Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Un sinistre canadien dénonce le complot onusien-médiatique contre Israël

Le ministre des finances israélien explique: "Mieux qu'Israël lui-même, le Canada reste encore le meilleur ami qui soit pour Israël."

Baird sticks to party line - Israel's Likud party

Baird praised by Jewish groups and Israel

Middle East experts suggest that Canada has compromised its credibility in the region

Harper government defends Israel’s assault on Gaza

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

 Canada has “moral obligation” to support Israel, stop anti-Semitism: Jason Kenney

Nétanyahou louange Harper, en visite en Israël

Netanyahu lauds Harper’s ‘moral leadership’ upon arrival to Israel

Canadian PM arrives in Israel Stephen Harper lands in Israel for four-day visit, meets with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Harper s'apprête à s'envoler en Israël

Canadian gov’t urged to line up policy on Israel with public support TORONTO — A former Israeli ambassador to Canada is among a group condemning an apparent discrepancy between Ottawa’s fervid public...

20 novembre 2012
[Le ministre canadien des Affaires étrangères] John Baird réitère son appui inconditionnel à l'État d'Israël

John Baird a réitéré que les Nations unies... (Photo: PC)
20 novembre 2012 John Baird réitère son appui inconditionnel à l'État d'Israël
John Baird a réitéré que les Nations unies étaient anti-Israël et a critiqué les médias qui, selon lui, dépeignent Israël comme l'agresseur dans les affrontements actuels. Photo: PC

Canada exits UN meeting in protest after Iran levels 'genocide' barb on Israel

You’ll face ‘consequences’ from Canada if you take Israel to International Criminal Court: Baird to Palestinians
Baird, ton intimidation tu penses pas qu'elle aussi elle va entraîner des conséquences pour le pays au nom duquel tu prétends pouvoir parler?

Canadian union criticized for using newsletter to attack Israel

Lobby: Canada Postal Union is antisemitic!
Stephen Harper’s government has asked country’s Postal Workers Union (CUPW) to apologize for insulting Canada’s closest ally and the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

Canada world leader in promoting Holocaust remembrance
B’nai Brith issued a statement welcoming the official handover ceremony today in Berlin, whereby Canada has assumed the chairmanship of the International Holocaust...

Explaining Canada’s unconditional support of Israel

Why does Canada support Israel right or wrong?

Harper’s love affair with Zionism

Israeli Prime Minister Stephen Harper returns after long visit in Canada
After nine long years travelling in Canada to promote his country, Israel’s prime minister Stephen Harper is finally back in his homeland. (HUMOUR)

Israël: Harper déplore une «nouvelle souche» d'antisémitisme

Harper tells Knesset: Anti-Zionism is the new face of anti-Semitism

Stephen Harper argues criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic

In comparison to other world leaders, Canadian PM doesn't feel a need to balance his praise for Israel with criticism of it's policies.
Harper: Through fire and water, Canada will stand with youCanadian PM met with many standing ovations, but in the end, was treated like family and interrupted by Arab MKs who relegated him to the Likud's benches.

Harper heckled during address to Israeli parliament
Prime Minister Stephen Harper was heckled during his historic address to the Israeli parliament on Monday.
While speaking of a new form of anti-Semitism that has emerged in recent years, two Arabic-speaking members of parliament shouted over Harper, before they both walked out.

Harper makes historic address to Knesset
“People who would never say they hate and blame the Jews for their own failings or the problems of the world instead declare their hatred of Israel and blame the only Jewish state for the problems of the Middle East.On some campuses... arguments against Israeli policies thinly mask ... the shunning of Israeli academics and the harassment of Jewish students.  “Most disgracefully of all, some openly call Israel an apartheid state. Think about the twisted logic and outright malice behind that.” At this point, two hecklers, the two Arab-Israeli MKs who’d been shouting out criticisms of Israeli policy – one had been calling out in English and Hebrew that his village lacked electricity and water – stormed out of the Knesset session.  Nevertheless, Harper went on, insisting that blaming Israel is meaningless. “Neither Israel’s existence, nor its policies, are responsible for the instability in the Middle East today,” Harper said.

Israel’s deathly nukes and Canada’s deafening silence 
 by Brandon Martinez

With all of the recent chatter about the murder of JFK, I am tempted to delve into the subject. In my view, one cannot credibly comment on the matter without reading Michael Collins Piper’s book “Final Judgment”. Piper’s book unravels an encyclopedic array of evidence showcasing Israel’s bloody fingerprints all over the JFK assassination. Israel’s motive for murder, Piper determined, was the president’s staunch opposition to the nuclear arms ambitions of the Zionist state. Kevin Barrett recently noted in a column for Press TV: “Ben Gurion haughtily refused to answer JFK’s letter demanding that Israel abandon its nuclear aspirations. Instead, he resigned. Six months later, JFK was publicly executed. A few years after that, Ben Gurion got his nuclear weapons… and his longed-for war of aggression to steal Jerusalem.”

2014: Baird receives Wiesenthal Center’s Award of Valour

VIDEO - Harper govt. silent on Israel's maltreatment of Canadian citizen

VIDEO - Canada's pro-Israel journalists seek to suppress anti-colonial discourse 

VIDEO - ZCF - Canadian PM a Sockpuppet of Zionism