dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler: un terroriste juif, fervent supporteur de la campagne de Ted Cruz à la présidence US, ne suscite aucune controverse en félicitant les extrémistes juifs responsables de l'incendie qui tua un bébé palestinien. Comme ce fut le cas pour l'assassin d'Yitzhak Rabin ou pour le meurtrier de masse Baruch Goldstein, les proches d'un des individus inculpés pour le meurtre du bébé palestinien clament son innocence et en font même un martyr héroïque...

VIDEO - Chaim Ben Pesach (Jewish terrorist "Victor Vancier") JTF This Week: Innocent Jew faces murder charge; JTF Ted Cruz blitz begins. Ce célèbre terroriste juif de New York, Chaim Ben Pesach, alias Victor Vancier (que M.Kahane appelait "le juif le plus dangereux"), fait campagne pour le candidat présidentiel américain Ted Cruz dont il est un fervent partisan. Dans ce vidéo il appelle à relâcher un jeune terroriste juif qu'il croit inculpé à tort de l'incendie criminel qui tua une famille palestinienne qui s'y trouvait, incluant un petit bébé (été 2015). Quelqu'un a-t-il reproché à Ted Cruz cet appui hautement controversé? Non. Aucune controverse, aucun scandale... On n'en entend parler nulle part ailleurs que dans la "complosphère" comme l'appellent certains.

Jewish terror bomber claims influence with Ted Cruz  
A campaigner for US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has praised the Israeli accused of killing Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsha.
In a video posted to YouTube, convicted JDL bomber Victor Vancier announces the start of a “Ted Cruz blitz.”A campaigner for US presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has praised the Israeli accused of killing Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsha.
Cruz, now seeking the Republican nomination in the US presidential race, has declined to distance himself from Victor Vancier, a convicted bomber fond of making racist comments on the Internet.
Vancier’s praise of the man alleged to have killed Ali and his parents Riham and Saad has been published since he established a campaign called Jews For Cruz.
Vancier has also suggested his group is providing financial support to Israeli extremists accused of attacks on Palestinians.
The Ted Cruz for President campaign did not reply to multiple email and phone requests asking if Cruz would distance himself from Vancier and his organization.
As part of his Jewish Task Force Vancier has been running a campaign called Jews for Cruz since 2013. He announced a “Ted Cruz blitz” of publicity Sunday, and his group regularly republishes Cruz campaign ads on YouTube, adding JTF and Jews For Cruz logos.
Vancier (also known as Chaim ben Pesach) spent five and a half years in federal prison after executing a Jewish Defense League bombing campaign in the 1970s and 1980s.
But the passage of time has not dimmed his enthusiasm for violent extremism.
In a video published Sunday Vancier said that an Israeli accused of a July firebomb attack which burnt to death the three members of the Dawabsha family near Nablus was a “Jewish hero.”
“Ted Cruz is the best”
In the same video he questioned the motives of Israel for accusing “Israeli Jewish patriots” of carrying out the firebombing to “avenge the hundreds of acts of Arab Muslim Nazi terrorism.”
Vancier claimed that the main suspect, Amiram Ben-Uliel, has been “falsely accused.”
The Jewish Defense League was founded in New York in 1968 by Rabbi Meir Kahane, whose manifesto called for all Palestinians to be expelled from the “Land of Israel.”
Kahane reportedly once called Vancier “the most dangerous Jew alive today” and (according to prosecutors) picked him as his chosen sucessor to lead the JDL.
Vancier is considered extreme even by the Israeli government, which (according to his supporters in the JDL UK) banned him from settling there in 1996.
In one recent YouTube video Vancier said: “on Israel and Iran, Ted Cruz is the best.”

Ted Cruz meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2014. (Prime Minister of Israel/Flickr
Cruz staunchly opposed the six-power agreement with Iran earlier this year to curtail its nuclear energy program.
At a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in December, Cruz promised to begin the process of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on “the very first day in office” (other candidates have made similar pledges).
He conceded that the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is gaining “more and more momentum behind it” and threatened that any university that supports it “will find its federal funds stripped away.”
Vancier is dismissive of the other Republican candidates, and views them as soft on immigration: “you can’t trust these establishment whores,” he says in the same video.
This contempt extends to frontrunner Donald Trump, who Vancier sees as lukewarm on Israel and a media distraction. Polls say Cruz is currently the number-two contender for the Republican nomination.
But Vancier himself claimed recently that JTF has close ties to the Cruz campaign. He said that JTF is “meeting with some of the top people who literally speak to him [Cruz] almost every day and who are among his most important supporters.”
Although stating that some of these supporters held political office, Vancier declined to name them “because, you know, we’re controversial.”
“Prisoner of Zion”
Vancier’s specialty since coming out of prison has been long racist rants – such as the one endorsing the accused killer of the Dawabshas.
Once broadcast on New York City public access TV, these are now mostly posted to YouTube.
In a recent video he called Palestinians “Muslim Nazi terrorists” and “Arab, Jew-hating beast[s].”
The accused killer of the Dawabshe family, 21-year-old extremist Amiram Ben-Uliel, was finally charged for the murders on Sunday, despite Israel’s defense minister admitting as far back as September that the authorities knew who was behind the fatal attack.
In a 20 December video Vancier said that “our movement is proud to be supporting those Jewish prisoners,” in reference to Israeli settlers suspected of attacks on Palestinians, likely including Ben-Uliel. “We support them, we support their families. We support them financially, and we support them in other ways,” he added.
Support for the most hardcore Israeli ultra-nationalists imprisoned by Israel is a cause célèbre for Vancier, who positions himself as a Jewish dissident. He claims the Israeli government is too soft on the Palestinians.
Another recent video, posted on the JTF’s Hebrew site “is dedicated to the speedy release of the hero Meir Ettinger, who is a prisoner of Zion.”
Ettinger is Meir Kahane’s grandson and an up-and-coming ultra-nationalist leader in his own right.
In August he was detained without charge by the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret police. Even the Shin Bet – a notoriously violent organization that speciallizes in kidnapping and torturing Palestinians – has called Ettinger “a violent and dangerous ideological criminal.”
Ettinger has been accused of leading Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians.
Suspected of murder 
The Jewish Defense League’s terror campaign in the US was aimed mostly at Soviet, Palestinian and other Arab targets. The group also criticized Jewish organizations it viewed as soft on Israel, as well as engaged in internecine warfare within the Kahanist movement.
It was during this period that Victor Vancier was most active, finally going to jail in 1987.
The JDL is suspected by FBI investigators to be behind the murder of Alex Odeh, a Palestinian American staffer with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.
Odeh’s California office was fatally targeted by a bomb in 1985. No one was ever charged with the assassination, and some of the suspected killers are still at large after fleeing to Israel.
In 2001, the JDL was listed in the FBI’s annual terrorism report.
Today there is little in the way of formally organized JDL activity in the US. But the group has not been banned in the UK, Canada or France.
France’s Ligue de Défense Juive is a particularly virulent branch of the JDL, and its actions tend to be well organized and violent.
Jews For Cruz?
Vancier and his group started their campaign long before Cruz officially began his run in March. JTF announced the launch of Jews For Cruz back in October 2013.
An entirely separate “Jews For Cruz” group was subsequently formed in 2015. Not surprisingly, this has caused some confusion; Time magazine mixed up the two groups in an article published last June.
It said that Jews For Cruz had been compelled to change its name by the Federal Elections Committee as it was not an authorized Political Action Committee.
Jonathan Brodo, the founder of this newer Jews For Cruz, told The Electronic Intifada in an email that he has “no connection to the Jewish Task Force page at all … I do not subscribe to their radical views.”
Brodo said that he “would agree” with a statement on the JTF issued by the Anti-Defamation League, a pro-Israel group. That statement criticized the JTF for promoting bigotry.
Federal Election Commissions filings show that Brodo terminated his campaign group later in 2015.
JewsForCruz.com and JewsForCruz.org both redirect to jtf.org.
It remains a mystery why the Cruz campaign should be so reluctant to take the opportunity to distance itself from a convicted bomber whose views are too extreme even for some of Israel’s most stalwart supporters.

On entend pourtant des cris et hurlements du côté des médias juifs qui se sont sentis visés lorsque Cruz a critiqué Trump en le disant trop influencé par la ville de New York. Ce serait, paraît-il, un sous-entendu antijuif à peine voilé.

Is Ted Cruz an anti-Semite? No, But…  Is Ted Cruz an anti-Semite? Of course not. Many of his top aides and supporters are Jews. Is Ted Cruz exploiting hostility toward Jews in his presidential campaign? It’s complicated. He’s exploiting hostility toward liberals. And in American political culture, being liberal and being Jewish are so intertwined that the line between attacking the former and attacking the latter can blur. 

Mais c'est pas lui qui peut être accusé d'anti-sionisme: il a d'ailleurs dû écourter son allocution devant une organisation chrétienne américaine dont plusieurs membres n'ont vraiment pas apprécié son amalgame systématique entre non-sionisme et anti-américanisme.

VIDEO - Sen. Ted Cruz Booed Off Stage Re: his position on the special US-Israel relationship.
La seule chose faisant l'unanimité chez les candidats, c'est qu'ils vont tous prendre le contrepied exact des positions d'Obama, jugé pas suffisamment pro-Israël, voire carrément anti-Israël.
Republican debaters snipe at one another, Obama’s Iran policy
West Lifts Iran Sanctions After UN Watchdog Confirms Compliance With Nuclear Deal  Israel responds to UN agency declaration with skepticism; with lifting of sanctions, $100 billion in Iranian frozen will be immediately thawed.

Pour en revenir au cas du terroriste juif en campagne pour Cruz: de même que "Victor Vancier" (au début du vidéo) défend et proclame l'innocence du présumé incendiaire et assassin du bébé palestinien, les proches de l'assassin du PM israélien Yitzhak Rabin proclamaient son innocence la plus pure et la plus totale... Et l'assassin de Rabin a même célébré l'anniversaire de l'assassinat! De même, le kahaniste (et ami personnel de Kahane) fanatique Baruch Goldstein a ses nombreux fans qui le voient comme un héros et un martyr (@13:00). Le fils de M.Kahane le qualifia de "Samson de son temps".

Rappel: c'est le même terroriste juif Chaim Ben Pesach, alias "Victor Vancier", qui disait à propos du terrorisme du mouvement juif clandestin: Vous croyez peut-être que le terrorisme chiite est capable de commettre des attentats suicides vraiment impressionnants, or le mouvement juif clandestin frappera de telle manière que les Américains, complètement éberlués, se demanderont: "Comment des juifs ont-ils bien pu faire une chose pareille?"

Were The 911 Hijackers
Really Arabs? Maybe Not

 By Michael Collins Piper
American Free Press
24 Dec. 2001
(...)In 1986, the New York-based leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League, Victor Vancier, gave a prophetic hint of what may have been finally played out on Sept. 11, 2001: " If you think the Shias in Lebanon are capable of fantastic acts of suicidal terrorism, the Jewish underground will strike targets that will make Americans gasp: 'How could Jews do such things?' 
According to Vancier, quoted by Robert I. Friedman in The Village Voice on May 6, 1986, his allies were "desperate people" who "don't care if they live or die."(...)
"Jewish suicide bombers? Impossible!" cry critics. However, the fact is that there is a "suicide tradition" that is a much-revered part of Jewish history--going back to the famous mass suicide at Masada by Jewish zealots.
But in modern times, Israeli suicide missions have been undertaken. In The Other Side of Deception, former [Israeli] Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky described one 1989 venture: the participants were "all volunteers" advised that there was effectively "no possibility of rescue should they be caught."(...)
And for those who would doubt that Israel would endanger American-Jews via terrorism, consider this: hard-line Israelis are willing to kill Jews if it means assuring Israel's survival.
The late Rabbi Meir Kahane -- founder of the Jewish Defense League and one spiritual mentor of fundamentalists who support Ariel Sharon -- exemplifies those willing to sacrifice other Jews to guarantee Israel's future.
Kahane called for killing "Hellenist [i.e. Western-oriented] spiritually sick [Jews] who threaten the existence of Judaism." That would include those working in slick offices in the World Trade Center, living on Long Island, rather than kibbutzing in Israel.
Israeli journalist Yair Kotler reports in Heil Kahane that Kahane wrote: "the adoption of foreign, gentilized [i.e. non-Jewish] concepts by a Jewish state ... opens the door to a national tragedy."
In his book, Time to Go Home, Kahane called for all Jews to "go home" to Israel--the only safe place for Jews. Those who refused to "go home" were expendable. The CIA's 1979 report on Israeli intelligence says this widely-held view mirrors "the aggressively ideological nature of Zionism."(...)

Un conseiller de Ted Cruz pense que Washington est infiltré par les Frères musulmans Le controversé Frank Gaffney conseille le candidat à la primaire républicaine en matière d’affaires étrangères.
Le plan de Cruz pour neutraliser les djihadistes Le plan de Cruz lui a peut-être été suggéré par son nouveau conseiller, Frank Gaffney, qui a déjà qualifié Barack Obama de «premier président musulman».
Réseau Voltaire: Les conseillers de politique étrangère de Ted Cruz Le sénateur Ted Cruz, candidat à l’investiture présidentielle au sein du Parti républicain, a publié la liste de ses conseillers pour les questions de politique étrangère.
Primaires américaines : Ted Cruz, conseillé par un conspirationniste anti-islam

Here Are Five of Ted Cruz’s Most Fanatical Foreign Policy Advisors Three staffers from extremist group behind Trump’s racist Muslim ban are among Cruz’s picks.
Neocons and a CIA Propagandist : The men behind Ted Cruz
Wall Street Journal: Republican Candidates’ Foreign-Policy Plans Come Into Greater Focus Trump continues to play advisers close to vest; Cruz names 23 national-security experts. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to hedge questions about his foreign-policy team even as the advisers to his two challengers are coming into sharper focus.
4 Conspiracy Theories Promoted by Frank Gaffney, Ted Cruz’s New Adviser According to the presidential candidate’s national security adviser, U.S. Missile Defense Agency logo isn’t what it seems.
Endorse This: Ted Cruz’s Own Joseph McCarthy
US Muslims decry Cruz’s call for community surveillance
ADL condemns Cruz for call to patrol ‘Muslim neighborhoods’
Crazed, whack-job Judaic acolytes play concern-troll over ‘Them Mooooz-Lums’…
Ted Cruzing For Muslims Ted Cruz says we need to patrol Muslim communities.
Ted Cruz Wants to Patrol Muslims: "We need to ... patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."
Why Is Ted Cruz Seeking Policy Advice from Frank Gaffney, a Leading Islamophobe?
Islamophobia: Ted Cruz wants to “secure Muslim neighborhoods” Today, in response to the tragic Brussels terrorist attacks, Ted Cruz called for the United States to “empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.”
After Brussels, Cruz and Trump’s Advisors Make (Bad) Headlines Critics say Gaffney and Phares are Islamophobes who believe Obama is pro-Muslim.
Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump For Brussels Attack
YouTube locks video of Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels attack.
WashPost: Dana Milbank: Trump helping to make other candidates look not so zany Redefining extremism, Trump has even embraced provocateur Frank Gaffney, making him safe again.
VIDEO – Raw Story: Ted Cruz outdoes Trump — adds Muslim-hating ‘birther’ conspiracy theorist to his foreign policy team
Ted Cruz Is an Anti-Muslim Bigot, Too The GOP has an anti-Muslim hate problem: Ted Cruz’s foreign-policy team is anchored by America’s biggest Islamophobe.
Ted Cruz’s extreme views stir concern Cruz is not only personally dis­liked by many of his colleagues for his obstructionist tactics on Senate floor but for his extreme right-wing views that are beyond what general American public would support.

Peace in Our Time? • President Obama’s comments during West Point speech have warmongering foreign policy elites in a lather By Michael Collins Piper (…)Clearly enough to put the Post in a panic, Obama’s foreign policy recommendations are a welcome departure from the perpetual unabashed advocacy for global meddling and wars without end coming from the likes of Sens. John McCain (RAriz.) and Lindsey Graham(R-S.C.) and rising GOP voices like Sens. Ted Cruz (Texas) and Marco Rubio (Fla.), all of whom want Americans to be forever battling ghosts and goblins—especially Muslims and, sooner than later, “them Rooshins”—all over the planet.

New GOP Golden Boys Emerge • Senators Rand Paul And Marco Rubio have much in common By Michael Collins Piper.
 If current hype in the media is to be believed, Sens. Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) are now the biggest names fighting for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination. In a CPAC straw poll, Paul edged Rubio by a margin of 25-23% with former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) trailing far behind at 8%. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie—who was not invited to CPAC—followed with 7%. Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, got 6%, with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at 5%. Neurosurgeon Ben Carson, newly elected Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came in last.(…) Popular among conservatives as a union buster, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker burnishes his foreign policy expertise by relying upon counsel from Mark Thiessen, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, whose costly Middle East wars on behalf of Israel (carried out under the direction of the neoconservatives who dominated policy under Bush) still torment America. In the same realm, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz—whose wife is an executive with the investment bank Goldman Sachs, a preeminent force in the Rothschild sphere of influence—has actually drafted Victoria C. Gardner Coates, a former aide to ex-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (a primary architect of the disastrous Bush-erawars), as his national security advisor. A tea party favorite, Cruz—the son of a Christian Zionist minister—is particularly strident in his advocacy for a pro-war/pro-Israel agenda.

VIDEO - Obama is Not a Secret Muslim or Even Pro-Muslim

Welcome To The 'United Shariah States of America' Cette bande de tarés droitards croit vraiment qu'on risque de se retrouver sous un régime de sharia!

VIDEO - Kosher Conservatards Push Phony Narrative on Islam Cette saleté, ce déchet immonde qu'est Paul Joseph Watson constitue un argument de poids pour l'avortement tardif post-partum.

Cruz-backer Bickle pledges commitment to Israel, Jews, explains his Hitler comments In Op-Ed on The Times of Israel, evangelical leader apologizes if he has ‘communicated beliefs poorly’.
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Duke Exposes the Scumbay Slimeball Ted Cruz as a total ZioShill !
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Most Jews Will Refuse Cruz, Despite His Warm Embrace of Israel The Texas senator’s constituency is limited to single-issue Israel voters and those Orthodox Jews who share his contempt for ‘New York values.’
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Hinting at endorsement, Adelsons give Cruz maximum donation Power couple contributes $2,700 to Texas senator’s campaign, in possible indication of future backing.
Sheldon and Miriam Adelson Each Give Maximum $2,700 to Ted Cruz Campaign The Adelsons’ donations, the maximum allowed for direct donations to a campaign, were reported in various media on Sunday after they were revealed in Federal Election Commission filings.
Glenn Beck calls for Cruz-Rubio ticket to take on Trump
Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look
Cuban Crushers Cruz & Rubio Clobber Trump With anti-Israel Bat The unprecedented tag team assault on the GOP front-runner places the two somewhere to the right of Netanyahu, and Lieberman, and possibly Bennett as well.
Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering Presidential hopeful warns of ‘absolute disaster’ and ‘bloodbath’ for Republicans if front-runner Trump is their nominee ; Poll said to find Trump is least popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters.
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Ted Cruz acknowledges social issues gap with GOP Jews, stresses Israel support
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Republic presidential candidate Ted Cruz begins AIPAC speech with Purim analogy Presidential candidate Ted Cruz began his address to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. with a timely Purim analogy, with the Jewish festival celebrating the Jews’ escape from the jaws of extinction centuries ago set to begin on Wednesday evening. « When we come together, we can defeat tyrants. Today we are reliving history, » Cruz said, linking America’s fate to Israel’s.
Avec Rubio hors de la course, c’est Cruz le plus dangereux candidat juifiste sioniste.
Jimmy Carter: I’d pick Trump over Cruz
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Cruz chides Trump for ‘Palestine’ references as they vie for pro-Israel support
US Muslims decry Cruz’s call for community surveillance
ADL condemns Cruz for call to patrol ‘Muslim neighborhoods’
Crazed, whack-job Judaic acolytes play concern-troll over ‘Them Mooooz-Lums’… Trump backs tougher border security, waterboarding after Brussels attacks
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YouTube locks video of Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels attack.
Not a day goes by that Ted Cruz doesn’t think about the Jews and Israel
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Prominent Jewish donors host Cruz fundraiser Ahead of primary, half of listed givers at New York City’s Harvard Club event are Jews.
Texas senator-elect Cruz, on first Israel visit, talks Syria with Netanyahu
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Ted Cruz Has Been ‘Called And Anointed’ By God To Be The Next President
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Cruz takes aim at Trump and Obama in AIPAC speech
Cruz jabs Trump for being ‘neutral’ on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Cruz: Together We Will Stand With Israel and Defeat Radical Islamic Terror
Republic presidential candidate Ted Cruz begins AIPAC speech with Purim analogy Presidential candidate Ted Cruz began his address to the AIPAC conference in Washington D.C. with a timely Purim analogy, with the Jewish festival celebrating the Jews' escape from the jaws of extinction centuries ago set to begin on Wednesday evening. "When we come together, we can defeat tyrants. Today we are reliving history," Cruz said, linking America's fate to Israel's.
Avec Rubio hors de la course, c'est Cruz le plus dangereux candidat juifiste sioniste.

David Cameron’s ‘counter extremism’ experts work with far-right Donald Trump sympathisers

Découvrez le conspirationniste anti-islam débile choisi pour être conseiller en affaires étrangères du candidat présidentiel bushiste Ted Cruz. Il est l'inspirateur du projet de Trump de déporter les musulmans: non, ce n'est pas Boris Le Lay, c'est le néocon membre du PNAC Frank J. Gaffney Jr. L'équipe de Cruz rassemble aussi d'autres néoconservateurs comme Elliott Abrams et Michael Ledeen. Cruz croit en plusieurs théories du complot, particulièrement celles impliquant George Soros.

Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering Presidential hopeful warns of ‘absolute disaster’ and ‘bloodbath’ for Republicans if front-runner Trump is their nominee ; Poll said to find Trump is least popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters.
Ted Cruz Seeks To Put ‘New York Values’ Slur Behind Him With Speech to GOP Jews
Ted Cruz acknowledges social issues gap with GOP Jews, stresses Israel support

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Trump calls for ‘new election’ after accusing Cruz of fraud in Iowa

After alleging vote fraud in Iowa and demanding a do-over, Donald Trump’s Private Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Nashville
Insane Islamophobic Ted Cruz Mailer Imagines ISIS Hijacking Washington The mailer declares that the United States is "under assault" from Islamic fanatics.
Most Jews Will Refuse Cruz, Despite His Warm Embrace of Israel  The Texas senator’s constituency is limited to single-issue Israel voters and those Orthodox Jews who share his contempt for 'New York values.'

Trump: What Obama has done to Israel is a disgrace Republican hopeful says it is ‘hard to believe’ that Jerusalem even talks to the White House after poor treatment by president
Trump says Obama 'the worst thing that's ever happened to Israel'
Trump, a condamné le président Barack Obama: « Israël est si important. Ce que Obama a fait à Israël est une honte »

Fascist Trump wants to reinstate torture - will the rest of the candidates fall in line? Looks like it!
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Fascist Trump wants to reinstate torture - will the rest of the candidates fall in line? Looks like it!
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US House panel wants to try Assad, Russia, Iran for ‘war crimes’ in Syria

Sanders getting advice from expert who said Israel may have carried out Syria chemical attacks
Sanders keeps his Judaism in the background, irking US Jews The Democratic senator has not made Israel a priority, not has he developed relationships with Jewish groups or leaders; 'Being Jewish is very important to us, but Bernard is not particularly religious. He doesn't go to synagogue often,' says his brother Larry.

‘I’ve never voted for a Democrat’: Ben Stein flips support to Hillary and Bernie because of Trump
If It’s Trump vs. Hillary, She’s the Pro-Israel Candidate
Votez Hillary, dit Robert Kagan, ancien de Reagan : “Le parti ne peut pas être sauvé, mais le pays peut l'être encore” La perspective de la nomination de Trump pose un dilemme aux républicains juifs La neutralité du candidat sur le sujet israélo-palestinien et le soutien de suprématistes blancs inquiètent les soutiens juifs du GOP
Vote Hillary, says Reagan admin's Robert Kagan. 'The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be' Prospect of Trump nomination poses dilemma for Jewish Republicans Candidate’s neutrality on Israeli-Palestinian issue and support from white supremacists has Jewish GOP supporters worried
Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?
Neocons come full-circle: Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton
Kagan Endorses Hillary: Clinton in Lockstep with Neocons
Israeli supporters financing Clinton’s campaign

Donald Trump Gets Clobbered on Israel by GOP Rivals
Rubio strikes Trump on Israel, seeking crucial Florida win
Cuban Crushers Cruz & Rubio Clobber Trump With anti-Israel Bat The unprecedented tag team assault on the GOP front-runner places the two somewhere to the right of Netanyahu, and Lieberman, and possibly Bennett as well.

John McCain decries ‘disturbing’ Republican race Former presidential candidate says campaign shouldn’t ‘focus on the size of people’s ears and whether they sweat or not’.

Trump’s Rise Sparks Apocalyptic Anguish Among Right-wing Ideologues ‘The candidacy of Donald Trump is the open sewer of American conservatism,’ Bret Stephens wrote in the Wall Street Journal.
GOP establishment frantic to stop surging juggernaut Trump
GOP Foreign Policy Experts Warn A Trump Presidency Would ‘Endanger America’

Trying to make sense of that ‘neutral,’ ‘totally pro-Israel’ Donald Trump
Jewish Republicans Scramble To Stop Donald Trump After ‘Neutral’ on Israel Declaration
Trump’s refusal to name a ‘good guy and a bad guy’ in conflict is ‘anti-Israel,’ says Rubio

Donald Trump Is Playing ‘Mr. Neutral’ on Everything From Israel to the Klan — and It’s Working

Jewish conservatives among Republican national security leaders slamming Trump
Neocon Armchair Warhawks Panic Over Trump Foreign Policy

Neocons declare war on Trump
Neoconservatism, RIP : Trump is writing the obituary Peut-être plus une métamorphose du néoconservatisme sioniste anti-islam en un populisme gonzo anti-islam?
Neoconservatives Declare War on Donald Trump
Arch-Neocon Robert Kagan–‘Trump is the GOP’s Frankenstein monster. Now he’s strong enough to destroy the party’
Trump’s Triumphs Demolish Netanyahu’s Fortress GOP Strategy The N.Y. tycoon is decimating the three legs of blanket Republican support for Israel: Evangelicals, Jews and interventionist hawks.
How Republican Jews Utterly Failed To Prevent Rise of ‘Toxic’ Donald Trump
GOP Jews Cannot Unite Against Donald Trump — Despite ‘Neutral’ on Israel Declaration
GOP frontrunner 'make America less safe'; his 'hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric... undercuts the seriousness of combating Islamic radicalism'. Jewish Republicans slam feckless, dangerous Trump Anxious senior party members write open letter castigating ascendent, controversial presidential hopeful.
Where Donald Trump stands on Israel and the Jews
Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’
Neocons Line Up Against Donald Trump
Donald Trump Is Alienating Neoconservatives—and Antiwar Democrats Should Worry
Donald Trump’s (So Far) Unstoppable Run Leaves Neoconservatives Out in the Cold
Neocons Panic That Trump Presidency Would Mark End to Their New World Order
Cornered Neocons: Trump’s heresy on foreign policy has put Republican hawks in nightmare scenario — backing Hillary Clinton
Jewish Republicans slam Trump in open letter
Jewish conservatives among Republican national security leaders slamming Trump
Trump Went for the Muslims, and Hate Was Unleashed on the Jews C'est exactement ce que prédisait Mark Glenn, même moi j'y croyais pas.
As an Israeli who loves America, I am worried by Trump
VIDEO - Donald Trump’s rise is a scary moment in America
VIDEO - What’s sauce for the Trump goose is sauce for the Jewish gander (Donald Trump's rise is scary - a response)
Trump’s America is bad, very bad, for the Jews
The Jewish Case Against Donald Trump
American Jews voice DEEP FEARS as Donald Trump surges
Minister Louis Farrakhan Praises Donald Trump for Shunning ‘Jewish Money
L’ex-chef du KKK appelle à voter Trump
Donald Trump Conservative leader warns Trump ‘danger to democracy’ after KKK comments
ADL to Donald Trump: Distance Yourself from White Supremacists and Disavow Their Ideology
Trump disavows support from KKK ex-grand wizard David Duke
AUDIO - Dr. David Duke on Fox Radio: Americans should vote 4Trump ; NY Times says “Jews are taking over America”

Donald Trump Compares Jewish Federations to White Supremacists — ADL Calls Claim 'Obscene'
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
The media tries to “Trump up” KKK charges, but the voters aren’t buying it
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
Trump cites Jews in explanation for not disavowing KKK While asserting David Duke is a ‘bad man,’ presidential candidate can’t account for fumbling response to white supremacist endorsement.
Trump Cites Jewish Groups in Bizarre Defense for Not Disavowing David Duke and KKK Having previously blamed a faulty earpiece for failing to condemn KKK, Trump said he couldn't just come out and condemn groups generically because — what if they were Jewish?
Donald Trump cites Jewish charity in explanation for not disavowing KKK
Donald Trump Compares Jewish Federations to White Supremacists — ADL Calls Claim ‘Obscene
ADL: Trump’s statement on Jews and white supremacists ‘obscene’
Il appelle Netanyahu un “bon ami” mais est sceptique sur la sincérité du désir d’Israël pour une solution à deux états Essayons de saisir le sens de ce Donald Trump “neutre” “totalement pro-Israël” Que penser d’un candidat qui courtise les républicains juifs mais leur dit “je ne veux pas de votre argent”, a une fille convertie au judaïsme mais qui trouve compliqué de désavouer un ancien chef du KKK ?
Trump Cites Jewish Groups in Bizarre Defense for Not Disavowing David Duke and KKK Having previously blamed a faulty earpiece for failing to condemn KKK, Trump said he couldn't just come out and condemn groups generically because — what if they were Jewish?

Haim Saban calls Trump a ‘clown’ and ‘dangerous’
Mega-Donor Haim Saban: Trump would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel
Top Israeli-American Donor Saban: Trump a 'Clown,' Would Be Dangerous for World Businessman and Clinton supporter says 'Hillary would be excellent for Israel if you believe in two-state solution.'
Israeli billionaire and Clinton backer says Trump is 'a dangerous clown'
Saban: Trump’s a ‘clown,’ and would be ‘dangerous’ for Israel Major Clinton backer says Republican frontrunner ‘unpredictable,’ whereas Democratic candidate would be ‘excellent for Israel’
Jews, Oligarchs, and Plutocrats, Oh My!! A secret meeting to stop Trump
The Oligarchs’ Super-PAC Anti-Trump Savagery
At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump
Will the Oligarchs Kill Trump?
Entire US establishment plotting to defeat Trump: Analyst

Does a JFK, RFK, MLK Moment Await Trump?
U.S. Secret Service Investigates Neocon Glenn Beck For Threatening Donald Trump
Glenn Beck Warns That Trump Is Adolf Hitler
Even Glenn Beck Is Comparing Donald Trump To Hitler
VIDEO - Kevin McDonald on Establishment’s Offensive against Trump J'abhorre la grille de lecture de MacDonald encore plus que celle de David Duke, mais il peut aussi avoir raison des fois (même si sa démarche intellectuelle est fallacieuse).
VIDEO - ‘Racists for Trump’ SNL ad mocks extremist support Skit takes aim at neo-Nazis, KKK supporters, and anti-Muslim bigots who are backing real estate mogul
Tellement gros, "over the top", que ça en devient ridicule, même si les humoristes ont peut-être pas tort, ils beurrent trop épais que ç'en est même pu drôle.
Is Donald Trump Really a Hitler-Style Fascist?
Sieg Trump: When Does 'Never Again’ Start? Since the Holocaust, American Jews' collective cry has been: Don't let history be repeated. That starts with zero tolerance for inflammatory speech. Trump’s campaign is made of little else.
9 times Donald Trump has been compared to Hitler
Donald Trump : "Le monde serait meilleur avec Kadhafi et Saddam Hussein". C'est étonnant combien il peut dire des choses sensées une fois de temps en temps... C'est malheureux aussi car il discrédite cette vérité en l'associant à son discours stupide. Les ignorants vont finir par croire que c'est du "trumpisme" de dire une chose pareille, alors que c'est la plus pure vérité.
Ahead of Republican debate, Trump says 'Islam hates' the West. Les néocons sont jaloux qu'il leur ait volé leur discours anti-islam et ils capotent en voyant qu'il pousse leur discours jusqu'à l'absurde, sabotant ainsi les chances qu'un de leurs candidats certifié néocon soit élu. Cela force les néocons à choisir Hillary, qui n'est pas leur premier choix, loin de là...
In the age of Trump, grim warnings from Holocaust survivors

VIDEO - FOX: If You Can’t Beat Trump, Join Him
To understand American Jews who support Trump, read this
Rabbi Avi Shafran: A Troubling America for Jews as Trump Awakes Its Bigots and Haters Even if, as is likely, Trump never ends up coming for us American Jews, the fact that he's gone after others is, or should be, offensive enough.

Donald Trump on 9/11: "You Will Find Out Who Really Knocked Down The World Trade Center"

'Saddam Hussein was great at killing terrorists,' Trump says

Report: Trump Is Partners With Firms Accused of Bribery in Cyprus Casino Bid Greek and U.S. firms join Trump's LLC in quest for lucrative gambling business on the Mediterranean island nation, Global Sources International News Magazine reports.

Adelson sur un soutien à Trump : “pourquoi pas ?”
Sheldon Adelson on supporting Donald Trump: ‘Why not?’
Is Sheldon Adelson Warming Up to Donald Trump? His Paper in Israel Offers Tantalizing Clues.

L'UE et les Etats-Unis "pas préparés" pour une présidence Trump (Schulz)
“Trump puts human species in deep trouble”: Chomsky
"L’antiracisme" américain à l’assaut de Trump Provocations et meeting annulé à Chicago
Why Trump Haters Really Hate Trump
Donald Trump is leading a political revolution in America — and that should terrify everyone
Informed opinions about Trump displayed on David Icke's forum
Donald Trump a été comparé à Hitler à 9 reprises
Nazi Card: David Brooks Suggests Trump Staging 'Nuremberg Rallies'
VIDEO - RYAN DAWSON: Screaming Hitler no longer works Zionist are desperate
Sarah Silverman’s ‘Hitler’ is ‘Bummed’ by Manhood Comparisons to Donald Trump
Sarah Silverman as Hitler: Donald Trump ‘gets it’ 

Chomsky says, ‘Don’t vote for Trump — he’s a threat to humanity.’
VIDEO - NazBol Alex Dugin: In Trump We Trust
Evangelicals accuse fellow believers of abandoning faith to support Trump
Anonymous declare “total war” on Donald Trump

‘Go Back To Auschwitz’ Shout at Trump Rally Is No Fluke
Donald Trump just hit a critical threshold for the GOP nomination — one that his opponents might not
'Go to Auschwitz,' Trump supporter yells at protesters
Trump Says 'Islam Hates the U.S.', but Why Do Americans Hate Islam? When Donald Trump mused on CNN: 'I think Islam hates us,' he validated a common sentiment among the Republican base. It’s not about Islamic extremism anymore – it’s a general prejudice against anything associated with Islam.
Trump Tells the Truth About Interventionism Opposes endless war supported by Clinton, Rubio and Cruz
Trump et l’intelligentsia libérale : accusé de racisme et de fascisme par d’hypocrites élites meurtrières
L’exceptionnalisme USA nous offre une élection sortie tout droit de l’enfer.
NEOCON DESPERATION–GOP donors pushing Condoleezza Rice to run independent campaign

Trump and Hitler: A Detailed Comparison (Obvious satire is obvious)
First They Came for Ben Shapiro
Ben Stein: "I Have Not Heard A Racist Word" Out Of Donald Trump's Mouth Stein: Trump Is "Not A Ranting, Blubbering, Fool, He's Making A Lot Of Sense, And I Don't See What's Anti-Democratic About Him"

JFK was as ‘friendly’ with the Jews as Trump is
Will Republican Elite Coalesce Around Trump or Sabotage Him to Save the GOP?
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Zionist media seeks to destroy Trump presidential candidacy
‘We choose the nominee, not the voters’: Senior GOP official
Trump leaves Jews with no easy answers
Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’
A Donald Trump Presidency Could Mean Israel Losing $6 Billion in US Aid?
Citing moral objection to candidate's rhetoric, Zach Reizes says he plans, together with others, to stand silently as Trump speaks and leave the hall with head lowered. Student activists: AIPAC won’t let us protest Trump Pro-Israel lobby says email warning protesters they’ll be barred from all future conferences was sent in error, clarifies its longstanding policy of removing disruptive delegates
40 rabbis said to plan boycott of Trump’s AIPAC address Group of religious leaders to skip Republican’s address in protest of his anti-immigrant rhetoric
American Jews’ Fight-back Against Trump Starts at AIPAC
Can Israel Handle a President Trump?
With Trump’s latest wins, will Jewish conservatives finally embrace him?
Rabbis organize boycott of Trump’s speech to pro-Israel group
Judea Declares War on Trump
Do Jewish Grandchildren Solve Trump’s Israel Problem? This is what I've come to know: Any Jew who votes for Donald Trump is voting for an anti-Semite. The next time he asks you to raise your right hand, America, just say Never Again.
Donald Trumps the Hebrew media Israel Hayom steps out of the dark and all but fully endorses the billionaire businessman, while Yedioth watches the GOP front-runner and worries
Trump might be a nut, but he’s not anti-Semitic
WATCH: ‘The Daily Show’ take on ‘anti-Semitic incidents’ at Donald Trump rallies
Israel Declares War On Trump
How Jewish groups plan to protest Trump at AIPAC
Rabbis, Jewish leaders plan boycott of Donald Trump at AIPAC
40 rabbins projetteraient de boycotter le discours de Trump à l’AIPAC
David Duke : la comparaison Trump-Hitler pourrait réhabiliter Hitler
Former KKK leader: Trump-Hitler comparisons might be good for Hitler
American Jewish Committee : Les violences dans la course électorale mettent en danger la démocratie
Will Republican Elite Coalesce Around Trump or Sabotage Him to Save the GOP?
Don’t Tell US Jewish Republicans Israel Is Not Opposing Trump Enough Lea Geller's contention that Republican Jews have been 'silent' on Trump is wrong: they have the anti-Semitic hate mail to show for it. Instead, Jewish Democrats should ask themselves why they've been 'silent' while Obama wrecked US: Israel relations.
Krauthammer: I Laughed at Donald Trump Six Months Ago. I Was Wrong
What Trump Means for Israel
The woman who gave the nazi salute at the Trump rally in Chicago is a jew
‘Go to Auschwitz’ video fuels Trump Nazi worries
VIDEO - Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’
Times of Israel: Stop it now, Donald Trump!
Après s’être aliéné le lobby sioniste, Donald Trump se met à dos les néoconservateurs
Jewish Neocon Krauthammer: Debate Moment To Slow Down Trump ‘Simply Didn’t Happen,’ Seems Trump’s Opponents ‘Out of Bullets’
With ‘Jewish Super Tuesday’ Looming, Republicans Take New Plunge Into Deep End on Israel
The Republican establishment, in collusion with the leftist media, is launching full-scale attacks on Donald Trump.
American Exceptionalism Presents an Election Made in Hell
American Jewish Committee: “American Democracy” At Stake In 2016

What Will Bernie Sanders’s Jewish Backers Do Now That the Primary Battle Is Over?
VIDEO - Bernie Sanders SHUTS DOWN Andrea Mitchell's Pro-Clinton Propaganda Like a BOSS!
Bernie Sanders’ Position Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Did Big Media Do in Sanders?
Bernie Sanders’ Position Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Sanders appointees want Democratic platform to reference Israeli occupation
Democrats tussle over adding 'occupation’ to party platform

Democrats Are Now the Aggressive War Party“Extending American, Strategies to Expand U.S. Engagement”: Hillary Clinton’s Project For A New American Century
Faut pas non plus tomber dans le piège de prendre au premier degré tout ce qu'ils disent... Parfois le plus "ami d'Israel" en public est celui qui ose les combattre en privé, et celui qui prétend être le plus "neutre" peut être en réalité le plus compatible avec les objectifs de Bibi...

Trump and Adelson Were Meant for Each Other Jewish conservatives who condemn the GOP candidate should condemn his Jewish sidekick too.
David Duke blames Trump U controversy on ‘Jewish manipulation of the media’
Pro-Trump former KKK leader blames judge criticism on 'vicious' Jews
Ahead of visit, UK Jewry slams Trump’s ‘troubling’ rhetoric
The Racial Divide Between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Thanks to Donald Trump, Citizen Kane Is More Relevant Than Ever Donald Trump's presidential candidacy proves that Orson Welles' 1941 film 'Citizen Kane' is still relevant.
‘America First’: Trump doubles down on a term that makes many Jews queasy
Meet the One Jewish Group that Can Attack Donald Trump
Donald Trump Is a Candidate for White Supremacists — Not the Jews
Jewish-controlled Media blasts Dr. Duke for blaming Trump U nonsense on Jewish-controlled Media
Bill Kristol, Neo-Con King in 'High Priests of War', Resurfaces in Desperation Against Trump - Author, Michael Collins Piper
The US Establishment Plans War To Stop Trump – Alexander Dugin
Trump: Hillary Will Flood America With Terrorists
Trump has virtually no support in Arab world, Israeli survey find. Maintenir ce genre de distance vis-à-vis des arabes et vice versa, c'est très utile pour se faire élire aux USA.

Paul Joseph Watson "No Jewish Influence Anywhere in Sight" ed note–That the entire Alex Jones operation is one directed by unseen forces out to keep the herd confused is not a question up for debate. On many issues Jones has made clear his obvious intention to avoid hitting the bull’s eye of the target and instead to pull his punches so as not to do any substantive harm to the real enemy we all face and which he makes the pretenses of fighting, not the ‘New’ World Order as much as the ‘Jew’ World Order. This being said, it only makes sense then that one of his top operatives, Paul Joseph Watson, would go down the road to la-la land in making the statement that there is no ‘No Jewish Influence Anywhere’, similar in many respects to other statements made in this Orwellian age that are at complete odds with reality. But there is another aspect to Watson’s posture here that needs to be examined, particularly the statement he made right before his ‘no influence’ whopper, namely that the Jewish question is ‘an obsession you don’t want to be associated with’ referencing in particular ‘neo-Nazis and white supremacists’. So that’s it, right there, the big enchilada. Besides the obvious, which is that Jones would be given his pink slip 20 seconds after venturing down the road of exploring the–not only undeniable, but indeed the OVERARCHING–presence of ‘Jewish influence’ in all of this, but as well, he doesn’t want to be associated with ‘neo-Nazis and white supremacists’. The thing is, he is right. There is absolutely NOTHING to be gained by associating oneself with the kind of human garbage that is on full display within these types of ‘neighborhoods’, where otherwise intelligent discussion of the same ‘Jewish influence’ that Watson says does not exist takes place within the context of verbiage such as ‘kike’, ‘nigger’, ‘coon’, ‘sand monkey’, ‘spic’, etc, etc, etc, to say nothing of the blatantly violent and supremacist spices that are used in each and every dish that they serve up for consumption. And so, the conclusion to which even a half-witted person can arrive in considering all of this is that websites such as Daily Stormer, Stormfront and all the rest, besides being used by organized Jewish interests as mechanisms for painting with a broad brush all otherwise intelligent discussion/criticism of ‘Jewish influence’ as racist, ugly, hateful, unhinged, and prone to violence, also serves another important role, which is to keep large, influential outfits such as InfoWars in line, even to the ridiculous length whereby one of the most important pieces in Jone’s machinery comes forward with the whopper that there is no ‘Jewish influence’ within what we all refer to these days as the ‘New World Order’. Put simply, Jones, Watson and Infowars would rather be pelted with tomatoes than smeared with dogshit.
Comment: In his YTube video ''Isis attacks: what they're not telling you'', disinfo outlet Paul Joseph Watson quotes the neocon Ayaan Hirsi Ali...
In his article ''Muslim “Refugee” Arriving in Europe Makes ‘Cut Throat’ Gesture to TV Camera Negative impact of migrants not being discussed by media'', he quotes that disgusting juishneocon prostitute Pamela Geller: ' 'Prominent critic of Islamic extremism Pamela Geller claimed the footage illustrated how, “Europe is taking in millions of these hostile invaders.”(...) ' '
Not only do the Infowars crew quote Pamela Geller, the Infowars crew even publish her articles! Such as this one: ''Clockmeister Ahmed Mohamed’s sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up'' The scam continues. By Pamela Geller.

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is a Slick Version of Donald Trump Nonetheless, the GOP candidate’s harshest conservative critics remain starry-eyed groupies of Israel's prime minister
The Israeli Donald Trump Op-ed: Just like millions of Americans have finally realized that a public figure can’t get away with anything, it’s time for Israel’s decision makers to understand that Rehavam Ze’evi’s actions—both within the army and outside the army—are unworthy of commemoration.
TRUMP, ZHIRINOVSKY, JEWISH MAFIA October 14, 2016 By Anon Vladimir Zhirinovsky says that Americans must vote for Trump.
Trump’s Downfall Dismantles Netanyahu’s Republican Iron Dome as Well Unquestioning support for Israel comes from same looniness that spawned the GOP's controversial candidate.

Republican Jewish group launches campaign against pro-Iran deal Pennsylvania Senate candidate

The art of occupation, according to Israeli General Gadi Shamni After 35 years of military service, Maj. Gen. (res) Gadi Shamni, the self-described 'general of the occupation,' lauds the army's morality and slams the politicians for the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. There is, he says, a solution and a partner, but first Israel must release itself from the grip of extremists.
Why the Fight Over Israeli Settlements Is Reaching a Boiling Point
Israël : le gouvernement veut reporter la destruction d'une colonie ultra-sensible (presse)

'Bibi Won Elections Because of Race,' American Adviser to Israeli Opposition Told Clinton Campaign Chair New email released by Wikileaks contains Herzog's American political adviser's analysis of a lost election and 'racist appeals you could never get away with in the U.S.'
Don’t Blame Netanyahu. Blame the Israeli Electorate An 'out-of-touch' rightist Israeli government further embedding the settlements and disdaining non-Orthodox Judaism? According to Pew, they faithfully reflect the will of the people.

PM denies he called Obama ‘existential danger’ to settlements, but confirms concerns TV report claims Netanyahu told Amona residents he fears actions US president may take in span between election and leaving office
Netanyahu: If Israel Doesn't Act Wisely Ahead of End of Obama's Term, We May Endanger Entire Settlement Enterprise Prime minister tells residents of the West Bank settlement of Ofra and the outpost of Amona that they must avoid 'unwise conduct' in the particularly sensitive time between the U.S. election and the inauguration of the next president.
Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t forsake us at the UN
Netanyahu to Kerry: I Expect U.S. Won't Advance UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Before Obama Leaves Office U.S. secretary of state told the prime minister that at this stage the U.S. administration has not made a decision on possible steps in the Security Council, Haaretz has learned.
U.S., Egypt Warn Palestinians Not to Push Security Council on Settlements Before U.S. Elections Senior official says Palestinians will present UN Security Council resolution on West Bank settlements following elections, after U.S. vows to veto any move prior to November 8.
Colonisation israélienne: les Palestiniens appellent l'Onu à agir


Hating Trump Might Be All about Israel
Lors d'un débat sur CNN, Trump assure : «Personne sur ce plateau n'est plus pro-Israël que moi»
Trump: 'I have tremendous love for Israel. I happen to have a son-in-law and a daughter that are Jewish, OK?' ‘Most pro-Israel’ Trump: Semblance of neutrality needed to end conflict Amid criticism from fellow candidates, Republican front-runner says his approach is the most likely to lead to peace
Donald Trump invokes Ivanka’s Jewish family to defend ‘neutral’ Israel stance
When I Cringe at the Views of Israelis — and Donald Trump
Trump’s pro-Russian policy threatens Israel
Why Donald Trump’s anti-Neoconservatism might not be enough to prevent WWIII
Bill Kristol Is Trying to Get Tom Coburn or Rick Perry to Run Third Party
From left to right, Israelis sour on ‘opportunist’ Donald Trump
ADL calls on Jewish organization to redirect Trump donations to fight hate
AIPAC conference nervously awaits Trump speech Republican front-runner to address leading US pro-Israel group, but some worry that he is a wild card who has yet to fully explain his views on Israel — and that his support from known racists is a red flag.

Trump Wins Over AIPAC Audience With Strong pro-Israel Stance 'President Obama is the worst thing to happen to Israel,' Trump says to massive applause at AIPAC gathering, vowing to pressure Palestinians to accept Israel as Jewish state and Jerusalem as its capital.
AIPAC braces unhappily for Trump, the ‘most pro-Israel’ presidential contender There’s a Jewish candidate who chose not to be seen here. And an ostensible Israel-lover with whom many would much rather not be seen. A surreal day dawns for the pro-Israel lobby
Trump abandons talk of Israel neutrality, wins cheers from AIPAC
Trump wins over AIPAC with ‘true friend of Israel’ speech
Trump cheered at AIPAC for vow to dismantle Iran deal, oppose UN Controversial frontrunner draws laughs at pro-Israel confab with claim he knows nuclear agreement better than anyone; Kasich declares ‘unwavering’ support for Israel; Paul Ryan says first trip as speaker will be to Israel
N.J. rabbi to lead anti-Trump protest at pro-Israel conference
Trump Implies Israel Will Pay Back Military Assistance
Trump Ahead of AIPAC Speech: Israel Should Repay U.S. for Aid
Trump says he’ll make Israel pay for defense aid

Kasich slams ‘Palestinian culture of death’ at AIPAC
People Vs. AIPAC: Mighty Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Grip in US
Lingering disunion over Iran nuke deal complicates AIPAC activism As pro-Israel lobbyists head to Capitol Hill, they’ll have an app with talking points on the peace process and defense assistance, but not on thwarting Tehran, where divisions remain deep
People Vs. AIPAC: Mighty Pro-Israel Lobby Loses Grip in US
Combustible mix of protesters descending on AIPAC
VIDEO - Anti-Israel activist and famous rabbi verbally joust in front of AIPAC forum Deux vedettes juives états-uniennes, l'une du sionisme l'autre de l'antisionisme, se confrontent dans la rue aux portes de l'AIPAC...

The Imperial Myopia of Candidate Bernie Sanders
Sanders wins Democratic primary in Israel
Sanders: ‘All options’ on table if Iran cheats on nuclear deal
Roger Waters urges Bernie Sanders not to speak at AIPAC conference
Sanders tells pro-Israel lobby AIPAC he won’t speak at conference

Clinton bashes Trump at AIPAC for 'neutral' stance on Israel
Hillary Clinton to AIPAC: Donald Trump’s foreign policy ‘dangerously wrong’
Analysis: Clinton shows AIPAC supporters she knows what troubles them about Obama
The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life"
VIDEO - Bill Clinton Admits Hillary-Soros Connection Soros, qui n'est pas spécialement sioniste, est la bête noire de la fausse dissidence (Alex Jones, E-R, etc.).
George Soros’ Anti-Trump Campaign
VIDEO - Trump Calls Out George Soros In New Ad
Soros, Alarmed by Trump, Pours Money into 2016 Race
Billionaire George Soros funds $15M effort to stop Trump, mobilize Latinos
“Pluto-Zionists” Support for Hillary: The “Marriage” of Plutocracy, Rightwing Zionism and Hillary Clinton By Prof. James Petras
On Foreign Policy, Hillary Clinton Is the Only Republican Left Standing Clinton’s the only candidate left who holds faith with the platform that’s guided the U.S. since WWII: classic liberal interventionism, more familiar as the globocop policy that fueled both Bush presidencies.
Survey shows Israelis prefer Clinton over Trump
Trump Will Bring the Jews - Even Bernie’s - Home to Hillary Fearful of selling out, Sanders’ young, progressive and universalist Jewish supporters won’t go canvassing for Hillary; they may even be considering not voting at all. But Trump will change all that.
Sondage : Les Israéliens préfèreraient Hillary comme présidente
Clinton Campaign Lurches to the Right. “Overtures to Republican Leaders and Donors”
Hillary Clinton attacks her church over Israel divestment vote
Democratic Party is now split over Israel, and Clinton and Sanders represent opposing camps, says Pew

Rubio Campaign Slams Trump's Israel Policies as Extension of Obama's Marco Rubio's Foreign policy adviser, Dan Senor, says Trump would yield another term of Obama's policies toward Israel during visit to Florida Jewish temple.
Rubio Slams Trump as ‘Anti-Israeli’
Rubio: When I’m president, US will be on Israel’s side Florida senator slams Trump for advocating appearance of neutrality in Mideast conflict, says Palestinians uninterested in peace
VIDEO - Marco Rubio: ‘An agreement with Palestine would weaken Israel’ – video
Rubio Says He's 'Not Entirely Proud' of Personal Attacks Against Trump
Marco Rubio at Florida synagogue: Israel ‘will not have a better friend than me’
Rubio Missing From AIPAC: The End of the 'Good for Israel' Neocons Rubio was the last neoconservative in the race ideologically tethered to using the U.S. military to promote democracy and freedom abroad – whose vigorous support of Israel invoked a generational struggle against Islamist terror.
The metoric rise and crushing fall of GOP golden boy Marco Rubio After emerging as young conservative star, Florida senator drops campaign with parting shot at rival Trump.
Trump Knocks Rubio Out of White House Race, GOP in Chaos Clinton's victories in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina cast doubt on U.S. Sanders' ability to overtake her for the Democratic Party's nomination.
Rubio’s defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
Marco Rubio Defends Trump Attacker, Who In Return Posts Little Marco's Videos (!)

Obama says Republican politics created Trump’s candidacy GOP officials face the fact that highly unpopular Cruz may be sole chance to stop billionaire’s march to nomination

Dennis Ross: Next US administration will want to improve ties with Israel
Pourquoi Netanyahou n'a pas rencontré Obama
US-israel ties the worst since 1948
'Netanyahu nixed meeting with Obama because of defense package hold-up'
Obama’s Tortuous Ties With Benjamin Netanyahu, Inside Out Jeffrey Goldberg’s 'Obama Doctrine' shines new light on the complexities that created the most dysfunctional relationship on earth.
Barack Obama Tells Bibi He Knows Harsh Reality From Growing Up Black in America
Pour Obama, Netanyahu est le plus décevant de tous les dirigeants du Moyen Orient The Atlantic : le Premier ministre israélien a “sa propre catégorie” quand il s’agit de ceux qui frustrent le président ; l’article cite une leçon “condescendante” de Netanyahu, affirme qu’Obama le voit comme “trop craintif et politiquement paralysé” pour assurer une solution à deux états.

Jimmy Carter: I’d pick Trump over Cruz
Ted Cruz’s Palestine debacle: Let’s outsource American peace policy to Israel
Jewish leaders back Ted Cruz, say he’s the best hope for survival of Israel, West in face of ‘existential’ threat posed by Iran

Etats-Unis : le milliardaire Bloomberg renonce à se présenter à la Maison-Blanche

A Republican Win Could Lead to a Likud Dominated Congress

Israel Should Stay Out of the U.S. Election Republican and Democrat presidents have been both supportive of and hostile to Israel. What matters is the candidates' commitment to the bilateral relationship's heart: Israel's military security.

Sénateurs démocrates : Obama a “mal interprété” la loi commerciale sur les implantations
Obama’s trip to Cuba may put kibosh on Netanyahu attending AIPAC event
Did Obama Just Make It Kosher To Boycott Settlements?

Netanyahu nixes US trip, says he rejected Obama offer to meet Official says PM fears visit to AIPAC conference later this month could embroil him in US presidential contest.

Fait inédit, Netanyahu a refusé une invitation à Washington.
‘Quand le président vous invite, vous ne pouvez pas dire non’ dit un expert perplexe: Le soufflet inédit de Netanyahu à Obama défie toute logique Les raisons du Premier ministre pour ne pas se rendre à Washington ne collent pas, disent les experts. Et la façon dont s’est déroulée la saga a encore une fois ajouté des frictions inutiles à la relation éternellement tendue avec un allié crucial.
'When the president invites you, you simply can’t say no,' says one baffled expert: Netanyahu’s unprecedented snub of Obama meeting defies explanation The PM’s reasons for not going to DC don’t add up, experts say. And the way the saga played out has again injected unnecessary friction into the relationship
Netanyahu Cancels Visit to U.S.; White House: PM Opted Out of Obama Meet 'We were surprised to first learn via media reports that the Prime Minister, rather than accept our invitation, opted to cancel his visit,' angry White House says, after sources at PM's bureau claimed no appropriate time for meeting was found ahead of AIPAC confab.
White House ‘surprised’ Netanyahu spurning offer to meet Obama
Netanyahu Snubs Obama’s Washington Invitation

Obama Recounts Confrontation With Netanyahu: I Live in the White House, I Know What I'm Talking About U.S. president recalls clash in interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, who writes Netanyahu was speaking in an arrogant manner and tried to shift discussion from the peace process to other issues.
Report: Obama considering peace push, including UN Security Council resolution Serait-ce la raison du soufflet de Bibi à Obama? (Voir nouvelle précédente)
Obama May Back UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The White House is exploring the possibility of supporting a new resolution before the president's term ends, according to the Wall Street Journal, whose report follows a Haaretz article on Israeli concerns for such a move.
White House Deliberations Over Obama's Legacy Leave Jerusalem Worried

Is there a plot to take down Bibi?
Israelis Must Draw the Obvious Conclusions About Netanyahu The diplomatic failure of the prime minister and his ministers is especially outrageous when compared to the sobriety of the security establishment.

Benjamin Netanyahu attacks David Cameron for saying Israeli settlement policy is 'genuinely shocking'

EU on Hannibal video: Saying we support terror is ‘unacceptable’
EU slams ‘appalling’ video targeting its Israel envoy Settler group’s film depicts Lars Faaborg-Andersen in a Hannibal Lecter mask, accuses ambassador of supporting ‘terror state’
EU Strongly Protests Israeli Settlers' 'Smear Campaign' Against Ambassador Facebook video from new settler organization portrays EU ambassador Lars Faaborg-Anderson as serial killer Hannibal Lecter from 'Silence of the Lambs.'
Foreign Ministry condemns video showing EU ambassador as the cannibal Hannibal

Settler group accuses EU envoy of supporting ‘terror state’

Lest We Forget–Lindsey Graham: Better for a Democrat to win the White House than Donald Trump
Resistance to Trump runs deep in the party establishment yet a big win for Trump marching toward GOP nomination

Why Ted Cruz's Preacher Sidekick Is No Friend of the Jews — or Israel

Wealthy donors drawn to Rubio White House bid after Bush drops out
Koch brothers’ D.C. guru joins Marco Rubio team

Sheldon Adelson and the missing $100 million
And the winner of the Sheldon Adelson primary is…Hillary Clinton
Haim Saban warned Clinton that Tea Party is ‘chickensh–‘ next to the neoconservative ‘Coffee Party’
‘Very rough’ talk with Netanyahu referenced in new Clinton email dump But transcript of phone call is blacked out; other releases from presidential contender’s emails relate to Barak, Livni.
Jerusalem Post responds to attack in Clinton e-mails calling paper 'Likud organ'

Fearing Sanders as ‘Closet Realist’

How The American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind’s Hopes For Peace
Why Do Neo–Cold Warriors Want Another Proxy Fight With Russia? The recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a case study in how anti-Putin rhetoric obscures what is really going on.
Thierry Meyssan : "Les États-Unis et la Russie vont se retirer du Proche-Orient"
THE ATLANTIC - The Obama Doctrine: The U.S. President talks through his hardest decisions about America's role in the world

Poll: Israelis believe next president will be better than Obama
Obama owes Israel an apology The next president should avoid mimicking the administration’s unwarranted criticism, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has done. We’ve repeatedly credited Hillary Clinton for rebutting Sanders’s libel, and thereby by implication, the administration’s Gaza war rhetoric.

In final Passover greeting, Obama compares Exodus to civil rights battle Avec son discours de libération associé aux Civil Rights (mouvements pour les droits civiques des noirs, etc.), Obama vole aux juifs leur grand récit de libération. C'est ce que les juifs reprochent à Nation of Islam, notamment. L'ancien pasteur d'Obama était sur cette ligne, il a rapidement été identifié et Obama a été étiqueté comme un "radical" à cause de ça, longtemps avant d'être élu en 2008. Il promettait même de faire inspecter les installations nucléaires israéliennes. Il ne l'a pas fait mais il a déclassifié des documents, ce qui pour les sionistes est déjà en soi une preuve de son insoumission, voire de son antisémitisme pharanonien (encore une référence à l'Exode).

Israel Has 115 Nuclear Warheads, U.S. Research Institute Says According to a report issued by the Institute for Science and International Security, Israel has amassed between 400 to 915 Kg of fissile material since 1963.
Dimona Nuclear Reactor's Joint International Research Projects Revealed for First Time Nuclear research center’s director cites cooperation with U.S., European and international bodies.
FLASHBACK 2014: Newly Declassified Documents Reveal How U.S. Agreed to Israel's Nuclear Program Documents reveal contacts between Washington and Jerusalem in late 1960s, when some Americans believed the nuclear option would not deter Arab leaders but would trigger an atom bomb race.
Les archives états-uniennes de sécurité nationale déclassifient 50 documents révélant qu'Israël, pour obtenir la bombe atomique, a dû mentir effrontément à l'administration Kennedy résolument opposée à la course à l'armement nucléaire et chimique au Moyen-Orient
Nucléaire: Comment Israël a induit en erreur les États-Unis (trad. fr. de l'article de Haaretz paru avant hier concernant les documents déclassifiés de l'archive de sécurité nationale américaine)
Newly Declassified Documents Reveal Kennedy Administration’s Concerns Over Israel’s Nuclear Program - Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Biden à J Street : « Les Etats-Unis ressentent une «énorme frustration» avec le gouvernement israélien »
Biden admet une “frustration accablante” états-unienne vis-à-vis d'Israël
Biden admits to ‘overwhelming frustration’ with Israeli gov’t
U.S. feels 'overwhelming frustration' with Israeli government: Biden

Sionisme, génocide et tradition coloniale en Syrie contemporaine
Israel Actively “Cooperates” with the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Military Aid Channelled into Syria out of the Golan Heights
Top Senate Democrat chides Netanyahu over 'untimely' Golan remarks
Netanyahu's Neocon Mind
Top Democratic Senator Criticizes Netanyahu's 'Untimely' Claim to Golan 'You don't have a government you can negotiate with and talk with in Syria,' says Ben Cardin, a top member of the Senate Foreign Affairs committee.
Le chef de la Ligue arabe veut un tribunal international pour juger Israël
Arab League rejects PM’s Golan claims, says Israel should be ‘on trial’ Arab leaders demand establishment of ‘special criminal court’ to handle Israel’s behavior on the Palestinians.
Netanyahu à Poutine : le Golan restera israélien Le Premier ministre a précisé qu’Israël ne laissera pas s’installer un nouveau « front terroriste » sur le plateau du Golan.
Netanyahu vows Golan Heights will remain part of Israel forever In first cabinet meeting on territory captured from Syria in 1967, prime minister says land won’t be ceded as part of treaty to end Syrian civil war
Netanyahu defies allies to defend oil-rich Golan Heights status quo
US rejects Netanyahu’s pledge to hold onto Golan forever After Germany, Arab League speak out, State Department says Washington maintains Heights are not part of Israel; Cruz backs PM
Trump invokes Netanyahu, slams Iran deal in presidential debate

Un ministre israélien critique Obama, « messianique et naïf »
Netanyahu: I hope Obama won't help Palestinians unilaterally establish a state
8 ans plus tard, la position d’Obama sur Israël est toujours aussi incertaine Depuis qu’il est au pouvoir, le président américain a montré son malaise face aux implantations israéliennes en Cisjordanie, qu’il considère comme un obstacle à la paix

Obama at UN: Israel Cannot Permanently Occupy Palestinian LandsIn his final address to UN, Obama says Palestinians should reject violence and incitement.
Obama’s anti-Israeli Farewell Speech at the UN 'A nation ringed by walls will only imprison itself,' the president said, and our analysts explained, without a hint of self-irony, that he meant Donald Trump.
Obama: Israel cannot ‘permanently occupy, settle Palestinian land’ In final, wide-ranging UN address, US president also says Palestinians must reject incitement, recognize ‘legitimacy of Israel’. President hails resolution 'of the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy.
Obama expresses ‘profound US concerns’ over settlements to Netanyahu After cordial chat before cameras, US president reportedly clashes with Netanyahu over role of West Bank construction in eroding two station solution
Israel waits for Obama's UN shoe to drop
Obama airs settlement concerns, Netanyahu praises US friendship in their likely final meeting
Netanyahu’s triumphant last goodbye to Obama
Trump’s Dark Shadow Looms Over Obama-Netanyahu Summit In a tight race, American Jewish votes in battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and even Georgia could prove critical.
Une victoire de Trump pourrait pousser Obama à soutenir une résolution pour 2 états à l’ONU Le président sortant pourrait vouloir créer une norme sur laquelle son successeur ne pourra pas revenir, selon Dennis Ross

Benyamin Netanyahu dans un discours à l'ONU: « L'ONU, qui avait commencé en tant que force morale est devenue une farce morale »
Netanyahu Calls UN 'Moral Farce,' Says Israel Will Not Accept Any Dictates Netanyahu, at UN address, says Israel welcomes the 'spirit' of the Arab Peace Initiative, thanks Obama for vetoing past Security Council resolution critical of Israel.
Netanyahu: We won't accept any attempt by UN to dictate terms to Israel
At the UN: Abbas slams inaction, Netanyahu says ‘war against Israel at the U.N. is over'.
Danon slams Ban Ki-moon for criticism of Israel during UNGA opening speech

Kerry peste contre Israël, décrie l’imminence d’un seul état Le secrétaire d’Etat Américain, John Kerry a pris pour cible Israël et les Palestiniens la semaine dernière, les accusant de saboter la perspective d’une solution à 2 Etats.

‘ICC may not be equipped to rule on war crimes’

Colonisation israélienne : l’organisation britannique PSC accuse la communauté internationale d’inertie

Quartet: Settlements harming chances for two state-solution Mideast peacemakers also call for Palestinians to end incitement against Israelis; French FM warns path to peace narrowing

Top EU lawyer says Hamas should be dropped from terror list
Top EU court advisor: Drop Hamas from bloc's terror blacklist

How the 2016 US election is upending pro-Israel orthodoxies

Make Israel Great Again: Dovish Israeli Politicians Take Page Out of Trump Playbook Nowadays it seems everyone in the Israeli center-left wants to become a tough-talking, BDS-confronting, Haaretz-hating, leftist-basher.

New York Primary: For Israel and U.S. Jews, Cruz May Be More Threatening Than Trump When Ted Cruz has gone all out to woo Jewish voters in New York, he touts his sterling Senate pro-Israel positions. But those voters recognize the danger in AIPAC talking points actually becoming American policy.
Prominent Jewish donors host Cruz fundraiser Ahead of primary, half of listed givers at New York City’s Harvard Club event are Jews.
Texas senator-elect Cruz, on first Israel visit, talks Syria with Netanyahu
Ted Cruz’s Yiddish ad tells New York Jews he is God’s chosen candidate

‘America First Not Israel’: Detroit billboard urges US to restrict influence of Jewish Lobby
Controversial billboard that reads America first over Israel put up in Detroit

Op-Ed: Netanyahu is not the first leader the White House found "frustrating" RE: JFK VS BEN-GURION

'Obama wants Israel to spend aid money entirely on US-made weapons'
83 sénateurs appellent Obama à augmenter l’aide militaire à Israël
Large majority of US Senate pushes Obama to boost Israel aid 
Israel feels vindicated by congressmen pushing for more US military aid
US to give Israel 'largest military aid package in history'

Dershowitz: Obama’s double standard toward Netanyahu  The US president owes the American people, and Benjamin Netanyahu, an explanation for his apparent hypocrisy and inconsistency.
Obama-Netanyahu Rift Impedes U.S. Offer of Record Aid Deal for Israel (must read)
Netanyahu, Obama's Tense Relations Hinder U.S.-Israel Aid Deal  'There’s a unique place of pique for the Israelis in certain places in the administration' hovering over negotiations, expert tells New York Times
Poll: Most Israelis think any of the candidates would be better for Israel than Obama Channel 1 survey finds majority prefer Clinton in the White House, but believe Trump and Netanyahu would get along better.
Intel Services Minister: Israel can’t count on US at UN

UNSC rejects Israeli jurisdiction on Golan as 'null and void'
UN Security Council Expresses 'Deep Concern' Over Netanyahu's Recent Golan Remarks  PM declared that Israel would never withdraw from the Golan Heights, but council members say the territory's status should remain unchanged.
ONU : Le statut du Golan « inchangé » malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu Le Conseil de Sécurité a « invité les parties à respecter les dispositions de l’accord de désengagement » entre les forces israéliennes et syriennes sur le plateau datant de 1974.
Onu : le statut du Golan "inchangé" malgré les déclarations de Netanyahu
UN council voices alarm at Israeli cities on Golan Heights
Israeli hold on Golan ‘null and void,’ UN Security Council says
UN rebuffs Netanyahu claim on Golan ownership
Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Not a day goes by that Ted Cruz doesn’t think about the Jews and Israel

Ted Cruz Campaigned As God's Chosen Candidate Before Conceding Defeat
TRUMP BEAT GOD: How Could Ted Cruz Have Lost When God Promised Him Victory? (Another Evangelical Fantasy Explodes)
Creep-Cruz Adviser, ‘Israeli-Firster’ Boykin, Falls For Internet Hoaxes About ‘Sharia Courts’ In Texas And Michigan

'Any legislation having to do with Middle East has to be vetted and approved by AIPAC’
American Jews Should Move To Israel And Fulfill ‘End Of Days’ Biblical Prophecy, Says Activist

Israel feels the heat of U.S., EU and U.N. criticism
Netanyahu: "Où est l'Europe" face à la montée de l'antisémitisme

Labeling Israeli products to raise awareness of Palestinian plight
Netanyahou accuse Ban Ki-moon d'encourager le terrorisme « Les tueurs palestiniens ne veulent pas de pays, ils veulent tuer des Juifs. Ils ne tuent pas au nom des droits de l'homme »
Danny Danon: « Je vis l'antisémitisme au quotidien à l'ONU »
Israeli envoy Danon: ‘I live with anti-Semitism 24/7 at the United Nations’
Ban Ki-Moon: “Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Israel”
Ban fires back at Israeli criticism of UN speech: 'Don't shoot the messenger'
Polémique Israël-Onu: Ban demande à Israël de ne pas se tromper de cible Victor Perez: Ban Ki-Moon et « l'occupation israélienne »
UN’s Ban in new swipe at Israel over ‘stifling’ occupation
UN Security Council to Consider defining all Israeli Settlements in Occupied Territories as Illegal

US restates labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank
US issues telling reminder of labeling rules on Israeli products from West Bank Days after ambassador slammed Israel’s policies, State Department stresses requirement to distinguish between Israel, settlement goods.
Obama Joins Israel Boycott? Labels West Bank Goods

Europe-Israel | Etats-Unis: la douane américaine applique les mesures de boycott antisémite sur l'étiquetage des produits israéliens

Sweden investigating Israeli death threats against its foreign minister
Lunch With Sweden's Foreign Minister, the Woman Israel Loves to Hate Margot Wallström bears the brunt of Israeli diplomatic bullying, but one day she'll make Israel eat its words.
Sweden’s Foreign Minister, the Woman Israel Loves to Hate

Spain ‘deeply worried’ over Palestinian deaths from Israel’s use of force

La Cour suprême a aggravé les peines des pyromanes de l’école judéo-arabe

Poll claims 25% of Israelis fear a second Holocaust

Israel’s deadly restrictions on Palestinian patients

VIDEO - Palestinian Kids Dodge Settler Attacks

Etat palestinien: Israël rejette les propos de Laurent Fabius
Netanyahu: French bid rewards Palestinian intransigence
France: We will recognize Palestinian state if talks deadlock persists
Netanyahu: French threat to recognize Palestinian state undermines peace initiative Pourtant pour E&R c'est Laurent Fabius le plus grand traître de tous les temps! Crypto-sioniste, E&R?? Oui mais très subtilement! Faudrait pas que le monde sache que E&R roule pour la droite israélienne "patriote" que Sora1 respecte tant...
No Netanyahu, Not Every Attempt at Diplomacy Is a Threat to Israel Israeli officials have offered nothing by scorn for France's new peace initiative when they should be hoping the U.S. will get on board as well.
Netanyahu répond au chantage de Laurent Fabius « Vous donnez à l'avance aux Palestiniens une bonne raison de ne faire aucun compromis »
Netanyahu frustrated over France's Palestine statehood ultimatum
Israel rejects French ultimatum: ‘This isn’t how one makes peace’ Jerusalem hits back at Paris plan to recognize Palestinian state if talks fail; US official says ‘preferred path’ is negotiated solution.

France : un collectif d’ambassadeurs français antijuifs appelle à un boycott total d’Israël
Des ambassadeurs français réclament des sanctions contre Israël

FRANCE – Resistance to Israel censorship grows
VIDEO - En réponse à Valls, des militants BDS lancent une action dans un supermarché
Israel Rejects French Peace Bid, Saying Threat of Recognition Incentivizes Palestinians Not to Negotiate 'This is no way to negotiate,' Israeli officials say, but Palestinians 'welcome French call to end occupation.' Resistance to Israel censorship grows in France
Roger Waters love letter to French BDS activists: ‘you have my unequivocal respect and love’
Roger Waters réagit à la criminalisation en France du boycott d'Israël
Italie: large appel au boycott des institutions universitaires israéliennes
Israel Launches Electronic War Against ‘Global Boycott Movement’
Diplomatic cables reveal sharp increase in efforts to boycott Israel
Ex-IDF Intel Chief: Facebook is Greatest Threat to Israel

Im Tirtzu head suspends self over ‘culture mole’ campaign Matan Peleg blasts his own organization’s move to out left-wing artists and cultural figures, says he needs time to ‘soul-search’.
Israel's McCarthys Op-ed: As Im Tirtzu's supporters saw last week, the fervent quest to implicate others as traitors can quickly go too far. Israel's witch hunters need to stop now, before it's too late.

Shutting Down a Pinkwashing Event Is a Smart, Legitimate Protest Against Israel's Occupation We shouldn’t expect Palestinians and their allies to stop protesting for justice or temper their message because of the emotional toll on Jews.

Behind Israel’s Campaign to Vilify Peace Groups
The 'Professional Journalism' Behind the Silencing of Israeli Violence The media is always looking for new exciting 'stories,' but when it comes to the Palestinians and to Israel's rule over them, the threshold of stimulation is constantly rising.

Im Tirtzu Admits Mistake in Campaign Against 'Left-wing' Israeli Cultural Figures The right-wing group's director tells Haaretz, however, that the public has the right to know about cultural figures' left-wing affiliations.
Police Fight Court to Ban Left Wing Activists From the West Bank After court rejects request to bar Nawi and Batuvia from West Bank, police file appeal, claiming ban is not political.
Israeli culture minister to propose 'loyalty bill' in bid to control artistic funding
Benny Begin : ‘Pointer de soi-disant traitres est une vieille technique fasciste qui est à la fois laide et dangereuse’ - Des députés de droite accusent des groupes “fascistes” de “dénoncer” des artistes de gauche Im Tirtzu critiqué après une campagne listant les membres de l’élite culturelle israélienne qui ont exprimé leur soutien à des causes de gauche.
Israël : le monde politique condamne la campagne d'une ONG contre des artistes
Canada’s answer to J Street aims to fight anti-Zionism from ‘within the left’

Un magnat juif canadien met fin à son soutien à cause d’une fresque ‘antisémite’ Paul Bronfman a mis un terme à sa coopération avec l’Université York en raison d’un désaccord sur une oeuvre politique
Jewish Canadian mogul pulls support over ‘anti-Semitic’ mural Paul Bronfman stops cooperation with York University after request to remove politically charged artwork by Palestinian student goes unheeded
Israeli Spies: 'Mega Was Not an Agent; Mega Was the Boss' by Jeffrey Steinberg (À propos de Mega, une grosse opération du Mossad avec du cash des Bronfman et d'autres fortunes juives américaines)

VIDEO - George Galloway explaining to a Jew that they have no right in Palestine

AU NOM DU TEMPLE (Charles Enderlin, France2)

'Rabin' director looks back 20 years to killing Amos Gitai, director of 'Rabin, the Last Day' and a frequent presence at prestigious festivals, talks about the perspective his film tries to bring to the 1995 assassination.

Do anti-Israel Emails From Hillary's Inner Circle Show Her True Colors? From an ex ambassador's suggestion to support Palestinian protests to a senior advisor forwarding his son's anti-Zionist articles, emails sent to Hillary Clinton raise questions about the presidential candidate's views on Israel.
Hillary Clinton’s Enemies Brand Her an Israel-hater Based on Email Dumps Do a bunch of outlandish ideas on the Mideast conflict submitted to then Secretary of State by her aides really represent the presidential candidate’s views on Israel?
Israeli Tourism Minister Blasts U.S. Reform Jews, Says Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Shows Extent of Assimilation During government hearing on non-Orthodox prayer space at the Western Wall, Yariv Levin slams the U.S. largest Jewish movement, saying prayer space unnecessary since Reform Jews will be all but gone in three generations.

How Marco Rubio's Faith Could Lure Jewish Voters

Duke Exposes the Scumbay Slimeball Ted Cruz as a total ZioShill !

Elliott Abrams: US Mideast policy will be more assertive under next president

Sheldon Adelson’s Still on the Sidelines: The GOP Asks Why?
9/11 was your brother's fault! Trump's extraordinary assault on Jeb Bush over George W's invasion of Iraq and claim he 'lied' about WMDs
Pro-War GOP Boos Donald Trump
Trump: GOP rivals want to ‘start World War III over Syria’
AUDIO - Jew Mark Levin moans, wails, screeches: ‘Trump a radical kook, 911 truther’ Trump: GOP rivals want to ‘start World War III over Syria’
The Walking Dead–Donald Trump as an enemy of ‘Greater Israel’ living every day of his candidacy in Netanyahu’s crosshairs, By Mark Glenn, 2016

Trump says he’d be ‘neutral’ with Israelis and Palestinians Leading Republican presidential hopeful suggests Israeli-Palestinian peace accord may be impossible: ‘Sometimes agreements can’t be made’

Pope says Trump ‘not Christian’ in views, plans over immigration

An Angry America Isn’t Good News for Israel Incensed U.S. citizens, financially insecure and disconnected from the American political process, have little interest in foreign policy. That opens the door to political mavericks and isolationists.
L'isolationnisme c'est le mot péjoratif pour dénigrer le non-interventionnisme (non-ingérence). Pour des gens comme McCain qui (durant sa campagne de 2007-2008) attaquait l'isolationnisme de Ron Paul, la catastrophe de la 2e Guerre M a été causée par l'isolationnisme...

Pourquoi Sanders n’arbore-t-il pas son judaïsme ?
The Key to Bernie Sanders's Appeal Isn't Socialism. It's Yiddish Socialism.Ceci n'est pas un article de David Duke, ni du KKK Daily ni du Nazi Weekly, c'est The Forward, un prestigieux journal juif.
Why Bernie Sanders Will Bury the Clintons and the Israel Lobby to Become the First Democratic Socialist President of America in 2016

Cruz-backer Bickle pledges commitment to Israel, Jews, explains his Hitler comments In Op-Ed on The Times of Israel, evangelical leader apologizes if he has ‘communicated beliefs poorly’.

Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel

"The Obama administration enables anti-Semitism at the United Nations"

Israeli group accuses US of labeling settlement products
Likud minister accuses Netanyahu of serving foreign tycoons

Netanyahu, Revisionist Zionism and Nuclear Armed Submarines
Netanyahu, the Hopeless Liar: The Unspoken Objective is to Force Palestinians to Leave their Homeland

Netanyahu: Where's Europe when Iran, ISIS, Hamas call for another Holocaust?

Israël accuse Ban Ki-moon d’encourager le terrorisme

Furious Netanyahu slams Ban Ki-moon for ‘stoking’ Palestinian terrorismUN chief: It’s ‘human nature to react to occupation’; PM: There’s no justification for terror, the Palestinians want to destroy Israel Netanyahu Accuses UN Chief Ban of 'Giving Terror a Tailwind'

Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister’s criticism

Terror boss Netanyahu reaffirms support for Jewish squatter colonies on stolen Palestinian land

Des colons juifs autorisés à retourner à Hébron, malgré l'opposition palestinienne Israel to allow settler takeover of Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil

Israel Approves New West Bank Homes, Marking End of Informal Building Freeze After almost two years, Civil Administration and other planning and building bodies have approved construction of 153 residential units in Samaria and East Jerusalem.

Israël approuve plus de 150 nouveaux logements dans des colonies de Cisjordanie

Bennett Is Building a New Messianic Order - and No One Says a Word The education minister and his public are restricting freedom, narrowing maneuverability and shattering confidence, in service of shattering democracy. And so far, nobody’s even peeped in protest.

Israeli mayors initiate boycott of Sweden over foreign minister’s criticism

juif.org - Suisse: les socialistes s'excusent après avoir diffusé une caricature antisémite

JERUSALEM – Another Church hit by Jewish extremists

Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

Save the Bedouins of the Negev from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and the Israeli Government

Two IDF soldiers sent to prison for shooting a camel Ils seraient moins sévèrement blâmés si c'était un Arabe au lieu d'un chameau...

Bronfman pulls support from York over mural
Media exec Paul Bronfman stops giving to university over pro-Palestinian mural

HRW accuses Israel of violence against Palestinians in annual world report
Israeli forces abducted 149 Palestinians in January

Throw Women Of The (wailing) Wall To The Dogs, Israel’s Haredi Deputy Education Minister Tells The Knesset

Female Palestinian prisoners are kept in severe and sadistic conditions in israel’s gulags

Investigation protocols reveal Duma murderer's interrogation Amiram Ben-Uliel led his interrogators through the crime scene, recounting the arson attack that killed three members of the Dawabsheh family.

Double standard seen as Israel sentences minors involved in Abu Khdeir murder to prison but no punitive measures

Abu Khdeir murderers convicted, sentenced Two minors found guilty of burning the Palestinian teenager alive; one was sentenced to life in prison, while the other to 21 years.

Minors handed life sentence, 21 years for Abu Khdeir murder

Une escorte policière en place au mont du Temple en raison des ‘provocations juives’ « Il n’y a pas d’égalité » sur le site saint à Jérusalem, a affirmé le chef de la police à des diplomates israéliens

Police escorts on Temple Mount due to Jewish ‘provocations,’ police chief says ‘There is no equality’ at the Jerusalem holy site, ‘to the disadvantage of the Jews,’ Roni Alsheich tells Israeli diplomats

Netanyahu: Those who comfort terrorists’ families don’t deserve to be MKs

Netanyahu Calls for Punitive Measures Against Arab MKs Who Visited Families of Terrorists The lawmakers met with families of Palestinian assailants who are seeking the return of their bodies, which are being held by Israeli authorities.

Reform Leader Calls on Netanyahu to Stop 'Hate-fueled Comments' by Israeli Ministers 'We cannot ignore that these inexcusable statements keep coming from the cabinet level,' says Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the president of the Union for Reform Judaism.

Netanyahu’s Knesset on a Tragic Trajectory

Israelis Ignore the Gaza Ghetto Until the War Drums Are Heard Two million human beings, some of whom worked here for years, some of them even have friends here, live in abject poverty and petrifying despair, mainly because of Israel's blockade.

Israel's Leaders Are in Denial: The Occupation Is Already a Global, Not a Local, Issue For Natan Sharansky, the question of the occupation (and its human rights abuses) is an internal Israeli matter. The Palestinians? They're invisible, and play no part in deciding their own fate.

Les Palestiniens appellent l'Europe à reconnaître un Etat Palestinien

Ban Ki-moon's Occupation Comments Prove Ineffectiveness of Israel's PR Strategy We must compel the world to address the basic argument about the Jewish people’s deep roots in its land, compared to the Arabs’ superficial ones.

How the New Israel Fund Made Me the Leftist I Am Today This is a thank you to Im Tirtzu, which branded me this week, and also a warning: When your world is as narrow as the world of the ant, you will also end up being crushed like it.

Knesset rejects bill to make NGOs' private donors transparent C'était en fait pour mieux discréditer les organisations humanitaires (de gauche) critiquant le racisme et les politiques crijminelles du gvt israélien.

Why Sharansky Should Have Stayed Silent About Breaking the Silence The head of the Jewish Agency rejected comparisons of Breaking the Silence and Russian dissidents, but his argument overlooked some key facts.

Amos Oz's grandson to Im Tirtzu: You are Israel's cancer
Right-wing organization apologizes for 'moles in the arts' campaign
Im Tirtzu Founder Sings McCarthy’s Praises on Twitter, Gets 'Schooled' by Meretz Chairwoman Founder of Im Tirtzu, which recently put up a campaign 'outing' left-wing activists, says history vindicated McCarthyism. Meretz's Galon takes to Facebook to give him, fellow right winger a 'history lesson.'
The Battle for Israel Is Liberal vs Illiberal, Not Right vs Left The long-term goal of Israel’s new political right, led by its standard bearer Im Tirtzu, is to turn Israel into a closed society. This is how we can stop them.
Im Tirtzu Admits Mistake in Campaign Against 'Left-wing' Israeli Cultural Figures The right-wing group's director tells Haaretz, however, that the public has the right to know about cultural figures' left-wing affiliations.
'We were wrong,' rightist NGO Im Tirzu says in Facebook post

Israeli Academics Feel Shunned as Boycott Movement Gains Steam Although the movement ostensibly targets universities, not individuals, Israeli academics say they are often snubbed at the personal level.

BBC says it was 'inadvisable' for TV chief to sign letter opposing Israel boycott Danny Cohen, who has since left the corporation, joined public figures including JK Rowling and Melvyn Bragg in criticising plans for a cultural boycott.

Soutien au cinéma Utopia de Toulouse vandalisé par des groupes fascistes pro-israéliens

Jewish Voice for Peace derrière la version anti-Israël du New York Times Le but de l’opération était de dénoncer la couverture partiale et biaisée du conflit israélo-palestinien

UK – Palestine meeting at parliament canceled after lobby pressure

Israeli Cop accused of ‘turning in’ Jewish girls consorting with Arabs

Institutionalized Racism in Israel

The Myth That Jews Are Always Victims of Persecution

Israel sending African migrants to other countries through ‘secretive deals’
New Israeli Stop and Frisk Police State Law Targets Palestinians and Black African Asylum Seekers Exclusively

« Islamophobie », un mot, un mal plus que centenaire

Jewish frat members at U. of Chicago sent each other series of Islamophobic, racist emails


Europe-Israel: l'antisémitisme musulman en France

Goldnadel: Quand l'islamo-gauchisme est juif, ce qui est fréquent, et il est plus dangereux

VIDEO - Media mag France 5 décortique Finkie, sa propagande anti-islam et de victimisation

(Juif.org) Victor Perez: La presse toujours aussi "bienpensante"? Dès qu'on rapporte une nouvelle concernant Israel, ya ces médias juifs intégristes qui montent au créneau pour accuser l'antisémitisme que camoufle le "palestinisme" des médias.
Israël critique le titre ‘biaisé’ de l’article de CBS sur l’attentat de Jérusalem

Survey Reveals More Than Half of French People Think Jews ‘Have a Lot of Power’

Observatoire de la laïcité : "Il fallait que ça pète" Sénatrice PRG de Haute-Garonne et membre de l'Observatoire de la laïcité, Françoise Laborde regrette le fonctionnement, trop peu collégial à ses yeux, de cette institution que préside Jean-Louis Bianco.
Valls et Bianco s'écharpent sur la laïcité : la polémique en 3 actes

LAÏCITÉ. Valls s'en prend à Bianco et Cadène : deux poids deux mesures, et une faute grave, par Guillaume Weill-Raynal, 22 janvier 2016

VIDEO - Gars Lambda: J'ai discuté avec une juive
VIDEO - L'islamophobie est-elle rentable? certains ont intérêt à créer de l'islamophobie pour les intérêts d'Israël.

Des mails de menaces pro-djihad envoyés par… une catholique ! Ya pas que les évangélistes et les protestants qui adorent cette idée (de source sioniste) de guerre contre l'islam.

Shlomo Sand : « Quand je lis Finkielkraut ou Zemmour, leur lecture de l’Histoire, je suis effrayé » Article non-relayé par la "Dissidonce fronçaise".
Alain Finkielkraut règle ses comptes « Nous sommes sortis de la période post-Hitlérienne de notre histoire, l’antisémitisme a pignon sur rue, il est le paquet cadeau du multiculturalisme, » s’est insurgé le philosophe à RCJ.
Je dis tout le temps que les néo-conspis deviennent de plus en plus identiques à la mouvance Zemmour-Finkie-Goldnadel, notamment quand ils fustigent comme eux le multiculturalisme comme source de tous les problèmes. (Pour Finkie, multiculturalisme et immigration sont le cadeau des gauchistes antiblancs défenseurs de l'islamisme, pour les néoconspis, multiculturalisme et immigration sont le cadeau des gauchistes anti-blancs défenseurs des juifs et des musulmans. Même discours, avec quelques différences minimes, l'un blâme l'islam, l'autre blâme les juifs, mais au fond ils leur reprochent exactement la même chose et mènent le même combat! Or c'est Israel qui a tout intérêt à combattre les prétendus "gauchistes antiracistes" et à tourner le monde entier contre eux car c'est ces "gauchistes antiracistes" qui mènent la campagne anti-Israel à travers le monde, le mouvement de boycott, la lutte contre l'islamophobie et la propagande sioniste, etc.)
Les violences de Cologne et la stratégie étasunienne de déstabilisation de l'Europe
Nouvel An à Cologne: de plus en plus d’incohérences

Megyn Kelly Prods Chris Christie To Be More Islamophobic In Fox News “Debate”
« Islamophobie », un mot, un mal plus que centenaires 
Palestinien brûlé vif : la prison à vie requise contre 2 Israéliens
Israeli prosecutors urge life sentences for killers of Palestinian teen
Bennett: Both Duma Murderers and Radical Left Deny Israel's Legitimacy 'The radical left promotes the boycott of Israel and then goes and says that the world is boycotting us because of the right,' the minister says.
Ari Shavit, You’ve Fallen Into the Trap of 'Extremists on Both Sides'  As opposed to the Haaretz columnist's claim, in reality not a single word has been spoken in support of left-wing activist Ezra Nawi’s statements about informing on Palestinians to the Palestinian Authority.

The Duma Murder Is an Exception to the Already Violent Rule The murder of the Dawabsheh family did not mess anything up because Israel fully backs Jews stealing Palestinian lands, a subtle form of violence.
Father of Palestinian teen burned alive by Judaic terrorists–‘Demolish homes of his Jewish killers, just as you do with Arabs’

Jewish terrorism: The missing link
‘Fundamentalist’ Jewish Terror a Growing Threat to Israel: Experts

Drunk on hate and mad at the world

Detention extended for Kahane grandson; 2nd far-rightist to go free Meir Ettinger to remain in custody for 4 more months; Defense Ministry won’t extend detention order for Eviatar Slonim.
Meir Ettinger to remain under administrative detention Ettinger, considered the leader of radical Jewish group in the West Bank, will remain under Shin Bet custody for 4 more months; Evyatar Slonim will be released under restrictions.
Defense Ministry extends administrative of ultra-nationalist Meir Ettinger

Jérusalem: trois adolescents israéliens inculpés pour des graffitis antichrétiens
Christianophobia – 3 Jewish Teens Charged in Vandalism of Jerusalem Monastery

Israel Terrorist Leader Gopstein Once Again Calls for Torching Jerusalem Churches

L'Abbaye de la Dormition vandalisée à Jérusalem, des extrémistes juifs pointés du doigt
Les terroristes du gang "prix à payer" écrivent des slogans injurieux anti-chrétiens à Jérusalem
Jerusalem church defaced with anti-Christian graffiti
Jews spray “Slaughter the Christians” on walls of Jerusalem monastery
Jerusalem church vandalized with crude anti-Christian slogans
Jewish Extremists Vandalize Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey The vandals wrote anti-Christian slogans such as 'Death to the heathen Christians the enemies of Israel' on the walls and doors of the building.
Hebrew graffiti at Jerusalem monastery threatens Christians
A new act of vandalism against Christians in Israel
Jérusalem: trois adolescents israéliens inculpés pour des graffitis antichrétiens

Church Marked with Anti-Christian, Hebrew 'Price Tag' Graffiti At Jerusalem's Dormition Abbey
Israeli police arrest 2 Jewish suspects for church vandalism  A 15- and 16-year-old were arrested on suspicion of writing anti-Christian graffiti on the walls of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.
Graffitis antichrétiens: un adolescent arrêté

Brazil: 'Appointing Dani Dayan as ambassador a mistake'  Brazil closes the door on approving appointment of Dani Dayan as Israel's ambassador to the country, with a senior adviser to the president calling him 'a disturbance of the diplomatic protocol.'
Israel Erred in Tapping Former Settler Leader as Envoy, Says Adviser to Brazilian President  The fact that Brazil refuses to confirm Dani Dayan's ambassadorial appointment has caused a crisis in the two countries' relationships.

British doctors seek to expel Israel from World Medical Association

Prison pour une jeune israélienne objecteur de conscience et pour deux militants anticolonialistes

Video: Canadian Student Shot by Israeli Sniper in the West Ban

In Glock We Trust: Ultra-Orthodox Settlement Guns Up A gun sale sponsored by the municipality in the settlement of Betar Ilit highlights a near 180 in how the religious view gun ownership in light of recent violence: 'The more the merrier, regrettably.'

Wailing and screeching over the word NEOCON
How Neocons Banished Realism

VIDEO - David Sheen: Connection Between Netanyahu and Lehava
VIDEO - David Sheen: Measuring Racism: Israeli Education

West Lifts Iran Sanctions After UN Watchdog Confirms Compliance With Nuclear Deal Israel responds to UN agency declaration with skepticism; with lifting of sanctions, $100 billion in Iranian frozen will be immediately thawed.
Republican debaters snipe at one another, Obama’s Iran policy
Americans get it, Obama doesn’t – just like Pharaoh
juif.org - Nouvelles critiques américaines contre Israël

Israël ne fait face à aucune menace existentielle, selon l’ex patron du Mossad
Israel faces no existential threats, says departing Mossad chief MDR!!

Netanyahu thinks mild Ban Ki-moon incites terror

Israël sévit contre les constructions "illégales" de l’UE en Cisjordanie

France : un collectif d’ambassadeurs français antijuifs appelle à un boycott total d’Israël
Des ambassadeurs français réclament des sanctions contre Israël
Le Brésil inaugure l'ambassade de Palestine et envoie promener le représentant d’Israël

Biggest Israeli demolition in a decade leaves 100 homeless

Tsahal révient les familles de terroristes de démolitions imminentes "Yavait un terroriste dans votre village, alors on vient raser toutes vos maisons". Ça c'est de la belle démocratie. ET après ça Israel ose dire qu'ils ne pratiquent pas le châtiment collectif.

'Netanyahu inciting against us,' Arab MKs say after visiting terrorists' kin
Netanyahu Seeks Legal Steps Against Arab Lawmakers for Visiting Terrorists' Families Prime minister also expected to lodge complaint with Knesset ethics committee, after Israeli Arab MKs help campaign to return Palestinian terrorists' bodies withheld by Israel.
Arab MKs hit back at ‘fascist’ criticism over meeting with terrorists’ families Zoabi, Zahalka and Ghattas under fire for talks with relatives of Palestinian attackers, call for release of bodies
Arab Israeli MKs meet relatives of Palestinian terrorists Netanyahu says he seeks to punish lawmakers for meeting, which aimed to advance release of attackers’ bodies held by Israel.
Arab MKs Can't Give Up and Boycott Elections, That's What the Right Wants They could save themselves endless humiliation and allow the Knesset into something truly representative – a Jewish, racially pure, elected legislature of the chosen people.
No One Surpasses Israel in Chutzpah Neither the UN Secretary General nor the Arab Members of Knesset can match Israel in this quality that is a national source of pride.
La Liste arabe unie défend « la terrible rencontre »
Knesset suspends Arab MKs for meeting Palestinian terrorists’ families

Hotovely: IDF, Shin Bet wrong to say Palestinian terror caused by despair C'est pas le désespoir selon eux mais "LA HAINE".

Deux Israéliens condamnés pour avoir brûlé vif un Palestinien En parallèle, l’armée tente de tempérer le bellicisme de Netanyahu

I Was a Teenage Kahanist: A Naturalized Leftist's Guide to Israel's Right If you don’t conduct some sort of discussion with the most fanatic people on the other side, you won’t understand them – or yourself.

God Rains Down Divine Retribution Upon Detractors of Israel

Zionism was only about a Jewish state; Judaism is about a Jewish world-order

Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre

Israel’s Duplicity: Admits Close Co-operation with Egypt in Blockading 1.8 Million in Gaza

Israel Threatens Media Over Headlines That Are ‘Opposite from the Reality’

Israeli dissident ordered to submit Facebook posts to military censor
The Facebook Squad: How Israel Police Tracks Activists on Social Media It follows their Facebook pages, uses fake profiles to 'befriend' them and presents screenshots of posts in court – this is how Israel Police is adding social activists to its virtual surveillance list. 'They know what I write and do,' Ethiopian protest leader says.
IDF clamps down on web journalists About 30 bloggers and webmasters receive order to submit articles to the military censor for approval before pubication.

Des ONG israéliennes de gauche se sont mobilisées à Tel Aviv Cinq ONG ont organisé vendredi après-midi un rare évènement commun contre les campagnes d’Im Tirzu et le projet de loi de Shaked.
Leftist groups blacklisted by Im Tirtzu hold party in protest 1,000 people gather in Tel Aviv for concert and demonstration against radical right-wing group’s ‘shaming’ of left-wing cultural figures.

BDS Blacklist: Festival fights back against Israeli right wing

Israël: les ONG pro-paix harcelées appellent à la mobilisation

Jews call for the building of a wall encircling 28 Palestinian villages in East Jerusalem to preserve the city’s Jewish identity

Asylum Seekers Threaten Israel’s Identity, Says Foreign Ministry Spokesman In an interview with the BBC, Emmanuel Nahshon also defends Israel's refusal to grant migrants asylum because it would bring in more asylum seekers.

Genocide scholar blasts Israel's 'racist' teaching of the Holocaust Prof. Yair Auron's thesis is clear: Israel prefers to avoid, repress and minimize the suffering of other peoples in the Holocaust and other circumstances, to perpetuate victimization and isolationism.

Jewish groups decry JDL presence at protest unrelated to Israel

Israël : des tarifs en fonction de l’origine des employés Une hiérarchisation communautaire raciste assumée

Here are the top 10 most callous and inhumane Henry Kissinger quotes

Troubler la sécurité du Sinaï et le blocus de Gaza servent des intérêts israéliens
VIDEO - Mark Glenn: Israel after Mideast disintegration to dominate entire region
Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?
Israeli Defense chief raps West over missteps in Iran, Syria
Jewish Analysis: Moscow’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah threatens strategic Israeli interests
The Economist fait le parallèle entre le terrorisme qui frappe Israël et l'Europe (The Economist est un organe médiatique au service des Rothschild.)

Foreign Ministry: Diplomatic crisis between EU, Israel over Relations between Jerusalem and Brussels are now 'close and friendly' after Israel receives assurances settlement product labeling 'is not a political step to determine future borders or to boycott Israel.'
OK mais pour combien de temps? La paix sera courte, croyez-en ma parole...

Israël : l’UE retisse des liens après la querelle sur l’étiquetage

Israël fait assaut de défiance devant l'initiative de Paris pour la paix
Netanyahu : L’initiative de paix française est « aberrante »
PM slams French initiative Threat to recognize Palestine 'ensures failure. If Palestinians know their demand will be met a priori, they don't need to do anything.'
Netanyahu in Berlin calls French plan ‘surprising’ as Merkel puts brakes on diplomatic efforts

Israeli Official: Significant Disagreement Between U.S., Israel Over Military Aid Sum U.S. agreed to increase support by $400m annually, though Israel expects between $1-2b; top officials in Jerusalem say Israel could have received more if Netanyahu had agreed to hold talks after Iran deal.

US envoy to UN skewers world body for anti-Israel bias

ONU: Israël accusé d’user de force excessive contre les Palestiniens Le rapport de l’observateur des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU considère que le blocus de Gaza est un “étranglement” et une “punition collective” ; Israël rejette le rapport car biaisé.

Netanyahu’s Racist Incitement, Dehumanizing “Non-Israelis”, Palestinians Designated as “Wild Beasts”

The only democratic party in Israel The wall-to-wall condemnation of three Arab MKs for meeting terrorists' families shows that the Joint List is only one party here that truly understands what democracy is.

IDF chief under fire for saying soldiers should try not to kill young attackers Rabbis and lawmakers accuse Eisenkot of making light of Jewish aphorism; deputy FM says he invited international criticism of army.
This is a policy – to kill, kill and kill. Don’t be so fast to praise the good IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot

Army Terror Against the Palestinians That Journalists Only Yawn At Children’s fear of rifles, the disruption of family life and violent invasive acts have become a natural norm in a state where settlers’ needs define everything.

Catholic Church in Israel blames Jewish state for current Palestinian violence

VIDEO - Le quotidien des Palestiniens en Palestine occupée

VIDEO - Défi : se rendre à l'école sans être menacé par les soldats

Bennett urges Israel to begin annexing parts of West Bank

Over 40 Palestinian homes destroyed in West Bank

3 Jews allegedly attack Arab Jerusalem residents suspected of assaulting taxi driver, swearing at him and breaking his glasses, because of his ethnicity.

IDF soldier gets 9 months for torturing Palestinian detainee

26 Palestiniens blessés lors d'affrontements avec les forces israéliennes dans un camp de réfugiés

Le son P, obstacle insurmontable à l’indépendance palestinienne?

Who's for destroying democracy? Op-ed: The prime minister's 'big plan' is to weaken the political system, debilitate the civil servants and gatekeepers and destroy free press. This is not a delusion thought up in the state of Tel Aviv.

Un journaliste du Washington Post brièvement détenu à Jérusalem
'Post' journalists briefly held 2 Washington Post journalists briefly detained by Border Police in light of report of people 'directing Arab youths to stage provocations.'
Washington Post Jerusalem bureau chief briefly detained for ‘incitement’
Israeli Police Detain American Journalists on Spurious Grounds of Incitement. Democracy in Israel is Pure Fantasy

U.S. Envoy Power to Netanyahu: 'NGO Bill' Could Harm Israeli Democracy American diplomat's criticism was followed by similar concerns by Germany's Merkel; Netanyahu's response: legislation would promote transparency and therefore strengthens democracy.

Right-wing 'Moles' Targeted Palestinian Laborers on Buses With Israelis As part of plan to effect separate Jewish and Palestinian West Bank bus lines, activist Gilad Ach planted 'moles' on mixed buses to extract sexual comments from laborers. Ach: Publication of report by Haaretz motivated by 'vengeful interests.'

FLASHBACK: 30 oct 2015 Report: Israeli Drivers Refuse to Let Palestinians Board Bus to West Bank Drivers on 286 line from Tel Aviv to Ariel ask passengers for Israeli ID – those who fail to produce one are sent to a different line, Channel 10 reports; bus company promises to take 'severe' disciplinary action.

Interdiction de venir au monde à Jérusalem, sauf si labellisé « juif »

Après la France, Londres va elle aussi interdire le boycott d'Israël

Le Conseil de Paris condamne le boycott d’Israël

Haine d’Israël : la préfecture de Paris autorise (encore) une manifestation pro-BDS

Israel fights BDS online Gov't allots $26 million to fight BDS movement; Israel is using its world-leading expertise in cyber security to take on the growing boycott.

Haim Saban battling BDS As Partner launched its new brand, replacing the long-standing Orange, its controlling shareholder’s Chairperson spoke about combating the anti-Israel boycott movement.

BDS movement claims victory in canceling S. Africa water confab

Europe-Israel: Le vrai but du mouvement BDS soutenu par la gauche « Etablir un Califat islamique en terre de Palestine »? Le même que Daesh !  Toujours aussi posés, nuancés et crédibles ces gens d'Europe-Israel. MDR!!

Main German bank closes top BDS-linked account

Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters weighs into ‘Palestinian Roots’ controversy at York University
Roger Waters warns Paul Bronfman that young Jews are unmoved by his ‘economic muscle’ and ‘bullying’ Roger Waters a identifié l'ennemi clairement ici.

Jackie Mason: Hollywood Should Blacklist Celebs Who Boycott Israel

Le BNVCA saisit le CSA pour promotion de Boycott d'Israël par France2 (Pujadas)

VIDEO - Pour le CRIF, David Pujadas commet des "Attaques Antisémites" (Journal télé complet de 20h sur France2, aller direct à 22 min)
Pourtant même JSS News n'y voit rien d'indécent

Canadian writers’ group rapped for inviting Israel critic Max Blumenthal to speak

juif.org - Jean Bricmont, physicien belge, pense avoir découvert l'origine des problèmes du monde: le «sionisme» ? entendez Israël ou plus exactement les Juifs

British Airbnb host rejects Israeli for ‘occupying someone else’s land’

Miami JCC cancels play criticized as anti-Israel

NY assemblyman: Brooklyn College must discipline students who demanded ‘Zionists off campus’

Oxford Labour co-chair resigns over Apartheid Week.
Oxford student leader resigns as vote endorses Israel Apartheid Week‘A large proportion of the student Left at Oxford has a problem with Jews,’ charges Alex Chalmers, quitting as co-chair of Oxford University Labour Club.

UK – jewish schools erased women and Christmas from books

Jewish man arrested 'after posting swastikas on doors' A Jewish man was under arrest on hate-crime charges on Monday, accused of making anti-Semitic telephone calls to his mother and other elderly women and putting swastikas on apartment doors, police said.

Columbine shooters had tense moment over Passover seder, mother recalls

Glenn Beck: “I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions”

Iraq War: Not a Mistake, But a Holocaust

Prominent American professor proposes that Israel “flatten Beirut” — a 1 million-person city it previously decimated

Arab social media abuzz over Sisi's reported praise of Netanyahu

Wikileaks: NSA bugged Netanyahu-Berlusconi meeting on US-Israel relations
NSA Tapped a Netanyahu-Berlusconi Call Over U.S.-Israel Relations A document leaked to WikiLeaks shows American intelligence intercepted a 2010 conversation about low point in Jerusalem's relationship with Washington; PM asked for his Italian counterpart's help due to an 'absence of direct contact' with Obama.
Netanyahu a demandé de l’aide à l’Italie pour son désaccord avec Obama Les Etats-Unis écoutaient quand le Premier ministre israélien s’est tourné vers Silvio Berlusconi après la montée des tensions suite à l’annonce de constructions à Jérusalem est pendant la visite de Biden en 2010, selon WikiLeaks.

Europe-Israel: Obama en faveur du boycott des produits de Judée-Samarie.
Times of Israel: Obama exclut les implantations de la loi pour défendre Israël du boycott
Ils disent implantations mais en fait c'est des colonies illégales.

Netanyahu to Cameron: If not for Israel, terrorists would destroy Jerusalem’s holy places
C'est pas les muzz en tout cas qui veulent démolir le Dôme du Rocher de Jérusalem...

Israel’s Bennett: Palestinians must be killed, buried in secret graveyards

IDF chief claims Palestinian grief not equal  Chief Rabbi: Calling Israel an apartheid state is a slur

Bill Seeks to Increase Role of Jewish Law in Israel’s Legal System
Jewish MK pushes bill to insert Halakhah (jewish law) into Israeli Law

Knesset Legal Adviser Contradicts Netanyahu: Other Democracies Don't Suspend Lawmakers on Ideological Grounds Eyal Yinon says modified version of Suspension bill is substantially different than similar laws in other countries; Likud MKs Benny Begin, Yuli Edelstein also stress bill's problematic nature.

Duma suspect says interrogators beat him, made him listen to women sing In recording, Amiram Ben-Uliel, who confessed to firebomb murder of Dawabsha family, insists abusive interrogation led him to falsely admit he carried out the crime.

Report: Ringleader in Abu Khadeir murder found fit to stand trial, despite insanity plea
Detention without trial prolonged for Jewish extremist Amid Shin Bet crackdown on far-right activists, court extends Meir Ettinger’s administrative imprisonment by 4 months.
Israeli Psychiatrist: Main suspect in Abu Khdeir murder fit to stand trial, is only pretending to be insane

Jewish Fundamentalism Is Beginning to Infect Israeli Schools Education Minister Naftali Bennett reveals how far his religious political party has accelerated towards fundamentalism when he anoints himself Chief Censor for Israeli schools.

La police va enquêter sur un dirigeant extrémiste pour des propos antichrétiens Le procureur de l’Etat demande une enquête sur Bentzi Gopstein, de Lehava, pour un article comparant les chrétiens à des “vampires”
Police to probe extremist leader for anti-Christian comments

Israeli rabbi: Israeli soldiers can rape Palestinian women

Israël: un juif inculpé d'incitation à la violence contre des Palestiniens

France condemns IDF demolition of illegal Beduin school it funded
IDF preps demolition of supermarket terrorists’ homes

VIDEO - IDF Execute Palestinian Youth In Front Of Al Jazeera Camera

Plus de 700 Palestiniens emprisonnés par Israël sans procès (ONG)

The Immigrant invasion of Palestine by the West

VIDEO - Henry Laurens: L'État d'Israel ne peut exister qu'à partir du moment où les palestiniens ont été expulsés

L'Eglise catholique en Israël accuse l'état juif d'être responsable de la violence palestinienne

Report: Israeli city routinely refuses to register Ethiopians for marriage

En Israël, une question d'un examen universitaire compare les migrants africains à des rats
African refugees are likened to rats in Israeli exam question

Israeli professor apologizes for saying judges should be hanged for Palestinian suffering

Israeli indicted for posting ‘Death to Arabs’ on Facebook
Modi'in man charged with incitement after call to 'slaughter Arabs' 'Guys, we need to take the law into our own hands already and start slaughtering,' writes Eliyahu Eliav Mualem; 'It's very good that Abu Khdeir was 16. Let's hope the next Arabs who are murdered are younger,' another post reads.

‘New Yorker’ glosses my reality (when it renders ‘Death to Arabs’ chant as ‘I hate all Arabs’)

Israel Torturing Palestinian Journalist Muhammad al-Qiq to Death
Israeli interrogators threatened to rape al-Qiq and his family– so he launched hunger strike, lawyer says

Israel Health Minister Litzman likens gays to sinners as Knesset votes down LGBT rights bills Pas tellement loin des autres religions bibliques... et du soralisme.

Israeli Racism Is Evolving, but It's Okay, Because the Joke Is Being Told About Arabs There is a link between the discrimination against immigrants from Morocco a generation ago and today's anti-Arab racism.

VIDEO - Pub pour améliorer l'image d'Israël où tout le monde il est beau il est gentil, les Palestiniens démontrent le contraire

Is Facebook officially recognizing the Palestinian Nakba?
Facebook: Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

Better Not Mention Palestine: New No. 1 Rule in Hollywood: Don’t utter the “P” word if you want to keep your career alive August 18, 2014, Michael Collins Piper
Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel
'Musicians won't dare criticize Israel out of fear for their careers'
Roger Waters : «Les musiciens ont trop peur de perdre leur carrière s’ils critiquent Israël»
Roger Waters: Pink Floyd star on why his fellow musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel Exclusive: 'If they say something they will no longer have a career – I have been accused of being a Nazi and an anti-Semite'
Roger Waters defends York U anti-Israel painting 'Freedom of speech is a fundamental right and not for sale to the likes of you,' he tells Paul Bronfman.
In response to demands by businessman Paul Bronfman that the mural be taken down, Waters wrote Bronfman: “Happily York University students and faculty members seem to recognize that protest is ok, and that freedom of speech is a fundamental right and not for sale to the likes of you."
Bronfman pulled financial support from the university over the mural, which he called “pure hate.”
Roger Waters’ Support Of Palestinian Violence As A ‘Moral Duty’
Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has taken sides in a controversy at York University in Toronto, where businessman Paul Bronfman has demanded the removal of a painting that shows a Palestinian holding stones as he faces a bulldozer.
Waters addressed his letter to Bronfman, who pulled financial support from the university over the artwork, which he called “pure hate.”
Waters wrote that Bronfman is wrong to “use his economic muscle” to try and force removal of “Palestinian Roots,” which is displayed in the York University Student Centre, a building on campus that houses the York Federation of Students.
Waters writes that the Palestinian depicted in the artwork “has a legal and moral right, under the terms of article 4 of the Geneva conventions to resist the occupation of his homeland,” adding that protesting Israel’s policy is not anti-Semitic, and is in fact “a moral duty.”
Mural calling for violence against Israelis still displayed at York University
The offensive mural prompted Paul Bronfman, a Jewish philanthropist, to withdraw his considerable financial support to York University. As soon as Mr. Bronfman pulled the plug on York and called on other donors to follow suit, Mamdouh Shourki, President of York, issued a statement confirming that the mural is, indeed, “offensive” to the Jewish members of York, but explained that the “continued display is the responsibility of the governing body responsible for the Student Centre which is a separate and distinct legal entity from the university”.
BDS Activist Roger Waters Supports ‘Anti-Semitic’ Mural at Canadian University
In late January, Paul Bronfman, a Jewish backer of the university, demanded that the image be taken down, calling it “pure hate” and threatening to pull his donations to the university if it wasn’t removed.
Waters’ letter, which is addressed directly to Bronfman, accuses the businessman of using “economic muscle” to forcibly remove the painting, called “Palestinian roots.”
In his letter, Waters contends that protesting Israeli policy is not anti-Semitic, and is in fact “a moral duty.”
‘It’s just pure hate’: Paul Bronfman on why he withdrew support to York University over painting
Déclaration de professeurs universitaires sur la liberté d’expression et le débat public à York
Excalibur: York University Community Newspaper: Faculty statement regarding freedom of expression and open debate at York

Jewish group attacks York University over ‘anti-Semitic’ move to divest from weapons manufacturers

Jewish Donors: Stop Funding Anti-Semitism – Divest From Universities

BDS activist to represent Holocaust survivors at Austrian state event

New British Anti-boycott Regulations May Not Do Israel Any Favors The scandal over Oxford's Labour Club and the new guidelines show exactly how toxic the Israel issue has become in British politics.
Anti-BDS motion backed by Liberals, Tories in Canadian Parliament

Germany Isn't Helping Israel by Ignoring the Occupation Chancellor Angela Merkel is fearless on many issues, but has proved a coward when it comes to confronting Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

Oxford Firestorm Highlights Heated British Debate Over anti-Semitism and Zionism Some Oxford students claim anti-Semitic abuse from the radical left; others note that Jewish students find the mere display of Palestinian flags offensive.

JSSNEWS- La France : une hostilité sans relache envers l'Etat Juif

Chicago Billboard Calling for Israel Boycott to Be Taken Down Following Barrage of Complaints

Le gagnant israélien du festival de Berlin critique le gouvernement “fasciste” de Netanyahu Le réalisateur Udi Aloni, qui a remporté le prix du public pour son film sur un rappeur arabe, appelle l’Allemagne à cesser l’aide militaire

"Comment j’ai appris à aimer les sanctions", par Shlomo Sand

Les Palestiniens : l’interdiction du boycott d’Israël, c’est comme le soutien de Thatcher à l’apartheid

Des centaines d’affiches anti-Israël dans les métros londoniens Des militants BDS a visé 500 trains dans ce qui a été qualifié d’ « acte de vandalisme » par le Transport for London

Hundreds of London tube trains plastered with anti-Israel ads

Israel boycott ban is anti-democratic

Anti-BDS motion backed by Liberals, Tories in Parliament

Suggestion d'Estrosi de suivre les mesures israéliennes de sécurité ; réponse trollante et humoristique d'un internaute

Crying Wolf on Campus anti-Semitism: The Vassar College Talk Was No Blood Libel Charges of anti-Semitism on campus have become so hyperbolic that most criticism of Israel is considered anti-Semitic. Jasbir Puar's claim that Israel harvested Palestinian body parts was irresponsible and unsubstantiated – but it wasn't anti-Semitism.

Variety Refuses to Publish a pro-BDS Ad Accusing Israel of Apartheid in Oscars Issue After the sponsored trip to Israel included in the swag bags for the Oscars, the magazine rejected Jewish Voice for Peace ad due to the sensitivity of the topic and the rude tone it has.

Spanish city scraps BDS motion, denounces boycott as discriminatory

BDS : Des critiques se font entendre après le vote du Conseil de Paris La condamnation du boycott envers Israël est interprétée comme une atteinte à la liberté d’expression par des groupes pro-BDS

As anti-BDS laws spread across US, some say they go too far Critics claim bills seek to legitimatize West Bank settlements, infringe on free speech

Fury as German city plans tolerance prize for pro-BDS group

McGill BDS motion passes by solid margin

Une campagne d’affichage "BDS", dans le métro de Londres, s’attire les foudres d’Israël
Hundreds of London tube trains plastered with anti-Israel ads

House of Lords told there is a ‘double standard’ in universities’ treatment of Israel

British broadcasting authority warns TV channel over anti-Semitic programming
Police drop investigation in radio phone-in caller who said UK was ruled by ‘Zionist Jews

Israel’s new line of propaganda puts Orwell to shame Israel is resorting to lies and deceit about the occupation and its treatment of the Palestinians to fill the void left by the death of the peace process. Gideon Levy

Palestinian Violence Bred by Incitement? You Mean the Occupation? Did the killer of Shlomit Kriegman, who lives in the Qalandiya refugee camp, need a Twitter account to know that his life was in the dumps?
Warning: Israel's Government Has a Democracy Problem Why invest millions in hasbara when the Israeli government itself, advancing laws such as that seeking to oust Arab lawmakers, is doing its utmost to destroy our democracy?

Netanyahu: Palestinian terrorism not motivated by despair

Bennett Torpedoed Chief Scientist's Anti-racism Project Before Ousting Him Former Education Ministry chief scientist complains of government interference: 'Things like this happened only in the Middle Ages or in totalitarian states.'

In Israeli Government's Parallel Universe, Jerusalem Is United, There Is No Occupation While cabinet colleagues Bennett and Hotovely wage campaigns to convince the world that all is well in the Holy Land, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his once-and-future rival Yair Lapid engage in an undignified game of one-upmanship.

Israel Tells Itself It Sanctifies Life to Dehumanize Palestinians For only the dehumanization of Palestinian society enables Israel to justify its inhuman treatment of the people under its control.

Israël place 84 Palestiniens en détention sans procès en 10 jours (ONG)

Israel intensifies abductions of Palestinians amid crackdown

Why an Israeli Newspaper Wanted to ‘Flatten’ a City of Millions … Beirut

Confronting Netanyahu and the Ideology of Likud Zionism

PM: Thirst for destruction driving force of Arab terror for 100 years

Suspect Arrested for Deadly Arson Attack on Palestinians Was Top Police Target for a Year 'When a man declared a police target manages to commit a significant crime under the law enforcement system’s nose, that’s a failure,' says former police investigator.

Procureur général : Israël ne peut pas expulser les familles des terroristes vers Gaza

Nettoyage ethnique à la Knesset

Netanyahu endorses deportation of terrorists’ families, asks for A-G's opinion

Alleged murderer in Duma firebombing arraigned
PICTURE OF THE DAY: Young Ahmad DAWABSHE looking at a photo of his parents and baby brother who were burned alive by jews
Extremist Israelis insult Dawabsheh family in court
Knesset panel: It's OK for Shaked to meet family of alleged Duma killers

At least 10 to face charges over 'wedding of hate' Guests and groom Yakir Ashbal are expected to be indicted for incitement and illegal possession of arms after being documented 'celebrating' the Duma murders.

Meet the youngest female prisoner in the world … Palestinian teen Dima Wawi

Trying to Drive a Wedge Between 'Good' and 'Bad' Arabs The law to oust Arabs is designed precisely to avert the day in which Jewish Israeli society realizes that its dispossession-settlement legacy is dangerous to Arabs and Jews alike.

‘Sacrilege’? It's a Pretty Low Bar in Israel These Days Israel’s escalating culture wars turned surreal in late February, when a vitriolic battle of words erupted between right and left over this question: What is the biblical birthplace of the Jewish people? One side picked Jerusalem. The other side picked Egypt. Both sides were wrong. But days later the battle is still raging, from the Knesset to the op-ed pages to Twitter.

Foreign Ministry: ‘Price tag’ attacks increase anti-Semitism Statement deplores actions against Christians and Muslims, saying they contribute to international delegitimization efforts and damage Israel's image.

Jewish man accused of attacking police upon illegal entry to Temple Mount, indictment says

Un enseignant sous le coup d’une enquête pour avoir accroché une photo du tueur de Rabin Le ministère de l’Education a convoqué l’enseignant pour une audience disciplinaire.

Prominent rabbi compares IDF new beard permit rules to actions of Nazis

Au regard du droit, le régime sioniste est un régime d’apartheid et son boycott est légitime

Brian Eno: “Oscars’ swag bag is part of Israel’s cultural propaganda campaign”

Full-Page Ad in Los Angeles Times Calls on Oscar Nominees to boycott Israel

Supporting BDS is Akin to Shooting a Bible

BDS supporters disrupt pro-Israel lecture at Florida university Pro-Palestinian activists, including Tariq Abu Khdeir, cousin of slain Palestinian teen who was beaten by Israeli police himself, interrupt reservists talking to American students about the IDF's humane side.

Israel blasts German city council for €10,000 prize to pro-BDS group

German public university to host boycott Israel lecture

Why Does Canada Sanction Other Countries for Human Rights Violations but Not Israel?

US college backs professor’s free speech rights after anti-Semitic rants

JSS NEWS - Voilà comment Le Figaro transforme une victime israélienne en assassin !

EUROPE-ISRAEL: France: Des députés d'extrême gauche utilisent leur « réserve parlementaire », l'argent des contribuables, pour financer des associations antisionistes et antisémites

Progressive Except for Jew-Hate? Pure anti-Semitism on the Purely anti-Israel Left What happens when a leftist critic of Israel actually does veer into vile, high-octane, Klan-grade anti-Semitism?

The anti-Semitism Problem of pro-Palestinian Progressives Mira Sucharov’s op-ed advanced a familiar cabal: Jews level charges of anti-Semitism to stifle all criticism of Israel. On campus and elsewhere, its effect is to automatically delegitimize most claims of discrimination or marginalization against Jews.

Zuckerberg dépasse Ellison et devient le Juif le plus riche du monde Le magazine Forbes a publié sa liste annuelle des milliardaires dans le monde.

Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment

Mise en examen de la banque Rothschild en France

How widespread is the terrorist element among religious Jewish youth?

Israeli forces killed 41 Palestinian children in 5 months: Report

OCHA condemns Israel for declaring W. Bank areas “firing zone”

UK news site transforms Palestinian attacker in Israel to Moroccan teen in Germany The Sun claims footage of Palestinian stabbing Israeli shows Moroccan teen stabbing policeman in Germany. Le but est peut-être de faire croire que l'Europe vit la même chose qu'Israel.

UN raps Israel for 'wide-scale demolitions' of Palestinian homes

UN: Israel razed 41 buildings in West Bank this week 10 Palestinian families said left homeless by demolitions near Nablus; Israel says many structures in area built illegally

JSSNEWS -Le vrai message de BDS : rayer Israël de la surface du monde

After ‘Zionist pig’ incident at Brooklyn College, anti-Semitism probe launched

40 Columbia University professors sign BDS petition

VIDEO - David Sheen: Israel: How Far Gone?

VIDEO - Dans une conférence pro-Israel "je suis juif et je soutiens les Palestiniens"

YNET OP-ED: How Netanyahu twists the truth

Netanyahu Seeks to Limit Left-wing NGOs' Role in Future Israeli Elections Proposed legislation would limit expenditures of groups like V15, which campaigned to topple Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud party in Israel's 2015 election.

In Netanyahu's Israel, Only a Wacko Can Think Arabs and Jews Have the Same Rights The Jew’s supremacy and the Arab’s inferiority have turned into society’s ultimate axiom, not only in the West Bank but also within Israel proper.

Israeli Leaders Talk About Israel and Apartheid. So Why Can't We? If prominent Israeli leaders have made the apartheid comparison countless times, why is the word out of bounds for American Jews?

DCI: "Israel Killed 41 Children Since October 1"

The Strategy for Erasing the 1967 Line Nouveau settlers know they need to convince other Israelis that the line is purely imaginary, not an actual border, and gradually they’ll cross it.

Herzog: Radicals on left and right leading us to 'Israelstine' Ça sonne beaucoup comme l' "Isratine" de Khadafi... C'est leur cauchemar qui est en train de devenir réalité!

Israel's Government Reaches a New Moral Low A state that adopts the legal methods and laws of totalitarian states begins to look like those countries, even if it calls itself 'the only democracy in the Middle East.'

Netanyahu facing crisis as haredim vow to quit over Western Wall pluralism

An Israeli Theory of Justice Only for Jews People who were forced to abandon their homes during a war or riot are entitled to get them back, a professor says. Well, maybe not Palestinians.

VIDEO - Daylight Robbery Israeli settlers forcibly move into a Palestinian home in occupied East Jerusalem

From Mexico To Africa, Israel’s Dark History Of Training War Criminals, Gangs & Oppression

The Political Zionist Accusation of ‘Self-Hating Jew’

Right-wing Israeli Group Elad Received Millions From Shadowy Private Donors Donations to the NGO, which champions Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, topped $115 million over eight years, much from companies based in global tax shelters.

From Mexico To Africa, Israel’s Dark History Of Training War Criminals, Gangs & Oppression

York University accused of allowing anti-Semitism to spread

Justin Trudeau’s Shame: Extending Carte Blanche to Israel

How Both Sides of BDS Debate Get Oberlin Anti-Semitism Wrong

College Professor claims Israel was behind 9/11, ISIS…

Netanyahu Mustn't Give in to ultra-Orthodox Pressure, Honor Western Wall Compromise The message Netanyahu’s government is sending to Jewish world is that it’s doubtful PM is capable of translating his grandiose statements – that he wants every Jew, from every movement, to feel at home in Israel – into actions.

Half of Israeli Jews believe in ethnic cleansing, survey finds

Israël accroît la destruction de bâtiments palestiniens financés par l'aide internationale (Onu)

PDF - The Americanization of the World, W. T. Stead 1849-1912
« Washington ne doit plus s’embourber dans les marécages du Proche-Orient »
L'Occident doit se débarrasser de l'habitude "d'exporter la démocratie"

Israel Admits Role in Overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and Installation of President Al-Sisi, Planned in Cooperation with Egypt’s Military

In Alliance with Al-Qaida, Israel Is Stealing Syria’s Oil
La propagande israélienne met toujours en avant le mythe de l’État Islamique

Israel to urge six world powers to punish Iran for missile violations
Yaalon accuse Obama d’être délicat avec Abbas, avertit de l’hégémonie de l’Iran
Lawsuit over 9/11 attacks alleges Iran and Hezbollah involvement

VIDEO - Israel's Influence: Good or Bad for America? Live Stream

VIDEO - Why US and Israel wants to ban this video... Documentaire amateur sur la situation des Palestiniens expliquée par une jolie jeune demoiselle juive américaine. Un peu long mais très bien expliqué pour les néophytes! (En anglais seulement)

Does Congress Represent American Citizens or Israeli Settlers?

33,1 millions de dollars levés pour Tsahal « Si Israël et l’armée avaient existé avant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, l’hypothèse est que la Shoah n’aurait pas eu lieu, » a déclaré Sheldon Adelson

SWEDEN denies Israeli claim that it opposes BDS J'y ai cru quand Israel a dit que la Suède s'était excusée et a admis qu'Israel a "le droit d'exister"! La Suède dit que c'est faux.
Nouvelle vague de condamnations contre Israël à l'ONU et aux Etats-Unis

Le Congrès juif européen indigné par l'omission d''Israël' dans la déclaration de l'UE sur les attentats terroristes au couteau
EU says Israeli land seizure threatens peace process
L’UE déclare que la saisie de terre en Cisjordanie par Israël menace la paix
EU: Israel's 'land seizure' threatens peace process Appropriation of 579 acres near Jericho 'risks undermining the viability of a future Palestinian state and therefore calls into question Israel's commitment to a two-state solution,' EU's foreign policy service says, echoing similar denunciations by the US, Germany and France.
EU concerned West Bank land seizure will threaten peace talks Russia can ramp up military presence in Syria within ‘hours,’ if needed, says Putin; Supreme Court Justice Zilbertal to retire

Poles: Israel is aggressive A survey conducted by the Israeli embassy in Poland shows widespread misconceptions about Israel among Polish people.

Israel: UNHRC is mentally ill Israeli envoy slams United Nations Human Rights Commission, saying it has 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder regarding Israel'.
Lapid: UNHRC advocates terrorist rights, not human rights
Terror victim's son to UNHRC: You encourage murder UN Human Rights Council convenes to discuss a series of anti-Israel resolutions, as 300 pro-Israel supporters demonstrate outside; Micah Avni slams the council for not condemning the murder of his father, who was killed in a terror attack in Jerusalem five months ago.
Pour Israel, le conseil des droits de l'homme de l'Onu fait la promotion du terrorisme et de l'assassinat des juifs! Juste débile! Tout simplement.

‘Israeli sovereignty to the Tigris and the Euphrates’

Israel's Father of the Year (And Netanyahu's Potential Successor) Sure Ignores Palestinian Kids The racism of Likudnik Gideon Sa'ar, who is taking a time-out from politics, is just as bad as the others', only quieter.

Nettoyage ethnique à la Knesset

IRAN – 2 jews arrested for a “death to Haman” graffiti

Israeli Facebook users launch ‘Death to Arabs’ campaign

Extremist Israelis (JEWISH TERRORISTS) threaten to kill Palestinian hunger striker Al-Qeeq

Jewish terrorists burn home of only witness to Duma arson attack
Home of Key Witness in Duma Arson-murder Catches Fire Police say findings appear to rule out deliberate arson by Jews; Home of Ibrahim Dawabsheh reportedly targeted, human rights group says, months after he witnessed his relatives being killed in a firebomb attack.
Police and Shin Bet: New Duma fire not arson attack by settlers

Israel Confiscates Large Tract of Palestine Land in West Bank. UN Secretary-General Urges Immediate Reversal of Seizure

Israel Forces Routine Attacks against Palestinian Schools. Disabling the Educational Process Violations Against Palestinian Educational Process in 2015
It's Never Israel's Fault: Two Gazan Children Are Dead and Their Story Goes Untold It’s not hard to imagine what would have happened had Hamas killed two Israeli children, brother and sister, with a Qassam.

Israeli soldier says it is his job to frighten 5-year-old Palestinians (VIDEO)

Un rapport révèle que l’essentiel de l’aide humanitaire destinée au Palestiniens, va dans les caisses d’Israël
Study: At least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers

Israël : un agent du Shin Beth abat un collègue pris pour un Palestinien

IDF Propaganda Ignores Occupation When Explaining Palestinian Violence

Israël nomme à la tête du Shin Beth le cerveau présumé d'assassinats ciblés

VIDEO - Australian documentary film on Israelis torturing non-Jewish children

Israeli Chief Rabbi to Troops: Ignore Courts, Commander, Just Kill Armed Palestinians

“Mowing the lawn” – new jewish airstrikes kill two more children in Gaza

Satmar Rebbe: Settlers causing terrorism "the real culprits are the settlers in Israel who agitate the nations of the world in the country and throughout the world, which causes serious hatred of Israel and the severe wave of attacks."

Israeli rabbi: ‘killing Palestinians commanded in teachings of the Torah’

Israel Bans Palestinian Products Inside Palestine

Israeli Aircrafts Drop Toxic Materials on Jordan Valley’s West Bank

The pro-Palestinian Jewish Activists on U.S. College Campuses Supporting the Palestinian cause, as they see it, is not a betrayal, but rather an affirmation, of their Jewish values.
Israeli extremist who wrote Jewish terrorist guide sentenced to 2 years

Leaders of Jewish right and left face off in revealing Las Vegas debate

Swastikas on Campus: Anti-Semitism Blamed on Anti-Israel Academics The BDS movement fuels intolerance and hate on campuses across the country

Israel Should Back Off anti-BDS Fight on U.S. Campuses, Jewish Leader Says In candid comments, Jay Sanderson tells Haaretz that aggressive efforts to combat the movement repel most Jewish students and ultimately do more harm than good.

The BDS Movement: Israeli Apartheid and Canada’s Duplicity

Pourquoi les familles juives désertent des écoles publiques À cause de la radicalisation du CRIF ?

Anti-Zionist group protests lectures by far-right UK politician

Sociologists' boycott of Ariel University is 'semi-fascist,' school says

Leading Israeli Sociologist Calls for Boycott of West Bank University Prof. Uri Ram, who heads the Israeli Sociological Society, urged colleagues to boycott academic institute in settlement of Ariel.

Pro-Israel group barred from ‘Social Justice Week’ at Oshawa university

VIDEO - Extrait du film Le Serment : "Les checkpoints ne servent qu'à une chose ; rendre la vie des palestiniens impossible"

I Was the Pro-Israel Poster Boy at Brandeis — Here’s Why I Quit

Anti-Zionism Isn't a 'Form of Discrimination,' and It's Not anti-Semitism The University of California's draft 'Statement of Principles against Intolerance' conflates both, a grave error that could end up with restrictions on Palestinian solidarity groups on campus.

VIDEO - Roger Waters parle de BDS et de la Palestine à l'émission québécoise de Tout le monde en parle

Israel blasts TIME’s insistent depiction of terrorist as victim

Israel jails Jewish extremist who wrote handbook for violence Moshe Orbach sentenced to two years for publishing instructions for attacks and calling for creation of extremist cells to fight the government.

VIDEO - BDS Backlash: Pro-Israel lobby wants to 'criminalize dissent' in US

Outrage over report alleging NGO seeks classified data on IDF tactics

‘Apartheid Week’ really does threaten Israel, some experts warn Going against prevailing wisdom, pro-Israel voices sound the alarm on Students for Justice in Palestine’s flagship project, saying the annual campus onslaught fuels attacks on Jewish students, erodes support for Israel

WHY BDS CANNOT LOSE: A Moral Threshold to Combat Racism in Israel

BDS : la Cour Européenne des droits de l’Homme (CEDH) saisie par les militants de Mulhouse

Methodists Restarting BDS War Against Israel

Campus Anti-Semitism Prompts New York Lawmakers To Slash Funds

Une journaliste française arrêtée à Tel-aviv

Fausse agression antisémite : le professeur sera jugé pour « dénonciation mensongère »

In Spite of the Leftist Media, Israel Is Finally Renouncing the Religion of Peace Open debate on the social networks has helped the public turn, with pangs of painful disillusionment, from the path of false promises and temptation.

Israel robs Gaza family of two children in one night

How Meir Dagan, Israel’s Legendary Spymaster, Became Bibi’s Worst Nightmare

The anti-Semitic Clouds Gathering Over U.K.'s Labour Party A mounting number of recent incidents and accusations of anti-Semitism has party members and Jewish leaders wondering if Labour is still welcoming of Jews.
Arkush : les Juifs ne peuvent plus faire confiance au Parti travailliste
GB : Une membre du Parti travailliste à nouveau suspendue après des propos antisémites Le dirigeant du parti Jeremy Corbyn a été critiqué pour avoir réadmis l’ancienne candidate, Vicki Kirby, au Parlement.
How the U.K. Labour Party’s 'Zionist Problem' Started Once a warm home for left-wing Zionists, the British left developed a campaigning language of anti-Zionism that adopted analogies to apartheid and Nazism and accusations of 'divided loyalties' whose effects are reverberating today.
UK – Lord Levy to leave the Labour Party… unless it stands up to antisemitism

Le Crif lance une campagne contre Pujadas : son émission saute

VIDEO - FRANCE: Woman arrested for wearing a pro-BDS T-shirt

Vidéo : Laurent Fabius, l’homme qui voulait faire tomber Israël Les juifs extrémistes considèrent Fabius comme l'ennemi prioritaire en France, et pourtant E-R, ces niais, tapent sur lui comme si c'était le sioniste en chef...


Haine d’Israël : l’évêque Jacques Gaillot, silencieux sur les prêtres pédophiles, soutient le boycott de l’Etat juif Il apparaît un peu trop évident qu'ils ressortent les scandales de crimes sexuels juste pour fermer la gueule aux clergé qui pourrait être tenté de condamner les injustices de notre politique étrangère.

It’s Getting Ugly: Anti-Israel Hate at the United Church of Christ

Israeli Textbooks for Arab Schools: ‘Bad for Arabs, Bad for Jews’ Arab schools in Israel prepare for break over syllabus after revised civics textbook depicts Palestinian citizens as ‘immigrants in our own land’.

Boycott Israel stickers cropping up on products throughout Canada

Illinois becomes first state to list companies banned for business due to BDS

Boycotting Israel is a free speech right

'NGO investigated for treason' Ya'alon about Breaking the Silence's alleged use of classified materials: 'If they distribute this information outside of Israel, this is treason.'
Netanyahu: Breaking the Silence crossed another red line Report on Channel 2 shows activists of the organization on hidden camera trying to obtain sensitive and classified operational intelligence about the IDF from soldiers.

Le procès de membres de la LDJ, dans l'indifférence générale - "Ma vie s’est arrêtée le 12 avril 2009", Hatim Essabbak, agressé par des membres de la LDJ.
Procès des voyous de la LDJ : justice sera-t-elle-rendue ?
Peines de prison pour 6 voyous de la LDJ
Six members of Jewish Defence League participated in ‘lynching’ of two men and chanted ‘Death to Arabs’ during 2009 assaults
Jewish vigilantes jailed over Paris attack on Gaza fundraising event

Une hotline créée pour dénoncer les relations mixtes entre juifs et non-juifs en Israël
Israeli group sets up “hotline” to attack mixed marriage

Arab NGO report says Israel racism doubled in past year The report documents 465 alleged racist incidents from March 2015 to March 201.

Leaked details of Mossad assassin’s fake Canadian passport under RCMP scrutiny
Le danger de l’empire: Mascarade, mensonges et grand cirque politique pour une continuelle hégémonie mondiale

The Jew Who Brought Disaster to Libya is Doing it Again

Neoconservativism in a Nutshell

‘Christian’ Ted Cruz celebrates Resurrection of Christ by calling for killing of innocent civilians

Jewish voters keen on Clinton, Sanders, widely dislike Trump, Cruz

Dreuz.info: George Soros, vrai ennemi de l’Europe Soros n'est pas spécialement sioniste... Donc il est perçu comme le "vrai ennemi" par les sionistes qui ont tout intérêt à détourner le blâme vers un bouc émissaire facile comme Soros. Former NYC Mayor Says Hillary Clinton is 'Founding Member' of Daesh Vous voyez maintenant ce que ça vaut cette accusation d' "Hillary fondatrice de Daech", c'est le genre de chose qui sort de la bouche de Monsieur 9/11 super-mafia inc., j'ai nommé l'ex-maire de NY Giuliani. Que c'est désolant de voir la complosphère relayer stupidement les âneries qui sortent de la bouche des néocons...

Rudy Giuliani, maire de New York durant 9/11: « Hillary Clinton peut être considérée comme membre fondatrice d’ISIS »
Prenez en considération le fait que cette "nouvelle" vient du site pro-sioniste ultra Dreuz.info!! Réfléchissez à tout ce que ça implique... Peut-être que ces discours conspirationnistes anti-Soros et anti-Hillary font grand plaisir aux sionistes, c'est en tout cas ce que j'ai remarqué!

Billard à trois bandes en Syrie : la stratégie d’Israël révélée par les e-mails d’Hillary
Hillary Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel: “The Best Way to Help Israel”
Critics Aghast at ‘Disgusting Speech’ Clinton Just Gave to AIPAC

Obama et la solution finale de l'Etat Juif' Le temps est compté
Obama’s Break with the Establishment
Dreuz.info: Obama, un chrétien si musulman MDR! Obama est clairement aligné sur les sionistes, pas sur le monde arabomusulman, les musulmans ont été les plus victimisés par les guerres qu'Obama a mené et continue de mener.
Obama’s Final Task: Don't Veto UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Obama has an opportunity to create a historic change of direction and to move the peace process beyond the highest hurdle of all – the first one.

Glenn Beck tries to blame Drudge for his anti-Trump slur as his business collapses


Trump: ‘I want to get along with Russia’
Trump to NATO: You’re Fired!
Will Trump Get NATO off Our Backs?
Trump questions need for NATO, outlines non-interventionist foreign policy

Trump fustige Obama, attaque l’accord iranien, jure de soutenir Israël, et conquiert l’AIPAC
AIPAC slams Donald Trump over 'attacks levied against Obama from our stage.'

The Purim story: A parable for the rise of Donald Trump

A l’AIPAC, Clinton matraque Trump et montre aussi qu’elle n’est pas Obama
Donald Trump Works His Magic on a Frustrated AIPAC
Trump at AIPAC: A Jewish Betrayal of the United States The most dominant Jewish organization in America is indifferent to what happens to America
C'est pas David Duke ou des antisémites islamo-gauchistes qui ont écrit ça, c'est Haaretz, un des plus prestigieux journal israélien!

Why the Jewish Elite Hates Donald Trump

Trump: Israel Is Spying Against Us

juif.org - L'AIPAC se tait sur l'accord nucléaire avec l'Iran mais hurle contre Trump le pro israélien
AIPAC Now Creepily Resembles the NRA AIPAC polarizing US Jews Op-ed: The purportedly bipartisan pro-Israel organization has become increasingly identified with right-wing politics, and its recent conference provides evidence of that.
Sans Trump il n'y aurait pas toute cette panique... Mais est-ce une fausse panique destinée à lui faire de la pub?? Possible! Mais peu probable à mon avis.

VIDEO - Propos d'Américains pro-Trump et anti-islam (VF) Ils savent pas que les extraits cités viennent de la Bible et trouvent ces extraits révoltants et choquants. Quand on leur révèle finalement que c'est pas des extraits du Coran mais de la Bible, ils se ravisent en disant que c'est pas grave, les extraits ne sont pas choquant. MDR:49,2% des Américains croient que les Palestiniens occupent des terres israéliennes

Trump, the Most Moderate Candidate in the Republican Presidential Race The prevailing liberal idea that attributes Trump's meteoric rise to populist manipulations that have hoodwinked the ignorant American is not only condescending: It totally misses the logic of his candidacy. American Jewry's Greatest Enemy The glowing reception accorded Donald Trump at the AIPAC conference showed just how far American Jews will go in the name of the occupation.

Adelson Is Right About Trump's pro-Israel Credentials It's a feather in Trump's cap that Sheldon Adelson, who will make Israel one of the tests for his support, is prepared to back him. And today's speech at AIPAC is Trump's chance to win more of us over. Dreuz.info: Pourquoi je peux voter pour Donald Trump, Ted Cruz ou John Kasich Publié par Jean-Patrick Grumberg
Sanders Snubs AIPAC, Trump A Rothschild Tool
Bernie Sanders “Israel Has Done Some BAD THINGS! Killing Civilians! Blowing Up Hospitals and Schools
Trump veut faire de Jérusalem, une capitale israélienne
Trump Puts Divide Between Israel Lobby and American Jewry on Vivid Display
AIPAC: U.S. presidential hopefuls, including Trump, focus on the Palestinians at the conference.
Astucieux! Brillant! Parler des Palestiniens alors que pour l'AIPAC la Palestine n'existe tout simplement pas!
AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message
AIPAC apologizes for cheering of Trump’s Obama knock

Blumenthal: Did Trump Play AIPAC? Max Blumenthal says Trump's embrace by AIPAC overshadows his shifting positions on Israel.
Visiting ADL leader slams ‘mainstreaming of bigotry’ in US presidential race
Trump espousing ‘noxious ideas,’ unleashing extremism, says ADL chief Jews, beware of Trump and the narcotics he peddles
Trump Appoints Aide With Anti-Semitic Ties
AIPAC’s Applause for Donald Trump Sends a Shameful Message
Trump enfume le lobby pro-israélien AIPAC
Donald Trump et Israël
Putting the Rump Into (the Name) Trump
Trump Is Not Hitler and He’s Not Haman — He’s Ahasuerus Pour eux, tout a toujours à voir avec leurs foutus textes saints passés date depuis des millénaires...
Trump s’est-il moqué des juifs américains de l’AIPAC ?
Trump's Warm Reception at AIPAC Makes Our Fight Against Him Even More Urgent Having led the protest movement against Trump's speech to the pro-Israel lobby, I have a message to Jews: Unite against bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny; unite against the Republican frontrunner.

Racial GOP Rhetoric Propels Jewish Not-For-Profits Into the Fray

VIDEO - Robert Parry Discusses the “AIPAC ‘Pander-off'”

Republicans pushing ‘Ayn Rand worshipping’ Paul Ryan, as nominee

Phil Giraldi–Rating the Candidates Who wants war?

Cruz's father, a pastor, highlights Israel support Appuyer Israel c'est vouloir mourir pour Israel.
Primaire américaine : la petite phrase du jour de Ted Cruz sur Donald Trump
Geraldo raps Ted Cruz’s ‘New York values’ comments as ‘anti-Semitic’
Top US news contributors call Cruz's 'New York values' comment anti-Semitic

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
Trump Unbound : Why Wall Street Is Shaking in Its Handmade Boots
Trump Blasts US Support for NATO and Ukraine (Video)
Trump's Right to Take on the UN. It's a Cesspit of Corruption and anti-Semitism I haven't declared my support for Trump, but I don’t mind saying that his UN talk is music to my ears. (Ainsi parlait l'ultra-zionista)
Dark Forces Behind Anti-Trumpism
Donald Trump and the Liberal Intelligentsia: a View from Europe par Jean Bricmont
In a revealing interview, Trump predicts a ‘massive recession’ but intends to eliminate the national debt in 8 years
Trump’s First 100 Days As President by Stephen Lendman
VIDEO - Marine Le Pen comparée à Trump (Elle se défend d'avoir à répondre sur le cas Trump en disant qu'elle est pas Américaine, mais au Québec elle se gêne pas pour nous dire quoi faire...)
Should Jews worry about Trump?
Rabbinic Scholars Weigh in on the Meaning of Trump’s Candidacy
Behind Donald Trump: A Jewish son-in-law who is also an adviser
Who is Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner?
Nouvelles tensions entre Donald Trump et des donateurs juifs ? Le candidat refuse un meeting à Las Vegas
Lindsey Graham Warns Israel: Trump “Dangerous for the Entire World”
Lindsey Graham in Israel: Trump’s foreign policy worse than Obama’s
Trump is worse than Obama on Israel and foreign policy, GOP senator says
Trump, «menace pour la paix et la prospérité», dit le vice-chancelier
Le candidat Donald Trump ne ménage pas ses critiques contre l’Otan
Is Trump Right About NATO? I am "not isolationist, but I am ‘America First,’" Donald Trump told The New York Times last weekend. "I like the expression."
VIDEO - Donald Trump et Marion Maréchal-Le Pen : naissance d'une love story, le billet de Daniel Morin (ultra caricatural, au point que même moi je décroche complètement avant la fin, c'est dire... Rappelons que même Dieudonné a recours à ce genre de procédé du faux reportage de propagande nazie-fasciste des années 30-40.)
President Trump? Who’s Who in Trump’s Foreign Policy Inner Circle? US War Machine Rolls On
Jean-Michel Quatrepoint : «Trump et Sanders, la revanche de l’Amérique sur Wall Street»
VIDEO - POLITEIA - Du populisme : "Trump est un parfait démocrate, selon nos critères contemporains, précisément parce que notre pseudo démocratie est un régime économique et non politique, et que Trump est un marchand de tapis"
A tombstone for Donald Trump appears in New York’s Central Park for a short time Sunday.
Chef de l’ADL : Trump épouse des “idées nocives” et déchaîne l’extrémisme Un côté de la médaille...
THEZOG.INFO: Who Controls Donald Trump? Et l'envers de la même médaille!
VIDEO - RAPPEL: Donald Trump rattrapé par l'islamophobie de ses militants
Way to Go, AIPACers: Cheering Trump Undid Years of Work Against BDS I can see the headline of the next BDS campaign now: 'Racist demagogue Donald Trump receives warm welcome from AIPAC, 'America's pro-Israel lobby.'' Unfortunately, the headline would be true.
The rule of fear Op-ed: Fear and the manner in which it is leveraged by leaders in the US, Europe and Israel threatens democracy. The common denominator of what is developing within the US presidential election campaign (the Trump phenomenon), Europe, in which the echoes of the extreme right wing parties are growing, and PM Netanyahu’s rhetoric of intimidation in Israel is a creeping threat to the foundations of democracy.
Ghosts of Golda Meir and Joe McCarthy Haunt Sanders, Trump and the Wisconsin Primaries Are Paul Ryan’s photo-ops with Benjamin Netanyahu an innocent sign of a beautiful friendship or a clever ploy en route to the GOP nomination?
The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray Foreign leaders ‘don’t expect half-baked notions coming out of the White House,’ US president says of Republican frontrunner.
Obama: Trump Doesn't Know Much About Foreign Policy Online predictions market PredictIt said on Friday that the probability Trump will win his party's nomination had dropped sharply in the past week.

Trump and Netanyahu, Purveyors of Hate Both stoke fear of external threats and nurture resentment of internal others to gain power and deflect criticism.
Donald Trump’s anti-Semitism controversies: A timeline Presumptive GOP candidate faces growing accusations his campaign condones Jew-hatred, if not encourages it outright.
Brad Thor Denies He Was Talking About an Assassination Attempt on Trump
Glenn Beck Suspended by SiriusXM for 'Advocating Harm' Against Trump Show's guest Brad Thor asked 'what patriot will step up' if a President Trump overstepped his bounds, to which Beck agreed.
Double Standards: Unrelenting Anti-Trump Media Campaign, Coverup of Hillary “Racketeering Charges”
Paranoia-Rama: Trump's Latest Absurdity, Martial Law Fears & About Those Death Panels…
Rachel Maddow Skewers Donald Trump And One Of His Many Conspiracy Theorist Pals
Trump’s Jewish adviser: He’s not responsible for supporters’ anti-Semitism ‘He can’t keep going around saying I denounce anti-Semitism,’ says Trump’s Orthodox consultant Jason Dov Greenblatt.
You’re Welcome, Anti-Semites: Here Are Some More (((Jews))) For You
Donald Trump’s anti-Semitism controversies: A timeline Presumptive GOP candidate faces growing accusations his campaign condones Jew-hatred, if not encourages it outright.
Trump's Son-in-law Targeted by Jew-tracking App Before Google Took It Down Coincidence Detector enclosed names that its algorithm deemed Jewish in triple parentheses, a symbol that allowed neo-Nazis to more easily aim their anti-Semitic bile.
Who Cares That Ivanka Trump Is Jewish? Some of history’s biggest anti-Semites had Jews that they loved.
With Friends Like President Trump The candidacy clinched, Trump is falling over himself with praise for the Jewish state. But love is no substitute for competence and in foreign policy he hasn’t exhibited any.
White Nationalists: Trump May Not Meet All Our Expectations, But Neither Did Jesus

Donald Trump and William Kristol sling insults over potential third-party challenger
Kristol Eyes Conservative Lawyer David French for Independent Presidential Run
Here in Israel, reading about possible @DavidAFrench candidacy, thought of Herzl: Im tirtzu, ein zo agada. If you will it, it is no dream. — Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) June 1, 2016 Son épouse Nancy French a coécrit un livre avec Sarah Palin, une sioniste plus sioniste que les sionistes...
The (David) French Connection Why Bill Kristol's bewildering pick for a #NeverTrump presidential candidate makes a certain amount of sense.
Qui est David French, le champion inconnu des anti-Trump Cet ancien soldat pourrait se lancer dans la course pour rallier les conservateurs rejetant le candidat officiel du parti républicain...
David French, Proposed Conservative Alternative to Trump, Draws Tepid Response Republican strategists aren’t rallying to Tennessee lawyer, according to people familiar with talks to recruit another contender, By Reid J. Epstein and Patrick O’Connor.
David French: I Will Vote for Donald Trump If He Is the Nominee
VIDEO - Bloomberg Politics : Bill Kristol Eyes David French For Independent Run
The Death of Bill Kristol
Kristol Eyes Conservative Lawyer David French for Independent Presidential Run The conservative editor of the Weekly Standard has been searching for a candidate to challenge Trump and Clinton in the general election.
Kristol looking at National Review staff writer David French for independent presidential run
VIDEO - National Review [--Kristol's journal--] urges Mitt Romney to run for president As many in the GOP jump on board the Trump train, the holdouts hoping to stop it in its tracks have dwindled from a movement with momentum to just an unyielding few. The National Review's David French and political analyst Rick Tyler join to discuss.

Plus de torture à l’eau à la CIA, même sur l’ordre du président
Trump, CIA Quarrel Over Torturing Terror Suspects GOP presidential front-runner dismisses CIA chief's vow that the spy agency wouldn't use enhanced interrogation techniques even if ordered to by a future president.

Jewish Money and Media Oligarchs Admit Bosses not Voters Rule America
‘America First’ – The Trump Slogan the Establishment Hates
VIDEO - Éric Zemmour : "La communauté internationale n'existe pas et n'existera jamais" Très bon commentaire sur Obama et sa mise au rancart de l'interventionnisme, sous-jacente au discours 'America First' de Trump. Bien vu!
In meeting with Orthodox, Donald Trump reveals Israel advisers: His Jewish lawyers
Trump to Jewish reporters: Why do Jews support Obama when he’s disloyal to Israel? At NY meeting, GOP front-runner also says world would be better off if Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power, claims NY Daily News ‘did a number’ on Sanders, reveals the 2 Jewish real estate lawyers who advise him on Israel
Un nouvel Eisenhower contre Trump ?
Fearing Trump, Republican Jews give Cruz another look
VIDEO - Casey Coyle contre la nazification de Trump, argument hautement ennuyant et pas original - pt2
Donald Trump toujours loin de la Maison-Blanche
Ivanka Trump: Dad was ‘very supportive’ of my Jewish conversion
Trump Links Netanyahu's Rejection of Muslim Ban to Cancelation of Israel Visit Cancelation
Paul Ryan: I can see why Trump comments rattle Mideast allies
Anti-Trump Protesters in New York Have Lost Their Faith in American Democracy Many of the young people demonstrating Thursday outside a Republican Party gala in New York said they won’t even vote; 'power in the streets is much more powerful than bourgeois democracy.'
Does Donald Trump Respect Women More Than Pro-Lifers Do?
US newspaper publishes fake ‘President Trump’ front page
Exclusive: Blocking Trump could hurt Republicans in election - Reuters/Ipsos poll
Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s New World Order Connections Revealed (incluant l'apport de Michael Collins Piper)
Trump's Rise Signals the Renaissance of the Ku Klux Klan White supremacists' support for a leading mainstream presidential candidate is unprecedented, an American scholar says.

David Cameron’s ‘counter extremism’ experts work with far-right Donald Trump sympathisers

Découvrez le conspirationniste anti-islam débile choisi pour être conseiller en affaires étrangères du candidat présidentiel bushiste Ted Cruz. Il est l'inspirateur du projet de Trump de déporter les musulmans: non, ce n'est pas Boris Le Lay, c'est le néocon membre du PNAC Frank J. Gaffney Jr. L'équipe de Cruz rassemble aussi d'autres néoconservateurs comme Elliott Abrams et Michael Ledeen. Cruz croit en plusieurs théories du complot, particulièrement celles impliquant George Soros.

Cruz rails against Trump at Republican Jewish gathering Presidential hopeful warns of ‘absolute disaster’ and ‘bloodbath’ for Republicans if front-runner Trump is their nominee ; Poll said to find Trump is least popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters.
Ted Cruz Seeks To Put ‘New York Values’ Slur Behind Him With Speech to GOP Jews
Ted Cruz acknowledges social issues gap with GOP Jews, stresses Israel support

Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?
Clinton, Sanders clash on Israel's 'disproportionate' actions during 2014 Gaza war On CNN's 'State of the Union,' Clinton defends Israel's actions while Sanders says 'Palestinians must also be treated with respect.'
Trump and Clinton: Censoring the unpalatable by respected Documentary Filmmaker John Pilger
[Respected Documentary Filmmaker] John Pilger: Why Hillary Clinton Is More Dangerous Than Donald Trump
Clinton: Differences with Israel would be dealt with ‘in private’
Oliver Stone: Hillary Has Been for Every War the US Waged

PM’s son said pushing for appointment of spokesman who called Obama anti-Semitic TV report doesn’t explain why Yair Netanyahu so wants Ran Baratz to be his father’s media czar, but insists story is true despite official denial.
Netanyahu revives bid to appoint spokesman who called Obama anti-Semitic
The Obama Doctrine and How America Is Disengaging From Israel Forget the candidates' AIPAC love-in. With the possible exception of Hillary Clinton, they’re all in basic agreement with Obama: pulling back from the Middle East is crucial for America’s future.
German Economic News Reports Obama Has Abandoned His ‘Neocons’
The Establishment Strikes Back at Obama
Doctrine Obama : La realpolitik et les voeux pieux « Entre les quatre grandes options de la diplomatie américaine moderne que sont l’isolationnisme, le réalisme, l’interventionnisme progressiste (et l’internationalisme – dans le sens américain du terme, c’est-à-dire agir par le biais des organisations internationales -, Obama est plus proche des «réalistes» Il juge, écrit Goldberg, que «le multilatéralisme modère l’arrogance» qui pèse sur la politique internationale américaine.» (5)
The Obama Doctrine The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world. By Jeffrey Goldberg for The Atlantic
Why Did Netanyahu Make a Settler His Top NYC Diplomat?

VIDEO - RWW News: Manning and Jones: Obama Stoking Race War In Order To Stay In Power Je pense pas que c’est Obama, plutôt Israel! Bibi en veut à mort à Obama.

VIDEO - Clinton Threatens War With Iran If Trump Wins
VIDEO - Trump: ‘I Will Send My Attorney General After Clinton’ Si le contenu des courriels d'Hillary est dévoilé publiquement ça risque d'avoir un effet monstre. Je parie qu'ils vont tout faire pour que le contenu ne soit pas examiné et que toute l'attention soit focalisée sur (ou plutôt détournée vers) le côté criminel-judiciaire de toute l'affaire.
Si Kim Jong-Un pouvait voter, il choisirait Trump «sage et clairvoyant» et pas la «terne» Hillary
Israel lobbying Trump, Clinton to blunt potential UN action

Bernie Sanders : « Je n’ai pas comparé Trump à Hitler » Le candidat juif démocrate a évoqué lors d’un meeting à la mairie « ce qu’un fanatique peut faire en attisant la haine raciale » mais a par la suite démenti tout parallèle
Bernie Sanders on Israel: Stop Settlement Expansion, ‘Indiscriminate’ Palestinian Deaths
Massively inflating toll, Sanders suggests Israel killed ‘over 10,000 innocents’ in Gaza Democratic hopeful acknowledges he’s not sure of figures, but accuses Israel of indiscriminate attacks, says it must improve ties with Palestinians to improve US tie.
Ghosts of Golda Meir and Joe McCarthy Haunt Sanders, Trump and the Wisconsin Primaries Are Paul Ryan’s photo-ops with Benjamin Netanyahu an innocent sign of a beautiful friendship or a clever ploy en route to the GOP nomination?
D’après Sanders, Israël aurait tué « plus de 10000 innocents » à Gaza
Bernie Sanders accuse Israël d’avoir tué 10.000 innocents à Gaza – même le Hamas n’avait pas osé !
Seven times worse than Hamas: Bernie Sanders by the numbers
ADL Slams Sanders for Exaggeraring Palestinian Death Toll in Gaza War
Exagération? Ça dépend de la source de nos chiffres...
Times of Israel: Michael Oren : Sanders devrait s’excuser pour ses fausses accusations Les affirmations du candidat sur la cruauté israélienne et le nombre de morts mettent en danger la sécurité de l’Etat juif
Michael Oren: Sanders should apologize for Gaza ‘blood libel’ Democratic candidate’s claims of Israeli ruthlessness and inflated death toll endanger the Jewish state’s security, MK and former envoy to US says
Bernie Sanders’ overestimate of civilian deaths in Gaza distorted, campaign says
Times of Israel: Sept fois pire que le Hamas : Bernie Sanders joue avec les chiffres Contre-opinion : le candidat démocrate n’était pas disponible, mardi, pour corriger ses surestimations calomnieuses des victimes de Gaza. Il était sans aucun doute trop occupé à conquérir le Wisconsin. Que le Ciel nous vienne en aide
Dreuz.info: Il a fumé quoi ? Bernie Sanders sous-entend que les musulmans sont les nouveaux juifs
Absent de l’AIPAC, Sanders critique « l’occupation israélienne » L’outsider démocrate présente une critique cinglante des implantations, du gouvernement de Netanyahu, souligne que l’on peut être “pro-Israël” et soutenir l’accord iranien
US Jewish group slams Bernie Sanders for misstatements on 2014 Gaza war
Sanders decries ‘distortion’ over his remark on 10,000 Gaza dead Campaign for Democratic presidential hopeful says senator corrected himself on 2014 death toll, no candidate is ‘a stronger supporter of Israel’.
Un groupe juif salue le recul de Sanders sur Gaza, quand un second réclame plus de clarté
As one Jewish group praises Sanders’ Gaza backtrack, second says he has more to clarify
Sanders Squirms on the Hot Seat After Inflating Gaza Toll
Bernie Sanders clarifies statements on 2014 Gaza war after speaking to ADL
Sanders tells ADL he knows he got his Gaza death toll number wrong
Sanders again inflates Gaza civilian death toll, though he’s getting closer

How an Anti-Zionist’s Embrace of Bernie Was a Gift to Bibi — and Hillary
Following AIPAC speech, Israelis still prefer Clinton to Trump

Absent de l’AIPAC, Sanders critique « l’occupation israélienne »
Bernie Sanders Slams Israel After Skipping AIPAC
Rabaisser Israël – par Donald Trump et Bernie Sanders
Le mouvement fantôme de Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders wins Wyoming, reiterates Israel’s ‘disproportionate’ response in Gaza war
'Sanders must apologize for the lie that he spread about Israel'
Sanders says no opinion on 1967 borders Democratic candidate tries to dodge question on whether Israeli withdrawal to borders before Six-Day War is the only way to reach peace in the Middle East, and backtracks on comments that 10,000 Gazans were killed during 2014 war.
Bernie Sanders’ Candor on Israel Shows American Voters Are Changing Their Tune Gaffes aside, Sanders’ embarrassing New York Daily News interview actually illuminates one of the underrated strengths of his campaign.
Israel demands correction from Sanders: it killed only 532 Palestinian children in summer 2014
Bernie Sanders’ record on Palestine
Sanders calls himself 'more balanced' on Israel, Palestinians Several public officials in Israel– including the country's former ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren, during US President Barack Obama's first term– called on Sanders to apologize.
Sanders repeats call for ‘more balanced’ US position on Israel
Sanders n’a pas d’avis sur les questions de frontières dans le conflit israélo-palestinien
Bernie Sanders' answer to heckler who accused Jews of running Wall Street
Bernie Sanders: You Can't Always Nod at Everything Netanyahu Says Democratic presidential candidate reiterates points on peace between Israelis, Palestinians, says Obama has been better on the issue than his predecessors.
Why Simone Zimmerman and Bernie Sanders Are Still on Same Side on Israel — Suspension or No
Bernie Sanders’ Jewish Outreach Director Suspended for Blunt and Honest Criticism of Netanyahu Government
Sanders' Non-conformist Israel Message Casts Him as Boy in Emperor’s New Clothes Times are changing: When candidate Howard Dean called for 'even handed' U.S. policy in 2003, Democrats unanimously slammed him silent.
Sanders’s Israel criticism has some US Jews feeling the Bern Democratic presidential hopeful’s unprecedented questioning of Jerusalem’s policies will likely play into key Jewish vote in upcoming New York primary.
How Bernie Sanders just became the rabbi of the Jewish left
Pro-Clinton Rabbi Booted From Bernie Sanders Event for Being Too pro-Clinton Andy Bachman was swapped out for a different Reform rabbi, less than an hour before a roundtable discussion at a Brooklyn church.
Is Bernie Sanders Right About Israel Using Disproportionate Force in Gaza? Sanders and Clinton have been quarreling over the facts of 2014’s Gaza war. Whose version of events do the numbers support?
Bernie Sanders Names Anti-occupation Activist as Jewish Outreach Coordinator Simone Zimmerman objects to Jewish federation funding for Israeli projects in the West Bank and wrote favorably of a pro-BDS group and protested the 2014 Gaza war.
Meet the outspoken critic of Israel who is Bernie Sanders' new Jewish outreach director
Abe Foxman Calls on Sanders to Fire New Jewish Community Liaison for 'anti-Israel' Comments
Abe Foxman: Bernie Sanders’ head of Jewish outreach should be fired for Israel criticism
Sanders' new Jewish outreach director sees 'F--- you' Netanyahu post go viral
What the Vatican’s Invitation to Bernie Sanders Says About Jews
Few Israelis see Jewish candidate Sanders as most ‘pro-Israel’ Trump and Clinton regarded by Israelis as most staunch supporters of Jewish state, while Cruz fairs poorly in poll
Bernie Sanders schools Donald Trump on ‘New York values,’ drops mic
WATCH: Bernie Sanders skewers Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on 'New York values'
U.S. Jewish Groups Slam Sanders Following Comments on Israel Jews in New York have been a crucial electorate in Democratic primaries, and many in the community have been offended by his statements that 'disproportionate' force was used in Gaza in the summer of 2014.
Comment: Accusing Bernie Sanders of ‘blood libel’ - the future of US-Israel relations
At Jews for Bernie event, anger boils over at Sanders campaign
Bernie Sanders cherche-t-il à dresser l’opinion américaine et internationale contre Israël ?
Israeli Politicians Are Jumping on the Bernie-bashing Bandwagon Bernie Sanders' admission of error wasn’t good enough for Israeli politicians hungry for an opportunity to hit the international headlines.
Bernie Backs the Jewish Values We Millenials Believe in - and Israel isn't one of them Sanders calls back to an earlier era before Jews integrated into white, affluent America and before the assumption that American Jews’ highest priority was support for a foreign county thousands of miles away.
Report: Sanders Suspends New Jewish Outreach Coordinator Over anti-Netanyahu Facebook Post Simone Zimmerman condemned the prime minister for victims of Gaza war in a post replete with swear words; 'She has been suspended while we investigate the matter,' Democratic candidate's spokesman says, according to New York Times.
Simone Zimmerman, the Latest Victim of the U.S. Jewish Right's Witch Hunt The vicious offensive by the Jewish Right and its mainstream collaborators against Simone Zimmerman is just part of their ongoing attempts to choke the justice-based Jewish politics she represents.
Going Negative: Sanders, The Clintons And The Exploitation Of Dead Children
Sanders: Netanyahu is not right all of the time The Democratic candidates spar over Israel, including Sanders criticizing Clinton for not talking about Palestinians at AIPAC, and Clinton defending herself by talking about her 25 years of experience with the issue.
Bernie Sanders vs. the Out-of-touch American Jewish Establishment Sanders' Jewish socialism, his recognition of the injustice of the occupation, is a rebuke to those in the U.S. and Israel who believe Jews should only care about other Jews’ freedom and dignity. No wonder they’re trying to marginalize him.
VIDEO - Sanders: A No-Go in Israel
Dershowitz: Bernie Sanders must clarify where he stands on Israel
Sanders Seeks 'Compassion' for Palestinians in Changes to Democrats' Policy Member of the Democrats' platform drafting committee says desired changes are about more than the two-state solution while Sanders surrogate says she plans to 'act out' if she's excluded from process at convention.
Sanders Chose Wrong People to Change Democratic Platform on Israel The Vermont senator’s representative, Cornel West, uses anti-Israel vitriol that Sanders himself tries to avoid.
Krauthammer: Sanders ‘Pushing the Anti-Israel Case’

Glenn Beck Conveniently Forgets To Mention That Ted Cruz Cozied Up To 'Kill The Gays' Preacher

Why Many Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Soon be Abandoning the Democratic Party And Why Their Super-Delegates Will Some Day Regret Sabotaging His Candidacy
What Red-baiting Jew-hater Calls Bernie Sanders a 'non-Jewish Jew and a non-American American'? Jewish conservative Dennis Prager’s recent screed went far beyond dog whistling: It was a klaxon to anti-Semites on the Right, while betraying the essence of Jewish identity.
Clinton and Sanders Meet, Pledge Party Unity. “It’s Clear Where Sanders Stands”
Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel
Hillary Clinton’s ‘Entangled’ Foreign Policy
dreuz.info: "Si Hillary Clinton est élue, c’est l’Apocalypse islamique assurée"
If Trump Were a “Clinton Plant”, What Would He Do Differently?

Only Clinton Can Save Trump’s Electoral Victory (pdf)

America’s Many Mideast Blunders
Here’s why Trump’s foreign policy terrifies neocons
Is Trump a New Kind of Fascist?
Trump “The Fascist”: Backdoor Backing of a Political Psychopath Named Hilary Clinton
Donald Trump is Losing Jewish Donors and Intellectuals, But Will it Impact His Bottom Line?
Unmasking the Anti-Semitic Meme of Asuka (Trump's cap)
A Florida rabbi protested Donald Trump – and lost his job
Trump Has Ripped the Mask Off the GOP Pretense on Racism Donald Trump's vicious public attacks have smashed the Republican 'deniability consensus' that's held since the civil rights era: Coded appeal to racial hatreds in, naked bigotry out.
Trump’s Blatantly Racist Campaign
Le trumpisme, un maccarthysme anti-musulman ?
Le Hooliganisme Politique
A Campaign Based on Conspiracy Theory
Qui a vraiment peur de Donald Trump?
The Roots of Trump’s Cruel Populism
There Is a Method to the Madness of Trump's Contempt for Media While Trump's language is more incendiary and he lashes out more personally at reporters than typical for past candidates, he's following a long tradition of modern politicians who shoot barbs at the messenger.
Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Michael Oren– Trump Will Be ‘Greatly Strengthened’ by Orlando Shooting
Orlando Shooting Means Donald Trump For President?
Trump support gains as a result of Orlando massacre
Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism'
Obama: No evidence Orlando attack directed by Islamic State
Obama slams Trump for singling out Muslims
Trump seems to suggest Obama sympathizes with terrorists
Obama forcefully attacks 'sloppy' conservative rhetoric on Islamic extremism
What Is 'Radical Islam' Anyway? How can a term no one can define provide moral clarity?

Netanyahu: Orlando and Tel Aviv terrorists driven by hatred of freedom
Pro-Netanyahu Newspaper Uses Orlando Massacre to Demonize Israel’s Arab Citizens
Israel spin doctors move to exploit Orlando massacre
Abballa : la première agence ayant annoncé la mise en ligne de sa vidéo est dirigée par l'Israélo-Américaine Rita Katz
Business owners say customers asking if employ Arabs in light of recent terror attacks
G4S Shares Drop by $282 Million After Reports Omar Mateen Was an Employee World's largest security firm, which recently announced it was winding down its Israel and west Bank operations, screened the Orlando shooter as recently as 2013 with 'no findings.'
Orlando Shooter Worked for Security Firm Embroiled in Israel Controversy
Orlando : la compagnie du tireur avait été menacée par Israël
I Want to Mourn for Orlando, but I'm a Muslim, I'll Be Accused of Hypocrisy You can’t take even a minute to identify with the shooting victims, and their number keeps rising, as does your feeling of guilt and the feeling of the looming persecution.
VIDEO - Is America Becoming Terry Gilliam's Brazil? Un film produit par Arnon Milchan, après avoir été lui-même agent du Mossad... impliqué dans le développement de l'arsenal nucléaire israélien! En plus de produire le film d'Oliver Stone cachant la vérité sur la connexion israélienne dans l'assasssinat de JFK.
FBI Misrepresentation of Orlando Killer’s Alleged “911 Call” and Allegiance to the “Islamic State” Ignores U.S. Foreign Policy Motivation

Jerusalemites divided on whether Clinton or Trump would more effectively wage war on terror
Israel Already Has Its Own Trump Serving as Prime Minister In Israel, there is a different Trump, who inflames hatred against Arab citizens at every opportunity.

Jeb Bush endorses Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination.
VIDEO - Ted Cruz’s Flashy New Line Against Trump Comes From a Sorkin Film
Cruz chides Trump for ‘Palestine’ references as they vie for pro-Israel support
US Muslims decry Cruz’s call for community surveillance
ADL condemns Cruz for call to patrol ‘Muslim neighborhoods’
Crazed, whack-job Judaic acolytes play concern-troll over ‘Them Mooooz-Lums’…
Trump backs tougher border security, waterboarding after Brussels attacks
Ted Cruz Blames Donald Trump For Brussels Attack
YouTube locks video of Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels attack.

Terrorisme - La peur interdit la pensée
Muslims Are the VICTIMS of “Between 82 and 97% of Terrorism-Related Fatalities”: US Government

Raphaël Liogier: Enfin des propos sensés sur le terrorisme

Frénésie anti-israélienne au mémorial des victimes de l'attentat terroriste à Bruxelles
Officials Stoke Anti-Muslim Hatred Following Brussels Attack

Netanyahu to AIPAC: Brussels attack and terror in Israel part of same assault
Lest We Forget-Netanyahu to EU states: ‘Pressure Brussels to change its attitude toward Israel’
VIDEO - Bourdin ne se rallie pas au modèle sécuritaire israélien appliqué à la France
After Brussels Attack, Gran’pa Calls For Police To ‘Patrol And Secure’ Muslim American Neighborhoods
Lest We Forget–After France, Belgian parliament next in line to recognize Palestine
Palestinian security official says Europe to blame for attack
Palestinian FM urges EU to draw line between terror and his people's resistance to Israel La technique sioniste est de diaboliser la résistance palestinienne en l'assimilant au terrorisme purement aveugle et haineux. L'UE est favorablement disposé à distinguer les deux et c'est ce qui inquiète grandement Israel. Ceux qui disent qu' "Israel contrôle l'UE" se mettent le doigt dans l'oeil. Ils essaient, mais n'y arrivent pas tout à fait. C'est probablement pour ça qu'Israel a fait tout plein de false flags en Europe ces dernières années. Je dis pas que l'attaque de Bruxelles est forcément un false flag 100% commandité par l'Occident et Israel, mais le fait est que Israel a joué un rôle central et très important dans le passé pour constituer des groupes terroristes "musulmans", lesquels ont été lâchés dans la nature et peuvent ainsi maintenant opérer par eux-mêmes sans avoir nécessairement besoin d'être guidés dans toutes leurs actions par les services secrets d'Occident et d'Israël.
Un responsable de la sécurité de l’AP déclare que l’Europe est à blâmer pour l’attaque
Un responsable palestinien vous accuse, vous les Européens, d’être responsables du terrorisme

Netanyahu: Brussels attacks shows it's not the occupation that drives terror C'est peut-être ça le but de ces false flags: couper court à l'argumentaire pro-palestinien selon lequel le terrorisme est motivé par l'occupation israélienne. Peut-être que ces false flags servent à "démontrer" que c'est pas l'occupation qui pousse au terrorisme, mais d'autres raisons liées à l'islam et aux arabes eux-mêmes, qui seraient plein de haine, qui voueraient un culte à la Mort du héros-martyr, etc.
Après l'attaque de Bruxelles, l'exemple israélien examiné de près L'aéroport Ben-Gourion de Tel-Aviv est réputé pour être le plus sécurisé au monde.
Attentats de Bruxelles: un ministre israélien accuse l'Europe d'avoir ignoré le danger Ils tiennent surtout à pouvoir blâmer l'Europe d'avoir tenté de justifier le terrorisme en disant que celui-ci est motivé par l'occupation.
"Attendez-vous à une vague d'attentats terroristes en Europe" La député Anat Berko (Likoud), une experte en terrorisme, a parlé mardi au site internet israélien Aroutz Sheva au sujet des attentats de Bruxelles plus tôt dans la journée, qui ont fait 35 morts et des centaines de blessés. L'attaque a plus tard...
Israel-bound traveler tells 'Post' how he missed Brussels explosion by minutes Un autre miracle de Pourim!
Europe must confront its reality Op-ed: If Europe and particularly Belgium want to overcome the current crisis and thwart future attacks, it ought to reform their education system and end incitement against the Jewish state.
Selon les sionistes juifs, c'est le discours critique anti-Israël des européens qui est la véritable cause des attentats terroristes dans le monde!
FRANCE – more jews gloat at the Brussels attack: everything is Karma
Brussels, PNAC and United Hatzalah
Brussels Attack: ‘Tighten security instead of eating chocolate’ says Israeli minister
After Brussels, Will Europe Finally Crack Down on Terror Israel-style? Israelis have long understood that living with the threat of terror means relinquishing a bit of privacy and convenience in favor of security. They wonder when Europe will learn that lesson.
Dreuz.info: Faycal Cheffou, le 3e terroriste de Bruxelles est un gentil journaliste qui aidait les migrants
Un rabbin de Bruxelles : les autorités belges ne connaissent rien à la sécurité

VIDEO - Pascal Blanchard : Le musulman est devenu l'ennemi commun
VIDEO - Moualek: Molenbeek: Le Parisien, BFMTV accusent les musulmans de terrorisme potentiel

Obama: Stigmatizing all Muslims plays into hands of terrorists President calls Muslim-Americans ‘our most important partners’ in fight against violent jihadis
Dreuz.info: Djihadiste, un profil psychologique qu’on ne rencontre que chez les musulmans
Dreuz.info: Les journaux italiens censurent le mot « islam » pour parler du terrorisme Un petit exemple où le mot islam est retiré, censuré... face à des milliers d'autres exemples de martèlement de propagande anti-islam. Et probablement face à des milliers d'exemples où ce qui a été retiré est le mot juif -- si c'est pas carrément toute la nouvelle qui disparaît...

VIDEO - (Humour) Al-Baghdadi's Projects for the Caliphate

Dreuz.info: Bat Ye’Or: «Nous avons toléré une Eurabia fondée sur la charia» Bullshit!

Far-right riots at Brussels shrine with Nazi salute, calls for ‘death to Arabs’ (On croirait que c'est la LDJ.)

VIDEO - Yann Arthus-Bertrand : Nous on envoie des missiles, eux, des kamikazes Lien corrigé.
VIDEO - Double attentat à Bruxelles - Texte d'Olivier Mukuna

Israel Blames Brussels Bombing on EU Imposed “Labelling of Goods” Produced in Israeli Settlements in Palestine
Likud Minister: Brussels was targeted because of the EU boycott of israeli products
Netanyahu lie les Palestiniens et l’EI, dit que tous les terrorismes ont le même but
Zionists celebrating today's Brussels attacks.

Attentats de Bruxelles : les rois de la récupération politique

Claude Gueant : « La France doit prendre exemple sur Israël dans la lutte antiterroriste »
Claude Guéant : « Il faut assumer une politique de sécurité comme Israël »

Israeli security expert: Brussels attack a wake-up call for European airports

‘Europe must sacrifice some personal rights to save lives’ says expert

Senior Brussels rabbi: Belgian authorities know nothing about security

Israel recently warned Belgium of lax airport security
Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport

Such Lovely Folk: “Happy Holidays Everyone”

Avis du site Dreuz.info, site sioniste, sur les attaques de Bruxelles:
Le Bourdin et le bourdon
Arrestations en série : l’Europe sort un court moment de son islamophilie
Gilles-William Goldnadel : «La Belgique, c’est la France multiculturaliste, en pire»
Selon le site ER: "À Molenbeek, le discours de Daech s’infiltre à petites doses" Déstabilisation oligarchique par les quartiers (le sous-titre en noir est de ER). Comme Zemmour, ER s'aligne exactement sur le discours de la droite juive extrême : juif.org: "Les jardins de l'Europe: dans les quartiers négligés... poussent les fleurs du mal"

Le Sun rappelé à l'ordre pour un article sur les musulmans britanniques
The Refugee Crisis Looms: “A New Idea, Turn Greece into a Concentration Camp,[Powder Keg]!”
Allemagne: Un responsable néo-nazi secouru par deux réfugiés syriens
Finkielkraut : « Je suis allé à Molenbeek. Nous étions hors d’Europe au cœur de l’Europe »

VIDEO - Entretien TDP avec Shlomo Sand : la fin de l'intellectuel français (dans son livre il réagit surtout à Finkie).
Shlomo Sand : “Il y a une décadence de la pensée française”
Les discours extrémistes français ou la guerre totale.

Purim cancelled in Brussels Belgian police request the Jewish community cancel their Purim celebrations as they are unable to protect the community.
Pour les juifs ce n'est pas un hasard si les méchants attaquent le jour d'une fête juive aussi importante que Pourim. Pour eux c'est un signe que ce sont eux les bons et que Dieu est de leur côté. Nous par contre on sait qu'ils font exprès de créer autour de la date de la fête de Pourim des événements chaotiques et dramatiques comme des assassinats (Staline, les tsars Alexandre II et Nicolas I, etc.), ou catastrophiques comme des guerres (les deux guerres d'Irak, la Lybie, etc.

Purim in recent history, 1994-2016

Purim-inspired Hanging of Black-faced Effigy Condemned in New York Local director of Jewish Federation says effigy was meant to represent 'evil Haman who wanted to kill all the Jews,' but African Americans unconvinced.

But while Harper was ostensibly the man of the hour, the current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, did not receive such a warm welcome. “The long, intimate hug that Trudeau shared with U.S. President Barack Obama on his recent state visit to Washington, D.C., is proof that Trudeau is a danger, like Haman,” said Ravi Benhihi, president of the recently renamed Friends of the Hollywood Center for Holocaust Research and Education. “The holiday of Purim teaches us that we need to be on the lookout for enemies of the Jewish People at all times, and this latest act strongly suggests that Trudeau is a character straight out of the Megillah.” He added: “As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained, very indirectly, in his 2015 speech to the U.S. Congress, Barack Obama is an enemy of Israel, and therefore of the Jewish People. “So the fact Trudeau pals around with him is prima facie evidence of the prime minister’s evil nature.” “I hope that logic isn’t too hard to follow,” he added. Mere minutes after Benhihi’s remarks to reporters, Jonathan Lessthan, former CEO of the Sons of the Covenant Canada, which declared bankruptcy the day before the event, went one step further in smearing Trudeau. “Justin Trudeau is the reincarnation of Haman, only with much better hair,” Lessthan said in a statement sent out from his organization’s last remaining computer, a 2003 Compaq Presario laptop. Other more moderate voices at the dinner took issue with the characterization of Trudeau as a modern-day Amalekite.
Quelle belle façon de penser. Édifiant, enoblissant! En particulier le Livre d'Esther, qui ne mentionne pas même une seule fois le mot "dieu"... "Livre saint" vous dites?

Purim: Reversing Assimilation The month that was ostensibly bad for the Jews, turned out to work in our favor. Just as our ancestors reversed course from assimilation to enthusiastic faith, so was their misfortune reversed.
La source du problème juif: leur peur de l'assimilation est leur plus grande peur.

The subversive message of the Book of Esther Un texte qui fait froncer les sourcils... même chez les juifs! Aucune mention de "dieu", de la "terre promise", des commandements de la Torah...

During Purim celebration, Israeli settlers use Ibrahimi Mosque loudspeaker to sing racist songs and call for expulsion of ‘Arabs’ from Hebron

Black-faced Purim effigy in Rockland County draws condemnation

POURIM - Le chef d’état-major israélien représenté en roi perse cruel Le police enquête sur une incitation contre Gadi Eisenkot après l’étalage d’affiches l’appelant à démissionner pour avoir « mis en jeu » le sang juif, suite au tir dans la ville de Hébron.

BDS and the Purim story: disturbing parallels

'UN resolution will kill peace' Netanyahu tells AIPAC conference he hopes the US will continue to reject Security Council attempts to back Palestinian statehood.

UN names democratic Israel as world’s top human rights violator

Conseil des droits de l'Homme de l'ONU: un Conseil des 'droits des terroristes'

L’ONU va établir une liste noire d’entreprises israéliennes
UNHRC creates blacklist of companies doing business linked to the settlements L'UNHRC antisémite??
UN approves blacklist of companies profiting from settlements
UN Human Rights Council Votes to Form 'Blacklist' of Companies Operating in Israeli Settlements Abbas rejected Kerry's request to soften UN resolution targeting settlements, Palestinian official says.
Israel to the West: Don't Honor UN Human Rights Council's Vote to Blacklist Settlement-linked Firms Prime minister says UN Human Rights Council has become anti-Israel circus, routinely ignoring gross human rights violations in Iran, Syria and North Korea.
Israel, U.S. Working to Block UN Resolution on 'Black List' of Settlement-linked Firms UN Human Rights Council to vote on Palestinian initiative calling on international companies to avoid direct or indirect transactions with businesses linked to the West Bank.
Israël dénonce la création d’une liste noire des entreprises israéliennes par le CDH
UN body to compile blacklist of settlement

UNHRC nominates pro-Palestinian Canadian legal expert as special investigator on Israel
Expected UN appointee has history of anti-Israel bias, Canadian Jewish groups says

Dreuz.info: Stéphane Dion dénonce la nomination de Michael Lynk, qui veut l’élimination d’Israël, comme rapporteur spécial de l’ONU pour les « territoires palestiniens »
Le Canada déplore la nomination de Lynk au CDH
Stéphane Dion asks UN to review nomination of anti-Israel prof

UK – Labour Party Suspends Member Who Thinks I.S.I.S is Run by Israel
Corbyn, Not anti-Semitism, Is True Target in Labour Party Saga
UK PM tells opposition head to 'sort out' anti-Semitism problem in Labor party

Bolivia declares 'Israel a terrorist state'
Israël renonce à une figure de la colonisation pour son ambassade au Brésil
Israel abandons effort to make settler leader ambassador to Brazil Netanyahu retracts Dani Dayan’s appointment in face of implacable opposition from Brasilia, names him as consul general to New York instead.
Dear U.S. Jews: Israel's Sending You the Apartheid Choice for N.Y. Envoy. Send It Back If you are an American Jew who wants to foster the values of democracy, equality, self-determination and human rights in Israel, now is the time to stand up and raise your voice against the appointment of Dani Dayan.

Antiterrorisme : Une firme israélienne aide le FBI à casser le code « ultra-sécurisé » de l'iPhone

VIDEO - FBI Destroyed pictures taken by the 9/11 "Dancing Israelis"

9/11: The FBI Report and the Dancing Israelis Standing Truth on its Ear

VIDEO - Iran says Israel the only country preventing a Nuclear Free Middle East
Pro-Israel group calls on Prince Charles to ditch plan to visit Iran

US Aid To Israel Is ‘Too Much’ Say 61.9% Of Americans

US pans move to blacklist companies working with settlements
Les États-unis critiquent la liste noire des firmes travaillant avec les implantations Le Département d’État condamne « la partialité » de la résolution du Conseil des droits de l’Homme de l’ONU.

UN Declares Israel As Having World’s Worst Human Rights
Colère d’Israël : « L’ONU doit présenter des excuses à Israël et au peuple juif »

UN’s Ban Ki-moon Apologizes to Israel for Labeling Jerusalem “Occupied”

Netanyahu guilty of ‘diplomatic terrorism against US,’ Livni says
Pour l'ex-chef du Mossad Meir Dagan, Nétanyahou est le «pire dirigeant»

Netanyahou traite les Arabes de « bêtes sauvages » et annonce la construction d’un nouveau mur Traduction française d'une nouvelle qui date d'il y a plus d'un mois.

US : Un sénateur réclame une enquête sur les présumées ‘exécutions extra-judiciaires’
US senator asks for probe into possible Israeli ‘extrajudicial killings’
Israel’s Leaders Are Appeasing Extremists at the Cost of Diaspora Jewish Support Two diametrically opposed world views are clashing in Israel – and at stake is whether Israel will continue to be a unifying symbol for Jews worldwide.
Leahy Asks Kerry to Investigate if U.S. Aid Contributes to Israeli 'Human Rights Violations' Senior Senator, along with 10 Democratic Congressmen, ask the State Department to investigate alleged 'gross violations of human rights,' namely Israel's alleged extrajudicial killings of Palestinians.
Netanyahou s'en prend aux sénateurs américains qui appellent à une enquête sur les assassinats de Palestiniens
Netanyahu pans US senator’s call to probe ‘extrajudicial killings’
The 'Traitors' Who Filmed Our 'Heroic' Soldier Executing a Wounded Palestinian Terrorist According to Israel's right wing, the anti-occupation NGO B’Tselem is the guilty party.
Israeli Army Raids Home of Man Who Filmed Hebron Execution
‘Hebron soldier acted according to wartime protocol’
Right-wingers rally for release of IDF soldier outside military court
Netanyahu to Kerry: Declare Israel doesn’t commit extrajudicial killings
Netanyahu spars with US senator over Israeli army's rights record
Netanyahu faces criticism over shooting of Palestinian
Don't Believe the Polls: Israelis Don't Really Think Killing Neutralized Terrorists Is Right The minute Ya’alon and Eisenkot came out at the head of those convicting the soldier in the Hebron incident, they elevated the seriousness of the affair completely out of proportion.
Le jeune soldat israélien a été acquitté du meurtre du terroriste arabe palestinien
Bibi Orders Kerry To Declare Israel Doesn’t Commit Extrajudicial Killings
Execution of Young Palestinian Exposes Israel’s Military Culture
VIDEO -Jews Rally For Israeli Soldier Who Executed Palestinian on Video
IDF Soldier claims he was stabbed; police skeptical On dit "je suis sceptique" pour ne pas dire crument "bullshit", ça passe mieux pour la campagne de communication/relations publiques.
How Israel's High Court Implicitly Aids the Soldier Accused of Hebron Manslaughter Why be shocked at the public's support for arrested IDF soldier when the country's justices have already provided him with a line of defense?

Israeli minister proposes putting pre-teens in jail

israeli court refuses to release 11-year-old Palestinian prisoner
Plus de 400 enfants palestiniens détenus dans les prisons israéliennes
Israeli High Court Rejects Haaretz Petition to Interview Jailed Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Senior Fatah official is serving five life sentences for murdering Israelis; court rejects petition without hearing parties' arguments.

Israeli Doctors Assist In Torture Of Palestinian Prisoners

Israel's Justice Minister Must Stop Attempts to Fundamentally Distort Israeli Democracy
Controversial Israeli Arab Lawmakers Know Exactly What They Are Doing Balad MKs have never disguised their aspiration to change Israel's nature as the nation-state of the Jewish people. What's becoming clear is the strategy they have chosen for this purpose.
Israel is reborn into a monster – and no one is going stop it By Gideon Levy (Ha'aretz)
The Dangerous Political Battle for Israel's Extreme Right Netanyahu, Bennett and Lieberman are trying to draw a small but dangerous group to their respective sides, allowing an extremist, irresponsible minority to effectively control the Israeli agenda.
Unsafe Places: The Racism Behind Identity Politics Misguided attempts to combat racism are simply conservative politics in disguise.
Analysis: Unyielding religious establishment threatens to be its own undoing

Israel tears down seven Palestinian homes in 24 hours
Israel to Demolish Structures near Nablus
‘israel’ demolishes every home in West Bank Bedouin village
Israel’s West Bank land grabs biggest in decades

77,000 jewish settlers to move to new illegal West Bank settlements

VIDEO -Watch the video the New York Times didn't Want You to See

Israël réduit la fourniture d'électricité aux Palestiniens de Jéricho

The IDF: The Most Semi-moral Army in the World If half of the Israeli population is racist, violent, bloodthirsty, aggressive and ultra-nationalist, does that mean that half of the Israeli army is, too?

'Another Terrorist Is Born': The Long-standing Practice of Racism and Segregation in Israeli Maternity Wards While no hospital in Israel has a policy of separating Jewish and Arab patients, testimonies show segregation is implemented in wards with doctors and management turning a blind eye.

With Few Tweets, Israeli Lawmaker Reveals Extent of Settlers' Racism The Habayit Hayehudi MK is just another weird, racist clown who loses control and spews nonsense in abundance, without even being aware of the damage he is causing.
Lawmaker backs segregated Jewish, Arab maternity wards Bezalel Smotrich says he doesn’t ‘enjoy’ Arabs’ company because they’re ‘enemies’; Bennett: They’re ‘created in God’s image’
Israeli Lawmaker: My Wife Wouldn’t Want to Give Birth Next to an Arab Woman
MK: Segregation in hospitals Bayit Yehudi MK Betzalel Smotrich calls for segregating maternity wards and is immediately condemned for racist remarks.
Un député prône la séparation des Arabes et des Juifs dans les maternités Bezalel Smotrich a déclaré qu’il n’ « appréciait » pas la compagnie des Arabes parce qu’ils sont des « ennemis »
La ségrégation, pratique courante dans les hôpitaux israéliens

Israël commence à ériger son mur de séparation dans un secteur chrétien

Jewish extremist remains in jail as son is circumcised Rejecting offer to conduct ceremony in prison, family holds brit in Jerusalem after courts rule that Meir Eittinger is public threat.
Meir Ettinger will not be released for his son's circumcision The radical right-wing activist's family are planning to appeal the decision at the High Court of Justice; his wife refuses to have the ceremony in jail.

Incitement against Ya'alon Likud activists angry the defense minister won't back soldier who shot wounded terrorist post inciting photos, calling to end his career.
Is Ya'alon the target of political assassination? Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has found himself in the right flank crosshairs of the Likud after taking a moral stand on the Hebron shooting.
Under fire from extremists, Ya’alon vows: I won’t yield in fight for Israel

Israel was soft on Jewish terrorists in the 1980’s, will history repeat?

Le Grand rabbin séfarade d'Israël précise ses propos controversés contre les non-Juifs Il rappelle simplement que l'État juif veut pas juste dire que les juifs dominent mais que c'est l'État des juifs, l'État des juifs vivant séparés des autres peuples. Donc en principe il devrait y avoir que des juifs. Mais bien sûr il y a les réalités: la job sale doit être faite par quelqu'un, ce qui permet des entorses au principe de stricte judéité d'Israel... Il est en train de dire que l'État juif ne doit pas considérer les non-juifs comme des Israéliens à part entière.

Le Grand Rabbin d'Israël revient sur ses déclarations messianiques' Le Grand Rabbin sépharade d’Israël, Yitzhak Yosef, est revenu sur sa déclaration au sujet des personnes qui ne respectent pas les lois Noahides qui ne devaient pas vivre en Israël, en affirmant que son commentaire était « théorique ».

5 shocking quotes by Israel’s chief rabbis

Haaretz Called the Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Team Racist. So They Banned Us From Their Stadium The Israeli soccer team has never fielded an Arab player in its near-80-year history. When Haaretz highlighted their racist hiring practices, Beitar announced it would be imposing 'sanctions' against the paper.

VIDEO - Judaism In Action: “Death to the Arabs!”, “Arabs to the Gas Chambers!”

Does Monotheism Breed Religious Violence? In his new book, 'Putting God Second: How to Save Religion Itself,' Rabbi Donniel Hartman argues that religion often fails to create believers who care for their fellow man.

Right-wing jews caught posing as Muslims to enter Al-Aqsa

Ben-Gurion in 1951: Only death penalty will deter Jews from gratuitous killing of Arabs

Knesset panel slams Israeli sociologists for boycotting Ariel University

Israel Will Deport Black Refugees to Africa Under New Policy

Les citoyens palestiniens d’Israël voient leur espace civique se réduire à toute vitesse

Israeli forces raid et destroy property at al-Quds University
Un homme arrêté pour avoir brandi le drapeau palestinien sur le mont du Temple

Un ex-chef du Mossad : j’ai violé la loi en « faisant ce que je faisais » Ephraim Halevy a dit à des étudiants juifs à Londres qu’il omettait les détails de ses activités car il n’a aucun désir « de passer le reste de [sa] vie en prison »

L’Europe colonise la Judée et la Samarie
Israël : Hotovely accuse la France d’instrumentaliser le conflit israélo-palestinien
juif.org - Quand la France annexe Israël Cela fait quarante ans que la France interfère dans les affaires intérieures d’Israël. Cela fait quarante ans que la France joue la donneuse de leçons envers Israël et son peuple. Cela fait quarante ans que la France « annexe » politiquement Israël.

Liberman: Corruption probes will topple government within months

What it really means to be a friend of Israel "Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."

UK stops financing anti-Israeli NGO War on Want has promoted an academic boycott of Israel since 2003 and has funded Apartheid Week on various UK university campuses. The government ended its funding after the Telegraph released secret recordings of the group's activities.
Ex-mayor Quits U.K. Labour After Facebook Post Saying Hitler Killed 'Six Million Zionists'
Israel's Mossad Intelligence Agency Runs ISIS: UK Labour MP
UK – Nigel Farage expels senior official over ‘judeophobic abuse’ at Christmas party
Former UK Labour mayor forced to resign from party after anti-Semitic row
Muslim London mayoral candidate slams Labour over anti-Semitism Labour’s Sadiq Khan suggests party leader Corbyn needs to be ‘trained about what anti-Semitism is’
Sadiq Khan critique l’antisémitisme au sein du Parti travailliste La candidat musulman à l’élection municipale de Londres estime que Corbyn doit être « formé sur ce qu’est l’antisémitisme »
Ex-mayor Quits U.K. Labour After Facebook Post Saying Hitler Killed 'Six Million Zionists'
Israel's Mossad Intelligence Agency Runs ISIS: UK Labour MP
UK – Nigel Farage expels senior official over ‘judeophobic abuse’ at Christmas party
Former UK Labor mayor forced to resign from party after anti-Semitic row
UK – Over-zealous attacks on Israel ‘anti-semitism by proxy’, says Labour MP Chris Bryant

Haine d’Israël à Paris : les affiches de l’expo « Open a door to Israel » arrachées dans le métro Des affiches arrachées? horreur! calamité! désastre!

Jean-Claude Van Damme does battle with anti-Israel trolls during Jerusalem visit
UK – Justice Minister Michael Gove: BDS Is Committing a Crime Worse Than Apartheid (VIDEO)
Austrian bank engulfed in anti-Semitism dispute over BDS account
Roseanne Barr : ‘le mouvement BDS est fasciste’ La comédienne est intervenue à une conférence à Jérusalem, et a relié le mouvement de boycott à l’Inquisition espagnole, aux nazis et au Hamas.
Two Myths: Extinct Blondes and the BDS Threat The fight against the anti-Israel boycott is hopelessly out of proportion to the real threat it poses. The anti-BDS steamroller will just run itself over.
VIDEO - Apartheid Minister: Targeted Civil Thwarting of BDS Activists
Israeli democracy: Minister calls for soft-assassination of BDS leaders
Dreuz.info: Dans ton cul BDS : condamnation de 7 antisémites de BDS confirmée en cassation On croirait lire la dissidence... La référence à l'arrière-train est-elle quenellienne ou vice versa? La vulgarité scato-sexuelle puérile et perverse de la dissidence est elle-parente de la vulgarité juive sioniste?
BDS Protesters in France Lose Case to Overturn Racism Convictions High appeals court upheld hate-crime judgement against seven individuals who called for a boycott of the Jewish State during a demonstration in 2010.
Is BDS such a bad thing? Op-ed: Boycott movement is greatly feared and hated in Israel, but what does it really look like, and what would its victory really mean for Israel?
Israel Minister Calls for “Civil Targeted Killings” of BDS Leaders
Des militants BDS collent des étiquettes anti-Israël sur des produits au Canada Des étiquettes ont été placées sur des produits Pampers, Nestlé et McDonald’s ainsi que sur des bouteilles de vin d’Efrat produites en Cisjordanie.
Durant la semaine de l’Apartheid d’Israël, le silence plutôt que le conflit Face à ce qui est devenu un rendez-vous annuel, certains militants pro-israéliens pensent que la meilleure stratégie consiste à ignorer les démonstrations, les conférences et les « murs d’apartheid ».
Israel warns German banks over anti-Semitic BDS accounts
BDS : deux militants condamnés pour antisémitisme, Saadia Ben Fakha et Husein Abu-Zaid
Les menaces de mort israéliennes lancées contre les activistes de BDS
VIDEO - Roger Waters at the Stop AIPAC conference

'Germany spied on Israeli PM' Netanyahu is just one of the BND's targets, which also include the senior officials in Britain, the US, Austria and Belgium.
Germany said to spy on Israeli prime minister’s office

Une "erreur de communication" derrière la censure d'un panneau à l’ONU
Le bureau du secrétaire général explique que le panneau sur le mouvement de « libération du peuple juif » n’a pas été refusé à l’exposition de New York

J Street slams incoming NY envoy for ‘un-Jewish’ slur

JCall est un lobby juif d’extrême gauche, pro-palestinien… parrainé par le CRIF

Dreuz.info: Il s’appelle Nicolas Ropert, il est journaliste à RFI, et quand il écrit sur le conflit, c’est de la pure haine contre Israël

Dreuz.info: Je cherche un endroit pour attendre la fin du monde "Marine Le Pen économiquement parlant, continue à relire l’évangile selon saint Marx"

MP denies allegations he supports anti-Israel views Il suffit de dire quelques mots en bien de la Palestine pour se trouver suspecté de sympathies anti-Israel.

Stanford student leader: It’s not anti-Semitic to claim Jews control media, economy
Stanford University student senate passes Israel divestment resolution

Monica Lewinsky tackles cyber hate in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Un réfugié palestinien menacé d’expulsion par la France pour avoir refusé de devenir informateur.

Journaliste: "Le peuple juif prend part a la barbarie innommable du gvt israelien contre les palestiniens"

juif.org- Vous ne rêvez pas: l’ONU censure une exposition culturelle sur l’histoire du peuple juif…

Dreuz.info: Nissim Behar, le journaliste corbeau de Liberation, plus haineux que les Palestiniens

Did ABC’s ‘Scandal’ slur religious Jews? One group’s head-scratching allegation

Israeli arrested in Romania Employees of Israeli business intelligence firm Black Cube suspected of spying on the director of Romania's Anticorruption Directorate.

Le chef de la NSA « fait un voyage secret en Israël »

France concerned about Israel’s land seizure in West Bank

Argentina’s Jewish Leaders: Assimilation To Gentiles is Akin To Terrorism

Israël: première étape pour un projet de loi sur la suspension de députés

EU ambassador: West Bank product labeling not a boycott Lars Faaborg-Andersen defends the European Union's position on Israeli West Bank products, and argues that the only way to end the BDS campaign is by solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel Seize 580 Acres Of Palestinian Land In West Bank

Israeli Soldier Filmed Executing Wounded Palestinian Man
Ya'alon to Bennett: Pleasing an Extreme, Violent Minority Could Lead Israel to Anarchy Israeli defense minister slams lawmakers who he says are waging a campaign of incitement against the IDF.
Liberman slams Netanyahu for 'field trial' of IDF soldier who killed wounded terrorist
Hebron settlers file complaint against Palestinian who filmed execution
New video shows soldier shaking hands with far-right activist after shooting subdued Palestinian attacker Jewish terrorists threaten life of Palestinian who shot video of execution
Controversy Surrounding Hebron Shooting Is Hypocrisy Indeed Is this the first time a soldier has executed a Palestinian in cold blood, or did the fact that it was caught on film make the difference?
Israelis rally around soldier filmed executing injured Palestinian
35,000 Israelis Sign Petition to Award Medal to IDF Soldier Who Murdered Wounded Palestinian
After killing stabber, soldier shook hands with far-right activist
On Hebron Shooting, Netanyahu and Bennett Follow Enraged Public All the Way to the Right Cabinet members seem to be riding the tiger of public opinion — which, at least on social media, is vehemently and crudely backing the soldier who shot and killed a wounded Palestinian assailant — and are afraid to anger it.
Netanyahu defends soldier caught on tape executing wounded Palestinian: ‘IDF is the most moral army in the world’
Chief Rabbi Yosef: If a terrorist is trying to commit an attack it is a mitzvah to kill him

Israeli medics are leaving wounded Palestinians to bleed to death

Why Did Israeli Police Ambush and Shoot at Palestinian Kids? The Border Police shot a Palestinian boy in the leg during a protest. The army says he was using a slingshot; his father thinks he was deliberately targeted.
Israel Approves New Law To Punish Palestinian ‘Terrorists’ Under Age Of 14

No One Would Serve in the Israeli Army if They Knew The absence of a critical approach prevents Israeli teens from examining the army and the state before they enlist in the IDF. With one, they could turn their theoretical red lines into actions.

Israelis Have Had Enough of Netanyahu, Poll Shows A Haaretz poll indicates the public is ready for a new political order, but no Big Bang will occur unless an alternative to Netanyahu wins over right-wing voters; IDF chief Eisenkot is crowned Israel's most popular leading figure.

Settlement Products Wikia

Bibi, Leave My Grandparents Out of Your Politics

An Anti-democratic Revolution Is on Its Way in Israel

Think of the Gaza Strip the Next Time You Drink Tap Water The easiest, fastest and most logical way to prevent a humanitarian and environmental disaster would be to pipe a lot more cheap water from Israel into the Strip.

VIDEO - Forces israéliennes au camp d'Aida "Nous vous gazerons jusqu'à la mort de tous

VIDEO - Renegade Jewish Settlers

Non-Jews are forbidden by Jewish law to live in Israel, chief rabbi says
Grand rabbin : les non juifs ne devraient pas avoir le droit de vivre en Israël Le rabbin Yitzhak Yosef dit que les non juifs qui n’appliquent pas les sept lois de Noé devraient être “expulsés en Arabie saoudite”
Non-Jews are forbidden by Jewish law to live in Israel, chief rabbi says Sephardi Chief Rabbi Says non-Jews Forbidden From Living in the Land of Israel Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef argues that Jewish law prohibits non-Jews from living in Israel unless they have accepted Noachide laws, adding that some non-Jews live in Israel to serve the Jewish population.

American Jews, Demand Action on ultra-Orthodox Hate Speech Israel’s own policies, ceding control of Jewish life in Israel to the ultra-Orthodox, legitimatize the now-commonplace defamation of Reform Jews by Haredi leaders.

Avi Mograbi : “Israël est un pays raciste où la question de la pureté de la race est sans cesse posée”

Survey: 85% of Israeli Arabs fear rising levels of racism

Israeli Agency OKs Right-wing NGO's Plans to Build Large Visitors' Center in East Jerusalem After pressure from the Justice Ministry, the National Planning and Building Council overturns a decision to limit the size of the center, which the Elad group is planning to build in Silwan.

Armed Israeli Settlers to Police Illegal Palestinian Construction Near Jerusalem Group known as the Jerusalem Periphery Forum planning to patrol road in Gush Adumim, between Kfar Adumim and Jericho, with police's blessing.

Le consul d'Israël à New-York: « JStreet n'a rien de juif ! » Pourtant J Street est un lobby juif sioniste, c'est just qu'il est plus doux que les chiens enragés de l'AIPAC, de l'AJC, du ZOA, de l'ADL, etc.

Israel's New N.Y. Envoy Dani Dayan Calls J Street 'un-Jewish' Before his appointment became public, former settler leader Dayan slammed liberal advocacy group for 'endorsing all the anti-Israel candidates.'

Pro-Israel group targets Jewish professor over Palestine activism

Israël : Le Point et l'AFP perdent les pédales

Pour le journal Marianne les civiles israéliens victimes du terrorisme n'existent pas. Les médias juifs fidèles à leur traditionnel manque total de nuance (exagération extrême).

VIDEO - Netanyahu, l'accusé principal du Dernier jour d'Yitzhak Rabin ?

In Targeting Breaking the Silence, Ya'alon Is Shooting the Messenger All such tactics have the same goal: To divert discussion from the injustices that left-wing organizations expose into a debate over the organizations themselves.

Human Rights Groups Must Demonstrate Solidarity With Breaking the Silence Investigation of actions in the Israeli-occupied territories must go on and go deeper. For this, a coalition is needed of all human rights groups.

Breaking the Silence Is Only a Danger to Israeli Right's Ambitions The unavoidable and rather painful conclusion is that if the left wants to have an impact, it must regain its foothold in the IDF. And that’s a conclusion that won’t be easy to implement.

L'un des dirigeants du mouvement BDS palestinien "La création d'Israël était un complot, à l'instar du 11 septembre"

Face à des accusations antisémites, NYU perd des fonds

Fox News May Soon Have an Israeli News Channel

Le parlement de l’État de Géorgie passe une loi anti-BDS

BDS is an existential threat Op-ed: The Israeli economy is under threat from the BDS movement, with severe implications if it succeeds. In order to address this threat, Israel must understand and answer several questions to create a solid front against this movement.

Roseanne Barr: BDS are fascists pretending to be left-wing The Jewish comedienne, in Israel to attend Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth's anti-BDS conference, argues BDS is not interested in peace talks because 'to absolute fascists, negotiations mean losing.'

Rivlin: BDS doesn't believe in Israel's right to exist Speaking at Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth's anti-BDS conference, the president argues there's a difference between criticism and de-legitimization, stressing that 'we must show BDS claims originate in hatred towards the State of Israel.'

L'Université de Californie adopte une résolution condamnant « l'antisémitisme et l'anti-sionisme qui n'ont pas leur place à l'Université »

University of California board weighs proposal barring anti-Zionism Governing board of California's flagship public university system to vote on proposal condemning anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism; proponents say it would trample on academic freedom.

Anti-Zionism is a hateful ideology. It has no place at UC

Erdan : le BDS constitue une menace pour le monde entier Israeli minister calls BDS a danger to the whole world À mourir de rire.

Une militante BDS arrêtée pour avoir porté un T-shirt appelant au boycott d’Israël

Des militants BDS collent des étiquettes anti-Israël sur des produits au Canada

Illinois Names Names under anti-BDS law

Israeli boycott stickers spotted in stores across Canada

BDS calls on EU to boycott Ynet conference

Citing Tony Kushner’s BDS ties, Toronto federation distances itself from event

How Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism Are Converging In response to Mira Sucharov: How can the explicit denial of national rights only to Jews be anything but anti-Semitic?

Dreuz.info: Jean Luc Mélenchon est-t-il antisémite ?


Blaming the Romans for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Hiroshima: Washington Won’t Apologize for Killing 140,000 Japanese People

“Regime Change” and “Neocon Ideologues”: A Media Unmoored from Facts

La clef donnée par George Friedman, par Pierre Dortiguier
The Great Conspiracy Against Russia: What is Really Behind the Campaign Against Putin? by Kerry Bolton
Après Ben Laden, Saddam et Kadhafi, Poutine est devenu le nouveau grand méchant de l'Occident
Discréditer la Russie pour avoir voulu détruire Daech. Haro sur Moscou!

Ukrainian president taps Jewish politician to be next prime minister
In Ukraine, a Jewish wunderkind is tapped to be prime minister

La France autorise l’installation de bases de l’OTAN sur son territoire !

Les archives des ventes d’armes israéliennes durant le génocide rwandais resteront closes La Cour suprême rejette une pétition d’un avocat destinée à révéler les exportations militaires au pays africain, citant un risque pour la sécurité nationale et les relations étrangères
Israel Heavy Involvement in Rwanda Genocide During 1994 To Stay Secret

How The CIA Became Involved in Entertainment Business

Obama regrette les conséquences de la chute de Kadhafi

VIDEO - Gingrich says he'd help Israel attack Iran
How an Iran War Was Averted

Israel Rejects 20% Increase in US Aid as “Compensation” for Iran Deal

Netanyahu's message to Assad and Putin Op-ed: While observing a paratrooper drill in the Golan Heights, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admits to striking Hezbollah weapons shipments in Syria: is this simply a war of words, or the start of something larger?
Netanyahou reconnaît pour la première fois qu'Israël a mené des raids en Syrie

Netanyahu Admits having Ordered Air Strikes against Syria
Netanyahu l'admet pour la première fois: « Israël a mené des dizaines de frappes à l'étranger »
Netanyahu to meet with Putin in Russia next week Following the Russian withdrawal from Syria and the transfer of S-300 missiles to Iran, the two leaders are scheduled to meet on Thursday; they'll also discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The Devil in the Details–Netanyahu’s 100 Year War against ‘militant’ Islam as the death blow to Western Civilization

Is Obama planning his revenge on Netanyahu?
Obama Analysis: Israel's crisis with the US won't end when Obama leaves

Is the American Jewish pro-Israel Consensus Dying? Professor Dov Waxman argues that American Jewish disagreement about Israel 'reflects broader shifts in the American Jewish community' in his new book, 'Trouble in the Tribe.'

Overwhelming House Majority to Obama: Reject Palestinian Diplomatic Efforts Against Israel In letter, signatories say they 'deeply troubled' by prospect of one-sided UN resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which 'dangerously hinder' possibility of future direct negotiations.
Congressman to Obama on UN Israel action: ‘Read this letter very carefully’

Here’s what happens when a US senator calls for Israel to be held accountable for atrocities
US accuses Israel of using excessive force against Palestinians Annual US report on human rights says nearly half of Palestinians killed by Israel were not carrying out attacks, and many times did not pose a threat to life.
Washington’s “Official” Human Rights Report Slams Israel over Extrajudicial Killings, Torture and Racism

As Palestinians head back to the UN, cause for concern in Israel Upcoming Security Council resolution is projected to easily win the votes it needs — and this time a US veto is far from assured

L'ONU confirme la nomination d'un anti-israélien complotiste [Michael Lynk] pour enquêter sur 'les crimes d'Israël'

Jewish leader calls on UN to can ‘anti-Israel’ human rights rapporteur

Pour Washington, la France est islamophobe et antisémite Constat ou consigne ?

France, Spain and Sweden back decision; US, UK, Germany among 6 countries opposed. PM slams UNESCO resolution ignoring Jewish connection to Temple Mount Netanyahu accuses body of ‘rewriting a basic part of human history’; decision says Israel ‘planting Jewish fake graves’ on site

JAPAN Donates $7M for UNICEF Interventions in Palestine

Netanyahu: The Ethnic Cleanser

Cisjordanie : les bulldozers israéliens ne chôment pas Les autorités israéliennes ont entrepris de démolir toutes les constructions palestiniennes en zone C de Cisjordanie, pourtant financées par les Européens.
Netanyahu Claimed That New Building Plans Wouldn't Expand Israeli Settlements; Aerial Photos Prove Otherwise Netanyahu's office claimed that plans approved this week were for renovation of existing buildings, but Haaretz checked – and it turns out the prime minister got it wrong.
Netanyahu, Ya'alon Approved Over 200 New Housing Units in Settlements, Outposts Palestinian chief negotiator says the move, which follows more than a year-long low-key construction freeze, highlights need for UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements. 

The defense of the minister of defense With incitement against Moshe Ya'alon only on the rise, the Shin Bet is taking no chances; the volatile discourse surrounding Ya'alon has elements of political motivation.
C'est pas les musulmans qui menacent ouvertement le ministre israélien de la défense!

Israel Sentenced a 13-year-old Palestinian Girl to Prison

Jews, israelis and their torture center at Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib Interrogator: Israelis Trained U.S. to Use “Palestinian Chair” Torture Device (INTERVIEW)

Israël dénonce une branche de l'ONU qui ment effrontément sur le conflit israélo-palestinien

Aide ou ingérence politique ? Israël et l’UE s’affrontent au sujet de bâtiments palestiniens L’Europe dit qu’elle finance les constructions dans la zone C de Cisjordanie pour compenser les négligences d’Israël ; Jérusalem soutient que ces structures sont illégales

Israel Begins Expansion Of “Apartheid” Wall

Israel's ‘Bible Trail’: Demolishing Palestinian homes to make national parks #Occupation Thousands in East Jerusalem caught in planning trap, with critics accusing officials of using heritage and tourism to pave way for settler land grab

Israel aims to “save souls” by making Palestinians homeless

What Do Israel and Sweden Have in Common? Almost nothing, except that of late we’ve become a normal country without any existential crises to cope with.

VIDEO - La vérité sort de la bouche de Netanyahou (Extrait du reportage de Paul Moreira pour Spécial Investigation: "Voyage dans une guerre invisible")

Qui occupe qui en Israël-Palestine? Ne le demandez pas à un Américain

Palestine: Israeli Police Abusing Detained Children With Arrests Spiking, Growing Concern

Man Designated an Extremist by Major Rights Group Chosen to Train US Police

Les forces israéliennes ont lancé une campagne d'arrestations en Cisjordanie et à Jérusalem

Israel Seeks to Divert Attention from Its Execution of Wounded Palestinian Prisoners
Israeli Army Giving Its Soldiers a License to Kill Shoot to kill. Not to apprehend, not to wound. To kill. This is the ethos of the IDF 2016.
Meet the West Bank Cobbler Who Took Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian in Head
Israel And The ‘Shoot To Kill’ Policy
To Those Racists in Israel Who Are Proud of a Murderer Which leader is worthy of admiration: Ahmad Tibi or Rehavam Ze’evi?
5 Israelis arrested on suspicion of 'security crimes' against Palestinians
The Judeo-Nazis in the Israel's Legislature Racism is always offensive and it is important to fight it. But even racism has its shades, too. Knesset Member Bezalel Smotrich’s vocabulary is that of the master race.
How and Why Radical Right-winger Bentzi Gopstein Was Acquitted The judge’s faith in Gopstein is interwoven in a process of acceptance, separation and differentiation.

Radical right-winger acquitted of assault of radical left-winger Despite being documented on video attacking Ezra Nawi, judge clears Benzi Gopstein of charges, accepting his claim that he thought Nawi and other left-wing activists, who were climbing the fence into a Jewish neighborhood in Hebron, were Arabs seeking to harm Jews.

Right-wing extremist group head Gopstein acquitted of assault against left-wing radical

Analysis: The IDF sees rising national-religious influence

Blood and Money: US Tycoons, Charities and Israel’s Settlements

Why Is Goldman Sachs Funding the Violent, Racist Jewish Settlers of Hebron? Even though the firm's Charitable Gift Fund consistently gives to right-wing Israeli groups or their U.S. fronts, the Hebron aid is a standout, as the showcase city for the worst of the Israeli occupation.

VIDEO - Settlers, Olives, and Occupation: Voices from the West Bank
VIDEO - Jewish Settlers in the Hamas Stronghold of Hebron: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 6)
VIDEO - Radical Young Israelis and the Price Tag Attacks: Rockets and Revenge (Dispatch 7)

Does Yitzhak Rabin's Party Still Believe the Occupation Is the Israel's Biggest Problem? The absolute condemnation by the Labor Party of its own MK for his comments on the Hebron shooting raises difficult questions.
Criticizing Nuclear Armed Israel and Its Illegal Settlements Must Not be Construed as Antisemitism
59% des jeunes israéliens sont de droite
Why Israeli kids are so right-wing – a historical explanation

Un professeur d’études juive (l’université de Sorbonne) : «Dieu autorise à violer les non juifs»

Refusing to Give Birth to Racism: No to Arab-Jewish Segregation in Israel's Maternity Wards It's shameful that an Israeli lawmaker brought the ugliness of racism, all the talk of 'us' and 'them', back into the one place meant to be the safest space, a space of solidarity, for all.
Segregation of Palestinians and Jews in maternity wards becomes an issue in Israel
Polls show most Israelis oppose segregating Jews and Arabs in hospitals Les colons font-ils partie du sondage?

The Israeli Right’s Monstrous Naiveté on the Occupation Dani Dayan, who was recently appointed Israel's consul general in New York, believes the Palestinians have accepted the presence of settlers throughout the West Bank.

What Happened at This Once-idyllic West Bank Spot Embodies the Israeli Occupation's Evils As of this week, Israeli authorities have demolished structures in a Palestinian hamlet near the Jordan Rift Valley four times this year. An improvised school and a small swimming pool also fell victim to the bulldozers.

On racism and criticism in Israel Op-ed: For Bezalel Smotrich's information - there's a higher chance the Arab baby born on the same day as your son will be a life-saving doctor than a life-taking terrorist.

There's No Place in Israel for an Honest Arab Zionist Union's Zouheir Bahloul dared to say the truth - that anyone who tries to stab a soldier at a damned Hebron roadblock isn't a terrorist - and started an almost fascist stampede.

Video - Netanyahu’s Strategy will Undermine Israel’s Long-Term Security

Meet The Former Left-wing jewish Activist Who’s Now Racist and Proud

Field Trips, Workshops and Ceremonies: How Settlers' Agenda Found Its Way Into Israeli Schools Analysis of four programs operated by the Education Ministry shows a common method and goals – omitting or distorting historical facts, blurring disputes and continuous emphasis on one identity, closed off to others.

Zionism is not really secular

Unitarian Universalists divest from companies profiting from Israel’s occupation On attend toujours quelque prise de position semblable du côté de l'Église catho... On risque d'attendre longtemps. Les Églises unies et presbytériennes ne sont pas aussi immobiles et crasses que l'Église catho et les évangélistes à ce sujet là. Ily a de moins en moins de différence entre les évangélistes sionistes et l'Église catho. C'était pas aussi pire sous Benoit XVI...

As Expected, Zionist Union Acted Quickly to Curb Israeli Arab Lawmaker's Linguistic Larceny MK Zouheir Bahloul's attempt to distinguish between a terrorist and a freedom fighter constitutes an existential threat to Zionism.

Anti-Semitism: The Causal Factor That The Media is Afraid to Print

VIDEO - Discussing Jewish power and influence is "anti-Semitic"

VIDEO - Kasich confronts ignorant rabbis and Talmud students

Un rabbin emprisonné aurait piégé la cour pour pouvoir sortir à Pessah

Paris Private Clubs and Pricey Ski Trips, Investigation Reveals Ties Between French Criminal and Netanyahu Arnaud Mimran is under investigation for theft, kidnapping and extortion. He was also a close friend and donor of Benjamin Netanyahu’s for years, underwriting the Israeli leader’s family vacations and hosting him in private clubs, according to a joint investigation of Haaretz and the French website Mediapart.
Israël: Netanyahu lié au Français Arnaud Mimran, alias «l'escroc du siècle»?

Romanian press publish photos of alleged Mossad agents Photos of Ron Weiner and David Geclowicz, arrested on suspicion of being Israeli spies, were published on the web. Their alleged spy ring reportedly also included Geclowicz’s brother, and another Israeli man.
Pollard lawyers mock US intel chief's warning that ex-spy still poses threat
US spy chief: 'Pollard holds sensitive information, his freedom should be restricted'

17 Journalists are still being detained by Israeli occupation authorities
Israel Should Let Conscientious Objector Serve Both Society and Her Conscience The army fears people like Tair Kaminer - but this fear is unjustified and even exposes the IDF’s hypocritical behavior: Most Israeli youths want to be drafted. Kaminer’s individual punishment is unfair.

Suède : un ministre s'en va après avoir comparé les Israéliens aux nazis

La présidente argentine a déchu de leur nationalité les soldats sionistes qui participent aux massacres de Gaza.

New Challenge for CUNY Over Alleged Anti-Semitism

Israël accuse les banques allemandes de soutenir le mouvement «terroriste» BDS

US Senator: Investigate German bank for anti-Semitic BDS support

Stanford junior who said Jewish power claims not anti-Semitic quits student senate race

UK – Senior Conservative suspended amid ‘antisemitism speech’ allegations
Response to anti-Semitism drives a wedge between British Jews and Labour leader
Is ‘Jeremy Corbyn Effect’ Driving Jews Away From Britain’s Labour Party?
Jeremy Corbyn Condemned by British Jewish Leader for anti-Semitism in U.K. Labour Party Condemnation of 'clear-cut cases of anti-Semitism' comes after Corbyn defends brother's 'Zionists can't cope' tweet.
Grande-Bretagne : le Labour de Corbyn accusé d'antisémitisme
Jeremy Corbyn: A Danger to the Wealthy and Powerful Vested Interests
GB : Les Juifs ne donnent pas au Parti travailliste à cause de l’antisémitisme Pour Michael Foster, qui a donné 500 000$ aux dernières élections, Corbyn, chef du parti anglais, “continue d’ignorer le problème”
Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency Runs ISIS: UK Labour MP
UK – Expulsion Of Judeophobic Labor Party Members To Get Easier
Is There An Anti-Semitism Problem In Britain’s Labour Party? Prejudiced Members To Be Suspended
UK – Labour councillor, 20, suspended over claims she called Hitler ‘the greatest man in history’
Labour Muslim lawmaker in Britain suspended for praising Hitler, other anti-Semitic tweets
Ex-chef de la BBC : les juifs votant pour Corbyn sont comme les musulmans votant pour Trump Danny Cohen ne pense pas que le Parti travailliste anglais a suffisamment attaqué ses éléments antisémites
A Jewish vote for Corbyn is like a Muslim voting for Trump, says former BBC head
Concerns of anti-Semitism Driving Jewish Donors Away From Labour, Major Donor Claims Jeremy Corbyn’s view that there is 'no crisis' over anti-Semitism in the party 'shows only his callousness and contempt for the history of the Jews in Europe,' Michael Foster writes in Daily Mail op-ed.
GB : Le Parti travailliste suspend encore un membre pour antisémitisme Les tweets d’une élue musulmane parlaient de Hitler comme du “plus grand homme de l’Histoire”, saluent la tentative de l’Iran d’effacer Israël, disent que les juifs ont un pouvoir “dégoûtant” aux Etats-Unis.

juif.org - "Haine du Juif ": France 2 donne encore la parole à un antisémite malgré une mise en demeure du CSA
Il a rien dit d'antisémite sur le plateau, il a même pas parlé de la question des Palestiniens ou de l'immigration. C'est les juifs qui sont allés fouiller les poubelles de l'internet pour débusquer des tweets anti-Israel postés par le gars il y a longtemps.

VIDEO - Peut-on utiliser la Bible comme cadastre? Par le journaliste Guillaume Meurice, que le site juifiste Dreuz.info traite de tous les noms: nazi, tueur d'enfants, etc.
Réponse à Guillaume Meurice, chroniqueur sur France inter, qui a menti sur Israël – Guillaume Meurice sur France Inter s’est payé une franche rigolade sur le dos des Juifs pro-israéliens lors de l’émission « les moments de Meurice ». J’écoute régulièrement votre émission, habituellement drôle et ironique à souhait. Cependant je dois réagir à l’une des dernières chroniques de Guillaume Meurice sur «Israël, son gouvernement d’extrême droite décomplexé, ses colonies illégales et les extrémistes religieux du monde entier.»
Haine d’Israël : France Inter, une radio de l’État français, accuse Israël de tuer les enfants palestiniens
Un ancien ambassadeur d’Israël en France approuve la résistance à l’occupant israélien (Video)

Israël : un ministre refuse de serrer la main à une ministre française

israhell : un ministre juif orthodoxe refuse de serrer la main à Marisol Touraine !
Quand Marisol s’en-va-t-en guerre La visite en Israël de notre ministre de la santé était destinée à promouvoir la coopération des systèmes de santé français et israélien. Elle a viré en une opération de communication et de soutien à Israël dans sa « guerre contre le terrorisme ».

Israeli killer of Palestinian teen convicted of murder

Israel releases soldier after court convicted him of murder

The Israeli Military Justice System: Theater of the Absurd This is a legal system whose law book is racist; it’s not hard to imagine what would happen if a Palestinian shot a wounded Jew in the head.
Defense head: Backing Hebron shooter like supporting Islamic State ‘We aren’t Daesh,’ says Moshe Ya’alon, coming out against planned Tel Aviv rally in support of soldier who killed wounded stabber

Groundswell of Support Builds in Israel for Soldier Who Killed Helpless Palestinian
Plusieurs milliers de manifestants demandent la libération du soldat Elor place Rabin à Tel Aviv
Thousands at Tel Aviv rally call for release of IDF soldier charged in Hebron shooting
“Death to the Arabs” rally draws thousands in Tel Aviv
"Mort aux Arabes" scandé à Tel Aviv en faveur du Franco-Israélien Elor Azria : qu'en pense Manuel Valls?
Israël, une société psychopathique : un rassemblement « Mort aux Arabes » attire des milliers de personnes à Tel Aviv
After Years of Failures Against Jewish Terrorism, Shin Bet Believe They Have Rounded Up All Main Actors Latest exposure of cell suspected of attacking Palestinians caps series of successes for Israeli law enforcement, but it's yet to be seen if upcoming release of terror-ring mastermind won't bring new spate of attacks.
Le Shin Bet démantèle un réseau terroriste juif en Cisjordanie
Alleged Jewish terror cell busted by Shin Bet in West Bank
The Shin Bet uncovers a Jewish terrorism ring, which was allegedly behind a series of Duma-copycat crimes in the West Bank.
Shin Bet busts Jewish terror ring in the West Bank
Jewish terror cell admits to hate crimes Six youths from Binyamin region in West Bank confess to having carried out attacks against Palestinians; they have reenacted several of the incidents; they are being investigated for similar offenses carried out in 2008-9.

Family of Woman Who Died In Israel Release Schocking Coffin Photo And Accuse Israel Of Whitewashing Her Death

Israel rabbi to paramedics: ‘Leave Palestinians to die’
Crimes against Humanity: Israel Ambulance Paramedics Withhold Treatment to Wounded Palestinians

Palestinian detainees accuse inmate, Duma murder suspect, of blasphemy against prophet
Typique: l'Israélien insulte et provoque son co-détenu Palestinien pour le faire réagir... Ensuite, dans la presse, l'incident est rapporté de manière à présenter le Palestinien comme un "accusateur" vis-à-vis de son co-détenu Israélien. C'est une image, en plus petit et en plus soft, du même schéma et du même pattern qui existe au niveau du terrorisme palestinien à l'échelle régionale.

The Propaganda Cultivating a Death Cult in Israel Why are we defining the desire to die in battle with a smile on one’s face as an act of true patriotism?

Israeli settlers attack French delegation in West Bank

Violences anti-israéliennes : une Palestinienne de 12 ans libérée

Youngest Female Palestinian Jailed by Israel Set to Be Released Sunday Two-and-a-half months after she was jailed for attempting to stab Israelis, D.'s father says he's very excited to see his 12-year-old daughter free again.

76% of Palestinian child detainees subjected to torture

Palestinians Are Dying, But Only Israelis are “Vulnerable” in The NY Times

Netanyahu ‘threatens to fire’ top minister in row over West Bank policy Bennett trouve que la colonisation ne va pas assez vite...

Israel settlement expansion counterproductive to peace: Merkel

Police grill senior settlement officials over fraud suspicions

Israel Building Another Wall near Lebanese Border

Why Israel wants these bedouins to pay for their village’s demolition
Israel destroys Bedouin village in Negev for 97th time

Jerusalem: City of Hate. Political Ideology has Created an “Unholy City”

Israeli Tourist Map of Jerusalem Rewrites History. Removes Palestinian Culture from the Map Don't Teach Children to Rebuild Jerusalem by Airbrushing Out the Dome of the Rock I understand why this triumphalist, intolerant freebie Haggadah was an attractive handout for preschool teachers around the country. But this Passover, let's dream of a different sort of rebuilt Jerusalem.

Note to Netanyahu: There Are No Blockades in High-tech It may not bring peace, but at the very least a Gaza university graduate recruited by an Israeli high-tech firm is unlikely to be drawn to Hamas.
Israël veut améliorer les conditions jugées « honteuses » des checkpoints de Cisjordanie
Israel plans to improve conditions at ‘shameful’ West Bank crossings

Israel should stop playing the victim card, MK tells Washington audiences

Israel ‘banning’ entry of bulletproof vests for journalists in Gaza
Facilitating Israel’s Widespread Practice of Targeting Journalists

VIDEO - Israeli Orthodox Jews harass 8-year-old girl over dress

Damning Evidence Against Former IDF General Should Suffice to Cancel His 'Legacy' What will the youth learn from promoting Rehavam 'Gandhi' Ze'evi? Values such as rape, murdering prisoners, racism, hatred and blowing up journalists?

Rabbinate's List of 'Kosher' Rabbis Aims to Marginalize Modern Orthodox Too A newly released list of foreign rabbis approved by the Chief Rabbinate to perform conversions omits even Orthodox leaders who have dared to be flexible with converts.
Israeli Rabbinate releases list of approved rabbis, including 2 controversial figures
La liste des rabbins “acceptables” compte 2 qui ont été “déshonorés” aux Etats-Unis
Israeli rabbinate’s list of ‘acceptable’ rabbis includes 2 ‘disgraced’ in US, and 2 dead

Caltech professor claims Israeli spy infiltrated JPL

Israel outraged by UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem sites French chief rabbi: Paris ‘ignored Jewish ties to Jerusalem’ in UNESCO vote
Le Crif en colère contre l'UNESCO : sa directrice rédige aussitôt une lettre pour rassurer Roger Cukierman
‘Fake Jewish graves in Muslim cemeteries’: UNESCO slams Israeli occupation of Palestinian sites

How the Stanford anti-Semitism Debate Pits Jewish Students Against Students of Color As a half-Korean, half-Jewish freshman, I stood frozen in front of a black-and-white landscape: my friends from Hillel on the right, students of color on the left.

Israel shaming on College Campuses Par la grosse puante qui a déjà travaillé à RT et qui a complètement retourné sa veste! À moins qu'elle ait été une infiltrée dès le départ?

Abbas: Due to Holocaust, PA won’t ask Germany to pressure Israel

Zoabi sees 'shocking similarities between Israel and 1930s Germany'
MK Haneen Zoabi refuses an invitation to attend a Holocaust Day ceremony, citing her inability to speak out against the “frightening similarity” between Nazi Germany and Israel’s policies in the occupied territories.

Israeli Lobby Forces Swedish Minister to Resign For Comparing Israel’s Pogrom to Nazis

Author calls Begin 'terrorist' with 'political courage' on Bill Maher show

Les Palestiniens vont laisser le champ libre à l'initiative française de conférence

Ça commence à bien faire ! (« La politique française ne se fait pas à la Knesset »)

Un certain nombre de diplomates européens ont une hostilité très vive envers Israël (Hillel Neuer) Mais quand on parle de l'hostilité envers les musulmans, on a le droit de penser que c'est leur faute s'ils sont détestés par autant de monde...

Israël : "petit pays de merde" En 2001, l'Ambassadeur français à Londres, Daniel Bernard, a alors, sans aucun doute, dévoilé le parti pris planétaire concernant l'Etat d'Israël en le qualifiant de « petit pays de merde ».

Le directeur de France Info s’aplatit devant Meyer Habib

Révélations "hallucinantes" sur l'antisémitisme au PS bruxellois

Professors Sue American Studies Association for Boycotting Israel Four plaintiffs, who are longtime members of the association, charge ASA with violationd D.C. law concerning tax-exempt NGOs and violating the group's internal rules.

America’s Labor Unions Are Increasingly Standing with Palestine

Israel’s ambassador to Hungary blasts mainstream daily’s anti-Semitic columns

Élue à la tête du principal syndicat étudiant britannique, Malia Bouattia ciblée par les médias et des associations juives
GB : La nouvelle présidente étudiante a soutenu la violence palestinienne et ne condamne pas l’EI La militante BDS Malia Bouattia a qualifié son université de “poste sioniste avancé” et suggéré de s’engager avec les terroristes palestiniens pour “prendre des ordres”

The New McCarthyism – The “Anti-Semitism” Hysteria Gripping the UK

Congrès américain: BDS et les organisations pro-boycott d'Israël impliqués dans le financement du groupe terroriste Hamas Facebook et Twitter ferment les comptes du groupe terroriste Hamas en raison des messages de haine et de propagande S'il fallait vraiment partir du principe qu' "il faut censurer les blogs incitant à la haine", on effacerait pratiquement toute la blogosphère judaïque et israélienne...

Front national : « Le CRIF ne défend que lui-même et ne représente pas les intérêts de la communauté juive »

Un prof juif qui disait avoir été agressé en garde à vue

The Most Abused Term in Canada In a recent Canadian Jewish News interview long time l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) professor Julien Bauer slurs Arabs and Muslims as he bemoans “anti-Semitism”. “In the corridors of UQAM, there are occasionally pro-Hamas demonstrations and anti-Semitic posters, but this is relatively rare,” Bauer wrote in French. “At Concordia University, it’s an anti-Semitic festival every day of the year! This is normal because there are many more Arab and Muslim students at Concordia than UQAM.”

Pour la promotion de son film, Yvan Attal surfe sur la paranoïa juive

VIDEO - Jewish Defense League protesters in Toronto talking tough through a bullhorn

JDL opens chapter in Calgary to fight ‘rabid Jew-hatred’

Menacé par la LDJ, le maire de Gennevilliers écrit à Cazeneuve

Audrey Pulvar assume sa connexion avec l'extrême droite israélienne

Rachid Boudjedra attaque Botul et Finkie le clown !

Foreign Policy: l'exportation de la démocratie réussit mal aux USA
«Les gens pensent qu’il n’y a pas de propagande dans les démocraties»  

9/11 truth poses ‘existential threat’ to Israel

Israel enlists US Homeland Security to gag its own citizens online
Un expert de l'ONU inquiet que la lutte contre l'extrémisme violent serve d'excuse pour restreindre la liberté d'expression

Israël aura un représentant permanent à l'Otan
Le Likoud a fait son entrée au “Parlement” Européen 

How the Israelis Hoodwinked JFK on Going Nuclear

'Ban anyone from Middle East - but not Israelis,' says US Senate candidate

Netanyahu dénonce "le poison de la propagande anti-Israël en Occident" 

Israël redit ses objections à une initiative française pour la paix
Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference  Prime Minister's Office calls for direct talks, saying the Paris summit would distance the Palestinians from the negotiations table; U.S. says Kerry still undecided on attending the conference.
"Les dirigeants français sont complices du djihadisme palestinien"
Netanyahu rejects French peace plan for 'distancing' Palestinians from direct talks
Israel Rejects French Initiative to Convene International Peace Conference  Prime Minister's Office calls for direct talks, saying the Paris summit would distance the Palestinians from the negotiations table; U.S. says Kerry still undecided on attending the conference. 
Merkel: I Understand Why Abbas Turns to UN Security Council  Der Spiegel article reveals that senior German officials are no longer willing to unconditionally support Israel on every matter, as they were ready to do in the past.
Israel denies report Germany frustrated with Netanyahu, two-state process Israel Denies Report of German Frustration at Settlements, Peace  Der Spiegel report said German officials no longer willing to unequivocally support Israel, quoted Merkel as saying she 'understands' Palestinians attempt to turn to UN.
Der Spiegel: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin
L’Allemagne pourrait mettre un terme à son «soutien inconditionnel à Israël»
Foreign Policy Shift: Skepticism of German-Israeli Friendship Growing in Berlin 

L'Onu est appelée à briser le blocus israélien imposé sur Gaza
Israel violates the conditions for admittance into the UN
Palestinian UN ambassador compares Israel to Nazi Regime

Right-wing politicians call to annex Judea and Samaria

Israel’s justice minister pushes for Israeli law to be applied in West Bank
Selon un député israélien, Israël est en train d'accomplir un «nettoyage ethnique» en Cisjordanie
La Knesset va adopter une loi pour annexer la Cisjordanie à "Israël
Ayelet Shaked: Apply Israeli law to West Bank within 1 year
Ayelet Shaked: Israel's Minister of Annexation  Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s portfolio automatically gives her a seat on the security cabinet. But more important to Shaked than the rule of law she’s responsible for are th...
Shaked revives bid to extend civil law to settlements

Israel should carry out revenge attacks on Palestinians, rightist MK says

VIDEO - IDF soldier who shot subdued Palestinian driven by 'twisted ideology'
IDF investigators ‘say Hebron soldier motivated by twisted ideology’ Document obtained by Vice News says Elor Azaria told troops at scene he shot assailant because he ‘needs to die’ .
Give Hebron Shooter a Medal  The episode of Elor Azaria, who killed an incapacitated Palestinian assailant, is a badge of shame for whatever still remains of Israeli democracy.
Hebron shooter called to ‘kill everyone in Gaza’

Witnesses: Palestinian siblings posed no threat when shot dead
Ringleader in Abu Khdeir Kidnapping and Murder Given Life Sentence
Abu Khdeir murderer sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison  Yosef Ben-David, convicted of the murder of a Palestinian teenager, also ordered to pay compensation to Abu Khdeir family, and to another Palestinian child he tried to kidnap.
Mort d’Abu Khdeir : l’accusé israélien N.1 condamné à la prison à vie Les parents d’Abu Khdeir disent que le tueur « mérite la peine de mort » ; Ben David est également condamné à indemniser la famille
Israeli man handed life in prison for grisly murder of East Jerusalem teen Yosef Haim Ben David, convicted of kidnapping and burning Muhammed Abu Khdeir, apologizes to family, says it ‘wasn’t under my control’; relatives call for death penalty
Abu Khdeir Murderer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Plus 20 Years  Yosef Chaim Ben-David, along with two underage accomplices, kidnapped 16-year-old Palestinian from near his home, drove him to the Jerusalem Forest and burned him alive in 2014.
Settler youth cell said to be ‘inspired’ by burning of Palestinian family is arrested Suspected Jewish terror cell members indicted for crimes against Palestinians
Indictments filed against Jewish terror suspects  The members of the Nahliel group allegedly operated out of the Gush Talmonim area of the West Bank, and are suspected of several crimes, including arson and assault.
Israel Charges Suspected Jewish Terror Group for Attacks Against Palestinians  The arrest of the seven members of the group, including an IDF soldier and two minors, was revealed last week by the Shin Bet.
Indictments filed against Jewish terror suspects  The members of the Nahliel group allegedly operated out of the Gush Talmonim area of the West Bank, and are suspected of several crimes, including arson and assault.

Jewish terrorists accompanied by israel’s army take control of Palestinian streets
Usurping Zionist Entity to Confiscate 1,250 Acres of Palestinian Land in Favor of ‘Jew-Only’ Homes
Terrorisme ou légitime résistance à l’occupation israélienne? 

Palestinians clash with IDF forces as Jewish worshipers visit Joseph’s Tomb
Jews ascending Temple Mount are instigating war, ultra-Orthodox MK says
Why Jews Stopped Sacrificing Lambs and Baby Goats for Passover  And why some have started trying to perform it on the Temple Mount again. 
As support widens for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount, should we fear apocalyptic consequences? With an increasing number of Israelis yearning for a Third Temple, activists walk a fine line between peaceful protest and provocation

Quand la médecine est polluée par l’occupation israélienne

Gazans' Only Possible Collective Act of Defiance Against Blockade  The 25-year-old blockade has reduced and buried the plans and dreams of Gazans. Something as basic as going abroad for continuing medical education, or taking part in a joyful activity in the West Bank is like going to the moon. 

Israeli soldier jailed for pointing loaded gun at Arab passerby in Jerusalem
VIDEO - Israeli kids taught to kill and hate
IDF officer attacked by Jewish settlers near Hebron
IDF officer says attacked by Jewish settlers at outpost  Settler youth at Khavat Gal push a Civil Administration officer, calling him a 'gentile' and a 'dog'; Nahala Movement: 'Civil Administration is initiating provocations targeting us. The officers came in plain clothing and refused to identify.'

“Le boycott d’Israël a empêché un accord sécuritaire qui aurait pu éviter les attentats de Paris” Pour ne pas acheter de technologie israélienne, le France aurait refusé d’acheter un logiciel de suivi des terroristes
‘Israel boycott halted security deal that could have foiled Paris attacks’ Israeli security source says terror-tracking software offer to French security officials refused due to ‘higher-level instruction not to buy Israeli tech’
In Europe, Jew-Hatred Trumps National Security  “European politicians, instead of busying themselves with protecting their citizens from future terrorist attacks — as well as preventing another chaotic summer of migration chaos — incredibly find time to get mired in sordid squabbles about insane ideas of transferring Israeli Jews to the United States and claiming Hitler was a Zionist, as we saw in the UK, or composing elaborate peace conference initiatives to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as we saw in France. (…) One example of this preposterous mindset was France’s rejection of Israeli terrorism tracking technology, which might have possibly prevented the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels — a clear example of Jew hatred trumping national security concerns.

Why the American Jewish Establishment Won’t Condemn the Occupation  Unless more U.S. Jews who oppose the occupation become members of established Jewish organizations and donate money, the establishment is unlikely to heed calls of those who want it to condemn the occupation.

Boycott or Not, Israel's Era of 'Managing the Conflict' Is Over  When the world finally forces Netanyahu to the negotiating table, he'll discover that his previous messages to Israelis will make him an enemy of the people.

Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac

Boycott Is the Only Way to Stop the Israeli Occupation  Aluf Benn's proposal for Israel's left to establish a base of domestic support for its positions is hopeless considering the brainwashing and increasing extremism of our society.

VIDEO - Attacked by a Tel Aviv "Death to Arabs!" mob

Netanyahu aide: Gaza war draft report being distorted by political enemies

Israel Holding 10 Palestinian Journalists, Six of Them Without Charges
Israël place un journaliste palestinien en détention sans procès pour quatre mois

65% des israéliens voudraient interdire B'Tselem et Breaking the silence
La majorité des jeunes Israéliens vire à droite

VIDEO - Les israéliens ont peur a cause de leurs crimes!

‘NYT’ manages to make childhood detention story work for Israel
Sharp rise in the number of Palestinian children in prison Some 438 youths held in Israeli jails in February, up from 170 last September.

Israeli children rank near bottom of OECD  A new UNICEF report reveals that Israeli children are not only the poorest children in Western countries, but their parents also suffer from the greatest income inequality.
(Le suprématiste blanc pro-juif Jared Taylor considère que "les juifs sont la conscience de l'humanité". C'est donc sûrement notre faute à nous si, selon les critères de l'OCDE, leurs enfants sont les plus pauvres et se promènent pratiquement le ventre vide.)

Israeli-made Night-vision Gear Reached Ivory Coast Despite Embargo  UN report says Israeli firm among those violating arms embargo; both the company and Defense Ministry say they are following law, but defense source calls deal 'legal, but problematic.'

Un député critiqué pour avoir dit qu’Israël procède à un nettoyage ethnique Dov Khenin refuse de revenir sur ses propos déclarés à Sky News ; Une députée du Likud a répondu qu’il avait perdu contact avec la réalité.

IDF general clarifies amid backlash: ‘Not my intent to liken Israel to Nazi Germany’
IDF general in bombshell speech: Israel today shows signs of 1930s Germany
Deputy IDF chief: Israeli societal trends akin to pre-Holocaust Europe Yair Golan warns of growing callousness, indifference to others, says only national self-reflection will serve as ‘a true memorial’ to Nazi victims
Shoah : un chef militaire israélien provoque une controverse
IDF Deputy Chief Likens 'Revolting Trends' in Israeli Society to pre-Holocaust Germany  'On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ought to discuss our ability to uproot the seeds of intolerance, violence, self-destruction and moral deterioration,' says Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.

British Labour Party Member Calls Holocaust an Israeli 'Political Tool'  John McAuliffe suspended from party over Facebook post, in the latest of a string of anti-Semitic incidents to plague the party.
British Labour Party suspends three more members over anti-Israel social media posts.
Former Blackburn mayor Salim Mulla 'Netanyahu, war criminals not welcome in UK,' suspended Labor member says
UK’s Labour suspends 2 more lawmakers for anti-Semitic posts

U.K. Labour Suspends MP Naz Shah for anti-Israel Social Media Posts  After seesawing on the issue, Jeremy Corbyn's party ousts MP Naz Shah after an uproar over a Facebook post that suggested moving Israel to the U.S. and comparing Israeli policies to those of Hitler.
Israel’s envoy to London: Redline crossed "Leadership must not be neutral about anti-Semitism."
Grande Bretagne: Un journaliste révèle que l'antisémitisme est une maladie chronique au Labour et pour une grande partie de la gauche libérale
Un journaliste dit que l’antisémitisme au Labour est une maladie chronique Nick Cohen dit que le parti Travailliste britannique fait face à la tâche presque insurmontable d’éradiquer l’antisémitisme de ses rangs
British Labour Party denies anti-Semitism in its ranks  MP Diane Abbott claims 'it is a smear to say that the Labour Party has a problem with anti-Semitism,' while union leader Len McCluskey says controversy is being exploited by Labour's rivals ahead of elections.
Mark Regev : le Labour est « dans le déni » sur l’antisémitisme L’émissaire israélien au Royaume-Uni critique le chef du parti ; il dit que ceux qui ne parviennent pas à condamner la haine anti-juive devraient être eux-mêmes condamnés
Belabouring the anti-Semitism The Israeli press finally gets a crack at the scandal roiling the UK’s shores, and tries to figure what’s got into the Labour Party
Get Corbyn! Labour’s Anti-Semitism Inquisition picks off Corbyn’s allies one by one
Sur les photos comme dans les textes, on dirait que tout est fait pour le faire mal paraître.
GB: une députée travailliste suspendue après des propos jugés antisémites
GB : démission de l’élue et s’excuse pour avoir dit qu’Israël devrait être relocalisé aux USA Le parti Travailliste, dont fait partie Naz Shah, est actuellement au centre de toutes les attentions des médias pour des dérives jugées antisémites
UK’s Labour suspends lawmaker for Facebook post calling for Israel’s relocation
UK Labor Party suspends MP Naz Shah who said Israel 'should be relocated to America'
Scandale au Royaume-Uni, l'Association des Étudiants Britannique sombre dans l'antisémitisme en s'opposant à la Journée de Commémoration de l'Holocauste
U.K. Labour Suspends MP Naz Shah for anti-Israel Social Media Posts  After seesawing on the issue, Jeremy Corbyn's party ousts MP Naz Shah after an uproar over a Facebook post that suggested moving Israel to the U.S. and comparing Israeli policies to those of Hitler.  U.K. Labour Party’s anti-Semitism Problem Just Got a Lot Worse  With its rising star Naz Shah in hot water over hateful social media comments, Labour can no longer claim that their party's anti-Semites are a handful of misfits.
British Media Take U.K. Labour to Task Over anti-Semitism, Nazi Comments  Shortly after ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone's expulsion for linking the Nazi leader with Zionism, commentators openly accused the party of crossing the line.
Corbyn: There is no anti-Semitism problem in Labour UK opposition leader denies party is failing to tackle anti-Jewish sentiment, says it is ‘very sad’ that Ken Livingstone had to be suspended.
Jeremy Corbyn Denies U.K. Labour Has anti-Semitism Problem After Lawmakers Suspended  'Where there is any racism in the party it will be dealt with and rooted out,' British opposition leader says.
GB : L’antisémitisme du parti Travailliste est « comme soulever une pierre et voir des insectes ramper » Wes Streeting, travailliste, vice-président d’un groupe sur l’antisémitisme, choqué par les commentaires de sa collègue députée, dit que « quelque chose de très laid » se passe aussi dans le syndicalisme étudiant.
Interview / Jeremy Corbyn 'has a responsibility' to stamp out anti-Semitism in party UK Labour’s anti-Semitism is ‘like lifting up a stone and having insects crawl out,’ says MP Labour’s Wes Streeting, vice-chairman of anti-Semitism group, shocked at fellow MP’s comments; says ‘something very ugly’ also going on in student politics.
Despite anti-Semitism scandal, Labour suffers only minor losses in England As local election results trickle in, left-wing party edged out by nationalists in Scotland; London set to elect first Muslim mayor
The pro-Israeli Lobby’s War on Jeremy Corbyn
Jewish Leaders Call on U.K.'s Labour Party to Eradicate anti-Semitism 'Cancer'  Accusations of anti-Semitism in the party intensified after former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended for saying Adolf Hitler supported Zionism.
UK – Labor Suspends Yet Another Member Over “Jews caused an African holocaust” Comment
Ken Livingstone : La création d’Israël fut « une immense catastrophe »
Ken Livingstone: Creation of Israel was ‘a great catastrophe’
Anti-Semitism goes unchallenged by some on 'pro-Palestine left', UK editor says
Jewish Human Rights Watch sues British councils over Israel boycott
« Il y a un nauséabond courant antisémite dans la gauche britannique » La gauche serait antisémite! C'est ce qu'on entend du côté de Goldnadel, Finkie, etc.
The True Anti-Semites, Past and Present  We are desperately in need of some sanity as the British political and media establishment seek to generate yet another “new anti-semitism” crisis, on this occasion to undermine a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party before the upcoming local elections.
Israeli Labor considers break with UK party over anti-Semitism, despite own accusations of racism
UK Labour politician says Israelis ‘drink Gaza’s blood’
Report: Labour Secretly Suspended Dozens of Members for anti-Semitism and Racism in Last Two Months  Up to 20 party members were suspended in last two weeks alone, Telegraph reports, but only 13 suspensions were made public since October.
Labour officials suspended for anti-Israel posts as scandal widens Nottingham Councilor Ilyas Aziz and Blackburn Councilor Salim Mulla newest UK politicians exposed calling for relocation of Jewish state as party battles charges of rampant anti-Semitism within its ranks
How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis
Tempête en Grande Bretagne : le Parti travailliste éjecte des antisémites
Analysis: The upside of the British Labor Party’s anti-Semitism furor
Third UK Labour official in day suspended for anti-Israel remarks Israel Labor Party head weighs suspending ties with British counterpart over anti-Semitic sentiments of ‘small and loud minority’
Israeli Labor MK calls on UK's Corbyn to resign amid anti-Semitism scandal
UK Labour chief Corbyn rejects call to denounce Hamas, Hezbollah As senior party members said to mull resignation over handling of anti-Semitism row, leader says he will continue to engage Palestinian groups, declares Labour ‘absolutely against anti-Semitism’
'50 UK Labour members secretly suspended over last 2 months'  British daily The Telegraph reports that they were suspended due to racist and anti-Semitic statements; Labour chairman Jeremy Corbyn admits for the 1st time that there is a problem within the party.
Royaume-Uni : 50 travaillistes suspendus pour « antisémitisme », dont l'ancien maire de Londres qui a déclaré Hitler était sioniste avant de devenir fou et de finir par tuer 6 millions de Juifs»
UK’s Labour ‘secretly suspended 50 members for anti-Semitic, racist comments’ Report comes as Corbyn for first time concedes that party does have problem with anti-Semitism in its ranks, but insists it is ‘not huge’
Royaume-Uni. Antisémitisme : Toute la gauche radicale gangrenée par la haine anti-juive
British Labour Party Scandal Illustrates Zionism's Main Problem  The government's attempt to confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism ignores the fact that Zionism can no longer fulfill the heart’s desire of the citizens of the state it founded.
British Jewish Leader Slams Livingstone's Remarks as 'Unquestionably anti-Semitic'  'It was much more than offensive language, Ken Livingstone actually said Hitler was some sort of Zionist,' says Board of Deputies of British Jews president Jonathan Arkush.
Livingstone blames ’embittered Blairites’ for outcry on anti-Semitic remarks Former mayor of London, suspended for saying Hitler supported Zionism, says he would not have made the comment if he’d known it would be made into ‘mega-issue’
Ex-London Mayor Cites Netanyahu's Mufti Comments to Defend 'Zionist Hitler' Claim  Ken Livingstone says he's 'sorry' for furor and any offence his comments might have caused, but stands by their validity, saying Netanyahu's Mufti comments prove as much.
Livingstone Sticks to 'Zionist Hitler' Remarks, Says Marxist's Book Proves Him Right  In first interview since being suspended from Labour Party, former London mayor cites 1983 book said to be 'well outside the academic mainstream' to defend his position. 
Polémique au Labour: Ken Livingstone «regrette» ses propos sur Hitler Il regrette que cela blesse des gens, mais ne retire pas ses propos.
Un rabbin dit qu’il n’y a rien de plus offensif que l’assimilation du sionisme au nazisme de Livingstone Alors que le parti Travailliste britannique se déchire sur l’antisémitisme dans ses rangs, les dirigeants juifs et les rabbins dénoncent la sortie de l’ex maire de Londres
Top Labour MPs ‘plot coup’ against Corbyn over anti-Semitism row UK paper says senior party members fear fallout over Livingstone scandal will cost ‘hundreds of seats’ in upcoming local elections
MP John Mann, who bitterly confronted Ken Livingstone, told his conduct was inappropriate. Senior Labour MPs tell Corbyn to act quickly on anti-Semitism in party After former London mayor suspended for saying Hitler supported Zionism, shadow minister says allegations of anti-Semitism ‘not being dealt with properly’
Des députés du parti Travailliste disent à Corbyn de gérer l’antisémitisme du parti Après que l’ancien maire de Londres a été suspendu pour avoir dit que Hitler avait soutenu le sionisme, le ministre du cabinet fantôme dit que les allégations d’antisémitisme « ne sont pas traitées correctement »
New UK student leader denies anti-Semitism, racism but still backs Palestinian terrorism Amid dismay at her election, Malia Bouattia pens op-ed claiming to be victim of false accusations but says her beliefs are unchanged and fails to repudiate support for use of ‘resistance’ to free Palestine
UK student union elects Palestine campaigner president
UK – Yes another Labour activist suspended for saying Israel uses Holocaust as ‘a political tool’
GB : la nouvelle chef étudiante nie tout antisémitisme, soutient le terrorisme palestinien
Scandale en Grande-Bretagne: une députée a appellé au transfert des juifs israéliens
British MP Quits Post After Proposing Israel 'Relocate to the U.S.'

Saying Israel Has No Right to a “Jewish State” Is Not Anti-Semitic
Eric Hazan dans Libération : " Le boycott d’Israël n’est pas de l’antisémitisme"

Professor James Petras calls Zionism “single biggest problem”, has received death threats

Conscientious Objector Deserves a Place in Israel's History Books  While the public has taken an Israeli soldier accused of manslaughter to its heart, it's highly significant that the plight of 19-year-old Tair Kaminer has passed without recognition.

Palestinian Flag Banned From Eurovision Song Contest  Flag policy for the song competition lists political entities whose flags won't be accepted at the contest, also including Nagorno-Karabakh, Crimea and ISIS.

Un ex-militaire français dénonce « l’horreur » en Palestine

Dreuz.info: Le Crédit Mutuel héberge l’organisation antisémite BDS – les médias les couvrent par peur de perdre des budgets pub. Comme toujours Dreuz.info est certainement pas fiable! Reste à voir ce qu'il y a de vrai dans leur délire.
Le CRIF demande la fermeture du compte bancaire du BDS en France
Fight Over BDS Comes to Notorious Florida Country Clubs  South Florida retirees are mobilizing to fire their security firm G4S after it announced it would be terminating its contracts in Israel.
Exclusive: French government indicates giant bank violates anti-BDS law
For Jewish BDS Supporters, Personal Morality Trumps Jewish Solidarity  When you boycott Israel, or reject the ideology on which it was founded, you are estranging yourself from much of the Jewish world.
Giant Austrian bank shuts down BDS account

Europalestine hacké par « La Brigade Juive » ? ses données confisquées

German Pastor declares himself an anti-Semite

‘Her absurd generals, her military junk’ — Daniel Berrigan’s prophetic speech on Israel in ’73

Unesco : la « bataille » de Jérusalem, via le Blog de Guillaume Weill-Raynal
Gilles-William Goldnadel : la soumission, c’est maintenant Cette semaine, Maître Goldnadel fustige le vote déshonnorant de la France à l’Unesco.
Antisémitisme d'Etat : Par son vote à l'Unesco sous le diktat arabe, la France rejoint les pays anti-Juifs. Les Juifs de France doivent partir avant de se retrouver coincés comme en 1940
"La France antijuive existe : elle a voté la résolution révisionniste de l’Unesco"
La France a apporté sa voix à la résolution révisionniste de l'Unesco et cautionne la radicalité la plus abjecte (Gilles-William Goldnadel)
Israel outraged at UNESCO resolution's quotation marks referring to "so-called" Jewish sites
Quand une résolution de l'UNESCO réécrit l'histoire de Jérusalem (avec la complicité de la France) par [le juif néocon sioniste ultra] Shmuel Trigano
Jérusalem : l’Unesco trahit l’Histoire Par Gilles William Goldnadel

Une tentative de boycott de Roger Waters fait un bide à New York

Le Vatican glorifie "le pire des terroristes palestiniens"

Une lettre antisémite rédigée par Taft bientôt aux enchères Le 27e président américain a blâmé la politique juive et le « clanisme » après la nomination de Louis Brandeis à la Cour suprême.

"Haine du Juif et d’Israël" : mort à 87 ans du caricaturiste antijuif Siné

Caricature juif.org : la menace antisémite à travers les âges... Selon la caricature, aujourd'hui c'est la gogauche qui représente la menace antisémite! Précédée immédiatment par les nazis. LOL
Conservative Jewry nullifies all discriminatory laws against non-Jews

Netanyahu is 10th most admired man in America – poll

Israel escalating attacks in Gaza: Mainstream media frames it as ‘retaliatory’

Israeli Rape of Golan Heights Is Also Netanyahu’s Settlement Plan for the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza

U.S. Takes Tougher Tone on Israeli Settlements in New Report The U.S. approval of the harsh language marks a subtle shift. Washington has traditionally tempered statements by the so-called 'Quartet' of mediators with careful diplomatic language.
Report: US planning to take tougher line against Israel Senior diplomats say upcoming report to 'put Israel on notice' that patience thinning in Obama administration.

Vénézuela à l'ONU: « Israël prépare t-il une solution finale ? »
L’envoyé du Venezuela à l’ONU s’excuse pour la comparaison Israël-nazi

If Germany Loses Patience With Israel, Will European Jews Take the Heat?

Dore Gold: Israel opposes French plan even if it includes ‘Jewish state’ recognition

Israël bloque l’entrée aux Palestiniens pendant Yom HaAtsmaout et Yom HaZikaron

Israel court convicts Palestinian boy of murder attempt
Israel court convicts 14 year old Palestinian boy of murder attempt

Instigating a Third Palestinian Intifada? 5,677 Palestinians arrested by Israel since last October

Trial of Soldier Who Shot Dead Wounded Palestinian Assailant in Hebron Opens Elor Azaria's lawyer claims his client, who is charged with manslaughter, is being singled out, but the prosecution says there are no comparable cases; the court suggests mediation in the case.
La logique de meurtre en Israël : une culture d’impunité au vu et au su du monde entier

Far-right lawmaker: Israeli ‘revenge’ against Palestinians could’ve prevented Jewish violence
Israeli Lawmaker: State Should Take Revenge on Palestinians

Why Are Israeli Taxpayers Forced to Pay for Lawbreaking Settlers' Housing? The Amona outpost has exemplified settlers' criminality since its establishment on privately owned Palestinian land in 1997; now the government wants to build them new homes in place of the ones due to be demolished.
Israeli Settler Group Takes Over Muslim Quarter Building in Jerusalem The move reflects the Ateret Cohanim NGO's new push to settle Jews in the Palestinian neighborhood of Al-Sadia.

The Difference Between Jewish and Palestinian Terror The bottom line is that the extent of terror and willingness to use it is greater among the Palestinians than among the Jews.
Here’s what happened when some famous writers went to visit some hardcore Jewish settlers

Want to Fight Jewish Extremism in Israel? Don’t Push Secularism Marginalizing religion, asserting you can't be part of mainstream society without being secular, pushes both alienated Muslims in Europe and Jews in Israel towards isolation and extremism.

UN leader on PM's invitation to Jewish history lesson: No thanks After Netanyahu offered a seminar for all UN personnel in Israel on the Jewish people's historical connection with the land, their leader replied with a firm no.
UN official spurns Netanyahu’s Jerusalem history lesson offer PM wants to educate all UN staffers in Israel after UNESCO ignored Jewish ties to Temple Mount; but Mideast coordinator says they know local history ‘all too well’
Benjamin Netanyahou propose un cours d'histoire au personnel de l'ONU : non merci, répond leur chef Le grand rabbin de France dénonce la résolution de l'Unesco
30 mai 2016 : Israël mis au banc des accusés par la France et 20 autres pays Résolution Unesco déjudaïsant Jérusalem: Valls regrette le vote de la France. Mais qui donc a pris la décision de voter cette résolution révisionniste ?
Cazeneuve en désaccord avec la résolution de l’UNESCO sur le mont du Temple  Manuel Valls: « La France n'aurait pas dû voter la résolution de l'UNESCO »
Résolution Unesco sur Jérusalem: Valls regrette le vote de la France du fait de «formulations malheureuses»
L'Unesco, Daech et la diplomatie française' même combat'
French PM slams UNESCO Jerusalem resolution as 'unfortunate, clumsy' Manuel Valls describes UNESCO's references to Israel, vows to 'never deny the Jewish presence and Jewish history in Jerusalem.'
Goasguen : Le vote de la résolution de l’UNESCO déshonore la France « La France s’est déshonorée en participant à une opération de négationnisme culturel », a déclaré le député
French Leaders Backtrack on Support for UNESCO Resolution on Temple Mount Critics said the April resolution by the UN body ignored Jewish ties to Jerusalem. Prime Minister Manuel Valls describes it as 'unfortunate and clumsy.'
Cukierman choqué par le vote de la France à l’UNESCO

GOP Islamophobia vs. U.K. Labour’s anti-Semitism: Spot the Differences One party acknowledges it has a problem. The other does not.
Propos antisémites de l'ancien maire de Londres, Ken Livingstone : « La création d'Israël fut « une erreur fondamentale » ; en 1932, Hitler voulait déporter « les sionistes » en Israël, il ne voulait pas tuer les Juifs »
Ken Livingstone: 'Creation of Israel was fundamentally wrong' The former Labour mayor of London calls Israel a 'mistake,' argues there was no anti-Semitism in the Arab world until founding of the Jewish State in interview with UAE-based news network.
Not Only Livingstone: Some Jews in the 1930s Also Thought Hitler Aided Zionism When the Nuremberg Race Laws were passed in 1935, some ultra-Orthodox Jews believed they would help the effort to prevent intermarriage.
Interview de Norman Finkelstein L’intellectuel juif étasunien « à l’origine » du scandale d’« antisémitisme » au parti travailliste rompt le silence (Open Democracy UK)
La gauche britannique est-elle antisémite?
Norman Finkelstein, «à l’origine» du scandale d’«antisémitisme» au parti travailliste, rompt le silence

Why British Jews Voted for Sadiq Khan Through Gritted Teeth The party’s current anti-Semitism crisis and the collapse of community support means it’s easy to forget that decades ago most British Jews felt that Labour was their natural home. What happened?
Finkielkraut et le traitement médiatique de l’élection de Londres « Cette image de la victoire du musulman pauvre sur le juif riche me laisse un goût amer, » a déclaré le philosophe
VIDEO - Finkielkraut craque après la victoire à Londres du maire Sadiq Khan

UK could apologize for creating Israel: British MP

American musicians are ‘scared sh*tless’ their careers ‘will be destroyed’ if they speak up for Palestinians — Roger Waters

Jews should stop ‘whining’ about York U, benefactor says

Playwright Tony Kushner accuses Toronto federation of ‘McCarthyism’ Technion head warns of international BDS attack on Israeli universities At the state level, US legislators tackle BDS head on Kushner said he has thought a lot about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and feels “a moral obligation that comes directly from the ethical teachings I received as a young Jewish kid.

Sympathy for Palestinians over Israel up sharply among younger Americans Pew study finds threefold rise in past decade of millennials who say they’re more sympathetic to Palestinians than Israel.

Preaching a Post-modernist Holocaust The revisionists employed by the institutions for Holocaust education think that what is taught today is 'dogmatic.'
Bon, c'est rendu que même les institutions pour la mémoire de LOLocoste sont négationnistes... LOLocoste.

Was This Top Israeli General Right To Denounce Jewish Extremism on Holocaust Day?
Un chef militaire israélien compare Israël à l'Allemagne des années 30 Un haut responsable militaire israélien a provoqué une controverse en invitant à un «examen de conscience national» à l'occasion de la journée de commémoration de la Shoah, ses détracteurs l'accusant de fournir des arguments aux ennemis du pays.
Netanyahu upbraids top general for ‘outrageous’ Shoah remarks Deputy IDF head Yair Golan’s statements that he sees echoes of Nazi Germany in Israel ‘create contempt for the Holocaust,’ Netanyahu tells cabinet; minister calls for Golan’s resignation
Israel: Will Nazism comparisons trigger soul searching?
Netanyahu dénonce l'appel d'un militaire à un "examen de conscience" d'Israël
Netanyahu criticizes IDF deputy chief of staff During a cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister came out against Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, whose Holocaust Remembrance Day speech was highly criticized for comparing Israeli activities to ‘abhorrent processes that took place in Europe, and Germany in particular;’ several Likud ministers have also expressed anger over Golan’s comments.
MKs defend IDF General's comparison of Israel and 1930s Germany
IDF Deputy Chief Likens 'Revolting Trends' in Israeli Society to pre-Holocaust Germany 'On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we ought to discuss our ability to uproot the seeds of intolerance, violence, self-destruction and moral deterioration,' says Maj. Gen. Yair Golan.
The IDF General Who Challenged Netanyahu’s Suffocating Holocaust Analogies By pointing to intolerant trends in Israeli society, the deputy army commander deviated from the accepted script of Jews as eternal victims.
The Israeli Generals Who Shoot and Cry and Shoot Again It’s nice that some of Israel’s most senior commanders are sounding the moral alarm, but what are they doing to change anything?

Jewish Millennials Are Tired of Talk: We’re Taking Real Action Against the Occupation After 50 years of occupation, we feel betrayed by the institutions, including the Reform Movement, that taught us to boldly pursue justice but fail to match their rhetoric with action.

Israel Imposes Travel Ban on BDS Co-Founder, Steps up anti-BDS Repression
From the BDS front lines: How the on-campus brawl is turning young Jews off Israel Assailed from both sides, many Jewish students at California universities say they're afraid to get involved in the increasingly heated debate over Israel.

GERMANY – Stuttgart mayor embroiled in row over anti-Semitic bank account

The Anti-Semite’s Best Friend

L’antisémitisme, arme d’intimidation massive par Bruno Guigue

Sophie Taïeb, community manager au CRIF, félicite la "Brigade Juive" pour le hacking (infraction pénale) du site EuroPalestine

Jewish Harvard Prof Urges Liberals to Treat Evangelical Christians Like Nazis

Tiffany & Co. exec says she was fired for allegedly saying Jews killed Jesus 
GERMANY – Jews call for dismissal of self-declared Jew-hating pastor

US columnist resigns over “gag order” from pro-Israel mogul Sheldon Adelson

Mordechai Vanunu Is Back In Jail
Nuclear Whistle-blower Vanunu Is Israel's Edward Snowden Vanunu acted out of the same motive as America's whistle-blower, but was decades ahead of his time.
Nuclear Whistle-blower Vanunu: State Is Punishing Me Because I'm of Moroccan Descent In a Channel 2 interview, Vanunu calls on state to allow him to leave country, saying, 'If I was an Ashkenazi from the kibbutz I would have been treated right.'
Nuclear secret spiller Vanunu indicted for Israeli TV interview Ex-worker at Dimona plant faces charges for violating terms of parole, including meet with US nationals, move to new apartment in same building
Over Decade After Release, Israeli Nuclear Whistle-blower Vanunu Faces New Charges In what attorney calls 'a record low for the state in its abuse of Vanunu,' indictment accuses informer of moving apartment without telling police, meeting two foreign nationals without permission and repeating classified information on TV.

Israeli Crime Boss' Son Killed in Drive-by Shooting in Tel Aviv

Des Juifs grecs protestent contre l’attraction touristique des ‘Judas en feu’ La communauté outrée se plaint que le rituel de Pâques, promu par l’Agence nationale du tourisme, « perpétue les sentiments antisémites »

VIDEO - Texe Marrs and Michael Collins Piper - Confessions of an Anti-Semite
VIDEO - Texe Marrs and Michael Collins Piper - The Caiaphas Complex

Meet the French Jews Who Love Marine Le Pen and Her Far Right Party
The Role of the Israel Lobby in Fomenting Islamophobia in the European Union. Report
VIDEO - J'ai pas lu le dernier "Musulman Magazine", Le moment Meurice

VIDEO - Moscovici accuse la gauche d'avoir causé la shoah

BRAZIL – ‘Stop Jews spitting on Christians’, says theater director
Brazilian ‘Fiddler’ director: Spitting on enemies is Orthodox Jewish practice

Illegal underage marriages being ignored by authorities, committee finds

Pro-Netanyahu tabloid cited as Israel downgraded to 'partially free press'

Sheldon Adelson-owned newspaper costs Israel in freedom-of-the-press ranking

Jewish brothers top Britain's richest people list  Businessmen and brothers David and Simon Reuben earned the number one spot on the Sunday Times' 1,000 wealthiest people list in Britain.
How much money is the life of the world's richest Jew worth?

Sheldon Silver Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Corruption

VIDEO - Le nationalisme au service l'impéralisme américain ?

Regard critique sur la posture victimaire d’Alain Finkielkraut.

VIDEO - Ruth Elkrief interview Finkie sur son expulsion de Nuit Debout: @10:30: "Quand on l'entend (Frédéric Lordon) on ne s'étonne plus que Pol Pot ait fait ses classes dans l'université française."

Articles de Guillaume Weill-Raynal sur Oumma - Mediapart - Palestine-Solidarité - IRIS Fr. Il avait identifié le péril Finkie et co. très tôt, dès 2005 (dans Une haine imaginaire?, réplique au Juif imaginaire de Finkie).

Who's to Blame for Liberal Disenchantment With Israel - Netanyahu or Obama? Lieberman as defense minister garners headlines that can only accelerate the dramatic pro-Palestinian surge seen in Pew's recent poll.
Do Jewish Republicans regret calling Obama a ‘Jew-hater’ yet?

US skeptical of Netanyahu offer to directly negotiate with Palestinians

US says Israel's rightist coalition 'raises legitimate questions'
Israel Opposition Issues Dire Warnings on ‘Dangerous’ Avigdor Lieberman
Lieberman will make country ‘less safe, less popular,’ MKs lament
Israel's new ultra-nationalist defense minister alarms Canadian Jews
Les 5 déclarations les plus folles d’Avigdor Lieberman, nouveau ministre de la Défense israélien
We Fear Lieberman Because He Embodies Israel’s Darker Side Democracy and freedom are not just measured on a fixed scale, but also against our expectations, and Israeli democracy has been exemplary.
Yariv Levin : les Etats-Unis n’ont rien à dire sur la nomination de Liberman Le ministre dit que la composition de la coalition est « une question israélienne interne » alors que le département d’Etat américain déclare avoir des préoccupations « légitimes » sur le nouveau ministre de la Défense.
Palestinians: With Liberman, Israel threatens regional stability Saeb Erekat warns defense appointment will lead to ‘apartheid, racism and religious and political extremism’
How Netanyahu Showed the Army Who’s Boss by Handing the Keys to the Far Right

TV report: Top Israeli politicians believe coalition could soon fall apart As Netanyahu loses a second minister in eight days, strains in PM’s relations with other coalition members prompt speculation about early elections.
Days After Forming, Israel’s Far-Right Govt May Be Near Collapse
Netanyahu’s government may be near collapse, report says
Former Mossad chief: Netanyahu is a fear monger, administration will soon come to an end
La nouvelle coalition de Netanyahu menacée
TV report: Top Israeli politicians believe coalition could soon fall apart As Netanyahu loses a second minister in eight days, strains in PM’s relations with other coalition members prompt speculation about early elections.

Norman Finkelstein: "Of course, no one in their right mind would even remotely compare Netanyahu to the Fuehrer” (True, Netanyahu doesn’t sport a mustache, and Hitler would never hold up Looney-Tune cartoons of an Iranian bomb)

Resigning, minister accuses ‘extremist’ gov’t of leading Israel to destruction

Israël: un ministre démissionne du gouvernement remanié qu'il qualifie "d'extrémiste"

Shaked: 'There will be no Palestinian state, no settlement evacuations, and no land given to our enemies' Jewish Home: No Palestinian state while party in government

As Israel Moves Rightward, Many Are Annoyed Military Isn’t Going With Them
Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They've Already Arrived From America to Austria, belligerent, xenophobic ultra-nationalism is rising. But its hold on power in Israel is far more secure — and uncontested.
Religious zealots ready for takeover of Israeli army
Pourquoi ce général comparerait-il Israël à l’Allemagne des années 1930 ? Hmm...
Israeli Weimar: It Can Happen Here

New stage for Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick: The Knesset

Is Messianism Replacing the Old Order in Israel? The symbolic transition between Temple Mount activist Yehudah Glick and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon mirrors the new values quickly taking hold in Israel.

VIDEO - What Are Israel's Violations of International Law?

Soldier Who Shot Palestinian: Indictment Is Discriminatory Elor Azaria's lawyers call manslaughter charge in case, involving death of terrorist in Hebron, 'arbitrary' when compared to other incidents.

ADL Israel : Il faut agir contre les provocateurs juifs d’extrême-droite
In First, ADL Urges Clampdown on Extremist Israeli Group Lehava Lehava leader Gopstein leads 'an extreme line with direct implications to Israeli society and the Jewish people,' ADL says in letter to attorney general.
Anti-racism group to A-G: Take action on far-right Jewish inciter

PM: Paris peace parley will ‘radicalize’ Palestinian demands Two days before conference to which Israel and PA are not invited, Netanyahu says ‘direct negotiations’ are ‘only path to peace’.
UN Mideast envoy: Israeli ministers are ‘killing hope’ for peace After Jewish Home vows there will never be a Palestinian state, Mladenov expresses ‘concern’ over ‘determination of some… to block progress’.
Washington Post : le sommet de Paris annonce une poussée diplomatique contre Israël L’article accuse Netanyahu et Liberman de ne pas avoir été sincère dans leur déclaration de soutien à la solution à 2 Etats.
Washington Post editorial: Paris summit is start of diplomatic pushback against Israel Column accuses PM Netanyahu, new Defense Minister Liberman of insincerity in statements supporting two-state solution.
Netanyahu critique l’initiative française qui “radicalise” les Palestiniens Le Premier ministre a appelé à des négociations bilatérales sans conditions préliminaires, comme avec l’Egypte et la Jordanie.
Dore Gold: By improving ties with the Arab states, 'we could set the stage for a breakthrough with the Palestinians'. Netanyahu tries to turn Arab Peace Initiative on its head The Arab world has long conditioned normalized ties with Israel on a solution to the Palestinian conflict. The PM appears to be trying to reverse the process.
Reconnaissance de la Palestine : le chef du gouvernement doit respecter le vote de l’Assemblée nationale (collectif)
Shmuel Trigano : "La conférence de Paris est une sorte de remake du statut des juifs de Vichy"

A Palestinian-hating Thug: The Arab Media on Israel’s Extremist New Defense Minister In Egypt, almost every article about Avigdor Lieberman’s new post mentions his past genocidal threats to bomb the Aswan Dam. And that’s not the only reason Arab commentators are worried.
La nomination de Liberman officialise la main-mise de l’extrême-droite religieuse sur l’armée israélienne
EN IMAGES. Israël : les déclarations surréalistes d'Avigdor Lieberman
Lieberman's Appointment as Defense Minister Should Nauseate Every Israeli Taxpayer The real question isn’t why the investigation into Lieberman's shady business dealings was closed. It’s why its closing is seen as legitimizing him.

New Israeli MK Glick: Muslims’ Conduct Could Lead to Al-Aqsa’s Destruction Yehudah Glick, whom the police have called the most dangerous man in the Middle East, says the Muslim religious trust on the Temple Mount has an ‘everything-is-mine’ attitude.

Bennett threatens to ‘topple government’ to prevent Palestinian state

The Israeli Body Politic Is Being Poisoned by Intimidation and Incitement The constantly rising temperature around us isn't one of a threatening strategic environment, but of an environment of contaminated values.
Welcome to Israel's Post-liberal Democracy With the gap between the ‘Jewish democratic’ system and reality widening, it would be better to stop bandying the term around and start asking what kind of democracy we're talking about.
Neo-fascists Threaten the West. In Israel They've Already Arrived From America to Austria, belligerent, xenophobic ultra-nationalism is rising. But its hold on power in Israel is far more secure — and uncontested.
Comparer Israël aux nazis est antisémite, selon 31 pays occidentaux Un organisme intergouvernemental consacré à la commémoration de la Shoah dit que certains discours de haine contre Israël peuvent être considérés comme raciste
Israel's Military Justice System Seems to Have Gone Too Far The increasingly violent resistance to the occupation does not give Israel and its security apparatuses a license to deny liberty to innocent people.
Netanyahu Must Decide if He's the Prime Minister of the Jewish Nation or Israel Netanyahu is betraying his job. This man has to go, and soon. We are all tasked with that sacred mission, and especially the Arab citizens.

VIDEO - Rys2sense: Zionist filth who burned a family including a baby is released after just a 10 month detention
Settler jailed for 10 months for attacking soldier, Palestinians David Or Shachar from Bat Ayin also ordered to pay victims financial compensation for injuries.
Jewish terrorist/murderer freed without charges after 10 months in Israeli jail
Jewish extremist Meir Ettinger released from administrative detention After being in administrative detention for 10 months on suspicion of incitement to violence against Arabs, Meri Ettinger was released from custody.
Notorious Jewish Extremist Eyed in Murder of Palestinian Family Is Freed Without Charge
Jewish extremist freed after 10 months behind bars Meir Ettinger slapped with nighttime house arrest, ban on entering Jerusalem, West Bank and Yad Binyamin for 6 months.

New Footage in Hebron Shooting Shows Knife Kicked Closer to Slain Palestinian Assailant
Footage from Hebron shooting case indicate knife may have been moved closer to dead terrorist's body The prosecution in the case involving IDF soldier Elor Azaria has presented the court with video footage it claims shows the terrorist's knife being moved closer to his body after the incident in which Azaria shot him.
IDF soldier who shot Hebron terrorist 'admits to 90% of case,' prosecution says
IDF finds ambulance driver tampered with knife after shooting of Hebron attacker
New footage suggests evidence tampering in Hebron shootingProsecutor releases video of ambulance driver kicking knife closer to disarmed Palestinian assailant who was shot dead by soldier.

Cops Who Beat Israeli Arab Supermarket Worker Under Criminal Probe Plainclothes Border Policemen were caught on film beating Maysam Abu Alqian, but claim he attacked them first.

US thinktank report, co-authored by Israelis, urges collecting ‘biometric data’ on Palestinians

Six Day War hero: We must act like the chosen people

VIDEO - Meet The Ten-Year-Old Palestinian Journalist

Israël libère une parlementaire palestinienne après 14 mois de détention
'Israeli Police Help Palestinian Girls Commit Suicide' An 18-year-old Palestinian who may have wanted to put an end to her life approached a checkpoint with a knife. The Border Police fulfilled her wish quickly, although it's clear she could have been stopped by other means. Her family is shattered.

Israeli (Jewish) Woman Admits Concocting Palestinian Rape Story That Benjamin Netanyahu Called ‘Horrific Crime’
Israeli Woman Says She Lied About Being Raped by Palestinians The woman, who is mentally challenged, tells the police that she was in a consensual relationship with one of accused Palestinians, and that her family fabricated the allegations to put an end to it.
Mentally disabled girl backtracks on testimony Palestinians, who were suspected of raping her, set free after their arrest was extended for three days on Monday; the incident had initally caused controversy when the police delayed passing along information of the incident to the police.
Israeli Woman Lied About Rape, Palestinian Kid Still Faces Prison

Une lycéenne d’origine palestinienne exclue d’un concours d’art oratoire sur injonction du lobby sioniste.

VIDEO - PINKWASHING ISRAELI WAR CRIMES It is a spoof and remix of the official 2016 Tel Aviv Pride promotional video.

New UN database of companies complicit in Israel's occupation

Wiesenthal Center: Officials in German city complicit in Israel boycott

Leader of France’s Jewish Defence League on Run in Israel After Conviction in Paris

La commission d’enquête sur les attentats de Paris en déplacement en Israël Le programme de la visite comprenait notamment des échanges avec des responsables des services de lutte anti-terroriste.
Attentats de Paris : la commission d’enquête célèbre Israël

UK Labour leader pushed for bans, boycotts of Israel, letters show In missives prior to his election as party chief, Corbyn sought ‘concrete action to penalize Israel,’ bar politicians from UK
Corbyn Blasts Criticism of U.K. Labour's anti-Semitism in Vice News Documentary Newly released letters reveal that while he was a U.K. Parliament member, Jeremy Corbyn called on Britain's then-foreign secretary to sanction Israel.
UK Labor head Jeremy Corbyn slams Israel in newly released letters
Blame the Jews for the Slave Trade: Labour's Latest anti-Semitic Slander Why are British left-wing activists so keen to join the attempts by Louis Farrakhan and America’s white supremacists to blame Jews for the slave trade?

Huffpo writer expresses bigotry against Palestinians by equating battle for equal rights and anti-Semitism

juif.org "La France finance les salaires des terroristes palestiniens"
Le complot islamo-gauchiste (Là-bas)
Goldnadel : "Quand la gauche antifasciste bafoue la liberté de la presse"
"L’antisémitisme de l’extrême gauche prospère dans le silence des médias" Mais le fils Klarsfeld et Zemmour sont d'accord sur ce point: l'antisémitisme en France vient surtout de l'extrême-gauche et des banlieues (lire: des immigrants maghrébins en France).
VALLAUD-BELKACEM «EXPRIME SON DÉSIR DE VISITER ISRAËL» AUPRÈS D'UN MINISTRE D'EXTRÊME DROITE. C'est pas elle qu'il faut blâmer: elle s'est adressée à la bonne personne. On a pas le choix de s'adresser à l'extrême-droite si on veut parler à Israel, maintenant les deux sont indissociables, c'est bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet.
Eric Zemmour : « La réalité lente et inexorable du grand remplacement » Zemmour est exactement sur la ligne identitaire, dite d'extrême-droite, même s'il rationalise ça en invoquant des arguments marxistes. Il y aurait, surtout ces derniers mois, une guerre semi-publique entre la gang de Zemmour (incluant Finkie mais aussi la Dissidence, qui jugent qu'il est temps de redevenir nationalistes en France et d'oublier la Shoah nazie afin de faire face à la menace actuelle de l' "islamisation") et celle du "chasseur de nazis" Klarsfeld (qui continue sur sa ligne anti-natio, sauf qu'il est pour le nationalisme prosioniste bien sûr).
Zemmour arbore une kippa dans une antenne de l’armée israélienne Même un non-juif a le droit de porter une kippa pour le fun... Quand il est invité par des juifs. Mais on sait que Zemmour, comme Attali, ne veut pas confirmer s'il est pratiquant ou non, il laisse croire publiquement qu'il est avant tout Français et juif ensuite, il faut comprendre, puisqu'en hébreu on lit de droite à gauche, qu'il est juif d'abord et Français ensuite...
« Rien ne résiste aux Klarsfeld »… enfin, ne leur résistait

"Panamza, Oumma et Soral condamnés" : Le gouvernement félicite Fourest.

VIDEO - COMMUNAUTARISME: Un Juif piégé par un Goy

Cours d'arabe en CP : halte aux intox

French billionaire contradicts PM, says he gave Netanyahu €170,000

Ukraine Honors Nationalist Blamed for anti-Jewish Pogroms A minute of silence honoring Symon Petliura was observed for the first time amid a divisive debate on state honors for nationalists in Ukraine.

NATO to declare the Internet a ‘warfare domain’

Britain and the European Union – should we stay or should we go?

Hungary accuses Jewish émigré George Soros of ‘stirring trouble’ PM Orban says billionaire philanthropist seeking to spark unrest by funding groups critical of his hardline stance on refugees.

Infowars Paul Joseph Watson: There Is No Jewish Influence Anywhere  Si on avait besoin d’une nouvelle preuve de sa malhonnêteté totale, en plus de ses commentaires sur les réfugiés qui reprenaient intégralement les propos de la néoconne pro-netanyahu Pamela Geller...

THE JUDAS GOATS:THE ENEMY WITHIN , By Michael Collins Piper Chapter Thirteen: Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB and the Impact on the U.S. Intelligence Services: The Little-Known Foundation for the Birth of Neo-Conservatism in America.

Rethinking Iran-Contra: A much longer, much darker story than we think La connexion du Likoud avec ce scandale est très très évidente dans cet article…

American “Exceptionalism” is Jewish Narcissism*

"Israël": Pas de menace provenant de Daesh

VIDEO - Racist Jewish Theologies: Kuzari, Kabbalah, Khabad

Israeli Local Government Resumes Funding Settler Group That Released anti-Semitic Video Shomron Regional Council to transfer $195,000 to settler organization that published video depicting Europeans as Nazis and leftists as hook-nosed Jews who collaborate with them.

When Israeli Cops Assaulted an Arab Supermarket Worker, They Exposed the Government’s Brutal Face As of this writing, no government leader, not least the prime minister, has seen fit to issue a condemnation of the off-duty officers who savagely beat Maysam Abu Alqian.

Thank you, Chief Rabbi. Now I know: Judaism is to blame for the Nakba

Israeli forces kill teenage Palestinian girl at checkpoint, and return another teen’s body 7 months after he died

How Right-Wing Critics Who Slammed My Book Proved Its Point on Israel

Des Israéliens font don de 70 000 shekels à l’homme arabe battu par la police

Canada to replace outspoken pro-Israel envoy with career diplomat Vivian Bercovici, a political appointee of the previous Harper government, said to be succeeded by current ambassador to Afghanistan.

Guards at Netanyahu’s office said to ask Arab student to remove her bra Diran Shalabneh describes ‘humiliating’ examination before scheduled meeting with official in charge of Arab advancement programs.

Jordan's king on Independence Day: We'll defend Arab identity of Palestine. Ils sortent eux aussi un discours identitaire... pour pas qu'Israel ait l'air trop ultra-nationaliste?

‘We are Israel and Israel is us’ — Governor Cuomo ends all the confusion!

Netanyahu Is a Danger to Israel's Media In light of technological developments and change in consumption patterns, the financial situation of broadcasting companies has significantly worsened and in order to survive they woo politicians.

Netanyahu's Ugly Entanglements Are a Test of Integrity for Israel's Watchdogs A lot of those people who thundered against the statute of limitations argument made by Olmert-defending journalists are now – believe it or not - making the very same argument, at the very same decibel level, in regard to Netanyahu.

Enfances brisées : les mineurs palestiniens dans le viseur de la répression israélienne (ACAT)

UN: Ban on Palestinians entering Israel is ‘collective punishment’ Human rights commissioner says blanket prohibition imposed after Tel Aviv terror attack violates international law.

Tel Aviv terror suspect was arrested after cop unwittingly invited him into his home

Shaked accuses Haaretz writer of incitement for calling Supreme Court judge 'war criminal'

The Israeli Justice Who Violates International Law Every Time He Comes Home Justice Noam Sohlberg is allowed to curb freedom of expression in defamation cases if he likes. But as a resident of the West Bank, he’s an offender.

Digging in, Shas shuns Knesset sessions over ‘racist’ comments Party doubles down on demand Channel 10 news director be fired for reportedly using racial stereotypes about Mizrahi Jews.
En Israel le racisme n'est pas que sur le web, on le trouve jusque dans la Knesset...

It's Kosher, but It Stinks: How the Jewish State Has Failed Judaism Again The Supreme Court has just given state rabbis carte blanche to keep gorging on their monopoly over Israel’s kosher certification industry, at everyone’s expense.

Depuis 2001, Israël a détruit pour 74 millions de dollars de projets financés par l’Union européenne

30 Days Jail Term for Israeli Sniper who “Killed 13 Gaza Children in One Day” to Terrorize Palestinians

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian shepherd's flock of sheep, kills 25

Only Solution to Palestinian Terrorism Is the End of the Occupation
Le maire de Tel-Aviv attribue l’attaque meurtrière contre un café à l’occupation israélienne

After 50 Years of Occupation, Israeli Politics Have Reached a Dead End The right has the authority but doesn't have a policy, while the left has a policy but doesn't have the people.

VIDEO - Ryan Dawson: Collective punishment for Palestine et Woodshed Info

Israel's Right to Sweep Away Palestinians Expelling Palestinians is a paradigm that’s alive and well in the Jews’ state - a plan that was carried out and that is always waiting to be replicated.

Israeli revelers give Palestinians the finger in march through Jerusalem’s Muslim Quarter
Thousands of Israelis marched through the alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday in a controversial parade through the Muslim Quarter that marks Israel’s capture of the ancient walled metropolis in the 1967 war against Arab armies.

Jews must breed with Jews only to keep the chosen race pure or face prison

Why Israel is blocking access to its archives
Israel Is Blocking Access to Its Archives: “Israel Concealing Vital Records to Prevent Darkest Periods in its History from Coming to Light”

Shaked: Facebook, Twitter removing 70% of ‘harmful’ posts Social media giants clamping down on incitement to violence in Israel, says justice minister.
Mais toutes les incitations à la haine et au meurtre ne sont pas aussi graves en Israel...

Rabbi Michael Lerner Blasts Israeli Occupation of Palestinians at Muhammad Ali's Funeral
Rabbi Lerner dirige une revue (Tikkun) pro-Clinton et pro-maçonnico-multiculturel-multiracial. C'est les moins pires des sionistes. Leur job est de montrer qu'on peut quand même être humain (non-psychopathe) tout en appuyant l'existence d'Israel... Qu'on peut appuyer Israel tout en condamnant les colonies illégales.

LEST WE FORGET: “Gentile altruism is something every jew should fear”: Cohen Report

Affaire des passeports français : la mention « Israël / territoires palestiniens » abandonnée

Hillel Can't Be a Soapbox for Jewish Millenials’ anti-Israel Crusade The U.S. Jewish community has no obligation to capitulate to groups wanting to mainstream a Jewish identity that's agnostic about the right of the Jewish people to their own state.
WATCH: Pro-Palestinian activists storm former IDF officer's speech at DC museum
U.S. Anthropologists Vote Down Boycott of Israeli Universities by a Hair Israeli academics say previous decision by American Anthropological Association to boycott Israeli universities aimed to 'incite and introduce hatred' into Israeli academia.
New York Governor: “If you boycott against Israel, New York will boycott you”
Exclusive: Austrian bank shuts terror account of pro-BDS Austrian-Arab center
Attacks on BDS websites linked to Israel Well, DUH!
Anthropologists’s Narrow Vote Against Israel Boycott Is Not the Last Word
Glenn Greenwald expose la manœuvre sioniste pour contrer le boycott aux États Unis
Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Attempts to Shut Down “Peaceful Pressure” against Israel’s Systematic Violations of International Law

Independent Jewish Voices apologize for links to far-right website, accuses B’nai Brith of ‘slander’

Labour “anti-Semitism” witch hunt claims new victims

How Jews Are Re-claiming a Hateful neo-Nazi Symbol on Twitter To combat the online vitriol, Jews and non-Jews alike are adopting a controversial new method which, some critics say, is equivalent to pinning a yellow 'Jude' star to one’s shirt.
Twitter Fails to Confront Vicious anti-Semites, Jewish Journalists Say New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman has quit the social network after the company refused to take down anti-Semitic tweets. Others say Facebook does a better job battling hate.
NY Times editor leaves Twitter over anti-Semitic tweets
New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman, targeted by anti-Semitic abuse, laments 'cesspit of hate' on Twitter.

Une dirigeante des Femmes du Mur arrêtée pour “contrebande de Torah” En pleine impasse sur l’accord pour créer une zone de prières égalitaires au mur Occidental, le groupe annonce la brève arrestation de sa directrice exécutive.
La loi sur les bains rituels plongée dans des eaux tumultueuses
As ritual bath bill faces stormy waters, women debate Lysistrata-like boycott With the Knesset resembling reality TV, could a Greek comedy hold the key for religious women protesting more governmental regulation over traditional practices?

La triple parenthèse, dernière trouvaille antisémite des suprématistes blancs pour harceler les juifs
L’ADL place l’ (((Echo))) aux côtés de la croix gammée sur sa liste de haine L’association compare l’utilisation de ce symbole contre les journalistes juifs aux graffitis antisémites tagués sur un bâtiment
Echo added to ADL hate symbols database

Hobbled Gawker’s critics include Jews – and anti-Semites

Conséquences des criminels de la guerre : en une seule journée 2000 réfugiés secourus au large de la Libye

Dreuz.info - La gauche a fait de gros efforts pour cacher son douteux passé… et puis il y eut Internet
Roger Garaudy, communiste et négationniste, symbole de l’islamo-gauchisme
Du "judéo-bolchévisme" à "l'islamo-gauchisme" : une même tentative de faire diversion (Shlomo Sand)
Aux sources de l’islamogauchisme (Laurent Lévy)

«Les partis d'extrême-droite séduisent de plus en plus les citoyens juifs», affirme le Grand Rabbin de Russie.

VIDEO - Éric ZEMMOUR à "La Synagogue de la Victoire" (1er Juin 2016)

Les juifs déplorent la réintégration d’une membre du Labour accusée d’antisémitisme
Blair: Corbyn in power would be a 'dangerous experiment'
Des accusations d’antisémitisme font bouillonner les eaux calmes d’Oxford Bien que le débat sur Israël ait été une source de division, beaucoup disent que la vie est agréable pour les Juifs dans la ville universitaire la plus typique de Grande-Bretagne.
U.K.'s Corbyn Criticized for Not Replying to Israel's Herzog About anti-Semitism Crisis
Le Labour s'attaque à l'antisémitisme mais en France c'est l"'islamophobie" qui agite les socialistes Pas sûr que les sionistes juifs français voudraient se retrouver en Angleterre, là où le parti de gauche profère tout le temps des propos antisémites et où les scandales à l'antisémitisme foisonnent... Ils finiraient par s'ennuyer de cette gauche de France qui leur lèche le derrière.
UK Labour readmits activist suspended for blaming slave trade on Jews Jackie Walker, reinstated after internal investigation, wrote that ‘chief financiers’ of human market were Jewish
Former London mayor Ken Livingstone fired from radio show following Hitler comments

British Historian Catherine Hall Rejects £225,000 Israeli Award for ‘Political’ Reasons

European M.P calls Israelis ‘a rash’

Leading Israeli human rights group says ‘no longer any point’ to filing complaints against soldiers
B’Tselem to stop filing Palestinian abuse complaints with IDF, police
La loi sur les ONG ne serait préjudiciable qu’à une partie de l’échiquier politique Un conseiller judiciaire de la Knesset met l’accent sur les clauses exigeant que les groupes nomment leurs financements étrangers et qu’ils portent des badges spéciaux au Parlement

En Europe, 354 organisations de droits de l’Homme, associations religieuses, syndicats et partis politiques demandent à l’UE de défendre leur droit au BDS
German city’s facilities used to wage anti-Semitic BDS campaign
Netherlands says calls to boycott Israel allowed under freedom of speech

‘Ministries failed to tackle BDS, anti-Semitism’
Special report pans Netanyahu, government's failure in fighting BDS
Dysfunctional Israeli leadership failing utterly in battle against BDS, state watchdog warns
Shapira : « Le leadership israélien est inefficace dans la lutte contre le BDS » Mettant en lumière une mauvaise communication pendant la guerre de 2014, le contrôleur d’Etat dénonce une absence de stratégie globale
Free speech likely reason anti-BDS vote failed
In huge blow to Israel, Netherlands declares BDS ‘free speech’

Jesus Christ would be BANNED from speaking at universities if he was alive in 2016

Jewish groups welcome Facebook, Twitter pledge to crack down on hate speech
Google, Facebook, Twitter sign EU guidelines on combating hate speech online

VIDEO - Chère Europe, Israël livre VOTRE guerre! A moins que... Fantaisie sioniste conforme à la propagande sioniste anti-islam qu'on connaît par coeur.

Israeli Propagandists Threaten Destruction of Europe as Punishment for Boycotting Israel

Pour Israël, Gilbert Collard pousse un coup de gueule à l’Assemblée nationale Collard un des pires sionistes du FN.

On ISIS, Immigrants and Jews: How Donald Trump Took a Page From Ann Coulter's Book The U.S. Republican presidential candidate has mainstreamed many of the ultra-conservative commentator’s ideas and prejudices. Once outliers, they’re now the key ideological positions of the Trump-era GOP.
La convention républicaine promet du spectacle, de vifs échanges sur Israël, et des armes
GOP convention promises delegate drama, Israel dissonance, and guns
Chaos at GOP confab as delegates look to derail Trump nomination
GOP embraces Trump's 'America First' slogan, despite Jewish concerns
GOP convention to be short on Jews
Jewish Republicans Slip Into Crisis Mode as Trump Convention Looms
Trump’s Candidacy and the GOP Platform Are as Much anti-Jewish as 'pro-Israeli' There won’t be many Jews at the Republican convention in Cleveland but there will be multitudes of white supremacist Jew-haters.
Trump se félicite du programme républicain le plus pro-Israël de l’Histoire
Bachmann: Trump misses days when 'even my Jews would say Merry Christmas'
Trump sues former Jewish adviser for allegedly sharing dirt with media
Will Mike Pence Give Donald Trump a Pro-Israel Boost?
Likely Trump VP ‘cherishes Israel,’ met Netanyahu, passed anti-boycott laws
Loonwatch Noted Mike Pence as an Islamophobe “To Watch” In 2012
Trump picks pro-Israel stalwart Mike Pence as running mate
How Donald Trump’s Republican Party Veered to Right of Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel
The Dangerous Link Between Donald Trump and Miri Regev In their wanton destruction of cultural standards they are turning public discourse into mudslinging and destroying the basis of liberal democracy.
Trump: Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel? As Republicans remove two-state solution from platform, candidate praises it as most pro-Israel ever
Trump: 'Is President Obama trying to destroy Israel with all his bad moves?'
What’s the One Jewish Group Donald Trump Is Winning Over?
Trump's Unlikely Fan Club: ex-Soviet Brooklyn Jews With anti-Muslim Sentiments

Klayman: 'Muslim-In-Chief' Obama Treats Whites As 'Inferior'
juif.org - La plaie Obama On tente souvent de nous faire croire qu'Obama est une créature des juifs... Or la réalité est que les juifs extrémistes le détestent à mort!

Obama calls Gingrich proposal to deport some US Muslims ‘repugnant’ After Nice attack, former House speaker urged checks on US Muslims, expulsion of those who believe in Sharia law.
After Nice attack, Gingrich urges expulsion of Sharia-abiding US Muslims

On U.S. Military Aid to Israel, Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You Netanyahu is misreading the script of the ongoing saga regarding the U.S. military aid package to Israel. It's not Israel's birthright: it's a privilege that must be earned.
Right-wing lawmakers pan US ‘intervention’ in Israeli elections
‘Netanyahu a été brutal dans sa relation avec les Etats-Unis’: Voir Begin comme le début de la fin du sionisme traditionnel Pour l’historien Milton Viorst, la résurgence de Jabotinsky depuis 40 ans est responsable de la marginalisation des négociations de paix
Will Bibi Ever Face Blair's Chilcot Disgrace? Would a Chilcot-style report on Netanyahu’s past decade shred his credibility as it did Blair's? In contrast to the peculiarly British self-flagellation over the findings, would Israelis even care?
Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Suddenly Looking Like a Diplomatic Superstar
Will the IDF Revolt Against Israel’s New Defense Minister?

Congress demands true number of Palestinian refugees from UNRWA

Israël développe sa politique de colonies au grand dam de l'ONU (Pierre Magnan)

Failed Coup in Turkey Leads to Delay of UNESCO Temple Mount Vote in Istanbul
Résolution antisioniste : L’UNESCO remet ça
UNESCO head: Jerusalem is sacred to all three monotheistic faiths
Israel ‘concerned’ over EU revision to UNESCO Jerusalem proposal
Israel to EU: Voting to recognize Temple Mount as solely Muslim site akin to ignoring Jesus
juif.org - Diplomatie française: si c'est juif, on efface, on raye, on remplace! S'il y a du vrai là-dedans, c'est un peu et c'est peut-être ce qui explique pourquoi il y a tant d'attentats terroristes en France depuis 3 ans...
Israel slams EU revision to UNESCO Jerusalem proposal
Israeli police initiate ‘friction activity’ on quiet streets in East Jerusalem to provoke violence
Israeli Border Police Deliberately Provoking Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Israelis Don't Want the Truth, Certainly Not When It Comes to Palestinians If, for instance, Channel 2 news reversed course and started showing what's really happening on the Palestinian side, Israeli viewers would change the channel.

Haneen Zoabi Helps Forge Israel’s National Renewal Without the mirror that the Arab legislator puts in front of us, there’s no chance for the national rehabilitation that every occupying and dispossessing power needs.
Right-wing politicians scrambling to save West Bank Amona outpost

Right-wing Lawmakers Seek to Legalize Largest West Bank Outpost Habayit Hayehudi to push a bill that would allow the expropriation of private Palestinian land on which outposts have been illegally built.

Peter Beinart joins US Jews for civil rights-style protest in West Bank Activists stage sit-in, refuse military order to leave Palestinian property in Hebron; Israeli police detain 6

Israël. Imposer le silence sur les crimes de l’occupation (Gideon Levy)

Radical Leftists Attack Dozens Marching in Solidarity With Hebron Shooter in Tel Aviv Demonstrators, among them former lawmaker Michael Ben-Ari, were attacked by five masked suspects, one of which sprayed them with tear gas.
Et les manifestants qui appuient le soldat qui a tiré un Palestinien désarmé? Sont-ils moins "radicaux"?

Three Jewish Israeli teens have been arrested for an arson revenge attack.

Why Humiliation Became a Routine Tactic in Israeli Prisons Is there an order to Israelis stipulating the wasting of the Palestinians’ time? Is there some supreme order: Be cruel, be heartless, humiliate?

VIDEO - Evolution: from racist to anti-racist

VIDEO - "Take revenge on the non-Jews!"

Israël : l'armée désigne un grand rabbin ayant justifié le viol en temps de guerre
Amid protests, IDF chief sticks with controversial top rabbi pick
IDF summons chief rabbi pick for clarifications over rape comments
Controversial pick for IDF chief rabbi once said women incapable of court testimony
Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of ‘comely gentile women’ during war becomes chief army rabbi
Eisenkot Failed in His Appointment of IDF's Top Rabbi The appointment of a new chief rabbi is especially sensitive today when the question of who has the final authority in the army - the commander or the rabbi - is repeatedly raised.
Bennett chides rabbi who called gay people ‘deviants’
‘Can You Spew Sexism and Homophobia and Still Be Rabbi for ‘Most Moral Army in the World’?
Religious Zionist rabbi under fire for calling homosexuals ‘perverts’
Israel's State-funded Homophobia A senior figure in Israel's network of premilitary academies has called members of the LGBT community 'perverts.' As long as taxpayers fund part of his salary, he cannot remain in his post.
Defense Ministry, Bennett condemn rabbi who called LGBT community 'perverts' 'The Halacha is not meant to be used to divide us or single out people or groups,' says Education Minister Bennett as Defense Ministry director-general seeks clarifications from the pre-army preparatory yeshiva the rabbi heads.
Bennett réprimande un rabbin qui a qualifié les homosexuels de « déviants »
Israeli Ministers Attack Negative Statements About Gays by Rabbi Who Heads pre-IDF Academy 'It is impossible to curse an entire community and hide behind the halakha,' says the education minister after Rabbi Yig'al Levinstein repeatedly called homosexuals 'perverts'.

Nouvelle loi scélérate à la Knesset (AFPS) 

No Incitement Necessary for a Palestinian Town to Hate Israel Sa’ir will recover; its people are well-trained and strong. But it’s not hard to imagine what sort of pent-up feelings are being reinforced by the lockdown of this southern West Bank town.
Israel launches anti-Facebook bill
Facebook sued for $1 billion by families of Israel terror victims
Bill fining Facebook, Twitter for not removing incitement to terror gets ministers’ approval
UK Labor MP: I'm not anti-Semitic, but my Facebook post was

Israeli College Department Head Resigns Over Censorship of Political Artwork Controversy surrounds Shenkar student's drawing of nude with Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's face.

Report on Israeli Education Reforms Takes Jewish Arabness 'Out of the Closet' The Biton report, which invites Israel to reconcile with a Jewish culture it considers inferior, could also open a channel to a culture it considers hostile.

Why Does Britain Keep Harassing Tzipi Livni?
White House compares Boris Johnson to Israeli envoy
Like his boss, new UK FM Boris Johnson is an Israel backer

Le leader travailliste britannique Jeremy Corbyn affronte la cabale des néonconservateurs de droite et de gauche et du lobby sioniste
Angela Eagle Chosen to Front Anti-Corbyn Coup in UK Labour Party
Livingstone dit dénoncer l’antisémitisme et critique le « nettoyage ethnique » israélien Dans un nouveau memorandum au Parlement, l’ancien maire travailliste de Londres soutient une solution à deux Etats bien que le mois dernier il avait qualifié la création d’Israël de « fondamentalement mauvaise »

Vatican Rep to U.N. Security Council: "Let the two States be created now, for the sake of the Israelis and Palestinians"

Gilbert Collard: « la France devrait écouter Israël »

IDF to release imprisoned conscientious objector

BDS victory in Mennonite Church Canada
'Nothing like having a nice Jewish professor attack Israel' Visiting Touro College professor explains why anti-Israel sentiment gaining steam.

Canadian Teacher Under Investigation For Saying Palestinians Had Right to Resist Occupation
Toronto police investigate teacher’s comments at Al-Quds Day rally B’nai Brith Canada has filed a police report against Mississauga teacher Nadia Shoufani for allegedly glorifying terrorists and calling for violence against Israelis at the Toronto Al-Quds Day rally near Queen’s Park on July 2.

Allemagne : la droite populiste se sépare d'un élu antisémite L'extrême-droite en Europe a bcp changé...

Times of Israel: Avant Nice, des Palestiniens avaient déjà utilisé des voitures comme arme létale Alors c'est qui le responsable: Isis ou les Palestiniens?
Après Nice, le deuil entaché par la récupération (Taoufiq Tahani)
Horreur sans frontière (L'égalité d'abord)
PHOTOS: Des palestiniens brandissent le drapeau français le 15/07/16 en solidarité avec les victimes de Nice
Terrorisme : la crainte d’une réplique de l’ultradroite entretien avec Jean-Yves Camus.

La gauche et les musulmans, dans l’angle mort de l’état d’urgence ( Malika As-Sabah)
Muslim Woman Egged At Walmart Because Of Hijab
VIDEO - Paul J. Watson The Myth of the Moderate Muslim Un dangereux anti-islam rabique chez Infowars/prisonplanet: À boycotter et à dénoncer au plus sacrant!

Alan Dershowitz: "Black Lives Matter Is Endangering The Fairness Of Our Legal System". On croirait entendre la dissidence soral-alexjones-davidduke basher le politiquement correct... Mais non c'est un néocons juif qui parle.

Elle tolère la LDJ : le gouvernement l’embauche pour «lutter contre le racisme»

Fascisme rampant : le gouvernement Valls veut « traduire en justice » Panamza
Face à Netanyahou, Valls bafouille et fait profil bas
La gauche peut-elle dire « nous » avec Houria Bouteldja ? (René Monzat)

VIDEO - Goldnadel cite Alain Soral
VIDEO - Éric Zemmour reconnaît faire partie du système
VIDEO - En Rappel: Caron critique Finkielkraut, Ménard, Zemmour, ou Lévy dans son livre conseillé "INCORRECT: Pire que la gauche bobo, la droite bobard". Rien de compliqué, ça résume simplement ,pour les gens "simples", ce que d'autres auteurs ont déjà expliqué de manière plus académique.
VIDEO - La Terreur, par Alain Finkielkraut et l’abbé Maury Retour sur les heures les plus sombres de Nuit Debout (Humour)
« La fin de l’intellectuel français ? » - 3 questions à Shlomo Sand

En Hongrie, une extrême droite qui n'exècre pas l'islam
Céline Pina compare le voile au brassard Nazi (CCIF)
Anti-Islam protest erupts into riot as far right groups fight running battles with anti-fascists
Austrian neo-Nazi wanted to ‘kill all asylum-seekers’
Traitée d'islamo-gauchiste par le Premier ministre, Clémentine Autain renvoie Manuel Valls dans les cordes
Autain : « Valls veut substituer la question de l’identité à la question sociale »
Walid Shoebat Won't Fly Anymore Because Pilots Might Be Muslim
VIDEO - Copé veut interdire le voile dans tous les établissements publics (universités, mairies, hôpitaux...)
Un imam "antisémite" et "conspirationiste" accueilli par Anne Hidalgo à la mairie de Paris.

Barak: Netanyahu in a panic, knows the end of his reign is near
Barak fustige Netanyahu, se plaint d’un « fascisme naissant » en Israël L’ex Premier ministre accuse le Premier ministre d’avoir menti sur son désir d’un Etat palestinien, et de dévaloriser la Shoah en « hitlérisant » toutes les menaces
Barak flogs Netanyahu, laments ‘budding fascism’ in Israel Former PM accuses premier of lying about his desire for Palestinian statehood, cheapening the Holocaust by ‘Hitlerizing’ every threat.
Ya'alon pans Netanyahu as fear-monger, announces run in next election

House passes funding boost for Israeli missile defense despite Obama’s opposition
House approves defense aid to Israel despite veto threat
La Chambre des représentants d’accord pour une hausse du financement du système de défense anti-missile d’Israël Avec l’ombre d’un veto présidentiel qui plane, plus de 600 M de $ ont été alloués à des programmes ; les groupes pro-Israël critiquent la Maison Blanche pour son opposition à l’augmentation de l’aide.
Obama s'oppose à une augmentation de l'aide américaine à Israël, Netanyahu critiqué
Désaccord entre M. Obama et le Congrès sur l’aide financière destinée à la défense antimissile d’Israël

AIPAC Criticizes White House for Opposing Boost in Israel Missile-Defense Funding
In anger, Obama questioned necessity of Israel's qualitative military edge
Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Defense Industry
20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses

Tom DeLay: Obama Is A Communist 'Muslim Sympathizer' Who 'Hates America'

Netanyahu: Israel Will Never Accept Arab Peace Initiative as Basis for Talks With Palestinians Au moins ça a le mérite de la clarté...
Israël: Netanyahu contre l'initiative arabe de paix (médias)

Two ex-Israeli Army Chiefs Join Group That Vows Fight Against Politics of Fear Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi are linking up with former Education Minister Shay Piron’s 'nonpolitical' movement.

Livni: Settlers run Israeli government’s national agenda Zionist Union number two says Barak, Ya’alon’s criticism of Netanyahu important, reiterates call for referendum on two-state solution

Israeli settler runs over Palestinian shepherd's flock of sheep, kills 25

How Israel must fight violent Jewish extremists

After 50 Years of Occupation, Israeli Politics Have Reached a Dead End The right has the authority but doesn't have a policy, while the left has a policy but doesn't have the people.

Israeli Court Rules to Keep Palestinian Clown in Jail Without Trial Mohammed Abu Saha's arrest sparked an international campaign by circus performers for his release. Though no charges have been filed against him, Shin Bet claims he's a member of the PFLP terrorist group.

Reprimand but no trial for IDF officer who ordered ‘salute’ fire at Gaza building

Why Is an Israeli Pro-settler Group Campaigning for Brexit? Right-wing organization Regavim supports the U.K.'s exit from the European Union as punishment for the bloc's support for Palestinians.

Israel absolves colonel who shelled clinic to “honor” soldier

Critics say Israel’s new ‘terrorism’ law criminalizes Palestinian political activism

La mairie israélienne de Jérusalem autorise un projet pour des juifs dans le secteur palestinien

Israël révoque le permis d'entrée d'un haut responsable palestinien

Nobel Laureate's Love of Israel Has Become a Tormented One, Thanks to the Occupation The road Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa has taken with Israel is a sad mirror image of the country's deterioration.

Israel Putting Settlements Before Culture Culture Ministry's change in criteria for allocating state funds to cultural institutions is an infringement on the central democratic concept of freedom of expression.

Israel cuts water supplies in West Bank amid heat and Ramadan

Cisjordanie: Israël coupe l'approvisionnement en eau de territoires occupés

Israël bloque l’accès à ses archives Israël dissimule des documents capitaux pour empêcher que la lumière ne soit faite sur les périodes les plus sombres de son histoire, selon des universitaires.
Les raisons qui font qu’Israël bloque l’accès à ses archives

The Leadership Must Stop Pandering: Israel as a Free Nation Won't Survive the Occupation Democracy requires acceptance of the majority decision, but it does not mandate recognition of the rightness or the moral legitimacy of the majority.

Israel to UNHRC: ‘You’ve never cared for us, how do you expect us to take you seriously?'
UN: 2015 was most violent year in West Bank, Israel in the last decade
UN warns Israel over its refusal to cooperate with human rights investigations
Israël présidera la commission sur le Droit international à l’Onu

Israël : La ministre de la Justice accuse Haaretz d’incitation à la violence. De l'indignation sélective à l'inversion accusatoire...

Jewish ‘Sacred’ Text Predicts Land of Israel Will Encompass the World

Dennis Ross tells American Jews, ‘We need to be advocates for Israel’ — and not for Palestinians

Le Parlement néerlandais appelle à retirer toute aide gouvernementale aux groupes BDS La motion mettant un terme aux paiements directs et indirects à destination de ceux qui sont à la proue de l’appel au boycott contre Israël a été votée par la Chambre basse
Only BDS Can Force Israel to Prove It's a Democracy for Its Arab Citizens Too
Exclusive: Second largest German bank shuts anti-Israel BDS account

Which side are you on in the clash of civilizations?

The CIA and the Myth of a Communist Conspiracy

AIPAC Criticizes White House for Opposing Boost in Israel Missile-Defense Funding
In anger, Obama questioned necessity of Israel's qualitative military edge
Obama Wants to Stop Subsidizing Israel's Defense Industry
20 Congress members send Obama letter requesting protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses

Le projet de plate-forme démocrate exclut d’appeler à la fin de ‘l’occupation’ Sanders a accepté de se rallier à elle et sa plateforme unilatéralement pro-Israël
GOP Zeroes in on 'Stridently anti-Israel' Democrats Ahead of Convention Republican Jewish Coalition launches online ads alleging that 'Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy the pro-Israel consensus that has existed for past sixty years.'
Harvard Study Confirms Media Blackout Torpedoed Sanders Chances A new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy confirms poor media coverage badly hurt the Bernie Sanders campaign.
Republican Jews call Bernie Sanders’ Israel critics ‘today’s Democratic Party’
Republican Jews targeting Democrats over Sanders' platform picks 

George H. W. Bush's national security adviser endorses Clinton for president
L’establishment républicain vote Hillary Clinton
Neocons Endorse Hillary as the US Party of Empire Is Finally Revealed
Clinton éviterait les prises de bec ‘obamaesques’ avec Israël Dennis Ross, qui a servi en tant que conseiller du Moyen Orient pour Bill Clinton, avertit qu’Israël devient de plus en plus isolé et appelle à mettre un terme à la construction en dehors des blocs d’implantations
Clinton would avoid Obama-esque spats with Israel, ex-diplomat says Dennis Ross, who served as Mideast adviser to Bill Clinton, warns that Israel is becoming more isolated, calls for end to building outside settlement blocs.

La politique extérieure de Clinton sera plus à craindre que celle de Trump
Donald Trump’s Non-Apology for Online Anti-Semitism Isn’t Good Enough
L'ascension de Trump a fait augmenter les commentaires du style "sale youpin, retourne à Auschwitz"
Nazi Detector App Brands Right-Wing Extremists — and Donald Trump
Michael Ian Black Trolled By Neo-Nazis for His Donald Trump Children’s book
Israeli Rabbinical Court Rejects Rabbi Who Converted Ivanka Trump
Top Trump aide: He’d back Israeli annexations in West Bank
Trump Endorses Israeli Land Theft, Opposes Palestinian Statehood
On Trump’s VP shortlist, Israel support runs from muddled to measured
Jared Kushner tensions reportedly behind ouster of Trump campaign manager
Tensions with Trump's Jewish son-in-law reportedly behind ouster of campaign manager
On Trump’s VP shortlist, Israel support runs from muddled to measured All of the presumptive GOP nominee’s options for running mate vow backing for the Jewish state, some more controversially than others.

Donald Trump praises Israel’s racial profiling, calls for same in US
Trump backs racial profiling, citing Israel’s ‘success’ Republican candidate says ‘common sense’ beats ‘political correctness’ in quest for security after Orlando massacre
Donald Trump Says America Needs More Racial Profiling — Like Israel
Trump Says U.S. Should Consider Racial Profiling, Cites Israel as a Role Model 'You look at Israel and you look at others and they do it and they do it successfully,' presumptive Republican nominee says, though it wasn't immediately clear how the tactic should be employed.
On Walls and Racial Profiling, Trump Damns Israel With Loud Praise His tributes could turn off critics as well as admirers of Israel, who loathe the presumptive GOP candidate.

How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Michael Collins Piper, in his book The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America has done an excellent job of describing the relationship between Donald Trump and Resorts International. The following excerpt sums up the relationship: “In 1987, upon the death of longtime CIA front man James Crosby, the nominal head of Resorts International, up-and-coming young New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump stepped into the picture and bought Crosby’s interest in the gambling empire.” “Trump soon became a household name, with his colorful personality and his insistence upon naming a variety of luxury hotels, apartment houses and other commercial ventures after himself. But while the name “Trump” appeared in the headlines, the names of the real movers behind Resorts International remained hidden from public view.” The support of the Rothschild’s would become even more apparent. After quickly expanding the reach of Resorts International to Atlantic City in the final years of the 1980’s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble as the real estate market in New York tanked. The three casinos in Atlantic City, like other Trump assets, were under threat from lenders. It was only with the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr., senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. that Trump was allowed to keep the casinos and rebuild his threatened empire.
Trump Scares the Establishment (dans le journal de la John Birch Society - c'est louche de recevoir l'appui de la JBS!!)
The Corporate Funding of Islamophobia, A Multimillion Dollar Operation in Support of Donald Trump Funding Islamophobia: $206m Went to Promoting 'Hatred' of American Muslims.
12 Fringe Conspiracy Theories Embraced By A Man Who Might Be The Next President
Why isn’t the assassination attempt on Donald Trump bigger news?

VIDEO - RYDAWSON: Radical Islam feeds off of radical American intervention
Les huit erreurs de la politique américaine au Proche-Orient (Chas W. Freeman Jr.)
US Intel Vets Slam State Dept Warmongering

Sanders appointee to 'Post': Democratic platform should include 'occupation,' right to boycott
What the Democratic Platform on Israel Fails to Mention Can Palestinians really be 'free to govern themselves' if no one acknowledges the military occupation? By trying to have it both ways, Democrats ended up with a platform that says nothing.

Elizabeth Warren Is the Surprising Israel Hawk on Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Shortlist
“The Less Evil Argument” by Noam Chomsky, John Halle: “The Left Vote for Neoliberal War-monger Hillary Clinton…”

Trump Family and Friends (Peut-être pas fiable. Au moins ça semble plus sérieux que "Poutine juif franc-maçon")
Donald Trump Sounds Like 'Alex Jones Or Joseph Farah'
'Dump Trump' Campaign Unlikely to Derail the Presumptive Republican Nominee
Trump better choice by far – Alan Sabrosky
Is Donald Trump-Style Populism Just Human Nature?
Trump’s Vice Presidential Shortlist: Handpicked to Handle Congress
Uh oh: Trump considering pro-Israel NEOCONS for VP
Donald Trump Taps Michele Bachmann, James Dobson and Other Far-Right Leaders For Advisory Board
Is Trump Really the Anti-Neocon?
Donald Trump Pushes Back Against Anti-Israel Question — Vows ‘100%’ Support
Donald Trump’s U-Turn on Palestine, Firmly Committed to the Israel Lobby

Trump's Rhetoric Related to Uptick in anti-Semitism in U.S., ADL Chief Says 'I’m not saying that Donald Trump is a racist or anti-Semite but the racists and anti-Semites have come out of the woodwork during this political season to support him,” Jonathan Greenblatt says.
Time to form an American Jewish Emergency Committee Against Donald Trump
What Republicans in Israel think of Donald Trump and why it matters
Donald Trump Faces Summer of Yucks and Jeers From Liberal Jews
To stop Trump, America needs more solidarity than Britain showed in Brexit vote

Donald Trump est accusé d'avoir tweeté un message antisémite d'Hillary Clinton
Did Trump use anti-Semitic imagery in attack on Clinton?
Trump tweets image depicting Clinton, cash and the Star of David
Donald Trump Launches Blatantly Anti-Semitic Attack Against Hillary Clinton
Anti-Semitic Meme Used by Trump Was Taken From White Supremacist Message Board Website reveals that meme declaring Hillary Clinton to be the 'most corrupt candidate ever,' featuring a Star of David, was posted on an online neo-Nazi message board over a week before Trump tweeted it.
Trump Quickly Replaces Tweet That Prompted Cries of anti-Semitism Online 'Trump's new anti-Hilary ad is a pile of money overlaid with her face and a star of david,' wrote Max Fisher of the original image. 'Wonder what the message is?'
Trump deletes anti-Clinton corruption ad with Star of David Superimposed over piles of cash, presumptive GOP nominee uses Jewish star to attack his Democratic rival, scraps it after backlash.
Trump, Clinton campaigns clash over ‘Stargate’
Un tweet anti-Clinton de Trump suscite l’indignation
Trump Hires the ‘Best’ People — for Following the Anti-Semitic Twitterverse
Donald Trump blames ‘dishonest media’ for fuss over tweet depicting Star of David
Trump says star he tweeted wasn't Star of David Candidate insists that star in anti-Clinton tweet need not necessarily be the symbol of Judaism; the original graphic was used on a neo-Nazi site before Trump tweeted it.
Was Trump's 'Star of David' a 'Sheriff's star'?
Trump Tweet TRUE! — It’s no (((coincidence))) that her top seven donors are all Jewish!
Paul Ryan Blasts Trump for Star of David Tweet: 'I Don't Know What Flunky Put This Up There'
By Refusing To Vote For Trump, Glenn Beck Is Standing Against 'The Entire World,' Just Like Gandhi And Nelson Mandela
Rubio to seek re-election, blasts Trump as ‘worrisome’

Rubio to run for reelection, intent on killing Iran deal
Ted Cruz, Who Attended Event Calling For Gays To Be Put To Death, Delivers Characteristically Smug Response To Orlando Attack

Are Republicans Facing a Nasty Platform Battle of Their Own Over Israel?
Jews’ Best Friends: Patriotards, Christian Identity, White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis And Libertarians

Shimon Peres slams Israeli critics of Obama: It wouldn’t hurt us to say thank you
Shimon Peres fustige la critique israélienne envers Barack Obama

Moshe Yaalon declares intention to run for prime minister
Ya'alon and Barak's Speeches Bashing Netanyahu Excel in Absurdity and Hypocrisy Do any of Netanyahu's opponents on the 'left' have a comment on the future of the occupation? Everyone is busy making diagnoses, but only a very few are suggesting a treatment.

Ehud Barak: Netanyahu policies “may” turn Israel into apartheid state
Ehud Barak accuse le gouvernement Netanyahu d’installer l’apartheid

4 IDF chiefs attack prime minister: ‘Time for Netanyahu to go’

Look Who's Demonizing Israel Now The Netanyahu government now appears to need entirely unexpected enemies to demonize. For example, the very people we entrust at the highest level, to keep terrorists from murdering us. On Sunday, Bitan made it to the top of the front page of Israel Hayom, Sheldon Adelson's acrobatically pro-Netanyahu, Kremlin Wall of a newspaper, which quoted Bitan as declaring that "Over the years, the heads of the Mossad and the Shin Bet turn into leftists." Coalition chairman calls Mossad, Shin Bet ‘leftists’

The black hole of Israeli democracy Ya'alon hints at fundraising for new party in letter Talk of a new party has become all the rage, but political history shows such movements lack institutions and internal democracy, and tend to have a short shelf life.

‘Once occupation ends, terrorism will disappear’: Abbas speech in EU parliament enrages Israel
Libération: Les colonies israéliennes, obstacle à la paix (Israël répond: L'antisémitisme de Libération: un obstacle à la paix)
EU Foreign Ministers Endorse French Initiative, Call for Mideast Peace Summit by Year's End EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini says Quartet report on Israeli-Palestinian stalemate to be published in next few days; Netanyahu to meet with Kerry next Sunday in Rome.
EU-backed French Peace Initiative Constitutes a Vote of No-confidence in Netanyahu Indeed, it's hard to understand how advancing the settlement enterprise in isolated areas of the West Bank accords with advancing a two-state solution.
Au déplaisir d’Israël, les ministres de l’UE vont soutenir l’initiative française Même si des négociations directes sont préférables, les États européens “ignorent” les objections de Jérusalem.
Israël critique l’initiative de paix “colonialiste” de l’Europe L’UE n’a “aucune crédibilité” pour traiter du conflit tant qu’elle ne peut pas résoudre ses propres problèmes, fulmine un responsable.
Israel blasts Europe’s ‘colonialist’ peace initiative
UE : les accusations israéliennes de « colonialisme » sont fausses et choquantes L’Union riposte à l’attaque d’un représentant du ministère des Affaires étrangères, et déclare que l’absence d’accord de paix a des répercussions mondiales.
EU: Israeli accusations of ‘colonialism’ false and offensive Union snaps back after attack by Foreign Ministry official, says absence of peace agreement has global repercussions.

Netanyahu accuses Abbas of spreading ‘blood libel’ in EU speech that earns standing ovation
Abbas : "Israël commet des assassinats de masse"
Abbas tente de revenir sur ses propos antisémites

Israël accuse les autorités palestiniennes d’être responsables de la pénurie d’eau en Cisjordanie
Israel blames Palestinians for West Bank water shortage

Israel: Water as a Tool to Dominate Palestinians
Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source in West Bank Village
VIDEO - Israel cuts off water to West Bank Palestinians during Ramadan

Israel driving out Negev's Bedouin Palestinians through home demolitions
Israel Reportedly Constructing Underground Wall around Gaza

How Israel stays a ‘well-regulated militia’ with so many guns around  La seule chose que Alex Jones reproche à l'AIPAC et autres lobbys israélo-américains comme l'ADL, c'est leur appui hypocrite au contrôle des armes à feu aux USA, alors qu'ils passent sous silence le fait qu'en Israel tout le monde peut s'armer presque autant qu'il veut sans difficulté. Israel (Tsahal) laisse tranquille les colons superarmées même quand leurs armes sont illégales ou non enregistrées. C'est des ordres politiques qui dictent le gros de la conduite des soldats en territoires occupés, et l'ordre est de laisser les colons tranquilles tant qu'ils ont pas de mandat. Why It’s OK for Israelis to Own Guns But Not You

IDF murders yet another Palestinian teen, wounds another responding to stone throwing attack
Quels medias pour s’émouvoir de l’assassinat d’un jeune trisomique palestinien ?

L’armée israélienne tue un adolescent de 15 ans et en blesse grièvement 4 autres, "par erreur"

Worldwide anger over shocking pictures of Israeli soldiers posing with dead Palestinians

Pourquoi Israël interdit-il farouchement l’accès à ses archives ?

Yehuda Glick Brings Extreme Vision of Temple Mount to the Knesset — With an Affable Touch

VIDEO - Zionist jews protest "avenge one of my eyes!"
Christians Palestinians Fear Expansion of Jewish Settlers
Jews Call for Destruction Of Christianity During Greek Orthodox Pentecost Prayer in Jerusalem

Obscene – Israel To Host A ‘Genocide Conference’ in Jerusalem (Double article)
It's official: Psychopaths rule our world - Israel elected to chair UNGA
US Congressmen to investigate UNRWA schools for inciting terrorism (teaching "hatred of Israel and Jews")

I'm in Israeli Military Jail Because I Won't Collaborate With the Occupation The girls I meet in military prison aren't criminals. Most did trivial things and many are from disadvantaged groups, which says a lot about our society.
As Israel becomes more nationalistic, liberal US Jews become more distant
‘Washington Post’ publishes article by Jewish leader urging boycott of Israel

Jewish woman pleads guilty over synagogue bomb hoax

Defense Ministry Official: Israel, Like Other Countries, Exports Arms Not Only to Democracies Israel does not transfer arms to countries in which genocide is taking place, head of the defense export control agency says. 'We take human rights very seriously.'

Alleged CIA ‘profiling’ of Jews prompts outrage

Ethiopian-Israeli chief rabbi said fired for anti-racism stance
Israel’s fear of the “desert” Jews in its midst

We Cannot Give Up the Western Wall to ultra-Orthodox 'Forces of Darkness' Israelis cannot allow our most sacred places to be controlled exclusively by a messianic, supremacist minority whose Judaism doesn't place human dignity at the center of Jewish life.
What’s Truly Absurd About Women of the Wall In demanding the right to recite the priestly blessing, these allegedly progressive women are trying to revive what was a pillar of discrimination within ritual Judaism.

Israeli Mayor Ordered to Remove Offensive 'Modesty Signs' Once and for All Some of the signs instruct women how to dress, requiring them to wear long sleeves and long skirts and no tight-fitting clothing. Other signs order them to keep off the sidewalks near synagogues and yeshivas, where men tend to congregate.

Israël renforce ses restrictions sur le mariage La Knesset maintient la peine de 2 ans de prison pour les couples qui n’ont pas choisi un rabbin approuvé pour leur mariage MDR!!
Marriage With Non-Jews Now Carries Prison Sentence In Israel

'Si vous boycottez Israël, New York vous boycottera' Un décret anti-BDS change la donne aux Etats-Unis Le décret du gouverneur de New York soulève des questions sur la constitutionnalité et les droits de l’homme.
Le gouverneur de New York lance une attaque grave contre la liberté d’expression pour protéger Israël par Glenn Greenwald

‘There will be consequences against Israeli BDS-supporters’
Israel lawfare group plans “massive punishments” for activists
FRANCE – The ‘jewish Brigade’ threatens to ‘scalp’ thousands of BDS activists
Israel Setting up ‘Dirty Tricks’ Unit 
to Find, Spread Dirt on BDS Groups

Le député socialiste Alexis Bachelay dépose un amendement pour que le « boycott » ne soit plus un délit
France: un député antisémite veut lever l'interdiction du boycott des juifs d'Israël
Tous pour le retrait des produits des colonies israéliennes de nos magasins ! (AFPS Lorraine-Sud)

Canadian Political Candidate James Sears Calls Out Zionism in TV Debate

German lawmaker accused of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial Wolfgang Gedeon avoids party expulsion until experts weigh in on writings in which he calls the Holocaust a ‘civil religion of the West’.
GERMANY – Germans think Jews have too much influence, finds study
Un député allemand accusé d’antisémitisme et de négationnisme

Gwenaëlle Grovonius : la socialiste belge, antisémite, qui use des méthodes staliniennes
Haine d’Israël : le Parti socialiste belge, pris en flagrant délit de mensonge, joue la carte de l’antisémitisme

BRAZIL – jews Sue Newspapers For Article Blaming President’s Ouster On ‘Zionists’
Un journal brésilien blâme les Juifs pour la suspension de Rousseff
Rio Jews sue far-left news service for article blaming president’s ouster on ‘Zionists’
US ready to raise military aid to Israel if more funds spent on American materiel New package could top $40 billion over 10 years; Susan Rice indicates arrangements allowing Israel to purchase domestically must change.

‘NY Jewish Week’ speaks bluntly of ‘Israel firsters’ in US politics
Neocons, cockroaches and the extinction of humanity
Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches

AIPAC lauds Senate for additional foreign aid, anti-BDS action for Israel
GOP Rep: Apologizing For Anti-Muslim Comment Like Apologizing To Germany After World War II
GOP Rep Dave Brat Appears On Alex Jones' Conspiracy Radio Show

New Security Council slightly better for Israel, but no game-changer Jerusalem’s situation in key UN body remains volatile with the entry of Sweden, the first EU state to recognize ‘Palestine,’ though Kazakhstan provides diplomatic toehold
Le Conseil de sécurité s’apprête à enjoindre à Israël de rompre avec al-Qaïda par Thierry Meyssan

UN ‘deeply disappointed’ by Israel’s new West Bank construction

Gold to 'Post': Quartet report could cause Israel diplomatic damage
Israel rejects Quartet report ‘myths’ as PA blasts incitement criticism
Quartet report’s focus on incitement is a victory for Netanyahu
Le quartet demande à Israël de cesser la colonisation
Israel should stop building settlements and denying Palestinian development, says Middle East peace quartet
Israel wants to keep Quartet report from becoming basis for new UN resolution

Netanyahu vs. the Generals
The New and Secret Investigation Against Netanyahu
Netanyahu promised in 1997: 'I'll only serve as PM for two terms' 'If you don't get it done in your first term, you might get it done in your second term, but you don't need any more than that,' the candidate for prime minister said ahead of the elections. Mais c'est clairement pas le genre de gars dont on peut dire qu'il tient parole...

Zogby answers his critics: 'I’ve just been cast as the anti-Israel guy'

Senator to 'Post': Congress acts to shut loophole on Palestinian convict stipends

Zoabi doubles down on claim IDF troops are ‘murderers’ Controversial MK says she represents ‘world consensus,’ would be applauded on ‘any stage’ – as opposed to Netanyahu
MKs blame Zoabi for terrorist attack that killed 13-year-old girl
Zoabi (une des seules ministres arabes de la Knesset) sera-t-elle finalement bannie de la Knesset ?

Bennett calls for imprisonment, expulsion of terrorists’ families

Israel's Planned Construction Beyond the Green Line Cynically Exploits the Terror Wave
Half of Israeli Jews oppose West Bank withdrawal — poll

800 New Settlements Units To Be Built In East Jerusalem

Father of soldier accuses IDF of framing son in Hebron shooting Bullshit.

Palestinian village demolished for the ‘100th time since 2010’

De façon « outrageante et inhumaine » Israël coupe l’eau dans les territoires palestiniens

10-Year Old Palestinian Girl Arrested On Settler Children Accusation

Israel To Create Secret Burial Area For Slain Palestinians

IDF reservists question 'harassment' tactics of Breaking the Silence

Israeli Settlers Attack Bethlehem; Spray ‘Death to Arabs’ on Palestinian Property

Convicted Judaic Murderer–‘An angel commanded me to kill’

Jewish terrorist gets 2 life term sentences over murder of Palestinians, after court axes appeal

One Person Isn’t Buying Yehuda Glick’s Temple Mount Crusade — His Mom

The Jewish ban on intermarriage has become a curse
Intermarriage and the Jews: What would the early Israelites say?

A Jérusalem, une manifestation contre « l’extrémisme du rabbinat »

Far-right Orthodox groups seek court ban on pluralism at Western Wall

Let’s Learn From Israel's Yemenites

Jewish Home ministers to vote against Turkey reconciliation Bennett and Shaked say paying compensation to the families of Turks killed in the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid sets a ‘dangerous precedent’.
La dissidence est encore sur la même ligne que les sionistes ultras.... Pas surprenant du tout.

Brexit, The Jews and The Fear Of European Nationalism
Right-wing Populism Wins in Britain and Israel When people are hurting and resentful, logical and considered arguments do not capture hearts; simple stories do.
Et si le Brexit n'était qu'un énorme coup stratégique
Alain Finkielkraut lors de l'émission « L'Esprit de l'escalier » : Brexit, "les eurocrates ne l'ont pas volé!" Finkie sur la même ligne que la Dissidence... Rien de neuf, ni de surprenant. Mais la Dissidence est trop attardée pour remarquer ça et commencer à se poser des questions.
The Brexit “Blame Game”: Bashing Jeremy Corbyn…
Corbyn refuse de démissionner, malgré la motion de défiance « Le vote d’aujourd’hui des députés n’a aucune légitimité constitutionnelle », a déclaré le chef du Labour britannique
Defiant Corbyn won’t resign despite trouncing in no-confidence vote After 172 of 229 Labour MPs choose to oust him, party leader says ballot has ‘no constitutional legitimacy’
'They Shall (Not) Pass': Brexit Vote Shows How Cracks in Anti-racist Coalitions Could Win Trump the White House Few believed the 'rational' Brits would buy a ridiculous, isolationist stunt like Brexit, a better fit for the U.S.' increasingly dark mood. But unlike 70 years ago, the anti-fascist movement is divided.
Blame Facebook for Donald Trump and Brexit The site threatens to impose a world order that is racist, separatist, militant, tribal and religious, and to dismantle any universal, humanist and liberal identity.
EXCLUSIF : La député JO Cox défendait la Palestine, et son assassin néo-nazi adore l’apartheid israélien (photos)

Israël accuse Facebook de « saboter » sa répression en Cisjordanie (Guillaume Champeau)
Israeli politician slams Zuckerberg, accuses Facebook of allowing incitement
Israel: Facebook’s Zuckerberg has blood of slain Israeli teen on his hands After murder of Hallel Ariel, 13, by terrorist who posted on Facebook, top minister says site ‘sabotages work of police,’ provides a platform for terrorists.
Facebook rejects harsh Israeli critique over incitement Top minister had said ‘monster’ company’s CEO, Zuckerberg, has blood of slain Israeli teen on his hands.
Israeli pol: Mark Zuckerberg has terror victim’s ‘blood’ on his hands

Jeremy Corbyn appears to compare supporters of Israel, ISIS at release of anti-Semitism report
Outrage as British Labour leader appears to compare Israel to Islamic State Israel’s Labor leader Herzog slams Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘betrayal of Labour values, hatred of Israel’; Lapid urges Labor to sever ties with UK counterpart, so long as ‘anti-Semitism’-spouting Corbyn is in charge
Jeremy Corbyn accused of comparing Israel to I.S.I.S
In Right-wing Putsch, UK Labour MPs Deliver Overwhelming Anti-Corbyn Vote
MKs slam Corbyn’s ‘anti-Semitic’ comparison of Israel to ISIS
Au Labour, un événement contre l'antisémitisme interrompu... par des déclarations antisémites
Killing Corbyn
British Labour Party apologizes for incendiary Corbyn remarks UK opposition leader implied parallel between Israel and Islamic State, prompting outrage in Israel
Herzog MKs slam Corbyn’s ‘anti-Semitic’ comparison of Israel to ISIS
At anti-Semitism inquiry, Corbyn regrets calling Hezbollah, Hamas ‘friends’
Jeremy Corbyn: Jews Must Not Be Blamed “for the Actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government”
“Regime Change” in Britain’s Labour Party? The Ashcroft Opinion Poll – Is This Why Jeremy Corbyn Must Go?
UK Labour rising star compared Israel to the Nazis Revelation comes a week after Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS.
Corbyn, British Labour and Anti-Semitism
Jeremy Corbyn Labour coup designed to stop him 'calling for Tony Blair's head' after Chilcot report, says Alex Salmond
UK's Labour party reinstates lawmaker suspended for Israel comment
Labour Reinstates Naz Shah After Suspension Over anti-Israel Remark
Jewish Labour MP harangued as party’s anti-Semitism report unveiled After Corbyn supporter accuses her of controlling media, Ruth Smeeth says Labour under his stewardship not a ‘safe space’ for Jews.
Labour Party’s anti-Semitism Inquiry Findings Show the Party Has Failed to Learn Instead of educating Labour members about the new anti-Semitism plaguing the party, the Chakrabarti Inquiry wrote it off as 'a series of unhappy incidents,' thus missing a major teachable moment.
The real reason the permanent political class is trying to topple Jeremy Corbyn

Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, but not Nazism
Livingston maintient ses propos sur le sionisme d’Hitler, mais regrette le tollé L’ancien maire de Londres ne se rétracte pas mais s’excuse auprès du peuple juif ou de toute autre personne qu’il aurait pu offenser
Former London Mayor: Committee Investigating anti-Semitism Is 'Obsessed With Hitler' In written statement, Ken Livingstone slams line of question at committee hearing over anti-Semitism probe.
Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, but not Nazism

Une officine liée au Mossad crée sur Facebook une page « antisémite »

ADL slams Presbyterian Church decision to explore 2-state solution alternatives

Les militants antisémites utilisent de nouvelles parenthèses pour mener leur cyber-guerre

Doctors Without Borders Denies Institutional Anti-Semitism

Antisémitisme sur la chaîne de télévision Russia Today

Far-right German Political Party AfD Sharply Divided Over anti-Semitic Member

Campaign to revoke the Jewish National Fund of Canada’s Charitable Status

Israel boycott ban: Three councils cleared of anti-semitism over Israeli goods boycott

L’Europe retrouve un de ses fondamentaux : l’antisémitisme médiéval
Le sentiment anti-Israël de l'Europe ? « être pour ou contre Israël est devenu un cliché purement social »

À Toulouse comme ailleurs, c’est l’occupant qu’il faut sanctionner, pas les boycotteurs ! (UJFP)
Pour la France, c'est officiel : critiquer Israël est une forme d’antisémitisme (Guillaume Weil-Raynal)
Une loi française rédigée par les officines israéliennes

Clavreul : « La mobilisation palestinienne est beaucoup plus radicale en France qu’ici en Israel » Qu’est-ce que la DILCRA de Gilles Clavreul ? Par la revue Faits et Documents

Nathan Sharansky au congrès de l'Agence Juive à Paris : « Il n'y a pas d'avenir pour les Juifs en France à cause de l'antisémitisme arabe et de l'antisionisme »
Sharansky : "pas d'avenir pour les Juifs en France" L'ancien leader refuznik anti-soviet sur la même ligne que les ultras nationalistes juifs qui gouvernent Israel en ce moment.

Les nouvelles guerres coloniales (Sonya Faure)
Gilbert Collard sera en Israël en juin « en vue d’une normalisation des relations entre Israël et le Front National »
Peut-on critiquer l’anticonspirationnisme? (Nicolas Lebourg)
Civitas : qui se cache derrière l'association catholique devenue un parti politique ?
Migrants/réfugiés, la confusion qui arrange bien le groupe "droite nationale"
Dreuz, fournisseur officiel de hoaxes pour la fachosphère
Le site de la "secte antisémite" debunkersdehoax attaque Dreuz
RAPPEL: Les syndicalistes de la CGT pour Gilbert Collard ou Connard ce sont des "islamo-gauchistes"Gilles Kepel, l’islamo-gauchisme, la CGT et les hooligans
Geert Wilders Claims “Islam and Freedom are Incompatible.”
Dreuz.info: Les islamistes veulent notre mort, les islamophiles notre silence
Two Muslim Teens Viciously Beaten Outside A Brooklyn Mosque
Geert Wilders : « défendons la liberté »
The Strange Case of Jared Taylor (excerpt from The High Priests of War)
VIDEO - Piero San Giorgio - with Jared Taylor on Crime and Race statistics Tiens donc, encore notre"Piero San Giorgio" qui s'acoquine avec nos ennemis sionistes... Voir The Bell Curve: bestseller du suprématisme juif)

Pour le franc-maçon frontiste G. Collard : « Les casseurs appartiennent à la mouvance des islamo-gauchistes »
Manuel Valls envisage de dissoudre des groupes d’extrême gauche
Qui fait l’apologie du terrorisme ? (Alain Gresh)

« Les crânes de résistants algériens » n’ont rien à faire au Musée de l’homme (collectif)

EU agrees to transfer of Europeans’ personal data to US servers

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan : «L’oligarchie mondiale ne supporte plus la démocratie»

Putin Denounces Western Support for Terrorists and Neo-Nazis

Les États-Unis insensibles à l’Europe par Pierre Dortiguier (Retour sur le discours de Friedman dans lequel il admet que l'objectif de l'Occident depuis la PGM est d'empêcher à tout prix un rapprochement entre l'Allemagne et la Russie.)

Le message audio du fils de ben Laden provient d'un groupe israélo-américain

This is how the CIA's first captive after 9/11 described his years of torture

VIDEO - Les racines britanniques du terrorisme international - J. Cheminade Ça c'est une chose dont la "dissidence" ne parle pas: la spécificité du renseignement britannique dans l'instrumentalisation du faux terrorisme (ils croient que ça suffit de dire "anglo-WASP" ou "américano-sioniste").

Putin calls Obama to discuss ‘better coordination’ in Syria
Germans and Canadians illegally invade Syria – no one cares Si on arrêtait d'envoyer nos troupes foutre la merde dans leur pays, ils seraient pas obligés de fuir leur pays pour venir s'installer chez nous...

GB: Jeremy Corbyn s'excuse pour la guerre en Irak au nom du parti travailliste

Is the Coup Against Corbyn a Plot to Spare Tony Blair from War Crimes Probe?
VIDEO - Jeremy Corbyn gives #Chilcot statement
Un million d'Irakiens morts plus tard : le mea culpa des hypocrites du gouvernement de Blair
George W. Bush maintient que le monde se porte mieux sans Saddam Hussein
Crimes Against Peace: The Chilcot Inquiry, Tony Blair and Iraq
The Chilcot Report Is Out, Tony Blair Apologises But Still Justifies His Decision
Tony Blair Speech: Blair Pledges ‘No Excuses’ for Iraq, Then Spends Two Hours Making Excuses
VIDEO - "Tony Blair, vous êtes le plus grand terroriste de la planète" crie une mère d'un soldat britannique
From Winston Churchill to Tony Blair: How British Leaders Destroyed Iraq for over a Century
‘Act now, explain later’: What Blair told George Bush TWO YEARS before Iraq invasion
Le rapport Chilcot sur l’Irak : Un crime de guerre de l’impérialisme britannique et américain
Chilcot report: Tony Blair is now facing the prospect of legal action over his decision to go to war in Iraq
Un rapport accablant souligne les erreurs de Tony Blair sur la guerre d’Irak (Thomas Cantaloube)
Clinton slams Trump for praising Saddam Hussein, 'killer of Israelis'
Iraq War Report Justifies Britons' Lack of Faith in the Establishment A line can be drawn between the numerous failures of the 2003 war and Cameron's failure to keep Britain in the EU - people no longer believe their leaders.
Pre-war, Blair quizzed Bush on response if Iraq struck Israel
Trump offers praise for Iraq’s Saddam Hussein

Trump insists Clinton tweet isn’t anti-Semitic, praises Saddam again
‘No way’ six-point star in Trump tweet was sheriff’s badge, white supremacist says David Duke says symbol in image depicting ‘corrupt’ Democratic nominee over piles of money was clearly Star of David; claims message ‘all true’.
Donald Trump Retweets Creator of Pic Showing Bernie Sanders Sent to Gas Chamber (jan 2016)
Jared Kushner’s employee blasts him for ignoring anti-Semitic imagery in Trump campaign
Trump’s Jewish Son-in-law Blasted for Star of David Tweet 'You went to Harvard... please do not pretend you don’t understand the imagery of a six-sided star when juxtaposed with money,' employee says in open letter to Kushner.
Trump's Jewish Son-in-law Responds to Scathing Op-ed: 'Donald Is Not an anti-Semite' Jared Kushner praises father-in-law in response to an opinion published in the New York Observer, the newspaper he owns. >
Jared Kushner under fire from family over defense of Trump
Jared Kushner responds to open letter: Trump is not an anti-Semite
The Alt-Right Explained in 7 Must-Know Terms
The Era of Populism Is Upon Us - Both in Israel and Abroad The masses in Pittsburgh, Birmingham, Marseilles and Beit Shemesh feel helpless, and this is turning into rage, and the rage is leading to the adoption of vile opinions and irrational political positions.
Trump n'est pas antisémite, déclare son gendre juif
Trump's Defenders Say He Isn't Personally Bigoted. That's Not The Point.
Jared Kushner's family blasts him for invoking Holocaust survivor grandparents to defend Trump
Trump cites Disney's Frozen in defense of Star of David tweet
Trump se sert de «La Reine des neiges» pour dire qu'il n'est pas antisémite
How Philip Roth Predicted the Rise of Donald Trump Mexican restaurant boots Jewish Trump supporter
Rejeter Lookstein [le rabbin qui a converti Ivanka Trump] ‘délégitime’ Israël, déclare Sharansky lors d’une manifestation
Jewish Ex-senator Joins Growing List of Republicans Vowing Not to Vote for Trump
Sur la liste des vice-présidents potentiels de Trump, le soutien à Israël va de confus à modéré
Trump campaign's 'anti-Semitic overtones' no accident, DNC chair suggests
Ivanka Trump for (Jewish) Vice President?
Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?
Donald Trump can lay ‘Stargate’ to rest — assuming he wants to
Jared Kushner slammed by relatives for defending Donald Trump’s ‘Star of David’ tweet
Jewish groups condemn racism, anti-Semitism in 2016 campaign
Without Naming Trump, U.S. Jewish Groups Condemn anti-Semitism in Presidential Race
Trump: 'Sick people' in media called contested tweet image a Star of David
Under Trump, the Old anti-Semitism Is Making a Comeback
Trump adviser says Jews can't expect immediate condemnations on anti-Semitism
Progressive Jewish groups call on Jewish Republicans to withdraw Trump support
The Establishment GOP Has Dumped Donald Trump in Favor of Hillary Clinton
Michele Bachmann: 'God May Have Lifted Up Trump' To Save Americ
Michael Flynn, the retired general on Donald Trump’s VP shortlist, explained
Why Newt Gingrich is Christian Nationalists’ Dream Veep
Newt Gingrich cites Disney imagery in echoing Trump’s Star of David defense
Is Donald Trump’s Inadvertent Anti-Semitism Worse Than the Real Thing?
Donald Trump's adviser slams American policy on Russia during speech in Moscow
Petition urges Republican Jews to withdraw support for Trump
The Jewish Couple at the Center of the Trump Institute Scandal
Ex-KKK Chief David Duke Welcomes Trump's Controversial Star of David Tweet Former grand wizard says that he welcomes Trump's exposure of 'the hidden hand,' adding that Hilary Clinton's top donors are 'all Zio-Tribalists.'

How Republicans Tried To Flip the Jewish Vote — and Created Donald Trump

Here’s the growing list of big-name Republicans {Neocons} supporting Hillary Clinton
House Democrats Boo Sanders for Failing to Quit Race and Endorse Clinton Sanders defended himself to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, saying the reported situation was 'a bit of an exaggeration' and the conflict stems from simple 'differences of opinion.'
Clinton camp quells bid to add ‘occupation’ into Democratic party platform
J Street lauds Democrats for putting Palestinian rights in platform
Clinton Supporters Reject Changes to Democrats' Platform on Israeli Settlements

J Street Israel head: Hillary win won’t end sticky US-Israel ties The strained relationship between Israel and the American Left will not improve automatically when there is a president of the United States whom Israelis perceive to be less critical than the current one, J Street’s Israel director, Yael Patir, told The Jerusalem Post in an interview in the capital on Wednesday.
Right-Wing Activists Immediately Start Spreading Conspiracy Theories About Why Hillary Clinton Won't Be Indicted
Clinton’s Careless Emails vs. Trump’s anti-Semitic Tweets, Round 2 Netanyahu was also condemned by a harsh judicial report that yielded no indictment. That was 20 years ago, and he’s still going strong.
Le camp Clinton rejette une proposition démocrate contre les implantations
VIDEO - In light of Bernie Endorsing Clinton (Told you so)

Glenn Beck, Who Mocked Congress For Apologizing For Slavery, Now Says America Needs Racial Reconciliation
Glenn Beck: 'Pack Your Crap And Move To Texas ... Before We Close The Northern Border' J'allais dire maudit mongol de Glenn Beck, mais c'est pas respectueux envers les trisomiques et les habitants de la Mongolie.
Frank Gaffney: Black Lives Matter Working With 'Islamic Supremacists' To Incite Revolution
Former Netanyahu aide's role in anti-Obama effort downplayed
Report: Senate Panel Probing Whether Obama Administration Funded anti-Netanyahu Campaign
NGO used US tax dollars in anti-Netanyahu election campaign, Senate finds

L'UNESCO tente une nouvelle foi de nier la connexion juive au Mont du Temple
Israël appelle les envoyés de l’ONU à s’opposer à la résolution “partiale” de l’UNESCO
Israel urges UNESCO to reject ‘one-sided’ Jerusalem resolution
Une résolution controversée de l’UNESCO sur Jérusalem mise de côté
Israel and European allies working to stop UNESCO from ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

European Parliament Faction Heads to Rivlin: NGO Funding Bill Could Hurt Israel-EU Ties Ahead of Europe visit, president receives letter from five European leaders expressing 'concerns about the mounting pressure and recent attacks against civil society organization in Israel.'
Israel Passes New NGO Bill to Clamp Down on Human Rights Groups
U.S. Warns 'NGO Law' Could Have 'Chilling Effect' on Israel's Civil Society Critical comments from U.S. come after EU issued a similar warning of the effects of the 'NGO Bill.'
Israeli NGO Law Would Apply Almost Solely to Human Rights Organizations Knesset check finds 25 of 27 affected NGOs are human rights groups.
How Israel Shoots Itself in the Foot With Left-Bashing NGO Law The NGO Bill Is an Embarrassing Stain on the State of Israel's History The law is nothing more than a show of anti-democratic strength by the nationalist right, aimed at undermining and inciting against human rights organizations and nonprofits affiliated with the left.
European Union: 'NGO Law' Risks Undermining Israeli Democratic Values Reporting requirements imposed on nonprofits 'seem aimed at constraining the activities of these civil society organizations working in Israel,' statement says.
List of Non-profits That Would Be Affected by Proposed NGO Bill Revealed Twenty-five of the 27 groups that would be impacted by the law, which requires them to disclose that a majority of their funding is from foreign governments, are organizations whose agenda is either left-wing or deals with human rights or social justice.
Despite International Criticism, Israel Passes Contentious 'NGO Bill' Into Law Critics say law, which mandates special requirements for NGOs that get most of their funding from foreign governments, disproportionately targets human rights organizations.

Netanyahu 'persuaded world powers to water down illegal settlements report'
Rejecting US criticism, PM denies settlements are preventing peace
US accuses Israel of systematically seizing Palestinian land
EU joins criticism of Israel’s East Jerusalem, West Bank building plan
EU ‘sidelining’ diplomats’ advice to press Israel on settlements — report
Right-wing politicians threaten to act against Netanyahu over Amona outpost demolition
Le gouvernement approuve des millions d’aide aux implantations
Every terror attack must lead to new construction Op-ed: Settlement freeze policy sends message to terrorists that violence works. This mentality must be changed: Every attack will mean new settlement home.
Minister Bennett Is Lying. The Settlements Aren't Keeping Israel Safe

Rape Is Kosher To Boost Morale of Soldiers, Says New IDF Rabbi

New IDF chief rabbi: Soldiers can rape Arab women to boost morale
IDF summons chief rabbi pick for clarifications over rape comments
La nomination du grand rabbin de l’armée suscite la polémique Eyal Karim avait semblé approuver le viol en temps de guerre, avant de se rétracter ; il pense aussi que l’enrôlement des femmes est “strictement interdit”
IDF's Chief Rabbi Appointee Believes Terrorists Are 'Animals' and Gays Are 'Sick' Colonel Eyal Karim made several contentious remarks while answering reader's questions for the religious website Kipa while he was still a civilian.

Likud MK calls for execution of Palestinian inciters

Odeh chercherait l’aide des députés pour “se débarrasser” de Zoabi
Zoabi boycotted in Knesset As part of an initiative by MK Cabel, a large number of MKs walked out and boycotted Hanin Zoabi's speech on Monday; Large number of Zionist Union, Meretz MKs stayed.
Israeli Opposition Leader Calls for Censorship of MK Zoabi's Speeches

Lapid walks back his attack on new editor of ‘Haaretz’ Lapid incurred the wrath of fellow MKs and other public figures when he branded Gvaryahu as the most radical member of Breaking the Silence, and accused Haaretz’s English edition of slandering both Israel and the IDF. Landau’s appointment serves as “additional proof (as if any was needed) that Breaking the Silence is not interested in influencing Israeli society from within, but prefers to slander us abroad,” wrote Lapid, who subsequently was broadly subjected to a barrage of criticism, accused of sexism, and of not taking into account that Landau is a personality in her own right with an impressive media record.

Brigade chief: Hebron soldier was wrong to kill attacker
When Soldiers Kill Palestinians, Even a Smoking Gun Doesn't Lead to Indictments Mustafa Tamimi was killed when he was shot in the face with a gas canister in a 2012 protest. A year later, Rushdi Tamimi was shot in the belly with live fire. No one ever faced charges. A closer look at the two cases reveals that putting soldiers to trial is the exception, not the rule.
I Thought Israeli Soldiers Weren’t Supposed to Shoot Palestinian Girls Anymore

Israeli troops rustle 450 goats from southern Lebanon


Israeli Police Allowed To Shoot And Kill SUSPECTED Stones Throwers

Crimes de guerre à Gaza - Un web-documentaire comme pièce à conviction (ACAT)

Documentary says Israel teaches children to hate A German documentary titled 'teaching to hate?' will be broadcasted on German mainstream network ZDF. Documentary aims to show how children are educated to kill.

The President of Uganda Kept Calling Israel ‘Palestine’ During Netanyahu’s Visit

NGO slams Education Ministry move to hire fewer Arab teachers

Story Claiming West Bank Rabbi Endorsed Poisoning Palestinian Wells Likely Zio-Hoax

In Unprecedented Move, British Police Summoned Tzipi Livni Over Suspected Gaza War Crimes Livni is currently in London to attend the Haaretz Israel Conference; The summons was cancelled after diplomatic contacts between Israel and Britain.

Secret Israeli committee uses US federal agents to hunt down Israeli journalist and snuff out free speech

Do Israel’s Mossad and Shin Bet Turn Their Leaders Into Leftists? Du point de vue de l'élite juive, oui.

‘Racist’ film critic doubles down on Regev-Goebbels comparison

The Specter of Racism Hangs Over Bennett's New Educational Plan That Must Be Scrapped Instead of helping to fight discrimination by improving conditions at Arab schools or integrating more Arab teachers into Jewish classrooms, Bennett and the rest of the ministry have chosen to fund Arab trainees less than Jewish ones.

Parents of East Jerusalem Teen Ask Court to Demolish Jewish Killers’ Homes

Lieberman a mis son veto à une visite de pacifistes israéliens à Ramallah

Les préjugés anti-arabes israéliens assimilés à l’incitation palestinienne à la violence Bin quoi, on est censé penser qu'il y a aucun lien entre les deux?

Life (In Israel) Is a Cabaret, Old Chum Comparisons of Israel to 1930s Germany are dismissed as hysterical exaggerations or anti-Semitic attacks, but they are actually the ethical imperative of 'never again.'

“We’re going to get every single kidney and liver and heart that we can. The world owes it to us.” – Israel is Ground Zero for the World Illegal Organ Trade

Le tribunal juge que les rabbins israéliens éthiopiens ont subi des discriminations
Nouvelles manifestions d’Israéliens éthiopiens contre la brutalité policière ; 12 arrestations
Rivlin : Israël doit encore corriger ses torts envers la communauté éthiopienne

Israel forbids mixed-gender prayer service at Western Wall
WATCH: No Western Wall Bat Mitvah for You

Icelanders vote to join boycott on Israeli goods

Des donateurs de gauche veulent « punir » l'Université Ben Gourion

Israël s’attaque à un Facebook “permettant le terrorisme”, mais les projets de loi pourraient rater leur cible
How a Facebook Post Rekindled the Row Over Jew-on-Jew Racism in Israel Army Radio film critic suspended after sparking storm while appearing to play on stereotypes of Jews of Middle Eastern origin as superstitious and backward.
As Israel goes after ‘terror-enabling’ Facebook, new bills may miss mark
Facebook rejects harsh Israeli critique over incitement
Facebook Doesn’t Incite Palestinians, Reality Does Facebook is not an accessory to terror because it allows Palestinians to vent their anger as an occupied community and even express support for what the attacks represent.
Israel's New 'Facebook Bill' Hopes to Force Social Media Giant to Delete Posts According to new bill, court will be able to order the platform to remove content that deals with terror or poses real danger to the security of the state.

RINF News Boycotts Israeli Companies

juif.org-Sciences Po et judéophobie

Onze signes de la croissance continue de BDS en dépit de la guerre que mène Israël pour le réprimer
De BDS à la CGT : Chronique d’une criminalisation par une politique de la peur (Saïd Bouamama)

The British Chicken Coup: 172 Labour MPs against a pro-Corbyn Party
Les juifs britanniques accueillent le retour de la députée repentie Naz Shah
British Labour lawmaker who accused Israel envoy of dual loyalties gains senior posts
juif.org-Grande Bretagne : le Parti Travailliste, sanctuaire des racistes ?

Will Brexit Embolden Isolationists in Israel and Elsewhere to Secede? Maybe Israeli voters can create a model by forging a decentralized federation with Palestine.
L’escamotage prévisible du Brexit – Un cadeau pour la droite fasciste
Le Brexit aurait-il libéré l’intolérance ? Ils crient tellement tout le temps au loup, que quand la vraie haine se pointe le bout du nez, on peut facilement l'ignorer et nier son existence.
Après le Brexit, la gauche britannique à la ramasse
Brexit : c’est bon pour les Juifs ?
Rappel: FLASHBACK – 2011 – David Cameron refusing a referendum (Analyse de "Sabba" via The Ugly Truth ) Sabba writes: Remember that Britain is Rothschild’s first Empire and that the UK is THE beating heart of the JWO. Remember that the founding father of the EU, Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi explained what the ultimate goal of the architects is: the creation of a 3 way Trans-Atlantic Union between North America and Europe with Britain acting as the bridge between these 2 unions,while being part of none. Remember that Britain was THE architect of the EEC/EU decades before it even joined the EEC/EU. Remember that no one has pushed for a United States of Europe more than Winston Churchill while emphatically refusing to allow his country to become a member state of that USE. Remember that Britain joined the EEC (01JAN73) only after France had agreed to have a private central bank (03JAN73). Remember that UK was NEVER part of Schengen, was NEVER part of the EURO Zone and that it therefore always had a foot outside the EU from the start. Remember that the London Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Börse agreed on merger earlier this year and this kind of merger does not happen over night nor does it happen for no reason. And then ask yourself: why a referendum now? What is there in the current geopolitical situation that got Cameron’s bosses to want Britain out of the EU?

Retour sur le false flag d'Entebbe en 1976:
Entebbe: Israel hijack role 'was queried'
Documents claim Israel aided Entebbe hijack
Entebbe was a Staged Zionist Hoax
U.K. File on Entebbe Contains Claim That Israel Behind Hijacking Unnamed contact cited in newly released documents as saying Israel worked with PFLP.

Pro-Palestinian activists accuse Israel of culpability in police slayings of black Americans

The Dallas shooter wanted to stay in this anti-Semitic black militant group
Le tireur de Dallas était affilié à des groupes antisémites Micah Xavier Johnson était aussi en lien avec le groupe de la Nation de l’Islam de Louis Farrakhan
Goldnadel : après Dallas, la consternante absence du mot «racisme» (vu sur le nouveau site lamatricejuive: une grosse pub pour Goldnadel! Plus le temps passe plus je trouve que ça a du sens de dire que la Dissidence est de connivence avec une certaine branche du sionisme, la branche "nationaliste" des Goldnadel, Zemmour, Elizabeth Lévy et Finkielkraut.)

Valls et les Juifs de France : Un adjoint au maire démissionne Le problème est pas son lien avec des juifs mais son sionisme anti-islam rabique!
Les effarantes déclarations de Gilles Clavreul en Israël (Guillaume Weill Raynal)

France : les correcteurs du bac reçoivent des directives pour prévenir des propos antisémites et pro-jihadistes
Europe : des dizaines de femmes violées et agressées sexuellement dans les festivals de musique (La faute à l'islam? Probablement pas.)
Agression « islamiste » à Montreuil : aucun témoin et un local « exceptionnellement fermé »
Islamophobia: Israel’s last frontier to rescue its image
VIDEO - Réponse aux Identitaires : L'islamisation de France n'aura jamais lieu Quand Finkielkraut expliquait l’islamisme par la fécondité palestinienne "L’islam radical est ce qui arrive à l’islam quand la démographie est incontrôlée"

'Netanyahu was used to smuggle Auschwitz blueprints out of Germany' Former editor-in-chief of German newspaper claims that he had Netanyahu covertly smuggle Auschwitz plans out of the country to be taken to Yad Vashem.

On dirait que même Wiesel était pas assez sioniste au goût des sionistes...
La lettre du Rabbi de Loubavitch a Elie Wiesel
Claude Lanzmann critiqué pour avoir refusé de rendre hommage à Elie Wiesel
‘L’hommage’ acerbe de Claude Lanzmann à Elie Wiesel
Clinton campaign slams 'hateful' Max Blumenthal comments on the late Elie Wiesel
Clinton camp rebukes writer who accused Elie Wiesel of ‘inciting hatred’
Goebbels’ Stenographer Says She Knew Nothing About Holocaust

Jews make fake Hamas video to urge Brexit
Pro-settlement NGO urges Brexit over EU’s West Bank policies Regavim’s parody video features Hamas operatives advising Britons who ‘hate Isra-Hell and the Jews’ to vote ‘stay’.
Israeli group urges Brexit over EU West Bank policies

Haaretz Confirms: Britain Has Been Operating As An Israeli Puppet Within The EU
After Brexit vote, Israeli prof predicts that Germany will replace the UK as Israel’s hired guns in Europe
Haaretz Op ed:”Voting to Leave Europe Is the Most un-Jewish Thing You Can Do”
British Jewish leaders keep mum on wisdom of Brexit
How a ‘weaker’ EU is good for Israel – Analysis
After Brexit, Europe’s Right Wing Will Try To Woo Jews.
Pourquoi le vote du Brexit est une bonne nouvelle pour Israël
Brexit Reflects EU's Failure to Create a European Identity - and Israel Should Take Heed The dream of a unified Europe was born from a bloody history that culminated in the horrors of two World Wars. But today's Europeans are still mired in nationalism.
Don't Gloat Over Brexit, It's No Good for Israel Ultra-nationalists in Israel think the EU is an anti-Semitic hater but do they really think Russia or China would make better friends?

Will Explosive Brexit Shocker Trigger a Chain Reaction That Makes Trump President? In Origins of Totalitarianism, Hannah Arendt showed how Europe’s refugee problem 100 years ago ushered in an age of dictators and destruction.
Trump hails Brexit, says UK ‘took back their country’
Brexit Campaign Legitimized the Racism Now Trending in Britain Whether it is the hijab or the kippah, or an over-accented pronunciation of English, in post-Brexit Britain suspicion has been cast against any identifiable ‘Other’.
'Give us a vote': Le Pen wants EU referendum in France 
BREXIT victory shocks NWO – were “conspiracy theories” responsible? C'est pas nouveau que les théories du complot sont instrumentalités dans l'arène politique... Pensons seulement à la John Birch Society, cet enclos servant à encercler et contrôler les brebis égarées nationalistes qui risqueraient de devenir gênantes pour ceux qui se prennent pour les bergers de l'humanité entières...
Assassinat de Jo Cox : Boulevard Voltaire (fondé par Robert Ménard) souffle le chaud et le froid Un exemple de nationalisme certifié casher et CIA-compatible.
Le dernier combat de Jo Cox : la lutte contre l'islamophobie

‘It’s to stop the Muslims’: Brexit voter
Brexit Unleashes Racism Against Muslims and Immigrants in U.K
Les Britanniques ont voté "contre l’islamisation galopante qui les menace"

UK Israel-basher Livingstone wonders if he has Jewish roots Ex-London mayor, suspended by Labour for insisting Hitler supported Zionism, says he felt completely at home when he visited a kibbutz
Ex-London mayor Livingstone sticks with ‘Hitler backed Zionism’ claim Sauf que cette collaboration a cessé en 1936... 3 ans avant la guerre!

VIDEO - Texe Marrs and Michael Collins Piper - The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme
VIDEO - David Icke - What Others Dare Not Say (Rothschild Zionism)
VIDEO - Texe Marrs and Michael Collins Piper - The Judas Goats
VIDEO - Michael Collins Piper on the Left-Right Polarity Le texte lu par Piper se trouve au bas de ce courriel.
VIDEO - Texe Marrs and Michael Collins Piper - Ye Shall Know The Truth : 101 books you need to read before 'they' burn them
RAPPEL : The Kennedys vs Israel’s Lobby Editor’s note: PULSE is delighted to welcome Grant F. Smith, director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRMEP) and author of many books, including America’s Defense Line, as our new feature contributor. In his first post Grant reveals the emerging details of the secret battles between the Kennedys and the Israel lobby.

En 1933, le FBI a empêché un juif de tuer Hitler'

VIDEO - Quand Pegida tombe dans le piège. Tant mieux: que tous ces imbéciles qui ne vérifient pas leurs infos se fassent prendre les culottes baissées sur facebook et twitter!

VIDEO - Valls:«L'islam est pauvre socialement et intellectuellement» On nous dit que critiquer l'islam c'est risquer sa carrière et mettre en danger sa sécurité... LOL!!!!

German neo-Nazis on trial for plotting attack on refugee shelter Members of ‘Old School Society’ planned to hurl ‘fire and nail bombs’ at asylum-seekers; were arrested last May

Sous « le voile islamique », la Palestine et un racisme, euh…voilé

Comment l’Union européenne manipule les réfugiés syriens

German Bank defends neo-Nazi party and BDS bank accounts
French Jewish leader calls for closure of main BDS bank account NYU graduate student workers union passes BDS resolution Graduate employees union at New York University passes BDS resolution and requests university cut relations with Tel Aviv University; NYU refuses.
Panique chez les sionistes : Nuit debout et BDS convergent
Opposition MKs slam Defense Ministry’s harsh rebuttal of Obama over Iran deal Meretz head says Liberman ‘intent on destroying ties with US’ after ministry compares historic accord to pre-WWII Munich Agreement.
PMO calls US envoy to clarify opposition to Iran deal, play down Liberman critique After Obama’s assertion that Israeli security officials now back accord, PM stresses Israel still rejects it, Defense Ministry compares it to Munich agreement
RWW News: Glenn Beck Says Payment To Iran Is 'Much Worse' Than The Iran-Contra Scandal
Defense Ministry slams Obama, likens Iran deal to Munich
Netanyahu said blindsided by Liberman’s Iran-Munich deal comparison
Lieberman Compares Iran to Nazis, Iran Deal to Munich Pact…Again
Defense Ministry compares Iran nuclear deal to Munich Agreement After US president said Israeli officials consider accord a ‘game changer,’ Liberman’s ministry likens it to 1938 capitulation to Nazis
Defense Ministry Statement on Iran Deal Caught Netanyahu by Surprise, Aide Tells U.S. Envoy A senior aide to Netanyahu told U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro that the statement, which criticized President Obama, was not coordinated with prime minister, Haaretz has learned.
Israeli Defense Ministry Slams Obama: Iran Deal as Harmful as Munich Agreement With Hitler Netanyahu distances himself from the statement, stressing that 'Israel has no ally as important as the U.S.'
Iran nuclear deal is not Munich 1938
Defense Ministry slams Obama statement, compares Iran deal to Munich pact
Israeli Defense Ministry Slams Obama: Iran Deal as Harmful as Munich Agreement With Hitler
Obama: Israel Acknowledges Iran Has Abided by Nuclear Deal
Obama challenges Israel to rethink opposition to Iran deal
Obama: Even Israel now says we were right on Iran nuke deal

D'Souza: Obama's Foreign Policy An 'Un-American Project'
Obama 'Not Generous Enough' in Military Aid Talks With Israel, Says GOP Senator Lindsey Graham reveals White House rejected Israel's request for $4.6 billion in aid annually, tells Haaretz that Congress isn’t obligated by any pact Obama signs with Netanyahu.
As Israel Prospers, Obama Set to Give Billions More in Aid While Netanyahu Demands Even More
Wayne Allyn Root: Obama's DNC Speech 'Could Have Been Written By Lucifer Himself' And 'Delivered By The Anti-Christ'

Jim Inhofe: 'Our Kids Are Being Brainwashed' In School On croirait entendre la "Dissidonce fronçaise"...
‘Jewarchy!’ The Rallying Cry of Man Running for Governor of Washington

President Trump? President Clinton? Either One Ends With Glenn Beck In Jail
Ann Coulter (pro-Trump): Democrats Want To 'Make America Muslim'
Ann Coulter asks on Twitter: Did Hillary Clinton have Bernie Sanders supporters ‘gassed’?
Ann’s Outrageous Holocaust Jibe at Hillary
Frank Gaffney: Democrats 'Aligned With Our Enemies,' Will 'Doom All Of Us' 
Obama brands Trump ‘unfit’ to serve as president ‘There has to come a point at which you say enough,’ says US president of ‘woefully unprepared’ Republican nominee
Obama Rebukes Republicans Who Continue to Endorse 'Woefully Unprepared' Trump U.S. president tells Republican leaders: 'There has to come a point at which you say 'enough.'
John Birch Society Continues Comeback With Values Voter Summit Sponsorship
The InfoWars Candidate: How Donald Trump Is Broadcasting Conservative Misinformation
They Built That: How The GOP Paved The Way For Donald Trump's Election-Rigging Conspiracy Theory

Frank Gaffney: Khizr Khan Wants To Promote Sharia Law On dirait que Trump caricature ce gars là quand il attaque le père d'un vétéran musulman arabe! 
Trump Ally Roger Stone Pushes Claim That Humayun Khan Was A Terrorist, Father A Muslim Brotherhood Spy

Paul Vallely: Khizr Khan Is A 'Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer'
Walid Shoebat: Khizr Khan Was Practicing Muslim Tradition Of 'Deception'
Jewish veterans group slams Trump over attacks on Muslim war hero’s family VIDEO - RWW News: Robertson To Trump: The Devil Is Trying To Draw You Into Fights
Hillary Clinton ? C’est le «diable», assure Donald Trump
Donald Trump Campaign Hires the Firm Behind ‘Brexit’
The Populists Have Arrived :They’re fighting mad, they cannot be placated, and Trump really is their voice
American Nazi Party: Trump victory would be ‘a real opportunity’
Kurt Cobain Predicted A Donald Trump Presidency

VIDEO - Simpsons lampoons Trump in election spoof Homer and Marge consider who they want to have answer that 3 a.m. call in the White House
WATCH: GOP Officials 'Actively Exploring' How to Pick a New Candidate for President
How Liberals Helped Fuel the Rise of Donald Trump Middle-class intellectuals the world over are chastising the supporters of Trump, Marine Le Pen et al, but fail to recognize that they themselves – leading detached lives in ivory towers – are part of the problem.
Hollande: les "excès" de Trump provoquent un "haut-le-coeur"
Les aryens avec Donald Trump (Robert L. Tsai)
Élections US – Racisme, anti-racisme, les élites font leur beurre de tout!

Trump Threatens To Pull The U.S. Out Of The World Trade Organization
Russia expert Stephen Cohen–Trump trying to prevent nuclear war
Gingrich Turns Against Trump, Calling Him ‘Unacceptable’ Choice for President
Trump Wants To Stop The New Cold War
Shimon Peres: Trump’s suggestion not to defend allies unless they pay is ‘a great mistake’
Peres: Trump’s foreign policy proposals would be ‘a very great mistake’
 Arch Neo-Con/Israeli asset Robert Kagan– ‘There is something very wrong with Donald Trump’
Why being pro-Trump is anti-Israel
Where Donald Trump Makes Sense

Even Those Who Think Hillary Is Bad for Israel Must Now Believe Trump Would Be Worse
Jewish Journalists Question Melania’s Immigration History, Wait for Trolls
Republicans start effort to bring out Israeli vote for Trump
Trump’s Brother Joined a Jewish Frat To Spite Their Authoritarian Dad
New York Times Relentlessly Biased Against Trump
Interview with Trump's Israel advisor David Friedman, tipped to be Trump's pick for US ambassador to Israel, talks settlements, French involvement, and why Clinton 'is terrible for Israel.'
The irrelevant pantomime of Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ GOP platform
Israeli-American mogul Haim Saban: Trump win would be ‘disastrous’ for Israel
Haïm Saban : une victoire de Trump serait “désastreuse” pour Israël
Uneasy Republicans and confident Democrats diverge on ‘Jewish’ issues
Look to Trump and Corbyn for the Key to Rising anti-Semitism Racism, xenophobia and irrational hatred of ethnic minorities all flourish in a climate of ignorance and suspicion - exactly the climate being created by politicians of Trump and Corbyn’s ilk.
Billionaire hedge funder Seth Klarman backs Clinton over ‘unacceptable’ Trump

Jews Vs Trump–The Secret of Jewish Identity Politics
Israeli firm offers to build Trump’s Mexico wall Je gage qu'il y en aura pas de mégamur à la frontière mexicaine-américaine. 
To name or not to name: Jewish organizations grapple with the Trump question Top GOP fundraiser defects to Clinton over ‘demagogue’ Trump Billionaire Hewlett Packard chief Meg Whitman tells NYT she will donate to and raise money for Democratic nominee
Jewish Billionaire Seth Klarman Joins Wealthy Republicans Supporting Clinton
Even Those Who Think Hillary Is Bad for Israel Must Now Believe Trump Would Be Worse While keeping mum on the U.S. election, even Netanyahu must be coming to terms with Clinton, the devil he knows, over Trump and complete uncertainty.
Donald Trump claimed on Saturday that he turned down a meeting with billionaires Charles and David Koch, but top Koch network officials immediately challenged Trump's claim.

Giuliani: Israeli Officials Prefer a Trump Victory in November The former New York City mayor, quoted by The Washington Post, bases his assessment on meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other officials during a March visit to Israel. PM's Office denies Netanyahu had voiced any preferences in the U.S. election.
Donald Trump Wins Surprising Jewish Fan Club — Among Russian Immigrants (18 July 2016)
From NATO to Brexit, Trump has a record of siding with Putin

Palestine: Both Trump and Clinton Would Approve Illegal Annexations as Demanded by the US-Israel Lobby

The Bernie Sanders Campaign as a Pivotal Episode in Jewish History
Bernie Supporters Say They're Voting For Trump
Sanders Delegate: Removal Of Wasserman-Schultz Not Enough
Sanders delegates recount ‘Orwellian’ message control by Clinton supporters during DNC
Sanders references his Jewish history in response to Trump attack
Simone Zimmerman Breaks Her Silence on Bernie Sanders and the U.S. Jewish Establishment The 25-year-old activist served very briefly as Bernie Sanders' Jewish outreach coordinator, before being fired after an old Facebook post in which she used profanity against Netanyahu surfaced.
How Bernie Sanders Flipped the ‘Crotchety Jewish Socialist’ Script on Hillary Clinton

Email questioning Sanders’ Jewish faith ‘unacceptable,’ Wasserman Schultz says

Amid cheers, a defiant Debbie Wasserman Schultz accuses Trump of treason
Trump 'Deeply Involved With Russian Oligarchs,' Says George Will 'Perhaps one more reason why we're not seeing his tax returns because he is deeply involved in dealing with Russia oligarchs and others. Whether that's good, bad or indifferent it's probably the reasonable surmise.'
Trump Critics Enter the Twilight Zone, Claiming He’s a Manchurian Candidate for President Putin
Israeli Intelligence Debunks Notion of Russia Hacking DNC Emails
Wasserman Schultz's Expulsion Signals a Democratic Party Moving to the anti-Zionist Far-left The ejection of Congresswoman Schultz from the Democratic party leadership is one more step in the waltz of the Democrats away from Israel.
In Leaked DNC Emails, Staffers Discuss Need of Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day 'We aren’t going to do statements for every Jewish holiday unless she wants to do them for every religious holiday and trust me, this Catholic can give you a list of them,' staffer writes after Debbie Wasserman Schultz requests group to put out statement.
Wikileaks Assange Denies Russian Hacker Help

Trump: "Le refus d'Hillary de mentionner l'islam radical est la preuve qu'elle est inapte"
Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton’s Refusal to Mention 'Radical Islam' in DNC Speech 'Hillary's wars in the Middle East have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world,' tweeted the Republican nominee.
At DNC, Clinton Enjoys a Moment of Grace and Unveils a Secret Weapon Against Trump Clinton's acceptance speech presented an inspiring, experienced and disciplined presidential candidate, the complete opposite of the confrontational, shoot-from-the-hip arrogance that characterizes her Republican opponent. And in the process, she drove Trump mad.
Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

The New York Times’ Outrage at Donald Trump’s Refusal to Demonize Russia
Clinton accuse Trump d’allégeance à Moscou La Russie et les musulmans divisent les deux rivaux
The reason why so many neocons and military brass are supporting Mrs. Clinton
Clinton aide to 'Post': Trump 'clueless' on Israel, foreign policy
Hillary Clinton and the Myths Jewish Democrats Like To Tell Themselves
Ex-CIA Chief and Torture Defender Endorses Clinton—Why Are Democrats Cheering?
Hillary Clinton, A Threat to All Humanity. World War III is “On the Table”. Her Candidacy Must be Opposed
Hillary proffered as alternative to Trump, no one cares she's a warmongering psychopath
Israeli Flag Set on Fire Outside Democratic National Convention A woman wearing a black bandanna on her face lit the flag on fire as protests took place outside of the secure zone around the DNC in Philadelphia.
Bill Clinton’s #DNC Speech: Propagates “Good Muslim vs. Bad Muslim” Dichotomy
Whether He Meant to or Not, on Muslims, Bill Clinton Lapsed Into Trumpism The entire tone of the Democratic convention’s first two nights suggests a defensiveness about Trump’s anti-Muslim attacks. Barely anyone has defended Barack Obama’s proposal to admit more Syrian refugees.
Pilger: Why Clinton is certainly more dangerous than Trump

Left-leaning patriots burn Israeli flag outside DNC

Israel lobby panics about ‘spoiled’ next generation of American leaders turning against it
Israeli Settlers Destroy Palestinian Homes Like ‘Termites’: US Rep.
Using Rep. Johnson’s innocent comment to stain his reputation was the real crime
Hank Johnson, membre du Congrès US, compare les colons sionistes à des termites
US angry over new Israeli settlement activity

U.S. strongly condemns 'accelerated, systematic' settlement activity
Israel fires back at US over criticism of settlement building
Israel blasts US, EU and UN for condemning construction in Gilo

VIDEO - The Occupation of the American Mind (version complète basse qualité) (version haute qualité en trois parties)
Critique mediafilm de La colonisation des consciences américaines, avec le narrateur Roger Waters
Documentary Reveals How Israel Convinces Americans Palestine Occupies Israel
Film Review: ‘Occupation Of The American Mind’ Unravels Israel’s Propaganda War In US
How Israeli Propaganda Succeeds

Le rappeur d’extrême droite ‘The Shadow’ rejoint le Likud Le député Oren Hazan estime que le nouveau membre vaudrait 5 sièges à la Knesset et qu’il pourrait remplacer certains députés
Appel de Netanyahu aux Arabes israéliens à "participer en masse" à la société israélienne On croirait entendre la "Dissidonce fronçaise", juste à changer israel pour France et Netanyahou pour Soral, ça donne une parfaite symétrie: Appel de Soral aux musulmans français à participer en masse à la société française...
Netanyahu calls Arabs ‘goats’ in video intended to promote ‘equality and dignity for all’
Israeli-Arabs reject Netanyahu’s extended hand and apology as insincere. Pourtant il est sincère: il demande sincèrement de se soumettre!

Palestinian dad accused of child abuse fires back at Netanyahu
Netanyahou dénonce l'accusation de « fascisme » utilisé par la gauche à tort et à travers
Netanyahu falls in love with video clips, the new Israel-Palestinian battleground

Netanyahu accuse ses rivaux d’un ‘désir d’attirer les médias’
Ex-Generals, Netanyahu critics and political opposites Barak and Ya'alon meet
Sparks fly between Netanyahu, Bennett over Gaza war report
Netanyahu, Bennett clash over government and media Enemy of my enemy?
Bennett: ‘We’re losing millions of Jews to assimilation’

Why Likud is afraid of Bennett
Likud Extremists and Donald Trump: Jokers to the Right of Me Israeli rapper The Shadow embodies all that's wrong nowadays with the party of Menachem Begin. The fact that the phenomenon is not unique to Israel doesn't make it any more palatable.

Netanyahou père spirituel de la «guerre contre le terrorisme»
Netanyahu accuse l'Europe de soutenir les ONG appelant au boycott d'Israël
Netanyahu criticises European 'support' for anti-Israel groups

The Masses - Not Netanyahu - Are the Real Censors of Israel's Free Press If Israeli media is leftist, why are they only lashing out at Haaretz? The answer is that it's not, it serves the occupation.
The communications minister and his janissaries Op-ed: The debate over the new public broadcasting corporation is merely a distraction: While his ministers flock around and peck at the media trying to impress him, PM Netanyahu—who also serves as minister of communications—is trying to actively damage the free press of Israel.

Why do Israeli politicians always seem to be under investigation?

Black Lives Matter accuse Israël de ‘génocide’ et soutient le BDS
In platform, Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of ‘genocide,’ backs BDS
Black Lives Matter Endorses BDS: Israel is ‘apartheid state’ committing ‘genocide’ Mais pour la gang de Infowars comme Paul Joseph Watson, ceux qui croient à un pouvoir juif hallucinent des choses qui existent pas, et Black Lives Matter est un complot de George Soros. Solution ; boycottez pas seulement Paul Joseph Watson mais aussi Égalité et réconciliation, qui fait de la grosse pub pour cette théorie vaseuse (ils usent de tous les prétextes pour attaquer Black Lives Matter, par exemple ils hésitent pas à diffuser des versions françaises des vidéos de Paul Watson sur le sujet). Attaquer Watson dans les commentaires sur ER pour dénoncer ses attaques contre les "antisémites" anti-israéliens, c'est s'exposer à des attaques de la part de plein de fanboys de Soral...
Black Lives Matter Lost Me With That Israel-Bashing Platform
Black Lives Matter activists claim Israel a brutal 'occupying' force
Jewish Allies Condemn Black Lives Matter’s ‘Apartheid’ Platform
Jewish Groups Condemn Black Lives Matter Platform for Accusing 'Apartheid' Israel of 'Genocide' Since Black Lives Matter took shape in 2013 to protest police killings of African Americans, Jewish groups across the country have struggled to strike the right tone in their responses to the movement.
Don’t Like Black Lives Matter? Get Ready To Lose Young Jews Like Us.
Pro-Israel Groups Smear the Movement for Black Lives for its Solidarity With Palestine Racial justice organizers say they won’t back down in the face of vicious attacks accusing them of "terrorist" sympathies.
In Britain, Black Lives Matter — But Jewish Lives Matter More
Black activists slam Israel lobby attack on Movement for Black Lives
Jewish pro-BDS group unconditionally endorses Black Lives Matter platform
Jewish pro-BDS group endorses anti-Israel Black Lives Matter platform
Explainer: Does the Black Lives Matter Platform Single Out Israel?
Jewish groups outraged after Black Lives Matter accuses Israel of genocide
Black Nationalists Smeared, by Michael Collins Piper
Un mouvement de défense des noirs émerge en France (Alyssa Garcia)Mais egalite et reconciliation dit que c'est un complot de George Soros pour fomenter la guerre civile... ER c'est juste un site de droitards-conspi libertariens finalement... Anti-antiracistes comme Finkie, Zemmour. Mais peu de gens portent attention, la plupart sont trop occupés à écouter Soral religieusement...

UN: Israel ‘systematically’ emptying Area C of Palestinians
UN: Israel policies forcing Palestinians to leave Area C of the West Bank

EU Slams Israel's Destruction of Palestinian Homes in West Bank's Area C Israel has granted only 44 construction permits in response to over 2,000 requests, Lars Faaborg-Andersen tells Knesset meeting. Buildings that were destroyed were 'illegal buildings,' Israeli body says in response.

juif.org - Haine de l’Etat juif : la France, "à feu et à sang par les islamistes", condamne les constructions juives à Jérusalem
Israeli authorities destroy 11 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem
Secret 1970 Document Confirms First West Bank Settlements Built on a Lie In minutes of meeting in then-defense minister Moshe Dayan’s office, top Israeli officials discussed how to violate international law in building settlement of Kiryat Arba, next to Hebron.

Israeli settler-turned-diplomat takes up top spot in New York next week Incoming consul general Dani Dayan will become the face of Israel to largest Jewish community outside Jewish state.

New Settler Leader Insists West Bank 'Definitely Not a Conflict Zone' Yesha council head Oded Revivi hopes to persuade global critics and Palestinian issue advocates that Israel's settlement enterprise in occupied territory is 'an ecosystem that is working.'

Far-right claim that many Arabs willing to sell Jerusalem homes to Israelis refuted "The vast majority of Palestinians will never sell their home to Jewish Israelis," says Peace Now.

Controversial would-be media czar installed as PM’s ‘adviser’ Ran Baratz, whose appointement was frozen over Facebook posts disparaging US officials, joins Netanyahu’s communications team.

Suspected Jewish extremists attack Palestinian goatherd, start fires

Prosecutor accuses Hebron shooter of inconsistent testimony
Why Are Israeli Soldiers Fraternizing With Hebron's Most Racist, Terrorist-inciting Settlers? Boston-born Hebron settler Baruch Marzel glorifies Arab-killers. We shouldn’t be surprised that one of his regular Shabbat lunchtime guests, Sgt. Elor Azaria, is on trial for shooting dead an incapacitated Palestinian.

A year after Duma arson, settlers reflect on Jewish extremism
Arab group demands police probe threats made against the life of 6-year-old Palestinian firebombing victim Ahmed Dawabsha by Jewish terrorists
What Sort of Society Feels Absolutely Nothing After Killing Hundreds of Children?

Questions for Israel's Border Police About a Night in July Three of you killed a young Palestinian man and ruined a family’s life. Do you or your commanders, who cover for you, feel even the slightest twinge of remorse or sadness?
La propagande d’Israël (extrait) par Investig'action
Stop living in denial, Israel is an evil state Israel may not be Nazi, nor even a fascist state. Yet it is a member of the same terrible family, the family of evil states. Just consider these acts of evil perpetrated by the state...
Palestinians inside Israel Are under Attack

While police tackle Arab inciters, are Jews given a free pass? 50% of threats are made by each population against the other, but law enforcement maintains they aren’t equally likely to be carried out.

World Sees Israel as a Pariah State, Senior Gov't Official Says Strategic Affairs Ministry aims to change the way Israel is perceived in the international arena, director general Sima Vaknin tells lawmakers; says victory will be achieved when Israel won't be equated with apartheid.

'Dehumanization': Five Americans Detained, Handcuffed, Deported by Israel

Suddenly, a Palestinian Breast Cancer Survivor Becomes a 'Security Threat' 'What security threat do I pose to Israel if I go for an exam at Tel Hashomer?' Abu Nahla wonders. 'At the hospital entrance they take my identity card and exit permit. I can’t just go out for a stroll.'

Israeli Arab Actress Tells of Humiliating Security Check at Ben-Gurion Airport Samar Qupty thanks airport security on Facebook for 'making sure to remind me every time anew how unwanted I am here.'

Right-wing Knesset member: Reform Judaism a ‘fake religion’ 

Israeli Council Head: 'I Don’t Hate Arabs, but I Don’t Want Them at My Pools' Lower Galilee Regional Council head Motti Dotan tells a radio station that Arabs' 'culture of cleanliness isn’t the same as ours.'
JUSTIFICATION FOR ISRAELI RACISM AND APARTHEID An Israeli mayor from the Galilee apologized for causing offense by saying that he does not want Arabs to use swimming pools of predominantly-Jewish towns and cities.
Official who said Arabs shouldn’t use Jewish pools apologizes ‘to anyone who felt offended' C'est pas un ti clin sur facebook, c'est un membre du gvt...
Israeli Council Head Who Called Arabs Dirty Apologizes: 'I Was Misunderstood' The local politician had said swimming pools should be segregated because Arabs have different hygiene habits from Jews.

Israel Finally Admits Kidnapping, Selling Yemeni Jewish Children
First step in reducing racism against Ethiopians Inter-ministerial committee finalized report, including recommendations, to deal with widespread societal and institutional discrimination against those of Ethiopian descent.
FLASHBACK - Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

As Far as Israel Is Concerned, Only anti-Semitism Is Racism We don’t talk about racism in Israel, because if we do, we'll find ourselves on the wrong side of the racist and the victim.

Manuel Valls : «La France ne niera jamais les racines juives de Jérusalem»

Le Monde. Journal en guerre Le journal Le Monde a énoncé une contre-vérité ce matin dans son éditorial: l'idée selon laquelle Daech aurait, le premier, attaqué la France. S'agit il d'une erreur ou d'un mensonge? Le propos est, en tout cas, politiquement irresponsable.

Israël: Les mineurs coupables d'actes «terroristes» pourront être emprisoné dès l'âge de 12 ans
Israël autorise la prison pour actes "terroristes" à partir de 12 ans
Israel’s bill to jail Palestinian minors for life rooted in Judaic supremacism
Israël silencieux sur une éventuelle barrière souterraine autour de Gaza

Zoabi reprimanded, not punished, for saying IDF soldiers 'murdered' armed Mavi Marmara activists

Le rabbin accusé de viol demande à ses soutiens de ne pas attaquer les policiers
IDF general resigns amid rape indictment, denies charges
Levinstein 'clarifies' homophobic remarks with non-apology‏

Rethinking the 'banality of evil' theory The time has come to reexamine Hannah Arendt's thesis. Not all evil is banal, certainly not the kind that grips a nation with a sense of racial superiority. Israel is neither Nazi nor fascist or apartheid – but its current colonialist regime does bear a family resemblance with other evil regimes.
Armed Israeli border police officers caught on video bullying 8-year-old girl and confiscating her bike
Israeli Forces Who Threw Palestinian Girl’s Bike Claim They Did It to Protect Her Under interrogation, the two said they wanted to prevent her from entering Hebron’s Jewish Quarter.
Rue réservée aux colons : des soldats israéliens jettent le vélo d’une petite Palestinienne (VIDEO)
Border Police officers say they took Palestinian girl’s bike to protect her
Armed Israeli border police officers caught on video bullying 8-year-old girl and confiscating her bike

Questions for Israel's Border Police About a Night in July Three of you killed a young Palestinian man and ruined a family’s life. Do you or your commanders, who cover for you, feel even the slightest twinge of remorse or sadness?

World Vision: "aucune raison" de croire aux accusations israéliennes de détournement
Des articles du journal d'extrême gauche Haaretz récupérés par des néonazis!

How Did Zionism Become a Dirty Word on Campus?
Benefactor Cancels Bequest to Israeli University Over Snub of Anti-occupation NGO 93-year-old donor says university's cancellation of prize to Breaking the Silence was 'shameful surrender to the nationalistic and anti-democratic mindset.'

La tentative de pénalisation des appels au boycott des produits israéliens par les circulaires Alliot-Marie et Mercier
Une antisioniste communiste mène une croisade contre les produits de l'État juif dans les supermarchés français
Yes to a Boycott - but Not Just Any Boycott An effective boycott would have to focus strictly on the settlements. What if the BDS movement were to abandon what many regard as its goal of undermining the right to self-determination of the Jewish...
To Boycott Israel Is Counterproductive. Time to Focus on the Settlements. The boycott has been used throughout Jewish history as a rather effective action for internal correction of social faults.
Ministers launch effort to boot anti-Israel activists from country
Israel looking to deport BDS activists
Canadian Jewish groups protest confab that gives platform to BDS
Jewish groups wary of anti-Israel elements at Montreal event

Rita Faye, activiste antisémite notoire Suisse expulsée d'Israël
Deri et Erdan forment un comité pour exclure les membres du BDS
Israeli task force formed to locate, deport BDS activists
Israel Seeking to Deport Foreign Pro-boycott Activists New state taskforce will gather intelligence in order to mark activists who support the boycott, collect evidence to support their deportation. 'Certain groups have already been marked,' senior official says.

Green Party nominates Israel-critic Jill Stein for president

Israël: Google Maps, supprime le nom Palestine

The art of occupation, according to Israeli General Gadi Shamni After 35 years of military service, Maj. Gen. (res) Gadi Shamni, the self-described 'general of the occupation,' lauds the army's morality and slams the politicians for the Israeli-Palestinian impasse. There is, he says, a solution and a partner, but first Israel must release itself from the grip of extremists.
Why the Fight Over Israeli Settlements Is Reaching a Boiling Point
Israël : le gouvernement veut reporter la destruction d'une colonie ultra-sensible (presse)

'Bibi Won Elections Because of Race,' American Adviser to Israeli Opposition Told Clinton Campaign Chair New email released by Wikileaks contains Herzog's American political adviser's analysis of a lost election and 'racist appeals you could never get away with in the U.S.'
Don’t Blame Netanyahu. Blame the Israeli Electorate An 'out-of-touch' rightist Israeli government further embedding the settlements and disdaining non-Orthodox Judaism? According to Pew, they faithfully reflect the will of the people.

PM denies he called Obama ‘existential danger’ to settlements, but confirms concerns TV report claims Netanyahu told Amona residents he fears actions US president may take in span between election and leaving office
Netanyahu: If Israel Doesn't Act Wisely Ahead of End of Obama's Term, We May Endanger Entire Settlement Enterprise Prime minister tells residents of the West Bank settlement of Ofra and the outpost of Amona that they must avoid 'unwise conduct' in the particularly sensitive time between the U.S. election and the inauguration of the next president.
Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t forsake us at the UN
Netanyahu to Kerry: I Expect U.S. Won't Advance UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Before Obama Leaves Office U.S. secretary of state told the prime minister that at this stage the U.S. administration has not made a decision on possible steps in the Security Council, Haaretz has learned.
U.S., Egypt Warn Palestinians Not to Push Security Council on Settlements Before U.S. Elections Senior official says Palestinians will present UN Security Council resolution on West Bank settlements following elections, after U.S. vows to veto any move prior to November 8.
Colonisation israélienne: les Palestiniens appellent l'Onu à agir

Israeli contractor caught defrauding US foreign military aid program

Israel Has Overcome Every Threat, Except the One From Within After defeating the anti-Semites, the Nazis, the Arabs and the Palestinians — we are losing to the Israelis.

U.S. Tells UN Security Council: Israeli Activities in West Bank Creating One-state Reality Security Council holds special session on Israeli settlements as 'obstacle to peace'; Russia: Without two-state solution, threat to Israel will grow; Israeli official: Claims recycle Palestinian demand that Palestine be free of Jews.

Deputy #Jerusalem mayor evokes Nazi imagery: Calls #Palestinians "animals," wants collective punishment of E. J'lem


Netanyahu Slams Human Rights NGO B'Tselem for Joining 'Chorus of Slander' Against Israel After human rights NGO participated in informal UN Security Council session, prime minister says he will move to prevent B'Tselem from its allotment of national service volunteers, though the group is only allotted one anyway and the slot is currently unmanned.
Labor party activist files treason complaint against B’Tselem After contentious UN presentation, attorney alleges human rights NGO trying to damage sovereignty of state, give away land and cause a war
U.S. Defends Israeli Anti-occupation Group, Says 'Freedom of Expression' Must Be Protected State Department criticizes Netanyahu's attack on B'Tselem and Americans for Peace Now for participating in UN Security Council session on settlements.
EU backs B’Tselem over UN appearance on settlements While left-wing group faces accusations of treason in Israel, the EU echoes the US in tweeting its support
L’UE soutient B’Tselem après son discours à l’ONU sur les implantations Tandis que le groupement d’extrême-gauche affronte des accusations de trahison en Israël, l’UE suit les Etats-Unis en tweetant son soutien
Les Etats-Unis “préoccupés” par les attaques contre B’Tselem Le département d’Etat apprécie les informations de l’ONG sur la Cisjordanie et ajoute que la liberté d’expression devait être protégée
Les Affaires étrangères retirent leur soutien au Centre des droits de l’Homme de l’université Hébraïque pour ses relations avec des ONG La vice-ministre a déclaré que le Centre Minerva de l’université travaille avec des “organisations anti-Israël”, comme B’Tselem
Danon à l’ONU : arrêtez le financement destiné à B’Tselem Le directeur exécutif a vivement recommandé au Conseil de Sécurité de pousser Israël à cesser ‘l’occupation’ des Territoires palestiniens
Israel's Human Rights Defenders Won't Be Intimidated or Silenced - Even by Their Own Prime Minister Netanyahu's promise of vengeance against opponents of his pro-occupation policies is what we’d expect from a Putin, Erdogan or, yes, Trump-controlled government. It's not a standard we can accept for a democratic society.
Netanyahu Slams Human Rights NGO B'Tselem for Joining 'Chorus of Slander' Against Israel After human rights NGO participated in informal UN Security Council session, prime minister says he will move to prevent B'Tselem from its allotment of national service volunteers, though the group is only allotted one anyway and the slot is currently unmanned.
B'Tselem Head: Why I Spoke Against the Occupation at the UN There is no chance Israeli society, of its own volition and without any help, will end the nightmare. Too many mechanisms insulate the violence we conduct in order to control the Palestinians.
Danon slams UN for meddling in Israeli politics
US again expresses support for Israeli far-left NGOs The United States again expressed its support of Israeli far-left NGOs B'tselem and Peace Now at a special UN Security Council meeting called on behalf of the Palestinians; Ambassador Dannon calls on the UN to stop 'interfering with Israeli democracy.'

Israeli archaeologist denies Jewish ties to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Trump : "l'UNESCO essaye de détruire 3000 ans de liens avec Jérusalem"
Donald Trump: « encore une preuve de l'énorme parti-pris, anti-Israël, de l'ONU »
Trump: UNESCO decision more evidence of ‘enormous anti-Israel bias’ at UN GOP nominee says resolution a ‘one-sided attempt to ignore Israel’s 3,000-year bond’ to Jerusalem, promises Israel will have ‘true, loyal friend in US’ under his administration
UNESCO: "Pas de lien entre le peuple Juif, Jérusalem et le Mont du Temple"
UNESCO Backs Motion Nullifying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount Due to Israeli efforts, no European country backed the motion, which describes the Temple Mount as holy to Muslims alone, without mentioning the site's significance to Jews.
UNESCO's Reminder to Israel: Jerusalem Is Occupied Territory Contrary to Israeli criticism, UNESCO's resolution on Temple Mount has nothing to do with staking religious claims, and even includes some wins for Israel. If Israel wants the world to recognize Judaism's link to Jerusalem, it must sit down and talk to the Palestinians.
Pour l’Unesco, seuls les musulmans ont un lien avec Jérusalem et le Mont du Temple
Une résolution votée par l’UNESCO décrit le mont du Temple comme un site musulman Dans une lettre avant le débat, 39 législateurs américains exhortent l’organisation à rejeter la résolution « hostile envers Israël »
UNESCO votes: No connection between Temple Mount and Judaism UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount The United Nations body passes resolution denying all connection between Jews, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount; Netanyahu: 'To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is like saying China has no connection to the Great Wall.'
UNESCO backs resolution ignoring Jewish link to Temple Mount UN body refers to holy site only by its Muslim names, condemns Israel for ‘aggressions’ against civilians in Jerusalem compound; Israeli officials call decision ‘anti-Semitic’
Full text of new UNESCO resolution on ‘Occupied Palestine’ Official text of UN cultural agency’s resolution slamming Israel, referring to Jerusalem holy sites by Muslim names only
UNESCO Director-General criticizes 'harmful' drive to erase Jewish ties to Temple Mount
UNESCO chief pans her member states on anti-Israel Jerusalem resolution After Israel cuts ties to UN cultural agency, Irina Bokova warns that ‘to deny, conceal or erase’ any faith’s traditions in holy city undermines body’s activities
Top UNESCO official tells Israeli TV he’s ‘sorry’ about Jerusalem resolution Michael Worbs hopes final vote on text that negates Jewish ties to city will be delayed, says recognition of Old City as Heritage Site for the 3 monotheistic faiths trumps ‘recent debate’
La directrice de l’UNESCO critique vivement les états-membres pour le vote sur Jérusalem Après qu’Israël ait rompu les liens avec l’agence culturelle de l’ONU, Irina Bokova affirme que « nier, abandonner ou effacer les traditions juives, chrétiennes ou musulmanes revient à saper les activités de l’organisation »
UNESCO Director Criticizes Resolution: Temple Mount Sacred to Both Jews, Muslims UN agency's director general says 'Al-Aqsa Mosque is also Temple Mount, whose Western Wall is the holiest place in Judaism.' Bennett instructs Israeli panel to suspend ties with UNESCO, a decision lacking practical implications.
UNESCO Resolution: A Fight Over the Ownership of Jerusalem Where does Israel get the audacity to demand eternal ownership? One can understand the longing that Jerusalem no longer change hands, but to demand ownership is historic rudeness, which the world sees as arrogance, even hubris.
US, Israel and Jewish groups condemn UNESCO vote denying Jewish holy sites
US Jews: UNESCO vote seeks to erase Jewish ties to Jerusalem American, Canadian groups accuse cultural body of historical revisionism for ‘nefarious’ resolution ignoring Judaism’s link to holy sites
Netanyahu : le vote de l’UNESCO reviendrait à renier que les pyramides sont égyptiennes Le Premier ministre a condamné le vote de l’UNESCO au sujet du mont du Temple, qualifiant cette décision d’absurde
Netanyahu leads angry denunciations of ‘absurd’ UNESCO decision UN body’s motion ignoring Jewish link to Temple Mount draws scorn from across Israeli political spectrum, including charges of anti-Semitism
Netanyahu Slams UNESCO Resolution on Temple Mount: Like Denying Link Between PB and Jelly 'UNESCO haven't read the Bible,' prime minister says after resolution nullifying Jewish ties to Temple Mount, likens decision to saying China has no link to Great Wall.
L’UNESCO continue d’ignorer les liens entre le peuple juif et le mont du Temple L’instance onusienne désigne désormais le lieu sacré par les noms musulmans, et condamne Israël pour les « agressions » contre les populations civiles sur l’esplanade de Jérusalem
Meyer Habib: « la France s'abstient à l'UNESCO: encore une déception ! »
Projet de résolutions sur Jérusalem : Netanyahu critique l'Unesco Les politiciens israéliens fustigent la décision ‘antisémite’ de l’UNESCO L’UNESCO a voté une résolution qui réfute les liens juifs vis-à-vis du mont du Temple
L’envoyé d’Israël à l’UNESCO : Nous luttons contre la majorité des Etats arabes à l’ONU La faute à une majorité automatique dont bénéficient les pays arabes mais Carmel Shama Hacohen a ajouté que l’Etat juif connaît un certain succès dans ses efforts pour affaiblir cette majorité
Israël suspend sa coopération avec l'Unesco après un vote sur Jérusalem
Israël suspend toute coopération avec l'UNESCO
L'UNESCROC, maintenant aux mains de l'Islam, réécrit l'histoire Judéo-Chrétienne, avec la lâcheté de la France qui s'abstient. Jérusalem n'a plus de lien avec le Judaïsme ni le Christianisme
Palestinian FM rebukes UNESCO Chief
PA: Denial of Jewish history 'victory for Palestinian people' As UNESCO fails to acknowledge Jewish ties to Temple Mount, Palestinians celebrate, say resolution comes at a time of 'increased Judaization of Jerusalem, and claim exclusive sovereignty over Christian, Muslim holy sites in the city.
PA: UNESCO vote is call for Israel to end ‘illegal, colonial’ acts Abbas aide says backing for resolution that ignores Jewish ties to Jerusalem’s holy sites sends ‘clear message’ to US over its support for Israel
Palestinians rebuke UNESCO chief for opposing Jerusalem resolution PA, Hamas accuse Irina Bokova of capitulating to Israeli pressure after she expresses disapproval of motion ignoring Jewish links to holy sites
Trump, Clinton campaigns slam UNESCO Jerusalem resolution
Israël rompt ses liens avec l’Unesco après un vote sur les lieux saints de Jérusalem
Outrageous as it may be, UNESCO’s Jerusalem vote has a silver lining An April resolution ignoring Jewish ties to the Temple Mount garnered a big majority. This time, Palestinians had a little less cause to celebrate
 VIDEO - Israël rompt ses liens avec l’Unesco après un vote sur les lieux saints de Jérusalem
Les révisionnistes de l'Unesco ont entériné assez rapidement la résolution controversée sur Jérusalem
UNESCO board formally approves resolution denying Jewish holy sites
At UN Security Council, human rights groups slam Israeli occupation, settlement expansion
UNESCO Was a Diplomatic Defeat for Netanyahu Israel may be accepted behind the scenes, in back-channel dealings, but when the lights go on, legitimacy belongs to the Palestinians.
L'Unesco adopte une résolution controversée sur la vieille ville de Jérusalem
Palestinian Envoy: UNESCO Vote Was About 'Occupation,' Not Temple Mount Elias Sanbar claims contentious resolution omitted any references to the Jewish holy site because the Geneva Conventions prohibit the use of an occupier's term.
UNESCO’s executive board adopts Jerusalem resolution Despite last-ditch Israeli efforts, motion ignoring Jewish and Christian historical ties to holy sites is ratified by cultural body
Israeli attempt to delay UNESCO motion ‘foiled by Arab nations’ Jerusalem reportedly tries to enlist friendly nations to postpone ratification of anti-Israel resolution, but is outmaneuvered
Israel’s antiquities chief compares UNESCO to Islamic State UN cultural body’s resolution on Jerusalem akin to jihadist group’s destruction of Palmyra, says Yisrael Hasson
A propos de la résolution de l'UNESCO sur Jérusalem (AFPS et UJFP)
UNESCO proved it doesn’t recognize Israel, says Dutch MEP
Jérusalem occupée : Israël condamné par l’UNESCO
Hamas calls UNESCO vote on Jerusalem ‘victory’ for Palestinians Terror group says resolution by UN body ‘demolishes Israeli fictions’ of Temple Mount and proves holy site is purely Islamic
Le “meilleur” d’Israël ne suffit pas à enrôler les Chrétiens contre la résolution de l’UNESCO Les diplomates ont demandé de l’aide au Vatican et aux groupes évangélistes, mais les habitudes de vote pro-palestiniennes l’emportent sur la véracité historique
Israel’s ‘best’ not good enough to enlist Christians against UNESCO resolution Diplomats asked Vatican and Evangelical groups for help, but pro-Palestinian voting habits evidently trump historical veracity

Israel Will Oppose Admission of Germany into Unesco; Delegate Says Nazism Still Lives

How Israel seeks to erase the region’s history

The Kabbalist Who Would Be King of a New Jewish Monarchy in Israel

VIDEO - Israeli Rabbis Advocate Killing Non-Jewish Children

Israël refuse le tranfert en Cisjordanie du corps de l'ex N.2 de l'OLP

Israel Did Do Ethnic Cleansing in 1948. My Father’s Words Prove It Historian Benny Morris is right when he mentions the ‘atmosphere of transfer’ that gripped Israel from April 1948, but he errs when he claims that this atmosphere was never translated into policy.

VIDEO - RABIN, THE LAST DAY (Amos Gitai, 2015, ENG SUB) Le rôle de Netanyahou dans cet assassinat est indéniable, du moins en ce qui concerne la propagande haineuse juive sioniste ultra ayant conduit l'extrémiste juif à commettre l'assassinat.

Venezuela accuses Israel of war crimes against Palestinians at UNSC

Le “dégoût” d’Israël entraîne la hausse de l’antisémitisme britannique, selon une baronne L’ancien parti des Libéraux démocrates de Jenny Tonge se distancie de ses remarques
UK’s Jewish leader on Labour anti-Semitism: Jeremy Corbyn is incapable of shifting his irrational prejudices Board of Deputies head Jonathan Arkush explains the far-left’s problem with Jews, reveals his outreach visits to mosques, says a royal visit to Israel may be imminent, and argues that, overall, things are pretty bright for British Jews
UK parliamentary report slams Labour's 'failure' to deal with anti-Semitism
Israel Ban London University Professor Due To ‘Palestinian Sympathy’
British Parliamentary Committee Report on Anti-Semitism directed against Jeremy Corby, Seeks to Silence Pro-Palestinian Voices
GB: le Labour ne fait pas assez pour lutter contre l'antisémitisme (rapport)

Australian Greens leader slammed for ‘unprecedented’ critique of Shimon Peres

UK Jews slam peerage for author of probe that played down Labour anti-Semitism
UK Jews slam Labour’s ‘reward’ for author of ‘whitewash’ anti-Semitism report
Oxford Labour probe finds anti-Semitism, but says not ‘institutional’
Oxford Labour Club Has Problematic Culture Regarding anti-Semitism, Report Says However, the club isn't 'institutionally' anti-Semitic Baroness Royall, says the opposition leader in the House of Lords, who wrote report obtained by Jewish Chronicle.
Corbyn promotes author of controversial UK Labour anti-Semitism report to House of Lords
UK Jews slam peerage for author of probe that played down Labour anti-Semitism
Embuscade contre Jeremy Corbyn

German university cancels seminar that teaches Israel harvests Palestinian organs
Israel slams German university for claim it harvests Palestinian organs "This is an ugly and outrageous demonstration of Jew hatred. This is not a university - it is a hatred factory."

VIDEO - Israël : "l'option Samson" et la destruction du monde

The 1967 Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

How Israel Benefits from “Living with Terror”
Comment Israël est devenu la référence dans la lutte antiterroriste
Erekat compares IS-claimed attacks in Europe to Israeli actions against Palestinians Speaking after ‘very constructive’ Kerry, Abbas meeting in Paris, Palestinian negotiator says international supervision needed for restarting peace talks
Ex-congresswoman Suggests Israel Responsible for Europe Terror Attacks in Tweet Cynthia McKinney was the Green Party presidential nominee for the 2008 U.S. Presidential race.
Israel behind European terror attacks, Cynthia McKinney
Quand Benjamin Netanyahu prédisait le terrorisme en France...
Propagande sioniste : Hervé Morin réclame « l’israélisation » de la sécurité en France
Israel’s success against terror a model for the US Army against ISIS?
Un conseiller de Manuel Valls appelle à prendre exemple sur Israël
La sécurité des JO est confiée à un mercenaire israélien lié au Mossad

Israël : 19 supporters de foot d'extrême droite inculpés de tentative de meurtre
Révélation : Flemming Rose, éditeur des « caricatures du prophète », célébré par le gouvernement français
Munich Gunmen Was Obsessed With Hitler, 'Hated Turks and Arabs,' Says Report Investigators cited in German media report contradict former police statements that attack had no political motivation.
VIDEO - Entretien TDP avec le collectif Ni Guerres, Ni Etat de Guerre
Lydia Guirous : « Dans les banlieues, l'antisémitisme est dans les esprits de la majorité » A propos d’un communiqué du Printemps républicain (Alain Gresh)
On ne présente plus le Printemps républicain, amalgame de personnalités de droite et de gauche, unies dans leur dénonciation du concept d’islamophobie.
Rocker Sting serenades Israeli aid workers in Berlin Sabba – An Israeli NGO… all over Germany… to help middle eastern ‘refugees’???
Sur le site de BHL, David Isaac Haziza nie la réalité des meurtres islamophobes
EU anti-Semitism czar: Refugees are not involved in attacks on Jews Still, Katharina von Schnurbein says, Europe needs to be ‘proactive’ in transmitting its values to Muslim immigrants.
Another fake anti-Islam quote from the far right

Le père Hamel, un de ces catholiques qui ont offert un terrain pour la mosquée locale !
Nouveau dérapage islamophobe grave pour l’élue Arielle François ?
Fireman Sam feels the heat of Islamic rage Popular children's show Fireman Sam is coming under fire for showing a page from the Quran in an episode from 2014; The episode has been pulled, and the animation company is no longer tasked with working on the show.
German teen confesses to making up story of New Year's Eve gang rape by migrants
Emirats : Chrétiens en terre d’Islam A l’heure où les exactions de Daesh sont perçues comme le symptôme d’une nouvelle guerre mondiale des religions, il n’est pas inutile de lutter contre les idées reçues et de rappeler certaines vérités encore mal connues.
Breizh-info : Décryptage d’un site de ré-information (La Horde)

La Palestine compte ouvrir le dossier des crimes historiques de l'occupation contre le peuple palestinien Palestine Urges Arab League to help Sue Britain over 1917 Balfour Declaration which Established A “Homeland for the Jewish people.”
Les Palestiniens veulent porter plainte contre Londres pour la déclaration de Balfour en 1917
Le Royaume-Uni bientôt poursuivi en justice pour la création d’Israël?
How the Balfour Declaration Continues to Haunt Britain This week the Palestinian leadership threatened to sue the U.K .for the Balfour Declaration, ahead of its centenary. The threat was later commuted to a request for an apology. It’s a symbolic move - but also a cry of despair.
Le Royaume-Uni bientôt poursuivi en justice pour la création d’Israël?
Le président palestinien veut poursuivre le Royaume-Uni pour la déclaration Balfour
Archives américaines dé-classifiées: la France a aidé le Grand Mufti de Jérusalem !

Ehud Barak: Comparing Iran With Nazis ‘Cheapens The Holocaust’

After Auschwitz trip, pope says ‘same thing happening’ today in many places C'est probablement le meilleur commentaire qu'on puisse faire à ce sujet tout en croyant à l'histoire oficielle de Lolocoste.

Sur ce blog:

Bébé palestinien brûlé vif par des colons israéliens: Israël forcée de dénoncer le terrorisme juif, tente hypocritement de nous faire oublier le massacre de milliers de civils palestiniens, incluant femmes et enfants, commis par l'armée israélienne dans les dernières décennies. Des politiciens israéliens condamnant le racisme et le terrorisme juif menacés de mort par des juifs extrémistes.

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler... L'organisation terroriste juive Honenu, qui prétend "défendre les Israéliens face aux agressions arabes", a-t-elle mis le feu à l'Église de la Multiplication à Jérusalem? Des suspects interpelés. Imaginez si c'étaient des arabes palestiniens ou des musulmans! Pendant ce temps, la United Church of Christ aux États-Unis rejoint le mouvement de boycott d'Israël

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler: L'incendie criminel contre une école bilingue arabe-hébreu en ville sainte, un attentat politique du groupe extrémiste juif Lehava. Aucune accusation de crime haineux? Et ils retrouvent leur liberté même si leur leader a dit qu'ils n'arrêteront jamais de terroriser les Palestiniens et combattre le métissage

L'Europe et surtout la Suède antijuives? L'Union européenne condamne les colonies illégales israéliennes, permet l'étiquetage obligatoire de leurs produits. Tout est en place pour le faux Armageddon prophétisé par le sionisme chrétien, prédisant l'avènement d'une Europe antijuive faisant la guerre à Israël.

Les médias européens antijuifs? Un reportage d'Arte lève le voile sur le combat politique et terroriste du messianisme juif extrémiste

La télé publique américaine antijuive? Dans la tête de Bibi Netanyahou le psychopathe : un nouveau documentaire de PBS décrit son obsession de l'éternel retour de la Shoah et de la menace nazie, et explique comment il a réussi à rendre la paix impossible et à s'aliéner la quasi totalité de la planète, incluant même son plus grand allié officiel, les États-Unis.

"Ni à droite, ni à gauche et même pas au centre" : Benoît Perron (1957-2015), ce grand homme de la radio libre et d'enquête au Québec, conférencier chevronné, vient de rendre l'âme. Tous ces secrets qu'il ne pouvait révéler en ondes par manque de preuve, il les aura finalement emportés dans sa tombe; une bonne nouvelle pour les criminels qui nous gouvernent.

Norman Braman, Paul Singer et Sheldon Adelson, des milliardaires juifs au secours de Marco Rubio, le candidat présidentiel favori des likoudniks-néocons

Bibi l'a dit et ceux qui voient des complots partout sont d'accords: c'est toujours la faute des nazis! Pour les complotistes Israël est nazi, pour Bibi c'est la Palestine qui est nazie. Pour les complotistes Hitler a créé Israël grâce à la Shoah, pour Bibi la Palestine veut envoyer Israël aux fours dans une seconde Shoah...

Médias juifs antijuifs? Netanyahou rappelle au Mossad qu'Israël est voué à devenir une superpuissance mondiale, révélant que le sionisme est un projet mondialiste et pas que nationaliste. Le PM Yitzhak Rabin, assassiné par un extrémiste juif de la mouvance kahaniste, qualifiait de "cancer" la colonisation illégale israélienne et mettait en garde contre l' "Apartheid". Tout cela est admis dans les médias juifs israéliens.

Rappel de l'été dernier à Gaza

Qui était tout près du métro de Londres au matin des attentats du 7 juillet 2005?

Vers une Seconde Révolution américaine? Les administrations Obama et Netanyahou à couteaux tirés... boycott du discours de Netanyahou au Congrès par plus de 50 Démocrates, menaces, accusations de mensonge sur la place publique... Une première dans l'histoire des relations entre les États-Unis et Israël. Cela alors que le Mossad contredit radicalement la campagne de peur de Netanyahou concernant la prétendue menace nucléaire iranienne. Tout ça juste à temps pour Pourim... L'admin Obama déclassifie un document top-secret sur le nucléaire israélien!

Hormis les médias juifs ou pro-palestiniens, personne ne parle du rapport américain déclassifié en février dernier confirmant l'existence du nucléaire israélien

Rappel: quand Lee Whitnum faisait trembler le lobby juif en traitant des membres du Congrès de "prostituées pour l'AIPAC" (lobby juif israélo-américain)

Les médias juifs doivent des excuses à la France: le journaliste qui nous a fait le coup du "10 heures dans Paris avec une kippa" est un militant sioniste travaillant pour un journal appartenant à Sheldon Adelson, le milliardaire juif magnat des médias en Israël, proche supporteur de la ligne de droite dure nationale-religieuse de Bibi Netanyahou et financier du parti républicain des États-Unis

Avant de parler de boycott anti-Israël, une mise au point s'impose concernant le boycott des non-juifs par Israël

Norman Braman, Paul Singer et Sheldon Adelson, des milliardaires juifs au secours de Marco Rubio, le candidat présidentiel favori des likoudniks-néocons

Ce n'est pas la première fois que l'opération de désinfo d'Alex Jones relaie la propagande des néocons

David Brog, le nouveau leader juif anti-BDS choisi par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson, est le directeur de l'organisation sioniste chrétienne du télévangéliste John Hagee: Christians United For Israel

L'ONU: antijuif et anti-américain? Une nouvelle résolution onusienne contre la militarisation de l'espace rejetée exclusivement par Israël et les États-Unis

Youtube ou ADLTube? De la suppression systématique des documentaires-biographies des représentants de la mafia juive, dont le rôle central dans le crime organisé aux États-Unis (et dans la dite "mafia russe") doit rester un secret de polichinelle

RAPPEL: "Si la Corée du Nord continue dans cette voie, elle devrait être rayée de la carte, cela serait un excellent message, très clair, au reste du monde et spécialement aux Iraniens", déclarait en avril 2013 sur les ondes de Fox News l'ancien ambassadeur d'Israël aux Nations unies Dan Gillerman

"There Will Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight!" Un projet de film de Michael Collins Piper, en réponse à l'abject "Inglourious Basterds" de Tarantino

Médias juifs antijuifs? Selon Enderlin (France 2 à Jérusalem), cible favorite des extrémistes juifs, Israël tombe aux mains d'extrémistes juifs religieux alliés à la droite radicale pendant que la gauche plie bagage... Israël veut devenir une superpuissance pour conquérir le monde. Le documentaire de Charles Enderlin "Au nom du Temple", basé sur son livre, maintenant disponible sur youtube

Pire que la menace iranienne: la menace du boycott anti-Israël! Après la réunion secrète d'urgence organisée par le milliardaire juif Sheldon Adelson (parrain des Républicains) sur la menace que BDS représente pour les juifs, les puissants milliardaires juifs Adelson et Haim Saban (parrain des Démocrates) mettent en garde contre le "tsunami d'antisémitisme" qui suivra inévitablement la montée du mouvement BDS

Rappel: silence médiatique sur la piste pro-israélienne dans les attentats terroristes à l'Anthrax aux USA, juste après le trauma du 11 septembre. Tout en ravivant le trauma, il fallait faire croire que c'était des musulmans...

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de MSNBC, discussion sur les néocons responsables de la guerre en Irak pour Israël, leur délirante théorie du complot irakien et leur guerre de cent ans contre le monde arabo-musulman

L'avant-garde juifiste opère-t-elle un virage stratégique? Des néoconservateurs révolutionnaires, plus Français que les Français, suggèrent de délaisser la culpabilisation shoatique en espérant gagner les non-juifs à leur cause anti-Islam et anti-Arabe. Pour récupérer le discours complotiste et nationaliste, faire des nationalistes et des complotistes des alliés, il suffit de leur dire ce qu'ils veulent entendre et de cesser de les considérer comme la menace prioritaire, ainsi sera assurée la victoire sur le complot musulman contre l'Occident, seule véritable menace et source unique du "nouvel antisémitisme". Est-ce le début d'une petite révolution néoconservatrice en France? Guerre de survie juive oblige?

Pendant que le gouvernement canadien de Stephen Harper envisage une loi protégeant l'État juif contre les méchants boycotteurs, le milliardaire Sheldon Adelson, soi-disant "juif le plus riche du monde", magnat des casinos connecté au crime organisé, parraine la formation du nouveau gouvernement de Netanyahou comme il parraine (et contrôle) le parti républicain états-unien. Le nouveau gouvernement Netanyahou et le parti républicain d'Adelson sont à ce point identiques - judéomaniaques et anti-arabes, contre l'Iran, la Palestine et l'Irak - qu'on jurerait qu'ils ont été séparés à la naissance... L'Israélienne qui incitait publiquement à "tuer les mères des Palestiniens" est nommée ministre de la justice. Le ministre israélien qui avouait publiquement n'avoir "aucun problème à tuer des Arabes" devient ministre de l'éducation.

Hormis les médias juifs ou pro-palestiniens, personne ne parle du rapport américain déclassifié en février dernier confirmant l'existence du nucléaire israélien

La France a-t-elle été punie par des fanatiques à cause de caricatures scandaleuses hautement médiatisées et en réplique à la présence de l’armée française en Irak? Ou bien a-t-elle été punie plutôt par des fanatiques pro-israéliens pour ses positions pro-Palestine à l’Onu, afin d’en faire un exemple, montrant au monde entier ce qui arrive à ceux qui refusent de se battre aux côtés d’Israël contre le Hamas et l’ « Islam militant »? Quand Israël perd en crédibilité ou se trouve isolé sur la scène internationale, il redouble d’effort dans le but d’entraîner le « monde libre » en croisade contre l’Islam. Israël perd la guerre de l’info mais gagne du terrain dans la guerre de la désinfo.

La France antijuive? L'Europe antijuive? La gauche antijuive? Des hommes politiques français réagissent aux pressions des organisations juives. Roland Dumas : "Les États-Unis et Israël commandent la politique étrangère française." Jean Glavany au "porte-parole du Likoud" Meyer Habib : "Parfois je me demande si vous êtes du Parlement français ou du Parlement israélien." 339 députés français traités de nazis par des manifestants de la LDJ pour avoir voté une motion symbolique en reconnaissance d'un État palestinien. La mosquée d'Al-Aqsa régulièrement assaillie par des hordes de colons israéliens en colère sous protection policière israélienne, attisant la violence des deux côtés. Israël au fond n'a pas peur d'une Troisième Intifada, il la souhaite.

Médias antijuifs? En 2010, un ancien directeur de la CIA à Paris, Charles G. Cogan, professeur à l'université Harvard et pro-gaulliste, dénonçait sur les ondes de France24 la forte campagne de propagande anti-arabe et anti-islam menée par l'état d'Israël et relayée par la communauté juive aux États-Unis

Médias antijuifs? Sur les ondes de C-Span2, l'ex-agent du Mossad Victor Ostrovsky lève le voile sur l'influence du Mossad dans la politique étatsunienne

Dans la série des terroristes juifs dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler: L'incendie criminel contre une école bilingue arabe-hébreu en ville sainte, un attentat politique du groupe extrémiste juif Lehava. Aucune accusation de crime haineux? Et ils retrouvent leur liberté même si leur leader a dit qu'ils n'arrêteront jamais de terroriser les Palestiniens et combattre le métissage

Les milliardaires juifs et magnats des médias Haim Saban (Démocrate) et Sheldon Adelson (Républicain) en compétition pour le titre du plus grand juif fauteur de guerres mondiales, insistent qu'il faut bombarder l'Iran

La télé antijuive? Des organisations juives condamnent et tentent de faire interdire une série télé d'un réalisateur juif britannique des plus respecté, qui se demande comment Israël a pu réussir en si peu de temps à s'aliéner le monde entier. Rien n'avait préparé le réalisateur aux attaques vitrioliques du "lobby sioniste" qui allaient déferler sur lui... Toujours pas vu à la télé états-unienne.

Médiats juifs anti-juifs? Le milliardaire juif ultrasioniste Sheldon Adelson est "tout droit sorti des pages des Protocoles des sages de Sion" selon Uri Avnery, ancien membre de la Knesset et correspondant dans de nombreux médiats israéliens

Un sénateur a déclaré en 2002 devant le Congrès états-unien que les attaques du 11 septembre étaient une punition divine visant les États-Unis pour avoir été trop durs et exigeants envers Israël. Il critiquait l'administration Bush qu'Israël trouvait trop proche des pétromonarchies arabes et qui posait à Israël des "conditions inacceptables", comme le rappelait l'ancien général du renseignement pakistanais Hamid Gul, récemment décédé, qui dénonçait le Mossad et la CIA comme véritables auteurs du 11 septembre. Certains demandent: le 11 septembre était-il une "surprise de septembre" israélienne pour Bush? Le mouvement pour la vérité du 11 septembre est une imposture! En posant ex cathedra le dogme de l'"Inside Job" il a défini les paramètres du débat: ou bien vous croyez la version gouvernementale ("officielle"), ou bien vous dites que c'était un complot de l'État américain ("Inside job", un concept de Jared Israel), mais surtout ne dites jamais que c'est Israël! "BLAMEZ BUSH, CHENEY OU UN VAGUE "ÉTAT PROFOND", MAIS SURTOUT NE BLAMEZ JAMAIS ISRAËL! TOUT LE MONDE SAUF ISRAËL!"

Collection audiovisuelle et livresque de Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015)

Dans ses mémoires intitulées "Diary of a Foreign Minister", l'ancien ministre australien des affaires étrangères, Bob Carr, dénonce la domination malsaine du lobby juif sioniste international sur les affaires étrangères

Rupert Murdoch dénonce la "guerre contre les Juifs"

Un rabbin sioniste conservateur, Daniel Lapin, au rally de Glenn Beck (Tea Party) Au Rally de Glenn Beck (Tea Party), était invité un rabbin conservateur ultra-sioniste (parce que les valeurs juives orthodoxes seraient proches des valeurs républicaines...) Fait intéressant à noter: l'associé juif "Khazar" de Chris Bollyn, Jerry Myers, avait déjà essayé de promouvoir ce rabbin Lapin auprès du journal hebdomadaire patriote The Spotlight (aujourd'hui American Free Press).

Israël considère les organisations de défense des droits humains comme des "agents étrangers"

Le sionisme contre l'ONU

Légalisation de la torture: la CIA a une dette envers Israel

Un autre grand comique juif, Sheldon Adelson, qui s'autoproclame "le juif le plus riche du monde", appelle à bombarder l'Iran avec du nucléaire, donnant ainsi raison à Jack Straw

Un sinistre canadien dénonce le complot onusien-médiatique contre Israël

L'homme qui se prétend "le juif le plus riche du monde", Sheldon Adelson, donnera "tout ce qu'il faudra" pour empêcher une réélection d'Obama

Médias juifs anti-juifs? La chaîne NBC révèle qu'un Israélien sur deux souhaiterait qu'une lettre contenant le virus Ebola soit envoyée au président Obama pour son anniversaire

Il y a vingt ans, l'attentat terroriste du loubavitch kahaniste Baruch Goldstein à Hébron montrait la fête de Pourim sous son vrai jour

Médiats juifs antijuifs? La chaîne CBS rapporte que l'administration Obama a demandé à Israël de bien vouloir cesser d'assassiner les scientifiques iraniens

Encyclopédies antijuives? Menachem Begin, un terroriste exemplaire, selon Larousse.fr. La série télé "Homeland" antijuive? Elle compare Menachem Begin à un vulgaire terroriste taliban!

Des rabbins jugent que le cancer de l'antijuif Jimmy Carter est une punition divine pour ses péchés contre Israël et les juifs

Jimmy Carter révèle qu'Israel a 150 armes nucléaires

Le jeu des devinettes: qui a dit "Si je suis réélu, je vais foutre les Juifs"?

Carter: "Les Palestiniens sont traités comme des animaux"

Maîtres du monde, maîtres de l'humour: Netanyahou accuse le New York Times et Haaretz de donner le ton de la campagne anti-Israël à travers le monde

Médiats juifs antijuifs? Pour l'Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, même les médiats Rothschild doivent des excuses à Israël pour avoir attiré l'attention sur le lobby juif et son rôle dans l'impasse des relations irano-américaines

Médiats antijuifs? Le journaliste de Newsweek Jeff Stein soulève l'ire des juifs pour avoir attiré l'attention sur un rapport étatsunien accusant Israël d'avoir dépassé les bornes de par l'ampleur de ses opérations d'espionnage en sol américain. Aucun autre allié des États-Unis ne les espionne autant que le fait Israël. Un ex-chef du Mossad qualifie ces allégations de "délirantes". Israël et le lobby juif, quant à eux, se scandalisent que les États-Unis s'obstinent à refuser l'exemption de visas aux Israéliens.

NY Times: Sans ennemi extérieur à combattre, Israël est voué à l'éclatement

'A CLEAN BREAK': un document incontournable du gvt israélien pour comprendre le projet du Grand Israël et les agressions impérialistes au Moyen-Orient

Willam Kristol, fauteur de guerre juif, roi du PNAC néocon, appelle à "défier l'idole de la fatigue de guerre" en se préparant et en se mobilisant pour la guerre

Le mouvement juif Néo-conservateur : du trotskisme au bellicisme sioniste

Guerre en Irak: pas seulement pour Israël

La guerre en Irak était une célébration de Pourim

Le réseau criminalisé Netanyahou-Adelson-Romney

L'homme le plus puissant à Washington DC, le juif orthodoxe Eric Cantor, (bien que récemment détrôné) accuse les États-Unis de tarder à réagir à la menace iranienne comme ils ont tardé à réagir à la "menace nazie" et failli à éviter l'Holocauste des juifs...

Un milliardaire à la tête de l'empire médiatique de Rupert Murdoch (NewsCorp) met en garde contre la "nuit de cristal" qui vient par la gauche: le mouvement Occupy, parce qu'il s'en prend au 1% des plus riches du monde, lui rappelle "les persécutions nazies envers les juifs"

L'accord iranien est "Munich" et "Obama est Chamberlain", selon l'Organisation sioniste américaine (ZOA). Netanyahou s'époumonne désespérément, hurle au complot américano-iranien contre Israël; Obama l'invite à prendre une petite pause-santé. Netanyahou: fou dangereux qui pourrait envisager un deuxième 11 septembre nucléaire contre les États-Unis...

Pendant que les internationalistes du Congrès juif mondial attaquent les partis d'extrême-droite européens, Israël n'a aucune crainte de s'allier à eux pour combattre ensemble un prétendu péril musulman... La Palestine n'étant qu'une "cause islamiste à peine voilée"!

ENCORE UNE FOIS... Pire qu'en 2012, la dépopulation de la Palestine va bon train... Châtiments collectifs contre les Palestiniens: conséquence de la culture de haine en Israël et de sa dissimulation par le puissant lobby pro-israélien international. Israel sera-t-il récompensé du Nobel de la paix? Le parrain Netanyahou "prévient" les Français que les terroristes vont frapper chez eux s'ils continuent à tolérer les manifestations "pro-Hamas"... Jimmy Carter, considéré antijuif pour son livre PALESTINE--PEACE NOT APARTHEID (qui a scandalisé la communauté juive pour avoir omis d'y mentionner la divine Shoah!!), accuse Israël de ne pas reconnaître le Hamas comme un acteur politique légitime.

En association avec B'nai Brith Canada, le Jewish Tribune se porte à la défense de Pamela Geller et de son combat contre l'Islam, blâme la police pour l'annulation de son cirque de haine commandité par la LDJ dans une synagogue de Toronto, Canada

Les plus importants pourvoyeurs de haine anti-Islam aux USA appartiennent à quelle communauté, selon vous?

Netanyahou: "Nous vaincrons l'Islam militant"

La tragédie d'Oslo éclaire les liens entre les nationalistes européens et les sionistes

Ça commence à sentir la fin...

L'option Samson comme justice ultime

Le retour de Netanyahou et la réalisation du Grand Israël

Projet Apocalyptique à Jérusalem: un bunker réservé aux dirigeants d'Israël

Les médias israéliens incitent à détruire la mosquée Al-Aqsa (dôme du Rocher)

Rebâtir le Temple, restaurer les sacrifices, alors ce sera la Fin de l'Histoire

Netanyahou (2001): "Les États-Unis ne se mettront pas dans notre chemin, on peut facilement les faire bouger"

NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL - PLUS JAMAIS DE GUERRES POUR ISRAËL! Prévisible false flag israélien et pressions sionistes pour envoyer l'Occident se battre pour les intérêts d'Israël

Les médiats juifs tels que le New York Times dissimulent les efforts des groupes juifs pour pousser l'Occident en guerre en Syrie pour lsraël; l'AIPAC confirme timidement son rôle de fauteur de guerres la veille de Roch Hachana, dit le "Jour du Jugement"; les groupes juifs craignent d'être associés à de tels efforts et soutiennent que c'est un devoir moral pour eux de prendre la parole, vu qu'ils s'y connaissent tellement en gazage; leur agent John Kerry (Cohn) dit qu'Assad est comme Hitler et Hussein; une victoire de "l'axe Téhéran-Damas-Hezbollah" gênerait fortement lsraël qui cherche à d'établir un précédent en Syrie afin de faciliter une guerre contre l'Iran. Désespéré, Netanyahou devra recourir à un nouveau false flag, celui-là peut-être plus agressif et contre ses Alliés Occidentaux...

Devoir de mémoire, devoir de faire tomber l'axe Iran-Syrie-Liban

Ariel Scheinermann, dit "Sharon", en enfer après plusieurs années de retard... Couvert de malédictions kabbalistiques, associé au légendaire ennemi des juifs Amalek, tout comme Kissinger et d'autres juifs américanisés... Même lui n'aura pu satisfaire les colons israéliens qui l'attaquèrent pour avoir "bloqué" l'expansion des colonies illégales

God's Jewish Warriors

Petit manuel d'exterminateur: la Torah du Roi

Ovadia Yossef, grand rabbin sépharade d'Israël, ira déverser sa haine en enfer

Israël et le problème des colons

Les militaires étaient en mission à Gaza pour expulser les Gentils

Les soldats juifs avaient l'ordre de "nettoyer Gaza"

Selon le Grand rabbin orthodoxe sépharade Ovadia Yosef, "les Gentils n’existent que pour servir les Juifs" et ce sont des ânes

Le rabbin Shapira, auteur d'un livre qui approuve le meurtre des non-juifs, est soutenu par une douzaine de rabbins israéliens importants

Le rabbin Dov Lior: « Le sperme des Non-Juifs donne naissance une progéniture cruelle et barbare »

Un mandat d'arrêt émis contre le rabbin Dov Lior pour incitation au meurtre des non-juifs déclenche la colère de centaines de fanatiques

Un rabbin autorise de voler les récoltes et d'empoisonner l'eau des Palestiniens

Rabbi Yossef: il est interdit de soigner un non-juif le jour du Shabbat

"Les Palestiniens et leur gouvernement doivent périr", déclare le grand rabbin orthodoxe sépharade d'Israël

Un autre disjoncté appelle à la destruction du monde arabe

Célébrer le meurtre des Palestiniens est une Mitzvah (bonne action), déclare un rabbin d'une colonie illégale

Les Arabes seraient chassés méthodiquement de Jérusalem

Un rabbin sioniste [Dov Lior, un zélé de « La Torah des Rois » selon qui « le sperme des Goyim engendre une progéniture barbare et cruelle »], appelle ses compatriotes à se préparer à reconstruire le prétendu temple sur les ruines du Dôme du Rocher!

Et si la Torah se substituait à la loi israélienne?

Le Conseil talmudique d’Israël a statué : "En temps de guerre, même des enfants ennemis peuvent être exterminés"

Une comique juive au parlement israélien: je ne voulais pas heurter la mémoire de la Shoah en dénonçant le cancer de l'immigration africaine en Israël

Le racisme permis est israélien

Le groupe Stern (Lehi) a tenté d'assassiner le président Truman; selon Victor Ostrovsky le Mossad a déjà tenté de tuer le président George Bush, qui disait "Je ne suis qu'un petit homme isolé qui se bat contre la puissance politique d'un millier de lobbyistes du Capitole"

"Kerry a déclaré la guerre à Dieu!" Menaces de mort contre Kerry-Haman: c'est pas des musulmans! Les antijuifs de plus en plus décomplexés inquiètent... Mais qu'en est-il des menaces de mort à peine voilées proférées impunément par des juifs contre des hommes d'État?

Le directeur de 'Christians United for Israel' est l'un des 50 juifs les plus influents selon le magazine Forward

Des rabbins jugent que le cancer de l'antijuif Jimmy Carter est une punition divine pour ses péchés contre Israël et les juifs.

Le jeu des devinettes: qui a dit "Si je suis réélu, je vais foutre les Juifs"?

Un des journalistes juifs du Watergate, Carl Bernstein, accuse les "néocons juifs" d'être derrière la guerre en Irak

Détenteur d'un important arsenal nucléaire et chimique, Israël est responsable de la course à l'armement nucléaire et chimique au Proche-Orient... Qu'attendent nos chères démocraties pour condamner cet état terroriste partisan d'al-Qaïda et le compter parmi leurs ennemis?

Selon le propagandiste juif sioniste anti-Islam Daniel Pipes, Netanyahou devrait menacer de nucléariser l'Iran

Selon Frank J. Gaffney (néoconsignataire du PNAC), les Frères Musulmans ont infiltré et contrôlent l'administration Obama

Rand Paul se distancie des idées de son père, se rapproche des juifs et reçoit l'appui de l'establishment républicain et des médias

Élucidation complète de la responsabilité d'Israël et ses services secrets dans l'orchestration du 11 septembre et sa récupération géopolitico-médiatique

Résumé des preuves liant le Mossad au 11 septembre

Les "Israéliens dansants" du 11 septembre et l'implication du Mossad, en français!

11 septembre et tout le reste: c'était pas les musulmans!

The Jewish War of Survival

Jabotinsky avait planifié l'assassinat d'Hitler et de hauts dirigeants du IIIe Reich