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Les chèvres de Judas mènent le mouvement de vérité à l'abattoir

Attention! Le contrôle de l'information n'est pas que dans les grands médias! 

Il sévit de plus en plus à l'intérieur même du mouvement pour la vérité, dans de nombreux courriels, articles, vidéos, réseaux sociaux et sites web qui prétendent dévoiler les mensonges des grands médias et des gouvernements!

"Grâce à l'Internet, il est maintenant possible d'être extrêmement
bien informé et d'avoir en même temps complètement tort!"

Vous connaissez probablement un de ces naïfs qui propagent sur internet les théories de conspirations les plus farfelues, sans se soucier du mal qu'ils font au mouvement pour la vérité et sans se douter qu'ils sont en train d'être utilisés comme des idiots utiles par les vrais contrôleurs de l'information, les maîtres de l'ingénierie sociale et de la manipulation des foules.

Nous savons que des événements tragiques sont souvent récupérés, parfois même conçus dès le départ pour des fins d'ingénierie sociale. Mais de plus en plus, cette ingénierie sociale est en train de s'immiscer dans les médiats alternatifs (le dit "mouvement de vérité", les "Truthers") en y propageant des fausses théories du complot, de la diversion, voire de l'intox pure et simple, afin de le saboter de l'intérieur et de le stigmatiser en le discréditant définitivement aux yeux du public. Appelez ça comme vous voulez: désinformation, diversion, noyer le poisson... tout pour protéger les vrais complots et la main-mise des contrôleurs sur l'information.

Le mouvement de vérité, plus ou moins rattaché au mouvement pour la vérité sur le 11 septembre, est rendu à ce point dangereux pour les contrôleurs de l'info qu'il est désormais une cible prioritaire, nécessitant une vaste opération d'infiltration cognitive des théories de conspirations, telle que théorisée par le juif Cass Sunstein, grand spécialiste du contrôle de l'information au sein de l'administration Obama.
Wikipedia: En 2008, Sunstein a cosigné avec Adrian Vermeule un article intitulé Conspiracy Theories, où ils affirment que l'existence de théories du complot n'est pas quelque chose de trivial, mais implique de vrais enjeux pour les politiques anti-terroristes des États. Ils poursuivent en affirmant que la meilleure réponse consiste dans l'infiltration cognitive des groupes extrémistes, notamment au niveau des réseaux sociaux ou même des réseaux physiques, dans le but de désamorcer ces théories en soulevant des doutes au sujet de leurs prémisses factuelles ou de leurs implications logiques et causales du point de vue de l'action politique.

Et quelles théories du complot Sunstein vise-t-il plus spécifiquement dans son livre NUDGE?
Les théories du complot associant Israël au 11 septembre!

The Piper Report Aug 26, 2013
The sloppy ‘research’ done by so many in the ‘truth movement’ and how it is utilized by our enemies against us.
Download Here 

À propos des conspirationnistes obnubilés par les détails techniques et autres diversions:

"While the researchers have preoccupied themselves with how the assassination was accomplished, there has been almost no systematic thinking on why President Kennedy was killed."
--Vincent J. Salandria, Attorney Philadelphia, Pa. Based on an address at the conference of the New
England Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Cambridge,

Cass R. Sunstein

Harvard Law School

Adrian Vermeule

Harvard Law School

January 15, 2008
Harvard Public Law Working Paper No. 08-03
U of Chicago, Public Law Working Paper No. 199
U of Chicago Law And Economics, Olin Working Paper No. 387

Many millions of people hold conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them, are explored in this light.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 30
Keywords: conspiracy theories, social networks, informational cascades, group polarization
working papers series
Download This Paper Date posted: January 17, 2008 ; Last revised: January 18, 2010 http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1084585

Internet Rife With Disinformation
• “ Cyber shills” working to misdirect, embarrass legitimate conspiracy researchers
Michael Collins Piper
Evidence suggests patriots and truthseekers are being subjected to insidious means of mind control—and crowd control—through a covert campaign now being orchestrated across the Internet. 
Consider this: Right after 9-11, AFP correspondent Victor Thorn demonstrated that the U.S. government version of what happened to United Flight 93 on 9-11 was an absolute lie, and that the plane was deliberately shot down by the government. 
Yet, today, there is an ongoing push to flood the Internet and independent media with a never-before-seen genre of thought that holds, essentially, that nothing reported in the establishment press is “for real”—that every traumatic event is, to one degree or another, a big hoax. 
Here’s the problem: Had this mindset held sway after 9-11, it would have been alleged there never even was a United Flight 93, that it neither crashed nor was shot down and that those who died on the plane never existed and that their survivors (and some of the witnesses interviewed by Thorn) were paid actors—referred to as “crisis actors” in this new genre—deployed to misdirect honest investigators. 
The Internet would have been rife with accusations that Thorn’s revelations were actually part of the cover-up and, as a consequence, many good folks might have doubted AFP’s credibility. Fortunately, most people see through such nonsense. However, this new “meme” (that nothing is real) is catching hold among many who don’t realize that ongoing efforts to impose this worldview—almost a cult-like ideology—on truth seekers is a very real conspiracy designed to undermine diligent reporting of the type seen in AFP. 
Unfortunately, many are falling into this carefully crafted trap. 
A bevy of disinformation specialists known as “cyber shills”—along with amateur keyboard detectives caught up in the frenzy—are bombarding patriots with all manner of outlandish “analysis” of photographs and videos, purporting to “prove” some point that is invariably a total distraction from the real facts that should be unveiled. 
This does harm to the serious efforts of those who are trying to expose the very real conspiracies and cover-ups surrounding 9-11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the JFK assassination, the Boston bombing and so many matters hidden behind the media monopoly’s iron curtain of censorship. 
Note: AFP is here to tell readers that there’s more to the story of shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and at the Washington Navy Yard and to the Boston Marathon bombing than many of the Internet sensationalists are telling you. 
In truth, many still do not understand the big secret about Sandy Hook: In the face of the predictable media push for gun control following that tragedy, there was an obvious conspiracy by Internet provocateurs to misdirect patriots into thinking they were fighting gun control by repeating stories that “no children died” when, in fact, such claims made Second Amendment advocates look ridiculous. 
Serious-minded Second Amendment advocates were arguing, of course, that guns in the hands of teachers and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary could have saved the lives of those who were massacred. 
On April 28—at website newswithviews.com—respected patriot Devvy Kidd put it in perspective: 
Over the past nearly two decades, every time some horrific “event” happens, wanna-be “journalists” come out of the woodwork with their conspiracy theories based on absolutely nothing; bloggers who specialize in no facts, just rank speculation. [These are] irresponsible people out to make a name for themselves or to get people to their websites. They have zero credibility and hurt the rest of us by being lumped together [with us]. I have debunked conspiracy theories in the past based on documentation. I get attacked as if I’m the bad guy for pursuing the truth. There are conspiracies and cover-ups, but we want the truth, not speculation.
For years, AFP has been smeared for publishing what critics call “conspiracy theories,” which are, in fact, truthful reporting of high-level misdeeds. Those trying to discredit revelations about the real conspiracies do all they can to make AFP and others who expose those conspiracies and the truth about mind control appear to be “nut jobs.”
That’s why, in 2008, University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein—a Barack Obama crony—issued a formal crisis management paper on “conspiracy theories,” outlining a proposed pro- gram of what he called “cognitive infiltration” to discredit such theories, particularly those implicating Israel in 9-11.
And while such “Judas goat” operations have been going on for years, involving, for example, the FBI’s infamous ADL-assisted COINTELPRO—targeting the Ku Klux Klan, the National States Rights Party, the Minutemen and other dissidents—we know of one current Internet-focused scheme exposed by Thorn in AFP. Reporting that the Israeli government pays young Israelis $2,000 a month to troll the Internet and spread disinformation, Thorn noted that this connivance is well coordinated: 
Participants are provided with specific scripts to use on enemies, complete with details involving sensationalized accusations against enemies, divide-and-conquer strategies where one individual is pitted against another, plus a variety of distraction techniques and the marginalization of opinions that differ from the official Jewish party line. Other tactics include denying inconvenient facts, refusing dialogue by sending conversations off into absurd directions, or dishonestly manip- ulating sources to entrap a foe.
Programmed to capture the imagination of sincere truth seekers, these manipulations—aimed at a receptive “captive audience”—are intrigues designed, as Thorn noted, to not only redirect debate by countering conspiracy theories but also by inserting ridiculous disinformation into the debate. 
This further discredits any and all conspiracy theories—which happens to be the ultimate purpose of this multi-faceted effort. 
Implementing Sunstein’s treacherous mind-control agenda, crisis management experts recognized that Internet-active truth seekers constitute a “crowd” as defined by Gustave LeBon’s sinister study—The Crowd—a legendary work described as having “exerted a powerful influence upon the thought of men aiming to understand the workings of collective behavior and of social psychology.” 
Remembering what LeBon said—“To know the art of impressing the imagination of crowds is to know at the same time the art of governing them”— Sunstein set in motion an Orwellian framework for both mind control and crowd control all too visible on the Internet today. 
AFP pledges to ignore their disinformation and focus on the big picture and continue to confront the real issues with facts, not speculation. 
—— Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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Sunlight Disinfects Sunstein - Now Bring on the War Crimes Tribunals
Cass Sunstein argues that the government should infiltrate 9/11 truth groups, "disable" 9/11 "conspiracy purveyors," and thereby promote the spread of "beneficial cognitive diversity."

To my readers,
David Ray Griffin's new book Cognitive Infiltration is absolutely brilliant. It elegantly does several things at once: * Puts forward  key 9/11 evidence; * Reveals the slightly hilarious inadequacy of the  official story defenders' case,  as exemplified by Cass Sunstein's "Conspiracy Theories" article; * Uses irony to demolish the neocons' philosophy of the noble lie -- the philosophy that in all probability led directly to the 9/11 inside job.
David has been out of the hospital for about a week and is better but apparently still needs a lot of R&R,  and says he may not be putting out more great books any time soon. So he says he would really  appreciate "hundreds of Amazon.com reviews of my latest book."  Please help him out! Buy and review Cognitive Infiltration at Amazon.com.
-Kevin Barrett, TruthJihad.com

"Once we know that people are human and
have some Homer Simpson in them, then there's
a lot that can be done to manipulate them."
Les contrôleurs de l'info se félicitent de la bêtise humaine en général et en particulier
de la baisse du niveau du discours au sein du mouvement conspirationniste

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques courts extraits d'un livre anti-conspirationniste écrit par un juif conservateur canadien, Jonathan Kay (qui admet néanmoins que le 9/11 est la meilleure chose qui ait pu arriver aux Juifs! voir plus bas). L'auteur a entièrement raison lorsqu'il pointe du doigt la baisse du niveau ("dumbing-down") du conspirationnisme actuel. Car l'heure est effectivement de plus en plus au conspirationnisme le plus bête et nuisible, qui évite de chercher l'identité des commanditaires du crime, en focalisant entre autre sur des détails techniques ("les incohérences de la version officielle"), se propageant partout et très rapidement sur le Net, polluant, intoxiquant le mouvement de vérité.


C'est ainsi que les contrôleurs de l'info en arrivent à contrôler rien de moins que les théories du complot elles-mêmes, et ce, tout en faisant passer le mouvement de vérité pour une bande de gens stupides et crédules (ex: théorie des " acteurs de crise" à Boston et Sandy Hook, théorie "aucun avion au WTC"), voire même potentiellement dangereux (ex: Tsarnaev le poseur de bombes "conspirationniste" de Boston, etc.).
"Si demain, un Breivik « français de souche », nourri des textes antisémites ultra-catholiques ou néo-païens énumérés ci-dessus, se prend pour le sauveur de la civilisation blanche et/ou chrétienne et fait un carnage, il ne faudra pas dire que nous ne savions pas." (Tarek Sandal, du site de repères antiracistes)

L'image que l'on tente d'accoller au conspirationniste, celle d'un être immature
et malsain qui répand sur Internet des théories paranoïaques et infondées. 
Etes-vous l'idiot utile de cette campagne de salissage?

Sans oublier ces débiles (ex: Bollyn et Hufschmid) qui accusent d'authentiques chercheurs, voire la quasi totalité du mouvement, d'être des "agents de désinformation"! Ça, ils adorent!

Or, les vrais "acteurs de crise", ce sont les professionnels en gestion de crise et en ingénierie sociale qui ont lancé ces rumeurs et intox telles que ces théories sur les "acteurs de crise" à Boston et Sandy Hook, afin de porter un coup fatal à la crédibilité mouvement de vérité.

 VIDEO - Entretien entre Frédéric Taddeï et Marc Édouard Nabe sur Dieudonné - Ce Soir (ou Jamais !) 

VIDEO -  Guillaume Weill-Raynal - La théorie du complot  La théorie du complot fabriquée ou instrumentalisée comme piège, pour fins de manipulation des masses... La théorie du complot est une caricature d'esprit critique destiné à disqualifier tout esprit critique. C'est l'épouvantail utilisé pour disqualifier et discréditer les critiques sérieuses.

Guillaume Weill-Raynal : conspiration dans la conspiration 
(...)« Thierry Meyssan est un épouvantail fabriqué de toute pièce par les partisans de la guerre en Irak, visant à discréditer leurs adversaires et, plus généralement, ceux qui critiquent l’ordre établi ».

Ces quelques mots résument la thèse développée – pardon, l’hypothèse « soulevée » – par Guillaume Weill-Raynal, dès 2007, dans un livre demeuré, à son grand dam, confidentiel (Les Nouveaux Désinformateurs, éditions Armand Colin, 2007). Compte tenu du silence assourdissant qui a entouré la publication de son ouvrage (le livre a tout de même été recensé par Oumma.com, dont le texte a été repris sur le site d’extrême droite La Banlieue s’exprime), on était fondé à penser que Guillaume Weill-Raynal en resterait là. Qu’il ne persisterait pas à essayer de se couvrir de ridicule. Notre plumitif en mal de notoriété a toutefois choisi de récidiver, cette semaine, sur le site de Bakchich.info :
« Et s’il y avait eu, dans la foulée, une autre "conspiration" ? Consistant non pas seulement à instrumentaliser les attaques du Word Trade Center pour vendre à l’opinion mondiale la politique étrangère de l’administration Bush mais, aussi, à instrumentaliser de prétendues théories du complot habilement montées en épingle pour mieux disqualifier par avance toute critique de cette politique, et même de façon plus générale, toute critique d’un certain ordre établi… (…) Pourquoi, en effet, présenter un épiphénomène comme un "courant de pensée" ? Le succès de la théorie loufoque de Thierry Meyssan résulte avant tout d’un livre dont le plan média qui présida à son lancement (passage chez Ardisson…) témoignait d’un professionnalisme hors pair. Théorie qui fut ensuite savamment relayée « en creux » par des officines fonctionnant en réseaux (sociétés de productions audiovisuelles, maison d’éditions…) qui, en la dénonçant, lui donnèrent une importance qu’elle ne méritait peut-être pas. Pourquoi, en tout cas, dénoncer comme une « maladie du siècle » cette théorie qu’aucun grand média et qu’aucun intellectuel digne de ce nom n’avait prise au sérieux ? L’opération fut à ce point cousue de fil blanc qu’il est permis de se demander si le cas Meyssan ne fut pas seulement instrumentalisé « en aval », après coup, mais carrément imaginé « en amont » : un épouvantail fabriqué de toute pièce, en quelque sorte. Du début à la fin, l’opération constituerait ainsi ce que les professionnels de la désinformation appellent un "montage". »
« Montage », « opération cousue de fil blanc », le président du Réseau Voltaire n’est, pour Guillaume Weill-Raynal qu’un « épouvantail fabriqué de toutes pièces » par des « professionnels de la désinformation » qui, on l’aura compris, sont à la solde de « néo-conservateurs américains » assoiffés de sang irakien ; ces « nouveaux désinformateurs » ne seraient rien d’autre que des conspirateurs, dans la mesure exacte où ils dénoncent la théorie du complot. (...)

FLASHBACK: Jonathan Kay: Bringing paranoia to the digital masses
Jonathan Kay | 11/05/11 | Last Updated: 11/05/11 9:13 AM ET
More from Jonathan Kay | @jonkay
Book Excerpt: Among the Truthers by Jonathan Kay
"All of the tiny little islands of paranoia suddenly were linked up by virtual causeways. One result is that elaborate conspiracy theories now can be cobbled together literally overnight through the efforts of hundreds of scattered dilettante conspiracists. Another result is that conspiracists all around the world now tend to focus on the same few dozen talking points that figure prominently on the top websites.

The Internet has produced a radical democratization of the conspiracist marketplace of ideas. No longer does one have to spend years researching and writing a book to attract attention: One can simply set up a blog, or chime in on someone else’s, with some refinement of the existing collective lore. In fact, today’s conspiracists don’t even have to read books — they can pick up all their talking points from Truther websites, or, better yet, from Truther propaganda videos. (...)

This dumbing-down effect explains the downward shift in the age profile of conspiracists: While influential JFK conspiracy theorists tended to be bookish middle-aged eccentrics, many of the Internet’s noisiest Truthers are barely old enough to shave: Conspiracism is something they fit in between video gaming and Facebook surfing.
--Excerpt from Among the Truthers by Jonathan Kay © 2011.
Published in Canada by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved.

"As this positive social feedback becomes addictive, the conspiracist's network of enablers grows often to such a point that it crowds out the conspiracy theorist's nonbelieving friends. The process resembles the formation of an electronic cocoon that envelops a conspiracist with codependents."
-"Among the Truthers", Jonathan Kay


Top Ten Reasons: Jim Fetzer and Friends are Sunstein Shills Fetzer is the ringleader of the disinformation agents who present as lunatics, and by a process of elimination, it can be seen that Fetzer is a principal player in Cass Sunstein's cognitive infiltration operations.

The End of Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories Judas Goats posing as "researchers" in the truth movement attempt to discredit research into real conspiracies by posting unadulterated nonsense about non-existent conspiracies.

En prime, quelques-unes des plus savoureuses admissions de Kay sur ce qui est très bon pour Israël et les juifs, c'est-à-dire le 11 septembre et la guerre contre le terrorisme musulman.

If the Holocaust and the creation of the Jewish state jointly marked the first great turning point in the modern history of Anti-Semitism, 9/11 marked the second. Following the attacks, supporters of Israel spoke of a silver lining: The war against militant Islam suddenly was a global one. Now, the whole world would see and understand the sort of nihilistic hatred that Israelis confronted everyday."

"America's fight became Israel's fight. Over the last decade, a period during which Republicans and Democrats have fought over every other subject imaginable, support for Israel has remained one of the few issues to attract virtually unanimous bipartisan support."

"Among warhawks on the Right in particular, the sudden identification of militant Islam as America's greatest enemy cast a startling transformation in the perception of the American Jewish community. Whereas Jews might once have treathened the American Right in their roles as Communists, Anarchists, Trade Unioners, Civil Rights leaders and Ivy League intellectuals, no Jew could ever be an islamist. Just the opposite: the Jew was the perfect anti-Islamist, whose zeal and reliability in the war on terrorism was hard-wired into his political DNA, thanks to six decades of israeli warfare against islamic terrorists in the Middle East. For the first time in the history of western civilisation, the Jews' 'foreignness' and mixed-loyalties -- to the United States, Israel and world Jewry -- became a source of respect and trust rather than suspicion."

"The September 11th attacks changed America in a thousand different ways. Perhaps the most ironic, given the terrorists' intensely Anti-Semitic ideology, was that it cemented the long process leading to the Jews' full-fledged ascension into the America establishment. "
-- "Among the Truthers", Jonathan Kay

‘Conspiracy Theories’ in the News Again
• Mainstream media condemns “conspiracy theories” while spinning their own tales as “news”

By Michael Collins Piper
Recent attacks on AMERICAN FREE PRESS and its correspondents by high-level media forces have again brought into focus the issue of “conspiracy theories.” Conservative voices such as The Wall Street Journal and National Review have loudly expressed their view that it is absolutely beyond the pale that AFP puts forth alternative explanations that counter government-sponsored theories and the official “party line” on a wide variety of issues and events.
So it’s no coincidence that all—and we do mean all—of AFP’s critics invariably claim AFP propagates “conspiracy theories.”
Nor is it a coincidence—and let’s be up front about this—that it always seems to be Jewish groups and pro-Israel voices (such as the aforementioned publications, along with their allies at the Anti-Defamation League) that are perpetually shouting about the “dangers” of “conspiracy theories”?
The irony is that these very complainers—and the mainstream media—are first and foremost in talking, on virtually a 24-7 basis, about “conspiracies” (real or imagined—quite often the latter) they claim threaten the Jewish people or the survival of Israel and/or “democracy in America” and Western civilization, all of which are conflated to mean the same thing.
Every day there’s something in a major newspaper, the big magazines or on the broadcast networks or the Internet about some conspiracy of this sort.
And we are supposed to accept, as a matter of fact, that these conspiracies are real, whereas any other theories, not approved by the people who control the media, are not.
It’s not just “The Holocaust” they talk about—and, of course, they talk about that all of the time. It’s worse than that. 
Regular “threats” harped on include “the rise of anti-Semitism,” accompanied by a host of terrorist plots by militia groups, “right-wing extremists” and Muslims.
As the record shows, virtually all of these so-called plots seem to have been orchestrated, in the first place, by the FBI utilizing a shameless parade of its own generally quite suspect and rather sordid informants.
And it just so happens that the aforementioned ADL—and groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center—are always in the public eye (and behind the scenes) telling the FBI and other law enforcement precisely which alleged conspirators deserve to be targeted for special treatment.
As far back as 1944—when Franklin Roosevelt conducted a mass sedition trial aimed at Americans who had been critics of his drive to get the U.S. involved in World War II—it was the ADL that fed the FBI the “data” used to conjure up the sedition indictments against those Americans in the first place. Today things haven’t changed. If anything, it’s worse.
And have you noticed that if anyone dares mention that the big media, which promotes these approved conspiracy theories, is controlled by Jewish families and financial interests with interlocking connections to the banking elite who dominate the Federal Reserve money monopoly, the ADL and the media always say this is an “anti-Semitic canard”—part of yet another “conspiracy to defame the Jewish people” that supposedly originated with The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which they claim is a “notorious forgery.” It is a “myth,” they insist, that Jewish power predominates in the major media.
A myth? Well, note that the following media outlets are all controlled by Jewish interests: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and Time, along with the now-defunct (but long influential) U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek.
This does not include dozens of other big magazines, such as The New Yorker, Parade and Vanity Fair, and smaller newspapers across the country, such as The Harrisburg Patriot and The Cleveland Plain Dealer, among others, controlled by the Newhouse family, who are major financial backers of the Anti-Defamation League.
In truth, none of these publications is mentioned in the Protocols that, in fact, were crafted before many of these publications (and certainly before all of the broadcast networks) came into being.
Is the Protocols really a “hoax”?
Well, responsible research into its history demonstrates it was the work of a famous Jewish philosopher, Asher Ginsberg, who led one of the factions in the late 19th-century gatherings of the World Zionist Congress. While Ginsberg may have plagiarized language used in other works to flesh out the rhetorical foundation of the Protocols—leading to the fallacious claim the Protocols is a fraud—The New Babylon* summarizes the actual history of this much-talked-about work.
It is often also alleged that, in the 1920s—when automotive genius Henry Ford was publishing a newspaper critical of rising Jewish power in America—his reportage was based on the Protocols.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Ford’s articles were thoroughly documented presentations examining the Jewish role in the American arena.
And what’s so intriguing is that Ford’s articles of the 1920s reflect the same trends in the United States today. Simply change the names, and you’ll find a newbreed of intriguerswho are heirs to those of Ford’s day. And it is they who are the loudest in screaming about “conspiracy theories,” when, of course, they may well be the biggest conspirators of all.
*Michael Collins Piper is a world-renowned author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia,Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States. He is the author of The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme: A Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of the New World Order (available from AFP for $20 plus $5 Shipping and Handling inside the U.S.). He is also the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, My First Days in the White House, Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Target: Traficant and The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb.

Was Jim Tucker a Crisis Actor?
• Respected “Bilderberg Hound” and other patriots the subject of bizarre Internet smears
By Michael Collins Piper
A bizarre rumor about the late AFP correspondent Jim Tucker—our beloved “Bilderberg hound”—is abuzz on the Internet.
Unfortunately, because the source of the rumor seems to have some credibility among patriots, we need to take this space to set the record straight.
According to the rumor, Tucker didn’t really exist. Instead, Tucker was a fictitious character portrayed by the late comic actor Jonathan Winters who died on April 11, two weeks before Tucker died on April 26. The story suggests Tucker was a “crisis actor” deployed by high-level conspirators to spread disinformation to the public.
Not surprisingly, the originator of the Tucker rumor—an Internet blogger who uses the moniker “DallasGoldBug” but whose real name is Ed Chiarini—played a considerable part in provoking widespread concern about the involvement of crisis actors in mass shootings, acts of terrorism and other traumatic events, posing as purported victims and victims’ family members.
In truth, Tucker was a very real and very colorful character. For some 40 years, a regular at the National Press Club bar and a well-known weeknight devotee of Capitol Hill watering holes such as the legendary Tune Inn and the Hawk and Dove, Tucker lived at 316 Independence Avenue, SE on Capitol Hill for over a decade. Tucker’s wife and kids were known to his AFP colleagues and the staff of The Spotlight before it. At one point, this writer shared a house on Capitol Hill with Tucker.
At no time was there any indication—any suspicion—that Tucker was the beloved performer, Winters, best known for his appearances on the game show “Hollywood Squares.”
Now, make no mistake about it: Crisis actors do exist. For years profit-making businesses have provided crisis actors to interact with government agencies and private industry in preparing to deal with mass shootings, hostage situations, earthquakes, fires, riots—all form of chaos.
Across the United States police and firemen cooperate regularly with crisis actors. AFP’s office manager, Julia Foster, once worked as a volunteer crisis actor in a local fire department project.
However,many people now believe crisis actors are part of a high-level covert operation, perhaps a creation of Homeland Security or the CIA, agents of the military-industrial complex.
Note, though, that—according to Chiarini—there are other crisis actors who’ve been fooling the public:
• JFK did not die in Dallas but reinvented himself as Jimmy Carter;
• Country music icon Patsy Cline posed as Marina Oswald, wife of JFK’s accused assassin;
• One woman posed as not only actress Marilyn Monroe but also First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Rosalyn Carter;
• Louisiana maverick David Duke is actor Thomas Haden Church;
• Nelson Rockefeller was really country singer Tex Ritter;
• David Rockefeller is actually patriot philosopher Jordan Maxwell;
• David Rockefeller Jr. is conspiracy theorist William Cooper (killed by police in 2001);
• Ex-Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo now poses as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio;
• Infamous Nazi Adolf Eichmann was really singer Bing Crosby; and
• Adolf Hitler was actually Walt Disney.
Well, you can fool some of the people . . .
Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and, of course, the United States. He is the author of Final Judgment, The New Jerusalem, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, My First Days in the White House, The New Babylon, Share the Wealth: Huey Long vs Wall Street, The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Target: Traficant and The Golem: Israel’s Nuclear Hell Bomb.

Beware ‘Patriots’ Setting ‘Litmus Tests’ for ‘Truth’

By Michael Collins Piper
The “Letters to the Editor” in the July 14 & 21 issue of AFP provided an interesting illustration of how much diversity of opinion there is, even within the readership of AFP itself.
And that diversity reflects — quite precisely — the wide-ranging points of view on a variety of matters of importance to those who follow what might be dubbed as “the truth movement.” 
Right now, let it be said, this diversity of opinion is a good thing. In recent years a few troublemakers have tried to set litmus tests to determine “who’s a real patriot” and “who isn’t” by asserting, for example, that if you believe children were actually killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012 you may be a government agent or that you have been bought off, blackmailed or bullied by government agents. Seriously. It’s gotten that bad. 
Even those who believe Adam Lanza was a mind-controlled patsy and that children were killed have been accused of having fallen for a great big hoax. 
In reality, they argue, no kids died and Lanza never existed in the first place. However, if truth be told, a lot of these troublemakers who’ve been setting up these phony litmus tests are probably government agents themselves, trying to stir up trouble between real patriots.
The pattern of their behavior (and some most unusual behind-the-scenes connections) suggests they are working on behalf of a carefully crafted scheme laid out by Cass Sunstein and other high-level crisis management planners to infiltrate and disrupt communication within the truth movement by planting false stories and ridiculous claims making serious research into 9-11, the JFK assassination and other very real conspiracies look silly.
Right now some good people are watching these “Sunsteiners” and hopefully, some day soon, they’ll be able to name the names of these infiltrators. 
But, in the meantime, we need to open debate among patriots, just as we saw in last week’s AFP. 
Dr. Adrian Krieg, one of the most respected voices in the truth movement, wrote in support of AFP’s article about the abuse to which “truthers” have subjected families of those who say they lost children at Sandy Hook. 
Krieg recognizes — as AFP said from the beginning — that a lot of questions remain about this tragedy and that what Krieg described as “goofy conspiracy theories” don’t help resolve the matter. 
Tom Stahl’s letter took issue with an AFP article “In Defense of the Death Penalty.”
Stahl made the point that “given some bad luck and some crooked cops and prosecutors, anyone . . . could wind up on death row.” While some hardliners say, “put the criminals to death and if a few innocent folks get lost in the shuffle, so be it,” there are a lot of AFP readers concerned about the growing police state and untrammeled misbehavior by law enforcement at all levels. So, in my opinion, Mr. Stahl has a very good point, though you may disagree with him.
And there was the thought-provoking letter from Ann Peters who took issue with a story citing criticisms of Barack Obama that, in her view, sounded like neoconservative propaganda out of Fox News and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, a front man for the Rothschild dynasty. 
As AFP has warned, many patriots who don’t like Obama have been sucked in by the pro-war and pro-imperialist line out of Fox News, cleverly wrapped in flag-waving rhetoric critical of Obama.
Fox and its GOP allies, including some tea party folks, even attacked Obama for removing a bust of Zionist-controlled warmonger Winston Churchill from the White House, suggesting this was somehow “anti-American.” 
Irrational hatred of Obama — who has by no means been an exemplary president — might lead patriots down some paths into traps laid by Fox News and that’s the implicit point made.
Good patriots will continue to disagree on many issues, ranging from taxes to what constitutes “real” money and what doesn’t to matters such as the legalization of marijuana. 
Patriots will argue over religion and over social issues, too. Some patriots still believe the media’s claim that Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews; others say that’s nonsense.
The areas of disagreement (real and potential) are endless.
But setting litmus tests for what is the “right” thing to believe and trying to enforce political correctness within the truth movement is a big mistake.

Sandy Hook debate: Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson

Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Keith Johnson and Jim Fetzer, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.
Keith Johnson, an investigative journalist, radio talk show host and editor of Revolt of the Plebs, has for 17 years worked as a private investigator and polygraph examiner for several Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms.
James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality.
McKnight Professor Emeritus at U of M Duluth, he has conducted research into the JFK assassination, 9/11, and Sen. Wellstone's death.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).
Jim is a contributor and editor at Veterans Today and hosts a radio show, "The Real Deal", M/W/F                                       Debate-page


The Piper Report Jan 25, 2014

note from MCP–
I return for a 2 hour exposition on ‘Fetzerism,’ beginning with a complete run-down of the debate history and of Jim Fetzer’s “pilpulism” regarding my purported health hoax (or hoaxes).
I have included even a quote from Pete Papaherakles regarding Fetzer’s smears of AFP being an “op” and even one from Willis Carto (who laughed at the opportunity to say something, really giving Fetzer Hell.)
Wonder what this Fetzer Freak will have to say about that?
I contacted both Pete and Willis before the broadcast (which was pre-recorded) and got their quotations with their full knowledge that I would be quoting them on the broadcast.
All credit is due Pete in taking on Dr. Fetzer and rejecting his claim that AFP is an “op.”
Let’s have a “here here” for Pete.
I hope John Tiffany will sing out in approval.
I’m very sorry that John Friend’s “friendship” appears to be in doubt, further feeding fuel to a lot of fires that he’s already set all over the “truth” and “white nationalist” movement(s).
When Julia Foster and John Tiffany and I started to work for The SPOTLIGHT we underwent lie detector tests (I went the the sophisticated voice stress analysis kind; I think Julie and John underwent the old fashioned kind). I’m starting to think perhaps we need to re-institute that. (The tests really make you think that you are a bad ass and make you doubt yourself! I don’t suggest them as pleasurable prospects for anybody. But I sure would be curious to see what would come out of a test of John Friend!)
I also spent a few minutes giving an overview of how much Fetzer’s so-called “contribution” to the JFK debate is really just a compilation of the work of others . . . Fetzer was a fraud from the start.
Have fun listening. Consider all the crap you people have listened to (or, pardon me, even engaged in) regarding Sandy Hook, it might not hurt for you to take two hours and 20 minutes and listen to MY crap. You might even hear something you haven’t already heard or it might clarify something you’d never thought of before.
I’m not too vulgar—a few god damns here and there, but not in a loud Fetzer-style way—and I must surely, at least, invite someone to go to Hell (although I wouldn’t swear to that).
Big Heart (MCP)
Download Here

AUDIO - Deanna Spingola on Sandy Hook, psychiatric drugs, and false hoaxes
January 17, 2014
As it seems that the online controversy including but not limited to independent authors, bloggers, investigators, journalists, researchers, and last but not in the least, talk show hosts, continues over what did or did not happen at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14th, 2012, Deanna talked about this issue today. (MP3)
Download Here

AUDIO - SPINGOLA SPEAKS - with guest Michael Collins Piper 26 Dec, 2013

Deanna’s guest today was Michael Collins Piper, author of False Flags: Template for Terror, and many other books. (MP3) Related: The Crowd: A Study of The Popular Mind by Gustave Le Bon 1896 Continue reading →

AFP RADIO - Date with a Debate: Michael Collins Piper vs. Jim Fetzer and John Friend

AFP Radio Network
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Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Mike Piper vs. Jim Fetzer and John Friend, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.
Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.
James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at U of M Duluth, and an authority on the JFK assassination, 9/11, and Sen. Wellstone's death.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11 Conspiracy (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010).
Jim is a contributor and editor at Veterans Today and hosts a radio show, "The Real Deal", M/W/F
John Friend is a writer who maintains a blog and hosts “The Realist Report.”

AUDIO - SPINGOLA SPEAKS with guest Keith Johnson Feb 5 2014

Deanna’s guest today was Keith Johnson, a journalist at American Free Press. They discuss Sandy Hook conspiracy theories. Jim Fetzer calls in. (MP3)

Top Ten Reasons: Jim Fetzer and Friends are Sunstein Shills Fetzer is the ringleader of the disinformation agents who present as lunatics, and by a process of elimination, it can be seen that Fetzer is a principal player in Cass Sunstein's cognitive infiltration operations.


The esteemed Professor Fetzer correctly states that it is necessary to revise hypotheses in the light of new evidence. But what "evidence"? Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, and he has never presented any evidence against the official Sandy Hook narrative. A few reporting errors, glitches with Google's date logs, attempts at practising psychiatry without a license, and unsubstantiated, unbridled speculation that makes Inspector Clouseau look the consummate professional, does not constitute evidence.
For example, an article entitled "Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker" was posted on January 14, 2013 by "Dr. Eowyn". But the comment by "Rich in NJ" on that page [i] is dated December 14, 2012 - a month before the article was posted!
Anyone who watches this video [ii] of Benjamin Wheeler's parents and sincerely thinks they are "faking" their distress is obviously suffering from some sort of autistic spectrum disorder. Have Fetzer and Friend actually seen it? It's bad enough that these people must reveal their grief to the world as they fill in for Obama's weekly address, but to have Sunstein shills (who lie and pose as retards and cranks in order to prop up the official 9/11 conspiracy theory) accusing them of faking it is beyond the pale.
Ben Wheeler's uncle Andrew "Drew" Wheeler [iii] is a scuba dive instructor and underwater videographer [iv] from Hawaii. He has a website for which the domain was created in April 2003 [v], and messages about him posted on an internet forum in 2009 [vi] refer to his plans to document the Great Pacific garbage patch (aka "Pacific trash vortex") that summer.
The Sandy Hookers should state which of the following they believe:
  1. Andrew Wheeler is a fictitious person, but in order to make his online presence appear realistic, Sandy Hook Hoaxers created his website's domain in April 2003, had other conspirators post about him on internet forums - e.g., in 2009, obtained a photograph of a person to use on his website, and tricked or persuaded various newspapers into using another photo of the same person in reports stating that he traveled to Connecticut in December 2012.
  2. Although Andrew Wheeler loves his island lifestyle, he was inexplicably recruited as a "crisis actor", a job that involved him traveling from Hawaii to Connecticut to pose as the uncle of one of the "fake" victims, as part of an operation to back up a false Sandy Hook narrative.
  3. A "crisis actor" resembling Andrew Wheeler was hired to travel to Sandy Hook and pose as Wheeler, with backup plans to shoot or otherwise eliminate the real Andrew Wheeler if he ever found out about it and talked, and a second backup plan to shoot anyone who found out that Wheeler had been killed, and a third backup plan to shoot Wheeler's killer if he talked, and so on, with another series of backup plans to shoot the "crisis actor" if he talked, along with thousands of conspirators bribing, blackmailing and threatening thousands of co-conspirators to play their part in the plot.
And whichever the Sandy Hooker selects, he or she must provide evidence to prove it. Otherwise, the Sandy Hook "hoax" theories can be consigned to the garbage bin, for once and for all.
Fetzer "knows" that the children's deaths were "faked" (after claiming they were killed by a three-man Mossad hit team!), yet he and his team of 'researchers' don't know whether their relatives actually exist. Shouldn't Fetzer and friends first determine whether or not the bereaved family members exist, before declaring that they are willing participants in a money-making fraud or are simply roles played by crisis actors?
How long will it be before Fetzer and friends assert that no one died on 9/11/01 and the WTC buildings never collapsed? The difference between that and their current position of no-planes-on-9/11 and no-one-killed-at-Sandy-Hook is less than the width of a cigarette paper.
Real conspiracies do occur. Israel's central role in 9/11 can be proven to the same certainty as two plus two equals four [vii], and there is no doubt that Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, and the Mossad has carried out plenty of false-flag terror attacks such as London 7/7/05 and Amman 11/9/05. Similarly, the official account of WWII is not consistent with the laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, and ultimately probability. As long as Sunstein shills and their misguided followers post outrageous conspiracy theories that anyone with an ounce of commonsense will instantly recognize as crazy, genuine research into conspiracies will be discredited by association.
[i] http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2013/01/14/sandy-hook-the-curious-case-of-emilie-parker/#comment-227010
[ii] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2308352/Francine-Wheeler-Mother-year-old-killed-Sandy-Hook-shooting-Obamas-weekly-address.html
[iii] http://www.scubadrewvideo.com/about_us.shtml
[iv] http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ben-wheeler-6-remebered-irrepressibly-bright-article-1.1224225
[v] http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-282271.html
[vi] http://whois.domaintools.com/scubadrewvideo.com
[vii] http://www.takeourworldback.com/dancingisraelisfbireport.htm‎

 Michael Collins Piper, False Flags--Template for Terror:

The Crisis Management Conspiracy: 
The Extraordinary Untold Story of the Orwellian 
Experiments in False Flag Crowd Psychology 
Carried Out at Sandy Hook and Boston 

_This is guaranteed: You are about to be confronted with some harsh realities that may be unlike you’ve ever encountered in whatever you’ve heard about what happened at Sandy Hook school on Dec. 14 2012 and at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.
_If you will be personally offended by expressions of fact and opinion (based on fact) that may contradict your deepest-felt beliefs regarding Sandy Hook and Boston, then please read no further.
_We’ll say it right now—and this will certainly astound you: Forget everything—everything—you’ve heard in both the mainstream media and in the “alternative” media about Sandy Hook and Boston.
_Then, after you’ve studied—if you dare—the material we are about to explore, you’ll realize what really happened at Sandy Hook and Boston is something unlike anything—and so very much bigger— than even you might have imagined.
_You’ll never look at Sandy Hook and Boston in the same way again. But you will be prepared for whatever future “crisis” the high-level conspirators undoubtedly have planned for America.
_As such, when that crisis happens, you’ll be better able to see through the fog of disinformation that will be once again unleashed— and rest assured that it will be.
In the wake of Sandy Hook and Boston, much was heard in the “alternative”media about “Crisis Actors” who played a part in misdirecting people’s attention as to the real facts about what happened during those “false flag” events.
_And false flag events they were. Both of those tragedies were classic false flag operations, but the truth is that they were not precisely the kind of false flag of the type that we saw carried out in the JFK assassination, in the Oklahoma City bombing, and later in 9-11.
_In fact, as we’ll see here—and this is the first time ever the story has been told in its entirety—the real “Crisis Actors” were not those whom many people believed them to be. 
_And that is a story in and of itself.
_And it will surprise you.
_The story is much bigger than anyone might have conceived and it points toward the venal nature of a carefully-crafted high-level conspiracy that bears all the ear-marks of the manipulative masters of mind control whose not-so-fine (and ugly) hand was so clearly on the levels of power in the murder of JFK and those mass murders that followed in Oklahoma City and with the 9-11 terrorist tragedy.
_The vast flow of dissident information that erupted following the events of 9-11 made it an absolute“must” for the Mossad and its allies in intrigue to prevent it from ever happening again.
_You see, this is old-fashioned “crisis management” at its best (or worst).But the“crisis” in question—as you might naturally think—is not the death of the president or the lives lost in Oklahoma City or on 9-11.
_Rather, the crisis—in the minds of the conspirators responsible—is the potential danger to their power that could erupt if enough people came, for example, to conclude that the Mossad was indeed responsible for any of these false flag terrorist attacks on American soil.
_Therefore—in the wake of 9-11 and the Internet frenzy that took place with the rise of fast-moving and widely-distributed conspiracy theories (many implicating the Mossad)—it is now clear a conscious decision was made to ensure that, in the future, when any event of a conspiratorial nature occurred (particularly one involving the Mossad) that those most inclined toward acceptance of conspiracy theories would be corralled and misdirected through the most effective means possible.
_However, to achieve this end, it would be necessary to determine the best way to chart the rise and course of conspiracy theories; to pinpoint precisely who is most susceptible toward believing in them and, naturally, to do all that could be done to discredit them.
_But the plan—as we shall see—was not just simply standing back and loudly and repeatedly denying the existence of conspiracies. Instead, the course of action was far more subtle—some might even say Talmudic (and, if truth be told, it was a stroke of genius).
_The intriguers effectively determined that “if you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em” (as the old saying goes). That is, rather than working to REFUTE conspiracy theories, the solution would be to INFECT them and MISDIRECT them and add utter confusion to the mix.
_The consequence would be that conspiracy theories would look so ridiculous that no broad swath of people in the general public might one day actually begin to have any belief in their credibility.
_In the past, people did have doubts about the official stories relating to the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9-11 tragedy. Now, however, emerging alternative theories about other events would be totally eviscerated—from within—and die by their own accord.Anyone putting forth any form of conspiracy theory would automatically become suspect, their very sanity questioned.
_The multiple stream of Internet provocations that captured the imagination of the “patriot” and“alternative” media following the Sandy Hook affair and the events in Boston were—beyond any question—the work of high-level conspirators whose designs were clear:
_1) To monitor the reaction of known (and potential) political dissidents to public events of a “crisis” nature;
_2) To gauge the level of conspiracy theorizing (and the acceptance of the theories) following such events;
_3) To trace the origins of conspiracy theories and to chart their course via Internet websites, email and other social media venues;
_4) To disrupt and misdirect conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theories whose views were deemed in some way problematic;
_and 5) To have in place a fully-functioning Crisis Management System—a very real “conspiracy”—that could be utilized to its fullest capacity at some future time.
_The first public hint of what was openly-acknowledged high-level intrigue of this sort—designed to undermine the 9-11 truth movement (not to mention any and all suggestions of conspiracies in other realms) was formally unveiled on January 15, 2008.
_At that time, one Cass Sunstein, a professor at the University of Chicago, and his co-author, Harvard law professor Adrian Vermeule, put forth a so-called “preliminary draft” of what was officially issued as “Harvard Public LawWorking Paper No.08-03 and University of Chicago Public LawWorking Paper No. 199.”
_Although little-noticed at the time it was first issued, the “working paper” came under broad-ranging public inspection (widely discussed on the Internet) after Sunstein was drafted in 2009 by President Barack Obama to serve as administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, a post Sunstein departed in 2012.
_Later published under other auspices under the title “Conspiracy Theories,” the paper addressed the specific question of how the government should respond to conspiracy theories that were now holding wide sway (particularly on the Internet) and, in no uncertain terms, addressed what Sunstein (who is Jewish) considered the specific danger of the growing belief that Israel had played a part in 9-11.
_Naturally, 9-11 truthers were outraged by this paper and noted (rightly so) that the co-author was now effectively “minister of information” for the Obama regime: A U.S. government official was actually pondering, in writing,how government power could be used to deal with conspiracy theories and those who believed in them!
_Sunstein’s insidious and Orwellian “think piece” began by raising this question:
_Should governmental responses be addressed to the suppliers [of conspiracy theories] with a view to persuading or silencing them, or rather be addressed to the mass audience, with a view to innoculating them from pernicious theories?
_While noting that, in his view,“these two strategies are not mutually exclusive,” Sunstein went on to suggest that “perhaps the best approach is to straddle the two audiences with a single response or simply to provide multiple responses.”
_However, Sunstein said,many officials considered it “an exercise in futility” to try to respond directly to “the suppliers of conspiracy theories” and that, instead, they tried to “address their responses to the third-party mass audience, hoping to stem the spread of conspiracy theories by dampening the demand rather than by reducing the supply.”
_In answer to his own question“What can the government do about conspiracy theories?” Sunstein provided five possibilities:
_(1) Government might ban “conspiracy theories,” somehow defined.
_(2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.
_(3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.
_(4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech.
_(5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.
_Noting that each of these proposals had “a distinct set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each [of which] will have a place under imaginable conditions,” Sunstein answered the specific question of “What should government do?” by stating quite directly:
_Our main policy claim here is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of [the aforementioned proposals:] (3), (4), and (5).
_Clearly, Sunstein recognized that—at least under the First Amendment as it exists today—the government could not ban conspiracy theories outright or levy some sort of tax on those who purvey such theories that he and others find offensive.
_However, Sunstein concluded, the government could engage in efforts to counter the theories by recruiting“credible private parties” to combat conspiracy theoriests and by engaging in “information communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.”
_And this framework, in itself, is already in place. It is a very dirty and ugly history indeed, demonstrated by the long-standing collaboration between such groups as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center (not to mention the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee) working with the CIA and the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, as well as Israel’s Mossad—and, dare we add, British intelligence—in concerted efforts to undermine American political dissidents.
_Working from this standpoint Sunstein outlined what he called “a distinctive tactic for breaking up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories.” This program, he said, involved the following:
_[C]ognitive infiltration of extremist groups, whereby government agents or their allies (acting either virtually or in real space, and either openly or anonymously) will undermine the crippled epistemology of believers by planting doubts about the theories and stylized facts that circulate within such groups, thereby introducing beneficial cognitive diversity. 
_Because, Sunstein said,“conspiracy theorists are likely to approach evidence and arguments in a biased way, they are not likely to respond well, or even logically, to the claims of [people they know to be] public officials,” it was vital that, as Sunstein said,“government officials would participate anonymously or even with false identities” in 9-11 discussion groups and other conspiracy-focused gatherings on the Internet and elsewhere.
_And with the increasingly widespread knowledge we now have about the capacity of the National Security Agency—among many government intelligence agencies in the United States alone—to monitor the telephone calls, emails, and other Internet activity of all Americans,we can certainly say, with utmost authority, that Sunstein and his co-conspirators and like-minded intriguers had already concluded that the framework was in place to be able to see precisely who was engaged in conspiracy talk and with whom they were communicating.
_It is thus no coincidence that when the series of scandals erupted over the summer of 2013 regarding the activities of the National Security Agency (NSA) that Cass Sunstein was one of the four members of the so-called “independent” panel appointed by President Barack Obama charged with the responsibility of “reviewing” the operations of the NSA and other government agencies.
_And nor,we might add, it is any coincidence that another member of the panel, Richard Clarke (a former high ranking advisor to presidents—Democratic and Republican alike—in the realm of“national security”) now happens to head a private firm known as Good Harbor Security Risk Management.
_And yes, as you might have guessed, Good Harbor touts “Crisis Management” as one of its specialities.
_Crisis Management—that’s what it’s all about.
_The concept of “Crisis Management” is the new “big thing” in our modern era.And don’t forget—as we mentioned in Chapter Eighteen— that former high-ranking FBI official Neil Herman who was involved in much of the intrigues surrounding 9-11 (and who later worked as director of “fact-finding” for Israel’s American intelligence arm, the Anti- Defamation League) went on to become part of the “crisis management team” at Burson-Marstellar, one of the premier firms in that field today.
_In fact, two popular television dramas of recent date have Crisis Management specialists at the core of their storyline—“Scandal,” portraying the day-to-day workings of a beautiful African-American Crisis Management operative in Washington, D.C. and “The Good Wife,” featuring a particularly wily Crisis Management specialist (portrayed as a distinctly Jewish figure with the name of“Eli Gold”) who carries on his intrigues in Cass Sunstein’s home base of Chicago, no less.
_Both programs are quite revealing and say much about the nature of Crisis Management methods of operation.
_Several episodes of “The Good Wife” noted the use of “cyber shills” whose duty it is to infiltrate the Internet and place false stories and provocations designed to promote some particular agenda—or disrupt someone else’s.
_A simple Internet search of the term “Crisis Management”—and the term does deserve to be capitalized as we have rendered it here— demonstrates how foremost these new techniques of “public relations” (that is, propaganda) really are in the minds of those in high places.
_As we said: “Crisis Management—that’s what it’s all about.”
_So it was that—with the nature of Internet communication as it exists today and with the capacity to be able to monitor any and all content circulating on the Internet—Cass Sunstein and company had the means to construct and carry out a rather simple (but 21st Century-style technologically-sophisticated) exercise in Crisis Management planning which incorporated rather skillful experimentation with that new technology in implementing good old-fashioned Crowd Control.
And when we talk about Crowd Control,we’re not talking about the use of fire hoses and police dogs and stun guns. Rather, in fact, what we’re talking about is really just a highly-advanced form of “Mind Control”—one designed to influence a large number of people over an extended period of time through covert and quite insidious manipulation of the media—and that does include the Internet and the “alternative” and “independent” media as well. Unfortunately, a brief digression into the topic of Mind Control is relevant and important here, for it relates directly to the nature of the manipulative experiments in False Flag Crowd Control that were central to the Internet frenzy following both Sandy Hook and Boston.
_Long part of the intrigues of the high-level conspirators—best exemplified in the CIA’s infamous MK-ULTRA experiments in Mind Control, the initial stages of which were launched in the days following the CIA’s founding in 1947—this realm has not only been a province of the CIA, but also that of the Soviet KGB and Israel’s Mossad and other intelligence agencies (both public and private)—as well.
_Now, unfortunately, although the concept of Mind Control is best known among truth-seekers as a consequence of the widespread distribution of such works as Cathy O’Brien’s rather dubious book Trance-Formation of America, the truth is that there has always been available a wide variety of responsible material on the subject, in particular the book by former State Department foreign service officer John D. Marks entitled The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.
_Subtitled “The CIA and Mind Control: The Story of the Agency’s Secret Efforts to Control Human Behavior,” Marks’ book was based on some 16,000 pages of documents that Marks pried out of the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act following the public revelations regarding CIA adventures in this bizarre field that were unveiled in the wake of a controversial series of Senate hearings conducted by Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) into the activities of the CIA. Until then, Americans believed that only “the Communists” and “the Nazis” had engaged in unpleasant experiments to manipulate human behavior.
_(The title of Marks’non-fiction book was inspired by the 1958 novel by Richard Condon—later a popular motion picture—entitled The Manchurian Candidate. In that horrifying story, an American soldier is brainwashed by the communists during the KoreanWar, falsely set up as a “war hero” to be revered by the American public, and later manipulated in an assassination plot upon his return to the United States.
_(It turns out that the hero’s own mother is actually a secret communist agent—despite the fact that she is one of the best known “anticommunists” in America—and is using her son as part of a communist plot to seize control of the United States in the guise of fighting communism.
_The mind-control victim never knows he is being manipulated— until it is too late.) So—all of that having been said—Mind Control is very real and can be carried out in a variety of ways.And Crowd Control—which is a part of Crisis Management—is a form of Mind Control. And you may rest assured that those who have in interest in these matters have studied these concepts carefully and know precisely how they work.
_And—as we have seen—with high-level forces having witnessed the growth of “conspiracy theories”which these would be masters of the universe realize endanger their power—particularly with the rise of the Internet as a somewhat “independent”means of communication— the need to combat those conspiracy theories (and to control the Internet) has become a major concern.
_These very real conspirators—people of the likes of the aforementioned Cass Sunstein,who actually laid out a plan for undermining conspiracy theories—determined the best way to facilitate their operation was to orchestrate (or take advantage of) an event that would grip the public imagination and then manipulate it for their own purposes.
_Their goal was to have in place a carefully-structured network that, in the future,could be used in a much-bigger fashion to direct or—as the case may be—to misdirect public opinion (particularly in the realm of those open to “conspiracy theories”) and ensure that the trade of information regarding such events was carefully controlled.
_Here, essentially,was the plan: These conspirators needed a “crisis”—a reasonably small and manageable event they could monitor and manipulate from the very beginning, finding out, essentially,“who’s in touch with whom” and by what means and venues conspiracy theories (relating to such a crisis) gained their most widespread circulation.
_Whether the crisis was “real”—that is, of its own making, one that happened on its own—or whether it was manufactured (through covert means by some clandestine agency) didn’t matter.
_What mattered was the capacity to track (and, more importantly, to direct) public reaction to the crisis (particularly in the realm of “conspiracy theories”) and to manage the crisis to such a degree that any and all conspiracy theories relating to that crisis could be made to look foolish.
_And here’s the critical point to remember: These conspirators also realized that they could effectively redirect public debate not just by countering conspiracy theories but by actively inserting their own downright silly and ridiculous disinformation into the debate with the aim of discrediting any and all conspiracy theories.
_Worthy of the greatest thinkers of theTalmud, it was right out of the legendary Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. And it was programmed—from the start—to capture the imagination of (and control) the minds of sincere patriots who were already inclined (quite naturally) to buy into conspiracy theories!
_Fully versed in the legendary sociological study of crowd behavior laid down in 1895 by Gustave Lebon in The Crowd—a volume described as having “exerted a powerful influence upon the thought of men aiming to understand the workings of collective behavior and of social psychology”—Sunstein and company set in motion a scheme that can only be described as brilliant, if not just simply as evil.
_To those who understand Sunstein’s proposition on the deeper level of Mind Control that it represents and who have likewise taken the time to carefully study the bigger picture in retrospect, it is all too apparent that the Internet-based frenzy following the Sandy Hook affair was clearly the work of the Sunstein crowd—we’ll call them the Crisis Management Conspirators—who remembered all too well what Gustave LeBon had said when he wrote so succinctly:“To know the art of impressing the imagination of crowds is to know at the same time the art of governing them.”
_The Sandy Hook affair was tailor-made for putting the Sunstein gang’s experiment in motion. It involved violence. It involved the explosive issue of gun control, inasmuch as the incident was said to have been a mass shooting. And it was another sensational school shooting—and one at a grade school, no less.
_The dynamics were absolutely on target—no pun intended—for the Sunstein thesis to be put to the test.
_And, quite predictably, the mass media—as a consequence of its typically reckless nature—played right into the scheme. The frenzied rush in the heat of the moment to get “the scoop” led to sloppy, reporting and presumably otherwise honest mistakes by journalists.
_And naturally, a lot of these errors were quickly the subject of discussion among emailers and those participating on Internet discussion forums who were concerned about the obvious push for further gun control that was accompanying the media reportage relating to the events at Sandy Hook.
_Now some of the errors were eventually corrected,but many of the errors were simply ignored or otherwise lost in the shuffle, and this led to further suspicions on the part of those who sensed that there was more to Sandy Hook than was officially being reported.
_(Unfortunately, although some of the errors were indeed later corrected,many so-called “conspiracy theorists” never became aware of those corrections and continued—even to this day—to cite those
“errors” as evidence of a cover-up.
_(And that’s another reason conspiracy theorists must be detail-oriented, for if they can be disproven in one minor area, those who are eager to dismiss their theories will use that one mistake as “evidence” that the bigger picture—the more broad-ranging so-called “conspiracy theory”—is, in and of itself, totally wrong.)
_But note this:
_Considering the fact Sunstein and his like-minded conspirators do have high-level connections to the controllers of the big media, it’s likely some media elements deliberately purveyed incomplete or imprecise stories about Sandy Hook, knowing full well that alert readers and audiences would detect these errors and that they would be bandied about as “proof” of a conspiracy, further muddying the waters.And that, in fact, is what happened in many instances.
_However, as we shall see, there is strong evidence to suggest that at least some “inside” elements in the mass media did play a key role in “leaking” material that was used by the Sunstein group to distract truth seekers in the wake of Sandy Hook. More about that later.
_But aside from the mis-reporting in the major media (whether deliberate or otherwise) it was almost exclusively on the Internet—via the so-called “truther” and “alternative” and “independent” websites, discussion groups, along with email and the popular video forum, YouTube, etc—that a wide variety of absolutely baseless (and largely nonsensical) stories about Sandy Hook began to appear.
_This was clearly the work of a small but skilled team of operatives working for Sunstein and company.
_As Sunstein had suggested in his now-infamous working paper, their purpose was to manipulate—and ultimately refute—and make fools of—sincere truth seekers and so-called “conspiracy theorists.”
_And, even more so, Sunstein’s goal was to convince the broad range of the American public that anyone who spoke about any conspiracies at high levels was just simply not someone to be believed.
_One of the first and most outrageous of these Internet “revelations” that did so much to make sincere truth seekers look foolish was the oftrepeated theme that“Sandy Hook was a hoax”and that no children were even killed there. (Yes, that was a frequently repeated allegation.)
_Even the introduction of the word “hoax” was carefully calculated and with the mass media reporting that “conspiracy theorists” were using that term to describe the tragedy, many in the general public began to doubt the sanity of a lot of good people who were rightfully raising questions about what happened at Sandy Hook and the way that it was being exploited.
_And—just as Sunstein and company expected (and desired)—other individuals discussing other matters involving conspiracies (the 9-11 cover-up, the Oklahoma bombing, the JFK assassination, and even the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty) were themselves being subjected to sarcastic comments such as,“I suppose you’re also one of those people who doesn’t believe those 20 little children were killed at Sandy Hook.”
_Sunstein and company had scored big.
_They knew they literally had a proverbial “captive audience” that was unwittingly receptive to their manipulations. And they had the capacity to track—via the Internet—the entirety of the exchange of information going on.
_This was their first big “test tube” case and it was proving to be a success, perhaps beyond even their wildest dreams.
_Sunstein and the Crisis Management Conspirators implementing his plan recognized that the diverse assortment of groups active in political dissent —whether they call themselves “patriots” or “nationalists” or “truth seekers” or “white separatists” (the list of such largely selfimposed labels could go on and on)—constituted the definition of a “crowd” as laid forth in the aforementioned Gustave LeBon’s rather sinister analysis of the manner in which a “crowd” can be manipulated.
_In its ordinary sense the word "crowd" means a gathering of individuals of whatever nationality, profession, or sex, and whatever be the chances that have brought them together.
_From the psychological point of view, the expression "crowd" assumes quite a different signification. . . .
_The sentiments and ideas of all the persons in the gathering take one and the same direction, and their conscious personality vanishes. A collective mind is formed, doubtless transitory, but presenting very clearly defined characteristics.
_The gathering has thus become . . . an organized crowd, or, if the term is considered preferable, a psychological crowd. It forms a single being, and is subjected to the law of the mental unity of crowds. 
_In other words, these proverbial “mad scientists”—these modernday Crisis Management Conspirators, steeped in the teachings of LeBon—saw that conspiracy theories tended to form (and initially circulate) within a“crowd”of like-minded individuals and that, from that standpoint alone, such a crowd was easily manipulated. It was, after all, the High Priest of Crowd Control, Le Bon himself,who pointed out that:
_However indifferent it may be supposed, a crowd, as a rule, is in a state of expectant attention, which renders suggestion easy. The first suggestion formulated which arises implants itself immediately by a process of contagion in the brains of all assembled, and the identical bent of the sentiments of the crowd is immediately an accomplished fact. 
_That is, once a particular “theory”—some particular thought, some particular “factoid” (as they now call it)—has been inserted into a likeminded crowd, that factoid (even if, per chance, it doesn’t happen to be true) almost becomes an article of faith or even, as Le Bon said, “immediately an accomplished fact.”
_As such, the Le Bonian Mind Control masterminds recognized that precisely because a “crowd” tends, thus, to think alike, and accept all precepts that “sound good” or which seem parallel to their particular mindset, that a “crowd” would immediately incorporate by “process of contagion” any idea inserted into the mass thinking of the crowd.
_The Crisis Management Conspirators knew that once a “crowd” had become conditioned to “think alike” (so to speak) and was thereby easily subject to the power of suggestion, that such a like-minded group would immediately start to develop its own particular mindset a way of looking at some issue or event.
_As Le Bon pointed out:
_The simplest event that comes under the observation of a crowd is soon totally transformed.
_A crowd thinks in images, and the image itself immediately calls up a series of other images, having no logical connection with the first. We can easily conceive this state by thinking of the fantastic succession of ideas to which we are sometimes led by calling up in our minds any fact.
_Our reason shows us the incoherence there is in these images, but a crowd is almost blind to this truth, and confuses with the real event what the deforming action of its imagination has superimposed thereon.
_A crowd scarcely distinguishes between the subjective and the objective. It accepts as real the images evoked in its mind,though they most often have only a very distant relation with the observed fact. 
_Essentially, because so many people in “The Crowd”—that is, the “truth movement”—saw (quite clearly) that the mass media was attempting to stoke up demands for increased gun control measures (even outright gun confiscation on a national scale), the whole image of Sandy Hook changed in its entirety.
_In fact, this was the REAL “false flag” in the whole Sandy Hook debate, but many good patriots didn’t see what was happening.
_Rather than focusing on the genuine issue of specific concern—the push for gun control—“The Crowd” was instead gettting bogged down and looking in the wrong direction, worrying about a variety of unimportant details and making allegations about Sandy Hook—that no children had actually died, for example—that made honest critics of gun control look foolish, if not downright venal.
_Most people among the general public more or less accepted the idea that a disturbed young man had committed a horrible deed and that—predictably—gun control advocates once again jumped on the tragedy in order to pursue their anti-gun agenda.
_A lot of people—including a lot of people in the “truth movement”—had previously (and rightly) expressed concerns that many of the people involved in previous mass shootings had been under the influence of psychiatric drugs which have been pushed by the major media to the great profit of the pharmeceutical conglomerates.
_And at the outset, even most skeptics of the official version of events had no doubt buying the possibility that the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza,had been the victim of MK-ULTRA style mind control,brainwashed into committing a mass shooting in order to help stampede public support for gun control or outright gun confiscation.
_Over the years more than a few independent journalists had compiled an assembly of data on a number of mass shootings in the U.S. and elsewhere suggesting there was much more to the story behind these shootings; that, in fact, they were orchestrated by behind-the-scenes forces and that there was evidence of “mind control” involved.
_So there were a lot of good reasons for many to at least suspect that perhaps there was some sort of Mind Control or other form of high-level intrigue involved in the Sandy Hook shooting.
_In fact—up until Sandy Hook—this explanation (that Lanza was a mind-controlled false flag patsy who actually killed little chiildren) would have sufficed for even the most hard-core skeptic who doubted the official version of events laid down by the authorities.
_But with Sandy Hook—and the intervention of the Crisis Management Conspirators—the outlook of the“average”grass-roots conspiracy theorist in “The Crowd” would never be the same again.
_As a consequence of the intrigues of the Crisis Management Conspirators, the mindset of the conspiracy theorists would be drastically altered to the point that many good people were pushed into the direction of believing that absolutely nothing—absolutely nothing— could ever be believed and that everything—absolutely everything— was a horrendous lie.
_And we are not talking just about Sandy Hook.We are talking about virtually anything—everything—taking place in our world today.
_The Crisis Management Conspirators were pushing honest truth seekers in“The Crowd” into a proverbial padded cell where they could just keep screaming at the top of their voices and banging their heads against the wall with the ultimate realization that nobody was paying any attention to them whatsoever—a virtual Twilight Zone.
_Nonetheless—on a parallel basis—the Crisis Management Conspirators,quite naturally,didn’t want anyone in the general public, at least, to ever consider the possibility that there had been any Mind Manipulation or any conspiracy to stage a“crisis”—such as another mass shooting—to justify gun confiscation.
_Therefore, they began spinning bizarre tales and inserting them onto the Internet and into the mind of “The Crowd”—that is, patriots and other skeptics of the official story—in order to muddy up serious inquiry and discussion.
_They dazzled “The Crowd”with an array of colorful and interesting and fiendishly clever (if not obviously outrageous) rumors that absolutely had the immediate and profound (and very much intended) effect of directing public ire upon those good patriots—the so-called “conspiracy theorists”—who were rightly concerned about behind-thescenes manipulation that accompanied the events at Sandy Hook.
_Soon enough—and not surprisingly—people in the general public began to think any conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook were absolutely beyond the pale and that people inclined toward conspiracy theories questioning the official government line were crazy troublemakers who belonged in mental hospitals!
_The Crisis Management Conspirators mesmerized and manipulated American patriots and other skeptics via a non-stop wave of Sandy Hook “factoids” that quickly spread like wildfire across the Internet. And patriot websites by the hundreds—by the thousands—were picking them up and reporting them. These legends—spawned by the Crisis Management folks—became the staple daily diet of email addicts who were eagerly helping distribute the latest Sandy Hook “revelations.”
_And, of course, this—as we shall see in a moment—was all keeping in line with another aspect of the “crowd” that the “guru” of the Crisis Management Conspirators—Gustave LeBon—had already assessed.
People were falling victim to the the fact that because something is repeated time and again, it gains a certain credibility in the mind of the ‘crowd.” LeBon wrote:
_The influence of repetition on crowds is comprehensible when the power is seen which it exercises on the most enlightened minds.
_This power is due to the fact that the repeated statement is embedded in the long run in those profound regions of our unconscious selves in which the motives of our actions are forged.
_At the end of a certain time we have forgotten who is the author of the repeated assertion, and we finish by believing it.
_When an affirmation has been sufficiently repeated and there is unanimity in this repetition . . .what is called a current of opinion is formed and the powerful mechanism of contagion intervenes. 
_Precisely because so much disinformation was being repeated by well-meaning and entirely innocent folks, a lot of good patriots concluded that something had to be amiss with the “official” Sandy Hook story or otherwise—they said—so many good patriots on so many websites and elsewhere wouldn’t be raising these questions. However—and this is a point that many failed to consider at the time (but which many patriots are now coming to realize):
_The truth is that a vast majority of the Sandy Hook spin came from theretofore unknown sources—who to this day still remain largely unknown,other than through Internet nicknames—who helped put out much of the material in the first place, adding often-dubious commentary that helped stir up suspicion in the first place.
_As LeBon had so rightly said, “at the end of a certain time we have forgotten who is the author of the repeated assertion, and we finish by believing it.” How true it was with Sandy Hook!
_These Internet sources who had suddenly popped up had no reputation (either good or bad) among traditional patriots and conspiracy theorists—but their impact was immeasurable.
_And they were ably aided and abetted by some longtime deep-cover assets—agents provocateurs—inside the patriot movement who helped give further “credibility” to these stories being cranked out by the Crisis Management Conspirators.
_A lot of old CIA hands and federal informants---veterans of the black propaganda journal Media Bypass (referenced in Chapter Fourteen) that had been heavily funded and set up in time for the disinformation surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing----popped up to help disseminate a lot of the Sandy Hook-related nonsense that gripped the imagination of the patriots.
_Meanwhile, on a daily basis, the powers-that-be in control of the mass media were cranking up a continuing round-the-clock campaign in favor of gun control,pointing at Sandy Hook as underscoring the necessity for dismantling the Second Amendment. It was, they said, “for the children.” Americans were told they needed to give up their guns so as to prevent future tragedies of this kind.
_But the irony is that many good people who thought that by“exposing the Sandy Hook fraud”—that is, passing on the Internet-based rumors about Sandy Hook—that they were “doing something” to stop the drive for gun control. In fact, it was a total misdirection from the central issue of gun control. Peoples’energies were being focused not on gun control but on the “necessity” to “spread the truth about Sandy Hook.”
_And that, as we’ve said,was the real“false flag” in Sandy Hook. However,unfortunately, the patriots who were repeating the Internet rumors were giving a whole new twist to the controversy surrounding Sandy Hook and the push for gun control that came in its wake.
_What was happening was that the more the conspiracy theories surrounding Sandy Hook got all the more fantastic, the more it had the effect of discrediting all sincere critics of gun control who were being identified with “those people who say that no children really died at Sandy Hook.” The bottom line matter of fighting the drive for gun control was sidelined by “The Crowd” which had become caught up in discussing (and perpetuating) all of the silly Sandy Hook rumors that the Crisis Management Conspirators had unleashed on the Internet.
_The Crisis Management Conspirators—having a field day (and a good laugh) at their success in re-shaping the thinking of conspiracyconscious patriots—knew full well of another key concept put forth by LeBon: The fact that a “crowd” can accept the most ridiculous propositions, ones that an individual—prior to becoming a member of the “crowd”—would not be so ready to incorporate into his thinking. if given the time to consider the matter more fully.
_More and more a fabulously colorful bazaar of bizarre conspiracy theories began to swirl around Sandy Hook. Many of these theories— often promulgated as part of a grab-bag package by their promoters— were directly contradictory.
_Here’s an example.
_One big name figured out that Israel’s Mossad was behind the shooting. His proof? Well, everybody knows that the Mossad is murderous and that Israel has no problem killing children.
_This authority claims a three-man Mossad team pulled off the job— but then again, there are folks who say this investigator is dead wrong (pun intended) since, of course, nobody was killed at Sandy Hook at all, or least not enough people killed to justify a big-time Mossad operation of the kind described by that analyst.
_However, as far as the Mossad is concerned (vis-a-vis Sandy Hook) there were two different claims in this regard. Some said the Mossad did it to hurt President Obama, getting revenge against the president for not being pro-Israel enough. Others said the Mossad did it to help the president further along the conspiracy to grab America’s guns.
_In other words, if you think the Mossad did it, you have two entirely different (and quite contradictory) motives to choose from. And so, depending on what you think of Barack Obama, you have two different versions of the story that “The Mossad Was Behind Sandy Hook.”
_But the foundation of this theory—which is certainly delectable to anyone who has professed belief of Mossad involvement in the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing and in 9-11—doesn’t have any basis in any given facts, the exciting scenario itself notwithstanding.
_Yet—believe it or not—after I publicly discounted Mossad involvement in Sandy Hook (on the basis that I had seen no actual proof—even circumstantial—of such involvement) I was accused of “covering up for the Mossad” and of being “a Zionist agent.” (Seriously.)
_In fact, there is no proof that Mossad assassins were involved in any shooting (real or staged) in Sandy Hook.
_How the Mossad was involved in Sandy Hook was in a way most of the great conspiracy theorists clearly were unable to figure out, so busy they were with distributing the increasingly more silly and unlikely conspiracy theories that were running wild on the Internet.
_The Mossad was hiding in plain sight and the patriot researchers and conspiracy theorists never saw it at all. 
_It was clearly allies (or outright assets) of the Mossad—figures in Cass Sunstein’s Crisis Management gang—who were conjuring up and distributing the ridiculous stories that gained such currency. In effect, the patriots were passing on Mossad-sponsored black propaganda and they never understood that at all!
_And, naturally, this had the desired effect of making any and all conspiracy theorists—especially anyone who might date mention the dread word “Mossad”— look crazy,marginal and generally to be disbelieved.
_So, in that sense, the Mossad was behind Sandy Hook but not in the way that many Sandy Hook true believers might like to think.At the very least, the Mossad profited from Sandy Hook by being able to monitor (and manipulate) the conspiracy theories that emerged. It was a classic experiment in Crisis Management and Mind Control and the patriot dissidents never understood that at all.
_And that’s precisely why the bad folks at the Mossad and their allies among the Crisis Management Conspirators had a good laugh at the antics of the “patriots” who were hawking the latest disinformation inserted onto the Internet designed to make those patriots look foolish.
_But despite the contradictions in this realm (and in other aspects of the stories circulating about Sandy Hook) that didn’t seem to phase many who helped spread the stories saying,“I’m just passing on what I’ve heard.” These people actually believed that as a member of “The Crowd” they were doing their patriotic duty, having no idea they were being manipulated by the very forces they were seeking to combat!
_The Crisis Management Conspirators had once again put the theoretical precepts of their High Priest—LeBon—into practice by conjuring up (and putting into distribution via the Internet) the most audaciously ridiculous narratives.They knew full well that “The Crowd” would buy into these stories without question.As LeBon wrote:
_The figurative imagination of crowds is very powerful, very active and very susceptible of being keenly impressed. The images evoked in their mind by a personage, an event, an accident, are almost as lifelike as the reality.
_Crowds are to some extent in the position of the sleeper whose reason, suspended for the time being, allows the arousing in his mind of images of extreme intensity which would quickly be dissipated could they be submitted to the action of reflection.
_Crowds, being incapable both of reflection and of reasoning, are devoid of the notion of improbability; and it is to be noted that in a general way it is the most improbable things that are the most striking.
_This is why it happens that it is always the marvellous and legendary side of events that more specially strike crowds. 
_Clearly, this phenomenon explains why so many otherwise sensible people began to believe some of the most extraordinary claims about Sandy Hook set loose on the Internet by theretofore unknown“sources” with no record of recognition or credibility in any way, shape or form.
_Because so much of this material was being so quickly and so widely distributed and then being re-distributed by others eager for new information about Sandy Hook, these improbable and ridiculous notions effectively became a matter of fact. And, as LeBon said, the “marvellous”—that is, the most striking, even outrageous—aspects of the Sandy Hook theories were what took hold.
_Before long, it was being said that accused Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza hadn’t even fired a single shot that day.According to the story, he had never even been in the school that day—not alive, at least. The story was that Lanza had been formally declared dead by the Social Security administration one day before the shooting—and that he died in New Hampshire (a state away). The real conspirators behind Sandy Hook had not only killed Lanza the day before,but—evidently following the law (!)—they had made certain to register his death with the Social Security administration, law-abiding folks that these conspirators were.
_When some “theorists”were pressed on this point, they could only respond,“Oh, well, they wanted us to discover that.This was their way of confounding us and showing us they could do anything they wanted. They wanted us to see that there really was much more to the story but they also wanted to display their power to cover up the truth.”
_Hardly a day had gone by before it was alleged that the police and fire departments were involved in the conspiracy, deliberately blocking the exits to the school during the shooting for the purpose of ensuring that the killers could rack up as high a body count as possible.
_The county coroner’s public persona rubbed people the wrong way. Somebody pronounced the judgment that he wasn’t “acting right” for someone who had just performed autopsies on a bunch of purportedly dead children and therefore he definitely had to be in on the act. He was just “too weird.”
_Soon enough, that was the final word on the matter among dissidents. Somebody had said it, so therefore it had to be true.
_But the real question is this: WHO first said it and why did THEIR judgment effectively become the last word on the subject—“proof”of a much-bigger conspiracy?
_Nobody seemed to know precisely where so much of the “dissident” opinions were coming from—but whatever was said was freely passed on as though it constituted solid proof of “something.”
_Because the police initially prevented families from viewing the bullet- ripped corpses of the children, word spread that the families never once saw their dead children at all, despite the fact there were open casket funerals for a number of the children the conspiracy theorists said had never really died.
_Wax figures in the coffins,maybe? Designed to fool the parents who believed that their children had been killed? (Or were the parents, as some said, in on the conspiracy?)
_“If they reported that the families couldn’t see the bodies,” demand ed those who said they were “just asking questions,” then why, they asked,didn’t the media then report that the families were finally allowed to see the bodies?
_In fact, as anyone who has watched any of the standard police procedural dramas that occupy much of television today knows full well, it is not police procedure to allow the bodies of crime victims to be immediately inspected by the families. And no, that’s not “just Hollywood.” That’s how it really works.
_Ask your local policeman.
_In fact, families were later allowed to view the remains of their dead loved ones and in several instances (brought to my attention) there were open caskets for children who had died.
_Here’s the story:
_In a radio broadcast on Jan. 20, 2013 I had urgently warned truth seekers not to be taken in by all of this emerging nonsense and came under a great deal of criticism from many good folks who were fervent believers in the theory that no children had died and that the stories told by surviving Sandy Hook teachers (and children) were all lies.
_However, I was heartened when—during an email exchange between myself and two well-known and respected patriots, Carol Asher, the longtime assistant to famed peace officer Jack McLamb, and Ron Neil of the Dollar DVD Project Liberty (see the website at onedollardvdproject. com)—Ron sent me this email saying: “You surprised me with your attitude about Sandy Hook. I respect your opinion and will be more careful on this subject.You reminded me that we must focus and not get sidetracked.”
_(My whole point from the start! But most people who had joined the Sandy Hook frenzy couldn’t quite see that, as Ron Neil clearly did.
_And—to the heart of the matter—Ron also sent Carol and I a communication from one of his correspondents who was commenting critically on allegations that Sandy Hook teacher Kaitlin Roig was a fraud.
_While Roig was being hailed as a heroine for having rescued her students, there were truth seekers who had become convinced by the disinformation from the Crisis Management Conspirators that Roig was an audacious liar.Neil’s correspondent took issue with the claim—circulating on the Internet—that Roig wasn’t even a teacher.
_In fact, she wrote: “She [Roig] is my grandson’s teacher and I know that part is factual,” adding a very real warning for truth seekers:
_I think that a huge mistake has been made for the alternative media. We are looking like "nuts" . . . especially the people that say that nobody died. My daughter went to several wakes and funerals. And . . . she saw open caskets. Some of her dear friends lost their children! 
_In the meantime, though, this teacher,Kaitlin Roig, was being called “a possible Israeli Mossad terrorist” and a “false witness” and was subjected to the claim that she was really actress Rebekah Fernandez who was supposedly posing as a fake Sandy Hook teacher—namely Roig!
_So although there was very real proof that Roig was a Sandy Hook teacher, there were people who were saying that she was actually a “Crisis Actor”—much more about the Crisis Actor theories later—who was playing a part to help perpetrate a gigantic fraud.
_However, one truth seeker—recognizing that there was something wrong with all of this—commented in response to an Internet posting of a video of an interview with Roig that critics “proved” she was a liar, an audacious actress posing as a heroine:
_What doesn't make sense to me, too, is that this Kaitlyn Roig is supposed to be a paid actor, yet she is, or was, a teacher at the time of the shooting?
_I mean, so let me get this straight: She taught at this school for, how long?
_But, suddenly, now that this incident happened, and she's giving this report about what went down in her own classroom, suddenly she's just labeled a "paid actor," because people think she's lying? 
_And—get this—some of Roig’s critics even thought the fact that Roig was married immediately after Sandy Hook was additional proof that she just couldn’t be for real.“If she was so affected by the tragedy,” people growled,“how could she dare get married?” This was the kind of genuinely crazy theorizing (and thinking) that the Crisis Management Conspirators had so effectively conjured up.
_(A personal note: My oldest brother and his wife were married on the very day just hours her cousin and two of their childhood friends— who were supposed to attend that wedding—were killed in a tragic explosion. Nobody—absolutely nobody—perceived their decision to proceed with the marriage as being crass or as inappropriate.)
_But in the wake of Sandy Hook, it became an article of faith that anyone who seemed to affirm the“official” story in any way was lying. And it was such an attitude that gripped the minds of truth seekers to the point, as Ron Neil’s aforementioned correspondent said, that “We are looking like ‘nuts.’”
_But truth seekers had become so much a part of “The Crowd” that they couldn’t see what was happening and how they were effectively discrediting themselves in the minds of the public.
_And then the fact that the police would not release particular details of the shooting was said to be “proof” that there was a cover-up. But, again, the truth is that even a cursory reading of any daily newspaper reporting on the most mundane of events involving a police investigation will reveal—time and time again—that the police just simply do not go about releasing a lot of data while any investigation is going on. That’s a fact that can be confirmed by even the most casual reference to any given newspaper in any town or city in the country.
_However, under the clever contrivance of the Crisis Management Conspirators,honest truth seekers had become totally distracted,caught up in minutiae that was absolutely irrelevant but which, nonetheless, seemed to possess the patriot movement, as if by magic.
_The proverbial “Crowd” had been caught up in a whirlwind of deliberate disinformation. It was as though some people genuinely wanted to believe that nothing—absolutely nothing—was true.That all was a lie. And a lot of cheap hucksters—along with the Crisis Management Conspirators—played on this.
_It was even said that the governor of Connecticut had advance knowledge of the impending “event”—we’ll call it an event, rather than a shooting, since a lot of people don’t think anybody was really shot at Sandy Hook in the first place!
_The basis of this rumor was the fact the governor had said publicly that he had been told that such an event could happen.
_What the governor was saying—and this was no secret—was that public schools and other venues—public and private, including shopping malls, bus stations, etc—had been training their own personnel in the matter of dealing with such an emergency.
_However, the governor’s comment—based on something that had been widely reported for months, even years, on end in the mass media (that is, how communities were preparing to deal with such events)— was twisted and presented as a Freudian slip that revealed the governor’s foreknowledge of the impending crisis at Sandy Hook.
_According to one claim, it was Attorney General Eric Holder (evidently another of the many conspirators) who briefed the governor a full month in advance that there was going to be a phony happening at Sandy Hook to be presented to the public as a “school shooting.”
_How many other public officials and law enforcement were brought into the loop no one could really say for sure, but then, again, it had already been suggested (as noted earlier) that the local police and fire departments were part of the massacre (or, at least, the cover-up). It seemed like the entire town was involved. But, then again, there were those who were saying that no massacre had even really happened!
_It came down to this: There were some 500 students at Sandy Hook. However, as we’ve said, some people don’t believe there really was a functioning school there at all. And it is said that—of those 500 students—20 of them (along with their families and others) faked their deaths.But some truth seekers—influenced by the disinformation of the Crisis Management Conspirators—now question whether at least some—if not all—of these students ever even existed!
_But accepting the idea that 20 students are no longer officially alive (and thus presumably in hiding) that means there are some 480 other students (and roughly 960 parents) and lord knows how many thousands upon thousands of siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles related to the “surviving” 480 kids who are participating in one of the most extraordinary hoaxes of modern history.
_Meanwhile, others said, Newtown, Connecticut and its environs was an outpost of Satanism and that most of the people in town were Satanists.
_That explained why virtually everyone was involved in the conspiracy designed to portray a non-event as a bloody massacre.
_When sober patriot critics pointed out that Satanists are known to engage in real blood-letting and don’t generally “fake” such events, preferring the very real slaughter of little children, those who were advocates of the theory that “the Satanists” had helped conjure the Sandy Hook hoax were hard-pressed to respond.
_Others claimed there were people in Newtown who knew the whole affair was a “hoax” and wanted to speak out (or who were speaking out privately) but they didn’t want their names revealed.Those people were either being blackmailed or coerced in some fashion.
_In other words, an entire community—a town of nearly 30,000 people— was held under such control that not a single person would (or could) go public and blow the whistle and expose the hoax!
_The theory is yours to choose: Either most of the people in the town were Satanists or otherwise somehow in on the plot or most of the people were somehow being prevented from daring to speak out.
_And part of the whole big plot—so some say—is that (as we keep reminding you) there wasn’t even really a functioning school at the structure in Sandy Hook where the “phony” shooting took place.
_I kid you not.
_Those unfamiliar with all of the give-and-take that erupted on the Internet simply have no idea how truly outlandish it all became. It does get a little confusing, to be sure, but that didn’t stop people from spreading the stories.
_For God’s sake,don’t let anything stand in the way of a good story— especially if attracts traffic to your Internet website (and brings you a bundle full of cash contributions).
_On one occasion a very prominent “patriot” radio broadcaster extended his sympathies to the people of Newtown for the lives lost at Sandy Hook and then,minutes later, on the same broadcast, referred to the matter as a gigantic hoax that never happened.
_Why the broadcaster felt the need to extend his sympathy to Newtown for a tragedy that hadn’t really taken place remains a mystery (to me). But he had a lot of followers who hung on his every word.
_All of that having been said, it’s no surprise, when we continue to review the work of Gustave Le Bon—who provided the playbook for the Crisis Management Conspirators—to see that Le Bon had been able to project with absolute certainly that the insertion of wild claims into “The Crowd” would prove a perfect means of splitting the dissident movement from within.
_Le Bon described what he called“the intolerance,dictatorialness and conservatism of crowds,” and recognizing this factor, the Crisis Management Conspirators played this phenomenon to the hilt.
_These malicious manipulators knew full well that the moment cautious, detail-oriented, fact-focused researchers questioned the disinformation and nonsense that this would enrage those in“The Crowd” who had been coopted into what had essentially become a Sandy Hook Cult. Here’s how Le Bon put it:
_Crowds are only cognisant of simple and extreme sentiments; the opinions, ideas, and beliefs suggested to them are accepted or rejected as a whole, and considered as absolute truths or as not less absolute errors.
_This is always the case with beliefs induced by a process of suggestion instead of engendered by reasoning.
_Every one is aware of the intolerance that accompanies religious beliefs, and of the despotic empire they exercise on men's minds.
_Being in doubt as to what constitutes truth or error, and having,on the other hand, a clear notion of its strength, a crowd is as disposed to give authoritative effect to its inspirations as it is intolerant.
_An individual may accept contradiction and discussion; a crowd will never do so. At public meetings the slightest contradiction on the part of an orator is immediately received with howls of fury and violent invective, soon followed by blows, and expulsion should the orator stick to his point. 
_And just as LeBon had suggested, those honest truth seekers who dared to question the fallacious (and patently ridiculous) stories that had been injected into discussion of Sandy Hook came under the most intense fire from otherwise good people—and the Crisis Management Conspirators absolutely loved it.
_As incredible as it may seem to readers who will learn of this for the first time, even those who dared to suggest that perhaps children did actually die at Sandy Hook were called “traitors” by other patriots who had bought into the disinformation being inserted into the minds of patriots via the Crisis Management Conspirators working to discredit “conspiracy theories” in any form.
_Thanks to the Orwellian manipulation—very real “mind control” at its best (and worst)—belief in Sandy Hook as having been a massive hoax was essentially being instituted as a virtual litmus test as to“who’s a real patriot and who isn’t.” Those who didn’t believe Sandy Hook was a massive hoax are denounced as having been “bribed, blackmailed, or coerced” or just having simply “changed sides.”
_Veteran patriots said they had never seen anything like it—and they recognized it was because of the influence of the Internet (or rather, the influence of those Crisis Management Conspirators who were abusing the Internet for their own insidious purposes).
_In short, Sandy Hook effectively emerged as a cult, with its own unique built-in theology that cannot be questioned. To raise any doubts about the foundation of the cult was—and still is—considered heresy. Anyone who doubted even the most unlikely portion of the Sandy Hook theories was portrayed as a “traitor to the patriot movement”—or that’s what the Crisis Management Conspirators wanted patriots to think!
_The successful introduction by the Crisis Management Conspirators of their own disinformation into the patriot movement had set in motion a very real crisis—in and of itself—in which real patriots were being crucified for standing up and calling out the real conspirators for trying to mislead patriots.
_One longtime critic of gun control was accused of lending support to pro-gun control forces because he believed children died at Sandy Hook—a total disconnect, of course, but illustrative of the kind of mindset that was taking hold.
_Another person was accused of being “pro-Obama” because he doubted some Sandy Hook theories, the apparent presumption being that since Sandy Hook took place under the hated Obama’s watch that anyone who believed the official story therefore had to be pro-Obama for believing the basic claim that a crazed lone gunman was responsible.
_(On the other hand, though,as we’ve noted, some of the others who believed that there was a bigger story to Sandy Hook believed Israel’s Mossad had carried out the crime in order to hurt President Obama whereas others believed the Mossad did so in order to help him.)
_So, as we said, choose your favorite theory—courtesy of Cass Sunstein and the Crisis Management Conspirators.
_It was almost like Alice in Wonderland—definitely beyond belief. If there’s one thing we can be certain about, it’s this: There’s more to the Sandy Hook story than even the most dedicated conspiracy theorists understand—and that’s why they’ve been “hooked.”
_The Crisis Management Conspirators (via Internet monitoring) were able to see preciselyWHO spread the rumors via email and fromWHAT websites and sources they got their information in the first place.
_As a direct consequence of this one event and the frenzy surrounding it, the powers-that-be had an absolute first-ever 24/7 fool-proof method of monitoring communications and resources within the circles of the dissident movement.
_The Sandy Hook venture itself was just stage one in the scheme, giving them the opportunity to observe and weigh the responses of the conspiracy theorists to the actual events that had occurred and to monitor their responses to the often-illogical and contradictory tales being bandied about by the Crisis Management Conspirators.
_On the broader scale, in the bigger picture, the Crisis crowd was laying the groundwork to have—in the future—a more precise, more calibrated focus on the exchange of information by the conspiracy theorists and to be able to actually dominate and direct the course of their thinking altogether. And, naturally—if necessary—to discredit them in no uncertain terms in the minds of the general population.
_Perhaps even more importantly, the Sunstein-inspired program of monitoring and manipulation now made it possible to lay the groundwork—as appropriate—in manipulating opinion during some future major event, perhaps one already well-planned in advance— another 9-11, if you will—or some scheme still in the works.
_Sandy Hook was indeed a “false flag” of the first order—and it had the ultimate impact of totally misdirecting the attention of patriots from the real forces that were laying out the misinformation that was so thoroughly misdirecting them.
_In the end, one of the most respected longtime patriot voices, Devvy Kidd, dared to put it all in perspective.On April 28, 2013, on her website at newswithviews.com,Kidd laid it on the line:
_Over the past nearly two decades,every time some horrific “event” happens,wanna be "journalists" come out of the wood work with their conspiracy theories based on absolutely nothing. Bloggers who specialize in no facts, just rank speculation. Irresponsible people out to make a name for themselves or to get people to their web sites.
_They have zero credibility and hurt the rest of us by being lumped together. I have debunked conspiracy theories in the past based on documentation. I get attacked as if I'm the bad guy for pursuing the truth! There are conspiracies and coverups, but we want the truth, not speculation. 
_What a damned shame there were not more voices of caution raised while the Sandy Hook affair was in its frenzy. But there were too many people in “The Crowd” who had been captivated by the virus of manufactured conspiracy fever that had been spawned in the Mind Control laboratories of the Crisis Management Conspirators.
_And, if truth be told, there were many so-called “leaders” of the would-be “truth movement” who were afraid to dissent, fearful of being called “traitors” and accused of being “agents of Barack Obama and the NewWorld Order” if they dared to say that the foolish madness inserted into the minds of truth seekers (via the machinations of the Conspiracy Management gang) was just that: a bunch of foolishness.
_The whole Sandy Hook venture was largely a “private” affair, in that the circumstances surrounding the event were essentially limited to what did—or did not—take place within the confines of that elementary school in Newtown.
_However, not long afterward—on April 15, 2013—with the very “public” event involving the Boston Marathon (on the very open and public streets of Boston) the Crisis Management Conspirators were able to fine tune what they had already honed into a specialized “science”: a tool of Orwellian manipulation of the first—and worst—order.
_With Boston, the Sunstein thesis—now a live-action, real-time project in motion, having been successfully tested with Sandy Hook—was adapted to a much bigger,more broad-ranging event that (all of the nonsensical theories accompanying it notwithstanding) had all the earmarks of having been a very real “false flag”operation of Israel’s Mossad. But, once again, the truth seekers were misdirected . . .


Who “The Crisis Actors” REALLY Are: 
How Truth Seekers Were Manipulated 
into Ignoring Genuine “False Flag” Terrorism 
and Focusing Instead on Irrelevant Lunacy 

_The manipulation by the Crisis Management Conspirators of the events at Sandy Hook was, in retrospect, a quite logical response to the phenomenon of 9-11 truthseeking (much of it Internet-based) which, in turn, had its own antecedents in the search for the truth surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing and the JFK assassination so many years before.
_In that sense,we might suggest, there was indeed a secret connection, so to speak, between 9-11 and Sandy Hook—but it’s one that even the most fervent believers in the “big” story of Sandy Hook never realized, precisely because of the fact they had found themselves (most of them, to this day, unknowingly) caught in the web of disinformation being spun by the high-level Crisis Management Conspirators.
_And one of the biggest cons of all perpetrated upon the legitimate truth seekers was the legend of “The Crisis Actors”—mentioned earlier— that came to be an article of faith surrounding Sandy Hook and later again, even more so, following the events at the Boston Marathon.
_And as we’ve already noted (perhaps all too often) in the wake of Sandy Hook many people actually believed that there hadn’t even been any gunplay at all—that no children and no adults were shot that day, that it was all a big staged event, with the purported victims and their families (along with law enforcement) in on the deal.
_This is where the now much-discussed topic of “The Crisis Actors” was brought into play.And, in many respects, it may have been one of the most ingenious scams ever pawned off on American patriots designed to misdirect their attention.
_It was right out of Cass Sunstein’s playbook.
_During the wake of Sandy Hook, people got so distracted talking about the Crisis Actors and the claim that "Lanza was dead the day before the shooting which really didn't happen and in which no kids were really killed," that, in many cases, they didn't do what they should have done: Lobby forcefully against the gun control measures that were being crafted as a consequence of the tragedy at Sandy Hook.
_Many patriots became genuinely convinced that by talking about “The Crisis Actors” that they were winning the day and convincing people of the dangers of gun control when, in fact, they were actually misdirecting good people and, for all intents and purposes,discrediting honest Americans who were opposed to gun control.
_As a result of the widespread distribution of claims that Sandy Hook was a big fraud being perpetrated by “Crisis Actors” many Americans concluded that the opponents of gun control were trouble-makers, wildeyed conspiracy theorists and just generally to be dismissed.
_That, ultimately,was the aim of the Crisis Management Conspirators. Their introduction of the concept of“CrisisActors” into the debate was part and parcel of the very real conspiracy—first outlined by Cass Sunstein—to discredit conspiracy theories in general.
_And all of this undoubtedly did immense damage to the reputation of many good patriots who opposed gun control and who were led into the trap of focusing on the Crisis Actor legend rather than on the very real and important issue at hand.
_And what is so remarkable is that, to this day, although patriotic folks who regularly discuss Sandy Hook and Boston speak in hushed (and not-so-hushed) tones about “The Crisis Actors” and the role that they supposedly played in those events, there is not one single individual who is able to say precisely “who” it was who first introduced the concept of the CrisisActors into the vernacular of the Sandy Hook truth seekers.And that is telling, in and of itself.
_We know, for example, following the JFK assassination, that it was Mark Lane who largely popularized the term“grassy knoll”—relating to the likely positioning in Dealey Plaza of one of the gunmen who fired on President Kennedy.
_But Lane himself is the first to admit that he first heard the term “grassy knoll” used by one of the assassination witnesses, Jean Hill,who used that term in an interview.And Hill herself has said that this just happened to be the particular phraseology that popped into her head in seeking a way to describe that geographic location in Dealey Plaza.
_And that’s how the term “grassy knoll” ultimately came into widespread parlance, not only in reference to the JFK assassination but also in reference to “conspiracy theories” in general.
_But there is absolutely nobody who can explain just who it was who “figured out” that Crisis Actors had been utilized as part of the Sandy Hook (and later the Boston Marathon) conspiracy.
_And the reason for that is that this whole concept of Crisis Actors having been dispatched as part of the conspiracy was a creation of the Crisis Management Conspirators themselves.
_Now let it be said that there really are people known as Crisis Actors.They do exist.They’ve been around for a while.
_However, the proponents of the Crisis Actors theory relating to Sandy Hook (and later the Boston Marathon) would have people believe that the existence of CrisisActors is some deep dark secret, that they are part of a long-standing high-level covert operation kept from the public, perhaps a creation of Homeland Security or the CIA or some combination of elements of the emerging American Police State, paid agents of the vaunted military-industrial-complex.
_It’s an exciting theory, to be sure, but the truth is that—for years—you have been able go to the Internet and find a number of Internet websites of real-life profit-making businesses that train and provide Crisis Actors who interact with government (local, state and federal) as well as private industries and enterprises in preparing to deal with crisis events of various kinds, including mass shootings, hostage situations, earthquakes, fires, riots—all manner of chaos.
_One such business engaging in the Crisis Actor industry (which is what it amounts to) is crisisactors.org.
_On the website of that company, their promotional material reads:
“Crisis Actors: Trained Players and Actors Making it Real,” stating that their mission is: “Helping schools and first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films.” The website even includes a section called “Crisis Acting News” highlighting a variety of events in which their skills and services have been utilized (and openly publicized in newspapers and televised by broadcast outlets in local communities across the country).
_Here are just a few examples from crisisactors.org, citing Internet links to some of the newspapers and broadcast outlets that have cited the work of Crisis Actors in their particular communities.
_• Active Shooter Training At Closed Elementary School in Plymouth - Patch.com
_• Local law enforcement agencies take active shooter training - KOB.com
_• Lower Burrell police conduct 'active shooter' training at Burrell High School - Tribune-Review
_• HSI holding 'active shooter' training in NM - Alamogordo Daily News
_• Active-shooter drill to be conducted at Fulton-Montgomery Community College -WRGB
_• New Canaan To Conduct Active Shooter Drill On Thursday - The Daily Voice
_•Waterloo Schools Active Shooter Training - KGANTV
_All across the United States today there are members of local police and fire departments, emergency response units—even members of the National Guard—who have worked with CrisisActors on a regular basis.
_The existence, then, of Crisis Actors is no big secret. But it wasn’t until the Crisis Management Conspirators deliberately hyped the legend (via the Internet) that Crisis Actors were part of the conspiracy at Sandy Hook that many people became aware of their existence.
_The Crisis Management Conspirators inserted the legend of the Crisis Actors onto the Internet with the expectation that it would become a part of the lore of Sandy Hook and help add confusion and—more importantly—play a significant part in discrediting conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists in the minds of the broad general public.
_Essentially, in relation to Sandy Hook, in particular, the Crisis Actors Theory held that, for example, Robbie Parker, the father of one of the children killed at Sandy Hook,was actually a Crisis Actor.
_The claim was based on the fact that—just prior to giving a public statement expressing his horror at the loss of his child—Parker smiled and laughed and then asked if the cameras were on yet and then,while speaking, referred to written notes. Nobody who had actually lost a child under such tragic circumstances, it was proclaimed,would actually smile or laugh.Nor would they need to refer to written notes.
_Such allegations are patently ridiculous. People react differently to tragedy. Some people put on a brave face when confronted with tragedy.And most people have never been confronted with a horde of reporters and television cameras converging on their home in the wake of such an internationally-publicized tragedy in which they (and their dead child) have unwittingly become a part.
_The idea someone would need to rely on notes to speak publicly is not so outrageous.Very few people are trained in public speaking and often need notes, just as even professional speakers rely on written texts when giving their own presentations. But the fact that Robbie Parker was using notes was suddenly “proof” that he was a Crisis Actor!
_So when the Crisis Management Conspirators put out the idea that Robbie Parker was a Crisis Actor whose child hadn’t been killed, Parker began receiving threats for “play acting” and the controlled media (allied with the Crisis Management Conspirators) immediately brought this to the attention of the general public who were quite correctly horrified that “those conspiracy theorists”would actually question the grief of a mourning parent and suggest that he was “faking” his child’s death.
_What most of those who bought into the idea Parker was a Crisis Actor never seemed to consider was the point that if he was a Crisis Actor, he probably wouldn’t have needed written notes when he “performed” for the cameras. Actors—you see—rely upon their skills to remember their lines.Actors generally don’t use cue cards or at least not ones that they hold right there in front of them while speaking!
_Later, it was even alleged that Parker’s dead child was actually photographed in the presence of Barack Obama when he visited Newtown to meet with the families. In other words, that the “phony” Parker and his family (all part of the conspiracy) had brazenly dared to allow the supposedly dead child to be shown to be alive after it was said that she had been killed at Sandy Hook.
_The claim was based on the fact that the surviving sisters of the dead child bore a striking resemblance to the victim—that happens in families, you know—and that one of the children in the picture with Obama seemed to be wearing the same dress that the dead child had previously been photographed wearing.That was “proof” that it was the dead child who was, it was said, still alive.
_But any family with multiple sons or daughters knows that the clothing of older children is passed on to younger children. But then, again,when it came time to promote the idea of Crisis Actors—and the theme that “no children died at Sandy Hook”—simple points such as that seemed to get lost in the Crisis Management Conspiracy Barndance.
_In another instance, a parent of one of the dead children was accused of being a Crisis Actor because the parent said in an interview that one of his surviving children said that she wanted to urge President Obama to support gun control. No child in grade school, it was said, would be thinking about a political issue such as gun control. Especially, it was added, after one of her siblings had been killed.
_The idiocy of such a claim should be obvious. School children do have political opinions and even “vote” in mock presidential elections every four years—from first grade through graduation—even if they don’t necessarily understand the political issues.
_Young children do know who the president is and in this “Information Age” they do hear about issues such as gun control, in particular, on a 24/7 basis, whether or television or radio or even on the Internet, and especially after such a crisis as Sandy Hook.
_And it’s entirely possible that a child who had lost a sibling at a school shooting would want to express her concerns about gun control to “the president” who is perceived as the man who rules America and who makes important decisions about big issues such as gun control.
_In fact, they said, a lot of the well-known Sandy Hook personalities featured in the media were actors—why, they never even lived in Sandy Hook at all! (Just as they had said that the school was not even a functioning school at the time of the purported shooting!)
_Various cuts of what is called“raw”media footage of one Sandy Hook celebrity—a notably obnoxious character named Gene Rosen (a veritable stereotype for a particular type of Jewish caricature often seen in Hollywood comedy)—telling bits and pieces of what he claimed to have seen, was cited as proof Rosen had “practiced” his lines (like an actor) and that the story he was telling was just not true.
_Rosen—who was clearly a publicity hound who reveled in his brief brush with the proverbial “15 minutes of fame”—was over-the-top to the point of being annoying and—in fact—the media people who had interviewed Rosen had taped him at various moments and Rosen was clearly fine-tuning, even rehearsing what he was about to say in the various “cuts” of the raw footage that later popped up on the Internet.
_As such it was immediately insinuated that Rosen was a Crisis Actor dispatched by the powers-that-be to craft a bit of film propaganda for the benefit of the American public to help perpetrate the“lie” that there had been a shooting at the school.
_But here is what is important to remember . . .
_What all of the patriot conspiracy theorists seemed to miss was this big question: How was it that this raw footage—taped by a cameramen from the Controlled Media—just happened to be leaked to the conspiracy theorists as “proof” that Rosen was a Crisis Actor?
_Clearly, there were people in the Controlled Media—in league with the Crisis Management Conspirators—who were deliberately helping propagate the legend of the Crisis Actors by leaking raw footage such as this.
_They knew with absolute certainty that the people in “The Crowd” who had bought into the CrisisActors theory would jump on the Rosen story in a heartbeat.And that is precisely what they did.
In the end, you see, the real CrisisActors were not the parents of the murdered children (or even the ridiculous Gene Rosen).
_Instead the Crisis Actors were actually those “cyber shills” (posing as “truth seekers”) who were acting out a very specific role—acting on behalf of the Crisis Management Conspirators—in bombarding the Internet with all of the outlandish stories that distracted patriots and truth seekers from the big picture and thereby helping discredit all forms of conspiracy theories (and conspiracy theorists) in general.
_It’s just so damned obvious.
_In fact, it’s typical Zionist Israeli trickery:
_(1) Operating in plain sight;
_(2) Standing there in vampire’s garb,pointing at someone dressed as an angel, and shouting,“There’s the vampire over there!” and
_(3) Thoroughly distracting everyone from the big picture.
This frequent Zionist tactic of accusing others of what they are in fact guilty of has been aptly described as “accusatory projection” or “accusatory inversion.”
_The Crisis Actors theme got ever more ridiculous as the story was repeated again and again.At one point it was even claimed a catering truck—said to be on the scene at Sandy Hook—had been dispatched to cater food and beverages for the Crisis Actors at work perpetuating the conspiracy, just as—it was pointed out—catering trucks will be found on the scene when Hollywood films are being made “on location.”
_I’ve personally seen one of these catering trucks parked just a few blocks from my own home on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. when actor Clint Eastwood was filming a rooftop chase scene for his action film In the Line of Fire.Despite this, however, I sincerely doubt that the Sandy Hook “conspiracy” was so fine-tuned that the conspirators sent a catering truck to keep the Crisis Actors at Sandy Hook well nourished.
_Yet, I am here to tell you that the Crisis Management Conspirators managed to convince a lot of well meaning people that this is actually what really happened. (Oh, those nasty caterers—conspirators all!)
_And here’s something about the Crisis Actors disinformation that needs to be mentioned—and this will astound many readers who will learn about this for the first time . . .
_In fact, one of the most vociferous proponents of the Crisis Actors theory—a character who uses the name “DallasGoldbug”—also put forth the following assertions regarding other “actors” he claims to have discovered posturing in the public arena:
_• John F. Kennedy did not die in Dallas but reinvented himself as future president Jimmy Carter;
_• A single woman posed as not only actress Marilyn Monroe but also former First Ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Rosalyn Carter;
_• Former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was really country and western singer Tex Ritter;
_• Billionaire David Rockefeller is actually popular conspiracy theorist Jordan Maxwell;
_• David Rockefeller, Jr. is another popular conspiracy theorist William Cooper (who was killed by police in 2001);
_• Famed country singer Patsy Cline posed as Marina Oswald, the wife of JFK’s accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald;
_• Comic actor Chevy Chase poses as Sen. Jay Rockefeller;
_• Former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo is now posing as “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio of Arizona;
_• Infamous Nazi figure Adolf Eichmann was really the popular singer and motion picture star Bing Crosby; and
_• No less than Adolf Hitler was actually Walt Disney. 
_And here are three of my personal favorites from“Dallas Goldbug” involving three individuals whom I have known quite well:
_•Nelson Rockefeller’s son, Rodman, poses as veteran JFK  assassination researcher Mark Lane;
_• Famed former State Rep. David Duke, is actually a Hollywood actor named Thomas Haden Church; and _•Actor JonathanWinters posed as longtime American Free Press “Bilderberg Hound” James P. Tucker, Jr.;
_DallasGoldbug posted “convincing” video and photographic evidence that“proved”these contentions,yet many who were caught up in the claims about Crisis Actors at Sandy Hook and Boston had no idea that the Crisis Actors story was also inextricably linked to this lunacy.
_In fact, Gustave LeBon—the grand guru of the the Crisis Management Conspirators—had described how the “crowd” could be dazzled by all sorts of images and in the aftermath of the Boston Maraton bombing, “The Crowd” of our modern day was indeed captivated by dazzling images which they believed “proved” that there had been hanky panky on the streets of Boston.
_In fact, many "truth seekers" picked up the stories being put out by the phony patriots—the Crisis Actors working for the Sunstein gang—that there wasn't even really any bombing at all! It was akin to the claim—which had already proven successful in winning credence with the real patriots—that there hadn’t even been a shooting at Sandy Hook.
_And while the whole story of what really happened at Boston has yet to be unraveled,what we do know is that two young Muslims (the Tsarnaev brothers) were accused of the crime—yet another Muslim “false flag” akin to the 9-11 tragedy.
_And we also know that evidence indicates that the intelligence services of the United States,Russia—and certainly Israel—had their eyes on the Tsarnaevs for a long time prior to the bombing, just as the ADL and other Israeli-connected elements were “monitoring” Timothy McVeigh prior to the Oklahoma City bombing.
_However—at this juncture—we don’t know the entire scenario, but we do know there has been a lot of disinformation put into circulation designed to deflect attention away from Israel which is certainly (beyond question) the prime beneficiary of the crime as a consequence of the purported danger from the Muslim world continuing to be in the forefront of the mind (and concerns) of the American people.
_In short, Boston was simply a replay of the 9-11 false flag that redirected American thinking in the wake of that tragedy.
_It was a reinvigoration of the template for terror utilized in 9-11 and in the Oklahoma bombing and in the JFK assassination involving, yet again, the widespread dissemination of carefully-crafted disinformation designed to cover Israeli involvement in those acts of terror.
_(For my own part, from the beginning, it has been my opinion that Israel was behind the Boston bombing for the precise purpose of conjuring up another Muslim“false flag.” I expressed this view in a broadcast interview at theuglytruth.wordpress.com with Mark Glenn who shares my view on this matter.)
_Yet, the Crisis Management Conspirators successfully distracted truth seekers—who were convinced that, once again, the authorities were covering up the truth about the Boston bombing—by cranking up the Crisis _Actors legend (first spawned in the wake of Sandy Hook).
_Rather than focusing on who was behind the bombing, truth seekers focused instead on stories—with accompanying videos and photographic images of the chaos following the bombing—planted on the Internet in conjunction with the insistent claim that Crisis Actors were busy on the streets of Boston detaching false arms and legs and faking injuries and throwing around buckets of stage blood for the benefit of video cameras.
_All of the imagery captured the attention of the patriots who suddenly showed little—if any—interest in trying to determine who was responsible for the Muslim “false flag” that the Controlled Media was waving in the face of a horrified American public.
_Here is how Le Bon described precisely this kind of manipulation.
_Crowds being only capable of thinking in images are only to be impressed by images. It is only images that terrify or attract them and become motives of action.
_For this reason theatrical representations, in which the image is shown in its most clearly visible shape, always have an enormous influence on crowds. Bread and spectacular shows constituted for the plebeians of ancient Rome the ideal of happiness, and they asked for nothing more.
_Throughout the successive ages this ideal has scarcely varied. Nothing has a greater effect on the imagination of crowds of every category than theatrical representations.
_The entire audience experiences at the same time the same emotions, and if these emotions are not at once transformed into acts, it is because the most unconscious spectator cannot ignore that he is the victim of illusions, and that he has laughed or wept over imaginary adventures.
_Le Bon realized—and the Crisis Management Conspirators recognized that he was absolutely correct—that these kind of images were ideal for the purpose of Crowd Control and mass manipulation:
_Whatever strikes the imagination of crowds presents itself under the shape of a startling and very clear image, freed from all accessory explanation, or merely having as accompaniment a few marvellous or mysterious facts: examples in point are a great victory, a great miracle, a great crime, or a great hope. Things must be laid before the crowd as a whole, and their genesis must never be indicated.
_A hundred petty crimes or petty accidents will not strike the imagination of crowds in the least, whereas a single great crime or a single great accident will profoundly impress them, even though the results be infinitely less disastrous than those of the hundred small accidents put together. 
_In the wake of Boston, the theme of “Crisis Actors” got further (and quite considerable) mileage with the use of such imagery.With Le Bon’s assertions about “The Crowd”—and its susceptibility to incorporating such images into its thinking—the Crisis Management gang kept conspiracy theorists busy.
_One widely circulated proof of the “conspiracy” was a selection of several frames from a video of the bombing. A few frames were “analyzed”—a few frames that represented just a few seconds of time—and were “found” to show a woman (said to be a Crisis Actor) “giving hand signs” and helping other Crisis Actors fake blood and injuries.
_To do all of this—live—before very REAL people who were not Crisis Actors but who WERE on the scene, would take more than seconds to accomplish successfully.
_Anyone who has ever participated in the taping of a television show or even an amateur home movie—let alone a serious film production—knows how much time and work is involved making just one “incident” look real, -and that it can’t be accomplished in just seconds!
_But most people—including a lot of good patriots—have never been involved in any such production and don’t have any idea that even one second in, for example, an old-style 8mm movie, can amount to as many as 18 different frames. Meaning, of course, that those who were microanalyzing the films that they said “proved” there had been fakery were actually analyzing milli-seconds, for God’s sake!
_Such simple facts were lost in the “Crisis Actors Shuffle” that accompanied the frenzy over the Boston bombing.
_A lot of good patriots fell into what we might call, for want of a better way of describing it,“the Trap of Belief,” because they had become familiar, in years past, with people who were quite accurately and correcting analyzing the famous (although remarkably brief) bit of film known as the Zapruder Film of the JFK assassinaton.
_Again and again over the years a variety of analysts had de-constructed the film, frame by frame, to demonstrate the point that it was clear, on film, that the official Warren Commission version of the JFK assassination was repudiated by what purported to be an actual amateur 8mm film taken at the time of the JFK assassination.
_(Now, ironically, there are those who say that Zapruder film itself is some sort of forgery or an altered version of the original film or even a combination of several films made to appear to be one.And the truth is that past and present technology does make such things possible.)
_As such, having seen (over some 50 years) such analysis of the Zapruder film (and other images of the JFK assassination) again and again, on video, on the Internet, in books and magazines, patriots and truth seekers became accustomed to this technique of conspiracy inquiry.And knowing that this was the case, following Sandy Hook and Boston, the Crisis Management Conspirators went assiduously to work and deliberately played on this when they began hyping the claims that Crisis Actors had staged false injuries (in a fake bombing) for the benefit of the American population at large.
_The consequence of this was that when honest truth-seekers began circulating the stories that videos of the bombing were “fakes,” many serious-minded folks in the general public began to think, quite frankly, that these truth seekers were just plain crazy.
_There were people from all over the United States who had come to the Boston Marathon and they went home to tell friends and family about their narrow brush with disaster,only to hear that there were conspiracy theorists on the Internet who were saying that the bombing didn’t happen and that nobody really lost an arm or a leg.
_And the“proof”was a few seconds of one film that went viral on the Internet which convinced the truth seekers that it was all a big lie!
_If you have any doubts about this, go out and purchase a DVD of some current“action”film and listen to the director’s commentary.You’ll learn how, for example, one scene in a Hollywood film which occupies just a second or two (on film) can actually take up to as much as two or three days to film (sometimes on multiple locations,no less) not to mention the introduction of a wide array of computer-generated imagery and other technological advances,many of which didn’t even exist as little as ten or fifteen years ago.
_Did you really think that was a big ship sinking in the middle of the North Atlantic in James Cameron’s classic film Titanic?
_Did you really think that real people were falling down and hurting themselves as the ship sank?
_Of course you didn’t!
_In fact, some of the most mundane moments in that wide-ranging disaster film were actually the work of clever Hollywood legerdemain.
_Even the relatively brief and simple scene of the film’s romantic duo—Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio—at the stern of the ship whenWinslett’s character is threatening to jump overboard and commit suicide involved endless hours of filming using several different stages and multiple means of technological wizardry.
_If you were among those who were caught up in the legends surrounding Crisis Actors at the Boston Marathon and the stories on the Internet purporting to analyze just a moment or two of the events that took place there, then read that preceding paragraph again—no, in fact, read it twice—and consider the ramifications . . .
_As we said—and this is critical to understand—the point is that even a moment of drama on film can take literally days to produce and simply can not be carried out in just a few split seconds.
But those Crisis Management Conspirators who have been purveying the Crisis Actors false flag to mislead truth seekers know that most people have no idea how technologically advanced film-making has become, even at the same time it remains time-consuming and requires vast participation by multiple people at various levels So, then, in the context of the events at the Boston Marathon,what does all of this mean?
_It’s very simple . . .
_If the conspirators behind the events in Boston wanted to produce a piece of film to convince unwittingAmericans that a bombing did take place which injured many people—including those who lost arms and legs—they did not have to dispatch hordes of “Crisis Actors” onto the scene to engage in complicated motions of “reacting” to a bomb and then rolling about on the crowd pretending to be injured, hysterically clinging to severed arms and legs, throwing about fake blood, etc.
_That just isn’t how it works.
_IF there HAD been a major conspiracy to "fake" all of these things, the whole process COULD (and WOULD) have been done beforehand using high-tech computer generated images produced in a laboratory.
_The so-called Crisis Actors didn't even have to be ANYWHERE NEAR  the bomb site and positioned where "honest witnesses" could have seen anything suspicious such as what has been claimed to have happened.
_For serious truth seekers—particularly those who were caught up in the legend of Crisis Actors at Boston who were purportedly busy faking injuries, throwing around fake blood, detaching prosthetic legs and arms, etc—a careful review of the wide-ranging “special features” section of the DVD of James Cameron’s Titanic is well worth their time.
_And the truth is that since Cameron’s classic first appeared on the screen in 1997—16 years ago—computer technology has grown by extraordinary leaps and bounds, such that Cameron’s own remarkable visual graphics in Titanic are, in many respects, almost extraordinarily antiquated by many new developments in the field.
_In fact, the “special features” section of virtually any DVD of any motion picture or television drama—especially those involving a lot of action—often provide a literal step-by-step videographic run-down of the amazing techniques of film-making, in particular the amazing CGI—computer-generated imagery—that has become so prevalent in even the most minimal ways that the average viewer would never expect.
_For example, on the DVD of the third season of the now-defunct crime drama,Body of Proof, one can see how outdoor scenes (filmed in Los Angeles but supposedly taking place in Philadelphia) are altered via CGI to eliminate palm trees from the image that is finally seen by the television viewer. Another scene deconstructed on that DVD demonstrates how the image (and sound) of a railroad train moving through a railroad yard is completely erased by CGI, such that all of the other action (and sound) taking place remains undisturbed.
_In other words, film-making technology has reached such a highly-advanced level that:
_• Virtually any scene or event can practically be conjured out of almost thin air.What appears to be a human speaking and moving about may, in fact, be a CGI, or even a robot with a talking, smiling human face imposed by computer upon it.
_• Any piece of real film imagery can be so altered that the final version of the film completely eliminates action that did take place or altered to include action that actually took place elsewhere and was then inserted by computer onto that imagery.
_Now—when confronted with such realities about the nature of film production and how quite ridiculous it is to suggest that Crisis Actors engaged in such complex (and quite unnecessary) on-site antics in Boston—a lot of red-faced truth seekers (who do realize they have been conned) fall back on the claim that the high-level conspirators behind Boston deliberately staged faulty video presentations that were easily “refutable” because—they say—the conspirators actually wanted the American people to know that the Boston bombing was a hoax.
_The apparent underlying theme here is that “Nothing is for real.
Everything is a lie. And the people who are responsible for these lies actually do want people to know that they are lies.That the people can do nothing to combat this conspiracy that operates in tandem with the Controlled Media in America.”
_That sounds good. It has a certain appeal to a certain mindset. But it doesn’t reflect the reality that, in fact, most Americans simply do not have any idea that the Internet is rife with rumors about Crisis Actors.
_But what a growing number of Americans do believe—as a consequence f propaganda from the Controlled Media—is that those people who are called “conspiracy theorists” by the media have some really crazy ideas and that they don’t believe that there was really a shooting in Sandy Hook that took the lives of 20 little children or that there wasn’t even really a bombing in Boston.
_And many Americans now believe that anything that reeks of a conspiracy theory—even relating to the JFK assassination or the Oklahoma bombing or 9-11—is the work of paranoid minds whose opinions are to be dismissed, along with (in particular) the idea that Israel had anything to do with those tragedies.
_That was precisely the design of those who helped make the truth seekers look “crazy” by feeding them a diet of extraordinary claims about Sandy Hook and Boston that took hold on the Internet like wildfire, even as the Crisis Management Conspirators were monitoring the communication networks between patriots here in the United States (and around the world) who were disseminating these stories.
_The bottom line is that what many came to believe about Crisis Actors at Sandy Hook and Boston (along with other similar nonsense) is just one big fat fraud—a lie—a distraction—deliberately perpetrated by the Crisis Management Conspirators to make truth seekers look silly.
_The real “BIG STORY” that has not yet set in or been realized and understood is this:
_The Crowd Control (and very real Mind Control) tactics—first laid out by Cass Sunstein—have been successfully set in motion and the long-term damage to serious inquiry into very real conspiracies—past and present and those of the future—has been costly and inestimable.
_We can only imagine what will happen when another very real crisis comes along and wonder what kind of “management”—or mismanagement as the case may be—will occur.We can only ponder the manner in which truth seekers will be once again be utterly misdirected and further marginalized.
_What happened with Sandy Hook and Boston is a very real lesson America’s “alternative” media should learn from—before it’s too late.

Man fired for saying elementary school shooter was brainwashed:
No Free Speech for Conspiracy Theorist
By Keith Johnson
Of all the rights enshrined in the Constitution, freedom of speech is arguably the most cher ished. Should that freedom, however, shield someone who works with children from losing their job if they write something controversial on the Internet?
That’s one of the questions surrounding the case of AdamHeller, a high school English teacher from Bedford, N.Y.,whose online rants triggered a series of events that brought an early end to his teaching career.
Heller’s troubles began early in 2013 in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of Dec. 14, 2012. After striking up an online friendship with another individual, the two began exchanging a series of messages. It was during this time that Heller told the other person that he believed the U.S. government had programmed Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza into carrying out his murderous attacks and that those responsible “should be killed.”
These private online messages eventually made theirway to the FBI,which then placed the 35-year old teacher under surveillance.
Upon learning that Heller was missing work and had recently come into possession of three firearms, an FBI profiler instructed a team of local, state and federal law enforcement officials to move in.
“[The FBI profiler] stated that it was her belief that he was following a typical pattern for potential shooters, and that he now had acquired weapons and completed that next step in that pattern,” Pound Ridge Police Chief David Ryan testified at a hearing on the case. “And although he had not specifically identified a target, we should engage him immediately, before he does.”
Over a period of about six months, Heller, who had never been convicted of a crime in the past, was passed from police custody to a mental institution and finally to a disciplinary hearing. From there, the tenured educator was terminated from his school district after a tribunal deemed him “mentally ill” and determined that his continued employment would “create an undue risk to the safety of the students and faculty.”
In an effort to learn Heller’s side of the story, this AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter spoke with his attorney, Michael Sussman, a Harvard-trained constitutional and civil rights lawyer.
When asked how the FBI came into possession of Heller’s communications, Sussman replied: “This could have very well been intercepted by the NSA.
My own feeling is that AdamHeller is probably one of the victims of the surveillance that we’ve all come to learn about. I don’t believe the other party of that conversation went to the FBI. I think they picked up on certain buzz words, which is a very imposing and dangerous proposition.”
Sussman went on to say that his client’s unconventional, anti-establishment viewswere not unlike the concerns many Americans share and suggests that Heller might not have attracted the attention of law enforcement had it not been for the heightened sensitivities about recent school shootings.
“Tome, this is a case of profound over-reaction,” said Sussman. “We’ve had periods in American history where there has been great hysteria about things. Logic and common sense are the casualties of that hysteria. Here, we have [law enforcement] concluding that Adam is a danger based on a conjunction of events where Adam is buying weapons and expressing concerns about the government’s official version of events at Newtown, which is only 45 minutes away.”
Although Heller apparently admits writing that certain people “should be killed,” Sussman insists those words have been taken completely out of context.
“It was a rhetorical statement, not one of intent,” he said. “I think in everyday life people use rhetoric to dramatize their dislike for someone or some situation.
These might be considered terrible words, but a person isn’t normally doing anything more than venting and using the language to express their emotions.”
Unfortunately for Heller, the school district did not see it the same way. Though he agreed to undergo psychiatric evaluation, his attending psychiatrist accused him of making false statements and failing to cooperate, which ultimately led to his termination.
Sussman maintains that Heller was cooperative and has filed a federal lawsuit in an attempt to have the school district’s decision reversed.
“I find the situation worse than outrageous,” said Sussman. “My view is that Adam engaged in protected speech and conduct. The psychiatrist testified, and his report also reflects, that he could not conclude that Heller was a danger to anyone. It was clear law enforcement was pressuring the school district to keep Heller out.”
When asked if Heller’s rights really should take precedence over a school district’s responsibility to keep children safe from any potential threat, Sussman replied: “In the period since this has been made public, many of the students and families in that community have rallied to Adam’s defense. But even if they didn’t, we still have to abide by basic constitutional principles. Ifwe start making exceptions based on fear and speculation, we begin to erode those principles and will eventually lose them altogether.”