dimanche 24 septembre 2017

Retour en force de Sanders contre la politique étrangère, complice de l'occupation criminelle des Palestiniens par Israël, menaçant des États qui ne nous ont rien fait. Sanders mettrait un terme à l'aide militaire à Israël et améliorerait les relations avec l'Iran. Comme Jimmy Carter, il accuse les États-Unis d'être une véritable oligarchie.


Nous critiquions Sanders lorsqu'il méritait d'être critiqué, par exemple lorsqu'il s'est mis en tête - contre toute attente - de défendre une vision typiquement churchillienne de l'interventionnisme en politique étrangère. Mais le voilà maintenant en train de dénoncer clairement la politique étrangère des États-Unis. Il ne fait plus seulement que comparer le sort des Noirs de Baltimore à celui des Palestiniens, il ne fait plus que dénoncer l'injustice de l'occupation tout en réitérant son appui à l'état sioniste, il va maintenant jusqu'à mettre en évidence les liens qui unissent l'Oligarchie, l'interventionnisme et la complicité avec les crimes israéliens. Enfin, il ne trace pas clairement tous ces liens dans un seul et même discours, mais il suffit d'écouter l'ensemble de ses discours pour comprendre.

Rappelons enfin que ce merveilleux discours ne vient pas de la droite obsédée par le prétendu "génocide des blancs", il vient plutôt de la gauche de la gauche! Cette même gauche égalitaire et post-moderne qu'Israel identifie comme son ennemi mortel; car Israël préfère de loin s'associer à ceux qui, de droite ou d'extrême-droite, ou bien admirent Israël ou bien sont terrorisés par le prétendu "génocide des blancs" (aussi appelé "grand remplacement").

VIDEO - After Pushing Democrats Left, Bernie Sanders Takes on Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders calls for rethink on US aid to Israel, Iran policy Jewish senator says America 'complicit' in Israeli 'occupation' of Palestinians, urges shift in US support from Saudis to Iranians

Bernie Sanders Says He Would Consider Cutting U.S. Military Aid to Israel, Improve Ties With Iran  In an interview with left-wing website The Intercept, the former presidential candidate said that the U.S. is complicit in Israel's occupation of the West Bank

VIDEO - Bernie: Reduce Aid To Israel To End The Occupation

VIDEO - Bernie Sanders: U.S. ‘Complicit’ In Israeli Occupation

Bernie Sanders: US ‘complicit’ in Israel’s 'occupation' of the Palestinians   Sanders also said that “in terms of Israeli-Palestinian relations the United States has got to play a much more even-handed role."

Bernie Sanders, Jewish Senate colleagues blast Netanyahu for blocking equality among Israeli Jews

VIDEO - Bernie Sanders Calls Out 'International Oligarchy'

Jimmy Carter: les USA sont plus « une oligarchie qu'une démocratie »

Jimmy Carter Brands US ‘Oligarchy’ and Urges Trump to Sign North Korea Peace Treaty

(AP) -- Former President Jimmy Carter offered a damning indictment of U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs Tuesday, saying money in politics makes the nation more like an "oligarchy than a democracy" and casting President Donald Trump as a disappointment on the world stage.

VIDEO - FLASHBACK: Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an "Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery"

BREAKING: Justice Dems Just Declared War On The Establishment

Bernie Brilliantly Explains What The US Can Learn From Denmark

Bernie Gulags Ted Cruz's Anti-Tax Fundamentalism

Bernie Short Circuits A Republican Voter's Brain

Mike Pence Urges Billionaires To Bully Americans Into Supporting Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

IMF's Concern with Equality Not Reflected in Its Policy Recommendations

Treasury Secretary Says It Is Very Hard To Not Cut Taxes For The Wealthy

Is The Problem With Capitalism Or Neoliberalism?

Time for Politicians to Stop Deficit Fearmongering

'Anti-Establishment' Alex Jones Suddenly Loves Ronald Reagan

Study finds psychopaths more likely to major in business and economics at college

Wall Street Wins as Senate Blocks Consumer Protection Rule

In “Wet Kiss” for Wall Street, Congress Overturns Rules Allowing People to Sue Banks for Misconduct

The Senate Just Handed Wall St. a Big Win

Rich CEO's Admit Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs

Bernie Sanders And Democrats Team Up To Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Trump And His Cronies Just Gave A Huge Gift to Wall Street When You Weren't Looking

Voters Blame Money In Politics For US Political Dysfunction

Bartiromo To Trump: Why Are You Afraid To Cut Taxes On Rich?

A Voiceless Left Faces History’s Monster

Why The Right Wing Hates The New Deal

« Le monde malade de la finance » Jamais dans l’histoire, la finance n’a pris autant de place. Jamais elle n’a brassé des sommes aussi gigantesques. Les échanges quotidiens de devises se montent à plus de 5.000 milliards […]

Senator Feinstein's Wealth Isn't The Problem, Her Agenda Is

BYE, DIANNE: Justice Dems Primarying Corporate Dem Feinstein

Ex-DNC chief: Wasserman Schultz was unfair to Bernie Sanders during campaign

Trump Pollster: 'Bernie Would've Won'

Trump's Tax Man, and Tax Plan, for the 1%

Gary Cohn On Tax Plan: ‘The Most Excited Group Out There Are Big CEOs’

Gary Cohn Comes Clean About Tax Bill

Wall Street Thugs Live On EASY Street These Days

Senate Votes To Help Wall Street While Screwing Over Consumers

Legal Thrillers Are The Best Way To Tell The Story About Corporate Corruption

Différences entre la lutte anticorruption menée par le Venezuela et celle dirigée par les États-Unis L’Etat moderne et le capitalisme sont fondamentalement corrompus, c’est pourquoi dès leur apparition en Amérique Latine, la corruption y a existé. Depuis l’emploi que fit Santander des ressources de la […]

SHOCKER! Republicans Are EXPLODING National Debt

Activists Push For Water Affordability In Baltimore

DuPont vs. the World: Chemical Giant Covered Up Health Risks of Teflon Contamination Across Globe

Trump Has Made The FDA Another Arm Of Big Pharma

Trump's EPA Just Deregulated Toxic Air Pollution

Scientists Sue EPA For Shutting Them Out Of Policy Decisions

Enough already! Leading hospital systems to make their own drugs amid skyrocketing prices and shortages

Democrats Confirm Big Pharma Price-Gouger To Cabinet Position

Trump Pick For Health Agency Used To Kick People Off Healthcare

Feed the Homeless in America, Get Fined or Arrested

Trump’s Labor Department Wants Employers To Steal Tips From Service Workers

Trump Waiving Punishment To Banks He Owes Money To

Millennials Are Way Poorer Than Baby Boomers Ever Were

CEO Mad He Can't Pay 'Servants' $5 An Hour Anymore

Over 1 Million Watch Bernie's Medicare For All Town Hall, Media Yawns

Lyin' Ryan Cashes In Just Days After Cutting Taxes For The Rich

Emmanuel Macron’s Neoliberal Blitzkrieg

Russia Today et Le Média : les « grandes menaces » pour la macronie Le pouvoir jupitero-macroniste fait de l’humour sans le savoir : il souhaite renvoyer tous les citoyens français en classe de Terminale de Philo ! Ces individus, qui pour la plupart relèvent de […]

Richest 1% Grabbed 82% Of All Wealth Created In 2017

Why The Hell Is Jared Kushner Suddenly So Interested In Prison Reform?

Kimberly-Clark To Kill 5,000 Jobs Following Trump's Tax Cuts

La présidence de Trump survit en arrosant la classe dirigeante Un nouveau livre sur les coulisses de la Maison Blanche est venu alimenter la polémique contre Donald Trump. Les critiques sont nombreuses depuis que le président a pris ses fonctions. […]

You Won't Believe How Much The 1% Got Last Year

Paul Ryan Takes $500k From Koch Bros After Cutting Their Taxes

Interview Alain Deneault 2 - YouTube

Rencontre avec Alain Deneault KAIROS - journal antiproductiviste pour une société décente

La perversité comme modèle de pouvoir

A Trillion for the Military but No Money for Freezing Schools

BOMBSHELL: Trump Owes $300 Million To Big Bank, Lets Them Get Away With Crimes

Trump Banking Scandal EXPOSED

Corporate Insider Whistleblowers Are Saving Democracy

Meet the little-known Jewish man behind Britain’s Thatcherist revolution

Steve Mnuchin LIES Through His Teeth About Davos And Globalists

After Getting Massive Tax Breaks, Big Pharma Ending Research Into Alzheimer’s Treatments

Big Bankers Stealing Billions with Help from Congress

The Rich Took Home A Staggering Amount Of Wealth In 2017

Apple: The Biggest Tax Cheaters in History Repatriate Profits Under Trump’s Tax Bill

Trump to bring ‘America first’ to Davos, the epicenter of globalization

Top Democrat "Shares The Same Pool Of Donors As Trump"

Hey Libertarians: Why Didn't Private Credit Rating Agencies Warn Us About 2008 Crash?

PDF - Jeff Sharlet, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis W/ Chris Glazek - MR Live - 11/22/17

The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics w/ Jefferson Cowie - MR Live - 11/20/17 - YouTube

How The New Deal Created A Cohesion Of Political Ideas

What Killed The New Deal?

Digital Superpowers Poised To Increase Global Inequities Under the Label of E-Commerce

GOP Tax Plan Raises Taxes On The Poor to Give To The Rich

Millionaires And Billionaires Tell Congress That They Really Don’t Need A Tax Cut

The Mega-Rich Say They Need At Least $190 Mil To Survive

Donald Trump Jr. Anti-Socialist Halloween Tweet Backfires

Ben Shapiro: Obamacare Will Be The Death Of Government Healthcare!

Koch Bros Will Reap Hundreds of Millions From Tax Cuts

Corporate Dems Refuse To Run Against Trump's Unpopular Tax Law

More Bankers Need Prison Time

Jared Kushner’s Companies Have Been Subpoenaed By The IRS

Ivanka Trump And Marco Rubio Team Up To Fight Social Security

Jared And Ivanka Are Millions Deeper In Debt After Since Joining The White House

Reevaluating Populism w/ Donald Jeffries - YouTube

The Link Between Benjamin Netanyahu and Extreme Libertarian Ayn Rand  In his self-promoting book 'The Israeli Tiger,' the prime minister proved himself to be under the spell of the 'Fountainhead' writer.

John Hagee Ministries Distributes $2.1 Million in Christian Donations to 16 Israeli ‘NGOs’

Netanyahu pressed Obama to use nuclear weapons against Iran

Adelson has hijacked the Israeli-American community for his hard-right agenda - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Report: American Jewish Federations Loaded with Cash

The American Jews Who Are Driving US Laws Against Palestinians, BDS, etc.

Le rôle du néo-fascisme dans l’opération Condor | Investig’Action

Stephen Bannon: ‘I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist’

Bannon Rallies Zionist Gala Against The ‘Global Class’ — Awkward!

Stephen Bannon Tells ZOA: ‘I’m Proud To Be A Christian Zionist’

Bannon: GOP establishment is dangerous for Israel

Bannon urges US Jews to join 'insurgency' against anti-Trump Republicans President Trump deserves Jewish backing, the former White House strategist said, calling him "the strongest supporter of Israel since Ronald Reagan."

Bannon: 'Donald Trump is the strongest supporter of Israel since Reagan'

Le grand bluff de Ronald Reagan ARTE

Bannon: Stephen Miller Is ‘The Last Man Behind Enemy Lines’

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”

A Telling Comparison: Israel versus North Korea

Trump Begging Countries To Buy Weapons

Trump Begged Vietnam To Buy US Military Equipment To Help Boost His Approval Rating

Israel may demand Iran leave southern Syria, but Russia sets the rules of the game - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israel's threats could push it into unnecessary war with Iran

Israel claimed Iran refused its offer for humanitarian aid. Red Cross says otherwise - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Syria Declares 'ISIS Is Finished' As Last Town Falls

IDF fires 'warning shot' after Syrian border construction

Israel fires 'warning' tank shell at Syrian forces

Liberman : Israël ne tolérera pas la présence iranienne en Syrie

Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike

How Syrian-Nuke Evidence Was Faked

Israel's U.S. ambassador Dermer hosted Bannon for dinner

Trump’s Mideast Plan Is Bad for Israel

Israel’s Response To Trump’s Peace Deal: Snuff Out Hopes For A Palestinian State With One Million Settlements In The West Bank

Isreal Detaining and Abusing Palestinian Children With US Tax Dollars

American Jews, lay off Linda Sarsour - Sarsour is a flawed figure. She shouldn’t be leading a discussion on anti-Semitism. But the political pile-on she's enduring - branding her as Jewish Public Enemy #1 - is hysterical and vicious, and we Jews shouldn’t be participating in it.

ZOA Boss Calls Young Jewish Activist A ‘Mindless Idiot’ On Twitter

Historic US bill would outlaw Israel aid used to abuse children

ZOA chief Morton Klein–‘This was never Palestinian land’

Israel’s Money Machine: Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity

Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson publicly breaks with Stephen Bannon

The link between Benjamin Netanyahu and extreme libertarian Ayn Rand - In his self-promoting book 'The Israeli Tiger,' the prime minister proved himself to be under the spell of the 'Fountainhead' writer.

Netanyahu's unforgivable scuffle with liberal American Jews - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Leader of the Left says 'the Left forgot what it means to be Jews' 'Zionist Union' Chair will concede top spot to Yair Lapid if polls predict more seats for Lapid party. 'Everything begins with our Torah.'

Gabbay: The Left has forgotten what it means to be Jewish

Israel's Right to Steal Palestinian Land

Israel to move checkpoint deeper into West Bank, cutting off Palestinian access to spring

Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Standing by as Settlers Pelt Palestinians With Stones

Israeli settlers fight for the 'right of return' to the West Bank - Israel News - Haaretz.com

'Infiltrators will have to leave Israel - or go to jail'

Room for Jews in Palestine

Is integrating Israel*Palestine possible?

Israël détruit un village bédouin pour la 119e fois

Jewish radical to be charged for incitement

Benzi Gopstein may be indicted for incitement Lehava leader Gopstein, who allegedly praised Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein, faces possible indictment over inciting violence toward Arabs, racism, terrorism, pending hearing.

Lured into a pro-Kahane hostel: What happened to these young U.S. Jews after Birthright - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Lured by Liberman, Tempted by Bennett

Fake Passports, Europe Links: Hamas Reveals New Details in 'Mossad Drone Assassination'

When Jerusalem needs to talk to Riyadh: This Saudi newspaper is Israel's backchannel to the Arab world - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Defining Zionism

Israel denies entry to European officials under new anti-boycott law

Israel bars pro-boycott European group from visiting

Bret Stephens equates anti-Zionists with white nationalists in the ‘New York Times’

Breaking the Silence banned from meeting students

'There is no moral occupation': Why I refuse to serve

Dean Issacharoff : le ministère classe l’affaire, Breaking the Silence s’indigne

‘Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag’ — Israeli official warns Europe

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel: How Effective Is It?

Spanish court suspends anti-Israel boycott in Seville

Should we give another hearing to early Zionism’s fascism-friendly ideologue? It's time to reconsider the legacy of Abba Ahimeir, the early Zionist ideologue (and Haaretz columnist) who admired Italian fascism and Sinn Fein, called Britain 'the enemy' and insisted on the Jewish right to a maximalist version of Greater Israel

Israeli Prime Minister After Six-Day War: ‘We’ll Deprive Gaza of Water, and the Arabs Will Leave’

Trump Resumes Abuse of ‘Terror List’

The US Really Loves Dropping Bombs

Trump Raises Fears About Nukes, But US Anti-War Movement Is Lacking

Establishment Media Normalizes Extreme Policies

The Uncounted: New York Times Finds US Airstrikes Kill Far More Iraqi Civilians Than Pentagon Admits

Canada’s Foreign Policy and the New World Order. Ottawa Acting as a Pawn of Washington

The War On Terror Is 'Producing More Terrorists' - GOP Politician

Trump Adds N Korea To 'State Sponsor Of Terror' List

The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion That Opened the West - MR Live - 11/24/17 - YouTube

Actually, Steve Bannon Is Not An Anti-Semite. He’s Something Worse.

Far-Right Activists Party With Bannon, Gorka, Congressmen and ‘Election Integrity’ Commissioner In Florida

McMaster Called Trump A ‘Kindergartner.’ Was Ezra Cohen-Watnick The Source?

Sheldon Adelson Expresses Support for Campaign Against Trump’s National Security Advisor McMaster

For the Jewish Right, it’s apparently ok to be antisemitic so long as you’re also Islamophobic. Thankfully the Left is speaking up

Anti-semitism + Anti-zionism

Are Jews avoiding anti-Trump activism out of fear, or moral failure? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

‘The Mooch’ Gets Surprisingly Jewish To Stump For Trump In Israel

Overthrowing Assad and the Neoconservative Agenda in Syria

The Anti-Iran Axis Tries to 'Blackmail' Palestine

Trump divulged to Russia details of a daring Israeli raid in Syria — report

Ex-Mossad officials: Trump revealing Mossad intel ‘likely affects future cooperation’

Senior Israeli military official– ‘Trump betrayed us by sharing intelligence with the Russians’

Report: Trump Revealed Israeli Commando and Mossad Operation in Syria to Russians

Netanyahu warns Putin of dangers of Iran in Syria The two leaders' conversation is part of Putin's round of talks with world leaders, in addition to his meeting with Syrian Pres. Assad on Tuesday.

'Post' uncovers Israeli medical treatment of Syrian chemical attack victims

Israel demands extra 1.37 bln USD for defense budget over Syria situation

Saudi Arabia's Jew-hating founder would be shocked by his kingdom's public flirtation with Israel - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Wahhabisme et sionisme : une sainte alliance contre l’Iran

Saudi Arabia ‘doesn’t care’ about the Palestinians as long as it can make a deal with Israel against Iran, says former Netanyahu advisor

'The Saudis are Going to Fight Tehran to the Last Dead American'

Trump Administration ‘Fed Up’ with Israel’s refusal to engage in peace discussions with Palestinians

US backtracks on decision to close Palestinian office in DC

Palestiniens : le bureau de l’OLP à Washington restera ouvert

Was The New Deal Racist?

Capitalism Is Actually Socialism For The Rich

Pat Toomey Gets Berned During Tax Debate

Trump Is Allowing Corporations To Engage In Racial And Economic Warfare

CEO's Say They Won't Create Jobs Even With Trump Tax Cuts

Corporate Dems Want To Help Trump Pass His Tax Scam

Corporate Dems Don't Rule Out Voting For Republican Tax Plan

Wall Street Criminals Continue Their Fraud And Theft: NO JAIL TIME

Trump's HHS Nominee 'Should be Under Criminal Investigation'

Trump’s Biggest Lie About His Tax Plan Exposed By Corporate CEOs

Maverick McCain Hands Your Money To Billionaires

Trump's Financial Watchdog Pick Swims In Predatory Lender Cash

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Trump Tax Plan to Worsen Inequality, Expand Loopholes

Anti-Globalization in the Era of Trump: Joseph Stiglitz on Shared Prosperity Without Protectionism

Alan Dershowitz: Really Doesn't Want Sanders To Run In 2020

The left must give thanks to… Donald Trump

Feds Secretly Monitoring the Black Lives Matter Movement

Puppy memes and Pokemon: How Russiagate went off the rails, with Aaron Maté (Moderate Rebels Ep. 8)

Jared Kushner Still Can’t Pass His Security Clearance Check, But He Still Has A Security Clearance

Insiders: Trump Expected Flynn To "Betray" Him

Kushner reportedly told Flynn to contact Russians over anti-Israel UN resolution

Former Trump adviser Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI

Marshall Cohen sur Twitter : "CNN can now confirm that JARED KUSHNER is the "very senior member of the Presidential Transition Team" who directed FLYNN to contact the Russian…

So the country that influenced US policy through Michael Flynn is Israel, not Russia. But Flynn did try to influence Russia, not the other way around. Ha-ha. This is the smoking gun? What a farce

Flynn et Kushner ont tenté d'influencer d'autres pays à l'Onu, affirment des diplomates

Flynn’s plea on Russian influence reveals… Israel’s influence!

Flynn, Kushner targeted several states in failed U.N. lobbying: diplomats

Report: Kushner Had Flynn Contact Russia During Transition

Flynn Plea Shows Collusion With... Israel?

How Flynn's guilty plea centres around Egypt's UN resolution on Israeli settlements | Middle East Eye

It Was Kushner Who Told Flynn To Make Calls About Israel UN Vote, Source Says

Flynn timeline: It all began with a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements | The Times of Israel

Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying About Trump Sabotage of Security Council Resolution Against Israel Settlements

Marcy Wheeler: Mike Flynn’s Guilty Plea to FBI Will Shape How GOP Handles Russia Investigation

PressTV-'Kushner asked Flynn to prevent anti-Israel UN vote'

How Michael Flynn's guilty plea implicates Israeli intelligence, and perhaps the Logan Act

Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I. and Will Cooperate With Russia Inquiry - The New York Times

Les confessions dévastatrices de Flynn : Trump s'est associé avec Israël et a essayé de tenir ses promesses de campagne (Le titre est une blague, il souligne le fait qu'il n'y a absolument rien d'exceptionnel, absolument rien de nouveau à ce que les USA fassent des pressions, du lobbying, en faveur d'Israel...)

Flynn’s Alleged Lies Including Asking Russia To Ease Off On Israel

Will Mike Flynn Help Mueller Bring Trump Down?

Le « plaidoyer coupable » de Michael Flynn et toute l'enquête sur la « collusion avec la Russie » sont une vaste farce -- Les Maîtres du Monde -- Sott.net

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea: More Proof of the Colossal Russiagate Scam

Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn December 3, 2017 What Flynn’s plea could mean for Kushner and Israel

Were other Trump aides lobbying for Israel illicitly alongside Michael Flynn? | US news | The Guardian

Jared Kushner Should Be TERRIFIED Of Michael Flynn's Guilty Plea

6 Reasons Jared Kushner Is In Serious Trouble After #FlynnFlips

Michael Flynn, Trump’s ex-national security adviser, is expected to plead guilty Friday to lying to the FBI

Ex-Trump adviser Flynn charged with lying to FBI in Russia probe

Trump Planning to Replace Rex Tillerson With CIA Chief Mike Pompeo

Flynn's trips to Israel and Egypt compound his legal trouble in Trump-Russia probe - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Michael Flynn lied about bid to stop anti-Israel resolution at UN

Flynn Lied to FBI About Asking Russia to Veto UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements

Kushner ‘100%’ Behind Plan To Oust Tillerson, Former White House Aide Says

Why Jared Kushner Could Be Next In Line After Flynn’s Guilty Plea

Jared Kushner to speak at Saban Forum

What Kind Of Mideast Peace Deal Is Jared Kushner Cooking Up With The Saudis?

Rick Joyner Suggests ABC News Is 'A Terrorist Organization' For Reporting 'Fake News' About Flynn's Willingness To Testify Against Trump

Is Trump Plan to Replace Rex Tillerson a Push for More U.S. Aggression Toward Iran, North Korea?

Normalizing the Unthinkable in “Western” Exceptionalism

Neocon Deepstate Cuck Trump Makes Admin MORE Hawkish

What’s Wrong with Talking to North Korea?

Russia-gate Inquisitors Subpoena Journalist

Will Eastern European Countries Be Drawn Into Russia-U.S. Conflict?

Canada’s Sanctions Law against Moscow: Adopts Anti-Russia Magnitsky Act

Edward R. Murrow’s Timeless Warnings

Way More US Troops Are Overseas Than Previously Thought

Trump Administration Escalates Threat to “Utterly Destroy” North Korea

South Koreans resist US military presence and war with DPRK (Moderate Rebels Ep. 7)

Video: “Wipe the Soviet Union Off the Map”; Planned US Nuclear Attack Against USSR

Corporate Media Is Refusing To Cover Net Neutrality

Koch Brothers Buy Trump's Favorite Magazine

Right Wing Think Tank Tries To Start A Fight With Pope Francis

Feds Secretly Monitoring the Black Lives Matter Movement

The left must give thanks to… Donald Trump

Meet the Socialist Marine and Anti-Police Brutality Protester Who Won Democratic Seats in November

Was The New Deal Racist?

Zionism and anti-Semitism: Joseph Massad on the sordid historical alliance (Moderate Rebels Ep. 9)

Are Muslims the 'new Jews' for today's far right? Trump's tweets boosted that claim - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Trump Takes Post-9/11 Islamophobia to New Lows

Pompeo, Reportedly To Be Named Secretary Of State, Has Ties To Far-Right Anti-Muslim Groups

'We won't allow Iran to acquire nukes, entrench itself in Syria' Ahead of Saban Forum in Washington, PM Netanyahu says Israel 'won't allow a regime bent on destroying Israel to acquire nuclear weapons.'

Israeli attempts to kick Iran out of Syria could escalate into war - Israel News - Haaretz.com

PM: We won't allow Iranian presence in Syria In speech for Saban Forum pre-taped on Thursday, a day before the alleged Israeli strike on an Iranian base in Syria's al-Kiswah, Netanyahu reiterates Israel's policy.

Arab media: 12 Iranians killed in ‘Israeli strike’ in Syria

After reported Israeli strike, PMO issues video of Netanyahu warning to Iran

Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Allow Iran to Entrench Itself in Syria

Netanyahu : L’Iran est comparable à l’Allemagne nazie dans son « engagement à tuer des Juifs »

Netanyahu at Saban Forum: Iran, like Nazi Germany, has 'ruthless commitment to murdering Jews'

Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany Speaking in a pre-recorded speech to the Washington Saban Forum, Israeli premier draws parallels in 'ruthless commitment to impose tyranny and terror' and 'to murder Jews.'

Watch: Netanyahu slams Iran in statement after reported airstrike on base in Syria

Cherry-picking Toward War with Iran

Netanyahu and CIA Director Pompeo Threaten Iran

IDF-linked Think Tank Admits Israel, ISIS Are Allies in Confronting Iran in Syria

Israel Responds to Defeat of Islamist Rebels in Syria with Threat of Wider Regional War

Israel Threatens War on Syria

Netanyahu said to warn Assad: We’ll strike if you let Iran set up bases in Syria

India's specter of fascism: Modi, Hindutva, and anti-Muslim violence, with Shehla Rashid (Ep. 10)

Trump-Netanyahu-Modi: A global far-right anti-Muslim alliance (Analysis by Shehla Rashid)

Inside The Prospective Israel-Saudi Arabia Rapprochement

Israel Will Get ‘More Understanding’ from Trump’s Negotiators Because They’re All Observant Jews, Sharansky Says

LIVE: Max Blumenthal and Paul Jay on Trump's Plans to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Fault Lines Season 1, Episode 16: The Relationship Between Trump and Netanyahu

Why Is Sheldon Adelson’s Jewish Fraternity AEPI Expanding To Israel?

Jewish Democrats Targeted By Adelson Can Sue, Court Rules

Ten U.S. Democratic senators urge Netanyahu: Do not demolish Palestinian village of Sussia

Bernie Sanders, Dianne Feinstein lead senators’ push urging Israel not to demolish Palestinian villages

Jewish groups urge Israel not to deport African refugees | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

At anti-Semitism panel, Linda Sarsour asks, 'I am the biggest problem of the Jewish community?' - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Linda Sarsour highlights her anti-Zionism at anti-Semitism event University panel discussion on anti-Semitism dominated by anti-Israel rhetoric, attacks on 'Jewish media', criticism of Jewish community.

Linda Sarsour Asks ‘Am I The Biggest Threat?’ — As Pro-Israel Protesters Jeer Outside

Sarsour Anti-Semitism Panel At New School Incenses Jewish Professors, Students

Sarsour likely TIME’s person of the year Op-ed: She hates Trump. What more can you ask when you are part of Old Media?

Netanyahu invité à Bruxelles sur fond de tensions UE-Israël

UN security council votes on resolution 2334 UN resolution against Israeli settlements at center of Flynn guilty plea

Haine de l’Etat juif à l’ONU : la France de Macron vote en faveur de...

151 UN states vote to disavow Israeli ties to Jerusalem

L’ONU célèbre la journée de la Palestine avec une série de résolutions anti-Israël

Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)

Undoing the New Deal: Roosevelt Created A Social Safety Net, Not Socialism (pt3)

Undoing the New Deal: Truman’s Cold War Buries Wallace and the Left

Undoing New Deal: The 1944 Coup Against VP Henry Wallace

Rep. Keith Ellison: GOP Tax Bill Would Reorder Society and Create “Hereditary Aristocracy” for Rich

6,000 Lobbyists Worked On GOP Tax Bill | #DrainTheSwamp

Trump Creates Delusional Alternate Reality Surrounding Republican Tax Bill

Biggest Middle-Class Tax Increase In US History Passed By Senate GOP - YouTube

Corporate Democrats Aid Republicans In Deregulating The Banks

GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist

Bernie Pulverizes GOP Tax Bill In Committee Hearing

Trump Administration Halting Student Loan Forgiveness

MSNBC Host SHOCKED That Corruption Makes Politicians Immoral Cretins

Australian Bill Jails Whistleblowers and Journalists For 20 Years

From Net Neutrality to Tax Cuts, Trump's Billionaires are Having a Field Day

The Far Right Claims Victory Over ‘The Establishment’ After Net Neutrality Repeal

Trump Jr. Botches Tweet, Didn’t Know His Dad Appointed FCC Commissioner Who Repealed Net Neutrality

TIME Magazine’s New Koch Complication

Billionaire Bilderberger Busted Building Bioweapons - #NewWorldNextWeek

AMIA : mandat d’arrêt contre Kirchner

Argentina judge orders arrest of ex-president Kirchner over Iran terror cover-up

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the Plot Against Cuba

Apparent Election Theft in Honduras

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Argentine judge seeks arrest of ex-pres. for cover up of Iran's role in AMIA bombing

Daniel Ellsberg Reveals He was a Nuclear War Planner, Warns of Nuclear Winter and Global Starvation

Rep. Ellison Condemns Apparent Election Tampering in Honduras and Calls for Halting U.S. Military Aid

Prince of Darkness: Ex-Blackwater CEO Wants to Launch a Private Spy Network

REPORT: Trump Wants His Own Private CIA

Revealed: Blackwater Founder's Ties With Netanyahu’s Disgraced Chief of Staff

Holocaust-surviving judge: N. Korean camps may be worse than Auschwitz

Preemptive Strike on North Korea: Is Trump Wagging the Dog?

Before and After Aftermath of Alleged Israeli Strike on Iranian Base in Syria, Revealed

CIA Chief: Saudi, Israel May Set Up ‘Joint Military Headquarters’

How a Dubious BBC Report Gave Israel the “Green Light” for Last Night’s Attack on Syria

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists

Trump’s Misuse of Intelligence on Iran

Bad Moon Rising: A New Cabinet Will Mark Neocon Ascendancy. “Tillerson Will be Gone Sooner or Later”

Kim Jong-un: Israël n’existe pas pour qu’on lui attribue une capitale…

«Gâteux mentalement dérangé» : la Corée du Nord vitupère Donald Trump pour sa décision sur Jérusalem

Trump's 'Criminal' Jerusalem Move Could Backfire

Fox and Friends Think the Pope Hates America For Warning Against Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Donald Trump prêche-t-il la guerre sainte ?

Schumer–‘I advised Trump to recognize ‘united’ Jerusalem’

Swedish state TV ties Trump’s Jerusalem recognition to ‘incredibly strong Jewish lobby’

La TV sudéoise associe la reconnaissance de Jérusalem par Trump au « lobby juif »

Ultra-Orthodox Politicians in Israel Greet Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement With Unexpected Skepticism

Former US ambassador slams 'heavy breathing' over Jerusalem Dan Shapiro says critics of Jerusalem decision overreacting. 'This isn't the second coming of Harry Truman recognizing Israel.'

Why Trump’s Jerusalem Gambit Will Only Hurt Israel

“Settlers in the White House”: Palestinians Denounce Trump Jerusalem Order and Protest in Day of Rage

Trump Makes Israel Great Again - #NewWorldNextWeek

‘Move of US Embassy would proceed without recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem’

Despite Euphoria, Trump to Delay Israel Embassy Move for at Least 6 Months

Trump’s announcement: A big deal not likely to actually change much

Evangelicals were the true driving force behind Trump's Jerusalem announcement - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Watch: 'Evangelicals have crazy ideas about Israel' MSNBC host Chris Matthews tears into evangelical Christians for backing Jerusalem recognition, embassy move.

Trump’s Jerusalem Move Is A Ploy To Protect Jared Kushner

Prague EU’s anti-Israel stance on Jerusalem is ‘cowardice,’ Czech president says

Israel bars 22 Palestinian researchers from EU event with anti-Occupation group - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Trump’s “Jerusalem Promise” to AIPAC: Tillerson, Mattis Warned Trump Against Embassy Move

These BDS-Supporting British Jewish Students Are Changing Their Community

Jérusalem: la décision américaine "non conforme" aux résolutions de l'ONU, affirment des pays européens

Trump’s announcement: A big deal that may not actually change much

L’envoyée française en Israël : la décision de Trump « donne un argument aux extrémistes »

Trump's Jerusalem Syndrome: Whose End of Days Messiah does he think he is? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Site Considered for US Embassy in Jerusalem Is Stolen Palestinian Private Property

How Trump fooled everyone with his Jerusalem declaration

Christian Zionists in America

Israeli minister sees Trump ‘hint’ at Jerusalem partition with Palestinians

9 out of 11 former US envoys to Israel oppose Trump’s Jerusalem declaration

Trump déclare la guerre aux Palestiniens (ensemble)

Jerusalem for dummies: Why the world doesn’t recognize it as Israel’s capital - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Jerusalem declaration: Once again, Trump favors words over action ‏

U.S. Jewish Groups Divided in Reactions to Trump's Jerusalem Announcement

Elliott Abrams : Bravo Trump, for standing up to Palestinian blackmail | Opinion

Western leaders worried over Trump declaration Concerned it could lead to violence that would further destabilize the region, dismantle peace prospects, Western leaders object to US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Evangelicals Led Drive To Get Jerusalem As Capital — Not AIPAC

The Biggest Loser in Trump’s High-stakes Jerusalem Embassy Decision–Netanyahu

Netanyahu quiet on U.S. Embassy move in speech, focuses on Iranian threat US, Israel gird for backlash as Trump Jerusalem move roundly condemned

Trump's Jerusalem Embassy Move Was Long in the Works

[Pascal Boniface] Transfert de l'ambassade américaine à Jérusalem : une décision catastrophique - YouTube

Israeli right hails 'historic' trump decision, left predicts regional chaos

In generational shift, millennial evangelicals not as supportive of Israel - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Pour le Front national, Trump est "maladroit" au sujet de Jérusalem

Jérusalem : à l’évidence, c’est le Crif qui importe le conflit israélo-palestinien en France et attise les tensions !

Macron déplore la décision de Trump sur Jérusalem, le CRIF lui enjoint de s'y conformer

Crif et Consistoire appellent Macron à reconnaître Jérusalem, capitale d’Israël

Le CRIF ne représente pas les Juifs de France. Il nous mène à la catastrophe. (UJFP)

Anti-trump... Vous êtes des antisémites !

US special counsel examines Trump-Israel relations - YouTube

Trump to Abbas–‘Specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem’ will be decided in direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, leaving open the possibility of dividing the city

Israeli support for Trump surges after Jerusalem recognition

Des centaines de Juifs libéraux s’opposent publiquement à la reconnaissance de Jérusalem par Trump

Christians and Jews now compare Trump to Persian King Cyrus – will he build the Third Temple? - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Who really pushed Trump on Jerusalem: The Christians or the Jews? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Tillerson Says U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem Unlikely During Trump’s Current Term

Palestine's Vatican envoy: President Trump, you poisoned the peace process - and our Christmas - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Austrian far-right leader sympathetic to Israel on Jerusalem recognition

La Bible selon «Bibi» : comment Netanyahou justifie la politique israélienne par l'Ancien testament | Brèves | alterinfonet.org Agence de presse associative

Trump's and Netanyahu's pedagogy of oppression: A lesson on the nature of facts and fact-creation -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net

Why is Israel legitimizing anti-Semitism? Op-ed: How could a minister and deputy Knesset speaker attend a conference distorting memory of Holocaust and giving Poland’s far-right racists a Jewish-Israeli seal of approval?

Steve Bannon: Trump’s Jerusalem Move Was A Gift To The Religious Right

Bannon Takes A Swipe At Ivanka, Promises ‘Special Place In Hell’

Steve Bannon's best Jewish friend: Morton Klein's rise to prominence in the Trump era - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

How a Jewish Right-winger With Ties to Bannon and Gorka Managed to Cozy Up to the White House

Hitler’s Hindus: The rise and rise of India’s Nazi-loving nationalists - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

How They Do It– ‘This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen at a Conference on anti-Semitism, Jews being lectured on the suffering of others’

Netanyahu agrees to exclude settlements from economic deal with European Union - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Un Israélien condamné à 4 ans de prison pour un incendie sur un haut lieu chrétien

Former IDF General and Key Israeli Labor Party Figure: We Were Too Good in 1967, Palestinians Deserved Occupation Amiram Levin, a figure who has been considered left-leaning, tells Israeli newspaper Maariv's weekend edition that 'if they violate agreements, then next time we'll throw them over the Jordan River'

‘Leftist’ Israeli general–a ‘good Jew’–threatens to ‘tear the Palestinians apart’ and ‘toss them across the Jordan’

La plupart des israéliens sont favorables au génocide des palestiniens (Abby Martin)

‘Hellenists, go back to Greece’

Palestinians Stand Up to Israel, Will the World?

David SHEEN Interviewed by Radio Free Georgia - YouTube

Israel’s Persecution Of Breaking The Silence Exposes Deep Corruption

Corbyn ne soutient pas le BDS, mais il boycotterait les implantations

Labour head Corbyn ‘doesn’t support BDS,’ but would boycott settlements

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: Birth of the Israeli Bomb. The World’s Fifth Nuclear Power

Google Hiring 10,000 Reviewers to Censor YouTube Content

L'Europe et les arabes s'unissent contre Israël au conseil de sécurité de l'ONU

The UN and Israel The UN helped create Israel but has attempted numerous times to destroy it as well.

Netanyahu signs multi-billion-dollar Power Africa agreement with US

L’israël responsable de la mort de centaines de migrants | Le Libre Penseur

How a kids’ book on Palestine ensnared this Manhattan store in a political crossfire

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Being Investigated For Political Patronage System

What Was Verifiably Great About America… Life Circumstances Under the Present Neoliberal Order

American Exceptionalism’s Dark Side: Poverty and Despair in America

Millionaire Explains How GOP Tax Plan Enriches Him and Screws You

Donald Trump and Goldman Sachs FOOLED Republican Voters

U.N. Special Rapporteur Says Tax Bill Will Make the U.S. “World Champion of Extreme Inequality”

“Neutral Athletes”: The Russia Ban, Drugs and the Olympics | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Fight Within UK Labour Party Pits Career Politicians Against Radicals Pt. 1/2

British Media Against Corbyn (pt 2/2)

Corbyn traité de ‘menteur’ à une cérémonie de Hanoukka

Saudi Arabia Ushers in Hollywood With a Little Help From John Travolta

Nearly Half Of Fortune 500 Founded By Immigrant Families

How Tax Breaks for Wealthy Developers Fueled an Affordable Housing Crisis in Baltimore

Five Corporations Hire Two Intelligence Firms to Spy on Activists

Allan Nairn: United States Tries—But Fails—to Stop to Stop Hondurans from Protesting Election Fraud

Undoing the New Deal: Clinton Rolled Back the Deal, Obama Blew a FDR Moment (pt6)

FCC Report: Republicans Are Wrong On Net Neutrality

GOP Cuts Taxes For The Mega-Rich, Raises Taxes On Workers | Bill Explained

Media Mindlessly Parrots Corporate Propaganda After GOP Tax Bill Passes

GOP Tax Scam Gives 83% Of The Gains To The Rich

How Much Money Trump Made From His Tax Cuts

Trump Embraces Corruption By Pulling US Out Of Global Anti-Corruption Pact

Trump Promised To End Hedge Fund Handout (He's Increasing It)

The Hidden Agenda Behind Right-Wing Sinclair's School Reporting

Bernie Sanders Rips into Trump For Celebrating Uninsured Americans

“Build a New Social and Economic System with Human Rights and Justice at its Core”. Jeremy Corbyn

Net Neutrality Repeal Is Only Part of Trump’s Surrender to Corporate Media

Disney Buys Fox, Will Viewers Pay the Price?

How Right-Wing Sinclair Plans to Take Over Local TV

Former Fox Contributor Calls Out Fox News Predators On Live TV

Trump Is Getting Policy Advice From Fox News Hosts
Koch Brothers Spending Millions To Turn College Students Into Libertarians

Grover Norquist OWNED

Trump CDC Goes Full Political Correctness

Chad, Trad, New Right And #DogRight: How The Alt-Right Movement Splintered in 2017 | Right Wing Watch

Roy Moore's Muslim Marxist MELTDOWN

2017 in Review: Allan Nairn on Trump’s “Rightist Revolution” and the Social Movements Pushing Back

A Hilarious Review of Mike Cernovich's Dumbass Book

Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan’s ‘Alt-Right’ Opponent, Goes On ‘Shekel-For-Hire’ Rant

Bannon Moves Closer to Jewish Congressman 'Abandoned' by GOP

Why the Mere Idea That Neocon Senator Tom Cotton Might Run Trump’s CIA Is Terrifying

GITMO Attorneys Resign After CIA Eavesdropping

America’s Enemies, Who’s On the List?

Iraq, Syria, Iran…Are We To Destroy Iran Next?

Report: Obama Admin. Shielded Hezbollah to Save Iran Deal

Obama said to have derailed campaign against Hezbollah to clinch Iran nuke deal

How Mike Pence's Mideast trip to help embattled Christians evolved into a visit devoid of Christians - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Trump dévoile la stratégie de sécurité nationale de « l’Amérique d’abord »

Trump’s Continuation of US Interventionism

[Pascal Boniface ] Trump élargit l'Atlantique - YouTube

Trump The Next Churchill?

The Saudis checkmated Israel. What's next? - Middle East News - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Trump’s ‘America First’ Muscle Flexing is Actually a Defensive Strategy

'The era of American appeasement is over' Former Israeli ambassador to the US says Trump's standing up to the UN shows US is once again the leader of the free world.

Trump unveils “America First” national security strategy - World Socialist Web Site

The Israeli 'left' is gaslighting U.S. Jews into support for Trump on Jerusalem

Jérusalem : l'ONU condamne à une large majorité la décision américaine

Trump’s ‘Lord Balfour moment’ is formal recognition the US was never an honest broker

UN Members Show Spine in Rebuffing Trump

BHL - Trump, Jérusalem et les juifs | Tribune Juive

The problem with Trump’s Jerusalem announcement ‏

Palestinians celebrate resounding Trump and Israel failure at the UN

Rush Limbaugh Gets Super Excited About How Tough Nikki Haley Is

Allan Nairn: By Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel, Trump Drops “Pretense of Neutrality”

The Jerusalem UN Vote and the US-Israel Link

US Intimidating UN Member States, “Al Capone Style”

PM applauds US for ‘pushing back’ against UN moves on Israel

L’ONU examine une résolution rejetant la décision de Trump sur Jérusalem

Jewish historian Robert Dallek for Newsweek– ‘Donald Trump should be removed and replaced with Mike Pence’

Trump's Jerusalem Decision Only Exists To Stoke His Horrible Voter Base

La Palestine, Jérusalem et les Juifs (UJFP)

L'an prochain à Jérusalem ? Le Moment Meurice - YouTube

TV ISRAELIENNE : “La France a activement œuvré contre Israël à l’ONU”

The Draft UN Security Council Resolution on Jerusalem

Why Netanyahu Is Upset About UN Security Council Resolution 2334: The Total Illegality of Israel’s Settlements

Bethléem manifeste contre la reconnaissance par Washington de Jérusalem comme capitale d’Israël (vidéo)

Trump hints he'll cut funding to countries that support UN Jerusalem vote

UN Sponsored Report on Israel’s Responsibility for Apartheid in Relation to the Palestinian People

In rare move, Trump threatens to cut aid to UN members who oppose Jerusalem recognition

Trump, Take Note: These Are the Top 10 Countries Receiving U.S. Aid – and How They Voted on Jerusalem

Netanyahu embraces Trump as his number one role model - Israel News - Haaretz.com

UN votes against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

UN Vote 128 states vote in favor of resolution slamming Trump's Jerusalem policy

Trump threatens to slash aid to countries backing UN Jerusalem vote

UN votes to reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem

UN General Assembly passes resolution rejecting recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Trump warns over UN, but he likely can’t stop feeding the hand that bites

Intimidation – Jérusalem : à l’ONU, les menaces de « cour de récré » de Washington | Le Libre Penseur

In Rare Move, Trump Threatens to Cut Aid to UN Members Who Vote for Jerusalem Resolution

At UN, nations defy Trump and pass Jerusalem resolution with large majority

Netanyahu slams UN as 'house of lies' ahead of Thursday's vote against Trump's Jerusalem recognition

Full text of UN resolution rejecting Jerusalem recognition

Delusional Self-Interest in Trump’s Jerusalem Move

At Vote on Jerusalem, Haley Threatens UN: U.S. Expects Return on Its Investment Trump Threatens UN

UN Security Council Isolates the US on Jerusalem

Israel says number of countries that didn’t support UN vote ‘hugely significant’

Netanyahu spurns UN as ‘house of lies’ ahead of Jerusalem vote

PM calls UN 'House of Lies,' preemptively rejects vote on Jerusalem

UN declares US Jerusalem decision 'null, void' Approved with an overwhelming majority of 128-9, the UN General assembly passes resolution declaring US' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel 'null and void.'

‘Shame on U(N):’ Right and Left come out against Jerusalem decision

Why Israel’s massive defeat at the UN isn’t quite as bad as it looks

Despite threats, Trump team undecided on how to punish countries for UN vote

Almost all major recipients of US aid ignored White House threat on UN vote

Jérusalem: nouvelle bronca attendue à l'ONU contre Trump

Jérusalem: Trump met en garde les pays contre le vote d'une résolution à l'ONU

Defying Trump, U.N. General Assembly Condemns U.S. Decree on Jerusalem

Rashid Khalidi: U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Means It Cannot Be a Peace Broker

Statut de Jérusalem : Israéliens et Palestiniens satisfaits du résultat du vote à l’ONU

UN Defies Trump Threats on Jerusalem Vote

Jérusalem: un ministre palestinien dénonce les "menaces" américaines à l'ONU

Jake Tapper blasts human rights violators who criticized Israel at UN

Al Qods : les Yankees condamnés à l’ONU malgré les menaces de Trump/Haley !

The UN vote is mild rebuke for Israel but a stinging slap in the face for Trump - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Israël-Palestine: "Les Américains sont marginalisés", déclare Macron

In Christmas Message Aimed at Trump, Abbas Says Palestinians Will Never Accept Any Peace Plan From U.S.

Trump’s Failure at the UN Is a Gift to Iran – and Israel Should Be Concerned

Bernard-Henri Lévy– ‘Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration was a cheap political move and not rooted in genuine love for the Jewish people’

Vote sur Jérusalem : un "revers cinglant" pour Washington, selon l'ambassadeur palestinien à l'ONU

176 Nations at UN call for Palestinian Statehood

Obama’s right-hand man on how and why Trump messed up on Jerusalem - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Jérusalem capitale d'Israël : l'ONU condamne à une large majorité la décision américaine

Netanyahu takes pride in Israel's warming diplomatic ties, but UN vote teaches a lesson in humility - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Despite failing, UN Jerusalem bid paints Israel, US as alone against the world US tells Israel to pause construction in Jerusalem

Haley warns US ‘taking names’ of UN opponents of Trump's Jerusalem move

Discours de Nikki Haley, ambassadrice des Etats-Unis à l’ONU, avant le vote

'I wonder why Israel even stays in the UN' Nikki Haley slams UN 'hostility towards Israel', rips General Assembly vote against US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Israel to withdraw from UNESCO, following US Following the US' example, Israel decides to leave the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization over its anti-Israel bias and lack of concrete plans to reform

The Year The Religious Right Moved Into The White House

Israel to formally announce intent to leave UNESCO

Enfin : Israël quitte l'UNESCO

Israel to formally announce withdrawal from UNESCO

Israël remettra sa démission à l'Unesco avant la fin de l'année

Israel joins US in announcing withdrawal from UNESCO

Stalled by Christmas: Israel’s withdrawal from UNESCO runs into holiday obstacle

Israël pourrait manquer la date butoir pour se retirer de l’UNESCO

Following in U.S.' footsteps, Israel announces exit from UNESCO

Israel to leave UNESCO Netanyahu instructs UNESCO ambassador to hand in letter announcing Israel's intention to withdraw from UN’s cultural body.

The world against us How to counter anti-Israel propaganda.

US and Israel versus the World on Jerusalem

US State Dept rejects US envoy proposal to stop calling West Bank occupied

Fake news and divided Jews: Reliving the crazy first year of President Donald Trump - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

The case for US government sanctions on Israel

Fatah’s Twitter compares Trump to Hitler, US to ISIS

Ambassador Friedman: Stop using word 'occupation'. US ambassador to Israel reportedly calls on State Department to stop calling Judea and Samaria occupied.

David Friedman Word Warfare US Ambassador Friedman tells State Dept. to stop using word 'occupation'

Jérusalem: l'ONU dénonce la mort d'un Palestinien handicapé tué par des soldats israéliens

Netanyahu’s new coalition whip is no fan of progressive U.S. Jews - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Everything wrong with Israel's government, reflected in Netanyahu's new right-hand man - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israel should sweat as politics invades American business - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Bennett, Shaked ‘counter-revolution against High Court activism' unveiled

Settler teen who attacked activist rabbi at knifepoint gets community service - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israel: ‘No Wrongdoing’ in IDF murder of Double Amputee Palestinian man in Gaza

McCollum’s bill on Palestinian children’s rights: Now is the time to act

The Shin Bet's former chief is worried - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Poll: 41% of Israelis back boycotting Wadi Ara New poll conducted at behest of Yisrael Beytenu ahead of Sunday's party convention shows slender majority opposed to Lieberman's call to boycott the Israeli Arab area.

Israeli journalist calls for raping Palestinian minor female prisoner

Lest We Forget–Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi

Lest We Forget–IDF rabbi say rape of Gentile women by IDF is permitted in any Jewish war as a ‘moral booster’

Israel extends 16-year-old Palestinian girl's detention because she could 'pose a danger' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

A Light Amongst the Nations– Israeli Policeman Accused of Urinating on Face of Handcuffed Palestinian

How They Do It– Israel claims there is ‘no basis’ to the charge that paraplegic Gaza protester was shot by IDF sniper

Stereo-typical Obnoxious Jew and MK member harasses Palestinians visiting imprisoned relatives

Un député israélien monte à bord du bus du CICR et insulte les mères de prisonniers

Israeli right wing hates corruption, loves the occupation - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Should Netanyahu have to quit if police recommend to indict him?

Kulanu, Likud MKs to participate in right-wing Jerusalem anti-corruption protest‏

Probed for corruption, Netanyahu’s coalition whip quits post

Bitan steps down as coalition chairman Likud MK asks PM Netanyahu to relieve him of his role, saying corruption investigation against him 'makes makes it difficult for me to do my job'; he will remain an MK.

Netanyahu's right-hand man resigns as coalition whip amid probe

When you’re Benjamin Netanyahu, lying is okay ‏

Netanyahu reacts to likelihood that police will recommend corruption charges: ‘So what?’

Netanyahu calls on National-Religious rabbis for support

Coalition chairman: Netanyahu can't serve as prime minister if indicted

Un milliardaire australien affirme avoir offert des cadeaux à Netanyahu, à la demande de ce dernier

Netanyahu calls corruption investigations involving him a 'witch hunt'

Netanyahu’s ex-chief of staff sexually abused colleague in 'sick and disturbed' manner, testimony alleges - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Father of Palestinian girl slapping Israeli soldier in viral video: She was upset because relative was shot in head - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Palestinian girl in viral video arrested for making the occupation look bad - Israel News - Haaretz.com

That Palestinian Girl’s Viral Video? The Real Scandal Is That Israeli Troops Were There At All

Affaire Madoff : l’administrateur récupère les 3/4 des 17,5 milliards de dollars perdus

Bernard Madoff swindled $17.5 billion from investors. His trustee has recovered three-quarters of it.

73 Percent of Money Stolen in Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Recovered Payouts of $584 million will be made in the new year, and trustees expect to recover all the stolen money

Israeli tycoon moves closer to losing his business empire as banks seek wind-up order against Eurocom - Business - Haaretz.com

Jewish Billionaire commits $20 million of his own money towards Trump’s impeachment

Israeli Diamond Tycoon With Ties to Democratic Republic of Congo Slapped With U.S. Sanctions

US sanctions Israeli mining mogul Gertler over Congo deals

US sanctions Israeli billionaire over corrupt Congo ties

Twitter war over Israel's hummus 'cultural genocide' - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

‘We should exact a price’ from Ahed Tamimi ‘in the dark,’ Israeli journalist says

Pétition : libérez Ahed Tamimi

Hellenism is alive and well – in the Diaspora!

'Terrorists deserve the guillotine'


We Had A ‘P Is For Palestine’ Party For Kids, And The JDL Showed Up

Jewish Defense League Member Indicted For Assault Outside AIPAC Convention

Un membre canadien de la LDJ inculpé pour agression sur un enseignant arabe

JDL Member Indicted For Assault On Arab Teacher Outside AIPAC Convention

Hey, Jewish Establishment: BDS Is Not Jews’ Biggest Threat — Occupation Is

Pop star Lorde considering canceling Israel concert New Zealand pop star may cancel concert in Tel Aviv following criticism from pro-Palestinian Arab fans.

Lorde Mulls Dropping Israel Show After BDS Pressure: 'Thank You for Educating Me'

Lorde thanks pro-Palestinian fans who are urging her to cancel Israel concert

Lorde performs in Britain Analysis: A major BDS win in a sea of losses Lorde’s cancellation has created a lot of noise - more so than the dozens of acts who show up every year.

Lorde performs in Britain Is Lorde canceling Israel concert? Singer responds to critics on Twitter that she's 'considering all options' but local organizers say the show will go on.

Lorde mulls cancelation of Israeli performance‏

Lorde’s Canceled Israel Concert Reveals The Hypocrisy Of BDS

Lorde should have contributed to ‘spirit of hope and peace’ – ambassador

Israeli promoter: ‘Naive’ to think Lorde could withstand boycott pressure Production company Naranjah asks fans for forgiveness, says it's not angry at pop star for caving

After Lorde nixes Israel gig, envoy to N. Zealand asks to meet with her "By succumbing to the hateful agenda of the few who support BDS you encourage animosity in the region," Israeli ambassador writes on Facebook.

Boycottage : Lorde annule son concert en Israël

New Zealand pop star Lorde cancels Tel Aviv gig due to BDS pressure

Lorde Cancels Tel Aviv Concert: ‘Right Decision At This Time’

Israeli envoy asks to meet Lorde over cancelled show‏

Lorde knows she's not the first: Eight other musicians who cancelled their Israel gigs

Thank You, Lorde, For Standing Up For Palestinian Human Rights

After Backlash Lorde May Cancel Concert In Israel, But Not Concerts In Russia

When the Fear of Muslims Leads Jews to Whitewash the Far Right

Rabbi sentenced to 10 years for leading torture gang

Canadian JDL member indicted for allegedly beating a Palestinian in D.C.

Jewish Defense League, White Supremacists Booted Off Twitter

Don't fixate on the Freedom Party. In Austria today, the real anti-Semitic threat is from Muslims, not Nazis - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

After anti-Israel rallies, Germany vows to fight migrants’ anti-Semitism

Netanyahu’s speedy absolution for Austria’s neo-Nazis - Israel News - Haaretz.com

New Austrian foreign affairs minister compared Zionism to Nazism‏

Head of Hungary’s Nationalist Jobbik Party Denounces Party’s Past anti-Semitism

Netanyahu's son countersues think tank for libel In response to an institute's libel suit against him for a slanderous Facebook post, PM Netanyahu's son countersues the think tank over their Facebook post against him.

Yair Netanyahu sues Molad Institute

Universel Edward Said - Libération

French kids' magazine says Israel 'not real' Editor of Youpi profusely apologizes for January edition listing Israel as among few counties in the world that 'aren't real countries'; says it wasn't his intention.

French kids magazine yanked for writing Israel not a 'real country' | The Times of Israel

Les Juifs de France sont « bien intégrés » mais « disposent de lobbys très puissants » – sondage

Mélenchon : "le communautarisme du Crif est particulièrement agressif"

Police to open corruption investigation into UN Ambassador Danon

Grilled Bitan with a side of toasted police bill

Mobster arrested, Tel Aviv city official grilled in coalition whip graft case

List of Jewish American mobsters - Wikipedia

Is It Anti-Semitic For Non-Jews To Associate Jews With Money?

Boston Globe cartoon of Sheldon Adelson uses anti-Semitic images, Jewish leaders say

Toronto conspiracy theory radio show cancelled after anti-Semitic rant

ADL’s Greenblatt Reviewed A Book On Anti-Semitism That He Doesn’t Seem To Have Read

Netanyahu grilled by police for seventh time in graft probe

Police to recommend Netanyahu stand trial in both graft cases — report

Australian billionaire says he gave gifts to Netanyahu at PM’s request

VIDEO - Netanyahu's New Normal [FULL] by David SheenEXTRAITS:-Media on Trump and on Netanyahu -Bezalel Smotrich and his Decision Plan -Israel's War on Africans 6 -What Israelis feel for Barack Obama -Netanyahu makes Nazi comparisonsSOURCES SUR LA CONDAMNATION PAR LE SANHÉDRIN D'OBAMA, LE PAPE, ETC.

Sanhedrin Taking the Pope and Obama To Court!! You Won’t Believe Their Added Addendum—“Third Temple” | Christian News The Sanhedrin English BIN EXCLUSIVE: Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Pope Francis, Obama - Israel News Indictment: Israel vs. Pope Francis, Obama, and basically everyone else (PDF inside) : conspiracy

Israeli police target ultra-Orthodox protesters with weapon developed against Palestinians, and it stinks

Neo-Nazi who co-runs Daily Stormer has Jewish relatives on both sides of family

As predicted here first–Jewish Powerbroker David Axelrod says Dems ‘sacrificed’ Franken to help them win Alabama

Neo Nazi who calls for the ‘slaughter’ of Jewish children is himself of Jewish descent claims his mother

Reminder: Trump Thanked ‘Alt-Right’ Congressional Candidate Paul Nehlen

Jew-Hating Politician’s Campaign Shows Spread Of ‘Alt-Right’ Culture

This Jew-Hating Politician Has Gone Too Far For Even Bannon And Breitbart

Rev. William Barber: Trump is a Symptom of a Deeper Moral Malady Behind Racist, Xenophobic Policies

Steve Bannon cuts off politician who tweeted anti-Semitic rhetoric

Stephen Miller’s White House Intern Flashed The ‘White Power’ Sign

Jake Tapper angrily cuts off Trump aide Stephen Miller: 'I've wasted enough of my viewers' time' - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Escorted Off CNN Set After Losing It On Jake Tapper

Security Removes Stephen Miller From CNN After Heated Interview

Trump Adviser Stephen Miller FREAKS OUT On Jake Tapper, Gets Kicked Off Show

Jake Tapper SHUTS DOWN Trump Troll Stephen Miller

 Ronald Lauder praises Trump as ‘man of incredible insight and intelligence’

Billionaire Friend of Trump Defends President's Mental Stability, Intelligence

Sen Feinstein’s Strongest Challenger Pooh-Poohed and Downplayed By Pathetic Media

Trump Called Dianne Feinstein ‘Sneaky.’ Is That A Dogwhistle?

Max Blumenthal on 'Fire and Fury', Clinton Probe, and Russiagate

Propos antisémites de Henry Kissinger : « Un conflit entre les juifs et les non-juifs à l’intérieur de la Maison-Blanche »

New Book On Trump says that within the White House there is ‘A War Between Jews And Non-Jews’

What Did Kissinger Mean By A ‘White House War’ Between Jews And Non-Jews?

Henry Kissinger cité dans un brûlot anti-Trump : à la Maison Blanche, "c'est la guerre entre juifs et non-juifs"

Ex-Trump Advisor: 'I was Told To Cooperate On Wolff Book'

Michael Wolff: Donald Trump knowing who’s Jewish is creepy

Michael Wolff: Trump ‘Aware Of Who’s Jewish In A Way That Feels Creepy’

'Fire and Fury': Trump's Israel policies crafted by ultra-right Bannon-Adelson-Netanyahu axis - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

My Fellow Jews: You Don’t Have To Be White To Be White™

Ukraine’s Future Nazi Leader? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Trump: Agent of Chaos (a.k.a. “The Kraken”)
Trump, Agent du Chaos (alias « le Kraken »)

Under Trump, US Doubles Drone Strikes in Somalia

North and South Korea Talk, but Is Trump in the Way?

NATO’s Fraudulent War on Behalf of Women

Trump Contemplating First Strike on NK

How the NY Times and U.S. Government Worked Together to Suppress James Risen’s Post-9/11 Reporting

The Biggest Secret: James Risen on Life as a NY Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror

Surrounded by Neocons

Le grand bluff de Ronald Reagan ARTE - YouTube

Des questions que l’on ne pose plus sur la fabrication d’un ennemi

It's a tight-knit circle: the original "Dirty Trickster" and pioneer of the Southern Strategy, Lee Atwater, teamed up with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to get George Bush Sr elected in 1988, despite suspicions of his involvement in the Iran-Contra Scandal. Atwater had become a senior partner at the political consulting firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly the day after the 1984 presidential election, founded by future Trump campaign manager deeply involved in Russian collusion, Paul Manafort, and the other infamous dirty trickster, and regular guest on Alex Jones, Roger Stone.

With Trump as groupie, Fox News should be called The First Network - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Murdoch has a long-standing relationship with the CIA, since he was introduced to Reagan by Trump's mentor, the ubiquitous Roy Cohn. Murdoch provided media backing for the CIA coup against the Whitlam government of Australia in 1975, which involved Ted Shackley's Secret Team of JFK assassins and Air America involved in the Nugan Hand Bank which was central to the Iran-Contra Operation

The CIA and Rupert Murdoch: An Australian Coup (Documentary Clip) - YouTube

Complot ou quand la CIA infiltrait la culture | Le Libre Penseur

The rape of Russia: The CIA's Yeltsin coup d'état

March 1952: U.S. dropped plague-infected fleas on North Korea

Armed by Israel, Honduras’s Illegitimate Regime Returns the Favor at the UN

Erasing Obama’s Iran Success

Gazing at Iran Through a Distorted Glass

Trump’s Middle East plan detailed in Bannon’s New Book

US Winks, Israel Bites? Shifting Middle East Alliances. The War on Iran is “On Hold”?

Report: Ahmadinejad arrested for inciting unrest‏

Contre l'«expansionnisme colonial», l’Iran interdit l’apprentissage de l’anglais en primaire

CIA chief denies agency role in Iran unrest, predicts new violence

US Accuses Iran Of What The US Is Most Guilty Of

White House Insiders Worry Trump Might Accidentally Start A Nuclear War

France: Israeli, US rhetoric on Iran ‘would lead us to war’

Les confidences d'Emmanuel Macron en marge de ses vœux à la presse

Iran blames Israel-backed CIA plot for week of protests

What Is Happening in Iran? Is Another “Color Revolution” Underway?

Pas de « regime change » à Téhéran

Have Trump and Netanyahu Conspired to Topple Iran’s Government?

Trump and Netanyahu Walk in Lockstep on Iran

U.S., Israeli, Saudi Policies On Iran ‘Would Lead Us To War’: French President

Jewish Op-ed calls on Israel to ‘nuke’ Germany and Iran

Report: US, Israel sign secret pact to tackle Iran nuclear and missile threat

Eichmann Mossad capturer: Only way to stop Iran is to overthrow regime

Assad empêcherait l'Iran de s'incruster en Syrie

Assad regains control as Syrian rebels abandon area bordering Golan Heights

Mossad chief: Israel has eyes, ears and 'even more' in Iran

Swiss Newspaper reveals: Secret military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel

State Dept.: Report That U.S. Envoy Wanted Ban On ‘Occupation’ Is Misleading

With an eye to Trump and Netanyahu, Israeli university takes on ‘fake news’

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis think Trump is good for Israel

Jerusalem: capital of apartheid, and the Israelgate scandal, with Ali Abunimah (Ep. 11) - YouTube

Le choix de Jérusalem de Donald Trump: la fin de l’hégémonie?

France’s foremost female rabbi faces flak over Jerusalem stance

VIDEOS - Hollywood, D.C. – Part 1 (GARY WEBB)  +  Hollywood, D.C. – Part 2

VIDEO - Depth Alexander Cockburn INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, Apr 1 2007 | Video | C-SPAN.org

With Bannon banished from Trump World, pro-Israel hard-liners pin their hopes on Pence

Deconstructing Nikki Haley’s Latest Rant

Obama used to joke with staff that he’s ‘basically a liberal Jew’ The former US president also explained why his administration vetoed a 2016 United Nations Security Council resolution critical of Israeli settlements.

Obama used to joke with staff that he’s ‘basically a liberal Jew’

Obama says he criticizes settlements out of friendship to Israel: 'I'm basically a liberal Jew' - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Obama: UN abstention due to speedy settlement pace Fmr. US President Obama makes rare public appearance, defends decision to abstain from contentious anti-settlement resolution, seeks to salvage his reputation as Israel supporter.

Why does Michael Oren think American Jewish Democrats need 'conversion therapy'? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com


The Empire’s “Lefty Intellectuals” Call for Regime Change. The Role of “Progressives” and the Antiwar Movement

Les «intellectuels de gauche» de l’Empire demandent un changement de régime. Le rôle des «progressistes» et du mouvement antiguerre.

NYT: Mueller subpoenas ex-Trump strategist Bannon

Mueller may move beyond collusion to charge Trump with money laundering

Congress subpoenas Bannon in Russia probe showdown

7 times Trump critics called Russia a ‘s***hole’ & worse, and no one cared

Steve Bannon Subpoenaed To Testify Before Mueller’s Grand Jury

Sloppy Steve Gets Subpoenaed By Mueller

Bannon Isn't Talking And Congress Is MAD

Former Trump aide Bannon refuses to comply with U.S. House subpoena

Recording artist ‘Moby’ was asked by friends in the CIA to ‘spread word of Trump-Russia collusion’ on social media

RT Trolls NPR Over America’s New Red Scare

Nasser: héros de la lutte anti-impérialiste On commémore aujourd’hui, lundi 15 janvier, le 100e anniversaire de la naissance du président égyptien Gamal Abdel […]

Oprah Helped Sell The Iraq War. Like, A Lot.

Neocon Bill Kristol LOVES The Idea Of Oprah 2020

Le vrai livre explosif est celui que Trump a signé Tout le monde parle du livre explosif sur Trump, avec des révélations sensationnelles sur comment Donald fait sa mèche, comment sa femme et lui dorment dans des chambres séparées, ce […]

Dismantling The Wickedness Of Neocon America

WaPo’s Jihadist-Supporting Reporter

Pourquoi Libération dénonce-t-il le «conspirationnisme» des Français sur Daech?

Des vétérans du renseignement rappellent à Trump que l’Iran n’est pas le «principal parrain du terrorisme»

The Real Causes Behind The Iran Protests

Neocon Nikki Haley on Iran

La guerre contre l’Iran serait-elle «en suspens»?

Trump's catch-22 with Iran and the Palestinians could blow up at Israel - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Neoconning the Trump White House

Vice President Pence Threatens Iran

Arab MK calls Pence ‘dangerous, messianic,’ will boycott his Knesset speech

Pence 'Dangerous and Messianic,' Dedicated to 'Destruction,' Israeli Arab Leader Says, Vowing to Boycott VP Ayman Odeh says Israel's Arab coalition party will boycott Vice President Pence speech to Israelis, calling Trump a 'racist political pyromaniac'

Analysis Behind the Netanyahu-Pence Lovefest

How David Friedman Is Putting His Right-Wing Stamp On American Policy To Israel

Mike Pence's Zionist sermon at Knesset casts him as Hero of Israel, Horseman of Trumpacolypse - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Christian Pilgrims Flock to Israel to Visit This Site. There's Just One Problem

Netanyahu's lovefest for Pence to highlight religious-nationalist domination of U.S.-Israel relations - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

How do Trump and Netanyahu get away with anything?‏

Boycott Mike Pence and his fellow Israeli apartheid enthusiasts - Israel News - Haaretz.com

How Mike Pence Is Changing The Definition Of ‘Pro-Israel’

Evangéliques en Israël : un pont entre Trump et la colonisation

Mike Pence loves Israel. But it’s a reckless love, which threatens Israel’s survival - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Reality Check–Hitching Israel to Trump’s Horse might not be the smart move

Trump’s dangerous mistake in the Middle East - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

US Bipartisan Support for Israel over Palestinians Is Breaking Down, New Study Shows

Democrat-Republican split on Israel is the widest in 40 years, poll finds

Trump's Press Sec. says she's 'proud to work' for Israel supporter

Netanyahu to VP Pence– ‘Mike, from the first day I met you, I knew you were a true friend of Israel’

As predicted here first– Pence maybe second to Trump, but he’s president of the pro-Israel fan club

Evangelicals Bending Over Backwards For Trump

Mike Pence’s Holocaust Day Message With ‘Christian Imagery’ Sparks Jewish Outrage

Pence’s Knesset speech: Curb your enthusiasmAnalysis: The current US administration isn’t known for delivering on its commitments or for having a clear policy, especially in the international arena; Israel can rest assured, however, that as long as Mike Pence is at the White House—with or without Donald Trump—Washington’s unshakable support is guaranteed.

VP Pence–A true friend to both Israel and Zionism

Mike Pence’s Love Of Israel Is Dangerous For Jews

Mike Pence’s faith drives his support for Israel. Does it drive Mideast policy?

Mike Pence sought help from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on his Knesset speech

Lucky the Jews didn’t understand what Mike Pence was really saying - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Mike Pence got help from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on his Knesset speech

The Secret Hidden In Mike Pence’s Grin

Israeli President Rivlin praises VP Pence as a ‘Mensch’– highest honor bestowed upon a Gentile

JTS head says Israel’s close relations with Trump ‘delegitimize’ American Jewry

How did 'Mrs. Netanyahu' turn into 'First Lady'? 'The term came from the prime minister's residence' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israeli Defense Officials Warn that Trump’s Cuts to Palestinian aid will likely harm Israel’s Security

American Protestant Christianity as the enabler for Judaic world domination and quite possibly for the end of the world

For Mike Pence, backing Israel’s occupation is a matter of faith - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Comment les sionistes chrétiens ont obtenu leur homme à la Maison-Blanche - Association France Palestine Solidarité

How Christian Zionists got their man into the White House | Middle East Eye

Trump Has Handed The Israel Lobby To Evangelicals. That’s Terrifying.

Jared Kushner Received $30 Million from Israeli Firm While Shaping Middle East Policy - YouTube

Frédéric Encel: Plus des deux tiers des citoyens américains approuvent la reconnaissance de Jérusalem comme capitale d'Israël

Trump: Walls Work...Ask Israel

Rebuffing Netanyahu, Trump says US embassy won’t move to Jerusalem within year American president rejects prime minister's assessment of imminent relocation, says 'we’re not really looking at that'

Trump Denies Netanyahu's Claims That U.S. Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem Within Year

Why does the Jewish leadership in the US not respect Israel? Radio

Palestiniens : l'UNRWA lance un appel aux fonds après la décision US

Trump administration freezes half its funding of UN’s Palestinian relief agency

US withholds $65 million from UNRWA US gives UNRWA $60 million, withholds rest of aid. 'Need to re-examine UNRWA operations and funding.'

Report: US set to cut UN funds for Palestinians According to Washington senior officials, US president Trump plans to cut this year's first contribution the UNRWA by more than half, down to $ 60 million from $ 125.

Inside the Trump Administration's War on UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees

‘We’re keeping the holy sites’ in any peace deal, Netanyahu vows

Netanyahu is a master at keeping his own messianists in check. But could he handle a President Pence? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

The Trump Administration Has Just Deprived 5 Million Palestinians Of Food

Trump’s support for Israel carries both rewards and risks for the Jewish state

Canada won’t rule out changing UNRWA funding, in wake of Trump’s cut

Netherlands, Belgium pledge new funds to UN Palestinian relief agency following US cutbacks

La colère mondiale envers Trump donne une ligne d’action claire aux Palestiniens | Agence Media Palestine

Les Palestiniens se réjouissent de l’échec retentissant de Trump et d’Israël à l’ONU

Trump’s crude move may further weaken U.S. and Israel

UN General Assembly Jerusalem Resolution: Vote Exposes 65 Sanctions-Deserving Pro-Apartheid States

Israelis overwhelmingly oppose partition of Jerusalem Just 12% of Israeli Jews back partition of Jerusalem in exchange for peace deal with PA. 64% say UN resolutions on Jerusalem meaningless.

The UN got it right for a change Taking UNGA Res A/ES-10/L 22 seriously means Al Aqsa has to go.

Trump and Netanyahu are pulling the plug on the octogenarian two-state solution - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

US envoy blasts Palestinians’ ‘anti-Semitic’ reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem move

Trump owes Netanyahu an apology for his Declaration on Jerusalem

Reverberations from Trump’s Jerusalem Move

UN PAVÉ DANS LA MARE DE DONALD TRUMP Il aurait planifié la partition des territoires palestiniens

New Israeli Train Line with Station Named After Trump Was Built on Stolen Palestinian Land

Trump se prend pour Balfour

How Trump embarrassed Israel with anti-Palestinian tweet‏

Trump Targets Lifeline for Palestinian Refugees

Netanyahou aurait demandé aux USA de ne pas couper le financement de...

"L'UNRWA est une organisation de soutien au terrorisme"

Trump’s Threat to Defund UNRWA Could Cost Israel as Much as the Palestinians

U.S. freezes grant to UNRWA Diplomats say the United States administration froze a $125 million grant to UN agency for “Palestinian refugees”.

Netanyahu wants UNRWA gradually shut down, backs US cuts

L'intérêt personnel délirant dans le mouvement de Jérusalem de Trump

Shades of Suez and “Greater Israel” as Theresa May and Netanyahu Ignore UNSCR 2334 Pertaining to the Territorial Rights of Palestinians

Jake Tapper Implies Anti-Semitism To Blame For UN Denouncing Israel

Jérusalem capitale d'Israël : Bernard-Henri Lévy ne croit pas une seconde à Trump, «ami des juifs»

Israel Should be Suspended from the UN Until It Complies with UNSCR 2334

Report details intense efforts by Trump transition to derail UN anti-Israel resolution

After Haley threat, US evaluating funding for UN’s Palestinian refugee agency

US warns it won’t fund UN refugee agency if Palestinians reject talks

Despite PM's foreign trips, Israel remains nearly isolated in UN ‏

As ICC Considers Probing Israel for War Crimes, U.S. Moves to Defund U.N. Palestine Refugee Agency

The Hague to investigate Judea, Samaria construction, Gaza war Foreign Affairs

Israel's "zombie peace process" and the "2-state solution" myth in Palestine, with Ali Abunimah - YouTube

2017, the worst year ever for relations between Israel and the Jewish world

Netanyahu lashes out at Arabs: Shame on you, protesting the only state that protects human rights

Palestinians seek to join UN as full member – report

Les vrais alliés de la Palestine sont «principalement à l'Est et non à l'Ouest»

Why a big wave of European countries recognizing Palestine is fast approaching - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

‘Palestinian statehood means the end of the Zionist enterprise’

Les États-Unis et Israël quittent l’UNESCO… Bon vent et bon débarras !

Israel says it succeeded in bid to withdraw from UNESCO by 2019, official says
Racing against the clock, Israel submits letter quitting UNESCO

UNESCO confirms Israel's withdrawal


Evil Unleashed: Israel’s Move to Destroy the Palestinian Authority Is a Calculated Plan, Long in the Making

Stella Calloni : « Il y a un projet de recolonisation régionale en Amérique latine » (2/2)

La Corée du Nord accuse les Etats-Unis de "violer les droits de l'homme" - La Libre

Trump Put Obama's Disastrous Drone Program On Steroids

Wilkerson: On Iran, Trump Follows the Iraq War Playbook

The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct

Henry Kissinger: Nuking N Körea Is ‘Tempting’

Trump Thinks An Attack On The US Would Be Great For Republicans

In Warmongering First State of the Union, Trump Doubles Down on Gitmo & Escalates Nuclear War Threat

Trump's SOTU Calls for More Spending on Nuclear Weapons and Galvanizes Extremism

STATE OF THE UNION 2018: "Non-interventionist" Trump Brings ENDLESS War

Dangerous Scenario: “America First” Confronts “China First”

The Deep State of the Union: Dictocracy. How Trump, Putin and Netanyahu run your life - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is A Neocon’s Wet Dream

L'État islamique de Mossoul Histoire d'une entreprise totalitaire (Hélène SALLON)
Oliver Stone Leads Tributes to Robert Parry as Shady US Lobbyists PropOrNot Dance on His Grave

Outpouring of Support Honors Robert Parry

L’héritage de Robert Parry et l’avenir de Consortiumnews

A Tribute to Robert Parry: Independent Journalism at Its Best

Lawrence Wilkerson: I Helped Sell the False Choice of War with Iraq; It’s Happening Again with Iran

Kyle Kulinski Vs Cenk Uygur | RussiaGate Debate - YouTube

Russiagate Narrative Undercut by Nunes Memo

Trump's Plan For Mueller Is Disturbing

Israeli reporter–‘Trump gave secret information to Russians at the White House, and it’s worse than we originally thought’

Responding to Bernie’s Promotion of the New Cold War

Max Blumenthal and Ex-FBI Agent Coleen Rowley on the Nunes Memo

Schiff Accuses Nunes Of Altering Mysterious ‘Memo’ Sent To White House

After Reading Nunes Memo, Mike Cernovich Worries The FBI Will Execute Alex Jones

Victoria Nuland, wife of Arch-Neocon Robert Kagan on Russian ‘hacking’– ‘The Hairs Really Went Up on the Back of Our Necks’

Marcy Wheeler on Showdown over Nunes Memo, Mueller Probe & Reauthorization of Mass Surveillance

Devin Nunes Admits His Memo Was Based On Lies, He’s Just Mad About FBI’s Font Size

The Nunes Memo: A Lot Of Hype But No Substance

Trump–Jewish congressman Adam Schiff ‘one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington’

Trump Lashes Out At ‘Little’ Jewish Congressman Adam Schiff

Trump Bullies Adam Schiff On Twitter As Nunes’ Memo Flops

How Stupid And Pointless Was The Nunes Memo?

Who Is Adam Schiff? – The Forward Le juif qui mène les attaques anti-Trump au Congrès.

Biggest Nunes Memo Revelations Have Little To Do With Its Content – Consortiumnews

Bannon to Be Held in Contempt if He Continues to Dodge Congress in Trump-Russia Investigation 'Should Bannon maintain his refusal to return and testify fully to all questions, the committee should begin contempt proceedings to compel his testimony,' Adam Schiff said in a statement

YouTube Admits To 'De-Ranking' Certain News Outlets

‘Deep State’ Veterans find New Homes in Mainstream Media

“Fake News” Is Fake News

Les données dématérialisées: Les «datas» doivent-elles être mondialement régies par la sacro-sainte «propriété économique» du droit anglo-saxon ?

Comcast/NBC/CBS/ABC Would Love To Crush Net Neutrality

George Soros | Remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum

The 'Resistance' Just Handed Trump His Own Private CIA Army - YouTube
Alex Jones DESPERATELY Tries To Prove Trump Isn't Illuminati

Alex Jones Warns The Deep State Will Bomb Federal Buildings And Blame Infowars

Alex Jones Totally Loses His S***, 'They Wanna Set A Nuke Off In DC?'

Trump Ally Says The President “Creates His Own Reality, And BELIEVES It”

Cernovich Makes Bid On Gawker - YouTube

Is Melania Trump Trolling Her Husband on Twitter by Following His Nemesis

Right-Wing Pastor Says Melania Trump Ordered White House To Be 'Completely Exorcised' Before Moving In

Televangelists Say Their Prayers Got Trump Elected

Michele Bachmann Has Decided That God Does Not Want Her To Run For The Senate

Michele Bachmann Says God Silent On Whether She Should Replace Al Franken

Michele Bachmann And Kenneth Copeland Recount How Their Prayers Changed The 2016 Election

Right Wing Round-Up: It's Treasonous Not To Applaud For Trump

Otto Warmbier’s Father Will Attend Olympics With Mike Pence

Donald Trump Jr.: Trump Isn’t Racist Because Of ‘All The Rappers’ He Used To Hang Out With

Mat Staver: Labeling Liberty Counsel An Anti-Gay Hate Group Is Akin To What The Nazis Did To The Jews

So There IS Such Thing As Too Racist For Breitbart...

How They Do It–Ex-CIA officer says Trump’s ‘Deep State’ conspiracy is a ‘fascist concept’ aimed at undermining democracy

Unholy Alliance: Why Would Islamic Extremists Fund White Supremacists?

Sebastian Gorka Launches New Show With Far-Right Canadian Outlet

Gorka Joins Far-Right Website That Published ‘10 Things I Hate About Jews’

Fundamentalists Say Trump Has 'Blood Right' To Rule America

ABHORRENT Breitbart Staffers On CNN Getting Death Threats

Rep. Matt Gaetz Goes On Infowars To Complain About Being Called A Conspiracy Theorist

Breitbart Editor: Trump Is ‘Kind Of Becoming A Little Bit Of A Loser’

Everybody Hates Trump’s Immigration Plan, Except The Religious Right

Paul Ryan challenger singles out Jewish critics in anti-Semitic jab

Illinois Republican Party Exploring 'All Options' to Get Rid of Nazi Candidate

Republican National Committee condemns Holocaust-denying GOP House candidate

WATCH: Republican Neo-Nazi Candidate: ‘Jews Control The Country’

CNN Host Left Speechless By Republican Candidate's Blatant Racism

CNN host Alisyn Camerota interviews Neo-Nazi congressional candidate Arthur Jones CNN host rails against neo-Nazi congressional candidate in on-air interview

Art Jones for Congressman in Illinois

Confronted on CNN, Holocaust-denying GOP House candidate calls Shoah ‘poppycock’

Literal Nazi Runs Unnopposed In Illinois

Holocaust Denier, anti-Semite Set to Clinch GOP Congressional Primary

Holocaust denier, Jew-hater set to be Republican nominee for Congress

Hitler-Loving Republican Running Unopposed

Holocaust-denying anti-Semite to be nominee for Congress

Why did a congressman give a Holocaust denier a ticket to the State of the Union? The guest was polite.

David Barton: Great Britain Collapsed Because It Divided Israel

Michael Oren’s Conspiratorial Hasbara Is More Common Than You Think

White Nationalists Praise Stephen Miller For Popularizing ‘Chain Migration’

Does the Obama-Farrakhan photo matter? Does anything?

ADL Calls On Obama To Denounce Farrakhan Again After Quashed Photo Emerges

What was Louis Farrakhan doing at that Congressional Black Caucus meeting with Obama? Here’s what we found out.

Dershowitz to Obama: Don't associate with bigots, anti-Semites

Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Ordered To Reveal Location In ‘Troll Storm’ Lawsuit

ADL: Rep. Danny Davis insists he was misquoted in article praising Louis Farrakhan

Breitbart Senior Editor Invited To Speak At AIPAC Conference

Jewish Talk Show Host Promotes ‘White Genocide’ Theory

Pence’s Holocaust remembrance tweet angers some with ‘Christ imagery’

VP Pence's Holocaust tweet defended by Rabbinic group

Evangelical-funded Israel charity hopes to cash in by getting cozy with Trump - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman, a Trump adviser, donates $10 million to Israel’s National Library

National Library of Israel Billionaire Stephen Schwarzman donates $10 million to the National Library The American billionaire is known to have links to US President Donald Trump.

Postcards from Armageddon: Trump-touting tourists come out in droves to see the end of the world - Travel in Israel - Haaretz.com

Let’s Keep Donald Trump, because a true believer like Mike Pence could be a whole lot worse

How They Do It–NY Times Op-Ed Accuses Jewish Billionaires of Agitating for War Against Iran

US envoy Friedman tears into left-wing daily for op-ed disparaging him

US ambassador to Israel in twitter beef with Haaretz

U.S. ambassador blasts Haaretz after writer calls out settlement donations

Recognizing Jerusalem was high point of my term, Trump tells pro-Netanyahu paper

Michael Oren’s Political Transformation Leaves Friends Baffled

Why Democrats sat on their hands when Donald Trump celebrated recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

How Trump is accelerating Israel’s loss of support

The tragic decline of liberal values in the U.S.-Israeli alliance, from Truman to Trump - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

With Trump and Pence, who needs AIPAC?‏

Trump Bullies UN Allies At Behest Of Israel

Donald Trump a Zionist? For one month, Wikipedia claimed he was - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Republican Jewish Committee board member and arch-Neocon warmonger for Israel David Frum hates Republican party for paving the way for Trump

Op-ed Trump’s embrace could lead to dangerous rift with US Jews

Zeroing in on Soros, Netanyahu stands shoulder to shoulder with anti-Semitic scum - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Soros: Netanyahu lied, I'm not funding campaign

Netanyahu: Soros behind anti-deportation campaign

Soros spurns ‘false’ Netanyahu claim he’s behind anti-deportation bid

Other than slander, what do you know about George Soros?

Netanyahu says George Soros funding campaign against Israeli plan to deport asylum seekers - Israel News - Haaretz.com

British paper accusing Soros of ‘secret plot’ not anti-Semitic, watchdog says

It's not anti-Semitism if you just hate the bad Jews

Netanyahu’s Hatred Of Soros Is A Rejection Of Diaspora Jews

New evidence reveals: Favorable coverage for the Netanyahus, huge benefits for media tycoon

Netanyahu is out to beat the system - but Trump could destroy it

Why Did ZOA's Morton Klein Go to Qatar? 'I Talked With the Emir About Hamas and Al Jazeera'. The Zionist Organization of America leader denounced Qatar just last year, but flew to Doha this month at the Emir's invitation: 'I spoke truth to power about anti-Semitism,' he explains in an interview with Haaretz

The UN's Israel 'blacklist' is one giant shaggy dog joke

Breitbart's Jerusalem Chief Reportedly Bought Thousands of Fake Followers on Twitter

Why Are So Many Israeli Politicians Backed By Twitter Bots?

Que la solution à deux États meure de mort naturelle !

Miscalculations in Israel Could Pave Way to Wider War

Kuwait challenges U.S. over Palestinians, invites Jimmy Carter to speak at UNSC

UNHRC publishes report on companies operating in settlements, withholds names‏

UN omits ‘blacklist’ from report on firms doing business in settlements

Netanyahu’s Policies Threaten Israel — And American Jews

Israël ferme des institutions palestiniennes à Jérusalem

The sinister reason behind Qatar's wooing of the Jews - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Qatar denies promising U.S. Jews to block Al Jazeera's 'Israel lobby' documentary - Middle East News - Haaretz.com

Pro-Israel Groups Brace for Al Jazeera 'Jewish Israel Lobby' Documentary

Terror Backlash Right-wing leaders: ‘Netanyahu must make Har Bracha a settler city’

Israeli journalist explains young American Jews’ support for Palestinians as a ‘Jewish sickness’

Why Are We Israelis So Cruel to So Many?

A Jew boycotting Israel? Must be a joke ‏

I.S.I.S. declares war on Hamas with video execution

Guatemala-Israël : d’« excellentes relations » A en croire Jimmy Morales, au demeurant de confession évangélique, ce sont les « conceptions chrétiennes » des Guatémaltèques qui imposeraient l’alliance avec Israël.

Israel, Guatemala and Apartheid

Does Israel Have “A Patagonia Project” in Argentina? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

"Ayelet Shaked est la ministre la plus dangereuse"

Michael Oren calls for IDF to ‘shoot to kill’ suspected terrorists

MK Michael Oren: IDF must 'shoot to kill' suspected terrorists Defense/Security

Israeli bill makes imposing death penalty on terrorists easier

EU blasts Israel over death penalty for terrorists bill Hours after bill easing conditions for imposing death penalty on terrorist murderers passes first vote, EU slams 'inhuman' punishment.'

Shin Bet warns Israel's 'death to terrorists' bill would lead to kidnapping of Jews worldwide

Should Israeli soldiers shoot to kill Palestinian terrorists? Michael Oren says yes.

Netanyahu embraces racist rabbis as EU lavishes support on Israel | The Electronic Intifada

Israël: une instance du parti de Netanyahu se prononce pour l'annexion de la Cisjordanie

Israel Ruling Party Votes for Push to Annex Parts of West Bank

Israeli Ruling Party Votes to Annex West Bank and Seize Last Palestinian Lands

La valise ou la prison : Israël ouvre la voie à l’expulsion de 40 000 migrants africains - YouTube

Allemagne: projet de loi pour faciliter l'expulsion des migrants niant «le droit d'Israël à exister»

Israeli Raids and Violence: Crowded West Bank Refugee Camp Is the Most Tear-gassed Place in the World


Left-wing Army Radio pundit: 'Bennett is a fascist' Inside Israel

German Foreign Minister Under Fire For Accusing Israel Of ‘Apartheid’

Norman Finkelstein Slams Chuck Schumer for Pushing Trump to Declare Jerusalem Israel’s Capital

“Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom”: Norman Finkelstein on the Many Lies Perpetuated About Gaza

Finkelstein: Despite Racist Policies and Corruption Scandals, Netanyahu Holds on to Power in Israel

Norman Finkelstein on Gaza's Martyrdom (1/4)

Finkelstein: Hamas Isn't The Threat That Israel Claims (2/4)

Finkelstein on Gaza's Right to Resist Military Occupation (3/4)

After Israel Decimated Gaza, Human Rights Defenders Failed It (4/4) - YouTube

Orthodox patriarch: ‘Jewish settlers’ threat to Christian presence in Holy Land

Settlers attack Palestinian school, saying students threw rocks at them

Settlers stone Palestinians after fatal terror attack Venting after funeral of Rabbi Raziel Shevah who was killed in a drive-by terror attack near Havat Gilad, masked settlers recorded hurling stones at Palestinian homes in Qalqilya.

Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi opposes death penalty bill for fear it could be used against Jewish terrorists too

Prostitution, extortion and threats: how settlers seize the property of Jerusalemites

Uproar over Israeli Settler’s Killing

Is Israel deliberately killing Gaza protesters?

Israeli Minister Uri Ariel: ‘The Time Has Come for Palestinians to die’

Israeli arrested in Cyprus for organ trafficking

Is Israel testing new types of tear gas in Bethlehem?

Israel Is Becoming an Illiberal Thugocracy, and I'm Running Out of Ways to Defend It

Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Lawmaker: ‘There’s a Quiet Holocaust Happening in the U.S. – Assimilation’

Following Haaretz Report, Knesset to Discuss Accusations of Discrimination Against non-Orthodox Converts of Color

The Jewish-blood border police

La nouvelle chaîne RT France a-t-elle pactisé avec le "Diable" ?

V. Jankélévitch: "L'antisionisme est l'antisémitisme justifié, mis enfin à la portée de tous"

Glenn Greenwald: Is Facebook Operating as an Arm of the Israeli State by Removing Palestinian Posts?

Israeli Official Reports Increased Cooperation on Removing Content from Social Media

Facebook Deleting Accounts For US and Israeli Govt | Free Speech Under Attack

Facebook admet être aux ordres du gouvernement d’Israël pour censurer les PalestiniensEn septembre de l’année dernière, nous avons noté que des représentants de Facebook rencontraient le gouvernement israélien pour déterminer quels comptes Facebook appartenant à des Palestiniens devaient être supprimés au motif qu’ils constitueraient une «incitation». Ces réunions – convoquées et présidées par l’un des responsables israéliens les plus extrémistes et autoritaires, le ministre de la Justice Ayelet Shaked – sont intervenues après qu’Israël ait menacé Facebook d’adopter des lois pour l’obliger – sous peine d’énormes amendes, voire d’un blocage total du service en Israël – à se conformer aux ordres du gouvernement israélien, à défaut pour lui de le faire “volontairement”.

64% des enfants palestiniens maltraités au cours de leur détention

A Palestinian woman says an Israeli police officer raped her in an interrogation room. Where are the suspects?

Writing about what should be done to girls in the dark is incitement to sexual assault — Shany Littman to Ben Caspit

The blue-eyed poster girl of Palestinian propaganda ‏

Ma fille, ce sont des larmes de lutte (Bassem Tamimi)

Ahed is only 16, and no father is prouder of his daughter than me

Third Time Israel Extends Detention of Palestinian Teen Tamimi Filmed Slapping Soldier

Ahed Tamimi's Father: Israeli Occupation Won't Break Us

L’odieuse désinformation de France Télévision dans ses JT. Une honte journalistique ! (Daniel Vanhove)

pétition pour la libération Ahed Tamini, l'enfant qui a été arrachée dans son lit pendant qu'elle dormait par l'armée israélienne le 19 décembre 2017, et qui est désormais détenue dans un lieu inconnu

Libération conditionnelle pour la Palestinienne Nour Tamimi ayant frappé des soldats

Ahed Tamimi est une héroïne, une héroïne palestinienne

Where is the #MeToo movement for Ahed Tamimi – Mondoweiss

Al Jazeera basically ripped off RT’s take but replaced Bana with Malala because AJ joined Western mainstream media in pushing the Bana regime change psy-op.

Billboards backing Ahed Tamimi removed from London bus stops

Israel's show trial of Ahed Tamimi - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

American Dollars Must Not Be Spent On Ahed Tamimi’s Arrest

Ahed Tamimi and her family aren't the Palestinian saints you want them to be - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Ma fille, ce sont des larmes de lutte

Un tribunal israélien inculpe la jeune Palestinienne Nour Tamimi

American Jews: Ahed Tamimi is your issue, too - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Ahed Tamimi, nouvelle icône de la résistance palestinienne

Joan of Arc in a West Bank village - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Le père de la fillette palestinienne qui a giflé un soldat israélien dans une vidéo virale : « Elle était en colère parce qu’un parent à elle avait reçu une balle dans la tête »

Quel culot ! Pourquoi la gifle d’Ahed Tamimi rend les Israéliens furieux

Israel Responds to 'Threat' of Defiant Palestinian Teen

‘They would charge us with the crime of being born Palestinian’: a report from the latest Tamimi court hearing

Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian teen who slapped Israeli soldier in video, charged with assault

Ahed Tamimi, mother Nariman indicted for assault of IDF soldiers

How Palestine's Tamimi Family Resists Israel's Occupation

What happened when a Jewish settler slapped an Israeli soldier - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi’s hair

Haaretz smears the Tamimi family to counter worldwide solidarity with 16-year-old Ahed

L'armée israélienne contre une adolescente, ou le courage d'Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi offers Israelis a lesson worthy of Gandhi

The Story Behind Ahed Tamimi’s Slap: Her Cousin’s Head Shattered by Israeli Soldier’s Bullet

Ahed Tamimi, the teenage girl who refuses to be Israel’s compliant Palestinian - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Une «intifada» de la dignité : Ahed Tamimi l’adolescente qui affronte Tsahal

Yes, Palestinians Teach Their Children to Hate the Jewish State

Over 100 artists back Lorde for axing Israel show

Lorde, chanteuse néo-zélandaise a eu le courage de boycotter Israël.

Lorde, un exemple que tous les jeunes artistes doivent suivre Son annulation brise le mythe qu’Israël a créé, et qu’il propage depuis des années au moyen de tactiques diffamatoires, d’intimidation politique et d’une machine de propagande bien huilée, à savoir que défendre les droits des Palestiniens détruit la carrière d’une star internationale. Lorde, Lauryn Hill, Michael Bennet, Naomi Klein, Brian Eno, Ken Loach, Mira Nair, Roger Waters, Miriam Margolyes, Mark Ruffalo, Viggo Mortensen et bien d’autres personnalités culturelles qui ont une conscience mettent bravement et résolument ce mythe au rancart.

JVP’s Anti-Semitic Obsession With Jewish Power

Jewish Voice for Peace, 5 other US groups on Israel’s BDS blacklist

Israeli government OKs $72 million anti-BDS project

Clermont-Ferrand contre Hewlett Packard complice de l’apartheid israélien – BDS France

Le gouvernement israélien va officiellement faire financer sa propagande anti-BDS par "des philanthropes juifs” milliardaires

Israeli Government OKs $72 Million Anti-BDS Project

In a foolish decision, Likud gave BDS a valuable gift Op-ed: When Likud conflates a demand to apply Israeli law to the settlements with unlimited construction in Judea and Samaria, who needs the anti-Israel boycott movement?

Israel lobby group trying to sue Steven Salaita | An Israel lobby group is trying to expand its efforts to sue academics who support Palestinian rights, as part of a lawsuit against the American Studies Association.

Lorde a ‘bigot’ for canceling Israel concert, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s ad says

Shmuley Boteach’s unhinged attack on Lorde will only help the movement to boycott Israel

Calling Lorde ‘bigot,’ Rabbi says Jews must wake up Influential American Rabbi who placed full-page Washington Post ad against Lorde over cancelled Tel Aviv concert believes Israelis fail to understand the extent of BDS' threat.

Jewish activist who counseled Lorde on BDS gets the full ‘kapo’ treatment in the Israeli press

Editorial: Lorde's stand on Israel does her credit - NZ Herald

La prise de position de Lorde concernant Israël est tout à son honneur

Shmuley Boteach’s Attack On Lorde Is Deplorable And Destructive

Lorde Called A Bigot

Netanyahu's Real Target Isn't Israel Boycotters. It's Israel's Democracy

Israel sets up secret firm with top ex-generals, envoys for online 'mass awareness' campaign 'to fight delegitimization' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israël interdit d'entrée une vingtaine d'organisations prônant son boycott

Israel expels Norwegian aid activist during new foreign minister's first official visit - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Quaker Group Honored by Yad Vashem for Helping Jews During Holocaust Is Now Banned from Israel

Israel Bans Members of 20 Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Groups from Entering Israel

How a U.S. Quaker group that won the Nobel Peace Prize ended up on Israel's BDS blacklist - Israel News - Haaretz.com

BDS’s Roots Are Steeped In Anti-Semitism

Rights groups slam ban on entry to Israel for BDS activists

Israel's blacklisting of Quakers is a crime against Jewish history - Israel News - Haaretz.com

BDS blacklist: Sadly, now might be the time for Jews to boycott Israel - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations– ‘badge of honor,’ Munayyer says Activism

I'm a U.S. Jew on Israel's BDS Blacklist. I Have Family in Israel. But I Won't Be Silenced

Boycotting the world - Haaretz Editorial - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israel lists international pro-BDS organizations to be banned from country - BDS THREAT - Jerusalem Post

BDS BLACKLIST: Israel publishes full list of 20 groups who will be denied entry

I Oppose BDS But Still Think This Blacklist Is a Dumb Idea

Israel publishes blacklist of BDS groups to be barred from country

Israel’s Deplorable Boycott Of BDS Supporters Is Just The Beginning

BDS : la liste noire d'Israël

Jeremy Corbyn is patron of blacklisted pro-BDS group whose senior members will be barred from Israel - Israel News - Haaretz.com

BDS complains of harassment by Israeli students Israeli anti-BDS student volunteers see success after BDS Facebook group uploads plea for donations 'in light of pro-Israel students trolling, harassing, disrupting their events.'

Honor roll: Israel's BDS blacklist - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israeli Minister Forced NBA To Scrub ‘Occupied’ From Palestine Listing

i24NEWS - La NBA s'excuse pour avoir répertorié la "Palestine occupée" sur son site

L’Afrique du Sud sur le point de déclasser « immédiatement et inconditionnellement » son Ambassade en Israël – BDS France

Doctors urge mental health group not to meet in Israel in light of ‘massive, remorseless’ injury to Palestinians

Non au congrès de psychanalyse et psychothérapie en Israël !

Hollywood mogul claims Sara Netanyahu demanded pricey jewelry — report

Milchan says PM promised expensive jewelry is a legal gift‏

Corruption : le Parlement israélien vote une loi taillée sur mesure pour Netanyahou

There's a 'moral issue' with going to anti-Netanyahu rallies, says rabbi who went to anti-Rabin rally

Netanyahus suspected of asking billionaire for coats — report

Netanyahu's week: Manipulating rabbis, pressuring ministers and castrating the police

Israel Pays a Bounty of $5,000 and Arms for Each African Asylum Seeker Expelled

Thousands protest in Israel outside Rwanda's embassy against mass deportation of asylum seekers

Netanyahu slams ‘campaign of lies’ against plan to deport African migrants

Mass deportation process begins: Israel starts issuing notices to 20,000 asylum seekers

These African asylum seekers came to Israel alone as kids. Now they could face deportation: 'Israel is part of who I am' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

As an Ethiopian Israeli, I Call Out My Country's African Refugee Policy for What It Is: A Racist Manhunt

ADL chief suggests Israel deporting African migrants would appear racist

UNHCR in talks to send African migrants to ‘safe’ countries, let others stay

Interview with Palestinian Youth Activists Janna Jihad & Ahed Tamimi on ITV - YouTube

Ahed Tamimi : "une nouvelle génération de Palestiniens qui s'expriment" - YouTube

Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter - YouTube

Child Jailed Under Illegal Israeli Occupation-Ahed Tamimi - YouTube

Who is Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teen charged for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier? - YouTube

Ahed Tamimi, arrêtée par l'armée israélienne - YouTube

‘Death to Ahed Tamimi’: Israeli settlers vandalize Nabi Saleh

A ‘light amongst the nations’–Violent, inbred Judaic lawmaker Oren Hazan says he would kick the face in of Palestinian teenager

Hundreds of young U.S. Jews send birthday wishes to jailed Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi ahead of trial - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Federal court suspends Kansas anti-BDS law

German city cuts ties to banks that enable Israel boycotts

Scientists working for Israel reveal top secret information online, stunning defense officials - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Warsaw official moves to ban anti-Israeli demonstration‏

Israeli teens suing BDS activists over cancellation of Lorde concert

In ‘NYT,’ Israeli minister calls BDS activists ‘enemy soldiers’ and compares them to Nazis

BDS Opponents Want Israel Held To A Lower Standard

I Was Blacklisted By Canary Mission For Views On Israel – The Forward

Anti-Israel mathematicians at Israeli universities Lee Kaplan

Israeli teens sue New Zealand BDS activists over 'Lorde' concert Foreign Affairs

Ruling: Kansas law targeting Israel boycotts impedes free speech‏

Court blocks Kansas anti-BDS legislation

Israelis sue New Zealanders over Lorde boycott

Israeli Lobby’s Bill in German Parliament: 'Critique of Israel is Antisemitism'

Israël: l'ambassadrice d'Irlande convoquée à propos d'un projet de loi anti-colonies

Netanyahu condemns Irish legislation promoting Israel boycott. Irish Ambassador will be summoned.

Ireland to Discuss New Bill Criminalising Trade with Israeli Settlements

After Netanyahu summons ambassador, Irish senate postpones debate on bill blocking Israeli settlement goods - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Prominent Israelis petition Irish to back bill blocking settlement products

After Israeli protest, Irish Senate freezes bill to ban settlement goods

BDS Netanyahu summons Irish ambassador over bill criminalizing settlement trade

Recording of Sara Netanyahu screaming is just the tip of the iceberg - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Aide: Sara Netanyahu asked gifts be inconspicuous Hadas Klein, aide to Arnon Milchan, James Packer, testified that Sara Netanyahu was nervous, gave explicit instructions on how to bag, conceal gifts received from businessmen.

Classified documents case facing Olmert closed... State attorney tosses case charging former PM of providing classified documents to Yedioth Books publishing house from prison while he was writing a new book.

Brainwashing and cross-dressing: Israel's assassination program laid bare in shocking detail

‘Arafat got a Nobel so BDS nomination no surprise’ say Israel activists

BDS Activists and Canada’s Communist Party Sue the City of Montreal for Civil Rights Violations

Pro-Israel groups combat ACLU's suit on Arizona’s anti-BDS law

Anti-BDS bill set to pass in Ohio

Former Israeli Oracle CEO reportedly on national security adviser shortlist‏

«Il ne restera personne sur terre» : une ONG dénonce le déploiement d'armes nucléaires en Europe

Les communistes, « agents de Moscou » ? Plus que n’importe quelle force politique, les partis communistes sont enracinés dans leur pays et […]

« Généraux, gangsters et jihadistes » - 3 questions à Jean-Pierre Filiu

"Généraux, gangsters et jihadistes" - Podcast n°23

« Guerres humanitaires ? Mensonges et intox » - 3 questions à Rony Brauman

Hollywood, D.C. – Part 1
Hollywood, D.C. – Part 2

Le groupe de rock Skinny Puppy prétend que l'armée américaine a utilisé sa musique pour torturer les prisonniers de Guantánamo

Dr. Strangelove in the Pentagon

Les Russes ne sont pas les seuls, les États-Unis aussi pratiquent l’ingérence électorale !

Fire and Fury (Michael Wolff) - YouTube

How Would The Deep State React To A Progressive President?

How They Do It–Congressman SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY when he brings up Hollywood-created culture of violence in America | The Ugly Truth

A New Witch Hunt? FBI Calls Chinese Students a Threat

Trump Allies Manafort And Gates Hit With New Indictments From Mueller

Former Trump campaign aide pleads guilty in Russia probe‏

Masha Gessen: Russiagate Has Become a Conspiracy Trap Obscuring How Trump Is Damaging Nation

Pentagon Sends US Ships To Russia's Border In Black Sea

REPORT: Trump To Fire One Of His Generals

McMaster tight-lipped on how it dealt with anti-Semitic tweets

Israel-born Oracle CEO said to be contender to replace McMaster

Pour qui Jared Kushner travaille-t-il?|Richard Hétu

Report: Countries discussed how to manipulate Kushner Israel reportedly among four countries which privately discussed ways they can manipulate Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser.

Report says U.S. officials are concerned that Israel and others attempted to manipulate Kushner - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Is Jared Kushner’s Dangerous Leap To Power A Jewish Success Story — Or A Tragedy?

Le gendre de Trump perd ses accréditations

Kushner’s diminished security clearance hurts, but won’t destroy, his peace push

Fearing foreign manipulation, Kushner’s access to state secrets curtailed‏

Jared Kushner’s Dad Pens Advice On The Big House – THE BACKWARD (Satire)

Top Secret clearance Israeli efforts to ‘leverage’ Kushner weakness contributed to clearance downgrade

Israeli officials discussed ways to manipulate ‘naive’ Kushner — report

Jared Kushner Can Jared Kushner navigate Middle East peace without top secret clearance?

Jared Kushner’s security clearance downgraded

Can Jared Kushner navigate Middle East peace without top secret clearance?

First Kushner Met With Financial Firms. Then They Gave Loans To His Business.

Will Jared Kushner’s loss of security clearance affect his Mideast peace plan? - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Israeli officials discussed ways to manipulate ‘naive’ Kushner — report

Jared Kushner Fall from grace? Kushner’s Israeli business ties examined amid loss of security clearance

Jared Kushner’s clearance downgrade could leave him ‘flying blind’

Jared Kushner’s business interests in Israel revealed in full - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Kushner’s Family Business Received Loans After White House Meetings - The New York Times

Why Jared Kushner Can't Be Trusted Major Jewish GOP donor moves into sights of Trump special prosecutor’s investigation

Mueller Inquiry Shifts To U.A.E. Influence — Including A Jewish Trump Donor

Michael Cohen Lands On Mueller’s Subpoena ‘Hit List’

Netanyahu Supporter Named in Mueller Probe Into Emirati Bid to Buy Influence Over Trump

Dermer warned Obama team Israel would turn to Kushner over UN settlements resolution

Will Jared Kushner have to say goodbye to the White House? Radio

Kushner still 'valued member' of administration, says WH press secretary

Jared Kushner, le Machiavel 3.0

Opinion The Downfall of Crown Prince Kushner

Selon un ex-gouverneur, Kushner «dessert» Trump, qui préfère en rire

The Original Fundamentalist Lunatic Televangelist Dies - YouTube

The Preacher and Vietnam: When Billy Graham Urged Nixon to Kill One Million People

James Woolsey (CIA) sur les ingérences américaines dans les élections - YouTube

Let's Talk About US Meddling, Too (2/2)

Privatizing US Foreign Policy

Purim–Last time Iraq, this time Iran

The Shadow of an Israeli/US Attack on Lebanon and Syria Grows Larger by the Day

Israel angry with Trump’s inaction on Iranian influence in Syria

Fox News Is Feeding Trump’s Dangerous Paranoia And Psychosis

Bernie Stands Up To War Machine! Introduces Yemen Resolution

All Fire and Fury in Ukraine

Nikki Haley : la honte des États-Unis à l’ONU

How ‘Operation Merlin’ Poisoned U.S. Intelligence on Iran

'Instead of confronting Iran, UN is targeting Israel' Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon says US and Israel will stop Iranian expansion - while UN pursues anti-Israel votes, investigations.

Israel's Deepening Involvement in the Syrian War Blundering into Iran

Satellite images of Iranian missile base in Syria may signal an Israeli strike - Israel News - Haaretz.com

At Last! Iran ‘Celebrates’ Purim by Announcing Festival to Inaugurate Israel’s Demise

À Jérusalem, les États-Unis n'ont pas choisi la date de l'ouverture de leur ambassade au hasard

L'ouverture de l'ambassade US à Jérusalem au 70e anniversaire d'Israël, une «provocation»

Why these supporters of a new US Embassy in Jerusalem think Sheldon Adelson shouldn’t pay for it

Sheldon Adelson speaks during an inteview U.S. considers offer from Sheldon Adelson to fund Jerusalem embassy move

It’s Time For AIPAC To Register As A Foreign Agent

What is AIPAC’s role in the age of Trump? — When candidate Donald Trump spoke at AIPAC’s Policy Conference in 2016 and said Barack Obama may be the worst thing that ever happened to Israel, many cheered, many choked and the organization apologized.

As AIPAC convenes in D.C., it’s time we Jews admit the inconvenient truth: Donald Trump is bad for Israel

AIPAC-backed US House bill seeks to broaden Iran sanctions

On eve of Netanyahu-Trump talks, AIPAC chief calls for Palestinian statehood

‘AIPAC falsely claims Israel supports two-state option,’ right says

AIPAC's Cheering Crowds Can’t Disguise Its Cop-out on Settlements and Its Capitulation to Trump's Bigoted Nativism

AIPAC’s ‘freedom of the press’ panel is closed to media - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Settler leader to AIPAC: Your support for two-states has ‘no basis in fact’

La Cour pénale internationale, un jouet aux mains des puissants? Le 30 novembre 2017, l’ancien président de la Côte d’Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo a entamé sa septième année de détention dans le quartier pénitentiaire de la Cour pénale internationale (CPI), à […]

The Middle East is marching towards Israel's nuclear nightmare scenario - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israel’s New Supreme Court Justice’s Deleted Facebook Post: Israel Isn’t Obligated to Provide Gaza With Electricity

Israel and Palestine: A Very Modern Apartheid

How the Israeli Army coerced a Palestinian teen who was shot in the head to lie and say he fell off his bike instead

Netanyahu warns ‘disproportionate’ settlement growth would anger Trump

Israel's ruling party as a rowdy militia - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israel is fast becoming a rogue state. And Trump is complicit in that downfall - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

'Israelis have changed, they hate more and are more insular' - Holylandings - Haaretz.com

Why were the new SC justice's social media accounts deleted? Bayit Yehudi, so-called ‘Jewish’ Home party, is quietly smuggling America’s deep right into Israel. MK Moti Yogev’s bulldozer will strike Supreme Court from outside, Justice Minister Shaked will import elements to undermine democratic system from within.

L'armée israélienne force le cousin d'Ahed Tamimi de 15 ans blessé par une balle dans la tête qui lui détruit 1/3 de son crâne de dire qu'il est tombé d'un vélo à la place et de nier le fait qu'on lui a tiré dessus pour qu'il ne soit pas emprisonné

Kidnapped in Tel Aviv [FULL]

Adieu PayPal, bonjour la solidarité ! (UJFP)

Liberté d’expression et droit d’appeler au boycott : procédure en cours devant la Cour Européenne des Droits de l’Homme (CEDH)

Le BDS expliqué à ma fille.... par Roger Waters (Vidéo) - CAPJPO - EuroPalestine

South Tel Aviv residents supporting deportation reject ‘racist’ label

Les tribus de l’antiracisme : les 51 « spécialistes » juifs de « l’extrême-droite » |

Ron Cahlili: «En Israël, les juifs français sont renvoyés à leur "arabité"» - Libération

Ron Cahlili : «En Israël, les juifs immigrés français sont renvoyés à leur "arabité"»

Raciste, la Licra ? Un dessin en référence à l'affaire Mennel enflamme Twitter

How “America First” Became the Presidency of the Pentagon

Le Printemps arabe agonise précisément à l'endroit où il était né

In first, Israel and Iran are engaged in a head-to-head confrontation in Syria - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Bennett: Israel must act against Iranian 'octopus' Education minister argues Israel must work to weaken the 'head of the octopus' in Tehran, which sends tentacles to fight the IDF from Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.

La Syrie et le Liban, terrain de confrontation entre Israël et l’Iran L’attaque, composée d’une série de raids aériens et de missiles, pendant la nuit de vendredi à samedi dernier sur tout le territoire syrien – Damas, Palmyre et le Golan – […]

Israeli Strikes in Egypt Kept Secret for Years

Video: Israel Claims Half of Syrian Air Defenses Is Destroyed

Syria Repels “Israeli” Spy Plane, Forcing Retreat

Wilkerson: The Trump-Netanyahu Iran Plan Means War
Book on Israel's covert assassinations becomes bestseller‏

Netanyahu to UN chief: We’ll continue to act against Iran in Syria

Netanyahu tells UN chief: Golan will remain Israel's forever

What the Hell is Going On At Newsweek?

Russia Blasts US Attack on Syrian and Allied Forces

Steinitz: Assad in danger if he allows Iran to attack Israel from Syria

Netanyahu : les raids israéliens de samedi ont porté un "coup sévère" à l'Iran et à la Syrie

La Syrie menace Israël de "plus de surprises"

Mattis Admits No Evidence Assad Did Gas Attack

Syrian War Spirals in Trump's Dangerous New Phase (Pt.1/2)

Syrian War Spirals in Trump's Dangerous New Phase (Pt.2/2)

As tensions with Syria and Iran escalate, Trump administration signals that Israel is on her own

After downing of Israeli F-16, Iran warns: ‘Era of Israeli strikes over’

Israeli warplane downed by Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles

Israel Escalates Aggression on Syria

Israeli strikes in Syria risk forcing Russia to adopt pro-Iranian stance - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Putin's phone call with Netanyahu put end to Israeli strikes in Syria - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Netanyahu Talked Iran to U.S. Jewish Leaders, but Silence on Corruption Probes Was Louder

Netanyahu threatens to act 'against Iran itself'

Not Just a Gimmick: Netanyahu’s Drone Stunt Is a Direct Threat to Iran and Assad

U.S. plans to move embassy to Jerusalem on Israel's 70th Independence Day - Israel News - Haaretz.com

When Trump officially called Netanyahu a liar

Why No Reasonable Right-wing Jew Can still Say Trump Is pro-Israel and is keeping the Jewish state safe

Is ‘pro-Israel’ President Trump preparing to put pressure on the Jewish state?

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed as AIPAC conference speaker

The demagogue’s defense that Netanyahu and Trump share: It’s a witch-hunt, and God will vindicate us - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israel’s Lobby Groups Seek Closer Political Ties with EU, De Facto Acceptance of Illegal Settlements | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Jimmy Carter: Option of Two-state Solution Is Fading, With 'Dire Consequences' for Israel

Does Trump Have A New Israel Whisperer?

Un milliardaire juif américain pourrait aider à payer l'ambassade...

Adelson said to offer help pay for Jerusalem embassy move‏

American Jews Have Never Needed Israel

Now it's official: America’s ambassador to Israel trolls for its right-wing extremists - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Trump: Palestinians Aren't Looking to Making Peace – but I'm Not Sure Israel Is Either

Trump: Not sure Israel truly wants peace, settlements ‘complicate’ peacemaking

Trump says Israel does not really ‘want’ peace with the Palestinians

Netanyahu and Trump, 'illegals' and 'infiltrators' don't threaten us. Ethno-nationalists like you do - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Friedman: Trump is responsible for improvement in US-Israel ties 'President Trump responsible for improvement in US-Israel relations, Trump has shown himself to be a great friend of Israel.'

Republican Jews mixed on reviews of Trump

Republican Jewish Coalition chairman says its members are ‘thrilled’ with Trump

Netanyahu’s “Operation Greater Israel”? Israel’s Intent to Wage War on Lebanon.

Jake Tapper's WORST FAIL EVER As He Defends Trump On Jerusalem

Half of House Democrats urge Trump to preserve funding for UN’s Palestinian relief agency

Netanyahu: I’ve been talking to Americans about annexing settlements

Deputy FM says she was ‘speaking for Israel, not US’ in her annexation remarks

Israeli official, White House deny PM discussed settlement annexation with Trump

Opposition MKs slam Netanyahu for ‘lying’ about annexation talks with the US

White House: Netanyahu’s Claim Of Talks On Annexing Settlements Is ‘False’

U.S. slap on settlements show risk of Netanyahu’s friendship with Trump

Rare rift: Trump administration demands Netanyahu backtrack on annexation claim

Netanyahu's claims of talks with U.S. on annexing settlements

White House denies talks were held over Israeli annexation of West Bank

White House denies West Bank annexation talks with Netanyahu

US denies West Bank annexation plan talks Just hours after Netanyahu announces he's in talks with US over annexation plan for the West Bank, Washington issues statement categorically denying any such discussions.

White House: PM’s claim US and Israel discussing settlement annexation is false

With annexation gaffe, Netanyahu blunders into first real crisis with Trump

White House strongly denies as 'false' Netanyahu's claims of talks with U.S. on annexing West Bank settlements - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Trump administration denies alleged West Bank settlement annexation plan

Israeli right wing leaders–Israel should just ignore Trump on issue of settlement annexation

With annexation gaffe, Netanyahu blunders into first real crisis with Trump


Why is Netanyahu allying himself with anti-Soros anti-Semites? - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Michael Oren admits he’d like top job at Jewish Agency, but hasn’t discussed it with Netanyahu - Jewish World News - Haaretz - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Is Shmuley Boteach Angry Because He Was Snubbed By Qatar?

NY Assemblyman rips Sen. Schumer for criticism of Orthodox Jews

The Israelis benefiting from Brexit‏

La charge de BHL contre Erdogan : "tueur", "nettoyage ethnique", "videur aux portes de l'enfer" - Turquie Plus

Palestinian dies in military custody after beating by Israeli soldiers in Jericho

Sarah Silverman wades into Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and tiptoes back out

Sarah Silverman slammed after defending Ahed Tamimi

Sarah Silverman calls for release of detained Palestinian girl

UN Slams Israel for Jailing Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi: le visage des 330 mineurs palestiniens emprisonnés par Israël

IDF Court closes Ahed Tamimi trial off from public against her request

Sarah Silverman Calls On Jews To Stand Up For Palestinian Ahed Tamimi

Tamimi family & their struggle against Israeli occupation

U.N. calls on Israel to free Ahed Tamimi

Israel will no longer allow Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi to make the occupation look bad - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Days of palestine - Till now, 500 urgent surgeries cancelled in besieged Gaza

Palestinian Schoolteacher Mauled by Israeli Military Dog as members of the ‘world’s most moral army’ watch with amusement

L’apartheid dans la Loi fondamentale de l’État d’Israël : ça avance ! (UJFP)

Likud lawmaker defends meeting with leader of Austrian party with Nazi roots - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Fearing international ire, Netanyahu blocks annexation – but promotes applying Israeli laws to settlements - Israel News - Haaretz.com

McGill whitewashes anti-Semitism on campus

IRELAND – When did the Irish become anti-Semitic?


Tories show support for moving Canadian embassy to Jerusalem

It’s Time We Jews Unmask Purim’s Dark Truths

Help Israel. Stop giving it money - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Trump Is Sad That His Drone Strikes Aren’t Killing Enough People Overseas

The Shock Doctrine: Elites Use Disaster To Pillage Puerto Rico

Trump Is Getting Policy Advice From Fox News Hosts

The Koch Brothers Get Their Very Own Secretary of State | The Nation

10 raisons d’avoir les boules avec John Bolton Ne mâchons pas nos mots: John Bolton est un va-t-en-guerre, et sa nomination au poste de conseiller à la sécurité nationale de Donald Trump est une menace pour la sécurité […]

Coming Attraction: Lunatic Loose in West Wing

John Bolton is a Bigger Draft Dodger Than Donald Trump Ever Was

Bolton Acted Against US Interests to Push Israel's Agenda in Lebanon

The Bolton Appointment: How Scared Should We Be?

John Bolton’s Sick Desire to Nuke the World – Preemptively?

Bolton's Plan to Retaliate Against Russia for Cyberwarfare Makes Putin Meeting Seem More Unlikely

John Bolton is going to change US foreign policy — quickly

Trump Finds Fellow Bully in Bolton

Dems Kept Cheerleading Bush-Era Neocons – Now There’s One In The White House

Bush Era War Criminals Embraced By Establishment Media

On Bolton’s First Day on the Job, a Look Back at Some of His Angry Outbursts

Trump, Bolton and War in Syria - The News with Dan Rather - Ep.012

Iran hit by global cyber attack that left US flag on screens

Undoing the Nuclear Deal Could Propel Iranian Race for the Bomb

War Loving Neo-Cons Just Stopped Trump From Pulling Out Of Syria

Glenn Greenwald on Syria: U.S. & Israel Revving Up War Machine Won’t Help Suffering Syrian Civilians

John McCain–‘Trump’s talk of troop withdrawal from Syria is the cause of deadly gas attack’

Trump sends mixed signals on Syria amid demands for action

Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman– ‘Trump didn’t consult with Israel on Syria withdrawal’

Russia Vetoes U.S. Bid for Probe That Would Lay Blame for Syria Chemical Attacks

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s incoherent policy on Syria is empowering Israel’s enemies and Assad’s gas attack is proof’

Israeli Minister– ‘World would be better place without Assad’

Israeli Minister Avi Gabbay to Trump: ‘Do not leave Syria’

How They Do It– ‘Trump’s pullout declaration led Assad to use chemical weapons against his own people’

Netanyahu reportedly expects Trump to launch attack on Syria

Netanyahu failed to convince Trump to stay in Syria -- report

US officials: Trump-Netanyahu call grew ‘tense’ over plans to leave Syria

Trump Tells Advisers He Wants Out Of Syria

Trump in 'tense call' with Netanyahu over Syria Phone call between US President and PM Netanyahu grows tense in light of Trump's interest of pulling out of Syria, enabling Iran to entrench there and threaten Israel's security.

What Did Israel Bomb in the Syrian Desert in 2007?

How They Do It–‘World must follow Israel’s lead in attacking and destroying Syria’

How They Do It–Israeli newsite quotes Chief Rabbi saying that Jews are ‘Morally Obliged to End Cruel Syrian Genocide’, makes no mention of his past infamous racist statements

John Bolton Coordinated the US led Attack on Syria with Israel

John Bolton Packing Trump's Administration With More Neocons

How Obama's lawyers gave John Bolton the keys to Armageddon

L’attaque chimique à Douma, une «mise en scène» des Casques blancs

Jeffrey Sachs drops a massive load of Syria-related common sense on MSNBC - YouTube

Bombshell: Professor Stuns MSNBC Panel On Syria

Chemical Attacks In Syria Proven To Be False

After visiting Douma, western media begin to question ‘gas attack’ narrative

Tomi Lahren Breaks With Trump On Toppling Syrían Government - YouTube

Le chef de la clinique de Douma nie la réalité d’une attaque au gaz Alors qu’on attend toujours les preuves d’Emmanuel Macron et que l’Otan déverse sa propagande, le grand reporter Robert Fisk a pu se rendre à Douma, théâtre d’une supposée attaque chimique […]

Must Read–Trump’s Disengagement From Syria Is More Important Than the Embassy Move

Syria strikes: Trump created a messy bed and now Israel must lie in it

Video: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Condemns US Led Air Strikes, “White Helmets are A Fake Organization”

Saudi Billionaire Tried to Recruit Roger Waters to Support White Helmets in 2016

Corbyn: Does Strike on Syria Justify Bombing Saudi Arabia over Yemen?

Syrian Researcher: Focus on Alleged Chemical Attack Ignores Ongoing Deaths by Airstrikes, Bullets

Swiss lab confirms ‘BZ toxin’ used in Salisbury, not produced in Russia, was in US & UK service

U.S., British, French air strikes target Syrian chemical capabilities

US Military Presence in Syria and Support for Rebels Is Illegal

Selon Bachar el-Assad, l'Occident frappe parce qu'il a perdu tout contrôle et toute crédibilité

«False flag» et «immoralité» : un ancien ambassadeur de France analyse pour RT la crise syrienne

Roger Waters claims Syria’s White Helmets a ‘fake organization’

Corbyn Questions Legal Basis for British Strikes in Syria Reuters

Trump declares 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria‏

Trump’s Tweet on Syrian Military Strike–‘Mission Accomplished’

Tucker Carlson Is Against Going To War With Syria And Goes AGAINST Trump

In Moscow, a Sense of Relief After a Limited Syria Attack


Trump’s attack on Syria Is a Win for Assad

Nasrallah says US ‘Zionist lobby’ pushed for Western strikes on Syria

For all his tough talk, Trump’s Strike on Syria Was Restrained

With only limited strikes, Trump Chose Not to Threaten Assad’s Rule

SURPRISE: US Bombed Antivenom Medical Facility

Tomi Lahren Goes AGAINST Trump On War With Syria

As Predicted Here– Sites targeted by US-led strikes were evacuated days ago thanks to a warning from Russia, a pro-Assad official says

Trump Has His Own “Mission Accomplished” Moment And Gets Universally Mocked

Roger Waters slams Syria intervention, attacks ‘White Helmets’ as 'fake'

Trump chose not to threaten Assad's rule. The big question now is Putin

Netanyahu to Britain's May: There Should Be 'Zero Tolerance' for Chemical Weapons

LOL!!! Emmanuel Macron Begs Russia Not to Retaliate Against French Syria Strikes

Syrie : Poutine appelle Netanyahu à “s’abstenir de toute action déstabilisante”

Trump Vows Syria Retaliation WITHOUT Investigation

US Congressman: It Doesn’t Make Sense That Assad Would Use Gas

Trump puts off Syria strike decision: military action against Syria could happen ‘very soon or not so soon at all’

In Call to Netanyahu, Putin Urges Israel Not to Take Action in Syria

WATCH – Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Douma Chemical Attack is staged

“It’s Time to Assassinate Assad”: Washington Examiner’s Michael Rubin

Macron, en difficulté sur le terrain social, joue les faucons de guerre - Egalite et Réconciliation

Syrian Opposition Leader laments that ‘Trump Ruined the Element of Surprise on any US Attack’

Trump said pushing for aggressive Syria strike, against military’s advice

“A Very Dangerous Moment”: Trump Threatens to Strike Syria as Warmonger John Bolton Joins Cabinet

Trump now backing away from his initial promise to strike Syria

L’Amérique “vaincue et occupé” et l’attaque aérienne en Syrie

Former UK Ambassador to Syria: Douma Chemical Attack is staged - YouTube

While Dealing With Syria, Trump Tweets Conspiracy Theories to Explain His Mounting Scandals

This is not a drill: Syria showdown could spark Israeli-Iranian and U.S.-Russian clashes - Israel News - Haaretz.com

PM iterates 'full support' for President Trump over Syria strike

Putin May Limit Israel's Operations in Syria in Retaliation for U.S.-led Strikes

Hezbollah's Nasrallah: U.S.-led Syria Strikes Failed to Serve Israel's Interests

Netanyahu: Israel ‘fully supports’ US-led strikes in Syria after chemical attack

Israel fears Trump may see job as done in Syria, leave Israel alone to face Iran

Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ spells trouble for Israel

Trump’s proposed Syria bugout leaves Israel exposed and paves the way for more terrorism

Israel admits to striking Syria: 'First time we attacked live Iranian targets'

Israeli intelligence–‘Trump’s Syria strike was a failure’

Israel fears Trump may see job as done in Syria

'Mission Accomplished' in Syria would be blessing for Assad, trouble for Israel Is Trump Now Abandoning Israel?

Max Blumenthal in Gaza: Netanyahu Faces Scandal, Palestinians a Crisis

Blumenthal : I was blocked from reading this ☝️ article by Ben Gurion Int’l Airport’s WiFi provider on the grounds that it was published by an “advocacy organization” aka @WorldBeyondWar

Canadian rabbi challenges Israel’s Chief Rabbinate over ‘blacklist’

Under its New Leader Jagmeet Singh, Will Canada’s NDP Finally Call for Sanctions on Israel?

Justice Minister: Israel Must Keep Jewish Majority Even at the Expense of Human Rights

Labor head: West Bank annexation would be a ‘diplomatic terror attack’

National religious rabbis call for outpost legalization before destruction

Kingdom of Israel: Extremist Rabbis Dream of Jewish Monarchy With a ‘Special Role’ for non-Jews

Trial of Palestinian teen who slapped soldiers begins behind closed doors

Salah Hamouri, Ahed Tamimi : la lutte pacifique des jeunes Palestiniens fait peur à l’État d’Israël (Pierre Barbancey)

BDS movement nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

BDS Supporters: No Need to Boycott Israeli Film Festival, 'Israel Already Is!'

Norwegian lawmaker: Nominating BDS movement for Nobel Peace Prize is not anti-Semitic

NYT op-ed describing Israel as a place of refuge is missing the word, Palestinians

Irwin Cotler urges Israel to reverse its policy on African migrants

Moral Minority Is It OK to Break the Law to Hide Asylum Seekers Facing Deportation From Israel? To answer that question, it’s a good idea to consider the Nuremberg trials and the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau

In new film, Jewish director challenges Israeli version of Entebbe rescue

New film on Operation Entebbe 'likely to anger Prime Minister Netanyahu' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Depuis 70 ans, les services secrets israéliens assassinent, enlèvent et torturent impunément. Le Mossad, le Shin Bet et les services spéciaux de l’armée israélienne ont perpétré plus de 3000 assassinats ciblés sans que les dirigeants de l’Etat dit juif n’aient à rendre de compte à […]


Lavage de cerveau et travestissement: le programme d’assassinat d’Israël mis à nu dans ses détails les plus choquants | Arrêt sur Info

Promo touristique : ne visitez plus les anciens camps d’Auschwitz ou de Treblinka, visitez plutôt Gaza !

How They Do It– Haifa Juniversity launches course in pro-Israel propaganda

Religious Zionist rabbis call upon Netanyahu to push bill enshrining Torah study as the ‘basic values’ of the Jewish state

‘Death to Arabs’ graffitied on cars in Palestinian village

Netanyahu's Israel Is Now an Object of Envy for Ethno-nationalists Worldwide

Les étranges fréquentations antisémites de la droite israélienne (Thomas Cantaloube)

Israel’s Newest Allies: The White Nationalist Right
Anti-Semitism was not a factor in McGill vote: report

Mennel quitte The Voice dans la douleur ! - Egalite et Réconciliation

French-Muslim singer Mennel Ibtissem performing 'Hallelujah' on the 'The Voice France.' Facebook controversey from popular French-Muslim singer The French singer's social media claimed that the French state, not jihadists, were respinsible for terrorism.

« The Voice » : après la polémique, Mennel répond à ses détracteurs

Everyone loved this French-Muslim singer’s Leonard Cohen cover. Then they read her Facebook posts.

Does the rising star of France’s 'The Voice' support terror? - Europe - Haaretz.com

Le Printemps Républicain : un cyberharcèlement qui n’en finit plus

L'alliance objective entre terrorisme et islamophobie

Israël dénonce un ancien ministre "scandaleux" qui soutient l'AfD allemand | The Times of Israël

Ancien agent du Mossad et ministre israélien, Rafi Eitan soutient publiquement l'AfD en Allemagne — RT en français

Ex-Mossad agent who helped capture Eichmann backs far-right German party with Nazi past as 'great hope' - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israeli Right-wing Lawmaker to Meet Leader of Austrian Party With Nazi Roots

Pourquoi un chasseur de nazis israélien accueille-t-il à bras ouverts les néonazis allemands ? (Ali Abunimah)

Vote to keep pro-Israel candidates out of student government not anti-Semitic, Montreal university report finds

«Face au mal» - 3 questions à Michel Wieviorka

Ce que révèle l'«agression antisémite» de Sarcelles

Croche-pied de Sarcelles : l'enquête des juges Alain Finkielkraut et Élisabeth Lévy avance... - Egalite et Réconciliation

Did Israel blow up the Vanunu nuclear whistleblower affair to boost its deterrence? - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Lauder gave $1.1m to group producing anti-Muslim ads in 2016

EXPOSED: Billionaire Bigots Spreading Anti-Muslim Propaganda

World Jewish Congress boss gave $1.1m to group producing anti-Muslim ads in 2016

Ronald Lauder Disavows Anti-Muslim Videos By Group He Gave $1.1 Million

U.S. Jewish Leader Ron Lauder Gave $1.1 Million to Group Pushing anti-Muslim Campaign

How Robert Mercer & Ron Lauder worked with Facebook & Google to promote Islamophobia

Leaving Bernie’s lame criticism of Israel’s massacre aside, he’s wrong that Palestine, Yemen and Syria need more US involvement. The US and its allies have wrecked all three countries and should be forced to leave them alone.

Comment Israël et ses partisans travaillent pour censurer l'Internet (If American Knew)

L'interview critique d'Israël d'Abby Martin avec Max Blumenthal est bloquée par YouTube dans 28 pays (RT) (vidéo)

Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries — RT US News

YouTube censure la critique contre Israël Une interview de Max Blumenthal, dans laquelle il mettait en évidence le militarisme croissant en Israël, réalisée par la journalistes étatsunienne Abby Martinpour son programme “The Empire Files” diffusé par la […]

Facebook labels Palestinian journalism "hate speech" | The Electronic Intifada

Israel Shoots 6 Journalist Covering Palestinian Protest

Geraldo Rivera Regrets Not Backing Palestinians During Second Intifada

US blocks Arab-led UN call for independent probe of Gaza protests

Palestinians tell U.N.: Israel adopted 'shoot to kill' policy in Gaza

Arab MK: Gaza protests were peaceful, hold Israel accountable

Palestinian Protesters Running Away Gunned Down By IDF

Ce n'est pas Nétanyahou. C'est la nation

The Brutality and Bloodlust of the Jewish state is not just Netanyahu. It’s the Nation

For second week in a row, U.S. blocks U.N. call for probe into Gaza

As U.S. intervenes at U.N. for Israel, other world bodies enter the breach

Ever Wondered Why The UN Never Acts Against Israel?

Israel using unknown chemical weapons against civilian protesters in Gaza

US blocks UN call for investigation into Gaza deaths Security Council statement supporting protests on Gaza border blocked.

Bernie Sanders says doesn't believe Israel on Gaza‏

Bernie Sanders Calls Killing Of 15 Palestinian Demonstrators ‘Tragic’

Bernie Sanders calls the killing of Palestinian demonstrators ‘tragic’

Bernie Sanders' Chassidic Adviser

Cynthia Nixon’s bid for NY governor sets up a clash over Israel The "Sex in the City" actress supported an artistic boycott of the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

How The Right And The Left Share A Double Standard About Anti-Semitism

White Jews Have Found Privilege in America. Black Communities Haven't

Debunking Israel's talking points on deadly Gaza protests - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Lieberman: Israeli Soldiers ‘Deserve Medals’ for Killing Gazans

'Flourishing' Israel is drenched in Palestinian blood - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Israeli radio host posted 'ashamed to be Israeli' after Gaza deaths. Now he may lose his job - Israel News - Haaretz.com

Israël refuse toute enquête indépendante

US Blocks UN Investigation into Israeli Military Killings in Gaza (pt. 1/2) US Blocks UN Investigation into Israeli Military Killings in Gaza (pt. 2/2)

Israeli Soldiers Kill Fifteen Palestinian Protesters, Shoot Hundreds (VIDEO)

“Apartheid, Rogue, Terrorist State”: Glenn Greenwald on Israel’s Murder of Gaza Protesters, Reporter

Judaism in Action– Israel says ‘There are no innocent people in Gaza’

Media watchdog accuses Israel of ‘deliberate shooting’ of journalists in Gaza

Bennett defends soldiers filmed cheering Gazan’s shooting

7 Palestinians Killed And 150 Wounded By Israeli Troops In New Gaza Protests

Why An Israeli Soldier Cheered The Shooting Of An Unarmed Palestinian

Avigdor Liberman backs IDF sniper in video, slams soldier who filmed shooting

WATCH – Israeli Snipers Celebrating After Killing Palestinian Protester Near Gaza Border

Israeli army questions soldiers caught on video cheering sniper’s shooting of Gaza Palestinian

Life Sentences for Charity Work - Free the Holy Land 5! - YouTube

Ahed Tamimi sexually harassed during interrogation, lawyer says

Ahed Tamimi purge actuellement une peine de huit mois à la prison militaire d'Ofer

Anti-Arab 'price tag' incident in Jerusalem

After Netanyahu reversal, African migrants remain in limbo

Israel says high probability migrants will be deported to Uganda

US Jews Demand Israel to Stick to Plan to Deport Africans to European Countries Gaza Doctor Accuses Israel of Using Exploding Bullets, Israeli Ambassador Calls Norwegians ‘Nazis’ for Denouncing Gaza Massacre

Sephardic Chief Rabbi Could Be Charged For Racist ‘Monkey’ Remark

Israël ou le triomphe du racisme anti-africain - Egalite et Réconciliation

Israel reaches landmark deal with UN to resettle 16000 African migrants… in WESTERN COUNTRIES

Will they accept infiltrators? European countries not informed of Israel-UN agreement Germany, Italy, say they have received no request to accept infiltrators from Israel despite agreement with UN.

Des réfugiés refusés par Israël reçus au Canada?

Some fans of Russian punk rock feminist band Pussy Riot are tweeting BDS protests against the appearance of two members in Tel Aviv’s Barby club on May 16, which follows their attendance at the annual International Writers Festival at Jerusalem’s Mishkenot Sha’ananim cultural center outside the Old City.

IRELAND – Gerry Adams to Irish government: “Expel the Israeli ambassador”

Stephens and Weiss can't wait to call you an anti-Semite in 'The New York Times'

IRELAND – Dublin City Council votes for Israel boycott

Israel Bars Entry of Dublin's Mayor Over BDS Ties

Hollywood execs back Netflix over anti-Israel 'Fauda' boycott

Pussy Riot cancels Israel show without explanation

ZOA says it stopped ‘anti-Semitic’ Al Jazeera reports on US Jewish lobby

Seriously, Progressives: Stop Comparing Palestinians And Blacks

Umm al-Fahm, cette ville israélienne où les Palestiniens n’ont pas d’adresse

18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested Over the Last 6 Years

What Judd Apatow has in common with a sexist settler rabbi - Television - Haaretz.com

BDS campaign sets sights on taking Fauda off the air‏

Hollywood executives offer support to Netflix after BDS movement asks it to scrap ‘Fauda’

Palestinian Info Center: Grey's Anatomy star volunteering in Gaza - OMG - Jerusalem Post

For most in UK Labour party, anti-Semitism charges are bogus, Israel is force for bad

Polish journalist calls World Jewish Congress a ‘gang of international blackmailers’

« Le Congrès juif mondial est un gang de maîtres-chanteurs internationaux »

Israel’s mysterious baby-stealing scandal extends to Holocaust survivors — RT World News

Israel's Labor Party Suspends Ties With Jeremy Corbyn for 'Enabling anti-Semitism'

Jewish Labour activists defend Corbyn as Israel lobby attacks | The Electronic Intifada

"The 'anti-Semitism' witch hunt – whose real target is Jeremy Corbyn and anyone else who supports Palestinian rights – will not end until it is either victorious or defeated. It’s time for the whole left to finally step up to this task."

UK – Jeremy Corbyn condemns Western ‘silence’ over Israel’s killing of at least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border

UK – Jews will FLEE Britain if Corbyn becomes PM, warns top rabbi

Corbyn vows to battle antisemitism after Israeli Labor party suspends ties

Corbyn is a dangerous anti-Semite. Barry Shaw

Amid Gaza unrest, Jeremy Corbyn calls for UK to review arms sales to Israel

Inside the seditious seder with Jeremy Corbyn and the Jewdas Group - Europe - Haaretz - Israel News | Haaretz.com

L'antisémitisme fait de la résistance (Parti travailliste britannique)

Jewish $2M Donor To Britain’s Labour Party Quits Over ‘Anti-Semitism’

Major Jewish donor to UK Labour Party quits over its failure to deal with ‘blatant acts of anti-Semitism’

British Labour Official Quits Over Backing For Holocaust Denier – The Forward

UK – Jeremy Corbyn given his orders by Board of directors of British Jews (Full Text) – MUST READ

Corbyn Passover message marred by top party official’s anti-Semitism scandal

Top Jewish Donor Quits U.K. Labour Party Due to anti-Semitism

Jeremy Corbyn deletes personal Facebook page amid antisemitism crisis

Corbyn deletes facebook account as anti-semitism scandal grows

Why Israeli students don't care about the university's ethics code - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz.com

Bernie Not Buying Israel's Excuse For Gaza Deaths

Bernie Sanders initiates congressional letter urging Trump to change Gaza policy In light of protests - U.S. News - Haaretz.com

Bernie Sanders to J Street: Israel has ‘massively overreacted’ to Gaza protests

Sanders Slams Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince, Says Israel 'Overreacted' in Gaza

Jewish activists storm senator's office over Israel's conduct in Gaza

Chris Hayes Waits To Be Fired After Gaza Segment

Israel Mows Down Unarmed Gaza Protesters for 3rd Week as US Blocks UN Investigation

Israel calls for punishing those who document army violations against Palestinians

Israel ‘more than happy’ after compromise on UNESCO resolution

UNESCO shelves ‘anti-Israel’ resolutions for six months after quiet diplomacy

UN envoy accuses Israel of killing children UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov blasts Israel following deaths of Palestinian Arab teens in violent riots along the Gaza-Israel border.

UN's Mideast Envoy Blasts Israel Over Gaza Deaths: 'Stop Shooting at Children'

UN envoy tells ‘outrageous’ Israel to stop shooting children in Gaza Palestinians say four killed, including a 15-year-old boy; Israel urges UN to condemn Hamas for 'despicable exploitation of women and children'

Palestinians report four killed, 156 wounded by Israeli fire in fourth Friday of Gaza protests

Israel Is Killing Journalists In Gaza

Son of a bitch, what a video | Haaretz.com

Why is Israel Threatened by Unarmed Gaza Protesters? (Part 1/2) Why is Israel Threatened by Unarmed Gaza Protesters? (Part 2/2)

Netanyahu: Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’

Ligne rouge : l’israël reconnaît avoir utilisé du phosphore blanc à Gaza

Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah

Time to nix the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Here's the alternative

Women’s March Leader Slams Jewish Group ADL, Claims It ‘Constantly Attacks Black People’

DC politician who peddled Rothschild conspiracy leaves tour of Holocaust museum early
Zionist Organization of America says it stopped ‘anti-Semitic’ Al Jazeera documentary exposing tactics of the US Jewish lobby

Rashid Khalidi: The Israeli Security Establishment is Terrified of a Nonviolent Palestinian Movement

How a Jewish civil rights group became a villain on the far left

Israël ne veut pas de témoins : le maire de Gennevilliers interdit d’entrée (AFPS)

Shame on Natalie Portman Genesis Prize should rescind her award.

Minister appeals to Natalie Portman: You have been fooled by Hamas propoganda

Natalie Portman Speaks Loudly For Young American Jews With Snub Of Israel Natalie Portman Isn’t The Problem. The Genesis Prize Is.

Portman to Keep $2m Genesis Prize Despite Snubbing Israel Ceremony, Source Says

After Israel snub, Genesis Prize will choose where to donate Natalie Portman’s award money

Natalie Portman Refuses To Visit Israel For Genesis Prize Gala

Natalie Portman has ‘fallen into hands of BDS supporters,’ says Israeli culture minister

Natalie Portman boycotts ceremony for Israeli prize Sports and Culture minister slams Jerusalem-born Hollywood actress as a 'ripe fruit for BDS' after Portman refuses to take part in Israeli events due to 'recent events in Israel.'

Genesis Prize cancels ceremony after 2018 winner Natalie Portman said she won’t visit Israel

Why Did Barnard Vote For BDS? Israeli Propaganda Backfired.

Pro-Palestinian French mayor barred from entering Israel

Un maire français interdit d'entrer en Israël

French Mayor Who Recognized Palestine Refused Entry Into Israel

Israel blocks entry to French mayor, claiming he supports BDS

Elizabeth May, Jagmeet Singh slammed by Jewish groups over Gaza comments

‘Jewish Military-style training’ ban: Durham becomes ‘first US city’ to halt police exchanges with Israel

After Criticizing Israel, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression Fights for Survival

Protests held outside the Israeli consulate in Toronto

Israeli websites hacked: 'Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine'‏

Fiesta anti-sioniste dans une université belge (organisée par Michel Collon)

"L'antisémitisme est intégré et normalisé"

L’invention du peuple juif : les mensonges responsables de l'antisémitisme

Haaretz publisher removes tweet after charges of racism

UK – Semites, Self-Pity, Aggressiveness, and Censorship: Jeremy Corbyn is not a shabbos Goy

UK – The Jewish Labour Movement Exposed As Nothing But A Mossad Front

British lawmakers slam Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism during heated parliament session

Labour MPs tell Corbyn ‘enough is enough’ in debate on anti-Semitism

UK – Jeremy Corbyn voted FIFTH most admired man in UK in shock poll

British MPs fume at Corbyn in fiery antisemitism parliament debate

Gangsters for Zion–How Jewish mobsters built the Jewish state and helped it gain its independence

How Anti-Semitism’s True Origin Makes It Invisible To The Left

Des activistes israéliens de droite distribuent aux migrants les adresses des domiciles de gauchistes : "c’est là qu'il faut aller" - Fdesouche

28 janv.Zemmour soutient que le peuple palestinien n'a jamais existé. Encel faux universitaire et vrai propagandiste qui déclare a Tel Aviv ne jamais critiquer Israel et a Paris être pour la solution des 2 Etats.Pour un peuple qui n’existe pas?

Zemmour complotiste: «ça n’existe pas la nation palestinienne, c’est une invention du KGB et des gauchistes»

Liberté d'expression et conflit israélo-palestinien - Podcast n°20 Pascal Boniface

Pascal Boniface allume Valls et Alain Soral - YouTube

Michel Collon : “Soral a trois alibis. Ça fait deux de trop” | Investig’Action

The Donald Trump of Philosophy | Jewish Currents

Pascal Boniface : « Être accusé de quelque chose que vous combattez, c’est une double peine »

P.Boniface : “La critique du gouvernement d'Israël est au coeur du sujet“ - MeltingBook

Pascal Boniface (IRIS) : "Israël-Boniface, c'est 10% de mon temps de travail, 95% d'emmerdements." - YouTube

Critiquer Israël fait de vous l’homme à abattre – Oumma

Pascal Boniface: «Il y a un néo-maccarthysme autour du conflit israélo-palestinien»

Pascal Boniface : « Critiquer l’exécutif israélien, ce n’est pas être antisémite » | L'Humanité

Salir des hommes pour défendre l’impunité d’Israël : soutien total à Pascal Boniface et Dominique Vidal! | Les 7 défis capitaux

France: "Antisémite", l'anathème de Pascal Boniface en guise de débat? - YouTube

« Antisémite », de Pascal Boniface : Un « torrent de boue » par Denis Sieffert | Politis

Le sceau d’infamie | Le Club de Mediapart

"Antisionisme = antisémitisme?" une réponse à Emmanuel Macron. Par Dominique Vidal. Editions LIBERTALIA :: librairie en ligne

Antisémite, Pascal Boniface ? Non, et critiquer Israël n'est pas un délit

« L’antisémite » de Pascal Boniface, un livre hautement salutaire… - Association France Palestine Solidarité

Antisémite | Maxmilo.com

18 janv.Tu écris un livre violemment anti musulman on dit que tu es courageux. Tu écris un livre factuel dénonçant l’intrumentalisation de la lutte contre l’antisémitisme pour faire taire ceux qui critiquent le gouvernement israélien on dit que tu es polémique.

20 janv.Manuel Valls s’en prend de nouveau à moi dans le magazine l’Arche. je publie dans mon livre «Antisemite « @MaxMiloEditions Une lettre manuscrite de 2003 ou il m’écrivait : « je suis de tout cœur avec toi à propos de tes analyses sur le Proche-Orient ». Pourquoi ce virage à 180°?

23 janv.Pour avoir été cité par Egalité et Réconciliation j’y suis associé .Ca en dit long sur les méthodes scientifiques et déontologiques de Conspiracy Watch

23 janv.Quand Le Front National met les livres de Finkelkraut comme conseil de lecture vous tweetez aussi?

30 janv.Merci @EricNaulleau qui - qualité rare - lit lui-même les livres dont il parle. Ça se voit et ça s’entend ! @ZENPP @ParisPremiere Intervention retranscrite ci-dessous, autour de mon ouvrage "Antisémite" @MaxMiloEditions - Émission du 24 janvier 2018

« Antisionisme = antisémitisme ? » – 3 questions à Dominique Vidal – PASCAL BONIFACE

Samuel Irving (Si) Newhouse Jr. - Wikipedia

BBC drama ‘McMafia’ slurs Israeli businessmen, group alleges

On a frôlé l’incident diplomatique: le neveu d’Edouard Philippe a été poignardé à Eilat | Telavivre

Le neveu d'Édouard Philippe poignardé en Israël - Egalite et Réconciliation

Le neveu d’Edouard Philippe poignardé à Eilat (Israël). Vidéo

Quand le gouvernement israélien insulte la République française et ses élu.e.s - Association France Palestine Solidarité

Quand Macron emprunte à Sarkozy et Valls la notion de «combat de civilisations»

France denies report its tax authority has ‘secret’ department devoted to Jews


La gauche déchirée par le « racisme antiraciste »

Opinion 3 #ToujoursCharlie en Seine-Saint-Denis ? Laissez-nous tranquilles ! (collectif)

Une étude révèle que le Canada est "obsédé par l'islamophobie"

Pascal Bruckner, avec l'extrême-droite et les "toujours Charlie"

Les brigandes, depuis plusieurs années - Repères contre le racisme, pour la diversité et la solidarité internationale

Usul : du combat contre la « mythologie républicaine » à la tentation complotiste | Conspiracy Watch

Il est temps d'admettre que Arthur Balfour était un suprémaciste blanc – et aussi un antisémite - Association France Palestine Solidarité

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De colombes libérales pour la justice sociale et contre la guerre du Vietnam à faucons néocons pro-guerre sans fin pour Israël : le mythe de la guerre de Six Jours, à la base de l'insécurité et de la droitisation chez les juifs

Le magnat juif milliardaire Carl Icahn empoche des millions de dollars grâce à sa position dans l'administration Trump, démissionne juste à temps pour éviter des accusations de corruption

Conflit entre la Corée du Nord et Israël, et possible conflit nucléaire avec les USA de Trump: rappelons les menaces de l'ancien ambassadeur d'Israël aux Nations unies Dan Gillerman sur Fox News en 2013: "Si la Corée du Nord continue dans cette voie, elle devrait être rayée de la carte, ce serait un excellent message, très clair, au reste du monde et spécialement à l'endroit des Iraniens"

Alex Jones et Infowars: leur combat contre la Palestine, aux côtés de la prétendue "seule démocratie au Moyen-Orient"

Un peu de pub bien méritée pour l'intellectuel intègre Pascal Boniface, antidote aux "cerveaux malades" de la "dissidence"

Jared Kushner rejoint la liste des juifs intimement liés aux grands scandales présidentiels américains contemporains

Israël pour la guerre sans fin? La trève conclue entre la Russie et les États-Unis en Syrie vertement dénoncée par Israël.

Guerre de six jours, 50 ans après: l'arsenal nucléaire israélien était un enjeu central selon un rapport de recherche d'Avner Cohen

"Netanyahou m'a personnellement confirmé que ça marche". Le président Trump cite le président israélien Benjamin Netanyahou pour défendre son idée de mur auprès du président mexicain.

Pour Stephen Bannon et l'Alt-Lite de Breitbart and co., "anti-Israël" rime avec "contrôlé par les juifs". Infowars (Alex Jones) en renfort pour nous convaincre que Bannon a raison...

Israël intensifie sa guerre contre le mouvement de boycott (BDS), assurant ainsi la victoire à long terme de ce dernier

Rapport censuré et démission au Conseil des droits l'homme de l'Onu : preuve qu'Israël réussit à grand-peine à garder l'Onu sous son contrôle

Israël accuse l'UNESCO de négationnisme, plus précisément de "fausse histoire", pour avoir reconnu que d'autres religions que le judaïsme sont également reliées à Jérusalem

Manchester: La propagande sioniste accuse la gauche de Corbyn de légitimer le terrorisme, pour avoir simplement attiré l'attention sur la responsabilité de l'Occident (spécialement ses guerres sans fin au Proche-Orient) dans la montée du terrorisme international. Pendant que la propagande sioniste cherche à amalgamer la résistance palestinienne avec le terrorisme de Daech, les médias admettent de plus en plus la connivence, voire l'alliance objective de Daech avec Israel.

Du mythe de l'appui inconditionnel des juifs pour le communisme et les droits civiques des noirs... Quand la branche américaine de la LDJ travallait avec le FBI pour traquer et attaquer les groupes noirs, les diplomates soviétiques et des arabes

Les nouveaux "nationalistes": néo-FN, Finkielkraut, Zemmour, Taguieff et... Murdoch! Guillaume Weill-Raynal avait sonné l'alarme dès 2005. Ils sont la preuve que si le sionisme a longtemps préféré la gauche libérale antiraciste, elle préfère aujourd'hui la droite ostensiblement "nationaliste"! C'est l'essence même de la révolution néoconservatrice. Fox News, le 11 septembre et la mouvance anti-islam: cooptation, canalisation et récupération du nationalisme par le sionisme international sous couvert de lutte nationaliste contre des armées d'envahisseurs et infiltrateurs musulmans.

Les nouveaux "nationalistes" vont tomber en amour avec le projet de Bibi: entourer Israël de hautes clôtures pour protéger la cité et sa haute culture contre les hordes barbares d'animaux sauvages. Comme disait Zemmour, "ça ne me gêne pas". Bibi pourra citer l'exemple de Calais pour se justifier et narguer l'Europe.

La "dissidence" à la Maison-Blanche ? (Retour au bercail?) L'antisémitisme du faux fasciste Trump: un leurre au service d'Israël et des intérêts Rothschild qui l'ont sorti de sa banqueroute (comme pour Churchill)

En Israël, la pègre juive dite "russe" favorise le sionisme le plus extrémiste, représenté par Avigdor Li(e)berman, leader du daech judaïque ("Jewish ISIL")

Rappel sur les liens de l'ancien dictateur du Panama Manuel Noriega avec le Mossad et la CIA. Autre exemple révélateur du soutien sioniste et américain aux dictateurs anti-révolutionnaires et de l'entraînement des Contras après la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Vote du Conseil de sécurité de l'Onu sur l'illégalité de la colonisation israélienne: Trump et Israël condamnent Obama comme étant un désastre pour Israël. Obama n'a pas apposé son veto, réitérant que la politique officielle du gouvernement américain est de condamner la colonisation illégale israélienne. Israël se trouve de plus en plus irrésistiblement exposé à des poursuites devant la cour internationale de justice de La Haye.

Les politiciens se taisent et les médias n'osent pas trop lever la voix quand Colin Powell mentionne les "200 bombes nucléaires" qu'Israël garde "pointées vers l'Iran".Shadow World (2016), le nouveau documentaire choc sur l'industrie de l'armement et de la guerre perpétuelle

Documentaire ZERO DAYS (Eng Sub 2016): Le virus informatique Stuxnet ("Olympic Games") a-t-il déclenché une guerre cybernétique mondiale? L'opération "Nitro Zeus" contre l'Iran comme acte de guerre.

RAPPEL: Vendeurs de guerre | Un laboratoire de guerre à ciel ouvert (v.f. de "The Lab", Yotam Feldman, 2013), film documentaire sur l'industrie militaire israélienne, révèle entre autre l'hypocrisie de l'Occident qui s'en prend de plus en plus vertement à Israël pour ses violations incessantes des droits de l'homme, mais continue à acheter les armes israéliennes garanties "testées sur les Palestiniens".

RAPPEL: Le film-documentaire à voir "Route 181: Fragments d'un voyage en Palestine-Israël" (Eyal Sivan et Michel Khleifi, 2003), qualifié d' "appel au meurtre des juifs" par Alain Finkielkraut, avait suscité une levée de bouclier dans le camp sioniste d'une ampleur et d'une violence sans comparaison avec la controverse récente entourant la diffusion sur M6 du reportage "Jérusalem: quand la ville sainte se déchire"

L'Europe et surtout la Suède antijuives? L'Union européenne condamne les colonies illégales israéliennes, permet l'étiquetage obligatoire de leurs produits. Tout est en place pour le faux Armageddon prophétisé par le sionisme chrétien, prédisant l'avènement d'une Europe antijuive faisant la guerre à Israël.

La désinformation en marche: Pourquoi il faut rompre avec l'anticommunisme dépassé. (Aurait-on oublié que le concept de "nouvel ordre mondial" célèbre expressément la fin du communisme?) Contre le droitisme retardataire des milieux conspirationnistes.

Pendant que Corbyn le socialiste pro-palestinien nouvellement élu à la tête du Parti Travailliste anglais se fait trucider dans les grands médias anti-antisémites néolibéraux bien-pensants, de plus en plus de dissidents nationalistes américains (même les antijuifs) tombent dans le piège de la nouvelle droite sioniste et deviennent leurs idiots utiles les plus efficaces: le pitre John Friend endosse Donald Trump et Ann Coulter, deux chèvres de Judas qui mènent le peuple américain à l'abattoir en s'attaquant en apparence à la rectitude politique antiraciste, alors qu'ils servent en fait à rendre respectable le racisme israélien. Car Israël a depuis longtemps rejoint le camp de l'ultra-droite de Jabotinski et Kahane...

Des rabbins jugent que le cancer de l'antijuif Jimmy Carter est une punition divine pour ses péchés contre Israël et les juifs

"Je ne suis pas Charlie" (Max Blumenthal et James Kleinfeld, 2015) sur la montée de la réaction philosémite, sioniste (BDS interdit, toute critique bâillonnée) et anti-islam en France. Un autre documentaire complètement ignoré par l'incompétente "Dissidence française", cette distraction par excellence qui prétend "faire le boulot" pour vous... Aucun des médias "dissidents" ne vous informe que Black Lives Matter de même que les Parti Vert canadien et québécois appuient BDS !

Le mouvement juif néoconservateur: du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Médias juifs antijuifs? "Une affaire profondément juive", commente un journal juif au sujet de l'arrestation du milliardaire juif et "roi du fond spéculatif" Steven A. Cohen, fondateur d'un des plus importants fonds spéculatif au monde

La présidente de l'Argentine dit qu'il faut lire "Le marchand de Venise" de Shakespeare pour comprendre le problème des fonds vautours

Forbes Israël fait des listes de milliardaires juifs... mais aucun Rothschild n'y figure, c'est bizarre non?

Police anti-corruption ou anti-juive? Le grand rabbin ashkénaze d'Israël, qui remerciait Bush pour la guerre en Irak arrêté pour fraude et blanchiment d'argent

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est "tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion" selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens

Comment le B'nai Brith peut-il parler d'une montée sans précédent des sentiments "antisémites" alors que personne ne semble avoir remarqué la judéité de la nouvelle directrice de la Réserve Fédérale

Encore une fois... comment le B'nai Brith peut-il parler d'une montée sans précédent de l'antisémitisme alors que personne ne critique le fait que le nouveau vice-président de la Fed est un ancien de la banque centrale d'Israël?

Le pouvoir sioniste aux États-Unis, d'après ce qu'en disent des sources juives

Collection audiovisuelle et livresque de Michael Collins Piper