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Le conseiller-stratégiste clé de Palin occupe un poste important au sein d'une organisation tentaculaire

Sarah’s Strategist Key Figure in Global Group

by Michael Collins Piper

Although Sarah Palin has strong appeal among “Christian conservatives,” it turns out that John Coale, Palin’s key political tactician and fundraising specialist, has long-standing high-level professional connections to a controversial “new religion” known as the Church of Scientology.

Coale — who also happens to follow Scientology’s teachings — is joined in his enthusiasm for both Scientology and for Palin by his wife, Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren, who has emerged as a not-so-subtle Palin promoter in her own right.

Not only did Coale establish the Alaska Fund Trust, which has helped pay Palin’s legal bills resulting from a variety of ethics investigations that have swirled around Palin relating to her activities as governor of Alaska, but he has also been a prime mover behind Palin’s political action committee known as Sarah PAC. Coale is, in short, the “brains” behind Palin’s national efforts.

But more than a few critics are suggesting that Coale is linking to Palin to promote the political influence of Scientology. This claim is based on the fact that some years ago Coale actually authored a secret memorandum — later leaked by a whistleblower — that outlined a plan by the Church of Scientology to advance its own political influence. As the Internet’s lively blogger known as “Gawker” described Scientology’s plan for power:

The idea was to launch a political action committee that would attract donations from Scientologists but could be plausibly distanced from the cult, whichclaims to be a church and therefore barred from engaging directly in political activities.

The PAC was to be called FLAGG PAC, whichstood for “Freedom, Liberty, and Good GovernmentPolitical Action Committee,” but would act as a sortof dog whistle for Scientologists, who would hear an echo of “Flag Land Base,” the group’s international headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

In January 1986, Coale spoke at a Scientology “government awareness seminar” in Washington, D.C., to pitch parishioners on the idea and begin raising money.

Attendees were given detailed surveys from the church’s Office of Special Affairs —the arm that handles public affairs and conducts covert operations — asking for personal data on any powerful political, media, or financial figures they may know so that the OSA could “better coordinate our activities.”

The documents identify Coale as the force behind the PAC idea, and as the point man for people interested in contributing.
So why are Coale’s ties to Scientology worth mentioning in the context of Sarah Palin’s affairs?

While most people consider Scientology nothing more than “just another weird cult” that happens to have some big name Hollywood supporters — such as actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, among others — there’s much more to Scientology than meets the eye.

The truth is that the Church of Scientology is actually a quietly influential (and very rich) political institution with worldwide financial operations and a secret intelligence network that reaches far and wide.

But, more significantly, an array of evidence suggests, in fact, that it may well be connected, financially and politically, to some of the powerful interests that actually helped place Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket in the year 2008 in the first place.

In this respect, Scientology is much like the equally “unusual” Unification Church — the organization of Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon — which, during the last 25 years — through publication of the daily “conservative” Washington Times and bankrolling “conservative” organizations — became immensely powerful in GOP ranks in Washington. Moon’s Washington Times network helped fund the pro-Israel circles that are promoting Sarah Palin in, ironically, the same fashion as the Times’ “liberal” rival in the nation’s capital, The Washington Post (see accompanying stories).

In short, both big name “liberal” and “conservative” forces — at the very highest levels — can come together for particular political aims on behalf of their behind-the-scenes controllers: in this case, building up Sarah Palin (for whatever their ultimate goal).

That a major Scientology figure is working closely with Sarah Palin is not surprising, considering the tragic history of the Church of Scientology.

Founded by the classically eccentric and eclectic and highly brilliant philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard, who built Scientology into one of the fastest-growing “alternative” religions, Scientology underwent major internal changes after Hubbard was forced out of his leadership role and died, under strange circumstances, not long afterward.

Setting up new “public faces” to run Scientology, a handful of mostly Jewish lawyers, all non-Scientologists — including, notably, one Lawrence Heller — took over the church and through a new set-up of holding companies — such as the Church of Spiritual Technology and the Religious Technology Center — which now dominate Scientology. Reports indicate Heller has deposited Scientology money in at least one Israeli bank even though Israel discriminates against Scientology.

But here’s where it really gets quite strange and links back to the elements promoting Sarah Palin...

A former American diplomat, the late Stephen J. Koczak (stationed for many years in Israel), charged that the group that took over Scientology were operatives for Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, which has al ways had an interest in “Manchurian Candidate”-style mind control of the very type in which our own CIA and the former Soviet KGB are known to have dabbled.

Critics contend that those who control Scientology now have in their hands a virtual spy network of devoted cult members who will do what they are told.

Other investigators say it was World Jewish Congress chief Edgar Bronfman — of the Jewish crime syndicate group that bankrolled John McCain’s mobster father-in-lawwho financed the covert group of Jewish lawyers who grabbed control of the Church of Scientology.

Sarah Palin’s close advisor John Coale has been such a big figure in the “new” Scientology that he even served as lawyer for one of Scientology’s biggest names, Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis Presley), when she divorced now-deceased entertainer Michael Jackson.

According to a new Jackson biography, Scientologists long hoped to snare Jackson as a member and fiancial benefactor — reportedly a primary church project — but Jackson vocally scorned Scientology (later converting to Islam) and his marriage with Miss Presley went asunder. In that regard it is interesting to note that in the April 2003 issue of Vanity Fair fervent Jackson critic Maureen Orth complained that close friends of Jackson were telling people “the child abuse allegations [against him] were the work of an American religious sect enacting revenge for his refusal to sign up,” obviously referring to Scientology.

So the evidence suggests Scientology is now a powerful part of an elite high-level network beyond the control of Scientology’s grassroots believers. And that a top Scientologist, John Coale, has been deployed to advance Sarah Palin’s aspirations of becoming a national figure is — if truth be told — really no big surprise at all. #

Source: Supplément de Michel Collins Piper sur les tireurs de ficelles (médiatiques et néocons) derrière Sarah Palin
THE POWER BEHIND SARAH PALIN, by M.C. Piper (American Free Press)


Chapter Twenty-Four
Intelligence Agency Manipulation
of the Science of Mind Control

And Exploitation of the Cult Phenomenon:
A Very Real Tactic of The Enemy Within
In light of speculation that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was subjected at one time or another to some form of “mind control,”it is worth reviewing some of the solid evidence which demonstrates that extensive experimentation in the field of mind control has been conducted by not only the CIA and its allies in Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, but also by the Soviet KGB and other agencies.
The subject of mind control un-nerves many people who dismiss the topic as some form of “science fiction” or “conspiracy theory.”
However, the truth is that mind control—in perhaps its simplest form—is nothing more than old-fashioned hypnosis—and there are few who deny that hypnotic states can be induced.
There are several well-written and thoroughly-researched books that have examined the history of mind control experimentation and technology.
One of the earliest known “experts” in the bizarre science of mind control was George Estabrooks, chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University who came to Washington to work for the War Department in World War II. In his book Hypnosis, Estabrooks described how important mind-control could be for use in intelligence operations. ”First,” he wrote:
There is no danger of the agent selling out. More important would be the conviction of innocence which the man himself had, and this is a great aid in many situations. He would never “act guilty” and if ever accused of seeking information would be quite honestly indignant. This conviction of innocence on the part of a criminal is perhaps his greatest safeguard under questioning by authorities. Finally, it would be impossible to ‘third degree’ him and so pick up the links of a chain.
Estabrooks said that people under mind-control can be encouraged to engage in so-called “fifth column” activities. “Through them,” he wrote, “we would hope to be kept informed of the activities of their ‘friends,’ this information, of course, being obtained in the trance state.”
Following Estabrooks’ pioneering work, it was during the 1950s that the newly-formed CIA (and its allies in Israel’s Mossad)—as well as the Soviet KGB—began heavy-duty research in this field.
Perhaps the most authoritative work examining the CIA’s activity is The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, subtitled “The CIA and Mind Control:The Story of the Agency’s Secret Efforts to Control Human Behavior.” First published in 1979, the book was very rare and only recently went back into print. Certainly no “extremist tract,” the book was first published by a subdivision of no less than the prestigious New York Times.The author was John Marks, best known as the co-author, with flamboyant former high-ranking CIA official Victor Marchetti, of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, the first book ever censored prior to publication by the CIA.
(Marks’ book title was a play on the title of a famous 1958 Richard Condon novel—later a popular motion picture—The Manchurian Candidate. In Condon’s horrifying scenario, an American soldier is brainwashed by the communists during the Korean War, falsely set up as a “war hero,” and later manipulated in an assassination plot upon his return to the United States.
(It turns out that the hero’s own mother is actually a secret communist agent—despite the fact that she is one of the best known “anticommunists” in America—and is using her son as part of a communist plot to seize control of the United States in the guise of fighting communism—truly The Enemy Within.The mind-control victim never knows he is being manipulated—until it is too late.)
Marks’s book was not a novel. Instead, Marks’ study was based largely on some 16,000 pages of documents that Marks pried out of the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act.
Several years before Marks’ book came out, the first details about the CIA’s adventures in this bizarre field reached the pages of daily newspapers in the wake of a controversial series of Senate hearings conducted by Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) into the activities of the CIA.
Until then, Americans believed that only the “Communists” and the “Nazis” had engaged in unpleasant experiments to study the process of manipulating human behavior.
In truth, the CIA had delved into mind control beginning just shortly after its creation in 1947.The CIA’s mind control project was initially known as “Bluebird” and then later expanded into “Artichoke” by 1953.
The overall code name for the operation became known as MK-ULTRA.
The impetus for the CIA’s mind-control operations came from Richard Helms who went on to head the CIA’s entire clandestine operations program, and then become CIA director. Helms’ idea was approved by then-CIA chief Allen Dulles who gave the go-ahead for the project. Chief of operations for the experiments was the chief of the agency’s technical services section (TSS), one Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, although he was under the supervision of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence and the Israeli Mossad’s devoted liaison at the CIA.
According to Marks, in June 1960 [Gottlieb’s] TSS officials launched an expanded program of operational experiments in hypnosis in cooperation with the CIA’s Counterintelligence [CI] staff:
Counterintelligence officials wrote that the hypnosis program could provide a ‘potential breakthrough in clandestine technology.’Their arrangement with TSS was that the MK-ULTRA men would develop the technique in the laboratory, while they took care of ‘field experimentation.’ The Counterintelligence program had three goals: (1) to induce hypnosis very rapidly in unwitting subjects; (2) to create durable amnesia; and (3) to implant durable and operationally useful posthypnotic suggestions.
Marks noted that the CIA’s prime locale for its mind-control experiments was Mexico City.The Mexican capital was, during the Cold War period, according to all accounts, the Western Hemisphere’s primary nest of international intelligence intrigue. It was in Mexico City where—as we’ve noted—E. Howard Hunt served as the CIA’s station chief and one of his CIA lieutenants was none other than future pundit,William F. Buckley, Jr.,who emerged as a leading figure in the effort to bend traditional American conservatism toward internationalism. Mexico City was also a major base of operations for Israel’s Mossad.
According to formerly secret CIA documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, among the “additional avenues to the control of human behavior” that Gottlieb’s operatives found appropriate to investigate were “radiation, electro-shock, various fields of psychology, psychiatry, sociology and anthropology, graphology, harassment substances and paramilitary devices and materials.”
The New York Times reported on September 20, 1977 that “The documents show that the tests were carried out in New York City and San Francisco between 1953 and 1966, in CIA ‘safe houses,’ mainly apartments and motel rooms, that were secretly rented for the agency by an official of the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics, since supplanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.
“Prostitutes, perhaps men as well as women, may have been employed to lure the subjects to the safe houses, where they were offered cocktails laced with various chemicals while unseen CIA officials observed, photographed and recorded their reactions.”
The CIA is also known to have conducted drug experiments with drug addicts held at a federal facility. In 1975 the CIA formally admitted that experiments were conducted at the Federal Addiction Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky, involving the administration of drugs, including hallucinogens, to prisoner volunteers.
One prisoner, James H. Childs, testified to a Senate committee of inquiry that the prisoners who participated in the CIA program were paid by the CIA in the form of addictive drugs.
Another former prisoner who testified, Edward M. Flowers, said that LSD was given to prisoners in cookies during experiments. From 1952 to 1955, he said, prisoners were allowed to take their pay for being in the programs in either drugs or time off their sentences.
One of the key figures at the CIA’s Lexington, Kentucky operation was the on-base chaplain, Rabbi Maurice Davis who, in later years, emerged as a widely-known operative of the Anti-Defamation League, the politically influential American-based intelligence and propaganda arm of Israel’s secret service, the Mossad.
Other experiments in drug-induced mind-control were conducted at the Vacaville prison facility in California. It was there,according to one witness, that Donald DeFreeze, later head of the violent terrorist group, the Symbionese Liberation Army, told another inmate that he, too, was part of the CIA’s mind-control experiments.
DeFreeze and his gang later kidnapped Patty Hearst of the Hearst publishing empire and brought her into their criminal activities. Later Miss Hearst’s attorneys said they believed she showed signs of being under the influence of drugs.
Considering all of this, it is no surprise that the CIA and the Mossad have long had a particular interest in the phenomenon of cults, which have long been in existence in virtually every culture, in one form or another. Cult members are typically very pliable and willing to do whatever their masters tell them.
And this is one reason why the CIA and the Mossad have been especially determined to gain control of cult groups at the highest levels and thereby use those cults—and their members—to advance their own agendas.
In addition, there is widespread speculation that some of the best known cults today—such as the infamous Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, to name just one—are actually outright creations of state intelligence services. In another case, a group of Zionist lawyers, largely based in California, are known to have grabbed control, at the highest levels, behind the scenes, of another well-known “religious” organization—called a “church”by its members but often described as a “cult” by its critics—and utilized the vast financial (and membership) resources of that cult for their own purposes.
Here’s how the mind control operations of the CIA and the Mossad (utilizing cult groups) work:While these intelligence agencies actually control the cults, the lower-level cult members do not know, of course, that they are now part of a highly-sophisticated intelligence-based mindcontrol operation.
While the cult members are completely subservient to their higher-ups, subject to their discipline, the cult members, naturally, are from all walks of life and some reach high positions of influence within the companies and organizations in which they work in their day-to-day life outside the cult. However they always remain loyal because of the “brainwashing” process to which they have been subjected.
Sometimes the cult members are open about their cult membership.
Other times—for strategic reasons—they do not reveal their cult affiliation, if the cult association could hinder the “black op” underway.
Whether the cult members are employed by political groups, historical revisionist research institutes, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, or even fast-food restaurants,they will always be available for deployment when their higher-ups in the cult (operating at the behest of the CIA or the Mossad) make the decision to carry out some particular intelligence operation.
For example: suppose a member of a Mossad-controlled cult is employed by a maverick, dissident political group which is considered dangerous to the Establishment. If the Mossad wishes to undermine that organization, it will utilize its control of the cult to manipulate that individual to work to wreck the organization from within.
Liberty Lobby, the populist institution that published The Spotlight until Liberty Lobby was driven into bankruptcy and destroyed by a corrupt federal judge in 2001, had its own unpleasant experiences with the operatives of one cult.
Over a period of many years, admitted, overt operatives of the cult made friendly contact with Liberty Lobby.
The cult members supplied Liberty Lobby with hard-hitting and factual information about corrupt activities within the federal government.
Behind-the-scenes, however, the cultists were working to disrupt the work of Liberty Lobby on other fronts.
A cult member (“Mr.M”)—who did not reveal his membership in the cult—frequently attended Liberty Lobby meetings, visited Liberty Lobby headquarters, and socialized with Liberty Lobby employees, gaining their confidence.
(This was the same modus operandi of the infamous Roy Edward Bullock, now exposed as a long-time operative of the CIA-allied, Israeli Mossad-controlled Anti-Defamation League.)
After some time, however, it became apparent that “Mr.M,” ostensibly a friend of Liberty Lobby,was, in fact, trying to undermine the populist institution and its weekly newspaper in a wide variety of ways. It was not until later that Liberty Lobby’s suspicions were confirmed and “Mr.M’s” affiliation with the cult was exposed.
Liberty Lobby learned that “Mr. M” was a former alcoholic who joined the cult and then reformed. In the process, however, “Mr. M” became subject to the cult’s discipline (and its controllers) and emerged as one of the cult’s key national intelligence operatives, in this case deployed against Liberty Lobby.
It was precisely at the time that Liberty Lobby learned that “Mr.M” was a cult operative that the previously-friendly other members of the cult (who had openly acknowledged their affiliation) abruptly broke off all contact with Liberty Lobby.
Later, the cult played a special role in a broad-ranging conspiracy that resulted in the destruction of Liberty Lobby.
But the role of cults in the world of intelligence intrigue is something that few understand or know about.
In another case, it was revealed that a Justice Department special task force was investigating charges that a notorious cult known as “the Finders”was used by the CIA as a front group during the 1980’s.
What makes the intelligence agency’s reported link to this particular cult especially troubling is that the Finders have been accused of engaging in Satanic rituals, child abuse and pornography. Federal authorities were also trying to determine whether the CIA impeded state and local investigations of child abuse within the cult in order to protect its own intelligence operations.
The CIA, never known to own up to its own misdeeds, responded to the charges by saying, “Most days we expect our share of unusual questions, but his one is clear off the wall.Any claim that we obstructed justice in this case is nuts.”
A CIA spokesman, David Christian, admitted, however, that it had sent some of its agents to a company called Future Enterprises, Inc. for computer training. However, according to Christian, the nation’s crack intelligence agency did not know about connections between the computer company and the Finders cult.
Christian claimed that the company “was in no sense a CIA front or ever owned or operated by anyone for the CIA.”
However, the president of Future Enterprises, Joseph Marinich, admitted that his company was under contract to the CIA for computer training. Marinich admitted, further, that his tax accountant, R. Gardner Terrell,was a Finders member.
Finders cult members claimed that Terrell’s work for Future Enterprises had nothing to do with his membership in the cult.
Finally, an April 13, 1987 report by a Customs Service Agent who was investigating the Finders cult said that the CIA “admitted to owning the Finders organization as a front for a domestic computer training operation but that it had ‘gone bad.’”
(In other words, the CIA had been using the Finders as a front, but that the cult members had become engaged in activities beyond the control of the CIA and, as such, had “gone bad.’)
Clearly, the use of “mind control” in general, as well as the secret control and manipulation of cults, by the CIA and the Mossad and myriad other evil-doers has a very real (and ugly) history that many people are too eager to discredit as “science fiction” or “conspiracy theories.”
Mind control is a fact.
It is another mechanism used by The Enemy Within to wage war against political dissidents in America.The next time you hear someone claim that he has an “implant,” put in his head by the CIA, don’t dismiss what he’s saying out of hand. For it may very well be true.
How many “lone assassins,”“lone bombers,”“right-wing racist gunmen,” and other such poster boys for the media monopoly in America to exploit have been subjected to some form of mind control is a question that may never be answered, but the bottom line is this:
Mind control is for real.

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