mardi 12 avril 2016

Le grand rabbin Yitzhak Yossef, fils du célèbre défunt grand rabbin Ovadia Yossef, rappelle qu'en principe les non-juifs ne devraient pas pouvoir vivre en Israël, et cautionne l'assassinat préventif des "terroristes", les controversés assassinats extrajudiciaires d'Israël dénoncés même par les États-Unis. Loin d'être une anomalie, ce type de discours témoigne--au même titre que la ségrégation dans les maternités--du racisme de l'ensemble de la société israélienne.

À Gauche, le grand rabbin ashkénaze d'Israël David Lau, à droite le grand rabbin sépharade d'Israël Yitzhak Yossef.

Grand rabbin : les non juifs ne devraient pas avoir le droit de vivre en Israël Le rabbin Yitzhak Yosef dit que les non juifs qui n’appliquent pas les sept lois de Noé devraient être “expulsés en Arabie saoudite”
Chief rabbi: Non-Jews shouldn’t be allowed to live in Israel Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef says gentiles who don’t take on seven Noahide Laws should be ‘expelled to Saudi Arabia’

Non-Jews are forbidden by Jewish law to live in Israel, chief rabbi says
Sephardi Chief Rabbi Says non-Jews Forbidden From Living in the Land of Israel Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef argues that Jewish law prohibits non-Jews from living in Israel unless they have accepted Noachide laws, adding that some non-Jews live in Israel to serve the Jewish population.

Le Grand rabbin séfarade d'Israël précise ses propos controversés contre les non-Juifs Il rappelle simplement que l'État juif veut pas juste dire que les juifs dominent mais que c'est l'État des juifs, l'État des juifs vivant séparés des autres peuples. Donc en principe il devrait y avoir que des juifs. Mais bien sûr il y a les réalités: la job sale doit être faite par quelqu'un, ce qui permet des entorses au principe de stricte judéité d'Israel... Il est en train de dire que l'État juif ne doit pas considérer les non-juifs comme des Israéliens à part entière.
Le Grand Rabbin d'Israël revient sur ses déclarations messianiques' Le Grand Rabbin sépharade d’Israël, Yitzhak Yosef, est revenu sur sa déclaration au sujet des personnes qui ne respectent pas les lois Noahides qui ne devaient pas vivre en Israël, en affirmant que son commentaire était « théorique ».

5 shocking quotes by Israel’s chief rabbis

Chief Rabbi Yosef: If a terrorist is trying to commit an attack it is a mitzvah to kill him

VIDEO - IDF soldier who shot subdued Palestinian driven by 'twisted ideology'
IDF investigators ‘say Hebron soldier motivated by twisted ideology’ Document obtained by Vice News says Elor Azaria told troops at scene he shot assailant because he ‘needs to die’ .
Hebron shooter called to ‘kill everyone in Gaza’


Trial of Soldier Who Shot Dead Wounded Palestinian Assailant in Hebron Opens  Elor Azaria's lawyer claims his client, who is charged with manslaughter, is being singled out, but the prosecution says there are no comparable cases; the court suggests mediation in the case.

La logique de meurtre en Israël : une culture d’impunité au vu et au su du monde entier

VIDEO -Jews Rally For Israeli Soldier Who Executed Palestinian
Right-wingers rally for release of IDF soldier outside military court
Israelis rally around soldier filmed executing injured Palestinian on video
35,000 Israelis Sign Petition to Award Medal to IDF Soldier Who Murdered Wounded Palestinian

Groundswell of Support Builds in Israel for Soldier Who Killed Helpless Palestinian
Plusieurs milliers de manifestants demandent la libération du soldat Elor place Rabin à Tel Aviv
Thousands at Tel Aviv rally call for release of IDF soldier charged in Hebron shooting

“Death to the Arabs” rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv
"Mort aux Arabes" scandé à Tel Aviv en faveur du Franco-Israélien Elor Azria : qu'en pense Manuel Valls?

Give Hebron Shooter a Medal The episode of Elor Azaria, who killed an incapacitated Palestinian assailant, is a badge of shame for whatever still remains of Israeli democracy.

Israeli Soldier Filmed Executing Wounded Palestinian Man
The 'Traitors' Who Filmed Our 'Heroic' Soldier Executing a Wounded Palestinian Terrorist According to Israel's right wing, the anti-occupation NGO B’Tselem is the guilty party.


Hebron settlers file complaint against Palestinian who filmed execution
Jewish terrorists threaten life of Palestinian who shot video of execution
Israeli Army Raids Home of Man Who Filmed Hebron Execution
Colonies israéliennes illégales: financées par Goldman Sachs!
Why Is Goldman Sachs Funding the Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron? Even though the firm's Charitable Gift Fund consistently gives to right-wing Israeli groups or their U.S. fronts, the Hebron aid is a standout, as the showcase city for the worst of the Israeli occupation.

New video shows soldier shaking hands with far-right activist after shooting subdued Palestinian attacker
After killing stabber, soldier shook hands with far-right activist

‘Hebron soldier acted according to wartime protocol’

Soldier Who Shot Palestinian: Indictment Is Discriminatory Elor Azaria's lawyers call manslaughter charge in case, involving death of terrorist in Hebron, 'arbitrary' when compared to other incidents.


On Hebron Shooting, Netanyahu and Bennett Follow Enraged Public All the Way to the Right Cabinet members seem to be riding the tiger of public opinion — which, at least on social media, is vehemently and crudely backing the soldier who shot and killed a wounded Palestinian assailant — and are afraid to anger it.

Ya'alon to Bennett: Pleasing an Extreme, Violent Minority Could Lead Israel to Anarchy Israeli defense minister slams lawmakers who he says are waging a campaign of incitement against the IDF.

Liberman slams Netanyahu for 'field trial' of IDF soldier who killed wounded terrorist

Defense head: Backing Hebron shooter like supporting Islamic State ‘We aren’t Daesh,’ says Moshe Ya’alon, coming out against planned Tel Aviv rally in support of soldier who killed wounded stabber

Netanyahu defends soldier caught on tape executing wounded Palestinian: ‘IDF is the most moral army in the world’
Israel’s Leaders Are Appeasing Extremists at the Cost of Diaspora Jewish Support Two diametrically opposed world views are clashing in Israel – and at stake is whether Israel will continue to be a unifying symbol for Jews worldwide.

How Israel's High Court Implicitly Aids the Soldier Accused of Hebron Manslaughter Why be shocked at the public's support for arrested IDF soldier when the country's justices have already provided him with a line of defense?
Don't Believe the Polls: Israelis Don't Really Think Killing Neutralized Terrorists Is Right The minute Ya’alon and Eisenkot came out at the head of those convicting the soldier in the Hebron incident, they elevated the seriousness of the affair completely out of proportion.
Controversy Surrounding Hebron Shooting Is Hypocrisy Indeed Is this the first time a soldier has executed a Palestinian in cold blood, or did the fact that it was caught on film make the difference?

Incitement against Ya'alon Likud activists angry the defense minister won't back soldier who shot wounded terrorist post inciting photos, calling to end his career.
Is Ya'alon the target of political assassination? Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has found himself in the right flank crosshairs of the Likud after taking a moral stand on the Hebron shooting.
Under fire from extremists, Ya’alon vows: I won’t yield in fight for Israel


Netanyahu faces criticism over shooting of Palestinian
Leahy Asks Kerry to Investigate if U.S. Aid Contributes to Israeli 'Human Rights Violations' Senior Senator, along with 10 Democratic Congressmen, ask the State Department to investigate alleged 'gross violations of human rights,' namely Israel's alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians.
US : Un sénateur réclame une enquête sur les présumées ‘exécutions extra-judiciaires’
US senator asks for probe into possible Israeli ‘extrajudicial killings’
Netanyahou s'en prend aux sénateurs américains qui appellent à une enquête sur les assassinats de Palestiniens
Netanyahu pans US senator’s call to probe ‘extrajudicial killings’
Netanyahu spars with US senator over Israeli army's rights record
Netanyahu to Kerry: Declare Israel doesn’t commit extrajudicial killings
Bibi Orders Kerry To Declare Israel Doesn’t Commit Extrajudicial Killings

US accuses Israel of using excessive force against Palestinians Annual US report on human rights says nearly half of Palestinians killed by Israel were not carrying out attacks, and many times did not pose a threat to life.

IDF Soldier claims he was stabbed; police skeptical
Le jeune soldat israélien a été acquitté du meurtre du terroriste arabe palestinien

Execution of Young Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture
The IDF: The Most Semi-moral Army in the World If half of the Israeli population is racist, violent, bloodthirsty, aggressive and ultra-nationalist, does that mean that half of the Israeli army is, too?

Israeli minister proposes putting pre-teens in jail
Israeli court refuses to release 11-year-old Palestinian prisoner
Plus de 400 enfants palestiniens détenus dans les prisons israéliennes
Why Did Israeli Police Ambush and Shoot at Palestinian Kids? The Border Police shot a Palestinian boy in the leg during a protest. The army says he was using a slingshot; his father thinks he was deliberately targeted.
Israel Approves New Law To Punish Palestinian ‘Terrorists’ Under Age Of 14

Israel Minister Calls for “Civil Targeted Killings” of BDS Leaders

Cisjordanie : les bulldozers israéliens ne chôment pas Les autorités israéliennes ont entrepris de démolir toutes les constructions palestiniennes en zone C de Cisjordanie, pourtant financées par les Européens.
Netanyahu Claimed That New Building Plans Wouldn't Expand Israeli Settlements; Aerial Photos Prove Otherwise Netanyahu's office claimed that plans approved this week were for renovation of existing buildings, but Haaretz checked – and it turns out the prime minister got it wrong.
Netanyahu, Ya'alon Approved Over 200 New Housing Units in Settlements, Outposts Palestinian chief negotiator says the move, which follows more than a year-long low-key construction freeze, highlights need for UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements. 

The defense of the minister of defense With incitement against Moshe Ya'alon only on the rise, the Shin Bet is taking no chances; the volatile discourse surrounding Ya'alon has elements of political motivation.
C'est pas les musulmans qui menacent ouvertement le ministre israélien de la défense!

Israel Should Let Conscientious Objector Serve Both Society and Her Conscience The army fears people like Tair Kaminer - but this fear is unjustified and even exposes the IDF’s hypocritical behavior: Most Israeli youths want to be drafted. Kaminer’s individual punishment is unfair. 

Israeli killer of Palestinian teen convicted of murder
Israel releases soldier after court convicted him of murder

The Israeli Military Justice System: Theater of the Absurd This is a legal system whose law book is racist; it’s not hard to imagine what would happen if a Palestinian shot a wounded Jew in the head.
Defense head: Backing Hebron shooter like supporting Islamic State ‘We aren’t Daesh,’ says Moshe Ya’alon, coming out against planned Tel Aviv rally in support of soldier who killed wounded stabber

Groundswell of Support Builds in Israel for Soldier Who Killed Helpless Palestinian
Plusieurs milliers de manifestants demandent la libération du soldat Elor place Rabin à Tel Aviv
Thousands at Tel Aviv rally call for release of IDF soldier charged in Hebron shooting
“Death to the Arabs” rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv
"Mort aux Arabes" scandé à Tel Aviv en faveur du Franco-Israélien Elor Azria : qu'en pense Manuel Valls?
Israël, une société psychopathique : un rassemblement « Mort aux Arabes » attire des milliers de personnes à Tel Aviv
After Years of Failures Against Jewish Terrorism, Shin Bet Believe They Have Rounded Up All Main Actors Latest exposure of cell suspected of attacking Palestinians caps series of successes for Israeli law enforcement, but it's yet to be seen if upcoming release of terror-ring mastermind won't bring new spate of attacks.
Le Shin Bet démantèle un réseau terroriste juif en Cisjordanie
Alleged Jewish terror cell busted by Shin Bet in West Bank
The Shin Bet uncovers a Jewish terrorism ring, which was allegedly behind a series of Duma-copycat crimes in the West Bank.
Shin Bet busts Jewish terror ring in the West Bank
Jewish terror cell admits to hate crimes Six youths from Binyamin region in West Bank confess to having carried out attacks against Palestinians; they have reenacted several of the incidents; they are being investigated for similar offenses carried out in 2008-9.

Far-right lawmaker: Israeli ‘revenge’ against Palestinians could’ve prevented Jewish violence
Israeli Lawmaker: State Should Take Revenge on Palestinians
Israel should carry out revenge attacks on Palestinians, rightist MK says

Witnesses: Palestinian siblings posed no threat when shot dead

Ringleader in Abu Khdeir Kidnapping and Murder Given Life Sentence
Abu Khdeir murderer sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison  Yosef Ben-David, convicted of the murder of a Palestinian teenager, also ordered to pay compensation to Abu Khdeir family, and to another Palestinian child he tried to kidnap.
Mort d’Abu Khdeir : l’accusé israélien N.1 condamné à la prison à vie Les parents d’Abu Khdeir disent que le tueur « mérite la peine de mort » ; Ben David est également condamné à indemniser la famille
Israeli man handed life in prison for grisly murder of East Jerusalem teen Yosef Haim Ben David, convicted of kidnapping and burning Muhammed Abu Khdeir, apologizes to family, says it ‘wasn’t under my control’; relatives call for death penalty
Abu Khdeir Murderer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Plus 20 Years  Yosef Chaim Ben-David, along with two underage accomplices, kidnapped 16-year-old Palestinian from near his home, drove him to the Jerusalem Forest and burned him alive in 2014.
Settler youth cell said to be ‘inspired’ by burning of Palestinian family is arrested Suspected Jewish terror cell members indicted for crimes against Palestinians
Indictments filed against Jewish terror suspects  The members of the Nahliel group allegedly operated out of the Gush Talmonim area of the West Bank, and are suspected of several crimes, including arson and assault.
Israel Charges Suspected Jewish Terror Group for Attacks Against Palestinians  The arrest of the seven members of the group, including an IDF soldier and two minors, was revealed last week by the Shin Bet.
Indictments filed against Jewish terror suspects  The members of the Nahliel group allegedly operated out of the Gush Talmonim area of the West Bank, and are suspected of several crimes, including arson and assault.
IDF officer attacked by Jewish settlers near Hebron
IDF officer says attacked by Jewish settlers at outpost  Settler youth at Khavat Gal push a Civil Administration officer, calling him a 'gentile' and a 'dog'; Nahala Movement: 'Civil Administration is initiating provocations targeting us. The officers came in plain clothing and refused to identify.'

Jewish terrorists accompanied by israel’s army take control of Palestinian streets

Palestinians clash with IDF forces as Jewish worshipers visit Joseph’s Tomb
Jews ascending Temple Mount are instigating war, ultra-Orthodox MK says
Why Jews Stopped Sacrificing Lambs and Baby Goats for Passover  And why some have started trying to perform it on the Temple Mount again. 
As support widens for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, should we fear apocalyptic consequences? With an increasing number of Israelis yearning for a Third Temple, activists walk a fine line between peaceful protest and provocation

Family of Woman Who Died In Israel Release Schocking Coffin Photo And Accuse Israel Of Whitewashing Her Death

Israel rabbi to paramedics: ‘Leave Palestinians to die’
Crimes against Humanity: Israel Ambulance Paramedics Withhold Treatment to Wounded Palestinians

Palestinian detainees accuse inmate, Duma murder suspect, of blasphemy against prophet
Typique: l'Israélien insulte et provoque son co-détenu Palestinien pour le faire réagir... Ensuite, dans la presse, l'incident est rapporté de manière à présenter le Palestinien comme un "accusateur" vis-à-vis de son co-détenu Israélien. C'est une image, en plus petit et en plus soft, du même schéma et du même pattern qui existe au niveau du terrorisme palestinien à l'échelle régionale.
Jewish terrorists accompanied by israel’s army take control of Palestinian streets
Usurping Zionist Entity to Confiscate 1,250 Acres of Palestinian Land in Favor of ‘Jew-Only’ Homes
Terrorisme ou légitime résistance à l’occupation israélienne?
The Difference Between Jewish and Palestinian Terror The bottom line is that the extent of terror and willingness to use it is greater among the Palestinians than among the Jews.
Here’s what happened when some famous writers went to visit some hardcore Jewish settlers

Want to Fight Jewish Extremism in Israel? Don’t Push Secularism Marginalizing religion, asserting you can't be part of mainstream society without being secular, pushes both alienated Muslims in Europe and Jews in Israel towards isolation and extremism.

Palestinians clash with IDF forces as Jewish worshipers visit Joseph’s Tomb
Jews ascending Temple Mount are instigating war, ultra-Orthodox MK says
Why Jews Stopped Sacrificing Lambs and Baby Goats for Passover  And why some have started trying to perform it on the Temple Mount again. 
As support widens for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, should we fear apocalyptic consequences? With an increasing number of Israelis yearning for a Third Temple, activists walk a fine line between peaceful protest and provocation

Why the American Jewish Establishment Won’t Condemn the Occupation  Unless more U.S. Jews who oppose the occupation become members of established Jewish organizations and donate money, the establishment is unlikely to heed calls of those who want it to condemn the occupation.

Boycott or Not, Israel's Era of 'Managing the Conflict' Is Over  When the world finally forces Netanyahu to the negotiating table, he'll discover that his previous messages to Israelis will make him an enemy of the people.

Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac

Boycott Is the Only Way to Stop the Israeli Occupation  Aluf Benn's proposal for Israel's left to establish a base of domestic support for its positions is hopeless considering the brainwashing and increasing extremism of our society.

VIDEO - Attacked by a Tel Aviv "Death to Arabs!" mob

Netanyahu aide: Gaza war draft report being distorted by political enemies

Quand la médecine est polluée par l’occupation israélienne

Gazans' Only Possible Collective Act of Defiance Against Blockade  The 25-year-old blockade has reduced and buried the plans and dreams of Gazans. Something as basic as going abroad for continuing medical education, or taking part in a joyful activity in the West Bank is like going to the moon. 

Israeli soldier jailed for pointing loaded gun at Arab passerby in Jerusalem
VIDEO - Israeli kids taught to kill and hate
The Propaganda Cultivating a Death Cult in Israel Why are we defining the desire to die in battle with a smile on one’s face as an act of true patriotism?

Violences anti-israéliennes : une Palestinienne de 12 ans libérée
Youngest Female Palestinian Jailed by Israel Set to Be Released Sunday Two-and-a-half months after she was jailed for attempting to stab Israelis, D.'s father says he's very excited to see his 12-year-old daughter free again.

Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children With Arrests Spiking, Growing Concern
‘NYT’ manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel
Sharp rise in the number of Palestinian children in prison Some 438 youths held in Israeli jails in February, up from 170 last September.

Israel court convicts Palestinian boy of murder attempt
Israel court convicts 14 year old Palestinian boy of murder attempt

Israeli children rank near bottom of OECD  A new UNICEF report reveals that Israeli children are not only the poorest children in Western countries, but their parents also suffer from the greatest income inequality.
(Le suprématiste blanc pro-juif Jared Taylor considère que "les juifs sont la conscience de l'humanité". C'est donc sûrement notre faute à nous si, selon les critères de l'OCDE, leurs enfants sont les plus pauvres et se promènent pratiquement le ventre vide.)

Israeli High Court Rejects Haaretz Petition to Interview Jailed Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Senior Fatah official is serving five life sentences for murdering Israelis; court rejects petition without hearing parties' arguments.

Avi Mograbi : “Israël est un pays raciste où la question de la pureté de la race est sans cesse posée”

Survey: 85% of Israeli Arabs fear rising levels of racism

65% des israéliens voudraient interdire B'Tselem et Breaking the silence
La majorité des jeunes Israéliens vire à droite

Hating Arabs is not racism. It's values! Haïr les Arabes ce n'est pas de la haine, c'est avoir des valeurs!

'Another Terrorist Is Born': The Long-standing Practice of Racism and Segregation in Israeli Maternity Wards While no hospital in Israel has a policy of separating Jewish and Arab patients, testimonies show segregation is implemented in wards with doctors and management turning a blind eye.
With Few Tweets, Israeli Lawmaker Reveals Extent of Settlers' Racism The Habayit Hayehudi MK is just another weird, racist clown who loses control and spews nonsense in abundance, without even being aware of the damage he is causing.
Lawmaker backs segregated Jewish, Arab maternity wards Bezalel Smotrich says he doesn’t ‘enjoy’ Arabs’ company because they’re ‘enemies’; Bennett: They’re ‘created in God’s image’
Israeli Lawmaker: My Wife Wouldn’t Want to Give Birth Next to an Arab Woman
MK: Segregation in hospitals Bayit Yehudi MK Betzalel Smotrich calls for segregating maternity wards and is immediately condemned for racist remarks.
Un député prône la séparation des Arabes et des Juifs dans les maternités Bezalel Smotrich a déclaré qu’il n’ « appréciait » pas la compagnie des Arabes parce qu’ils sont des « ennemis »
La ségrégation, pratique courante dans les hôpitaux israélien

Lawmaker backs segregated Jewish, Arab maternity wards Bezalel Smotrich says he doesn’t ‘enjoy’ Arabs’ company because they’re ‘enemies’; Bennett: They’re ‘created in God’s image’
Israeli Lawmaker: My Wife Wouldn’t Want to Give Birth Next to an Arab Woman
MK: Segregation in hospitals Bayit Yehudi MK Betzalel Smotrich calls for segregating maternity wards and is immediately condemned for racist remarks.
Un député prône la séparation des Arabes et des Juifs dans les maternités Bezalel Smotrich a déclaré qu’il n’ « appréciait » pas la compagnie des Arabes parce qu’ils sont des « ennemis »
Refusing to Give Birth to Racism: No to Arab-Jewish Segregation in Israel's Maternity Wards  It's shameful that an Israeli lawmaker brought the ugliness of racism, all the talk of 'us' and 'them', back into the one place meant to be the safest space, a space of solidarity, for all. 
Polls show most Israelis oppose segregating Jews and Arabs in hospitals Les colons font-ils partie du sondage?

Israël commence à ériger son mur de séparation dans un secteur chrétien
Netanyahu ‘threatens to fire’ top minister in row over West Bank policy Bennett trouve que la colonisation ne va pas assez vite...
Israel settlement expansion counterproductive to peace: Merkel

Police grill senior settlement officials over fraud suspicions

Israel Building Another Wall near Lebanese Border

Why Israel wants these bedouins to pay for their village’s demolition
Israel destroys Bedouin village in Negev for 97th time

Jerusalem: City of Hate. Political Ideology has Created an “Unholy City”

Israeli Tourist Map of Jerusalem Rewrites History. Removes Palestinian Culture from the Map
Don't Teach Children to Rebuild Jerusalem by Airbrushing Out the Dome of the Rock I understand why this triumphalist, intolerant freebie Haggadah was an attractive handout for preschool teachers around the country. But this Passover, let's dream of a different sort of rebuilt Jerusalem.

Why Are Israeli Taxpayers Forced to Pay for Lawbreaking Settlers' Housing? The Amona outpost has exemplified settlers' criminality since its establishment on privately owned Palestinian land in 1997; now the government wants to build them new homes in place of the ones due to be demolished.
Israeli Settler Group Takes Over Muslim Quarter Building in Jerusalem The move reflects the Ateret Cohanim NGO's new push to settle Jews in the Palestinian neighborhood of Al-Sadia.

Note to Netanyahu: There Are No Blockades in High-tech It may not bring peace, but at the very least a Gaza university graduate recruited by an Israeli high-tech firm is unlikely to be drawn to Hamas.
Israël veut améliorer les conditions jugées « honteuses » des checkpoints de Cisjordanie
Israel plans to improve conditions at ‘shameful’ West Bank crossings

Israel was soft on Jewish terrorists in the 1980’s, will history repeat?
Jewish extremist remains in jail as son is circumcised Rejecting offer to conduct ceremony in prison, family holds brit in Jerusalem after courts rule that Meir Eittinger is public threat.
Meir Ettinger will not be released for his son's circumcision The radical right-wing activist's family are planning to appeal the decision at the High Court of Justice; his wife refuses to have the ceremony in jail.

Rabbinate's List of 'Kosher' Rabbis Aims to Marginalize Modern Orthodox Too A newly released list of foreign rabbis approved by the Chief Rabbinate to perform conversions omits even Orthodox leaders who have dared to be flexible with converts.
Israeli Rabbinate releases list of approved rabbis, including 2 controversial figures
La liste des rabbins “acceptables” compte 2 qui ont été “déshonorés” aux Etats-Unis  Israeli rabbinate’s list of ‘acceptable’ rabbis includes 2 ‘disgraced’ in US, and 2 dead 

Israel's Justice Minister Must Stop Attempts to Fundamentally Distort Israeli Democracy
Controversial Israeli Arab Lawmakers Know Exactly What They Are Doing Balad MKs have never disguised their aspiration to change Israel's nature as the nation-state of the Jewish people. What's becoming clear is the strategy they have chosen for this purpose.
Israel is reborn into a monster – and no one is going stop it By Gideon Levy (Ha'aretz)
The Dangerous Political Battle for Israel's Extreme Right Netanyahu, Bennett and Lieberman are trying to draw a small but dangerous group to their respective sides, allowing an extremist, irresponsible minority to effectively control the Israeli agenda.
Unsafe Places: The Racism Behind Identity Politics Misguided attempts to combat racism are simply conservative politics in disguise.
Analysis: Unyielding religious establishment threatens to be its own undoing

IDF general clarifies amid backlash: ‘Not my intent to liken Israel to Nazi Germany’
IDF general in bombshell speech: Israel today shows signs of 1930s Germany
Deputy IDF chief: Israeli societal trends akin to pre-Holocaust Europe Yair Golan warns of growing callousness, indifference to others, says only national self-reflection will serve as ‘a true memorial’ to Nazi victims
Shoah : un chef militaire israélien provoque une controverse
IDF Deputy Chief Likens 'Revolting Trends' in Israeli Society to pre-Holocaust Germany  'On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ought to discuss our ability to uproot the seeds of intolerance, violence, self-destruction and moral deterioration,' says Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

Was This Top Israeli General Right To Denounce Jewish Extremism on Holocaust Day?
Un chef militaire israélien compare Israël à l'Allemagne des années 30 Un haut responsable militaire israélien a provoqué une controverse en invitant à un «examen de conscience national» à l'occasion de la journée de commémoration de la Shoah, ses détracteurs l'accusant de fournir des arguments aux ennemis du pays.
Netanyahu upbraids top general for ‘outrageous’ Shoah remarks Deputy IDF head Yair Golan’s statements that he sees echoes of Nazi Germany in Israel ‘create contempt for the Holocaust,’ Netanyahu tells cabinet; minister calls for Golan’s resignation
Israel: Will Nazism comparisons trigger soul searching?
Netanyahu dénonce l'appel d'un militaire à un "examen de conscience" d'Israël
Netanyahu criticizes IDF deputy chief of staff During a cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister came out against Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, whose Holocaust Remembrance Day speech was highly criticized for comparing Israeli activities to ‘abhorrent processes that took place in Europe, and Germany in particular;’ several Likud ministers have also expressed anger over Golan’s comments.
MKs defend IDF General's comparison of Israel and 1930s Germany
IDF Deputy Chief Likens 'Revolting Trends' in Israeli Society to pre-Holocaust Germany 'On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ought to discuss our ability to uproot the seeds of intolerance, violence, self-destruction and moral deterioration,' says Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.
The IDF General Who Challenged Netanyahu’s Suffocating Holocaust Analogies By pointing to intolerant trends in Israeli society, the deputy army commander deviated from the accepted script of Jews as eternal victims.
The Israeli Generals Who Shoot and Cry and Shoot Again It’s nice that some of Israel’s most senior commanders are sounding the moral alarm, but what are they doing to change anything?

TV report: Top Israeli politicians believe coalition could soon fall apart As Netanyahu loses a second minister in eight days, strains in PM’s relations with other coalition members prompt speculation about early elections.
Days After Forming, Israel’s Far-Right Govt May Be Near Collapse
Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says
Former Mossad chief: Netanyahu is a fear monger, administration will soon come to an end
La nouvelle coalition de Netanyahu menacée
TV report: Top Israeli politicians believe coalition could soon fall apart As Netanyahu loses a second minister in eight days, strains in PM’s relations with other coalition members prompt speculation about early elections.

Norman Finkelstein: "Of course, no one in their right mind would even remotely compare Netanyahu to the Fuehrer” (True, Netanyahu doesn’t sport a mustache, and Hitler would never hold up Looney-Tune cartoons of an Iranian bomb)

Resigning, minister accuses ‘extremist’ gov’t of leading Israel to destruction

Israël: un ministre démissionne du gouvernement remanié qu'il qualifie "d'extrémiste"

Shaked: 'There will be no Palestinian state, no settlement evacuations, and no land given to our enemies' Jewish Home: No Palestinian state while party in government

As Israel Moves Rightward, Many Are Annoyed Military Isn’t Going With Them
Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They've Already Arrived From America to Austria, belligerent, xenophobic ultra-nationalism is rising. But its hold on power in Israel is far more secure — and uncontested.
Religious zealots ready for takeover of Israeli army
Pourquoi ce général comparerait-il Israël à l’Allemagne des années 1930 ? Hmm...
Israeli Weimar: It Can Happen Here

New stage for Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick: The Knesset

Is Messianism Replacing the Old Order in Israel? The symbolic transition between Temple Mount activist Yehudah Glick and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon mirrors the new values quickly taking hold in Israel.

VIDEO - What Are Israel's Violations of International Law?

Soldier Who Shot Palestinian: Indictment Is Discriminatory Elor Azaria's lawyers call manslaughter charge in case, involving death of terrorist in Hebron, 'arbitrary' when compared to other incidents.

ADL Israel : Il faut agir contre les provocateurs juifs d’extrême-droite
In First, ADL Urges Clampdown on Extremist Israeli Group Lehava Lehava leader Gopstein leads 'an extreme line with direct implications to Israeli society and the Jewish people,' ADL says in letter to attorney general.
Anti-racism group to A-G: Take action on far-right Jewish inciter

VIDEO - Racist Jewish Theologies: Kuzari, Kabbalah, Khabad

Israeli Local Government Resumes Funding Settler Group That Released anti-Semitic Video Shomron Regional Council to transfer $195,000 to settler organization that published video depicting Europeans as Nazis and leftists as hook-nosed Jews who collaborate with them.

When Israeli Cops Assaulted an Arab Supermarket Worker, They Exposed the Government’s Brutal Face As of this writing, no government leader, not least the prime minister, has seen fit to issue a condemnation of the off-duty officers who savagely beat Maysam Abu Alqian.

Thank you, Chief Rabbi. Now I know: Judaism is to blame for the Nakba

Israeli forces kill teenage Palestinian girl at checkpoint, and return another teen’s body 7 months after he died

How Right-Wing Critics Who Slammed My Book Proved Its Point on Israel

Des Israéliens font don de 70 000 shekels à l’homme arabe battu par la police

Canada to replace outspoken pro-Israel envoy with career diplomat Vivian Bercovici, a political appointee of the previous Harper government, said to be succeeded by current ambassador to Afghanistan.
Guards at Netanyahu’s office said to ask Arab student to remove her bra Diran Shalabneh describes ‘humiliating’ examination before scheduled meeting with official in charge of Arab advancement programs.


'Ban anyone from Middle East - but not Israelis,' says US Senate candidate

Netanyahu dénonce "le poison de la propagande anti-Israël en Occident" 

Israël redit ses objections à une initiative française pour la paix
Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference  Prime Minister's Office calls for direct talks, saying the Paris summit would distance the Palestinians from the negotiations table; U.S. says Kerry still undecided on attending the conference.
"Les dirigeants français sont complices du djihadisme palestinien"
Netanyahu rejects French peace plan for 'distancing' Palestinians from direct talks
Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference  Prime Minister's Office calls for direct talks, saying the Paris summit would distance the Palestinians from the negotiations table; U.S. says Kerry still undecided on attending the conference. 
Merkel: I Understand Why Abbas Turns to UN Security Council  Der Spiegel article reveals that senior German officials are no longer willing to unconditionally support Israel on every matter, as they were ready to do in the past.
Israel denies report Germany frustrated with Netanyahu, two-state process Israel Denies Report of German Frustration at Settlements, Peace  Der Spiegel report said German officials no longer willing to unequivocally support Israel, quoted Merkel as saying she 'understands' Palestinians attempt to turn to UN.
Der Spiegel: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin
L’Allemagne pourrait mettre un terme à son «soutien inconditionnel à Israël»
Foreign Policy Shift: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin 

L'Onu est appelée à briser le blocus israélien imposé sur Gaza  
Israel violates the conditions for admittance into the UN
Palestinian UN ambassador compares Israel to Nazi Regime

U.S. Takes Tougher Tone on Israeli Settlements in New Report The U.S. approval of the harsh language marks a subtle shift. Washington has traditionally tempered statements by the so-called 'Quartet' of mediators with careful diplomatic language.
Report: US planning to take tougher line against Israel Senior diplomats say upcoming report to 'put Israel on notice' that patience thinning in Obama administration.

Vénézuela à l'ONU: « Israël prépare t-il une solution finale ? »
L’envoyé du Venezuela à l’ONU s’excuse pour la comparaison Israël-nazi

UK could apologize for creating Israel: British MP

If Germany Loses Patience With Israel, Will European Jews Take the Heat?

Aide ou ingérence politique ? Israël et l’UE s’affrontent au sujet de bâtiments palestiniens L’Europe dit qu’elle finance les constructions dans la zone C de Cisjordanie pour compenser les négligences d’Israël ; Jérusalem soutient que ces structures sont illégales

UNSC rejects Israeli jurisdiction on Golan as 'null and void'
UN Security Council Expresses 'Deep Concern' Over Netanyahu's Recent Golan Remarks  PM declared that Israel would never withdraw from the Golan Heights, but council members say the territory's status should remain unchanged.
ONU : Le statut du Golan « inchangé » malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu Le Conseil de Sécurité a « invité les parties à respecter les dispositions de l’accord de désengagement » entre les forces israéliennes et syriennes sur le plateau datant de 1974.
Onu : le statut du Golan "inchangé" malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu
UN council voices alarm at Israeli cities on Golan Heights
Israeli hold on Golan ‘null and void,’ UN Security Council says
UN rebuffs Netanyahu claim on Golan ownership
Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Israel escalating attacks in Gaza: Mainstream media frames it as ‘retaliatory’

Israeli Rape of Golan Heights Is Also Netanyahu’s Settlement Plan for the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza

Dore Gold: Israel opposes French plan even if it includes ‘Jewish state’ recognition

Israël bloque l’entrée aux Palestiniens pendant Yom HaAtsmaout et Yom HaZikaron

Israel's ‘Bible Trail’: Demolishing Palestinian homes to make national parks #Occupation Thousands in East Jerusalem caught in planning trap, with critics accusing officials of using heritage and tourism to pave way for settler land grab

What Do Israel and Sweden Have in Common? Almost nothing, except that of late we’ve become a normal country without any existential crises to cope with.

VIDEO - La vérité sort de la bouche de Netanyahou (Extrait du reportage de Paul Moreira pour Spécial Investigation: "Voyage dans une guerre invisible")

Israeli Army Giving Its Soldiers a License to Kill Shoot to kill. Not to apprehend, not to wound. To kill. This is the ethos of the IDF 2016.
To Those Racists in Israel Who Are Proud of a Murderer Which leader is worthy of admiration: Ahmad Tibi or Rehavam Ze’evi?
The Judeo-Nazis in the Israel's Legislature Racism is always offensive and it is important to fight it. But even racism has its shades, too. Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich’s vocabulary is that of the master race.
How and Why Radical Right-winger Bentzi Gopstein Was Acquitted The judge’s faith in Gopstein is interwoven in a process of acceptance, separation and differentiation.

Radical right-winger acquitted of assault of radical left-winger Despite being documented on video attacking Ezra Nawi, judge clears Benzi Gopstein of charges, accepting his claim that he thought Nawi and other left-wing activists, who were climbing the fence into a Jewish neighborhood in Hebron, were Arabs seeking to harm Jews.

Does Yitzhak Rabin's Party Still Believe the Occupation Is the Israel's Biggest Problem? The absolute condemnation by the Labor Party of its own MK for his comments on the Hebron shooting raises difficult questions.

The Israeli Right’s Monstrous Naiveté on the Occupation Dani Dayan, who was recently appointed Israel's consul general in New York, believes the Palestinians have accepted the presence of settlers throughout the West Bank.
What Happened at This Once-idyllic West Bank Spot Embodies the Israeli Occupation's Evils As of this week, Israeli authorities have demolished structures in a Palestinian hamlet near the Jordan Rift Valley four times this year. An improvised school and a small swimming pool also fell victim to the bulldozers.
On racism and criticism in Israel Op-ed: For Bezalel Smotrich's information - there's a higher chance the Arab baby born on the same day as your son will be a life-saving doctor than a life-taking terrorist.

Right-wing politicians call to annex Judea and Samaria

Selon un député israélien, Israël est en train d'accomplir un «nettoyage ethnique» en Cisjordanie
Un député critiqué pour avoir dit qu’Israël procède à un nettoyage ethnique Dov Khenin refuse de revenir sur ses propos déclarés à Sky News ; Une députée du Likud a répondu qu’il avait perdu contact avec la réalité.

Israel’s justice minister pushes for Israeli law to be applied in West Bank
La Knesset va adopter une loi pour annexer la Cisjordanie à "Israël
Ayelet Shaked: Apply Israeli law to West Bank within 1 year
Ayelet Shaked: Israel's Minister of Annexation  Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s portfolio automatically gives her a seat on the security cabinet. But more important to Shaked than the rule of law she’s responsible for are th...
Shaked revives bid to extend civil law to settlements

Arab Nations Demand Removal of Israeli UN Panel That Calls Jerusalem Capital of Jewish People Palestinian envoy excoriates panel for negating city's Arab, Muslim and Christian history and identity, but UN says Israeli exhibition follows UN rules.

Sissi Throws Weight Behind French Effort for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Offers to Help Current animosity between Palestinians and Israelis is no worse than that between Egyptians and Israelis before 1979 peace deal, says Egyptian president.

UN panel against torture flags ‘excessive force’ by Israel Foreign Ministry rejects report rapping Israeli security forces’ sometimes lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators, attackers.

Briefing: Liberman, Trump and fascism
Et le nouveau ministre de la défense en Israel est... Advigor Lieberman (photo)
Israël: l'ultranationaliste Lieberman bientôt ministre de la Défense
Un belliciste israélien aurait accepté le poste de ministre de la Défense dans le gouvernement Netanyahou
Maliki : la nomination de Liberman montre qu’Israël n’est pas un partenaire pour la paix Cette nomination envoie un message disant qu’Israël « préfère l’extrémisme et la continuation de l’occupation et la colonisation à la paix »
'Netanyahu's offer to Liberman to join coalition shows that Israel favors extremism,' says PA
More Israelis prefer Ya’alon to Liberman as defense minister — polls Majority of respondents in one survey say incumbent is better suited for post, while second survey shows less of a divide
Avigdor Liberman’s New Job: Control Over Four Million Palestinians
Critics blast ‘worrying’ Liberman defense appointment Pundits and others see red over possibility outspoken politician will control military, while heaping praise on current chief Ya’alon.
L'ultranationaliste Avigdor Liberman nommé ministre de la Défense d'Israël après la démission de Moshé Yaalon
Zohabi appelle au boycott d'Israël après la nomination de Liberman à la Défense
PA officials threaten boycott of Liberman as defense minister Abbas aide accuses Yisrael Beytenu leader of ‘terrorist behavior,’ tells Channel 10 that escalation of conflict is real possibility.
US says Israel's rightist coalition 'raises legitimate questions'
Israel Opposition Issues Dire Warnings on ‘Dangerous’ Avigdor Lieberman
Lieberman will make country ‘less safe, less popular,’ MKs lament
Israel's new ultra-nationalist defense minister alarms Canadian Jews
Les 5 déclarations les plus folles d’Avigdor Lieberman, nouveau ministre de la Défense israélien
We Fear Lieberman Because He Embodies Israel’s Darker Side Democracy and freedom are not just measured on a fixed scale, but also against our expectations, and Israeli democracy has been exemplary.
Yariv Levin : les Etats-Unis n’ont rien à dire sur la nomination de Liberman Le ministre dit que la composition de la coalition est « une question israélienne interne » alors que le département d’Etat américain déclare avoir des préoccupations « légitimes » sur le nouveau ministre de la Défense.
Palestinians: With Liberman, Israel threatens regional stability Saeb Erekat warns defense appointment will lead to ‘apartheid, racism and religious and political extremism’
How Netanyahu Showed the Army Who’s Boss by Handing the Keys to the Far Right

Israeli politician in line to be defence minister called for 'disloyal' Israeli Arabs to be beheaded
Netanyahu agrees with Liberman on death penalty for terrorists in negotiations
Israel mulls legalizing execution of Palestinians: Report
“Execute Terrorists”: New Israeli Death Penalty Would Apply to Non-Jews Only
Likud Source: Israeli Death Penalty for Terrorists Won’t Apply to Jews Proposed legislation would only apply to military courts, where Jewish suspects are rarely charged. Kulanu says will oppose any such legislation.

Netanyahu: I’m responsible for Israel’s defense, ‘stop the crying’ Responding to criticism over Liberman appointment, Netanyahu says the premier ultimately makes final call on IDF operations.
Even Rambo Is Afraid of Where Netanyahu Is Heading Never before have Israelis seen Roni Daniel, their cocky onscreen military authority, so genuinely scared of the future.
Netanyahu is jeopardizing Israel's national security Op-ed: The Prime Minister is making political experiments at the public's expense, replacing an experienced and professional defense minister with the inexperienced Lieberman. The dramatic move clearly signals to the military that the values they're used to cherishing are no longer of the utmost importance.

New MK: Yehuda Glick The right-wing American-born 50 year old spoke highly of Ya'alon, whose seat he is to fill; he is best known for his Temple-Mount activism
Israël: Yehuda Glick, un rabbin nationaliste, bientôt au Parlement
Meet the new MK: Temple Mount activist Yehudah Glick

Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick slated to be next Likud MK after Ya'alon resignation

Yaalon : Israël a perdu sa “boussole morale” Pour sa première prise de parole publique depuis que Liberman a repris son poste, le ministre de la Défense accuse une minorité bruyante de soulèvement.
Scorned Ya’alon says Israel has lost its ‘moral compass’
Ya'alon Calls the Sane Right to Arms, Warns Against What Likud Has Become Outgoing defense minister is taking a time-out from politics to prepare for the anti-Netanyahu operation to come.
The Knife Imbedded in Ya'alon’s Back Can Be Traced to Netanyahu’s Troubled Childhood In the Machiavellian betrayal of his loyal defense minister, the prime minister is lashing out at the scorn he has encountered throughout his life.
Pourquoi l’abandon par Netanyahu de Yaalon n’est pas une manœuvre politique ordinaire Le jour des élections, les Israéliens se demandent qui est le plus à même de garder en sécurité leurs soldats-enfants. Netanyahu et Yaalon faisaient l’affaire. Netanyahu et Liberman, pas tant que ça.
'This is existential... I fear for Israel's future' Leaving politics, Ya’alon warns of ‘dangerous’ forces who ‘took over’ Likud, Israel Ex-chief of staff, being replaced as defense minister by Liberman, urges Likud voters, a ‘sane, respectable and responsible public,’ to fight back.
Ya’alon-Netanyahu spat continues amid accusations of hypocrisy Shortly before PM offered him post of defense minister, the Likud party mocked Avigdor Liberman as ‘unqualified’ to comment on military matters.
Démission du ministre israélien de la Défense Moshe Ya’alon: "Des extrémistes contrôlent le pays"
Farewell to Moshe Ya’alon, the man who kept Israel out of the war in SyriaThe defense minister’s handling of the crisis to Israel’s north has been masterly; his policies on Gaza were less stellar. Will he become the first secular Jabotinsky-ite to resurrect a crushed political career?
In farewell, Yaalon calls on Israeli military to ‘remain human’
Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, Resigns as Netanyahu Embraces Right­-Wing Extremism
Démission du ministre israélien de la Défense: « Des extrémistes contrôlent le pays »
Extremists have taken over in Israel, says departing defence minister
Israel is “infected by the seeds of fascism” and has been taken over by “extremists,” warn ex-prime minister and defense ministers
Barak warns of ‘fascism’ in Israel’s government; Livni sees an ‘ethical crisis’ Former PM Barak says Ya’alon was ‘purged’ by Netanyahu; ex-FM Livni protests the choice of Liberman, who ‘opposes army’s code of ethics’.
'Netanyahu-Liberman government shows signs of fascism,' Ehud Barak says
Israel Has Been Infected by the Seeds of Fascism, Says ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak Barak tells TV interviewer that 'there are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government.'
RT - Israël est «infecté par les graines du fascisme», selon l’ancien Premier ministre Ehud Barak Alors que l’actuel Premier ministre de l’Etat hébreu, Benjamin Netanyahou, remanie son gouvernement de manière controversée, Ehud Barak l’a accusé de «fascisme», ajoutant que le «gouvernement doit être renversé».
Religious Extremists Waging a Quiet Revolution in Israel
Creeping Nazism in Israel
Parallels Between Israel and 1930s Germany
'One People, One Nation': A Visual Representation of the Ignorance That Threatens to Consume Israel If an ordinary picture is worth a thousand words, this picture might just be worth a thousand op-eds warning about the dangerous decline of Israeli democracy.

Why Would That General Compare Israel to 1930s Germany? Hmm... What was going through that anti-Semite general’s head when he compared the Chosen People to 1930s Europe? A few pointers.
La liberté d’expression des militaires fait polémique en Israël
The war over the meaning of the Holocaust between Netanyahu and General Golan

Faced With a Rightist Front of Racism and Oppression, It's Time for Israeli Left to Unite Jewish left has to shake off Herzog's false leadership, come together with the Joint Arab List and seize the opportunity to rejuvenate its ideology and leadership.
Frustrated and Weak, the Israeli Left Has Turned to Bullying the Palestinians The Palestinians may have been under the heel of a brutal, occupation regime for the past 50 years but, according to the 'pro-peace' Zionist left, it’s still their responsibility to get us out of this mess.
Inviting Ayelet Shaked to Speak on Holocaust Lessons Gives a Pass on Racism About the same time a Muslim conquered the mayor's office, Israel's racist justice minister was preaching her form of morality to leading jurists in Poland.
Vers une épuration ethnique à la Knesset ? (UPJB)
In Our New Sparta, the Militant Brainwashing Starts at 11 Israel's testosterone-happy generals are inculcating their legacy of mostly needless operations to fifth-graders. The results? Maybe by 18 they won't ask any questions.

How an Incendiary Rapper Became a Symbol for Israel’s Angry Far Right The Shadow has gained a following among frustrated, anti-Arab citizens with his provocative calls to action.

Settlers arrested for threatening Palestinians with plastic guns
Settlers raid Palestinian home, beat a woman and pepper-spray her daughter

‘Suspicious’ fire that killed Jewish lawyer in Dallas may have been revenge

Israel to Release Extremist Murderer of Palestinian Family
Israël : un extrémiste juif sera libéré en juin après 10 mois de détention, affirme une ONG
Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger to be freed from prison After eight months of detention without charges, Meir Kahane’s grandson will be released on June 1
Le tribunal libère un terroriste juif présumé de sa détention administrative Le Shin Bet ne demandait pas la prolongation de la détention de Meir Ettinger, petit-fils de Meir Kahane
Far-right activist Ettinger to be released from administrative detention
Suspected Mastermind of Jewish Terrorism to Be Released From Israeli Jail Shin Bet won't extend Meir Ettinger's administrative detention when it expires, state prosecutor says; Ettinger is thought to be the leader of terrorist activities against Palestinians.
'We decided to throw a grenade at a Palestinian home' Excerpts from the interrogation of the Jewish terror cell from Nahliel in the West Bank shed light on their motives and how they planned their attacks.

Right-wing activists held over bids to ascend Temple Mount, block Muslims Police arrest 15 in Jerusalem, including three women with babies strapped to their bodies trying to keep Muslims from Damascus Gate.

Israeli Court Convicts Palestinian Child Who Was Nearly Beaten To Death By Mob

UNICEF : « en l’espace de 3 mois, Israël a tué 25 enfants »

‘Every few minutes, one of them hit us with a rifle butt

Israel targets Jerusalem home of imprisoned Palestinians with demolition order

Israel Must Recognize Its Responsibility for the Nakba, the Palestinian Tragedy For true reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians, Israel must recognize what it has done to the Palestinian people over the last 68 years.

Racisme(s) médiatique(s), racisme dans les médias (Julien Salingue)

Typical call for ‘soul searching’ after savage zionist Jews beat defenseless Arab nearly to death

There's No Place in Israel for an Honest Arab Zionist Union's Zouheir Bahloul dared to say the truth - that anyone who tries to stab a soldier at a damned Hebron roadblock isn't a terrorist - and started an almost fascist stampede.

Field Trips, Workshops and Ceremonies: How Settlers' Agenda Found Its Way Into Israeli Schools Analysis of four programs operated by the Education Ministry shows a common method and goals – omitting or distorting historical facts, blurring disputes and continuous emphasis on one identity, closed off to others.

Unitarian Universalists divest from companies profiting from Israel’s occupation On attend toujours quelque prise de position semblable du côté de l'Église catho... On risque d'attendre longtemps. Les Églises unies et presbytériennes ne sont pas aussi immobiles et crasses que l'Église catho et les évangélistes à ce sujet là. Ily a de moins en moins de différence entre les évangélistes sionistes et l'Église catho. C'était pas aussi pire sous Benoit XVI...

As Expected, Zionist Union Acted Quickly to Curb Israeli Arab Lawmaker's Linguistic Larceny MK Zouheir Bahloul's attempt to distinguish between a terrorist and a freedom fighter constitutes an existential threat to Zionism.

Israeli settlers attack French delegation in West Bank

Palestinians Are Dying, But Only Israelis are “Vulnerable” in The NY Times

Israel should stop playing the victim card, MK tells Washington audiences

Israel ‘banning’ entry of bulletproof vests for journalists in Gaza
Facilitating Israel’s Widespread Practice of Targeting Journalists

Israel Holding 10 Palestinian Journalists, Six of Them Without Charges
Israël place un journaliste palestinien en détention sans procès pour quatre mois

VIDEO - Israeli Orthodox Jews harass 8-year-old girl over dress

Damning Evidence Against Former IDF General Should Suffice to Cancel His 'Legacy' What will the youth learn from promoting Rehavam 'Gandhi' Ze'evi? Values such as rape, murdering prisoners, racism, hatred and blowing up journalists?
VIDEO - Jewish Defense League protesters in Toronto talking tough through a bullhorn
JDL opens chapter in Calgary to fight ‘rabid Jew-hatred’
Menacé par la LDJ, le maire de Gennevilliers écrit à Cazeneuve

Conscientious Objector Deserves a Place in Israel's History Books  While the public has taken an Israeli soldier accused of manslaughter to its heart, it's highly significant that the plight of 19-year-old Tair Kaminer has passed without recognition.

Palestinian Flag Banned From Eurovision Song Contest  Flag policy for the song competition lists political entities whose flags won't be accepted at the contest, also including Nagorno-Karabakh, Crimea and ISIS.

Un ex-militaire français dénonce « l’horreur » en Palestine Le Crédit Mutuel héberge l’organisation antisémite BDS – les médias les couvrent par peur de perdre des budgets pub. Comme toujours est certainement pas fiable! Reste à voir ce qu'il y a de vrai dans leur délire.
Le CRIF demande la fermeture du compte bancaire du BDS en France
Fight Over BDS Comes to Notorious Florida Country Clubs  South Florida retirees are mobilizing to fire their security firm G4S after it announced it would be terminating its contracts in Israel.
Exclusive: French government indicates giant bank violates anti-BDS law
For Jewish BDS Supporters, Personal Morality Trumps Jewish Solidarity  When you boycott Israel, or reject the ideology on which it was founded, you are estranging yourself from much of the Jewish world.
Giant Austrian bank shuts down BDS account

Europalestine hacké par « La Brigade Juive » ? ses données confisquées

German Pastor declares himself an anti-Semite

‘Her absurd generals, her military junk’ — Daniel Berrigan’s prophetic speech on Israel in ’73

Une tentative de boycott de Roger Waters fait un bide à New York

American musicians are ‘scared sh*tless’ their careers ‘will be destroyed’ if they speak up for Palestinians — Roger Waters

Jews should stop ‘whining’ about York U, benefactor says

Playwright Tony Kushner accuses Toronto federation of ‘McCarthyism’ Technion head warns of international BDS attack on Israeli universities At the state level, US legislators tackle BDS head on Kushner said he has thought a lot about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and feels “a moral obligation that comes directly from the ethical teachings I received as a young Jewish kid.

Sympathy for Palestinians over Israel up sharply among younger Americans Pew study finds threefold rise in past decade of millennials who say they’re more sympathetic to Palestinians than Israel. 

Jewish Millennials Are Tired of Talk: We’re Taking Real Action Against the Occupation After 50 years of occupation, we feel betrayed by the institutions, including the Reform Movement, that taught us to boldly pursue justice but fail to match their rhetoric with action.

Israel Imposes Travel Ban on BDS Co-Founder, Steps up anti-BDS Repression
From the BDS front lines: How the on-campus brawl is turning young Jews off Israel Assailed from both sides, many Jewish students at California universities say they're afraid to get involved in the increasingly heated debate over Israel.

GERMANY – Stuttgart mayor embroiled in row over anti-Semitic bank account

The Anti-Semite’s Best Friend

L’antisémitisme, arme d’intimidation massive par Bruno Guigue

Sophie Taïeb, community manager au CRIF, félicite la "Brigade Juive" pour le hacking (infraction pénale) du site EuroPalestine

Jewish Harvard Prof Urges Liberals to Treat Evangelical Christians Like Nazis

Tiffany & Co. exec says she was fired for allegedly saying Jews killed Jesus 
GERMANY – Jews call for dismissal of self-declared Jew-hating pastor

US columnist resigns over “gag order” from pro-Israel mogul Sheldon Adelson

Israël : une délégation du Conseil œcuménique des Églises malmenée et emprisonnée

Israël libère un journaliste palestinien qui avait fait une grève de la faim de 94 jours

Un journaliste de France 24 suspendu pour ses propos complotistes

The Only Jew the British Executed for Killing an Arab In 1937 British Mandatory Palestine, a Jewish policeman shot an Arab policeman. It’s still not clear if he was glad he did it or if he had been repeatedly threatened, eventually urges others not follow in his.

Outrage over German university’s dismissal of anti-Semitism expert

Panelists consider whether Trudeau is ‘good for the Jews’ With Jews occupying positions of power in Canadian society, he said, the question of “what is good for the Jews” no longer applies to whether the government is able to protect Jews from anti-Semitism or poverty. Instead, he said, “what’s good for the Jews has become a code for… is this good for the Zionist project?” Since 9/11 especially, mainstream Canadian Jewish institutions and synagogues have become increasingly affiliated with a sort of “hawkish, militaristic patriotism” in response to a shared sense of threat against radical Islam and so, under Harper, staunch support of Israel became associated with criticism of liberal policies. Despite rhetoric in the recent federal election suggesting that Trudeau is “anti-Zionist, a BDS supporter, a Naomi Klein, hard-left type,” Kay said the prime minister “takes it as a baseline that Israel is a legitimate state and our ally.” He added: “I think the Jewish community got played by Harper in the last election. He used the Jewish community as a schism issue and Israel as a proxy issue to show how hard-ass he was on things like political Islam.”

Marseille: Sylvain Saadoun condamné à six mois avec sursis pour dénonciations mensongères

French Jew who invented Islamic State attack gets suspended sentence History and geography teacher in Marseille claimed jihadists assaulted him days after Paris attacks.

Munich 1972 : qui a tué les athlètes israéliens ? C'est la police allemande et non les Palestiniens!
French Jews oppose Cannes screening of film sympathetic to Munich terrorists
C’était du bluff : le Crif n’a jamais réussi à faire censurer le documentaire palestinien de Cannes
Le Festival de Cannes a bien projeté un film révisionniste palestinien sur l'assassinat des athlètes israéliens à Munich en 1972

Facebook Is Making the World a Better Place ... for Billionaires Social media has no connection to democracy; it’s all business. And a very lucrative one, judging by Mark Zuckerberg's wealth.

L’UEJF et SOS Racisme portent plainte contre les réseaux sociaux Malgré l’existence de modérateur de contenus illicites, Facebook, Twitter et YouTube ne prennent pas en compte les plaintes, selon les ONG

Court to Decide if Israel Can Force Breaking the Silence to Reveal Its Sources The state attorney wants the NGO, which collects testimonies from Israeli troops about their army service in the Palestinian territories, to reveal the identity of a soldier whose statement raises suspicion of war crimes.

Sharansky disses American Jews for assimilating, then tells ‘major donors’ to universities to stop BDS
Gidéon Levy: Le boycott est le seul moyen pour arrêter l’occupation israélienne
Israël interdit tout déplacement au porte-parole du mouvement BDS
Are Anti-Israel Boycotts Legal? Doesn’t Look Like It
Bill before Ontario legislature falsely claims ‘primary purpose’ of BDS is to boycott Jewish Canadian businesses
Ontario private member’s bill targets BDS movement
Exclu : le Crédit mutuel a fermé le compte de la Campagne BDS, illégal selon la loi française
Anti-Semitism charges stir the calm waters of bucolic Oxford
US churches call for economic pressure on Israel
Danon: 'We cannot allow anti-Semitism to become the official language of the UN'
Lauder: Some BDS movements are little more than Muslim Brotherhood recruiting tools
Ontario Anti-BDS Bill Defeated
Une éminente historienne britannique refuse un prix israélien

'F**k Israel, long live the Intifada' angry mob screams at Jewish UC student

Foreign press boycotts Netanyahu pics after journalist asked to strip European Pressphoto Agency photographer says maltreated by security at press conference with Israeli PM and visiting French counterpart Valls.

Valls prend ses distances avec une reconnaissance automatique de la Palestine
Interview de Manuel Valls : Il dénonce « l'islamo-gauchiste » et clashe Clémentine Autain
Quelques raisons d'accorder la nationalité israélienne à Manuel Valls.

Preaching a Post-modernist Holocaust The revisionists employed by the institutions for Holocaust education think that what is taught today is 'dogmatic.'
Bon, c'est rendu que même les institutions pour la mémoire de LOLocoste sont négationnistes... LOLocoste.

PM: Paris peace parley will ‘radicalize’ Palestinian demands Two days before conference to which Israel and PA are not invited, Netanyahu says ‘direct negotiations’ are ‘only path to peace’.
UN Mideast envoy: Israeli ministers are ‘killing hope’ for peace After Jewish Home vows there will never be a Palestinian state, Mladenov expresses ‘concern’ over ‘determination of some… to block progress’.
Washington Post : le sommet de Paris annonce une poussée diplomatique contre Israël L’article accuse Netanyahu et Liberman de ne pas avoir été sincère dans leur déclaration de soutien à la solution à 2 Etats.
Washington Post editorial: Paris summit is start of diplomatic pushback against Israel Column accuses PM Netanyahu, new Defense Minister Liberman of insincerity in statements supporting two-state solution.
Netanyahu critique l’initiative française qui “radicalise” les Palestiniens Le Premier ministre a appelé à des négociations bilatérales sans conditions préliminaires, comme avec l’Egypte et la Jordanie.
Dore Gold: By improving ties with the Arab states, 'we could set the stage for a breakthrough with the Palestinians'. Netanyahu tries to turn Arab Peace Initiative on its head The Arab world has long conditioned normalized ties with Israel on a solution to the Palestinian conflict. The PM appears to be trying to reverse the process.
Reconnaissance de la Palestine : le chef du gouvernement doit respecter le vote de l’Assemblée nationale (collectif)
Shmuel Trigano : "La conférence de Paris est une sorte de remake du statut des juifs de Vichy"

A Palestinian-hating Thug: The Arab Media on Israel’s Extremist New Defense Minister In Egypt, almost every article about Avigdor Lieberman’s new post mentions his past genocidal threats to bomb the Aswan Dam. And that’s not the only reason Arab commentators are worried.
La nomination de Liberman officialise la main-mise de l’extrême-droite religieuse sur l’armée israélienne
EN IMAGES. Israël : les déclarations surréalistes d'Avigdor Lieberman
Lieberman's Appointment as Defense Minister Should Nauseate Every Israeli Taxpayer The real question isn’t why the investigation into Lieberman's shady business dealings was closed. It’s why its closing is seen as legitimizing him.

New Israeli MK Glick: Muslims’ Conduct Could Lead to Al-Aqsa’s Destruction Yehudah Glick, whom the police have called the most dangerous man in the Middle East, says the Muslim religious trust on the Temple Mount has an ‘everything-is-mine’ attitude.

Bennett threatens to ‘topple government’ to prevent Palestinian state

The Israeli Body Politic Is Being Poisoned by Intimidation and Incitement The constantly rising temperature around us isn't one of a threatening strategic environment, but of an environment of contaminated values.
Welcome to Israel's Post-liberal Democracy With the gap between the ‘Jewish democratic’ system and reality widening, it would be better to stop bandying the term around and start asking what kind of democracy we're talking about.
Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They've Already Arrived From America to Austria, belligerent, xenophobic ultra-nationalism is rising. But its hold on power in Israel is far more secure — and uncontested.
Comparer Israël aux nazis est antisémite, selon 31 pays occidentaux Un organisme intergouvernemental consacré à la commémoration de la Shoah dit que certains discours de haine contre Israël peuvent être considérés comme raciste
Israel's Military Justice System Seems to Have Gone Too Far The increasingly violent resistance to the occupation does not give Israel and its security apparatuses a license to deny liberty to innocent people.
Netanyahu Must Decide if He's the Prime Minister of the Jewish Nation or Israel Netanyahu is betraying his job. This man has to go, and soon. We are all tasked with that sacred mission, and especially the Arab citizens.

VIDEO - Rys2sense: Zionist filth who burned a family including a baby is released after just a 10 month detention
Settler jailed for 10 months for attacking soldier, Palestinians David Or Shachar from Bat Ayin also ordered to pay victims financial compensation for injuries.
Jewish terrorist/murderer freed without charges after 10 months in Israeli jail
Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger released from administrative detention After being in administrative detention for 10 months on suspicion of incitement to violence against Arabs, Meri Ettinger was released from custody.
Notorious Jewish Extremist Eyed in Murder of Palestinian Family Is Freed Without Charge
Jewish extremist freed after 10 months behind bars Meir Ettinger slapped with nighttime house arrest, ban on entering Jerusalem, West Bank and Yad Binyamin for 6 months.

New Footage in Hebron Shooting Shows Knife Kicked Closer to Slain Palestinian Assailant
Footage from Hebron shooting case indicate knife may have been moved closer to dead terrorist's body The prosecution in the case involving IDF soldier Elor Azaria has presented the court with video footage it claims shows the terrorist's knife being moved closer to his body after the incident in which Azaria shot him.
IDF soldier who shot Hebron terrorist 'admits to 90% of case,' prosecution says
IDF finds ambulance driver tampered with knife after shooting of Hebron attacker
New footage suggests evidence tampering in Hebron shootingProsecutor releases video of ambulance driver kicking knife closer to disarmed Palestinian assailant who was shot dead by soldier.

Cops Who Beat Israeli Arab Supermarket Worker Under Criminal Probe Plainclothes Border Policemen were caught on film beating Maysam Abu Alqian, but claim he attacked them first.

AIPAC Criticizes White House for Opposing Boost in Israel Missile-Defense Funding
In anger, Obama questioned necessity of Israel's qualitative military edge
Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Defense Industry
20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses

Le projet de plate-forme démocrate exclut d’appeler à la fin de ‘l’occupation’ Sanders a accepté de se rallier à elle et sa plateforme unilatéralement pro-Israël
GOP Zeroes in on 'Stridently anti-Israel' Democrats Ahead of Convention Republican Jewish Coalition launches online ads alleging that 'Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy the pro-Israel consensus that has existed for past sixty years.'
Harvard Study Confirms Media Blackout Torpedoed Sanders Chances A new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy confirms poor media coverage badly hurt the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Republican Jews call Bernie Sanders’ Israel critics ‘today’s Democratic Party’
Republican Jews targeting Democrats over Sanders' platform picks 

Donald Trump praises Israel’s racial profiling, calls for same in US
Trump backs racial profiling, citing Israel’s ‘success’ Republican candidate says ‘common sense’ beats ‘political correctness’ in quest for security after Orlando massacre
Donald Trump Says America Needs More Racial Profiling — Like Israel
Trump Says U.S. Should Consider Racial Profiling, Cites Israel as a Role Model 'You look at Israel and you look at others and they do it and they do it successfully,' presumptive Republican nominee says, though it wasn't immediately clear how the tactic should be employed.
On Walls and Racial Profiling, Trump Damns Israel With Loud Praise His tributes could turn off critics as well as admirers of Israel, who loathe the presumptive GOP candidate.

Are Republicans Facing a Nasty Platform Battle of Their Own Over Israel?
Jews’ Best Friends: Patriotards, Christian Identity, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis And Libertarians

Shimon Peres slams Israeli critics of Obama: It wouldn’t hurt us to say thank you
Shimon Peres fustige la critique israélienne envers Barack Obama

Moshe Yaalon declares intention to run for prime minister
Ya'alon and Barak's Speeches Bashing Netanyahu Excel in Absurdity and Hypocrisy Do any of Netanyahu's opponents on the 'left' have a comment on the future of the occupation? Everyone is busy making diagnoses, but only a very few are suggesting a treatment.

Ehud Barak: Netanyahu policies “may” turn Israel into apartheid state
Ehud Barak accuse le gouvernement Netanyahu d’installer l’apartheid

4 IDF chiefs attack prime minister: ‘Time for Netanyahu to go’

Look Who's Demonizing Israel Now The Netanyahu government now appears to need entirely unexpected enemies to demonize. For example, the very people we entrust at the highest level, to keep terrorists from murdering us. On Sunday, Bitan made it to the top of the front page of Israel Hayom, Sheldon Adelson's acrobatically pro-Netanyahu, Kremlin Wall of a newspaper, which quoted Bitan as declaring that "Over the years, the heads of the Mossad and the Shin Bet turn into leftists." Coalition chairman calls Mossad, Shin Bet ‘leftists’

The black hole of Israeli democracy Ya'alon hints at fundraising for new party in letter Talk of a new party has become all the rage, but political history shows such movements lack institutions and internal democracy, and tend to have a short shelf life.

‘Once occupation ends, terrorism will disappear’: Abbas speech in EU parliament enrages Israel
Libération: Les colonies israéliennes, obstacle à la paix (Israël répond: L'antisémitisme de Libération: un obstacle à la paix)
EU Foreign Ministers Endorse French Initiative, Call for Mideast Peace Summit by Year's End EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini says Quartet report on Israeli-Palestinian stalemate to be published in next few days; Netanyahu to meet with Kerry next Sunday in Rome.
EU-backed French Peace Initiative Constitutes a Vote of No-confidence in Netanyahu Indeed, it's hard to understand how advancing the settlement enterprise in isolated areas of the West Bank accords with advancing a two-state solution.
Au déplaisir d’Israël, les ministres de l’UE vont soutenir l’initiative française Même si des négociations directes sont préférables, les États européens “ignorent” les objections de Jérusalem.
Israël critique l’initiative de paix “colonialiste” de l’Europe L’UE n’a “aucune crédibilité” pour traiter du conflit tant qu’elle ne peut pas résoudre ses propres problèmes, fulmine un responsable.
Israel blasts Europe’s ‘colonialist’ peace initiative
UE : les accusations israéliennes de « colonialisme » sont fausses et choquantes L’Union riposte à l’attaque d’un représentant du ministère des Affaires étrangères, et déclare que l’absence d’accord de paix a des répercussions mondiales.
EU: Israeli accusations of ‘colonialism’ false and offensive Union snaps back after attack by Foreign Ministry official, says absence of peace agreement has global repercussions.

Netanyahu accuses Abbas of spreading ‘blood libel’ in EU speech that earns standing ovation
Abbas : "Israël commet des assassinats de masse"
Abbas tente de revenir sur ses propos antisémites

Israël accuse les autorités palestiniennes d’être responsables de la pénurie d’eau en Cisjordanie
Israel blames Palestinians for West Bank water shortage

Israel: Water as a Tool to Dominate Palestinians
Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source in West Bank Village
VIDEO - Israel cuts off water to West Bank Palestinians during Ramadan

Israel driving out Negev's Bedouin Palestinians through home demolitions
Israel Reportedly Constructing Underground Wall around Gaza

How Israel stays a ‘well-regulated militia’ with so many guns around  La seule chose que Alex Jones reproche à l'AIPAC et autres lobbys israélo-américains comme l'ADL, c'est leur appui hypocrite au contrôle des armes à feu aux USA, alors qu'ils passent sous silence le fait qu'en Israel tout le monde peut s'armer presque autant qu'il veut sans difficulté. Israel (Tsahal) laisse tranquille les colons superarmées même quand leurs armes sont illégales ou non enregistrées. C'est des ordres politiques qui dictent le gros de la conduite des soldats en territoires occupés, et l'ordre est de laisser les colons tranquilles tant qu'ils ont pas de mandat. Why It’s OK for Israelis to Own Guns But Not You

IDF murders yet another Palestinian teen, wounds another responding to stone throwing attack
Quels medias pour s’émouvoir de l’assassinat d’un jeune trisomique palestinien ?

L’armée israélienne tue un adolescent de 15 ans et en blesse grièvement 4 autres, "par erreur"

Worldwide anger over shocking pictures of Israeli soldiers posing with dead Palestinians

Pourquoi Israël interdit-il farouchement l’accès à ses archives ?

Yehuda Glick Brings Extreme Vision of Temple Mount to the Knesset — With an Affable Touch

VIDEO - Zionist jews protest "avenge one of my eyes!"
Christians Palestinians Fear Expansion of Jewish Settlers
Jews Call for Destruction Of Christianity During Greek Orthodox Pentecost Prayer in Jerusalem

Obscene – Israel To Host A ‘Genocide Conference’ in Jerusalem (Double article)
It's official: Psychopaths rule our world - Israel elected to chair UNGA
US Congressmen to investigate UNRWA schools for inciting terrorism (teaching "hatred of Israel & Jews")

I'm in Israeli Military Jail Because I Won't Collaborate With the Occupation The girls I meet in military prison aren't criminals. Most did trivial things and many are from disadvantaged groups, which says a lot about our society.
As Israel becomes more nationalistic, liberal US Jews become more distant
‘Washington Post’ publishes article by Jewish leader urging boycott of Israel

Jewish woman pleads guilty over synagogue bomb hoax

Defense Ministry Official: Israel, Like Other Countries, Exports Arms Not Only to Democracies Israel does not transfer arms to countries in which genocide is taking place, head of the defense export control agency says. 'We take human rights very seriously.'

Ethiopian-Israeli chief rabbi said fired for anti-racism stance
Israel’s fear of the “desert” Jews in its midst

We Cannot Give Up the Western Wall to ultra-Orthodox 'Forces of Darkness' Israelis cannot allow our most sacred places to be controlled exclusively by a messianic, supremacist minority whose Judaism doesn't place human dignity at the center of Jewish life.
What’s Truly Absurd About Women of the Wall In demanding the right to recite the priestly blessing, these allegedly progressive women are trying to revive what was a pillar of discrimination within ritual Judaism.

Israeli Mayor Ordered to Remove Offensive 'Modesty Signs' Once and for All Some of the signs instruct women how to dress, requiring them to wear long sleeves and long skirts and no tight-fitting clothing. Other signs order them to keep off the sidewalks near synagogues and yeshivas, where men tend to congregate.

Israël renforce ses restrictions sur le mariage La Knesset maintient la peine de 2 ans de prison pour les couples qui n’ont pas choisi un rabbin approuvé pour leur mariage MDR!!
Marriage With Non-Jews Now Carries Prison Sentence In Israel

'Si vous boycottez Israël, New York vous boycottera' Un décret anti-BDS change la donne aux Etats-Unis Le décret du gouverneur de New York soulève des questions sur la constitutionnalité et les droits de l’homme.
Le gouverneur de New York lance une attaque grave contre la liberté d’expression pour protéger Israël par Glenn Greenwald

‘There will be consequences against Israeli BDS-supporters’
Israel lawfare group plans “massive punishments” for activists
FRANCE – The ‘jewish Brigade’ threatens to ‘scalp’ thousands of BDS activists
Israel Setting up ‘Dirty Tricks’ Unit 
to Find, Spread Dirt on BDS Groups

Le député socialiste Alexis Bachelay dépose un amendement pour que le « boycott » ne soit plus un délit
France: un député antisémite veut lever l'interdiction du boycott des juifs d'Israël
Tous pour le retrait des produits des colonies israéliennes de nos magasins ! (AFPS Lorraine-Sud)

Canadian Political Candidate James Sears Calls Out Zionism in TV Debate

German lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial Wolfgang Gedeon avoids party expulsion until experts weigh in on writings in which he calls the Holocaust a ‘civil religion of the West’.
GERMANY – Germans think Jews have too much influence, finds study
Un député allemand accusé d’antisémitisme et de négationnisme

Jews make fake Hamas video to urge Brexit
Pro-settlement NGO urges Brexit over EU’s West Bank policies Regavim’s parody video features Hamas operatives advising Britons who ‘hate Isra-Hell and the Jews’ to vote ‘stay’.
Israeli group urges Brexit over EU West Bank policies

US thinktank report, co-authored by Israelis, urges collecting ‘biometric data’ on Palestinians

Six Day War hero: We must act like the chosen people

VIDEO - Meet The Ten-Year-Old Palestinian Journalist

Israël libère une parlementaire palestinienne après 14 mois de détention
'Israeli Police Help Palestinian Girls Commit Suicide' An 18-year-old Palestinian who may have wanted to put an end to her life approached a checkpoint with a knife. The Border Police fulfilled her wish quickly, although it's clear she could have been stopped by other means. Her family is shattered.

Israeli (Jewish) Woman Admits Concocting Palestinian Rape Story That Benjamin Netanyahu Called ‘Horrific Crime’
Israeli Woman Says She Lied About Being Raped by Palestinians The woman, who is mentally challenged, tells the police that she was in a consensual relationship with one of accused Palestinians, and that her family fabricated the allegations to put an end to it.
Mentally disabled girl backtracks on testimony Palestinians, who were suspected of raping her, set free after their arrest was extended for three days on Monday; the incident had initally caused controversy when the police delayed passing along information of the incident to the police.
Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Palestinian Kid Still Faces Prison

Une lycéenne d’origine palestinienne exclue d’un concours d’art oratoire sur injonction du lobby sioniste.

VIDEO - PINKWASHING ISRAELI WAR CRIMES It is a spoof and remix of the official 2016 Tel Aviv Pride promotional video.

New UN database of companies complicit in Israel's occupation

Wiesenthal Center: Officials in German city complicit in Israel boycott

Leader of France’s Jewish Defence League on Run in Israel After Conviction in Paris

La commission d’enquête sur les attentats de Paris en déplacement en Israël Le programme de la visite comprenait notamment des échanges avec des responsables des services de lutte anti-terroriste.
Attentats de Paris : la commission d’enquête célèbre Israël

UK Labour leader pushed for bans, boycotts of Israel, letters show In missives prior to his election as party chief, Corbyn sought ‘concrete action to penalize Israel,’ bar politicians from UK
Corbyn Blasts Criticism of U.K. Labour's anti-Semitism in Vice News Documentary Newly released letters reveal that while he was a U.K. Parliament member, Jeremy Corbyn called on Britain's then-foreign secretary to sanction Israel.
UK Labor head Jeremy Corbyn slams Israel in newly released letters
Blame the Jews for the Slave Trade: Labour's Latest anti-Semitic Slander Why are British left-wing activists so keen to join the attempts by Louis Farrakhan and America’s white supremacists to blame Jews for the slave trade?

Huffpo writer expresses bigotry against Palestinians by equating battle for equal rights and anti-Semitism

Paul Joseph Watson "No Jewish Influence Anywhere in Sight" ed note–That the entire Alex Jones operation is one directed by unseen forces out to keep the herd confused is not a question up for debate. On many issues Jones has made clear his obvious intention to avoid hitting the bull’s eye of the target and instead to pull his punches so as not to do any substantive harm to the real enemy we all face and which he makes the pretenses of fighting, not the ‘New’ World Order as much as the ‘Jew’ World Order. This being said, it only makes sense then that one of his top operatives, Paul Joseph Watson, would go down the road to la-la land in making the statement that there is no ‘No Jewish Influence Anywhere’, similar in many respects to other statements made in this Orwellian age that are at complete odds with reality. But there is another aspect to Watson’s posture here that needs to be examined, particularly the statement he made right before his ‘no influence’ whopper, namely that the Jewish question is ‘an obsession you don’t want to be associated with’ referencing in particular ‘neo-Nazis and white supremacists’. So that’s it, right there, the big enchilada. Besides the obvious, which is that Jones would be given his pink slip 20 seconds after venturing down the road of exploring the–not only undeniable, but indeed the OVERARCHING–presence of ‘Jewish influence’ in all of this, but as well, he doesn’t want to be associated with ‘neo-Nazis and white supremacists’. The thing is, he is right. There is absolutely NOTHING to be gained by associating oneself with the kind of human garbage that is on full display within these types of ‘neighborhoods’, where otherwise intelligent discussion of the same ‘Jewish influence’ that Watson says does not exist takes place within the context of verbiage such as ‘kike’, ‘nigger’, ‘coon’, ‘sand monkey’, ‘spic’, etc, etc, etc, to say nothing of the blatantly violent and supremacist spices that are used in each and every dish that they serve up for consumption. And so, the conclusion to which even a half-witted person can arrive in considering all of this is that websites such as Daily Stormer, Stormfront and all the rest, besides being used by organized Jewish interests as mechanisms for painting with a broad brush all otherwise intelligent discussion/criticism of ‘Jewish influence’ as racist, ugly, hateful, unhinged, and prone to violence, also serves another important role, which is to keep large, influential outfits such as InfoWars in line, even to the ridiculous length whereby one of the most important pieces in Jone’s machinery comes forward with the whopper that there is no ‘Jewish influence’ within what we all refer to these days as the ‘New World Order’. Put simply, Jones, Watson and Infowars would rather be pelted with tomatoes than smeared with dogshit.
Comment: In his YTube video ''Isis attacks: what they're not telling you'', disinfo outlet Paul Joseph Watson quotes the neocon Ayaan Hirsi Ali...
In his article ''Muslim “Refugee” Arriving in Europe Makes ‘Cut Throat’ Gesture to TV Camera Negative impact of migrants not being discussed by media'', he quotes that disgusting juishneocon prostitute Pamela Geller: ' 'Prominent critic of Islamic extremism Pamela Geller claimed the footage illustrated how, “Europe is taking in millions of these hostile invaders.”(...) ' '
Not only do the Infowars crew quote Pamela Geller, the Infowars crew even publish her articles! Such as this one: ''Clockmeister Ahmed Mohamed’s sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up'' The scam continues. By Pamela Geller.

‘We are Israel and Israel is us’ — Governor Cuomo ends all the confusion!

Netanyahu Is a Danger to Israel's Media In light of technological developments and change in consumption patterns, the financial situation of broadcasting companies has significantly worsened and in order to survive they woo politicians.

Netanyahu's Ugly Entanglements Are a Test of Integrity for Israel's Watchdogs A lot of those people who thundered against the statute of limitations argument made by Olmert-defending journalists are now – believe it or not - making the very same argument, at the very same decibel level, in regard to Netanyahu.

Enfances brisées : les mineurs palestiniens dans le viseur de la répression israélienne (ACAT)

UN: Ban on Palestinians entering Israel is ‘collective punishment’ Human rights commissioner says blanket prohibition imposed after Tel Aviv terror attack violates international law.

Tel Aviv terror suspect was arrested after cop unwittingly invited him into his home

Shaked accuses Haaretz writer of incitement for calling Supreme Court judge 'war criminal'

The Israeli Justice Who Violates International Law Every Time He Comes Home Justice Noam Sohlberg is allowed to curb freedom of expression in defamation cases if he likes. But as a resident of the West Bank, he’s an offender.

Digging in, Shas shuns Knesset sessions over ‘racist’ comments Party doubles down on demand Channel 10 news director be fired for reportedly using racial stereotypes about Mizrahi Jews.
En Israel le racisme n'est pas que sur le web, on le trouve jusque dans la Knesset...

It's Kosher, but It Stinks: How the Jewish State Has Failed Judaism Again The Supreme Court has just given state rabbis carte blanche to keep gorging on their monopoly over Israel’s kosher certification industry, at everyone’s expense.

Depuis 2001, Israël a détruit pour 74 millions de dollars de projets financés par l’Union européenne

30 Days Jail Term for Israeli Sniper who “Killed 13 Gaza Children in One Day” to Terrorize Palestinians

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian shepherd's flock of sheep, kills 25

Only Solution to Palestinian Terrorism Is the End of the Occupation
Le maire de Tel-Aviv attribue l’attaque meurtrière contre un café à l’occupation israélienne

After 50 Years of Occupation, Israeli Politics Have Reached a Dead End The right has the authority but doesn't have a policy, while the left has a policy but doesn't have the people.

VIDEO - Ryan Dawson: Collective punishment for Palestine et Woodshed Info

Israel's Right to Sweep Away Palestinians Expelling Palestinians is a paradigm that’s alive and well in the Jews’ state - a plan that was carried out and that is always waiting to be replicated.

Israeli revelers give Palestinians the finger in march through Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter
Thousands of Israelis marched through the alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday in a controversial parade through the Muslim Quarter that marks Israel’s capture of the ancient walled metropolis in the 1967 war against Arab armies.

Jews must breed with Jews only to keep the chosen race pure or face prison

Why Israel is blocking access to its archives
Israel Is Blocking Access to Its Archives: “Israel Concealing Vital Records to Prevent Darkest Periods in its History from Coming to Light”

Shaked: Facebook, Twitter removing 70% of ‘harmful’ posts Social media giants clamping down on incitement to violence in Israel, says justice minister.
Mais toutes les incitations à la haine et au meurtre ne sont pas aussi graves en Israel...

Rabbi Michael Lerner Blasts Israeli Occupation of Palestinians at Muhammad Ali's Funeral
Rabbi Lerner dirige une revue (Tikkun) pro-Clinton et pro-maçonnico-multiculturel-multiracial. C'est les moins pires des sionistes. Leur job est de montrer qu'on peut quand même être humain (non-psychopathe) tout en appuyant l'existence d'Israel... Qu'on peut appuyer Israel tout en condamnant les colonies illégales.

LEST WE FORGET: “Gentile altruism is something every jew should fear”: Cohen Report

Affaire des passeports français : la mention « Israël / territoires palestiniens » abandonnée

Hillel Can't Be a Soapbox for Jewish Millenials’ anti-Israel Crusade The U.S. Jewish community has no obligation to capitulate to groups wanting to mainstream a Jewish identity that's agnostic about the right of the Jewish people to their own state.
WATCH: Pro-Palestinian activists storm former IDF officer's speech at DC museum
U.S. Anthropologists Vote Down Boycott of Israeli Universities by a Hair Israeli academics say previous decision by American Anthropological Association to boycott Israeli universities aimed to 'incite and introduce hatred' into Israeli academia.
New York Governor: “If you boycott against Israel, New York will boycott you”
Exclusive: Austrian bank shuts terror account of pro-BDS Austrian-Arab center
Attacks on BDS websites linked to Israel Well, DUH!
Anthropologists’s Narrow Vote Against Israel Boycott Is Not the Last Word
Glenn Greenwald expose la manœuvre sioniste pour contrer le boycott aux États Unis
Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Attempts to Shut Down “Peaceful Pressure” against Israel’s Systematic Violations of International Law

Independent Jewish Voices apologize for links to far-right website, accuses B’nai Brith of ‘slander’

Labour “anti-Semitism” witch hunt claims new victims

How Jews Are Re-claiming a Hateful neo-Nazi Symbol on Twitter To combat the online vitriol, Jews and non-Jews alike are adopting a controversial new method which, some critics say, is equivalent to pinning a yellow 'Jude' star to one’s shirt.
Twitter Fails to Confront Vicious anti-Semites, Jewish Journalists Say New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman has quit the social network after the company refused to take down anti-Semitic tweets. Others say Facebook does a better job battling hate.
NY Times editor leaves Twitter over anti-Semitic tweets
New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman, targeted by anti-Semitic abuse, laments 'cesspit of hate' on Twitter.

Une dirigeante des Femmes du Mur arrêtée pour “contrebande de Torah” En pleine impasse sur l’accord pour créer une zone de prières égalitaires au mur Occidental, le groupe annonce la brève arrestation de sa directrice exécutive.
La loi sur les bains rituels plongée dans des eaux tumultueuses
As ritual bath bill faces stormy waters, women debate Lysistrata-like boycott With the Knesset resembling reality TV, could a Greek comedy hold the key for religious women protesting more governmental regulation over traditional practices?

House passes funding boost for Israeli missile defense despite Obama’s opposition
House approves defense aid to Israel despite veto threat
La Chambre des représentants d’accord pour une hausse du financement du système de défense anti-missile d’Israël Avec l’ombre d’un veto présidentiel qui plane, plus de 600 M de $ ont été alloués à des programmes ; les groupes pro-Israël critiquent la Maison Blanche pour son opposition à l’augmentation de l’aide.
Obama s'oppose à une augmentation de l'aide américaine à Israël, Netanyahu critiqué
Désaccord entre M. Obama et le Congrès sur l’aide financière destinée à la défense antimissile d’Israël
AIPAC Criticizes White House for Opposing Boost in Israel Missile-Defense Funding
Tom DeLay: Obama Is A Communist 'Muslim Sympathizer' Who 'Hates America'

Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Accept Arab Peace Initiative as Basis for Talks With Palestinians Au moins ça a le mérite de la clarté...
Israël: Netanyahu contre l'initiative arabe de paix (médias)

Two ex-Israeli Army Chiefs Join Group That Vows Fight Against Politics of Fear Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi are linking up with former Education Minister Shay Piron’s 'nonpolitical' movement.

Livni: Settlers run Israeli government’s national agenda Zionist Union number two says Barak, Ya’alon’s criticism of Netanyahu important, reiterates call for referendum on two-state solution

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian shepherd's flock of sheep, kills 25

How Israel must fight violent Jewish extremists

After 50 Years of Occupation, Israeli Politics Have Reached a Dead End The right has the authority but doesn't have a policy, while the left has a policy but doesn't have the people.

Israeli Court Rules to Keep Palestinian Clown in Jail Without Trial Mohammed Abu Saha's arrest sparked an international campaign by circus performers for his release. Though no charges have been filed against him, Shin Bet claims he's a member of the PFLP terrorist group.

Reprimand but no trial for IDF officer who ordered ‘salute’ fire at Gaza building

Why Is an Israeli Pro-settler Group Campaigning for Brexit? Right-wing organization Regavim supports the U.K.'s exit from the European Union as punishment for the bloc's support for Palestinians.

Israel absolves colonel who shelled clinic to “honor” soldier

Critics say Israel’s new ‘terrorism’ law criminalizes Palestinian political activism

La mairie israélienne de Jérusalem autorise un projet pour des juifs dans le secteur palestinien

Israël révoque le permis d'entrée d'un haut responsable palestinien

Nobel Laureate's Love of Israel Has Become a Tormented One, Thanks to the Occupation The road Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa has taken with Israel is a sad mirror image of the country's deterioration.

Israel Putting Settlements Before Culture Culture Ministry's change in criteria for allocating state funds to cultural institutions is an infringement on the central democratic concept of freedom of expression.

Israel cuts water supplies in West Bank amid heat and Ramadan

Cisjordanie: Israël coupe l'approvisionnement en eau de territoires occupés

Israël bloque l’accès à ses archives Israël dissimule des documents capitaux pour empêcher que la lumière ne soit faite sur les périodes les plus sombres de son histoire, selon des universitaires.
Les raisons qui font qu’Israël bloque l’accès à ses archives

The Leadership Must Stop Pandering: Israel as a Free Nation Won't Survive the Occupation Democracy requires acceptance of the majority decision, but it does not mandate recognition of the rightness or the moral legitimacy of the majority.

Israel to UNHRC: ‘You’ve never cared for us, how do you expect us to take you seriously?'
UN: 2015 was most violent year in West Bank, Israel in the last decade
UN warns Israel over its refusal to cooperate with human rights investigations
Israël présidera la commission sur le Droit international à l’Onu

Israël : La ministre de la Justice accuse Haaretz d’incitation à la violence. De l'indignation sélective à l'inversion accusatoire...

Jewish ‘Sacred’ Text Predicts Land of Israel Will Encompass the World

Dennis Ross tells American Jews, ‘We need to be advocates for Israel’ — and not for Palestinians

Le Parlement néerlandais appelle à retirer toute aide gouvernementale aux groupes BDS La motion mettant un terme aux paiements directs et indirects à destination de ceux qui sont à la proue de l’appel au boycott contre Israël a été votée par la Chambre basse
Only BDS Can Force Israel to Prove It's a Democracy for Its Arab Citizens Too
Exclusive: Second largest German bank shuts anti-Israel BDS account

Which side are you on in the clash of civilizations?

New Security Council slightly better for Israel, but no game-changer Jerusalem’s situation in key UN body remains volatile with the entry of Sweden, the first EU state to recognize ‘Palestine,’ though Kazakhstan provides diplomatic toehold
Le Conseil de sécurité s’apprête à enjoindre à Israël de rompre avec al-Qaïda par Thierry Meyssan

UN ‘deeply disappointed’ by Israel’s new West Bank construction

Gold to 'Post': Quartet report could cause Israel diplomatic damage
Israel rejects Quartet report ‘myths’ as PA blasts incitement criticism
Quartet report’s focus on incitement is a victory for Netanyahu
Le quartet demande à Israël de cesser la colonisation
Israel should stop building settlements and denying Palestinian development, says Middle East peace quartet
Israel wants to keep Quartet report from becoming basis for new UN resolution

Netanyahu vs. the Generals
The New and Secret Investigation Against Netanyahu
Netanyahu promised in 1997: 'I'll only serve as PM for two terms' 'If you don't get it done in your first term, you might get it done in your second term, but you don't need any more than that,' the candidate for prime minister said ahead of the elections. Mais c'est clairement pas le genre de gars dont on peut dire qu'il tient parole...

Zogby answers his critics: 'I’ve just been cast as the anti-Israel guy'

Senator to 'Post': Congress acts to shut loophole on Palestinian convict stipends

Zoabi doubles down on claim IDF troops are ‘murderers’ Controversial MK says she represents ‘world consensus,’ would be applauded on ‘any stage’ – as opposed to Netanyahu
MKs blame Zoabi for terrorist attack that killed 13-year-old girl
Zoabi (une des seules ministres arabes de la Knesset) sera-t-elle finalement bannie de la Knesset ?

Bennett calls for imprisonment, expulsion of terrorists’ families

Israel's Planned Construction Beyond the Green Line Cynically Exploits the Terror Wave
Half of Israeli Jews oppose West Bank withdrawal — poll

800 New Settlements Units To Be Built In East Jerusalem

Father of soldier accuses IDF of framing son in Hebron shooting Bullshit.

Palestinian village demolished for the ‘100th time since 2010’

De façon « outrageante et inhumaine » Israël coupe l’eau dans les territoires palestiniens

10-Year Old Palestinian Girl Arrested On Settler Children Accusation

Israel To Create Secret Burial Area For Slain Palestinians

IDF reservists question 'harassment' tactics of Breaking the Silence

Israeli Settlers Attack Bethlehem; Spray ‘Death to Arabs’ on Palestinian Property

Convicted Judaic Murderer–‘An angel commanded me to kill’

Jewish terrorist gets 2 life term sentences over murder of Palestinians, after court axes appeal

One Person Isn’t Buying Yehuda Glick’s Temple Mount Crusade — His Mom

The Jewish ban on intermarriage has become a curse
Intermarriage and the Jews: What would the early Israelites say?

A Jérusalem, une manifestation contre « l’extrémisme du rabbinat »

Far-right Orthodox groups seek court ban on pluralism at Western Wall

Let’s Learn From Israel's Yemenites

Rape Is Kosher To Boost Morale of Soldiers, Says New IDF Rabbi

New IDF chief rabbi: Soldiers can rape Arab women to boost morale
IDF summons chief rabbi pick for clarifications over rape comments
La nomination du grand rabbin de l’armée suscite la polémique Eyal Karim avait semblé approuver le viol en temps de guerre, avant de se rétracter ; il pense aussi que l’enrôlement des femmes est “strictement interdit”
IDF's Chief Rabbi Appointee Believes Terrorists Are 'Animals' and Gays Are 'Sick' Colonel Eyal Karim made several contentious remarks while answering reader's questions for the religious website Kipa while he was still a civilian.

Likud MK calls for execution of Palestinian inciters

Odeh chercherait l’aide des députés pour “se débarrasser” de Zoabi
Zoabi boycotted in Knesset As part of an initiative by MK Cabel, a large number of MKs walked out and boycotted Hanin Zoabi's speech on Monday; Large number of Zionist Union, Meretz MKs stayed.
Israeli Opposition Leader Calls for Censorship of MK Zoabi's Speeches

Lapid walks back his attack on new editor of ‘Haaretz’ Lapid incurred the wrath of fellow MKs and other public figures when he branded Gvaryahu as the most radical member of Breaking the Silence, and accused Haaretz’s English edition of slandering both Israel and the IDF. Landau’s appointment serves as “additional proof (as if any was needed) that Breaking the Silence is not interested in influencing Israeli society from within, but prefers to slander us abroad,” wrote Lapid, who subsequently was broadly subjected to a barrage of criticism, accused of sexism, and of not taking into account that Landau is a personality in her own right with an impressive media record.

Brigade chief: Hebron soldier was wrong to kill attacker
When Soldiers Kill Palestinians, Even a Smoking Gun Doesn't Lead to Indictments Mustafa Tamimi was killed when he was shot in the face with a gas canister in a 2012 protest. A year later, Rushdi Tamimi was shot in the belly with live fire. No one ever faced charges. A closer look at the two cases reveals that putting soldiers to trial is the exception, not the rule.
I Thought Israeli Soldiers Weren’t Supposed to Shoot Palestinian Girls Anymore

The President of Uganda Kept Calling Israel ‘Palestine’ During Netanyahu’s Visit

NGO slams Education Ministry move to hire fewer Arab teachers

Story Claiming West Bank Rabbi Endorsed Poisoning Palestinian Wells Likely Zio-Hoax

In Unprecedented Move, British Police Summoned Tzipi Livni Over Suspected Gaza War Crimes Livni is currently in London to attend the Haaretz Israel Conference; The summons was cancelled after diplomatic contacts between Israel and Britain.

Secret Israeli committee uses US federal agents to hunt down Israeli journalist and snuff out free speech

Do Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet Turn Their Leaders Into Leftists? Du point de vue de l'élite juive, oui.

‘Racist’ film critic doubles down on Regev-Goebbels comparison

The Specter of Racism Hangs Over Bennett's New Educational Plan That Must Be Scrapped Instead of helping to fight discrimination by improving conditions at Arab schools or integrating more Arab teachers into Jewish classrooms, Bennett and the rest of the ministry have chosen to fund Arab trainees less than Jewish ones.

Parents of East Jerusalem Teen Ask Court to Demolish Jewish Killers’ Homes

Lieberman a mis son veto à une visite de pacifistes israéliens à Ramallah

Les préjugés anti-arabes israéliens assimilés à l’incitation palestinienne à la violence Bin quoi, on est censé penser qu'il y a aucun lien entre les deux?

Life (In Israel) Is a Cabaret, Old Chum Comparisons of Israel to 1930s Germany are dismissed as hysterical exaggerations or anti-Semitic attacks, but they are actually the ethical imperative of 'never again.'

“We’re going to get every single kidney and liver and heart that we can. The world owes it to us.” – Israel is Ground Zero for the World Illegal Organ Trade

Le tribunal juge que les rabbins israéliens éthiopiens ont subi des discriminations
Nouvelles manifestions d’Israéliens éthiopiens contre la brutalité policière ; 12 arrestations
Rivlin : Israël doit encore corriger ses torts envers la communauté éthiopienne

Israel forbids mixed-gender prayer service at Western Wall
WATCH: No Western Wall Bat Mitvah for You

Icelanders vote to join boycott on Israeli goods

Des donateurs de gauche veulent « punir » l'Université Ben Gourion

Israël s’attaque à un Facebook “permettant le terrorisme”, mais les projets de loi pourraient rater leur cible
How a Facebook Post Rekindled the Row Over Jew-on-Jew Racism in Israel Army Radio film critic suspended after sparking storm while appearing to play on stereotypes of Jews of Middle Eastern origin as superstitious and backward.
As Israel goes after ‘terror-enabling’ Facebook, new bills may miss mark
Facebook rejects harsh Israeli critique over incitement
Facebook Doesn’t Incite Palestinians, Reality Does Facebook is not an accessory to terror because it allows Palestinians to vent their anger as an occupied community and even express support for what the attacks represent.
Israel's New 'Facebook Bill' Hopes to Force Social Media Giant to Delete Posts According to new bill, court will be able to order the platform to remove content that deals with terror or poses real danger to the security of the state.

RINF News Boycotts Israeli Companies

Onze signes de la croissance continue de BDS en dépit de la guerre que mène Israël pour le réprimer
De BDS à la CGT : Chronique d’une criminalisation par une politique de la peur (Saïd Bouamama)

On U.S. Military Aid to Israel, Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You Netanyahu is misreading the script of the ongoing saga regarding the U.S. military aid package to Israel. It's not Israel's birthright: it's a privilege that must be earned.
Right-wing lawmakers pan US ‘intervention’ in Israeli elections
‘Netanyahu a été brutal dans sa relation avec les Etats-Unis’: Voir Begin comme le début de la fin du sionisme traditionnel Pour l’historien Milton Viorst, la résurgence de Jabotinsky depuis 40 ans est responsable de la marginalisation des négociations de paix
Will Bibi Ever Face Blair's Chilcot Disgrace? Would a Chilcot-style report on Netanyahu’s past decade shred his credibility as it did Blair's? In contrast to the peculiarly British self-flagellation over the findings, would Israelis even care?
Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Suddenly Looking Like a Diplomatic Superstar
Will the IDF Revolt Against Israel’s New Defense Minister?

Congress demands true number of Palestinian refugees from UNRWA

Israël développe sa politique de colonies au grand dam de l'ONU (Pierre Magnan)

Failed Coup in Turkey Leads to Delay of UNESCO Temple Mount Vote in Istanbul
Résolution antisioniste : L’UNESCO remet ça
UNESCO head: Jerusalem is sacred to all three monotheistic faiths
Israel ‘concerned’ over EU revision to UNESCO Jerusalem proposal
Israel to EU: Voting to recognize Temple Mount as solely Muslim site akin to ignoring Jesus - Diplomatie française: si c'est juif, on efface, on raye, on remplace! S'il y a du vrai là-dedans, c'est un peu et c'est peut-être ce qui explique pourquoi il y a tant d'attentats terroristes en France depuis 3 ans...
Israel slams EU revision to UNESCO Jerusalem proposal
Israeli police initiate ‘friction activity’ on quiet streets in East Jerusalem to provoke violence
Israeli Border Police Deliberately Provoking Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Israelis Don't Want the Truth, Certainly Not When It Comes to Palestinians If, for instance, Channel 2 news reversed course and started showing what's really happening on the Palestinian side, Israeli viewers would change the channel.

Haneen Zoabi Helps Forge Israel’s National Renewal Without the mirror that the Arab legislator puts in front of us, there’s no chance for the national rehabilitation that every occupying and dispossessing power needs.
Right-wing politicians scrambling to save West Bank Amona outpost

Right-wing Lawmakers Seek to Legalize Largest West Bank Outpost Habayit Hayehudi to push a bill that would allow the expropriation of private Palestinian land on which outposts have been illegally built.

Peter Beinart joins US Jews for civil rights-style protest in West Bank Activists stage sit-in, refuse military order to leave Palestinian property in Hebron; Israeli police detain 6

Israël. Imposer le silence sur les crimes de l’occupation (Gideon Levy)

Radical Leftists Attack Dozens Marching in Solidarity With Hebron Shooter in Tel Aviv Demonstrators, among them former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari, were attacked by five masked suspects, one of which sprayed them with tear gas.
Et les manifestants qui appuient le soldat qui a tiré un Palestinien désarmé? Sont-ils moins "radicaux"?

Three Jewish Israeli teens have been arrested for an arson revenge attack.

Why Humiliation Became a Routine Tactic in Israeli Prisons Is there an order to Israelis stipulating the wasting of the Palestinians’ time? Is there some supreme order: Be cruel, be heartless, humiliate?

VIDEO - Evolution: from racist to anti-racist

VIDEO - "Take revenge on the non-Jews!"

Israël : l'armée désigne un grand rabbin ayant justifié le viol en temps de guerre
Amid protests, IDF chief sticks with controversial top rabbi pick
IDF summons chief rabbi pick for clarifications over rape comments
Controversial pick for IDF chief rabbi once said women incapable of court testimony
Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi
Eisenkot Failed in His Appointment of IDF's Top Rabbi The appointment of a new chief rabbi is especially sensitive today when the question of who has the final authority in the army - the commander or the rabbi - is repeatedly raised.
Bennett chides rabbi who called gay people ‘deviants’
‘Can You Spew Sexism and Homophobia and Still Be Rabbi for ‘Most Moral Army in the World’?
Religious Zionist rabbi under fire for calling homosexuals ‘perverts’
Israel's State-funded Homophobia A senior figure in Israel's network of premilitary academies has called members of the LGBT community 'perverts.' As long as taxpayers fund part of his salary, he cannot remain in his post.
Defense Ministry, Bennett condemn rabbi who called LGBT community 'perverts' 'The Halacha is not meant to be used to divide us or single out people or groups,' says Education Minister Bennett as Defense Ministry director-general seeks clarifications from the pre-army preparatory yeshiva the rabbi heads.
Bennett réprimande un rabbin qui a qualifié les homosexuels de « déviants »
Israeli Ministers Attack Negative Statements About Gays by Rabbi Who Heads pre-IDF Academy 'It is impossible to curse an entire community and hide behind the halakha,' says the education minister after Rabbi Yig'al Levinstein repeatedly called homosexuals 'perverts'.

Nouvelle loi scélérate à la Knesset (AFPS) 

No Incitement Necessary for a Palestinian Town to Hate Israel Sa’ir will recover; its people are well-trained and strong. But it’s not hard to imagine what sort of pent-up feelings are being reinforced by the lockdown of this southern West Bank town.
Israel launches anti-Facebook bill
Facebook sued for $1 billion by families of Israel terror victims
Bill fining Facebook, Twitter for not removing incitement to terror gets ministers’ approval
UK Labor MP: I'm not anti-Semitic, but my Facebook post was

Israeli College Department Head Resigns Over Censorship of Political Artwork Controversy surrounds Shenkar student's drawing of nude with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's face.

Report on Israeli Education Reforms Takes Jewish Arabness 'Out of the Closet' The Biton report, which invites Israel to reconcile with a Jewish culture it considers inferior, could also open a channel to a culture it considers hostile.

Why Does Britain Keep Harassing Tzipi Livni?
White House compares Boris Johnson to Israeli envoy
Like his boss, new UK FM Boris Johnson is an Israel backer

Vatican Rep to U.N. Security Council: "Let the two States be created now, for the sake of the Israelis and Palestinians"

Gilbert Collard: « la France devrait écouter Israël »

IDF to release imprisoned conscientious objector

Manuel Valls a accepté de laisser son téléphone sécurisé à une puissance étrangère

Israël a-t-il espionné le portable de Manuel Valls'
Valls, Bisounours de l'espionnage, confie son smartphone aux services israéliens
VIDÉO - Le portable de Manuel Valls espionné en Israël?
Israel ‘tampered’ with French PM’s cellphone — report

Valls et les Juifs de France : Un adjoint au maire démissionne Le problème est pas son lien avec des juifs mais son sionisme anti-islam rabique!
Les effarantes déclarations de Gilles Clavreul en Israël (Guillaume Weill Raynal)

Le leader travailliste britannique Jeremy Corbyn affronte la cabale des néonconservateurs de droite et de gauche et du lobby sioniste

Israel lobby panics about ‘spoiled’ next generation of American leaders turning against it
Israeli Settlers Destroy Palestinian Homes Like ‘Termites’: US Rep.
Using Rep. Johnson’s innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
Hank Johnson, membre du Congrès US, compare les colons sionistes à des termites
US angry over new Israeli settlement activity

U.S. strongly condemns 'accelerated, systematic' settlement activity
Israel fires back at US over criticism of settlement building
Israel blasts US, EU and UN for condemning construction in Gilo

VIDEO - The Occupation of the American Mind (version complète basse qualité) (version haute qualité en trois parties)
Critique mediafilm de La colonisation des consciences américaines, avec le narrateur Roger Waters
Documentary Reveals How Israel Convinces Americans Palestine Occupies Israel
Film Review: ‘Occupation Of The American Mind’ Unravels Israel’s Propaganda War In US
How Israeli Propaganda Succeeds

Le rappeur d’extrême droite ‘The Shadow’ rejoint le Likud Le député Oren Hazan estime que le nouveau membre vaudrait 5 sièges à la Knesset et qu’il pourrait remplacer certains députés
Appel de Netanyahu aux Arabes israéliens à "participer en masse" à la société israélienne On croirait entendre la "Dissidonce fronçaise", juste à changer israel pour France et Netanyahou pour Soral, ça donne une parfaite symétrie: Appel de Soral aux musulmans français à participer en masse à la société française...
Netanyahu calls Arabs ‘goats’ in video intended to promote ‘equality and dignity for all’
Israeli-Arabs reject Netanyahu’s extended hand and apology as insincere. Pourtant il est sincère: il demande sincèrement de se soumettre!

Palestinian dad accused of child abuse fires back at Netanyahu
Netanyahou dénonce l'accusation de « fascisme » utilisé par la gauche à tort et à travers
Netanyahu falls in love with video clips, the new Israel-Palestinian battleground

Netanyahu accuse ses rivaux d’un ‘désir d’attirer les médias’
Ex-Generals, Netanyahu critics and political opposites Barak and Ya'alon meet
Sparks fly between Netanyahu, Bennett over Gaza war report
Netanyahu, Bennett clash over government and media Enemy of my enemy?
Bennett: ‘We’re losing millions of Jews to assimilation’

Why Likud is afraid of Bennett
Likud Extremists and Donald Trump: Jokers to the Right of Me Israeli rapper The Shadow embodies all that's wrong nowadays with the party of Menachem Begin. The fact that the phenomenon is not unique to Israel doesn't make it any more palatable.

Netanyahou père spirituel de la «guerre contre le terrorisme»
Netanyahu accuse l'Europe de soutenir les ONG appelant au boycott d'Israël
Netanyahu criticises European 'support' for anti-Israel groups

The Masses - Not Netanyahu - Are the Real Censors of Israel's Free Press If Israeli media is leftist, why are they only lashing out at Haaretz? The answer is that it's not, it serves the occupation.
The communications minister and his janissaries Op-ed: The debate over the new public broadcasting corporation is merely a distraction: While his ministers flock around and peck at the media trying to impress him, PM Netanyahu—who also serves as minister of communications—is trying to actively damage the free press of Israel.

Why do Israeli politicians always seem to be under investigation?

Black Lives Matter accuse Israël de ‘génocide’ et soutient le BDS
In platform, Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of ‘genocide,’ backs BDS
Black Lives Matter Endorses BDS: Israel is ‘apartheid state’ committing ‘genocide’ Mais pour la gang de Infowars comme Paul Joseph Watson, ceux qui croient à un pouvoir juif hallucinent des choses qui existent pas, et Black Lives Matter est un complot de George Soros. Solution ; boycottez pas seulement Paul Joseph Watson mais aussi Égalité et réconciliation, qui fait de la grosse pub pour cette théorie vaseuse (ils usent de tous les prétextes pour attaquer Black Lives Matter, par exemple ils hésitent pas à diffuser des versions françaises des vidéos de Paul Watson sur le sujet). Attaquer Watson dans les commentaires sur ER pour dénoncer ses attaques contre les "antisémites" anti-israéliens, c'est s'exposer à des attaques de la part de plein de fanboys de Soral...
Black Lives Matter Lost Me With That Israel-Bashing Platform
Black Lives Matter activists claim Israel a brutal 'occupying' force
Jewish Allies Condemn Black Lives Matter’s ‘Apartheid’ Platform
Jewish Groups Condemn Black Lives Matter Platform for Accusing 'Apartheid' Israel of 'Genocide' Since Black Lives Matter took shape in 2013 to protest police killings of African Americans, Jewish groups across the country have struggled to strike the right tone in their responses to the movement.
Don’t Like Black Lives Matter? Get Ready To Lose Young Jews Like Us.
Pro-Israel Groups Smear the Movement for Black Lives for its Solidarity With Palestine Racial justice organizers say they won’t back down in the face of vicious attacks accusing them of "terrorist" sympathies.
In Britain, Black Lives Matter — But Jewish Lives Matter More
Black activists slam Israel lobby attack on Movement for Black Lives
Jewish pro-BDS group unconditionally endorses Black Lives Matter platform
Jewish pro-BDS group endorses anti-Israel Black Lives Matter platform
Explainer: Does the Black Lives Matter Platform Single Out Israel?
Jewish groups outraged after Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of genocide
Black Nationalists Smeared, by Michael Collins Piper
Un mouvement de défense des noirs émerge en France (Alyssa Garcia)Mais egalite et reconciliation dit que c'est un complot de George Soros pour fomenter la guerre civile... ER c'est juste un site de droitards-conspi libertariens finalement... Anti-antiracistes comme Finkie, Zemmour. Mais peu de gens portent attention, la plupart sont trop occupés à écouter Soral religieusement...

UN: Israel ‘systematically’ emptying Area C of Palestinians
UN: Israel policies forcing Palestinians to leave Area C of the West Bank

EU Slams Israel's Destruction of Palestinian Homes in West Bank's Area C Israel has granted only 44 construction permits in response to over 2,000 requests, Lars Faaborg-Andersen tells Knesset meeting. Buildings that were destroyed were 'illegal buildings,' Israeli body says in response.

Washington « profondément » inquiet du projet de construction israélien en Cisjordanie La commission de planification approuve la construction de nouvelles unités et légalise 179 résidences à Ofarim
Israel Approves Hundreds of Homes in West Bank Settlements Civil Administration planning panel okays construction of 285 new housing units in Israeli settlements; plan to build housing in Efrat settlement shelved due to U.S. pressure, sources say.
White House warns against ‘expansion of settlement activity’
US ‘deeply concerned’ by Israeli settlement decision Continued construction undermines two-state solution, says White House after Jerusalem announces 466 new homes
For First Time in Decade, Israel Plans to Expand Jewish Settlement in Hebron Sources familiar with the plan said the land envisioned for new housing only allowed for a handful of homes, Haaretz learns.
Israel’s High Court Orders Demolition of Homes in Outpost Built on Palestinian Land 17 homes in Netiv Ha’avot must be vacated by March 2018. State agreed in 2011 to remove most of the unauthorized outposts built on private Palestinian land.
Israel 'approves 464 settlement homes in West Bank'
L’UE s’inquiète des nouvelles constructions dans les implantations La construction continue de « ronger progressivement la viabilité de la solution à 2 Etats », met en garde Bruxelles.
EU: ‘Serious concern’ over new settlement construction Continued building ‘steadily eroding the viability of the two-state solution,’ Brussels warns after Israel announces over 460 new homes.
Israeli Deputy Defense Minister: Razing of Illegally Built Settlement Structures Needs My Approval Following the removal of tents and a mobile home in West Bank outposts, Eli Ben-Dahan puts an end to procedure that allows removing structures without the political leadership's consent.

“Carrot and Stick” Carve-Up of the Occupied West Bank Will Not Work for Israel
West Bank Now A Collective Punishment Zone As First Step To Full Annexation

Another tragedy for Dawabsha family? Les Dawabsha sont la famille brûlée vive, incluant un petit bébé. Un seul enfant a survécu.

In new low, Israel threatens to arrest Palestinian baby

A Mentally Disabled Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Troops for Behaving Strangely 'Let’s say Iyad was behaving strangely. Why kill him?' his brother ponders. 'When they grow up, Iyad's children are liable to hate Israel, and with good reason. You killed their father.'


Israeli tanks enter Gaza Strip, fire live rounds at Palestinian farmers

Three Bikers' Tale Shows Why Palestinians Don't Go Riding Around the West Bank They were guilty by virtue of being Palestinian – and miraculously, the Israeli soldiers did not sentence them to death. A few short hours later, an unarmed man was not so lucky.

All You Centrist, Liberal Zionists: Netanyahu’s Destroyed Your Case for Ending the Occupation If your key anti-occupation talking point is that it’s in Israel’s interest: you’re in trouble. Netanyahu’s Israel is thriving on the occupation. There’s only one good case against it left.

Israeli captain: “I will make you all disabled”

Is Israel really detrimental to the world?

Absentee Voting Would Grant the World’s Jews Priority Over Israel's non-Jewish Citizens The bill allowing Israeli citizens to vote overseas would encourage Diaspora Jews to acquire citizenship just for the purpose of voting, among other ill effects.

'Every step we take should stem from one strategic goal — separation from the Palestinians' Ex-IDF general: We have elevated occupation to an ‘art form’ Maj. Gen. (res.) Gadi Shamni, former top commander of IDF forces in West Bank, asks at security conference if ‘this is what we want to be’

Religion and Nationality Are Incompatible, Whether in Judaism, Christianity or Islam Racism and chauvinism, regardless of which side they come from, destroy every bit of gray matter in the human brain.

Don't Solely Blame the Government for Educational Inequality in Israel It is too easy to just pin the blame for inequalities in our education system on the government. If we want our children to receive a good education, parents and children must assume responsibility, too.

The mean streets? Harassment of women on the sidewalks of Tel Aviv

Am I a 'Disgusting Racist' for Calling Palestinians Evil When They Sanctify Death and Jew Hatred? Bradley Burston's smear tactics were an attempt to deflect from the reality that I described: the culture of death that saturates Palestinian life today.

ADL tells Likud to take controversial rapper off membership rolls

Israel’s “rapidly approaching” civil war
Thousands of settlers storm the Ibrahimi Mosque
Settler, 18, Charged With Shooting BB Gun at Palestinian Taxi Suspect's lawyer says his client was barred from seeing an attorney for four days. Security services say the suspect has admitted to the shooting which punctured the vehicle's window.

Comment: The ‘natural’ excuse for Israeli racial profiling
Israel’s police chief: It’s ‘natural’ to be suspicious of Ethiopians and Arabs
Les Israéliens éthiopiens demandent des excuses et la démission du chef de la police Une porte-parole de la police et le ministre Erdan défendent Alsheich, pour qui il est “naturel” que les policiers suspectent davantage les immigrants
Le patron des flics israéliens : « Il est normal de cibler les Noirs »
Israël: des propos du N.1 de la police sur les minorités provoquent un tollé

Israël n’est plus confronté à une menace existentielle, contrairement aux Palestiniens

Israël construit un mur anti-terroriste en béton pour renforcer la frontière avec la Judée Samarie
Chicago said emerging as new hub of student efforts to delegitimize Israel BDS said giving way to more disruptive anti-Israel activism on campus Israel on Campus Coalition data points to rise in carefully orchestrated protests, but notes that BDS is still growing among one group: Jews.

Another Indecent Proposal Against Israeli NGOs Like the NGO law, its sequel proposal lacks practical content, consisting mainly of attempts to delegitimize civil society organizations.

Why Israelis Are Stampeding to the Right Voters, who are at the end of the day just human beings, need their consciousness to be escapist. Comforting. They need a leader, a stand-in parent, a super-ego.
Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country — ‘Forward’ breaks an important story
If Only Israel's Radical Left Had the Power Ari Shavit Says It Has By Ari Shavit’s reasoning, two and a half individuals are to blame for almost everything. For instance, Benjamin Netanyahu is in power – because of Yitzhak Laor.

Daniel Berrigan’s 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming ‘the tomb of the Jewish soul’

Nouveau livre: La Propagande d’Israël par Ilan Pappé (vidéo)

BELGIUM – Minister’s tolerance adviser resigns after calling Israel Islamic State’s twin

Selon un ancien Premier ministre néerlandais, Netanyahou devrait être traduit devant la CPI
Former Dutch PM calls for Netanyahu to be tried for war crimes, as he lands for two-day diplomatic visit
Dutch PM calls for end to settlements, says BDS ‘protected,’ not backed With Netanyahu looking on, Mark Rutte defends country’s labeling of West Bank products; urges preservation of 2-state solution.

La chef de l’opposition suédoise taxe les implantations d’ « inacceptables » Anna Kinberg Batra, considérée par Israël comme « modérée et équilibrée » voudrait établir de meilleurs liens avec Jérusalem : le cabinet du Premier ministre ne publie aucune photo de cette rencontre
In Israel, Swedish opposition head slams settlements as ‘unacceptable’ Anna Kinberg Batra, labeled by Israel as ‘moderate and balanced,’ says she wants to see better ties with Jerusalem: PMO puts out no photos from their meeting
Swedish opposition head blasted for failure to praise Israel Anna Kinberg Batra presented herself as a friend ahead of her visit, but ‘she did not deliver the goods,’ official fumes

Israël : l'obsession de la Cour Pénale Internationale

Les Juifs antisionistes sont-ils des traîtres' (1/2) Par Dora Marrache

UCLA campus leader leaves over ‘hostile and unsafe’ climate for pro-Israel students All right, scram!
Meet the Pro-Israel Student Leader Who Fled UCLA After Feud With BDS ‘Bullies’
Un leader de l’UCLA quitte la fac en raison du climat « dangereux » pour les étudiants pro-Israël Chatterjee a menacé de refuser le financement d’un événement s’il était utilisé pour promouvoir le boycott d’Israël.

Israeli filmmaker uninvited to campus conference over 'political correctness and BDS'
Israel's strategic affairs minister heads to London on BDS-fighting mission
How BDS Is Pushing Jewish Students Out of Social Justice Activism

German-wide teachers union says BDS anti-Semitic

Israel’s ‘civil eliminations’ campaign spreads to Europe

California State Legislature passes anti-BDS bill
California passes anti-BDS bill, sends law to governor for final approval
California state passes bill barring Israel’s boycott by businesses

Police Hunting Corbyn Supporter Over Death Threat To Jewish MP
Diplomate israélien : les incidents au Labour montrent que le problème d’antisémitisme n’est pas résolu “Plus de travail est nécessaire” pour arrêter la culture anti-juive du parti politique anglais, a déclaré un responsable des Affaires étrangères
Corbyn supporter to UK Jewish MP: You should hang from the gallows Given police protection after death threat, Ruth Smeeth says Labour leader must ‘name and shame’ party’s anti-Semites
La police britannique recherche le partisan de Corbyn qui a menacé une députée juive Le partisan de Corbyn estime que « la potence serait un bel endroit approprié pour que cette gouine Yid de m**** se balance ».
Corbyn se défend d’avoir été payé pour apparaître à la télévision iranienne

MSNBC host accused of anti-Semitism after BDS post on Twitter
That awkward moment when the MSNBC anchor tweets something anti-Semitic

Study: Neo-Nazis overtake ISIS on social media
Sur Twitter, les groupes suprématistes blancs américains progresseraient plus vite que Daesh
Europe-Israel: Le Mont du Temple et l'UNESCO

"Haine d’Israël" : la Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’homme nomme à sa tête un "terroriste palestinien"

Times of Israel Cofounder Gave $1.5 Million to Right-wing Media Watchdog That Routinely Goes After News Outlets Seth Klarman's foundation gave $200,000 to Camera in 2012 - the same year Times of Israel was launched. That donation was one of at least nine annual contributions to Camera, financial reports reveal. - Haine de l’Etat juif : la France, "à feu et à sang par les islamistes", condamne les constructions juives à Jérusalem
Israeli authorities destroy 11 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem
Secret 1970 Document Confirms First West Bank Settlements Built on a Lie In minutes of meeting in then-defense minister Moshe Dayan’s office, top Israeli officials discussed how to violate international law in building settlement of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron.

Israeli settler-turned-diplomat takes up top spot in New York next week Incoming consul general Dani Dayan will become the face of Israel to largest Jewish community outside Jewish state.

New Settler Leader Insists West Bank 'Definitely Not a Conflict Zone' Yesha council head Oded Revivi hopes to persuade global critics and Palestinian issue advocates that Israel's settlement enterprise in occupied territory is 'an ecosystem that is working.'

Far-right claim that many Arabs willing to sell Jerusalem homes to Israelis refuted "The vast majority of Palestinians will never sell their home to Jewish Israelis," says Peace Now.

Controversial would-be media czar installed as PM’s ‘adviser’ Ran Baratz, whose appointement was frozen over Facebook posts disparaging US officials, joins Netanyahu’s communications team.

Suspected Jewish extremists attack Palestinian goatherd, start fires

Prosecutor accuses Hebron shooter of inconsistent testimony
Why Are Israeli Soldiers Fraternizing With Hebron's Most Racist, Terrorist-inciting Settlers? Boston-born Hebron settler Baruch Marzel glorifies Arab-killers. We shouldn’t be surprised that one of his regular Shabbat lunchtime guests, Sgt. Elor Azaria, is on trial for shooting dead an incapacitated Palestinian.

A year after Duma arson, settlers reflect on Jewish extremism
Arab group demands police probe threats made against the life of 6-year-old Palestinian firebombing victim Ahmed Dawabsha by Jewish terrorists
What Sort of Society Feels Absolutely Nothing After Killing Hundreds of Children?

Questions for Israel's Border Police About a Night in July Three of you killed a young Palestinian man and ruined a family’s life. Do you or your commanders, who cover for you, feel even the slightest twinge of remorse or sadness?
La propagande d’Israël (extrait) par Investig'action
Stop living in denial, Israel is an evil state Israel may not be Nazi, nor even a fascist state. Yet it is a member of the same terrible family, the family of evil states. Just consider these acts of evil perpetrated by the state...
Palestinians inside Israel Are under Attack

While police tackle Arab inciters, are Jews given a free pass? 50% of threats are made by each population against the other, but law enforcement maintains they aren’t equally likely to be carried out.

World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Gov't Official Says Strategic Affairs Ministry aims to change the way Israel is perceived in the international arena, director general Sima Vaknin tells lawmakers; says victory will be achieved when Israel won't be equated with apartheid.

'Dehumanization': Five Americans Detained, Handcuffed, Deported by Israel

Suddenly, a Palestinian Breast Cancer Survivor Becomes a 'Security Threat' 'What security threat do I pose to Israel if I go for an exam at Tel Hashomer?' Abu Nahla wonders. 'At the hospital entrance they take my identity card and exit permit. I can’t just go out for a stroll.'

Israeli Arab Actress Tells of Humiliating Security Check at Ben-Gurion Airport Samar Qupty thanks airport security on Facebook for 'making sure to remind me every time anew how unwanted I am here.'

Right-wing Knesset member: Reform Judaism a ‘fake religion’ 

Israeli Council Head: 'I Don’t Hate Arabs, but I Don’t Want Them at My Pools' Lower Galilee Regional Council head Motti Dotan tells a radio station that Arabs' 'culture of cleanliness isn’t the same as ours.'
JUSTIFICATION FOR ISRAELI RACISM AND APARTHEID An Israeli mayor from the Galilee apologized for causing offense by saying that he does not want Arabs to use swimming pools of predominantly-Jewish towns and cities.
Official who said Arabs shouldn’t use Jewish pools apologizes ‘to anyone who felt offended' C'est pas un ti clin sur facebook, c'est un membre du gvt...
Israeli Council Head Who Called Arabs Dirty Apologizes: 'I Was Misunderstood' The local politician had said swimming pools should be segregated because Arabs have different hygiene habits from Jews.

Israel Finally Admits Kidnapping, Selling Yemeni Jewish Children
First step in reducing racism against Ethiopians Inter-ministerial committee finalized report, including recommendations, to deal with widespread societal and institutional discrimination against those of Ethiopian descent.
FLASHBACK - Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

As Far as Israel Is Concerned, Only anti-Semitism Is Racism We don’t talk about racism in Israel, because if we do, we'll find ourselves on the wrong side of the racist and the victim.

Manuel Valls : «La France ne niera jamais les racines juives de Jérusalem»

Le Monde. Journal en guerre Le journal Le Monde a énoncé une contre-vérité ce matin dans son éditorial: l'idée selon laquelle Daech aurait, le premier, attaqué la France. S'agit il d'une erreur ou d'un mensonge? Le propos est, en tout cas, politiquement irresponsable.

Israël: Les mineurs coupables d'actes «terroristes» pourront être emprisoné dès l'âge de 12 ans
Israël autorise la prison pour actes "terroristes" à partir de 12 ans
Israel’s bill to jail Palestinian minors for life rooted in Judaic supremacism
Israël silencieux sur une éventuelle barrière souterraine autour de Gaza

Zoabi reprimanded, not punished, for saying IDF soldiers 'murdered' armed Mavi Marmara activists

Le rabbin accusé de viol demande à ses soutiens de ne pas attaquer les policiers
IDF general resigns amid rape indictment, denies charges
Levinstein 'clarifies' homophobic remarks with non-apology‏

Rethinking the 'banality of evil' theory The time has come to reexamine Hannah Arendt's thesis. Not all evil is banal, certainly not the kind that grips a nation with a sense of racial superiority. Israel is neither Nazi nor fascist or apartheid – but its current colonialist regime does bear a family resemblance with other evil regimes.
Armed Israeli border police officers caught on video bullying 8-year-old girl and confiscating her bike
Israeli Forces Who Threw Palestinian Girl’s Bike Claim They Did It to Protect Her Under interrogation, the two said they wanted to prevent her from entering Hebron’s Jewish Quarter.
Rue réservée aux colons : des soldats israéliens jettent le vélo d’une petite Palestinienne (VIDEO)
Border Police officers say they took Palestinian girl’s bike to protect her
Armed Israeli border police officers caught on video bullying 8-year-old girl and confiscating her bike

Questions for Israel's Border Police About a Night in July Three of you killed a young Palestinian man and ruined a family’s life. Do you or your commanders, who cover for you, feel even the slightest twinge of remorse or sadness?

World Vision: "aucune raison" de croire aux accusations israéliennes de détournement
Des articles du journal d'extrême gauche Haaretz récupérés par des néonazis!

How Did Zionism Become a Dirty Word on Campus?
Benefactor Cancels Bequest to Israeli University Over Snub of Anti-occupation NGO 93-year-old donor says university's cancellation of prize to Breaking the Silence was 'shameful surrender to the nationalistic and anti-democratic mindset.'

La tentative de pénalisation des appels au boycott des produits israéliens par les circulaires Alliot-Marie et Mercier
Une antisioniste communiste mène une croisade contre les produits de l'État juif dans les supermarchés français
Yes to a Boycott - but Not Just Any Boycott An effective boycott would have to focus strictly on the settlements. What if the BDS movement were to abandon what many regard as its goal of undermining the right to self-determination of the Jewish...
To Boycott Israel Is Counterproductive. Time to Focus on the Settlements. The boycott has been used throughout Jewish history as a rather effective action for internal correction of social faults.
Ministers launch effort to boot anti-Israel activists from country
Israel looking to deport BDS activists
Canadian Jewish groups protest confab that gives platform to BDS
Jewish groups wary of anti-Israel elements at Montreal event

Rita Faye, activiste antisémite notoire Suisse expulsée d'Israël
Deri et Erdan forment un comité pour exclure les membres du BDS
Israeli task force formed to locate, deport BDS activists
Israel Seeking to Deport Foreign Pro-boycott Activists New state taskforce will gather intelligence in order to mark activists who support the boycott, collect evidence to support their deportation. 'Certain groups have already been marked,' senior official says.

Green Party nominates Israel-critic Jill Stein for president

UK Jews slam peerage for author of probe that played down Labour anti-Semitism
UK Jews slam Labour’s ‘reward’ for author of ‘whitewash’ anti-Semitism report
Oxford Labour probe finds anti-Semitism, but says not ‘institutional’
Oxford Labour Club Has Problematic Culture Regarding anti-Semitism, Report Says However, the club isn't 'institutionally' anti-Semitic Baroness Royall, says the opposition leader in the House of Lords, who wrote report obtained by Jewish Chronicle.
Corbyn promotes author of controversial UK Labour anti-Semitism report to House of Lords
UK Jews slam peerage for author of probe that played down Labour anti-Semitism
Embuscade contre Jeremy Corbyn

German university cancels seminar that teaches Israel harvests Palestinian organs
Israel slams German university for claim it harvests Palestinian organs "This is an ugly and outrageous demonstration of Jew hatred. This is not a university - it is a hatred factory."

Former AIPAC Official Says Israel Should get no US Aid without Ending ‘Oppressive’ Settlements

Raising Christian money for Jewish causes, a star rabbi earns praise and scorn

U.S.: Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Village Sussia Would Be 'Very Troubling' U.S. hopes a solution would be found for Hebron-area village, State Department says, after Haaretz report that Americans warned Israel that village's demolition would be met with harsh response.

U.S. Warns It Will Respond Harshly If Israel Demolishes Palestinian Village of Sussia EU, Britain join diplomatic push to spare Hebron Hills village, though Israel maintains that the fate of Sussia will be decided in court.

Cisjordanie : Israël démolit trois maisons palestiniennes financées par l’UE (VIDEO)

Israël est vu comme un ‘État paria’, selon la directrice des Affaires stratégiques Pour Sima Vaknin-Gil, le BDS est sur la défensive, et elle espère que l’existence de l’Etat juif ne sera plus remise en cause d’ici 2025

13 arrested as Jews, Arabs clash over Palestinian hunger-striker

West Bank Jewish resident charged with inciting attacks on Israeli soldiers

Woman indicted for incitement to violence Eliraz Fein, a 24-year-old resident of the West Bank, has been charged for repeated posts to Facebook that allegedly incite violence against IDF soldiers and Arabs.

Israel's Shifting Towards Erdoganization - Just Look at Likud The prospect of full-on Erdoganization in Israel may seem very distant now. But the enraged face of The Shadow, besmirching Benny Begin’s name, also seemed a distant prospect two years ago.

Swedes demand Israel repair ship seized en route to Gaza Ship to Strip group gets battered boat back after lengthy legal battle; will now file claim for damages

Israel’s Second-Class Citizens

Israël décide d'expulser les étrangers pro-boycott !

Le Canada annule le visa de 234 antisémites qui se rendent à un forum anti-israélien


Le combat monte d'un cran: une militante suisse du BDS refoulée d'Israël à son arrivée

BDS movement endorsed by Canada's Green Party
Green Party presidential candidate Stein: End military aid to 'apartheid' Israel
Canadian Green Party endorses BDS amid strong objection from leader Many in the party object to the measure, saying it 'singles out Israelis,' contains 'anti-Semitic code words' and is 'polarizing'; party leader: 'the party policy on this issue is a position I can’t support'; member who tabled resolution: 'We took a brave stand for human rights.'
Les Verts du Canada votent en faveur du boycott d’Israël Lors d’une convention à Ottawa, les membres du parti approuvent le BDS malgré l’opposition de leur leader Elizabeth May
Canadian Green Party Votes to Support Boycott of Israel The resolution was opposed by party leader Elizabeth May, who said the vote was 'a position that I can't support.'

Israel Is Foolish to Get Down and Dirty With BDS Government intervention is hardly a recipe for success; Israel is better off leaving the fight against BDS to organizations that know how to do it.

Boris Johnson’s Sister Reveals His Little-known Past as a Volunteer on an Israeli Kibbutz ‘He was so socially low on the pecking order,’ recalls Rachel Johnson. ‘He was not a kibbutznik. He was not a soldier. And he was so pale he couldn’t even go in the sun.’

Jewish lawmaker in Britain threatens to quit Labour over anti-Semitism issue

In Israel, Let’s Destroy Jewish Fundamentalism Before It Destroys Us

Israel Lays Groundwork for Possible Settlement Expansion Southeast of Jerusalem The land east of the settlement of Efrat would expand 'contiguity' of the Gush Etzion bloc to the outskirts of Bethlehem.


Israeli officers who took Palestinian girl’s bicycle won’t face prosecution

VIDEO - MAY 2016: Israel’s General Golan Compares Modern Israel to 1930s Germany

VIDEO - The Roots of Inequality for Ethiopian Israelis

Israël va ouvrir 5 postes de police à Jérusalem-Est annexée

Duma survivor Ahmed Dawabsha rehospitalized with fever, infections

Castro est toujours l’ennemi d’Israël, prévient un important dissident cubain
Castro still Israel’s enemy, prominent Cuban dissident warns on rare visit

Dutch authorities probing death threats against Palestinian rights activist aiding ICC's inquiry into 2014 Gaza conflict.

VIDEO - Zionism after the Ethiopian protests

L’armée israélienne enquêterait sur la mort de plus de 20 Palestiniens L’armée serait en train de réunir les témoignages des soldats et des groupes de défense des droits de l’Homme

'Scandal' in Israel: IDF Soldiers Seen Playing With Children of Refugees To the politicians and activists opposed to the refugees' presence, this was like giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Israel censors tweet written by US blogger reporting on Israeli judge accused of raping daughter

Israeli authorities forced to release woman protester from unlawful incarceration in psychiatric facility

Rabbinic group, Breaking the Silence join up for tours of territories

BDS sticker on Sabra hummus found at Vaughan grocery store

Be ready to defend Israel on campus

MK Ghattas participating in ‘anti-Semitic’ conference in Montreal Canadian federal government withdraws its partnership with the World Social Forum over anti-Semitic ...

Montréal : Intervention efficace de la LDJ face aux antisémites du World social forum

Montreal mayor condemns BDS advocacy at social summit

La présidente des Verts canadiens pourrait démissionner après un vote pro-BDS

Greens in crisis as May mulls quitting over BDS vote

Head of Green Party in Canada may resign over vote to support BDS

Jewish groups livid after Green party passes BDS motion (LIVID = FURIOUS)

Elizabeth May could quit as Green Party leader this month 'Broken-hearted' May says boycott Israel policy has her on verge of stepping down as leader

Peel teacher suspended for anti-Israel speech at Al-Quds rally

Israel Doesn't Need a Jewish Identity Administration, It Needs a Secular One One can lead a full secular life here, except all those mundane affairs such as marriage, divorce, burial and cutting the sex organs of male babies.

Pourquoi l’Espagne soutient le BDS – pour le moment Le vent commence à tourner pour le BDS qui perd progressivement de son influence, notamment à cause de la crise économique

VIDEO - MAY 2016: Allegations of Anti-Semitism Fired up Ahead of Pivotal UK Local Elections

Jewish donor slams UK Labour leader Corbyn and his 'Nazi stormtroopers'

Jeremy Corbyn backers are like Nazi storm troopers, major Jewish donor to Britain’s Labour Party says

Jewish Labour Movement overwhelmingly votes no on Corbyn
Barak slams Bibi for bungling US ties, ‘directing discourse of hatred’
Ehud Barak: Netanyahu's Poor Judgment, Rocky Relations With Obama Damaged Israel's Security

Ya’alon says leadership exaggerating threats, ‘scaring’ Israeli citizens
Netanyahu Is Turning Israel Into a Democratorship  As religious and nationalist fundamentalism penetrate further into the top ranks of Israel, and as press and NGOs face increasing restrictions, Israel needs a strong opposition.

Weakened, Drunk on Power and Sensing Change, Netanyahu Prepares for War  Despite the bluster and (partly justified) self-confidence he showed when meeting the media this week, the PM is feeling shifting tectonic plates beneath his feet, due to looming legal and political threats. 
The Biggest Threat to Jewish Identity: Netanyahu's Rule  Jewish identity in the Diaspora would be best strengthened if Israel rejects Naftali Bennett and his ilk.

Israel lays groundwork for possible settlement expansion southeast of Jerusalem The land east of the settlement of Efrat would expand 'contiguity' of the Gush Etzion bloc to the outskirts of Bethlehem.

UN: Israel may ’forcibly transfer’ 46 West Bank Beduin communities
Israel may demolish 30 structures in Palestinian Sussiya, draft court document states

Israeli Collective Punishment, À La Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman  Defense minister's ideas put him in tension with Israeli army's top brass, as he demands IDF adhere to public fury and employ harsh collective measures against Palestinians, while army tries to maintain calm. 

VIDEO - IDF soldiers hurling stun grenade at Palestinians
Palestinian teen said killed in clashes with IDF troops in West Bank
Report: Palestinian youth killed during confrontation with IDF

Palestinian killed in riots near Hebron A Palestinian boy has been killed in a refugee camp near Hebron following riots in response to IDF counter-terror operations in the area.


3 IDF soldiers disciplined for tossing smoke grenade at Palestinians Sergeant in charge sentenced to prison for acting ‘contrary to what is expected of him’; two others confined to base L'armée la plus morale du monde en action à Ramallah en Palestine occupée (vidéo)
The Banality of Evil revisited: To each society their own evils  In contrast to what Eva Illouz argues, the banality of evil theory does not excuse criminals from taking responsibility for their acts. In the Israeli case, there's no need to seek a 'family resemblance' to other dark regimes; rather, what's required is to confront our specific past.
Is Israel Trying To Turn American Jews Into Orthodox Right-Wingers?
Fanatic Israeli settlers storm Islamic site in Kafl Haris
How Does One Respond to the Israeli Right's Ignorance?
For Israel, It’s No Jew Left Behind — Unless You’re Ethiopian

Closing in the ranks Analysis: Faced with a constant attack from religious Zionists, the IDF is finally trying to halt them from taking the army over from within; ill it succeed, or will Bezalel Smotrich and his ilk have the last smirk?

A Step Back for Palestinian Workers’ Rights and for Israeli Democracy A new regulation instituted by Justice Minister Shaked undermines Palestinians’ rights to sue Israeli employers over abusive and unlawful labor practices. It also further entrenches two unequal sets of laws for Israelis and Palestinians.

A Story of a Bicycle, the Israeli Army and the Wehrmacht

Israeli Police Now Crack Down on Palestinian Donkeys (!!?!)

Where’s the Photo of the Gazan Child? The Israeli media needn’t look to Aleppo for wars and crushed bodies if it wants horrific photos

For Palestinian Children Begging in Israel, a Life of Violence and Exploitation Most come from poor families, and activists on both sides are tying to help. In the meantime, what kind of adults will these kids become?

If Israel’s Occupation Is Permanent, Why Isn’t It the Same as Apartheid?

Temple Institute Opens School for Levite Priests in Preparation for Third Temple

7 Jews removed from Temple Mount on Tishva B'Av after breaking rules‏

No Joke: Many Religious Zionists Strive to Rebuild Jerusalem's Temple

Israelis Scheming to Replace Aqsa Mosque with ‘Third Temple’: Report

Israel Planning Third Temple On Al-Aqsa Mosque Site?

Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel

In Israel, Internet Comments are Really Vicious — and Powerful

Rights Groups: Israel's New Policy Is to Rearrest Freed Palestinian Prisoners Israel putting recently released prisoners on detention without trial or simply keeping due to be released Palestinians in jail.

Israel re-arrests freed Palestinian prisoners in new policy

Israel must charge or free ‘administrative’ detainees: UN

UN slams Israel's administrative detention amid Palestinian's 67-day hunger strike

Anyone Who Voices Criticism in Israel Is Considered a Ticking Neutron Bomb

NGO: Israel extends Palestinian journalist’s administrative detention

Israel calls on citizens to ‘turn in’ boycott activists for deportation

Israeli BDS supporter seeks asylum in Canada

Une Israélienne du Canada ne veut pas rentrer par crainte de la prison après son insoumission Michal Brosh, 28 ans, affirme que l’armée ne veut pas la libérer de son service ; l’armée affirme qu’elle le fera mais qu’elle doit assumer la responsabilité de ne pas s’être enrôlée en purgeant une peine de prison

Gaza: des hommes d'affaires se plaignent d'être interdits de voyage par Israël

Jerusalem bureaucrats go after Arab children's EU-supported summer camp.

Using Black Ops Against Palestinian NGOs The victims are the three Palestinian groups working to bring Israel to The Hague on war crimes charges.

Pro-Palestinian activist group denies compiling data on Jewish students at US campuses

‘The Forward’ fails to find source of anti-semitism hoax that its reporter concocted (Updated)

Palestinian anti-racist struggle against Zionism and Black anti-racist struggle against White supremacy are crucial to building a just world

Bar Refaeli: From Enlightened post-Zionist to Predictable Patriot How did the supermodel, who once said it’s better to live in New York than die for Israel, end up doing PR for the Foreign Ministry?

Better Not Mention Palestine New No. 1 Rule in Hollywood: Don’t utter the “P” word if you want to keep your career alive

Jeremy Corbyn billed at confab alongside writer who threatened Jewish journalist

London’s Muslim mayor hit with anti-Semitic messages for not backing Corbyn to lead Labour

Jewish Labour Movement backs Owen Smith as next Labour leader

Casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson launches multimillion-dollar effort to boost Israel's image on college campuses

Israeli Arab MK criticized for pro-BDS speaking tour
German University students declare BDS anti-Semitic

The Americans Simply Don’t Care About Israel and the Palestinians The territories are not Israel, but rather a colony that heaps shame on Zionism and on Jewish history.

So @ElizabethMay is 'heartbroken' over the Green party endorsing #BDS but not over dead Palestinian children.

MK Ghattas calls for Israel boycott at far-left Montreal conference

Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by ‘NYT’ on Mideast article are by Jews
Jill Stein (Green Party) to Israel: You’re Not So Special

For First Time in Decade, Israel Plans to Expand Jewish Settlement in Hebron  Sources familiar with the plan said the land envisioned for new housing only allowed for a handful of homes, Haaretz learns.

U.S. 'Deeply Concerned' About Plans to Advance Construction for Jewish Settlers in Hebron Deputy State Department spokesperson Mark Toner says the U.S. opposes any expansion of settlement activity and considers this step to erode peace efforts.

Jewish Hate Crimes Against Palestinians Plummet Following Harsh Policing Methods  Settler establishment says reduction is proof that the so-called 'price tag' phenomenon is nothing but the product of a few dozen isolated youths on the fringes of society. 

Comment Israël sape les projets humanitaires de l’UE en Palestine "L’UE préfère subir l’humiliation plutôt que faire de la politique"

Israel Rejects UN Call to Free Palestinian Aid Worker Accused of Funneling Cash to Hamas  Foreign Ministry says Israel was surprised by UN's claim that Wahid Bursh is entitled to diplomatic immunity, calling it 'baseless.' 

Settlement building ‘surged’ in recent months — UN envoy Quartet’s calls to halt construction in East Jerusalem and West Bank ignored by Jerusalem, peace process coordinator says.

Bennett claims Netanyahu attacking him in media briefings Comments come a day after Jewish Home leader attempts to bury hatchet with PM after public feud over handling of Gaza war 

Those Undermining the Jewish State  Proponents of religious-messianic nationalism, key partners in the Israeli government, are making a dangerous mistake by trying to base Israel’s claim to all of Mandatory Palestine on a divine promise made in the Bible.

IDF Raids Too Often Aren't 'Deterrence,' but a Provocation  The army must stop this perverse practice, tighten its rules of engagement and must not use means that cause disability and death. 

Israel's Radical Left Committed Suicide, and Now the Right Will Kill Us All  With the left's approach so unilateral, ahistoric and disconnected from reality, it will never be possible to effect political change in Israel.
Leaving Israel Only Helps Those Dreaming of a Liberal-free Israel The only way to contribute politically to Israel is to stay here, without surrendering to the demands of the purity of Jewish blood and to do the best we can to bring about a better future.

Israel Police Chief: It's Natural for Officers to Be More Suspicious of Ethiopians  Roni Alsheich says research shows that immigrants and young people are disproportionately involved in crime worldwide. Several high-profile cases involving police conduct against Ethiopian Israelis sparked major demonstrations last year. 

In Israel, a Dead Arab Evokes Just One Big Yawn  No one bats an eye over Friday's killing of an innocent man by an Israeli soldier. It's not terror, or apartheid, or racism or dehumanization. It's only killing a subhuman. 

Proposed Bill Aims to Limit Number of Civil Service Volunteers at Israeli Left-wing NGOs  Legislation follows similar criteria as controversial 'NGO law,' by targeting organizations that receive at least half of their funding from abroad.

Racism-as-Zionism. Don't Call It 'pro-Israel.' Call It What It Is: Disgusting  It's time to stop pretending that racism can ever be good for the Jews.

How I Destroyed the Chance for Israeli-Palestinian Peace  The demand for recognition of the Jewish state, which Ari Shavit says he is complicit in, seeks to camouflage the fact that the only people whose right to exist is really denied is the Palestinian people.

Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart Leibovitz is upset with Peter Beinart for suggesting that the organized Jewish community should take a stand against the burkini ban and against anti-Muslim bashing in general. Leibovitz refuses to name Beinart, derisively calling him “the columnist” and linking to his article in Haaretz. Leibovitz likewise sneers at Jewish social justice activists for Black Lives Matter and Jewish activists opposed to Israel’s now 50 year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

The Protective Wall of Messianic Judaism Destroying Israel  The more Israel strengthens its democratic nature, the more its legitimacy will increase. But meanwhile, Israel is marching in the opposite direction.

Pourquoi y a-t-il des juifs antisémites ? Rabbi Michael Laitman (quelle poubelle puante que ce rabbin!)
Découvrez le test triple D  Dans le zeitgeist actuel, beaucoup de juifs de la diaspora sont franchement ou secrètement anti-Israël. Sidney et Max Blumenthal, Noam Chomsky, et même Bernie Sanders dont j’ai parlé dans un article précédent, sont des exemples flagrants de juifs engagés dans des activités anti-Israël. Mais le milliardaire Georges Soros est sans doute l’archétype des détracteurs d’Israël. M. Soros dépense des millions de son propre argent pour soutenir des organisations anti-Israël et exercer des pressions sur le gouvernement américain pour qu’il aide les supposées « victimes » d’Israël.  Natan Sharansky, ex-président de l’Agence juive, a formulé un test connu sous le nom de Test triple D pour différencier de l’antisémitisme les critiques vis-à-vis d’Israël. Les trois D sont Dé-légitimation d’Israël, Diabolisation d’Israël, et Double standard vis-à-vis d’Israël.

#Celtics ~~ THE SAGA CONTINUES  Glasgow Celtic fans have launched a fundraiser to match any fine that Europe’s ruling football body, UEFA, will give the Scottish club for an expression of Palestine solidarity at a recent game against the Israeli team Hapoel Beer Sheva.  UEFA has announced that it has opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic for display of an “illicit banner.” The “illicit banner” is a reference to Palestinian flags waved by Celtic supporters last week.
Spanish court overturns regional Israel boycott    Ignacio Wenley Palacios, the ACOM lawyer leading the anti-boycott effort in Spain, said the BDS movement is “thinly disguised under a veil of a deceiving human rights narrative.”
Israeli BDS Supporter Asks Canada for Political Asylum  Attorney Gilad Paz says that when two key ministers launched anti-BDS efforts, ‘I started to feel the ground burning under my feet.’

Imagine there’s no country Op-ed: The current debates around raising the national flag or banning the burqini shine an important light on the importance of patriotism and the dangers of zealous nationalism and or a border-less world that strives to live by the alluring words of John Lennon.

Sheldon Silver to remain free pending appeal of corruption conviction
Israel Is Fudging Justice in the Netanyahu Corruption Cases  Just a few years ago, suspicious developments in Ehud Olmert’s pen collection were considered a reason to investigate the prime minister. Not so with Bibi.

VIDEO - Palestinians to Glasgow Football Fans: “We all Love Celtics”German town cancels Palestinian children’s drawings exhibit for ‘highly political content

Palestine: Britain Should Apologise for the Balfour Declaration, Not ‘Celebrate’ It

Bernard Lewis implies Mufti sought "Final Solution" in the 1930s

Has Israel Effectively Colonized the United States?

Senator Lindsey Graham’s advice to Netanyahu: “Tell the White House to “go f*** themselves”

Netanyahu ne rencontrerait pas Obama pendant son voyage aux Etats-Unis La probable dernière chance de rencontre n’est pas prévue après des tensions entre Washington et Jérusalem sur la vidéo de “nettoyage ethnique”
Netanyahu apparently not to meet Obama during US visit Likely last chance for sit-down during UN confab next week not in cards amid tensions between Washington, Jerusalem over ‘ethnic cleansing’ video

Netanyahu in campaign to convince Europeans that Israel defends them
It’s war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
Israel’s Jewish Settlements and Netanyahu’s “One State Solution”: Self-Entrapment of Existential Proportions. The Eventual Annexation of All Palestinian Lands?
Why Netanyahu Is Likely to Be Israel's Next Prime Minister Unlike some of his competitors, the public can discern the existence of an ideology alongside Netanyahu’s insane appetite for power - and his merchandise still has plenty of buyers.

Dutch lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism after refusing to shake Netanyahu’s hand
“Netanyahu Not Welcome!” declares mass march through The Hague
Selon un ancien Premier ministre néerlandais, Netanyahou devrait être traduit devant la CPI
Dutch lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism after refusing to shake Netanyahu’s hand
[Watch] Dutch MP refuses to shake hands with Netanyahu
The handshake that wasn't- Dutch MP snubs Netanyahu

Le Jerusalem Post éreinte Georges Soros pour sa campagne de chaos global 8 Septembre 2016 Comme si le journal ultra sioniste de droite Jerusalem Post était de notre bord contre les puissants de ce monde... Si ça c'est pas la preuve que Soros c'est dee la petite bière, c'est pas le plus gros ni le plus important des milliardaires juifs!

PM: World silent as Palestinians seek ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Jews in West Bank In Facebook video, Netanyahu calls it ‘outrageous’ that international community is unmoved by demand for Jewish-free state
Netanyahu: Palestinian state without Jews is ‘ethnic cleansing’
Washington calls Netanyahu’s ethnic cleansing video ‘inappropriate’
Israël : Netanyahu critiqué après avoir parlé de "nettoyage ethnique" il fait comme Zemmour: il sait que le truc c'est d'attirer l'attention des médias constamment avec des phrases qui choquent.
Netanyahu Accused of Twisting History in 'Ethnic Cleansing' Video Leader of Arab party says PM trying to 'rewrite history' while Labor MK accuses Netanyahu of undermining two-state solution and damaging U.S.-Israel ties.
Netanyahu’s Claim of 'Ethnic Cleansing' Sets a Guinness Record for Chutzpah After years of fighting the loaded term, the prime minister is pushing it through the front door. If evacuating Jewish settlements for peace is a crime against humanity, then Begin and Sharon were perpetrators and U.S. presidents are all inciters.
Netanyahu's 'Ethnic Cleansing' Video Pushes Obama Closer to UN Security Council White House was again reminded that Netanyahu has no qualms about attacking them, even when he needs them. PM's comments were almost word-for-word on hasbara talking-points penned by far-right political strategist.
Netanyahu 'ethnic cleansing' comment against Palestinians draws U.S. rebuke
United States slams PM for 'inappropriate and unhelpful' remarks.
US seethes over PM’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ video
Netanyahu’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ video earns strong rebuke from State Department
Yes, Netanyahu, Let's Talk About Ethnic Cleansing Turning Israeli settlers into victims is the prime minister's most staggering act of chutzpah yet. The only mass ethnic cleansing that took place here was in 1948, when some 700,000 Arabs were forced to leave their lands.
Trump Campaign Sides With Netanyahu: Palestinians Seek 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Jews Trump’s adviser on U.S.-Israel relations tells Haaretz that Palestinians want 'their so-called state' to be, 'as the Nazis said, judenrein' or devoid of Jews.
L’AP veut des actions de l’ONU après la vidéo de Netanyahu sur le « nettoyage ethnique » Saeb Erekat incite la communauté internationale à soutenir les paroles par des actes, après que Netanyahu ait affirmé que l’AP souhaite une Cisjordanie sans Juifs
Ce que Netanyahu veut dire lorsqu’il parle de “purification ethnique”
What Netanyahu means when he talks about ‘ethnic cleansing’ PM has made clear for years that he rejects a two-state solution that completely separates Israelis and Palestinians. Instead, he envisions a deal allowing settlers to stay put. He probably didn’t think his latest video on the issue would spark a diplomatic spat
MKs split along party lines on PM’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ video Likud ministers defend Netanyahu for claiming Palestinians want a Jew-free West Bank, while Livni accuses him of harming US ties
Washington : la vidéo de Netanyahu sur le nettoyage ethnique est “inappropriée”
Abbas à Netanyahu : c’est Israël qui opère un « nettoyage ethnique »
Palestinians, Not Israeli Settlers, Are Victims of Ethnic Cleansing If Mr. Netanyahu really wants to know what ethnic cleansing means, he should ask the Palestinian citizens of Israel. 85% of the Palestinians living in what is now Israel were forced out in the 1948 Nakba - just because they weren't Jews.
PA seeks UN action on settlements in wake of PM’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ video Senior Abbas aide urges international community to back up words with deeds, spurred on by Netanyahu claim that PA wants Jew-free West Bank

Why Israel's Attorney General Didn't Pursue the Case Against Netanyahu Mendelblit himself is convinced, apparently, that he’s acting in a balanced, businesslike manner without making concessions to the man who appointed him cabinet secretary and later supported him in his present position.
La police se penche sur de nouvelles accusations à l’encontre de Netanyahu
Corruption investigation explores bribe attempts from Netanyahu
Police looking into fresh allegations against Netanyahu Many-pronged investigation swings in new direction, with officials likely to decide on possible criminal probe by next month

The Jewish Mafia is the “Mafia”
Netanya mayor held in suspected multimillion-dollar bribery scandal
After FBI Tip-off, Israel Arrests Two for $600,000 Cybercrime Operation Police alerted to activities of two 18-year-olds from central Israel, whose online hacking operation has allegedly been behind numerous attacks to knock websites offline.

Avec le nouvel accord d’aide à Israël, Obama est le parrain de l’occupation
Multi-billion Dollar Weapons Deals: Why the US Backs Israel
81% of Americans Oppose “Aid” to Israel

Un ministre israélien critique Obama, « messianique et naïf »
Netanyahu: I hope Obama won't help Palestinians unilaterally establish a state
8 ans plus tard, la position d’Obama sur Israël est toujours aussi incertaine Depuis qu’il est au pouvoir, le président américain a montré son malaise face aux implantations israéliennes en Cisjordanie, qu’il considère comme un obstacle à la paix

Obama at UN: Israel Cannot Permanently Occupy Palestinian LandsIn his final address to UN, Obama says Palestinians should reject violence and incitement.
Obama’s anti-Israeli Farewell Speech at the UN 'A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself,' the president said, and our analysts explained, without a hint of self-irony, that he meant Donald Trump.
Obama: Israel cannot ‘permanently occupy, settle Palestinian land’ In final, wide-ranging UN address, US president also says Palestinians must reject incitement, recognize ‘legitimacy of Israel’. President hails resolution 'of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy.
Obama expresses ‘profound US concerns’ over settlements to Netanyahu After cordial chat before cameras, US president reportedly clashes with Netanyahu over role of West Bank construction in eroding two station solution
Israel waits for Obama's UN shoe to drop
Obama airs settlement concerns, Netanyahu praises US friendship in their likely final meeting
Netanyahu’s triumphant last goodbye to Obama
Trump’s Dark Shadow Looms Over Obama-Netanyahu Summit In a tight race, American Jewish votes in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and even Georgia could prove critical.
Une victoire de Trump pourrait pousser Obama à soutenir une résolution pour 2 états à l’ONU Le président sortant pourrait vouloir créer une norme sur laquelle son successeur ne pourra pas revenir, selon Dennis Ross

Benyamin Netanyahu dans un discours à l'ONU: « L'ONU, qui avait commencé en tant que force morale est devenue une farce morale »
Netanyahu Calls UN 'Moral Farce,' Says Israel Will Not Accept Any Dictates Netanyahu, at UN address, says Israel welcomes the 'spirit' of the Arab Peace Initiative, thanks Obama for vetoing past Security Council resolution critical of Israel.
Netanyahu: We won't accept any attempt by UN to dictate terms to Israel
At the UN: Abbas slams inaction, Netanyahu says ‘war against Israel at the U.N. is over'.
Danon slams Ban Ki-moon for criticism of Israel during UNGA opening speech

Kerry peste contre Israël, décrie l’imminence d’un seul état Le secrétaire d’Etat Américain, John Kerry a pris pour cible Israël et les Palestiniens la semaine dernière, les accusant de saboter la perspective d’une solution à 2 Etats.

‘ICC may not be equipped to rule on war crimes’

Colonisation israélienne : l’organisation britannique PSC accuse la communauté internationale d’inertie

Quartet: Settlements harming chances for two state-solution Mideast peacemakers also call for Palestinians to end incitement against Israelis; French FM warns path to peace narrowing

Top EU lawyer says Hamas should be dropped from terror list
Top EU court advisor: Drop Hamas from bloc's terror blacklist

Le patron du Mossad: « pendant de nombreuses années, Shimon Peres a travaillé avec le Mossad' »
Shimon Peres: The architect of Israel's nuclear program Peres a joué un grand rôle dans le développement de cet arsenal nucléaire, comme le producteur Arnon Milchan qui travailla comme lui pour le Mossad. Mais en fait, c'est surtout le président Ben-Gourion qui est responsable de la décision d'obtenir pour Israël un arsenal nucléaire, pour garantir la survie d'Israël au nom du "plus jamais ça!". Dès la création d'Israël, Ben-Gourion a rendu visite aux États-Unis et scellé l'alliance éternelle entre le Mossad et l'OSS (qui deviendra la CIA). Sous JFK, Ben-Gourion a quitté son poste avec fracas suite à son refus catégorique de laisser Israël obtenir un arsenal nucléaire. L'historien responsable de la publication des lettres de JFK en 2013 a signalé que la théorie "la plus intrigante" selon lui est celle de l'assassinat de JFK par Israël suite à son obstruction du programme nucléaire israélien. Yitzhak Shamir, alors directeur du Mossad, fut le principal responsable du complot pour assassiner JFK.
Israeli Rightists Should Take Arab MK's Facbook Attack on Peres as ComplimentThe former president caused the most damage to the Palestinian people, wrote Ghattas. No wonder Bibi is envious.

Religious Fascism, an Israeli Minister’s Gift to the WorldNaftali Bennett and his people have joined up with God and His commandments, and together they fight the Enlightenment and its abominations.

Hijacked by Right-wing Extremists, Israel's Ruling Party Goes Bonkers Over Illegal SettlementAlmost all of Likud's 30 Knesset members, ministers and deputy ministers, signed a “petition” to bypass High Court of Justice rulings mandating the evacuation of settlements and outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land

Secret Documents Reveal How Israel Tried to Evade International Scrutiny of OccupationIn two cables from '67 and '68, Foreign Ministry officials admit violations of Geneva Conventions, instruct diplomats how to evade need for compliance by eschewing use of the word ‘occupation.’

Ex-Israeli army official defends soldier on trial: ‘The fate of terrorists is to die’

‘I still have nightmares’–13yo girl shot 5 times by Israeli soldiers recounts horror

Israeli forces kill 3 in West Bank

Israel Must Remember: Thou Shalt Not Kill Means POWs, Too War criminals among Israel’s enemies have murdered prisoners — both soldiers and civilians. This does not justify similar conduct by IDF soldiers.

Israel Must End Its Shameful Policy of Collective Punishment Every time a police officer closes a store with no legal justification, it just makes it all the more clear to the local residents and the rest of the world that East Jerusalem is occupied territory by any law.

Jewish National Fund Gives $530K From American Donors to West Bank Settlement

Israeli troops photographed beating unarmed Palestinian during 'routine check'

There Won't Be Peace Until Israel Accepts Responsibility for the Nakba Peace is not going to come before Israelis know about and understand how it all began.

Open the
 'Nakba File' Israel has a fairly liberal policy on opening state documents to public scrutiny, including protocols of cabinet sessions. Some states are less liberal, some more. Declassifying...

Special report: Israel failing to combat racism in schools President Rivlin: "Until now, Israel’s greatest challenge has been security. But now the prevention of racism and

Une peine plus lourde pour l’extrémiste qui a incendié une école judéo-arabe Le militant de Lehava, Yitzhak Gabai, reconnu coupable pour son crime de haine à Jérusalem en 2014 écope de 4 mois de prison supplémentaires

Les colons attaquent un rassemblement chrétien à Jérusalem

VIDEO - Les colons (ARTE, 2016) Episode 1: La prophétie
VIDEO - Les colons (ARTE, 2016) Episode 2: La rédemption
France-Palestine « Les Colons », un documentaire incontournable ? Ya! Da! Si! Oui! Yes! anti-israélienne : Une soirée spéciale « Colons » sur Arte

BDS activist attacks Canadian Jewish Defense League chief Assailant arrested; assault on Meir Weinstein at protest in Montreal captured on video
Canada : la police de Montréal arrête le directeur de l'organisation « Solidarité pour les droits de l'homme palestiniens »
Arrest made in Montreal assault of Canadian Jewish Defense League leader

Florida mosque arsonist shared extreme pro-Israel propaganda

« Sergent d’Israël » : le gouvernement a menti pour cacher l’origine de la fausse alerte terroriste
Fausse alerte attentat à Paris : deux hackers adolescents pro-israeliens en quête de «buzz» à l’origine
Suspects behind Paris terror hoax ‘inspired’ by Israeli hacker Two teenagers boast of false alarm, express admiration for French-Israeli hacker who denies any link or involvement.
Two teenagers make false terror attack claim in France British Daily Mail reports that the two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, have ties to a pro-Israel hacking organization and made the false report of a terrorist attack 'just for the thrill and to become famous.'
INFO OBS. L'appel irresponsable qui a provoqué l'alerte attentat à Paris samedi

A Crime Syndicate Inside Israel's Corridors of Power Politicians, wheeler-dealers, PR people and go-betweens from Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu party get up in the morning and drive to the Knesset in order to steal from the public.

Ehud Olmert Corruption Appeal Rejected, ex-Israeli Prime Minister to Serve Another 8 Months Olmert appeal was blocked in the affair in which he gave cash-filled envelopes to a U.S. businessman.

Israeli military indicts 145 Palestinians for social media posts
Un juge de NY tacle Facebook pour son manque de sérieux face aux victimes israéliennes du terrorisme Nicholas Garaufis a déclaré qu’il est “scandaleux, irresponsable et insultant” que le géant des réseaux sociaux envoie un avocat débutant pour défendre le dossier

Institutionalized antisemitism at UC Berkeley — facts and details
L’université de Berkeley lève la suspension du cours anti-Israël L’animateur du cours « Palestine : analyse d’un colon » a annoncé qu’il exigeait des excuses pour l’interdiction temporaire du cours
'Anti-Israel' course reinstated at UC Berkley after campus controversy

Justice Minister: BDS movement is a terror organization 'BDS is the new face of terrorism,' Ayelet Shaked says during JNF conference in New York.
Journée d’action nationale BDS 24/09/16: Embargo militaire contre Israël
BDS Is a Lot of Things, but It's Not anti-Semitic People legitimately upset over Israel’s conduct find themselves allied with people who don’t like Jews.
City of Munich cancels BDS event due to antisemitism
Nouvelle défaite pour le BDS : un tribunal suspend le boycott d’Israël approuvé par Ibiza

New call for US investigation into killing of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank

Israel’s Ongoing Blockade Of Gaza Could Force Palestinians To Drink Sewage
Activists demand EU withdraw support from Israeli-run water conference
L’hydro-apartheid israélien maintient la Cisjordanie assoiffée

Israel Starts Home Demolitions in Syrian Golan, Plans Illegal Annexation, Opens “Corridor” for Syrian Al Qaeda

Sharansky invokes Soviet gulag after Israel upholds force-feeding of prisoners
High Court rejects anti force-feeding petition After being voted into law more than a year ago and facing a great deal of criticism from legal experts, the 'force-feed law' was found by several High Court justices to uphold a balance between the sanctity of life, public interests and individual rights.
Israel's High Court Finds Force Feeding Constitutional: 'A Hunger Striker Is Not an Ordinary Patient' Justices deny petitions protesting an amendment to the law which will permit the force-feeding of Palestinian prisoners. Medical Association chairman stated previously that if the bill passes doctors will be instructed to ignore it.

Palestinians try to block IDF from seizing their land

State NGO Watchdog Raps Settler Organization That Compared Europeans to Nazis Registrar of Associations passes findings on Samaria Residents’ Council to Attorney General. NGO exceeded stated objectives, report says.

UN Declares Israel As Having World’s Worst Human Rights

Europe-Israel: l'ONU accuse Israël d'être responsable de la mortalité infantile dans la bande de Gaza

Israël admet qu’un Arabe de Jérusalem Est tué n’était pas impliqué dans une attaque Les officiers de police affirment avoir tiré sur un véhicule refusant de s’arrêter et accuse le chauffeur d’être responsable de la mort des passagers.

Face It, Israel, Sometimes Countries Just Commit Suicide Ari Shavit believes Israel can be saved if we can find a way to make Israelis see sense about the dangers of the occupation — even though, after numerous attempts by many fine patriots, no one has managed it to date.

What Israeli Civil War? It Takes Two Sides to Tango Anyone who dreams of a civil war in Israel should remember that it needs two sides. Here, only one side is present – the national religious, Messianic, zealot right.

Israel Used Military Censor to Conceal First Settlements From Public, Document Reveals The authorities sought to prevent Haaretz and another newspaper from reporting on first settlements; 'We cause entirely unnecessary damage to ourselves by publicizing things that can basically be done quietly.'

ISRAEL MIGHT SOON BE VOID OF LEFTISTS Everywhere I turn these days, many of my peers have left, are leaving, are planning to leave or are talking about leaving. For thousands of years the Jews dreamed of reclaiming their country. The left had another dream.  Should I Give Up On Changing Israel from Within — and Take a Stand by Leaving?

‘BDS doesn’t want a better Israel — it wants no Israel’
Republican Congressmen: BDS akin to 1930s anti-Semitism
German MPs call on teachers’ union to denounce anti-Semitic BDS campaign
More than Fifty Spanish Cities Pass Motion Supporting Palestinian-led BDS, Declaring Themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
Une université canadienne accusée de « bannir » des étudiants juifs
Israeli ambassador hosts Polish priest accused of anti-Semitism
NY venue nixes Black Lives Matter benefit over Israel-bashing platform
Un artiste anglais refuse que sa musique soit utilisée par une troupe israélienne Brian Eno, le producteur du groupe U2 a demandé à la Batsheva Company de ne plus utiliser ses compositions après avoir appris que leur tournée en Italie était sponsorisée par l’ambassade israélienne a Rome
Musician Brian Eno upholds BDS, refuses to let Israeli dance company use music BDS!!
German MPs call on teachers’ union to denounce anti-Semitic BDS campaign
‘BDS doesn’t want a better Israel — it wants no Israel’
Israel using “black ops” against BDS, says veteran analyst
La mairie d’Albertville refuse d’accueillir un Professeur pro-palestinien aux positions controversées Christophe Oberlin est connu pour son soutien à Dieudonné et ses positions pro-palestiniennes qui lui ont valu un blâme par la chambre disciplinaire de l’Ordre des médecins
Republican Congressmen: BDS akin to 1930s anti-Semitism
We Don’t Need Protection From BDS

British lawmaker who shared anti-Semitic posts under investigation Naz Shah was readmitted to Labour party in July after 2-month suspension over post suggesting Israeli Jews should be relocated to US
Jeremy Corbyn set to speak alongside Hamas supporter at London conference
UK Labour incidents show anti-Semitism problems unresolved, Israeli diplomat says ‘More work necessary’ to stop spread of anti-Jewish culture in British political parties, Foreign Ministry official says in rare remarks
UK -Jeremy Corbyn faces criticism for turning down a visit to Israel’s Holocaust Museum
Why British Jews Fear Britain's New Left The crisis between the Labour party - now wedded to a far left populism, rejection of Zionism and political messianism – and the British Jewish community is reaching a watershed moment.
Jeremy Corbyn Makes His Move Over Claims the Leadership Contest is Being Rigged
Jeremy Corbyn and the anti-Semitism question

Report: Soviet documents show Abbas was KGB agent; Fatah decries ‘smear campaign’ Israeli researchers say notes from USSR archivist who defected show PA president was ‘handled’ in 1980s by Putin’s current Mideast envoy

L’ambassadrice israélienne reçoit un prêtre polonais accusé d’antisémitisme L’ambassade déclare que Tadeusz Rydzyk a rendu hommage à Israël pendant sa rencontre avec Anna Azari.

Interview avec Yakov Rabkin : Est-il antisémite de critiquer Israël ?

Sur Facebook, les militant·e·s antiracistes victimes de censure Lalin lui ne se fait pas censurer sur le coup, mais il reçoit des poursuites hautement médiatisées qui font de lui une vraie célébrité.

Jews may leave EU if ‘Islamic terrorism’ and anti-Semitism not halted, top rabbi warns MEPs C'est justement pour ça que c'est important pour les sionistes d'accroître en Europe l'antisémitisme et la "'menace islamiste"!
US Police Brutality Result of Israeli Training: Kevin Barrett Mais selon le mouvement Alt-Right, c'est juste la faute à la gauche Soros s'il y a des émeutes raciales aux USA... Pas un mot sur l'entraînement à la brutalité policière que les policiers américains reçoivent quand ils vont se faire entraîner en Israël.

White House corrects Obama speech transcript listing Jerusalem in Israel
La crapule d'Obama raye Israël de la transcription de son discours...
White House Strikes 'Israel' From Obama's Jerusalem Eulogy for Peres

30 Years After Whistleblower Vanunu, Israel’s Nuclear Profile Has Become a Virtual Non-issue In contrast to its behavior in other international forums, Israel trusts to quiet diplomacy at the IAEA – and it has worked brilliantly.
The Shimon Peres legacy: Father of Israel's nuclear program, supporter of South African apartheid and first to cast Iran as a nuclear threat
How Shimon Peres Stole the Nuclear Bomb with a Bluff
Un accord antidaté avec un Premier ministre français renversé : comment Peres a obtenu la dissuasion nucléaire d’Israël
A back-dated deal with a toppled French PM: How Peres secured Israel’s nuclear deterrent

Now it can be revealed: How Netanyahu stopped Peres's final push for peace
Peres bombshell: I stopped an Israeli strike on Iran

Israel’s Arab leader defends party’s boycott of Peres funeral
L’autre visage de Shimon Peres
At Peres' Funeral, Obama, Bill Clinton Remind Netanyahu Not to Rewrite History Israeli politicians speaking at the funeral – first and foremost the prime minister – failed to mention Palestinian President Abbas, who showed courage and humanity by attending. Author Amos Oz was the only one to bring up Oslo, melting the schmaltz that the speakers before him piled on.
Shimon Peres' Funeral Proved That anti-Semitism Is Dead The ceremony for Peres showed that the Western world would love nothing more than to welcome Israel into the fold. An end to the brutal occupation would end the country’s pariah status in an instant.
Obama: “I see myself in Peres’s story”
Mort de Shimon Peres: d'abord la vérité!
Shimon Peres du point de vue de ses victimes

Israeli leader Shimon Peres, supposed “man of peace,” also had a bloody record of war
Mort de Shimon Peres : portrait d'un criminel de guerre
Shimon Peres and a forgotten massacre
Sabra et Chatila: 30 ans après
Les médias et les réseaux sociaux arabes fustigent Peres Les journaux évoquent le 9e président israélien comme le « parrain des colonies » et le « Boucher de Cana »
L’autre héritage, plus sombre, de Shimon Peres (Haggai Matar)
Washing Away the Blood of the Oslo Accords Whitewashing Oslo is out of the question. The only way out is to whitewash Shimon Peres himself.

US invokes Peres legacy in biting condemnation of settlement expansion State Department slams approval of 98 new homes in Shiloh for Amona outpost evacuees, saying move will ‘distance Israel from many of its partners’
Israël: feu vert pour la construction de 98 logements dans une colonie de Cisjordanie
Israel seals off Palestinian territories, approves new settlements ahead of Jewish new year

Flashback from 2010: [Israeli Ambassador] Michael Oren booed off stage at University of California

Sheldon Adelson Most Important Mission: preserving American Jewish identity

Billionaire Ron Lauder to give statement in Netanyahu corruption probe Le boss du congrès juif mondial sous enquête en lien avec l'enquête contre bibi pour corruption!
Ronald Lauder Questioned by Israeli Police in Connection to Netanyahu Fraud Probe The Jewish-American businessman and philanthropist was summoned by police during his visit to Israel for Peres' funeral.
Police question Jewish leader Lauder as part of PM probe Billionaire president of World Jewish Congress was detained after Peres’s funeral, is to provide testimony at later date

A former spy chief is calling on Israelis to revolt In a wide-ranging interview, former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy paints a worrying picture of the leadership abilities of PM Netanyahu and his suspicious relationship with Putin, as well as of the future of the Jewish state – but refuses to be pessimistic.

Israël a désormais un ambassadeur à l'OTAN

« Le terrorisme israélien et la retenue des Palestiniens » , par Amira Hass

Netanyahu, This Is What Ethnic Cleansing Really Looks Like

Jewish man faces trial after criticizing Israel policy at Dennis Ross panel

Jerusalem restaurant owners say rightwing group has threatened them if they employ Palestinians

Fearing for Jaffa's Coexistence, Residents Fight Effort to Judaize City Two groups running initiatives that aim to strengthen Jaffa’s Jewish identity have Jewish and Arab residents worried for what they describe as their largely harmonious way of life.

YouTube hires Israeli-American entertainment executive Lyor Cohen to lead music division

Israel Issues Orders to Intercept All-Women Gaza-Bound Flotilla

Le Celtic sanctionné par l’UEFA pour l'utilisation de drapeaux palestiniens
Israelis seek to uncover government’s secret war against BDS
German pro-BDS antisemitic teacher investigated by politician
Irlande du Nord: Un politique appelle des partisans du BDS à déposer leur « iPad israélien » et ainsi montrer le ridicule de leur démarche
Bank of Ireland shuts down anti-Israel BDS accounts
Canadian university looking to fire tenured professor over anti-Semitic posts

Les antisémites jouent de plus en plus les victimes dans la rhétorique classique de l’inversion “agresseur-agressé,” selon une spécialiste Si vous pensiez avoir remarqué une haine anti-juive grandissante sur la Toile et auprès des grands médias européens, vous aviez raison — Et la Professeure Monika Schwarz-Friesel peut le quantifier scientifiquement
European anti-Semites increasingly playing victim in classic ‘perpetrator inversion,’ says expert


British PM blasts Labour as ‘party of anti-Semitism’ Wrapping up her first Conservative conference as leader, May slams opposition for tolerating anti-Jewish sentiment, voices of hate
British Labour Party activist questions Holocaust Remembrance Day, existence of anti-Semitism
UK Labour suspends Corbyn ally for questioning Holocaust Day
U.K.'s Labour suspends member of anti-Jewish comments.
L’alliée de Corbyn sur la sellette pour avoir remis en question la Journée Internationale de Commémoration de la Shoah Jackie Walker, suspendue en mai pour propos antisémites, déclare que la journée Internationale de Commémoration de l’Holocauste devrait être ouverte à « tous ceux qui ont vécu un holocauste »
Royaume-Uni : une membre du Labour suspendue pour avoir remis en cause le jour de la Shoah

On Facebook, Michael Oren criticized people and communities that claim God’s support for their political and social views

U.S. Admits Israel Is Building Permanent Apartheid Regime — Weeks After Giving It $38 Billion
Netanyahu does damage control with US over settlement construction
U.S. Blasts Israel's Plan for New West Bank Settlement, Says Netanyahu Broke His Word In unusually harsh statement, State Department ties timing of construction plans to signing of aid deal. U.S. official says White House was livid over timing of approval of plans, which seek to resettle residents of Amona.
US hints at linkage between military assistance and settlement building The very harsh tone of the statement has fueled speculation that the US may support an anti-settlement resolution in the UN Security Council.
White House: Netanyahu Broke a Commitment, That's Not How You Treat Your Friends After State Department issues unusually harsh statement on Israeli plans for new settlement for Amona residents, White House says action 'undermines the pursuit of peace.'
Analysis: Of harsh US condemnations and domestic Israeli politics
Colonies: la Maison-Blanche accuse Israël de ne pas tenir parole
Shaked : Les critiques américaines sur les implantations sont disproportionnées La ministre de la Justice a jugé que Washington devrait plutôt se concentrer sur la Syrie au lieu de critiquer « les endroits où Israël construit des maisons »
Shaked: US should worry about Syria, not Shiloh
Israeli official: Obama’s settlement critique ‘an alibi’ for planned anti-Israel moves After Washington castigates plans for 300 new West Bank homes, senior source tells Israeli TV US president is preparing one-sided action
Israel: Obama’s "Confusion About the 'Occupation' of Palestinian Land" The president would probably be aghast if he were told that ‘the United States cannot permanently occupy Mexican land.’ Can 'occupation' lead to peaceful accommodation?
Obama officials blast Israel’s settlement announcement as betrayal of friendship, Peres legacy
Israel Rejects U.S. Criticism: Planned West Bank Construction Not a New Settlement Foreign Ministry rejects U.S. harsh statement accusing Netanyahu of breaking commitment by approving new settlement for Amona settlers. Palestinians are real obstacle to peace, not the settlements, says statement.
Bennett: We Must Act Now and 'Give Our Lives' for the Annexation of the West Bank Education minister and Habayit Hayehudi leader says will act to legalize Amona outpost, set to be evicted by year's end. 'We have to mark the dream, and the dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part of the sovereign State of Israel,' he says.
Bennett : Israël doit faire des « sacrifices » pour annexer la Cisjordanie En pleine controverse avec les USA au sujet des constructions dans les implantations, les médias indiquent que le ministère du Tourisme encourage le développement de la promenade de Beit El
Bennett: Israel must make ‘sacrifices’ to annex West Bank Amid row with US over settlement building, report also says Tourism Ministry pushing development of promenade in Beit El
Bennett clarifies remarks calling for 'sacrificing yourself' to annex W. Bank After making controversial comments during an event in Jerusalem marking the passing of one of Israel's main champions of settlements, Bennett seeks to clarify on social media: 'the phrase to sacrifice yourself means to work hard for the goal.'
Nous devons "donner nos vies" pour l'annexion de la Cisjordanie (Bennett)

Un ministre israélien favorable à l'amnistie d'un soldat ayant achevé un agresseur Palestinien
Bennett: Pardon Hebron shooter immediately if found guilty

Colonies : Israël ignore les recommandations du Quartette, dénonce l'UE
Liberman veut boycotter la Liste arabe unie, absente des obsèques de Peres
Eulogize Peres, Not the Peace Process The quest for peace should find its bearings in 2017 with leaders, voices and a language part of the present and future, not just the past.
Netanyahu says Dimona nuclear reactor to be named for Peres
Secret 1978 Talks Lay Bare the Hawk That Peacemaker Peres Once Was 'Jordan is also Palestine,' the late Shimon Peres tells then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin, declassified minutes of a top secret meeting ahead of Camp David reveal.
Selon la juive Caroline Glick: "L’héritage de Pérès sera l’arsenal nucléaire iranien”
Les vérités de Rony Brauman sur Shimon Pérès, l’antisémitisme et le CRIF

Le Hamas condamne la visite de la Cour pénale internationale après avoir ignoré Gaza
Palestinians: Gaza probe a ‘serious test’ for ICC Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, leading visit to region, insists it’s aimed at ‘outreach,’ not war crimes investigation

‘Where do you want it?’: Sniper from the ‘world’s most moral army’ taunts unarmed Palestinian man before shooting him

Israel Seeks More Time Over Prosecution of West Bank Rabbi for Incitement to Violence Prosecution asks High Court for further extension before deciding whether to indict far-right Rabbi Yosef Elitzur of Yitzhar.

Thousands Of jews Take To The Streets Calling For Palestinian Genocide

The Feigned Democracy of Israel's Education Minister In the controversy over Naftali Bennett's call to fight for the settlements, the most dangerous part of his remarks passed almost unnoticed.

Will Israel sell weapons to a man who compared himself to Hitler and wants to kill 3 million people? Firebrand Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte says he wants to get his guns, military equipment only from the Jewish state

Right-wing NGO denies working to evict Palestinians from Silwan

For Israelis, Peace Is War Most Israelis think Israel doesn’t need 'peace'; it has high-tech, it has an army, a state; at the airport there are long lines, the cafes and restaurants are full. True, from time to time sons are sacrificed, but the numbers are negligible.

The Price an Unwavering Israeli Leftist Paid for Conscientious Objection Uri Avnery always saw himself as a foreign minister without a government, not a political activist. His memoir is a type of consolation for his political isolation.

Vidéo : Israël et ses problèmes de citoyenneté

Les députées israéliennes déplorent la nomination du nouvel aumônier de la police La position sur les femmes de Rahamim Berachyahu inquiète les députées, qui a également une position controversée sur les gays

Une élue suédoise critiquée après ses propos sur le “contrôle” des médias d’une famille juive
Far-right Swedish Lawmaker Slammed for Decrying ‘Jewish Control of Media’

Pink Floyd 'reunites' to support Gaza flotilla The three living members of the band posted on Facebook their support for the Zaytouna-Oliva flotilla and decried the Israel Navy's intervention as 'illegal.'
Why Flotillas and Protests Threaten Israel More Than Rockets From Gaza Non-violent resistance to the occupation was showcased this week by the women's flotilla to Gaza. But can it ever advance from the margins of Israeli and Palestinian society?
Pink Floyd Reunion For Palestine – David Gilmour, Roger Waters to perform live in Palestine soon?
Pink Floyd réuni pour soutenir des militantes pro-palestiniennes
Israël: la dernière militante du bateau pour Gaza en passe d'être expulsée

Israel’s New Hasbara Video Channels SNL, but Offends Like South Park The video’s liberties with history are shockingly revisionist, insulting and even racist, portraying non-Jews as primitive barbarians perpetrating serial home invasions on their hapless Jewish victims.

Black Lives Matter – vs Israel? Close coordination of US and Israeli police causes dismay to the American activist group.
White Jews Left the Movement for Racial Justice. But It’s Not Too Late to Return Jewish institutions' condemnation of the Black Lives Matter platform laid bare an uncomfortable truth: The glory days of Heschel marching with King are long gone. We didn't earn a place at the platform drafting table.
Political correctness harms Jews Op-ed: As long as political correctness prevents journalists and politicians from reproaching intellectual, communal and religious leaders for promoting and tolerating anti-Zionist Jew-hatred, Jews will have their hands tied while being exposed to relentless assaults as representatives of Zionism.
Jews Around the World Drift to the Right HAARETZ – In his 1989 book “Modernity and the Holocaust,” the Jewish-Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman discussed the extraordinary role Jews played in the emergence of Western modernity. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Jews were considered to be the standard-bearers of revolutionary Bolshevism, but at the same time representatives of establishment liberal democracy. In economic terms, the Jew was considered to be socialist and capitalist alike, and also stirred resentment for belonging to a rootless elite or, alternatively, a filthy barbarian rabble. This perceived duality was an element in the rise of modern anti-Semitism. However, according to Bauman, that situation no longer applies toward the end of the 20th century. [PHOTO "JEWGIDA"]
FLASHBACK: The rise and fall of communist support among Jews The Communist Party remained attractive to Jewish East-Enders right up until the start of World War Two, still being seen as a force for ‘self-defence’ by its willingness ‘to fight Fascism and anti-Semitism’. Indeed, the Communist candidate in Mile End, Phil Piratin, was elected in the 1945 general election on a wave of post-war euphoria, with the help, it is estimated, of ‘old-fashioned latkes-and-strudel Jewish campaigning’ gaining at least 2,500 Jewish votes, about half his total (ref: Freedland; Alderman 1981, 1983). Yet it lost significant Jewish support when their leader, Issie Panner, pronounced during the War that Zionism conflicted with the rich, revolutionary tradition of Jewish history admired by Marx and Lenin. At the same time, revelations were emerging about the persecution of Russian Jews (ref: Srebnik).

"Why I Left The Cult"

Jewish Man Indicted After Criticizing Israel, U.S. at Kansas Q-A With Dennis Ross If people can be arrested for asking questions at library events, 'then I guess we're going to have to shut the library down,' says outraged director about the May incident.

The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies: "The Destruction of Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake" Israel admet que Daech travaille dans son intérêt.

This Day in Jewish History 1973: Moshe Dayan Suggests Israel Demonstrate Its Nuclear Capacity It was the darkest day of the Yom Kippur war and whatever the purpose of the alleged proposal, Golda Meir, reportedly, instantly struck it down.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Slick Version of Donald Trump Nonetheless, the GOP candidate’s harshest conservative critics remain starry-eyed groupies of Israel's prime minister
The Israeli Donald Trump Op-ed: Just like millions of Americans have finally realized that a public figure can’t get away with anything, it’s time for Israel’s decision makers to understand that Rehavam Ze’evi’s actions—both within the army and outside the army—are unworthy of commemoration.
TRUMP, ZHIRINOVSKY, JEWISH MAFIA October 14, 2016 By Anon Vladimir Zhirinovsky says that Americans must vote for Trump.
Trump’s Downfall Dismantles Netanyahu’s Republican Iron Dome as Well Unquestioning support for Israel comes from same looniness that spawned the GOP's controversial candidate.

Republican Jewish group launches campaign against pro-Iran deal Pennsylvania Senate candidate

The art of occupation, according to Israeli General Gadi Shamni After 35 years of military service, Maj. Gen. (res) Gadi Shamni, the self-described 'general of the occupation,' lauds the army's morality and slams the politicians for the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. There is, he says, a solution and a partner, but first Israel must release itself from the grip of extremists.
Why the Fight Over Israeli Settlements Is Reaching a Boiling Point
Israël : le gouvernement veut reporter la destruction d'une colonie ultra-sensible (presse)

'Bibi Won Elections Because of Race,' American Adviser to Israeli Opposition Told Clinton Campaign Chair New email released by Wikileaks contains Herzog's American political adviser's analysis of a lost election and 'racist appeals you could never get away with in the U.S.'
Don’t Blame Netanyahu. Blame the Israeli Electorate An 'out-of-touch' rightist Israeli government further embedding the settlements and disdaining non-Orthodox Judaism? According to Pew, they faithfully reflect the will of the people.

PM denies he called Obama ‘existential danger’ to settlements, but confirms concerns TV report claims Netanyahu told Amona residents he fears actions US president may take in span between election and leaving office
Netanyahu: If Israel Doesn't Act Wisely Ahead of End of Obama's Term, We May Endanger Entire Settlement Enterprise Prime minister tells residents of the West Bank settlement of Ofra and the outpost of Amona that they must avoid 'unwise conduct' in the particularly sensitive time between the U.S. election and the inauguration of the next president.
Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t forsake us at the UN
Netanyahu to Kerry: I Expect U.S. Won't Advance UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Before Obama Leaves Office U.S. secretary of state told the prime minister that at this stage the U.S. administration has not made a decision on possible steps in the Security Council, Haaretz has learned.
U.S., Egypt Warn Palestinians Not to Push Security Council on Settlements Before U.S. Elections Senior official says Palestinians will present UN Security Council resolution on West Bank settlements following elections, after U.S. vows to veto any move prior to November 8.
Colonisation israélienne: les Palestiniens appellent l'Onu à agir

Israeli contractor caught defrauding US foreign military aid program

Israel Has Overcome Every Threat, Except the One From Within After defeating the anti-Semites, the Nazis, the Arabs and the Palestinians — we are losing to the Israelis.

U.S. Tells UN Security Council: Israeli Activities in West Bank Creating One-state Reality Security Council holds special session on Israeli settlements as 'obstacle to peace'; Russia: Without two-state solution, threat to Israel will grow; Israeli official: Claims recycle Palestinian demand that Palestine be free of Jews.

Deputy #Jerusalem mayor evokes Nazi imagery: Calls #Palestinians "animals," wants collective punishment of E. J'lem


Netanyahu Slams Human Rights NGO B'Tselem for Joining 'Chorus of Slander' Against Israel After human rights NGO participated in informal UN Security Council session, prime minister says he will move to prevent B'Tselem from its allotment of national service volunteers, though the group is only allotted one anyway and the slot is currently unmanned.
Labor party activist files treason complaint against B’Tselem After contentious UN presentation, attorney alleges human rights NGO trying to damage sovereignty of state, give away land and cause a war
U.S. Defends Israeli Anti-occupation Group, Says 'Freedom of Expression' Must Be Protected State Department criticizes Netanyahu's attack on B'Tselem and Americans for Peace Now for participating in UN Security Council session on settlements.
EU backs B’Tselem over UN appearance on settlements While left-wing group faces accusations of treason in Israel, the EU echoes the US in tweeting its support
L’UE soutient B’Tselem après son discours à l’ONU sur les implantations Tandis que le groupement d’extrême-gauche affronte des accusations de trahison en Israël, l’UE suit les Etats-Unis en tweetant son soutien
Les Etats-Unis “préoccupés” par les attaques contre B’Tselem Le département d’Etat apprécie les informations de l’ONG sur la Cisjordanie et ajoute que la liberté d’expression devait être protégée
Les Affaires étrangères retirent leur soutien au Centre des droits de l’Homme de l’université Hébraïque pour ses relations avec des ONG La vice-ministre a déclaré que le Centre Minerva de l’université travaille avec des “organisations anti-Israël”, comme B’Tselem
Danon à l’ONU : arrêtez le financement destiné à B’Tselem Le directeur exécutif a vivement recommandé au Conseil de Sécurité de pousser Israël à cesser ‘l’occupation’ des Territoires palestiniens
Israel's Human Rights Defenders Won't Be Intimidated or Silenced - Even by Their Own Prime Minister Netanyahu's promise of vengeance against opponents of his pro-occupation policies is what we’d expect from a Putin, Erdogan or, yes, Trump-controlled government. It's not a standard we can accept for a democratic society.
Netanyahu Slams Human Rights NGO B'Tselem for Joining 'Chorus of Slander' Against Israel After human rights NGO participated in informal UN Security Council session, prime minister says he will move to prevent B'Tselem from its allotment of national service volunteers, though the group is only allotted one anyway and the slot is currently unmanned.
B'Tselem Head: Why I Spoke Against the Occupation at the UN There is no chance Israeli society, of its own volition and without any help, will end the nightmare. Too many mechanisms insulate the violence we conduct in order to control the Palestinians.
Danon slams UN for meddling in Israeli politics
US again expresses support for Israeli far-left NGOs The United States again expressed its support of Israeli far-left NGOs B'tselem and Peace Now at a special UN Security Council meeting called on behalf of the Palestinians; Ambassador Dannon calls on the UN to stop 'interfering with Israeli democracy.'

Israeli archaeologist denies Jewish ties to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Trump : "l'UNESCO essaye de détruire 3000 ans de liens avec Jérusalem"
Donald Trump: « encore une preuve de l'énorme parti-pris, anti-Israël, de l'ONU »
Trump: UNESCO decision more evidence of ‘enormous anti-Israel bias’ at UN GOP nominee says resolution a ‘one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond’ to Jerusalem, promises Israel will have ‘true, loyal friend in US’ under his administration
UNESCO: "Pas de lien entre le peuple Juif, Jérusalem et le Mont du Temple"
UNESCO Backs Motion Nullifying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount Due to Israeli efforts, no European country backed the motion, which describes the Temple Mount as holy to Muslims alone, without mentioning the site's significance to Jews.
UNESCO's Reminder to Israel: Jerusalem Is Occupied Territory Contrary to Israeli criticism, UNESCO's resolution on Temple Mount has nothing to do with staking religious claims, and even includes some wins for Israel. If Israel wants the world to recognize Judaism's link to Jerusalem, it must sit down and talk to the Palestinians.
Pour l’Unesco, seuls les musulmans ont un lien avec Jérusalem et le Mont du Temple
Une résolution votée par l’UNESCO décrit le mont du Temple comme un site musulman Dans une lettre avant le débat, 39 législateurs américains exhortent l’organisation à rejeter la résolution « hostile envers Israël »
UNESCO votes: No connection between Temple Mount and Judaism UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount The United Nations body passes resolution denying all connection between Jews, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount; Netanyahu: 'To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is like saying China has no connection to the Great Wall.'
UNESCO backs resolution ignoring Jewish link to Temple Mount UN body refers to holy site only by its Muslim names, condemns Israel for ‘aggressions’ against civilians in Jerusalem compound; Israeli officials call decision ‘anti-Semitic’
Full text of new UNESCO resolution on ‘Occupied Palestine’ Official text of UN cultural agency’s resolution slamming Israel, referring to Jerusalem holy sites by Muslim names only
UNESCO Director-General criticizes 'harmful' drive to erase Jewish ties to Temple Mount
UNESCO chief pans her member states on anti-Israel Jerusalem resolution After Israel cuts ties to UN cultural agency, Irina Bokova warns that ‘to deny, conceal or erase’ any faith’s traditions in holy city undermines body’s activities
Top UNESCO official tells Israeli TV he’s ‘sorry’ about Jerusalem resolution Michael Worbs hopes final vote on text that negates Jewish ties to city will be delayed, says recognition of Old City as Heritage Site for the 3 monotheistic faiths trumps ‘recent debate’
La directrice de l’UNESCO critique vivement les états-membres pour le vote sur Jérusalem Après qu’Israël ait rompu les liens avec l’agence culturelle de l’ONU, Irina Bokova affirme que « nier, abandonner ou effacer les traditions juives, chrétiennes ou musulmanes revient à saper les activités de l’organisation »
UNESCO Director Criticizes Resolution: Temple Mount Sacred to Both Jews, Muslims UN agency's director general says 'Al-Aqsa Mosque is also Temple Mount, whose Western Wall is the holiest place in Judaism.' Bennett instructs Israeli panel to suspend ties with UNESCO, a decision lacking practical implications.
UNESCO Resolution: A Fight Over the Ownership of Jerusalem Where does Israel get the audacity to demand eternal ownership? One can understand the longing that Jerusalem no longer change hands, but to demand ownership is historic rudeness, which the world sees as arrogance, even hubris.
US, Israel and Jewish groups condemn UNESCO vote denying Jewish holy sites
US Jews: UNESCO vote seeks to erase Jewish ties to Jerusalem American, Canadian groups accuse cultural body of historical revisionism for ‘nefarious’ resolution ignoring Judaism’s link to holy sites
Netanyahu : le vote de l’UNESCO reviendrait à renier que les pyramides sont égyptiennes Le Premier ministre a condamné le vote de l’UNESCO au sujet du mont du Temple, qualifiant cette décision d’absurde
Netanyahu leads angry denunciations of ‘absurd’ UNESCO decision UN body’s motion ignoring Jewish link to Temple Mount draws scorn from across Israeli political spectrum, including charges of anti-Semitism
Netanyahu Slams UNESCO Resolution on Temple Mount: Like Denying Link Between PB and Jelly 'UNESCO haven't read the Bible,' prime minister says after resolution nullifying Jewish ties to Temple Mount, likens decision to saying China has no link to Great Wall.
L’UNESCO continue d’ignorer les liens entre le peuple juif et le mont du Temple L’instance onusienne désigne désormais le lieu sacré par les noms musulmans, et condamne Israël pour les « agressions » contre les populations civiles sur l’esplanade de Jérusalem
Meyer Habib: « la France s'abstient à l'UNESCO: encore une déception ! »
Projet de résolutions sur Jérusalem : Netanyahu critique l'Unesco Les politiciens israéliens fustigent la décision ‘antisémite’ de l’UNESCO L’UNESCO a voté une résolution qui réfute les liens juifs vis-à-vis du mont du Temple
L’envoyé d’Israël à l’UNESCO : Nous luttons contre la majorité des Etats arabes à l’ONU La faute à une majorité automatique dont bénéficient les pays arabes mais Carmel Shama Hacohen a ajouté que l’Etat juif connaît un certain succès dans ses efforts pour affaiblir cette majorité
Israël suspend sa coopération avec l'Unesco après un vote sur Jérusalem
Israël suspend toute coopération avec l'UNESCO
L'UNESCROC, maintenant aux mains de l'Islam, réécrit l'histoire Judéo-Chrétienne, avec la lâcheté de la France qui s'abstient. Jérusalem n'a plus de lien avec le Judaïsme ni le Christianisme
Palestinian FM rebukes UNESCO Chief
PA: Denial of Jewish history 'victory for Palestinian people' As UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount, Palestinians celebrate, say resolution comes at a time of 'increased Judaization of Jerusalem, and claim exclusive sovereignty over Christian, Muslim holy sites in the city.
PA: UNESCO vote is call for Israel to end ‘illegal, colonial’ acts Abbas aide says backing for resolution that ignores Jewish ties to Jerusalem’s holy sites sends ‘clear message’ to US over its support for Israel
Palestinians rebuke UNESCO chief for opposing Jerusalem resolution PA, Hamas accuse Irina Bokova of capitulating to Israeli pressure after she expresses disapproval of motion ignoring Jewish links to holy sites
Trump, Clinton campaigns slam UNESCO Jerusalem resolution
Israël rompt ses liens avec l’Unesco après un vote sur les lieux saints de Jérusalem
Outrageous as it may be, UNESCO’s Jerusalem vote has a silver lining An April resolution ignoring Jewish ties to the Temple Mount garnered a big majority. This time, Palestinians had a little less cause to celebrate
 VIDEO - Israël rompt ses liens avec l’Unesco après un vote sur les lieux saints de Jérusalem
Les révisionnistes de l'Unesco ont entériné assez rapidement la résolution controversée sur Jérusalem
UNESCO board formally approves resolution denying Jewish holy sites
At UN Security Council, human rights groups slam Israeli occupation, settlement expansion
UNESCO Was a Diplomatic Defeat for Netanyahu Israel may be accepted behind the scenes, in back-channel dealings, but when the lights go on, legitimacy belongs to the Palestinians.
L'Unesco adopte une résolution controversée sur la vieille ville de Jérusalem
Palestinian Envoy: UNESCO Vote Was About 'Occupation,' Not Temple Mount Elias Sanbar claims contentious resolution omitted any references to the Jewish holy site because the Geneva Conventions prohibit the use of an occupier's term.
UNESCO’s executive board adopts Jerusalem resolution Despite last-ditch Israeli efforts, motion ignoring Jewish and Christian historical ties to holy sites is ratified by cultural body
Israeli attempt to delay UNESCO motion ‘foiled by Arab nations’ Jerusalem reportedly tries to enlist friendly nations to postpone ratification of anti-Israel resolution, but is outmaneuvered
Israel’s antiquities chief compares UNESCO to Islamic State UN cultural body’s resolution on Jerusalem akin to jihadist group’s destruction of Palmyra, says Yisrael Hasson
A propos de la résolution de l'UNESCO sur Jérusalem (AFPS et UJFP)
UNESCO proved it doesn’t recognize Israel, says Dutch MEP
Jérusalem occupée : Israël condamné par l’UNESCO
Hamas calls UNESCO vote on Jerusalem ‘victory’ for Palestinians Terror group says resolution by UN body ‘demolishes Israeli fictions’ of Temple Mount and proves holy site is purely Islamic
Le “meilleur” d’Israël ne suffit pas à enrôler les Chrétiens contre la résolution de l’UNESCO Les diplomates ont demandé de l’aide au Vatican et aux groupes évangélistes, mais les habitudes de vote pro-palestiniennes l’emportent sur la véracité historique
Israel’s ‘best’ not good enough to enlist Christians against UNESCO resolution Diplomats asked Vatican and Evangelical groups for help, but pro-Palestinian voting habits evidently trump historical veracity

Israel Will Oppose Admission of Germany into Unesco; Delegate Says Nazism Still Lives

How Israel seeks to erase the region’s history

The Kabbalist Who Would Be King of a New Jewish Monarchy in Israel

VIDEO - Israeli Rabbis Advocate Killing Non-Jewish Children

Israël refuse le tranfert en Cisjordanie du corps de l'ex N.2 de l'OLP

Israel Did Do Ethnic Cleansing in 1948. My Father’s Words Prove It Historian Benny Morris is right when he mentions the ‘atmosphere of transfer’ that gripped Israel from April 1948, but he errs when he claims that this atmosphere was never translated into policy.

VIDEO - RABIN, THE LAST DAY (Amos Gitai, 2015, ENG SUB) Le rôle de Netanyahou dans cet assassinat est indéniable, du moins en ce qui concerne la propagande haineuse juive sioniste ultra ayant conduit l'extrémiste juif à commettre l'assassinat.

Venezuela accuses Israel of war crimes against Palestinians at UNSC

Le “dégoût” d’Israël entraîne la hausse de l’antisémitisme britannique, selon une baronne L’ancien parti des Libéraux démocrates de Jenny Tonge se distancie de ses remarques
UK’s Jewish leader on Labour anti-Semitism: Jeremy Corbyn is incapable of shifting his irrational prejudices Board of Deputies head Jonathan Arkush explains the far-left’s problem with Jews, reveals his outreach visits to mosques, says a royal visit to Israel may be imminent, and argues that, overall, things are pretty bright for British Jews
UK parliamentary report slams Labour's 'failure' to deal with anti-Semitism
Israel Ban London University Professor Due To ‘Palestinian Sympathy’
British Parliamentary Committee Report on Anti-Semitism directed against Jeremy Corby, Seeks to Silence Pro-Palestinian Voices
GB: le Labour ne fait pas assez pour lutter contre l'antisémitisme (rapport)

Australian Greens leader slammed for ‘unprecedented’ critique of Shimon Peres

American Israelis casting their ballots for Trump
Donald Trump is a creation of Roy Cohn and the Jewish mob  
Trump mentor Roy Cohn tied to Clay Shaw, George W Bush and to starting Ronald Reagan in politics. He also gave Israel the bomb.
Trump’s Deep Dive Into Fascist, anti-Semitic Conspiracy Thinking Trump’s speech last week crossed new lines, closely mirroring the apocalyptic language of infamous anti-Semites of the late 19th and 20th centuries, all to fire up his white nationalist, anti-Semitic base. His claims the election is being ‘stolen’ and ‘rigged’ come from the same tradition.
The Trump-fueled 'Safe Spaces' for anti-Semitism Few American Jews Ever See Most urban American Jews don't see the anti-Semitic white nationalism that's brewing in small, conservative, predominantly white towns across the U.S. But if Trump loses, the ground's already prepared to blame the Jews.
Trump Has Made Me Suspect All My Neighbors of Racism As I desperately search my neighbors' lawns and bumpers for signs of their political affiliation, I wonder: Is this the role of democratic elections? To instill fear, division and hatred in the hearts of the masses?
Thanks to Trump, We Can Better Understand How Hitler Was Possible America isn't Nazi Germany and Trump isn't the Führer. But today it is easier to grasp how millions of people accepted the outrageous lies and dangerous delusions offered by the tyrant.
Neocon Jamie Kirchick Makes Friendly Appearance on White Nationalist Radio Show Broadcasting Inside the RNC Liberty Roundtable and its racist sister show have previously hosted David Duke and Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump endorsed by Sheldon Adelson-owned newspaper Las Vegas Review-Journal first major newspaper to back embattled GOP nominee
In time for choosing, Jewish GOP donors resolve to sit out White House race
Adelson ‘really upset with Trump,’ said to regret candidate’s attacks on Ryan
Frustrated with Trump, Sheldon Adelson said to focus on Senate

Poisson est avant tout un droitard néocon qui considère que l'islam en France est un problème... il a rejoint les néocons Philippe de Villiers et Robert Ménard (CIA), qui sont étrangement jamais sérieusement critiqués par la dite "dissidonce fronçaise" dont le niveau d'analyse est d'une profondeur abyssale.
Poisson : Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin Maurice !
Poisson demande pardon à la communauté juive de France après ses propos sur les «lobbies sionistes»
Jean-François Poisson s'excuse: Amis d'Israël soyez rassurés, il n'est pas anti-sioniste mais pro-palestinien'
Jean-Frédéric Poisson, l'antisémitisme très ordinaire Un candidat des primaires de la droite : « La soumission d’Hillary Clinton aux lobbies sionistes et à Wall Street est dangereuse pour l’Europe et la France »
Ménard, Poisson et Villiers réunis pour un meeting commun en décembre
Les « Lobbies sionistes » de Jean-Frédéric Poisson
VIDEO - Invité politique du Jeudi Jean-Frédéric Poisson sur RCJ
Propos sur les "lobbies sionistes" : les regrets de Jean-Frédéric Poisson Le candidat à la primaire de la doite Jean-Frédéric Poisson a dit vendredi "regretter infiniment que (ses) mots" sur les "lobbies sionistes" aux Etats-Unis "aient pu être interprétés comme de la haine à l'égard du peuple juif ou de l'Etat d'Israël".
NON, Monsieur Poisson, l’AIPAC n’existe pas !
« LOBBY SIONISTE » : L'EXPRESSION « DÉRANGE » LE NUMÉRO 2 DU FN. Poisson «injurié» par les accusations d'antisémitisme, NKM saisit la Haute Autorité de la primaire
Poisson s'excuse: Amis d'Israël soyez rassurés, il n'est pas anti-sioniste mais pro-palestinien' Hillary et les lobbies : M. Poisson, taisez-vous !

Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label (New editor of The Atlantic Jeff Goldberg: his role in the Iraq quagmire has been wiped off from his resume.)

Israel's Conspiracy of Silence Over Its Use of Drones Military censorship is preventing a debate on the weapon accounting for 70 percent of the air force’s flight hours.
Israel Refuses to Sign U.S. Document Regulating Attack Drones Israel's defense industry fears U.S. document could threaten Israel's drone exports; some 40 nations sign document meant to regulate armed drone sales and usage among U.S. allies.

Yes, Israelis, We Must Air Our Dirty Laundry in Public A government that can't or won't move a few shacks out of an illegal West Bank outpost will not reach an agreement with the Palestinians unless powerful pressure is placed on it, including harsh sanctions.

‘Our present to Obama has to be new settlements’
Settlers Build New Illegal Outpost on Private Palestinian Land - With Israeli Authorities' Knowledge Israeli army says stop-work orders have been issued and further enforcement efforts will be taken in Jordan Valley, but Haaretz saw work continuing on Thursday.

Sexual torture of Palestinians by Israeli authorities

IDF soldiers filmed beating terror suspect Soldiers arrived at the home of a terror suspect who planned to carry out explosive terror attack; suspect allegedly resisted arrest and punched their commander in the face; footage shows suspect being kicked and punched on the floor; IDF argues the video omits crucial moments preceding the incident.

L’arbitraire et le racisme à l’œuvre à l’aéroport de Tel-Aviv

New Ad Campaign In College Papers Calls Out Israeli Leaders’ Bigotry Against Palestinians

Des Palestiniens tués sur simple soupçon, admet l'armée israélienne

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian family in West Bank

Israeli Settler Attacks School Children and Orders Soldier to Assist Her

In Israeli prisons, Palestinians who say they've been tortured are denied doctor visits Israeli human rights group finds prisoners waiting years for medical exams to verify claims of mistreatment.

Suddenly, comparing Jewish state to ISIS is OK

Palestinians furious at Lieberman interview in leading Arab paper The popular Palestinian newspaper al-Quds interviewed Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman for a story to be published on Monday; Palestinians: 'It's an embarrassment that we are hosting the murderer and war minister of the occupation.'
Liberman to Palestinian media: The next Gaza war will be the last
Liberman : La prochaine guerre de Gaza sera « la dernière » pour le Hamas « Le moment est venu pour la population gazaouie de dire à leurs dirigeants : ‘cessez vos politiques insensées’ « , a déclaré le ministre de la Défense
Liberman to Palestinian paper: Israel would ‘completely destroy’ Hamas in next war Defense minister says Hamas has spent over $500 million on arms; insists Israel doesn’t seek another war, would rebuild Strip once rockets, tunnels cease

VIDEO - What refugees endure in Israel

Settlers Build New Illegal Outpost on Private Palestinian Land - With Israeli Authorities' Knowledge Israeli army says stop-work orders have been issued and further enforcement efforts will be taken in Jordan Valley, but Haaretz saw work continuing on Thursday.

Amos Gitaï : “Le seul homme politique qui pose une alternative à Netanyahou est un homme mort : c'est Yitzhak Rabin”

Netanyahu's critics have discovered the ‘villa in the jungle’ Op-ed: US liberal public opinion leaders, especially the Jews among them, are undergoing a deep revision. In closed conversations, many are voicing an agreement with the official Israeli approach that ‘there is no one to talk to’ on the other side.

Israel's Left-wing Groups Should Close Shop These organizations are not really bringing peace or an end to the occupation any closer. Let’s see what Israel looks like without B’Tselem and Peace Now and Breaking the Silence.
Thank You, B'Tselem, for Exposing the Skeletons in Israel's Closet If not even the opposition is willing to air Israel's dirty laundry, we may all choke on the stench.
We Are All B'Tselem Head Hagai El-Ad 'The occupation must end' — that’s the flag that must unite Israel's opposition. Those who don’t wave it are helping make the status quo in the territories permanent.

Israël: appel à révoquer la citoyenneté du chef d'une ONG opposé à la colonisation
Cancel Citizenship? Yet Another Nail in the Coffin of Israel’s Beleaguered Democracy Once again, the Israeli government is putting the left on the defensive by questioning the legitimacy of a citizen’s right to speak out against the occupation. That’s been Netanyahu’s strategy all along.
Netanyahu's Coalition Whip to Push Bill Barring Calls for Sanctions Against Israel in Int'l Forums Likud lawmaker David Bitan's latest initiative comes a day after he threatened to strip B'Tselem's director of his citizenship for speaking about the occupation at the UN Security Council.

Israël: une loi interdisant l'appel à des sanctions contre l'Etat hébreu?

Facebook censurerait des comptes palestiniens sur demande des autorités israéliennes

Boycotting “the occupation” is not enough
The New York Review of Books Published a pro-BDS Letter

German teachers union apologizes for Israel boycott activity
Le conseil municipal d’Ivry-sur-Seine vote pour le boycott des produits israhelliens
Un boycott légitime (Armelle Laborie et Eyal Sivan)

Israeli embassy says antisemitic German teacher incites hate

Arkush sur l’antisémitisme du Labour : Corbyn est incapable de faire évoluer ses préjugés irrationnels Le chef de la communauté juive britannique explique le problème entretenu par l’extrême-gauche avec les Juifs, révèle ses visites de proximité dans les mosquées...

Selon une étude, les universités de New-York et de Californie sont des ‘points chauds’ de l’activité anti-israélienne et antisémite sur les campus L’étude réalisée par Brandeis sur 50 campus américains révèle que l’un des plus forts indices de climat hostile envers les Juifs et Israël est le groupe actif « Students for Justice in Palestine »
NY, California universities among ‘hotspots’ of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activity Brandeis survey of 50 US campuses finds one of the strongest predictors of hostile climate toward Jews and Israel is an active Students for Justice in Palestine group

La résolution de l’UNESCO sur Jérusalem: La vérité cachée
Irina Bokova : « Je vais combattre l’antisémitisme et le révisionnisme anti-israélien au sein de l’UNESCO »
ZION’S LATEST WAR WITH THE WORLD Israel is clashing with a United Nations body tasked with honoring heritage sites after it passed a draft resolution harshly critical of Israel as the “occupying power” over Jerusalem, and both US presidential campaigns joined in rejection.
Italian Premier Calls UNESCO Jerusalem Vote ‘Shocking’ — So Why Did It Abstain?
Another UNESCO panel to vote on text erasing Jewish ties to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Agency’s World Heritage Committee set on Wednesday to approve resolution that makes no mention of Jewish or Christian links to holy city
Why doesn't Netanyahu use his ties with Putin to stop anti-Israel UN bids?
Des élus américains appellent l’UNESCO à rejeter un texte niant les liens des Juifs au mont du Temple Sénateurs et représentants appellent le Comité du patrimoine mondial à voter contre “une autre tentative de réécrire l’histoire”
Goldnadel: «Quand l'Unesco détruit la culture»
Analysis: Israel likely to lose big in Wednesday’s UNESCO vote
Netanyahou ne digère pas la décision de l’UNESCO. Il annonce ses "représailles".
Résolution sur Jérusalem: Israël rappelle son ambassadeur à l'Unesco (Netanyahu)

Islam Has Never Denied the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem On the contrary, anywhere you look in early Islamic literature, if it discusses the city at all you’ll find its Jewish connection.

Is Jewish Oligarch the Cyber Link Between Donald Trump and Russia?
Sanders snobe l’AIPAC, Trump est un outil des Rothschild Dans un article de l’American Free Press, Michael Collins Piper discute de la lourde influence Rothschild / Rockefeller parmi les candidats du parti républicain, y compris Ted Cruz et Donald Trump. Piper note que Trump qui a acquis une participation de 93% dans Resorts International – est de longue date un outil de la CIA et de la mafia de blanchisserie des drogues lancé par le protégé du lieutenant des Rothschild Meyer Lansky, Robert Vesco. Piper écrit: “Resorts International a été créé et contrôlé par les hommes en pleine lumière pour les familles Rockefeller et Rothschild et leurs « exécuteurs » dans la Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) et son agence de renseignement allié, le Mossad israélien. Ce qui a fait que le rapport soit si explosif était que ce journal a souligné que les casinos truquées illégalement étaient exploités avec la complicité des politiciens “respectables”, responsables de l’application de la loi, les financiers de Wall Street qui donnaient des prêts pour financer les stations de jeu, et le haut profil des exploitants de stations de jeu elles-mêmes. . . . L’une de ces stations de casino gérées par la foule à travers une variété d’hommes ont été effectivement engagés dans un partenariat de facto avec derrière les coulisses des truands qui ont aidé la CIA et le Mossad dans le blanchiment massif des profits de la drogue et de jeu qui ont été canalisés vers des opérations secrètes des deux agences de renseignement alliés. En retour, la CIA et le Mossad, en utilisant leur propre influence, ont fourni une « protection » pour les opérations de jeu fixes illégalement, ce qui empêche les autorités d’application de la loi de sévir contre cette corruption “.
What Trumpiness and Occupation Denial Have in Common The even-less-grounded cousin of truthiness is infecting U.S. political discourse. In Israel, where Israeli politicians and citizens avoid the term 'occupation' like the plague, it's about to mark its fiftieth year.
Trump is reaching into Netanyahu’s election playbook From race baiting to fear mongering to warning of liberal media conspiracies against him, the Republican presidential candidate is doing exactly what Netanyahu did to get re-elected. But the Israeli prime minister had something Trump doesn’t. “In Israel that fear…most Jews do not consider racist…In the US…such fears are…only expressed…by white supremacists”
VIDEO - To summarize - the Trump campaign event in TelAviv to be held this week is being organized by this woman, May Golan
Most Republicans won’t fuck with the KKK but in Israel the ruling Likud party taps KKKahanists to agitate on the ground for ethnic cleansing Just as Trump’s base of supporters in the USA is the KKK, his base of supporters in Israel is the followers of Meir KKKahane, like May Golan. (David Sheen)
Trump TelAviv event organizer and agitator for ethnic cleansing May Golan profiled here: Israel’s #7 racist ringleader: RACIST RINGLEADERS 2013
No shock May Golan supports Trump though he boasts of rape; she regularly calls for anti-racist Israelis to be raped!
May Golan libels non-Jewish migrants as rapists… but champions proud rapist Trump, because he vows to expel migrants
David Sheen on David Duke: Anti-racists point to racism in their own countries and argue for ending it. Racists point to racism in other countries and call for copying it.
VIDEO - Do refugees really want to rape and murder the woman agitating to ethnically cleanse them – May Golan? I asked them: Murder in their Eyes

VIDEO - Jewish Billionnaire is Fine with Trump's Anti-Semitism (retitled: Guess Which Religion Trump Is Coming After Now?)
Ku Klux Klan Newspaper Joins Sheldon Adelson in Endorsing Donald Trump
Last minute, Adelson flushes Trump campaign with cash
Adelson boosts Trump with $25 million to defeat Clinton After FBI letter, casino magnate apparently hopeful GOP nominee can win White House, may donate more in campaign’s final days
Adelson boosts Trump with $25 million to defeat Clinton Pourtant Adelson se disait désespéré face à Trump et pensait plutôt à concentrer ses énergies sur le Sénat
Sheldon Adelson, proche ami de Netanyahu, offre 25M$ à Trump !

Election 2016: The top Jewish moments of a delirious campaign The presidential race has made Jewish history, for reasons both good and bad
Ça fait longtemps que les juifs essaient de se propulser tout le temps à l'avant-scène, mais maintenant qu'ils y sont ils constatent que c'est à double tranchant... Ça rappelle à certain une certaine République enjuivée de Weimar qui a conduit à la montée d'Hitler et des nazis.

[WSJ SUBSCRIBERS ONLY] Obama’s Israel Surprise? Fears grow of a final days presidential ambush at the U.N.
VIDEO - Mark Levin: Obama's Israel Surprise? Fears grow of a final days presidential ambush at the U.N.
Qu'est-ce qu'Obama planifie pour Israël au cours de ses derniers mois à la présidence ?
Obama, don’t destroy the peace process by turning it over to the UN. By Alan Dershowitz

As an Israeli Jew, this is why I supported Trump Op-ed: Thanks to Donald Trump, Israel can now dream of unconditional support and friendship from America, without any pressure.
I Was in Denial — But My Fellow Russian Jews Knew Donald Trump Would Win
Stop Panicking and Start Inviting Donald Trump Supporters to Your Next Shabbat Dinner
Israelis Vote, Rabbis Predict Trump Victory
Judaism’s greatest mystical text ‘predicts Trump victory,’ Israel GOP head reveals Citing an unnamed ultra-Orthodox expert on the seminal ‘Zohar’ work, Marc Zell says Trump campaign staffers in US were ‘amazed’ at the news
Trump adviser: New president won’t force Israeli-Palestinian peace Next US administration will seek warm ties with Israelis and will only prioritize conflict if they want it, says Jason Dov Greenblatt.
Le Hamas s'attend au même parti pris anti-palestinien des Etats-Unis avec Trump (porte-parole)
Avec Trump, l'idée d'un Etat palestinien est révolue (ministre israélien)
Trump’s Win Will Boost Israel’s Right-wing Populists If Israel's most important ally needn’t heed rational thought and minority rights, why should Benjamin Netanyahu?
Israeli Right hails Trump: 'The era of a Palestinian state is over'
Donald Trump's Lesson for Netanyahu: Make It Personal and Exaggerate Politics is first and foremost the art of story-telling and image, and those who would replace Netanyahu need to be more radical and more thuggish than Netanyahu himself.
Impossible to Second-guess Trump on Israel, Russia and Iran Netanyahu already has to tread carefully around Russian President Putin; now he'll have to do likewise with outlier Trump.
Netanyahu félicite Trump, « véritable ami de l’Etat d’Israël » Le Premier ministre israélien évoque le lien « inaltérable » entre les Etats-Unis et Israël
Trump : Obama a été un désastre pour Israël Pour le candidat républicain, l’accord iranien ouvre la voie à une arme nucléaire pour Téhéran
Trump : "Obama est la pire chose qui soit arrivée à Israël"
Trump: Obama ‘worst thing that ever happened to Israel’ Republican presidential candidate says Iran deal paved a path for Tehran to get a nuclear bomb
Trump: Obama Was 'Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Israel' In the final hours on the campaign trail, the Republican nominee attacks the outgoing president.
The collapsing political triangle linking Adelson, Netanyahu and Trump Netanyahu is beginning to understand that, after supporting Trump, Adelson has become more of a liability to Israel than an asset. 
Adelson a donné 25 millions de dollars pour vaincre Clinton
Adelson soutient Trump avec un don de 25 millions de dollars pour la mise en déroute de Clinton (Times of Israel)
In Last-Minute Endorsements, Donald Trump Receives Blessings from 3 Jewish Papers
It seems that the Rothschilds have been supporting Donald Trump for over 30 years
Trump Zionist Plot
Exposing The NWO Elite Behind Donald Trump Who Towers Behind Trump? Trump with his mentor, Roy Cohn Trump with his mentor, Roy Cohn
Trump controlled by Mossad
Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part II
VIDEO - Trump's Mob Ties Exposed
VIDEO - Donald J Trump learned his aggressive legal style from 'the king of intimidation,' Roy Cohn
VIDEO - Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "Subversion and the Law" Taped on Sept 20, 1976. Guest(s): W. Mark Felt, Roy M. Cohn (Voyez les liens entre la droite conservatrice de Buckley et le juif de droite et mentor de Trump: Roy Cohn)
VIDEO - What Donald Trump learned from Roy Cohn
VIDEO - Donald Trump Truths: Roy Cohn
VIDEO - What Donald Trump Learned From Roy Cohn... (w/Guest: Jamie Weinstein)

De Niro et Schwarzenegger lèvent 38 millions de dollars pour Tsahal... et s'engueulent

Netanyahu claims a US-led conspiracy to boot him from office
White House Is Trying to Topple Me, Netanyahu Said on Israeli Election Day Senior reporter who spoke to premier that day says Netanyahu blamed global conspiracy to oust him using U.S. 'super-software that locates voters' Sources close to Netanyahu respond: 'We hope that the fact that Haaretz owners, who disseminated Nazi propaganda, have nothing to do with this spirit.'

Netanyahou : "nous avons déjoué la tentative palestinienne de rejoindre Interpol"
Netanyahu: Israel thwarts Palestinian bid to join Interpol

Un ministre affirme que Netanyahu a trop usé de l’accusation de “gauchiste” L’opposition défend le média indépendant après la tirade du Premier ministre contre la journaliste qui a enquêté sur le fonctionnement de son bureau
Journalists pile on PM for calling top reporter ‘left-wing extremist’ Netanyahu accused of intimidation after slamming Ilana Dayan for TV exposé on his inner circle, wife Sara’s influence

Another journalist enters Netanyahu’s blacklist Op-ed: Ilana Dayan joins a long list of media personalities who have dared to do their job and reveal what is going on in the Prime Minister’s Office, immediately making herself an enemy of Israel.
Netanyahu’s Mouthpiece Spews McCarthyism Labeling people according to their political opinions and making these opinions a condition of their employment is behavior we thought had been relegated to the dustbin of history in Israel.
Netanyahu Is Leading to the Next Political Assassination The only lesson Netanyahu learned from Rabin's murder is that its lessons can be consigned to oblivion if one lies long enough.
Netanyahu appelle les Etats-Unis à ne pas soutenir les Palestiniens à l’ONU Le Premier ministre attend que le soutien américain à Israël continue, “peu importe qui gagne” l’élection de mardi

Netanyahu's Deputy Causes Diplomatic Snafu With Italy by Blaming Earthquake on UNESCO Israel apologizes for incident hours before the Italian President Sergio Mattarella is due to arrive in Jerusalem for an official visit.
VIDEO - Questions au Gouvernement Meyer HABIB abstention de la France UNESCO On voit que le pouvoir du lobby est pas total car il y a du mécontentement dans la salle
France: l'église évangéliste dénonce le vote négationniste de l'UNESCO sur Jérusalem !
Manœuvre mensongère d’Israël après le vote de l’UNESCO sur Jérusalem
Les Palestiniens pourraient tenter de revendiquer les rouleaux de la mer Morte Les Palestiniens auraient abordé le sujet à l’UNESCO ; Israël fustige ces efforts, une nouvelle tentative de nier le lien du judaïsme à la terre

3 Palestinian Teens Sentenced To Over 10 Years In Prison

Israel: Settlers' takeover of security posts 'alarming' The settler movement's capture of top posts in security establishment reflects the wider trends in Israeli society.
Palestinian olive harvesters said attacked by settlers Residents of Talmon settlement reportedly injure 3 farmers, 1 seriously, from neighboring West Bank village of Janieh

Yes, Israeli Mother, Your Son Is Abetting a Crime in the West Bank Seizing a tractor from a Palestinian farming family is wrong, especially when the goal is to rid them from the area.

Israeli Settlement Ariel Expands Onto Suspected Private Palestinian Land Sixteen buildings have gone up recently in an area not defined as state land. The Israeli Civil Administration says it is examining the issue.
How Israel Is Gradually Privatising Its Occupation of Palestine

Some of the most RW politicians try to ethnically cleanse Israel, but don’t want to arm those trying to do it abroad
Black Israeli youth treated violently by their teachers more than 2x as often as other Israeli youth

VIDEO - At Tel Aviv street parade / protest against non-Jewish Africans, Israeli youth and old man chant: "[N-word], go home!"

Violence, abuse by Israel supporters caught on video at London college (at least one previously harassed Max Blumenthal)

Jérusalem : échauffourées entre juifs orthodoxes et libéraux devant le Mur des Lamentations (VIDEO)

Israeli military tapped a rabbi for a top role despite his having publicly condoned the use of rape as war tactic.
Since When Are Transfer and Rape a Heritage’ in Israel? Rehavam Ze'evi is remembered as an inciter against Rabin, friend of criminals, serial rapist and murderer of innocent Arabs.
"I’ve Found Out the Hard Way — Plenty of Sexual Predators Are ‘Nice’ Jewish Boys"
Israel Funds Group That 'Saves Jewish Girls' From Marrying Arabs The Social Services Ministry doubled its funding since 2012 for a shelter for young Jewish women 'rescued' from Arab villages. 'We have been cooperating with a racist group for a decade,' a source in the ministry says.
Germany no longer opposes rassenschande: Merkel ♥️’s Jewish-Palestinian romance novel struck from Israeli curriculum

Israeli bill would strip EU diplomats of immunity for building Palestinian shelters in West Bank

Israël persiste dans son rejet de l'initiative française

Des députés proposent d’interdire aux militants BDS d’entrer en Israël Le projet de loi cherche à éloigner les individus et associations qui soutiennent le mouvement de boycott.
Bill banning boycotters from Israel moves forward
No Citizenship, No Loyalty: How to Defeat Lieberman Why not reverse the equation, and instead of peace and equality bringing full citizenship, have citizenship serve as the jump-off point for equality and peace?

B’Tselem Was Right to Turn to the UN Throughout all its years of existence, the human rights NGO has tried to create a dialogue with Israeli society and the Israeli media, but has suffered from jaded reactions, alienation and incitement.
EU recognizes right to boycott Israel
Punish German BDS teachers, say US and Israeli labor-union leaders
Essayer de réduire au silence les critiques contre Israël ne fait qu’animer le débat sur le sionisme (Ben White)
A modern blood libel Op-ed: BDS is focused on national character assassination that is aimed to lay the groundwork for the annihilation of Israel. It is time that the marketplace of ideas forthrightly reject such discriminatory, racist and despicable ideas.
BDS France recadre Martine Gozlan
Le gouverneur de Pennsylvanie signe une loi anti-BDS La décision fait de l’état américain le 14e dont la loi cible les marchés publics des entités qui boycottent Israël

« Mort à l’Amérique, mort à Israël ! » à la COP22 au Maroc où un drapeau israélien a été brûlé « Le Maroc, et c’est connu, est le premier défenseur de la cause palestinienne, » a déclaré le chef de la diplomatie marocaine
Hundreds protest, burn Israeli flag at UN climate talks Over 200 demonstrate in Morocco against ‘symbolically recognizing’ Jewish state, chant ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’
Roger Waters calls on Chemical Brothers to cancel show in Israel Former Pink Floyd man joins campaign alongside Caryl Churchill and Maxine Peake seeking a cultural boycott to promote better treatment of Palestinians
"Roger Waters' Opinions Are Costing Him Millions" The headline of this story is false, but the allegation that @AskAmex caved to pro-Israel pressure is disturbing
Roger Waters Urges Chemical Brothers to Cancel Show in Tel Aviv 'Hipster Bubble' Former Pink Floyd bassist signs an open letter telling the electronic duo to not be fooled by Tel Aviv's cool vibe while a different petition accuses artists who perform in Israel of whitewashing apartheid.

Zionist Union Takes Over Rabin Memorial Rally, but at Odds Over Message Herzog and Livni pushing for apolitical approach, but some MKs want it to attack government over what they say is assault on democracy.

Real Leftists Won’t Go to the Ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin The Labor Party is putting together the event, but that party is in cahoots with Benjamin Netanyahu and the right-wing parties that don’t care about the occupation.
21 years since Rabin's murder: 'We haven't learned anything from my father's assassination'
Des dizaines de milliers d'Israéliens à un rassemblement annuel pour la paix

Cet homme a – littéralement – écrit le livre sur l’antisémitisme du Labour Les lecteurs de l’étude écrite par Dave Rich sur ce tournant imprévisible pris par la gauche sur quatre décennies sont largement présents dans l’auditoire des meetings de campagne du parti dans tout le pays

Israel’s US envoy to be honored by think tank accused of Islamophobia Ron Dermer criticized by civil rights group for agreeing to receive award from Center for Security Policy.

« Israël empêche le développement de la Palestine en y entrainant la pauvreté et le chômage » (ONU)
The changing anti-Israel UN voting patterns
US calls for end to anti-Israel bias as it regains UN Human Rights Council seat
UNHRC official: ‘Israel’s status at UN depends on ending the occupation’
‘'Our answer to a UNSC resolution must be annexation of settlements”

Arab lawmakers respond to speech boycotts by walking out on Netanyahu address

Netanyahu to Diaspora Jews: Stop airing grievances about religion in Israel

Does Netanyahu Really Want to Alienate non-Orthodox Jews From Israel? There is something downright ugly about Netanyahu telling Reform and Conservative Jews: You'll fight for me when the next crisis arises. But don't expect me to fight for you.

Netanyahu: En Israël, "aucun gouvernement ne soutient davantage les colonies"

Israel aiming to block Palestinians from joining Interpol

13 wedding revelers indicted for celebrating killing of Palestinian baby 8 adults, 5 minors charged with incitement to terror for dancing with and stabbing photos of slain Dawabsha family

Israel Imposes ‘Two Hour Per Week’ Water Supply Limit On Palestinians. Is it a Crime against Humanity?

Curt Schilling Equates Black Lives Matter With Nazis and The KKK

Editor of Adelson-owned newspaper (and convicted terrorist): Israeli human rights group head criticizing Israel at UN’s “a declaration of war”

Le responsable de B’Tselem : Pourquoi je me suis exprimé à l’ONU contre l’occupation
After Israeli gov’t whip called to revoke his citizenship, the head of Israeli human rights group @btselem must be executed, say citizens 1) At UN, Israeli HR group condemns Israeli HR violations 2) Netanyahu incites against the group 3) Israelis respond with calls to kill them (David Sheen) UN rapporteur: I’ll probe treatment of human rights groups in Israel Michael Lynk says Israel’s threatening response to criticism by B’Tselem is unacceptable; Israeli envoy says he represents a biased, discredited organization
B’Tselem chief: I am not anti-Israel, I am anti-occupation Hagai El-Ad denies his NGO harms the state, says recent appeal for UN intervention was driven by love of country

Breaking the Silence to receive alternative award from BGU faculty
Soros group supports Breaking the Silence in not disclosing sources

L’UE déclare que le boycott d’Israël est protégé par la liberté d’expression Les Palestiniens saluent la déclaration de Federica Mogherini, qui a cependant souligné que l’UE “rejette les tentatives du BDS pour isoler Israël”
EU declares Israel boycott protected as free speech Palestinians hail Federica Mogherini’s statement, but she stresses that the union ‘rejects the BDS campaign’s attempts to isolate Israel’

Attention, BHL pense : le mouvement BDS est “organisé par d’anciens nazis” (Julien Salingue)
BHL se déchaîne contre BDS: « un mouvement fasciste », « organisé à partir d'anciens nazis »
BHL : le mouvement BDS est “organisé par d’anciens nazis” Pour mémoire : 1) Le mouvement BDS est “né” d’un appel signé par plus de 170 organisations de la société civile palestinienne le 9 juillet 2005, un an après l’avis de la Cour internationale de justice exigeant d’Israël qu’il détruise le mur construit en Cisjordanie. Soit 60 ans après la chute du nazisme. 2) La liste des membres de l’instance dirigeante de BDS, le Boycott National Committee (BNC), est publique, et il ne figure en son sein aucun “ancien nazi”. 3) “Au moment du fascisme”, l’État d’Israël n’existait pas, et il aurait donc été malaisé d’appeler à le boycotter. 4) Le mouvement BDS n’a jamais tué personne. Contrairement au fascisme. Et à l’État d’Israël. Il est de notoriété publique que BHL est un énergumène malfaisant, et d’aucuns pensent que relever ses outrances est une perte de temps. Mais BHL continue d’être un invité récurrent des plateaux de télévision et des antennes de radio, où l’on s’acharne à le présenter comme un “intellectuel”, un “philosophe”, un “penseur”.
Ayelet Shaked claims BDS wants to ‘wipe the Jewish nation off the face of the Earth’
German mayor rejects BDS activity of ‘antisemitic’ teacher
BDS resolution passes at Portland State University
Justice minister warns BDS activists against testing Israel's self-defense
Legislators, pro-Israel orgs fight pro-BDS conference on Virginia campus
Groups hope new university policy will stymie BDS
Les universités canadiennes réfrènent les activités du BDS sur le campus Une association de 97 écoles a ajouté le critère « lieu d’origine » à sa liste des critères discriminatoires
Canadian umbrella group targets BDS activities on college campuses
La Haute représentante de l’UE, Fédérica Mogherini, affirme le droit au BDS
BDS resolution passes at Portland State University
Malgré la répression, BDS marque des points en France
Les étudiants de l’université de Portland votent une résolution pro-BDS Le texte appelant au désinvestissement des entreprises qui travaillent avec l’armée israélienne n’aura aucun effet pratique sur les finances de l’université, affirme son président

Quebec Green leader: Elizabeth May is wrong on BDS Head of provincial party calls for Greens to move left. Opinion by Alex Tyrrell August 23, 2016
Des groupes dénoncent l'appui du Parti vert à la campagne «BDS» contre Israël
Quebec Greens endorse BDS movement
Le Parti Vert du Québec appuie la campagne internationale de Boycott, Désinvestissement et Sanctions (BDS) de l'occupation par Israël

Lutte contre la haine d’Israël : American Express retire son sponsoring (4M de dollars) à l’antijuif Roger Waters
Roger Waters aurait perdu 4 M $ en raison de son activisme anti-israélien American Express annule son parrainage pour la tournée prochaine de la rock-star en raison de ses déclarations controversées sur l’Etat juif, rapporte le NY Post
'American Express cuts funding for Roger Waters tour after anti-Israel statements'
Money, get away: Roger Waters dropped by sponsors over anti-Israel views It would appear American Express has taken Roger Waters' advice on money literally after passing up sponsoring the former Pink Floyd man's upcoming concert tour due to his 'anti-Israel disourse.'
Roger Waters, activiste de l'association antisémite BDS, boycotté par « American Express »

UK Jews: Discipline students involved in ‘violent’ anti-Israel protest Umbrella group denounces ‘extremist’ pro-Palestinian demonstrators who trapped attendees of a UCL Israel event inside university hall
Pro-Palestinian protesters trap attendees of Israel event in London university hall Police escort Israel advocate Hen Mazzig, and those who came to hear him speak, out of room as demonstrators shout ‘Shame!’ and ‘Free Palestine!’
Enraged protesters attack Israeli event at UK university A CAMERA on Campus event that brought a former IDF officer to speak to ticket-holders at UCL is met with angry, chanting throngs seeking to derail the event; Jewish students barricade themselves in; police called.
Des activistes pro-palestiniens piègent le public d’une conférence sur Israël à Londres La police a escorté l’avocat israélien Hen Mazzig et le public réuni pour l’écouter hors de l’université devant des manifestants criant “Honte !” et « Libérez la Palestine ! »

'U.S. Jews Feel They Have to Be Israel's Ambassadors. Israelis Can Be More Critical.' an Aussie laments that kids these days are raised to be sociopaths.

VIDEO - Preview of my interview with @Rmg272Rami Gudovitch, “the Israeli saving S Sudanese children deported by his country”

Peace with The Arabs Will Take Generations If it is possible At All

Israel: 61% of gov’t coalition party voters and 20% of opposition party voters want non-Jews expelled from the country

“It’s [past] time to recognize that Zionism has become an empty slogan used only to grant Jews rights over non-Jews” It's 2016 — let's say goodbye to Zionism once and for all


The [Jewish] son-in-law whispering in Trump’s ear
Rencontre avec les juifs du cercle intime de Donald Trump
Meet the Jews in Donald Trump’s inner circle The president-elect has been accused of not condemning anti-Semitic supporters, but he also has a close cadre of Jewish advisers.

Trump Upset Victory Divinely Sent to Begin Messianic Process: Rabbis

Donald Trump, candidat des Rothschild

VIDEO - Israel's right wing jubilant at Trump victory
Trump a demandé à la droite israélienne de calmer son euphorie
Liberman supports partial settlement freeze as part of understandings with Trump Liberman says if Trump administration okays building inside settlement blocs, Israel should take it.

AIPAC removes two-state solution talking point from its website
Que va signifier le président Trump pour la Palestine ? (Ali Abunimah)
Israël mise sur Donald Trump pour enterrer définitivement le processus d'Oslo
Le plus proche conseiller de Trump: « les implantations ne sont en rien un obstacle à la paix! »
What Do We Know About David Friedman, Trump’s Top Adviser on Israel?  Friedman, seemingly positioned on the far right of the Israeli political map, says Trump will stand by his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.
Israel’s Foreign Ministry Expects Trump to Reduce U.S. Involvement in Peace Process  According to a preliminary assessment sent to Israeli embassies abroad, it isn’t clear that Trump has a coherent Israeli-Palestinian policy, developments and his advisers will affect his approach.
Right-wing Israeli Lawmakers Celebrate Trump’s Victory: 'Time to Push Settlements'  Members of the Knesset’s Land of Israel Caucus exulted over an anticipated U.S. policy shift over the Palestinians and the West Bank.
L’ancien numéro 2 du Likud veut profiter de la victoire de Trump pour bâtir en Cisjordanie L’ex-ministre populaire Gideon Saar appelle le gouvernement à étendre ses constructions à Jérusalem-Est et dans le corridor E1 controversé
Palestinians Need New Strategy for Dealing With Israel and President Trump  All the presidents from Bill Clinton to Obama failed to bring about any solution for the Palestinians. It's their job to make sure the same doesn’t happen with Trump.

Le plus proche conseiller de Trump: « les implantations ne sont en rien un obstacle à la paix! »
"Jewish settlements not obstacle to peace"
As Israeli right celebrates President Trump, experts urge self-control

Israeli Right hails Trump: 'The era of a Palestinian state is over'
L’ancien numéro 2 du Likud veut profiter de la victoire de Trump pour bâtir en Cisjordanie
L’ex-ministre populaire Gideon Saar appelle le gouvernement à étendre ses constructions à Jérusalem-Est et dans le corridor E1 controversé

Hanegbi : « Nos avis sur des questions déterminantes sont plus proches de ceux de Trump que d’Obama »
Tzachi Hanegbi, confident du Premier ministre, déclare que les mésententes sur l’accord nucléaire iranien et la construction des implantations seront moins prononcées sous la prochaine administration américaine
Go for It Donald. Legalize the Settlements Trump has the capacity to mete out a mercy killing to all the empty formulas, to let the air out of the “peace process” balloon and to finally kill off the walking dead known as the two-state solution.
Palestinian UN Envoy: If Trump Moves Embassy to Jerusalem We'll 'Make His Life Miserable'  Riyad Mansour says transfer of U.S. embassy defies international law as passed in a previous resolution and promises to unleash the Palestinians' 'weapons in the UN' as backlash.
Trump’s Win Has Emboldened Racists in Israel’s Government Senior Israeli government officials see Trump’s victory as a free rein to finally bury the two-state solution. They should think seriously, however, about what could come next.

Ministers advance bill to legalize outposts, over Netanyahu’s objections Ramping up coalition tensions, government backs measure to recognize Amona and stave off bulldozers, despite Israel’s top legal authority ruling legislation indefensible
Israeli Ministers Unanimously Approve Bill to Legalize West Bank Outposts The vote on the so-called 'Formalization Bill' took place against the backdrop of an earlier confrontation between Netanyahu and Bennett.
Israeli ministers okay draft bill to legalize Jewish settlements on private Palestinian land
For Bennett, the Settler Outpost Bill Is a Win-win. Not So for Israel.
U.S. State Dept.: Deeply Concerned by Israeli Bill That Legalizes West Bank Outposts
US ‘deeply concerned’ by Israeli push to legalize outposts State Department says Regulation Bill would be ‘an unprecedented and troubling step’ in Israeli settlement policy.

Obama mulls backing UN resolution on settlements White House official says the outgoing US president is considering a last minute move on Mideast conflict; 'The two-state solution is dying. There's a de facto annexation.'
Netanyahu calls on Obama not to back any new peace moves as term ends
Netanyahu asks Obama not to make any Israeli-Palestinian moves in final weeks of term On egalitarian services at the Western Wall, the Israeli prime minister appealed to an audience of North American Jewish leaders for quiet diplomacy among Jews and said the situation was "complicated."
Trump aides said to warn Obama against 11th hour ‘new adventures’ on Palestinian issue Outgoing administration urged to not ‘even think about’ pushing policies in its final weeks that are at odds with those of the president-elect, Politico reports
Une dernière surprise d’Obama pour Israël avant son départ ? Peu probable Le président américain sortant semble peu intéressé par une autre tentative d’instaurer la paix au Moyen-Orient

Analysis: Settlements bill puts Israel on collision course with Obama

Settlers: Gov't that freezes settlements will fall
Palestinian village strangled by Jewish settlements

Israël veut limiter le volume des appels à la prière et légaliser les colonies "sauvages"
Israël: Netanyahu pour un projet de loi limitant le volume des appels à la prière des mosquées

Netanyahu se défend d'avoir participé à la campagne de haine ayant précédé le meurtre de Rabin
Netanyahu denies incitement before Rabin killing Posting to his Facebook page, the prime minister rejects accusations that he was involved in the incitement campaign that preceded the 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
Incitement campaign against Rabin must be investigated Op-ed: Twenty-one years have passed since the prime minister’s murder, and many of those who incited against him are still promoting hate without being stopped.
Netanyahu’s silence led to Rabin’s murder, opposition head charges Isaac Herzog links rhetoric of 1995 to current censoring of left-wing, says PM has prime responsibility for preventing next political murder
Netanyahu says Rabin murder was political but denies taking part in incitement
Netanyahu bats away claims he incited to Rabin’s murder PM condemns assassination as ‘shocking political murder,’ posts video from 1995 in which he called hostile rhetoric ‘immoral’
Netanyahu Can't Wash His Hands of Incitement That Led to Rabin's Murder One cannot suspect for a moment that Netanyahu ever acted to calm the discourse – the absolute opposite is true.
Netanyahu compare ses efforts de paix à ceux de Rabin Le Premier ministre dément avoir participé à la campagne de haine ayant précédé le meurtre de Rabin, un « assassinat politique choquant »
Rabin's Death Wasn't a Political Murder - It Was a Religious One  Benjamin Netanyahu didn't lead the incitement against Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, extremist rabbis did.
VIDEO - FLASHBACK: Netanyahu Lobbied for US War With Iraq and Iran Throughout 1990s, Early 2000s
VIDEO - FLASHBACK: Netanyahu: America is Easily Manipulated to Serve Us

MK Glick to speak at Kahane memorial

VIDEO - Inside Britain's Powerful Israel Lobby

Présentation de la carte "Colonialisme en destru(a)ction »

France says Israeli bill on settlements a risk to two-state solution

Un projet de loi anti-BDS voté en première lecture Le projet de loi vise à empêcher les militants ou les représentants d’entités appelant au boycott d’Israël d’entrer dans le pays
German Jewish NGOs urge bank to close BDS account
House bill extends criminal penalties to compliance with BDS, settlement boycotts
Bill barring BDS activists from Israel passes first reading in Knesset High Court strikes down government’s bid to postpone Amona evacuation; politicians spar over controversial law to recognize illegal settlements.
Bonjour du compte Twitter de l’armée Israélienne…

VIDEO - On Jewish Separatism
VIDEO - Race-mixing: A blessing, not a curse
VIDEO - How Israel is getting away with it?
VIDEO - Black and Jewish in Israel

How the Jewish-American Elite Has Manufactured the Intermarriage 'Crisis' U.S. Jewish communal professionals says intermarriage is a problem demanding multi-million dollar intervention. But Jews like me don't buy it: not their 'crisis' definition, the political framing, nor the 'solutions' they offer.

VIDEO - Comité de lobbying pro-Israêl - AIPAC (

VIDEO - New Film THE LAB (2013) Exposes the Israeli Weapon and Security Industry

The French connection and Israel's alleged nuclear prowess

Israel Will Not Commemorate Rabin This Year Due to Lack of Funds Coalition of groups that usually organize the annual rally failed to secure funding. Labor Party leader responds to cancellation announcement, says will try to hold alternative event.

Annual Yitzhak Rabin memorial in Tel Aviv canceled due to lack of funds

Dutch Jews ‘outraged’ by anti-gay fliers citing the Torah

Europe-Israel: "Nouvelle palme de la désinformation pour le Figaro sur Israël"
Délégitimation d'Israël : une compagnie aérienne chinoise envoie ses passagers en «Palestine» imaginaire

Three Israelis Arrested on Suspicion of Organ Trafficking

Philippe Val: en Israël "je suis chez moi", c'est "un bout de ma patrie"

VIDEO - Paul Joseph Watson (Infowars) Can't See Any Jewish Power Anywhere

VIDEO - Refugee Children Forced Into Sweat Shops
Vos enfants sont-ils Zemmour, Dieudonné ou Michéa ? Identitaires, djihadistes ou réacs... Le journaliste Alexandre Devecchio fait dans "Les Nouveaux Enfants du siècle" un sombre état des lieux des jeunesses.
Des groupes anti-immigration [anti-islam et 100% casher] se font entendre à Québec
Alain Soral, le révolté consommé
Les vrais faux sites d’informations locales des militants identitaires
Fabrication de l’islamophobie au Québec: Un cas typique Voici un cas typique de la fabrication de l’islamophobie au Québec. (Poste de Veille – Lise Ravary – Point de Bascule) par le Collectif québécois contre l'islamophobie
VIDEO - Philippe de Villiers : "La France n'est pas la fille aînée de l'islam !" Ce vieux catho droitard est crypto-sioniste!
Ces visages qui plaisent au FN (Valérie Igounet) La prétendue diversité chez les candidats du FN... On est loin des Waffen SS!
C. Guéant chez Léa Salamé : silence sur sa condamnation !
« Je ne les supporte plus, ces Arabes […] Avec les musulmans, c’est pire » dixit David Boubakeur
Un franc-maçon nommé Valls
Pour Alain Juppé, Nicolas Sarkozy est un «tueur sans foi ni loi»
Panne de courant au pays des lumières ! Sont-ils tombés sur la tête ? par Michel Raimbaud

Références à Guillaume Weill-Raynal, Enzo Traverso et Alain Segré (tous juifs de gauche plus ou moins radicale qui dénoncent la droitisation des juifs et la montée de l'islamophobie) dans un livre en anglais sur le "nouvel antisémitisme"

Israel slams House of Lords event where audience applauded blaming Jews for Holocaust Meeting organized by anti-Israel peer Jenny Tonge kicks off campaign to demand UK government apologize for Balfour Declaration
UK – Jews ‘blamed for Holocaust’ at House of Lords event
GB : Les juifs accusés d’être responsables de la Shoah, Israël proteste Une rencontre organisée par l’élue antisémite Jenny Tonge exige du gouvernement britannique qu’il présente ses excuses pour la Déclaration Balfour
Party suspends UK baroness after meeting where Jews were blamed for Holocaust Jenny Tonge censured by Liberal-Democrats; Conservative MPs, Israeli embassy protest House of Lords event at which audience member also compared Israel to IS.
UK baroness quits party that suspended her over anti-Israel rhetoric Liberal Democrats had suspended Jenny Tonge after she hosted event at which Jews were blamed for the Holocaust and Israel was compared to IS.
Balfour’s Perfidy: A Story of Betrayal November 2 marks the centenary of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which began the still-ongoing colonisation of Palestine and sowed the seeds of an endless nightmare for the Palestinian people, both those who were forced to flee at gunpoint and those who have managed to remain in the shredded remains of their homeland under Israel’s brutal military occupation.

Israel Officials Cheer Trump’s ‘Pro-Israel’ Security Picks
Jerusalem said to welcome Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ security picks Source says incoming CIA chief Pompeo and national security adviser Flynn are both supporters of Israeli policies, Army Radio reports.
Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)
Le président du Congrès juif mondial : « Donald Trump est un ardent défenseur d’Israël »
As Modern Orthodoxy Declines, a Jewish Trump-voting Religious Right Is Ascendant  In America and Israel, the post-Holocaust period - where Orthodoxy had the self-confidence to embrace liberal values and a more open, cosmopolitan way of living as an Orthodox Jew - is ending.
Settlers Pray Trump Will Make the West Bank Great
"Pourquoi est-ce que Liberman se déplace vers la gauche de Trump ?"

Trump Didn't Win Over Orthodox Jews. Fear of the Left Pushed Them In an election that divided the modern Orthodox community, Clinton vs Trump came down to this: Was the fear of an anti-religious, anti-Israel Left more palpable than the fear of the anti-Semitic Right?
Top Jewish donors prominent on Trump inauguration committee
Trump may kill Netanyahu with kindness
Netanyahu and Trump: Birds of a feather? Op-ed: US election results prove there is no room for gray candidates in today’s world. The more blatant, rude and arrogant a person is, the higher are his chances of reaching the top. Netanyahu, Trump’s local version, knows that despite the joy in the Right, the new president may not be that good for Israel.

Netanyahou a refusé une réunion avec Trump soi-disant "pour ne pas embarrasser Obama"
Israel’s Right strengthening alliance with Trump government

Netanyahu declines meet with Trump before inauguration
Netanyahu tells ministers not to talk to Trump’s people
Netanyahu bans ministers from speaking to Trump administration
In written directive, Netanyahu forbids government to contact Trump officials
Israel’s Education Minister Bennett–‘Now is the time to get Trump on our side’
Bennett rencontre des conseillers de Trump pour trouver une alternative à la solution à 2 États Ces rencontres semblent avoir déclenché l’instruction de Netanyahu de ne pas s’entretenir avec l’entourage de Trump
Bennett to Trump Aides: Don’t Rush to Adopt Two-state Solution as Official U.S. Policy  Hardline minister proposes 'Palestinian autonomy on steroids' and partial Israeli annexation of West Bank as alternative. His meetings likely prompted Netanyahu's directive to ministers not to contact Trump's team.Israel’s Right Is Too Drunk on Trump’s Success to See America’s New Political Reality  As Israel's right is being sucked deeper into a bizarre post-election euphoria, Avigdor Lieberman, somewhat improbably, is now Israel's most sane and reasonable senior official.

South Carolina governor who opposed anti-Israel BDS to be Trump's UN envoy

VIDEO - Democrats Pick A Corporatist [JEW SCHUMER] To Help Steer Party In “New” Direction
Right-wing critics take aim at Keith Ellison’s Israel record, Jewish left-wingers rally to his defense
Anti-Semitic Mud Thrown at Rep. Keith Ellison to Counter Attacks on Steve Bannon America's first Muslim congressman is the leading contender to head the Democratic Party, and a dream target for Trump supporters and the alt-right
Keith Elllison’s Jewish defenders rally after attacks from the pro-Israel right
Anti-Semitic Mud Thrown at Rep. Keith Ellison to Counter Attacks on Steve Bannon America's first Muslim congressman is the leading contender to head the Democratic Party, and a dream target for Trump supporters and the alt-right.
The Likely New Leader Of The Democrats Thinks 9/11 Was a “False Flag” Designed To Oppress Muslims

Hillary’s loss accelerates the Democrats’ turn against Israel

When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.

America’s Most Influential Jewish Groups Have Prioritized Netanyahu Over U.S. Jews’ Safety Outrage? AIPAC and the Conference of Presidents can summon it on behalf of Israel’s government, on BDS, on the Iran Deal - but not for the American minorities targeted by Trump. Not even its Jews.

Netanyahu is jeered by upscale Broadway crowd at showing of Hamilton, with some chanting, "Free Palestine!" (27 SEPT.2016)

In the Post-truth Era, Netanyahu Is the Inciter-in-chief  Netanyahu provides on a regular basis half-truths, populist declarations and alternative news, while his main objective is almost always to demonize Arabs and the left-wing camp.

Analysis: Is Israel spitting in America's face?
Gas, Money, Weapons | Arrest of Netanyahu's Top Security Pick May Reveal Jumble of Israeli Interests Police investigation raises questions as to the appointment process in Netanyahu's office, and the way in which someone now suspected of serious crimes - who was already of doubtful suitability - was a candidate for a senior position.
Israeli Attorney General Opens Inquiry Into Netanyahu Amid Police Investigation According to Avichai Mendelblit's announcement, the examination is not a criminal investigation; his office says recent media reports on the matter have been inaccurate.
Barring Last-minute Surprise, Netanyahu Will Soon Be Questioned as Criminal Suspect Law enforcers now focusing on additional information about Netanyahu. Fraud squad to probe suspicions of corruption, unlawfully receiving gifts and favors from wealthy patrons.
Report: Police Inquiry Focuses on Alleged Attempt by Netanyahu to Solicit Bribes According Channel 2, the suspicion is that the prime minister attempted to elicit a bribe himself – not via proxy.
Bennett défend Netanyahu sur l’affaire des sous-marins : « il n’est pas corrompu » Alors que les accusations de conflits d’intérêts pleuvent, le chef du parti Habayit Hayehudi rassure : « Netanyahu ne vendrait pas la sécurité d’Israël pour de l’argent »

Netanyahu accusé d’avoir mal préparé Israël à la guerre de Gaza Le rapport du contrôleur d’état reproche au Premier ministre de n’avoir pas informé du danger des tunnels

Palestinian villagers lose appeal against land confiscation Court rules ‘no proof of ownership,’ says road to be built on land near Alfei Menashe settlement will serve Palestinians and Israelis

New ICC report takes Palestinians’ side despite Israeli optimism

Israël prolonge la détention sans procès d'un journaliste palestinien

IDF to Palestinians: ‘We will gas you until you die…your children, your old, we won’t spare any of you”

Judaic terrorists wielding knives and clubs and yelling ‘death to Arabs’ attack five Palestinian farmers who were harvesting olives

High Court considers home demolition for Jewish extremists Discussions held in light of a petition filed by family of Mohammed Abu Khdeir calling for the demolition of his murderers' homes; state lawyer argues policy not warranted as a deterrence measure, while family attorney cites 'double standards.'
Israel tightens grip on Golan under cover of Syria’s chaos
UN envoy sees danger in Israel’s settlements, Palestinian rift
L’ONU dénonce la décision israélienne de construire 500 logements à Jérusalem-Est

350 Palestinian Minors Held in Israeli Jails. Some Palestinian Children Slapped with Life Sentences

Conflit israélo-palestinien : la paix impossible. par Guillaume Weill-Raynal Les gouvernements israéliens prétendent, depuis vingt ans, vouloir des négociations directes avec les Palestiniens. Une attitude qui masque en réalité le refus de tout dialogue et la volonté de voir l’occupation perdurer éternellement.

VIDEO - Ashton Kutcher Defends Airbnb From Protester
Ashton Kutcher shuts down protester calling for 'Airbnb out' of Israeli settlements

Quand Israël tentait d’espionner la sécurité intérieure française En 2011-2012, le Mossad a essayé de faire acheter au renseignement intérieur et à la direction de la police des moyens techniques piégés. 15 NOV 2016

VIDEO - “Yitzhak Rabin : Chronique d’un assassinat” de Amos Gitaï (Festival d'Avignon 2016 / France Culture)

US blames ‘Post’ Pollard interview in ’86 for strict incarceration, parole

Herzog: UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn must come to Israel

NORWAY – Country’s Third Largest City Votes To Boycott israeli Settlement Goods

Danny Danon to UN forum: 'See you in court, BDS'
US anti-BDS bill would impose fines, not criminal penalties Legislation would extend measures from the 1970s that outlawed participation in Arab boycott of Israel
Le projet de loi américain anti-BDS pourrait imposer des amendes et non des sanctions pénales La législation étendrait les mesures issues de 1970 qui avaient mis hors-la-loi la participation au boycott arabe d’Israël

Le Canada rétablit le financement d’une agence de l’ONU qui aide les Palestiniens L’ancien gouvernement conservateur du Canada avait progressivement réduit le financement de l’UNRWA

Jewish groups condemn new Green Party of Canada BDS resolution

Canada’s Political Parties Enable Israel’s Oppression of Palestinians  "Canada is back" to isolating itself from world opinion on Palestinian rights

Jugement du 14 novembre dans le procès fait aux militants de la Campagne BDS France de Toulouse Bonne nouvelle!

Israéliens et Palestiniens s’accusent à tour de rôle à la COP 22 au Maroc Le Premier ministre de l’AP reproche à Israël de méthodiquement “piller les ressources” ; Elkin affirme que ces accusations sont “totalement fausses”
Chief Israeli Rabbi says 'homosexuality punishable by death,' faces backlash

Israël: le futur rabbin de l'armée sommé de s'expliquer sur des propos controversés
Pour ses partisans, les propos du grand-rabbin de l’armée sont « sortis de leur contexte » « Je n’ai jamais écrit ni dit ni pensé que les soldats sont en droit de violer, » a déclaré Eyal Karim
IDF chief rabbi-designate: I never claimed rape was acceptable in wartime In written statement to High Court, Col. Eyal Karim apologizes for lack clarity in decade-old comments, any offense they caused.
In Battle Over a Rabbi, Israel's Culture War Becomes a Fight to the Death  Women’s dignity, gay rights and Palestinians’ property rights are all left-wing issues that Naftali Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi party feels it must fight to the end.
Nominee for IDF Chief Rabbi explains contentious past rulings to High Court
Israeli ‘Justice’ Minister Shaked–Supreme Court should have ‘summarily rejected’ petition to postpone appointment of ‘rape Rabbi’ to IDF
La Haute-Cour gèle la nomination du grand rabbin de Tsahal pour ses propos controversés sur le viol
High Court freezes nomination of IDF chief rabbi over ‘rape of Gentile women during war’ comments

« L’intégration des femmes dans l’armée est un complot gauchiste », l’ex-général s’excuse

Saving the daughters of Israel from the ‘annihilation’ of intermarriage Pour les juifs débiles, l'idée-même de s'assimiler dans les cultures non-juives équivaut à promouvoir un nouvel holocauste.
“First Jewish Americans” Were Anxious About Intermarriage, Assimilation — Just Like Us Peut-être aussi que ce sont les juifs anti-assimilation qui ont tout simplement cessé d'évoluer depuis des siècles, en retard de plusieurs centaines d'années...

Is Benjamin Netanyahu intent on controlling Israel’s media?
Netanyahu Warns Cabinet: Outpost Legalization Bill Could Lead to International Probe Against Israeli Officials  Attorney general tells ministers bill strengthens Palestinian lawsuit against Israel. Lieberman to Bennett: 'You'll be happy seeing us in The Hague?' Netanyahu: Passing the bill would push Obama to Security Council.
  Luxury Hotels and Concert Tickets: The Links Between Australian Billionaire James Packer and Netanyahu's Family  Yair Netanyahu has taken a number of vacations with James Packer footing the bill, Channel 10 reports. The billionaire also gave Sara Netanyahu 10 tickets to a Mariah Carey concert.

Report: U.S. government has ‘concerns’ about death of Palestinian-American teen in West Bank

Israeli settler leader: Fires are divine punishment for planned settlement uproot
Israeli politicians propose bill to treat arsonists as terrorists
Man arrested for calling online to burn Arab villages Nearly 40 persons have been arrested on suspicion of arson and five for incitement, including a 37-year-old resident of Ganei Tikva who was granted conditional release.
Israel Fires Raise Burning Questions About Occupation  Question: Why haven't we heard about the arrest of Jews calling for the murder of Arabs? Answer: Jews are exercising their right to free speech.
Israel Fires as 'Divine Retribution'? The Cartoon God of Israel’s Settler Rabbis  Their nasty, petty God moonlights as an instigator of death and destruction, burning homes, even destroying lives, all for the good of the outposts of Judea and Samaria.
Israeli Ministers Call for Settlement Expansion After ‘Pyro-terrorism’
Analysis: Unwittingly pushing anti-settlement moves at UN
Israel Accepts Palestinian Offer to Send Teams to Combat Fire To help battle the fire in Israel, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus agreed to send support.
The First to Identify Terror by Arson  Education Minister Naftali Bennett uses thefts and arson to promote a racist ideology with national and territorial implications, by raising the question of whom this country belongs to.

PA says it will submit anti-settlement UN resolution within days

Israel’s UN envoy investigated for buying positive media coverage

Michael Oren seems to urge boycott of French products, drawing ambassador’s ire Deputy minister’s call to ‘think twice’ before purchasing goods from France follows Paris’s decision to label settlement goods

Israel Faces War Crimes Suit in Chile for Authorizing West Bank Wall

Diaspora pedophiles increasingly use Israel as ‘a haven,’ activists charge As sex offenders flee their home countries for the Jewish state, grassroots efforts at raising awareness of their presence has led to a slander lawsuit

Jimmy Carter demande à Obama de reconnaître l’Etat palestinien L’ancien président appelle dans le New York Times les Etats-Unis à soutenir les revendications palestiniennes
Jimmy Carter: US must recognize a Palestinian state

Une centaine de colons israéliens font irruption dans la mosquée al-Aqsa à Jérusalem (VIDEO)

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child after alleged stabbing attempt

 VIDEO - Encel: "Je ne critique jamais Israel" Frédéric Encel se proclame géopolitologue et à ce titre il est invité sur des plateaux de télévision. Le problème est que ce monsieur présente une caractéristique. Il dit, dans une conférence tenue en Israël cette année, que " Je ne critique jamais Israël ". Pourquoi " Parce [qu'il n'est] pas citoyen israélien et ne vote pas en Israël" ! Il est donc disqualifié pour parler des autres pays puisqu'il ne vote pas dans d'autres pays étrangers ! La vérité est autre et chacun l'aura compris ! Tartuffe !

FL State Sen. Dwight Bullard opposed an anti-BDS measure — and lost his job

German bank pulls plug on anti-Israel BDS bank account

La France impose un étiquetage des produits des colonies israhelliennes !
Produits des colonies israéliennes : la France impose un étiquetage.
La France accusée de favoriser le boycott anti-israélien Israël dénonce la France après une décision sur les produits des implantations L’appel au boycott est illégal en France, et pourtant, « afin de ne pas tromper les consommateurs », une mention spéciale sera apposée sur les produits de Cisjordanie.
Israel slams France for implementing settlement labeling regiment
Israel blasts France’s move to label settlement goods Following 2015 EU guidelines, Paris issues directive to clearly mark origin of Israeli products from beyond ’67 line

It's Time for Liberal, Secular Israelis to Demand Their Minority Rights  No, Israel is no longer 'ours' if it ever was. We are a minority and if Israeli Arabs or religious Jews are allowed a separate education according to their values, we must demand the same.

Anti-occupation Jews: Time to Do Some Bible Thumping of Your Own  Right-wingers use Jewish sources to legitimize the occupation. The Hayei Sarah Project aims to break this interpretive monopoly. Is it time for the anti-settlement left to take back the Bible?

VIDEO - Protesting the racism of Israel's police chief
Today, Israeli Leaders' Incitement Against Reform Jews Became Death Threats  When MKs, ministers and prominent (state-funded) rabbis call us Reform Jews 'dogs' and 'idolaters' and face no sanction, who's surprised their devotees now attack our synagogues and threaten our leaders?

After he apologizes, court clears nomination of IDF chief rabbi Decision to unfreeze posting of Eyal Karim comes after he explains controversial statements and Meretz MKs withdraw objection; expected to be sworn in on Thursday
MKs withdraw petition against Rabbi who advocated rape of Gentile women by IDF
The problem isn’t the rabbi, it’s the Rabbinate ‏
How They Do it–IDF chief rabbi nominee says he never believed rape during wartime is acceptable

Revealed: In 1950s Mossad spies married Arabs to conceal identity

Selon le prochain maire de Rio, la ville devrait être ‘emmurée comme Jérusalem’ Lors d’un événement où la vedette était une réplique de Jérusalem à l’époque du Temple, Marcelo Crivella a déclaré aux leaders juifs que des murs pourraient dissuader les entrées d’armes et de drogues

VIDEO - Trump's Steve Bannon-Colored Brain: We're Preparing For Global War With Islam Breitbart’s Israel Bureau Chief: Steve Bannon 'Interested in Exposing' BDS Insisting that Trump's campaign manager isn't an anti-Semite, Aaron Klein claims that women, gays and immigrants will benefit from a Donald Trump presidency.
Breitbart’s Jerusalem chief explains site’s ‘nationalist’ appeal
Trump vows to ‘stop dead’ Mideast immigration: ‘We have no idea who they are’
Caller: 'It's the Racial Animus' That Flipped Voters To Trump
'You Deserve to Be Gassed': Hate Crimes Skyrocket After Trump's Win In the few days since Trump's been elected, there have been more reports of hate crimes than in the past six months combined.
New Chrome Extension Changes 'Alt-Right' to 'White Supremacy' Sauf que la différence entre les deux existe: le mvt Alt-Right est le masque de camouflage du mvt natio blanc raciste suprématiste d'extrême-droite. Le mvt Alt-right est la tentative des suprématistes blancs de se refaire une image de "combattants contre l'oligarchie mondialiste". Même Alex Jones et Soral en font partie si on écoute bien leur discours, mais ils sont plutôt alt-right que suprématiste blanc.
Trump’s Connection to the European Far Right

La vidéo des “intérêts mondiaux” de Trump est-elle inspirée d’un clip antisémite de la “droite alternative” ?
In Trump’s ‘global interests’ ad, echoes of overtly anti-Semitic ‘alt-right’ video?

How Jews Became White Folks — and May Become Nonwhite Under Trump
We Need A Dose of Honesty To Battle the “Alt Right” — Not Jews for Jesus
Trump Era Heralds Final Collapse of American Jewish Center  Crushed between rising extremes, the establishment's wish to stay liberal but support Netanyahu is no longer sustainable. 
ADL chief sees ‘organized’ campaign to discredit group Jonathan Greenblatt says ‘certain’ elements in US Jewish community engaged in ‘full-scale assault’ over his civil rights NGO’s Trump criticism
Foundation of Jared Kushner’s parents donated tens of thousands of dollars to West Bank groups
Kushner Foundation Bankrolls Radical Jewish Settlers
Kushner family's settlement donations alarm U.S. Jewish groups
Kushner foundation donated to West Bank settlement projects, Israeli army

L’électorat juif de Trump est prêt à ce que « la fête commence »
"Trump est moins dangereux qu'Obama pour Israël", Frédéric Encel
Poll: Donald Trump Will Be ‘Pro-Israel President,’ Most Israelis Believe
L’impact d’une présidence Trump sur Israël
Trump va-t-il s’allier avec la ministre israélienne qui a plaidé pour l’extermination des Palestiniens?
Lieberman: Wait till Trump gets into office
Liberman to UN: Never mind Israel — what about Syria, N. Korean nukes?
Waiting for Trump? Netanyahu again asks court to delay evacuation of illegal outpost
Anti-Trump American Jews Should Ally With anti-Netanyahu Israelis  The darkness that Steve Bannon worships has been steadily creeping into Israel’s soul as well.
Netanyahu: Notwithstanding Obama or Trump, Israel does ‘what it wants’ on settlements
Netanyahu : Obama ou Trump, Israël fait “ce qu’il veut” sur les implantations
Most Democrats consider Israel ‘a burden’ on US, has too much influence on policy, poll claims
L’ADL s’en prend à Keith Ellison
Opinion Keith Ellison Has a Real Israel Problem
“American foreign policy is governed by Israeli interests”, Says US Congressman Keith Ellison
Left-wing MK defends DNC hopeful Ellison over anti-Israel criticism
US Rep. Keith Ellison DNC’s Keith Ellison responds to ADL criticism over Israel tape
Haim Saban: Keith Ellison ‘is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual’
In 2010 speech, Keith Ellison said US policy is ‘governed’ by Israeli interests
ADL: Ellison’s comments on Israel ‘disqualifying’ for top DNC post The Jewish watchdog group says a speech Keith Ellison gave in 2010 raises ‘the specter of age-old stereotypes about Jewish control of our government’
The ADL's Bad Call on Keith Ellison
Anti-Semitic? Disqualifying? Keith Ellison’s views on Israel are the same as most U.S. Jews
Saban says Keith Ellison’s DNC win would bring ‘disaster’ to relationship between Jews and Dems
The aggressive, the accepting and the noncommittal: Where Jewish leaders stand on Ellison’s DNC bid
Major Pro-Israel Donor Accuses Muslim US Lawmaker Of Being Anti-Semite
Une élue israélienne de gauche défend Keith Ellison, accusé d’antisémitisme

Lindsey Graham Top Republican senator pushing to suspend aid to Palestinian Authority, Egypt

Oren was surprised by backlash to his memoir — ‘slinky’ ‘self aggrandizing,’ and ‘reckless’

America Is Irrelevant to Israel's Settlement Policies
The United States is as much Israeli occupied territory as the West Bank and Gaza
American Jewish Establishment Stifles Free Speech to Silence Zionism’s Critics

Jimmy Carter: America Must Recognize Palestine
Half of Americans Want U.S. to Back UN Move on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Poll Shows Survey shows clear and growing difference between Democrats and Republicans: Former are far more likely than latter to support such a resolution.
Poll shows growing support among Americans for sanctions against Israel
US envoy seems to confirm no last-minute UN moves on Israel
The UN, Obama and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict's moment of truth
Barack Obama reconnaîtra-t-il l'Etat palestinien avant son départ de la Maison Blanche ?
Obama leans against last-minute action on Israel US officials say Obama likely to avoid one last row with Israeli government, frustrated by lack of progress in progressing towards peace deal with Palestinians.
US lawmakers call on Obama to refrain from action on Israel at UN

Kerry: 'Israel heading to a place of danger' over settlements
Kerry laments an Israel that wouldn’t heed his warnings
Kerry: U.S. Will Not Back 'Unfair' UN Action on Israel-Palestine
Kerry, in stinging rebuke of settlements, doesn’t rule out UN action
More than half US aid ‘to entire world’ goes to Israel and its gov’t ignores us – John Kerry
Kerry tells Israeli right: You're deliberately sabotaging peace process
Kerry accuse la droite israélienne de ne pas vouloir la paix avec les Palestiniens
Jeremiah Kerry bemoans Israel that wouldn’t heed his warnings
Israël n’écoute pas les mises en garde, a déploré Kerry
Kerry, dans sa cinglante critique des implantations, n’exclut pas une action à l’ONU
Israel forced to nix plan to relocate illegal West Bank outpost of Amona
Illegal West Bank outpost can be moved to 'abandoned' Palestinian land, legal official says
Knesset okays controversial West Bank outpost bill in preliminary vote
Israeli Lawmakers Back Controversial Outpost Legalization Bill in First Vote
US troubled by comments that Israeli settlement bill is first step to annexation
Le point sur la législation israélienne de légalisation des avant-postes de Cisjordanie
What’s in the Israeli legislation that aims to legalize West Bank outposts?
La coalition accepte le projet de loi sur les avants-postes, mais n’inclura pas Amona
Controversial settlement bill moves forward with preliminary Knesset approval
Netanyahu seeks deal to save settlement homes in Amona

Why globalization may not be enough to explain the success of Trump, Le Pen
Post-Election, George Soros Vows $10 Million To Track, Combat Hate Crime

Religious youth group urges ‘struggle’ against Amona evacuation
Israeli forces may have started a forest fire in their zeal to capture Palestinians.

Imagine if the Times used language this accurate in its coverage (or lack thereof) of Israeli incitement.

Frenzied mob of Jews demand ethnic cleansing in New York

B'Tselem: IDF misuses Palestinian homes - The IDF is investigating claims made by B'Tselem that IDF soldiers stationed in Palestinian homes for temporary operational purposes used homes' facilities for personal use.

What it's like to be a Palestinian journalist, according to an East Jerusalem editor

UN expected to vote for funding UNHRC blacklist of companies with ties to Israel

Coalition chair: I’d prefer if Arab Israelis didn’t vote
Coalition chairman angers angers Arabs with voting remarks

VIDEO -  Israel : Home Demolitions for Illegal Settlements (Abby Martin Empire Files )

Like Houdini, Netanyahu Is a Great Escape Artist — Just Look at His Contortions On Settlements

The anti-Zionist right Op-ed: Instead of having the state’s best interest in mind, Likud Knesset members are insisting on enacting damaging laws in order to gather a few more votes from the settler bloc. Ils considèrent que l'extrême-droite israélienne est tellement folle qu'ils sont dangereux pour Israël... Ils condamnent toujours tout ce que le gouvernement fait, c'est jamais assez bien pour eux, c'est "mauvais pour les juifs".

UNGA calls on Israel to leave Golan, declares Israeli law in Jerusalem to be 'null and void'; Jewish state prepares to go up against three UNSC resolutions aimed against it.

The real link between Israeli forest fires and muezzin bill
Israeli youths burn tires, block highway to protest Amona evacuation
Evacuation of Amona, once site of settlers’ bloody stand, stirs fears of violent repeat 
Top Arab MK seeks incitement probe against Netanyahu over arson claims

Israeli man knocks over Netanyahu's Statue at Rabin Square !

'Price tag' attack Rabbi Yosef Elitzur, author of ‘The King’s Torah,’ allegedly praised price-tag attacks

Netanyahu asks Bayit Yehudi MK to leave his office‏
Netanyahu boots firebrand right-wing MK from settlement bill talks

The face of Israel's far right wants to 'abort' Palestinian hope

Une palestinienne porte plainte contre Ayelet Shaked pour esclavage domestique

It's Fun Being an Arab in Israel Arabs in Israel demonstrate amazing restraint and loyalty, but are the victims of appalling treatment by the state and other Israelis. One day, this is all going to explode.
Rising Israeli Arab TV Star No Longer Forced to Worry About Humiliating Airport Security Checks  Israeli cinema and television have provided Palestinian actress Samar Qupty with a showcase for her talent and enabled her to make small inroads against bigotry — even among the occasional Ben-Gurion airport security worker.

France: le Crif dénonce l'étiquetage des produits israéliens
Étiquetage: Israël dénonce la discrimination de la France à son égard
L’étiquetage des produits des colonies : une discrimination anti-israélienne ?

UN General Assembly supports resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount
Après l'UNESCO, la France vote à l'ONU 6 nouvelles condamnations niant le lien entre Judaïsme et Jérusalem !
Ontario passes motion rejecting BDS campaign against Israel
Ontario becomes first Canadian province to reject BDS against Israel

Elizabeth May explains why she supports new Green party resolution
New York state releases blacklist of 13 foreign firms that back BDS

L.A. Jewish Fund Refuses to Channel Donations to Anti-occupation Group
Roger Waters Pro-Israel students at UCLA slam 'antisemitic' film screening attended by Roger Waters

Vienna Is Trying to Get Its Jews Back - Will It Succeed, With the Far Right on the Rise? Norbert Hofer, running for Austria's president, has tried to garner Jewish votes but is known to believe in Nazism-tainted pan-Germanism. Should he win next week, the revival of the capital's Jewish community may be at risk and Europe's xenophobic elements could benefit.
Does said threefold rise in German antisemitism signal a 'new era'?

Colloque de Technion France : derrière la beauté connectée, la technologie militaire au service de l’occupation israélienne avec le soutien du gouvernement français

Why are pro-Israel portfolios investing in Israel’s foes?

The main reason for the new anti-Semitism Op-ed: It’s neither Israel’s stand towards terror, nor the fact that it won’t give up all lands claimed by the Palestinians. The real reason for the growing hatred towards the Jewish state is pure jealousy.  (Ils vont me faire crever de rire ces gens-là!!)

Sara Netanyahu grilled for 12 hours on alleged misuse of state funds
Netanyahu’s controversial lawyer also connected to PM’s son-in-law
Police Looking Into Ties Between Australian Billionaire James Packer and Netanyahu's Family  Packer, who is trying to gain residency in Israel, has taken the first step and registered with Israeli tax authorities, minister confirms to Channel 10.
Close Netanyahu associate said under house arrest for sex offenses ‘Very senior‘ former official in PM‘s bureau questioned under caution, accused of violence, sexual assault of artist
Israël: l'épouse du Premier ministre interrogée par la police

A little-known Israeli-Zionist power syndicate exposed. Who was Felix Przedborksi?
Un leader juif allemand ne pourra plus invoquer la ‘célébrité’ d’un blogueur critique d’Israël

The perils of partisanship: J Street's uphill battle against David Friedman
I guess I’m a kapo too
Why David Friedman Is So Wrong To Call J Street Liberals ‘Kapos’
On David Friedman, the 'kapo' smear, and Jewish honor
After Friedman nod, State Dept reaffirms support for two states, calls settlements 'illegal'
Trump's pick for envoy to Israel: For greater Israel or the greater good?
David Friedman Does More Than Write for Far-Right News Site
Trump's Ambassador To Israel: Total Mess
Rhodes defends parting shot at UN to 'JPost': Friedman signals Trump's plans for Israel

Trump Is Playing the Jewish Media to Perfection
Trump and His Circle Have Triggered an Irrevocable Split within the otherwise unified U.S. Jewish community

Will Trump Be ‘Good for Israel?’
Trump, le plus grand ami d’Israël à la Maison-Blanche

Un allié de Trump déclenche une polémique en souhaitant la mort d'Obama
Trump ally raises ire for wishing for Obama's death Carl Paladino, who was co-chairman of Trump's New York State campaign, says he hopes the outgoing president 'catches mad cow disease,' uses racist slur against first lady.

State Department spokesman brands settlements ‘illegal’
Le porte-parole du département d’Etat : les implantations sont “illégales”

Trump vows change in UN strategy as American politicians blast vote
Israël : Trump dit que "les choses seront différentes à l'Onu" après son investiture
Trump Says ‘Things Will Be Different’ After UN Vote on Israel Settlements
Trump dit que « les choses seront différentes à l’ONU » après son investiture

Onu : Israël demande aux USA d'opposer leur veto à une résolution
Israël exhorte Washington à apposer son veto à la résolution sur les implantations

US Senate Senators pile on pressure to stop Obama abstention on UN Israel resolution
Call for veto of UN anti-settlement resolution grows stronger

UN vote on settlements postponed after Israel pressured Egypt
Egypt pulls anti-settlement resolution at last minute
The curious (and ongoing) case of Egypt’s anti-settlement UN resolution
Source to JPost: Egypt 'caves' to Israeli pressure, pulling UN resolution
Security Council members threaten to push anti-settlement draft if Egypt won’t

Trump a sauvé Israël d’un « choc » diplomatique d’Obama à l’ONU, selon un responsable à Jérusalem
Israel warned Obama over UN vote, calling on Trump for help
Vote à l’ONU sur les implantations : Trump appelle à un veto américain
Trump calls on Obama to veto UN resolution on Israeli settlements
Donald Trump Joins Benjamin Netanyahu Call for Veto of UN Anti-Settlement Resolution
Trump saved Israel from diplomatic ‘hit’ by Obama at UN, official in Jerusalem quoted saying
Israel’s Illegal Settlements: Trump “Intervened to Avert UN Vote”
Israel reportedly went to Trump on UN draft after failing to sway Obama
Dershowitz: Trump was right to try to stop Obama

Trump Republicans vow to reverse Obama's 'absolutely shameful' Israel policies
Analysis: Israel waiting for Trump, hoping Obama's legacy will be wiped out
Opinion: Trump won't be able to change the UNSC resolution

Selon les médias, Washington comptait s’abstenir au vote anti-implantations à l’ONU
US was planning to abstain from UN anti-settlements vote — report

UN passes anti-settlement resolution, US abstains
La résolution anti-implantations de l’ONU adoptée
Colonisation israélienne : la résolution de l'Onu adoptée, les Etats-Unis s'abstiennent
US abstains, Israeli settlement resolution passes at UN Security Council
Centre d'actualités de l'ONU - Le Conseil de sécurité exige d'Israël qu'il cesse ses activités de peuplement dans les territoires palestiniens
Résolution à l'ONU sur les colonies israéliennes : entre vote «historique» et décision «honteuse»
Le Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU adopte une résolution condamnant la colonisation israélienne
UN Security Council passes anti-settlement resolution, US abstains
No Veto: UNSC Adopts Anti-settlement Resolution; U.S. Abstains
Choosing not to veto, Obama lets anti-settlement resolution pass at UN Security Council
Security Council approves anti-settlement resolution, US abstains
Obama official defends abstention

Allowing anti-settlement resolution to pass, US also shifts to branding settlements illegal
That ‘Shameful’ UN Resolution Actually Blasts the Settlements — Not Israel
It's the settlements, stupid: Security Council failure is entirely Netanyahu's

La résolution de l’ONU qui pourrait bien redéfinir l’héritage d’Obama sur Israël
The UN resolution that could redefine Obama’s legacy on Israel
Outraged US Jewish leaders: UN vote tarnishes Obama’s legacy
Le Conseil de Sécurité condamne la colonisation israélienne : l’ultime baroud d’honneur d’Obama
After vote defeat, Netanyahu lashes out at Obama and UN
Tel Aviv rejette une résolution de l’ONU contre la colonisation israélienne et la qualifie d’absurde
La résolution de l'ONU sur les colonies est "biaisée et honteuse"
Israel accuses Obama of anti-Israeli 'shameful move' at UN
Israel Brands President Obama ‘Shameful’ for Refusing To Veto UN Resolution on Settlements

Vote à l'Onu sur la colonisation : Israël "lâché" par Washington, selon un ministre israélien
Israel furious at Washington’s abstention at UN: ‘This isn’t how friends behave’
Steinitz : Washington a « abandonné » son « seul ami » au Moyen-Orient
Israeli source blames Obama for UN settlement vote, says he 'abandoned Israel'
Israeli official accuses Obama, Kerry of ‘abandoning Israel’
Ce n’est pas la première fois que Washington abandonne Israël à l’ONU

Israeli source: UN vote revealed the Obama administration's true face
Israeli officials: US abstention was Obama’s ‘last sting,’ showed his ‘true face’
Netanyahu says Obama ‘ambushed’ Israel at UN, likens him to ‘deeply hostile’ Carter
Netanyahu: Obama administration carried out underhanded, anti-Israel maneuver at UN
Obama et Kerry « derrière » le projet de résolution anti-implantations à l’ONU, selon un responsable israélien
US denies Israeli accusation it ‘cooked up’ Security Council vote
US pushes back against Israeli claims of collusion with Palestinians over UN vote

White House: Netanyahu’s choices led to anti-settlement UN resolution
Maison Blanche: Netanyahou est responsable de la résolution de l'ONU contre l'occupation israélienne
Netanyahu Bent Over Backward to Appease the Settlers. In Return, They Humiliated Him.
Résolution anti-implantations de l’ONU : Des politiciens israéliens accusent Netanyahu
Security Council punch knocks Netanyahu down from hubris to humiliation

Israel Vows To Defy UN Resolution on Settlements
Israël ne se conformera pas à la résolution anti-implantations de l’ONU
‘We will overcome this evil decree,’ Israel tells UNSC after anti-settlement vote

UN Security Council Netanyahu confidant: Anti-settlement Security Council resolution will embolden BDS
Lapid and Bennett Israeli right says UN vote encourages terrorism, Left blames Netanyahu
Vote on Israel could spur further action, or trouble for UN
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a Hanukkah candle lighting ceremony with wounded soldiers Netanyahu: Israel will stop funding UN institutions
Netanyahu: Israel reevaluating ties with UN The prime minister vows to 'overcome' the 'disgraceful' resolution against the settlements, which 'determines Western Wall is occupied territory.'

America’s empty ‘happy talk’ on Palestine coming to an end
Ramifications of UNSC resolution While the anti-settlement resolution has no immediate practical ramifications, it could open the door to lawsuits against Israel at the ICC, sanctions and boycotts.
The Hague: The reason the Palestinians are jubilant and Israel is spooked

Jordan praises ‘historic’ UN Israel settlement vote
UN settlement vote a ‘big blow’ to Israel, Palestinians say
Le vote à l'Onu sur la colonisation : "un grand camouflet" pour Israël, selon un responsable palestinien
Le monde arabe salue la résolution de l'ONU à propos de la colonisation
Wellington défend le vote à l'ONU - Israël rappelle son ambassadeur
Jerusalem orders to cancel all aid programs to resolution co-sponsor Senegal
Netanyahu Cancels Ukrainian PM's Visit to Israel Over Security Council Vote
PM cancels visit of Ukrainian PM after Kiev supports anti-settlements resolution

Dans une lettre, Ellison ‘regrette’ ses liens passés avec Farrakhan
Keith Ellison in letter to Conservative rabbis ‘regrets’ past ties with Farrakhan

Amona, démanteler une colonie israélienne pour légaliser toutes les autres

The “American Dream” and the “Invisible Empire”: Donald Trump as “Anti-Woodrow Wilson”?

Castigating Trump for Truth-Telling
Trump suscite la furie des médias en disant que les États-Unis sont responsables de tueries
VIDEO - Trump: 'You Think Our Country's So Innocent?'
VIDEO - Bill O'Reilly Calls Putin a Killer, Trump Replies, 'What, Do You Think Our Country's So Innocent?'
America’s Military and Intelligence “Killers”: U.S. Media Indicts Trump for Questioning the CIA’s “Moral Superiority”

Is Trump Making America Safe or Unsafe? A Scorecard
VIDEO - Trump's First Military Action Obliterated 30 Innocent Civilians
VIDEO - Trump Intends to Follow Up Botched Yemen Military Raid By Helping Saudis Target Civilians
Trump lashes out at McCain for comments on deadly Yemen raid
VIDEO - Trump Administration Preparing for Deeper Involvement in Yemen

Vaine menace contre l’Iran : Flynn, le conseiller à la sécurité nationale, se ridiculise
Stephen Walt: From Israel to Iran to Mexico, Trump Has Already Blown It on Foreign Policy
Elliott Abrams To State Dept? You Can’t Be Serious, Says Ron Paul
Trump Overrules Tillerson, Rejecting Elliott Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State
Netanyahu Urges May To Follow Trump's Lead On Iran Sanctions
Is Trump repeating Bush’s worst mistakes?

VIDEO - Iran's Supreme Leader Thanks Trump For Showing 'The Real Face' Of USA
Tensions Rising in the Middle East: Trump Threatens Iran and the Palestinians
Trump Plays Cat and Mouse with Iran
Netanyahu’s hysterical rhetoric on Iran is just diversion from West Bank

Neocon Iran-Contra Elliot Abrams for Key Deputy Secretary of State Position?
Trump reportedly nixes Elliott Abrams for State Department job
Trump won't tap Elliott Abrams for State Department job due to campaign criticism

Massacres of Muslims: In Canada Condemned, In Yemen Condoned
L'angle mort de Trump Donald Trump n'a jamais publié un seul gazouillis sur le crime haineux de Dylann Roof, qui a tué neuf membres d'une église afro-américaine de Charleston, en Caroline du Sud.
Québec City Murder of Muslims, Islamophobia is Rooted in the “War on Terror”
VIDEO - FRÉDÉRIC BÉRARD : Attentat de Québec
VIDEO - Right-Wing Extremism and Canadian National Security Policy Embrace the Image of the ‘Muslim Threat’
Is Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism?
Canada’s Hypocritical Response to Trump’s Anti-Muslim Order

Jewish-Muslim group ask Trudeau to defeat motion condemning Islamophobia “Like all religious groups, Muslims are already protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and criminal law. They do not need a separate law which is supported by groups that have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and in essence are trying to put in place a form of sharia blasphemy law,” they state.
Tiens donc... cette obsession sur les Frères musulmans, où est-ce qu'on a vu ça récemment? Pas dans la lettre qui avait été envoyée à la mosquée de Québec quelques mois avant la tuerie?? Non??!! Dites-moi pas qu'ils sont sur la même ligne de pensée!

Keith Ellison anti-Semitism controversy, explained
VIDEO - DNC Candidate Runs Away From Question On Israel

VIDEO - Steve Bannon : 'Darkness is good Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan
Fox News Defends Steve Bannon With Graphic Comparing Him to ISIS Leader
Bannon Said Nazi Influenced His World View
VIDEO - Tucker Carlson – At Least Steve Bannon Isn’t As Bad As ISIS
Meet The Philosopher Who’s A Favorite Of Steve Bannon And Mussolini
How will America look after years of Trump and Bannon? See: Israel
VIDEO - Joe Scarborough Can't Wrap His Head Around Fact That Trump Is Dumb and Steve Bannon Is In Charge
VIDEO - Steve Bannon Compared Occupy Protesters to Nazi Brownshirts
Bannon and the Jews: A conditional kind of love

Paper Runs Pic of Alec Baldwin Instead of Trump in Story About Israel

Schumer condemns 'troubling' White House Holocaust statement
Chuck Schumer’s Meatloaf Contains Pork. Is That News?

The Enemy of My Friend Is My Friend: Israel Accepts Billions from the US, but Maintains Ties with Al-Nusra

Qui facilite l’islamisme aux USA ? « Les grands médias, la CIA, la communauté juive américaine,… » (selon Stephen Bannon)
McCarthy called us 'unAmerican.' Now, Israel says we're 'anti-Jewish'
How Israel’s travel bans are — and aren’t — like Trump’s
In Jerusalem we were Palestinians. In the U.S. we've become Muslims 

What If Jared Kushner Were Muslim And Helped Ban Israelis From America?
What Jared’s Been Up To: Serving As A ‘Shadow Secretary Of State’?
Jared as Trump Whisperer? How a hoary cliché can’t be good for the Jews
When Bibi Slept In Jared Kushner’s Bed

David Friedman, Trump’s Israel Ambassador Pick, Said to Push New Settlements
Friedman, Trump’s Israel envoy pick, reportedly behind new settler homes
Two prominent rabbis urge liberal Jewish groups to give David Friedman a chance

Trump to Israeli paper: Settlements are ‘not a good thing for peace’
Settlement construction unhelpful, Israel should act reasonably.
Trump à Israel Hayom : le développement des implantations n’est pas « bon pour la paix »
Trump says settlements not good for peace, but won’t condemn Israel
Pour Trump, le développement des colonies israéliennes n'est pas "bon pour la paix"
Trump: Advancing Israeli settlement activity not helpful to peace
Nuance added to Trump's pro-Israel approach ahead of Netanyahu's visit
Trump recognizes perils of settler enterprise
Relocating the American Embassy to Jerusalem? Trump is “Reevaluating The Implications”
Can Trump stomach the Israeli Right's appetite for settlements?
Trump Adopts a Harder Line on Israeli Settlements

Adelsons to join Trump for White House dinner
Trump to meet with Sheldon Adelson ahead of Netanyahu visit
Sheldon Adelson’s Pro-Trump’s Website Attacked by Hackers
For Sheldon ALL Palestinians are ennemies of Israel and Bibi

VIDEO - Zionist creep in on Trump while focus is on SJW nonsense

Marco Rubio introduces Senate bill attacking BDS movement

As Netanyahu cozies up to Trump, American Jews' alienation from Israel escalates
Is Trump preparing an ambush?
Is Trump Really pro-Israel, or Is He Just ‘Art of the Deal-ing’ Netanyahu?
Trump and Netanyahu are allies in a losing battle
Can America avoid falling into the Israel trap?
Trump fait ce qu’il avait dit qu’il ferait – sauf en ce qui concerne Israël
Dans sa liste d’attentats, la Maison Blanche ne cite pas Israël
Netanyahu under pressure to turn right when he meets Trump
Trump edges away from moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem and stakes out middle ground on building new settlements – just as Netanyahu is primed for a visit
Netanyahu chills right-wing ‘excitement’ over Trump meeting
Despite the Smiles, Trump And Bibi May Be Headed For A Clash
Netanyahu and Trump: A relationship based on flattery and groveling‏
Watch: Trump asks if walls work "Just ask Israel"
Attention Netanyahu : Soutenir aveuglément Trump met en péril les liens bipartisans vitaux pour Israël
As Trump criticizes settlement growth, Netanyahu prepares for their first summit
Grandes querelles d’interprétations autour de Trump pour les Juifs amériains
Une entreprise israélienne qui emprisonne Gaza vise à construire le mur de Trump avec le Mexique.
VIDEO - Martinez and Jobst On Trump's Latest Shady Moves and the Implosion of Alt-Media
Netanyahu: Trump won’t give Israel carte blanche to do what it wants
Words 'Palestinian state' mustn't be uttered in Trump-Netanyahu meet, Bennett warns
Trump is just what Netanyahu needs to annex the West Bank
The new anti-Israel alliance. Op-ed: Israel used to have bipartisan support in the US. The Democrats have not turned into Israel haters, but only a blind person can’t sense the change.
Bennett: If Trump and Netanyahu discuss Palestinian state the 'earth will shake'
Odeh : Trump et Netanyahu ont fait campagne sur la haine des minorités
My racist father, my hero: Trump and Netanyahu's meeting of minds
'The problem isn't Trump - it's Netanyahu'
Fiery cabinet meeting ahead of PM's meeting with Trump. Report: Netanyahu concerned over possible split with Trump, refuses cabinet's demand to renounce Palestinian statehood.
The Israeli right voted for Trump but got Obama
No unchecked settlements under Trump, Netanyahu warns

Why Trump's Threat to Defund the Palestinian Authority Worries Israel

US blocks appointment of Palestinian to UN envoy, cites bias
Netanyahu confirms he objected to Salam Fayyad's UN appointment
Netanyahu salue le veto américain contre un émissaire palestinien de l’ONU
6 reasons why Israeli UN envoy's glee at blow to Salam Fayyad is simply dumb
'Anti-Israeli': Veteran U.S. officials slam U.S. move against ex-Palestinian PM Fayyad

Also: Stealing someone's land is bad.
US refuses comment on Israeli law that gives historic OK to settlements on Palestinian land
La nouvelle loi israélienne "légalise le vol" des terres palestiniennes
The true significance of Israel’s settlement legalization law
Israël a voté une loi controversée en faveur des colons
Israeli MPs vote to legalize 4,000 settler homes in West Bank amid ‘annexation’ outcry
Israel's land theft law is just the tip of the settlement iceberg
West Bank: Israel MPs legalize 4K settler homes, bill blasted by attorney general
Israel’s Settlers Clear Path to Annexation with New Land Law
Israël : le Parlement vote une loi controversée légalisant les colonies dans les territoires occupés
‘Entire Land Is Ours’: Israel Legalizes Palestinian Land Theft

Settler takeover makes life hell for East J'lem Palestinians

AG considering testifying against outpost law — report

VIDEO - Israel Announces Expansion of West Bank Colonization Amid Rise in Corruption Scandals

Netanyahu marks scapegoat as his coalition stabs Israel in the back with land-grab law

Israël légalise le vol des terres palestiniennes et prend le train pour le tribunal de la Haye

Israël: la loi en faveur des colons viole la législation internationale (chef de l'ONU)
Regulation Law is just business as usual
Loi israélienne sur les colonies : de l’occupation à l’annexion
Israel's settlements explained: How big an obstacle are they to peace?
Rivlin said to warn outpost law redolent of ‘apartheid’
Dershowitz défendrait la loi de régulation israélienne à la CPI si nécessaire
Israel issues talking points on controversial law concerning seizure of some Palestinian-owned land

This isn't Israel's first 'land theft law,' it won't be the last
From outposts to The Hague: The illegality of Israel’s land-grab law

A dangerous Netanyahu If Netanyahu can't stand up to his education minister, how will he stand up to Israel's enemies?
Netanyahu has lost control, and is now in survival mode

UN: Israeli 'Settlements Law' crosses red line, opens door for annexation
ONU : La loi de Régulation franchit une « épaisse ligne rouge »
UN chief: Outpost law will have ‘far reaching legal consequences’
Europe punishes Israel
L’UE exhorte Israël à ne pas mettre en œuvre la loi de Régulation
European Union adds to condemnation of Regulation Bill‏
EU foreign policy chief: Entrenchs Israel's one-state reality
La loi de Régulation nuit à la crédibilité d’Israël, selon l’envoyée française en Israël
France demands Israel repeal Regulation Law
Germany bashes Israel: Land-grab law deeply shakes our faith in Israel's commitment to peace
L’Allemagne fait part à Israël de sa grande déception après la loi de Régulation
L’Egypte qualifie la loi de Régulation de “destructrice”
From 'shaken faith' to 'unequal rights': The world condemns Israel's land-grab law
Loi pour les colons israéliens : des ONG en passe de déposer les 1ers recours
For us Jews, our Land Registry is with God
PM: Israel protecting Europe from even worse refugee crisis

Israel’s new land law deemed barrier to peace by many in Canada

Juste après la visite de Netanyahu, Londres dénonce la loi de Régulation
Hours after Netanyahu visit, UK slams Regulation Law
Pro-Palestinian activists protest as Britain's May meets Netanyahu
As Netanyahu and Theresa May Chat, a Large Nest of Israeli Spies in London Exposed

PM: Invite to Balfour centenary ‘speaks volumes Netanyahu contrasts May’s warm outreach to Israel with Palestinian Authority plan to sue UK over landmark 1917 Declaration ’ about Israel-UK ties

Israel rebukes Belgium over PM's meeting with left-wing NGOs.
Netanyahu calls on Belgian PM to cut funding for anti-Israel groups
PM asks Belgium to stop funding anti-Israel NGOs
Israel to reprimand Belgium over Breaking the Silence
Nétanyahou en colère contre la Belgique

Israel permanently downgrades its ties to New Zealand, Senegal
Report: Israel downgrades diplomatic ties with New Zealand, Senegal over UN anti-settlement resolution

The humanitarian impact of de facto settlement expansion: The case of Elon Moreh

UN set to defer report on companies with Israeli settlement ties
UN Delays Release of ‘Blacklist’ of Businesses Linked to Israeli Settlements

The invisible motives of Monday’s unusual Gaza strike‏
Israel's masters of war set their sights on Gaza - again
19 raids israéliens sur Gaza le 7 février dernier
'Bennett wants to drag the entire country into a war'

Lapid: 'Smotrich ran the country the whole week'

Imagine Netanyahu arrested in London
USA: Un procès attenté contre Netanyahu pour crimes de guerre
MK Zoabi offers to help ICC indict Netanyahu over settlements law
Netanyahu to Liberal American Jews: Drop Dead
Chuck Baldwin -- Is Netanyahu Finished?
Editorial Netanyahu Is Forcing the World to Oppose Israel

Ireland to recognize Palestine soon, warns Israel’s ambassador
Israël veut empêcher l'Irlande de reconnaitre l'Etat de Palestine
Irish FM: 'Ireland constantly considers recognizing a Palestinian state’

Glick presents 'Greater Jerusalem Law'

The home demolitions Israel's media isn't talking about

Israel’s efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect ‘incremental genocide,’ Ehrenreich says

Les enfants palestiniens tués par Israël en 2016

Crimes against Humanity? Israel Bans Delivery of Anaesthesia Gas to Gaza Hospitals

100-year-old Bedouin Woman Left Homeless as Israel Continues Negev Demolitions

Is the Lebanese scar guiding Israel’s operations in Gaza?

Israeli anti-occupation group refuses to be the army's 'useful idiot'

New Israel Fund's vice president delayed and questioned at airport by Israeli officials

Israël-Palestine : l’urgence d’agir

I helped destroy the Israel I love. Apartheid will do the rest

« 3000 nuits »: la résistance des femmes dans les prisons israéliennes


'We go to heaven, you go to hell': Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron

Open season 
on regime opponents Bevy of reports from the past few days seems more appropriate to the annals of a dark regime than a state whose democratic pretensions are an avowed international asset.

Jesus ‘Loaves’ church reopens 20 months after arson attack by Judaic Terrorists

‘State of Jenin’: A Palestinian Refugee Camp Raided by Israeli Troops Night After Night

Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional'
STOP LAW-TRAIN. Pas de collaboration avec un Etat qui torture
“Law-Trainˮ : 482 universitaires et 190 artistes belges demandent le retrait du projet UE-Israël de formation de policiers aux “méthodes d'interrogatoireˮ

Eyal Sivan : « Israël ne veut plus convaincre, mais devenir attractif » Sivan est l'auteur du livre Un boycott légitime, sur le mouvement BDS. En vente dans toutes les bonnes librairies et dispo dans les bibliothèques probablement bientôt.
Si vous êtes prêt à soutenir un boycott des conférences universitaires américaines contre l’interdiction de Trump, pourquoi ne pas soutenir le BDS ?
Right wingers call to cancel ‘Breaking the Silence’ event in Jerusalem
Efforts To Fight BDS Have Failed, Says ADL
Messages au Médiateur de Radio France sur l'eau à Gaza
REPORT: Pro-Israel Effort Is Failing — Can Harsh Targeting of BDS ‘Instigators’ Save It?
Pop singer Natalie Imbruglia nixes Israel concert
Australian pop star cancels Israel concert after BDS pressure
Procès de militants BDS : Saadia et Hussein relaxés à Montpellier !

Historique de « l’affaire Badiou-Winter » Attaques de Claude Lanzman, auteur du film Shoah... Badiou a publié à la fin de son livre Circonstances tome 3 "Portées du mot juif", un article percutant de Cécile Winter qui critique l'utilisation sioniste de la mémoire de la Shoah. Taguieff en parle dans son livre (non-recommandé!) La Judéophobie des Modernes (La): Des Lumières au Jihad mondial
Albin Michel, Georges Bensoussan et Elisabeth Badinter s'affichent chez Fdesouche Le même Bensoussan pour qui Finkie a remis sa démission à la Licra...
Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders : Islam more dangerous than Nazism

VIDEO - World better not pry into how we decide to pull trigger on someone – ex-chief of Mossad
Hooray for assassinations In our hush-hush country, if you don’t assassinate, you don’t count.

IDF soldiers who killed unarmed Palestinian sentenced to community service

Why is the Israeli army scared of a 14-year-old boy?

In West Bank, Israel “replacing one land theft by another”

Israel threatens to expel reporter who asked apartheid question
Israël, parmi les pires geôliers de journalistes au monde

L’israhell a peur de la Suède
Irish senators slammed for anti-Israel bias
Alleged BDS activist writer may be forced to leave Israel

Some UK universities ‘too anti-Semitic for Jewish students’

VIDEO - Enquête exclusive – Jérusalem : quand la ville sainte se déchire Reportage-documentaire très récent diffusé sur M6, qui fait paniquer les sionistes...
Bernard de la Villardière, journaliste israélocritique chez M6
Les excuses des journalistes « anti-sémites" d'Enquête exclusive Les médias juifs extrémistes tendent encore de discréditer ce reportage et les journalistes qui l'ont conçu. Mais les journalistes sont de plus en plus aguerris face au lobby juif, ils sont tout à fait conscients que leur travail sera inévitablement critiqué par les organisations juives extrémistes.

VIDEO - Route 181: Fragments d'un voyage en Palestine-Israel 1/3 - 2/3 - 3a/3 - 3b/3 Un documentaire fortement critiqué par les sionistes, qualifié d' "appel au meurtre des juifs" par le sioniste débile Alain Finlkielkraut.

Les experts en terrorisme, ces messieurs je-sais-tout Et les experts israéliens, des je-sais-tout-mieux-que-personne

FRÉDÉRIC ENCEL: Face à l'islamisme et aux extrêmes droites : Ré-enchanter l'idée de Nation républicaine En fait Encel et Tagiueff sont proches des idées de la vieille extrême-droite, mais en mode sioniste ultra. Selon eux, les antisémites ce sont tous ceux qui critiquent leurs positions d'extrême-droite sioniste...Frédéric Encel: « Moi, je ne critique jamais Israël »

Ivan Segré: L’argument du PIR
A propos de « Les Blancs, les Juifs et nous », Houria Bouteldja (La Fabrique, 2016)
Ivan Segré : quand un Camus israélien critique Houria Bouteldja
Lettre à Éric Zemmour, l’« israélite », par Les Indigènes de la République
Discussion argumentée d'Ivan Segré avec Alain Badiou
AUDIO - Excellent entretien avec Ivan Segré - Là-bas si j'y suis L'entretien va droit au but, sans niaisage. Superbe. Ce "sioniste" doté de pensée critique qu'est Ivan Segré doit être le pire cauchemar des sionistes anti-palestiniens, anti-arabes et anti-islam...

French Jewish Historian Sued Over ‘Far-Right Rhetoric’ Against Muslims
Secher, Zemmour et la comtesse
Pierre-André Taguieff : Le “populisme”, ce mot passe-partout Il tient exactement le même discours que Frédéric Encel selon qui il faut réenchanter la nation pour vaincre l'islamisme et le terrorisme (lire : l'islam et les arabes)Robert Ménard veut un rapprochement FN et Républicains (ex-UMP)
L'école des Réacs-républicains - Repères contre le racisme, pour la diversité et la solidarité internationale
Estrosi porte plainte contre Mediapart après la diffusion d’un selfie avec le terroriste de Nice

Matzoball, the party Mecca for U.S. Jewish singles, under fire for ads 'steeped in rape culture'

Rabbi booted from Conservative body for holding intermarriages

Le "roi du diamant" Beny Steinmetz interpellé en Israël
Israeli Tycoon Beny Steinmetz Arrested in Massive Global Bribery Case
Israeli billionaire suspected of corruption in Guinea‏

Assassination attempt and arrests in Paris in Netanyahu-linked French fraudster case

Un rabbin israélien appelle les Africains de « la chair à canon » pour les étudiants en circoncision
Un mohel (circonciseur) encourage les apprentis à s’entraîner sur des bébés de familles défavorisées Un circonciseur a été filmé alors qu’il disait que les enfants éthiopiens et soudanais sont « de la chair à canon » pour les étudiants inexpérimentés
Karim sworn in as IDF chief rabbi, after rocky nomination process
How thy do it– IDF’s Chief Rabbi ‘Sorry’ for Remarks Justifying Wartime Rape of Gentile women

Israel, The Promised Holy Land For Pedophiles
With pedophiles seeking sanctuary in Israel, one way parents can protect kids
AUSTRIA – ‘Far right’Hofer would have been better for Israel, says Jewish FPO member

Report: Dutch Secret Service Investigated Far-right Leader [Geert Wilders]'s Ties to Israel
SURPRISE, SURPRISE–Dutch Secret Service Investigating Geert Wilder’s Ties to Israel

Why Jews in France might give right-wing populist Francois Fillon a chance
Propos d'Eric Zemmour sur l'islam: le CSA met en garde RTL et France 5 - L'Express
Zemmour et l'islam : simple mise en garde du CSA contre RTL et France 5
VIDEO - Ahmed Moualek : agent des frères musulmans? évangéliste masqué? néo-musulman?
Les chrétiens « dead-again » ou les nouveaux croisés.
Fraude fiscale: la compagne de Dieudonné à son tour mise en examen Laurent Louis escroc du OneCoin bientôt en prison, Dieudo escroc fiscal, Soral bientôt en prison pour menaces... les masques tombent enfin pour ces pourris de pseudo dissidents.

The KGB's Middle East Files: The fight against Zionism and world Jewry Break-ins, forgeries, creating front organizations and even planting bombs – all means were justified in the battle that the Soviet intelligence agency waged against the Zionist movement, the emigration of Jews from the USSR and the world’s major Jewish organizations. Classified documents now reveal that the agency’s leaders saw Zionism as a real threat to the Soviet empire, and did everything in their power against it.

Israeli President promises to help Ukraine return Crimea: ‘We have a plan to take the city back from Russia dictator club’

VIDEO - How Pro-Israel Neocons Pushed for War in Iraq (Alison Weir)
VIDEO - Syrie Irak: La Franc-maçonne Guigou panique, les Alliés (terroristes) de Hollande démasqués 

Assad est un « boucher » qui doit partir, affirme Liberman
Israel wants ‘butcher’ Assad ousted, Lieberman says
Lucy Aharish : ce qui se passe à Alep est un Holocauste
VIDEO - Syrian White Helmets involved in Staged Terror Events
Israeli Defense Minister: Assad is a butcher who must be removed from power

VIDEO - AIPAC efforts against Iran, as reported by Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Welcome to 21 Club, Donald Trump's New York getaway
Israeli arms sales, big oil and the Mossad: Why is Azerbaijan hosting a Hanukkah party at Trump Hotel?

The complicity of Trump's Jewish appointees
Ivanka Trump Will Ivanka Trump be the first Jewish first lady?

L’armée inquiète d’une éventuelle coupe des aides par Trump
IDF concerned Trump administration may cut US security aid to Israel
Danger Ahead As Israel Losing Public Opinion Support In US

Netanyahu cozies up to despots as he degrades Israel’s democratic culture
Will Netanyahu's visits to Muslim countries bring Israel's secret ties out of the closet?

Netanyahu Pushing Trump To Undo Obama's Peace Deal
Trump Picks Most Hawkish Neocon For #2 At The State Department
Netanyahu’s Big Mouth Will Provoke a War of Mutual Destruction
Dear U.S. Electors: What if a Trump presidency is an extinction-level event?

VIDEO - Donald Trump Kosher Nostra - Cabal & Donors ALL JEWS!
The pro-Israel racists
IfNotNow Rallies Millenials by Confronting Donald Trump — and ‘Israel-at-Any-Cost’ Jews
Trump donated $10,000 to West Bank settlement of Beit El, founder says
The U.S. is finally out of the closet
In Trump, Netanyahu sees a leader to emulate

Fund headed by Trump's Israel ambassador pumped tens of millions into West Bank settlement
The grotesque anti-Semitic turn of David Friedman, Trump’s pick for Israel ambassador
Israeli republicans celebrate Trump's ambassador pick as new era
Analysis: Trump's ambassador pick is cause for Netanyahu to celebrate
David Friedman, Trump's chosen Israel envoy: Palestinians seek 'ethnic cleansing' of Jews
Selon l’envoyé de Trump, la nouvelle administration ne dira pas à Israël “quelles politiques adopter”
Trump's envoy to Israel: We'll break with 'anti-Semitic' State Dept., move embassy to Jerusalem From dismay to jubilation, Trump's pick of David Friedman as Israel envoy splits Jewish response
Les groupes libéraux juifs enragent contre le choix de l’ambassadeur en Israël de Trump
Choosing Friedman as Israel envoy, Trump jolts US diplomatic corps
With Friedman as Trump's Israel envoy, Netanyahu no longer has the American excuse for settlers
Hawks hail Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel; doves vow a fight David Friedman, Trump's radical-right ambassador, makes Netanyahu look like a J Street lefty
What do we know about David Friedman, Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel?
Charles Enderlin vomit sur l'ambassadeur en Israël nommé par Trump
Israeli politicians respond to Friedman's appointment: 'Netanyahu couldn't have wished for better'
Trump taps David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel
Trump picks hard-line attorney as Israel envoy, angering Jewish left
For Israel Ambassador, Trump Had His Pick of a Dizzying Array of David Friedmans
Sources: Netanyahu Pleased With Trump's Pick of Friedman for Ambassador to Israel
NYT slams ‘dangerous’ Friedman appointment as Israel envoy
Trump's Pick for Ambassador to Israel Supports Colonization of the West Bank
Vu d’Israël. David Friedman, l’ambassadeur d’extrême droite de Donald Trump
Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
Anti-Semitism Is on the Rise From Both Sides. Just Not How You Think.
Jewish electoral college delegate labeled ‘anti-Semite’ in calls to vote against Trump
Why I refuse to call Steve Bannon an anti-Semite
VIDEO - Trump's Choice Of A Raving Anti-Semite As Chief Strategist
VIDEO - Why Is the Media Normalizing a "White Supremacist"?
Julia Ioffe Fired Over Obscene Ivanka Trump Tweet

White Nationalists Rebrand Again With ‘Counter-Semite’
Walmart Pulls ‘Got Hitler?’ ‘Got Pepe?’ Mugs from Online Store

Israeli envoy slams US civil rights group for attacking anti-Islamist activists
Israeli Ambassador Accepts Award From ‘Anti-Islam Extremist’ — Rejects Civil Rights Criticism
Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Accepts Award From anti-Muslim Hate Group

Ellison: Israel Has Used Our Democratic System "To Advance Their Policy Views"
Keith Ellison: Media Smearing Me With Louis Farrakhan Connection; "This Is About Distracting People"
Keith Ellison's Views on Israel Reflect the Democrats' True Colors Keith Ellison is No Anti-Semite, Says Anti-Semitic Nation Magazine Keith Ellison spars on CNN over Jewish community's clout in U.S.
How Keith Ellison’s DNC Bid Exposed Democratic Party Division on Israel
VIDEO - Why is The Democratic Party Opposed to Keith Ellison?

Ban condemns West Bank outpost bill, admits UN biased on Israel
Ban reconnaît le parti-pris de l’ONU à l’encontre d’Israël

Colère de l'Onu après l'insinuation d'Israël sur une école glorifiant le "terrorisme"
Pour Richard Falk, « l’Histoire est du côté des Palestiniens »

With settlers set to be evacuated, Palestinian landowners wait to return
Benjamin Netanyahu Appeals to Amona Settlers To Spare Children in Evacuation FightPM to meet with Amona residents, pledges to demolish illegal construction ‘all over Israel’
Netanyahu ordonne une répression des constructions arabes illégales
Netanyahu gives directive to expedite demolition of illegal homes in Arab sector
IDF soldiers attempt to abandon posts, refusing to evacuate Amona settlement
Will Amona be the new Masada? 
Un grand rabbin demande aux habitants d’Amona de ne pas reconnaitre que la terre appartient à des non juifs
Israeli Soldiers Vow on Facebook Not to Evacuate Illegal West Bank Settlement
Netanyahu pushes for demolition of Israeli Arab homes to appease rightists over Amona
Bennett receives extra security ahead of contentious Amona evacuation
Activist arrested over alleged threats to murder Israeli minister 
Sweden ‘to seek anti-settlement resolution’ during Security Council presidency in January
Dershowitz: ICC will go after Israel if settlement bill passes

Occupant israélien: Un ex-militaire français dénonce « l’horreur » en Palestine

Gaza Water Crisis Has Caused Irreversible Damage, World Bank Warns

Israel’s West Bank tourism drive makes Palestinians invisible

Netanyahu's ties with Sheldon Adelson-backed mouthpiece in crisis

Israel dismisses 1,000 complaints of torture

Israeli-born BDS supporter vies to head Britain’s Jewish student union
Manifestants pro-BDS à Berlin Norwegian city resolves to boycott Israeli goods from ‘occupied territories’
Boycotter les juifs (Juifs pour la Paix, etc.) pour empêcher le boycott d’Israël
Israel to boycott Swedish FM on her visit to region

UN: Security Council passes resolution demanding end to Israeli settlements
Security Council Affirms Illegality of Israeli Settlements
Pour Netanyahu, les implantations ne sont pas un problème ; l’ONU vient d’affirmer le contraire
VIDEO - Résolution de l' ONU contre israHELL !
Résolution de l’ONU contre Israël : la compromission d’Al Sissi, la victoire significative de la Palestine
L'ONU ne doit pas gâcher la Résolution 2334 sur les colonies israéliennes
After Obama, what Netanyahu and his rivals expect from a ‘new era’
VIDEO - Rhetorical Battles Over Settlements Overshadow US Military Protection of Israel at the UN
Israël : arrogance, mépris de l’ONU et mépris du droit appellent des sanctions
Obama's UN vote on Israeli settlements: Where have you been for 8 years, Mr. President?
UN resolution is a breath of hope in sea of darkness and despair
UN punctures Netanyahu’s theory that settlements are a non-issue
Analysis: US consistent against settlements — and against UN as appropriate venue
The Obama Administration Finally Calls Out Israel

Israel Threatens to Give Trump ‘Iron-Clad’ Proof Obama Was Behind UN Vote
Ambassadeur israélien : "Obama derrière la ligue contre Israël à...
Israeli ambassador: We’ll give Trump proof Obama drove UN vote
Leaked document: U.S. colluded with Palestinians on UN settlements vote
Transcript claims to show US worked with Palestinians on UN resolution
Dermer : Obama a donné aux Palestiniens les munitions pour une guerre diplomatique contre Israël
Maison Blanche : il n’y a pas eu de coordination avec Erekat ; la transcription est un “faux”
US denies meeting with Palestinians on UN resolution against Israeli settlements
Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying ‘commitment’ to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
Benjamin Netanyahu Seeks To Rally Israelis With No-Holds-Barred Attack on ‘Underhanded’ Obama
After UN vote, US Jewish group says Obama administration must answer ‘serious questions’
Seething over UN vote, Israel says it won’t be Obama’s ‘punching bag’
Obama sided with the forces of darkness
Feinstein défend Obama sur le vote de la résolution sur les implantations
Barak Hussein Obama aura été mesquin jusqu'au bout…
Official: ‘Rather ironclad’ intel shows Obama behind UN vote
Israel has "evidence Obama was behind UN motion"
Israeli ambassador: We’ll give Trump proof Obama drove UN vote
Netanyahou : "la décision venait de l'administration Obama"
Le cadeau de Hanoukka à l'Etat d'Israël de la part de Barak Obama
Dermer à CNN : « nous attendons des États-Unis qu’ils se tiennent aux côtés d’Israël à l’ONU »
Gilo neighborhood Analysis: Obama's chosen legacy is settlement obsession
Former US envoy to Israel: 'Nasty' language directed at Obama 'unacceptable'
Netanyahu ne décolère pas après la résolution de l'Onu
Netanyahu’s Diplomatic Hypocrisy
Netanyahu Throws A Hypocritical Hissy Fit At The UN

Dem Rep McDermott– ‘Israel Is Conducting ‘Air War’ on US Gov’t, Willing to ‘Use Our President’ for Their Purposes’
Israel waging war against US government: House Democrat
US congressman: Israel waging rhetorical 'war' against Washington
Firestorm Ignites Over UN Condemnation Of Illegal Israeli Settlements
UN Vote Reveals Growing Rift Between Israeli Settlements and US Interests

Chief rabbi: US has forsaken Israel, we can trust only in the Lord
Why Netanyahu refuses to ‘turn the other cheek’ in his response to the UN defeat
Netanyahu is dragging Israel into the abyss
Netanyahu is out of control
Netanyahu en guerre contre le monde entier
Netanyahu goes to war with the world
Israel is reaping what Netanyahu has sown. Op-ed: The blow Israel suffered at the UN will be followed by another one this week as Kerry presents outline for Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.
World Rescuing Israel From Itself
Netanyahu backed Israel into an isolated corner ‏Netanyahu defends response to UN vote: 'Israel will not turn the other cheek'
Lapid taxe Netanyahu « d’hystérique » dans sa réaction au vote de l’ONU

Netanyahu: Kerry obsessed with settlements, ignores 'root of conflict'
John Kerry Calls Out Israel
Was Kerry’s Speech a Swan Song — or Opening Salvo?
Kerry's Mideast peace speech gets mixed reviews among U.S. Jewish groups
Kerry’s swan song: Settlers define Israel’s future
Benjamin Netanyahu Slams John Kerry Speech as ‘Skewed Against Israel’
Netanyahu leads onslaught of right-wing rejection of Kerry's speech
Israel Right Winger Says John Kerry Is 100% Right — the Two-State Solution Is Dead
Kerry: 'The settler agenda is defining the future of Israel'
Kerry: Israeli gov’t agenda ‘driven by the most extreme elements,’ jeopardizing two-state solution
John Kerry Slams ‘Pernicious’ Israeli Occupation as Main Obstacle to Peace
Kerry : «Israël peut être un Etat juif, ou démocratique, mais pas les deux» (vidéo)

Christian envoy: Congress must cut all UN funding after anti-settlement vote

Benjamin Netanyahu Lashes Out at UN After Anti-Occupation Resolution
«Antisémite», «trahison» : vives réactions à la résolution de l'ONU sur la colonisation israélienne

Israël va revoir ses rapports avec l'Onu après la résolution sur les colonies
Netanyahu said to curtail working ties with Security Council nations
Israel to re-assess U.N. ties after settlement resolution, says Netanyahu
Stepping up diplomatic response, Netanyahu orders to reduce ties with countries that backed UN resolution
Punishing the World for UN Vote Will Be Worse for Israel Than BDS
Netanyahu response to UN vote isolating Israel, Ariel Sharon confidant says
Résolution de l'ONU : Israël menace Obama et « réduit » ses relations avec 12 pays
Israel Tantrum Continues, Slashes UN Funds After UN Vote

Israël affirme "réduire" ses relations avec des pays après le vote à l'Onu sur les colonies
Israel Urges Jews To Leave France, Suspends "Working Ties" With Countries That Voted For UN Resolution
Israel's Netanyahu 'snubs Theresa May' over UK's role in UN settlements vote
Britain pulled the strings and Netanyahu warned New Zealand it was declaring war: New details on Israel's battle against the UN vote
After UN vote, why did Netanyahu take his anger out on Senegal?
Did Joe Biden Urge Ukraine To Back UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements
Israel: US pressured Ukraine to support anti-settlement resolution
«Une déclaration de guerre» : Netanyahou aurait menacé la Nouvelle-Zélande avant le vote de l'ONU
Le Sénégal "prend note" des représailles d'Israël après son vote à l'Onu
On Christmas Day: Netanyahu summons Security Council members' envoys for reprimand over settlement vote
Netanyahu summons envoys of resolution backers, pans Obama
Envoys to Israel to be reprimanded over UN resolution‏
Israël rappelle dix ambassadeurs après la résolution de l'ONU
Netanyahu convoque les ambassadeurs des pays ayant soutenu la résolution
Benjamin Netanyahou convoque dix ambassadeurs après le vote de la résolution de l'ONU
Israel withdraw ambassador from NZ after UN vote against settlements in Palestinian territory
"Joe Biden told Ukrainians to vote against Israel"
David Levy: Tell PM to 'cut it out with sanctions' Former foreign min. and Netanyahu rival criticizes PM for reaction to UN resolution, tells Kahlon 'You can't sing Africa's praises...and then move forward with sanctions.'
Will Netanyahu own up to the UN defeat? No way, but he'll make Senegal pay
Senegal defends its UN Israel settlement vote
Despite UN humiliation, Israel won’t honor all its knee-jerk reactions

Divide Washington not Jerusalem, says Israeli minister Regev

Israel to Build in Jerusalem, Mulls More Steps Against UN
Defying U.N., Israel Prepares to Build More Settlements
Après le vote de l'ONU, Israël relance la colonisation par mesure de rétorsion
Israel Defiantly Set to Approve Thousands More Illegal Settlement Units
Israël approuve la construction de logements dans un quartier de Jérusalem-Est (ONG)
Israel to approve 100s of new homes in East Jerusalem in defiance of UNSC resolution – reports
Israel Announces NEW Illegal Settlements: We Don't 'Turn The Other Cheek'
Israel’s education minister calls for annexation of West Bank in response to UN resolution
Israel Pressing Ahead With Settlements Despite UN Resolution
After UN vote, Bennett plans to bring annexation bill to Knesset
Top minister urges annexation over anti-settlement vote
Angered by UN vote, Israel threatens annexation of Palestinian land
Outpost bill ‘back on the table’ after UN anti-settlement vote
In defiance of UN, Israel reportedly set to approve thousands of settler units
Des centaines de logements vont être approuvés à Jérusalem Est
Bennett: We'll declare sovereignty over Ma'ale Adumim

Craignant plus de problèmes avec Obama, Netanyahu adoucit les discussions sur l’annexion Fearing more trouble with Obama, Netanyahu tamps down annexation talk
Israel Fears Diplomatic Whirlwind in Obama’s Final Days

New roads will 'strengthen Jewish presence in the West Bank' despite UN resolution

Pourquoi la résolution de l’ONU sur les colonies serait néfaste aux Palestiniens

Following UNSC resolution, PLO wants ICC to open full investigation into settlements
The Hague Will the UN resolution bring down a full ICC war crimes probe on Israel?
Palestinian land owner preparing to take settlers to ICC
Ramifications of UNSC resolution: Sanctions, boycotts and ICC lawsuits‏

Geert Wilders Far-right Dutch politician condemns Obama for UN settlement resolution NETHERLANDS – Geert Wilders Sides With Israel And Condemns Obama For UN Settlement Resolution

UNSC resolution on Israeli settlements sends shockwaves through U.S. Jewish community
Le vote de l'ONU contre Israël est l'acte antisémite le plus grave de 2016 pour le centre Wiesental
UN vote tops Wiesenthal list of top 10 antisemitic, anti-Israel cases in 2016

Analysis: Differentiation clause will boost BDS

Avigdor Liberman dubs Paris peace conference 'modern day Dreyfus trial'
Israel Fears French, American Initiative in Paris Conference Before Obama Leaves Office
Israël: un ministre qualifie la conférence de paix française de "procès Dreyfus"
Liberman : « La France n’organise pas une conférence de paix mais un nouveau procès Dreyfus contre Israël »

Pro-Israeli Lobby Threatens British Government Over Illegal Settlement Vote at the UN

Le Congrès US vote pour quitter l'ONU

Marking New Era, Trump Administration Avoids Condemning Israeli Settlement Expansion
In break from Obama, White House keeps mum as Israel expands settlements

Le Conseil de sécurité se réunit au sujet des logements annoncés en Cisjordanie par Netanyahu  
Le Conseil de sécurité ne prend aucune mesure sur les colonies israéliennes

Israel approves construction and planning of 2,500 settler homes in West Bank
Israel okays 2,500 new settlement homes, 2 days after PM talks to Trump
Israël approuve la construction de 2 500 logements en Cisjordanie
Israël: le gouvernement approuve la construction de 2.500 logements de colonisation en Cisjordanie occupée
Netanyahu OKs plans for 2,500 West Bank housing units
New settlement homes are just a ‘taste,’ Netanyahu tells MKs
Netanyahu : les nouvelles maisons dans les implantations ne sont qu’ ‘un avant-goût’
Netanyahu: We will annex Maale Adumim
Inside Israel Israeli government approves 671 new homes in Jerusalem
Israël : feu vert à la construction de 566 logements à Jérusalem-Est
Netanyahu pledges unrestricted construction in East Jerusalem, settlement blocs

Zahava Galon accuse Netanyahu d’être au « service du lobby de l’apartheid »
Les nouvelles constructions annoncées par Israël sont « très préoccupante », réitère Paris

Arab League says Israel showing ‘contempt’ with settlement plans
In rare move, Australia criticizes settlement expansion

Porush opposes Gafni, favors annexing Maale Adumim
Israeli settlers renew battle with state over West Bank homes

Thousands of Arab Israelis protest home demolitions, discrimination
Israel Begins Ethnically Cleansing Bedouin Community to Build Jews-Only Town
Destruction et violences à Umm el-Hiran : un déplacement de population à l’oeuvre dans le Naqab israélien (UJFP)

Prime Minister Netanyahu's frightening Facebook post
Netanyahu and Co. present: A jungle in the villa
Say 'no' to Netanyahu's industry of lies

Report: "The UN is occupying State-owned Israeli land" Il y a que l'Onu qui "occupe" un quelconque territoire en Israel-Palestine... Quelle blague.

The debate in Israel is over. Annexation it is
 The Green Line is not sacred
Ayelet Shaked assure que de nouvelles implantations vont être construites
Jewish Home leaders vow new settlement will be built
Liberman: ‘Cool down’ on talk of West Bank annexation, sovereignty
Right-wingers: ‘We don’t need US permission to build in settlements’
Israeli Science Minister Akunis– ‘There is only one settlement bloc: The entire Land of Israel’
Amona Express: Settlers build new outpost in northern West Bank

Germany says settlement construction could lead to war

Netanyahu said to have rejected regional peace plan last year
Herzog: Netanyahu 'ran away' from peace initative Opposition chairman: Kerry's peace proposal was historic opportunity but Netanyahu backed off because it would have dismantled Likud.
Kerry offered Netanyahu regional peace plan in secret 2016 summit with al-Sissi, King Abdullah

Israel’s Masters of War Set Their Sights on Gaza – Again

B’Tselem: Record year of Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes

Palestinian dies after being shot by Israeli troops on his way to his last chemo session

Rapport: 7000 Palestiniens détenus dans les prisons israéliennes

Israel to seize West Bank widow's inheritance, claiming it belongs to the state

Israeli reports harassment of Palestinian shepherds, gets two police visits in 12 hours

Cops at checkpoints always remind me which side I'm on

'The settlers love us when we shoot Arabs'
The difference between a dead Arab in Israel vs. the West Bank
Le terrorisme israélien dans les territoires occupés - La vie quotidienne dans « la seule démocratie du Moyen-Orient »
Jewish Israeli colonists caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron

Left to bleed to death, 
and called a murderer
Kill them, they’re fair game

Nouvelle audience et réquisitoire possible au procès du soldat Elor Azaria qui divise Israël
Les procureurs réclament 3 à 5 ans d’emprisonnement pour Azaria

Israeli coverage of the incident at Umm al-Hiran is proof that apartheid exists

« La France doit reconnaître l’Etat palestinien avant qu’il ne soit trop tard »

"L'Organisation Juive Mondiale est devenue folle" selon les juifs extrémistes

Le «conflit israélo-palestinien» et sa couverture médiatique en «démocratie avancée» entre droit au mensonge et devoir de manipulation

  ‘Israeli’ Army will go ‘full force’ in future wars, collapsing EU shouldn’t lecture –defense chief

Former Israeli foreign minister cancels Brussels trip after threat of arrest for ‘war crimes’
Israel condemns planned Belgian interrogation of ex-FM Livni

'Boycotting Israel as a whole, combined with antisemitism, should be illegal'
A look at the Shin Bet's Cyber Unit‏
New system to identify anti-Semitism on the web

Torture, Israeli-style - as described by the interrogators themselves

Five alleged 'Israeli spies' arrested in Lebanon

Israeli nuclear secret-leaker convicted for violating parole
Israeli nuclear secret-leaker Vanunu convicted of meeting with foreigners
Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Vanunu Convicted of Violating Restraining Orders

CIA: British encouraged Arabs to oppose partition According to CIA documents, the British were actively encouraging Arab leadership to oppose partition, turning a blind eye enabling Arabs to acquire arms to attack Jews.

Israel’s shadowy role in Guatemala’s dirty war

Cuba’s Anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Activities
Looking back at Castro’s decades-long disdain for Israel
The Bahamas and the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Havana
Like Cuba, Sudan President says CIA and Mossad are behind ISIS

Netanyahu: Arabs ‘ethnically cleansed’ Jews from West Bank

An earthquake in the Jewish world: A feeling of the uncanny accompanies the start of the new year, as Jews witness their religious and political leaders aligning themselves with anti-Semites and anti-democrats

Kerry on U.N. Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements: 'Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic'
VIDEO - John Kerry Exposes Netanyahu's Greater Israel Scheme
Rivlin: Kerry speech, UNSC resolution put Israel on trial‏

Senate Leaders Back Bipartisan Bid Condemning UN Vote on Settlements
Bipartisan group of senators call for repealing UN resolution on Israel
US House passes motion repudiating UN resolution on Israel
House overwhelmingly approves resolution slamming UN, Obama administration
Le Congrès américain dénonce la résolution de l'Onu sur Israël
Netanyahu salue le vote des représentants américains sur la colonisation
Netanyahu thanks Congress, ‘America’ for House resolution condemning UN vote
Democrats join Senate condemnation of Obama-backed UN Israel resolution
Congressional Republicans push to condemn anti-settlement UN vote

More Americans support UN resolution on Israel than oppose it — poll
VIDEO - Why Americans Shouldn't Support Israeli Settlements In Palestinian Land

Bolton to Trump: Cut aid to UN settlement resolution supporters

Netanyahu's tactical rage against the UN Security Council conspirators
Israel cuts $6 million in UN funding over anti-settlement vote
Israel Strikes Back At UN
Netanyahu said to warn of more anti-Israel UN activity
Congress looks at options against UN over Israel action

Britain and the US in deepening war of words over Kerry’s anti-settlement speech
New Zealand foreign minister’s office vandalized over sponsorship of UN anti-settlement resolution
Violentes attaques de l’Allemagne contre Israël : « Israël ne peut être démocratique qu’à travers la solution de deux États »

Israeli Official: Settlements? What Settlements? What Occupation??
Bennett: How dare anyone call the land of Israel occupied?

L’opposition israélienne propose de tenir un référendum après les appels à annexer la Cisjordanie
Survey claims 31% of Israelis support annexing settlement blocs
Maaleh Adumim Shaked: We want to annex Ma'ale Adumim
Bennett vows to pursue Ma’ale Adumim annexation this month
Israel's curse of annexation
Israeli army approves moving illegal settlement outpost of Amona to contested Palestinian land
Bennett: We will annex Ma’aleh Adumim first and then all of Area C
Liberman tells lawmakers to pipe down about West Bank annexation

Netanyahou craint une nouvelle résolution contre Israël après la conférence de Paris
Israël : Netanyahu qualifie la conférence de Paris de "stérile"

Big brother Bennett
The Israeli culture minister's warped sense of history
Religious Zionism is the strongest, most deluded elite in Israel
The foolish equating of Israel’s 'extreme left' with the radical right

How Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dangerously Twisted Words Hide the Truth In the West Bank, Israel is not the “one true democracy in the Middle East.” It’s not a democracy at all. It’s not a democracy because Palestinians — who comprise the vast majority of the West Bank’s inhabitants — cannot vote for the government that controls their lives: the government of Israel.

VIDEO - The Jewish state is the world’s largest insane asylum where murderers are only convicted in the interests of maintaining the illusion that the rule of law governs
Israeli officials back shoot-to-kill policy of Palestinian suspects, says Human Rights Watch
Israël: un soldat reconnu coupable d'homicide sur un Palestinien
Netanyahu se prononce en faveur des demandes de grâce pour Azaria
Israeli soldier who shot downed Palestinian terrorist convicted of manslaughter
Elor Azaria verdict: Netanyahu threw army and its values under the bus
Why the Hebron shooter Elor Azaria trial is dividing Israel
The Azaria verdict is a temporary setback for right-wing enemies of the Israeli Republic
Hebron shooter Netanyahu calls to pardon Elor Azaria after Hebron manslaughter conviction
Netanyahu backs pardon for soldier convicted of killing wounded stabber
Netanyahu: Pardon soldier who shot downed Palestinian
Ex-Labor leader joins politicians from right in call for pardon for Hebron shooter

Illusion of Accountability in Israeli Soldier's Manslaughter Conviction
Israeli Politicians, From Right To Left, Slam Azaria Conviction 
Attempt to present Hebron soldier Elor Azaria as hero sealed his fate 
Defense Minister Ya'alon: Politicians Used Azaria to Get Knesset Seats 
Soccer hooligans in suits: Israel's ruling party more dangerous than pro-Azaria mob 
After Azaria verdict, Israeli army at odds with some nationalist politicians
After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident 
Hebron shooter Elor Azaria's trial: The death throes of a healthy society 
Hebron shooter Elor Azaria convicted at last, but those responsible will never be put to trial 
Israelis across divides rally in support of convicted soldier
After the Elor Azaria trial: Will our politicians actually fight for Israel's moral values?
Le soldat franco-israélien Elor Azaria, reconnu coupable d’homicide, est la norme
Two Israeli terrorists arrested for calling for violent attacks on Azaria judges
Man who threatened Azaria judges released to house arrest
Israël: multiplication de messages haineux après le jugement d'un soldat, 2 arrestations
2 Israéliens arrêtés pour avoir appelé à des attaques contre les juges du procès Azaria

Netanyahu hails Trump’s cruel racist crackdown
Le Mur de Trump: une attaque symbolique contre les classes laborieuses
Netanyahu Supports Trump's Border Wall: 'Trump Is Right. I Built a Wall. Great Success.'
The sad, historical irony of Netanyahu's support for Trump's wall
Netanyahou apprécie grandement le projet de construction du mur de Trump avec le Mexique
Netanyahu: Trump is right, it's an excellent idea Netanyahu supports Trump's idea to build US-Mexico wall, wishes Trump 'good luck.'
Benjamin Netanyahu sur Twitter : "President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea"
Netanyahu: Trump right about building wall, ‘great success’ in Israel
Netanyahu, weighing in on Mexico controversy, says walls are a ‘great idea’
Former U.S. Envoy Blasts Netanyahu for Backing Mexico Border Wall: Trump Squeezing Him Hard
Netanyahu in hot water over praise of Trump's wall
Israel’s ambassador to Mexico berated after PM’s comments
Mexico voices strong protest after Netanyahu tweets about Trump's wall
Le Mexique déplore le soutien de Netanyahu au mur de Trump
Facing Mexico’s fury, Israel backtracks on Trump border wall praise
Mexico admonishes Israel over Netanyahu wall tweet
Le Mexique déplore le soutien de Netanyahu au mur de Trump
Le Mexique veut des excuses d'Israël pour son soutien au mur de Trump
Netanyahu rejects request by minister to apologize to Mexico over Trump wall tweet
Mexican Foreign Minister demands apology after Netanyahu tweet
Mexico summons Israeli envoy over Netanyahu's wall comment
As tensions flare, Netanyahu says Trump wall tweet wasn’t about Mexico
Mexican Jews voice wall-to-wall outrage over Netanyahu tweet
President Rivlin tells Mexican counterpart he regrets any hurt caused by Netanyahu's tweet
Mexico Says Crisis Caused by Netanyahu's Tweet About Trump's Wall Is Over
Netanyahu rejects request by minister to apologize to Mexico over Trump wall tweet
Netanyahu defends tweet on Trump's wall: I didn’t comment on U.S.-Mexico relations
The Damage of Netanyahu's Needless Tweet
Mexican President accepts apology of President Rivlin, ending crisis in relations between the two nations.
Benjamin Netanyahu Netanyahu blames 'Leftist media' for fabricating 'crisis' with Mexico
PM: The leftist media is trying to bring me down
Netanyahou : "les medias de gauche essayent de me faire tomber"
Netanyahu is getting Trumpier and Trumpier
Murs partout, les maitres assiégés …
Trump-Netanyahou : les murs de la honte
Israël applique la «politique Trump» à ses frontières depuis des décennies

Israeli security firm: Smart fence ‘best option’ for US-Mexico border
Three years later, Israel considers detention camp for migrants a huge success

 In opposing Obama, Netanyahu played a risky hand, seems to have won
Netanyahu-Trump Love Affair Begins with Anti-Palestinian Measures
Netanyahu, Giuliani meet in run-up to summit with Trump
Trump could reduce U.S. ties with groups that support Palestinians – including UN
Israel’s enthusiastic embrace of President Trump - and why it might be dangerous
VIDEO - Israel Building MORE Illegal Settlements With Trump's Blessing
En Israël, la colonie préférée de Donald Trump
Un proche d'Abbas affirme que la #Palestine a reçu les 221 millions de $ versés par #Obama malgré le gel de #Trump
Jew Levin goes ballistic on Obama’s last-minute $221 million gift to the Palestinian Authority

In Trump’s push for ‘America First,’ troubling echoes of anti-Semitic crusade
Attention, right-wingers: You don’t have Obama to kick around anymore
VIDEO - Milo Yiannopoulos Says He’s a Jew, Not a Nazi
It’s Richard Spencer vs Max Blumenthal on Twitter
VIDEO - The Trump Cult

Israel, Jews have 'no better friend' than Trump
When Trump falls, Israel will suffer too‏
Israël se réjouit du soutien apporté par le nouveau monde anglo-saxon
Trump: Jewish in dealing with the Jews
Trump’s embrace of Israel is toxic for US Zionists
Israel increasingly 'divisive' among American Jews, study shows
American Jews’ declining attachment to Israel‏
Foxman– ‘American Jews will divorce themselves from Israel if there is peace’

Why I, as a Proud Israeli, Want the World to Boycott Us

Israël veut fermer un siège de l'ONU à Jérusalem

Wow: TIME-LIFE Covers "Israel Did 9/11!"

Days of Palestine sur Twitter : "#Israeli occupation army sprays toxins to kill #Palestinian agricultural crops in #Gaza, east of #KhanYounis city

Israël: deux morts dans une opération de destruction d’un village bédouin
Demonstrator Against Demolition of Bedouin Village Challenges Account of Israeli Police Shooting

Amona Settlers: ‘Stop Netanyahu’s settlement bloc plan’
MK blasts European report alleging ‘systematic’ Israeli killings in Gaza
Will ICC take action if 'settlement bill' passes?
The Israeli Law to Legalize Land Theft
Shaked to Germany: No reason to demolish 'settlements'
Mapping the latest Israeli settlement expansion

House bill would cut UN funding over anti-settlements resolution

Israel announces new West Bank settlement as deadline for outpost demolition looms
Knesset passes historic law legalizing 4,000 settler homes
Voting 'yes' for theft
Washington tried to defer Regulation Bill vote — report
Netanyahu backs contentious outpost bill after alerting White House
UN peace envoy warns Israel of far-reaching consequences to outpost bill
La Knesset a voté la loi de Régulation
In historic first, Israel legalizes West Bank outposts with sweeping new legislation
Israel passes contentious Palestinian land-grab bill in late night vote
Explained: Israel's new Palestinian land-grab law and why it matters
Israel revives 'regularization' bill to authorize seizing Palestinian land for settlements
EU warns new settlements risk making two-state solution ‘impossible’
France ‘bitterly condemns’ latest settlement construction plan
EU Foreign Policy Chief: Israeli Settlement Plans Endanger Two-state Solution
Palestinians demand UN action over Israeli approval of settlement homes
British PM to pan Israeli settlement activity in meeting with Netanyahu
Israel Approves 3,000 New W.B. Settlement Units
Israël annonce 3.000 logements de colonisation en Cisjordanie
Israel Announces Another Massive West Bank Settlement Expansion
Netanyahu announces creation of new settlement
Israel approves thousands of new settler homes ahead of West Bank outpost's evacuation
Senior Israeli minister vows annexation of entire West Bank after 'painful' evacuation of Amona MK likens Amona outpost evacuation to ‘brutal rape’
'Like brutally raping a woman'
Netanyahu annonce une nouvelle implantation pour remplacer Amona
Bennett implores PM to prevent destruction of Amona farmland
PM compensates Amona settlers with first new West Bank settlement in 25 years
Bennett: Amona evacuation will lead to West Bank annexation
Bennett: Amona evacuation will lead to Israeli annexations in West Bank
Bennett : l’annexion de la Cisjordanie suivra l’évacuation d’Amona
Israel evacuates illegal outpost Amona
Hotovely promet que le projet de loi sur les avant-postes empêchera d’autres évacuations
How can settlers take my land and say it was God's will?
Rabbi Druckman: Evacuation due to ‘leftist minority’ influence on courts I've never lived in a stolen home. Maybe leaving it is harder
The Mock Eviction
'Amona evictions caused by foreign-funded organization'

Appel pour la suspension de l'accord d'association UE/Israël

Leaving settlers and investigations behind, Netanyahu heads to U.S., U.K. and Australia
Netanyahu Invited To Meet May At Downing St Amid Tensions Over Israel’s Illegal Settlements
Netanyahu asks British PM May to stop funding anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence
Netanyahu demande à May d’arrêter de financer ‘Breaking the Silence’

Israel’s manipulation of UK politics: time for zero tolerance
UK lawmaker: Anti-Semitism rising due to Jews not criticizing Israel
Jenny Tonge blames Israel for rise of anti-Semitic incidents in her country.
UK lawmaker accuses Jews of 'perpetual victim mentality'. British lawmaker

Does the ISRAELI Lobby call the shots in British politics?
Israel’s shining stars of conscience: Its conscientious objectors
How Israel’s Proposed Anti-BDS Law Would Make Me A Second Class Jew
TEVA et les officines israéliennes mal en point au procès BDS de Metz
Un boycott légitime, Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’Etat d’Israël
« Un boycott légitime », une lecture incontournable – Pour la Palestine
Un boycott légitime ; pour les BDS universitaire et culturel d'Israël d'Eyal Sivan, d'Armelle Laborie
Présentation du livre « Un boycott légitime, pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël » Paris, le 24/11/16 – BDS France
Note de lecture du livre « Un boycott légitime. Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël » par Eyal Sivan et Armelle Laborie
"Un boycott légitime", un livre de défense du mouvement BDS contre "l'Etat d'exception" israélien
L’Orientalisme, La question de Palestine et L’islam dans les médias (trois livres du Palestinien Edward Saïd)

3 à 5 ans de prison requis contre un soldat israélien qui a achevé un assaillant palestinien

Netanyahu openly boasts of Israel's war on Africans

Israel weaponizes rape culture against Palestinians

Lawmakers demand ‘urgent inquiry’ into Gaza war report leaks
‘Stop playing with the generals,’ Lapid told Bennett during Gaza war


Palestinian teen dies in Gaza after Israel denies him access to hospital

Israel falls to 16th place in US popularity survey

Sheryl Sandberg Ralf Stegner Anti-Israel German politician compares Jewish Facebook head with Nazi

Cartoon of IDF soldiers on NY state exam called ‘anti-Israel propaganda’

Israeli forces raid Palestinian publishing house, trashing equipment, confiscating printers
Colère des journalistes français "pro-terroristes palestiniens" : l’AFP...
Israeli Forces Raid Palestinian-owned Publishing House

D’anciens agents du Renseignement israélien proposent des services de cyber-sécurité

AG considers reopening case against policeman who beat Ethiopian soldier‏

Why the Fearmongering? Only One Democratic State is Possible in Palestine

Israel’s inhumane and stupid Bedouin policy

MK Smotrich: Seizing Palestinian property is for ‘the good of the public’

How the WaPo Turned 111 Venezuelan Jewish Emigrants into a Mass Exodus

Kippahed While Black: The Troubling Resurgence of ‘Shvartze’ and ‘Kushi’

Does evangelical support for Israel have a dark side?

Israel set to pass law banning pro-BDS foreigners from entering country

Hamas rewriting charter without anti-Semitism, claims official… but still rejects Israel

Non aux liaisons dangereuses de banques françaises avec la colonisation israélienne !

IRELAND – Cork university cancels conference on Israel’s legitimacy due to ‘Zionists pressure’ and threats of protests
Canadian Catholic bishops denounce Israeli ‘occupation’
Winnipeg doctor says he was fired for anti-Israel views

Les sites d'« information communautaire » plus dangereux que les antisémites eux-mêmes ?

Israël. Des colonies et des armes pour le Myanmar Au même titre que Donald Trump, Benyamin Netanyahou a tweeté: «Nous construisons et nous continuerons à construire.» Ainsi, après avoir «révélé» la construction – évidemment planifiée depuis longtemps...
Le rôle d’Israël dans la « guerre sale » au Guatemala Les procédures pénales contre l’ancien dictateur Rios Montt mettent en lumière le rôle joué par Israël dans les crimes commis contre les Mayas au Guatemala.

VIDEO - Comment Israël mène une campagne de lobbying intensif au Royaume-Uni
Israeli Embassy Official Caught on Camera Discussing 'Taking Down' British Lawmakers
Israel sorry for embassy employee plot to ‘bring down’ UK lawmakers
 Israel's ambassador sorry over 'take down' Sir Alan Duncan comment
 Israeli diplomat caught on camera plotting to 'take down' UK MPs
 Les « opérations noires » d'Israël contre les gouvernements étrangers sont immorales et paranoïaques
 Des enregistrements secrets révèlent l’influence israélienne sur le Parti conservateur britannique
 “Undercover Investigation”: How Many British MPs Are Working for Israel?
UK – How many British MPs are working for Israel?
 VIDEO - Israel’s parliamentary plot against UK politicians
 Al-Jazeera Investigation Reveals Israel Lobby's Influence in the UK
 Un responsable de la NUS a conspiré avec l’ambassade d’Israël pour évincer la dirigeante de l’union
Israeli embassy employee quits over plot to ‘bring down’ UK lawmakers
Israeli government cash to UK’s Union of Jewish Students exposed
Israeli Diplomat Caught on Camera Conspiring to 'Take Down' UK Politicians
 British Foreign Secretary: No disciplinary action against Israel

Netanyahu Commands AIPAC Delegation to "Exert Influence"
South African parties tussle over politician’s Israel trip
Evangelicals to push pro-Israel moves in DC

ISIS attack theory suits Netanyahu well, but Jerusalem is not Berlin

« La France doit reconnaître l’Etat palestinien avant qu’il ne soit trop tard »
 Psalmodier “deux États, deux États” ne sert qu’à perpétuer l’occupation (GIDEON LEVY)
 Paris leaders to call on Netanyahu to disassociate from Bennett
Colère de Netanyahu : « Cette conférence anti-Israël est une imposture palestinienne sous les auspices de la France »
La conférence de Paris pour la paix est une « imposture », dit Netanyahu

VIDEO - Israeli Police Prevented Medics From Treating Palestinian Woman Shot at Checkpoint

Israël mène une véritable « guerre de l’eau » en Palestine

'Israel must build and build in Judea and Samaria after Trump takes office'

Israel: Settlement illegally sought to tax Palestinians for synagogue built on their land
 Israel demolishes buildings in Arab town, citing lack of permits 
Israël : grève contre les démolitions dans le secteur arabe

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to ‘silence documentation and resistance’

Fury at Azaria verdict is Israel's Trump moment
Recording indicates army sought deal with Azaria’s father in covert meeting 'The Army behaved like a mafia'
Le criminel Azaria met à nu” la banalité du mal”(*) dans le colonialisme israélien
License To Kill Without Prosecution… Ever: Israel Mulls Legal Immunity For IDF
Uzi Arad : Netanyahu est “du mauvais côté de la loi” au sujet d’Azaria

Masked Israelis attack activists accompanying Palestinian farmers in West Bank

Israel’s most effective political lobby: Right-wing nationalists on social media
Why nationalist and Jewish orthodoxy are taking over Israel
Jewish leaders warn of far-right Kahane group's revival in U.S.

Israeli witness in Gaza: No water, no electricity and children dying unnecessarily

Israelis aren’t appalled enough yet Change will come when people feel that the children are coming home from school as monsters, when parents will do everything to prevent their children from being made into soldiers, when the fear is over life itself.

Deputy defense minister proposes bill set to protect IDF soldiers from criminal prosecution
Israel Mulls Law Granting Immunity to Killer Soldiers
 Deputy defense minister to propose soldier immunity bill

Despite BDS, West Bank industrial zones are booming‏
Mano Siri : hypocrisie et mensonges de la LICRA sur le mouvement BDS
Berlin University Suspends Pro-BDS Professor
 Bill banning boycotters from Israel advances in Knesset
Le projet de loi anti-Breaking the Silence adopté en lecture préliminaire
B’Tselem ensuring that we don’t lose our humanity
 Avancée d'un projet de loi bannissant les boycotteurs d'entrer en Israel
Israeli lawmakers move to ban settlement-boycott advocates from entering country
 Relaxe pour le président du collectif BDS 57 !
 Une région espagnole aurait décidé de boycotter Israël

Poll: Israelis believe Trump pro-Israel, Obama pro-Arab 74% Republicans, 33% Democrats back Israel over Palestinians — poll
74% of Republicans sympathize with Israel over Palestinians

L’exaspération de Jimmy Carter

Defense/Security 'Bennett and other 'messianists' leading the country to ruin'
Bennett on BBC: PA envoy to US a Holocaust denierEducation Minister Naftali Bennett faces off against PA envoy who called Holocaust a hoax, demands he retract statement

Israeli bill to annex Ma'aleh Adumim settlement will include controversial E1 area
'Netanyahu's policy': Israeli Arabs fear more house demolitions
Hundreds across country protest ‘bloodshed, home demolitions’
WATCH – Bloodthirsty IDF soldiers shoot and kill Palestinian teen during protests in Bethlehem
VIDEO - Video raises questions about alleged attack
Une opération de démolition tourne mal en Israël : un policier et un villageois tués

Israël : l'État hébreu détruit des installations financées par l'UE

Ce que le procès d’Azaria nous dit (une fois de plus) sur Israël
Israël: Une loi permettant aux soldats de tuer les palestiniens sans crainte va bientôt être adopter
Soldier confined to base for pro-Azariya Facebook post

Jews, make your voices heard

Most Israelis support sovereignty over Judea and Samaria Inside Israel. New poll finds that 75% of Israelis support sovereignty in Judea and Samaria in some form, while only 7% support a Palestinian state.

Inside Israel Women of the Wall refuse bodycheck at Western Wall entrance

Israeli Forces Seize Agricultural Tractors in Jordan Valley

Combien de députés britanniques (et français) travaillent pour Israël ?
Labour’s Corbyn calls for investigation of Israel’s influence in British politics
Jeremy Corbyn UK's Corbyn calls for investigation into Israeli meddling after embassy row
Did Al Jazeera infiltrate a UK Labour forum via misled Israeli help?

Britain again breaks ranks with Europe — this time over Israel
Britain denounced for defending Israel in international forums
Le Royaume-Uni critiqué pour sa défense d’Israël sur la scène internationale

Spy wars Foreign Report: Spy ring exposed in Algeria allegedly working for Israel

Inauguration de l'ambassade palestinienne au Vatican

Le financement français des ONG anti-Israël

How Israel Battled the Paris Peace Conference - on Social Media
Israel Won't Attend 'Rigged' 70-Nation Conference to Decide Israel's Future
Les Palestiniens se félicitent des décisions de la conférence de Paris, Israël en colere
Israel fears fresh UN initiative two days after Paris conference
Israël craint une nouvelle initiative à l’ONU en sa défaveur après la conférence de Paris Conférence de Paris : et si l’Europe cessait de financer l’occupation de la Palestine par Israël ?
La dernière gifle de Benyamin Nétanyahou à François Hollande

La barrière de séparation en Cisjordanie

Israeli ‘human interest’ matters a lot more than Palestinian ‘human rights’ in Washington Post

De pilote de Tsahal à militant BDS, pour dénoncer l’occupation et les massacres d’Israël

VIDEO - Israël: des familles juives regrettent le Maroc (Extrait du film Route 181 d'Eyal Sivan et Michel Khleifi)
Hate Arabs? Join us

Outrage over German institute’s hosting of pro-Hamas, Hezbollah speaker Norman Finkelstein

Des tweets racistes accueillent l’arrivée de Laurence Haïm chez Macron

Deux tweets de Charles Enderlin

Éric Zemmour : « Il n’y a plus que la France pour croire en un État palestinien »
VIDEO - Le peuple palestinien existe car il a une histoire - Premier Etat (1744-1775)

L’esprit néo-colonial est de retour. Bonne année quand même…

« Pour en finir avec l’affaire Al Dura », questions à Guillaume Weill-Raynal
Quand Pierre-André Taguieff (et d’autres) se lâchent... ad hominem Par Guillaume Weill-Raynal

Documentaire : Révélations sur les liens entre nazis et palestiniens. Les Palestiniens ont pris la relève des nazis dans le projet d'extermination des Juifs De source sioniste, alors il faut faire atention aux exagérations nombreuses et malhonnêtes... Car c'est la ligne de Bibi Netanyahu, ne l'oubliez pas: "les arabes et les islamistes ont pris le relais des nazis!"

Me Goldnadel voit des « colonies de peuplement » partout, sauf en Palestine.

Palestinians seeking to expand BDS campaign against Israeli settlements
French supermarket apologizes for ‘made in Israeli settlement’ labels

Israeli police shoot Palestinian teen, then arrest him after his father files complaint

VIDEO - The Empire Files with Abby Martin: Inside the Hotbeds of Israeli Settler Terror
The Cruel Experiments of Israel’s Arms Industry

Lebanon's president: Israeli Mossad might be behind assassination of Lebanese businessman‏
Lebanon president accuses Mossad of murder in Angola

Venezuelan Jews barred from immigrating to Israel because 'they don't belong to a Jewish community'

Netanyahu: Still no agreement on settlements with Trump
Netanyahu: Israel, Trump at odds over settlements, 'things are not as simple as you think'
Netanyahu, Trump, agree to create Judea and Samaria 'team'
Trump reiterates neutrality on two-state solution, but says he ‘likes’ it

Power of donors over Israel discussion in Jewish community is ‘the $60 million question’

Netanyahu affirme que la sortie des USA du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme est son idée
Netanyahu says he pitched Trump on US exit from UN Human Rights Council

U.S. seeks end to UN rights council's "obsession" with Israel.
US says UNHRC must end 'obsession with Israel'‏
UN chief urged to add IDF to blacklist

Christians see ‘fire rainbow’ as divine approval of Netanyahu’s visit to Singapore
Netanyahu sur la défensive avant un rapport sur la guerre de Gaza - Le Point
The perfect framework for Israel's settler party to quit Netanyahu's government
Herzog : le rapport sur Gaza est une “inculpation” de Netanyahu
Special report: Benjamin Netanyahu and the defense establishment's failures in the 2014 Gaza war
Gideon Levy : « Israël aime les guerres »
Israel loves wars. Needs them. Does nothing to prevent them, and sometimes instigates them 

Ce n'est pas la première loi de vol des terres et ce ne sera pas la dernière.

West Bank home of Israeli lawmaker who championed land-grab law built illegally
From outposts to The Hague: The illegality of Israel’s land-grab law

Ne pas lâcher prise sur la Ligne verte : c'est le talon d'Achille d'Israël

'Shaked wants a submissive court'

Israël-Palestine: la loi du nombre ou la vertu des principes?

Les détenues palestiniennes de la prison de HaSharon souffrent de négligence médicale et de séparation de leurs familles – Pour la Palestine

Amnesty: Israel killed 110 Palestinian civilians in 2016

Israeli Jew Who Stabbed Another Jew He Mistook for an Arab Sentenced to 11 Years

Israel Police add insult to injury by blaming the Bedouin victim

Israeli Soldiers Destroy an Internationally-Funded Drinking Water Pipeline

Palestinians urge boycott of Israeli military courts

27 févr.Bethlehem checkpoint, 5 am: 1000s of Palestinian workers pass the checkpoint in humiliating conditions

WATCH Israeli TV Host Implores Israelis: Wake Up and Smell the Apartheid

Égypte : la communauté oubliée des réfugiés palestiniens
Douze ans de résistance populaire à Bil’in

This Purim, Some Israeli Kids Will Dress Up as Hebron Shooter
Costume Of Hebron Terrorist Elor Azaria Is A Best Seller For Purim 2017
Azariya to appeal sentence
Charlie Azaria vows to keep fighting Elor conviction
Procès Azaria : « Pas de justice pour les Palestiniens »
Soldat israélien : peine trop légère et "inacceptable" pour l'Onu
Israël: incarcération reportée du soldat Azaria
Hebron Terrorist Elor Azaria’s Prison Sentence Postponed
I exposed Elor Azaria’s lies, prosecutor says in first interview

Jewish Cop Who Admitted to Urinating on a Palestinian Detainee to Be Prosecuted

Soutien de Ken Loach à la conférence sur « l’exceptionnalisme » d’Israël

Ashkenazi Jews are to blame for Israel’s ethnic rift

Pourquoi 154 parlementaires demandent à Hollande de reconnaître la Palestine
La lettre de 154 parlementaires à Hollande : "La France doit reconnaître l’Etat de Palestine"

Dershowitz calls on banks to close accounts that boycott Israel

Facebook ferme la page du Fatah, le parti du président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas

Israeli Father kills his wife, kids because they were ‘Amalekites’
Un homme a tué sa femme et ses fils parce qu’ils étaient des “Amalécites”

1mars Enderlin: Sympa la droite autorise encore les militants des ONG de gauche à respirer l'air de la Terre d'Israël ! A quand la détention des gauchistes?
Obeying the conscience One-hundred days have passed since two 18-year-old girls were first imprisoned for their refusal to undergo army induction. Isn't there a more humane way to deal with conscientious objectors?
Israël interdit à nouveau l’entrée à un employé de Human Rights Watch
Israël refuse des visas à l’équipe de « l’hostile » Human Rights Watch
Bernstein contre Roth Les juifs extrémistes croient que Roth a trahi Bernstein le fondateur de Human Rights Watch et accusent HRW d'être devenu antijuif.
Israel bars Human Rights Watch worker from country — again

C’est le début de la Semaine contre l’apartheid israélien ! Dans plus de 200 villes !
Pro-Palestinian students cry censorship over Israel Apartheid Week cancelations

Philosémitisme: Le boycott et le dénigrement d'Israël, une passion belge
Belgium’s Anti-Racism Czar Defends Man He Convicted For Calling For Slaughter Of Jews

PEN America drops Israel sponsorship

La liberté de s'exprimer sur Israël en butte à des attaques dans les universités
Israel and Palestine : Settler colonialism and academic freedom
VIDEO - German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel - German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel (FULL)

Natan Sharansky: Anti-Semitism of far right, anti-Israelism of radical left no different
La gauche plutôt antisémite ou une partie de la communauté juive plutôt anti-gauchiste ?

‘The Settlers’: An effective work of left-wing propaganda Selon les juifs extrémistes, ce docu n'est que de la propagande de gauche. Notez que "gauche" dans le langage juif extrémiste est pratiquement synonyme d' "antijuif".

Leader of British Labor Party sides with anti-Israel activists

Le plus vieux député britannique, Juif et férocement anti-Israël, est mort à 86 ans
From Hannah Arendt to Gerald Kaufman: The “Self-Hating Jews” Who Survived the Holocaust…

Quand Israël et la Grande-Bretagne célèbrent le traumatisme historique des Palestiniens
Photos : La Palestine au début du XXe siècle
'Britain must compensate Palestinians for Balfour Declaration'

‘Investigate Israeli complicity with Pinochet's crimes’

Comment protéger ses enfants des pédophiles qui trouvent refuge en Israël ?

Discussion sur le grand Mufti et son antijudaïsme, ses relations avec Hitler (voir les commentaires de logos_forever et les répliques de Gilgamesh d'Uruk)

Israeli Journalist: The 'Real Landlords' of Israel Are the Settlers
Ex-defense Chief Ya’alon Warns: IDF at Risk of ‘Looking Like ISIS’

Better a right-winger for prime minister than a Moroccan

PLO Leader: Israel Is the Most Racist, Violent Government in World History

'Palestinians to outnumber Jews by year 2020,' PA Bureau claims

Le projet de loi excluant Breaking The Silence des écoles cause un vif débat

Les Palestiniens n’ont aucune arme pour négocier, c’est Israël qui dicte l’agenda"

Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist

VIDEO - Israël rappelle continuellement qu'elle est la seule démocratie du moyen orient tout en violant les lois internationales.

The Israeli jailer whose orders killed 21 Palestinian civilians

Bennett proposes law to block ‘Breaking the Silence’ from school visits

Quand Israël préparait des attentats anti-britanniques et anti-US…

Les chrétiens s’inquiètent de voir leur communauté disparaître à Bethléem
Une manifestation de Pères-Noël palestiniens tourne à l'affrontement à Bethléem (VIDEOS)

Analysis How Far-Right Extremism Is Taking Over Israel's Education System

‘Academia is Greek culture in disguise’
Certaines universités britanniques sont “trop antisémites pour les étudiants juifs”

You won’t believe why they’re studying Jacques Derrida in school

Après la banalisation de l’islamophobie, une immonde parole faisant le jeu des antisémites non sanctionnée
La "France" Israelienne, où l'islamophobie généralisé !

Facing Trial for Hate Speech, Islamophobic Dutch Politician Hopes to Ride Trump’s Tide
Far-Right Dutch Politician More Popular Than Ever After Hate Speech Conviction

La couverture médiatique d’Israël par CNN « n’est pas parfaite », selon son président Coïncidence? Trump et Israel attaquent tous les deux CNN comme étant "le pire média de fausses nouvelles", alors que c'est CNN qui est probablement le moins pro-Israel et le plus objectif de tous les gros médias américains...
Ex-KKK leader David Duke suspended from Twitter for his response to Haaretz story

Trump’s pick for amb. to Israel funded settlements in Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter
Trump's pick for Israel envoy: Where do Jewish groups stand?
Orthodox rabbinical organization supports Friedman as ambassador

Most Jewish Israelis say Trump will allow settlement growth
55% Of Israelis Think Trump Won’t Oppose Settlement Construction
US, Israel discussing settlement restrictions — State Department
Trump Israel adviser headed to Israel to discuss 'settlements'

Anti-Trump sentiment may turn against Israel, Ya’alon warns
US warning to Israel signals backpedaling by Trump
Would Annexing Part Of The West Bank Spark A ‘Crisis’ Between Israel And Trump?
Lieberman: Trump administration has warned us not to annex West Bank
‘Stop trying to intimidate us on annexation’

Avigdor Liberman: Israeli annexation of West Bank will cause 'immediate crisis' with US
Trump’s New Travel Ban, Demonization of Muslims
ZOA Backs Trump’s New Immigration Order — JCPA Opposed Zionist Organization of America welcomes Trump’s immigration order, JCPA opposes

Dumber and more counterproductive: Israel's travel ban is worse than Trump's
Israel's ugly new travel ban tells the world: Stay away if you don't agree with us
Israel's travel ban: How banning settlement boycotters is driving me into the arms of BDS
Israel’s new travel ban: A survival kit for activists stopped at Israel's airport
Israel passes ‘dissenter ban’ barring entry to boycott advocates
Israël interdit l'entrée sur son territoire aux partisans de son boycott
I Support Boycotting Settlements — Should I Be Banned From Israel?
Israel’s Welcome now Reserved only for Jews who Back Netanyahu
Cornel West tells Haaretz: Israel's travel ban shows BDS is getting stronger
US Jewish groups criticize Israeli bill banning BDS supporters
Eligible for Aliyah, barred from Israel: The absurdity of the anti-BDS law
'How would Israelis feel if another country decided not to let them in because they advocate for settlements?'
UN rights experts denounce Israel’s growing constraints on human rights defenders
Knesset passes law barring boycott supporters from Israel
Visas will not be given to boycott supporters Knesset passes law prohibiting granting visas to those who support BDS against Israel.
Israel's travel ban: Knesset bars entry to foreigners who call for boycott of settlements
Character assassination as a tool to silence a Palestinian activist
ADL slams Israel's travel ban: 'New law harms' fight against BDS
New York Times blasts Israel over travel ban of boycott supporters: 'Unjust and counterproductive'
Foreign Affairs State Department: Israel’s anti-BDS law is ‘sovereign decision’
State Department Won’t Criticize Israel’s Anti-BDS Travel Ban
Israel Criminalizes Thought By Banning BDS Supporters
Am I too dangerous to enter Israel?
Interdiction de voyage par Israël : La Knesset interdit l’entrée aux étrangers qui boycottent les colonies
Activists Defiant on Israel's Travel Ban Targeting BDS Supporters: "It's a Sign We're Winning"
Israel Bans Entry to Supporters of the Boycott Movement
UK’s Corbyn could be barred from Israel by new anti-BDS law

Trump pushing Jews away from Israel — that's a good thing
Five ways Israel will make you hate Israel this week
Israel’s neverending occupation is bringing ‘infamy’ to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life ‘precarious’

U.S. State Department confirms Obama's last-minute aid to the Palestinians

Liberman urges US to cut ties with Israel-bashing UN bodies
Israel threatened to boycott EU envoy to peace process - but backtracked

Netanyahu : Israël est devenu “une puissance mondiale qui monte”

Netanyahu in Moscow leverages Putin Purim greeting to slam Iran
Poutine balaye le récit de Pourim et exhorte Netanyahu à vivre dans le présent
Rejecting Purim spiel, Putin tells Netanyahu to stop dwelling on past

How North Korea endangers Israel

Weeks after berating Senegal and Venezuela for anti-settlement motion at UN, Israel seeks warmer ties with them

Dershowitz– ‘Jews should never apologise for Jewish power’

SWAT Raids Home of Washington Post Employee from Israel Posing as Federal Agent

Israel said to be worried of IS chemical attack in Europe MAIS PAS EN ISRAËL?

Israël, l’état d’ingérence (AFPS)

Bennett– ‘Next War between Israel and Lebanon Must Hit Civilians Where It Hurts’

The settlers won the battle, but the war isn't over

Israeli rightists can stop celebrating

ONG : L'armée israélienne empêche la prise en charge des blessés palestiniens

“L'armée la plus morale “…

Israël tue 26 élèves palestiniens et en arrête 198 en 2016

Prominent Palestinian activist killed in Israeli raid

Israel army appeals 'excessively lenient' sentence for soldier convicted of extrajudicial killing of Palestinian terrorist

B’Tselem: Israel does not compensate Palestinians for collateral damage

The Hague ‘Settlements law could open Israelis to war crimes prosecution’

The occupation's invisible collective punishment

'Israelis won't rent to us, they're disconnecting us from electricity'

Israël est, par définition, une colonie européenne (Aaron Tordjman)

FRANCE – ‘French’ Jews among the largest contingent of volunteers in the IDF

VIDEO - Israel Creating Nationwide Database of Citizens’ Faces, Fingerprints (1/2)(La 2e partie débute automatiquement après la fin de la 1re partie, activez au besoin la fonction lecture automatique.)

Quand Hollande refuse de reconnaître la Palestine pour éviter l'hostilité du CRIF personne n'évoque le communautarisme

Il faut choisir : reconnaissance #Palestine ou droit d'#Israel à #Occupation @fhollande indécis jusqu'au bout ?

Richard Gere calls for an end to 'the occupation'‏
Palestinians urge Richard Gere to cancel appearance at Jerusalem movie premiere

Banksy opens Walled Off Hotel in the occupied city of Bethlehem, which offers 'worst view in the world' with rooms facing grey concrete.

Swiss legislature passes bill to stop funding for boycotts of Israel
Palestinians thank Natalie Imbruglia for refusing to entertain Israeli apartheid  South African university plagued with "antisemitism" during 'Apartheid Week'
Boycott Hyundai to end its complicity in Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities in Jerusalem and the Naqab
BDS Activists Score A First Victory In Ecuador
Union slammed for backing anti-Israel event at U of T
Manifestants pro-BDS à Berlin BDS Austria barred from holding event at Vienna cultural institution
La ‘semaine de l’apartheid israélien’ interdite à l’université de Toulouse
Boycott Israel ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ begins today in France
Pourquoi les progressistes israéliens ne peuvent accepter le mouvement de boycott

Georges Gumpel : "Le devoir du mémoire a ici tout son sens"
“Pour un musée en Palestine”, histoire d'une collection en exil

Le Conseil des étudiants de l'université de Turin a ratifié à une très nette majorité une motion de soutien au boycott académique d'Israël

AIPAC Paid $60K To Group That Peddles Anti-Islam Conspiracy Theories
AIPAC gave $60K to group that inspired Trump's Muslim ban

Once a Messiah, Trump Could Turn Out to Be the Israeli Right’s Worst Nightmare
USA: Friedman nommé prochain ambassadeur en Israel
Donald Netanyahu: Why Democrats See The Two Leaders As One
If Trump makes peace, Israeli leftists will abandon American Jewish liberals
The Israeli’s Attempt to Bring Down Trump

Trump proposes cuts to UN, increased miltary spending
Trump threatens to withdraw US from UN Human Rights Council Foreign Affairs
Rex Tillerson Tillerson threatens to withdraw US from UN Human Rights Council
UN report: Israel imposes 'apartheid regime' on Palestinians
Israel fumes as UN board censures ‘apartheid’ and ‘racial domination’ over Palestinians
For The First Time, UN Agency Accuses Israel of Being an ‘Apartheid Regime’
Landmark UN report backs Israel boycott
VIDEO - In Historic Report, U.N. Agency Says Israel Is Imposing an "Apartheid Regime" on Palestinian People

ZOA endorses Israel’s anti-BDS law
Israël : une loi contre le boycott sous le feu des critiques
Israel's travel ban: How banning settlement boycotters is driving me into the arms of BDS
Israel Says Dissenters Are Unwelcome
Cabinet considering bill to strip rights of citizens accused of treason
Israel Criminalizes Thought By Banning BDS Supporters In Orwellian Twist
Israel's travel ban backlash: Over 100 Jewish studies scholars threaten to not visit Israel in protest
Israel denies entry to prominent British boycott activist Israel bars entry to British activist over BDS support
Police detain prominent Israeli American activist for alleged possession of BDS material
New bill considers de-legitimizing Israel to be anti-Semitism South Carolina House endorses State Department definition of anti-Semitism.
Anti-Boycott Law Denies London BDS Activist Entry to Israel
Simone Zimmerman on Israel's travel ban: 'Am I an enemy of the state?'
WATCH: Former Sanders Staffer Simone Zimmerman “Outraged” At Israel Travel Ban
Israel's travel ban strikes Liberal Zionism at its core
Israel’s Ban Of BDS Supporters Stirs Rather Than Stifles Debate
Anti-boycotters law will only harm war on BDS‏
Criminalizing Free Expression in Israel
Supporting BDS is enough to get detained by the cops these days
Left-wing activist detained by police in the West Bank
Absurd but true: Jews who don't support BDS must stand behind those who do
How Israel resembles the Apartheid South African regime I struggled against

Manifestants pro-BDS à Berlin Frankfurt mayor urges cancellation of BDS ‘Don’t Buy From Jews’ event

Richard Gere to Haaretz: The occupation is indefensible
Israel arrested 15,000 Palestinian women since 1967
Israel arrests female Palestinian MP on women’s day

Le prix Nobel de la paix pour le détenu Palestinien Marwan Barghouti emprisonné par Israel

UK – Jews Snuff Out Free Speech At UK Universities
Ahead of concert, right-wingers seek to silence Israeli singer over 'anti-Zionism'

VIDEO - Entretien TDP avec Olivia Zemor : le boycott d’Israël est légal en France
A vos étiquettes ! Tout savoir sur l’étiquetage des produits des colonies israéliennes et agir en France

 Naftali Bennett, ministre israélien, sur la colonisation : "Tout est dans la Bible"
Israël est un sous-produit anachronique du colonialisme européen du XIXe siècle

Israel Threatens Imminent Demolition of Entire Palestinian Community
Overstepping authority, state body advances illegal Israeli settlement construction in West Bank
Israeli Soldiers Demolish An Under-Construction Building In Jerusalem

Israel Steals Millions of Dollars from Palestinians in Jerusalem Annually

Gaza B’Tselem: Israel does not compensate Palestinians for collateral damage
Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security Forces

VIDEO - Des soldats israéliens pris sur le fait en train de préparer l’assassinat d’un enfant
Des soldats israéliens arrêtent un ado de 14 ans à #Hébron. Une militante pacifiste se met au travers de leur véhicule.

Israel Police fail to charge offenders in 95% of reported anti-Palestinian attacks
Israel has an incitement problem
Israeli Education Minister: Next Lebanon War Must Target Civilians
Judaism Is Racism With A Kosher Seal Of Approval
The Expression of Hatred for Gentiles

ONU : Washington réclame le retrait d’un rapport accusant israhell d’apartheid

Sous la pression, l’ONU retire un rapport accusant Israël d’apartheid

UN group takes down report accusing Israel of apartheid

Head of UN body resigns as her group’s ‘apartheid Israel’ report is withdrawn

UN official resigns over Israel 'apartheid' report ESCWA head and UN Under-Secretary General Rima Khalaf resigns after report alleging Israeli 'apartheid' is withdrawn; UN spokesman says report published without prior consultation.
UN official resigns after pressure to withdraw Israel apartheid report

UN official resigns over report dubbing Israel ‘apartheid regime’

Une responsable de l'Onu démissionne après une demande de retirer un rapport anti-israélien

America To UN: Reform The Human Rights Council Or We're Out

Nations Unies : « Israël a instauré un régime d’apartheid »

Why The UN Branded Israel An Apartheid State

L’ONU en crise : la Palestine déchire le voile

The Complete Censored ESCWA Report: “Israel Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid”

UN group cowers to Israeli and US complaints – takes down report finding Israel guilty of apartheid

Palestinians honor UN official who quit over ‘apartheid Israel’ report

Israel’s Crime of Apartheid: UN Agency Head’s Forced Resignation

Israel’s Crime of Apartheid: Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf

Censorship of UN Report Calling Israel an “Apartheid Regime”. Backlash of Pro-Israeli Lobby

The UN report Israel does not want you to read

BNC Responds to UN Head's Resignation Over Israel Apartheid Report

Sous la pression, l’ONU enterre le rapport accusant Israël d’apartheid

“I Stand by my Assessment that Israel is Committing the Crime of Apartheid,”

Une fonctionnaire de l'ONU démissionne après des pressions pour retirer le rapport sur l'apartheid d'Israël

U.N. Official Publishes Israel ‘Apartheid’ Report, Resigns

UN official resigns after pressure to withdraw Israel apartheid report : “I resigned because it is my duty not to conceal a clear crime” - UN's Rima Khalaf

Une responsable de l’ONU démissionne et persiste dans son rapport sur l’apartheid israélien

Le rapport censuré de l'ONU sur l'apartheid israélien
UN Sponsored Report On Israel’s Responsibility For Apartheid In Relation To The Palestinian People
Le patron de l'ONU à la Ligue arabe, sur fond de polémique sur l'"apartheid"
Arabs protest to UN chief about withdrawal of Israel ‘apartheid’ report
Author Of UN Report Critical Of Israel Forced To Resign

Démission à l'ONU après un rapport sur l'« apartheid » d'Israël

VIDEO - UN Report Finds Apartheid Exists Within Israel (1/2)
Israel’s Illegal Occupation Most Malignant in the World, Says UN Rapporteur

Israel Owns The UN As Well As The US?

‘Hatred has no place in the cradle of human rights’

Danon: Anti-Israel activists do not belong in the UN Foreign Affairs

After UNHRC adopts 5 anti-Israel resolutions, UK vows to oppose all future such moves

Human Rights Council urges states and businesses to cut off ties to Israeli settlements

UNHRC urges countries to avoid ties with 'settlements' UNHRC adopts four anti-Israel resolutions, including motion condemning Israel for "settlement construction".

Britain puts UNHRC 'on notice' over Israel Britain says it will vote against UNHRC resolutions until it ends its bias against Israel.

Geneva US boycotts UNHRC debate against Israel, slamming 'long-standing bias'

PressTV-US boycotts UN human rights session on Israel
Israel, U.S. trying to persuade Western countries to oppose five anti-Israel UN resolutions
Les USA amochent gravement l'ONU
US combats UN anti-Israel bias
US boycotts UN discussion on Israeli human rights abuses

Taking the war to the BDS activists

These academics fight BDS on campus every day. Will they be banned from Israel?

Vive réaction à une interdiction d’entrer en Israël : plus de 100 chercheurs juifs menacent de ne plus venir en Israël en protestation

Minister seeks database of Israeli BDS activists

Police minister said planning database of Israeli BDS activists

Israeli ministry trying to compile database of citizens who support BDS

Israel said to reject US demand for building freeze in isolated settlements

Israeli Ban Targeting Boycott Supporters Raises Alarm Abroad

Israeli BDS activists welcome minister's threat to blacklist them: He made our job much easier

Des élus et des militants en action BDS devant deux magasins

'This was the last straw': Why a pro-boycott activist dared Israel to arrest her at the airport

Furor over Israel Prize panel’s decision not to honor left-wing artist

Israel boycott campaign condemns ‘repression’ after leader’s arrest
Israel Arrests BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti For Tax Evasion
BDS Activist Speaks About His Arrest by Israeli Police

For Jewish Federations: Left-wing on Israel bad, anti-Muslim radical right good?

Construction in Judea and Samaria rises 40% in 2016
Apartheid Israel


Ex-Mossad Chief Says Occupation Is Israel's Only Existential Threat

Israel's High Court undermines Israel's colonial regime

Comment tenir Israël pour responsable du crime d’apartheid

Palestinians say much of the money from PLO fund deemed a terrorist organization by Liberman goes to Israel

Will the NDP Adopt Pro-BDS Platform?

Resistance against South African Apartheid, Racism and Settler-Colonialism: Remembering Peter Tosh and the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre

Palestinian Mother Says Israeli Soldiers Forced 8-year-old Son to Help Nab Stone Throwers

Report: Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Army Gunfire Near Hebron

Palestinian protesters near Nablus Report: Palestinian youth killed in clash with Israeli troops

Australia Blows Israel’s Credibility on Its “World Vision” Sham Accusations

EXCLUSIVE – Documents Reveal How Israel Made Amnesty’s Local Branch a Front for the Foreign Ministry

Judge acquits Jewish stonethrower

Racism in Israel? You're exaggerating!

Israelis who care about the fate of their country must appeal to the international community

Israel to give highest honor to leader of group that settles Jews in Arab Jerusalem

“The Whole World Hate Us” – How Israeli Students Are Prepared Before Going on School Trips Abroad

Israeli students undergo right-wing indoctrination before going on school trips abroad

Kingdom of Israel: Extremist rabbis dream of Jewish monarchy, with a special role for non-Jews

Jewish World: The ‘never-ending war’ against antisemitism

New poll If Elections Were Held Today, Netanyahu's Likud Would Still Lead

Réforme des médias : Mais que veut donc ‘Bibi’ ?

Netanyahu is in trouble, so he is inciting children

Netanyahu lambasted for incitement in insider’s Rabin biography

German daily: Netanyahu one of 7 craziest world leaders

For Purim, Right-Wing Preacher Fasting And Praying For Trump — Against The ‘Mind Control’ Media
PM tells children celebrating Purim: Persians still want to kill us
Putin remet Netanyahu en place.. Babylone c'était le passé..
Purim – Remembering the Iranian Holocaust
«L'Iran veut détruire l'Etat juif», dit Netanyahou. «C'était au Ve siècle avant J-C», répond Poutine Iran Calls Bibi’s Purim Narrative ‘Fake History’  
Cadeaux de Pourim
While in Moscow, Putin Gives Netanyahu a copy of ‘The Jewish War’ by Josephus

Sorry Israel: Iran Gets Green Light For Naval Base in Syria
Iran’s Jewish lawmaker: Netanyahu an ‘insane vampire’
Iran says Israel assassinated nuclear scientists
Rejecting Purim parallel, Iranian Parliament speaker tells Netanyahu to ‘read the Torah’
Larijani rejette la comparaison avec Pourim et dit à Netanyahu d’aller “lire la Torah”
Bitan : Netanyahu “n’a aucune intention de démissionner” s’il est inculpé

The Israelis who cultivate connections to Europe's fascists
Agir face aux menaces des fascistes pro-israéliens (AFPS)
Qui protège les fascistes juifs ?

Michel Houellebecq décrit le 'pro-palestinisme' des élites belges...

‘Jewish Power Never Sleeps’–Another Billboard Taken Down

Why Does Judaism’s Favorite Holiday–Purim–Get Violent In Israel?

Sur ce blog:
Les nouveaux "nationalistes" vont tomber en amour avec le projet de Bibi: entourer Israël de hautes clôtures pour protéger la cité et sa haute culture contre les hordes barbares d'animaux sauvages. Comme disait Zemmour, "ça ne me gêne pas". Bibi pourra citer l'exemple de Calais pour se justifier et narguer l'Europe.
Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler: un terroriste juif, fervent supporteur de la campagne de Ted Cruz à la présidence US, ne suscite aucune controverse en félicitant les extrémistes juifs responsables de l'incendie qui tua un bébé palestinien. Comme ce fut le cas pour l'assassin d'Yitzhak Rabin ou pour le meurtrier de masse Baruch Goldstein, les proches d'un des individus inculpés pour le meurtre du bébé palestinien clament son innocence et en font même un martyr héroïque...

L'administration Obama antijuive? Israël dénonce les propos de l'ambassadeur des États-Unis en Israël, Dan Shapiro, qui s'inquiète du "deux poids deux mesures" systématique d'Israël dans son traitement des droits des juifs et des non-juifs dans les territoires occupés. (En référence aux récentes violences de colons juifs envers des Palestiniens.) Le département d'État renchérit en décidant que l'étiquetage obligatoire des produits des colonies illégales est acceptable et n'est pas synonyme de boycott.  
Les médias européens antijuifs? Un reportage d'Arte lève le voile sur le combat politique et terroriste du messianisme juif extrémiste

L'Europe et surtout la Suède antijuives? L'Union européenne condamne les colonies illégales israéliennes, permet l'étiquetage obligatoire de leurs produits. Tout est en place pour le faux Armageddon prophétisé par le sionisme chrétien, prédisant l'avènement d'une Europe antijuive faisant la guerre à Israël.
La télé publique américaine antijuive? Dans la tête de Bibi Netanyahou le psychopathe : un nouveau documentaire de PBS décrit son obsession de l'éternel retour de la Shoah et de la menace nazie, et explique comment il a réussi à rendre la paix impossible et à s'aliéner la quasi totalité de la planète, incluant même son plus grand allié officiel, les États-Unis.

Bibi l'a dit et ceux qui voient des complots partout sont d'accords: c'est toujours la faute des nazis! Pour les complotistes Israël est nazi, pour Bibi c'est la Palestine qui est nazie. Pour les complotistes Hitler a créé Israël grâce à la Shoah, pour Bibi la Palestine veut envoyer Israël aux fours dans une seconde Shoah...

Médias juifs antijuifs? Netanyahou rappelle au Mossad qu'Israël est voué à devenir une superpuissance mondiale, révélant que le sionisme est un projet mondialiste et pas que nationaliste. Le PM Yitzhak Rabin, assassiné par un extrémiste juif de la mouvance kahaniste, qualifiait de "cancer" la colonisation illégale israélienne et mettait en garde contre l' "Apartheid". Tout cela est admis dans les médias juifs israéliens.

Rappel de l'été dernier à Gaza

Vers une Seconde Révolution américaine? Les administrations Obama et Netanyahou à couteaux tirés... boycott du discours de Netanyahou au Congrès par plus de 50 Démocrates, menaces, accusations de mensonge sur la place publique... Une première dans l'histoire des relations entre les États-Unis et Israël. Cela alors que le Mossad contredit radicalement la campagne de peur de Netanyahou concernant la prétendue menace nucléaire iranienne. Tout ça juste à temps pour Pourim... L'admin Obama déclassifie un document top-secret sur le nucléaire israélien!

Hormis les médias juifs ou pro-palestiniens, personne ne parle du rapport américain déclassifié en février dernier confirmant l'existence du nucléaire israélien

Rappel: quand Lee Whitnum faisait trembler le lobby juif en traitant des membres du Congrès de "prostituées pour l'AIPAC" (lobby juif israélo-américain)

Les médias juifs doivent des excuses à la France: le journaliste qui nous a fait le coup du "10 heures dans Paris avec une kippa" est un militant sioniste travaillant pour un journal appartenant à Sheldon Adelson, le milliardaire juif magnat des médias en Israël, proche supporteur de la ligne de droite dure nationale-religieuse de Bibi Netanyahou et financier du parti républicain des États-Unis

Avant de parler de boycott anti-Israël, une mise au point s'impose concernant le boycott des non-juifs par Israël

Bébé palestinien brûlé vif par des colons israéliens: Israël forcée de dénoncer le terrorisme juif, tente hypocritement de nous faire oublier le massacre de milliers de civils palestiniens, incluant femmes et enfants, commis par l'armée israélienne dans les dernières décennies. Des politiciens israéliens condamnant le racisme et le terrorisme juif menacés de mort par des juifs extrémistes.

David Brog, le nouveau leader juif anti-BDS choisi par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson, est le directeur de l'organisation sioniste chrétienne du télévangéliste John Hagee: Christians United For Israel

L'ONU: antijuif et anti-américain? Une nouvelle résolution onusienne contre la militarisation de l'espace rejetée exclusivement par Israël et les États-Unis

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler... L'organisation terroriste juive Honenu, qui prétend "défendre les Israéliens face aux agressions arabes", a-t-elle mis le feu à l'Église de la Multiplication à Jérusalem? Des suspects interpelés. Imaginez si c'étaient des arabes palestiniens ou des musulmans! Pendant ce temps, la United Church of Christ aux États-Unis rejoint le mouvement de boycott d'Israël

RAPPEL: "Si la Corée du Nord continue dans cette voie, elle devrait être rayée de la carte, cela serait un excellent message, très clair, au reste du monde et spécialement aux Iraniens", déclarait en avril 2013 sur les ondes de Fox News l'ancien ambassadeur d'Israël aux Nations unies Dan Gillerman

"There Will Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight!" Un projet de film de Michael Collins Piper, en réponse à l'abject "Inglourious Basterds" de Tarantino

Médias juifs antijuifs? Selon Enderlin (France 2 à Jérusalem), cible favorite des extrémistes juifs, Israël tombe aux mains d'extrémistes juifs religieux alliés à la droite radicale pendant que la gauche plie bagage... Israël veut devenir une superpuissance pour conquérir le monde. Le documentaire de Charles Enderlin "Au nom du Temple", basé sur son livre, maintenant disponible sur youtube

Pire que la menace iranienne: la menace du boycott anti-Israël! Après la réunion secrète d'urgence organisée par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson (parrain des Républicains) sur la menace que BDS représente pour les juifs, les puissants milliardaires juifs Adelson et Haim Saban (parrain des Démocrates) mettent en garde contre le "tsunami d'antisémitisme" qui suivra inévitablement la montée du mouvement BDS

L'avant-garde juifiste opère-t-elle un virage stratégique? Des néoconservateurs révolutionnaires, plus Français que les Français, suggèrent de délaisser la culpabilisation shoatique en espérant gagner les non-juifs à leur cause anti-Islam et anti-Arabe. Pour récupérer le discours complotiste et nationaliste, faire des nationalistes et des complotistes des alliés, il suffit de leur dire ce qu'ils veulent entendre et de cesser de les considérer comme la menace prioritaire, ainsi sera assurée la victoire sur le complot musulman contre l'Occident, seule véritable menace et source unique du "nouvel antisémitisme". Est-ce le début d'une petite révolution néoconservatrice en France? Guerre de survie juive oblige?

Pendant que le gouvernement canadien de Stephen Harper envisage une loi protégeant l'État juif contre les méchants boycotteurs, le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson, soi-disant "juif le plus riche du monde", magnat des casinos connecté au crime organisé, parraine la formation du nouveau gouvernement de Netanyahou comme il parraine (et contrôle) le parti républicain états-unien. Le nouveau gouvernement Netanyahou et le parti républicain d'Adelson sont à ce point identiques - judéomaniaques et anti-arabes, contre l'Iran, la Palestine et l'Irak - qu'on jurerait qu'ils ont été séparés à la naissance... L'Israélienne qui incitait publiquement à "tuer les mères des Palestiniens" est nommée ministre de la justice. Le ministre israélien qui avouait publiquement n'avoir "aucun problème à tuer des Arabes" devient ministre de l'éducation.

La France a-t-elle été punie par des fanatiques à cause de caricatures scandaleuses hautement médiatisées et en réplique à la présence de l’armée française en Irak? Ou bien a-t-elle été punie plutôt par des fanatiques pro-israéliens pour ses positions pro-Palestine à l’Onu, afin d’en faire un exemple, montrant au monde entier ce qui arrive à ceux qui refusent de se battre aux côtés d’Israël contre le Hamas et l’ « Islam militant »? Quand Israël perd en crédibilité ou se trouve isolé sur la scène internationale, il redouble d’effort dans le but d’entraîner le « monde libre » en croisade contre l’Islam. Israël perd la guerre de l’info mais gagne du terrain dans la guerre de la désinfo.

La France antijuive? L'Europe antijuive? La gauche antijuive? Des hommes politiques français réagissent aux pressions des organisations juives. Roland Dumas : "Les États-Unis et Israël commandent la politique étrangère française." Jean Glavany au "porte-parole du Likoud" Meyer Habib : "Parfois je me demande si vous êtes du Parlement français ou du Parlement israélien." 339 députés français traités de nazis par des manifestants de la LDJ pour avoir voté une motion symbolique en reconnaissance d'un État palestinien. La mosquée d'Al-Aqsa régulièrement assaillie par des hordes de colons israéliens en colère sous protection policière israélienne, attisant la violence des deux côtés. Israël au fond n'a pas peur d'une Troisième Intifada, il la souhaite.

Médias antijuifs? En 2010, un ancien directeur de la CIA à Paris, Charles G. Cogan, professeur à l'université Harvard et pro-gaulliste, dénonçait sur les ondes de France24 la forte campagne de propagande anti-arabe et anti-islam menée par l'état d'Israël et relayée par la communauté juive aux États-Unis

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de C-Span2, l'ex-agent du Mossad Victor Ostrovsky lève le voile sur l'influence du Mossad dans la politique étatsunienne

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler: L'incendie criminel contre une école bilingue arabe-hébreu en ville sainte, un attentat politique du groupe extrémiste juif Lehava. Aucune accusation de crime haineux? Et ils retrouvent leur liberté même si leur leader a dit qu'ils n'arrêteront jamais de terroriser les Palestiniens et combattre le métissage

La télé antijuive? Des organisations juives condamnent et tentent de faire interdire une série télé d'un réalisateur juif britannique des plus respecté, qui se demande comment Israël a pu réussir en si peu de temps à s'aliéner le monde entier. Rien n'avait préparé le réalisateur aux attaques vitrioliques du "lobby sioniste" qui allaient déferler sur lui... Toujours pas vu à la télé états-unienne.

Un sénateur a déclaré en 2002 devant le Congrès états-unien que les attaques du 11 septembre étaient une punition divine visant les États-Unis pour avoir été trop durs et exigeants envers Israël. Il critiquait l'administration Bush qu'Israël trouvait trop proche des pétromonarchies arabes et qui posait à Israël des "conditions inacceptables", comme le rappelait l'ancien général du renseignement pakistanais Hamid Gul, récemment décédé, qui dénonçait le Mossad et la CIA comme véritables auteurs du 11 septembre. Certains demandent: le 11 septembre était-il une "surprise de septembre" israélienne pour Bush? Le mouvement pour la vérité du 11 septembre est une imposture! En posant ex cathedra le dogme de l'"Inside Job" il a défini les paramètres du débat: ou bien vous croyez la version gouvernementale ("officielle"), ou bien vous dites que c'était un complot de l'État américain ("Inside job", un concept de Jared Israel), mais surtout ne dites jamais que c'est Israël! "BLAMEZ BUSH, CHENEY OU UN VAGUE "ÉTAT PROFOND", MAIS SURTOUT NE BLAMEZ JAMAIS ISRAËL! TOUT LE MONDE SAUF ISRAËL!"

Un rabbin sioniste conservateur, Daniel Lapin, au rally de Glenn Beck (Tea Party) Au Rally de Glenn Beck (Tea Party), était invité un rabbin conservateur ultra-sioniste (parce que les valeurs juives orthodoxes seraient proches des valeurs républicaines...) Fait intéressant à noter: l'associé juif "Khazar" de Chris Bollyn, Jerry Myers, avait déjà essayé de promouvoir ce rabbin Lapin auprès du journal hebdomadaire patriote The Spotlight (aujourd'hui American Free Press).

Israël considère les organisations de défense des droits humains comme des "agents étrangers"

Le sionisme contre l'ONU

Légalisation de la torture: la CIA a une dette envers Israel

Un autre grand comique juif, Sheldon Adelson, qui s'autoproclame "le juif le plus riche du monde", appelle à bombarder l'Iran avec du nucléaire, donnant ainsi raison à Jack Straw

Un sinistre canadien dénonce le complot onusien-médiatique contre Israël

L'homme qui se prétend "le juif le plus riche du monde", Sheldon Adelson, donnera "tout ce qu'il faudra" pour empêcher une réélection d'Obama

Médias juifs anti-juifs? La chaîne NBC révèle qu'un Israélien sur deux souhaiterait qu'une lettre contenant le virus Ebola soit envoyée au président Obama pour son anniversaire

Il y a vingt ans, l'attentat terroriste du loubavitch kahaniste Baruch Goldstein à Hébron montrait la fête de Pourim sous son vrai jour

Encyclopédies antijuives? Menachem Begin, un terroriste exemplaire, selon La série télé "Homeland" antijuive? Elle compare Menachem Begin à un vulgaire terroriste taliban!

Des rabbins jugent que le cancer de l'antijuif Jimmy Carter est une punition divine pour ses péchés contre Israël et les juifs

Jimmy Carter révèle qu'Israel a 150 armes nucléaires

Carter: "Les Palestiniens sont traités comme des animaux"

Maîtres du monde, maîtres de l'humour: Netanyahou accuse le New York Times et Haaretz de donner le ton de la campagne anti-Israël à travers le monde

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Pour l'Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, même les médiats Rothschild doivent des excuses à Israël pour avoir attiré l'attention sur le lobby juif et son rôle dans l'impasse des relations irano-américaines

NY Times: Sans ennemi extérieur à combattre, Israël est voué à l'éclatement

L'accord iranien est "Munich" et "Obama est Chamberlain", selon l'Organisation sioniste américaine (ZOA). Netanyahou s'époumonne désespérément, hurle au complot américano-iranien contre Israël; Obama l'invite à prendre une petite pause-santé. Netanyahou: fou dangereux qui pourrait envisager un deuxième 11 septembre nucléaire contre les États-Unis...

Pendant que les internationalistes du Congrès juif mondial attaquent les partis d'extrême-droite européens, Israël n'a aucune crainte de s'allier à eux pour combattre ensemble un prétendu péril musulman... La Palestine n'étant qu'une "cause islamiste à peine voilée"!