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Norman Braman, Paul Singer et Sheldon Adelson, des milliardaires juifs au secours de Marco Rubio, le candidat présidentiel favori des likoudniks-néocons

Norman Braman, the Money Man Behind Marco Rubio's Campaign

Marco Rubio Defends Ties to Major Donor Norman Braman Presidential candidate Marco Rubio on Saturday defended his ties to a major donor who’s bankrolled his political career and personally employed both Rubio and his wife.

Rubio's secret weapon  Billionaire Norman Braman has a fondness for the Florida senator — and an intense distaste for Jeb Bush.

NYTimes: Billionaire Lifts Marco Rubio, Politically and Personally

Meet Marco Rubio's Owner As Marco Rubio has ascended in the ranks of Republican politics, an auto dealer named Norman Braman has emerged as a remarkable and unusual patron.

FOX: Could Marco Rubio's friendship with Florida billionaire become an election distraction?

Meet Marco Rubio’s $10 million man

The Jewish Chronicle: How Rubio won over Adelson

Marco Rubio utterly humiliates himself: How shameless pandering won him the Sheldon Adelson primary Marco Rubio is in line to receive the billionaire's backing after groveling the most.

Marco Rubio leads race for donations from casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson  Adelson looks poised to make a multimillion-dollar donation to the pro-Rubio Conservative Solutions Project nonprofit or an allied Super Pac.

Marco Rubio Strong Favorite in Sheldon Adelson Primary

If Allegations About Sheldon Adelson’s Business Ties Are True, 2016 Candidates Should Stay Away From Him Photo of Ronnie Shows Ronnie Shows

VIDEO - The Elephant in the Room at the Last GOP Debate: Sheldon Adelson

Adelson top loser on Forbes list

The Billionaire Shit List, #18: Sheldon Adelson 

The Daily 202: Marco Rubio is playing to win The Sheldon Adelson Primary

New York Magazine: Sheldon Adelson Is Ready to Buy the Presidency He just hasn’t decided which Republican candidate to back. Care to make a pitch?

Report: Sheldon Adelson leaning toward endorsing Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio takes lead in Sheldon Adelson primary Sources say the billionaire casino mogul is close to throwing his millions behind the hawkish Florida senator.

Rubio shaping up as Adelson's presidential favorite

WATCH: Trump Says Sheldon Adelson Will 'Have Total Control' of Marco Rubio  'If Sheldon gives to him, he’ll have total control over Rubio and that’s the problem with the way the system works – whoever gives.'

Mark Rubio Defends His Support of Adelson/RAWA

Sheldon Adelson-Owned Las Vegas Newspaper Endorses Rubio

Israeli Right rallies around Rubio

Marco Rubio ready to claim establishment vote
Cruz or Rubio? After close Iowa vote, battle for Jewish support will intensify
Rubio surge nearly catches Trump 
Powerful Rival Factions of Top Republican Donors Get Behind both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio's Jewish Handler

Marco Rubio Gains Support Of Top Republican Fundraiser Singer

Mega-donor Paul Singer Gives Sheldon Adelson a Run for His Money Jewish New Yorker is betting on Marco Rubio as the candidate able to lead the GOP back to the White House.

Jewish Insider: Paul Singer Backs Rubio

Election 2016: Marco Rubio Snags Support Of Influential Billionaire Paul Singer, Major Blow To Jeb Bush: Report

Marco Rubio Wins Backing of Billionaire Donor Paul Singer

(Note: Depuis la publication de cette fiche, Singer a pris la décision d'appuyer la candidature de Marco Rubio.)

Another Israel Firster Billionaire Picks Rubio

NYTimes: Paul Singer, Influential Billionaire, Throws Support to Marco Rubio for President.

Primaires américaines : Singer, soutien de poids pour Marco Rubio

Why Has Vulture Fund King Paul Singer, Picked Rubio To Be President?

Pro-Israel Hedge Fund Billionaire, Paul Singer, Buys Large Stake in Rubio Inc.

Rubio snags support of billionaire hedge fund manager

Marco Rubio Pretends Those Billionaire Bucks Don't Buy Any Influence

Marco Rubio, the billionaire whisperer: How he became the plutocrats’ favorite candidate (and why we should be scared) Rubio got the backing of yet another mega-donor last week. Here's why he's so attractive to the richest of the rich

Wealthy Republican Donors Look to Rubio

Marco Rubio’s big Jewish backer and 7 other things to know about him

Jewish billionaire investor throws support to GOP's Rubio

What you don’t know about Marco Rubio The GOP presidential candidate's main patron is a Jewish billionaire, he's hawkish on Israel and he has belonged to Mormon and Baptist churches despite being Catholic.

Rubio Follows the Big Money

Inside The Big-Moneyed Network Rallying Around Marco Rubio

Who the Jewish Billionaires Are Backing for 2016

Battle of the Jewish billionaires: Adelson vs. Saban

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama

Major Dem Donor Haim Saban, Adelson Agree: Netanyahu Should Bomb Iran

Meet America’s Top 20 “Zionaires”: Billionaires Who Support Israel

How Marco Rubio's Faith Could Lure Jewish Voters

GOP prostitutes ‘dance to the Jew’s tune’ in DC

Which US presidential candidate is good for Israel?

Republican presidential hopefuls make their pitch to GOP Jews

Democratic Jewish Group Downsizes as GOP Counterpart Gains Cash and Influence

Republican War Games and the Isolationist-interventionist Split  GOP debate features lively disputes on national security, solid performances by Rubio, Cruz, Bush and Christie but Trump triumphant nonetheless.

1/3 of Republicans want to bomb Aladdin’s home Poll shows only 13% of GOP affiliated voters oppose attacking fictional city of Agrabah, over half say Muslims should be banned from entering US
Poll: 30 percent of GOP voters support bombing any Arab sounding nation

Why Trump and Cruz Are Closer to Israeli Hawks Than Marco Rubio  They share Netanyahu’s cultural pessimism about the Islamic World.

A GOP Split on Neocon Orthodoxy

Is Marco Rubio really outraged by US spying on Israel?

Is Marco Rubio squandering his most precious political asset?

VIDEO - Man Stands Up, Shouts ‘Rubio Is Owned By Jews’ at Texas Rally

Jews and the Global Tilt Towards Conservativism and Populism

VIDEO - New World Next Year - 2016: The Year of Authoritarian Populism?

Tonight's GOP Debate: Sheldon Adelson's Malignant Tentacles

Marco Rubio is trying to win the ‘Sheldon Adelson primary’

Watchdog Groups Ask Justice Department to Investigate Pro-Rubio Nonprofit

Marco Rubio Is Winning the Neocon Primary

Rubio: The Likud choice for President
Neocons Make Rubio Their Favorite
Rubio Anointed Neocon Choice




9 questions GOP Jews want answered: A primer for the presidential candidates Is Marco Rubio ready? Can Trump grow up? The presidential contenders will face questions from 700 highly engaged Republican Jews.

VIDEO - Rubio To Colleagues: Don't Boycott Netanyahu Speech, Israel Deserves Our Support (heb sub)

Rubio, le candidat préféré de Netanyahu ?

Rubio: Israel, Europe, US in same fight against terrorism

Marco Rubio: Shame About Terrorist Attacks In Paris, At Least It’s Good News For Me!

Kristol frets that he walked into Obama’s ‘trap,’ and Rubio says he’ll demand Iran recognize ‘Israel’s right to exist’
'Obama treats Netanyahu with less respect than he gives to Iran's ayatollah,' Rubio says
Rubio: Next president can kill Iran nuclear agreement
Marco Rubio and AIPAC allied in effort to insert poison pill into Iran deal
Rubio Asks Kerry: What Would US Do if Israel Launches Cyber Attack on Iran Nuclear Program?
Kicking off campaign, Rubio attacks Obama on Israel


"Israel Is Everything We Want The Middle East To Look Like In The Future!" Marco Rubio
Rubio takes on Trump in address to Republican Jews
'Israel might not want peace'   Rubio slams Trump comments: 'Some in our own party have actually questioned Israel's commitment to peace. They are dead wrong.'
Head of Republicans in Israel : Trump can’t be, won’t be president

Rubio pledges Israel trip would be first presidential visit abroad

Rubio calls to ‘defend Turkey’ against Putin
Rubio calls Russia's Putin a 'gangster and a thug'; wants new sanctions on Moscow
VIDEO - Marco Rubio Would Risk War With Russia In Order To Enforce Safe Zone In Syria
Rubio: Would Risk WW3 To Enforce No-Fly Zone In Syria

Marco Rubio’s Quest to Transform Himself Into 2016’s Most Exciting Foreign-Policy Hawk
Morbid Marco Rubio Asks America, ‘Is It Safe?’ The interesting thing about Marco Rubio’s emerging foreign-policy profile is not his commitment to mindlessly bellicose neoconservatism. (This remains Republican doctrine, and Rubio has a keen eye for locating the most popular stance within his party.) Rather, the interesting thing is that Rubio sees no need to hide his bellicosity behind feigned sophistication. He is a loud and proud neanderthal, appealing to the most primitive, fearful elements of the conservative brain, or brain-stem.

Visiting U.S. Senator Marco Rubio–U.S. shouldn’t dictate policy on settlements

Peace in Our Time?  • President Obama’s comments during West Point speech have warmongering foreign policy elites in a lather  By Michael Collins Piper  (...)Clearly enough to put the Post in a panic, Obama’s foreign policy recommendations are a welcome departure from the perpetual unabashed advocacy for global meddling and wars without end coming from the likes of Sens. John McCain (RAriz.) and Lindsey Graham(R-S.C.) and rising GOP voices like Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Marco Rubio (Fla.), all of whom want Americans to be forever battling ghosts and goblins—especially Muslims and, sooner than later, “them Rooshins”—all over the planet.

New GOP Golden Boys Emerge

• Senators Rand Paul And Marco Rubio have much in common

By Michael Collins Piper

If current hype in the media is to be believed, Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) are now the biggest names fighting for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.
In a CPAC straw poll, Paul edged Rubio by a margin of 25-23% with former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) trailing far behind at 8%. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie—who was not invited to CPAC—followed with 7%. Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, got 6%, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at 5%. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, newly elected Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came in last.
The media coverage of Paul and Rubio is interesting and suggests that the two are really much alike, despite cosmetic differences.
While Paul is often presented as a more “independent” voice, in contrast to Rubio who has well-established GOP ties, both are described as tea party favorites. And yet, Paul has carefully groomed links to high-ranking GOP functionaries who helped him win his Kentucky Senate seat in 2006.
And despite the fact that within the tea party movement there is a stark (though little-noticed) divide over foreign policy, the two senators are closer than people realize.
Many tea party enthusiasts strongly support U.S. military ventures abroad, seeing America as a needed force for establishing a good, solid world order under what’s called “American exceptionalism”—that’s the New World Order—but many tea party folks don’t realize that. Rubio touts American exceptionalism, but Paul has expressed concerns (like his father, retired Representative Ron Paul) about an over-reaching military presence around the globe.
At the same time, however, the media praises Paul, saying he stands in stark contrast—often described as “refreshing”—to his father who is cast as a likeable, though somewhat kooky, extremist. The media says Paul can reach a more broad-ranging GOP audience than his father ever could.
What’s more, the media gloats, Paul is reaching out to Israel and its influential supporters in America, which Rubio has already done during his fast rise to the top. And as leading neocon guru Frederick Kagan noted, Paul does not differ from the neocons when it comes to Israel’s primary present concern: a nuclear-armed Iran.
While his own father was still running for president and criticizing bellicose voices urging U.S. and Israel military action against Iran, the younger Paul was voting for provocative measures against the Islamic republic, echoing rhetoric about Islamic extremism, akin to that of neocon power broker Norman Podhoretz who says America is now engaged in its “third world war”—against Islam.
For his own part, Rubio—the child of Cuban immigrants—is in trouble with many conservatives concerned about his immigration “reform” proposals many see as opening the door for legalization of millions of illegal immigrants now in America.
Likewise, libertarian conservatives—which Paul is—have been historically friendly toward “open borders.” Where Paul will stand on this issue, remains to be seen. However, he has talked about it in a manner that leaves many hard-line advocates of cracking down on illegal immigration a bit uneasy. Meanwhile, according to The Washington Times —a beacon of “official” conservative thought —a new consensus is emerging among those who attended CPAC 2013. In a front page story on March 15, the Times reported: “GOP leaders have decided it’s time their party surmounts the immigration issue, embraces legalization and moves on.” It added that a CPAC panel on immigration “was stacked with advocates for legalization of illegal immigrants—a stance that until recently has been a decidedly minority position within the GOP.”
On the issue of “gay marriage”—which some prominent Republicans have endorsed—Paul and Rubio adopt a libertarian stance. Paul says he can envision reworking the tax code to permit homosexual couples to take advantage of tax benefits now available to heterosexual couples. Rubio told CPAC the proposed Constitutional amendment defining marriage to be between a man and woman should be abandoned and that the issue should be left to the states (a position Paul’s father took during his presidential campaign).

Rothschild Influence Deep Within GOP

American Free Press

By Michael Collins Piper
Call it the “War Party,” the “New World Order” or the “Zionist Elite.” However you describe this element—with multiple ties to the Rothschild banking octopus and its predatory tentacles on American shores—its influence reaches the inner circles of key Republican presidential hopefuls who promise to save the republic from Obama’s legacy in 2016.
A reviewof those “advising” these GOP contenders indicates the same old faces are at work ensuring globalist powers will be directing the foreign policy agenda of whomever represents the GOP in the next presidential election.
Those from whom the GOP contenders are—as The Washington Post of April 6 put it—“soaking up guidance” are a disturbing lot.
War-happy internationalist Sen. John McCain (RAriz.)—whose wife’s $150 million beer fortune is owed to the patronage of the Jewish crime syndicate’s Bronfman family, longtime intimates of the Rothschild dynasty—bragged to the Post of the 2016 GOP hopefuls that “They all call, all the time” asking for advice from the failed former presidential candidate. However, McCain—who in 2008 actually raised campaign money in the London home of Lord Jacob Rothschild—was quick to assure the Post that “First, I tell them to touch base with Henry Kissinger—of course.”
That any future president would “of course” first touch base with Kissinger—long a top schemer among the New World Order elite—is of obvious concern to anyone who values national sovereignty.
But others with whom the Republican contenders are mingling are equally of concern. Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.)—the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate—huddles with his longtime associate, former Education Secretary William Bennett, a founding director of the hardline, pro-Israel, neoconservative “think tank,” Empower America, which once employed Ryan as a speechwriter, helping advance Ryan’s career in official Washington.
A protege of the ex-Trotskyite “godfather” of the neoconservatives, the late Irving Kristol—father of notorious modern-day neoconservative power broker William Kristol—Bennett and his Empower America co-founder, ex-Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.), remain influential in shaping Ryan’s worldview.
Today, Weber is a member of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the New York affiliate of the London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is often referred to as the foreign policy arm of the Rothschild dynasty.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio—whose foreign policy rhetoric becomes more bellicose and more fervently internationalist as 2016 approaches, has—according to The Washington Post—“become friendly” with Israeli-born Yuval Levin who has elsewhere been glowingly described as “probably the most influential conservative intellectual of the Obama era.”
Also turning to Levin for direction is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. But Jindal has his own antecedents that explain, at least in part, the longtime infatuation with Jindal by the Zionist-dominated media, which was promoting his presidential ambitions long before he came on the national stage.
Like ex-President Bill Clinton—who also received inordinate media attention from the earliest years of his own career—Jindal is a former Rhodes Scholar.
He had been trained at Oxford in England in the ideology of the late Cecil Rhodes, the African diamond magnate (financed by the Rothschilds) whose scholarships were established to indoctrinate bright young Americans in the concept that the United States should be reunited with the Rothschild-controlled British empire.
Jindal has been hailed for his sharp critiques of the federal government and his advocacy of rejuvenating state sovereignty in what is hailed as the spirit of the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.
But what many patriots simply don’t know is that New World Order advocates—such as the influential Clarence K. Streit, author of the infamous globalist tract, Union Now With Britain—openly proffered that the 10th Amendment actually provided the very mechanism for dismantling the American national union so the United States could be reunited with “the Mother Country.”
Thus, those enthused by Jindal’s seeming support for states rights might well keep in mind that (in light of Jindal’s Rhodes Scholarship background) another agenda might well be at work behind the rhetoric that seems to reflect traditional Americanism.
Oh yes, Jindal also relies on neoconservative titan William Kristol for advice on foreign policy.
For his part, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose 2012 presidential bid ended in fiasco, has kept his name in the offing by making a pilgrimage to Israel to huddle with no less than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Several years ago the pandering Perry said he relied on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, published by pro-Israel billionaire Rupert Murdoch, a longtime media front man for the Rothschild family, and what Perry called “the Jewish press” for his foreign policy direction.
Popular among conservatives as a union buster, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker burnishes his foreign policy expertise by relying upon counsel from Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, whose costly Middle East wars on behalf of Israel (carried out under the direction of the neoconservatives who dominated policy under Bush) still torment America. In the same realm, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—whose wife is an executive with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, a preeminent force in the Rothschild sphere of influence—has actually drafted Victoria C. Gardner Coates, a former aide to ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (a primary architect of the disastrous Bush-erawars), as his national security advisor. A tea party favorite, Cruz—the son of a Christian Zionist minister—is particularly strident in his advocacy for a pro-war/pro-Israel agenda.
Perhaps most unexpected of all is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s link to the Rothschild dynasty via his advisor, retired diplomat and CFR member Richard R. Burt who—prior to government service—was actually the national security correspondent for no less than The New York Times, the premier media voice of the Zionist establishment. Burt actually launched his career as assistant director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISI), a globally-influential London-based think tank with deep Rothschild connections.
CFR member Lynn Forester de Rothschild—wife of Lord Evelyn de Rothschild—is associated with IISI, as are—among others: Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank, a director of N.M. Rothschild And Sons; Fleur deVilliers, a consultant to the Rothschild-controlled DeBeers diamond cartel (founded by Cecil Rhodes) and Thomas Seaman who chaired the investment committee of the Rhodes Trust, which sponsors the globalist-oriented Rhodes Scholarships.
Add to this—as this newspaper has previously reported—that Paul includes billionaire Peter Thiel, chair of the American steering committee for the Rothschild-financed Bilderberg meetings, as another advisor and one finds the plutocratic linkage comes full circle in Paul’s burgeoning presidential campaign.
—— Michael Collins Piper is an author, journalist, lecturer and radio show host. He has spoken in Russia, Malaysia, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Canada and the U.S.

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Bloody Trump, by Mark Glenn Glenn était le plus proche ami et collaborateur de Michael Collins Piper. Il est moins bon, mais il est plus présentable dans les médias sur PressTV et même RT. Il va de temps en temps en Iran.

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Ex-ADL chief: Trump’s ‘raise your hand’ gambit was deliberate, Nazi-style ‘fascist gesture’
Donald Trump Has Supporters Do Hitler Salute While Pledging To Vote For Him At Rally
Chomsky : Donald Trump est en train de gagner parce que l’Amérique blanche est en train de mourir
Trump Has Unleashed America’s Monsters The Trump supporters I met see America in two dimensions: A white and a Christian nation. And they feel, finally, that their moment is at hand.
Bashing Donald Trump Makes Him Stronger
The Rise of the Absurd: Donald Trump and the GOP Legacy
The Lion and the Sheep–Why they hate Trump
Trump’s march stirs growing sense of dread among Republicans Rahm Emanuel [Dem]: Trump playing with ‘dark forces’
Michael Gerson: Trump’s nationalism could be destructive
Ex-Mexican President Fox: Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler
Beck slams Trump supporters, Breitbart boss, compares both to Nazis

Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump
‘TheTedCroos’, ‘Little Cockroach’ gang up on Trump

Rubio charges at Trump: 'The Palestinians are not a real estate deal' In final Republican debate before Super Tuesday, the three leading GOP candidates - Trump, Rubio, and Cruz - square off on a variety of issues, including their stances on the Jewish state.
Cruz, Rubio escalate case against Trump Florida senator says he’ll ‘do whatever it takes’ so that ‘con artist’ Donald Trump ‘will never get control of this party’

Donald Trump Gets Clobbered on Israel by GOP Rivals
Rubio strikes Trump on Israel, seeking crucial Florida win
Cuban Crushers Cruz & Rubio Clobber Trump With anti-Israel Bat The unprecedented tag team assault on the GOP front-runner places the two somewhere to the right of Netanyahu, and Lieberman, and possibly Bennett as well.

John McCain decries ‘disturbing’ Republican race Former presidential candidate says campaign shouldn’t ‘focus on the size of people’s ears and whether they sweat or not’.

Trump’s Rise Sparks Apocalyptic Anguish Among Right-wing Ideologues ‘The candidacy of Donald Trump is the open sewer of American conservatism,’ Bret Stephens wrote in the Wall Street Journal.
GOP establishment frantic to stop surging juggernaut Trump
GOP Foreign Policy Experts Warn A Trump Presidency Would ‘Endanger America’

Trying to make sense of that ‘neutral,’ ‘totally pro-Israel’ Donald Trump
Jewish Republicans Scramble To Stop Donald Trump After ‘Neutral’ on Israel Declaration
Trump’s refusal to name a ‘good guy and a bad guy’ in conflict is ‘anti-Israel,’ says Rubio

Donald Trump Is Playing ‘Mr. Neutral’ on Everything From Israel to the Klan — and It’s Working

Jewish conservatives among Republican national security leaders slamming Trump
Neocon Armchair Warhawks Panic Over Trump Foreign Policy

Neocons declare war on Trump
Neoconservatism, RIP : Trump is writing the obituary Peut-être plus une métamorphose du néoconservatisme sioniste anti-islam en un populisme gonzo anti-islam?
Neoconservatives Declare War on Donald Trump
Arch-Neocon Robert Kagan–‘Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein monster. Now he’s strong enough to destroy the party’
Trump’s Triumphs Demolish Netanyahu’s Fortress GOP Strategy The N.Y. tycoon is decimating the three legs of blanket Republican support for Israel: Evangelicals, Jews and interventionist hawks.
How Republican Jews Utterly Failed To Prevent Rise of ‘Toxic’ Donald Trump
GOP Jews Cannot Unite Against Donald Trump — Despite ‘Neutral’ on Israel Declaration
GOP frontrunner 'make America less safe'; his 'hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric... undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic radicalism'. Jewish Republicans slam feckless, dangerous Trump Anxious senior party members write open letter castigating ascendent, controversial presidential hopeful.
Where Donald Trump stands on Israel and the Jews
Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’
Neocons Line Up Against Donald Trump
Donald Trump Is Alienating Neoconservatives—and Antiwar Democrats Should Worry
Donald Trump’s (So Far) Unstoppable Run Leaves Neoconservatives Out in the Cold
Neocons Panic That Trump Presidency Would Mark End to Their New World Order
Cornered Neocons: Trump’s heresy on foreign policy has put Republican hawks in nightmare scenario — backing Hillary Clinton

Jewish Republicans slam Trump in open letter
Jewish conservatives among Republican national security leaders slamming Trump
Trump Went for the Muslims, and Hate Was Unleashed on the Jews C'est exactement ce que prédisait Mark Glenn, même moi j'y croyais pas.
As an Israeli who loves America, I am worried by Trump
VIDEO - Donald Trump’s rise is a scary moment in America
VIDEO - What’s sauce for the Trump goose is sauce for the Jewish gander (Donald Trump's rise is scary - a response)
Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews
The Jewish Case Against Donald Trump
American Jews voice DEEP FEARS as Donald Trump surges
Minister Louis Farrakhan Praises Donald Trump for Shunning ‘Jewish Money
L’ex-chef du KKK appelle à voter Trump
Donald Trump Conservative leader warns Trump ‘danger to democracy’ after KKK comments
ADL to Donald Trump: Distance Yourself from White Supremacists and Disavow Their Ideology
Trump disavows support from KKK ex-grand wizard David Duke
AUDIO - Dr. David Duke on Fox Radio: Americans should vote 4Trump ; NY Times says “Jews are taking over America”

Donald Trump Compares Jewish Federations to White Supremacists — ADL Calls Claim 'Obscene'
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
The media tries to “Trump up” KKK charges, but the voters aren’t buying it
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
Trump cites Jews in explanation for not disavowing KKK While asserting David Duke is a ‘bad man,’ presidential candidate can’t account for fumbling response to white supremacist endorsement.
Trump Cites Jewish Groups in Bizarre Defense for Not Disavowing David Duke and KKK Having previously blamed a faulty earpiece for failing to condemn KKK, Trump said he couldn't just come out and condemn groups generically because — what if they were Jewish?
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
Donald Trump Compares Jewish Federations to White Supremacists — ADL Calls Claim ‘Obscene
ADL: Trump’s statement on Jews and white supremacists ‘obscene’
Il appelle Netanyahu un “bon ami” mais est sceptique sur la sincérité du désir d’Israël pour une solution à deux états Essayons de saisir le sens de ce Donald Trump “neutre” “totalement pro-Israël” Que penser d’un candidat qui courtise les républicains juifs mais leur dit “je ne veux pas de votre argent”, a une fille convertie au judaïsme mais qui trouve compliqué de désavouer un ancien chef du KKK ?
Trump Cites Jewish Groups in Bizarre Defense for Not Disavowing David Duke and KKK Having previously blamed a faulty earpiece for failing to condemn KKK, Trump said he couldn't just come out and condemn groups generically because — what if they were Jewish?

Haim Saban calls Trump a ‘clown’ and ‘dangerous’
Mega-Donor Haim Saban: Trump would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel
Top Israeli-American Donor Saban: Trump a 'Clown,' Would Be Dangerous for World Businessman and Clinton supporter says 'Hillary would be excellent for Israel if you believe in two-state solution.'
Israeli billionaire and Clinton backer says Trump is 'a dangerous clown'
Saban: Trump’s a ‘clown,’ and would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel Major Clinton backer says Republican frontrunner ‘unpredictable,’ whereas Democratic candidate would be ‘excellent for Israel’
Jews, Oligarchs, and Plutocrats, Oh My!! A secret meeting to stop Trump
The Oligarchs’ Super-PAC Anti-Trump Savagery
At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump
Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?
Entire US establishment plotting to defeat Trump: Analyst

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?
U.S. Secret Service Investigates Neocon Glenn Beck For Threatening Donald Trump
Glenn Beck Warns That Trump Is Adolf Hitler
Even Glenn Beck Is Comparing Donald Trump To Hitler
VIDEO - Kevin McDonald on Establishment’s Offensive against Trump J'abhorre la grille de lecture de MacDonald encore plus que celle de David Duke, mais il peut aussi avoir raison des fois (même si sa démarche intellectuelle est fallacieuse).
VIDEO - ‘Racists for Trump’ SNL ad mocks extremist support Skit takes aim at neo-Nazis, KKK supporters, and anti-Muslim bigots who are backing real estate mogul
Tellement gros, "over the top", que ça en devient ridicule, même si les humoristes ont peut-être pas tort, ils beurrent trop épais que ç'en est même pu drôle.
Is Donald Trump Really a Hitler-Style Fascist?
Sieg Trump: When Does 'Never Again’ Start? Since the Holocaust, American Jews' collective cry has been: Don't let history be repeated. That starts with zero tolerance for inflammatory speech. Trump’s campaign is made of little else.
9 times Donald Trump has been compared to Hitler
Donald Trump : "Le monde serait meilleur avec Kadhafi et Saddam Hussein". C'est étonnant combien il peut dire des choses sensées une fois de temps en temps... C'est malheureux aussi car il discrédite cette vérité en l'associant à son discours stupide. Les ignorants vont finir par croire que c'est du "trumpisme" de dire une chose pareille, alors que c'est la plus pure vérité.
Ahead of Republican debate, Trump says 'Islam hates' the West. Les néocons sont jaloux qu'il leur ait volé leur discours anti-islam et ils capotent en voyant qu'il pousse leur discours jusqu'à l'absurde, sabotant ainsi les chances qu'un de leurs candidats certifié néocon soit élu. Cela force les néocons à choisir Hillary, qui n'est pas leur premier choix, loin de là...
In the age of Trump, grim warnings from Holocaust survivors

VIDEO - FOX: If You Can’t Beat Trump, Join Him
To understand American Jews who support Trump, read this
Rabbi Avi Shafran: A Troubling America for Jews as Trump Awakes Its Bigots and Haters Even if, as is likely, Trump never ends up coming for us American Jews, the fact that he's gone after others is, or should be, offensive enough.

Donald Trump on 9/11: "You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center"

'Saddam Hussein was great at killing terrorists,' Trump says

Report: Trump Is Partners With Firms Accused of Bribery in Cyprus Casino Bid Greek and U.S. firms join Trump's LLC in quest for lucrative gambling business on the Mediterranean island nation, Global Sources International News Magazine reports.

L'UE et les Etats-Unis "pas préparés" pour une présidence Trump (Schulz)
“Trump puts human species in deep trouble”: Chomsky
"L’antiracisme" américain à l’assaut de Trump Provocations et meeting annulé à Chicago
Why Trump Haters Really Hate Trump
Donald Trump is leading a political revolution in America — and that should terrify everyone
Informed opinions about Trump displayed on David Icke's forum
Donald Trump a été comparé à Hitler à 9 reprises
Nazi Card: David Brooks Suggests Trump Staging 'Nuremberg Rallies'
VIDEO - RYAN DAWSON: Screaming Hitler no longer works Zionist are desperate
Sarah Silverman’s ‘Hitler’ is ‘Bummed’ by Manhood Comparisons to Donald Trump
Sarah Silverman as Hitler: Donald Trump ‘gets it’ 

Chomsky says, ‘Don’t vote for Trump — he’s a threat to humanity.’
VIDEO - NazBol Alex Dugin: In Trump We Trust
Evangelicals accuse fellow believers of abandoning faith to support Trump
Anonymous declare “total war” on Donald Trump

‘Go Back To Auschwitz’ Shout at Trump Rally Is No Fluke
Donald Trump just hit a critical threshold for the GOP nomination — one that his opponents might not
'Go to Auschwitz,' Trump supporter yells at protesters
Trump Says 'Islam Hates the U.S.', but Why Do Americans Hate Islam? When Donald Trump mused on CNN: 'I think Islam hates us,' he validated a common sentiment among the Republican base. It’s not about Islamic extremism anymore – it’s a general prejudice against anything associated with Islam.

Trump Tells the Truth About Interventionism Opposes endless war supported by Clinton, Rubio and Cruz
Trump et l’intelligentsia libérale : accusé de racisme et de fascisme par d’hypocrites élites meurtrières
L’exceptionnalisme USA nous offre une élection sortie tout droit de l’enfer.
NEOCON DESPERATION–GOP donors pushing Condoleezza Rice to run independent campaign

Trump and Hitler: A Detailed Comparison (Obvious satire is obvious)
First They Came for Ben Shapiro
Ben Stein: "I Have Not Heard A Racist Word" Out Of Donald Trump's Mouth Stein: Trump Is "Not A Ranting, Blubbering, Fool, He's Making A Lot Of Sense, And I Don't See What's Anti-Democratic About Him"

JFK was as ‘friendly’ with the Jews as Trump is
Will Republican Elite Coalesce Around Trump or Sabotage Him to Save the GOP?
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Zionist media seeks to destroy Trump presidential candidacy
‘We choose the nominee, not the voters’: Senior GOP official
Trump leaves Jews with no easy answers
Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’
A Donald Trump Presidency Could Mean Israel Losing $6 Billion in US Aid?
Citing moral objection to candidate's rhetoric, Zach Reizes says he plans, together with others, to stand silently as Trump speaks and leave the hall with head lowered. Student activists: AIPAC won’t let us protest Trump Pro-Israel lobby says email warning protesters they’ll be barred from all future conferences was sent in error, clarifies its longstanding policy of removing disruptive delegates
40 rabbis said to plan boycott of Trump’s AIPAC address Group of religious leaders to skip Republican’s address in protest of his anti-immigrant rhetoric
American Jews’ Fight-back Against Trump Starts at AIPAC
Can Israel Handle a President Trump?
With Trump’s latest wins, will Jewish conservatives finally embrace him?
Rabbis organize boycott of Trump’s speech to pro-Israel group
Judea Declares War on Trump
Do Jewish Grandchildren Solve Trump’s Israel Problem? This is what I've come to know: Any Jew who votes for Donald Trump is voting for an anti-Semite. The next time he asks you to raise your right hand, America, just say Never Again.
Donald Trumps the Hebrew media Israel Hayom steps out of the dark and all but fully endorses the billionaire businessman, while Yedioth watches the GOP front-runner and worries
Trump might be a nut, but he’s not anti-Semitic
WATCH: ‘The Daily Show’ take on ‘anti-Semitic incidents’ at Donald Trump rallies
Israel Declares War On Trump
How Jewish groups plan to protest Trump at AIPAC
Rabbis, Jewish leaders plan boycott of Donald Trump at AIPAC
40 rabbins projetteraient de boycotter le discours de Trump à l’AIPAC
David Duke : la comparaison Trump-Hitler pourrait réhabiliter Hitler
Former KKK leader: Trump-Hitler comparisons might be good for Hitler
American Jewish Committee : Les violences dans la course électorale mettent en danger la démocratie
Will Republican Elite Coalesce Around Trump or Sabotage Him to Save the GOP?
Don’t Tell US Jewish Republicans Israel Is Not Opposing Trump Enough Lea Geller's contention that Republican Jews have been 'silent' on Trump is wrong: they have the anti-Semitic hate mail to show for it. Instead, Jewish Democrats should ask themselves why they've been 'silent' while Obama wrecked US: Israel relations.
Krauthammer: I Laughed at Donald Trump Six Months Ago. I Was Wrong
What Trump Means for Israel
The woman who gave the nazi salute at the Trump rally in Chicago is a jew
‘Go to Auschwitz’ video fuels Trump Nazi worries
VIDEO - Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’
Times of Israel: Stop it now, Donald Trump!
Après s’être aliéné le lobby sioniste, Donald Trump se met à dos les néoconservateurs
Jewish Neocon Krauthammer: Debate Moment To Slow Down Trump ‘Simply Didn’t Happen,’ Seems Trump’s Opponents ‘Out of Bullets’
With ‘Jewish Super Tuesday’ Looming, Republicans Take New Plunge Into Deep End on Israel
The Republican establishment, in collusion with the leftist media, is launching full-scale attacks on Donald Trump.
American Exceptionalism Presents an Election Made in Hell
American Jewish Committee: “American Democracy” At Stake In 2016

Will a Trump Victory Actually Dislodge the Neocons?
Hating Trump Might Be All about Israel
Lors d'un débat sur CNN, Trump assure : «Personne sur ce plateau n'est plus pro-Israël que moi»
Trump: 'I have tremendous love for Israel. I happen to have a son-in-law and a daughter that are Jewish, OK?' ‘Most pro-Israel’ Trump: Semblance of neutrality needed to end conflict Amid criticism from fellow candidates, Republican front-runner says his approach is the most likely to lead to peace
Donald Trump invokes Ivanka’s Jewish family to defend ‘neutral’ Israel stance
When I Cringe at the Views of Israelis — and Donald Trump
Trump’s pro-Russian policy threatens Israel
Why Donald Trump’s anti-Neoconservatism might not be enough to prevent WWIII
Bill Kristol Is Trying to Get Tom Coburn or Rick Perry to Run Third Party
From left to right, Israelis sour on ‘opportunist’ Donald Trump
ADL calls on Jewish organization to redirect Trump donations to fight hate
AIPAC conference nervously awaits Trump speech Republican front-runner to address leading US pro-Israel group, but some worry that he is a wild card who has yet to fully explain his views on Israel — and that his support from known racists is a red flag.

Trump Wins Over AIPAC Audience With Strong pro-Israel Stance 'President Obama is the worst thing to happen to Israel,' Trump says to massive applause at AIPAC gathering, vowing to pressure Palestinians to accept Israel as Jewish state and Jerusalem as its capital.
AIPAC braces unhappily for Trump, the ‘most pro-Israel’ presidential contender There’s a Jewish candidate who chose not to be seen here. And an ostensible Israel-lover with whom many would much rather not be seen. A surreal day dawns for the pro-Israel lobby
Trump abandons talk of Israel neutrality, wins cheers from AIPAC
Trump wins over AIPAC with ‘true friend of Israel’ speech
Trump cheered at AIPAC for vow to dismantle Iran deal, oppose UN Controversial frontrunner draws laughs at pro-Israel confab with claim he knows nuclear agreement better than anyone; Kasich declares ‘unwavering’ support for Israel; Paul Ryan says first trip as speaker will be to Israel
N.J. rabbi to lead anti-Trump protest at pro-Israel conference
Trump Implies Israel Will Pay Back Military Assistance
Trump Ahead of AIPAC Speech: Israel Should Repay U.S. for Aid Trump says he’ll make Israel pay for defense aid

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?
Obama Analysis: Israel's crisis with the US won't end when Obama leaves

Plus de torture à l’eau à la CIA, même sur l’ordre du président
Trump, CIA Quarrel Over Torturing Terror Suspects GOP presidential front-runner dismisses CIA chief's vow that the spy agency wouldn't use enhanced interrogation techniques even if ordered to by a future president.

Jewish Money and Media Oligarchs Admit Bosses not Voters Rule America
‘America First’ – The Trump Slogan the Establishment Hates
VIDEO - Éric Zemmour : "La communauté internationale n'existe pas et n'existera jamais" Très bon commentaire sur Obama et sa mise au rancart de l'interventionnisme, sous-jacente au discours 'America First' de Trump. Bien vu!
In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers
Trump to Jewish reporters: Why do Jews support Obama when he’s disloyal to Israel? At NY meeting, GOP front-runner also says world would be better off if Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power, claims NY Daily News ‘did a number’ on Sanders, reveals the 2 Jewish real estate lawyers who advise him on Israel
Un nouvel Eisenhower contre Trump ?
Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look
VIDEO - Casey Coyle contre la nazification de Trump, argument hautement ennuyant et pas original - pt2
Donald Trump toujours loin de la Maison-Blanche
Ivanka Trump: Dad was ‘very supportive’ of my Jewish conversion
Trump Links Netanyahu's Rejection of Muslim Ban to Cancelation of Israel Visit Cancelation
Paul Ryan: I can see why Trump comments rattle Mideast allies
Anti-Trump Protesters in New York Have Lost Their Faith in American Democracy Many of the young people demonstrating Thursday outside a Republican Party gala in New York said they won’t even vote; 'power in the streets is much more powerful than bourgeois democracy.'
Does Donald Trump Respect Women More Than Pro-Lifers Do?
US newspaper publishes fake ‘President Trump’ front page
Exclusive: Blocking Trump could hurt Republicans in election - Reuters/Ipsos poll
Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed (incluant l'apport de Michael Collins Piper)
Trump's Rise Signals the Renaissance of the Ku Klux Klan White supremacists' support for a leading mainstream presidential candidate is unprecedented, an American scholar says.

David Cameron’s ‘counter extremism’ experts work with far-right Donald Trump sympathisers

Découvrez le conspirationniste anti-islam débile choisi pour être conseiller en affaires étrangères du candidat présidentiel bushiste Ted Cruz. Il est l'inspirateur du projet de Trump de déporter les musulmans: non, ce n'est pas Boris Le Lay, c'est le néocon membre du PNAC Frank J. Gaffney Jr. L'équipe de Cruz rassemble aussi d'autres néoconservateurs comme Elliott Abrams et Michael Ledeen. Cruz croit en plusieurs théories du complot, particulièrement celles impliquant George Soros.

Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering Presidential hopeful warns of ‘absolute disaster’ and ‘bloodbath’ for Republicans if front-runner Trump is their nominee ; Poll said to find Trump is least popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters.
Ted Cruz Seeks To Put ‘New York Values’ Slur Behind Him With Speech to GOP Jews
Ted Cruz acknowledges social issues gap with GOP Jews, stresses Israel support
VIDEO - Glenn Beck Says It's Weird To Think That His Good Friend Ted Cruz Might Become President

Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?
Clinton, Sanders clash on Israel's 'disproportionate' actions during 2014 Gaza war On CNN's 'State of the Union,' Clinton defends Israel's actions while Sanders says 'Palestinians must also be treated with respect.'
Trump and Clinton: Censoring the unpalatable by respected Documentary Filmmaker John Pilger
[Respected Documentary Filmmaker] John Pilger: Why Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump
Clinton: Differences with Israel would be dealt with ‘in private’
Oliver Stone: Hillary Has Been for Every War the US Waged

Bernie Sanders wins Wyoming, reiterates Israel’s ‘disproportionate’ response in Gaza war
'Sanders must apologize for the lie that he spread about Israel'
Sanders says no opinion on 1967 borders Democratic candidate tries to dodge question on whether Israeli withdrawal to borders before Six-Day War is the only way to reach peace in the Middle East, and backtracks on comments that 10,000 Gazans were killed during 2014 war.
Bernie Sanders’ Candor on Israel Shows American Voters Are Changing Their Tune Gaffes aside, Sanders’ embarrassing New York Daily News interview actually illuminates one of the underrated strengths of his campaign.
Israel demands correction from Sanders: it killed only 532 Palestinian children in summer 2014
Bernie Sanders’ record on Palestine
Sanders calls himself 'more balanced' on Israel, Palestinians Several public officials in Israel– including the country's former ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, during US President Barack Obama's first term– called on Sanders to apologize.
Sanders repeats call for ‘more balanced’ US position on Israel
Sanders n’a pas d’avis sur les questions de frontières dans le conflit israélo-palestinien
Bernie Sanders' answer to heckler who accused Jews of running Wall Street
Bernie Sanders: You Can't Always Nod at Everything Netanyahu Says Democratic presidential candidate reiterates points on peace between Israelis, Palestinians, says Obama has been better on the issue than his predecessors.
Why Simone Zimmerman and Bernie Sanders Are Still on Same Side on Israel — Suspension or No
Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Outreach Director Suspended for Blunt and Honest Criticism of Netanyahu Government
Sanders' Non-conformist Israel Message Casts Him as Boy in Emperor’s New Clothes Times are changing: When candidate Howard Dean called for 'even handed' U.S. policy in 2003, Democrats unanimously slammed him silent.
Sanders’s Israel criticism has some US Jews feeling the Bern Democratic presidential hopeful’s unprecedented questioning of Jerusalem’s policies will likely play into key Jewish vote in upcoming New York primary.
How Bernie Sanders just became the rabbi of the Jewish left
Pro-Clinton Rabbi Booted From Bernie Sanders Event for Being Too pro-Clinton Andy Bachman was swapped out for a different Reform rabbi, less than an hour before a roundtable discussion at a Brooklyn church.
Is Bernie Sanders Right About Israel Using Disproportionate Force in Gaza? Sanders and Clinton have been quarreling over the facts of 2014’s Gaza war. Whose version of events do the numbers support?
Bernie Sanders Names Anti-occupation Activist as Jewish Outreach Coordinator Simone Zimmerman objects to Jewish federation funding for Israeli projects in the West Bank and wrote favorably of a pro-BDS group and protested the 2014 Gaza war.
Meet the outspoken critic of Israel who is Bernie Sanders' new Jewish outreach director
Abe Foxman Calls on Sanders to Fire New Jewish Community Liaison for 'anti-Israel' Comments
Abe Foxman: Bernie Sanders’ head of Jewish outreach should be fired for Israel criticism
Sanders' new Jewish outreach director sees 'F--- you' Netanyahu post go viral
What the Vatican’s Invitation to Bernie Sanders Says About Jews
Few Israelis see Jewish candidate Sanders as most ‘pro-Israel’ Trump and Clinton regarded by Israelis as most staunch supporters of Jewish state, while Cruz fairs poorly in poll
Bernie Sanders schools Donald Trump on ‘New York values,’ drops mic
WATCH: Bernie Sanders skewers Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on 'New York values'
U.S. Jewish Groups Slam Sanders Following Comments on Israel Jews in New York have been a crucial electorate in Democratic primaries, and many in the community have been offended by his statements that 'disproportionate' force was used in Gaza in the summer of 2014.
Comment: Accusing Bernie Sanders of ‘blood libel’ - the future of US-Israel relations
At Jews for Bernie event, anger boils over at Sanders campaign
Bernie Sanders cherche-t-il à dresser l’opinion américaine et internationale contre Israël ?
Israeli Politicians Are Jumping on the Bernie-bashing Bandwagon Bernie Sanders' admission of error wasn’t good enough for Israeli politicians hungry for an opportunity to hit the international headlines.
Bernie Backs the Jewish Values We Millenials Believe in - and Israel isn't one of them Sanders calls back to an earlier era before Jews integrated into white, affluent America and before the assumption that American Jews’ highest priority was support for a foreign county thousands of miles away.
Report: Sanders Suspends New Jewish Outreach Coordinator Over anti-Netanyahu Facebook Post Simone Zimmerman condemned the prime minister for victims of Gaza war in a post replete with swear words; 'She has been suspended while we investigate the matter,' Democratic candidate's spokesman says, according to New York Times.
Simone Zimmerman, the Latest Victim of the U.S. Jewish Right's Witch Hunt The vicious offensive by the Jewish Right and its mainstream collaborators against Simone Zimmerman is just part of their ongoing attempts to choke the justice-based Jewish politics she represents.
Going Negative: Sanders, The Clintons And The Exploitation Of Dead Children
Sanders: Netanyahu is not right all of the time The Democratic candidates spar over Israel, including Sanders criticizing Clinton for not talking about Palestinians at AIPAC, and Clinton defending herself by talking about her 25 years of experience with the issue.
Bernie Sanders vs. the Out-of-touch American Jewish Establishment Sanders' Jewish socialism, his recognition of the injustice of the occupation, is a rebuke to those in the U.S. and Israel who believe Jews should only care about other Jews’ freedom and dignity. No wonder they’re trying to marginalize him.
VIDEO - Sanders: A No-Go in Israel
Dershowitz: Bernie Sanders must clarify where he stands on Israel

Is the American Jewish pro-Israel Consensus Dying? Professor Dov Waxman argues that American Jewish disagreement about Israel 'reflects broader shifts in the American Jewish community' in his new book, 'Trouble in the Tribe.'

Overwhelming House Majority to Obama: Reject Palestinian Diplomatic Efforts Against Israel In letter, signatories say they 'deeply troubled' by prospect of one-sided UN resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which 'dangerously hinder' possibility of future direct negotiations.
Congressman to Obama on UN Israel action: ‘Read this letter very carefully’

Here’s what happens when a US senator calls for Israel to be held accountable for atrocities
US accuses Israel of using excessive force against Palestinians Annual US report on human rights says nearly half of Palestinians killed by Israel were not carrying out attacks, and many times did not pose a threat to life.
Washington’s “Official” Human Rights Report Slams Israel over Extrajudicial Killings, Torture and Racism

The Piper Report Feb 15, 2011
Michael Collins Piper on Donald Trump being a flamboyant front for Rothschild interests
Download Here
John Boehner Backs Dark Horse PAUL RYAN for President, Calls Cruz ‘Lucifer’
Ted Cruz Has Been ‘Called And Anointed’ By God To Be The Next President
Meet the Evangelical Christians Behind Ted Cruz — They’re Super Jewy
Ted Cruz’s foreign policy advisor: Think tank founder who spread rumours that Obama secretly Muslim
“Gran’pa” Cruz puts together Israeli-Firster team: Gaffney, Abrams….
Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name
Is Ted Cruz a Dominionist?
Cruz Father: Ted Cruz “Anointed” To “Bring the Spoils of War to the Priests”
Ted Cruz’s New Adviser Is Even More Anti-Muslim Than Donald Trump
Cruz takes aim at Trump and Obama in AIPAC speech
Cruz jabs Trump for being ‘neutral’ on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Cruz: Together We Will Stand With Israel and Defeat Radical Islamic Terror
Republic presidential candidate Ted Cruz begins AIPAC speech with Purim analogy Presidential candidate Ted Cruz began his address to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. with a timely Purim analogy, with the Jewish festival celebrating the Jews' escape from the jaws of extinction centuries ago set to begin on Wednesday evening. "When we come together, we can defeat tyrants. Today we are reliving history," Cruz said, linking America's fate to Israel's.
Avec Rubio hors de la course, c'est Cruz le plus dangereux candidat juifiste sioniste.

Kasich slams ‘Palestinian culture of death’ at AIPAC
People Vs. AIPAC: Mighty Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Grip in US
Lingering disunion over Iran nuke deal complicates AIPAC activism As pro-Israel lobbyists head to Capitol Hill, they’ll have an app with talking points on the peace process and defense assistance, but not on thwarting Tehran, where divisions remain deep
People Vs. AIPAC: Mighty Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Grip in US
Combustible mix of protesters descending on AIPAC
VIDEO - Anti-Israel activist and famous rabbi verbally joust in front of AIPAC forum Deux vedettes juives états-uniennes, l'une du sionisme l'autre de l'antisionisme, se confrontent dans la rue aux portes de l'AIPAC...

The Imperial Myopia of Candidate Bernie Sanders
Sanders wins Democratic primary in Israel
Sanders: ‘All options’ on table if Iran cheats on nuclear deal
Roger Waters urges Bernie Sanders not to speak at AIPAC conference
Sanders tells pro-Israel lobby AIPAC he won’t speak at conference

Clinton bashes Trump at AIPAC for 'neutral' stance on Israel
Hillary Clinton to AIPAC: Donald Trump’s foreign policy ‘dangerously wrong’
Analysis: Clinton shows AIPAC supporters she knows what troubles them about Obama
The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life"
VIDEO - Bill Clinton Admits Hillary-Soros Connection Soros, qui n'est pas spécialement sioniste, est la bête noire de la fausse dissidence (Alex Jones, E-R, etc.).
George Soros’ Anti-Trump Campaign
VIDEO - Trump Calls Out George Soros In New Ad
Soros, Alarmed by Trump, Pours Money into 2016 Race
Billionaire George Soros funds $15M effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos
“Pluto-Zionists” Support for Hillary: The “Marriage” of Plutocracy, Rightwing Zionism and Hillary Clinton By Prof. James Petras
On Foreign Policy, Hillary Clinton Is the Only Republican Left Standing Clinton’s the only candidate left who holds faith with the platform that’s guided the U.S. since WWII: classic liberal interventionism, more familiar as the globocop policy that fueled both Bush presidencies.
Survey shows Israelis prefer Clinton over Trump
Trump Will Bring the Jews - Even Bernie’s - Home to Hillary Fearful of selling out, Sanders’ young, progressive and universalist Jewish supporters won’t go canvassing for Hillary; they may even be considering not voting at all. But Trump will change all that.
Sondage : Les Israéliens préfèreraient Hillary comme présidente

Rubio Campaign Slams Trump's Israel Policies as Extension of Obama's Marco Rubio's Foreign policy adviser, Dan Senor, says Trump would yield another term of Obama's policies toward Israel during visit to Florida Jewish temple.
Rubio Slams Trump as ‘Anti-Israeli’
Rubio: When I’m president, US will be on Israel’s side Florida senator slams Trump for advocating appearance of neutrality in Mideast conflict, says Palestinians uninterested in peace
VIDEO - Marco Rubio: ‘An agreement with Palestine would weaken Israel’ – video
Rubio Says He's 'Not Entirely Proud' of Personal Attacks Against Trump
Marco Rubio at Florida synagogue: Israel ‘will not have a better friend than me’
Rubio Missing From AIPAC: The End of the 'Good for Israel' Neocons Rubio was the last neoconservative in the race ideologically tethered to using the U.S. military to promote democracy and freedom abroad – whose vigorous support of Israel invoked a generational struggle against Islamist terror.
The metoric rise and crushing fall of GOP golden boy Marco Rubio After emerging as young conservative star, Florida senator drops campaign with parting shot at rival Trump.
Trump Knocks Rubio Out of White House Race, GOP in Chaos Clinton's victories in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina cast doubt on U.S. Sanders' ability to overtake her for the Democratic Party's nomination.
Rubio’s defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
Marco Rubio Defends Trump Attacker, Who In Return Posts Little Marco's Videos (!)

Obama says Republican politics created Trump’s candidacy GOP officials face the fact that highly unpopular Cruz may be sole chance to stop billionaire’s march to nomination

Dennis Ross: Next US administration will want to improve ties with Israel
Pourquoi Netanyahou n'a pas rencontré Obama
US-israel ties the worst since 1948
'Netanyahu nixed meeting with Obama because of defense package hold-up'
Obama’s Tortuous Ties With Benjamin Netanyahu, Inside Out Jeffrey Goldberg’s 'Obama Doctrine' shines new light on the complexities that created the most dysfunctional relationship on earth.
Pour Obama, Netanyahu est le plus décevant de tous les dirigeants du Moyen Orient The Atlantic : le Premier ministre israélien a “sa propre catégorie” quand il s’agit de ceux qui frustrent le président ; l’article cite une leçon “condescendante” de Netanyahu, affirme qu’Obama le voit comme “trop craintif et politiquement paralysé” pour assurer une solution à deux états

Jimmy Carter: I’d pick Trump over Cruz
Ted Cruz’s Palestine debacle: Let’s outsource American peace policy to Israel
Jewish leaders back Ted Cruz, say he’s the best hope for survival of Israel, West in face of ‘existential’ threat posed by Iran

Etats-Unis : le milliardaire Bloomberg renonce à se présenter à la Maison-Blanche

A Republican Win Could Lead to a Likud Dominated Congress

Lest We Forget–Lindsey Graham: Better for a Democrat to win the White House than Donald Trump
Resistance to Trump runs deep in the party establishment yet a big win for Trump marching toward GOP nomination

Why Ted Cruz's Preacher Sidekick Is No Friend of the Jews — or Israel

Wealthy donors drawn to Rubio White House bid after Bush drops out
Koch brothers’ D.C. guru joins Marco Rubio team

‘Christian’ Ted Cruz celebrates Resurrection of Christ by calling for killing of innocent civilians

Republicans pushing ‘Ayn Rand worshipping’ Paul Ryan, as nominee

Phil Giraldi–Rating the Candidates Who wants war?

Cruz's father, a pastor, highlights Israel support Appuyer Israel c'est vouloir mourir pour Israel.
Primaire américaine : la petite phrase du jour de Ted Cruz sur Donald Trump
Geraldo raps Ted Cruz’s ‘New York values’ comments as ‘anti-Semitic’
Top US news contributors call Cruz's 'New York values' comment anti-Semitic
Jewish voters keen on Clinton, Sanders, widely dislike Trump, Cruz

Former NYC Mayor Says Hillary Clinton is 'Founding Member' of Daesh Vous voyez maintenant ce que ça vaut cette accusation d' "Hillary fondatrice de Daech", c'est le genre de chose qui sort de la bouche de Monsieur 9/11 super-mafia inc., j'ai nommé l'ex-maire de NY Giuliani. Que c'est désolant de voir la complosphère relayer stupidement les âneries qui sortent de la bouche des néocons...

Rudy Giuliani, maire de New York durant 9/11: « Hillary Clinton peut être considérée comme membre fondatrice d’ISIS »
Prenez en considération le fait que cette "nouvelle" vient du site pro-sioniste ultra!! Réfléchissez à tout ce que ça implique... Peut-être que ces discours conspirationnistes anti-Soros et anti-Hillary font grand plaisir aux sionistes, c'est en tout cas ce que j'ai remarqué!

Billard à trois bandes en Syrie : la stratégie d’Israël révélée par les e-mails d’Hillary
Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel”
Critics Aghast at ‘Disgusting Speech’ Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Obama et la solution finale de l'Etat Juif' Le temps est compté
Obama’s Break with the Establishment Obama, un chrétien si musulman MDR! Obama est clairement aligné sur les sionistes, pas sur le monde arabomusulman, les musulmans ont été les plus victimisés par les guerres qu'Obama a mené et continue de mener.
Obama’s Final Task: Don't Veto UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Obama has an opportunity to create a historic change of direction and to move the peace process beyond the highest hurdle of all – the first one.

Glenn Beck tries to blame Drudge for his anti-Trump slur as his business collapses


Trump: ‘I want to get along with Russia’
Trump to NATO: You’re Fired!
Will Trump Get NATO off Our Backs?
Trump questions need for NATO, outlines non-interventionist foreign policy

Trump fustige Obama, attaque l’accord iranien, jure de soutenir Israël, et conquiert l’AIPAC
AIPAC slams Donald Trump over 'attacks levied against Obama from our stage.'

The Purim story: A parable for the rise of Donald Trump

A l’AIPAC, Clinton matraque Trump et montre aussi qu’elle n’est pas Obama
Donald Trump Works His Magic on a Frustrated AIPAC
Trump at AIPAC: A Jewish Betrayal of the United States The most dominant Jewish organization in America is indifferent to what happens to America
C'est pas David Duke ou des antisémites islamo-gauchistes qui ont écrit ça, c'est Haaretz, un des plus prestigieux journal israélien!

Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump

Trump: Israel Is Spying Against Us - L'AIPAC se tait sur l'accord nucléaire avec l'Iran mais hurle contre Trump le pro israélien
AIPAC Now Creepily Resembles the NRA AIPAC polarizing US Jews Op-ed: The purportedly bipartisan pro-Israel organization has become increasingly identified with right-wing politics, and its recent conference provides evidence of that.
Sans Trump il n'y aurait pas toute cette panique... Mais est-ce une fausse panique destinée à lui faire de la pub?? Possible! Mais peu probable à mon avis.

VIDEO - Propos d'Américains pro-Trump et anti-islam (VF) Ils savent pas que les extraits cités viennent de la Bible et trouvent ces extraits révoltants et choquants. Quand on leur révèle finalement que c'est pas des extraits du Coran mais de la Bible, ils se ravisent en disant que c'est pas grave, les extraits ne sont pas choquant. MDR:49,2% des Américains croient que les Palestiniens occupent des terres israéliennes

Trump, the Most Moderate Candidate in the Republican Presidential Race The prevailing liberal idea that attributes Trump's meteoric rise to populist manipulations that have hoodwinked the ignorant American is not only condescending: It totally misses the logic of his candidacy. American Jewry's Greatest Enemy The glowing reception accorded Donald Trump at the AIPAC conference showed just how far American Jews will go in the name of the occupation.

Poll: American Jews have unfavorable view of Trump and Cruz
What President Trump will mean for Israel
Duke: Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald trump

Adelson Is Right About Trump's pro-Israel Credentials It's a feather in Trump's cap that Sheldon Adelson, who will make Israel one of the tests for his support, is prepared to back him. And today's speech at AIPAC is Trump's chance to win more of us over. Pourquoi je peux voter pour Donald Trump, Ted Cruz ou John Kasich Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg
Sanders Snubs AIPAC, Trump A Rothschild Tool
Bernie Sanders “Israel Has Done Some BAD THINGS! Killing Civilians! Blowing Up Hospitals & Schools
Trump veut faire de Jérusalem, une capitale israélienne
Trump Puts Divide Between Israel Lobby and American Jewry on Vivid Display
AIPAC: U.S. presidential hopefuls, including Trump, focus on the Palestinians at the conference.
Astucieux! Brillant! Parler des Palestiniens alors que pour l'AIPAC la Palestine n'existe tout simplement pas!
AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message
AIPAC apologizes for cheering of Trump’s Obama knock

Blumenthal: Did Trump Play AIPAC? Max Blumenthal says Trump's embrace by AIPAC overshadows his shifting positions on Israel.
Visiting ADL leader slams ‘mainstreaming of bigotry’ in US presidential race
Trump espousing ‘noxious ideas,’ unleashing extremism, says ADL chief Jews, beware of Trump and the narcotics he peddles
Trump Appoints Aide With Anti-Semitic Ties
AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message
Trump enfume le lobby pro-israélien AIPAC
Donald Trump et Israël
Putting the Rump Into (the Name) Trump
Trump Is Not Hitler and He’s Not Haman — He’s Ahasuerus Pour eux, tout a toujours à voir avec leurs foutus textes saints passés date depuis des millénaires...
Trump s’est-il moqué des juifs américains de l’AIPAC ?
Trump's Warm Reception at AIPAC Makes Our Fight Against Him Even More Urgent Having led the protest movement against Trump's speech to the pro-Israel lobby, I have a message to Jews: Unite against bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny; unite against the Republican frontrunner.

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
Trump Unbound : Why Wall Street Is Shaking in Its Handmade Boots
Trump Blasts US Support for NATO and Ukraine (Video)
Trump's Right to Take on the UN. It's a Cesspit of Corruption and anti-Semitism I haven't declared my support for Trump, but I don’t mind saying that his UN talk is music to my ears. (Ainsi parlait l'ultra-zionista)
Dark Forces Behind Anti-Trumpism
Donald Trump and the Liberal Intelligentsia: a View from Europe par Jean Bricmont
In a revealing interview, Trump predicts a ‘massive recession’ but intends to eliminate the national debt in 8 years
Trump’s First 100 Days As President by Stephen Lendman
VIDEO - Marine Le Pen comparée à Trump (Elle se défend d'avoir à répondre sur le cas Trump en disant qu'elle est pas Américaine, mais au Québec elle se gêne pas pour nous dire quoi faire...)
Should Jews worry about Trump?
Rabbinic Scholars Weigh in on the Meaning of Trump’s Candidacy
Behind Donald Trump: A Jewish son-in-law who is also an adviser
Who is Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner?
Nouvelles tensions entre Donald Trump et des donateurs juifs ? Le candidat refuse un meeting à Las Vegas
Lindsey Graham Warns Israel: Trump “Dangerous for the Entire World”
Lindsey Graham in Israel: Trump’s foreign policy worse than Obama’s
Trump is worse than Obama on Israel and foreign policy, GOP senator says
Trump, «menace pour la paix et la prospérité», dit le vice-chancelier
Le candidat Donald Trump ne ménage pas ses critiques contre l’Otan
Is Trump Right About NATO? I am "not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,’" Donald Trump told The New York Times last weekend. "I like the expression."
VIDEO - Donald Trump et Marion Maréchal-Le Pen : naissance d'une love story, le billet de Daniel Morin (ultra caricatural, au point que même moi je décroche complètement avant la fin, c'est dire... Rappelons que même Dieudonné a recours à ce genre de procédé du faux reportage de propagande nazie-fasciste des années 30-40.)
President Trump? Who’s Who in Trump’s Foreign Policy Inner Circle? US War Machine Rolls On
Jean-Michel Quatrepoint : «Trump et Sanders, la revanche de l’Amérique sur Wall Street»
VIDEO - POLITEIA - Du populisme : "Trump est un parfait démocrate, selon nos critères contemporains, précisément parce que notre pseudo démocratie est un régime économique et non politique, et que Trump est un marchand de tapis"
A tombstone for Donald Trump appears in New York’s Central Park for a short time Sunday.
Chef de l’ADL : Trump épouse des “idées nocives” et déchaîne l’extrémisme Un côté de la médaille...
THEZOG.INFO: Who Controls Donald Trump? Et l'envers de la même médaille!
VIDEO - RAPPEL: Donald Trump rattrapé par l'islamophobie de ses militants
Way to Go, AIPACers: Cheering Trump Undid Years of Work Against BDS I can see the headline of the next BDS campaign now: 'Racist demagogue Donald Trump receives warm welcome from AIPAC, 'America's pro-Israel lobby.'' Unfortunately, the headline would be true.
The rule of fear Op-ed: Fear and the manner in which it is leveraged by leaders in the US, Europe and Israel threatens democracy. The common denominator of what is developing within the US presidential election campaign (the Trump phenomenon), Europe, in which the echoes of the extreme right wing parties are growing, and PM Netanyahu’s rhetoric of intimidation in Israel is a creeping threat to the foundations of democracy.
Ghosts of Golda Meir and Joe McCarthy Haunt Sanders, Trump and the Wisconsin Primaries Are Paul Ryan’s photo-ops with Benjamin Netanyahu an innocent sign of a beautiful friendship or a clever ploy en route to the GOP nomination?
The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray Foreign leaders ‘don’t expect half-baked notions coming out of the White House,’ US president says of Republican frontrunner.
Obama: Trump Doesn't Know Much About Foreign Policy Online predictions market PredictIt said on Friday that the probability Trump will win his party's nomination had dropped sharply in the past week.

Trump and Netanyahu, Purveyors of Hate Both stoke fear of external threats and nurture resentment of internal others to gain power and deflect criticism.
Donald Trump’s anti-Semitism controversies: A timeline Presumptive GOP candidate faces growing accusations his campaign condones Jew-hatred, if not encourages it outright.
Brad Thor Denies He Was Talking About an Assassination Attempt on Trump
Glenn Beck Suspended by SiriusXM for 'Advocating Harm' Against Trump Show's guest Brad Thor asked 'what patriot will step up' if a President Trump overstepped his bounds, to which Beck agreed.
Double Standards: Unrelenting Anti-Trump Media Campaign, Coverup of Hillary “Racketeering Charges”
Paranoia-Rama: Trump's Latest Absurdity, Martial Law Fears & About Those Death Panels…
Rachel Maddow Skewers Donald Trump And One Of His Many Conspiracy Theorist Pals
Trump’s Jewish adviser: He’s not responsible for supporters’ anti-Semitism ‘He can’t keep going around saying I denounce anti-Semitism,’ says Trump’s Orthodox consultant Jason Dov Greenblatt.
You’re Welcome, Anti-Semites: Here Are Some More (((Jews))) For You
Donald Trump’s anti-Semitism controversies: A timeline Presumptive GOP candidate faces growing accusations his campaign condones Jew-hatred, if not encourages it outright.
Trump's Son-in-law Targeted by Jew-tracking App Before Google Took It Down Coincidence Detector enclosed names that its algorithm deemed Jewish in triple parentheses, a symbol that allowed neo-Nazis to more easily aim their anti-Semitic bile.
Who Cares That Ivanka Trump Is Jewish? Some of history’s biggest anti-Semites had Jews that they loved.
With Friends Like President Trump The candidacy clinched, Trump is falling over himself with praise for the Jewish state. But love is no substitute for competence and in foreign policy he hasn’t exhibited any.
White Nationalists: Trump May Not Meet All Our Expectations, But Neither Did Jesus

Donald Trump and William Kristol sling insults over potential third-party challenger
Kristol Eyes Conservative Lawyer David French for Independent Presidential Run
Here in Israel, reading about possible @DavidAFrench candidacy, thought of Herzl: Im tirtzu, ein zo agada. If you will it, it is no dream. — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) June 1, 2016 Son épouse Nancy French a coécrit un livre avec Sarah Palin, une sioniste plus sioniste que les sionistes...
The (David) French Connection Why Bill Kristol's bewildering pick for a #NeverTrump presidential candidate makes a certain amount of sense.
Qui est David French, le champion inconnu des anti-Trump Cet ancien soldat pourrait se lancer dans la course pour rallier les conservateurs rejetant le candidat officiel du parti républicain...
David French, Proposed Conservative Alternative to Trump, Draws Tepid Response Republican strategists aren’t rallying to Tennessee lawyer, according to people familiar with talks to recruit another contender, By Reid J. Epstein and Patrick O’Connor.
David French: I Will Vote for Donald Trump If He Is the Nominee
VIDEO - Bloomberg Politics : Bill Kristol Eyes David French For Independent Run
The Death of Bill Kristol
Kristol Eyes Conservative Lawyer David French for Independent Presidential Run The conservative editor of the Weekly Standard has been searching for a candidate to challenge Trump and Clinton in the general election.
Kristol looking at National Review staff writer David French for independent presidential run
VIDEO - National Review [--Kristol's journal--] urges Mitt Romney to run for president As many in the GOP jump on board the Trump train, the holdouts hoping to stop it in its tracks have dwindled from a movement with momentum to just an unyielding few. The National Review's David French and political analyst Rick Tyler join to discuss.

PM’s son said pushing for appointment of spokesman who called Obama anti-Semitic TV report doesn’t explain why Yair Netanyahu so wants Ran Baratz to be his father’s media czar, but insists story is true despite official denial.
Netanyahu revives bid to appoint spokesman who called Obama anti-Semitic
The Obama Doctrine and How America Is Disengaging From Israel Forget the candidates' AIPAC love-in. With the possible exception of Hillary Clinton, they’re all in basic agreement with Obama: pulling back from the Middle East is crucial for America’s future.
German Economic News Reports Obama Has Abandoned His ‘Neocons’
The Establishment Strikes Back at Obama
Doctrine Obama : La realpolitik et les voeux pieux « Entre les quatre grandes options de la diplomatie américaine moderne que sont l’isolationnisme, le réalisme, l’interventionnisme progressiste (et l’internationalisme – dans le sens américain du terme, c’est-à-dire agir par le biais des organisations internationales -, Obama est plus proche des «réalistes» Il juge, écrit Goldberg, que «le multilatéralisme modère l’arrogance» qui pèse sur la politique internationale américaine.» (5)
The Obama Doctrine The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world. By Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic
Why Did Netanyahu Make a Settler His Top NYC Diplomat?

Bernie Sanders : « Je n’ai pas comparé Trump à Hitler » Le candidat juif démocrate a évoqué lors d’un meeting à la mairie « ce qu’un fanatique peut faire en attisant la haine raciale » mais a par la suite démenti tout parallèle
Bernie Sanders on Israel: Stop Settlement Expansion, ‘Indiscriminate’ Palestinian Deaths
Massively inflating toll, Sanders suggests Israel killed ‘over 10,000 innocents’ in Gaza Democratic hopeful acknowledges he’s not sure of figures, but accuses Israel of indiscriminate attacks, says it must improve ties with Palestinians to improve US tie.
Ghosts of Golda Meir and Joe McCarthy Haunt Sanders, Trump and the Wisconsin Primaries Are Paul Ryan’s photo-ops with Benjamin Netanyahu an innocent sign of a beautiful friendship or a clever ploy en route to the GOP nomination?
D’après Sanders, Israël aurait tué « plus de 10000 innocents » à Gaza
Bernie Sanders accuse Israël d’avoir tué 10.000 innocents à Gaza – même le Hamas n’avait pas osé !
Seven times worse than Hamas: Bernie Sanders by the numbers
ADL Slams Sanders for Exaggeraring Palestinian Death Toll in Gaza War
Exagération? Ça dépend de la source de nos chiffres...
Times of Israel: Michael Oren : Sanders devrait s’excuser pour ses fausses accusations Les affirmations du candidat sur la cruauté israélienne et le nombre de morts mettent en danger la sécurité de l’Etat juif
Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza ‘blood libel’ Democratic candidate’s claims of Israeli ruthlessness and inflated death toll endanger the Jewish state’s security, MK and former envoy to US says
Bernie Sanders’ overestimate of civilian deaths in Gaza distorted, campaign says
Times of Israel: Sept fois pire que le Hamas : Bernie Sanders joue avec les chiffres Contre-opinion : le candidat démocrate n’était pas disponible, mardi, pour corriger ses surestimations calomnieuses des victimes de Gaza. Il était sans aucun doute trop occupé à conquérir le Wisconsin. Que le Ciel nous vienne en aide Il a fumé quoi ? Bernie Sanders sous-entend que les musulmans sont les nouveaux juifs
Absent de l’AIPAC, Sanders critique « l’occupation israélienne » L’outsider démocrate présente une critique cinglante des implantations, du gouvernement de Netanyahu, souligne que l’on peut être “pro-Israël” et soutenir l’accord iranien
US Jewish group slams Bernie Sanders for misstatements on 2014 Gaza war
Sanders decries ‘distortion’ over his remark on 10,000 Gaza dead Campaign for Democratic presidential hopeful says senator corrected himself on 2014 death toll, no candidate is ‘a stronger supporter of Israel’.
Un groupe juif salue le recul de Sanders sur Gaza, quand un second réclame plus de clarté
As one Jewish group praises Sanders’ Gaza backtrack, second says he has more to clarify
Sanders Squirms on the Hot Seat After Inflating Gaza Toll
Bernie Sanders clarifies statements on 2014 Gaza war after speaking to ADL
Sanders tells ADL he knows he got his Gaza death toll number wrong
Sanders again inflates Gaza civilian death toll, though he’s getting closer
Sanders Seeks 'Compassion' for Palestinians in Changes to Democrats' Policy Member of the Democrats' platform drafting committee says desired changes are about more than the two-state solution while Sanders surrogate says she plans to 'act out' if she's excluded from process at convention.
Sanders Chose Wrong People to Change Democratic Platform on Israel The Vermont senator’s representative, Cornel West, uses anti-Israel vitriol that Sanders himself tries to avoid.
Krauthammer: Sanders ‘Pushing the Anti-Israel Case’

How an Anti-Zionist’s Embrace of Bernie Was a Gift to Bibi — and Hillary
Following AIPAC speech, Israelis still prefer Clinton to Trump
Racial GOP Rhetoric Propels Jewish Not-For-Profits Into the Fray

VIDEO - Robert Parry Discusses the “AIPAC ‘Pander-off'”

Absent de l’AIPAC, Sanders critique « l’occupation israélienne »
Bernie Sanders Slams Israel After Skipping AIPAC
Rabaisser Israël – par Donald Trump et Bernie Sanders
Le mouvement fantôme de Bernie Sanders

Jeb Bush endorses Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination.
VIDEO - Ted Cruz’s Flashy New Line Against Trump Comes From a Sorkin Film
Cruz chides Trump for ‘Palestine’ references as they vie for pro-Israel support
US Muslims decry Cruz’s call for community surveillance
ADL condemns Cruz for call to patrol ‘Muslim neighborhoods’
Crazed, whack-job Judaic acolytes play concern-troll over ‘Them Mooooz-Lums’… Trump backs tougher border security, waterboarding after Brussels attacks
Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump For Brussels Attack
YouTube locks video of Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels attack.

Sheldon Adelson and the missing $100 million
And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is…Hillary Clinton
Haim Saban warned Clinton that Tea Party is ‘chickensh–‘ next to the neoconservative ‘Coffee Party’
‘Very rough’ talk with Netanyahu referenced in new Clinton email dump But transcript of phone call is blacked out; other releases from presidential contender’s emails relate to Barak, Livni.
Jerusalem Post responds to attack in Clinton e-mails calling paper 'Likud organ'

Fearing Sanders as ‘Closet Realist’

Thierry Meyssan : "Les États-Unis et la Russie vont se retirer du Proche-Orient"
THE ATLANTIC - The Obama Doctrine: The U.S. President talks through his hardest decisions about America's role in the world

Poll: Israelis believe next president will be better than Obama
Obama owes Israel an apology The next president should avoid mimicking the administration’s unwarranted criticism, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has done. We’ve repeatedly credited Hillary Clinton for rebutting Sanders’s libel, and thereby by implication, the administration’s Gaza war rhetoric.

In final Passover greeting, Obama compares Exodus to civil rights battle Avec son discours de libération associé aux Civil Rights (mouvements pour les droits civiques des noirs, etc.), Obama vole aux juifs leur grand récit de libération. C'est ce que les juifs reprochent à Nation of Islam, notamment. L'ancien pasteur d'Obama était sur cette ligne, il a rapidement été identifié et Obama a été étiqueté comme un "radical" à cause de ça, longtemps avant d'être élu en 2008. Il promettait même de faire inspecter les installations nucléaires israéliennes. Il ne l'a pas fait mais il a déclassifié des documents, ce qui pour les sionistes est déjà en soi une preuve de son insoumission, voire de son antisémitisme pharanonien (encore une référence à l'Exode).

Biden à J Street : « Les Etats-Unis ressentent une «énorme frustration» avec le gouvernement israélien »
Biden admet une “frustration accablante” états-unienne vis-à-vis d'Israël
Biden admits to ‘overwhelming frustration’ with Israeli gov’t
U.S. feels 'overwhelming frustration' with Israeli government: Biden

Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law Publishes Newspaper Story About 9/11 Truthers: “toxic silliness, bizarre Internet theorizing by fools and charlatans about how the Twin Towers were “really” destroyed by Jews, Illuminati, or space aliens”

Trump contre le libre échange?
Jewish Democrat Gives 11 Million USD To Ted Cruz – To Stop Trump
In Europe, the far right doesn’t quite know what to make of Trump
With more chutzpa than experience, Orthodox lawyer advises Trump on Israel
Anti-Trump Forces Routed in New York
Tensions entre Donald Trump et des donateurs juifs
Trump terrifies (western) world leaders

Op-Ed: Netanyahu is not the first leader the White House found "frustrating" RE: JFK VS BEN-GURION

'Obama wants Israel to spend aid money entirely on US-made weapons'
83 sénateurs appellent Obama à augmenter l’aide militaire à Israël
Large majority of US Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid 
Israel feels vindicated by congressmen pushing for more US military aid
US to give Israel 'largest military aid package in history'

Dershowitz: Obama’s double standard toward Netanyahu  The US president owes the American people, and Benjamin Netanyahu, an explanation for his apparent hypocrisy and inconsistency.
Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel (must read)
Netanyahu, Obama's Tense Relations Hinder U.S.-Israel Aid Deal  'There’s a unique place of pique for the Israelis in certain places in the administration' hovering over negotiations, expert tells New York Times
Poll: Most Israelis think any of the candidates would be better for Israel than Obama Channel 1 survey finds majority prefer Clinton in the White House, but believe Trump and Netanyahu would get along better.
Intel Services Minister: Israel can’t count on US at UN

UNSC rejects Israeli jurisdiction on Golan as 'null and void'
UN Security Council Expresses 'Deep Concern' Over Netanyahu's Recent Golan Remarks  PM declared that Israel would never withdraw from the Golan Heights, but council members say the territory's status should remain unchanged.
ONU : Le statut du Golan « inchangé » malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu Le Conseil de Sécurité a « invité les parties à respecter les dispositions de l’accord de désengagement » entre les forces israéliennes et syriennes sur le plateau datant de 1974.
Onu : le statut du Golan "inchangé" malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu
UN council voices alarm at Israeli cities on Golan Heights
Israeli hold on Golan ‘null and void,’ UN Security Council says
UN rebuffs Netanyahu claim on Golan ownership
Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Not a day goes by that Ted Cruz doesn’t think about the Jews and Israel

Ted Cruz Campaigned As God's Chosen Candidate Before Conceding Defeat
TRUMP BEAT GOD: How Could Ted Cruz Have Lost When God Promised Him Victory? (Another Evangelical Fantasy Explodes)
Creep-Cruz Adviser, ‘Israeli-Firster’ Boykin, Falls For Internet Hoaxes About ‘Sharia Courts’ In Texas And Michigan

GOP megadonor likens Trump policies to Nazi Germany
Some American Muslims like the fact that Trump’s ‘a little nuts’ A small number of Muslims find comfort, not concern, in Trump’s strong stance on immigrants, thinking he might do better than rivals in containing extremists
Trump's Not Our Guy. It's Time to Stop Pretending Otherwise. Which brings me to the main point of this article: Trump’s associations with Jews. It’s no secret, nor is it unusual, that Trump has associations with many diaspora Israelis. After all, he’s a New York real estate mogul. But what kinds of associations are we talking about here? Quite a few of them are criminals and sleazeballs like “billionaire of fun” Stewart Rahr and notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Jewish rapist of underage White sex slaves from Eastern Europe. Regarding Epstein, Trump has said, "I've known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy… He's a lot of fun to be with.” One can only imagine what Trump meant by that.  Michael Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment, a book which posits that Israel was behind the assassination of JFK, had this to say about Trump’s business dealings in Atlantic City in the 80s:
In his memoir, Trump proudly described how in 1987 he bought his first casino interests when he purchased 93 percent of the voting stock in the Resorts International (RI) gambling concern. What Trump didn’t say was that RI was controlled by a clique of sordid, international big-money elements in alliance with the Jewish crime syndicate which was, in turn, collaborating with the CIA and Israel’s Mossad in an array of inter-connected money-laundering operations. The casinos laundered money for the CIA and the Mossad. In return, these agencies used their influence to ensure the mob remained protected from interference by law enforcement.

Trump endorses Jewish settlement expansion in West Bank
Trump Vows To Seek Better Relations With Russia If Elected
Donald Trump : «Nous avons fait du Moyen Orient un endroit plus chaotique qu’avant»
Donald Trump précise sa vision de la politique étrangère
Trump on foreign policy: Iran deal allowed it to become a 'great power' at Israel's expense
Trump : Obama a abandonné les alliés des Etats-Unis, notamment Israël Le favori des primaires républicaines veut une politique étrangère moins interventionniste
Trump: Obama Made Iran a Great Power at Israel's Expense  In first foreign policy speech, Republican frontrunner says U.S. under his leadership would get out of 'nation-building business,' vows to make U.S. allies bear financial burden for their defense.
Donald Trump: Obama is no friend of Israel
Under Obama, candidate laments, 'We pick fights with our oldest friends' Obama ‘snubbed’ Israel, treated Iran with ‘tender love and care,’ Trump charges In speech outlining foreign policy, Republican front-runner hammers home ‘America first,’ says Islamic Republic won’t get nuclear weapons if he’s president.
Trump Says Obama 'Weakened Israel' and Jewish Communities in Europe  Trump's adviser Jason Greenblatt promised to 'create a different tone in Europe and around the world.'
Trump vows to put 'America first,' criticizes Obama for 'snubbing' Israel  In his largely anticipated formal foreign policy speech, the US Republican presidential hopeful laid out a policy putting his country before others and slammed the current administration's treatment of the Jewish State.
Neocons Make Trump Sound Like Peacenik on Foreign Policy
VIDEO - "America First" Slogan to be Outlawed Alex Jones a effectivement de la misère à s'en sortir avec le slogan de Trump "America First" sans passer très très vite sur le sujet de "ces populistes des années 30-40 qui au nom de l'Amérique d'abord s'opposaient à l'entrée des USA dans la 2e guerre mondiale". Fait saillant de ce petit discours creux d'Alex Jones: selon lui l'un des pires crimes de l'ADL est d'avoir donné des prix au "nazi notoire" Schwarzenegger. LOL! Schwarzie danse avec les Chabad Lubavitch et fait des discours excessivement pro-juifs et pro-Israel, notamment à l'époque où il était gouverneur de Californie. Come on Alex, tu peux faire mieux que ça! Comme la "dissidonce" il bashe George Soros en priorité... Ça tombe bien pour Alex car il peut mettre le mal commis par Soros sur le dos de "sa collaboration avec les nazis".
German Foreign Minister Slams Trump for 'America First' Remark  Frank-Walter Steinmeier says he hopes U.S. election campaign 'does not lack the perception of reality' after Trump states that if elected, European allies would be left to fend for themselves.
Trump’s Support for Israel Marred by Troubling Revival of ‘America First’ Slogan Republican frontrunner’s foreign policy speech will remind American Jews of isolationist movement stained by anti-Semitism that tried to block war with Hitler.
L'Amérique d'abord: Donald Trump veut une politique étrangère moins interventionniste
As expected, Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan stirs up the Jewish MSM

US Jews Ring Alarm Bells About Fall Vote — but Refuse To Name Donald Trump as Problem  
Trump's Foreign Policy Is the Realism America Needs
A First: GOP Leaders Like Trump Speech
ADL wants Trump to ditch new slogan

ADL Urges Donald Trump to Reconsider “America First” in Foreign Policy Approach The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged presidential candidate Donald Trump to reconsider his use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan describing his approach to foreign affairs, citing its anti-Semitic use in the months before Pearl Harbor by a group of prominent Americans seeking to keep the nation out of World War II.
Note: Everything is ANTI-SEMITIC TO ADL.
ADL Targets Trump: Saying "America First" is Anti-Semitic "The most noteworthy leader of the 'America First Committee' was Charles Lindbergh," the ADL said in a press release Thursday, "who sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes."
Trump Urged to Drop 'America First' Slogan Due to anti-Semitic Past The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) urged Trump to reconsider the phrase Thursday citing its "anti-Semitic use in the months before Pearl Harbor by a group of prominent Americans seeking to keep the nation out of World War II."  According to a statement released by the Jewish watchdog, the most leader of the “America First Committee” was Charles Lindbergh, who "sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes, including assertions that Jews posed a threat to the U.S. because of their influence in motion pictures, radio, the press, and the government."
Trump’s anti-interventionist foreign policy causes a panic among the warmongers
ADL to Trump: Come up with something other than ‘America First’ Organization reminds Republican front-runner that term is closely associated with WWII-era anti-Semitism, pro-Nazi proclivities.
Ron Paul, Secretary of State?
Le clan Bush ne soutiendra pas Donald Trump
In Indiana, Trump Completes Hostile Takeover of the GOP  After the N.Y. billionaire’s Indiana victory, many Americans pinched themselves and said: It’s the end of the world as we know it.
Prominent Republican Jews question loyalty to party under Trump RJC offers cool support for billionaire left alone in the race, while others say they’re standing by the GOP unless the candidate crosses a line.
David Duke Hails Donald Trump For Thwarting The 'Jewish Supremacists Who Control Our Country'
David Duke Says Jews Are ‘Real Problem’ — and Opposition to Donald Trump Proves It David Duke: Trump victory wrests control of country from ‘Jewish extremists’
David Duke Hopes To Get Donald Trump To Embrace Full-Blown Anti-Semitism
Donald Trump Is Just Asking The Question: How The GOP Presidential Candidate Spreads His Conspiracy Theories
Donald Trump Won't Condemn Anti-Semitic Abuse Hurled At Jewish Journalist
Donald Trump disavows anti-Jewish rhetoric from ex-KKK leader David Duke
Trump Rejects White Supremacist Duke's Comments: 'Anti-Semitism Has No Place in Our Society'  Former KKK leader blamed Republican Jews for attempting to block Trump's nomination, prompting ADL to urge Trump to disavow statement.
VIDEO - Eric Zemmour sur Donald Trump et Bernie Sanders
Le discours de politique étrangère de Donald Trump
Sheldon Adelson will support Trump as Republican nominee‘I’m a Republican, he’s a Republican,’ says Jewish casino magnate and mega-donor to GOP; ‘he won fair and square’.
Trump on Foreign Defense Aid: Israel Should Reimburse the US
VIDEO - Emergency Committee for Israel: Trump loves Dictators

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and CIA-Cuban “Deep Politics”
Is Donald Trump Following in Thomas Jefferson’s Footsteps?
Wall Street Insider and former Bush Administration official remarking on Trump’s election chances– ‘It all comes down to the U.S. Military and Intelligence Communities’
Kerry slams Trump's wall, tells grads to prepare for 'borderless world'
Trump now says Muslim ban was ‘just a suggestion’
Trump faults computer ‘error’ for listing white supremacist as delegate
Trump Would Beat Clinton; Sanders Would Beat Trump
Rand Paul Will Endorse Donald Trump
Sarah Palin: Ryan ‘disrespected the American people’ Elle s'arrange clairement pour être choisie comme colistière par le candidat Trump. Elle est plus sioniste que les plus fous des sionistes.
Trump's Team: The Bigoted, Unhinged Conspiracy Theorists Benefiting From Donald Trump's Campaign
Can anti-Trump Jews Save the Republican Party? Many Jewish conservatives are adrift, impotent and uneasy. Their intense opposition to Trump is not only based on policy but also the anti-intellectual, vulgar and angry culture he represents.
Donald Trump Puzzles Jewish Groups by Failing To Create Communication Channels
Donald Trump refuse de condamner ses supporters néonazis
Republicans Feel ‘Trump Terror’
Trump’s America First Policy: Remarkably Sophisticated
Where Jewish conservatives stand on Donald Trump: A running tally
Personal Insults Fuel GOP Insurrection Against Trump Scorn and ridicule are not only in his nature; they’ve been a main ingredient in the New York billionaire’s success.
‘Cantor’ Becomes a Verb as Sarah Palin Vows To Crush GOP Critics of Donald Trump

How the 2016 US election is upending pro-Israel orthodoxies

Une journaliste juive bombardée d’injures antisémites par des partisans de Trump Après avoir écrit un profil peu flatteur de l’épouse du candidat, Julia Ioffe est menacée avec des discours d’Hitler et des photos d’Auschwitz
Critical profile of Melania Trump unleashes flood of anti-Semitic abuse on reporter
Journalist who profiled Melania Trump hit with barrage of antisemitic abuse  Julia Ioffe has received disturbing calls and online abuse since profiling Donald Trump’s wife for GQ, and likens antisemitism to ‘shit I’ve only seen in Russia’.
Journalist Flooded With Neo-Nazi Hate After Writing Melania Trump Profile
Jewish reporter says Trump supporters bombarding her with anti-Semitic rhetoric
Journalist hit with anti-Semitic hate mail after profile on Trump's wife

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: Defensive Realist vs. War Hawk?
Clinton’s frustrations with ‘f-word’ Netanyahu detailed in new book Ex-NY Times White House correspondent says secretary declined to visit to Israel in June 2009 to do damage control after Obama’s Cairo trip
Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy advisers are exactly who you’d expect them to be Une belle bande de juifs bien sûr, mais pas ces juifs ultra sionistes qui veulent une guerre mondiale. Plutôt ces juifs américains qui adorent Goldman Sachs et voudraient propager l'American Way of Life partout dans le monde au nom des droits de l'homme. Si elle est élue, ce sera le retour au vieil interventionnisme. Pas celui de Bush fils, mais quand même...
Hillary Clinton est-elle plus dangereuse que Donald Trump ? article original : "Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump? "
VIDEO - Emergency Committee for Israel: Where's Hillary?  Où était cachée Hillary quand le gvt Obama a boycotté la venue de Bibi au Congrès? Elle  aparticipié au boycott car on ne l'a pas vue.
Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton? Ironique que les néocons se retrouvent à appuyer malgré eux un Clinton.
“She sounds like Netanyahu”: Hillary Clinton goes extra hawkish in her biased, die-hard pro-Israel AIPAC speech

Sanders pressured to quit White House race as Clinton weighs VP picks Democratic frontrunner is said to be putting together list of 15-20 prospects.
Video - Noam Chomsky: Young Bernie Sanders Supporters are a “Mobilized Force That Could Change the Country”
L’AJC fustige Sanders pour avoir comparé Baltimore à la Cisjordanie
WATCH: U.S. Poverty Is a 'Death Sentence' Similar to Conditions in 'Palestine,' Says Sanders  During a campaign rally ahead of the Maryland primary, Bernie Sanders compared poverty in Baltimore to quality of life statistics from around the world - including North Korea, Nigeria and Palestinian Authority.
Why did Bernie Sanders invoke the West Bank to make a point about poverty in Baltimore?
Sanders ‘put everything on the line’ for Palestine because BDS movement has changed US conversation — Peled
Poll: Sanders voters more sympathetic to Palestinians than to Israel 
Bernie Sanders Was Right To Condemn Henry Kissinger. But Why Did He Praise Winston Churchill?  The former prime minister was, indeed, a “fan of regime change,” among other things. (...) But for a candidate denouncing Kissinger and his record of atrocities, Churchill is an odd choice as an “influence,” to say the least.  Where to start? Churchill’s contribution to the war effort cheered by Sanders helped contribute to the 1943 Bengal famine, which Churchill later callously exacerbated, leading to the fatal starvation of around 3 million people. According to author Madhusree Mukerjee, during World War II, Churchill exported huge amounts of food from India to Britain and various war theaters, despite being repeatedly warned that continued exhaustion of India’s food supplies would lead to famine.  He continued to demand more rice even as India starved, declined offers of wheat from the United States and Canada, and had Australian ships carrying wheat bypass India and travel straight to Europe. Leopold Amery, then the Secretary of State for India, recorded in his diary Churchill saying that “the starvation of anyhow under-fed Bengalis is less serious than sturdy Greeks.”  While leading the UK in the 1950s, Churchill was responsible for other crimes. One of these was the CIA- and MI6-engineered coup in Iran, which saw the democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq overthrown in 1953 after he nationalized British oil holdings in the country.
Make Israel Great Again: Dovish Israeli Politicians Take Page Out of Trump Playbook Nowadays it seems everyone in the Israeli center-left wants to become a tough-talking, BDS-confronting, Haaretz-hating, leftist-basher.
Pastor Jeremiah Johnson: God Told Me He Sent Donald Trump To Help Bring About The Second Coming Of Jesus Ce genre de dérapage religieux-politique, plus le pasteur John Hagee qui endosse Trump au nom de Dieu, ça devient épeurant…
Crowd Cheers as Trump Declares 'Countries Need to Pay Up' for American Protection 'The really big problem with NATO, I told him this, you have 28 countries but many of the countries are not paying what they're supposed to be paying. They have to pay up.'
Dejected Neocons Lash Out At “Fascist, Huckster” Trump
LE FIGARO : « Populisme» : et si on arrêtait avec les poncifs ? «La montée du populisme»: Cette expression, promise à un grand avenir dans l'année qui vient, est faite pour donner des frissons et un peu de culpabilité supplémentaire aux peuples européens. C'est bien connu, la montée du populisme est la réédition de la montée du fascisme dans les années trente, devant laquelle nous alertent nos gardiens du devoir de mémoire. Cerise sur le gâteau, on a confectionné une expression plus parlante encore: le «national-populisme», au cas où l'électeur n'aurait pas complètement pris la mesure, malgré le matraquage idéologique régnant, de l'époque «nauséabonde» que nous vivons. C'est beau et simple comme un manuel d'histoire pour lycéens! Et lorsque ce n'est pas avec la montée du fascisme, c'est avec la montée du communisme qu'on compare le populisme, ce nouveau spectre qui hanterait l'Europe. Malheureusement on n'a toujours pas établi les connexions idéologiques et pratiques de cette internationale populiste...
The Newt factor: Gingrich as Trump’s VP would be a scary, power-hungry monster Just Like Dick Cheney: Newt would abuse his power when dealing with national security and military affairs
Donald Trump says Newt Gingrich is ‘absolutely’ on his Veep short list
Newt Gingrich Is the Perfect Trump Running Mate Why Donald should pick the former speaker of the House.
Will Donald Trump Pick Fellow Conspiracy Theorist Newt Gingrich For VP?
Dennis Prager Will Support Trump Over Clinton Because Sometimes 'Mature People' Have To Support A Stalin To Defeat A Hitler
Will A Summer Of Violence Accompany A Trump Nomination?
58 Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories (And Counting!): The Definitive Trump Conspiracy Guide
Glen Beck and guest Brad Thor discussing in coded language assassinating Trump to keep him out of power
NY Times editor calls out Trump for ignoring supporters’ anti-Semitic tweets
Donald Trump's New Fundraiser's Israel Connection The vice chairman of the Trump Victory Fund, Elliott Broidy, was removed as chairman of the Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm Markstone Capital Partners after paying bribes to pension fund managers.
Trump Rips Bill Kristol: "All The Guy Wants to do is Kill People and Go to War"
“Isn’t it clear Trump is a pathological narcissist and liar?”: Bill Kristol’s sad boy tweets are a morbid treat Kristol baits Trump on Twitter all day, every day, but still can't score the coveted reply from The Donald
VIDEO - Bill Kristol: Trump And Clinton "Are Scared" Of My Third Party Idea; Mitt Romney "An Impressive Man"
Trump backers unleash anti-Semitic tweets at 'New York Times' editor
VIDEO - Bill Kristol Goes Off On CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota For Questioning Third Party Picks
Donald Trump Blasts ‘Loser’ Bill Kristol for Trying to Start Third Party
Glenn Beck guest asks whether 'patriot' would remove Trump from White House
Trump: 'They Want To Slip Joe Biden In To Replace Bernie'
RAPPEL: NEO-CON King Bill Kristol: 'Iraq War Will Last 2 Months'
Liberal Jews plan a summer of opposing Donald Trump
They don’t want Trump or Hillary: Half of voters would consider a third-party presidential candidate 47% of registered American voters would vote third party, poll finds, as Trump begins overtaking Clinton nationally.
Bill Kristol: 'New Presidential Candidate To Enter Race'
Trump, Kristol trade barbs in 'Post' interview with 'Weekly Standard' editor
Trump Unleashes Tirade After Bill Kristol Says Independent Candidate Will Run
Trump posts flurry of tweets after Kristol's 'third-party candidate' prediction
GOP looks for last minute alternative to Trump Donald Trump responded to Bill Kristol's cryptic tweet about a potential third party candidate. NBC's Chris Jansing discusses with a political panel.
Meet Shmuley Boteach, the Right-Wing Reality Show ‘Rabbi’ Hustling His Way Into the Trump Campaign
The Outrageous Jewish Hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump — Not To Mention Donald and Melania
Republican Jewish Coalition decries ‘anti-Semitic invective’ in presidential race
Jewish Republicans blast anti-Semitic attacks on reporters
Humour – Le montage le plus drôle sur Trump vs Sanders
Sanders Challenges Clinton, but Trump May Be His Own Worst Enemy He's confirmed the nomination and lined up most of the GOP, but the New York tycoon continues with scorched-earth tactics.

Trump Meets ‘Genocidal’ Kissinger to Develop Foreign Policy
VIDEO – Top 7 des déclarations de Trump
Donald Trump’s Five Questions on US Foreign Policy
The Donald Trump Agenda Trump’s position on immigration reform makes it evident that his administration would add regulations that would burden private-sector businesses, enlarge the police-state grid, and tread heavily on the US Constitution.
Donald Trump might kill the 'special relationship'. That's no laughing matter for Britain
US Military Supports Trump, and Probably Not Why You Think
Donald Trump’s Unsurprising Surprise
Mark Dankof and Jonas E. Alexis on Trump, America First, and The Lobby
Fascism is looming over the US — and it’s bad news for the Jews
Arch NeoCon Robert Kagan on a Trump Presidency– ‘This is how fascism comes to America’
Trump: Bad for Jewish Republicans?
Trump backers hurl anti-Semitic tweets at NY Times editor
The Judaic threats to implode US Economy over Trump presidency begin– ‘Huge, huge losses for stocks if Trump wins’
Jews Face a Precarious Future in a Trump America As Breitbart’s 'Renegade Jew' smear shows, Trump won't denounce his hacks' anti-Semitism. It’s a hatred that's now core to his campaign.
Will Donald Trump turn against the Zionist lobby if elected?
Trump’s dangerous neutrality on Israel
What Do Voters See in Donald Trump? Meet James Traficant, the Man Who Prefigured Him
Donald Trump’s Rise Shows How Much Pro-Israel Politics Has Changed in 5 Years
U.S. Jewish Groups Condemn Breitbart for Calling Bill Kristol 'Renegade Jew' Critics slam 'inappropriate and offensive' article claiming neoconservative commentator betrays fellow Jews by opposing Trump.
Going against the plan: Why the psychopath neocons hate fascist Trump Trump expresses himself in often crude language eg. threatening to "carpet bomb" the Islamic State. He is not coherent. He continues to talk of Iran as an enemy — ignoring the fact that it is as much a potential partner of the US as Russia and China are. Some of the things Trump says — for example his talk of embracing torture — are frankly disturbing. It remains to be seen whether a President Trump if elected would be either willing or able — as he promises — to change the entire foreign policy direction of the US. The fact however remains that Trump has challenged the ideological foundations upon which US foreign policy is built whilst offering an alternative that has elicited a powerful response from the US public. That is why the US political establishment is so alarmed by him.
Trump- American Hero Or Zionist Messiah? “Trump is an enigma. And when we look at Trump we see that there is a divide on the anti-New World Order and anti-Zionist right regard to whether or not we should be supporting Donald Trump,” Dankof said. On the one hand he claims, friends like Michael Collins Piper and Nathanael Kapner have exposed Trump’s “longtime relationship with the Zionist entity and to the Zionist community in New York.” “Trump keeps sending mixed signals. On the one hand he talks about America First. On the one hand he talks about these crazy Middle Eastern military involvements. He’s saying some of the right things of having legitimate diplomatic relationship with Vladimir Putin, and putting a lease on NATO, even getting out of NATO,” Dankof claims. “He said a series of good things about cutting American financial commitments, defense South Africa and Japan, given the American economy,” he said. “And yet nonetheless on the other hand, he has more recent plans, and said a series of things that are absolutely alarming on this whole subject of Israel and Zionism.”
So-called ‘Libertarian’ VP-Candidate uses bankrupt holocau$t canard against Trump
David Duke Wants to be Trump's VP, Says He'd be His 'Life Insurance'

Sheldon Adelson is wrong: Trump is no champion of Israel
Will Jewish Billionaires Heed Sheldon Adelson’s Call To Put Money Behind Donald Trump?
Adelson veut donner 100 M $ à Trump qui soutient Israël Le magnat juif des casinos aurait promis une contribution sans précédent alors que le favori à l’investiture républicaine a souligné son attachement à l’état juif.
Adelson set to give over $100 million to Israel-supporting Trump In meeting last week, Jewish casino magnate reportedly promised unprecedented contribution as GOP front-runner stressed commitment to Jewish state
Adelson formally endorses Trump, says alternative is ‘third term’ of Obama
Adelson: You May Not Like Trump, but Country Needs Strong Leadership After finally endorsing presumptive GOP nominee, Jewish mega-donor makes strongest plea set to urge Republicans to come together to support Trump.
Sheldon Adelson May Be Able to Afford to Bet on Trump, but Israel Can’t Right now, Trump wants Adelson’s money and Adelson wants to give it to him – but how can we know if the relationship will last?
Is Sheldon Adelson’s Cash Tainted by Donald Trump’s Touch?

New York Primary: For Israel and U.S. Jews, Cruz May Be More Threatening Than Trump When Ted Cruz has gone all out to woo Jewish voters in New York, he touts his sterling Senate pro-Israel positions. But those voters recognize the danger in AIPAC talking points actually becoming American policy.
Prominent Jewish donors host Cruz fundraiser Ahead of primary, half of listed givers at New York City’s Harvard Club event are Jews.
Texas senator-elect Cruz, on first Israel visit, talks Syria with Netanyahu
Ted Cruz’s Yiddish ad tells New York Jews he is God’s chosen candidate

We’re All Simone Zimmerman: Will Social Media Bury a Generation of Would-be Leaders? The lesson of Zimmerman's suspension from the Sanders campaign may have less to do with her Israel views than with the lasting consequences of how we use social media.
No Reward for Sanders’s Israel Stance
Israel Will Be ‘Eliminated’ By International Community, Says Ex-U.S. Official Who Advised Sanders
Sanders's criticism of Israel is long overdue
NY Jewish millennials: Bernie Sanders might not be bad for Israel
If You Lose Simone Zimmerman, You Lose the Best of Jewish Millennials Why is American Jewish Zionism punishing its children for challenging its lies?
This Passover, We’re Joining Simone Zimmerman To Fight for Freedom for All
Bernie Sanders brise la règle du jeu
Why So Many Palestinians in New York Support Bernie Sanders Considering his stance on corporations and the distribution of wealth, Sanders supporters believe a progressive stand against the Israeli occupation is a given.
Bernie or Hillary? A Leftist Feminist Jewess Agonizes
The Sanders/Clinton Split on Israel
Sanders and Clinton: Palestinian Defender vs. Israel Apologist
Hillary compares BDS movement with evil Pharaoh
Clinton Campaign Lurches to the Right. “Overtures to Republican Leaders and Donors”
Hillary Clinton attacks her church over Israel divestment vote
Democratic Party is now split over Israel, and Clinton and Sanders represent opposing camps, says Pew
Courriels d’Hillary : Renverser Assad, détruire la Syrie pour Israël Sérieusement: lisez bien ses courriels, c'est un excellent argument pour voter pour elle! Je me demande si elle a pas fait exprès, de sorte que la vérité soit révélée sur à qui profite la guerre en Syrie et pourquoi Israel veut vraiment bloquer l'accord nucléaire iranien. Réponse: la guerre en Syrie profite à Israel, et Israel a pas peur d'un Iran nucléaire dirigé par un fou, Israel a peur plutôt de perdre son monopole nucléaire!
Jewish leaders express concern over proposed changes to Dem platform on Israel
Republicans join Democrats in anger at AIPAC Lobby shirking mission on host of battles – GOP members Congressional Democrats are still nursing wounds from last year’s fight over the nuclear deal with Iran, which the American Israel Public Affairs Committee aggressively opposed. But in a shift, Republicans are now the ones expressing dissatisfaction with the lobby.
VIDEO - Jeremy Scahill on Sander : Has Sanders Been Given a Pass on his Warmongering?
If Bernie Sanders Has an Actual Plan for Israel and the Palestinians, He’d Better Say So Now
Sanders Challenges Clinton, but Trump May Be His Own Worst Enemy He's confirmed the nomination and lined up most of the GOP, but the New York tycoon continues with scorched-earth tactics.
Will Bernie Sanders Ignite Israel Feud at Democratic Convention?
Sanders' pro-Palestine backers could spark uproar at Dem convention
A Split Over Israel Threatens the Democrats’ Hopes for Unity
Sanders’ Challenge to Clinton and Democrats: Palestinian Lives Matter The party currently supports a two-state solution because it serves Israel’s interests, but not because Palestinians have the right to live as free citizens of their own country.
Jewish Bernie Supporters: Don't Let the Scaremongers Win We may end up giving in to the pressure to get behind Hillary Clinton, a repellent and frightening candidate, to stop Trump, whose ‘fascist’ and anti-Semitic danger has been over-amplified. But not now.
Bernie Sanders picks three Israel critics to help draft Democratic platform
Sanders Slams Adelson for His Support of Trump 'The American people are sick and tired of billionaires running our economy and our political life,' said the Democratic presidential hopeful.
Sanders: Democratic platform must better reflect Palestinian hopes Jewish presidential candidate backs challenger for Congress seat of DNC chief Wasserman Schultz, who he says unfairly treated his campaign.

Battle of the Wannabe White House Jewish Son-in-Laws
Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons
Zionist Marine Le Pen: Hillary winning presidential election would be a danger to world peace
Donald Trump Accuses Bill Clinton of 'Rape' Deflecting accusations in New York Times article of mistreating women, Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president attacks Hillary Clinton's husband.

What Will Bernie Sanders’s Jewish Backers Do Now That the Primary Battle Is Over?
VIDEO - Bernie Sanders SHUTS DOWN Andrea Mitchell's Pro-Clinton Propaganda Like a BOSS!
Bernie Sanders’ Position Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Did Big Media Do in Sanders?
Bernie Sanders’ Position Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Sanders appointees want Democratic platform to reference Israeli occupation
Democrats tussle over adding 'occupation’ to party platform

Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party“Extending American, Strategies to Expand U.S. Engagement”: Hillary Clinton’s Project For A New American Century
Faut pas non plus tomber dans le piège de prendre au premier degré tout ce qu'ils disent... Parfois le plus "ami d'Israel" en public est celui qui ose les combattre en privé, et celui qui prétend être le plus "neutre" peut être en réalité le plus compatible avec les objectifs de Bibi...

Trump and Adelson Were Meant for Each Other Jewish conservatives who condemn the GOP candidate should condemn his Jewish sidekick too.
David Duke blames Trump U controversy on ‘Jewish manipulation of the media’
Pro-Trump former KKK leader blames judge criticism on 'vicious' Jews
Ahead of visit, UK Jewry slams Trump’s ‘troubling’ rhetoric
The Racial Divide Between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Thanks to Donald Trump, Citizen Kane Is More Relevant Than Ever Donald Trump's presidential candidacy proves that Orson Welles' 1941 film 'Citizen Kane' is still relevant.
‘America First’: Trump doubles down on a term that makes many Jews queasy
Meet the One Jewish Group that Can Attack Donald Trump
Donald Trump Is a Candidate for White Supremacists — Not the Jews
Jewish-controlled Media blasts Dr. Duke for blaming Trump U nonsense on Jewish-controlled Media
Bill Kristol, Neo-Con King in 'High Priests of War', Resurfaces in Desperation Against Trump - Author, Michael Collins Piper
Romney concerned Trump promoting ‘trickle-down racism’

The US Establishment Plans War To Stop Trump – Alexander Dugin
Trump: Hillary Will Flood America With Terrorists
Trump has virtually no support in Arab world, Israeli survey find. Maintenir ce genre de distance vis-à-vis des arabes et vice versa, c'est très utile pour se faire élire aux USA.

VIDEO - RWW News: Manning and Jones: Obama Stoking Race War In Order To Stay In Power Je pense pas que c’est Obama, plutôt Israel! Bibi en veut à mort à Obama.

VIDEO - Clinton Threatens War With Iran If Trump Wins
VIDEO - Trump: ‘I Will Send My Attorney General After Clinton’ Si le contenu des courriels d'Hillary est dévoilé publiquement ça risque d'avoir un effet monstre. Je parie qu'ils vont tout faire pour que le contenu ne soit pas examiné et que toute l'attention soit focalisée sur (ou plutôt détournée vers) le côté criminel-judiciaire de toute l'affaire.
Si Kim Jong-Un pouvait voter, il choisirait Trump «sage et clairvoyant» et pas la «terne» Hillary
Israel lobbying Trump, Clinton to blunt potential UN action

Glenn Beck Readies To Read His Children ‘Left Behind’ And Move Operations To Israel In Preparation For Looming Collapse
VIDEO - RWW News: John Hagee Says God Will Hold You Accountable For Not Voting For Donald Trump
Comment l’élection présidentielle est devenue celle de la théorie du complot Au cours des derniers mois, Trump a fait flèche de tout bois pour alimenter la méfiance et le cynisme qui semblent jouer en sa faveur.
How 2016 has become the “conspiracy theory” election
Connecting The Dots With Frank Gaffney For years, we have been covering the attacks that anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney has been leveling against Grover Norquist, a fellow conservative activist who has referred to Gaffney as his “stalker.”

Glenn Beck Conveniently Forgets To Mention That Ted Cruz Cozied Up To 'Kill The Gays' Preacher

Why Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Soon be Abandoning the Democratic Party And Why Their Super-Delegates Will Some Day Regret Sabotaging His Candidacy
What Red-baiting Jew-hater Calls Bernie Sanders a 'non-Jewish Jew and a non-American American'? Jewish conservative Dennis Prager’s recent screed went far beyond dog whistling: It was a klaxon to anti-Semites on the Right, while betraying the essence of Jewish identity.
Clinton and Sanders Meet, Pledge Party Unity. “It’s Clear Where Sanders Stands”
Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Entangled’ Foreign Policy "Si Hillary Clinton est élue, c’est l’Apocalypse islamique assurée"
If Trump Were a “Clinton Plant”, What Would He Do Differently?
Only Clinton Can Save Trump’s Electoral Victory (pdf)

America’s Many Mideast Blunders
Here’s why Trump’s foreign policy terrifies neocons
Is Trump a New Kind of Fascist?
Trump “The Fascist”: Backdoor Backing of a Political Psychopath Named Hilary Clinton
Donald Trump is Losing Jewish Donors and Intellectuals, But Will it Impact His Bottom Line?
Unmasking the Anti-Semitic Meme of Asuka (Trump's cap)
A Florida rabbi protested Donald Trump – and lost his job
Trump Has Ripped the Mask Off the GOP Pretense on Racism Donald Trump's vicious public attacks have smashed the Republican 'deniability consensus' that's held since the civil rights era: Coded appeal to racial hatreds in, naked bigotry out.
Trump’s Blatantly Racist Campaign
Le trumpisme, un maccarthysme anti-musulman ?
Le Hooliganisme Politique
A Campaign Based on Conspiracy Theory
Qui a vraiment peur de Donald Trump?
The Roots of Trump’s Cruel Populism
There Is a Method to the Madness of Trump's Contempt for Media While Trump's language is more incendiary and he lashes out more personally at reporters than typical for past candidates, he's following a long tradition of modern politicians who shoot barbs at the messenger.
Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren– Trump Will Be ‘Greatly Strengthened’ by Orlando Shooting
Orlando Shooting Means Donald Trump For President?
Trump support gains as a result of Orlando massacre
Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism'
Obama: No evidence Orlando attack directed by Islamic State
Obama slams Trump for singling out Muslims
Trump seems to suggest Obama sympathizes with terrorists
Obama forcefully attacks 'sloppy' conservative rhetoric on Islamic extremism
What Is 'Radical Islam' Anyway? How can a term no one can define provide moral clarity?

Le projet de plate-forme démocrate exclut d’appeler à la fin de ‘l’occupation’ Sanders a accepté de se rallier à elle et sa plateforme unilatéralement pro-Israël
GOP Zeroes in on 'Stridently anti-Israel' Democrats Ahead of Convention Republican Jewish Coalition launches online ads alleging that 'Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy the pro-Israel consensus that has existed for past sixty years.'
Harvard Study Confirms Media Blackout Torpedoed Sanders Chances A new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy confirms poor media coverage badly hurt the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Republican Jews call Bernie Sanders’ Israel critics ‘today’s Democratic Party’
Republican Jews targeting Democrats over Sanders' platform picks 

George H. W. Bush's national security adviser endorses Clinton for president
L’establishment républicain vote Hillary Clinton
Neocons Endorse Hillary as the US Party of Empire Is Finally Revealed
Clinton éviterait les prises de bec ‘obamaesques’ avec Israël Dennis Ross, qui a servi en tant que conseiller du Moyen Orient pour Bill Clinton, avertit qu’Israël devient de plus en plus isolé et appelle à mettre un terme à la construction en dehors des blocs d’implantations
Clinton would avoid Obama-esque spats with Israel, ex-diplomat says Dennis Ross, who served as Mideast adviser to Bill Clinton, warns that Israel is becoming more isolated, calls for end to building outside settlement blocs.

La politique extérieure de Clinton sera plus à craindre que celle de Trump
Donald Trump’s Non-Apology for Online Anti-Semitism Isn’t Good Enough
L'ascension de Trump a fait augmenter les commentaires du style "sale youpin, retourne à Auschwitz"
Nazi Detector App Brands Right-Wing Extremists — and Donald Trump
Michael Ian Black Trolled By Neo-Nazis for His Donald Trump Children’s book
Israeli Rabbinical Court Rejects Rabbi Who Converted Ivanka Trump
Top Trump aide: He’d back Israeli annexations in West Bank
Trump Endorses Israeli Land Theft, Opposes Palestinian Statehood
On Trump’s VP shortlist, Israel support runs from muddled to measured
Jared Kushner tensions reportedly behind ouster of Trump campaign manager
Tensions with Trump's Jewish son-in-law reportedly behind ouster of campaign manager
On Trump’s VP shortlist, Israel support runs from muddled to measured All of the presumptive GOP nominee’s options for running mate vow backing for the Jewish state, some more controversially than others.

Donald Trump praises Israel’s racial profiling, calls for same in US
Trump backs racial profiling, citing Israel’s ‘success’ Republican candidate says ‘common sense’ beats ‘political correctness’ in quest for security after Orlando massacre
Donald Trump Says America Needs More Racial Profiling — Like Israel
Trump Says U.S. Should Consider Racial Profiling, Cites Israel as a Role Model 'You look at Israel and you look at others and they do it and they do it successfully,' presumptive Republican nominee says, though it wasn't immediately clear how the tactic should be employed.
On Walls and Racial Profiling, Trump Damns Israel With Loud Praise His tributes could turn off critics as well as admirers of Israel, who loathe the presumptive GOP candidate.

How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Michael Collins Piper, in his book The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America has done an excellent job of describing the relationship between Donald Trump and Resorts International. The following excerpt sums up the relationship: “In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.” “Trump soon became a household name, with his colorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.” The support of the Rothschild’s would become even more apparent. After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.
Trump Scares the Establishment (dans le journal de la John Birch Society - c'est louche de recevoir l'appui de la JBS!!)
The Corporate Funding of Islamophobia, A Multimillion Dollar Operation in Support of Donald Trump Funding Islamophobia: $206m Went to Promoting 'Hatred' of American Muslims.
12 Fringe Conspiracy Theories Embraced By A Man Who Might Be The Next President
Why isn’t the assassination attempt on Donald Trump bigger news?
By Refusing To Vote For Trump, Glenn Beck Is Standing Against 'The Entire World,' Just Like Gandhi And Nelson Mandela
Rubio to seek re-election, blasts Trump as ‘worrisome’

Rubio to run for reelection, intent on killing Iran deal
Ted Cruz, Who Attended Event Calling For Gays To Be Put To Death, Delivers Characteristically Smug Response To Orlando Attack

Trump insists Clinton tweet isn’t anti-Semitic, praises Saddam again
‘No way’ six-point star in Trump tweet was sheriff’s badge, white supremacist says David Duke says symbol in image depicting ‘corrupt’ Democratic nominee over piles of money was clearly Star of David; claims message ‘all true’.
Donald Trump Retweets Creator of Pic Showing Bernie Sanders Sent to Gas Chamber (jan 2016)
Jared Kushner’s employee blasts him for ignoring anti-Semitic imagery in Trump campaign
Trump’s Jewish Son-in-law Blasted for Star of David Tweet 'You went to Harvard... please do not pretend you don’t understand the imagery of a six-sided star when juxtaposed with money,' employee says in open letter to Kushner.
Trump's Jewish Son-in-law Responds to Scathing Op-ed: 'Donald Is Not an anti-Semite' Jared Kushner praises father-in-law in response to an opinion published in the New York Observer, the newspaper he owns. >
Jared Kushner under fire from family over defense of Trump
Jared Kushner responds to open letter: Trump is not an anti-Semite
The Alt-Right Explained in 7 Must-Know Terms
The Era of Populism Is Upon Us - Both in Israel and Abroad The masses in Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Marseilles and Beit Shemesh feel helpless, and this is turning into rage, and the rage is leading to the adoption of vile opinions and irrational political positions.
Trump n'est pas antisémite, déclare son gendre juif
Trump's Defenders Say He Isn't Personally Bigoted. That's Not The Point.
Jared Kushner's family blasts him for invoking Holocaust survivor grandparents to defend Trump
Trump cites Disney's Frozen in defense of Star of David tweet
Trump se sert de «La Reine des neiges» pour dire qu'il n'est pas antisémite
How Philip Roth Predicted the Rise of Donald Trump Mexican restaurant boots Jewish Trump supporter
Rejeter Lookstein [le rabbin qui a converti Ivanka Trump] ‘délégitime’ Israël, déclare Sharansky lors d’une manifestation
Jewish Ex-senator Joins Growing List of Republicans Vowing Not to Vote for Trump
Sur la liste des vice-présidents potentiels de Trump, le soutien à Israël va de confus à modéré
Trump campaign's 'anti-Semitic overtones' no accident, DNC chair suggests
Ivanka Trump for (Jewish) Vice President?
Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?
Donald Trump can lay ‘Stargate’ to rest — assuming he wants to
Jared Kushner slammed by relatives for defending Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ tweet
Jewish groups condemn racism, anti-Semitism in 2016 campaign
Without Naming Trump, U.S. Jewish Groups Condemn anti-Semitism in Presidential Race
Trump: 'Sick people' in media called contested tweet image a Star of David
Under Trump, the Old anti-Semitism Is Making a Comeback
Trump adviser says Jews can't expect immediate condemnations on anti-Semitism
Progressive Jewish groups call on Jewish Republicans to withdraw Trump support
The Establishment GOP Has Dumped Donald Trump in Favor of Hillary Clinton
Michele Bachmann: 'God May Have Lifted Up Trump' To Save Americ
Michael Flynn, the retired general on Donald Trump’s VP shortlist, explained
Why Newt Gingrich is Christian Nationalists’ Dream Veep
Newt Gingrich cites Disney imagery in echoing Trump’s Star of David defense
Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?
Donald Trump's adviser slams American policy on Russia during speech in Moscow
Petition urges Republican Jews to withdraw support for Trump
The Jewish Couple at the Center of the Trump Institute Scandal
Ex-KKK Chief David Duke Welcomes Trump's Controversial Star of David Tweet Former grand wizard says that he welcomes Trump's exposure of 'the hidden hand,' adding that Hilary Clinton's top donors are 'all Zio-Tribalists.'

How Republicans Tried To Flip the Jewish Vote — and Created Donald Trump

Here’s the growing list of big-name Republicans {Neocons} supporting Hillary Clinton
House Democrats Boo Sanders for Failing to Quit Race and Endorse Clinton Sanders defended himself to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying the reported situation was 'a bit of an exaggeration' and the conflict stems from simple 'differences of opinion.'
Clinton camp quells bid to add ‘occupation’ into Democratic party platform
J Street lauds Democrats for putting Palestinian rights in platform
Clinton Supporters Reject Changes to Democrats' Platform on Israeli Settlements

J Street Israel head: Hillary win won’t end sticky US-Israel ties The strained relationship between Israel and the American Left will not improve automatically when there is a president of the United States whom Israelis perceive to be less critical than the current one, J Street’s Israel director, Yael Patir, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview in the capital on Wednesday.
Right-Wing Activists Immediately Start Spreading Conspiracy Theories About Why Hillary Clinton Won't Be Indicted
Clinton’s Careless Emails vs. Trump’s anti-Semitic Tweets, Round 2 Netanyahu was also condemned by a harsh judicial report that yielded no indictment. That was 20 years ago, and he’s still going strong.
Le camp Clinton rejette une proposition démocrate contre les implantations
VIDEO - In light of Bernie Endorsing Clinton (Told you so)

Are Republicans Facing a Nasty Platform Battle of Their Own Over Israel?
Jews’ Best Friends: Patriotards, Christian Identity, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis And Libertarians

Netanyahu: Orlando and Tel Aviv terrorists driven by hatred of freedom
Pro-Netanyahu Newspaper Uses Orlando Massacre to Demonize Israel’s Arab Citizens
Israel spin doctors move to exploit Orlando massacre
Abballa : la première agence ayant annoncé la mise en ligne de sa vidéo est dirigée par l'Israélo-Américaine Rita Katz
Business owners say customers asking if employ Arabs in light of recent terror attacks
G4S Shares Drop by $282 Million After Reports Omar Mateen Was an Employee World's largest security firm, which recently announced it was winding down its Israel and west Bank operations, screened the Orlando shooter as recently as 2013 with 'no findings.'
Orlando Shooter Worked for Security Firm Embroiled in Israel Controversy
Orlando : la compagnie du tireur avait été menacée par Israël
I Want to Mourn for Orlando, but I'm a Muslim, I'll Be Accused of Hypocrisy You can’t take even a minute to identify with the shooting victims, and their number keeps rising, as does your feeling of guilt and the feeling of the looming persecution.
VIDEO - Is America Becoming Terry Gilliam's Brazil? Un film produit par Arnon Milchan, après avoir été lui-même agent du Mossad... impliqué dans le développement de l'arsenal nucléaire israélien! En plus de produire le film d'Oliver Stone cachant la vérité sur la connexion israélienne dans l'assasssinat de JFK.
FBI Misrepresentation of Orlando Killer’s Alleged “911 Call” and Allegiance to the “Islamic State” Ignores U.S. Foreign Policy Motivation

Jerusalemites divided on whether Clinton or Trump would more effectively wage war on terror
Israel Already Has Its Own Trump Serving as Prime Minister In Israel, there is a different Trump, who inflames hatred against Arab citizens at every opportunity.

Quelques jours avant leur Convention, les Républicains demandent 6 M $ à Adelson
GOP turns to Sheldon Adelson to make up $6 million shortfall days before convention

On ISIS, Immigrants and Jews: How Donald Trump Took a Page From Ann Coulter's Book The U.S. Republican presidential candidate has mainstreamed many of the ultra-conservative commentator’s ideas and prejudices. Once outliers, they’re now the key ideological positions of the Trump-era GOP.
Rachel Maddow researches Hitler’s past to prepare for a possible Trump win
Trump Tells Far-Right Radio Host Many Immigrants 'Are Not Well People'
Trump Invites Anti-Government Extremist Sheriff To Speak At GOP Convention
The Donald Endorses The Donald: Rumsfeld Says Not ‘Even a Tough Call for Me,’ ‘I Support Trump’ for President
WATCH Donald Trump Is a 'European-style Blood-and-soil Nationalist,' Says David Brooks 'This campaign is in part a debate between an ardent nationalist, which Donald Trump is sort of a European-style blood-and-soil nationalist, vs. a candidate on the Democratic side who is more of a globalist.'
The GOP Convention's Official Guide to Donald and Melania Trump, Kim Jong-un Version The Republican candidate is 'the very definition of the American success story.' His wife is a cross between Cindy Crawford and Mother Theresa. Stand aside, Warren Buffett. Move along, Larry Page. Admit that you’ve been bettered, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos and even Sheldon Adelson.
GOP’s Last Line of Anti-Trump Defense
Republican Convention in Uproar as anti-Trump Delegates Protest
La convention républicaine promet du spectacle, de vifs échanges sur Israël, et des armes
GOP convention promises delegate drama, Israel dissonance, and guns
Chaos at GOP confab as delegates look to derail Trump nomination
GOP embraces Trump's 'America First' slogan, despite Jewish concerns
GOP convention to be short on Jews
Jewish Republicans Slip Into Crisis Mode as Trump Convention Looms
Trump’s Candidacy and the GOP Platform Are as Much anti-Jewish as 'pro-Israeli' There won’t be many Jews at the Republican convention in Cleveland but there will be multitudes of white supremacist Jew-haters.
Trump se félicite du programme républicain le plus pro-Israël de l’Histoire
Bachmann: Trump misses days when 'even my Jews would say Merry Christmas'
Trump sues former Jewish adviser for allegedly sharing dirt with media
Will Mike Pence Give Donald Trump a Pro-Israel Boost?
Likely Trump VP ‘cherishes Israel,’ met Netanyahu, passed anti-boycott laws
Loonwatch Noted Mike Pence as an Islamophobe “To Watch” In 2012
Trump picks pro-Israel stalwart Mike Pence as running mate
How Donald Trump’s Republican Party Veered to Right of Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel
The Dangerous Link Between Donald Trump and Miri Regev In their wanton destruction of cultural standards they are turning public discourse into mudslinging and destroying the basis of liberal democracy.
Trump: Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel? As Republicans remove two-state solution from platform, candidate praises it as most pro-Israel ever
Trump: 'Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel with all his bad moves?'
What’s the One Jewish Group Donald Trump Is Winning Over?
Trump's Unlikely Fan Club: ex-Soviet Brooklyn Jews With anti-Muslim Sentiments

What was Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinking in criticizing Donald Trump?
Analysis: Should Justice Ginsburg have bashed Trump’s run for president?
What was Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinking in criticizing Donald Trump?
Trump Calls on Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Resign After Criticism
The Lasting Harm of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Notorious Attack on Donald Trump

Ivanka Trump’s rabbi withdraws from GOP convention: 'The 'matter became political.'
Ivanka Trump’s rabbi ducks out of Republican convention speech
Rabbinical court nixes conversions by top New York rabbi Lookstein Questioning credentials of rabbi who converted Ivanka Trump, panel forces American immigrant to undergo expedited ritual to get married

Tweet Of The Month – “Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs”, Trump.
Bernie didn't sell out, he was always a warmonger Clinton lite candidate
Sanders endorses Clinton in the shadow of the racial strife he tried to ignore.
Sanders Defects to Clinton Camp, Endorses Neoliberalism, Betrays His Supporters

Klayman: 'Muslim-In-Chief' Obama Treats Whites As 'Inferior' - La plaie Obama On tente souvent de nous faire croire qu'Obama est une créature des juifs... Or la réalité est que les juifs extrémistes le détestent à mort!

President Trump? President Clinton? Either One Ends With Glenn Beck In Jail
Ann Coulter (pro-Trump): Democrats Want To 'Make America Muslim'
Ann Coulter asks on Twitter: Did Hillary Clinton have Bernie Sanders supporters ‘gassed’?
Ann’s Outrageous Holocaust Jibe at Hillary
Frank Gaffney: Democrats 'Aligned With Our Enemies,' Will 'Doom All Of Us' 
Obama brands Trump ‘unfit’ to serve as president ‘There has to come a point at which you say enough,’ says US president of ‘woefully unprepared’ Republican nominee
Obama Rebukes Republicans Who Continue to Endorse 'Woefully Unprepared' Trump U.S. president tells Republican leaders: 'There has to come a point at which you say 'enough.'
John Birch Society Continues Comeback With Values Voter Summit Sponsorship
The InfoWars Candidate: How Donald Trump Is Broadcasting Conservative Misinformation
They Built That: How The GOP Paved The Way For Donald Trump's Election-Rigging Conspiracy Theory

Frank Gaffney: Khizr Khan Wants To Promote Sharia Law On dirait que Trump caricature ce gars là quand il attaque le père d'un vétéran musulman arabe! 
Trump Ally Roger Stone Pushes Claim That Humayun Khan Was A Terrorist, Father A Muslim Brotherhood Spy

Paul Vallely: Khizr Khan Is A 'Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer'
Walid Shoebat: Khizr Khan Was Practicing Muslim Tradition Of 'Deception'
Jewish veterans group slams Trump over attacks on Muslim war hero’s family VIDEO - RWW News: Robertson To Trump: The Devil Is Trying To Draw You Into Fights
Hillary Clinton ? C’est le «diable», assure Donald Trump
Donald Trump Campaign Hires the Firm Behind ‘Brexit’
The Populists Have Arrived :They’re fighting mad, they cannot be placated, and Trump really is their voice
American Nazi Party: Trump victory would be ‘a real opportunity’
Kurt Cobain Predicted A Donald Trump Presidency

VIDEO - Simpsons lampoons Trump in election spoof Homer and Marge consider who they want to have answer that 3 a.m. call in the White House
WATCH: GOP Officials 'Actively Exploring' How to Pick a New Candidate for President
How Liberals Helped Fuel the Rise of Donald Trump Middle-class intellectuals the world over are chastising the supporters of Trump, Marine Le Pen et al, but fail to recognize that they themselves – leading detached lives in ivory towers – are part of the problem.
Hollande: les "excès" de Trump provoquent un "haut-le-coeur"
Les aryens avec Donald Trump (Robert L. Tsai)
Élections US – Racisme, anti-racisme, les élites font leur beurre de tout!

Trump Threatens To Pull The U.S. Out Of The World Trade Organization
Russia expert Stephen Cohen–Trump trying to prevent nuclear war
Gingrich Turns Against Trump, Calling Him ‘Unacceptable’ Choice for President
Trump Wants To Stop The New Cold War
Shimon Peres: Trump’s suggestion not to defend allies unless they pay is ‘a great mistake’

Peres: Trump’s foreign policy proposals would be ‘a very great mistake’
 Arch Neo-Con/Israeli asset Robert Kagan– ‘There is something very wrong with Donald Trump’
Why being pro-Trump is anti-Israel
Where Donald Trump Makes Sense

Even Those Who Think Hillary Is Bad for Israel Must Now Believe Trump Would Be Worse
Jewish Journalists Question Melania’s Immigration History, Wait for Trolls

Republicans start effort to bring out Israeli vote for Trump

Trump’s Brother Joined a Jewish Frat To Spite Their Authoritarian Dad
New York Times Relentlessly Biased Against Trump
Interview with Trump's Israel advisor David Friedman, tipped to be Trump's pick for US ambassador to Israel, talks settlements, French involvement, and why Clinton 'is terrible for Israel.'
The Danger of Excessive Trump Bashing
The irrelevant pantomime of Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ GOP platform
Israeli-American mogul Haim Saban: Trump win would be ‘disastrous’ for Israel
Haïm Saban : une victoire de Trump serait “désastreuse” pour Israël
Uneasy Republicans and confident Democrats diverge on ‘Jewish’ issues
Look to Trump and Corbyn for the Key to Rising anti-Semitism Racism, xenophobia and irrational hatred of ethnic minorities all flourish in a climate of ignorance and suspicion - exactly the climate being created by politicians of Trump and Corbyn’s ilk.
Billionaire hedge funder Seth Klarman backs Clinton over ‘unacceptable’ Trump

Jews Vs Trump–The Secret of Jewish Identity Politics
Israeli firm offers to build Trump’s Mexico wall Je gage qu'il y en aura pas de mégamur à la frontière mexicaine-américaine. 
To name or not to name: Jewish organizations grapple with the Trump question Top GOP fundraiser defects to Clinton over ‘demagogue’ Trump Billionaire Hewlett Packard chief Meg Whitman tells NYT she will donate to and raise money for Democratic nominee
Jewish Billionaire Seth Klarman Joins Wealthy Republicans Supporting Clinton
Even Those Who Think Hillary Is Bad for Israel Must Now Believe Trump Would Be Worse While keeping mum on the U.S. election, even Netanyahu must be coming to terms with Clinton, the devil he knows, over Trump and complete uncertainty.

Donald Trump claimed on Saturday that he turned down a meeting with billionaires Charles and David Koch, but top Koch network officials immediately challenged Trump's claim.

Giuliani: Israeli Officials Prefer a Trump Victory in November The former New York City mayor, quoted by The Washington Post, bases his assessment on meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials during a March visit to Israel. PM's Office denies Netanyahu had voiced any preferences in the U.S. election.
Donald Trump Wins Surprising Jewish Fan Club — Among Russian Immigrants (18 July 2016)
From NATO to Brexit, Trump has a record of siding with Putin

Palestine: Both Trump and Clinton Would Approve Illegal Annexations as Demanded by the US-Israel Lobby

The Bernie Sanders Campaign as a Pivotal Episode in Jewish History
Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting For Trump
Sanders Delegate: Removal Of Wasserman-Schultz Not Enough
Sanders delegates recount ‘Orwellian’ message control by Clinton supporters during DNC
Sanders references his Jewish history in response to Trump attack
Simone Zimmerman Breaks Her Silence on Bernie Sanders and the U.S. Jewish Establishment The 25-year-old activist served very briefly as Bernie Sanders' Jewish outreach coordinator, before being fired after an old Facebook post in which she used profanity against Netanyahu surfaced.
How Bernie Sanders Flipped the ‘Crotchety Jewish Socialist’ Script on Hillary Clinton

Email questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith ‘unacceptable,’ Wasserman Schultz says

Amid cheers, a defiant Debbie Wasserman Schultz accuses Trump of treason
Trump 'Deeply Involved With Russian Oligarchs,' Says George Will 'Perhaps one more reason why we're not seeing his tax returns because he is deeply involved in dealing with Russia oligarchs and others. Whether that's good, bad or indifferent it's probably the reasonable surmise.'
Trump Critics Enter the Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s a Manchurian Candidate for President Putin

Israeli Intelligence Debunks Notion of Russia Hacking DNC Emails

Wasserman Schultz's Expulsion Signals a Democratic Party Moving to the anti-Zionist Far-left The ejection of Congresswoman Schultz from the Democratic party leadership is one more step in the waltz of the Democrats away from Israel.

In Leaked DNC Emails, Staffers Discuss Need of Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day 'We aren’t going to do statements for every Jewish holiday unless she wants to do them for every religious holiday and trust me, this Catholic can give you a list of them,' staffer writes after Debbie Wasserman Schultz requests group to put out statement.

Wikileaks Assange Denies Russian Hacker Help

Trump: "Le refus d'Hillary de mentionner l'islam radical est la preuve qu'elle est inapte"
Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton’s Refusal to Mention 'Radical Islam' in DNC Speech 'Hillary's wars in the Middle East have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world,' tweeted the Republican nominee.
At DNC, Clinton Enjoys a Moment of Grace and Unveils a Secret Weapon Against Trump Clinton's acceptance speech presented an inspiring, experienced and disciplined presidential candidate, the complete opposite of the confrontational, shoot-from-the-hip arrogance that characterizes her Republican opponent. And in the process, she drove Trump mad.
Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

The New York Times’ Outrage at Donald Trump’s Refusal to Demonize Russia
Clinton accuse Trump d’allégeance à Moscou La Russie et les musulmans divisent les deux rivaux
The reason why so many neocons and military brass are supporting Mrs. Clinton

Clinton aide to 'Post': Trump 'clueless' on Israel, foreign policy

Hillary Clinton and the Myths Jewish Democrats Like To Tell Themselves
Ex-CIA Chief and Torture Defender Endorses Clinton—Why Are Democrats Cheering?

Hillary Clinton, A Threat to All Humanity. World War III is “On the Table”. Her Candidacy Must be Opposed
Hillary proffered as alternative to Trump, no one cares she's a warmongering psychopath
Israeli Flag Set on Fire Outside Democratic National Convention A woman wearing a black bandanna on her face lit the flag on fire as protests took place outside of the secure zone around the DNC in Philadelphia.

Bill Clinton’s #DNC Speech: Propagates “Good Muslim vs. Bad Muslim” Dichotomy
Whether He Meant to or Not, on Muslims, Bill Clinton Lapsed Into Trumpism The entire tone of the Democratic convention’s first two nights suggests a defensiveness about Trump’s anti-Muslim attacks. Barely anyone has defended Barack Obama’s proposal to admit more Syrian refugees.

Pilger: Why Clinton is certainly more dangerous than Trump

Netanyahu Pre-approves Headlines of Adelson-owned Israeli Newspaper, Economist Claims  Israel Hayom, owned by American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, blasts Economist report claiming the prime minister approves headlines; PM's office also denies allegation.

Adelson, Netanyahu and Our Kingdom of Priests and Holiness  The master gambler doesn’t understand that if Israel isn’t democratic, it won’t exist. Yet Bibi listens to his master's voice.

Forget BDS, Sheldon, These Are the Real Threats Facing Israel
If Sheldon Adelson and his friends think they’re about to save Israel from the boycott threat, they’re even more out of touch than we suspected.
Does Sheldon Adelson Really Want to Defeat BDS?  Or is he just using the fight to isolate progressive Zionists, and push the Jewish world further right?
Adelson’s Maccabees 'A Camp for All in the Mainstream pro-Israel Community' but Not J Street U  Funding starts with $20 million but 'the sky's the limit,' says anti-BDS campus group’s director, David Brog.

Did Sheldon Adelson secretly buy a major Las Vegas paper?
Sheldon Buys Vegas Paper
Report: Sheldon Adelson Is Mystery Buyer of Las Vegas Newspaper  The new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which was purchased in early December, went to unusual lengths to shield its identity.
Yes, Sheldon Adelson Bought The Las Vegas Review-Journal
Adelson son-in-law orchestrated family's purchase of Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas Review Journal Editor Resigns Days After Sheldon Adelson Revealed as Owner
Judge in Adelson lawsuit subject to unusual scrutiny amid Review-Journal sale
Reporters at Adelson's Newly Acquired Newspaper Asked to Investigate Judges, Reports Say  The casino mogul who also owns Israel Hayom daily was revealed this month to have purchased the Las Vegas Review Journal; revelation comes just after reporters asked to investigate Nevada judge who fined him $250K.
Nevada paper hints at motive for its purchase by Adelson Las Vegas Review-Journal reports alleged managerial demand to scrutinize local judge involved in case against the casino magnate
Sheldon Adelson's Jewish Media Secret Revealed
Adelson Grows His Media Empire to Include Jewish News Service
Adelson named as biggest funder of Jewish News Service
Why Adelson’s Campus anti-BDS Group Will Be a Bust  The head of the Maccabee Task Force thinks that a ‘no-criticism of the current Israeli government’ litmus test can be applied in building pro-Israel and anti-BDS coalitions. That’s delusional.

Sheldon Adelson Dumps Pro-Israel Website — Why?
Sheldon Adelson Pours $7m Into pro-Israel Propaganda Website, Only to Cut Funding  From the Grapevine is the third media outlet whose hidden ties to Adelson have been revealed in recent weeks.

7 things Miriam Adelson does — besides back GOP candidates Casino magnate’s wife believes she and her husband presage collapse of democracy, is key decision maker over allocation of funds

Likud minister accuses Netanyahu of serving foreign tycoons

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Rappel: quand Lee Whitnum faisait trembler le lobby juif en traitant des membres du Congrès de "prostituées pour l'AIPAC" (lobby juif israélo-américain)

Médias juifs antijuifs? Netanyahou rappelle au Mossad qu'Israël est voué à devenir une superpuissance mondiale, révélant que le sionisme est un projet mondialiste et pas que nationaliste. Le PM Yitzhak Rabin, assassiné par un extrémiste juif de la mouvance kahaniste, qualifiait de "cancer" la colonisation illégale israélienne et mettait en garde contre l' "Apartheid". Tout cela est admis dans les médias juifs israéliens.

Pendant que Corbyn le socialiste pro-palestinien nouvellement élu à la tête du Parti Travailliste anglais se fait trucider dans les grands médias anti-antisémites néolibéraux bien-pensants, de plus en plus de dissidents nationalistes américains (même les antijuifs) tombent dans le piège de la nouvelle droite sioniste et deviennent leurs idiots utiles les plus efficaces: le pitre John Friend endosse Donald Trump et Ann Coulter, deux chèvres de Judas qui mènent le peuple américain à l'abattoir en s'attaquant en apparence à la rectitude politique antiraciste, alors qu'ils servent en fait à rendre respectable le racisme israélien. Car Israël a depuis longtemps rejoint le camp de l'ultra-droite de Jabotinski et Kahane...

Hollywood tue des arabes: le film 'American Sniper' remporte un succès monstre aux États-Unis. L'exceptionnalisme américain et son ombre... Remettons les mots à l'endroit, utilisons-les correctement: voici le véritable anti-sémitisme en action: le massacre des Arabes en tant que masse indifférenciée des "méchants"

Médias juifs antijuifs? Selon Enderlin (France 2 à Jérusalem), cible favorite des extrémistes juifs, Israël tombe aux mains d'extrémistes juifs religieux alliés à la droite radicale pendant que la gauche plie bagage... Israël veut devenir une superpuissance pour conquérir le monde. Le documentaire de Charles Enderlin "Au nom du Temple", basé sur son livre, maintenant disponible sur youtube

David Brog, le nouveau leader juif anti-BDS choisi par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson, est le directeur de l'organisation sioniste chrétienne du télévangéliste John Hagee: Christians United For Israel

Héritage colonialiste oblige: malgré le changement de gouvernement le Canada maintient sa position et restera le meilleur ami d'Israël. Chacune des 6 résolutions de l'Onu contre Israël rejetées par le Canada.

Un sénateur a déclaré en 2002 devant le Congrès états-unien que les attaques du 11 septembre étaient une punition divine visant les États-Unis pour avoir été trop durs et exigeants envers Israël. Il critiquait l'administration Bush qu'Israël trouvait trop proche des pétromonarchies arabes et qui posait à Israël des "conditions inacceptables", comme le rappelait l'ancien général du renseignement pakistanais Hamid Gul, récemment décédé, qui dénonçait le Mossad et la CIA comme véritables auteurs du 11 septembre. Certains demandent: le 11 septembre était-il une "surprise de septembre" israélienne pour Bush? Le mouvement pour la vérité du 11 septembre est une imposture! En posant ex cathedra le dogme de l'"Inside Job" il a défini les paramètres du débat: ou bien vous croyez la version gouvernementale ("officielle"), ou bien vous dites que c'était un complot de l'État américain ("Inside job", un concept de Jared Israel), mais surtout ne dites jamais que c'est Israël! "BLAMEZ BUSH, CHENEY OU UN VAGUE "ÉTAT PROFOND", MAIS SURTOUT NE BLAMEZ JAMAIS ISRAËL! TOUT LE MONDE SAUF ISRAËL!"

Pire que la menace iranienne: la menace du boycott anti-Israël! Après la réunion secrète d'urgence organisée par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson (parrain des Républicains) sur la menace que BDS représente pour les juifs, les puissants milliardaires juifs Adelson et Haim Saban (parrain des Démocrates) mettent en garde contre le "tsunami d'antisémitisme" qui suivra inévitablement la montée du mouvement BDS

Pendant que le gouvernement canadien de Stephen Harper envisage une loi protégeant l'État juif contre les méchants boycotteurs, le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson, soi-disant "juif le plus riche du monde", magnat des casinos connecté au crime organisé, parraine la formation du nouveau gouvernement de Netanyahou comme il parraine (et contrôle) le parti républicain états-unien. Le nouveau gouvernement Netanyahou et le parti républicain d'Adelson sont à ce point identiques - judéomaniaques et anti-arabes, contre l'Iran, la Palestine et l'Irak - qu'on jurerait qu'ils ont été séparés à la naissance... L'Israélienne qui incitait publiquement à "tuer les mères des Palestiniens" est nommée ministre de la justice. Le ministre israélien qui avouait publiquement n'avoir "aucun problème à tuer des Arabes" devient ministre de l'éducation.

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de MSNBC, discussion sur les néocons responsables de la guerre en Irak pour Israël, leur délirante théorie du complot irakien et leur guerre de cent ans contre le monde arabo-musulman

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de C-Span2, l'ex-agent du Mossad Victor Ostrovsky lève le voile sur l'influence du Mossad dans la politique étatsunienne

L'empire est de retour en Irak... Pour combattre les djihadistes et prévenir un "génocide"? Mais comment croire la CIA lorsqu'elle affirme s'être fait prendre par surprise par les récents exploits d'ISIS? N'a-t-elle pas prétendu la même chose à propos du 11 septembre? Nous sommes censés croire que les services secrets anglo-américains n'ont rien vu venir?

Collection audiovisuelle et livresque de Michael Collins Piper

Médias antijuifs? En 2010, un ancien directeur de la CIA à Paris, Charles G. Cogan, professeur à l'université Harvard et pro-gaulliste, dénonçait sur les ondes de France24 la forte campagne de propagande anti-arabe et anti-islam menée par l'état d'Israël et relayée par la communauté juive aux États-Unis

Rappel: silence médiatique sur la piste pro-israélienne dans les attentats terroristes à l'Anthrax aux USA, juste après le trauma du 11 septembre. Tout en ravivant le trauma, il fallait faire croire que c'était des musulmans...

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Pour l'Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, même les médiats Rothschild doivent des excuses à Israël pour avoir attiré l'attention sur le lobby juif et son rôle dans l'impasse des relations irano-américaines

L'homme le plus puissant à Washington DC (bien que récemment détrôné), le juif orthodoxe Eric Cantor, accuse les États-Unis de tarder à réagir à la menace iranienne comme ils ont tardé à réagir à la "menace nazie" et failli à éviter l'Holocauste des juifs...

Médiats antijuifs? Le journaliste de Newsweek Jeff Stein soulève l'ire des juifs pour avoir attiré l'attention sur un rapport étatsunien accusant Israël d'avoir dépassé les bornes de par l'ampleur de ses opérations d'espionnage en sol américain. Aucun autre allié des États-Unis ne les espionne autant que le fait Israël. Un ex-chef du Mossad qualifie ces allégations de "délirantes". Israël et le lobby juif, quant à eux, se scandalisent que les États-Unis s'obstinent à refuser l'exemption de visas aux Israéliens.

'A CLEAN BREAK': un document incontournable du gvt israélien pour comprendre le projet du Grand Israël et les agressions impérialistes au Moyen-Orient

William Kristol, fauteur de guerre juif, roi du PNAC néocon, appelle à "défier l'idole de la fatigue de guerre" en se préparant et en se mobilisant pour la guerre

Brochette de sionistes juifs néocons, au bien cuit de Dick Cheney

Le mouvement juif Néo-conservateur : du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Les fauteurs de guerres


11 septembre et tout le reste: c'était pas les musulmans!  

Les milliardaires juifs et magnats des médias Haim Saban (Démocrate) et Sheldon Adelson (Républicain) en compétition pour le titre du plus grand juif fauteur de guerres mondiales, insistent qu'il faut bombarder l'Iran

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est "tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion" selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens

Un autre grand comique juif, Sheldon Adelson, qui s'autoproclame "le juif le plus riche du monde", appelle à bombarder l'Iran avec du nucléaire, donnant ainsi raison à Jack Straw

Un lobbyiste pro-israélien appelle à provoquer un nouveau Pearl Harbor pour déclencher une guerre contre l'Iran

Le réseau criminalisé Netanyahou-Adelson-Romney

Devoir de mémoire, devoir de faire tomber l'axe Iran-Syrie-Liban

John McCain et les guerres pour Israël

Le jeu des devinettes: qui a dit "Si je suis réélu, je vais foutre les Juifs"?

Chuck Hagel: "Je suis un sénateur américain, pas un sénateur israélien"

Le groupe Stern (Lehi) a tenté d'assassiner le président Truman; selon Victor Ostrovsky le Mossad a déjà tenté de tuer le président George Bush, qui disait "Je ne suis qu'un petit homme isolé qui se bat contre la puissance politique d'un millier de lobbyistes du Capitole"

Le Tea Party israélien à peine plus anti-Islam que celui de l'Oncle Sam 

Le directeur de 'Christians United for Israel' est l'un des 50 juifs les plus influents selon le magazine Forward

Des rabbins jugent que le cancer de l'antijuif Jimmy Carter est une punition divine pour ses péchés contre Israël et les juifs.

Vers une Seconde Révolution américaine? Les administrations Obama et Netanyahou à couteaux tirés... boycott du discours de Netanyahou au Congrès par plus de 50 Démocrates, menaces, accusations de mensonge sur la place publique... Une première dans l'histoire des relations entre les États-Unis et Israël. Cela alors que le Mossad contredit radicalement la campagne de peur de Netanyahou concernant la prétendue menace nucléaire iranienne. Tout ça juste à temps pour Pourim... L'admin Obama déclassifie un document top-secret sur le nucléaire israélien!

Inversion accusatoire: après l'accord sur le nucléaire iranien, Israël menace d'aller en guerre, mais c'est l'Iran qui est accusé de menacer la paix mondiale...  

11 septembre: les détails techniques ne sont que des détails, il importe bien plus de savoir qui sont les ultimes responsables et pourquoi ils l'ont fait. Et c'était pas les nazis!

Hormis les médias juifs ou pro-palestiniens, personne ne parle du rapport américain déclassifié en février dernier confirmant l'existence du nucléaire israélien

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est "tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion" selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens

Dans ses mémoires intitulées "Diary of a Foreign Minister", l'ancien ministre australien des affaires étrangères, Bob Carr, dénonce la domination malsaine du lobby juif sioniste international sur les affaires étrangères

Un "new Israel" au Texas? Pourquoi pas?

Inversion accusatoire: Israël furieux que les États-Unis n'aient pas étouffé la nouvelle concernant les bombardements israéliens en Syrie

Un des journalistes juifs du Watergate, Carl Bernstein, accuse les "néocons juifs" d'être derrière la guerre en Irak

Résumé des preuves liant le Mossad au 11 septembre

Les grandes fortunes familiales qui contrôlent la finance et les affaires (trombinoscope)

Le pouvoir juif aux États-Unis, d'après ce qu'en disent des sources juives
Non seulement ils l'admettent, ils le proclament!

Encore une fois... comment le B'nai Brith peut-il parler d'une montée sans précédent de l'antisémitisme alors que personne ne critique le fait que le nouveau vice-président de la Fed est un ancien de la banque centrale d'Israël?

Comment le B'nai Brith peut-il parler d'une montée sans précédent des sentiments "antisémites" alors que personne ne semble avoir remarqué que la nouvelle présidente de la Fed est juive comme ses prédécesseurs?

Moins d'argent juif de New York pour Obama, plus d'argent juif de Las Vegas pour Romney 

"Je larguerais Israël demain matin!" dit au Congrès le professeur Michael Scheuer, ancien directeur de l'unité anti-Ben Laden à la CIA

Détenteur d'un important arsenal nucléaire et chimique, Israël est responsable de la course à l'armement nucléaire et chimique au Proche-Orient... Qu'attendent nos chères démocraties pour condamner cet état terroriste partisan d'al-Qaïda et le compter parmi leurs ennemis?

Al-Qaida, Israël: même combat... contre la Syrie

Légalisation de la torture: la CIA a une dette envers Israël

Netanyahou: "Nous vaincrons l'Islam militant!"

Netanyahou (2001): "Les États-Unis ne se mettront pas dans notre chemin, on peut facilement les faire bouger"  

Selon le propagandiste juif sioniste anti-Islam Daniel Pipes, Netanyahou devrait menacer de nucléariser l'Iran

Selon Frank J. Gaffney (néoconsignataire du PNAC), les Frères Musulmans ont infiltré et contrôlent l'administration Obama

Le complot islamo-gauchiste contre l'Occident. Par l'humoriste juif Daniel Pipes

Ron Paul explique le non-interventionnisme dans les affaires étrangères

Qu'ont-ils en commun?

Derrière la tragédie du 11 septembre et la guerre au terrorisme