jewish state, scholars publish ad decrying ‘illegal occupation’
UK : 343 universitaires s’engagent pour le boycott d’Israël
BDS movement to top chefs: Don't feed apartheid
Meet the ‘lifelong Zionists’ who called for an Israel boycott in the Washington Post
Anti-Israel Activism Criminalized in the Land of Charlie Hebdo and “Free Speech“

Israël: une ONG poursuit Facebook pour ne pas avoir bloqué des pages incitant à la violence contre les juifs
20,000 Israelis sue Facebook for ignoring Palestinian incitement

VIDEO - ‘We refuse to be enemies’: Israeli cafe offers 50% discount if Jews and Arabs dine together

Jews Demand Strict Campus Anti-Semitism Rules at California Forum

C'est l'islamisme et non les « colonies » en Judée-Samarie qui cause ces assassinats par Gilles William Goldnadel
Pour ces débiles sionistes, la Palestine est une cause islamiste avant tout.

Les nouveaux incendiaires de la République

Manifestation anti-AFP de la Ligue de défense juive : un journaliste pris à partie
BuzzFeed journalist attacked by far-right Jewish extremists (terrorists) in Paris
Le journaliste David Perrotin de BuzzFeed pris à partie lors d’une manifestation de la LDJ
La LDJ violente un journaliste en plein Paris, mais le gouvernement ne bouge pas
Far-right French Jews Assault BuzzFeed Journalist  Armed with batons, dozens of violent Jewish activists who had gathered to protest the news agency’s Israel coverage, assaulted David Perrotin.

VIDEO - France2 : 10h dans Paris avec une kippa Une vidéo mise en ligne par un journaliste israélien le montre marchant dans Paris avec une kippa. Crachats, insultes… et plus de 5 millions de "vues" sur les sites de partage vidéo. Est-ce la réalité pour tous les juifs de France ? Pour "Envoyé spécial" diffusé jeudi 15 octobre à 20h55, Thierry Vincent a lui aussi mis une kippa et arpenté les rues de plusieurs villes françaises... (Bref, c'était une opération de propagande sioniste produite par des ultra sionistes israéliens d'un journal de Sheldon Adelson, ami et financier de Bibi Netanyahou.)
Est-il dangereux de porter une kippa dans la rue en France ? NON !!!

Netanyahu denies Palestinian claim that he agreed to settlement freeze

Des milliers d'Israéliens manifestent pour la paix avec les Palestiniens

Car Set Ablaze, Hebrew Graffiti Spray-painted in Suspected East Jerusalem Hate Crime  'Death to Arabs' sprayed next to burnt car in Tsur Baher; Police launch investigation.
Netanyahu Mulls Revoking Residency of Palestinians Beyond E. Jerusalem Separation Barrier  The prime minister raised the possibility at a recent security cabinet meeting; ministers note the 'dramatic political implications' of the measure. 

Netanyahu’s Latest Ethnic Cleansing Scheme: Forcibly Displacing East Jerusalem Arab Residents

God’s Chosen People? — Guest Column by Stephen Lendman

Checkpoints stir Palestinian anger in East Jerusalem

VIDEO - Rabbin attaqué au couteau par un colon juif

The pornography of terror on Israeli media

57 Palestinians, Including 13 Children And A Pregnant Woman, Killed This Month
VIDEO - Caught on Camera: Israel’s extrajudicial killings

New Israeli execution of school girl in West Bank (Video) Nos médias parlent des exécutions, mais seulement quand elles sont le fait des "fous d'Allah" et autres "sales arabes".

Lieux saints de Jérusalem: l'Unesco condamne l'agression d'Israël

'We didn’t realize how much Rabin was hated'
Rabin's daughter: Israel did not learn from my father's murder
Bill Clinton to Speak at Rally in Tel Aviv Marking Yitzhak Rabin Assassination
20 Years After Rabin, Extremists Still Legitimize Violence in Israel  How would Rabin have dealt with the challenge of the extremism that still burns within Israeli society—the same extremism that struck him down?
The Rabin Assassination: When Judaism Failed  The religious and cultural failure that led to the Rabin assassination continues to threaten Israeli sovereignty and democracy today.
Rivlin vows he’ll never free Rabin’s killer On 20th anniversary of assassination, president warns against ‘destructive potential of political violence’

Israel’s descent into unmasked, right wing extremism: A new generation rises to fight occupation, settler-colonialism, apartheid

ANIMATED GIF : War and Money

VIDEO - Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

Marco Rubio’s big Jewish backer and 7 other things to know about him
Jewish billionaire investor throws support to GOP's Rubio

Neocon House Speaker Paul Ryan. Gutting Social Programs, More Spending for Wars

Israel legalizes 800 homes in W. Bank settlements, says homes aren’t new - Et Netanyahu, encore une fois, mange son slip ! Même Bibi est trop modéré au goût des extrémistes juifs

In Rabin Square, Few Lessons From the Murder of a General Turned Peacemaker
Rassemblement pour Rabin : son petit-fils est critiqué pour avoir parlé de politique Le fils de l’ancien Premier ministre et les organisateurs ont déclaré qu’un appel pour un État palestinien était hors-sujet dans cet événement non-politique
Rivlin: Israel won’t be sacrificed on altar of violence, fear In opening speech at Rabin rally, president warns against extremism, says that without hope and vision, ‘the people will be left desolate’; speakers appear behind bullet-proof glass screen

Truth? British MP says ‘Jewish money’ influenced politicians, calls Palestinian stabbings fabricated
Selon le député britannique Gerald Kaufman, au moins la moitié des attaques au couteau en Palestine sont des inventions de la propagande sioniste

Israelis Who Are Lost to Democracy  Israel is perpetrating horrors in the territories at a frequency and degree never seen before. Not that most Israelis seem to care.
Rightwing Israelis celebrate murder of a Jewish activist (and NYT won’t tell you so)

Over 1,300 Palestinians Shot In Last 11 Days
Israelis execute injured Palestinian — video and eyewitness

Un nourisson palestinien de 8 mois meurt par suffocation au gaz au sud de Bethléem
Israeli soldiers tell Palestinians: ‘We will gas you until you die’
"Nous sommes l’armée d’occupation et nous allons continuer à vous gazer..." (Vidéo)
Israeli forces to Aida camp: 'We will gas you until you all die'

Report: Israeli Drivers Refuse to Let Palestinians Board Bus to West Bank

IDF warns soldiers against CIA recruitment efforts (LOL!!!)

Attempt to boycott Roger Waters show falls flat

Le plan diabolique du « Grand Israël » s’ensable en Syrie, par Laurent Glauzy [Glauzy blâme encore les putains d'illuminati qui n'ont vraiment AUCUN lien prouvé avec cette histoire! L'art de s'autodiscréditer toutes les deux secondes.]

VIDEO - Mark Glenn on “The Debate”: Russia, Iran backing democratic principles in Syria

Reviving the ‘Liberal Media’ Myth Un mythe... Quand on voit combien d'animateurs radio, télé, internet, etc., sont des droitistes haineux...
Meet America’s Top 20 “Zionaires”: Billionaires Who Support Israel

Pro-Israel Hedge Fund Billionaire, Paul Singer, Buys Large Stake in Rubio Inc.
Rubio: The Likud choice for President
Marco Rubio’s support triples: New Hampshire poll

Neocons Launch 2016 Manifesto

John Hagee distributes $3.2 Million to 23 jewish charities

Israel’s Membership in “The Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Affairs” (UNOOSA): For the First Time since 1948, Egypt votes for Israel at UN

Israeli Diplomats Will Learn How to Defend Settlements, Jewish Right to Land

The Judaization of an East Jerusalem Neighborhood Gains Steam The NGO Ateret Cohanim is cooperating with the government to establish a whole Jewish quarter inside the Silwan neighborhood.

Don't Be Fooled by Netanyahu's Sleight of Hand on Settlements  Rejecting any claim that settlements play a part in the current violence, Netanyahu has adopted data showing he's built less than his predecessors. But don't believe the statistics.
Netanyahu Has 24 Hours Left to Apologize for the Incitement That Ended in Rabin’s Murder  It's true Netanyahu did not want a murder. But incitement doesn't follow the inciter's plan. It has ways to bring the hand to the knife, the finger to the trigger. 

Bennett furious after picture of justice minister with Hitler mustache surfaces

Call For Ban on Arms Sales to Israel

“It Will Become a Prison”: Palestinians of Hebron Required to “Register” in Preparation for Severe New Restrictions

Israel expands detention without trial to minors
Israel Torture and Imprison Palestinian Children. “A Severe Threat to the National Security of Israel”

Hotovely: Those who label settlement products are boycotting Israel

Israel’s encirclement of al-Aqsa ‘nearly complete’

World Jewry ever more uneasy with Israel, major study finds

Anti-Arab brainwashing by the US media

Right-wing Austrian Lawmaker Fired After anti-Semitic Post  Susanne Winter, a member of the right-wing Freedom Party, appeared to agree with a Facebook comment claiming that 'Jews the world over are the problem.'


Le Parti "Nazislamiste" ridiculise le CRIF Dans sa vidéo, le CRIF dénonce un compte Twitter... parodique

VIDEO - Le F-M Cazeneuve et le drapeau français de 1848: les couleurs de l'alliance avec le dieu biblique

Prominent jewish politician arrested in security raid

VIDEO - Thomas Guénolé, politologue, sur la mixité sociale : "La question identitaire est un piège à cons pour les pauvres"

Europe-Israel: BFM TV s'inspire du pur antisémitisme médiéval « le juif tueur d'enfant » à la sauce palestinienne ! - Comment le KGB a inventé les Palestiniens
Jack Lang entend prouver qu’il n’y a jamais eu de peuple palestinien !

Alain Minc: « le pays de refuge ultime pour moi ne serait pas Israël,...

BHL : « La situation des Juifs de France aujourd’hui ce sont des morts en plein Paris »

Le clip de campagne du CRIF contre Twitter L’antisionisme assimilé à la haine d’une poignée de provocateurs
Un célèbre journaliste américain dénonce la dérive «fasciste» de la France "Charlie"
#JeSuisUnAntiSémite ~~ VIVE LA FRANCE

La France est-elle antijuive?  Réponse de P-A Taguieff, dans son nouveau livre (2015)
Une France antijuive? regard sur la nouvelle configuration judéophobe (2015)
Comparez avec Pascasher (2014) La France antijuive? La gauche antijuive? publié un an plus tôt.  On dirait presque que Taguieff a entendu parler de pascasher... ou bien c'est juste que la parodie de pascasher a bien visé. Car évidemment c'est pour se foutre de la gueule des juifs que pascasher titre ironiquement, "La France antijuive?" ou encore "Les médias antijuifs?" ou encore "Les médias juifs antijuifs?". C'est pour tourner en dérision leur discours extrémiste en montrant à quel point il est exagéré.   Aussi, pascasher se fout assez souvent de la gueule de Taguieff et de sa clique... (Il est peut-être pas juif mais c'est à toute fin pratique un intellectuel communautaire pour la communauté juive.)

VIDEO - Finkielkraut : "En Allemagne, les chrétiens sont l’objet de brimades et de persécutions!" Même ligne que les sionistes ultra et que la Dissidence ER! Finkie danse avec Taguieff...

VIDEO - La marche de la dignité ..... vous êtes sûr ? Confirmer les stéréotypes de la banlieue pro-palestine, c'est pas jouer le jeu des sionistes?

Ménard/CIA ou quand le Kebab devint politique !
Le kebab est né en Allemagne, Bob Ménard est né en Algérie...

Un franc-maçon est soupçonné de «manipulation» anti-islam : Valls le célèbre

Humour: Les Protocoles des Sages de la Mecque. Des théoriciens du complot stupides ou islamophobes vont penser que c'est du sérieux.

Boycott des produits israéliens : une décision de la Cour de cassation inquiétante pour la liberté d’expression

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: ‘I Won’t Waste One Breath on A**hole Howard Stern’

It’s not just Putin that makes Zionists hate Russia

Israël : quand un conseiller de Netanyahu accusait Obama d'antisémitisme Le nouveau conseiller en communication du Premier ministre israélien cumule les déclarations à l'emporte-pièce. Obama, Kerry... Il n'épargne personne.
Quand le conseiller en communication de Nétanyahou accusait Obama d'antisémitisme
Le nouveau conseiller en communication de Netanyahu critiqué La nomination de Ran Baratz agace le chef de l’Etat ; le conseiller a aussi traité Obama d’ « antisémite »
US: Apology from PM’s media chief for calling Obama anti-Semite was ‘warranted’
Netanyahu’s new media czar called Obama ‘anti-Semitic’
President Rivlin Demands Answers From Netanyahu Over New Hasbara Chief's Comments  Newly appointed public diplomacy head Ran Baratz is in hot water over alleged 'anti-Rivlin' comments he made online.
Netanyahu Promises Kerry He'll 'Review' Tapped Spokesman's Appointment  Netanyahu has recently come under fire for considering Ran Baratz, who posted anti-Rivlin, anti-Obama posts on Facebook. 
Netanyahu Distances Himself From Tapped Spokesman's anti-Obama Remarks  Ran Baratz expresses regret for calling U.S. president an anti-Semite, among other remarks; White House calls apology 'warranted.'
Netanyahu's New Spokesman Accused Obama of anti-Semitism  Ran Baratz's harsh comments come to light days before Netanyahu is slated to meet with Obama for the first time in over a year. 
Likud Ministers Urge PM to Reconsider Spokesman Who Accused Obama of anti-Semitism  Ran Baratz's harsh comments come to light days before Netanyahu is slated to meet with Obama for the first time in over a year.

The Dehumanization Process Is Reaching Its Peak  The bleeding Palestinian body on the street is not the body of a person; it is, in the eyes of many Israelis, a carcass.
Where is the left's Bibi?
Dear World, Don't Take the Bait: The Israeli Right Wing Is Trolling You  Deporting cats? Mufti madness? Marking left-wingers? Has the right-wing in Israel finally gone insane? Not exactly.

Israel: A lesson in anti-democracy Op-ed: Justice minister Ayelet Shaked aims to label 'Israel haters' by making representatives of leftist NGOs wear badges during Knesset discussions. So what color will she choose for the leftist patch?

Attack on rabbi seen as sign of unchecked Jewish extremist violence

Rabin’s Killer Wasn’t a Jewish Extremist  Yigal Amir is a true son of the cultish, flattened and nationalist Judaism which has colonized traditional Jewish thought in Israel. He may die in prison – but savoring ‘his’ Judaism’s triumph.
Pourquoi le Parti travailliste ne s’est jamais remis après Rabin

Israël à l'UE: l'étiquetage des produits compliquerait encore la paix NON

Roger Waters and BDS: How ‘The Wall’ became anti-Israel

MSNBC Opts To Apologize After Airing Map Of Disappearing Palestine

Israel ministers approve mandatory Arabic studies from first grade: "When the Jewish population will understand Arabic, the way the Arab public understands Hebrew, we will see better days"

How the Jewish Community Will Remember Stephen Harper

Renseignement allemand : "Les migrants vont augmenter la haine du Juif"
Germany's Jews living in fear of thousands of Muslim refugees raised to be anti semitic MANY German Jews are now living in fear of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees coming into the country because "they have absorbed anti-Semitism from their mother's milk".

"Le journal de Béziers [où Robert Ménard est maire] dénonce les racailles anti-israéliennes de l'opposition communiste"

Arno Klarsfeld : « Prévoir des programmes de rééducation en matière d’antisémitisme » Le fils du couple de chasseurs de nazis s’inquiète de l’éducation des réfugiés syriens tournée vers « la haine des Juifs et d’Israël »

The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group

MARK GLENN: November 4th is Iran’s 4th of July (must read)

Michelle Obama's Qatar trip marred by host's ties to anti-Semitic sheikh

‘Washington Post’ publishes Elliott Abrams’ diatribe against Palestinians without rejoinder

Trump sought backing from pro-Israel givers Adelson, Singer
Despite Cash Pile, Donald Trump Sought Support From Sheldon Adelson

AIPAC Pressured Democratic Think Tank to Host Netanyahu, Leaked Emails Reveal

Michelle Obama's Qatar trip marred by host's ties to anti-Semitic sheikh

Netanyahu’s craziness is calculated, to drive out Palestinians
Le froid s’intensifie entre Netanyahu et l’armée israélienne Un général de Tsahal dénonce une stratégie de provocation envers les Palestiniens

Are Palestinians Murderers From Birth or an Incited Herd? For Israel, They're Both  If there is no one to talk to, why is the Jerusalem municipality sending local Palestinian parents a letter about how to shield their children from ‘incitement’?

'Right' Man for the Job: Israeli Tea Party Type as National Explainer  Netanyahu's appointment of Ran Baratz shouldn't surprise anyone.

Avraham Burg, 'A Protestant Jew,' Presents an Alternative to Today's religious-Zionism  Burg tells his personal story, and through it the Israeli story. His father’s ‘Yekke’-style Judaism turns out to be a hidden treasure universal values.

Qaraqe’: “Imprisoned Children Subject To Systematic Violations, Cruel And Unusual Punishment”

Michael Oren takes on 'boycotting' author Oz for shunning Foreign Ministry events

La police israélienne menace des Palestiniens de les gazer « jusqu’à ce qu’ils meurent »

Israel Rejects Claim It Harvests Organs From Slain Palestinians as ‘Anti-Semitic’ Lie Il y a pourtant des preuves...
Palestine’s UN envoy: Israel harvesting slain Palestinians’ organs
AP : Israël prélève des organes des Palestiniens morts

En France on peut manifester contre tout, sauf contre Israël, par Glenn Greenwald

In rare move, state to indict former IDF soldiers in killing of Palestinian minor

President's wife put under guard  Due to possible incitement against President Rivlin on social media, a personal security detail has been assigned to his wife Nechama. (...)  Hagai Amir, brother of Yitzhak Rabin's assassin Yigal Amir, was arrested last week on suspicion of incitement against Rivlin. "Rivlin is a sycophantic politican," Amir said in a Facebook post.

A “Jewish Homeland” is One Thing: “Genocide” Is Another

Hotovely to Spanish FM: Labeling settlement goods ‘rewards terror’

La Knesset pourrait voter une loi, imposant l'étiquetage des produits des pays européens qui boycottent Israël.
Le boycott c'est bon juste quand ça fait leur affaire... juste quand c'est pour attaquer les "ennemis" d'Israël. Si c'est contre eux, alors c'est mal.

L’appel au boycott d’Israël officiellement interdit en France

AUDIO - Hubert Védrine : "Rien ne semble pouvoir arrêter l’évolution d’Israël vers l’extrême droite"

Why did Amnesty say one thing in English and another in Hebrew?

Munich mayor snubs Israel's request to cancel city-funded anti-Semitic BDS event

Un professeur israélien conspué dans une université du Minnesota

When Anti-Israel Activist Blasts Renoir, Media Sits Up and Takes Notice

No Holds Barred: Roger Waters’ unnatural preoccupation with Jews (must read)

VIDEO - Mort d’André Glucksmann, agent de l’Empire (département Anticommunisme)

The Demise of Incumbents: Resurgence of the Far Right and the Absence of the Consequential Left

‘Hell yeah’ Jeb Bush would kill baby Hitler

Netanyahu gave red line to Putin on Syria intervention

Michele Bachmann Claims There's Violence In Israel Because Jesus Is 'Coming Soon'

Rand Paul: "Hillary Clinton Is A Neocon, That's why I fear Her."
Rand Paul nous induit en erreur et c'est voulu, c'est lui le néocon plus néocon que les néocons! Les juifs ont peur d'Hillary, c'est pourquoi ils préféraient Obama et maintenant Biden à la tête des Démocrates!
Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of Israel

Politics, a sport for billionaires
Meet the Jewish Billionaires Shaping the 2016 Presidential Election
FORWARD 50 Most Powerful Jews: Sheldon Adelson
FORWARD 50 Most Powerful Jews: Haim Saban

Washington: Les retrouvailles entre Obama et Netanyahou s'annoncent tendues
Why Obama and Netanyahu Need to SCRAP  ‘Chickenshit’ vs. ‘anti-Semitic’: What Obama and Netanyahu need now is a truce based on a Sarcasm Curtailment, Reduction, and Abatement Pact.
Caution, Netanyahu Team: President Obama Knows Key Hebrew Negotiating Terms  Top aide says Obama used Israeli slang word 'freier' (sucker) to describe frustration at fraught ties with Netanyahu.
In Netanyahu-Obama powwow, what wasn’t said as important as what was
Israel to receive less US military aid than Netanyahu requested: White House Sources
Netanyahu learned his lesson  Analysis: The Israeli prime minister made such an effort to repair his image as an ingrate during his meeting with US President Obama that he didn't mention the nuclear agreement with Iran even once in front of the cameras.
Obama est devenu, à tort ou à raison, l’homme le plus détesté d’Israël, le président US le moins aimé de tout le pays. Certains vont même jusqu’à en faire un ennemi d’Israël en raison de sa propre filiation paternelle, ce qui est plutôt exagéré.
Nétanyahou embarrassé par les diatribes d'un collaborateur
Netanyahu, Obama et un conseiller offensant qui doit être renvoyé
Netanyahu, Obama and an offensive media adviser who must be dropped now
Biden says ‘no tolerance’ for comments from Israreli PM’s media czar pick
WATCH: Biden Condemns anti-Obama Remarks Made by Netanyahu's Tapped Spokesman  Vice president gets warm welcome at URJ conference, reiterates Obama administration’s commitment to Israeli security.
Report: Obama will not intervene to allow Pollard to travel to Israel

VIDEO - Senate Candidate Calls Congressman a "Whore for AIPAC" During Live TV Debate Elle est impressionnante. Comme elle dit, c'est tout simplement les faits, et les faits sont incontestables: ce sont les néocons amis d'Israël qui sont responsables de la guerre en Irak!
VIDEO - Meet Lee Whitnum—AIPAC's Worst Nightmare (2012)

Palestine : Vers une nouvelle Intifada ? Partie 1/2

Top minister: Labeling settlement products is veiled anti-Semitism Yuval Steinitz slams EU for not applying same standard to Chinese-controlled Tibet or Turkish-occupied Cyprus

Zoabi: Israel like Germany of 1930's - remaining silent as Palestinian homes burn
Likud politicians slam Zoabi for Israel-Nazi comparisons at Holocaust event
Zoabi ose encore comparer les juifs (d’Israël) aux nazis !

Israel attacks journalists to hide reality Palestinians face

Tous les Israéliens ne pleurent pas Yitzhak Rabin
'Rabin, the Last Day': An important film  In his complex and seemingly disorganized way, director Amos Gitai has crafted a memorial of the Israeli PM's murder and the incitement that preceded it, as well as a stinging indictment of today's politicians. From this perspective, 'Rabin, the Last Day' touches the raw nerves in Israeli society without resorting to clichés.

Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
Pro-Palestinian activists defy new ban on BDS across France anti-juif en Europe: suivez l'étoile'

Rabbinical Court Awards Custody to Suspected Abuser Because Mother Lives With a non-Jew  Rabbi rules in father’s favor because mother lives in U.S. and 'isn’t interested in the Jewish religion.'

Trump praises Israel’s separation barrier
Trump, Paul try to pry other candidates lips from Zio hiney

Mike Rivero interviews Dan McGowan Le responsable du panneau publicitaire "America First NOT ISRAEL".

Obama accused of treating Netanyahu worse than Khamenei
When Obama and Netanyahu ate from the tree of knowledge  Op-ed: There is nothing random or surprising in the decisions made by the US president since he took office. There are only interests. Like Frank Sinatra, he did it his way, even when the Israelis got in the way.
Netanyahu and Obama: Not all is forgotten  Analysis: Monday's White House meeting marks the beginning of the Israeli prime minister's probation period. The Americans will now follow him closely to ensure that he does not violate any of his renewed declarations-promises.
New hasbara chief proving diplomatic disaster for Bibi
Nasrallah 'proud' that Netanyahu and Obama discussed Hezbollah in White House meeting

Over half of US military assistance goes to Israel: US government report

King Bibi Rules, but He's Weaker Than You Think  Israelis may idolize Benjamin Netanyahu, but they worship at the church of the status quo.
10 Falsehoods That Netanyahu Told During His Appearance At CAP
PM on Facebook: I have no plans to uproot settlements

Netanyahu to EU: Shame on You for Decision to Label Settlement Goods  Prime minister says move hypocritical and will only harm Palestinians working in Israeli factories; Defense Minister Ya'alon, Justice Minister Shaked also slam the move.
PM: EU ‘should be ashamed of itself’ for settlement labeling
Lawmakers blast ‘anti-Semitic’ EU over settlement labeling
Etiquetage européen : Israël suspend une série de dialogues avec l’UE
Israel suspends meetings with EU over 'settlement' labeling
Israel suspends talks with EU amid settlement tagging scrap
European Commission Adopts Guidelines for Labeling Products From Israeli Settlements  EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faaborg-Andersen was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem to be reprimanded over the decision.
Réactions après la décision de l’UE sur l’étiquetage des produits
Is EU discriminating against Israel by labeling settlement goods?
Israeli minister accuses EU of ‘anti-Semitism’
The EU Is Disengaging From the Settlements, Not From Israel  Rather than boycotting Israel, the EU’s new 'differentiation strategy' specifically separates out the democratic and internationally recognized Israel within the 1967 borders - with whom it seeks close ties - from the non-democratic and non-recognized settlements.
The secret weapon in the fight for the labeling of Israeli settlement goods

Three-quarters of British Jews believe settlements are 'major' obstacle to peace  New report issued by British pro-peace outfit Yachad finds 24% of British Jews would be willing to 'support some sanctions against Israel' if they thought it would push Israeli gov't towards peace with Palestinians.

Interdire le BDS en France: une fausse bonne idée? Même les juifs sont sceptiques face à l'interdiction de BDS en France...
Munich Mayor: No Anti-Israel or Pro-BDS Events in Municipal Space

The mood in Germany: Kristallnacht ‘nein,’ BDS ‘ja

Le maire de Londres rejette le boycott ‘gauchiste’ d’Israël
At Western Wall, London mayor affirms his Jewish ancestry

BBC could be perceived as ‘institutionally antisemitic’ says leading ‘academic’

Shin Bet: Feelings of Discrimination Driving Palestinian Youth Toward Terror

Un rabbin extrêmiste favorable au vol d’organes sur les morts palestiniens

Court upholds home demolitions for accused Palestinian terrorists

Likud MK Proposes That Israel Support Pollard for Life

Incoming Polish Defense Minister Praised Anti-Semitic ‘Protocols’
Polish ministerial nominee said there's some truth in Protocols of Elders of Zion
Le nouveau ministre polonais de la défense condamné pour ses propos sur la théorie d’un complot juif

Detroit Radio Show Booted by Pro-Israel Network for Blatant Antisemitic Broadcast

UK – Charity trustee accused jews of ‘monitoring Samsung mobile phones’


United Nations Slams Israel Over Child Prostitution Epidemic

Yariv Levin : Les Palestiniens sont une « récente invention »
Left-wing crowd boos Likud minister Levin as he tells peace camp: 'You have failed'


Singer who won’t return to Israel accused of caving to anti-Semitism

Netanyahu and Obama's blind date  The prime minister came out of his meeting with the American president this week glowing, and said it was one of their best ever; officials in the White House were a bit more even-tempered.
Ça va bien entre eux... seulement s'ils parlent pas de l'Iran!
'Obama treats Netanyahu with less respect than he gives to Iran's ayatollah,' Rubio says
We won't give up Temple Mount, Israeli rabbis tell Obama  Some 70 religious Zionist rabbis and educators issue a petition directed at the Israeli and American leaders, stating that the Jewish ownership of the holy site preceded the existence of Islam. Therefore, they say, the current visitation and prayer arrangements at the Temple Mount are 'only temporary.'

Dozens of rabbis demand death sentence for terrorists  Rabbis Dov Lior and Yitzchak Ginsburgh lead a petition calling on the government to 'take a firm hand against Israel's cruel enemies.'

Member of Israel’s Knesset Calls for the Internment of Palestinians in Concentration Camps

Israeli Media Is Buying What Netanyahu Is Selling  Power struggles among local media are nothing more than business disputes. There is no ideological clash here. At most, there's just disagreement over nuances.

Netanyahu Shows D.C. Liberals Why He’s the 'Armor-plated Bullshitter’  Instead of admitting his opposition to a Palestinian state, Netanyahu twisted the concept beyond recognition.

Were All Palestinians Killed in Hebron Recently Really a Threat to Soldiers?  There are two versions to the recent spate of killings at Hebron checkpoints: IDF says Palestinians attacked them with knives and were shot, while Palestinians question whether the people even had knives at all. Haaretz examines the evidence. 

'While Netanyahu freezes settlements, Bennett keeps quiet,' settlers say

Mouvement Chabad : « Tout Israël appartient aux Juifs ! Non à la solution à deux États ! » Et on veut nous faire croire que le sionisme a aucun rapport avec la religion juive?

Amnesty : Israël a un lourd passé d’actes de liquidations sommaires

Trudeau « inquiet » de l’étiquetage des produits des implantations
VIDEO - Aliza Bin-Noun (ambassadrice d'israel) : L'étiquetage est discriminatoire et anti-juif
EU's Labeling Policy Is Not anti-Semitism, but
 a Warning  The government is impervious to warnings from friendly countries, which feel that Israel is losing its place among them.
European rabbis: Product labeling is the face of new anti-Semitism  Conference of European Rabbis strongly condemns EU Commission's decision to label products from Jewish settlements, accusing the continent's leaders of adopting double standards towards Israel and its neighbors.

Israël : pathologie d’une société malade de sa violence et de son racisme

To Understand What 'To Neutralize' Means, Look at This Broken Palestinian Man  A young Palestinian participates in a tumultuous demonstration, Israeli undercover men knock him to the ground and shoot him point-blank. The result: Mohammed Ziada, 19, is partly paralyzed and wheelchair-bound.

Israeli Knesset Bill to Deny BDS Activists Visas Passes

Anti-Israel ads OK’d to run in Boston subways

How the Rabbinate creates bastard children  In a recent case, a divorced woman was denied right to remarry because she has a baby and is subject to halachic rule of nursing. After asking her intrusive questions, religious judges decide to include her son on a secret blacklist of 'mamzerim.'

VIDEO - Boycott interdit en France : ce scandale expliqué en 5 minutes.

THE EXACT SCIENCE OF MISINFO, DISINFO AND DISRUPTION: The Gentleman’s Guide To Forum Spies (must read)

Le soutien inconditionnel à Israël remis en cause par le nouveau gouvernement canadien En fait, le changement sera probablement juste au niveau du discours... Moins unilatéralement et fanatiquement pro-israel, plus équilibré mais seulement en apparence, seulement dans les discours! Plus rusé, pour mieux faire avaler la pilule...

Charlie-Hebdo ou l'avènement d'une société de contrôle

VIDEO - NABE: « Regarde toutes les flèches qu’ils m’ont envoyées, tes frères… »

AUDIO - « De gré ou de force » (par Scady), tous, même la Dissidence, nous sommes idiots utiles de ce système

Comparez ces deux articles:
Cela démontre que la Dissidence ER est sur la même ligne (finkie-zemmour-goldnadienne, ou néo-Répubicain/FN) que des groupes juifs extrémistes comme le média juif Europe-Israel. C'est toujours le même discours: "la gauche est la source du mal"! Selon ER, le pire mal c'est la gauche sioniste (incluant forcément la gauche israélienne anti-guerre et propalestinienne). Selon Europe-Israel, le mal c'est la gauche antisioniste (incluant aussi forcément la gauche israélienne anti-guerre et propalestinienne). Autres exemples qui viennent tous du même site:

Du bon usage du mot « terrorisme » et de quelques autres termes Des concepts à dimension variable

The Emergence of ISIS Terrorist Fundamentalism Traced Back to Bush-Blair Decision to Invade Iraq

Has Israel’s Air Force Joined Obama’s Air Campaign against Syria? Israeli Jets Strike Damascus Targets

L'islamophobe Philippe de Villiers ouvre le bal sur Twitter: "Immense drame a Paris, voilà où nous a conduit le laxisme et la mosqueïsation de la France. — Philippe de Villiers (@PhdeVilliers) 13 novembre 2015"
Je remarque que la Dissidence n'en parle pas... Ils parlent pas de lui quand il propage l'islamophobie. Ils parlent de Philippe de Villiers seulement pour le mettre en valeur! Quand il travaille pour l'islamophobie, la Dissidence va éviter de le critiquer en évitant tout simplement d'en parler!
Riposte Laïque et imbécile : les musulmans ne sont pas que terroristes, ils sont aussi cannibales !

Military Intervention Is the Problem, Not the Solution
‘US policy in Syria backfires in wake of Russian assault on Daesh’
Attentats de Paris : la grande récupération belliciste américaine
Inspecteur Colombo au Bataclan. A qui profite le crime? 
Bachar al-Assad analyse le projet de l’empire au Proche-Orient Le démantèlement des États est l’assurance de guerres permanentes.
Attentats de Paris : Israël, la Turquie, la Syrie et les États-Unis étaient au courant
S. African president links Paris attacks to Israeli-Palestinian conflict Terror highlights imperative for Middle East peace, Jacob Zuma tells local Jews; Israel’s ambassador calls remark ‘unfair’ and a misunderstanding of Islamic extremism
Anti-Terrorist Hacker Group Reveals 40 ISIS Websites Protected by US Tech Firm
Directeur de la CIA : les solutions militaires désormais «impossibles» au Moyen-Orient
U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad
VIDEO - RAPPEL: Dominique de Villepin: "Nous ne pouvons pas gagner la guerre contre le terrorisme" - 26/09/14
Terror Attacks in Paris: Western Imperialism Is to Blame
Michel Onfray dénonce les bombardements français contre les jihadistes du groupe EI
VIDEO - Michel Onfray dans une vidéo reprise par l’État islamique
Did John McCain Actually – Literally – Choke on His Own Rage While Discussing Russia and Syria?

2015, la France bat tous ses records historiques en matière de ventes d'armes, devenant le deuxième exportateur mondial devant la Russie pour cette année George Orwell disait : "La guerre n'a pas vocation à être gagnée, elle est destinée à être continuelle. Son objet est pas la victoire (...) mais de garder la structure même de la société intacte."

Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US willing to fight Russia over global domination
US impose more sanctions on Russia over Syria

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Israel first diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi will become a nest of espionage
Israel to open diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US Prepositioning Turkish troops for invasion of Syria?

In the Dark on the ‘Dark Side’ The “War on Terror” – now more than 14 years long – has trapped the U.S. and other nations in the “dark side” of human behavior, a dilemma that is both moral and practical because the continued use of brutal methods has only made the crisis worse, as Nicolas J S Davies explains.

Lutte contre Daech : La guerre nous rend plus vulnérables, selon de Villepin

VIDEO - Onfray : "L'Occident a 4 millions de morts sur la conscience !"
Pourquoi Onfray et Villepin ont raison sur l'engagement de la France contre l'EI

Christophe Oberlin: « L’armée française n’a rien à faire en Syrie »
Les trois « pièges » tendus par Daech à la France, selon Dominiqe de Villepin
DeVillepin: “Une politique militariste, occidentaliste et moraliste qui nous a mis au premier rang des cibles”
La riposte de Paris au choc des civilisations Par Michel Warschawski (revue de presse : Union Juive Française pour la Paix – 26/11/15)
Islamophobie au service de l'idéologie occidentale

Netanyahu admits: Israel is operating in Syria Évidemment ils sont en guerre depuis des années

Israel Supports ISIS

Israeli Defense Goombah Amos Gilad–‘Syria is dead, Israel must prepare’

VIDEO - Moualek: Michel Onfray soupçonné d'être un soutien à DAESH !
VIDEO - Former Mossad chief calls for Israeli-like death squads in the US and Europe.
VIDEO - Israel’s Connections To ISIS & Their Role In The Paris Attacks (COMPIL)
France and Israel launch a new war in Iraq and Syria
Kagan pushed regime change in Iraq, now says US must get over ‘trauma’ and ‘do Syria’
“The Terrorists-R-US”: Mainstream Media Propaganda Fuels and Fans the Flames of War
Watch Greenwald Blast CNN: Accuses Network of Warmongering in Heated On-air Exchange
U.S. Congresswoman introduces bill to stop illegal proxy-war on Assad; says CIA ops must stop

"La Turquie montre ses terribles facettes que l'Occident ne veut pas voir" (goasguen)
Rubio calls to ‘defend Turkey’ against Putin
Turkey Has Destroyed Russia’s Hope Of Western Cooperation
VIDEO - La Turquie a abattu ce mardi matin un avion Su-24 de l'armée russe, déclenchant un grave incident diplomatique avec Moscou.
Turkey Shooting Down Russian Fighter Jet Could be Spark that Ignites Messianic War À les entendre c'est tout le temps le début de la grande guerre de la Fin des Temps... Vous en faites pas c'est pas près de finir... On va en baver longtemps.
Glenn Beck predicts WWIII after downing of Russian jet
Wish Come True: US Candidates Who Called for Shooting Down Russian Fighters
Russia Suspends Military Cooperation With Turkey, Will Use Warships To “Destroy Any Threats To Russian Planes”

Plus de 500 jihadistes soignés au Ziv Medical Centre Aucunement subtil...
More than 500 I.S.I.S. terrorists cared for at the Ziv Medical Centre in Israel
The man behind the curtain: Israeli colonel captured among ISIL terrorist forces in Iraq

After Paris, Israel So Wants Its Terror to Be Equated With Europe's These are good days for Israelis. Paris is reeling, Brussels is in shut-down. The shoe is finally on the other foot. But Israelis should dampen their Schadenfreude. Europe will return to normal – but we won’t.
After Paris: Hypocrisy and Mendacity Writ Large

Marco Rubio: Shame About Terrorist Attacks In Paris, At Least It’s Good News For Me!

The Ideology of Humanitarian Imperialism

Russia sometimes breaches Israeli air space, top defense official reveals

De l’avion de ligne au chasseur bombardier, par Israël Adam Shamir 

Le Front al-Nosra soutient les attentats de Paris, malgré son opposition avec l’État islamique

Israel and ISIS: Needed, a Thorough Accounting

Lindsey Graham: Americans ‘better be’ ready to go to war with ISIS


Une heure après que son parlement a voté, le Royaume-Uni bombarde la Syrie
Le parlement britannique approuve les bombardements de la Syrie comme la droite travailliste forme un bloc avec le gouvernement
Is Britain Being “Prepared” For A World War?
VIDEO - Did the British just bomb the Syrian Army?

Au seuil de la catastrophe : Israël s’engage dans la guerre impérialiste contre la Syrie
Le gouvernement allemand accepte de participer à la guerre en Syrie
Allemagne: le parlement vote l’intervention militaire en Syrie
Sortir du «choc des civilisations» paru dans Le Devoir, écrit par la revue Relations, une revue des jésuites.
Are We in a Clash of Civilizations? by Ron Paul
FLASHBACK: America’s ‘World Revolution’: Neo-Trotskyist Foundations of U.S. Foreign Policy  by Kerry R Bolton

"By 1948 Shachtmanism as the Cold Warrior apologist for American foreign policy was taking shape.  Hence this not insignificant faction of Trotskyism." Comment by Patrick S. McNally:  Since his expulsion from the Fourth International in 1940, Shachtman no longer represented a faction of Trotskyism.

Découvrez le fanatique rabbin suivi par le co-responsable du Bataclan

Thomas Guénolé à RT : la suppression de ma chronique, c’est de la censure
Sa chronique annulée après son topo sur la tuerie du Bataclan...
Fox Host: “Carpet Bomb” Syria, Regardless Of “Dumb” Civilians In The Area
Les politiciens américains profitent des attentats à Paris pour attiser la xénophobie
US politicians seize on Paris attacks to promote xenophobia
IRAN MILITIA CHIEF:Writing Israel’s Name Instead of ISIL Decodes Dilemma of Paris Tragedy
WorldNetJewry columnist Burt Prelutsky: ‘Bomb Mecca Off The Face Of The Earth’

Netanyahu a donné l'ordre aux agences israéliennes de renseignements de fournir à la France « toute l'assistance possible »
Netanyahu: Israel shares intel with France in terror fight
Netanyahu Says Israel Passed Intel to France About Paris Attacks
  At a situation assessment at the Foreign Ministry, the PM reveals that Israel had information relating to those involved in Friday's attacks on the French capital.
Netanyahu Orders Israeli Security, Intel Agencies to Assist France in Wake of Paris Attacks  Israel stands 'shoulder to shoulder' with France in battle against terrorism, PM says; Israel asks French authorities to beef up security around Israeli and Jewish centers in France, will beef up security at its embassy.
Attentats de Paris : Israël aurait fourni des informations sur les auteurs
VIDEO - Moualek: Netanyahu envoie ses forces de sécurité en France pour lutter
Israël presse l'Europe de voter des lois antiterroristes
Des responsables de la communauté juive prévenus de l’imminence d’une attaque le matin des attentats ?
Netanyahu responds to Paris terror: ‘An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us’ (must read)
VIDEO - PM Netanyahu’s Statement after the Terrorist Attacks in Paris
Netanyahu envoie ses forces de sécurité en France pour lutter contre la montée du terrorisme islamique.
Chutzpah : Sarkö rencontre Hollande et nous fait profiter de son expertise !

FLASHBACK: The Attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the “Kosher Grocery Store”: Israel’s Mossad “to the Rescue”?
Le quotidien officiel de l’Autorité palestinienne : Israël a mené les attaques de Paris Une opinion publiée dans Al-Hayat al-Jadida affirme que le Mossad a orchestré les massacres pour saboter le plan d’étiquetage de l’UE

La chef du Mouvement Free Gaza : Israël impliqué dans les attaques de Paris ?
Palestinian rights activist raises possibility Israel behind Paris attacks
Paris: On l'attendait, les islamo-gauchistes de Libération ont osé « C'est de la faute d'Israël »
Le parti NPA anti-israélien de Besancenot accuse l'état français et demande la levée de l'état d'urgence
La chef du Mouvement Free Gaza : Israël impliqué dans les attaques de Paris ? En janvier, Mary Hughes-Thompson, avait déjà insinué que le Mossad aurait pu commettre l’attentat contre Charlie Hebdo
Bennett déclare la « guerre mondiale » et assimile Paris à la Cisjordanie Le ministre de l’Education estime que c’est le fait que les Palestiniens espère un Etat palestinien qui les poussent au terrorisme
One Month Before Charlie Hebdo, Netanyahu's Angry Rant To France on Islamic Terror: "Does anyone in Paris talk about this!?"

‘French now realizing they, and not just Jews, are targets’ Pour que la France rallie le camp d'Israel?
« Les Français réalisent que chacun est une cible, plus seulement les Juifs » Pour le consultant politique parisien David Khalfa, le débat culturel sur une sécurité accrue comme atteinte aux valeurs démocratiques a conduit à des cibles impuissantes
West’s war against terrorism is Israel’s war, Chuck Schumer says
Netanyahu : Israël n’est pas plus à blâmer pour la terreur que la France
French Jews call for ‘merciless war’ on jihadists
Ya’alon: France should have beefed up anti-terror laws
Netanyahu: Same terrorism driving attacks in Israel and Paris
Jewish French MP: Terror in Paris is the same terror as in Israel
Meyer Hahib : la terreur à Paris est la même terreur qu’en Israël Netanyahou et Habib: Même discours, mot à mot.
Rubio: Israel, Europe, US in same fight against terrorism
After Paris, Netanyahu demands world also condemn attacks against Israelis
Des étudiants israéliens à Paris : ‘Nous sommes préparés à cela’
French Jews Warned Friday Morning of ‘Impending Large Terrorist Attack’
The best way for Americans to defeat the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
Solidarité juive: "je ne suis ni Paris ni la France!"

Sweden’s FM cites Palestinian despair in discussing cause of Paris attacks
Israel condemns ‘hostile’ Swedish comments linking Paris attacks to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Israel slams Sweden for invoking Palestinian plight while discussing Paris attacks
La Suède lie les attentats de Paris à Israël !!!La ministre suédoise accuse indirectement Israël des attentats de Paris
European Jewish group: Swedish FM ‘borderline racist’ for linking Palestinians’ frustration, Paris attacks
Sweden Is No Friend of Israel  Despite the mollifying declarations by its foreign minister, Sweden's government won't unconditionally condemn Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilians.
Swedish FM's Remarks on Paris Terror Spark Israeli Diplomatic Protest  Foreign Ministry chastised local Swedish envoy for minister Margot Wallstrom's remarks ostensibly linking terror to Israel-Palestinian conflict. 
La ministre des Affaires étrangères suédoise déclenche le courroux d’Israël

Bennett: It’s either Israel or ISIS in the West Bank
Bennett : "c'est soit Israël soit ISIS en Judée Samarie"Israel not worried by Islamic State, defense chief says
Un des rédacteurs en chef de Charlie Hebdo: « Vous, les Israéliens, vous cherchez à voir du terrorisme partout!?»
Triste ironie de l’histoire, le journaliste israélien s’était aussi rendu au siège de Charlie Hebdo pour s’entendre dire avec mépris par l’un des rédacteurs en chef: « Vous, les Israéliens, vous cherchez à voir du terrorisme partout! Cela n’arrivera pas chez nous! ». Ce rédacteur en chef a été tué en janvier 2015 lors de l’attaque terroriste contre le journal.

Does Hillary Clinton Have a Haim Saban Problem?
Saban Retracts Call to Step Up Scrutiny of U.S. Muslims: 'I Misspoke'  Israeli-American media mogul says he regrets making religious distinction but stands by assertion that civil liberties should be suspended in face of security threats.
Trump hints at deep surveillance, special IDs for Muslims
Man calls all Muslims terrorists during VA meeting
Donald Trump veut placer les musulmans "sous surveillance" website lists the Israeli spies arrested on 911 as # 3 trending story
Raw Story corrects Trump, cites Israelis

Trump almost got it right: Some people were arrested for celebrating 9/11 — but they were Israeli
Trump’s claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 ‘laughing’ Israelis
Israelis not Muslims were arrested in U.S. after 'celebrating' 9/11
Israelis – Not Muslims – Cheered in Jersey City on 9/11
Donald Trump Says He Saw ‘Cheering’ in ‘heavily-Arab’ New Jersey on 9/11

Donald Trump: I’d bring back waterboarding

Why Republicans' Fear of Terrorism Will Only Make Donald Trump Stronger Trump has persuaded voters shaken by events abroad that the greatest threats lie within the U.S. The idea that they will abandon Trump as they grow more afraid of terrorism makes no sense.

GOP’s anti-Arab bigotry seen as having little cost

Michel Collon : «Eh, Zemmour, je vis à Molenbeek ! Et toi ?»
Rioufol : « On va devoir s’habituer à vivre à l’israélienne »
The real refugee problem? Bigotry 

Quand Fourest pointe du doigt les Français musulmans d'origine «arabe»
Jeudi matin, à Nice, une équipe des forces de l'ordre réalise une perquisition administrative à 4h30 du matin, après avoir hésité sur la bonne porte à enfoncer. Finalement, l'opération se réalise... dans le mauvais appartement. Selon Nice matin, les policiers pénètrent violemment, blessant une fillette, victime d'éclats alors qu'elle se trouvait dans sa chambre.

Un rabbin israélien : "Les attentats en Europe sont mérités" en raison de la Shoah
Rabbi Lior Analysis: Paris attacks are payback for the Holocaust
ALL ROADS LEAD TO AUSCHWITZ : In Aftermath of Paris Attacks, a Lesson from the Holocaust
Le Rabbin Dov Lior conseillait la lecture de Torat Hamelekh qui cautionne le meurtre de civils non-juifs dans un contexte de guerre selon la loi juive, il disait que le sperme des non-juifs donne naissance une progéniture cruelle et barbare, il autorisait les juifs à voler les récoltes et empoisonner les terres des Palestiniens, etc. 

Moualek: Attentats sur Paris et Charlie Hebdo, nous retrouvons les mêmes acteurs

Daech revendique les attaques de Paris selon l'organisation SITE de l'ultra-sioniste Rita Katz.  En français  En arabe
L’origine de la mise en ligne de cette cassette est douteuse : "Pour ce qui est du site Web en langue arabe « lié à Al Quaeda » qui aurait diffusé le fichier vidéo,, il n’est plus en service. Le nom de domaine a été enregistré auprès d’un régistraire aux États-Unis le 7 janvier 2003 au nom d’un certain Omar AbuOmar, qui a donné une adresse fictive au Danemark, et une adresse de courriel Hotmail. Le service d’hébergement du site,, semble lui aussi hors service. Le nom de domaine a été enregistré le 13 janvier 2002 auprès d’un régistraire aux États-Unis. L’adresse citée pour l’entreprise est au Caire (Égypte), l’adresse des services techniques est à Riyadh (Arabie Saoudite), certaines recherches DNS pointent vers des serveurs en Malaisie". C’est la société malaisiienne de "web servers" de Kuala Lumpur, Acme Commerce Sdn Bhd, créée en 1998, qui était responsable du site, qu’elle fermera aussitôt en déclarant ne pas en avoir vérifié le contenu. Le gouvernement malaisien mettra en fait une journée à faire fermer le site. Aux Etats-Unis, imparablement, la "découvreuse" de la vidéo juste après Al-Djezira sera bien entendu l’inévitable Rita Katz. A peine la vidéo reprise, le débat éclatait... au sein de l’armée américaine, certains se plaignant de ne pas avoir réussi à en bloquer la diffusion via l’organisme ad hoc. Qui avait favorisé la diffusion de cette vidéo et pourquoi voilà bien tout le problème... En tout cas, il y en a une qui avait saisi l’occasion au vol (à moins de la mettre elle-même dans le réseau !). Rita Katz, la première à mettre en ligne en 2007 la fameuse vidéo de Ben Laden et même à se la faire piquer par la Maison Blanche, qui tentera avec elle un dernier coup médiatique après la diffusion de 28 millions de DVD sur le djihad sanglant ("Obsession", via le Clarion Fond ; fondé par l’extrême droitiste Raphael Shore).Celle du Ben Laden à la barbe teinte et devenu par la grâce de son dieu, on le suppose... droitier.

Attentats : la revendication de Daesh a été « divulguée » par un groupe israélo-américain (SITE, géré par Rita Katz)

Débat aux USA: « Il est temps de rejeter le politiquement correct. La majorité pacifique des musulmans ne compte pas face aux 15% de radicaux qui veulent détruire l’Occident »
Il est permis de contester la rectitude politique si c'est pour aider la guerre des sionistes contre l'islam et les arabes. Pas besoin d'être sioniste, juste besoin de s'en prendre aux ennemis d'israel, les arabes, l'islam, les antijuifs etc.

Le Figaro - Taguieff : «Le complotisme fournit des justifications au terrorisme»
Panamza calomnié et menacé sur le site du Figaro
Après les attentats du 13 novembre, le fléau du complotisme
Le Figaro est en plein délire anti-conspirationniste depuis hier
Alain Soral attaqué par le "magazine de Daech" ... qui défend Marc-Édouard Nabe


Inside The Big-Moneyed Network Rallying Around Marco Rubio

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Eight Teenagers In Jerusalem

The ‘only Democracy in the Middle East’ shoots Palestinian man for flying a flag in Gaza

Shaked to European Justice Ministers: Ignore EU labeling directive

Espagne/Mavi Marmara : mandats d’arrêt contre Netanyahou et six anciens ministres
Netanyahu faces possible arrest in Spain over Marmara affair

Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don’t. That’s the rule

2 Israelis to be extradited to US in massive hacking case

South Africa issues arrest warrants against 4 Israeli commanders

US 'disappointed' with sentence of Israeli cop who beat American teenager

VIDEO - La ploutocratie américaine et le monopole du dollar sur le monde.

Court: Haaretz Report on Group's Efforts to Judaize East Jerusalem Violated Gag Order  Judge dismisses Ateret Cohanim's request that Haaretz be harshly penalized, only fines newspaper $1,900 in legal fees.

Quand tu découvres qu'Israël est une théocratie #wtf

How Israel pressures BBC into changing headlines
‘Je Suis Netanyahu’: Again, BBC Caves To Israeli Pressure To Rewrite Headline

Another Palestinian burnt to death in Galilee

‘Provocation’: Israel outraged over Spain’s Netanyahu Arrest Warrant

Israeli cities remove Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games posters
Jennifer Lawrence's image axed from 'Hunger' ads in Israeli religious communities

Palestinian homes vandalized in suspected hate crime

L'armée israélienne ferme une radio palestinienne, la seconde en un mois

Obama aide: No plans to change Pollard’s parole terms US deputy national security adviser responds after freed spy’s lawyers challenge monitoring of his movements, computer use

Israel has 115 nuclear weapons, says US think tank
Israel has 115 nuclear warheads, U.S. research institute saysAccording to a report issued by the Institute for Science and International Security, Israel has amassed between 400 to 915 Kg of fissile material since 1963.
How Israel's Dimona Nuclear Reactor Was Concealed From the U.S.  Documents revealed this week shed new light on the story of Israel's nuclear program, and the role of John Kerry's father in the saga.
Israel's atomic arsenal could fall victim to a new U.S. nuclear policy
Israel's nuclear ambiguity no longer serves a purpose  Israel’s policy of neither confirming nor denying possession of nuclear weapons emerged from the fear of automatic penalties that are enshrined in U.S. legislation. With the threat of such punishments gone, so is the need for ambiguity.

Time to “Defund” the International Criminal Court, Should the ICC be Disbanded?

Anti-Israel UN resolutions expected to pass
Israël se prépare au ‘bashing’ annuel à l’ONU Les résolutions pro-palestiniennes condamneront notamment la construction dans les implantations et blâmeront l’Etat juif pour toutes les violences

 Has the Pro-Israel Lobby Hijacked the US Congress? Review of Kirk J. Beattie Book: Congress and the Shaping of the Middle East

Bennett: We should have killed more Arabs

Bennett: "Anyone who lifts a hand against Israel must die." My pictorial response

Israël demande la reconnaissance de l’annexion du Golan suite à la découverte de pétrole

Israel calls to dismantle Palestinian ‘refugee camps’

Israeli settlers burn (yet another) young Palestinian to death

Israel to revoke work permits of Palestinians who have family fighting against Israeli oppression

Strangling the Palestinian Economy

Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin's office Shabtai Kalmanovich, a former Israeli double agent who penetrated Golda Meir's government on behalf of the KGB, has been shot dead in Moscow. - Médias : Israël sera toujours coupable ; Souriez un peu ! (Le grand complot des médias antijuifs! LOL)

Anthropologists Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of BDS
US anthropological group sends Israel boycott resolution to full membership
U.S. Anthropologists Massively Back Boycott of Israel  American Anthropological Association vote goes 1,040 for, 136 against; association’s 12,000 members worldwide will now be asked to approve or reject decision.
US academics vote for BDS   American Anthropological Association passes resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions in landslide vote.
US anthropological association moves closer to Israel boycott

WATCH: Roger Waters, U.S. Artists Call for Cultural Boycott of Israel  Video urges artists to sign petition declaring they won't cooperate with any Israeli institution, 'until occupation, colonization, and apartheid have ended.'

Is product labeling really an anti-Semitic move?
Europe's largest department store, the KaDeWe in Berlin, has removed Israeli products from the shelves following the EU's decision to label settlement products.
Israel to sue the EU over Settlement Product Labeling
UK – Labor Party boycotts security firm with business ties to Israel

Un grand-magasin berlinois retire de ses rayons les produits israéliens
Netanyahu to Germany: Take action against department store that removed Israeli goods

Etats-Unis: empêchés d'embarquer car ils parlaient arabe

How Israel erases Arabic from the public landscape

Why Is a Mainstream Jewish Charity Funding Pamela Geller?

Zionist extremist named head of British cyber security — Who needs Zio spies like Pollard?
Joe Catron: Pollard release shows Tel Aviv’s impunity in US

Zionist Organization of America Chief: Don’t Accept Syrian Refugees 'Because They Hate Israel and Jews’ Annual gala of Zionist Organization of America, featuring Sheldon Adelson, breaks into wild applause over far-right views and the prospect of a Republican president.
Why Is AIPAC Silent on Syrian Refugees? Many American Jewish groups balance the Holocaust’s tribal and universal lessons. The most powerful one doesn’t even try.
Dallas Mayor Says He’s More Fearful Of Armed White Men Than Syrian Refugees
Netanyahu's 'The Arabs Are Coming’ - Not Incitement to Racism, Says AG Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein's office finds PM had no racist 'intention' with Election Day call to voters, also apologized afterward.

In Europe, the penny still hasn’t dropped Op-ed: Years of accusing Israel of treating Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews, years of total blindness towards Palestinians' rejection of any peace proposal, have led to intellectual disability among Europe's elites in general, and Germany's in particular.
Ils sont convaincus que la puissance de l'islamisme en Europe et dans le monde vient du fait que l'Europe est malade de son obsession anti-Israël. Et si c'était plutôt Israël qui s'arrangeait pour nous faire haïr les musulmans, pour nous pousser plus ou moins subtilement à prendre parti pour Israël contre les Palestiniens? - Pour quelle obscure raison Libé ignore les victimes israéliennes de l'islamisme ? Ces juifs extrémistes sont vraiment pris dans leur délire ! Croient-ils vraiment toutes ces conneries qu'ils écrivent?

‘Israeli blood is no cheaper than French blood,’ Danon tells UN Danny Danon addressed the UN General Assembly as it marked International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Le Canada reste le meilleur soutien d'Israel à l'ONU
Trudeau government opposes annual UN onslaught against Israel
New Canadian PM Trudeau Votes No on 6 Anti-Israel U.N. Resolutions
Amid terror wave, UN adopts six resolutions – all anti-Israel
L’ONU condamne Israël à travers 6 résolutions Les Nations unies ne font pas mention des attaques au couteau ainsi que des incitations à la haine perpétrées par les Palestiniens.

La Suède reconnait la Palestine, Israël rappelle son ambassadeur

Brussels terror expert has applauded Israel’s atrocities


Here’s where the U.S. sent $35 billion in aid last year Graphique très révélateur
FLASHBACK: Over half of US military assistance goes to Israel: US government report

Russia to Become More Active in Education of Palestinian Youth

How would Orwell feel about today’s college campuses? As students ‘occupy’ Brandeis University this week, a look at how the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is playing out at universities in a new post-PC world order
Le complot du lavage de cerveau pro-palestinien dans les universités? LOL Et ce sont ces gens là qui voient du lavage de cerveau pro-palestinien partout qui exigent plus de contrôle de la pensée dans les milieux universitaires...

Israel-funded group slams US labor federation for backing Palestinian rights

La Knesset vote sur la proposition de loi pour emprisonner des terroristes mineurs Les députés ont approuvé une version préliminaire du texte abaissant l’âge de l’incarcération à 12 ans pour les infractions terroristes.
Est-ce qu’Israël doit emprisonner des enfants âgés de moins de 14 ans ?Après des attaques menées par des adolescents et pré-adolescents, Israël cherche à abaisser l’âge d’incarcération à 12 ans

Defense official slams 'messiah claimant' Bennett for criticizing army

The Israeli Declaration of Independence: The World Continues to Ignore its Provisions and those of the British Balfour Declaration
Christian Zionist group to address EU parliament on Israeli settlement labeling
Netanyahu Demands International Endorsement of Settlement Expansion
Kerry Tells Netanyahu: U.S. Will Not Recognize Settlement Blocs in Return for West Bank Gestures Meeting between prime minister and U.S. secretary of state ends in stalemate as U.S. says 'a big no' to Netanyahu's offer from two weeks ago.

Israeli forces continue to target human rights activists during the wave of house raids in Hebron
Prominent Israeli settler runs over 16-year-old girl, then shoots her dead
Netanyahu responsible for executions of children, rights group says

Palestine Solidarity Activists Disrupt Israeli Official’s Talk in Bay Area

VIDEO - Le sionisme, un sujet médiatique tabou et censuré ! (COMPIL)

Israel orders demolition in Jordan Valley village
Israel demolishes al-Araqib village for 91st time
Israeli Jewish-Only Cities to Evict Thousands of Palestinians
Israel to displace thousands of Palestinian Bedouins
Plan allows for the construction of five new Jewish-only communities, two of which are on lands of Bedouin villages.

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. is an ‘oligarchy with unlimited political bribery’

The Sun, petites pépées et islamophobie

EU insists it will play role in peace process, even as Israel suspends cooperation

EU ignores Netanyahu ban, vows to be part of peace process European diplomatic group says ending conflict is ‘of interest to the entire international community’.
VIDEO - Israel Suspends Communication With European Countries Involved In Palestinian Peace Process
Israël suspend toute coopération avec l'Union européenne en réponse à la décision anti-israélienne d'étiquetage
Netanyahu Suspends Diplomatic Ties with EU Pertaining to Peace Efforts with Palestine
In anger over settlement labeling, Israel suspends contact with EU on Mideast peace process issues
Netanyahu calls for friendly countries to change their voting pattern on Israel
Netanyahu Suspends Contact With EU Over Israel-Palestinian Peace Process  Israel's Foreign Ministry ordered to 'reassess' EU involvement with Palestinians after decision to label West Bank goods; 'decision is almost completely devoid of any real significance,' official says.
Netanyahu suspends EU peace role over settlement labeling Prime minister confirms dialogue with bloc on peace talks to be frozen pending ‘reassessment’
Étiquetage européen : Israël suspend le rôle de l’UE dans le processus de paix
‘Blessings of Israel’: Settlers find new ways to label products after E.U. decision

Knesset cancels 'no opinions' clause in Public Broadcast Law

L’armée israélienne et les écoles travaillent main dans la main, selon les enseignants

VIDEO - David Sheen on Jewish Dominionists: Chabad

Ex-Mossad Agent: Israel Uses ‘False Flag’ in Most Operations to Avoid Suspicion in Arab States

FLASHBACK: Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism by Michael Collins Piper

Canada's New PM supports Israel at UN - L'Europe et l'ONU collaborateur du nazislamisme Palestinien
United Nations Committee Calls for End to Israeli Occupation. US, Canada Voted against Resolution

Avigdor Liberman: Israel should resume targeted assassinations

Néguev : les villes exclusivement juives projettent de déplacer des milliers de Palestiniens

Israeli Journalists Slam Netanyahu over Closure of Arabic Media Outlets


BDS activists in Germany inspect stores to force labeling of Israeli products

Treating Pollard Cruelly? Look What We Do to Vanunu  Not only is the 'atomic-spy traitor' forbidden to talk to the media, he’s forbidden to talk to people who aren’t citizens of holy Israel.

Jewish Newspaper Exposed "Glenn Greenwalds Anti-Semitism" In 2013!

Les Juifs ne souffrent pas tant d’antisémitisme que d’antisionisme LOL - L'hostilité anti-israélienne systématique de Charles Enderlin

Israel Gobbling Up Africa? This Meme's Anti-Semitic


Israel meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos

Roseanne, Israeli writer butt heads on Twitter Comedian calls Rogel Alpher ‘privileged fat skinhead,’ after Haaretz columnist urges French Jews to stay in France.
Elle est ultra sioniste...

« L’antisémitisme est dû à l’implantation de l’islamisme dans notre pays » dixit Marine Le Pen

Robert Ménard « soumet » une charte islamophobe aux mosquées de Béziers
Robert Ménard propose une charte de bonne conduite aux imams biterrois

Is political correctness over Islam and 'refugees' putting lives in danger?

12 pigs’ heads dumped next to Dutch refugee centre site
Islamic center in Kentucky receives emailed death threat: ‘I’m going to kill everyone in there you Muslim f***s’

Sun's 'Muslim poll' faces growing criticism
Robert Ménard « soumet » une charte islamophobe aux mosquées de Béziers
Les actes anti-musulmans se multiplient aux États-Unis
Armed anti-Islamic redneck group publishes personal details of Muslims and ‘Muslim Sympathizers’
«Alerte anthrax» déclenchée à la grande mosquée de Bruxelles

Goldnadel : pour en finir avec l'islamo-gauchisme Toujours le complot des médias antijuifs alliés des islamo-gauchistes! MDR!

VIDEO - David Sheen: Hard to believe how bad Chabad hates non-Jews

Court: PM must provide details of conversations with Sheldon Adelson
Court Orders Netanyahu to Divulge Timing of Conversations With Adelson  Channel 10 petitions court in effort to prove links between prime minister and Israel Hayom, the Israeli newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson.
The Real Connection Between Netanyahu and Adelson's Israel Hayom  I filed a Freedom of Information Law request on February 11, four months ago. Today the answer arrived. I nearly fell off my chair.
EXCLUSIVE: Adelson Encouraged Netanyahu to Streamline Israel's Gas Regulations  At height of 2014 Gaza war, casino tycoon sent message on behalf of the U.S.-Israel Business Initiative - of which Noble Energy is a member; PM denies 'promoting Adelson's interests in any way.' 
Netanyahu Pre-approves Headlines of Adelson-owned Israeli Newspaper, Economist Claims  Israel Hayom, owned by American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, blasts Economist report claiming the prime minister approves headlines; PM's office also denies allegation. 

Accused of lying about campaign spending, scandal-plagued Likudnik facing criminal investigation

Zionist Union MK proposes unilateral ‘separation’ plan from Palestinians Omer Bar-Lev outlines steps to ‘keep Israel Jewish and democratic’; Likud’s Avi Dichter calls proposal unrealistic.

Israel confiscates ICRC tents from Palestinians in Jordan Valley

The Difference Between Identifying Jewish Terror Suspects and Putting Them on Trial  The gag order and terse hints in the media may create a mistaken impression that authorities are close to fully solving the cases involving Jews who have committed anti-Arab terrorist acts.

Israel's Terrible Identity Complex Will Lead to a Forced National Consciousness  The Israeli government's fear is that until the nationality law, or nationalism law, is passed, the public will walk blindly without knowing its nationality or where its identity is hiding.

Jew who burned Palestinian teen alive pleads… insanity
‘There is no justice here in Israel’: Two found guilty of murdering Mohammed Abu Khdeir, but ringleader verdict delayed

Jewish settlers threaten to burn family of female captive

IDF excitedly plans autonomous killing machines

How Can anti-Arab Israelis Complain About Ashkenazi Racism?  My Mizrahi brothers and sisters, only if you denounce the disdain against Arabs within your own community will you have the moral right to protest against racism.

US women's academic group votes to join international BDS movement
U.S. Women’s Studies Group Votes to Join BDS Movement  The association condemned injustice and violence against Palestinians and Israeli Arabs; decision sponsored by Feminist for Justice In/For Palestine.
American feminist association join BDS

Israel ‘apartheid’ wall in London

Jewish U. of Michigan student under fire for confronting pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Se référant au boycott, une universitaire juive refuse d’aider un enfant israélien L’ex universitaire de Cambridge, où elle ne travaille plus depuis un certain temps, selon Paul Holland responsable de la communication de l’université, a noté qu’elle était « membre de Jews for Justice for Palestinians (Juifs pour la Justice pour les Palestiniens). Je soutiens Boycott, Désinvestissement, et Sanctions ».  Elle a ajouté : « Vous pourriez être un enfant, mais si vous êtes assez âgée pour m’écrire, vous l’êtes aussi pour en apprendre davantage sur l’histoire d’Israël et sur la façon dont cela a eu des répercussions sur la vie des Palestiniens. Peut-être que votre famille a les mêmes points de vue que moi, mais j’en doute. »  Levine a renvoyé Shachar sur le site de Jews for Justice for Palestinians, et en particulier une page qui saluait le travail des « nouveaux historiens » israéliens qui « ont dans l’ensemble confirmé les conclusions des historiens arabes… et inversement ont réfuté les affirmations des traditionnels historiens ‘sionistes’, dont le travail a été démontré comme comportant un grand nombre de légendes nationalistes ». - Charles Enderlin se lâche encore contre Israël !
La clique des pro-Taguieff jugent que Charles Enderlin (ancien correspondant de France 2 à Jérusalem) est un antisémite...

Will the Sheldon Silver Conviction Affect Orthodox Jewish Power in New York?  The 'ruler' of New York’s state assembly, now facing 130 years in prison for corruption, was just as unresponsive to his religious constituents as to the law.

IDF Censors Israeli Media Report Exposing Israeli Double Agent Yesterday, I broke a major story revealing for the first time that Boris Krasny, a wealthy Israeli business and political fixer, once was a KGB agent turned by the Mossad, who became an Israeli double agent.  He is credited with exposing another major spy in Israel, Marcus Klingberg, who’d worked for the KGB for nearly 30 years, while serving as a high-level scientific researcher in the field of biological warfare. 

VIDEO - Phil Giraldi on US release of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard
US Jews still haunted by Pollard affair Three decades have passed since the Israeli spy's conviction, and American Jewry is still finding it difficult to recover from the embarrassing affair. 'Voicing an opinion on the issue could help anti-Semitic bloggers seeking to question US Jews' motives,' says pro-Israel activist.

Jeb Bush cites George W. as leading influence on Israel

NY Times Magazine Editor Ed Klein: Hillary Clinton Would Be A Dangerous President

Ted Cruz: Vote for Hillary is vote for nuclear Iran
Ted Cruz says he fears California shooting may be Islamic terrorism
USA : les candidats présidentiels républicains à la Coalition juive républicaine « Je déchirerai en mille morceaux cet accord nucléaire iranien catastrophique », a promis le sénateur Ted Cruz

Netanyahu sends condolences over death of ex-Clinton adviser (Jewish Sandy Berger)

"Israel Is Everything We Want The Middle East To Look Like In The Future!" Marco Rubio
Rubio takes on Trump in address to Republican Jews
'Israel might not want peace'   Rubio slams Trump comments: 'Some in our own party have actually questioned Israel's commitment to peace. They are dead wrong.'
Head of Republicans in Israel: Trump can’t be, won’t be president

Anti-Defamation League defends Trump against charges of ‘anti-Semitism’
Donald Trump Tells GOP Jews: I Don't Want Your Money
Trump to GOP Jews: You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money
Trump courts Republican Jews with offensive stereotypes
Donald Trump Stumbles in Pitch to Republican Jews
One yuuuuuge mistake: Donald Trump just delivered an anti-Semitic speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition
Trump’s Response to Jewish hecklers at rally– ‘You don’t  support me because I don’t want your money. You want a politician you can control’

Banning Muslims in US not unlike FDR's WWII policy
White House says Trump's Muslim comments disqualify him for president
Donald Trump veut interdire aux musulmans d'entrer aux Etats-Unis
Trump’s anti-Muslim Outrage Makes Him al-Baghdadi’s Useful Idiot  Netanyahu also incited against Arabs on Election Day but he stops at red lights while the GOP’s brash billionaire may have no brakes at all.
Trump demands ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering US GOP presidential hopeful proposes immigration ban until lawmakers ‘can figure out what is going on’ with radical Islam; White House says it’s ‘totally contrary’ to US values
Donald Trump Calls for 'Total and Complete Shutdown' of Muslims Entering U.S.  'Trump running for President as a fascist demagogue,' O'Malley tweets, first in a wave of widespread condemnation of Trump's proposal; but Republican candidate unfazed by critics: 'I don't care,' he tells supporters at South Carolina rally.

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Donald Trump’s comments echo evil US political system
VIDEO - Mark Glenn Interview with CII International Radio–Trump’s statements about Muslim immigration to the US
“Furor” in Israel as Trump to be hosted by Netanyahu after remarks on Muslims
Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz Threatens to Nuke ISIS Targets
Le tonitruant Donald Trump bientôt reçu par le très controversé Benyamin Netanyahou
Colère des Musulmans : Donald Trump envisage de se rendre sur le Mont du Temple

Why Is the Republican Jewish Coalition Silent on Trump’s Bigotry?  In all the condemnations — from politicians, both Democratic and Republican, and from Jewish organizations — denunciations from one organization were notably and shamefully missing.
Trump's anti-Muslim remarks scramble Republican appeals to Jewish-American voters
Trump proposal to ban Muslims from US relies on debunked poll from pro-Israel think tank
To meet or not to meet? Netanyahu’s Trump conundrum
PM rejects Trump’s comments on Muslims, but will still meet him
Trump claims Netanyahu agrees with him on Muslims
Borat: Trump is a Sacha Baron Cohen character Théorie: en disant tout haut et crument ce que les juifs sionistes pensent, il leur nuit plus qu'autre chose, et certains juifs rusés comme Sacha Baron Cohen ont flairé l'astuce. Comme quand Borat professait son antisémitisme, cela servait en fait à attirer l'attention sur l'antisémitisme des pays d'ex-union soviétique.
Trump Polling Lead Surges After Anti-Muslim Comments
Donald Trump’s Campaign against Muslims and the Rationale of Exclusion
Réhabiliter le populisme Par Bruno Bertez
Le populiste Trump va-t-il vraiment devenir Président tout puissant?
Populisme. Le Pen, Trump, Orban : ils jouent avec nos peurs
Friedman in the New York Times Goes After Donald Trump: Hey, Massive Bombing Was MY Idea!
Trump holds big lead in first poll after anti-Muslim comments
It’s a Pity Trump Isn’t Coming to Israel  The truth is that Netanyahu and Trump actually deserve each other. They’re made of the same psychological materials.
VIDEO - RyanDawson: The anti-mooslim rage is hypocritical

Trump in High Heels? Meet Miri Regev, the Big Mouth of the Israeli Right  In the utopian Jewish state of Israel’s firebrand culture minister, Arabs are welcome to stay, as long as they understand that ‘this is our country.’

Rabbi Fischer: Don’t Just Ban Muslim Immigration, Pay Muslims Who Are Already Here To Leave

GOP contenders highlight Obama as a wedge in Jewish support
GOP prostitutes ‘dance to the Jew’s tune’ in DC

Obama: Daech ne menace pas l'existence des USA

Les conséquences du remodelage des pays arabes : Boomerang et chaos aux architectes du Chaos

VIDEO - Nabe: Nabologie du terrorisme

VIDEO - Jean Bricmont sur les attentats de Paris, le terrorisme et la liberté d’expression

Rita Katz Deserved an Oscar Nomination

Bennett : annexer un bloc d’implantations majeur de Cisjordanie
Bennett: Annex major West Bank settlement bloc

Netanyahu: We could destroy Al-Aqsa, but we don’t want to
Netanyahu : Nous pourrions détruire Al-Aqsa si nous le voulions

Israel failed to try perpetrators of settler violence: UN

Des élus PS dénoncent le régime d’extrême droite de Netanyahu Ça se passe en Belgique !

Poll: Over a third of Americans back punitive measures against Israel over settlements
US: 1/3 want Israel sanctions   A survey conducted in the US has revealed that 37 percent of Americans support sanctions against Israel.

Israël: arrestations après un incendie ayant décimé une famille palestinienne
Shin Bet: Several Israelis Arrested for West Bank Arson Murders  Weeks-long gag order partially lifted: Suspects are 'young people suspected Jewish terrorist carrying out terrorist acts;' outgoing police chief Benzi Sau said this week that he was 'very optimistic' about progress. 
Israel arrests Jewish terror suspects in deadly firebombing Gag order lifted on investigation into attack on Dawabsha family that left three dead, but identities and number of people arrested remain muzzled
Jewish Terrorism: Despite Arrests, West Bank Arson Case Is Far From Solved  If the investigation fails, residents of the territories will see this as further proof that Israel does not value Palestinian lives, even when they're innocent terror victims.
Erdan : Il n’y a pas assez de preuve pour inculper les terroristes juifs
'Israel is anti-Semitic state'   Father of suspect arrested over Duma attack claims his son was nowhere near the scene of the crime, and compare Israel to Third Reich.
Bien sûr ça prend des nazis antisémites pour faire enfermer un juif ayant tué une famille au complet en mettant le feu à leur maison.

An anti-Israel agenda disguised as human rights Bin oui, les droits de l'homme, c'est un complot antijuif, tout à fait.  MDR

The Mossad accelerates its strategy against BDS

Plus de 1.200 soldats et policiers israéliens envahissent le camp de réfugiés Shuafat à Jérusalem

EU flags PMO sources deny Israeli 'blacklist' of countries who strongly pushed settlement labeling

VIDEO - (all. s-t fr.) C'est pas les musulmans qui ont généré tant de violence ces deux derniers siècles, c'est plutôt l'Occident impérialiste guerrier.

German MP: bombing Syria, too, is terrorism
Syrie : Fabius ne fait plus du départ de Bachar al-Assad un préalable
Fake “Just Wars”: Britain’s Parliament Vote to Bomb Syria
Israël s’engage dans la guerre impérialiste contre la Syrie

Yaalon : les USA cèdent le leadership au Moyen-Orient à la Russie et à l’Iran

Donald Trump Breaks With the GOP on Israel
Trump at the rightwing Jewish conference
Trump courtise les Juifs républicains avec des stéréotypes antisémites grossiers
Report: Trump draws jeers at Jewish Republican event, tells crowd he doesn't want their money
Donald Trump Tells Pro-Israel Crowd He Can’t Be Bought, Gets Booed
Trump–Adelson will mold Rubio into ‘perfect little puppet’

Jeb Bush says he’d order crackdown on BDS as president

La ministre suédoise Margot Wallstrom récidive : « Israël exécute des Palestiniens »
Swedish FM accuses Israel of ‘extrajudicial executions’ Margot Wallstrom calls Israel’s response to stabbing attacks ‘disproportionate’; Israeli envoy: She’d do better to condemn attackers
Sweden’s Foreign Minister slams Israel’s ‘extrajudicial executions’ of Palestinians
Israel slams Swedish FM’s ‘delusional’ extrajudicial executions claim
Swedish FM accuses Israel of 'extrajudicial executions' and ‘disproportionality'
Netanyahu Blasts Swedish Foreign Minister for ‘Outrageous Comments’ About ‘Extrajudicial Executions’ of Palestinians

Elliott Abrams wants John Kerry to STFU about Palestine
Netanyahu Responds to Kerry: Israel Will Not Be a Binational State  
Netanyahu Tells Saban Forum: Solution Is Not One State, but a Demilitarized Palestinian State Earlier, Netanyahu responded to Kerry's warnings that Israeli-Palestinian conflict is heading toward a one-state reality.
Lapid veut une séparation des Palestiniens et une normalisation avec le monde arabe

PM fingers Palestinian denial of Jewish state as root of conflict
Netanyahu : « Les implantations ne sont pas le cœur du conflit »

The Troubling Link Between the Hanukkah Miracle and Modern Israeli Policy-making  Israelis may feel the need to stand up for what they believe in regardless of the circumstances, but it may be wiser not to.
5 Signs That Bibi's Split With Generals Is Now a Crisis
Israel’s Cynical Approach Is Feeding Unrest. Netanyahu Wants to Censor Social Media
Netanyahu Pushing Region towards a “Religious War”. Banned Islamic Leader, Wider Assault on Palestinians Rights

Relative of Jewish terror suspect: He’s a gentle, caring soul Mother-in-law of central suspect in killing of Dawabsha family does not believe he was involved: ‘He is interested only in Torah’.
Si on dit "il ne s'intéresse qu'à la Torah": ça inspire la confiance alors on a envie de lui donner une seconde chance. Si on dit "il ne s'intéresse qu'au textes islamiques", la peur s'installe alors on serait même pas choqué qu'il soit envoyé à Guantanamo!
Israel says too early to try suspects over torching of Palestinian home

Right-wing Israeli groups 'raid' Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

VIDEO - David Sheen on Israel-Palestine: Is it dangerous for you as a journalist?

La famille royale britannique ‘ne visitera pas Israël jusqu’à la fin du conflit’
British royals ‘won’t visit Israel till conflict solved’ Boycott royal de la terre sainte d'Israël? shame shame!

Republican Candidates Pander To Jewish Forum
First Trump announces Israel trip, then CarsonBritons launch campaign to ban Donald Trump from the UK over hate speech violations
David Cameron ‘may be directly descended from Moses’ Quel délire...

WATCH: Rubio to Obama, 'Show Me Evidence of Discrimination Against Muslims'  'The cynicism tonight to spend a significant amount of time talking about discrimination against Muslims. Where is there widespread evidence that we have a problem in America with discrimination against Muslims?' 

Should Israel's Mossad Accept Donations From Jewish Millionaires?  On the line with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s spokesman.

Netanyahu nomme Yossi Cohen à la tête du Mossad
Netanyahu names Yossi Cohen as next Mossad chief
Netanyahu security adviser named to head Mossad
Clean, Religious and Close to Netanyahu's Wife: Who Is Yossi Cohen, Israel's Next Mossad Chief  Sources say Cohen, a politically-savvy observant Jew, was the 'natural choice' for the job.

Jewish terrorism: The missing linkPM accuses Sweden of hypocrisy over Israeli response to terror
Netanyahu slams Swedish double standard toward Israel on terrorism

Palestinian lawmaker sentenced to 15 months in Israeli prison for incitement

YouTube becomes Israel’s new battleground against Palestinians

Spies infiltrated BDS campaign

Surprise, Surprise! San Bernardino shooter’s dad: He was ‘obsessed’ with Israel
CA attacker 'hated Israel'
JMSM Attack CAIR For Quickly Denouncing San Bernardino Shootings
San Bernardino shooters were radicalized 'for quite some time,' FBI says
"He said he shared the ideology of (ISIS leader Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi to create an Islamic state, and he was fixated on Israel," the elder Farook told La Stampa newspaper.
Top Israel advocate uses San Bernardino killings to attack Islam
Hatred of Israel was reported motive for CA attack, but US press politely ignores the story

Quelle horreur! 7 décembre 2015 | John R. MacArthur est éditeur de «Harper’s Magazine».
"Oui, je pense que les frappes aériennes contre le groupe EI (avec les inévitables victimes civiles) alimentent les terroristes ; oui, le choix de François Hollande de singer Barack Obama dans sa politique étrangère et d’insister sur la démission d’Assad comme préalable aux négociations a été contre-productif ; oui, je soupçonne la complicité des Saoudiens dans le financement du groupe EI ; oui, je pense qu’une nouvelle stratégie au Moyen-Orient doit commencer par l’éloignement de la France et de l’Amérique de l’Arabie saoudite et par la condamnation de ses subventions à la construction de madrasas et mosquées à travers le monde musulman. Selon Le Monde, ces « lieux […] prêchent une vulgate intolérante, soubassement idéologique des exactions pratiquées par les séides d’Al-Baghdadi ». Et oui, je pense qu’un état d’urgence prolongé est aussi dangereux pour la France démocratique qu’absurde dans le contexte d’une Europe libérale sans frontières."

Il met les choses au clair concernant la diabolisation de l’Islam par les médias En passant la citation de Richard Martineau "Tous les musulmans ne sont pas terroristes, mais tous les terroristes sont musulmans" vient en réalité du propagandiste anti-islam et idéologue néoconservateur juif Daniel Pipes, qui voit dans l'Islam le nouvel avatar de l'ancien complot communiste contre l'Occident. Nullement crédible.

Pardoned Jewish Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky back on Russia’s wanted list

Australie : l'Occident doit proclamer sa "supériorité" sur la "culture islamique", dit l'ex-Premier ministre
Imperialism, the “War on Terror” and Anti-Muslim Hysteria

The Jewish State is Not in The Business of Promoting Terrorism. Israel’s “Humanitarian Support” of Al Qaeda “Freedom Fighters” in Syria

Rubio snags support of billionaire hedge fund manager

Forget BDS, Sheldon, These Are the Real Threats Facing Israel
If Sheldon Adelson and his friends think they’re about to save Israel from the boycott threat, they’re even more out of touch than we suspected.
Does Sheldon Adelson Really Want to Defeat BDS?  Or is he just using the fight to isolate progressive Zionists, and push the Jewish world further right?
Adelson’s Maccabees 'A Camp for All in the Mainstream pro-Israel Community' but Not J Street U  Funding starts with $20 million but 'the sky's the limit,' says anti-BDS campus group’s director, David Brog.

Carson claims new adviser is ex-Netanyahu chief of staff
New Mossad chief: Netanyahu's real foreign minister  Analysis: The prime minister's decision to appoint his national security advisor, Yossi Cohen, as the secret service's new director reflects his clear preference for secret relations with countries that have no official diplomatic ties with Israel and with foreign intelligence communities.

Former ICC prosecutor: High Court approval could save settlements from war crime label

Shaked: State will raze Jewish terrorists’ homes if attacks persist

Israël reconnaît avoir des réseaux d'espionnage en France pour fomenter des troubles

VIDEO - Les musulmans de France sont-ils perquisitionnés à la demande du FN?

Fouilles et palpations dans une école maternelle, ou comment traumatiser et terrifier la population dès le plus jeune âge
Enraged woman attacks Muslims praying in California park: ‘Allah is Satan and you are all murderers’
En Occident, un discours antimusulman décomplexé et d'une violence inédite
Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He’s Beaten by Man on Mission to ‘Kill Muslims’

It's "THE JEEEWWWS!" Alex Jones Angry Rant Against "All These Mentally Ill Jew-Obsessed People."
39% of Adults who attended public school believe "Jews are responsible for most of the world's wars," Neocon Study Group Finds
Ça ressemble bcp au propos d'Alex Jones un peu plus haut...

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Turkey acting as hired gun for US, Israel

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp caught bribing Australian Crown Prosecutor for news stories

A Circuit of Lies and “False Media”: Crimes against Humanity Go Unreported, The West Continues to Perpetrate Genocide in Iraq

Netanyahu Most Popular World Leader Among Evangelical Christians in US

Netanyahu Allies Donated to Groups Pushing for Third Temple  Haaretz investigation reveals deputy defense minister and a key Netanyahu supporter in the U.S. donated to groups campaigning to impose Israeli sovereignty over Temple Mount.

Israeli Politicians Describe Incoming Mossad Chief as Netanyahu's Pet  This week's prime-time announcement by the PM of Yossi Cohen as the spy agency's new head was itself full of intrigue and suspense – and not a small dose of humiliation for the institution.

VIDEO - Jewish Dominionists: LEHAVA
Jewish Home MK: Fatal firebombing that killed Dawabshe family ‘not a terror attack’
Un suspect de l’incendie criminel de Duma assigné à résidence
The face of Jewish terrorism   Somewhere on the way, Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson Meir Ettinger, has formed a radical and anti-Zionist ideology.
CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield: Should We Ban Jews Since They’ve Committed Terrorist Attacks?
Police Block Jewish Extremists From Temple Mount  Radical group called 'Returning to the Mount' planned to light Hanukkah candles at flashpoint site.
Israel court says book on killing non-Jews ‘not incitement’
Killing Non-Jews in Israel: “The New Normal”
San Bernardino et l'Etat d'Israël : Discours de Benjamin Netanyahu au Forum Saban

Israeli restrictions destroying Gaza’s furniture industry

Israel attacks West Bank college twice in one week

Israel Sees Rise in Indictments for Online Incitement, but Mostly Against Arabs  Various explanations offered by justice officials, including denial.

‘German spy who negotiated with Israel’s foes to head EU intel agency’

Des activistes du BDS poursuivis en France
La candidate du parti Les Républicains en Île-de-France s’est engagée à s’opposer à toute forme de boycott d’Israël
Pro-Israel academics launch network to fight battle against BDS on US campuses
IDF Soldiers Expand Their Combat Duties to US Campuses

Finkielkraut : « Le djihad est une obligation léguée par Mahomet à tous les musulmans »

Pour Laurent Wauquiez, un enfant doit manger du porc ou quitter l'école de la République

Are French Jews Falling for Le Pen's Siren Song?
A far-right, pro-Israel France? Expert says this is where all of Europe is heading
As French Jews vote for Le Pen, a case of the enemy of my enemy?  National Front’s tough stance on terrorism and the long memory of French Jews expelled from Arab lands make for a growing number of Jewish voters for a party once deemed taboo
VIDEO - Gars Lambda: 50 % d'abstention, ce n'est pas la moitié des français
Le Pen’s Surge in France: Giving ISIS the Victory It Was Hoping for  Marine Le Pen and the far-right in Europe may win the electoral battle, but the real winner is ISIS.
Marion Maréchal-Le Pen interprète les scores du FN comme "la fin du vieux monde politicien"
Le journaliste Roger Auque = Le père de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen franc-maçon et agent du Mossad !

Les "représentants" de la communauté juive contre le Front nationalLes organisations les plus en vue de la communauté juive continuent de combattre le racisme, mais c'est pour cacher le fait que les intellectuels juifs tels que Finkie, Goldnadel et Zemmour n'ont pas peur du néo-FN sioniste anti-islam. La même chose se produit aux USA, où les grandes organisations juives condamnent les propos de Trump qui s'en prend ouvertement aux musulmans, alors que dans les faits les juifs adhèrent à la thèse du choc des civilisations et favorisent la guerre mondiale contre l'Islam et le terrorisme. La haine contre Mohammed, comme lidée que Mohammed serait pédophile, vient des milieux juifs israéliens sionistes ultras. Les organisations juives s'arrangent pour garder les mains propres et nous laisser la responsabilité du mal qu'elles font, pour pas qu'on puisse leur reprocher la montée de l'islamophobie et de la haine anti-arabe. Or un ancien directeur de la CIA a clairement identifé la communauté juive américaine et Israël comme étant la source véritable du déferlement de haine anti-arabe et anti-islam aux USA.

FLASHBACK: The Iron Wall (We and the Arabs)  by Vladimir Jabotinsky The Jewish Herald November 26, 1937

Google: Removal of Search Results Not Related to Israeli Businessman Who Was a Russian Spy  Search engine hints that references to former double agent for KGB and Shin Bet disappeared due to libel suits.
Tel Aviv Court Convicts ‘Head of Israeli Mafia In New York’

The Criminalization of Parliamentary Democracy

Le procureur argentin demande la réouverture de la plainte de Nisman contre Kirchner Le nouveau gouvernement argentin a officiellement rompu l’accord qui permettait à l’Iran d’enquêter sur l’affaire de l’AMIA.

Nothing to fear but the fearful themselves

VIDEO - Mark Glenn: West voracious for Mideast resources

Why Trump and Cruz Are Closer to Israeli Hawks Than Marco Rubio  They share Netanyahu’s cultural pessimism about the Islamic World.
Which US presidential candidate is good for Israel?

VIDEO - The Elephant in the Room at the Last GOP Debate: Sheldon Adelson
Adelson top loser on Forbes list

Adelson calls Trump ‘charming,’ after discussing Israel with him
Donald Trump: Unstoppable Republican Aspirant? “Hillary is a “War Goddess”, Trump a “US Warlord”

Bernie Sanders compares Trump's 'racist ideology' to Holocaust

Did Sheldon Adelson secretly buy a major Las Vegas paper?
Sheldon Buys Vegas Paper
Report: Sheldon Adelson Is Mystery Buyer of Las Vegas Newspaper  The new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which was purchased in early December, went to unusual lengths to shield its identity.
Yes, Sheldon Adelson Bought The Las Vegas Review-Journal
Adelson son-in-law orchestrated family's purchase of Las Vegas Review-Journal

VIDEO - Thank God for ISIS… US Will Be in Middle East Forever
Israel Supports Islamic Terrorists

Top WH aide: Solving Israeli-Palestinian conflict won't defeat ISIS, but would help stem extremism

Israel, AIPAC bewail decision to put Iran nuke probe to bed Critics say report into past work toward nuclear bomb shows IAEA should keep probe open, delay implementation of deal with Tehran.

Republican presidential hopefuls make their pitch to GOP Jews
Democratic Jewish Group Downsizes as GOP Counterpart Gains Cash and Influence
Tonight's GOP Debate: Sheldon Adelson's Malignant Tentacles
Republican War Games and the Isolationist-interventionist Split  GOP debate features lively disputes on national security, solid performances by Rubio, Cruz, Bush and Christie but Trump triumphant nonetheless.

Marco Rubio is trying to win the ‘Sheldon Adelson primary’
Watchdog Groups Ask Justice Department to Investigate Pro-Rubio Nonprofit
Marco Rubio Is Winning the Neocon Primary

If a Trump Presidency Scares You, a Cruz Presidency Should Terrify You

It’s Time to Worry About Donald Trump
Donald Trump's problem? He just doesn't go far enough  The biggest impact he has had is making other Republican candidates appear normal
Trump: ‘Inappropriate’ of Netanyahu to slam plan on US ban of Muslims
Trump says he canceled trip so as not to pressure Netanyahu
Netanyahu tells 'Post' he did not not ask Trump to cancel Israel visit
Before Donald Trump's anti-Muslim Rhetoric, There Was Ann Coulter  Coulter's massive success — fueled by massive media exposure — has shown other conservatives that bigotry sells.
Muslims entering US, Surveillance of Mosques: Donald Trump’s Religion Test for Immigrants Is Standard Practice in Israel
Trump Confronted On Dancing JEWISH ISRAELIS, Not Muslims
For GOP, Tough Sell to jews Just Got Tougher
Israel’s Bipolar Week: Doctor Rivlin and Mister Trump  By tactfully rebuffing Trump and his anti-Muslim statements, Netanyahu served the interests of GOP candidates like Rubio and Cruz.
Trump's Jewish Doctor Has Out-Trumped Him
Three strategies for Adelson in dealing with the Trump conundrum
Is Trump really a fascist, or just an ugly capitalist?
What would Prophet Mohammad do to Trump?
At debate, rivals pile on Trump over Muslim comments Republican frontrunner suggests ‘shutting down parts of Internet’ to stop jihadists; Bush: Trump would be ‘a chaos president’
Un conspirationniste nommé Donald Trump
Pourquoi mène‑t‑on une campagne de haine contre les musulmans?
The Culture of Racism and the Donald Trump Phenomenon
In face of criticism, Trump surges to his biggest lead over the GOP field
The Nazi Next Time After Trump, the deluge?
Why I Prefer Trump's anti-Islamic Rhetoric to Obama's Idiotic 'Yes We Can'  Why are Israelis attacking Donald Trump? After all, his vision of barring Muslims has been implemented for years here.

Wayne Madsen: Israelis celebrated 9/11 attacks, not Muslims

US officials: Netanyahu ‘myopic, untrustworthy, disrespectful of Obama

How The NY Times misrepresents Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee Pauvre petit John Hagee détesté par les "liberals" pour ses idées haineuses...

In rare move, Shin Bet lashes out at Jewish terror groups
'Anti-Zionist Jewish terrorists want regime change in Israel,' Shin Bet charges
C'est pas les antisionistes que vous croyez: ce sont des kahanistes qui trouvent que l'État juif actuel est antisémite!
Shin Bet slams 'slander'   Security service releases rare statement about investigation into Jewish terrorism, the details of which are still under gag order.
Shin Bet responds to attempts at 'slander'  The Shin Bet published a highly unusual statement on Thursday evening with regard to the ongoing investigation into Jewish terrorism, the details of which are still under gag order. The Jewish arrestees are defined as members of an 'anti-Zionist organization' that is working to violently overthrow the government.

Claims Shin Bet tortured Jewish terror suspects must be investigated, cabinet member says
At Least Four Detained Jewish Terror Suspects Have Dual Citizenship
The Difference Between Identifying Jewish Terror Suspects and Putting Them on Trial  The gag order and terse hints in the media may create a mistaken impression that authorities are close to fully solving the cases involving Jews who have committed anti-Arab terrorist acts.

Three Jewish suspects in Duma arson attack to be kept from meeting lawyers
Court denies legal counsel for Jewish suspects in case under gag order
Father of Jewish suspect in Duma killings blasts ‘fuhrer’ Rivlin, ‘Arab’ Obama
Ya’alon: Not enough evidence to try Duma firebombing suspects - Defense minister says those responsible for ‘Jewish terrorism’ will be brought to justice but state still lacking evidence
Yaalon : pas encore assez de preuves dans l’incendie criminel de Duma Le ministre israélien de la Défense a certifié que les coupables finiraient par être jugés.
Father of Suspect in West Bank Arson Killings Calls President Rivlin 'Führer'  Son is detained for the killing of three members of the Dawabsheh family in Duma; three suspects are being denied access to attorneys.

'Dawabsheh family not entitled to compensation'
Dawabsheh family set on fire and murdered by Judaic terrorists ‘not entitled’ to compensation

Op-Ed: Why ‘good for the Jews’ is bad for the Jews

Obama at Haaretz Conference: Israel Must Bring Those Who Attack Palestinians to Justice U.S. president tells HaaretzQ: with NIF conference that bonds between U.S. and Israel, commitment to Israel's security, are unbreakable.

Netanyahu Calls Palestinian Self-Defense “Terrorism”. Palestinians are Categorized as “Islamic Terrorists”

Lieberman launches campaign to remove Zoabi from Knesset 'Together, we will kick out terror supporters from the Knesset,' says Yisrael Beytenu leader who is promoting a bill to prevent Supreme Court from overturning decisions to ban candidates from running for parliament.

Israeli Fighter Jets Bomb Besieged Gaza Strip

Palestinian family buries second child in 6 weeks
Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth, 24, six weeks after killing his sister, 17

Palestinian indicted for inciting video Mais quand c'est des incitations israéliennes anti-palestiniennes, la preuve semble tout d'un coup très difficile à établir, ce qui fait que comparativement très peu d'Israéliens subissent les mêmes peines, aussi dures que celles subies par les Palestiniens.

Un réserviste de Tsahal brièvement détenu au Royaume-Uni pour « crimes de guerre »

A l’ombre du meurtre de Rabin, les anti-Rivlin testent les limites de la liberté d’expression
In shadow of Rabin murder, anti-Rivlin remarks test limits of free speech A public TV channel is under fire for saying the president ‘spat in the faces of IDF soldiers,’ but critics face criticism themselves for appearing to place the president above reproach.
Hateful post calls Rivlin 'Fuhrer'

What Really Scares Me (And It’s Not Im Tirtzu)  The campaign against human rights activists? That is nowhere as frightening as the occupation, of indifference to injustice, sanctimoniousness and passing shock.
Im Tirtzu and the Proto-fascist Plot to Destroy Israeli Democracy  The group's video portraying human rights activists as terrorist-supporting traitors is a symptom of a rapidly spreading, potentially terminal disease.
Im Tirtzu's Pernicious Video Equates Human Rights With Treason  Only a distinctly anti-democratic organization would consider the efforts of these four left-wing NGOs cause for incitement.

Right-wingers Flag Up a Bigger Problem in Israel  Even when we are appalled by the antics of some right-wing groups, their actions aren't always as absurd as they may initially appear.
The discourse of hatred: A victory for marginal groups This is a warning call: Something bad is happening to us. The margins are taking over the public discourse, turning it into a discourse of hatred.
Ils ont un tas de petits Zemmours très bruyants dans l'arène politique en Israel...

CNN Anchor Calls Out Jews as Terrorists
Francis Ford Coppola : « Les Juifs ont aussi été des terroristes »
Francis Ford Coppola–Jews were terrorists before Israel’s founding
Francis F. Coppola: les Juifs étaient des terroristes avant la création d'Israël
Coppola: Jews were terrorists before Israel's founding  In an interview with Variety magazine at the 15th International Film Festival, the veteran filmmaker says: 'We were terrorists in the United States.'

VIDEO - Homophobia and Pinkwashing
VIDEO - Jewish Dominionists: Jewish Home
VIDEO - Israel’s War on Africans
VIDEO - Israeli Exports: Anti-miscegenation
VIDEO - Israel is Boycotting Non-Jews and Palestinians Everyday

VIDEO - Dissidents and Democracy
VIDEO - Jewish Dominionists: Firebombers

Israeli spy says parole terms violate his ‘religious beliefs’

No, BBC, Jerusalem is not “Israel’s capital” Malgré ça la BBC est constamment accusée d'antisémitisme par les groupes juifs...

UN-sponsored conference accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' in Jerusalem  UN secretary general says wave of terror 'is bred from nearly five decades of Israeli occupation,' while a press release about the conference says Israel is working to push Palestinians out of Jerusalem.
“UN quietly admires Israel, but publicly bashes it”, Israeli ambassador to the UN

L'ONU critique Israël pour un usage "excessif de la force" contre les terroristes
C'est comme ça qu'Israel s'arrange pour qu'il soit interdit d'appuyer ses ennemis: ses ennemis ne sont que des "terroristes" et rien de plus.

Netanyahu, Herzog spar in Knesset over 'Breaking the Silence' and Rivlin
PM, opposition chief spar over Breaking the Silence, anti-Rivlin comments
Bennett fait interdire l'ONG «Breaking the silence» au sein des écoles israéliennes
Education Minister Bennett Bars Breaking the Silence From Schools  Organization, which exposes army misconduct in the territories, spreads 'lies and incitement' against the IDF, Bennett says; Breaking the Silence: Bennett's message is that veterans are only good for cannon fodder.
Bennett bans left wing veterans group from speaking in schools Barring Breaking the Silence, Education Minister says ‘those who harm IDF soldiers do not have a place in education system’
Ya’alon bans Breaking the Silence NGO from engaging soldiers Defense minister says IDF-bashing army veterans group has ‘malicious motives,’ decries ‘hypocrisy and deceitful propaganda’
Right-wing NGO 'Outs' Four Left-wing Activists for 'Protecting Terrorists' in Video Clip  Rightist organization calls Israeli human rights groups’ leaders 'foreign plants who are fighting us.' Meretz MK Rozin demands attorney general to investigate 'blatant incitement.'
VIDEO: Extremists Incite Witch Hunt Against Israeli Human Rights Advocates
Les responsables israéliens dénoncent 2 journalistes locaux qui soutiennent le boycott

Israel to US body: Shun BDS Israel's university leaders urge American Anthropological Association to reject decision supporting boycott of Israeli academic institutes.
AUSTRALIA – Uniting Church faces backlash on anti-Israel boycott
Adam Sandler rips Waters, BDS on Howard Stern Show
Sandler rips Waters, BDS in f*ck-filled Israel defense On Howard Stern’s radio show, actor protests that ‘All these f***ing nice Israeli people are getting a ‘f*** you’ from Roger Waters.
Listen to Adam Sandler’s expletive-filled tirade against Roger Waters, BDS

Israeli university heads protest US anthropologists’ boycott measure

Hooray for the Snitches of Breaking the Silence  The Israeli soldiers who expose the crimes of the occupation are much braver than the cowards who shoot to death Palestinian girls wielding scissors.
Ex-IDF general takes out ad to support Breaking the Silence

Defining Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism “The EU’s actions make sense only as an example of anti-Jewish hate”.
Selon eux l'UE est le plus gros antisémite de la planète parce qu'ils aident le boycott anti-israel en imposant l'étiquetage des produits des territoires occupés... Les USA ont peur de l'UE, qui est pour eux bien anti-israel, et veulent l'asservir. Et nous on est censé crore que l'UE est le mal absolu... À qui ça profite de diaboliser au max l'UE sous sa forme actuelle?

Loving to hate: Social media incitement on the rise  From hatred of Arabs to cursing LGBTs and despising leftists, a new investigation shows a worrying increase in incitement and racism on social media – and in calls for severe physical violence.

Integrating Israel Arabs Is a Worthy Cause for Israel  Much still needs to be done to advance the conditions of Israel’s Arab citizens, but most in need are the Arab residents of East Jerusalem.

Jewish Identity Administration Presents: TV Broadcasts With 'Jewish Values'  Almost half the funding for Shas-backed programs to come from state coffers.

VIDEO - La France est un pays profondément raciste. Nous avons, nous les blancs, 400 ans d'esclavage, 350 ans de colonisation; ça ne s'efface pas comme ça.

FBI on San Bernardino massacre: Alleged shooters did NOT post support for jihad on social media
Courriels de menaces : Los Angeles ferme ses écoles, mais pas New York  Le Los Angeles Times a publié sur son site l'analyse du courriel du représentant démocrate Brad Sherman, qui dit douter de la crédibilité de la menace contre les écoles. Il affirme que le texte du message ne ressemble pas au style habituel des djihadistes. Brad Sherman était le président de la sous-commission sur le terrorisme de la Chambre des représentants.  M. Sherman précise que le message ne fait référence ni à Allah, ni au Coran, ni au prophète Mahomet.  Le message montre selon lui une meilleure connaissance des armes d'assaut que de l'islam. « N'importe qui au Nebraska aurait pu écrire ce message », a-t-il dit. M. Sherman poursuit son analyse en indiquant que le message contient un terme pornographique, ce que « les musulmans pratiquants et les extrémistes ne font jamais », a-t-il précisé.  Il a indiqué que l'auteur du courriel a déclaré avoir été victime d'intimidation.  Selon lui, le message manque de crédibilité. Il a dit ignorer si le message avait été envoyé par un djihadiste, une personne qui a une intention anti-islamique ou juste un farceur.

Meyer Habib dénonce la « gangrène islamique »
Meyer Habib (groupe UDI), ancien gros bras des milices sionistes devenu député des Français de l'Étranger (Israël pour l'essentiel), milite contre la campagne de boycott des produits israéliens. Français depuis 1982, Valls le rejoint dans son combat éternel.

Philippe Val : "Je suis néoconservateur" "Et j’ai défendu l’existence de l’État d’Israël"
AUDIO - Comment le sectaire Val est devenu millionnaire avec ses "caricatures de Mahomet"... et autres pourritures.

La famille de James Foley s’indigne des tweets de Marine Le Pen La chef du FN est visée par une enquête pour avoir twitté des photos d’exactions de l’EI, dont celle de la décapitation de James Foley.

Zemmour, cet admirateur d’Israël pour qui les Français musulmans sont des « colons »
Éric Zemmour condamné à 3000 euros d’amende pour provocation à la haine envers les musulmans

Europe-Israel: Dieudonné termine sa tournée, prend l’argent et se « fait la malle » au Cameroun
Dieudonné clashe Soral : commentaires de LLP
VIDEO - Boycott Dieudo et Soral
VIDEO - Dieudo, Soral et les attentatS
VIDEO - Salim en Syrie ?

AUDIO - Gars Lambda: LLP clash Dieudo, Dieudo clash Soral - Dieudo lance l'ananassurance, Laurent Louis au chômage
Dieudonné: un gros tacle à Alain Soral avant le départ pour l'Afrique?

VIDEO - Arnaud Van Dorn, producteur du film « Fitna » qui a insulté le prophète Mohamed, se convertit à l’Islam !

Online store tells customer: 'We don't sell to Arabs'  A youth from Haifa called the website of shop 'Class Deal' after the shoes he had ordered 4 months ago never arrived; a site representative swore at and insulted him: 'You dog, you terrorist, if I'd known you were a stinking Arab I wouldn't have approved your order.'

Jews demand expelling Christians out of Palestine

End political correctness  Op-ed: When politics evades issues for fear of incorrectness, frustrated voters escape straight into the arms of non-institutional radicalism.

Ce que de Villiers et Zemmour doivent à l’Action française Le mouvement national qui fascine (et terrorise) la gauche
Succès historique de l’extrême droite française au premier scrutin après les attentats

UK – Number of Hate Crimes Against Muslims Triple Since Paris Attacks
Judaic acolyte urges students to carry guns and ‘end those Muslims before they kill us’
US imam says mosque got threatening call from jewish group
Don't Be Surprised When Student Activists Connect Israel to Campus Rape

Les soldats camouflés d'Israël Les "mista'arvim" soldats d'Israël infiltrés dans le monde arabe

Kerry–‘US not after regime change in Syria, but Assad must go’

Neocons Object to Syrian Democracy

A GOP Split on Neocon Orthodoxy

1/3 of Republicans want to bomb Aladdin’s home Poll shows only 13% of GOP affiliated voters oppose attacking fictional city of Agrabah, over half say Muslims should be banned from entering US
Poll: 30 percent of GOP voters support bombing any Arab sounding nation

Putin my fan? It’s mutual, says Trump GOP presidential hopeful says Russian president is ‘running his country and at least he’s a leader, unlike what we have in this country’

Obama Accuses Trump of Exploiting Working-Class Fears
Rethinking Donald Trump
Trump, Marion, Zemmour, BHL et les autres : Haro sur les Musulmans des temps morts
Jewish Neo-Con Bill Kristol: ‘We’ll Have to Start’ New Party If Trump Wins Nomination

Sheldon Adelson Upbeat on 'Very Charming' Donald Trump
Oy Vey? Zionist Capo Sheldon Adelson summons Trump for ‘private meeting’ on Israel

The Donald’s Yiddish Hillary Insult
In political attack on Clinton, Trump uses Yiddish vulgarity

VIDEO - Front-Row Protester Tells Trump "ISRAEL DID 9/11!"

Judge in Adelson lawsuit subject to unusual scrutiny amid Review-Journal sale
Reporters at Adelson's Newly Acquired Newspaper Asked to Investigate Judges, Reports Say  The casino mogul who also owns Israel Hayom daily was revealed this month to have purchased the Las Vegas Review Journal; revelation comes just after reporters asked to investigate Nevada judge who fined him $250K.
Nevada paper hints at motive for its purchase by Adelson Las Vegas Review-Journal reports alleged managerial demand to scrutinize local judge involved in case against the casino magnate

Sheldon Adelson's Jewish Media Secret Revealed
Adelson Grows His Media Empire to Include Jewish News Service
Adelson named as biggest funder of Jewish News Service
Why Adelson’s Campus anti-BDS Group Will Be a Bust  The head of the Maccabee Task Force thinks that a ‘no-criticism of the current Israeli government’ litmus test can be applied in building pro-Israel and anti-BDS coalitions. That’s delusional.

7 things Miriam Adelson does — besides back GOP candidates Casino magnate’s wife believes she and her husband presage collapse of democracy, is key decision maker over allocation of funds

GOP candidate Cruz seeks to shutter PLO’s Washington office

Un parti arabe israélien compare Netanyahou à l'Etat Islamique

VIDEO - Jews Celebrate Wedding by Stabbing Photo of Dawabsheh Baby
Video Shows Jewish Radicals Celebrating Wedding by Stabbing Photo of Dawabsheh Baby  Police seize clip showing youths dancing at wedding reception with guns, knives and a firebomb.
Clip shows far-right wedding-goers celebrating Duma killings Israeli youngsters, said to be friends of detainees in deadly firebombing, stab photo of 18-month-old victim; wave firebombs, rifles and knives at Jerusalem event

Un adolescent israélo-américain serait détenu dans l’affaire Duma Le journal Forward de New York identifie un suspect ; beaucoup de détails sont toujours sous obligation de silence en Israël
Foreign report says American-Israeli teen held in Duma case New York-based Forward newspaper names suspect; many details of case still under gag order in Israel
Family Claims American Teen Held as Jewish Extremist Is Being Tortured by Israel
Il défendent un gars qui a probablement tué une famille au complet! Souvenez-vous en de ça: ces juifs sont prêts à défendre un meurtrier qui tue des bébés en leur mettant le feu! Pourtant ces mêmes juifs exigent que tous les droits constitutionnels soient retirés aux présumés terroristes (non-juifs)!

Smoke grenades thrown into Palestinian home in suspected Jewish terror attack

Fascism in Israel? It's Up to You  I'm sick to death of the Zionism of horseshit, of the incitement which prides itself on hatred and, yes, that 'beautiful face' of fascism. It's up to every one of us. We can stand up now, or be put down later. Like dogs.
A Plant Named Occupation Has Grown Into a Deep-rooted Tree  When someone says something against the occupation, he is attacked as if he is the ultimate enemy of all Jews from the time of Moses to Yair Lapid.

Far-right activists protest outside Shin Bet chief’s home Demonstration follows allegations of torture by security service against Jewish suspects in Duma terror attack
Torture Allegations Pit Shin Bet Against the Settler Community  The torture described by Jewish suspects in the Duma arson-murder case is strikingly similar to descriptions by Palestinian torture victims.
Israel’s Extreme Right Isn’t Jewish, It’s Totalitarian Hannah Arendt makes clear the real issue: the hatred of pluralism and an open society – the drive to have a homogeneous society without dissent.

Reform leaders call on Netanyahu to condemn ‘violent rhetoric’ against Rivlin, NGOs
Thousands March in Tel Aviv in Protest of Incitement Against Rivlin, Leftist NGOs  Organizers of Tel Aviv demonstration call on Israel to defend civil society, Netanyahu to speak out against inflammatory remarks.
Hatred within the camp  Op-ed: As an expert on the history of the movement which brought him to the President's Residence, Reuven Rivlin knows that once a leader deviates from the party line or causes damage to its image - there is no forgiveness.

Canadian Jewish group condemns Im Tirtzu ‘incitement’ video

Bennett accuses Jewish extremists of using ‘murder’ to destroy state

Bennett announces first dedicated academic college for Arab Israelis Ségrégation raciale dans les universités en Israël: une université juive et une université arabe...

Ban Ki-Moon: Wave of violence in Palestine bred from decades of jewish occupation

MK to rabbis: Help me base laws on Torah

Benjamin Netanyahu 'threatens to strip Jerusalem residency from 230,000 Palestinians'

Video of Israeli soldiers using dogs against Palestinian boy sparks outcry
Five live bullets fired by IDF recovered from body of Palestinian boy
Israel has ‘deprived 23,000 orphans of monthly sponsorship’
West Bank village punished for exposing Israel’s brutality

MK Zoabi apologizes for calling Arab police ‘traitors’ Apology comes as part of plea bargain that allows Joint List lawmaker to dodge more serious incitement charge for July 2014 incident

The Final War for Jerusalem (Why Permanent Israeli Victory Is Now Within Reach)

JUDAIZATION OF JERUSALEM – Israel removes Arabic signage from Jerusalem market


Israeli army introduces a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents in the city

Pour Israël, ses ambitions énergétiques nécessitent une « solution finale » à Gaza

American Jews urge US army to stop denying security clearances due to Israel ties

The Only Semi-democracy in the Middle East  The time has come to fight for the sake of a secular democracy that belongs to all its citizens.

VIDEO - The Bullet, The Ballot & The Boycott [FULL] a presentation by David Sheen - Fall 2015
WATCH the entire presentation in 10 parts: - all 10 parts in 1 video - playlist with all 10 parts - Part 1: Boycotting - Part 2: Firebombers - Part 3: Chabad - Part 4: Jewish Home - Part 5: Lehava - Part 6: Miscegenation - Part 7: War on Africans - Part 8: African Wild Ass - Part 9: Pinkwashing - Part 10: Dissidents


Des intellectuels mobilisés contre des activités anti-Israël sur les campus Ils veulent combattre les « efforts orwelliens » pour lier l’Etat juif aux problèmes de liberté d’expression dans les universités américaines.
Ça c'est de l'inversion accusatoire, sans aucune gêne!

Israel arrests 90 students at West Bank university

Ambassador to US makes political point with settlement-made gifts  Ron Dermer counters BDS by sending items made in West Bank as embassy's annual holiday gift.

Defame, don't engage: The witch hunt against Breaking the Silence  While whistle-blowers are rarely popular, the only malice is coming from those who want to limit Israel’s political discourse.
Israeli attacks on a dissident soldiers’ group could backfire

Le Crif demande à la mairie de Paris d'arrêter une exposition sur les Palestiniens  Selon l'organisme, une exposition de MSF consacrée à la vie des Palestiniens constitue "une apologie du terrorisme". L'ONG dénonce des accusations "inacceptables".

Can Jews Back 'Black Lives Matter' and Be Pro-Israel?

Pranking Roger Waters, Erdogan and Greenpeace: Meet Israel's Infamous Internet Troll  With her faux stupidity, ‘Dafni Gafni’ may have created one of the funniest Facebook pages of the year. Just don’t let her victims in on the joke.

VIDEO - WATCH – Roger Waters Talks About ISIS And War

L'Université de Barcelone a officiellement annoncé son boycott d'Israël
200 South African Professors Back Academic Boycott of Israel
New OISE project aims to counter academic anti-Zionism

Israeli Left Must Stop Clinging to False Taboos  The left will continue losing the hearts and minds of the broader Israeli public if it doesn’t acknowledge that their fears are well-founded, even if the conclusions they draw are not.
Israeli Left's Struggle Must Go Beyond Cocktail Parties on 5Th Ave.  Is a real political battle being waged, or is it a farce that provides a living for the participants at the expense of the truly oppressed?

VIDEO - Quand France Inter censure en direct une question sur la LDJ

Russian police raid offices of Mikhail Khodorkovsky
La Russie lance un mandat d'arrêt international contre l'opposant Khodorkovski

VIDEO - Obama rit devant l'absurdité de sa guerre au terrorisme
VIDEO - Israeli Air Strike Hits Syrian Capital... Called A Terrorist Attack & Assassination
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: US, allies trying to reconfigure Mideast

Le message audio du "calife de l'État islamique" a été découvert et "authentifié" par un groupe israélo-américain SITE

Las Vegas Review Journal Editor Resigns Days After Sheldon Adelson Revealed as Owner

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama

Trump to CNN: Netanyahu's Condemnation of My Statement Was Inappropriate, but That's OK  Last week, after a number of Israeli lawmakers condemned Trump's statements calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S., the Israeli premier also issued a condemnation.
VIDEO - New World Next Year - 2016 The Year of Populism?
Jews and the Global Tilt Towards Conservativism and Populism
Neocons Threaten to Start New Party if Trump Wins GOP Nomination
If Trump wins the nomination, prepare for the end of the conservative party
Neocon Bill Kristol–‘Trump will not be the Republican nominee’
VIDEO - Trump doesn't mind if you name the jew
911: Mossad and Dancing Israelis v Trump and Infowars Islamophobia
« Il va mieux, Dieu merci », déclare le grand-père du survivant de 5 ans de Duma 5 mois après l’incendie, Ahmed Dawabsha est passé au pavillon de réhabilitation, ne sait toujours pas que ses parents et son frère sont morts

VIDEO - (ITELE) Une vidéo d'extrémistes juifs célébrant la mort d'un bébé palestinien indigne Israël
VIDEO - Israël: Une vidéo d'extrémistes juifs célébrant la mort d’un bébé palestinien fait scandale - Cette vidéo a été filmée durant un mariage… 
Le Monde - En Israël, les images choquantes d’extrémistes juifs célébrant la mort d’un bébé palestinien
Libération - En Israël, une vidéo d'extrémistes juifs célébrant la mort d'un bébé palestinien fait scandale
Onde de choc après des images d'extrémistes juifs célébrant la mort d'un bébé palestinien
La danse de la mort - The dance of death
Injures au ‘Ku Klux Klan juif’ et contre le terrorisme La presse hébraïque digère la mort de deux Israéliens dans un attentat à Jérusalem, et bout à propos de la vidéo d’un « mariage de haine »
Le Shin Bet nie avoir rendu public la vidéo du mariage
VIDEO - Jews Celebrate Wedding by Stabbing Photo of Dawabsheh Baby
Video Shows Jewish Radicals Celebrating Wedding by Stabbing Photo of Dawabsheh Baby  Police seize clip showing youths dancing at wedding reception with guns, knives and a firebomb.
Clip shows far-right wedding-goers celebrating Duma killings Israeli youngsters, said to be friends of detainees in deadly firebombing, stab photo of 18-month-old victim; wave firebombs, rifles and knives at Jerusalem event. Footage released on Wednesday showed dozens of young Israeli right-wing extremists, said to be linked to the suspected perpetrators of the Dawabsha family murder, celebrating the killing at a wedding last week. The images in the clip immediately sparked wide condemnation.
Radical right wedding shocks Guests are seen dancing with guns and knives, and even stabbing a picture of murdered Palestinian baby, in wedding video.
Video of far-rightists stabbing photos of dead Palestinian baby shocks Israel
Who taught the Jewish radical settler youth to celebrate murder? It's now clear from the shocking video of hilltop youth celebrating the Dawabsheh infant's murder that incitement to hatred is being taught in Israel's religious Jewish education system.
Outrage over video of Jews mocking Palestinian baby’s death
Israeli wedding party celebrates Dawabsheh killings
Don’t Be So Shocked by the Israeli Wedding of Hate’  This is what a climate of tolerance and acceptance of violence, racism and hatred looks like.
Police Investigate Wedding Video of Settlers Dancing With Weapons and Singing Revenge Songs  The video also shows one guest stabbing a photo of the Palestinian boy killed in the Duma firebombing.
IDF to investigate army-issued guns in ‘hate wedding’ video
Police open probe into wedding video cheering Duma murders
Religious Jewish Wedding Songs Are Anthems of Hatred and Incitement  In the background of the horrific video where the Dawabsheh murders were celebrated are songs glorifying murder that are commonplace at Orthodox weddings, and not just at the extreme and negligible margins of Israeli society.
Rabbi from hate wedding says Shin Bet, Arabs torched Dawabsha home
30 wedding guests to be questioned over clip cheering Duma murders

30 invités du mariage seront interrogés sur la vidéo célébrant les meurtres de Duma
Almost 100 alleged far-right extremists jailed, restricted or questioned, supporters say As security chiefs warn of danger posed by Jewish terror underground, backers publish names of ‘arrestees of Zion’ on Facebook, solicits donations
Meretz chief: Probe rabbis who back right-wing extremism Zahava Gal-on says young religious radicals would not be flourishing without the support and encouragement of spiritual leaders.

Lapid names 2 rabbis who he says inspire far-right radicals Religious Zionism cannot absolve itself, says Yesh Atid leader, citing Rabbis Ginsburgh and Lior; Jewish extremists are ‘not wild weeds. They grew in a well-cultivated patch of earth’

Rabbi: Shin Bet and Arabs committed Duma murders  Daniel Stavsky, who participated in the radical-right wedding captured on video, says undercover agent provocateurs collaborated with Arabs to kill Palestinian family and frame rightists.

Inciting Rabbis Aren’t the Reason for Current Spate of Jewish Terror  Today’s Jewish extremists are protesting against too-moderate rabbis, not acting on their edicts. Report: Deputy attorney general visited Duma terror suspects
Groom says ‘didn’t even see’ extremists’ behavior at wedding Yakir Ashbal, said to be friends with Duma suspects, insists he was unaware of revelers celebrating with weapons, photo of murdered Palestinian baby.

Yaalon : Inculpations "proches" pour l’incendie de Duma
Ya’alon: Jewish terrorists to be indicted soon for Duma attack Defense minister says Israel taking ‘draconian steps’ to prevent repeat of July firebombing that killed Palestinian parents and baby.

Jewish terrorism must be ‘crushed with an iron fist,’ former PM says Right-wing extremists ‘a direct threat to democracy, the state, Zionist enterprise,’ Ehud Barak says in televised warning.Netanyahu: ‘No comparison’ between Jewish and Palestinian terrorism
Shin Bet uses 'ticking bomb' methods on Jewish terror suspects  The revelation that other radical Jews may carry out further attacks against Palestinians led to Shin Bet investigators receiving authorization to use harsher methods of investigation, including physical pressure. 
Bennett at odds with Bayit Yehudi over Duma arson investigation  While his colleagues Uri Ariel and Bezalel Smotrich call to close the Shin Bet's Jewish Division, Naftali Bennett stands firm with the agency and the state. Will he pay a political price for coming out against his voters? Bennett gets tighter security as he backs Shin Bet probe of Jewish extremists
If slain Palestinian teen had been a camel, Israelis would be outraged over her death  The body of the camel that soldiers killed for a laugh in November was examined by an Israeli veterinarian; no one took witness statements from Samah Abdallah's family, and no one ordered an autopsy on her body.
A desperate war for our future  Op-ed: How is it possible that this despicable gang of Jewish jihadists, celebrating a wedding while repeatedly stabbing the heartbreaking picture of a murdered Palestinian baby, is one of our own?
The Jewish equivalent of ISIS  The Jewish extremists running amok in Israel have far more in common with the Islamic State than they realize. Both groups need to be confronted and destroyed.
Israeli Defense Minister: Israeli Right Must Do Some Soul-searching Over Jewish Terror  Naftali Bennett responds: Some politicians are cynically exploiting West Bank arson murders to 'silence or tarnish the entire nationalist camp.'
The enemy within: The danger of radicalism  Op-ed: The ultra-right extremists have become a problem that can't be ignored any longer. It's not enough to condemn. It's too easy. It's time to do something.

Rabbis Force Israeli Military to Rethink Limiting Religious Influence on Troops  IDF’s proposal to lessen authority of its Military Rabbinate hits fierce resistance from religious circles both within and outside army.
Why is the government afraid of coward rabbis?  Op-ed: A country which has sent a former president, prime minister, ministers and Knesset members to prison has never had the courage to act against religious leaders who instigate masses and are bringing all of us closer to the edge of abyss.

Denying torture claims, Shin Bet decries ‘slander campaign’
Lawyer for American 'Torture' Teen Turns to Israel Justice Minister
Father of U.S.-Israeli Suspect in West Bank Arson Murders: 'He Confessed Under Torture'
Bennett: Jewish Terror Suspects Treated as Harshly as Palestinian Ones  Minister refutes torture allegations, says Jewish extremists want to bring down the state.
Alleged Torture of Jewish Terror Suspects Opens Wide Cracks in religious-Zionist Community  Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett hesitated for a while before coming down firmly on the side of the Shin Bet - and against some of his party colleagues.
Shin Bet use 'ticking bomb' investigative techniques on Jewish terrorists
Shin Bet: Duma suspects treated as ‘ticking bombs’
Lapid: Jewish terror enjoys ‘political’ support
Bennett: Far-right protesters called me ‘traitor’ When murder is involved as in the case of the Duma killings, says right-wing leader, it’s no longer a matter of education, but must be handled with the firmest hand

Does Israel's government consider Duma arson a terrorist attack? Depends whom you ask
Netanyahu condemns Jewish terror, but says no comparison in scope to Arab terrorism
Israël contraint d’affronter l’extrémisme juif
Yesh Atid leader: Right-wing Jewish extremists have ‘wider circles of support’
Religious Zionism doesn’t need terror, it has taken over the state In Naftali Bennett’s criticism of the group that spawned the Duma killers, we could detect another message: Religious Zionism no longer needs this kind of terror.
Israelis Don’t Want to Confront the Ugly Truth About the Occupation That’s too bad, because in not one case have reports and testimonies collected by Breaking the Silence been proved wrong.
Religious Zionists Have Taken Over Israel First they built the settlements, then they killed off the two-state solution, now they are free to turn to their next target.
We've entered the final decade to save Israel There are three processes taking place in Israel that, if not reversed by 2025, will end this country’s life as a modern Jewish democracy.
What happens if Israel's extreme right gets its way?  Let’s say we silence Breaking the Silence and outlaw all groups critical of Israel. Then what?
Shin Bet: Jewish extremists seek to overthrow Israel’s gov’t and crown a king
Ex-Shin Bet chief: Far-right threat today is ‘worse than before Rabin’s murder’
Politicians Put Up Strong Front for Shin Bet in West Bank Arson-killing Case  Even settler friend Naftali Bennett is backing the security agency against the harsh torture allegations during the interrogations of Jewish suspects.
Heirs of Hatred: Jewish Extremists Are Settlement Enterprise's New 'Pioneers'  A straight line links the arson-murder in Duma, the 'wedding of hate' video and a new law that passes funds to the settlements – and no one should be surprised.
We Need to Stop Playing Defense Against Israel's Right-wing Inciters  Im Tirtzu is a warning sign for what desperation, failure and fear look like when they combine with right-wing ultra-nationalism and extremism.
L’infatigable défenseur du mont du Temple pourrait bientôt entrer à la Knesset
Undeterrable Temple Mount advocate now next in line for Likud Knesset seat

Israeli ‘freedom of worship’ bill allows Jewish settlers to pray in Al-Aqsa

Jewish Terrorists Burned An Israeli Church, Now Israel's Government Is Screwing The Church Out Of The Money It Needs To Rebuild

Ex-settler Leader Dani Dayan: Netanyahu Hasn't Pressured Brazil Enough to Accept My Appointment as Ambassador  Dayan tells Haaretz that if government does not act in his case, it could create a precedent barring settlers from representing Israel abroad.
The Brazil Crisis: The Minister Who Refused to Talk to Ya'alon, the Palestinian Campaign and Israel's Naiveté  Palestinian diplomats pressure Brazil not to accept former settler leader Dani Dayan's ambassadorship; meanwhile, Brazil's defense minister stopped taking Ya'alon's calls.
Israel vows to fight Brazil’s rejection of envoy pick

L’infatigable défenseur du mont du Temple pourrait bientôt entrer à la Knesset
Undeterrable Temple Mount advocate now next in line for Likud Knesset seat

Jewish Soldiers laugh while commanding military trained attack dog to Bite a 16 year old Palestinian boy

Israelis kill four Palestinians on Christmas Eve

USA Today Commits Front-Page ‘Anti-Israel Hatchet Job’ in Report on Gaza Christians

Un projet de loi controversé sur le financement des implantations voté HaBayit HaYehudi salue la régulation des activités de la division implantation de la WZO ; l’opposition dit que la loi vise à financer des constructions illégales

BDS Slams Israeli Envoy's Settlement-Made Gifts as ‘Cheap Publicity Stunt’

JSSNEWS - CNN à vomir : ils comptent les terroristes parmi les victimes
Israel demands explanation from US media for slanted reporting

VIDEO - RAPPEL: Brzezinski: Le lobby israélien a un pouvoir considérable

Israeli ‘freedom of worship’ bill allows Jewish settlers to pray in Al-Aqsa

Jewish Terrorists Burned An Israeli Church, Now Israel's Government Is Screwing The Church Out Of The Money It Needs To Rebuild

Ex-settler Leader Dani Dayan: Netanyahu Hasn't Pressured Brazil Enough to Accept My Appointment as Ambassador  Dayan tells Haaretz that if government does not act in his case, it could create a precedent barring settlers from representing Israel abroad.
The Brazil Crisis: The Minister Who Refused to Talk to Ya'alon, the Palestinian Campaign and Israel's Naiveté  Palestinian diplomats pressure Brazil not to accept former settler leader Dani Dayan's ambassadorship; meanwhile, Brazil's defense minister stopped taking Ya'alon's calls.
Israel vows to fight Brazil’s rejection of envoy pick

Rivlin Says Warned in 1967 Against Extensive Annexation of Arab Neighborhoods in Jerusalem  The president, then a young officer, says he was among those who warned Moshe Dayan against annexing parts of East Jerusalem in 1967.
Combat kit: Anti-JWO, pro-humanity affirmations, by Trevor LaBonte  What was the REAL relationship between Hitler, Wall Street, Rothschild, and Rockefeller? There really wasn’t any, but why would anyone want to try so hard to convince us otherwise? Here is a fantastic article that cuts to the real truth. Written by one of the best truthers who ever lived, Michael Collins Piper.

Motion, PSC AGM 23 January 2016 to expel Israel from the United Nations
Apartheid : une route réservée aux Juifs, à l’intérieur d’Israël

Les chiffres accablants du boycott d'Israël par la société civile espagnole
Le palestinisme des médias français a encore frappé

VIDEO - Les binationaux français-israéliens sont si aimables...

VIDEO - Le Font National à la rescousse de Meyer Habib et de Netanyahou

État d'urgence coloniale
Au temps béni des coalitions
VIDEO - État d'urgence et lois antiterroristes en France: on est en train de créer deux catégories de Français

Houston mosque set ablaze on Christmas Day in suspected arson

Des violences sans précédent contre les musulmans : le gouvernement français joue avec le feu
Robert Ménard critique les musulmans qui ont protégé des églises durant NoëlLa pourriture raciste et islamophobe est à Ajaccio, la tête pourrie est à Paris
Gap-Toothed, Redneck Hillbilly goes on Anti-‘Mooooz-Lum’ tirade

Bethlehem-area village sealed by Israeli military for weeks

Merry Christmas and get out of Israel, you blood-drinking Christian vampires
Jewish Extremists’ Leader: Christians Are ‘Blood Sucking Vampires’ Who Should Be Expelled From Israel
Torched Church of Loaves and Fish Still Waiting for State Compensation  It's a pity thousands of tourists hoping to spend Christmas Eve at the historic church have to see 'what happens at the hands of Jewish extremists' says church official.

The Murder of Yitzhak Rabin

Ben-Zion Gopstein, leader of Lehava, says Christians are “blood-sucking vampires"
Extremist religious leader says there's no place for Christmas in Israel
Jewish Extremists’ Leader: Christians Are ‘Blood Sucking Vampires’ Who Should Be Expelled From Israel

Une grève en Israël menace les pèlerinages de Noël en Terre Sainte

After 2000 years, Christians disappearing from Gaza

Le Monde affirme que Gaza est toujours occupée et même « annexée » par Israël

Jean-Luc Mélenchon dérape sur sa page Facebook en comparant des Juifs à des « mercenaires »

Israeli concern Troll: Warns Foreclosed Homes Will Soon House 100 Million Muslims

Les écoles de Virginie fermées en raison d’un "devoir islamiste"
Finkielkraut « Avec le pas d'amalgame on vient alors à dédouaner l'islam. Le djihad est une obligation léguée par Mahomet à tous les musulmans »

La communauté juive de Pologne dénonce la « rhétorique antisémite » d’un élu Pawel Kukiz a déclaré que l’opposition démocratique du pays était « financée par un banquier juif »

La Croisade de l’Apocalypse

VIDEO - Le lien entre l'Êxtreme-droite, les frères musulmans et l'Iran : la C.I.A ?

Révisionnisme : Quand l’islamo-gauchisme tente d’usurper l’histoire du peuple juif Pour eux comparer lsrael aux nazis et les musulmans aux juifs génocidés par les nazis, c'est une idée génocidaire car c'est vouloir remplacer les juifs par des musulmans...

VIDEOS - Right-Wing Watch Blog Bons vidéos sur la droite conservatrice débile aux USA.

Pascal Boniface | Twitter

Europe-Israel: L'antisémite Dieudonné M'bala devient la « personnalité » la plus détestée de France Il le fait exprès de toute manière, il dit depuis longtemps qu'il souhaite se retirer...

VIDEO - Ibrahim Nobel sur 'Dieudo clashe Soral' (Blog d'Ibrahim Nobel improbable prospective d'un musulman)

Marine Le Pen's Front National makes political gains after Paris attacks Mais c'est pour toutes les mauvaises raisons possibles...

VIDEO - Réponse à Ibrahim Nobel, Ali Ayin, etc : et si la dissidence était anti-nationaliste ? Ces gens sulfureux salissent tout ce qu'ils touchent, donc le fait qu'il appuient les nationalistes Assad et Poutine va plutôt nuire aux nationalistes tels que Poutine et Assad... Pour vraiment aider ces nationalistes Poutine et Assad, il faut surtout pas leur envoyer des Dieudonné et des Soral dans les pattes, ça peut juste leur nuire!

“Israël est la tête de turc de l’Europe !” Gilles-William Goldnadel pleurniche un coup - Le tour de passe-passe du journal Le Monde pour ignorer les victimes israéliennes du terrorisme Comme si les médias étaient pro-palestiniens et anti-israéliens...
Gilles William Goldnadel revient sur les attentats, la menace terroriste, l'antisémitisme et la christianophobie en France
Maintenant les sionistes s'en prennent à la "christianophobie" en France... Tout pour taper sur les musulmans!

VIDEO - Peter Moore, Cointelpro et Daech 2016
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Rift between Obama, military advisers on Syria
Israël est devenu le principal acheteur du pétrole volé par l'Etat islamique
Netanyahu: Israel in ‘world war’ with Islamic extremists
Analysis: The truth behind ISIS leader's threats against Israel and Jews  Therefore, there is no need to fear: Israel is still a low priority for the Islamic State.
'L'Etat islamique ne craint qu'une seule nation dans le monde'
'The Only Country ISIS Fears Is Israel'  German journalist returns from 10 days with ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria, says organization is confident of its fighting capabilities against the U.S., but not the IDF.
Pourtant ça devrait être l'inverse: Israel a déjà été vaincu par le Hezbollah au Liban (2006). Et ils croient être capables de battre l'armée américaine? LOL C'est clairement une excuse pour cacher la réalité de leur alliance avec Israel et pour justifier le fait qu'il ne vont pas attaquer Israel.
Des idiots utiles, par Alain Benajam Très bon complément (si on veut) au récent topo de feu Benoît Perron sur les néocons: MP3 Zone de Résistance avec Benoît Perron. 3 novembre 2015  (Le topo commence à 28 minutes.)

Leaked Classified Memo Reveals U.S.-Israeli Intel Cooperation on Egypt, Iran  Top-secret memo, published by Glenn Greenwald, describes deep exchange of information between NSA and IDF Unit 8200; takes pride in 'success stories.'
Israeli Intel Cooperated With U.S. and Britain to Surveil Iran Leaders, New Snowden Leak Reveals  The document also discusses U.S.-British cyber successes against Tehran’s nuclear program.
NSA File Reveals Israel Behind 2008 Assassination of Syrian General  According to a report in The Intercept, Israeli naval commandos shot Muhammad Suleiman before escaping via the sea.

US spied on Netanyahu’s anti Iran deal lobbying — report
Amid Bids to Release Jonathan Pollard Former U.S. Officials Say CIA Considers Israel to Be Mideast's Biggest Spy Threat
Senator Rubio says U.S. spying on Israel ‘might be worse’ than reported
US surveillance of Israel shows Netanyahu government ‘tried to persuade Congressmen to vote against Iran nuclear deal’
US spying on Israel reveals cynical heart of the ‘special relationship’
U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress
Report: US was spying on Netanyahu during Iran deal negotiations
Congress intel committee to probe US spying on Israel
Shrugs in Israel to report that US eavesdropped on Netanyahu
Israel: We don’t spy on US, and expect US not to spy on us
US spied on Netanyahu’s anti-Iran deal lobbying — report Despite promising to curb eavesdropping on foreign leaders, White House had NSA listen in on conversations between Israeli leaders and US lawmakers, according to Wall Street Journal
Espionnage américain : Yuval Steinitz calme le jeu

Dec.2015:Trump’s Republican Jewish Coalition event comments stoke outrage over stereotypes during awkward day for GOP hopefuls
Assassinate Donald Trump Say Two GOP Strategists
Analysis: Donald Trump, Israel and the Jews
'William Kristol is terrified that Trump could try 9/11 perpetrators'
LOL!!! Ted Cruz aims to liberate GOP from ‘crazy’ neoconservatives Archi faux, c'est quasiment le contraire de la réalité...

Dual loyalty Eric Alterman calls all of organized Jewry “Israel Firsters”

Lawsuit Targets U.S. Government Over Donations to West Bank Settlements  The suit accuses American donors and charities of violating U.S. law, money laundering and defrauding the U.S. tax authorities.
Haaretz Investigation: U.S. Donors Gave Settlements More Than $220 Million in Tax-exempt Funds Over Five Years  Registered non-profit groups are lavishly funding with tax-deductible U.S. dollars the same West Bank settlements the Obama administration considers obstacles to peace.

‘Hate wedding’ revelers, including groom, freed to house arrest
Groom, guests from video celebrating Duma attack set to be released by police
Primary suspect in West Bank arson to be charged with murder next week
Report: Duma firebombing suspect to be charged with murder
Duma : 2 personnes devraient être inculpées d'ici 5 jours
Two set to be indicted for Duma killings within 5 days
Killing a Palestinian Baby Twice  What would the sages say about these new Jews, the neo-fanatics? They would decree destruction because of unjustified hatred.
Devil's Advocate? The Lawyer Who Defends Israel's Jewish Terror Suspects  Itamar Ben-Gvir honed his legal skills defending himself against more than 50 indictments, and now offers his services to radicals suspected in cases of Jewish terror and hate crimes.
Meet the Settler Arrested for Participating in the 'Wedding of Hate' : Meet Daniel Pinner - an Extremist West Bank Settler  He wrote a hate poem about Yitzhak Rabin, went to prison for shooting and injuring an Arab and is an admirer of Yaakov Teitel and Baruch Goldstein. Meet Daniel Pinner, an extreme right-wing activist from the settlement of Kfar Tapuah.
Duma reaction shows gap in Israeli and Palestinian responses to terror
The Anglo Connection: Why Do So Many Jewish Terrorists Come From the English-speaking World?  From the suspects in the Duma arson case to the revelers in the ‘wedding of hate,’ the ranks of Jewish extremist groups are filled with immigrants from the U.S. and other English speaking countries.
COMPLICIT HATRED IN ISRAEL Relatives point to contact between security service coordinator and father of groom as evidence that Shin Bet was present at event but neglected to stop incitement.
Why Are Israelis So Shocked by the ‘Wedding of Hate’ Video?
Israel Police Arrest Groom From 'Wedding of Hate' Video Clip
Le marié du « mariage de la haine » a été arrêté
Police arrest four, including groom, from 'Jewish extremist wedding video'
Duma suspect released to house arrest
Duma detainee to be indicted for assault on Arab 2 years ago
Duma arson suspect could be released to house arrest   State Attorney files prosecutor's statement against one of the Jewish terror suspects, but not in the Duma case, leading the court to order his release; state appeals decision.
Top justice official visits Duma suspects amid torture claims Deputy A-G Raz Nizri’s meeting considered extraordinary step, but attorney for suspects in deadly firebombing says not enough time spent with detainees
Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu suggests Shin Bet behind wedding celebrating Duma murders
Israeli Court Releases Jewish Terror Suspect After More Serious Allegations Were Dismissed  The 18-year-old suspect, who was arrested by the Shin Bet in connection to the Duma arson-murder case, was placed under house arrest.

Un Juif israélien arrêté pour avoir poignardé un employé arabe

Democratic Activists Are Now Marked Out as Israel's New 'Traitors'  Speakers from Breaking the Silence triggered my engagement with Israel. Now I'm afraid for their lives.
Israeli youth held for planning to attack left-wing protesters
Jewish-Israeli teen held for allegedly planning attack on left-wing demonstrators

This is Netanyahu’s horror: “An open unleashing of raw racism that has always been a part of Israeli society”
We Can’t End the Desecration of Judaism Without Ending the Occupation  Mainstream Israelis far from the West Bank hilltops watching the "hate wedding" clip celebrating of the Dewabsheh family’s murder shouldn’t be sitting comfortably. Secular Israel and its representatives funded and produced that video.
We Religious Zionists Are in Deep Trouble  The thugs filmed celebrating the murder of a Palestinian toddler embrace ideas that are the logical extension of the combustible mix of religion and Zionism.
Is Israel losing its mind?  Op-ed: We are in the midst of a conspiracy of silence. Why aren't we talking out loud about our national illness and its symptoms – the destabilization of the rational and moral grounds of Israel's democracy?
Don't complain about hilltop youth when Israeli ethics contradict the rest of the world's ethics  The thunderous laugh of history rang out Sunday after the government backed the bill forcing representatives of NGOs to wear a special tag. Oh, Europe of the benighted 1930s, we have returned.
Who’s to blame for the acts of Israel's extreme right fringe? Those who accepted the legal anomaly of the settlements from Day 1 and even encouraged them are suddenly looking in the mirror at the ugliest parts of their faces.
Israel now has its very own Jewish Hamas  If rules need to be bent to get the information required to convict the Duma murderers, then so be it. To the security services: Do what you have to do. Do it quickly. Do it now. By Rabbi Eric Yoffe
The two faces of fascism in Israel  Op-ed: Those who believe in democracy try to convince; those who have lost faith in democracy try to impose. That's exactly what far right-wing activists and far left-wing activists are trying to do.
Jewish Terror Doesn't Happen Because of Radical Rabbis, but in Spite of Them  'Inciting rabbis' is a cliché that took root in the 90s after Rabin's assassination, but is irrelevant when it comes to the extreme right in 2015. 
Blame Jewish Terrorism on Nationalism, Not Judaism We should not conflate the abhorrent murderers of the Dawabsheh family, those who celebrated their deaths at a wedding and the hilltop youth with all Jewish Orthodoxy. by Rabbi Avi Shafran...
Netanyahu's 'hierarchy of terror' is the heart of a corrupt Zionism It would be a big mistake to make religious Zionism responsible for uprooting those terrorists, a task at which it has failed dismally.
The only leader who dared Op-ed: Ariel Sharon defeated not only the second intifada and his own outlook, but also the Jewish minority group which had been considered undefeatable until then: The hardcore of the settlers.

Bennett urges Israeli annexation of West Bank
Israel Renews Building Plans in Hot-button E1 Near Ma'aleh Adumim Settlement Move comes a year after Netanyahu canceled similar plan for the neighborhood, whose construction would more closely link Jerusalem and West Bank settlement.

Netanyahu aux Musulmans : « Jamais vous ne pourrez nous déraciner de Hébron »
C'est pas un lapsus. Pour eux Palestinien et musulman c'est du pareil au même. C'est leur tactique : amalgamer "islam" avec "palestine", comme ils ont amalgamé "terrorisme" avec "palestine" et "terrorisme" avec "islam".

Likud Minister: ‘Israel is whole, there is no Palestine’

Justice Minister Shaked Is 'Neo-Nazi Scum,' Says Hebrew University Professor  Shaked files police complaint against Dr. Ofer Cassif; political science lecturer defends his comments: 'it's fair to compare Israel to Germany in the 1930s.'
Israeli professor: Shaked is 'neo-Nazi scum'
Hebrew University lecturer: Ayelet Shaked is 'Neo-Nazi scum'

The Left must not adopt the Right's Holocaust discourse  Op-ed: In Netanyahu's nightmarish world, the Jewish people are always the victims fighting for their lives, and their rivals are Nazis. But not every threat is existential, and one can be a huge villain without being a Nazi.

You've Heard About Muslims Getting Profiled. What About Jews? Trigger warning: This column may offend some readers. It concerns profiling of Muslims (for terrorism) and of Jews (for espionage). The issues aren’t as different as you might wish.

Israel arrested almost 7,000 Palestinians during 2015

‘No-Grow Zone’: Israel Admits to Spraying Poisons Inside Gaza Strip

Israel plans over 55,000 new West Bank settler homes: NGO
Selon une ONG, Israël projette de construire dans une zone sensible en Cisjordanie

NGO labeling: A biased and political bill  Op-ed: Rather than advancing transparency, the real goal of the proposed law requiring NGOs to declare foreign funding is to label and silence specific organizations.
L’Université Autonome de Barcelone boycotte officiellement Israël La faculté espagnole a décidé de couper tous ses liens avec l’État hébreu.
Sharansky Blasts Breaking the Silence as a BDS Organization’  Jewish Agency chief and former 'Prisoner of Zion' says anti-occupation soldiers are in cahoots with international movement to boycott Israel.
How the Israel boycott movement struck major blows in 2015
Labeling Jews: Left-wing NGOs, wear a yellow star in the Knesset  Only an act that is shocking enough to mobilize Israelis and Diaspora Jewry can have an effect on Israel’s coalition.
“Expel Israel from the UN”
Left-wing NGOs in Israel: Wear Your 'Badge of Shame' With Pride  Until the upholders of democratic values give up on Israel altogether, Israeli NGOs should boast proudly of their foreign democratic government funding.
UN supports sovereignty for Palestine and slams Israel
Israel’s First “Jewish-Only Road”. Palestinians are Banned from Using the Road”

Israel Bans Novel on Arab-Jewish Romance From Schools for 'Threatening Jewish Identity'  Move comes despite the fact that the official responsible for teaching of literature in secular state schools recommended the book for use in advanced literature classes, as did a professional committee of academics and educators.
Un roman d’amour entre un Palestinien et une Israélienne interdit au lycée
Bennett Backs School Ban on Novel About Jewish-Arab Love Affair  Education Ministry now says Dorit Rabinyan's book "Borderlife," which it has removed from the curriculum, can be taught in advanced literature classes.
By Banning Book, Israel Maintains Purity of Blood  Jews and Arabs are forbidden to have sex, love, marry, have families or live with one another, according to the Education Ministry.
Herzog Blasts Education Ministry for Banning Arab-Jewish Love Story From Schools  Opposition leader on Naftali Bennett's decision to drop Rabinyan’s 'Borderlife' novel from high school curriculum: Another brick in the Netanyahu government's exclusionary wall.
Principals, Teachers Decry Banning of Arab-Jewish Love Story From Schools  Fear is overtaking reason, teachers association says, after Education Ministry rejects novel about relationship between Israeli woman and Palestinian man.
Israeli Authors, Politicians Blast Move to Ban Novel on Arab-Jewish Romance From Schools  Education Ministry disqualified novel describing love story between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man from use by high schools for 'threatening Jewish identity.'
What Scares Education Ministry More: Intermarriage or Independent Thinking?  The decision to ban the Jewish-Arab love story 'Borderlife' from schools reinforces the principle of separation at the heart of the educational system.

How do you say 'tycoon' in Yiddish?  The rich want to accumulate wealth at the expense of the poor and the rabbis work for whoever has money: this is not a snapshot from today, but rather from a booklet that documents the spirit of the age in Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century.

Ex-employee: Sara Netanyahu is ‘dangerous,’ drinks heavily
Sara Netanyahu interrogée pour des irrégularités financières
Sara Netanyahu questioned over financial irregularities
Sara Netanyahu questioned by police fraud unit

Will Israel Be a Better Place With a Prime Minister Behind Bars?  In a region where leaders are replaced only with bloodshed, Israel is the only country that has deposed and imprisoned its former leaders by due process. Yet, Ehud Olmert's conviction should leave no room for complacency.

Canadian Convicted in Massive Israeli Criminal Case

In his book "The Discourse of Hatred," French philosopher André Glucksmann writes that we are deluding ourselves that the great, huge hatred which led to the annihilation of tens of millions has disappeared from the world.     According to him, the current world is characterized by three types of hatred: Against women, against America and against Israel. We know who is leading this hatred. It's the most radical branch of Islam, which is mainly massacring Muslims. But the two other hatreds are being nurtured by the centers of enlightenment in the free world. The hatred of Jews, he elaborates, has turned into hatred of Israel.
Face à “l’islamo-fascisme”, Pascal Bruckner trouve un certain charme au Front national...

VIDEO - Gars Lambda: Ne ferait-on pas payer à la Corse le prix de sa victoire aux élections
VIDEO - Moualek: Le choc des civilisations partira t-il de la Corse...?

Robert Ménard insulte les musulmans qui ont protégé des églises durant Noël

SARAH SILVERMAN: ‘Jesus was gender fluid!’

2 Israelis arrested for flying drones over Vatican

JSS News: Argentine: la fin de la présidence antisémite est arrivée !

British bishops call for revision of prayer calling for Jews to accept Jesus

Unprecedented Vatican Declaration: Jewish People Part of God’s Salvation
Dérogation : selon le néo-Vatican, les juifs peuvent obtenir le salut éternel sans devenir chrétiens. Trop cool !

Will Donald Trump Hand Ukraine, Syria and the Baltics to Putin?
Donald Trump must be destroyed (says a jew)
Woman in hijab forced to leave Trump event
Donald Trump : une femme voilée chassée de son meeting

Belabored relations: Jeremy Corbyn and Israel

Bernie Sanders Makes Biblical Misstep With Attack on 'Usury'

Sheldon Adelson Dumps Pro-Israel Website — Why?
Sheldon Adelson Pours $7m Into pro-Israel Propaganda Website, Only to Cut Funding  From the Grapevine is the third media outlet whose hidden ties to Adelson have been revealed in recent weeks.

Is Marco Rubio really outraged by US spying on Israel?
Is Marco Rubio squandering his most precious political asset?
VIDEO - Man Stands Up, Shouts ‘Rubio Is Owned By Jews’ at Texas Rally

VIDEO - Netanyahu at War - FRONTLINE (PBS) - télécharger sur Youtube, également ici ou ici
VIDEO - Excerpt: Netanyahu, Rabin and the Assassination that Shook the Country
VIDEO - 'Netanyahu At War' Director Michael Kirk LIVE (Huffington Post)
'Netanyahu at War' Takes Operatic View of Premier's Rise — and Feud With Barack Obama
TV Review: Frontline’s ‘Netanyahu at War’
Netanyahu, Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel in War of Words
Eyal Arad: A “Messianic” Netanyahu
Martin Indyk: Obama “Has Essentially Written Off Netanyahu”
Indyk is telling the truth   Op-ed: The former envoy has no reason to lie after 20 years, and there's also no reason to be shocked by Netanyahu's alleged remarks.
Always at war – a hard look at Benjamin Netanyahu
RAPPEL: CSPAN: Netanyahu's Expert Testimony on Iraq in 2002

Jewish terror bomber claims influence with Ted Cruz A campaigner for US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has praised the Israeli accused of killing Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsha.

Petraeus Tells Haaretz: U.S. Image as War-weary Emboldens the Enemy  C'est la même chose, identique, qu'on entend du côté de William Kristol, le roi des juifs néocons. Ces néocons exigent que les USA fassent des démonstrations de force et jouent à la police mondiale, autrement ils croient que ça va encourager et renforcer la détermination des ennemis d'Israel et des USA à attaquer.

Vive l’ONU ! (et oui au NOM !) "Nouvel Ordre mondial" : le droit international contre la loi du plus fort ? Excellent article de Guyénot qui reprend la thèse de Piper qui disait que l'ONU est lon d'être le coeur du nouvel ordre mondial.
Israël pousse un rapporteur des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU à la démission

Essai nord-coréen : Israël affirme redouter que l’Iran suive l’exemple
'US, Israel should ensure Iran not involved in N. Korean nuclear program'
Obama face à Israël, l’Iran et la Corée du Nord
How Jewish groups got spied on by Obama
Selon un ancien espion américain, Hussein Obama «traite Netanyahou comme ennemi»

Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief
Obama’s Secret Post-Presidency Plan Reportedly Uncovered- Netanyahu Plots Immediate Sabotage

Israel's expansion of settlement bloc harmful to peace, US says

Israeli Defense Minister OKs Addition of West Bank Church Compound to Settlement Bloc  The property at Gush Etzion was purchased by U.S. businessman Irving Moskowitz, a high-profile supporter of the settlements.

U.S. State Department’s Deafening Silence After U.S. Citizens Engage In Israeli Settler Violence The silence of the U.S. government when American citizens are actively engaged in anti-Palestinian terrorism suggests that we condemn Islamist terror while condoning Jewish terror.

Investigation Into West Bank Arson Murders Showcased a Weak Legal System  Uttering the magic words 'national security' is enough to get all judicial values and human rights thrown into the trash can.
Four Duma terror suspects to be indicted Jewish detainees to be charged with involvement in firebombing that killed three members of Palestinian family in July
Analysis: Is the Duma case full of holes or does Ben-Uliel face jail time?
'Duma killers could have been arrested on night of firebombing'
4 Jewish suspects in Duma attack return to court for remand hearing Draft indictment expected later this week, with Shin Bet set to offer evidence linking detainees to 10 other cases
The hilltop youth circus These hilltop youth call themselves a “rebel group.”
Two Israelis charged over arson attack that killed Palestinian family Israeli prosecutors file murder charges against a man and a minor for arson attack in occupied West Bank that killed three members of a Palestinian family.
Israel charges two Jewish extremist youths in Duma killings
Israeli West Bank youth sentenced to jail for posing 'national security' risk
Sure, Oppose Murder, but What About the Atmosphere That Leads to Murder?  A fellow Haaretz opinion writer chastises rabbis for not warning about the ticking bomb that led to the Duma murders. But that’s not enough.
You can't say the Jew's a wild weed while the Arab is a terrorist  The religious Zionists will remain a state within two states, Israel and Palestine, in which Israeli law isn’t always enforced.
Religious Zionism must disengage from zealots
'No Such Thing as Jewish Terror' and More From the Poster Boy of Israel’s Far Right  Lawmaker Bezalel Smotrich wants Israel to annex the West Bank, calls gays ‘abnormal’ and thinks the burning to death of a Palestinian family was not a terror attack because it was done by Jews.
Murder as a tool for redemption The notion of a price to be paid for Jewish blood has deep roots in Jewish underground movements.

2 ados israéliens inculpés pour avoir battu sauvagement un Palestinien
Settlement youths sentenced to prison for attacking police
Anti-Palestinian Hate Crime Drops After Right-wing Activists' Expulsion From West Bank  About a third of the cases opened in past years were closed because police were unable to identify the perpetrators.
Six Yitzhar settlers jailed for attacks on security forces Two men, four minors get 8-month sentences in plea bargain for crimes including rock-throwing, disrupting police work
Israeli West Bank youth sentenced to jail for posing 'national security' risk
Jewish settlers bore into Palestinian children’s bedroom

Bennett : les autorités recherchent “un ou deux rabbins” qui ont aidé à radicaliser “les jeunes des collines”
Bennett: Authorities looking at ‘one or two rabbis’ who helped radicalize ‘hilltop youth’
Radical Israeli rabbis come under fire amid settler violence Recent attacks against Arabs have brought the teachings of extremists into the spotlight.

Palestine occupée: Tsahal empoisonne des terres agricoles à Gaza
IDF destroys Palestinian crops in Gaza

Adjusting Israel's TV to the Right  Removing Channel 33 from the broadcast lineup of Idan Plus in favor of Channel 20 symbolizes a worsening of the government’s treatment of its Arab citizens, who are now totally excluded from its official broadcast lineup.

Obama administration rejects likening Israel’s NGO law to US lobbying registry
The Hypocrisy of Claiming That Foreign-Funded NGOs Hurt Israeli Democracy

Pourquoi l’Europe finance-t-elle des organisations israéliennes de gauche ?
Why does Europe fund left-wing Israeli groups?

Joining forces to campaign against the occupation is no danger for the Jewish community  David Bernstein is right – in the spirit of intersectionality, more activist groups are embracing BDS in solidarity with the fight for Palestinian liberation. But the Jewish community can't – and shouldn't – isolate itself from them.

Brazil senator: Rejection of Israel ambassador shows BDS support

Israeli firm cutting ties with France’s Orange after BDS controversy
Orange laisse tomber sa filiale israélienne qui a soutenu la guerre de Gaza


Indyk : Netanyahu a regretté que Rabin soit mort en ‘héros’
Netanyahu didn’t call Rabin ‘failed politician’ at funeral, says PM’s office
Netanyahu denies bemoaning Rabin’s death as a ‘hero’
Indyk: At Funeral, Netanyahu Lamented That Assassination Made Rabin a Hero  In a PBS documentary, Indyk, who served as U.S. ambassador to Israel in the '90s, quotes Netanyahu, then the opposition leader, as saying that he would have defeated Rabin had he not been assassinated. The prime minister's bureau denies the remarks.
VIDEO - Indyk tells PBS At funeral, Netanyahu lamented that assassination made Rabin a hero Frontline, PBS
PM's Bureau: Netanyahu-Indyk Exchange at Rabin's Funeral 'Never Happened'  Indyk quotes Netanyahu as lamenting that the assassination turned Rabin into a hero; Likud accuses the former diplomat of slandering the prime minister.

Dear Israeli Leftists: Things Could Still Get Much Worse  Fascism, religious coercion, rampant nationalism, ethnic cleansing, censorship of books – if everything is really so awful, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?
In Battle for Israel, Jewish Liberals Stay Aloof but Jewish Right-wingers Go All in  American Jews are only 'engaged witnesses,' the Forward’s Jane Eisner writes, which won’t help much when the house is on fire.
Book Ban Exposes Hypocrisy of Israel's Lettuce-munching Left  Any of the terrible things the right-wing government is ostensibly doing to culture, the enlightened left has already done better.
Fatal Attraction? Book Ban Mere Battle in Israel's War on Intermarriage  Fear of miscegenation isn't some new craze of Israel's far right. It is an inseparable part of the Jewish State.
WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians kiss in defiance of barred book

New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism
‘Anti-Israel’ tweets land NJ Jewish teen with Israel roots in hot water
New Jersey Teen Accused of 'Bullying' for Anti-Israel Tweets

Neocons want you to stop calling them Neocons, claiming anti-semitism. How stupid to you think we are, Neocons?
L'hybris néoconservatrice est pire que la némésis terroriste.
'Radical Islam' Is for the GOP in 2016 What 'Axis of Evil' Was in 2003  What the Middle East needs is not an intensified cold war between the forces of light and darkness, but compromises that help end civil wars.

Rubio pledges Israel trip would be first presidential visit abroad
VIDEO - Sen. Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage Re: his position on the special relationship between Israel and the US.
White Nationalist Trump Robo-Call: “We don’t need Muslims”
Conservative elite, sounding a bit panicked, says Trump will destroy GOP

Netanyahu Plots Revenge On Barack Obama At The United Nations
Obama’s Secret Post-Presidency Plan Reportedly Uncovered- Netanyahu Plots Immediate Sabotage

Israël : le nouveau patron du Mossad donne la priorité à la lutte contre l’Iran

Palestinien brûlé vif : la prison à vie requise contre 2 Israéliens
Israeli prosecutors urge life sentences for killers of Palestinian teen

VIDEO - The Gatekeepers - Enquête sur le Shin Beth [Arte Reportage]
À ne pas manquer! Excellent reportage, qui comprend l'extrait envoyé récemment "Le mouvement clandestin juif voulait détruire le dôme du rocher" Plus d'infos: Israel, le mouvement clandestin juif et le Mont du Temple

Israel tortures Palestinian children & keeps them in outdoor cages in winter

Man gets suspended term for dousing firebrand MK with beverage Right-wing activist poured drink on head of controversial lawmaker Hanin Zoabi during a political rally in March.

Video: Israeli sniper praised for shooting Palestinian protestors

American Jews' Concern for Israeli Democracy Ends at '67 Borders  Anti-NGO law sparks protest because it infringes on a democracy that exists. In the West Bank, there is no democracy.

Why Israel has Silenced the 1948 Story of Nazareth’s Survival. The Only Palestinian City that was not Ethnically Cleansed

Israel sued in Washington over attack on Gaza-bound US ship

Pour Israël, la ministre des Affaires étrangères suédoise soutient le terrorisme et la violence

Sweden urges ‘thorough’ investigation into Israel’s killing of Palestinians
Hotovely says Swedish FM not welcome in Israel after 'extrajudicial killing' comments
Hotovely : Les officiels suédois ne sont pas les bienvenus en Israël
La ministre suédoise des Affaires étrangères interdite de séjour en Israël
Israel blasts Swedish FM for 'supporting terrorism, encouraging violence'

Israel to bar Sweden from any role in future diplomatic process with Palestinians

Palestinians praise Swedish FM's 'brave humanitarian stance' against Israel

Israel Slams Swedish FM for 'Delusional' Call to Probe 'Extrajudicial Killings' of Palestinians  Israel's Foreign Ministry says Margot Wallstrom's call for investigation 'irresponsible and delusional,' adding that she is 'giving support to terror and thus encouraging violence.'

Minister Steinitz Calls Swedish FM 'anti-Semitic'  Steinitz slams Swedish call to investigate Israel for treatment of Palestinians; Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely says 'Israel is closing its gates to official visits from Sweden'; Senior official says no such decision has been made.

Israel Reprimands Swedish Envoy Over FM's Call for Probe Into Killings of Palestinians  Foreign Ministry summons ambassador after Margot Wallstrom called for investigation to determine if Israel was guilty of extrajudicial killings of Palestinians during recent wave of violence.
PM: Swedish FM’s remarks on response to Palestinian attackers are outrageous
Netanyahu on Swedish FM's remarks: Outrageous, immoral, unjust, wrong and stupid

Minister Steinitz Calls Swedish FM 'anti-Semitic'  Steinitz slams Swedish call to investigate Israel for treatment of Palestinians; Deputy Foreign Minister Hotovely says 'Israel is closing its gates to official visits from Sweden'; Senior official says no such decision has been made.

Israel Reprimands Swedish Envoy Over FM's Call for Probe Into Killings of Palestinians  Foreign Ministry summons ambassador after Margot Wallstrom called for investigation to determine if Israel was guilty of extrajudicial killings of Palestinians during recent wave of violence. 

Ireland and Sweden have “Abandoned Israel”…

Netanyahu to Brazil: Settler leader only ambassador we’ll offer

Why Israel's Government of Inciters Can't Win  The battle now is a battle for democracy, and therefore we will defeat you. That’s how it is everywhere in the world and that’s how it is here.

Knesset Transparency C'tee: Gov't unknowingly funding 'price tag' activities  Funds transferred by different ministries to Samaria and Binyamin local councils used to fund NGOs encouraging Jewish terror activities against IDF soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians, says c'tee chairwoman Shaffir.

Israeli Attorney General Gives Netanyahu Cover to Leak Information at Will  Netanyahu is fond of calling for hearings and investigations of leaks, as long as the leaks came from others, especially from others in his cabinet.

Shaked to U.S.: Israel Is a Strong Democracy, Do Not Intervene in Our Legislation

Shaked tells US not to worry about NGO bill US ambassador underlines concern over new legislation, urges justice minister to ‘protect free expression and peaceful dissent’
Left-wing Canadian Zionist groups decry Israeli ‘NGO bill’

NGO law: US ambassador meets Israel justice minister to voice ‘concerns’
A Creative Answer to Israel's McCarthyist Bill  The proposed law targeting NGOs with left-wing agendas provides an opportunity to breathe new life into political philanthropy in Israel, by widening the base of donors.
Israel’s NGO Law Inspired by Non-democratic Regimes, Certainly Not by the U.S.  Ayelet Shaked’s proposed bill is no pale imitation of any U.S. law, as the justice minister has tried to suggest. Instead it transparently supports discrimination against human rights activism in Israel.

Anti-democratic? Moi? Why Israel Ignores America's NGO Bill Warning  Israelis and American officials are going through the motions: Israel transgresses, the U.S. expresses concern. And on and on and on we go.

Bennett: Both Duma Murderers and Radical Left Deny Israel's Legitimacy  'The radical left promotes the boycott of Israel and then goes and says that the world is boycotting us because of the right,' the minister says.

A BDS victory - US church pension board blacklists Israeli banks
U.S. Church Puts Five Israeli Banks on Investment Blacklist
American Historical Association Rejects anti-Israel Resolution  This is the second year in a row the motion failed to pass.

BACKSTORY: Jews have faced BDS movement before Toujours les nazis...

Humanitarian Worker Deported From Israel for ‘trying to change Israel and make it free of racism’

Etiquetage de l'UE: un projet de loi de représailles gelé Ils sont tout fiers de pouvoir dire qu'ils ont laissé tomber la vengeance pour une fois... Quel humanisme!

JDL protesters disrupt U of T ‘Palestinian resistance’ event

A Flagship of Israeli Journalism Joins the Ranks of False Propaganda  The investigative TV program ‘Uvda’ should be ashamed of the report it aired which depicted human rights activists as dangerous, while ignoring the occupation.

VIDEO: Left-wing group invokes Rabin to warn of rightist 'incitement'

Israel Terrorist Leader Gopstein Once Again Calls for Torching Jerusalem Churches - "propagande anti-israélienne" d'AFP qualifiant le nouveau ministre de l'Intérieur, Arye Deri, de "repris de justice"
Israel’s Evasion of Moral Responsibility Former Israeli Interior Minister Arye Dery was jailed for taking bribes and is now returning to the exact same government ministry where he committed his felony. It’s kosher – but it stinks.

Arabs Made to Play Monkeys in an Israeli Circus  During the manhunt for the gunman behind the Tel Aviv shooting, Israel's Arab citizens were shown their place.

Jew who stabbed Arab gets less than two years C'est donc pas considéré comme une tentative de meurtre... À moins qu'Israel donne juste 2 ans de prison pour tentative de meurtre? Ça serait surprenant.

Israel Must Stop With the 'Good Arab' Generalizations  The settlements contain people who see the Israeli government as an enemy and the prime minister as a traitor - just like in the Arab community.

Alan Rickman, l'acteur-réalisateur qui avait donné une «puissante claque à l'État d'Israël»

Israël : une chaîne de supermarché accusée d'avoir discriminé une employée fréquentant un arabe

Israeli supermarket chain harasses employees who date Arabs, ex-manager claims

Unruly Israeli passenger causes flight to divert to Canada

In second time this week, Israeli charged in Canada after flight grounded 54-year-old man’s ‘threatening message’ prompts United Airlines flight to make unscheduled landing in Vancouver.

SOTT Report - Taharrush: Muslims didn't invent gang rape, they got it from the Americans
Fake photos flood Internet after sexual assaults in Germany
New Year's in Cologne: Sexual crime and the radicalizing of European society
Claude Askolovitch : "La réalité correspond exactement au discours de l’extrême droite"

Netanyahu’s Ban on the “Islamic Movement” in Israel

Jean-François Copé, de retour, prône un concordat Etat-islam

Chauprade : « Contre l’islamisation de la France, je lance aujourd’hui le mouvement des Français libres, le parti des forces vives. »

Les massacres sont-ils plus intéressants lorsqu’ils sont commis par des "musulmans"?
VIDEO - Un extraordinaire débat « complotiste » sur l’affaire Merah chez Schneidermann
La "guerre des civilisations" démontée par Raphaël Liogier
Raphaël Liogier a deux nouvelles pour nous. L’une est bonne: La guerre des civilisations n’aura pas lieu. L’autre est mauvaise: l’Europe souffre depuis soixante ans d’un Complexe de Suez dont l’aggravation actuelle cause «le vrai déclin français et du continent». Avec les deux ouvrages portant ces titres (et avec Le mythe de l’islamisation. Essai sur une obsession collective, qui ressort en poche avec une nouvelle postface post-13 novembre), le sociologue et philosophe, professeur à l’Institut d’études politiques d’Aix-en-Provence et directeur de l’Observatoire du religieux, remonte le courant des croyances générales, en s’appuyant sur un travail empirique et sur l’épreuve des faits.

Finkielkraut « Prix de la soumission: Je propose la maire de Cologne »
La dissidence s'est fait avoir : son pseudo anti-judaïsme l'a conduit dans le même camp que Finkie! La dissidence est rendue sur la même ligne que Finkie, la seule différence est que la dissidence se croit antijuive ou antisioniste... Comble de la stupidité: travailler pour son ennemi en croyant le combattre.

Jewish politician on trial in Ukraine invokes blood libel

Les chrétiens d’Israël face à l’intolérance religieuse L’appel à l’épuration de Benzi Gopstein, disciple de Meir Kahane
Unholy Alliance: Christian Zionists and the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Mob Rule: When Israeli Jews Force Israeli Arabs Off an Airplane
Liberman : les radicaux de la communauté arabe doivent être traqués

West Lifts Iran Sanctions After UN Watchdog Confirms Compliance With Nuclear Deal Israel responds to UN agency declaration with skepticism; with lifting of sanctions, $100 billion in Iranian frozen will be immediately thawed.
Republican debaters snipe at one another, Obama’s Iran policy
Americans get it, Obama doesn’t – just like Pharaoh - Nouvelles critiques américaines contre Israël

Israël ne fait face à aucune menace existentielle, selon l’ex patron du Mossad
Israel faces no existential threats, says departing Mossad chief MDR!!

Do anti-Israel Emails From Hillary's Inner Circle Show Her True Colors? From an ex ambassador's suggestion to support Palestinian protests to a senior advisor forwarding his son's anti-Zionist articles, emails sent to Hillary Clinton raise questions about the presidential candidate's views on Israel.
Hillary Clinton’s Enemies Brand Her an Israel-hater Based on Email Dumps Do a bunch of outlandish ideas on the Mideast conflict submitted to then Secretary of State by her aides really represent the presidential candidate’s views on Israel?

Jewish terror bomber claims influence with Ted Cruz C'est le terroriste juif "Victor Vancier", qui disait à propos du terrorisme juif:
In 1986, the New York-based leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, gave a prophetic hint of what may have been finally played out on Sept. 11, 2001: "If you think the Shias in Lebanon are capable of fantastic acts of suicidal terrorism, the Jewish underground will strike targets that will make Americans gasp: 'How could Jews do such things?'" According to Vancier, quoted by Robert I. Friedman in The Village Voice on May 6, 1986, his allies were "desperate people" who "don't care if they live or die."
VIDEO - Chaim Ben Pesach (Victor Vancier) JTF This Week: Innocent Jew faces murder charge; JTF Ted Cruz blitz begins. Ce célèbre terroriste juif en campagne pour Ted Cruz et défend un autre terroriste juif qui a mis le feu à une maison palestinienne et tué une famille incluant un bébé palestinien. Aucune controverse, auun scandale on n'en entend parler nulle part...

Wailing and screeching over the word NEOCON
How Neocons Banished Realism

VIDEO - David Sheen: Connection Between Netanyahu and Lehava
VIDEO - David Sheen: Measuring Racism: Israeli Education

Netanyahu's pathetic primaries chicanery Op-ed: The call for early primaries in the Likud party and the decision to cancel them 4 days later lead us to an absurd situation. A sitting prime minister, whose power and influence are hard to even estimate, is afraid not just of future competitors, but even to compete against himself.

Interior Ministry Has a Stranglehold on the Publication of Newspapers in Israel Some 62 newspapers were unable to be published over the past decade due to the ministry's refusal to grant them licenses.

Ari Shavit, You’ve Fallen Into the Trap of 'Extremists on Both Sides' As opposed to the Haaretz columnist's claim, in reality not a single word has been spoken in support of left-wing activist Ezra Nawi’s statements about informing on Palestinians to the Palestinian Authority.

In Glock We Trust: Ultra-Orthodox Settlement Guns Up A gun sale sponsored by the municipality in the settlement of Betar Ilit highlights a near 180 in how the religious view gun ownership in light of recent violence: 'The more the merrier, regrettably.' 

Jerusalem church defaced with anti-Christian graffiti
Jews spray “Slaughter the Christians” on walls of Jerusalem monastery
Jerusalem church vandalized with crude anti-Christian slogans
Jewish Extremists Vandalize Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey The vandals wrote anti-Christian slogans such as 'Death to the heathen Christians the enemies of Israel' on the walls and doors of the building.
Hebrew graffiti at Jerusalem monastery threatens Christians
A new act of vandalism against Christians in Israel
‘Fundamentalist’ Jewish Terror a Growing Threat to Israel: Experts
Les terroristes du gang "prix à payer" écrivent des slogans injurieux anti-chrétiens à Jérusalem
The Duma Murder Is an Exception to the Already Violent Rule The murder of the Dawabsheh family did not mess anything up because Israel fully backs Jews stealing Palestinian lands, a subtle form of violence.
Father of Palestinian teen burned alive by Judaic terrorists–‘Demolish homes of his Jewish killers, just as you do with Arabs’
Child Survivor of West Bank Arson Murders Doesn't Know His Family Was Killed Four-year-old Ahmad Dawabsheh's grandfather tells NBC News that he plans to break the news to the still-hospitalized child later this week.

Israel employs double legal standard in West Bank, US envoy charges
'Two sets of laws in W. Bank' US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro leveled fierce criticism at Israel during a speech at a security conference.
U.S. Ambassador to Israel: Israel Has Two Standards of Law in West Bank - One for Israelis and One for Palestinians Shapiro voices sharp criticism of Israeli authorities, saying 'too much Israeli vigilantism in the West Bank goes on unchecked,' with PMO blasting comments as 'unacceptable and wrong.'
Netanyahu, US envoy trade jabs over ‘two-standards’ of law in West Bank

Netanyahu slams Sweden’s ‘immoral’ criticism, EU’s ‘illegal’ W. Bank building
Netanyahu: Swedish FM's Remarks on Killings of Palestinians Are 'Outrageous and Stupid' PM criticizes Margot Wallstrom for calling for an investigation to determine if Israel was guilty of extrajudicial killings; attacks EU decision to label settlement products as immoral.
Time for Israel to close its embassy in Sweden, former deputy FM says
Netanyahu slams 'outrageous' accusation made by Swedish FM
Liberman très remonté contre la Suède : "Les Suédois ont collaboré avec les Nazis" propos après que La Suède a demandé des enquêtes sur les Palestiniens tués par Israël.

Israeli Cabinet to Weigh Tit-for-tat Response to EU Labeling Government ministers to vote Sunday on whether to support a bill that would mandate labeling products from countries that label products from Israeli settlements.
Netanyahu Fears More EU Sanctions Against West Bank Settlements During the monthly meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels next week, a decision is expected on its next steps on the Israel-Palestinian issue, but it is still not clear how harsh it will be.
New EU Draft Resolution Draws Stark Distinction Between Israel, West Bank Settlements Israel working frantically to block pending resolution, expected to be published on Monday, that top officials says could lead to additional sanctions against Israeli settlements.
Israel said scrambling to counter new EU decision on settlements
EU hardens settlement stand Israel is battling an EU proposal that calls for all EU countries to restrict its international agreements with Israel to within 1967 borders.
New EU Draft Resolution Draws Stark Distinction Between Israel, West Bank Settlements Israel working frantically to block pending resolution, expected to be published on Monday, that top officials says could lead to additional sanctions against Israeli settlements.
Lemondejuif: Haine d’Israël : la France soutient une violente résolution de l’UE contre les localités juives
Craintes sionistes des nouvelles sanctions européennes imposées sur les produits des colonies
Europe-Israel: Boycott antisémite : L'Union européenne, qui n'a jamais boycotté aucun autre pays, décide de durcir son texte sur l'étiquetage des produits juifs contre Israël
EU ministers seek to soften resolution after Netanyahu lobbying
EU foreign ministers: Agreements with Israel must note no ties to settlements
Settlements are illegal, EU says, and all deals with Israel 'unequivocally' must not apply to occupied territories EU softens statement, but lays line between Israel, settlements Jerusalem successfully lobbies for less hostile resolution, which still slams West Bank activity, as leaders blast ‘double standard’
L'UE adopte avec peine un texte sur le conflit israélo-palestinien
EU criticizes Israel, builds on anti-settlement policy
EU: All Agreements With Israel Must Indicate Inapplicability to Occupied Territories Nonetheless, diplomatic efforts by Israel managed to soften the European Union's Foreign Affairs Council resolution's wording, dropping requirement to draw a 'distinction' between Israel and settlements.
Netanyahu Asks Five EU States to Oppose Resolution That Applies 'Double Standard' to Israel Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic asked to vote down resolution that sharpens distinction between Israel proper and West Bank settlements.
FLASHBACK: 29 nov 2015 Netanyahu Suspends Contact With EU Over Israel-Palestinian Peace Process Israel's Foreign Ministry ordered to 'reassess' EU involvement with Palestinians after decision to label West Bank goods; 'decision is almost completely devoid of any real significance,' official says.

Netanyahu Publicly Backs Bill Aimed at Leftist NGOs, Says Goal Is 'Transparency' 'I fail to understand how greater transparency is undemocratic,' prime minister says. Proposal requires organizations getting more than half their funding from foreign governments to wear tags in Knesset.
Witch-hunt Against Left Wing Activist Is the Prologue to a Stasi State One day, when things get out of control, some will be sorry that they collaborated or stood by, but by then it will be too late.

Espagne : une ville vote le boycott total d’Israël
VIDEO - Roland Dumas pour le boycott des produits israéliens

L’adolescence arrêtée : le développement interrompu des mineurs palestiniens en prison (Middle East Monitor)
Palestinian “Child Prisoners” and the BDS Campaign. Israel’s International Image Continues to Deteriorate
Israel furious at UN report detailing torture of Palestinian children Israel’s security forces have been accused by a United Nations monitoring group of torturing and tormenting Palestinian children.

VIDEO - Propagandistes sionistes confrontés à la télé française Intervention balayée du revers de la main pour "antisémitisme!". Colonialisme et vendetta sans fin au nom du peuple élu de dieu.. mais le dire ouvertement c'est tenir le discours antisémite classique?

Yes, Israel is executing Palestinians without trial

Israel and the South African Nuclear Bomb Documents

As expected, gap-tooth rednecks ‘react’ to Jewry’s latest propaganda film

French PM Manuel Valls: Attacks in France, Israel show we are ‘in world war’

Mossad proxy faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism
‘Death to all J-ws!’ — Jewish agents with links to Mossad stir up fake anti-Semitism

Jérémy Ferrari en 3mn a fait ce que Dieudonné n’a pas fait en 10 ans! Chercher l’erreur…!
VIDEO - Ibrahim Nobel: Dissidentologie

Netanyahu Calls for Banning Islamic Call to Prayer (Adhan), Causes “Unbearable Noise “
Netanyahu: l’Adhan provoque des « bruits insupportables »

De Bernard Lewis à Alain Finkielkraut ou du Choc des civilisations au Choc des races.

Rony Brauman : entre le voile et la kippa, « il y a deux poids, deux mesures »
Europe-Israel: Rony Brauman : la haine de soi juive, le meilleur collabo de l'antisémitisme
Europe-Israel: Rony Brauman-Alain Soral même discours: Pour lui le port de la kippa est « un signe d'allégeance à la politique de l'Etat d'Israël ». Il assimile Israël à l'Etat islamique !

NathalieGoulet @Senateur 61: La logique de la semaine: #KippaPourTous et #LeVoilePourPersonne, j'exagère un peu mais n'y aurait-il pas un double standard?

François Burgat : "Un bon musulman, pour les [élites françaises], est un musulman qui n'est plus musulman"

Crise migratoire : la peste brune refait surface en Europe
C'est pas la même "peste brune" que celle d'antan... c'est un nouveau mouvement raciste haineux populiste différent du fascisme. (À l'époque il y avait pas autant d'immigrants en Europe, donc forcément le fascisme et le nazisme historique étaient très différents des prétendus nazis fascistes d'aujourd'hui, qui sont rendus presque tous les idiots utiles du sionisme, même s'ils sont antijuifs, ça change rien au final, ils restent les idiots utiles du sionisme à cause de leur combat anti-islam et anti-immigrant, combat absolument identique à celui des Israéliens racistes contre les arabes, les musulmans, et les noirs, et tous ceux qui ont la peau foncée.) Comme disait Askolovitch, les anciens fachos étaient anti-démocratiques et autoritaires, alors que les nouveaux populistes anti-islam défendent des idées très démocrates et libérales libertaires et anti-autoritaires (ou bien, dit autrement, ils voient ne d'autoritarisme que chez les étrangers, en particulier musulmans)!
“Rape White Women without Mercy! C'est juste un canular évident... Comme si un annonceur de CNN allait appeler au viol. Il est très inquiétant de voir l'impressionnante quantité de débiles mentaux et de déficients dans la "complosphère" qui vont gober tous ces canulars sans se poser la moindre question...

La France imaginaire d’Anders Breivik — 27 juillet 2011

VIDEO - [HUMOUR] "Pourquoi la déchéance de nationalité, c'est bien !"

Bennett: We’re literally the border between Islamic State and the free world
Rabbi Fischer takes the bait on chain email hoax: No Muslims in Japan
Sophisticated Orientalism in the New York Times
Elisabeth Badinter : "Il ne faut pas avoir peur de se faire traiter d'islamophobe"
Charlie, nouvelle religion d'État
VIDEO - Alain Finkielkraut : « La radicalisation islamiste prend des proportions très alarmantes »
Finkelkraut : la France doit s’attendre à d’autres attentats
Vidéo - L’essayiste Lydia Guirous « il y a un ennemi intérieur, des Français qui ont pour objectif d’éliminer d’autres Français », dans certains quartiers « ce sont les islamistes qui font la loi »Mini-Finkie.

L’Occident malade de lui-même. On ne construira l’Europe qu’en la déculpabilisant "Causeur" c'est le journal d'Elisabeth Lévy: une sorte de Soral (grande gueule gueularde) qui surfe sur l'anti-rectitude politique, mais qui se bat dans le même camp fanatiquement anti-islam que Finkie et Zemmour, ces juifs sionistes qui se croient plus Français que les Français, plus nationaux que le FN. Causeur fait dans cet article la promotion de Alexandre Del Valle, un ancien de l'extrême-droite devenu aujourd'hui partisan de la lutte contre l'islam, promoteur de la théorie du complot islamo-américain. Semblable à la théorie des néocons comme Frank Gaffney qui disent qu'Obama est soumis à l'islam des Frères musulmans, etc.

La répression identitaire bat son plein... Bottez-moi le cul, je suis blanc et catholique ! par Richard Martineau
Le site vigile est vraiment en train de sombrer depuis un bout de temps dans le marasme des préoccupations identitaires, ça fait d'eux les idiots utiles des promoteurs du choc sioniste des civilisations entre l'islam et pratiquement le reste du monde au grand complet... C'est une subversion du mouvement souverainiste par des éléments identitaires, que ce soit des blancs canayens-français ou seulement catholiques romains occidentaux mais au niveau des "valeurs" , étant non-pratiquants. Les groupes identitaires sont souvent les plus ardents promoteurs de l'idée de guerre ("choc") des civilisations entre l'Islam et l'Occident. Ils vont souvent tenir le discours anti-rectitude politique, ce qui leur attire des millions de sympathisants qui aiment se faire dire ce qu'ils veulent entendre. Toute leur notoriété et leur gloire vient de là, du fait qu'ils ont l'air de brasser la cage de la rectitude politique. Et pendant ce temps là les vrais diseurs de vérité sont tus ou seulement enterrés par le bruit ambiant.

RT - Philippe de Villiers : «Pour l’islam, la France n’est qu’une portion de la terre à conquérir»
Un autre exemple mieux articulé que Martineau mais en plus conspirationniste, bien qu'ayant le même discours de fond: tout aussi anti-islam. RT publie parfois de vrais torchons remplis de ...
De Villiers travaille avec son grand ami juif anglais Sir Jimmy Goldsmith depuis longtemps: ils ont flairé le biz du buzz longtemps avant Soral et Dieudo... Je vous laisse remplir vous-mêmes les vides et les sous-entendus ici.
Le principal problème que je vois dans le cas de De Villiers c'est sa promotion de la théorie du grand complot islamo-américain, d'Obama agent des Frères musulmans, du CFR et de Bilderberg derrière l'islam migrateur et dissolvant, théorie qui soit en passant est bien reçue également du côté de la nouvelle extrême-droite désormais infiltrée et cooptée par les sionistes... C'est aussi la théorie du néocon Frank Gaffney, signataire du PNAC, notamment. Rand Paul y souscrit lui aussi, mais un peu plus subtilement que Gaffney. Toute cette propagande désinformatrice contribue à réaliser la pseudo prophétie du "choc des civilisations", sous prétexte de révélation d'un plan de domination mondiale islamo-américain, ou américano-islamique.

Sur ce blog:

Pendant que le gouvernement canadien de Stephen Harper envisage une loi protégeant l'État juif contre les méchants boycotteurs, le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson, soi-disant "juif le plus riche du monde", magnat des casinos connecté au crime organisé, parraine la formation du nouveau gouvernement de Netanyahou comme il parraine (et contrôle) le parti républicain états-unien. Le nouveau gouvernement Netanyahou et le parti républicain d'Adelson sont à ce point identiques - judéomaniaques et anti-arabes, contre l'Iran, la Palestine et l'Irak - qu'on jurerait qu'ils ont été séparés à la naissance... L'Israélienne qui incitait publiquement à "tuer les mères des Palestiniens" est nommée ministre de la justice. Le ministre israélien qui avouait publiquement n'avoir "aucun problème à tuer des Arabes" devient ministre de l'éducation.

Hormis les médias juifs ou pro-palestiniens, personne ne parle du rapport américain déclassifié en février dernier confirmant l'existence du nucléaire israélien

Vers une Seconde Révolution américaine? Les administrations Obama et Netanyahou à couteaux tirés... boycott du discours de Netanyahou au Congrès par plus de 50 Démocrates, menaces, accusations de mensonge sur la place publique... Une première dans l'histoire des relations entre les États-Unis et Israël. Cela alors que le Mossad contredit radicalement la campagne de peur de Netanyahou concernant la prétendue menace nucléaire iranienne. Tout ça juste à temps pour Pourim... L'admin Obama déclassifie un document top-secret sur le nucléaire israélien!

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de C-Span2, l'ex-agent du Mossad Victor Ostrovsky lève le voile sur l'influence du Mossad dans la politique étatsunienne

Médias antijuifs? En 2010, un ancien directeur de la CIA à Paris, Charles G. Cogan, professeur à l'université Harvard et pro-gaulliste, dénonçait sur les ondes de France24 la forte campagne de propagande anti-arabe et anti-islam menée par l'état d'Israël et relayée par la communauté juive aux États-Unis

Élucidation complète de la responsabilité d'Israël et ses services secrets dans l'orchestration du 11 septembre et sa récupération géopolitico-médiatique

Hollywood tue des arabes: le film 'American Sniper' remporte un succès monstre aux États-Unis. L'exceptionnalisme américain et son ombre... Remettons les mots à l'endroit, utilisons-les correctement: voici le véritable anti-sémitisme en action: le massacre des Arabes en tant que masse indifférenciée des "méchants"

"There Will Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight!" Un projet de film de Michael Collins Piper, en réponse à l'abject "Inglourious Basterds" de Tarantino

La télé antijuive? Des organisations juives condamnent et tentent de faire interdire une série télé d'un réalisateur juif britannique des plus respecté, qui se demande comment Israël a pu réussir en si peu de temps à s'aliéner le monde entier. Rien n'avait préparé le réalisateur aux attaques vitrioliques du "lobby sioniste" qui allaient déferler sur lui... Toujours pas vu à la télé états-unienne.

Légalisation de la torture: la CIA a une dette envers Israël

L'ONU: antijuif et anti-américain? Une nouvelle résolution onusienne contre la militarisation de l'espace rejetée exclusivement par Israël et les États-Unis

Médias juifs antijuifs? Le Jerusalem Post confirme qu'Israël savait que le USS Liberty était américain

Un "new Israel" au Texas? Pourquoi pas?

Roland Dumas, ancien ministre français des affaires étrangères: "Israël contrôle le service de renseignement français"

À quand une purge mondiale des individus considérés anti-juifs? Assassinats extrajudiciaires et menaces de mort d'Israël contre ses ennemis perçus ; l'Iran dit avoir reçu une enveloppe portant le sceau d'Israël contenant des insectes morts accompagnés d'une lettre menaçant les "ennemis d'Israël" d'extermination au moyen d'armes biologiques (virus)

Le complot islamo-gauchiste contre l'Occident. Par l'humoriste juif Daniel Pipes

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Pour l'Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, même les médiats Rothschild doivent des excuses à Israël pour avoir attiré l'attention sur le lobby juif et son rôle dans l'impasse des relations irano-américaines

Les milliardaires juifs et magnats des médias Haim Saban (Démocrate) et Sheldon Adelson (Républicain) en compétition pour le titre du plus grand juif fauteur de guerres mondiales, insistent qu'il faut bombarder l'Iran

Médias juifs anti-juifs? La chaîne NBC révèle qu'un Israélien sur deux souhaiterait qu'une lettre contenant le virus Ebola soit envoyée au président Obama pour son anniversaire

11 septembre 2014, l'Islam à nouveau diabolisé, la victime toujours blâmée... Indignation sélective et interventionnisme à géométrie variable: tous ces politiciens qui crient au meurtre maintenant sont restés muets cet été lors du carnage israélien à Gaza. Les crimes de guerre occidentaux sont la cause réelle de la formation de l'État islamique; nos médias leur ont fait une pub du tonnerre, rien de mieux pour accroître les rangs de l'EI! Al-Qaida ne faisait plus peur, il fallait donc qu'un nouveau méchant de service prenne sa place... Serons-nous bernés encore une fois?

L'empire est de retour en Irak... Pour combattre les djihadistes et prévenir un "génocide"? Mais comment croire la CIA lorsqu'elle affirme s'être fait prendre par surprise par les récents exploits d'ISIS? N'a-t-elle pas prétendu la même chose à propos du 11 septembre? Nous sommes censés croire que les services secrets anglo-américains n'ont rien vu venir?

Les médias "antijuifs" et autres théories du complot... Mise au point de Guillaume Weill-Raynal et de Marc-Édouard Nabe

Willam Kristol, fauteur de guerre juif, roi du PNAC néocon, appelle à "défier l'idole de la fatigue de guerre" en se préparant et en se mobilisant pour la guerre

11 septembre et tout le reste: c'était pas les musulmans!

Un des journalistes juifs du Watergate, Carl Bernstein, accuse les "néocons juifs" d'être derrière la guerre en Irak

Brochette de sionistes juifs néocons, au bien cuit de Dick Cheney 

'A CLEAN BREAK': un document incontournable du gvt israélien pour comprendre le projet du Grand Israël et les agressions impérialistes au Moyen-Orient

Le mouvement juif Néo-conservateur : du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Rabbin: La guerre en Irak n'était pas seulement pour Israël. ... mais aussi pour la paix dans le monde!


Pourim 2011 (19 et 20 mars) et l'attaque atlanto-sioniste en Libye

L'American Jewish Committee derrière les mensonges humanitaires qui ont rendu possible la guerre en Libye

Le président du National Endowment for Democracy (marionnettiste du "printemps arabe") est un ancien de l'Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith
Maudite boisson! Le sérum de vérité alcoolisé pousse Tenet à désigner les coupables juifs néocons

L'option Samson: Israël menace le monde entier de déclencher un cataclysme nucléaire

Qui est Amalek? Quelle géopolitique du Moyen-Orient peut-on tirer de la Loi juive ?

Rupert Murdoch dénonce la "guerre contre les Juifs"

Le sionisme contre l'ONU

Les fauteurs de guerres

Selon Frank J. Gaffney (PNAC), les Frères Musulmans ont infiltré et contrôlent l’administration Obama

Un sinistre canadien dénonce le complot onusien-médiatique contre Israël

Des faux nationalistes: sionistes autant anti-nazis qu'anti-Islam

Le croisé anti-terrorisme Lieberman lié à un groupe pro-terrorisme

Un esclave des Bronfman-Rothschild, John McCain, menace Poutine: "Cher Vlad, le #printemps arabe s'en vient dans un quartier près de chez vous"

La soif de sang frénétique de John McCain: après la mort de Kadhafi, les "dictateurs" comme Assad, Poutine, les Chinois doivent avoir peur...


NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL - PLUS JAMAIS DE GUERRES POUR ISRAËL! Prévisible false flag israélien et pressions sionistes pour envoyer l'Occident se battre pour les intétêts d'Israël

L'utilisation d'armes chimiques en Syrie pourrait être un false flag israélien, selon l'ancien chef de cabinet de Colin Powell sous l'administration Bush, le colonel à la retraite Lawrence Wilkerson

Un lobbyiste pro-israélien appelle à provoquer un nouveau Pearl Harbor pour déclencher une guerre contre l'Iran

John McCain et les guerres pour Israël

Michael Scheuer explique le non-interventionnisme

Al-Qaïda et Israël (Joe Lieberman): même combat contre la Syrie

John McCain et les leçons de la Libye: "Bombardez la Syrie!"

McCain et Lieberman: "bombardez la Libye"

Rand Paul se distancie des idées de son père, se rapproche des juifs et reçoit l'appui de l'establishment républicain et des médias

Médiats juifs anti-juifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est "tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion" selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens

Dans ses mémoires intitulées "Diary of a Foreign Minister", l'ancien ministre australien des affaires étrangères, Bob Carr, dénonce la domination malsaine du lobby juif sioniste international sur les affaires étrangères

L'accord iranien est "Munich" et "Obama est Chamberlain", selon l'Organisation sioniste américaine (ZOA). Netanyahou s'époumonne désespérément, hurle au complot américano-iranien contre Israël; Obama l'invite à prendre une petite pause-santé. Netanyahou: fou dangereux qui pourrait envisager un deuxième 11 septembre nucléaire contre les États-Unis...

L'utilisation d'armes chimiques en Syrie pourrait être un false flag israélien, selon l'ancien chef de cabinet de Colin Powell sous l'administration Bush, le colonel à la retraite Lawrence Wilkerson

Médiats juifs antijuifs? La chaîne CBS rapporte que l'administration Obama a demandé à Israël de bien vouloir cesser d'assassiner les scientifiques iraniens

Morsi avait tenté un rapprochement avec la Russie et l'Iran, Israël soutient le coup et la répression militaire en Égypte

Le prochain 11 septembre sera-t-il concoté en Israël? Un rappel sur le rôle des néocons Douglas Feith, Richard Perle et Marc Grossman dans la trahison de secrets nucléaires américains. Par un journaliste qui semble croire au terrorisme musulman mais qui voit bien que celui-ci reçoit des secrets nucléaires volés par des néo-conservateurs

11 septembre: les détails techniques ne sont que des détails, il importe bien plus de savoir qui sont les ultimes responsables et pourquoi ils l'ont fait. Et c'était pas les nazis!

Nader Tackles McCain on Most Covered-Up Event in History

Le printemps arabe: "une incroyable opportunité pour Israël", selon l'ancien directeur du Mossad Meir Dagan et le Maj. Gen. et criminel de guerre Yoav Galant

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Trop de "complots juifs" dans les séries télé états-uniennes, selon l'ambassade d'Israël

Médiats juifs antijuifs? CNN et le NY Times mentionnent l'arsenal nucléaire d'Israël, qui explique pourquoi ses voisins se sont dotés d'armes chimiques

"Rothschild du Nouveau Monde": gibier de potence talmudiste, Edgar Bronfman Sr. en enfer. Son rôle-clé dans la guerre en Irak...

Humour juif? Complots partout? Selon le rabbin Antelman, le mondialisme oligarchique est un "complot communiste illuminati pour détruire les Juifs et le judaïsme"

Le jeu des devinettes: qui a dit "Si je suis réélu, je vais foutre les Juifs"?

Inversion accusatoire: Israël furieux que les États-Unis n'aient pas étouffé la nouvelle concernant les bombardements israéliens en Syrie

Comment le B'nai Brith peut-il parler d'une montée sans précédent des sentiments "antisémites" alors que personne ne semble avoir remarqué la judéité de la nouvelle directrice de la Réserve Fédérale

Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l'Occident en guerre en Syrie pour Israël

Détenteur d'un important arsenal nucléaire et chimique, Israël est responsable de la course à l'armement nucléaire et chimique au Proche-Orient... Qu'attendent nos chères démocraties pour condamner cet état terroriste partisan d'al-Qaïda et le compter parmi leurs ennemis?

Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l'Occident en guerre en Syrie pour lsraël; l'AIPAC confirme timidement son rôle de fauteur de guerres la veille de Roch Hachana, dit le "Jour du Jugement"; les groupes juifs craignent d'être associés à de tels efforts et soutiennent que c'est un devoir moral pour eux de prendre la parole, vu qu'ils s'y connaissent tellement en gazage; leur agent John Kerry (Cohn) dit qu'Assad est comme Hitler et Hussein; une victoire de "l'axe Téhéran-Damas-Hezbollah" gênerait fortement lsraël qui cherche à d'établir un précédent en Syrie afin de faciliter une guerre contre l'Iran.

Les attentats revendiqués par al-Qaida... sur un site israélien de propagande

"Je larguerais Israël demain matin!" dit au Congrès le professeur Michael Scheuer, ancien directeur de l'unité anti-Ben Laden à la CIA

La CIA voit le Mossad comme sa pire menace en matière de contre-espionnage

Devoir de mémoire, devoir de faire tomber l'axe Iran-Syrie-Liban

Devoir de mémoire devoir de vitrifier l'Iran

Netanyahou: "Nous vaincrons l'Islam militant"

Surprise durant la semaine de l'anniversaire de l'assassinat de JFK: Arnon Milchan, producteur juif d'Hollywood, a confirmé ce que nous savions en avouant publiquement avoir été à l'emploi du Mossad dans le cadre du développement du programme nucléaire d'Israël...

L’ancien responsable de l’Unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA estime que l’Islam radical est une menace imaginaire

L’ancien directeur de l’unité de traque de Ben Laden à la CIA, Michael Scheuer accuse Israël de détenir le Congrès et d’entraîner les USA vers le désastre d’une guerre contre l’Iran

Inversion accusatoire : l'empire israélite accuse l'Iran d'être "la plus grave menace pour la paix dans le monde"

L'Iran ne croit pas la fable convenue du 11 septembre ; les États-Unis en mal de casus belli l'accusent d'avoir monté le coup

Qui domine les États-Unis?

Un autre grand comique juif, Sheldon Adelson, qui s'autoproclame "le juif le plus riche du monde", appelle à bombarder l'Iran avec du nucléaire, donnant raison à Jack Straw

La guerre en Irak était une célébration de Pourim!

Pourim: notre ennemi traditionnel a gagné la Seconde Guerre mondiale

La Judée déclare la guerre à l'Allemagne

The Jewish War of Survival

L'Option Samson comme "justice ultime"

Guerres sionistes: vers la délivrance finale

Les renseignements britanniques évitaient d'engager des membres de la communauté juive

La Grande-Bretagne craignait qu'Israël n'utilise la bombe atomique

Le groupe Stern (Lehi) a tenté d'assassiner le président Truman; selon Victor Ostrovsky le Mossad a déjà tenté de tuer le président George Bush, qui disait "Je ne suis qu'un petit homme isolé qui se bat contre la puissance politique d'un millier de lobbyistes du Capitole"

Les massmédias anti-juifs? Un Tweet d'une correspondante de la BBC à Washington réfère au pouvoir et à l'argent du lobby juif

Les massmédias antisémites? Le Washington Post rapporte que le virus Flame serait, comme Stuxnet, une cyber-arme us-israélienne contre l'Iran

Médiats antijuifs? Le journaliste de Newsweek Jeff Stein soulève l'ire des juifs pour avoir attiré l'attention sur un rapport étatsunien accusant Israël d'avoir dépassé les bornes de par l'ampleur de ses opérations d'espionnage en sol américain. Aucun autre allié des États-Unis ne les espionne autant que le fait Israël. Un ex-chef du Mossad qualifie ces allégations de "délirantes". Israël et le lobby juif, quant à eux, se scandalisent que les États-Unis s'obstinent à refuser l'exemption de visas aux Israéliens.

Le jeu des devinettes: qu'ont en commun Al Capone et la contrebande d'alcool durant la prohibition, Meyer Lansky et l'armement de tsahal, Jack Ruby et l'assassinat de JFK, la production d'anthrax à Grosse-Ile au Québec et la Seconde guerre mondiale, John McCain et Rupert Murdoch, la guerre contre le nationalisme québecois et le nouveau chef des finances du parti Libéral canadien?

Le sioniste juif intégriste Joe Lieberman parle au nom des États-Unis d'Amérique (rien de moins): "Les USA sont prêts à attaquer l'Iran"

Le gouvernement canadien sait comment plaire à son maître et se porte volonatire pour rayer l'Iran de la carte

NYTimes: 16 agences US de renseignement confirment que l’Iran n’a pas la bombe -- Le général Dempsey refuse d’être complice d'une attaque israélienne

Politique nucléaire talmudique: une loi pour le peuple élu et une autre loi pour l'Iran

Le méchant Vlad Poutine en remplacement du méchant Ahmadinejad?

Médiats juifs anti-juifs? Sans ennemi extérieur à combattre, Israël est voué à l'éclatement

Cheney furieux que Bush n'ait pas pardonné "Scooter" Libby

Libby inculpé suite à une plainte auprès de MSNBC


Le prochain 11 septembre sera-t-il concoté en Israël?

Test de loyauté sioniste imposé aux membres du gouvernement américain

Déclassification de l’enquête sénatoriale sur le lobby sioniste aux USA (1963)

James Petras lève le voile sur les agents sionistes responsables de la guerre en Irak et du scandale d'espionnage à l'AIPAC

Une démocrate juive, Jane Harman, aurait manigancé l'acquittement des espions de l'AIPAC, en conversation téléphonique avec un agent du Mossad

Michel Bachmann est comme Sarah Palin: sioniste et anti-Islam

Les Néocons derrière Sarah Palin

Rand Paul plus néocon que les néocons

Ron Paul explique le non-interventionnisme dans les affaires étrangères

Le gourou néocon Norman Podhoretz: "En tant qu'Américain et Juif, je prie pour que Bush bombarde l'Iran"

Même Reuters n'est pas à l'abri du congrès juif européen et de son président milliardaire

À quand une nuit de cristal pour démanteler ce réseau d'espionnage sioniste international?

La sécurité nucléaire au coeur du scandale d'espionnage à l'AIPAC

Lobbying sioniste et libération des "Israéliens dansants" du 11 septembre